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How long should I wait before I complain about a seller.


Re: How long should I wait before I complain about a seller.

Thank you


I will ask the seller one more time and wait a couple more days then file.




Re: How long should I wait before I complain about a seller.

OK...  If I'm reading your story correctly...  You won item, paid for item, have not received item with in the listed shipping time perameters..and you have not been given any shipping tracking numbers, Right?  Eventually, to protect yourself, you should file an "item not received" claim against the seller. This is your documented baseline that something is wrong.  As it is no perfect world when it comes to shipping, I'd give the seller a bit more time. However, 45 days is the limit for filing this type claim. The tab to file is under the "resolve a problem" header. This tab will cascade down, from your items purchased details, (under the blue letters) on the far right of that listing page


How long should I wait before I complain about a seller.



I am kind of at a loss here as to what to do so I am hoping for some helpful solutions.




I already have turned in one seller for selling things as NEW when it was clearly used.  EBAY did refund my money and the seller is no longer here.


A couple of months ago I purchased a couple items (CHEAP) and of course they were never delivered.  After several mails the seller suddenly said the items were broken.  I let that slide even tho it seemed odd that ALL of the items were broken.


Last Thrusday I purchased 4 items from one seller.  Again these items I bought were CHEAP but the seller agreed to the price.  Today is the day the items should have arrived, I have twice contacted the seller and he tells me he will send them the next day,  Still have not shipped as far as I  know.


The seller has a 100 percent rating ....


However my family is out a couple hundred bucks, we dont have the equipment and it doesnt appear that the seller is going to ship the items any time soon.


I dont want to hurt a sellers 100 percent rating, and I dont want ebay to think I run to them wanting dad to fix my problems, but I also want my money and an apology-explanation, or the items I bought shipped in a reasonable time.


According to the sellers page they ship in 2 days.... but not in my case.


Am I doing something wrong?  


How long should I wait before going to ebay and asking for my money back yet again???


Thanks in advance