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I have about 3 hours into researching this mark and I have come up empty. Anyone know who made it and any other details?



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 26, 2016 7:41:51 PM PT

Help with maker on teal jasperware pitcher

I thought this vase was Northwood Fine Rib, the base is 3 1/2", but all of the examples I can find have smooth bottoms. The Fenton vases I can find seem to be smooth also. Anyone know who made this one? Could it be a reproduction?

Stands 14" tall.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


3" tall x 1 5/8" wide opening  I was thinking juice but they are too teeny to me  I thought this might have been the daisy pattern but there is no flower  Anyone recognize anything?   There is a seam so EAPG?   Thank you for any help  

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I'm attempting to respond to some feedback, however every time I do I get an error saying "Sorry, you have no feedback.You cannot respond to feedback you don't have."  This happens for feedback for 2 different items.  This message appears after I've typed in my response and hit "Leave Reply".  Is this a known issue or is there a way around this?Untitled.png

My Account question

Aug 27, 2016 2:12:39 PM PT

Unable to respond to feedback







Can someone help with an idea of wood and value and the correct name? Thank you

Getting Started question


approx 5" tall   2 14" in diameter top  Sherry glasses??  I dsay because of the size but I don't know     I thought this was thumbnail pattern or something like it  but maybe there is a better name for it   I'm just guessing on Anchor Hocking but don't really know    They both have pontil scars on the bottom   Any help is very much appreciated  Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


I found this really adorable shirt, and the tag info seems to match up... But I was curious is this the way that this brands attaches tags or have they been re-pinned to the shirt by someone else? Sorry if this is a silly question, it just looks odd to me.


I know the shirt is real, found here : 


Aston Martin Boys White Multi Color Car


Thanks in advance .



Fashion discussion

Aug 28, 2016 6:05:11 PM PT

Aston Martin Childrenwear original tag ?

Howdy. I'm hoping someone might recognize this interesting blue vase, with a great delphinium speckled glaze. My first thought was Niloak, but I can't find a matching shape in my one reference. It measures 7 inches high at the chevron in the center of the rim, 6 inches wide, and 4-1/8 inches wide across the unglazed foot ring. There is a suggestion of marks under the glaze, but they're hopeless (not raised, not visible, no digital manipulation helped). Any suggestions appreciated! Best, George




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Well... not unexpected, as that pink bar has been here for quite some time, random, when trying to post.

And why do you feel the need to tell me twice...  I can read just fine, don't stutter.

One good thing, when you hit post, it does go to the boards, in the past you just lost all of your writing.

And don't say eat your cookies, and clean you cashie thing, and it ain't the browser... it is you lithium.


Off topic.... got up this morning, and there was blood all over the house... looked like a crime scene.

Some how Ack the cat has ripped the skin off her tail, we have no clue, never heard a word.... it's a mystery.

Medicine Woman used a Maxi Pad as a band aid, and wrapped it with surgical tape... poor cat.

I would post a pic, but this new photo thing is a joke.  poor AckMVC-002X.JPG

Selling discussion

I'm going to stick my neck out and list an item with this title:


US Administration of Cuba, Postal Stationery, Sc# U2, Unused Entire, Edge Toning


This is it:

US_Cuba U2


It is CLEARLY a US item but I'm afraid eBay will only see "Cuba" and ax the listing.
If so, then I'll have to look into Amazon.

Selling discussion

Aug 26, 2016 5:39:11 PM PT

Okay, Going To Stick My Neck Out

it is 5 1/8" tall. Pressed glass, clear color, sugar bowl with Colonial panels on bowl and top. Top shaped like pagoda 




Product Discussions discussion

Smiley Mad


So I get a "We are sorry" email from ebay and send me a code to get 5bucks off my next purchase.  But after a couple of days trying the code, i think i was given  an expired coupon because it doesnt work. 


So i reply to the email i got witth the code. But the reply address is no good.  So then i spend lots of time going through the fancy automated customer service system, but get NO WHERE with finding a solution to this problem. 


So i finally get to aplace where ebay can call me back if i provide them with my phone number.   So I sit and wait idly by for the all important phone call that never occurred. Later i find an email in my inbox citing they couldnt reach me.    But i am boggled by this email response because 1) my phone service does record all incoming and outgoing phone numbers plus provides a bunch of fancy features as well in order to ensure me, ie the customer, with never missing a phone call , But utimately, nothing was recorded as having been made from ebay.   And 2, i know the phone number i provided was accurate, else ebay would have been unable to email me.


So after much time spending on Ebay **bleep**py Customer Service System, I calculate that instead of getting a 5 buck credit for an ebay inconvenience regarding a past order that was less than stellar, i have incurred a defeciet much greater than 5 bucks for bad customer service that is undoubtedly less than steller.


What now?


Wait a few days to cool off then Ebay at the 1800 number and raise hell?  Should i again have to allocate my valuable time to call ebay, go thru their automated system, then be placed on hold, then chew out some poor woman sitting in some cubicle in india?


Woman Frustrated






My Account discussion

Aug 27, 2016 4:25:44 PM PT

ebay customer service sucks, right?

I have these 2 atomizers and I believe that they are Steuben Aurene Devilbiss... Can anyone confirm this?


Collectibles & Art discussion

Have never seen this lady before, reminds me of Pocahontas with the long hair and stylized trim on her dress. Wearing large flower? earrings. Measures 2" in diameter. Thanks for help Smiley Happy



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Good morning everone



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Aug 27, 2016 5:08:19 PM PT

New to Ebay Daily Chat for Sunday August 28

I sold an item this morning, packed it up, weighed it and went to print the label on eBay's site.


Here's the result ...





















{sigh} ... and the glitches just keep happening on & on & on

Selling discussion

Sending wishes for a wonderful day for you, terri ! (Mrs E )  Miss ya





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 27, 2016 3:59:18 AM PT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY mrselegance!!

I love Weiss jewelry and have collected and sold pieces for several years now. Today I posted a pair of lovely cognac clipon earrings and hope they do well. The photos turned out really clear and sharp (at least I think). Has anybody ever seen cognac stones before?



Selling question

Aug 27, 2016 12:57:06 PM PT

Excited About My New Weiss Listing

Hi all,

I found this painting at a local thrift store & thought it was cool - and definitely 70's (it's dated 1973)! The signature on the back looks like D.C. DeMeulmeeter. I found a abstract artist named Amand DeMeulmeester, but no DC DeMeulmeester; could they be the same somehow? If not does anyone know abaout DC or is this just a weekend artist's work?

Thanks, I appreciate any help.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Cute Asian Motif carved stone necklace. The small green bead must be jade/jadeite, but how about the stone? I'm thinking it's soapstone, but I notied some green when viewed from the bottom. Is this considered a "tourist piece"? Does it have a name? Looks like a monkey is riding a dragon on one side. 



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 28, 2016 7:30:05 AM PT

Carved Stone Necklace

I found this poster sized print at a garage sale but can;t figure out the artist.  It's a serigraph or silkscreen numbered 53 0f 150.

Possibly titled Quest...  Date looks like 22 but seems to new, so maybe 72.  On arches paper.  Seller said it was left in the house when they purchased it.  That's all I have.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 28, 2016 12:01:11 PM PT

Colorful Abstract Screen Print Artist ID


I have this Industrial Marketing by Ronald McTavish and Angus Maitland book with signatures.

I found this book at thrift store and would like to know what it worth!

I want to sell it on the auction.





Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi everyone! 


 A friend of mine has this piece that we are trying to id with no luck... maybe one of you experts can help us out!


it will  be greatly appreciated. TIA



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 27, 2016 9:08:09 PM PT

Please help ID this Plate

I have this Avon fragrance and I'm not sure if it is an after shower body splash or a fragrance. Can anyone help me identify this Avon bottle?



Health & Beauty discussion

Aug 28, 2016 6:33:15 PM PT

Cannot Identify Avon Product

Good morning, 

Could someone help me identify the date/origin of this blanket? I thought it looked old so I grabbed it but I don't know very much about this type of thing. Thanks!


Needle Arts & Vintage Textiles discussion

Aug 27, 2016 7:44:39 AM PT

Chinese Blanket

Would appreciate help identifying thin copper token(?) 15/16" in diameter, 1 S C on both sides. Sorry about photo quality.


Selling question

Aug 27, 2016 9:55:10 AM PT

Help identifying copper token(?) 1 S C

Need help identifying the signature of an artist.  I have six prints all with his signature.  Any help would be very much appreciated.





Selling question

Aug 26, 2016 2:24:42 PM PT

Need help with signature of artist




Antiques discussion

Aug 27, 2016 7:33:22 PM PT

China cabinet help

Please help with mark on this man figurine.Thank you in advanceDSC_0014.JPGDSC_0013.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 27, 2016 4:06:04 PM PT

Please help with mark on figurine

I have read a bit about Poole Pottery. Is this a Delphis bowl? Was it made in the 1960s-1970s? Whose mark is the G below? I have only found one similar, but not itdentical pattern to this one online. Thanks!IMG_1465.JPGIMG_1464.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 26, 2016 2:07:58 PM PT

Poole Pottery Help Please

I bought this piece from an Estate. She had collected many pieces of Roseville. I cannot find the name of this or a value for it. The marking is very faint. It is a pitcher in the Water Lily design in blue 6 inches at the tallest part

It is not in the huxford book I haveaugust26 001.JPGaugust26 005.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 26, 2016 4:47:46 PM PT


Not my images, but I have the same exact piece, minus the small 'Sterling Spain' plaque and 'Fisher' label on base.


Also, what was it used for? Paperweight of just a Statuette?


Thank you!


Link: http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/fisher-sterling-bull-on-marble-base-195-c-fec3feb5fb






Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2016 7:09:18 PM PT

Silver: Was Fisher the Retailer?

blenko opaline 011.JPGIn the indoor Flea this vase looked more yellow.  The color seems deeper than yellow.  The vase measures 11.25" high - Opening is 8.25" from eddge to edge.  Would it be worth listing with a hairline crack on the bottom ? I cannot find a signature.


blenko opaline 002.JPGblenko opaline 009.JPG



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 28, 2016 11:12:20 AM PT

Is this Blenko Yellow Opaline ?


"Financial Accounting" an introduction second edition book by Harold Bierman, Jr. and Allan R. Drebin

This book have some notes and dollar sign $ 1095

I want to sell this book but would like to know what does these notes means to provide full information for selling!

Thank you!



Selling question




does anyone recognize this pottery rhino , brown glaze with yellow drips , reminds me of the old bennington / rockingham pottery but I have no idea what the age or maker is on this , a mystery ! overall it reminds me of the 1950's glaze is different than what you would see on the Hull brown drip pottery .

measurements - 7 1/2 " long 3 1/4 " wide 3 1/4 " high .



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Hello BSB !


I think I need a bit of help with historical prices for the 1884 Hunt edition of 'Grimm's Household Tales' (London; George Bell & Sons) The Hunt edition is generally considered the best or 'favorite' edition from which excerpts and reprints are taken. It's also the edition which Franklin Library chose to reprint in 1981.


 - No current copies of the 1884 edition appear on offer online and in print catalogs as far as I can ascertain.


 - The only auction record I can locate (which has no sale result) is the Frederick French copy sold by Libbie in 1901.


- Several American institutions (according to World Cat) hold copies, but this is of little use as to divining a reasonable market price.


Early editions of Grimms tales can bring princely sums. The 1812 second issue brought $206K in 2011.


I realize this is a bit of a tough nut, but I'm mainly looking for any obscure PRINT references you may be aware of that show ANY PRICE on this Hunt edition of Grimm's Tales. Right now, I'd be inclined to bracket it between high 3 figures to mid 4 figures, but there aren't currently any price analogs one can use to sharpen that up from there.


Ideas ?





Michael -




Booksellers discussion

Was going to list, but thought I should run it by you guys first. No markings that I can find, measures about 2 3/4". Thanks for looking Smiley Happy



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group


No marks anywhere.  Any ideas where I should start?  1950's?  Thanks!




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


  Picked this up at a yard sale recently.  It is beautiful, and I'm curious as to where it came from.  To me it looks almost new but woman I bought it from  says it was in her parents house, so I don't really know.  Rugs are definately not my forte but it was too nice to pass up.  Any experts out there that can help me identify it?  It's approximately 6' x 7', has a multitude of colors on a variegated green ground.  By my count there's about 120-140 knots per square inch.  Pictures below....DSCN1099.JPGDSCN1100.JPGColors off a bit, fringe is beigeColors off a bit, fringe is beigeColors off a bit, fringe is beigeColors off a bit, fringe is beige

Product Discussions discussion

  Picked this up at a yard sale recently.  It is beautiful, and I'm curious as to where it came from.  To me it looks almost new but woman I bought it from  says it was in her parents house, so I don't really know.  Rugs are definately not my forte but it was too nice to pass up.  Any experts out there that can help me identify it?  It's approximately 6' x 7', has a multitude of colors on a variegated green ground.  By my count there's about 120-140 knots per square inch.  Pictures below....


DSCN1099.JPGDSCN1100.JPGColors a bit off.  Fringe is beigeColors a bit off. Fringe is beigeColors a bit off.  Fringe is beigeColors a bit off. Fringe is beige

Persian And all types of Carpets

Hi everyone.  Hoping Walter stops in for this one.  The scary clown is 10 inches in height and made with a dense, heavy solid ceramic or porcelain.  It weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces.  It is signed on the left heel but I can not make out the first word.  The second word is Pesaro.  We thought Pesaro was the last name but it appears to be the town in Italy where this piece was made. 


It is hand made and you can actually see finger prints impressed on the bottom of the foot.  It is covered with a thick, white glaze with crackle lines.   Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.  Thanks!





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Somehow there's a song stuck in my head... "do you wanna build a snowman...":


Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Aug 29, 2016 6:18:37 AM PT

New to Ebay Daily Chat for Monday August 29






































Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

So buyer went directly to PayPal to file a claim on me and PayPal favor on the buyer as the item which is 100% brand new and claim by its buyer that it was deflective after installing onto the vehicle less than 1 day. To fast forward on 8/26/2016 buyer send back the item and guess what. Item was shipped back but not in its originally packaging. So knowing I should have a winning case, I called PayPal and told them the situation and I also took picture of the comparision of an ORIGINAL packaging and also the buyer packaging. Paypal said it will investigate and reopen the claim.


On 8/27/2016, I decided to open the package and check if everything was there. Again to my surprise, knowing I should win the appeal, I see there were missing items and the product have visible damage. I took pictures and upload to PayPal and also contacted Paypal and they also documented my information and also investigate on the claim. 


On 8/28/2016 I check on my PayPal account and see the status of the case. To my very disappointed surprise, PayPal closed the case and ultimately favor on the BUYER again. After submitting all the pictures of the actual item with missing item, damage item and non acceptable packaging. Paypal still favor on the Buyer. I called paypal and see what is going on and I explained to them about the situation. PayPal said since the buyer went directly outside of Ebay and went directly to PayPal, PayPal will overwrite anything from Ebay. Meaning what ever I listed on the return policy such as return the item at its original condition and original packaging on Ebay, PayPal will not validate that claim. All I can say is I am currently $440 in the hole for something that PayPal favor on the buyer where the buyer was not happy on the item, return the item back without the original packaging, used and damaged item, and missing parts. So right now I like to see if any Ebay seller experience any of these situtation where I can at least have a fighting chance. As of right now, PayPal will reopen the case and do another review. So I like to see what I can do to go forward on this matter. Ebay are not helping me as the claim was done outside of Ebay and buyer went through PayPal.


here is my item and please tell me who should win this Claim?





Shipping & Returns question

Found this in a box of junk at a sale, anyone know what it is meant to be. I googled Gusum and it seems they make a lot of modernist type brass pieces. Mostly decorative chandeliers, candlestick holders, and that sort of thing. There are holes around the edges at the top so I was thinking maybe it had some other ornamental crystal or brass pieces that it might have been fitted with. Seems to heavy and clunky to be a necklace; the piece is solid and weighs a lot so I can't see anyone wanting to wear it. The only place it is marked is on the chain at the bottom links and all it says is 'Gusum'. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. 




 photo 20160828_230751_zpsjnilmuav.jpg photo 20160828_230740_zpskxymelzq.jpg photo 20160828_230724_zpsuxbtmnjh.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 28, 2016 8:18:18 PM PT

What is this brass object made by Gusum?

This vase with landscape and peacock caught my attention. It remined me of Newcomb Pottery. It's Artist signed.  The artist signed in gold 1918.  It isn't your typical Japanese landscape but looks like it was made for export. The body of the vase color is similar to Satsuma, but no crackling.  It wasn't until I uploaded the pictures of the base that i even noticed it had an impressed Japan mark. 


The artist name doesn't appear to be Japanese.. I'm puzzled.  Anyone have any suggestions?






without Peacock.rim.  Vase peacock 75 cut.jpgVase peacock 75 cut.jpgVase Peacock 2 75 cut.jpgVase Peacock signature 85 cut.jpgVase Peacock Base Date.jpgVase Peacock signature 85 cut.jpgVase Peacock Base Date.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have this great designer furniture but I can't figure out what to call it to google it.  Has anyone ever seen it before?



Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi,  I have a Bisque Kewpie/Googly Eyed Doll that is 11 1/2" tall jointed with painted eyes and it has VEE at the base of neck and bottom of head.  I can't find anything out on VEE or if this is unique.  Any help would be appreciated.


Toys & Hobbies discussion

Aug 29, 2016 7:05:02 AM PT

Kewpie-Googly Eyed Doll



Thank you

Collectibles & Art discussion

Sending wishes for a wonderful day today, Dana!  



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 29, 2016 3:57:46 AM PT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY southernmermaid8 !

Hi I just bought a large Coach backpack in Dark navy Blue....it's 12" tall, 9-1/2" wide and aboutn  6" deep. I am worried it's a fake as the letters of the serial number are 'Big', it has a brass holder for the turnlock twist part and it also has that holder for the oval piece of the turnlock that has those little divits or dents in it...everything else seems ok but the straps may also be a bit narrow. The buckles do not have "solid brass" embosses in them....maybe because it's nickel hardware? Anyway I am sending pictures and would appreciate your help in authenticating. Thanks in advance.

















Fashion discussion

Aug 29, 2016 8:16:59 AM PT

Coach Backpack authenticity

I could use any help with this basket or a place to research it. thanks


Antiques discussion

Aug 28, 2016 11:25:37 AM PT

Basket ....Is it NA?

For some reason this 1 1/2" 3-D pendant has a lot of wiggle room, almost as if it could be taken apart like a puzzle. Anyone see one like this before? Thanks for help.



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 28, 2016 6:28:20 PM PT

Help w/Movable Pineapple Pendant-Thanks :)



this came into my shop and goggle isnt helping me with any info


if anyone can provide any information?


Thank you in advance

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2016 8:32:13 AM PT

help identify value or more info on artist

Why do most of you sellers hide your listings when you comment on these boards ? Excuse me but I do not understand . I do understand the fact the board members hiding their I.D.s , but not the rest of you you . Are you hiding some thing ? all this seems strange to me as I have nothing to hide ! Sorry I just don't get it , I like to look at posters items that they have for sell . Please Makes makes no sense to me . Enlighten me .

Selling discussion

I will try to be brief.

Bought something I thought remarkable beautiful never saw before.

Paid $110.

Finally got to listing it as I've done since 1998.

4 Some strange reason I then looked it up here before just taking at least 5, 6 pix and filling out the item listing form.

Usually a new unusual item will take me 3/4 to 1 hour between the photography, listing, measuring, selling, thinking, revising etc.


Here is where I'm shocked.

Comparable things here now sell at very very rock bottom low prices.

And underneath the listings I looked up, there are EBay suggestions with some items from India selling at $.01, a penny!

And if that was'nt enough competition underneath that are sponsored listings of like stuff which would be completing with me.


Yada Yada Yada.


I didn't bother to list this item as I saw I'd have no chance in selling it.


Sad.  This never happened before.  I usually would go full steam ahead and photograph & list.


But now I really know this would have No chance in selling on EBay.

Selling discussion

Aug 27, 2016 6:37:41 AM PT

Who loses here, EBay, U, Me, All?

HELP! I just got a question from a potential buyer, and I don't know how -- or even if -- to respond. My auciton ends in 45 minutes, so the clock is ticking.


My lot of 5 vintage items is ending soon, and the bidding seems to be brisk. I don't know anything about the items I listed, so, when I listed them, I did an auction and put a BIN price on the lot, as well. But someone placed a bid, and so the BIN price went away.


Just now got a message from a potential bidder -- one with several thousand sales, so, experienced -- asking me if I originally had a BIN price on the lot. Says he's "Just curious."


Why would someone ask me that question? Could it be because he'd like to keep an eye on the future listings of someone who clearly has little knowledge of the type of item listed, so that he can watch my listings for my future mistakes in this category?


I don't do many auctions, and I don't know why this guy wants this information, so I'm not sure how to respond.


Any insight / experience will be much appreciated.

Selling discussion

Aug 28, 2016 5:18:07 PM PT


 I can understand a Seller Blocking Buyers for many different reasons but I have only ever been blocked by (1) Seller,ever. I believe that I have been on eBay since 2001 and I am mostly a buyer but I do sell on and off. I was Blocked for asking him a question on a coin he was selling and just today I found the answer to that question. Coin listings now have a small phrase unter the price that may say something like this, " 48 for 12 months", When I asked if he had a layaway plan for buying he got extremely mad at me. Anybody can check this out and today I found out that it is PayPal that adds this on postings.PayPal now has a lay-a-way program and I did not know that !

  I appologize to you Sir ! I have, over the years bought well over $ 1,000 worth of coins from you and I would like to continue that process with you. I have always trusted you and have always given you a 100% good Feedback on every sale. I have been collecting for 55+ years , I am almost 72 years old and please UNBLOCK me. I am truly sorry !


Bidding & Buying discussion

Aug 28, 2016 3:59:40 AM PT

Sellers Blocking Buyers

Hi everyone, I have been on here for quite a while and thought I knew what I was doing but sales have completely dried up... Can anyone take a look at my shop and advise what on earth might be wrong? I recently converted to a shop to see if that helped but it really hasn't so but if a waste of £20 a month.


Kind regards,


Selling discussion

Has anyone else had this problem, we need a whistle blower 

Selling discussion

Okay , while I'm here . I have had the ability to use a drop shipper and I'm really concerned and refuse to use one . Yes I'm scared of it . I do and prefer to do my own shipping . I honestly do not trust anyone else with my acct. ! I also prefer to have what I sell in my posession , from what little I know about drop ship alot could go wrong real quick . anyone here use it ?

Selling discussion

Aug 28, 2016 10:26:26 AM PT


Buyer said item didn't work, but they took it to Staples to be checked.  Now she wants to return item for refund and she contacted ebay. I thought once a business checked out the item, it nullified any returns. 


 Item was returned to me, I checked it and it works fine.  Do I have a leg to stand on with ebay or should I just forget it?

Shipping & Returns discussion

On another ID, I'm a bronze power seller. My dashboard shows that's at risk with this explanation: "Alerts You are at risk of losing your PowerSeller level because you missed the sales requirements last month."


Looking at the details, I have green checkmarks for everything, including September's evaluation. The requirement is $3k/100 transactions for the last 12 months. I'm at $7k/150 transactions.


Is there a monthly requirement, besides the annual $3k/100 requirement?

Selling discussion

Aug 27, 2016 12:30:56 PM PT

Bronze Power Seller

How do make all feedback private?

My Account discussion

Aug 26, 2016 11:46:47 PM PT

Feedback private

I'm trying to charge sales tax.  

Is there something I'm supposed 

to do with regards to "SYI or API flows?"

What is meant exactly by "SYI or API flows".

I couldn't find the definition anywhere..

Selling discussion

Aug 27, 2016 2:43:08 PM PT

What is meant by "SYI or API flows".

Has anyone found a work around?  My Store page has the opening price from AUD converted to potential buyers currency.  But when they go to an item, all is in AUD not their currency.  I understand the confines of Auction pricing so that's OK BUT I need to embed a currency converter.  The one ebay provides is not available for use in Australia.  Help please.  Cheers  Marie

A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion



I just wanted to know if this wallet is authentic. It certainly feels right--and smells real. Smiley Happy


I have examined the stitching, the stamping, etc. It looks good, but there is one area of stiching that is uneven. Any help would be appreciated.


Here are the pictures.I think i have to split them into two messages. If you require any other pictures please let me know.


Thank you very much for your time.



Fashion discussion

Hello everyone, I need help.


I bought an item, this bag (282080991620), on august 8 from a seller and he sent it on august 9. On its way the package stopped updating over a week and there weren't any signs of the package at all. I asked the seller what was happening and he told me to call USPS since he didn't know. I ended up doing so and USPS didn't even know where the package was either. The last update was on august 18 and after that, nothing else. The last estimated date was on august 26 and there is still no signs of the package. Now the seller doesn't answer my messages anymore, so I opened a case asking for the item and wrote the seller on the case that I wanted the backpack or just a refund, because even the date passed by and the package seems to be lost. Also USPS opened a research on the package but there is still no information of what happened to the package. They haven't call me with information either. So, between all this trouble and frustration I wrote to Ebay's support to see if they could help me at least get a refund with the protection they offer, because the package is definitely lost and the seller doesn't seems to care to even answer me. Well, Customer Support  didn't answer any message at all. I tried to find a phone number and there isn't any either. I truly don't know what to do. I feel so frustrated and helpless. This isn't the first time I have this kind of problem here on Ebay with a seller and Ebay doesn't do anything at all to help. I'm starting to get tired of this. I bought the backpack because I needed it for university and I had enough of time to receive it on time, but nope. University already started and I have no backpack for my notes and I have no money either because I spent it on that backpack. This is really unbelievable. I feel angry, frustrated and a lot of other things. I have already tried everything on my power to solve this issue as soon as I can since I simply can't keep on waiting. I simply don't know what to do anymore.


If anyone could help I would appreciate it. 

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I just noticed that today when I was beginning to print some labels. I sell a bunch of small things (video games, small tools) that weigh up to 3oz, and normally I'd pay $2.45 (after the shipping discount from eBay).


Now, each 3oz item I've gotta ship is $2.60. There's an eBay discount of 1%, which is barely a cent or two. This is a USPS First Class package I'm printing here.


I'd understand if USPS is jacking up their prices again, but what's with the pitiful 1% discount all of a sudden? Does eBay hate me?


Below is a screenshot of the price summary of a label I was trying to print.



Shipping & Returns discussion

There was a recent post about a seller who didn't provide a tracking number, case was escalated, etc. As part of his post, he pasted the response he got from CS.


There's a part of the response that caught my eye. Here is part of the CS response:


"...we expect our sellers to be at par when it comes to providing customer service, therefore, using ‘Seller Standards’ to focus on what matters most to buyers; these include but not limited to: getting the item they ordered on time, receiving an item as described on your listing and providing effective customer service to resolve any requests for help from your buyers. This is measured in 3 metrics: • Defect rate • Late shipment rate (starting February 2016) • Cases closed without seller resolution."


What I'm curious about is CS saying one seller performance metric is late shipping rate. I thought we were measured by only two metrics: out of stock and cases closed w/o seller resolution?


Maybe I dreamed it, but I seem to recall Griff saying several times that the shipping metric wouldn't be used against sellers (or something.)


What am I missing here?

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Aug 26, 2016 12:33:19 PM PT

Shipping metric

Buyer is asking about international shipping fees to the UK but I'm shipping using the global shipping program.


I selected "buyer pays shipping"

and selected  "Send your package to the US shipping center and the rest will be taken care of for you"


I've never sold internationally before, but shouldn't the shipping be calculated automatically for the buyer?

Is there any other fees or will they simply be charged what is displayed in the ad as their shipping cost?

Shipping & Returns question

I paid extra for expedited shipping so that my package will get delivered in no time. In my experience my package usually gets delivered in 3 days time through expedited shipping.


However, the seller used economy international shipping even though I've already advised him that I paid for expedited shipping and wishes to use DHL. Instead he used China post which in my experience takes more than a month to deliver and often times gets lost.


I already informed the seller that he needs to refund my $30 USD but his only reply is that I should wait and that the package will get delivered fast.


What is the best way so I can have a refund for the payment I made for expedited shipping?



Shipping & Returns discussion

As a buyer I won an auction and payed immediately.
Next day I received an email seller cancelled the order and refund without any reason.


Is there a way to leave a feedback as regular purchases?

Is it normal that a seller can have an evaluation of 100% if canceled paid purchase orders?

Thank you

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Aug 27, 2016 7:39:54 AM PT

Seller cancelled paid order

I received payment for an Item that is still listed, it has 20 days left before it closes. What do I do? How does this happen?

Selling question


I use ebay's regular rich text format to create my listings from a desktop computer. I'm not using HTML


 I've recently used the eBay viewpoint  "test" and listings are  not mobile compatible. YIKES! 


Have i missed a box to check or some listing tool that allows me to enable this header to be inserted during the listing creation process?


Why wouldn't eBay automatically provide this mobile viewpoint  metatag information when creating a listing from a desktop? 


Help appreciated! 




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Aug 26, 2016 6:28:03 PM PT

Inserting the viewpoint header metatag

Has anyone experienced false accusations of items smelling like smoke?  I recently sold an item that was freshly laundered and sprayed with febreeze, the buyer left neutral feedback, which was nasty.  When I spoke with eBay the gentleman said he has heard of items permeated by diesel exhaust. It is so frustrating when you offer free returns but buyers insist on being negative.


Bidding & Buying discussion

I listed an item and I forgot to remove it from the international site.

Anyway, I got a response from someone in Vietnam asking me if I can send an invoice via Paypal and ship outside of Ebay.  I need the sale and I am aware that when Ebay ships, it is quite expensive.  Is there a way that I can sell and invoice via Ebay and ship the item myself with the Post Office Shipping?

BTW, the buyer has been with Ebay for 2 years.


Thank you for your support

Selling question

Aug 28, 2016 5:53:04 PM PT

Good morning all!

Hi, I'd really appreciate help with this makers mark on this ceramic bowl and approxiamte age.  From family history and pattern I think it's around the 1920's although some in the family think it's older.


Any information is much appreciated!  I need to retake the pics in natural light as they are a bit yellow. 


Thanks, Jenny


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Aug 27, 2016 7:09:10 AM PT

Help with makers mark please.

Apparently the shipping estimate on the product page said it would arrive Sep. 3rd at latest. When I printed the shipping label however, it wouldn't let me do anything over a pound that wasn't priority mail, so the package got there yesterday. The buyer sent me a message yesterday saying that he just got delivery confirmation but wasn't home, and that if he got home and it wasn't there, I'm paying for it. Predictably, today he sends me a message saying 'it wasn't in my door'. Now what?

Selling question

Hello all. 

Anyone recognize the maker/pattern of this milkglass

goblet?  5" tall slightly opaque. 


Thank you you much appreciated Smiley Happy 


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Aug 26, 2016 7:32:10 PM PT

Pattern ID help milk glass goblet/stem

How do I set up my computer to print out shipping labels?

I use Windows 10, Toshiba Satelite laptop C55D-04C031 and a Canon Printer PIXMA MG3620

I can print out a test page just fine. I just can't print from ebay. Shipping label or a packing slip. Ebay doesn't allow one to save it to my documents.

I click on their link to print either one, It opens the print window on my computer, I click on print but it never gets added to the print log nor does it print.

I bought a new printer because my HP OfficeJet 8500 wouldn't work either. It used to earlier this year. Maybe a Windows update changed something?

Both printers are set up wireless too.     

Shipping & Returns question

my parcel cw442656725us is  not  moving from last 20 days what should i do??

Shipping & Returns question

'Why is my item not showing up in the search results?' its been 6 hours

My Account question

I potential buyer has made an offer that consists of free shipping on one of my listing that has a shipping fee and even though I counter the buyer with the same total amount of dollars that he offered he is insisting on free shipping. I don't think I can change the shipping within the listing while an offer is pending so what are my options?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Aug 27, 2016 12:15:41 PM PT

shipping fee

I recently sold a broken netbook for $12.50, and I was expecting my seller fees to be $1.25. However, the fee was $2.03 instead! Thats an extra 78 cents! Why is eBay over charging my seller fee?


I took some screenshots so you can see for yourself.

Payments question

Aug 26, 2016 2:24:08 PM PT

eBay overcharging seller fee?

This little jar is only about 3-3/4" tall but it is so beautiful.  Not cloisonne, completely hand painted, I believe.  Some parts are raised, like moriage.  No marks at all.  My knee jerk reaction was Russian but all searching takes me to Asia.  Any ideas as to country of origin or age?  Thanks for looking.


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Aug 27, 2016 11:40:45 AM PT

Small enamel hand painted lidded jar

Does eBay have a time limit on how long a buyer has to pay for an item after their best offer is accepted before I cancel the order and relist the item?   Which means I lose "x" amount of days of listing the item before I can relist it, and lose other potential buyers during that time.  Doesn't seem fair!  Anyway, how long does a buyer on an accepted best offer have to pay before it becomes a bad deal for me?

Payments question

So I see stores with Save $5 of Every $30 you spend and all I can do is offer money off shipping - I'm already doing free on most everything so where do I do this or is it feature of a better subscription or upgrade with Ebay?

Selling question

How do you make a liink so others, say on facebook, can see all your items for sale? It used to be something like this: www.ebay.com/userID .Thaks for any info.



Tools & Apps question

I have less than 12 hours to go on 2 different items I'm trying to sell on auction. They are big/bulky so I opted to offer local pickup only. Lots of people have looked at the items, but no one is watching or bidding. I've tried to revise the items, but can't seem to get the shipping option changed. How do I offer shipping now? And what's the best way to ship big heavy items? Thank you. 

Shipping & Returns question

Just noticed I have seller fees of $7.06, due  Aug 30th. The problem is I have not sold anything on Ebay since mid June. I paid the fees for my June sales last month. So I have had no sales or activity of any kind for one pay period. How come I owe seller fees???

Does Ebay do that with everyone? Imagine the money they're raking in!!

Selling question

Aug 28, 2016 9:33:00 AM PT

Ebay Fees

New to the discussion forum here, couple of questions.....


1:  Am I allowed to use the buyer's name in this discussion?  I am sure I already know the answer, but what the heck? I'll ask anyway.


2:  This is more of a rant about said buyer than a question....


So, recently sold an item and the winner bid only twice, second obviously being the high/winning bid. Roughly 12 hours later, he paid via PayPal.  Item shipped/received, I left "positive" feedback, then I started receiving emails that the item only works for a short time, (the treatments are 20 minutes to begin with), and then it needs "recalibrated".  We have contacted the manufacturer repeatedly, whom claim to have no "trouble ticket" regarding this problem from anyone.  Buyer claims it needs a new battery (though again, I have no proof, messages doesn't allow for attachments of videos or pics), and keeps claiming he "paid too much" and that he wants a "partial refund".  We received a "return request" from ebay and almost INSTANTLY an email from the buyer comes through that he still wants to keep the "defective" item, but wants a partial refund!!!!!!!!!  Most I may do other than a complete return is send him $50 for a battery.  


Any thoughts or help appreciated.  I don't buy or sell much, and have never had an issue before now.

Selling question

Very confused, just got an email from Ebay saying my item is on the way and that it has shipped from the global shipping center (GSP). Gives me a tracking number and everything. Only problem is that I shipped the item to the buyer about 2 weeks ago using USPS, and I shipped it to KY, not internationally. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Shipping & Returns question

HI EVERYONE, pls. excuse me if this is a repeat post (not sure that my last post was entered correctly) does anyone know if there was a change in usps shipping rates for a 3oz. 1st. class package? i have been paying $2.45 // this morning was $2.60. top rated + seller.   thank you so much & i hope everyone i doing a-ok.

Shipping & Returns question

Aug 28, 2016 11:28:45 AM PT


I bought a bottle of Paco Rabanne 1 Million Cologne from ebay seller beautyanhomedecor2013. I did not bother using it for several months and assumed the seller was legitimate. I used it recently and realized the smell was not right and disappeared quickly. I went to check the batch number on the bottle and noticed there was none. I checked out the seller reviews on ebay and noticed there was a complaint for selling fake cologne. I contacted the seller to let her know she is selling more fake products and if she would like this bottle back to confront her supplier. She said its too late and no refunds will be offered. She then blocked me to prevent giving other ebay buyers a fair warning that she uses the internet to sell counterfeit products. Typically a seller who accidentally sells a fake item will go to any lengths to correct the problem and prevent it from happening again. A seller who is knowingly selling counterfeit cologne will take advantage of a customer who warns them first before giving a bad review. This seller took that opportunity to block me from giving another warning to potential buyers. The picture below clearly shows there is no batch number. It is not something that can be removed.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Aug 28, 2016 3:07:28 PM PT

fake perfume, counterfiet cologne

I sold an expensive item and shipped to an address in the United States. I provided free USPS Priortiy shipping with signature confirmation.  The day the buyer got the item, they flew to Ecuador (information provided by the buyer).  Now residing in Ecuador, they claim the item is not as described and want a refund. I told them they must return the item. My question is, do I have to refund the buyer the $100+ shipping cost from Ecuador back to the United States when the original shipping address was in the United States? I'm thinking there may be a customs fee for me to pay also. I suppose this may be a calculated scam and they may be assuming I will tell them to keep the item and provide them with a full refund. I've been selling on Ebay for a long time, and this has never happened before. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Shipping & Returns question

I shipped an item to a gentelmen in Los Angles, CA. He contacted me a bit ago and said Tracking said it was delivered, but he looked all over and didn't find it. I don't think he is lying, but is there anything I can do or just between him and USPS?

Shipping & Returns question

Could I still combine shipping after a buyer purchases 2 itmes but doesn't wait for me to send them a combined invoice?

Shipping & Returns question

I use photo mailers (6x4) all the time.  Up until today, the cost to mail through eBay has been $2.45.  Today the cost was $2.60.  Did I miss something?

Shipping & Returns question

Aug 28, 2016 7:34:41 AM PT

Did I miss a postage increase recently?

hi folks, this morning my shipping rates when printing ebay shipping labels seem to be slightly higher than usual. was there a change in rates?

Shipping & Returns question

Aug 28, 2016 8:20:46 AM PT

shipping charges

If I want to sell a product that is a "knock-off" but I do not refer to the brand and do not list as authentic, is that permissible? 


Buying & Selling Basics question

Aug 27, 2016 3:45:36 PM PT

restricted brands

Hi. I'm kristin And I have a couple of questions for the experts. I was buying on mercari.com this past week and came across an MK bag. I was super excited. Thought id found a diamond in the rough. Well, turns out it was stated as authentic in the listing, but it was just a leather knock off. They looked into it but I had already rated her so they couldn't do anything, Which is cool--a learning experience for me. I'm better at spotting out fakes w coach and Dooney. I grew up on those 2. I have owned them since I graduated college in 2003. I still have most of my bags and am currently trying to find them new homes so I'm on here and trying to turn a hobby ( love) into some extra cash (starting school again after the 1st of the year if God says the same). My Mom always had a knack for getting stains out of everything from clothes to shoes to pillows to baby dolls. I've also been spending some time cleaning the ones I've purchased (ten years ago) with grease and oil stains and while they're not perfect, they're a huge difference in what they were before. I haven't looked up much on cleaning the purses, however I did follow the dooney guide for the type of purse I was cleaning without much difference. I cleaned her and let her dry 5 separate times. It was magical to see the transformation. Leather is always going to be classic and I love to clean the leather. It makes a world of difference!!!
OK...the questions are::..legally, what do I do with the fake mk?? How do I get more acquainted with these other brands I've been missing out on being on the farm like Kate spade and mk and Hermes and toms? Are their books, websites you recommend besides their websites?? Do you think there's a market for cleaning purses because I'm not a very good salesman...lol I'd rather provide a service, but I have to admit I'm getting a lot of joy out of this new venture. Thanks in advance and I appreciate all of the info here!!! Sincerely, Kris

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Aug 28, 2016 7:32:51 PM PT

No Question is the ONLY Bad Question