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Snagged a photo of Alan Freed today at a pre-shop. The verso is signed by Freed and somebody else. To me the first name sort of looks like Chuck. Any ideas?






Booksellers discussion

Nov 20, 2014 1:25:37 PM PT

Help with autograph

This is unmarked. Is this Anchor Hocking, as it is unmarked? What is the name of this pattern and when was it made? I cannot find the name of this pattern but I anywhere. I have seen it ID'd as Anchor Hocking. Thank you!IMG_5991.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Nov 21, 2014 7:02:12 PM PT

Anchor Hocking Glass? Need help with ID

Happy Friday All, this is driving me crazy and I've had the best luck, asking and learning about books, in this forum than anywhere else.  So here goes: 


NEW ORLEANS by Bethany Ewald Bultman, Photographs by Richard Sexton, Compass American Guides, 1994


I bought this book years ago for my first trip to New Orleans.  Just for the heck of it, before tossing in my thrift store pile I looked it up on Abebooks.  Lots of copies there but they were all paperback versions.  I have looked everywhere and cannot find a hard cover verison anywhere.  So, does that mean the hard cover version is rare?  Just because it is rare does not, necessarily make it desirable? 


What are your thoughts?  Thank you for looking!





Booksellers discussion

Can anyone help me identify this cup? 

I think it is something but just not sure.

Thanks, Crystal


 Cup 001.JPG


 Cup 002.JPG


Cup 005.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Nov 22, 2014 12:29:58 PM PT

Need help identifying​ tea/coffee cup.

Buyer :

It says that this was delivered I dont know where they delivered this but I never got this what do we do now


7:53 am


8:05 am

xxxxx let us know that they haven't received "xxxxxxxxxxxx" and has requested a shipping status update. A request is open and you can view the request and the buyer's message in the eBay Resolution Center.


9am,  i responded with tracking information and how to get more information, on checking with neighbors or others in the home etc...   ---> this is just a tip to others here,  and not sent to the buyer,,., but just an FYI did you know all USPS scans are gps tracked? Yep! I've seen the print out map from a supervisor. Just letting you know :smileyhappy:


9:20 am

The buyer sent you a message.
Buyer's message:
Im so sorry I went out and looked and it was in there not to blame my husband but he never looks far enough in the mail box so sorry I did get this Thanks


9:21 am

Thanks for working to resolve this issue. The buyer has closed this request. You don't need to do anything else.


You can view the details of this request in the Resolution Center.
Thanks eBay, that will put me at 2.01%
working as intended?


Selling discussion

Nov 20, 2014 7:29:40 AM PT

This is why the Defect System works!



Take My Money on Ebay I Pay Bid Item From 

but he say dont get payment from me when i check my paypal the transaction

this is the seller


Transaction Paypal

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 20, 2014 9:05:39 AM PT



I've been going around in circles, following the on screen prompts, but I’m not getting anywhere.. I NEED HELP with a seller that is not holding up his end of the deal. I bid on an item & won, paid for it and never received it. Contacted the seller who told me to wait 5 more days. After 5 days, I contacted the seller and told him I still did not receive it. Seller told me they would refund my money. I said I still wanted the item, and would wait for the replacement, because this was a gift. The seller then told me he would refund the money & then I could buy it again! I told him that is not right, because I won the bid for a very good price, and I probably won't get so lucky again. I opened a case in the resolution center, and then the seller responded by telling me they had refunded my money, and then said the case is now closed. There was no way I could escalate this problem once the case was closed, and they knew that, it's obvious they know how to work the system in their favor so that the buyer won't have a chance to dispute their decision or have any say in the matter. To me this is the same as fraud. They can't auction something off and then offer to refund the money and tell you if you still want it, you’ll need to buy it again, that's bogus!!! And If they can go through the trouble to send me another one IF I re-buy it, then their is no reason why they can't ship me a replacement for the one I didn't receive. I'm beginning to think they never had any intentions of sending the original item to me, and probably never did, because they were probably making little to no profit on it. If they are not going to honor low bids, they should have set a minimum bid amount, but they didn’t. Their loss,  my gain. I won the bid, and no matter what the amount was they need to uphold their end of the deal. Their were other sellers auctioning the same item that I could have bid on, but I quit looking when I won this bid. I never thought I would have to fight for a legitimate purchase. This seller is in the wrong, and I don't think they should be able to get away with this. Who knows how many other buyers have lost out as well.  I will be waiting to hear from you, and I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. let me know if you have any questions. Thank you

P.S. I would like to discuss this matter with ebay’s customer support agent, but that is next to impossible to pick up a phone and call them. I have searched ebay for quite some time, and all I do is get caught up in their loop of tabs. There are tabs for Contact Us, Help & Contact, Answer Center, and a few others, all of which lead you nowhere. None of their suggested questions pertain to my problem. I don’t think it is very business like, when you can’t speak to a real person when a problem comes up.  I ask the ebay community if anyone knew the phone number for customer support, and the only answers I got were to click on the neverending Contact Us tabs.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 21, 2014 8:12:13 AM PT

Seller won't send my purchase

Alright, here's the scenario.  I sell trading cards that I ship with just a white envelope + stamp.  When I have many items to ship, I have been opening the 'order details' page in a new tab for every single item.  This is kind of a pain when I have 30+ items to ship on a given day.  Is there a better way to do this that does NOT involve printing shipping labels?  Paying $2 to ship something with tracking that sells for $3 is -never- happening.


My question - is there a way to bulk view order details/shipping addresses for sales I have made?  I.e. a list that just shows the item name and shipping address of every item at once?



Selling discussion

Nov 20, 2014 10:58:57 AM PT

Shipping multiple items


Ebay says "payment is pending" since Monday - that's 4 days.

I sent him a message wednesday morning around 10AM - this is Friday morning.

You'd think he'd a said somethng. I've had to stay in the hospital for a week, I've had my computer break for a week,
but I've always managed to get word to my sellers. I don't want to be this guy's 1st no pay.

What would happen if I were to just re-list this item and forget about it, say starting next Monday?

Selling discussion

Are there any benefits to not using private listings? Especially around the holidays I've been using private listings in case a buyer doesn't want their purchases known to others. Do you use private listings year round or just for specific items (or not at all?)

Booksellers discussion

Nov 20, 2014 12:00:35 AM PT

Private Listings

I've bought a lot of stuff on ebay and this has never happened before. I bought an item for $19.95, and when I went to pay for it, the price had magically gone up by six dollars. Shipping was free, so that isn't it. Has this happened to anyone else?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I had a buyer who bought and paid for an item. They then emailed me to have the item sent to a different address. I canceled the order and informed them that I can only ship to the address that is listed in the order and they can rebuy the item and input the correct address in Paypal. They then bought the item with an eBay and Paypal account that was created today. The first name on the new account is different but the address is correct. This is very odd behavior and I would like to get the community's opinion on this. The item is over $100, should I proceed or cancel again? Thanks in advance

Selling question

Nov 20, 2014 2:15:00 PM PT

Weird Buyer. Need help!

I need some help!  I had a customer who claimed they did not receive an item and they opened a 'REQUEST".  Delivery confirmation shows they received the package, and after a day or two, the customer found the package and closed the request.  It is now showing up on my dashboard as a defect.  I contacted ebay for help, but was told they WILL NOT remove the defect even though the customer received their item.  I was told by customer support to escalate the case, but after they told me to do this, I was told I cannot do this because the customer closed the case.   What can I do to fix this? 

Selling discussion

Nov 21, 2014 3:02:53 PM PT

Defect Ratings - Need Help

Approximately one week ago, I won an auction for tickets to a college football game last weekend. By the time the auction ended, a family emergency had arisen which prevented me from attending the game. Thanks to a terribly slow internet connection at home, I was unable to retract my bid in time, thereby winning the auction.


I submitted a detailed cancellation request for the item; and with no communication or reply from the seller whatsoever, he agreed to cancel within minutes. I messaged him through eBay to offer a thank-you and also did not receive a reply.


Yesterday, I received a message from the seller indicating that he had to relist the tickets in a last-minute fire sale (not sure why he did not offer them to the long list of bidders who came up just short of my winning bid). He blamed me for not receiving "market value" for the tickets; and asked that I pay the difference.


I was shocked and appalled at the message and understood our transaction to be canceled, so I ignored what I perceived as a guilt trip. Now, the seller is threatening me (through eBay) with legal action if I don't pay him the difference.


I have been trying to find a way to report the seller and give details of this communication to eBay for nearly an hour now; but am just going in circles. There doesn't seem to be a clear way to open a resolution or make eBay aware of the situation; I just continue to click through a series of "help" links that link back to each other.


Any suggestions on how to proceed? Should I simply save the messages and wait for him to file some sort of complaint through eBay? It is my understanding that once a transaction is canceled - it's as if it never existed. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Bidding & Buying question

Over a week ago I sold an item. The buyer said the shipping (which was listed in the auction), was too high, and told me I needed to lower it. I sent them a revised invoice with the cheapest shipping available. The buyer said they never got the invoice and that they weren't paying until I sent it again. They then said that the revised shipping was still too high, and that they wanted to "end this order." So I opened an unpaid item case.


Now, a few days days later, the buyer suddenly paid for the item and the original shipping price, and sent me a message telling me I need to put the extra money in the box. -.-


I know I can just refund the shipping difference via Paypal, but at this point I'm feeling really uncomfortable about this transaction. I'd like to cancel it and refund the buyer's money (and block them from bidding on any future auctions), but each time I try, Ebay says "We weren't able to cancel your order You can't cancel this order right now because there's a case open for it."

The resolution center case is closed, and there's nothing showing up on Paypal. Where is the case? And, is it not possible for me to cancel this order?


Given the unpleasant nature of this transaction, I'm afraid the buyer will get the item, claim it's not what they ordered (or that's it's broken, the wrong color, or whatever), and demand a full refund. Then I'll be out the cost of the item as well as the shipping.

Can I cancel this? If so, how?

Selling discussion

Recently sold a headset to someone. Today he sends me this message:


"Hey so when you shipped that for whatever reason eBay didn't update my address or something and it went to green bay and I live in eagle river, the post office is trying to get it back, but it was delivered to whoever lives there and that's all I know, was it insured or anything cause I'm not quite sure what to do, never had this problem before, and the post office said it should of still be forwarded to my new address, so any suggestions thanks Jason".


what should i do?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 21, 2014 2:57:30 PM PT

Am i going to be held liable for this?

purchase was made on October 16, buyer left glowing feedback, now is saying bag is fake and wants refund.    I got it from a friend who I know bought it from a Coach store.   I would like to have some of the "experts" confirm it's authenticity.  Thanks.

Fashion discussion

Is is smart (or not) to list auction style listings starting tonight and tomorrow? They would end on Thanksgiving Day/night and black Friday. Thank you for any input!!!

Selling discussion

I listed a shirt on October 28th and it sold November 2nd. About a week passed and the buyer didn't pay so I messaged her and asked if she still wanted the item. She gave me some excuse about her being stuck on the payment screen? So by the 19th I assumed she didn't want the item and I relisted it. Today someone new bid on the item and imediately after this the first buyer paid for the item. I'm confused as to how this happened first of all since I am set to have automatic unpaid claims set. Also should I cancel this new listing even though there is a bid and I will get a fee? Or is there something else I should do?

Selling discussion

Nov 21, 2014 9:14:46 PM PT

What should I do?

Six weeks ago I placed an order on ebay.fr.  The woman shipped a week later.  The tracking number says it made it to Michigan, but the trail ended  there 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Do I open a case?  I contacted the seller a week ago and she suggested waiting another week.  I contacted her again, but haven't heard back yet.  Should she just refund my money?  I don't want her to take a strike, as it's not her fault, but I think it's time I got my money back.  I certainly don't want to miss any deadlines.  There was no estimated deliver date on the order.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 21, 2014 5:49:12 PM PT

Item from France lost by USPS

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 22, 2014 12:27:01 PM PT

y bid-Im very unhappy!!


Yesterday I received a jewelry box that I won and it is damaged.  A little background.......When shopping on eBay, I limit my searches to items located in the US only.  The item location for this particular listing was Rosemead, California.  The seller's feedback score was 99.6% so I felt no need to investigate their member page.  When I messaged the seller about the damaged item, a notice from eBay popped up that said the seller's account is on another site and they may not speak English.  **bleep**?  That is when I discovered the seller is in China but has a US warehouse from which they ship.  I have already reported the item for having a misleading location.  In response to my message about the damaged item, the seller said "hi,so sorry for the Late reply ,i got it,thank you for your picture,could you accept that giving you 25% refund to buy some glue,hope could understand ,other part could still be storage trinket,not sure whether it is ok for you,look to your reply,thank you so much."  As far as I'm concerned, that response is ludicrous.  The piece that is broken really can't be glued.  It would look like **bleep** and would not hold.  My reply to the seller was "No, that is not acceptable. This item is a Christmas gift and I will not give my daughter an item that has been glued."  So far, the seller has not responded to my reply. 


Yes, the item was supposedly located in and shipped from a US location.  However, the item is also a cheaply made Chinese product offered for sale by a seller who is located in China.  Had I known that beforehand, I would not have looked at the item and certainly would not have bid on it.  I don't appreciate these kinds of listings being allowed to show up in search results when I limit the criteria to "US only."  Does eBay really allow sellers to use this kind of loophole?  In my opinion, this seller's listings are extremely misleading and in violation of eBay's policy.  Should I report this seller for inappropriate listing practices?  If the seller doesn't find it appropriate to send me a replacement jewelry box, I will need to report the seller for that ill behavior.  Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck finding the eBay page to accomplish that.


Thanks a lot for your time and advice.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 22, 2014 2:34:17 PM PT

Can I or should I report this seller?

hi , i bought an item number 300622806954 from ewong2004 and i paid him 15/11/2014 , but till now he didn't ship my item yet and he doesnt respond to my messages , i want to know how to get my money 's back , today is 20/11 and still nothing , anyone can help , pleaase ..

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 20, 2014 7:05:56 AM PT

seller sisn't ship my item yet

The Item in question was new with tags in box, and in mint condition. Then, 5 months later this young boy wants his money back. I have too much going right now-my father has cancer, my son is autistic and I have his birthday and Christmas in the same 2 weeks. I needed my store, but if all I do is refund scammers, what's the use? Anyone relate?

My Account discussion

I had an item up for auction about a month ago and I had no buyers so I had it taken off.  Now I got an email from a buyer that wants to purchase it.  What do I do now?  Relist it?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Selling question

Two Japanese (old) water colors. I need to know what the "signatures" read.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I've purchased an item on 1st October.


Estimated delivery Mon, 20 Oct - Wed, 12 Nov


The item has arrived but was not as described. It has missing parts and can not be used as advertised.


I've contacted the seller and the seller acknowledged the fault and offered to resend the item.


My problem is that the new item will not get here until 12 Dec (the latest date when I can report it to ebay via resolution centre).


I don't know what to do to protect myself from being screwd up. If I try the resolution centre the only option for the "item received but not as described" option is to return the item and get a full refund. But the seller has already offered to resend the item which is better for me.


Can anyone help me?


I can not contact ebay directly.



Thank you,





Bidding & Buying question

I limited my auctions to within the United States because international shipping is a bit pricey now and I wouldn't know what to do if there were refunds, defects, or complaints since returns/reshipping will cost more than the auction itself. Not to mention, the delivery time will be long.


I listed an auction for 28 manga books which comes out to about 15 lbs. Which will be about 100$ just to ship + import taxes. The auction is restricted to only within US, no international bidder. This particular international bidder keeps messaging me to sell it to him and to open up the auction for international bidder, etc. All the info are listed there, with payment method and condition of the books etc. Yes I did state for any international bidder to contact me first on their location for quote before I let them bid but while trying to find this out. I'm getting more mail from them than I can reply. Last 3 messages was in the last 5 hrs.  After the second message, I reply that I wouldn't ship this auction international because of their feedback profile with no recent activity. But they are being persistent. 


This being said, the last message was asking for payment mode (which does state only Paypal), delivery options and if this wasn't possible, they would do bank transfer or arrange their own carriers for pick up. This ebayer have been a member since Oct-07-13 with one feedback that is over a year old.


What is the best way to handle this? Just ignored them?


Thank you.

Selling question

I missed some details in an item I recently listed, and want to amend it. There are no bids on it as yet, but I can't find how to access the listing to amend it. I just get taken to a page that does not show my listings. 
Also if I search for a key word my items do not show up, and when on the page of any of my listings I click "more items from this seller" it shows zero, although I have 13 items listed. 
I have had a few years' gap in my selling and everything seems to have changed, some things are easier, but I am encountering these difficulties and would be grateful for some pointers. 

Selling question

Can anyone please help me identify this bowl? I think it may be chinese porcelain but I am unsure... Thank you for any help!!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I ordered an item and asked for it to be shipped to an Alabama address.  I received an email from the vendor saying that it had been shipped to the Alabama address, correctly identified.


I received an email from eBay several hours later saying it had been shipped to my home address.  I immediately emailed eBay and notified them of the error - got no response.


The vendor says he did not send the initial email - did not even have access to the Alabama address information.


eBay has not responded to two further emails from me on the subject.  I can find no phone number to call at eBay.


One, or both of these made an error that cost me $12.65 to re-ship and a two-week delay in delivery.


Something is rotten in Denmark.

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 22, 2014 10:30:33 AM PT


I started a return on an item immediately after receiving it (within hours). I shipped it using the paypal shipping label and now the seller is contacting me saying they see I sent a return, I should have told them as they just moved to a new state. 


I was trying to contact ebay but cannot really get anything that falls under this. What should I do now?


Shipping & Returns question

As mentioned in the subject, I recieved the item (GoPro3) but parts listed as part of the sale are missing. I sent a message to the seller. How long should I wait before taking this to Ebay? I'm happy with the item, but I need the missing parts to mount it.

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 20, 2014 1:47:51 PM PT

I recieved the item, but pieces are missing

Left positive feedback for seller, but forgot to check the DSR ratings. Deserve 5 stars, and would hope to enter that. Is there a way, and how?

Bidding & Buying question

Hi everyone,


I am new to the forum, and i would like to have some feedbacks or advices here.


The listing:



The situation:
This phone need buyer's last 4 SSN number and zipcode to activate it, otherwise its an useless phone ( Apple's support told me that ). I have gone through Verizon store and phone support for a the whole day (activate support, customer support, technical support ), they cant help but ask me to call at Apple. I tried it with my girlfriend verizon account, different verizon sim cards. I even spent 45$ just to open brand new Verizon account and hoping it will help activate the phone but no success, its programmed with the Seller's phone number and he never state that in the listing.


Directly from Apple : "Only if the seller bring ID and original receipt with the phone to the Apple store, then that activation screen can be removed."


I understand that you cant easily give other people the last 4 SSN number ( i try to ask him once, and the answer is no ), but at least trying to solve this problem with me (the buyer)


He has been ignoring me since i open the case. The only information i got from the Seller" Go to Verizon and ask them to activated". He wont really care about my return request ( no respond or try to resolve this ). I call him , he just say "hello" and hang up when i tried to state the proplem.


The phone is still brand new atm, only interact with the sim tray, plastic covers are intact.


Sorry for my English, its not my mother languages.


Thanks for any help or ideas. I am very appreciated.









Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 22, 2014 1:52:53 AM PT

Buyer wont help to activate the phone.

I had a return request about 2 weeks ago, the buyer states the reason "Quality of the item not as described" I had to pay for shipping back on top of shipping it for free, and I don't describe item quality in any of my listings, it was a Croton watch, and I describe the item, so I received a defect for that, I thought it would be easy to remove because it's not stated in the description as HIGH QUALITY, the CSR said they can't remove it because it is the buyers opinion, I said fine that's their opinion but had nothing to do with description, she kept repeating the same thing over and over, I asked to speak to the next level, she transferred me and had to wait 45 minutes for someone to answer, and guess what, they said the same thing and stated once a defect is issued, it's impossible to remove, she also suggested that I change the description, I said to what, put Item is low quality in my description? And hung up. 3 days later another buyer bought the same item (I have multiple quantity) and left the following feedback "Excellent Seller, fast shipping A++++++"

Selling question

Buying & Selling Basics question

Do any of you have suggestions on how to ask a non paying bidder if they would like to cancel a transaction..... in a super polite non threatening way.    Buyer told me to be patient, that they would pay when they could.   That was four days after auction ended.      I looked up feedback this buyer has left for others, and a lot of it is negative.    I don't want to get a blemish on my 100% feedback, but I have a bad feeling about this buyer.   

Payments discussion

My auctions exclude every shipping location but the U.S. Yet there are two different buyers who are winning some of my auctions, whose bios state them as being from Japan and Peru, respectively. How were they able to bid? Wouldn't they need to have a U.S. shipping address listed with eBay? I don't want to get into a situation where a buyer wins an auction and then asks me after the fact to ship to another country, and I have to relist the items.


I DO NOT take part in eBay's Global Shipping program. I accidentally opted in at one point and, even though I never chose to use the program, it had unknowingly switched my U.S.-only shipping setting back to global. I've since fixed that by opting out of the program and my auctions state U.S. only in both the actual shipping options and the auction description itself.


Anyone else having these issues?

Selling discussion

I saw an auction listing that the seller put his cell phone number in the description saying text me for a deep discount and shipping info!!!  Is that allowed?

Selling question

I've had this happen 2 times now, once today and once last week.


I get notification that a buyer has paid for their item but the item they paid for is or was not listed. It also was not in my list of sold items or items waiting for payment. I actually had to call ebay last week to find where this item was and they located it in my deleted folder. Today I received notification that buyer paid for item and again, I find it in delted folder.


NOw they only things I delete are when things end, they go to the unsold folder, I check box them, then sell similar, and after them being listed I go back to the unsold folder and delete those items.


Also noticed things are ending up in the delted folder that have been paid for, shipped and they buyer has already left feedback for, but I haven't. I didn't delete those things either.


This from a week ago...

I think there is a glitch somewhere or I am not seeing something.


But again the only things I delte are the unsold items.


Anyone else having this issue?

Selling discussion

Hey guys, I have bought a phone of someone, paid him 306$.

I asked him if he can cancel my order after about 1 hour since I have ordered the wrong phone.


well, he could say yes or no, it took him nearly 2 days to answer me this :


Dear itaibar11,

Hi itaibar11,

Please leave a 5 star Positive feedback to us.

Then, we will send the full refund and cancel request to you.

Best Regards,



it's been a while since I left him 5 stars feedback, and he didnt refund nor cancelled my request,

what are my options right now? is he scamming me or something?





Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 22, 2014 6:26:01 AM PT

Canceling an order, and getting a refund.

"looking for a specific item that I have not been able to find. Probably due to the fact it may not be for sale. However there are numerous items for sale from the same manufacturer. Is ther a way to put into the system a want list for vendors to see and if they have what i'm looking for, or can find it, they can contact me."

Getting Started question

I have a dri fit nike top that the tag reads as size xl 16.  Is that a woman's size, juniors, or misses size?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Selling question

Buyer received a piece of stainless steel she said was damaged and is bent. My pictures will show it wasn't shipped that way but I know ebay doesn't side with Sellers anymore.


Should I request buyer to provide pictures? Should I ask for return? Does Buyer pay for return for refund?


I don't have any money in my PP now for this return. 

Shipping & Returns question

I thought my buyer was a scammer due to reviews I had read, and because he would not respond to my emails, so I asked for a "cancel sale" but then they did pay, and I sent the item. But ebay noted that my sale was canceled and gave me back my sale fees. Should I just wait and ebay will charge again? 

Selling question

Nov 20, 2014 10:53:49 AM PT

canceled sale went through ok

A deadbeat bidder purchased an item from me and didn't pay and won't respond to any contacts.   I accidentally enacted a auction cancellation request to the buyer instead of going through the resolution center and starting a non-paying bidder sequence.


The cancellation request was sent to the buyer to confirm but he/she is not responding to it.   The process will not allow me to change the status of the request until purchase amount is refunded (which nothing was ever paid by the buyer).


So right now the process is has hit a wall since I am unable to end or change the status and the buyer is not around to confirm the cancellation.


How do I end the cancellation request so that I can file a non-paying bidder and move on with this?

Selling question

Nov 20, 2014 7:43:47 AM PT

How to cancel auction cancellation request

We are a small start up company that produces a sugar free coffee and chocolate martini mix  (Mochatini we call it). Is this something we can sell on ebay?  If so, are there any special forms to fill out, or guidelines we need to be aware of?


We sell through our website, and facebook.  We'l like to get a broader customer base.


Any assistance would be very helpful


Thanks in advance!!

Starting an eBay Business question

Is there a fee for "save for later" with an unfinished listing?

Selling question

I looked at the Shipping Made Easy download from eBay (http://pics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/pdf/eBay_Shipping_Made_Easy.pdf) and on step 1 they suggested getting co-branded eBay/USPS boxes free. The link was dead. Are these boxes still available?

Shipping & Returns question

Would my store have a URL address that I could advertise on say Facebook, email to friends, advertise on the internet, etc?

Starting an eBay Business question

Nov 21, 2014 1:19:56 PM PT

How to advertise my EBay store?

I understand that no used makeup is to be sold but I just saw a ton of used nail polish.


Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 9:23:43 AM PT

Is used nail polish allowed to be sold?

went back and fourth try to explain to store owner where "Relist Box" was, after half hour, gave up. sorry i could not help her, but now i want to know how to add screenshot to answer Questions?

Buying & Selling Basics question

I bought an item for $29.99 and received it from walmart.com. The invoice was $5.47 cheaper than what I paid. I bought the item from a seller who doesn't work for Walmart. Its not a Walmart store. The seller went on the walmart site and used my info to purchase and send the product. My question is--is this against policy? I contacted the seller asking for a refund for being overcharged and using my info without my permission (no reply).

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Selling question

I have been selling on Ebay for a few months now and have noticed that the majority of the time when I take my sold items to the postoffice the cost for shipping is over what the Ebay calculator charged the buyer and I end up paying the difference. I weigh my items before listing and put in an estimate of the box size so the calculator should be able to figure the cost out pretty close when the buyer enters their zipcode. The only thing I can figure out is that Ebay is charging the buyer the cost of the discounted shipping that I would get if I printed out my own shipping labels through Ebay. I do not have a printer and never get that discount that others get when they printout their own shipping labels, so is there a way to change this setting on my listings? I haven't been able to figure out where I am going wrong and it's costing me a lot of money.

Selling question

Is it safe to give my paypal email address to someone i want to

buy a car from


Buying & Selling Basics question

Who can say me what benifits and advantages can i get after sell items.

Im always buyer but i need become seller.

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 7:04:59 AM PT

benifts about selling item

I need to change my ship from address on all my items, and some pricing. Should I be changing them on turbolister then syncing or changing them by revising my items on ebay, then sync to change them on turbolister? i would like to keep turbolister up to date for back up, and also adding more items so when my selling dollar amount limit is raised I can load more product with it.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Tonight I was putting a Christmas Sweater up for auction, as I was checking some other up for sale to get an idea of pricing. I see all the Christmas Sweater described as Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater, what is up with that kind of description? Guess I have totally missed this saying. Thanks!!

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I have a box 36"x 16" x 13" weight 13 lbs what is the fast and cheaper way to ship from Maryland zip 21133 to California zip 92337 going through E-Bay postage system can anyone help me??

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Nov 20, 2014 10:01:58 AM PT


Seems like many glitches lately.  Today especially!  Anyone else, or just me?

Selling question

Selling question

What happens if you do not put the reference number on the shipping label? I did not use ebay's shipping label, I printed my own. This is the first time I've used the global shipping program.


My tracking shows it was delivered to Erlanger, KY and then it says it was shipped from there with the UPAA number, but nothing further. Should I just wait? Thanks for your help :/

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 20, 2014 10:03:54 PM PT

forgot reference number

Will blocking a buyer / bidder block the bids they have already placed ? I noticed that in bid history that the bidder in question bids are still visible......

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 21, 2014 11:38:35 AM PT

Blocked bidders

I am very confused with the new ebay way to do the FVF credit.  What if the seller refunded the buyer and sent out the cancellation request to the buyer and the buyer just ignor the message or doesn't know they need to accept it.  Will the seller still get the FVF credit?  thank you in advance.  

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A bidder contacted me after she bid . She says the estimated delivery date changed on her . She said the original was 11 / 24 . I don't see how this is possible when the auction does not end until 11/ 23 . To make matters worse ., I live in S.C. and she lives in Washington state . She says she needs the item as a gift and will be traveling . Also as a side note there are 5 people watching the item .

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Two questions:  1.  How long can you keep an item in unsold?

                           2. How many items can you keep in unsold at one time?

Selling question

How can I recall postage label details, i.e. weight, mailing address, etc, for a label printed as long ago as Monday?All I can find via Paypal and Ebay is tracking info. 


I think I've got something funky going on, and want to confirm how much weight was listed on the mailing label for a particular package. 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 20, 2014 1:10:53 PM PT

How to Recall Postage Label Details

Hi. My packages get sent directly to a sorting facility near Buffalo. They are terribly behind, and have not even scanned my packages from Tuesday yet. Does anyone know if eBay gives breaks to sellers because of weather conditions? Or is my rating going to plummet because these packages were not scanned within one day?

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 3:20:17 PM PT

Snow and slow tracking in Buffalo

I am wondering if the imagees sellers use are images of the actual product they are selling, not just a gereric photo of the camera model? When they make statements about the condition of a used camera, is these any recourse if what the buyer receives is not as advertised?  The question about the images is because the inages might show almost no wear on a camera and that speaks to the advertied condition of the item.


I am a student and my professor is leary about buying used from Japan.



Shipping & Returns question

Re time zone ending times, tinker_2003 stated, "if eBay could place local ending time in one place", why couldn't they put it all places?  Where do they put the local time zone ending time?  I have noticed that sometimes my list will have the ending time followed by PST, and other times nothing, leaving me to just wonder!

Can anyone tell me how to post a comment to a comment????

Bidding & Buying question

We have over 100 of the same, new item, & forgot how to have the current quantity show, realtime, in the listing.  We thought it was called "bulk listing tool"???  Also, this would be a But it Now type format.  Not an Auction.  Thanks in advance, steveo

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 8:01:12 PM PT

How can I sell more than one(1) item Qty?

The latest free listing promotion says it can be used for "Fixed Price" postings, but the exclusions include "30 Day" and "Good Until Canceled".  What else can one use with "Fixed Price" listings?  I am confused!

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 2:55:02 PM PT

Latest Free Listing Promotion

Sold item on Monday evening around 9:36pm. Buyer has not paid after two days. Started to open unpaid item case but decided to give him one more day (that's 3 full days). At 9:30 tonite buyer sends message thru ebay telling me he saw a small hole in side of shoe that he did not noticed when he was bidding. Now wants me to cancel this transaction! Now with him trying to say there is a defect in a USED item, and wanting to Cancel.....there is no way I am going to cancel this transaction and leave myself open to feedback from him or anything else I am not aware of. There were 5 bidders on this item and one had emailed me before auction ended asking me to sell him the shoes. I told him he would have to bid. He did so and is the second high bidder and is first in line for a second chance offer. HOW DO I DO THIS....HELP! And Please I already know I should have filed unpaid Item case last nite.....I should have never given him that xtra day. He has 100% feedback (yes I know they all do) but he also has 276 stars.....It's the holidays and I was trying to be nice.....Which way do I go to get this buyer out of my hair and get me to a place to offer a second chance offer to the other bidder/bidders Without leaving myself open for this buyer to leave any feedback at ALL???

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 20, 2014 8:59:40 PM PT

Buyer wants me to CANCEL TRANSACTION?

I paid for item, seller refunded, then relisted it for more. How can I leave bad feedback?

Bidding & Buying question

I remember reading somewhere that if you allow a buyer to cancel, it ends up giving you a defect through no fault of your own?

Selling question

Can you cancel a bid by a bidder with 0 feedback?

Bidding & Buying question

The option for scheduling a listing used to be next to the duration the seller picks, but it's not there anymore. Did eBay take away this option, or just move it somewhere else?

Selling discussion

Y'all have been so helpful in the past.  Perhaps you can tell me how to do this.  I sold four crystal glasses to great buyer.  I happen to have four more and she would like them, but her budget can't do another four plus the price of shipping.  Had she bought eight all at once, the shipping would have been less.  I have four posted and I want to sell them to her, with free shipping. If I re-list the item with free shipping I'm afraid someone else might jump on it.  Is there a way to take down the item and sell it to her directly?  Or is there a way to re-list and make sure she wins?  What do I have to do?  What does she have to do?  Any help would be appreciated.re

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If I do not have Java, and cannot upload it to my computer (don't ask, it won't load), will I be able to print theshipping labels from eBay?  I have never sold on eBay.  It is no use to me to try if I must have Java on my computer.

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 21, 2014 5:11:40 PM PT

Printing shipping labels

If I have multiple quantities in a listing. Is the subtitle fee charged just once per listing, or is it charged each time one of the quantity items are sold? In other words, if I create one listing and I have a quantity of 10 items, will the subtitle fee be charged just once, or ten times, assuming all ten items sell?

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 7:22:21 PM PT

How are subtitle fees charged?

Payments question

Nov 21, 2014 1:42:16 PM PT

unable to access paypal

I have no negative feesback and I have sold things within the past month. I seriously cannot ship the items without the funds so please release them :smileymad: I'm sure the customer will be very angry if their item takes over 21 days to mearly ship!

Payments question

Nov 22, 2014 12:13:17 AM PT

Why are my funds being withheld?

I bought a comforter/pillow sham set from a US seller for $65.15.  I waited for more than 3 days for the item to ship.  While I  waited for the item to ship I started to review the negative feed back from the past.  Come to find out the seller sells the item and once you pay for the item, they order the item from Walmart for $49.95 and has it shipped it to you.  I attempted to cancel my order and demanded a refund but the seller replied that the item just shipped.  I literally received notification that the item shipped 5 minutes after I demanded a full refund.  Is this legal?  

Payments question

I purchased a gift card that the seller shipped right away. It was lost by USPS. After three days of no tracking updates, the seller cancelled the transaction and refunfed my money. Today the item arrived. Can the refund be cancelled? It is still pending. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Payments question

Buyer paid and I shipped to the address provided on his PayPal account. Now when looking at the tracking number I see a note that "Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)"


It's been a week now and the buyer has just opened a case to have the items shipped to another address. Problem is I can't have the package redirected and it could take weeks or a month to have the item "returned to sender"


How do I even begin to handle this one?



Shipping & Returns question

Selling stamp collection. 50 scanned pages, each 2 MB. How can buyers see thse pages?

Tools & Apps question

Nov 20, 2014 11:39:04 AM PT

Hosting 50 pictures

Hi. Can you please tell me if escrow-safe.com genuine or fraud..
I have a seller who suggested thier service to purchase a car.. thanks

Payments question

Nov 20, 2014 3:36:18 AM PT

Is escrow-safe.com safe???

I had a item up for auction that ended on Nov. 18. The buyer still hasn't made a payment. I sent the buyer a message yesterday asking him/her if they were still interested in purchasing the item. I didn't get a response. What should I do? Can I cancel the transaction and relist my item? 

Payments question

Nov 21, 2014 9:43:27 AM PT

Buyer hasn't paid for item yet.

Hello. How do I disable the phone number requirement in eBay checkout? I did not know it was listed on my checkout page until a buyer notified me today that they could not check out because it said the seller requires a phone number. He sent a screenshot of the check out page to verify what it says. I've been selling for over 10 years and never remember even seeing such a setting. Have looked up and down all of the seller link and can't find anything. Thannks for your help.


Payments question

Nov 21, 2014 10:17:35 PM PT

Disabling phone # requirement at checklout

I have an international shipment to Brunei, but the address is too long and I'm not sure how to fix it.


It gives me the "Ship To City State Zip should not be more than 45 characters long." error, which I'm sure a lot of us have seen.


I've had domestic addresses in the past that haven't fit on labels, but I always managed to find ways to modify them to make them fit. I've also had long international address but they've always seem to fit. This is the first time I've had an international address that doesn't fit.


The City, State, Zip. From what I can tell is:


Bandar Seri Begawan, Jalan Kota Batu. Brunei Muara BD2517


That's 57 characters. Not being from Brunei, I have no clue what I can delete safely.


Right now I only see two options. I can delete some of the address and pray it doesn't impact the delivery OR contact the buyer, tell them I'm unable to ship to their address, send them a refund, cancel the order. Neither option is great.


I don't understand why eBay allows addresses longer than what fits on a USPS label when they know so many people ship using USPS.


Any advice would be great, because I'm kind of stuck. Thank you!

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Bidding & Buying question

Any one can give the reason?

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 21, 2014 9:22:48 AM PT

Won and pay ! On item then it puts pending?

When an item is not sold and the 2 free relistings are used up, I can not do the relist anymore. 


Do I have to do the whole process of listing, with pictures, allover again or is there another easier way to bring the items back for sale?

Selling question

Nov 22, 2014 9:51:53 AM PT

When an item is not sold



I have a question about searching Complete Listings.


I like seeing what things sold for.. 


Example I search  for  Flypaper Mens Jeans.   

I go to advanced search and add on "Buy it now" and "Sold" as options to my search.

I push search and new page comes up with the list.  All green "Buy it now"s, sometimes is says best offer accepted.. fine those sold i get that.

I pick one and want to check the listing. 

A page loads that has the item picture in left upper corner with banner across it that says "SOLD".  Next to it there's a list:  Item condition, shipping, when the listing ended .. etc.  sometimes there's a "winning bid' and price listed there.  It's no where near the Buy it Now price that was green on the previous page.  


So question is which price did the item sell for?  The green Buy it Now price or the winning bid price?  I did click to see things that sold with "buy it now" not auctions least that's what I was doing. 


so confused.   


Getting Started question

Nov 20, 2014 4:29:50 AM PT

Confused myself in Completed Listings

A member just bid $1225 on a $600 iphone 6. He has a bad history of doing this. i checked and he never pays. This will be my 4th attempt at selling this item and Im wondering if i can get this ridiculous bid off the auction before it ends in 4 hours. no legitimate buyer will beat this bid so what do i do? thanks

My Account question

Nov 20, 2014 3:08:45 AM PT

bad buyer history

I have sold my timeshare twice on ebay. The buyers pay. Then don't call or email the real estate broker to finish the paperwork.  This is my first ebay sale. Any ideas what is going on?

Selling question

The page that explains how to make collections is down right now. How do I start a collection? I started 2 a long time ago and don't remember how I did it.


Tools & Apps question

Nov 19, 2014 11:38:12 PM PT

How do I start a new collection

Помогите пожалуйста понять что просит у меня продавец товара. (Мне нужна ваша Английский mailling адрес. Я не могу читать и wirte на mailling адрес Россия.) Я уже написал продавцу свой адрес,а он опять просит то же самое.Спасибо.

Getting Started question

Nov 20, 2014 8:00:20 AM PT

помогите с переводом

Shipping & Returns discussion

Has anyone else had this problem?  My anti virus program has alerted me to trojans that are imbedded in the ads that appear on ebay pages that I'm viewing, and blocks that ad.  This can't be good!  What shows up is HTML.Trojan.Iframe.A@gen  This happens many times per day.  Is anyone else having this problem?  If not, are they actually getting infected from the advertisements that appear on ebay? 

My Account question

As I am understanding this new free listing promotion starting today, November 21 the free listing will not show up when you list but you should be able to see a credit for it in your account??


I just created a 30 day Fixed price listing and it did charge me $.30 and I am not seeing a credit in my account and the number of free listings available (500) did not decrease by one.


What am I doing wrong or not understanding?  I don't want to go ahead and list any more until I am sure they are free.  Any help woud be greatly appreciated.

Selling question

Nov 21, 2014 5:37:35 PM PT

The new free listing promo

I sold a person 10 yards of fabric. They did not pay so I got credit and let it go. Then they re bought the item but I only had 9 yards left by then. 60 days later they want me to send another yard because one yard is damaged. Hard to believe since it was cut from the bolt and it is only 16 inches wide. Should I refund? I feel like I am being extorted.  The refund for one yard is only $5.00 so it is not the money issue.  What is  normal time to refund? I am pretty sure they damaged it and want it replaced.

Shipping & Returns question

what price if I were to do a "sell it now" arrangement. We agreed on $50 + ship.

Since both of us want to go fwd on this how would I..., or could I sell it to him?

Thx, jim

Selling question

I'm very confused about this and am looking for any clarification.

  • I won an auction.
  • Instantly, I paid for the product and shipping costs via PayPal


I then received a message from seller 



Before I contact the seller, I want to confirm my thinking that this is against eBay policy?  I have no problem paying the additional shipping if I am in the wrong... but... I doublechecked the original listing and in the shipping details (with my zip code entered), it says:


Shipping and handlingToServiceDelivery

US $4.12
United States
Standard Shipping (USPS First Class Package®)
Estimated within 4 business days



In the original description, it read: "Please contact me with any questions.  USA shipping only.  Buyer pays actual shipping costs.   Thanks for looking and bidding."....... I naturally assumed that meant the $4.12 listed in the shipping details.


Bidding & Buying question