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The eBay Community

This is a question for both eBayer's and eBay management. 


The question we would like to ask is what is proper way to deal with unreasonable and manipulator eBay buyer:


Here is the case I met, hope this will also ring a bell for other eBayers:


The issue starts like this: 


New message from: keitht313 (216Turquoise Star)
they were bought at marcs .A reputable grocery store.They are the exact same glove.They are made of the same materials.If i were to to return them i woul would be paying over 4 dollars in shipping both wars. That is almost the same price you are charging for the glove and 2 more dollars i can go to marcs and buy 2 more pairs.So perhaps you could give me a partial discount.Right now i not very happy and i dont think you want me to give your feedback as is. I could take a picture of both pairs to show you im lieing i you would like!!


Hello, if you don't like your item and want to return it, you are welcome to return this and our return policy is the buyer afford the return shipping and once we receive the returned item, we will issue a full refund to your Paypal account. Another thing, is that I suggest you ask your mom where she got the glove for you. Some dealer's, especially street dealers, will sell counterfeit stuff. They looks similar, or in your word "same", maybe also good quality, but buying a counterfeit item equals to killing the legal and honest business. Our products are all officially licensed items and the money you paid partially support your team. Thank you very much!


Hello, I have a couple issues about leaving your feedback id like to let you know before i fill it out. First as a seller myself as soon as my customers pay for their item without any problems i will leave their feedback.Its the proper thing to do you got paid instantly by me i know that and their were no issues i know that as well. I think the least and proper thing to do is show your appreciation by leaving their feedback because the will have second thoughts about leaving you feedback. Also when i got my gloves i showed them to my mom and dad and my mom gave me the evil eye so i knew what it was.I said you got me a pair also didnt you.She went and got them and they were the exact same glove.She asked how much i paid i told her and she said she only paid 2.99 for they ones she got which the price tag said. So now i feel a little take by the price i paid.I hope we can cane come up with a fair resolve to these issues as you may see i am a fair guy and i always will give a buyer or sel


We are new to eBay but not new in the business world. We had a store for 3 years and I have been in a position of store manager for over 7 years. 


From the messages the buyer delivered, we saw a manipulator trying to get everything out of nothing by threatening a new eBay seller to give a negative feedback! 


We would like to know eBay professional's advice and other sophisticated eBay sellers' opion!


Thank you very much! 


Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 7:54:33 AM PT

How to Deal with a Manipulator Buyer??


Buying & Selling Basics question

I came across a full set of 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage football rookies. 20 cards in set which include Manning, Woodson and Moss. Two questions. I know difference between regular and silver is the writing should be silver foil. But to be sure I looked at some past listings and basic and silver look same. Silver foil does look more so actually than in scan. Also, any idea of where to start pricing for the set of 20? Thanks for any advice. Moving alot of a football card collection as I have not much interest in football so I can use the advice. Collection also has alot of 50s and 60s football which are in excellent condition. Because of the number of them and not rookie hall of famers I feel the expense of grading may not be worth multi grading. Any advice welcome?jordan close back261.jpg

Selling question

Dec 21, 2014 11:52:12 AM PT

1998 Advantage football rookie set Manning




New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Not sure if this is a good place to post this question - but maybe. I've researched this some but found TMI - I wonder if anyone here can shed some light on how to date this jar.


Bottom reads: Trade Mark Lightning Putnam with the number 409 or 419 - the middle number is hard to decipher. Marks on the lid are as follows: PAT 2 JAN. 5. 75, REIS and a small D JUNE 5. 77.


Anyone know what all those numbers mean ... especially the ones on the lid?


TIA for any info.







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



I'm just a baking fool today. Brownies anyone?

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

First off I put my textbooks up for sake. It sells, so I messaged all my buyers- listen shipping will be delayed because must know Grades. Most of them said sure. But one was like no I won't wait. I will not send it out before I get my grades. So I canceled the order and buyer leaves me feedback that I was clueless! I wasn't I just have to wait!

Selling discussion

Dec 19, 2014 8:20:01 PM PT

Buyer was mean

Hi, I sold a tablet on the 6th and the buyer just opened a case saying they haven't received it. The tracking number shows that it was delivered on the 12th:


Delivered Dec-12-14, 14:26 PM, MIAMI, FL 33178


What should I do now? They never contacted me directly, just opened a case against me. Since it's marked as delivered I should be okay right? I haven't done anything yet, I know from past experiences to come here first for advice! It's item # 201227543212 by the way.

Selling discussion

Received a cowgirl outfit yesterday, it is going to be a gift for our niece. Pictures depicted the outfit on a doll WITH a cowgirl hat. Some pictures showed just the outfit and boots. The outfit and boots are nice, BUT...a complete outfit would include the hat, as depicted. We will give the incomplete outfit, but will never purchase or recommend anyone else purchase from this seller. False advertising is a crime.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Dec 21, 2014 7:44:43 AM PT


For all the known reasons I never leave feedback for a buyer till I receive feedback.

I received the following message from a buyer this morning.

"Item received! Very fast shipping! Thanks! Can you please leave positive feedback for me? Once I receive it, I will do the same for you."

How would you respond to this nicely,but letting her know she needs to leave feedback first.


Selling discussion

Dec 18, 2014 5:49:11 PM PT

Need help on response to an email

I had a buyer who bid on an item and did not pay.  I have unpaid item assistant set up to send unpaid item reminder after 4 days.  Ebay then gives buyer 4 additional days for a total of 8.  This buyer "says" they sent me a message through Ebay contact seller which I never received asking me if they could wait and pay later.  Had a received it, I would have turned off the unpaid item assistant for that transaction as I have done in the past.  So they did not pay, I got a final value fee credit and they got an unpaid item strike.  On the 9th day buyer contacts me upset stating that they had asked me to wait for payment (which I hae no record of).  I had already A) Relisted the item and received a bid on it and B) Blocked this buyer as I do for all buyers who do not pay since I CANT leave negative feedback.  This buyer is not harrassing me with repeated insulting messages through Ebay which I have reported but to no avail.  My question is, can this buyer who did not pay and received an unpaid item strike, still leave me negative feedback?


Selling discussion

A seller is threatening to report me to the 3 credit bureau over the insertion fees, is this something they can do?

Bidding & Buying question

When a member tells to to Go screw yourself **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA... When they do not not like the response given to a question they asked when the item was up for auction. Are members, or any one else for that matter allowed to treat sellers /members this way. Does e-bay approve this abuse? I have other items I want to sell through e-Bay, but not if this abuse is considered normal conduct from potential buyers. I will wait to list any other items on e-Bay. Thank you in advance for your comments .

Selling discussion

I paid for a set of 2006 Pink Label Wizard of Oz dolls.  I should have looked at the feedback for this seller. Apparently, whoever this is, it seems they are trying to sell the same set of dolls to various buyers and no one has got the set. The seller also is not responding to any emails. Some are saying this is a scam. Anyone else buy this set from this seller? They ruined my Christmas surprise by being on Ebay and agreeing to sell this. And now there is no way to get the $100 back before Christmas to buy my granddaughter another gift. I will never buy anything else from Ebay. I don't understand how this seller is still allowed and why can I not open a complaint. It has been 10 days and the item still shows not shipped. I am so mad right now, I could just scream!!!!!!!!!!

Bidding & Buying question

Dec 19, 2014 10:47:57 AM PT

Has anyone had trouble

A couple of days ago,  after waiting nearly a week for an eCheck payment from a buyer to clear, I received a message stating that it had failed. I've heard nothing from the buyer, so I've opened an unpaid item case, but this is annoying because now I'm not going to be able to sell this in time for it to possibly be available for anyone before Christmas. And this isn't the first time I've had a problem with eCheck from a payer before.


Is there a way to simply turn them off so that eCheck will not longer be an accepted method for payment to me? I looked in the options for changing accepted payment methods, but I couldn't find anything.

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 1:16:17 AM PT

Problems with eCheck Payments


  I'm sorry for the length, but I'm really stumped, so here goes:

I purchased a little silver ring from a seller located in Armenia on the evening of Nov 2nd....knowing that it may take approx around a month to get here, I still wanted it as it was unique & the only (simple yet elegant) Calla Lily ring I could find. (My Sister loves Calla Lilies) I wanted to get this to her for Christmas. The auction stated that the ring should arrive between Nov 25th-Dec 12th.


 I have been purchasing on Ebay since 98' and have made many overseas purchases & I usually get my items from England approx 2 weeks & China or Australia approx 2-3 weeks. Going off of my past experiences, I figured that it if took a month, or a bit longer to arrive at my residence in San Diego, CA, then I'd still have time to ship it off to my sister before Christmas....(I took in to consideration slow shipping this time of year)....but it seems that my ring may not have left Armenia after 44 days, still?


   That being said, again, the Ebay auction info said that the ring should be expected between by Nov 25th - Dec 12th at latest. After paying for it,  I kept checking back on the tracking, since I wasn't notified when the ring was shipped. The tracking#  numberRR154905585AM  continued to show the same message since Nov 10th....... "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" (on Ebay) & (USPS showed this) "We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece". The messages have stayed the same, ever since.

*For the record:  I wasnt' sure exactly what this meant, till I called the post office & had it clarified. I wondered if it meant the seller purchased shipping, but hadn't mailed it off yet? I was told that it could be that.....or it could also mean that the seller did indeed drop off the package, but that the package is now stuck in a freight container awaiting more parcels to meet the weight or numbers quota, to make the trip worthwile financially, before finally being shipped to the US. 


  By December 1st, a little concerned that still I heard nothing....but still considering I had 9 days to go till Dec 12th.....I decided to contact my seller (nicely) and asked it the item had shipped out yet, since it had been a while & the message remained unchanged.

I should note that I had to go through the Ebay system which said that I still had 11 days to go till (Dec 12th final waiting date)....but because I wanted to contact the seller anyway, my message was automatically headed to the seller that buyer requesting a sale cancel or refund. Due to this, the automated header....which I did not want, needing just communicate w/ my seller  & ensure the item was shipped...... I made this clear to the seller, that I still wanted the ring...but just needed some clairification & info.


The seller said that the item was sealed in an envelope on Nov 8th and should be in the USA by now (Dec 1st) and likely enroute to me as we speak. Also that I should have it by the final waiting time date (Nov 25th - Dec 12th). The seller also advised me that it was out of their hands and the auction can't be cancelled since the item should be in the US in the next 10 days and they would have nothing if they refunded & I would likely have the ring & the refund. Understandable.......


    On the other hand, I do feel that I have been fairly patient + I didn't want to dog this seller & jump the gun if not warranted.....but now I am looking at 1 full week past Dec. 12th  & well over 44 days since paying for the item. Worse yet, I know that I can't ship this to my Sister, by Christmas....unless it arrives no later than Monday & I will still likely pay through the nose to have it shipped. Shame on me, I know....but I just assumed that this overseas shipment wouldn've been on the same time frame as the others, expecting 4 weeks maximum.

 Now that you have the details, I wanted to know if I am jumping the gun, or am I not being concerned enough? I am a pretty laid back buyer & try to be as patient as possible. The shipping time frame seems a bit extended, in my opinion....& with no real tracking to boot.

     I guess my real questions are: What are my options...since it seemed to me, from the response I got from my seller, that this was basically out of their hands & I am poop out of luck, till it arrives....when it arrives.  I also have not contacted the seller since Dec. 1st, but am now getting a little tired of the waiting game, especially now that the ring is a week overdue from the final date. Worse yet:  I cannot find out the location of this ring, till it just shows up one day & worse yet....there is no way to track it's location. It is becoming even clear that I won't be able to get this to my Sister by Christmas.

   In my past overseas purchases, USPS tracking mentioned the purchased item has entered the USA, but nothing is stated with this ring.....lastly, if this can't make it by Christmas....it's kind of a moot point. Then what are my options? Seems it may not be the sellers fault, but the post office? If that's the case, what can I do?

 I thank you for your time & would love any ideas.

Granny G

Shipping & Returns discussion

I bought some cameras that did not work and so I sent them back and received a refund. I gave neutural feedback and now the seller is messaging every day wanting to "work it out" I stopped messaging back, but it still continues. Can I block someone from messaging or do I just continue to ignore it until they tire out?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Dec 19, 2014 9:20:59 PM PT

Seller messages too much

Greetings fellow Ebayers,

I've recently caught the "Coach Bug" and purchased several in the last few weeks. I've been thrilled with most, with one huge exception.

The very first bag I won was the last one delivered and sadly it is a genuine fake! I was shocked and sad as I paid $132. for it. The immediate signs were 1: The Coach emblem on the front is crooked- VERY crooked. 2. The color is a very bright metallic purple(I already purchased a metallic purple/Iris and this is not it!)  3. The patch inside is No..4C 9911 a simple google reveals this is never a genuine number.  4. The lining is too large for the bag, it moves around & bunches up and it's a cheap stiff light pink satin. 


Needless to say I am sad! More sad than angry because I kind of liked the color. I initiated a "Not As Described"  due to fake/counterfit  refund request and the seller has agreed to refund my money. **Fingers crossed that actually happens when I send the item back.**  

My question is this: Do I leave feedback on the seller that they sold me a fake Coach? Or should I not do that since they agreed to refund? They currently have 37 feedbacks, 100% positive. I'm not sure what the rules are regarding this so any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Also how do I help prevent this person from relisting & selling this item all over again? 


It was my first auction and now that I've done a little research, I can even spot the signs of a fake in the listing photos. :smileysad: Live and learn I suppose.


Thanks A bunch Pika



Fashion discussion

I am so frustrated now, I just decided to not call ebay for like the 6th time and waste my time. I guess I need to vent so I'm posting here.  Firstly, I have a buyer who is claiming he received the item not as described, poorly packed, and damaged by post office.  It was a vintage Budweiser fixture.   We went to great pains to package the item well.  He keeps pressuring me for the refund but has only sent me 3 lousy pictures of the  box.  Yes, just the box.  I asked him nicely to send me pics of the damaged item itself and what does he do ... he puts in 3 duplicate requests to ebay for his money, saying he sent me pics.   Secondly, the account supervisor in Resolutions was mind-boggling stupid to deal with.  It was as if I was calling for the first time to explain the situation.  Yet there is a documented record of my communications with the buyer and supposedly "notes" taken by all the other reps I have spoken to.  His attitude did not seem to be sympathetic to me and he was weirdly robotic to me.   I asked that ebay please take me out of the picture and ask the buyer to file a claim himself for this "alleged" damage, because he has a criminal history.   The supervisor said that ebay would ask the buyer for the pictures of the item and if he didn't comply, then they would ask him to return the item to me, at my expense, after which I could appeal that.   But I'm thinking how is that a solution?   The guy could have bought the fixture for parts for another one that he has and would likely mail it back to me missing those parts.   I just feel I am going to lose on this ... to a dishonest person.

Selling question

I just had my first experience with a moron and/or crook of a buyer. They now have their money AND my old phone.

Can I mention a User ID here or is that a big no-no? There should be like a "sex offender list" for NAD scammers. And retards.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 20, 2014 9:37:52 PM PT

NAD abusers: can we name names here?

ID vintage Zenith transistor radio? Can find no markings on it. Fantastic mid century aqua or turquoise color. Apologies if this is the wrong group – if it is, please direct me to a more appropriate group to post this question in and thanks.

Antiques discussion


My son asked me to buy one game for Christmas. We didn't know the rules of shipping and that if we clicked on bay it now that we ordered this item. Seller asked us to pay, but it is very expensive for me and I have now I unpaid item. What to do now. I can not pay.

Payments question

I had a buyer try to purchase something and they were unable to yesterday. They are not on my blocked bidder list. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I asked her if she was given any kind of error message but she hasn't responded yet.

Selling discussion

I mail a package priority mail flat padded envelope.the tracking number shows it was deliver on the address provide by the buyer but he said he never got it what can I do

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 6:07:58 PM PT

What now

( I have ready a few posts about MAX BID but did not see the answer to this Question )


I have bought hundreds of items on ebay, but never used "MAX BID" because I am not sure how it works.  I usually place my Final Bid in the last 10 seconds of an auction if I really want the item.

Does the MAX BID feature just keep bumping the price up during the entire auction price or what.   You often see a FRENZY of bidding on popular products between 2 or 3 inexperienced buyers.  I don't want to be one of those.   So does something prevent the "MAX BID" feature from just becoming part of a FRENZY to run the price up ?


I used to use Auction Sniper, but no longer take the time to do that.

Bidding & Buying discussion

So earlier in the week I was lamenting over 4 non paying bidders. The last one was for a pair of North Face boots. I filed for the previous 3 and got FVFback. I asked for advice on whether I should send second chance offer to under bidder.



I apologize in advance since I have just started using the boards...I was too busy selling in the past to do other than lurk here sometimes LOL

Now I have time to spare. Anyway, I am still trying to figure out how to link posts together so bear with me.


Heres the latest:


I sent an email to the underbidder asking if she was open to a second chance offer if winner didnt pay. No Response.


On the last day my (6) fb winner PAID!


Now I have had no experience with non payers before even though I have been on since 1997 and selling since 1999. Guess I was lucky.


Heres my issue (maybe I am over thinking this):


Should I be happy she finally paid and just ship and be done with it and hope for the best?

My concern is I have 100% positive fb and never gotten a neutral or a negative

Makes me feel like a rare exotic bird LOL

I am afraid she might ding me if she was forced to pay.


Or should I try to contact her and ask her if she really wants the boots offer to give refund cancel sale and relist?


I know I can resell them easily for a good price but I would rather not have to.

I am most worried about getting bad feedback or other defect because I had to file against her as non paying bidder.

She never responded to my earlier emails.

What do you think I should do here?:smileyfrustrated:


Selling discussion

Hi All, 


Just a quick question to anyone whose had a defect promised to be removed after a call to C-S.  How long afterwards did it take for the defect to actually disappear from your dashboard?  



Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 12:03:17 PM PT

If You've Gotten a Defect Removed

When i look at my paypal account, I do not receive the full value of my listing. A certain percentage is deducted. In addition, I realize that there are ebay fees and I am charged an ebay invoice. Are the ebay fees already automatically taken out of my paypal payments from my buyers? Is that the reason why I do not receive 100% of my sale? Thanks

Payments discussion

Dec 19, 2014 11:40:52 AM PT

Question about ebay fees and paypal payments

Can I cancel this sale and offer to the next bidder?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Negotiated offer w/buyer to pay shipping to expedite item, but the buyer didn't wait for my invoice to pay. Do I refund payment and ask them to repay using the invoice I sent that incoudes shipping?


Selling question

How do i mark down or offer free shipping without revising the item? I see some auctions say save 10% "on sale" ?

Selling question

I want To buy a watch from a sneller in the USA and live in the Netherlands.

The Seller offers international shipment. When I click the buy now option the message
We are sorry but the item you selected may not be purchased due to Seller shipping restrictions, country specific import/export or other relevant restrictions.



The seller mailed me:

What could be the problem?

Bidding & Buying question

Is thee a tool or a method to put images from a dropshipper or Amazon onto Ebay?

Selling question

I am not receiving a message response from a member that has purchased multiple items,  I thought I might give them a call can anyone tell me how to get a members telephone number? 

Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 8:14:24 PM PT

Get a members phone number

I have the "out of stock option" activated. How do I end a good till canceled listing which has sold out?

Selling question

Getting Started question

I have put a bid on an item but it has not met the reserve. Am I obligated to purchase the item if I am the highest bidder but the reserve is not met and the auction closes?

Bidding & Buying question

Dec 20, 2014 2:42:40 PM PT

Reserve obligations

After purchase, the seller got feedback from  2 buyers reporting fraud. Now I am panicking because I dont know if my item is really en route or not. Is there a way to affirm that item shipped? 

Shipping & Returns question

Getting Started question

may things not yet come from Nov 5 


Buying & Selling Basics question

Dec 20, 2014 12:10:37 AM PT

my order not come

I dropped off a package at the post office in the area designated "pre-paid" items versus standing on a mile long line.  More than 24 hours have gone by and the post office still has not acknowledged the package.  It was being shipped parcel select (economy).  I asked today at the post office and they said it SHOULD have been scanned last night.  I called EBay and the rep told me if it doesn't show up in tracking in the next two days I should cancel the transaction and refund the buyer.  Expected delivery is December 26 going from Florida to Indiana.  I contacted the buyer to advise that although tracking shows nothing I did in fact deliver it to the post office and so far no response back.  What should I do?  Thanks to whoever can help and yes, I promise to wait on the line and get my packages scanned from here on out, it's less nerve wracking.

Shipping & Returns question

How do I see what I sold for the past year?

Selling question

Dec 20, 2014 12:01:53 PM PT

how do I see what I sold for the past year?

how do i locate a specific seller by user name


Tools & Apps question

Dec 19, 2014 5:38:08 PM PT

how do i locate a seller on ebay


I am very frustrated.  I bought an item on 12/2.  After a couple weeks of not receiving the item, I emailed the seller about the delay. 

They emailed back blaming the USPS since it is the holiday season.  I tracked the package and it was not shipped until the 16th.
I told the seller that I think it is rediculous that they waited two weeks before they shipped the item and I left negative feedback.  The seller asked me to change the feedback to positive and they would issue a full refund.  I said that I did not want to pay for return shipping.  The seller said that I could keep the item and get my money back as long as I changed my feedback.  I thought that was crazy, but I revised the feedback and changed it to positive.  Now the seller refused to issue the refund.


Dear Customer,
Thank you for cooperating with us.
We sent you the link. Please remove your feedback and reply to us as soon as you removed your feedback and we will issue a full refund to your account asap.
Best Regards,
Dear Customer,
Yes, you can keep the case.
If you have other questions feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Is there anything I can do?  The seller lied about the shipping.  It is not the USPS fault they waited two or three weeks to ship the item. The seller also lied about the refund, they said if I change my feedback I would get a full refund. I changed the feedback and did not get a refund.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 21, 2014 12:12:58 AM PT

Refund for Feedback revision.

A buyer won an auction and immediately emailed that he bid in error and was "cancelling the sale".  I suggested politely that he was obligated to complete the sale, but went ahead and cancelled it.  He has since sent 3 abusive emails.  Can anything be done other than ignoring him?

Selling question


First off, I'm new and sales have resulted in more activity. I am exceeding listings and instead of paying .30 insertion fees I opened a store to avoid it.

Originally I was able and  happy to list Auction and Buy it now but am getting nicked for .10.  Now that I have a store I have to choose one or the other but, In an effort to maximize sales it is going to cost where it did not before. So, being a big boy I consider defraying the cost by handling charge. I hate to present that profile to my buyers but what can I do short of eating the fee? Any Ideas?


Buying & Selling Basics question

Hi, I no longer see my ebay bucks. I got the 5x bucks offer and used it yesterday to buy a few items. I could see my total bucks amount if I hovered over the "MY EBAY" tab, the bucks $ amount would be at the bottom, just beneath "MESSAGES" in green., Alternatively, I could go to the "BUY" tab and the amount would show on the left. Now there is nothing. I had $42 last I saw it, which was yesterday. Has anyone had anything similar happen or know what I can do to fix this?


Thank you

My Account question

Dec 19, 2014 1:09:36 PM PT

ebay bucks missing

I had a buyer make a "best offer" that I accetped.  Its been 16 days since the "sale" and no payment even after numerous emails and phone calls.  Any else no how to deal with this situation?  I've been charged listing and invoice fees for a "sale" that never got finished.


Payments question

Dec 19, 2014 12:31:12 PM PT

best offer accepted buyer didn't pay

thanks for any help!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 9:53:18 PM PT

help with artist signature

I received a message that says the following, I'm not sure if this guy is trying to scam or what, but it seems a little outlandish to me.




Hi there,

I am interested in your magic card collection and want to start bidding. But there is a high tax price when importing to Europe, the Netherlands... So there is a way to bypass this which makes it more attractive for me to bid on your item.
There is a maximum limit of value for which i dont have to Pay any taxes, about 50dollar. So, if i would win Your item, could you set the item price value to 50dollar or less so that there wouldn't be any taxes? Since this has no downside for you, and is benificial for me.
I would rather Pay more for Your item then bidding low and Pay 50% tax in addition.
Please let me know what you think or have any questions.

With kind regards,

Selling question

Dec 20, 2014 1:23:55 PM PT

International Sales Tax Scam?

i bid and won an item on ebay and paid the down payment  thru paypal.  the seller has ask me to pay the remainder with a certified check. does this lose me the ebay protection

Payments question

Dec 19, 2014 5:38:29 PM PT

paying balance on ebay purchase

Vintage Electronics

1. If a seller lists a used item as-is, but also says good working condition but accepts no refunds. Am I covered by ebay protection  if I get the item is defective.  By this I mean, if I hear a slight A/C buz in one of the channels - to me its defective.


2. What constitutes good working condition for ebay.  Like I said if I hear just a slight problem in one of the channels its not good working condition to me.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Dec 19, 2014 9:17:33 AM PT

Used - As -Is but good working conditions

Hello, Any help appreciated. I am currently at work so I can't send pictures. Once home I will gladly send pictures to any and all willing to help. Here is what I have that an old friend gave to me years ago. It's a ceramic ashtray with metal cigarette holders/indents with springs below. The holders lay flat when a cigarette is placed in them is and burning. If the cigarette burns down near the end/filter, the spring below heats up and expands and lifts to tilt the cigarette into the ashtray to extinguish it so it doesn't fall out of the ashtray. I'm guessing this is from perhaps the '40s-'50s since that is when my friend smoked before he quit. Any info on this type of ashtray? It works like a champ to this day. A simple but brilliant and functional design. Thank you, Dave

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 12:00:17 PM PT

Ashtray Question

i placed an order on the 25th of november and received a tracking number. i tracked my item to gaungzuo china where it says it was shipped from thier country. i called the ems china post and was told that it had left thier country on the 278th and was in route to chicago. it is now december 20th and there is still no updates or sign of my item. i have reached out to 48 express-us numerous times and they just keep telling me to wait. im about done waiting. what can i do if anything? i paid via paypal can i have the charges reversed? help please.

Shipping & Returns question

I always thought it wasn't allowed unless the book was in the Public Domain but I see live listings right now.


I have a Georgia O'keeffe book from 1998 and I would like to remove the pages and sell them.


I talked to ebay a couple of minutes ago and they said it's not allowed, there are more than one seller doing this.


Does anyone know for sure what the policy is?


Thanks in advance.

Selling question

  I think this is Japanese.   Can someone tell me if this is the symbol for wool?

Thanks for your help

Fashion discussion

Dec 20, 2014 10:51:29 PM PT

Need help with Japanese characters on label

I am shipping a vase that weights three pounds two ounces.  Box is 8x5x8 and I'm expecting a cost of about $6-7.  But I'm being told it will cost $15.


The buyer is in Campell CA.  I can ship it out of state for less than the cost to this city.  Do some cities cost more?  I cannot make sense of this.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 20, 2014 10:53:19 AM PT

Shipping cost to this location is very high

My tracking information shows the item was delivered on November 26. The buyer claims they never got the item. The item cost was $40.00 plus shipping was $ 20.00. This is a lot of money for to me to have to eat if I have to refund it. 

Selling question

As a "Top Rated" Seller with 1 day Handling time. If I have an auction end say on the 12/1 @ 10:00 pm and the buyer pays by paypal 1 hour later @ 11:00 pm that night. When do I need to have it shipped by? Then, What if instead they make the payment 4 hours later @ 2:00 am? And lastly, When it says validated Does that mean scanned by the carrier?

Shipping & Returns question

wrong because a new postal worker changed it when you owed more money when you took it in?  Then the buyer contacted me on four occasions asking where his refund was.  In the mean time, I went to the post office and they found the transaction (I live in a  small community) and the item had been delivered two days after he paid for it.   Three weeks later he is telling me he never received it and is threatening me with contacting ebay with a complaint.  Now my dashboard is showing a bad delivery when it never happened.  How do I clear this up?  The guy never contacted me again when I told him, ' go ahead contact ebay and complain, I can prove it was delivered."  He never contacted ebay.

Selling question

In an auction I bid $60 max right at the last second, then got "You've been outbid" so I thought I lost.

But looking at the bid history I see this:

Winner- $50 at 7:30:39 PM
Me- $50 at 7:30:38 PM

How the heck did they win and not me? It should have told them to bid higher right since I bid $50 first??

Bidding & Buying question

when you successfuly listed an item & listing period expired then you try to relist the item why is there so much suggestions before you can relist the item

Starting an eBay Business question

Dec 20, 2014 10:23:47 PM PT




Just wanted to talk and let out some stream...I got a Cazal Sunglass from the seller  and they were fakes. So i contacted the seller informing about the authenticity of the sunglasses. The seller accepted that the sunglasses are fake and the mistake is at there side and I can ship it back to them for full refund including shipping. To ship an item back courier service require Name of a person and contact number otherwise they will not accept the parcel, so i contacted the seller for a name and a contact number. I tried many times and never got a reply. So i raised a service request to ebay. I thought they will help me..but the way they started to reply me is that they never intended to hear my case. I don't undestand what is the complication here the seller itself has accepted the sunglasses are fake. Today ebay closed my request in favour of the seller saying this


" I have reviewed the details of this case and found that you had asked the seller to declare the package to customs in such a way as to avoid paying higher customs fees. 

With this in mind, I am closing the case and a refund will not be issued."


I know that I made a mistake. but i don't understand how that is relevant to the request that I have raised. So does my mistake make selling fake items to buyers correct?


Please tell that the ebay is correct and I am wrong so that I can relax a bit..


Sorry if my english is poor...


Bidding & Buying question

Dec 20, 2014 10:07:12 PM PT

So this is how Ebay works..Help me relax

It's really getting harder to have the confidence of selling my stuff on this site anymore.

I've made a few hits before; but now it's all bare bone sells.

Today barely any viewers and watchers.

Why do I even bother posting stuff anymore?

What keeps bringing me back here?

Selling discussion

how do i contact ebay? i bought a avg 2014 for 3 pc's / 2 years  well the other day my computer said my avg ended i have item number plus date i bought , i have contacted seller 4 times so im mad now         How do i handle this?


Bidding & Buying question

Dec 20, 2014 7:21:45 PM PT

how do i contact ebay ?

For every item I list(mostly clothes) I place a shipping charge for 4.95 via first class. Somehow one item I revised it thru the eBay app to add a description and became free shipping(or so the buyer wants).

The item just sold and sent the invoice but the invoice said 2.99 and 0.00 shipping so I changed back to 4.95 as I usually charge.

The buyer messaged me angry to give free shipping or cancel. I lowered to 1.00 shipping and still outraged. What should I do?

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 5:51:54 PM PT

Invoice and shipping question

Is there anyway when you use the bulk listing to relist that you can select that you do not want your item listed automatically again? When I am relisting many times I must do so one at a time to make sure that the automatic relisting is not checked.

Thank you

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 6:30:56 AM PT

bulk relisting feature

They suck you in with a low estimate and then they charge you double the amount a couple weeks later, probably hoping you forgot the original estimate.  I should contact the Attorney Generals office but I'm too busy with the Holidays and all.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Dec 21, 2014 10:52:25 AM PT

FEDEX shipping estimate SCAM

She is 23" tall and has no tags on her body. That back of her neck is marked "My Twinn". Do you know what face mold she has or the approximate date she was made?


Thank you.

Dolls discussion

Dec 19, 2014 8:49:57 AM PT

Can you identify this My Twinn doll?


Has anyone had a wool shoulder bag with this logo? Can U please help me identify it? It is perfetly readable, but I can't figure it out...

if you have seen it, could you please message me


Thank you


Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 4:33:31 PM PT

item id

I received an email from a buyer who bought an iphone and wants me to give him a refund.  Problem: I never sold him the iphone on 12/10/14.  I have talked to (5) people on ebay to no avail, they state that someone else got the money not me, but it is still on my name and my deficit rating has gone way up.  I have no idea what to do about this, as I emailed the man at least four times and he does not believe me.  Ebay looked his sale up and it is not on my store.  Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciately.

Donna Rogers  donah6bgc8

My Account question

I have a necklace for sell . A buyer put a bid on it . She mentioned in her emails she was going to use it to repair a necklace of her mother's . I went to get the necklace out of storage to get ready to ship and the string snapped and half the beads fall to the ground . I send her a message with pictures showing her the tragedy . I offer to sell it to her for a lower amount if she still wants it , since she was going to take it apart , She is thrilled and agrees . Should I cancel her bid and then put a BIN on it for her or is there a better way to go about this ? Thanks !

Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 7:49:01 PM PT

I need advice on the best way to proceed

Hello. I want to represent my case and consult you about what is the best thing to do in order not to loose my money. I have bought an item from e bay seller on 7 of december. The seller contacted me on 10 of december and said that my item should be shipped the next day. I havent heard back from him since then. I tried to send him a message thru my e bay. I even wrote to his e mail which i took from my pay pal account. But he never answered back. The item is not marked as shipped. Sellers listings were removed on the 11 of december. I can still see my listing though.  The seller is still registered. I want to know if this seller still can receive my messages ?even though i guess he has some violation issues with e bay. What is the best to do in this case? I have paid with pay pal but im worried cause the seller is not replying. My item should have been shipped with express mail service so it have a tracking number for sure. I wanted to open an not receive case but im affraid that in case i receive a wrong item i coudnt open another case. Just to say this sellers communication and attitude wasnt so friendly from the beginning. .. what do you think the best to do? To wait for an item to show up? I still have time cause it is international transaction but on the other hand can i relly rely on seller who is not communicating and his listings were removed? Thanks

Bidding & Buying question

Can a bidder buy an item at the buy it now price after bidding has started? They clicked bid now instead of buy now and want to buy.

Can they somehow still buy it now? 

Bidding & Buying question

I have a family friend, with no income, who lost her husband over 10 yers ago. He did not even leave her a widow's pension. She is 79 years old and diabetic. The only things she actually owns are her home (low income housing) and seven cemetary plots that were owned by her family. She has no children or family left who would even want these plots. Since I know nothing about selling cemetary plots, I decided to post the question to the community. Would this be legal to list on eBay? I would most likely be chosen to list them myself and pass the information to my friend. I know it may be a morbid post but our friend has nothing. She is too proud to accept help from others. My family has known her for a long time. Thank you.

Selling question

Dec 21, 2014 8:37:38 PM PT

cemetary plots

My bid was cancelled and listing ended by seller who stated the item was no longer available. Then the seller turned around and relisted for a high BIN. Exacte wording, exact items listed.  What is my recourse? I've tried to report it but there is no place to report this. 


Does anyone have any ideas?

Bidding & Buying discussion























Bidding & Buying discussion

Picked this up on a whim, it reminded me of someone, an artist I had seen before. Of course now I can't remember and I have not been able to decipher the signature.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 12:39:19 AM PT

Please help ID artist on 70's print

I had two of an item.  I listed both, one as an auction and one as a BIN.  Several people were bidding on the auction and I believe I would have made more money on it than the BIN. The BIN sold almost right away. I went to retrieve it from the storage, and realized my partner had taken one of the items.


The BIN person had legitimately purchased and paid for the item. Even though, in theory, I am making about $100 less than the auction would have brought, I believe I have an obligation to send it to the BIN.


I cancelled the auction. I felt terrible about it, as the item is sort of in demand right now and selling for a price much higher than the current highest bid. There was still 4 days left on the auction, so I have no idea how much it really would have sold for, but I felt as if the bidder was getting screwed because of my miscommunication with my partner.


I sent the bidder an email, explained that I was trying to find another of the item, and if I did, I would send it to them free of charge (these items cost me almost nothing, so I feel I should always offer something in the interest of customer service when I screw up).


Bidder is now going to report me to Ebay because I "didn't get what you wanted for it so you going to relist it".

We will never know what I would have gotten for it, but I sold the BIN for about $150 less than the lowest selling price on the same item that was sold in the past week.


I am just frustrated with this. I stopped selling for a while because someone gave me neutral feedback for a damaged item rather than contact me for a refund.  I just started selling again a few months ago, and now someone is going off on me for offering to try to replace an item I never even sold them.


Now I remember why I stopped working retail.





Selling question


Has anyone sold a Raboem Jacket? I have a leather and fur coat, but the tags are all in Korean. Raboem is in gold lettering on a leather flap. Anyone had one?

Please message me at

nyrobee 20002ccr

Thank you! Rick

Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 4:38:54 PM PT

Raboem jacket

My seller indicated the wrong shipping amount on her auction.  I paid immediately (like I'm suppose to).  Am I liable to pay the additional

amount or does the seller have to eat her mistake?  Can she hold the item until the additional amount be paid?

Selling question

Sold 2 similar item and never got paid.  Sent buyer a msg asking for them to pay and I receive a msg back stating they don't know what I am talking about and they didn't bid on anything.  DUH!!!  They bid, Ebay sent them a invoice and I followed up.  Received email with transaction and also shows up in my selling summary...and they didn't bid.  Give em a break.  I have had 3 NPB's in the past 2 months.  This is becoming a chronic problem.  Never in all the years I have sold on here had this much trouble and it seems to be the buyers with (0) FB.  Anyone else having the same problems?  Getting a little sick of this **bleep**.   

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 7:27:43 PM PT

Bidder said they never bid on item

Happy Holidays, everyone!

  Sold 3 magazines. No advertisements, so they can ship Media Mail. I'm in Kansas, items to ship to Texas. Buyer is requesting a delay in shipment, since they are out of town until Dec. 29. Don't want to jeopardize TRS, due to late shipping, so should I just wait 3 or 4 days to send invoice and ship, or go ahead and ship tomorrow, hoping Media Mail will be slow enough to hit customer's "target" date of the 29th? Thoughts and answers appreciated.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 21, 2014 6:20:12 PM PT

Delayed shipping?

How   can we put our products in christmas offer ?

Selling question

Dec 20, 2014 1:26:37 AM PT

Selling Promotion

How is it possible for someone to pay less for an item than the counter offer I sent them? Item was listed at $48.75. Offer came in at $35.00. I countered that offer for $41.00. All of the sudden I received notice my item sold for $39.00, an offer I NEVER sent? How is this possible? Where I see, view offers sent, countered etc. once the item supposely sold? Also buyer said "Thank you for accepting my offer". I did not accept any such offer. Please if anyone has any idea how this could happen I would great appreciate it. Thanks.

Selling question

Can someone please tell me how item # 121520048328 falls under the following category

Collectibles-Cultures & Ethincities-Latin American-Mexixo-Folk Art??

How does ebay handle items like this when items like this are categorized wrong and items prohibited?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Dec 21, 2014 11:20:21 PM PT

mexican folk art REALLY??

I have used items in my listings.  Some are marked really cheap for a reason.  One listing in particular I listed it as acceptable and mentioned that the pages maybe torn or written on cause I used them in the classroom when I was being tortured as a teacher (dont get mad at me; I hated that job).  Someone sent me a message saying that they wanted to know if the magazines were beat up because they wanted to get them as a gift.  Ok....I dont know why some people want top of the line, brand new items for real cheap.  If they were in excellent condition, I would have listed them for a higher price.  Some people want something for nothing! 

Selling discussion

Dec 19, 2014 6:11:22 AM PT

Venting.....Picky Cheap Buyers

So i made a mistake, i sent the buyer the wrong breathe right strips. They opened a request and returned the items... eBay gave them a label, before i could even respond to the return.. I look at my seller account activity and i have a $30 Return Shipping Fee  charged.. WHAT THE ?   I ship these 1st class mail in poly envelopes...

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 12:52:08 PM PT

Ridiculous Return $30 CHARGED to my account

I'll refer to the arguers as Mickey and Donald so as to minimize the influence of consensualism or contrarianism in responses.

Mickey buys a small electric appliance from Bed Bath and Beyond. He opens it immediately and uses it. Two days later he finds a deal on Ebay for the equivalent (brand new sealed in box) item that is 1/3 of what he paid at BBB. So he buys the item from Ebay and returns it to Bed Bath and Beyond, using the original BBB receipt.

Donald believes this is unethical. The returned item was not what was purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond, so taking it back doesn't seem right to him. He feels that buying an item from one venue and returning it to another is taking advantage of the whole returns system.

Mickey feels that because the two items are identical inventory, same bar code and all, it makes no difference that the returned item wasn't the original item purchased.

Believe it or not this has led to a heated quarrel between husband and wife. If possible, please focus your answers on whether you lean more towards the view of Mickey or Donald... not on what a waste of time and energy this debate is.

Selling discussion

Hey everyone, so basically last month I sold an Iphone 5 to someone here on eBay. After I was notified that it was sold, I shipped it as soon as possible and I knew I had to wait a while for the buyer to pay me. So I waited. AFter around 3 weeks I still did not recieve payment so i contacted the seller by email and ebay messaging at least 5 times and recieved no response. I then went to the resolution center and created a case and after a few days I found out that I should close the case so I at least recieve some credit so I canceled it. But when checked my credit on ebay, I only recieved 19 while the total amount that the item was sold for was around 200 dollars. What is going on? What am I suppose to do now? Any answer is appreciated!

Selling discussion

I had a buyer that on the day it was delivered she claims I see it is delivered but it is not in my possession.  So I want a refund as I had to go to store and buy


another gift. Arrived lakeland FL 6:16a.m. and put into her mailbox 6:23a.m.  I told her tracking says delivered.  I called the lakeland FL post office and explained


the situation and he said hold on and when he came back he said my name and I said yes and he said how do I know that and I said you have the package


YES!  She repeatedly lied and said she was there now and it was not there.  So I called 6 hours later to inquire again and this time to ask who owned the box.


Well it wasn't her. Therefore she had no key  she than proceeds to harass me and threaten me I better get a lawyer she is going to sue me.  Contacted Ebay 5 times no problem with case item is delivered and confirmed. you are fine yeah right!


Low and behold Ebay god's refund her finding me at no fault WHY WOULD THEY?




All sellers work hard here and we do the best we can and to be slapped in the face like this.  I do not need ebay to pay for anyone for me.  Do not do me any favors do the right thing and teach a lesson. These lying cheating buyers need to be removed from ebay as from her feedback of only 17 she has revised 2 of them as seller caved and refunded her as I was not going to as I had proof that it was delivered and confirmed. And I am sure they did as well.


But now we can all go on selling and can only hope that the buyers will read our boards and start a whole new scamming ebay!


I am DONE 16 years on and off selling and it just keeps getting worse.



Selling discussion

I need to raise my limits from 28k to 70k because of the value of my items ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Selling discussion

I sold a book to a buyer who wasn't happy with it once received.   Ok whatever.  I told her I'd refund her money when the book was returned.  She complained more.  Just to not deal with it any longer, I said I would reimburse the return shipping also even though the policy is that buyer pays the shipping.  She still complained, saying it was inconvienent and how upset she was she can't give the book as a Christmas present.  Well sorry.   If you buy something from a store you return it to the store.  Same thing here right?   


What should I do at this point?  I offered nicely to send her a return envelope to lessen her "inconvenience" and I haven't heard back yet.  Why is it expecting that they get a free item just because they weren't happy...or say they weren't happy.


I am a very part time seller just selling to raise some money to buy my son his own Christmas gifts.  This is the second year I did this and have encountered more complaints this year than ever before.  I'd rather have a good old fashioned yard sale in the summer than sell on here.  It's not worth the hassle

Selling discussion

Anyone else's font choices change from 10-12-14 etc to 1-2-3 today?  FYI, this is font 3.


Anyway, there is a moral debate raging on another thread today where I appear to be on the minority side.  Here's what came up for me today in the form of a moral dilemma (no sense arguing with the SpellCheck, but that's not how I'd think dilema was spelled).  A week ago I bought 20 satin ribbon necklace thingies (I hang colored glass pendants around my neck on them) from a Seller in China.  Couldn't find what I was looking for (an assortment of colors) from US, and I did spend 20 or more minutes poking around.  So today they arrived, much sooner than I really expected, and they were just as described.  I had a fleeting thought that I would not leave this Seller feedback because she was Chinese and everyone tells me that the Chinese, with their government sanctioned (ours and theirs) cheap postage rates, are killing off small American Sellers.  Slapped some sense into myself a few seconds later -- item arrived in time for Christmas, was just want I wanted, and I couldn't be happier.  If I leave feedback for USA, I leave feedback for Chinese. Left her 5 stars, and some actual verbiage rather than just my usual "Thank You!!" (to assuage my guilt for even considering not leaving feedback).


Note to American Sellers -- I would have paid a dollar each for these if someone had a bundle of 10.  Instead I got 20, two each of ten colors, for $5.39 free shipping.  Ten or more of the ones I bought will never be used.  LIGHT BULB GOES OFF -- I'll list them myself after Christmas and see if I get a Buyer (I always do free shipping on light weight things).

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 5:18:40 PM PT

My own moral dilemma this afternoon

I thought this was a pretty interesting article.


Amazing how ingenious people get when they want to steal.



Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 1:44:26 PM PT

Returns fraud--It's not just Ebay

BUYER BEWARE, I have since emailed my story to the CEO and I have also filed my complaint with the CFPB.


On 12/7 I purchased an item from an EBAY seller for $50.00 plus $9.00 expedited shipping. The tracking number wasn't entered on Monday the 8th so on December 9th, I decided to contact the seller. She responded that she had a "death in the family" but she would "drop the item" on the 10th at 4PM, expedite the shipping at her cost (which I had already paid $9.00 for) and she would send me the tracking number. That did not happen.


On December 12th, I filed a case request for return early in the morning - since the lame seller couldn't seem to send the tracking number and then POOF - the seller purchased shipping on EBAY and the tracking number appeared. I didn't receive the package until 12/16 at which point my need was well past and I refused the shipment bouncing it back to the seller. The seller didn't respond to mutliple requests for the return of the money and when I called EBAY, I spoke with a rep named Anne. Anne couldn't grasp that I didn't want the item 10 days after I paid for expedited shipping and insinuated that I my expectations were too lofty, Anne also criticized me for opening a case under the type of heading that was selected, opened, and written by an EBAY EMPLOYEE. Anne also went through my EBAY MESSAGES BOX and said that she never saw that I sent a message to the seller cancelling the transaction/asking for a refund. Anne MISSED THE GLARING MESSAGE in the CASE that was opened.


What happened next will leave you speechless, EBAY cancelled the case in the SELLER'S favor meaning that the buyer has NO PACKAGE, NO $59.00 and drum roll please.........................EBAY REMOVED THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK I LEFT FOR THE SELLER which was consistent with the transaction and on par with two previous feedbacks received by DIFFERENT BUYERS. The rep named Anne scolded me for refusing the package delivery and I was unable to find it written anywhere in policy nor did I hear anything of the sort from the EBAY rep that opened the case about the same.


So, BUYER BEWARE, vote with your wallet, I will get my $59.00 back, it's not easy, it's certainly not fair, but most importantly, it IS YOUR CHOICE to continue to use EBAY. I have chosen to immediately cease all activity with EBAY and PAYPAL as a result of this. I dealt with a seller that capitalized on what was convenient for her. She completely ignored what she had written, what she had advertised, and even what she had promised after the fact and she got away with it. I'd be hard-pressed to think that I need to invite this level of frustration in to my life, especially at the holidays.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Dec 19, 2014 9:12:29 PM PT

Refused package

I purchased an item and the seller shipped to my home address instead of the address on the ebay order details page and PayPal invoice which was to my daughter in CT.  Instead I received it in NC.  So I had to ship to CT at my cost.  I asked the seller for a refund on the shipping since it appears to be his error and he refused.  He said he printed the shipping label and it was my address in NC.


Is there anything I can do with ebay?



Bidding & Buying discussion

4th of November my customer paid for the item. 17th of December he wrote me that he wants to return this item because he it's cheaper at another seller's store. I told him, that this is not a reason why to return the item. So he asked to retund the item and as a reason he chose "item defect". How am I supposed to solve this situation. It's been 45 days at PP since the payment. Will Ebay return money to this customer? I have had a similar case where the customer requested to return the item and at the PP I have had immediately RED negative balance. Now I do not have any negative balance. Please help me. Will I lose my money ?

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 1:48:02 PM PT

Who has a experiences with disputes ?

Anybody else getting bank / credit card chargebacks through PayPal?  I got two in the past two weeks.  I called Paypal and spoke to a customer service rep.  I voiced my concerns as to why this is happening. I also made some remarks about the 180 day return policy.  He told me that in the near future the 180 days will be expanded to possibly 2 years!  Wow where do they come up with this nonsense?

Selling discussion

I sold a game on ebay for $24. It was purchased, paid for, and shipped. 2 weeks later they issued a chargeback, not because the item wasn't received, but because the charge wasn't authorized by them, which is not my fault. I provided every bit of proof I could except tracking info, because they didn't pay extra. I sent pictures of the transaction, etc.


Anyways. The money was added after 2 weeks, and then immediately removed the next day for the chargeback. Now that the issue is resolved(at least for them), the money seems to have been taken out again. It put me down to $29 the first time, and I bought a couple PC games at $36 total. This would have put me at $0.00 balance, because it took the other $5 from my bank account, like normal.


But then this morning I checked it, and I'm at -$20.00. did they take the money out again?


Edit: I just received an email about this. Apparently, although PayPal is trying to 'help' me, they actually did take the money out again. It says the money was debited from my account. So paypal is giving this guy back twice the amount. I don't know what to do.

Selling discussion

So she bought and paid, and then messaged me asking me to ship  to different address. At first i didn't think it was a big deal, since i've never done that before, so i said yes and went ahead to print a label with her new address she provided. Problem was, once i changed the address and was about to print, i got small message pop up from ebay letting me know that since i changed the address, i am not covered by seller protection any longer. So i cancelled out of before i paid and printed, and decided to google this whole matter.

So i found out we are not supposed to ship to any other address than the one they have listed with ebay, or paypal? I decided to message her, and apologize, with an explanation that i can cancel the transaction, refund it, and then she can pay for it again after she updates her address on file. I haven't heard back yet, since last night.

I was wondering how to handle it? If i send the transaction cancelation request, which option i should pick? Buyer changed their mind? And what if she leaves me a negative due to no fault of my own? Will this have grounds for removal of a feedback?


Selling discussion

Been with eBay for two weeks.

Item was sold in an auction.

I shipped it within a day, as soon as PayPal gave me the okay to ship.

Item has been delivered.

I received an email from eBay stating that the account holder didn't authorize the transaction therefore the amount was taken away which I noticed in the "Total Amount Sold".

I called eBay immediately, spend close to two hours on the phone, nobody was able to help me. They kept on tranfering me from one department to the next. I had to repeat my story to seven different people. I asked for a supervisor/manager, they weren't available.

I tried to file a resolution claim, the system was (and still is) down, couldn't do it. That's why I am reaching out on here and hoping someone could guide me through this.

It is very discouraging to know that eBay would allow this knowing that the item has been delivered already. 

Apparently the buyer's account has been suspended yet they were able to make purchases!?!?!


I appreciate any advice I could get.


Thank you!

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Dec 21, 2014 7:22:54 AM PT

Please advise me on how to deal with this.

A listing was removed because it was said to be a "digital copy" but it is not

It's an Amazon UK new blu-ray set

I called 2 reps but cannot do a thing until Monday they said

This is my job, my lively hood and the most business I do all year cons from December 1-22. I'm thinking if contacting my may lawyer about the matter

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Dec 19, 2014 9:58:47 AM PT

MC999 falsely accused what to do?

What's the point when they will interfere with our business should the buyer say and do all the "right things"(oh I don't know...lie)?  Isn't an auction a contract?  If we tell the buyer the object is black and we re-enforce the fact by showing a picture and repeating the word black in the title line and description but the buyer insists it's blue ebay will side with them. If we tell ebay the buyer never sent a picture, they tell us it doesn't matter. If the buyer says the sky is purple then they are right and the seller is wrong.


Return policies serve what use?  Are they estimates on service and not concrete facts or elements of contract?  Does the buyer not agree and sign their electronic signature when they confirm buy it now? 


Why does ebay force a seller to go to outside entities to fight for their rights?   Yes this song has been sung before but in recent memory have sellers found ways to win?  Sometimes it's not always the money but the principle involved. Houston we've got a problem, ebay doesn't trust sellers and routinely bites the hand that feeds them. They routinely throw cash at buyers hoping to lure them "back". What they do is encourage more bad behavor. Another thing they do is tip the scale because for every dollar handed out to those busking buyers a dollar is taken from sellers in the form of restrictive policies. They do anything they think they can get away with to eliminate our discounts, make interest on funds they hold, and outsource our sales to outside sellers who advertise on our own listings we paid for.


You say no returns buyer returns anyway. You say restocking fee, buyer pays nothing. These are all things ebay makes us check off. Yet when it comes time for accountability ebay tells the buyer they don't have to follow anything the seller says. Seller bad, buyer good. Seller wrong, buyer right. As sellers we need to put a stop to this and get our rights back. We need to remind buyers it's a small world and if they hurt our business we can look to hurt their or at least retrieve the funds owed to us or damages for their violation of the sales contract.


countdown t minus 10 seconds to an ebay cheerleader/customer service rep is disguise.

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My mom is 91 years old and the ONE thing she watches on TV is Judge Judy.  I thought she would like a Judge Judy tee shirt.  It's hard to buy for a 91 year old.  I checked out the shirts on ebay and they are from sellers registered in the UK, Canada, Australia, etc..  I did find one I liked but it said item location as Niagara Falls N.Y. but the seller is registered in Canada.  


Why is there such a lack of USA sellers for these shirts??  It's the 1st time I've had such a problem finding something I like that has such a poor selection for USA sellers.

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Dec 19, 2014 7:02:35 AM PT

Lack Of USA sellers On Some Items