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The eBay Community

Checked thru the floral motif section on ddoty but couldn't locate this. Anyone know? Thanks for the help. 



 photo 20160722_122257_zpsmnische6.jpg photo 20160722_122245_zps2zlgzdp1.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jul 22, 2016 9:40:57 PM PT

Carnival / Iridescent glass pattern help?



Please let me know if this LV is Authentic ... Thank you in advance. Will






















Again, Thank you for your help ... Will

Fashion discussion

Jul 22, 2016 2:34:32 PM PT

Is my LV handbag Authentic (503)

A buyer offered me a "best offer" offer. After looking at the acceptance page, it mentions best offers are not paid in advance. How does this work?

This what it says--


Immediate payment is not offered with best offer at this time. If you accept this offer you will receive payment through other payment methods.

Payments question

  I found this fairly old watercolor painting that is signed illegibly. It is probably from the 60's or so. It is framed and measures about 22" by 16" By any chance, can someone make out the name? Thank you in advance




Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 22, 2016 2:16:40 PM PT

Illegible Signature on watercolor.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic



Hi looking for help with this acoustic guitar. Not sure on age or maker as it is completely unmarked for a company name. Has no headstock label or paper label on the inside. I can see very very faint numbering on the inside at the neck base, can only read 34(23??). I have read that with no labels it could be a fake or a copy? Any help is appreciated. 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 22, 2016 2:40:27 PM PT

Unmarked Vintage Acoustic Guitar Help

So can i just say buyer wants to cancel are can't ship to address and not get a defect ? I google his name and it's in the obltuary I don't want to open a unpaid on a dead person.  

Selling discussion

I am a working woman selling studio equipment on eBay. I was aiming for a top seller rating eventually increase my stock and get better search results and boost my sales.


A few Weeks ago I sold a PreSonus Firestudio to a local zero feedback buyer. He was forcing me to come over to his house and set up his unit over a beer or else he will file an SNAD claim. I refused the request for obvious reasons. He filed an SNAD claim and was decided in my favor. After the decision he continues to blackmail me via email and promised revenge.


I never had any problems or returns before with these units and maintained 100 % feedback.A few days later, four Presonus units from for different local buyers was ordered in the total value of $1000. SNAD claims were filed immediately after the purchase and simultaneously escalated. I received three transaction defect strikes within a single day pushing my account below average and would probably about to get the fourth one, had I not cancel the order before the payment was made.


So far, only one Presonus unit was returned to me, completely ruined, urinated on and with a marker drawn a **bleep** on it. I lost shipping and handling and the unit. eBay says it doesn't want to get involved because they did not see the unit and they don't care. I am not allowed to appeal the case. Not only I lost thousand dollars, but I am also genuinely scared and anxious and fear to sell under this terms.


Please advise any help would be appreciated.




Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 22, 2016 10:01:45 PM PT

A Sellers Nightmare

I know I'm impatient, but is it really too much to expect more than 2 views on my listings? Are people just not buying? Is anyone home, eBay? LOL. I'm about ready to pull the plug. I've marked things as low as possible just trying to clear some stuff out (so I can get new stuff)... UGH.

Selling discussion

I was hoping to bid on an auction set for tomorrow morning. There were already 7 bids. Today I see the seller shows the listing as "Ended with 0 Bids."  The seller has decided not to sell, and ended the auction a day early.  I was under the impression that the seller had to go through with an auction, just as a buyer must pay when they win an auction. 


Should I report this activity, and how do I do that?


I looked at the seller's feedback--it is 100% positive, but almost all of it is as a buyer.



Bidding & Buying discussion

An item I'm following was sold for $1000 which is more than 2x the typical high sale (it was a live auction).  When I looekd into it I saw it was just one bidder and he bid himself from $200 up to $1000!?  How/why?  Is he just new and panicked?


Twelve Chinese Porcelain Red Mansion Plates Lot 263

Item: 291790804945

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jul 24, 2016 9:45:16 AM PT

how did this guy bid himself up to $1000

This one has me concerned. I am an infrequent seller but inherited a bunch of coins I need to sell.  I listed an expensive gold coin set as an auction (starting bid $2,700) with a Buy it Now of $3,510. Auction ran ten days, no bids. I relisted the item same way but with a $100 lower starting price. Almost immediately I get the "sold" email, from a bidder who has 0 feedback and who joined eBay the same day, July 23, 2016. He used buy it now when he could (if he was following the listing) have purchased it as an auction, given that there were no bids the first time.


Couple of other screwy things: he provided a street shipping address, to Illinois, and a cell phone number that is in North Carolina. He also wants more pictures of the set, but the listing already had pics of each coin's front as well as the front and back of the set (what other pictures could there be, other that the back side?).


I have not yet invoiced him. Your opinion - any reason to be concerned?

Selling question

Jul 24, 2016 10:12:54 AM PT

Zero Feedback "Joined Today" Purchaser

Hi, can anyone help me with this purse in finding the style name?  It measures 10x8.5x2.5.  Thanks in advance

Fashion discussion

Jul 23, 2016 5:20:20 PM PT

Coach style name?

I want to block someone from making any further purchases from me.   I didn't used to have a problem find the place to do it, but it seems now it's not there.  



Buying & Selling Basics question

Could someone please help identify the language that the  text  is written in,  on this page? I was told it is from a religious text.  It is framed and under glass. It is at least vintage - again - from what I was told. I had hoped to include several pictures but it looks like space for one is offered?

Thank you very much

Collectibles & Art discussion

I wrote to seller because of sent item was damaged. (S)he promised that (s)he will send a new item without resend damaged item.

I waiting two month ago but nothing send to me...


How can I foward whole emails to ebay solution center bacuase of I'm out of 30 days protection.


Shipping & Returns discussion



 I wanted to buy an item, but also wanted to ask a question. I went though the procedure but his/her site said please use an email address

they gave as there were a lot of questions, so I sent an email to the address and receive this reply back:


There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Please try resending your message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

mx.google.com gave this error:
The email account that you tried to reach is disabled. e85si8647105oig.147 - gsmtp


 The seller is in the Ukraine and I am in Canada,  but now if I did purchase the item Paypal may not go though...  


Any suggestions or comments welcome...


Thank you



Bidding & Buying question

Jul 23, 2016 8:25:18 AM PT

How to contact a seller when cannot

Would anyone mind looking at my page? I don't have many items listed. I would appreciate any thoughts on my prices, descriptions, titles, etc.. Please be kind. I'm learning here.:-)


Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Jul 23, 2016 10:51:21 AM PT

New Seller Needs Advice

I had a beautiful vintage dress listed for around 60.  I was made an offer of less than 50% and we finally settled on about 45%.  I shipped it to her and she gave me negative feedback saying it smelled of cigarettes.  I have a smoke free home.  I emailed her and said I was sorry it smelled of cigarettes and offered for her to return it...she said no she would have it cleaned.  Now my 100% positive rating has been harmed by someone I gave a hugh discount to.  I'm very upset...anyone have suggestions.  I did write a counter to her negative feed back and I blocked her. 

Selling question

Jul 22, 2016 2:59:28 PM PT

gave Discount then got negative feedback

So I bought something from a seller on eBay a on 7/7/16. I payed through PayPal and eCheck from my bank account. It took about three days to clear, but the seller still hasn't shipped! They are located in China, but I think they should have gotten my payment by now. Over the past two weeks I've sent them three messages telling them to check through PayPal since my payment has cleared. But they keep insisting that it is pending. So I considered opening an "item not recieved case".


I just wanted to see if I could open an "Item not received case" through eBay but now I'm getting this message, "We're sorry there's an issue with your purchase. It doesn't look like this item has been paid for yet. If you've already paid for this item, you can ask your seller to mark the item as paid. If you haven't paid for the item yet, you can pay now." But my order is completely paid when I check PayPal so I won't even be able to open a case and the seller won't mark it as paid since they believe I haven't paid and keep insisting it's "pending" when it is not. I've also tried opening a case through PayPal and I'm getting the same result.


So I called eBay to make sure and they told me to call PayPal, so I called PayPal. PayPal confirmed that my order was cleared and completed but there is nothing on their end they can do about it. They said they are holding the funds because the seller hasn't shipped my order yet. They advised me to tell the seller to call their customer service, so I've sent the seller another message to call PayPal customer service. But I really don't know what to believe at this point. Not sure what to do because I can't get a refund if I don't file a case. Seems like I'm screwed.

Payments discussion

Rarely do I buy anything, I am a seller (small at that of 4 years). First time in the community so I'm not sure how it works but will figure it out. I purchased a couple items back in May a month later still never received them. I had already opened a resolution paid not received and of course Ebay refunded my money.

This seller harrassed me to no end, offering me anything in the world, just to remove 2 (only factual negative feedbacks). Ebay limited his selling (may have closed that account). What I want to know is this: that was a total nightmare to figure out!


Now he has two totally different names, 4 shipping from addresses (only show on tracking) listings show totally different states and location of items. He now has opened another account (now with screen name history as normal on a profile).


I wouldnt normally mess with someone like this (as lets just say I know whats going on ""NOW) Ebay has pretty much closed his accounts but keeps opening new ones, different names, addresses, listing located at, then tracking label printed - nothing ever ships.


Is it within policy for listings to show a location (as in a totally different far away state) but them label printed (in another  totally far away state) Make is 4 states. Two different names, different screen names. The person came close to threating me so I reported it to Ebay and they took over from there.


My question is: Can you have listings (lots) showing the item in located in various states, but labels printed in other states, and by two different names?


TX I do not want this to happen again.


And I am not even sure where to find comments to this????

Bidding & Buying discussion

I had a buyer request a return, and eBay of course gives us the option to buy a label to allow the buyer to return the item. However, when I click that option, it takes me nowhere so I don't know how the buyer actually gets the label. The two times I did this option, the buyers said they never received anything so they could not ship back to me. The third time, I just bought one on stamps.com, scanned it, and added it as an attachment to an eBay message to the buyer, to ensure they got a label. Frustrating.

Shipping & Returns question

Jul 23, 2016 5:41:35 PM PT

How do I send a return label to a buyer?

When a seller lists free shipping and best offer option why does it then say offer does not include shipping ? Mike

Bidding & Buying question


I sold the items more than $1,500 and just wondering how much eBay taking away from my account, i.e., listing items,  insertion fees, pictures and etc.?


On the  PayPal site, I can see how much PayPal chaged all of  my sold items that is very easy to see.  However, there are NO way to find how much eBay charged all of my sold items.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Selling question

How do I send more money to a seller to cover unexpected costs for an oversize package to be transported via Greyhound Freight?

Shipping & Returns question

How do I supply a return shipping label.  item is fine, just not what buyer expected and I don't want a defect for SNAD, or a negative feedback.

Shipping & Returns question

How do I delete a question or statement made in the community if I"m not seeing that option?

Getting Started question

Jul 23, 2016 6:28:58 AM PT

Community Posts

I have a small pile of 1902-0 Morgan BU Dollars VAM-26A.   I have a customer who regularly sells me BU rolls and last March I found one of them in the rolls so I gave it to another dealer to submit to PCGS and he sold it for me on consignment at Heritage.  Last week the customer brought me more.


Here is my dilemma, I only submit using NGC myself, and selling through Heritage was not all that great.  I think I can do just as well on eBay with them- one of them I sold here in about 5 minutes (either too cheap or just found the right buyer)  but the better ones I want to have graded. 


However I cannot find what people use for a registry for the Elite Clashed Die Varieties.   The ones I have are suppossedly very rare -I think perhaps I have half a roll of them approx so far- but maybe originally there were only a few rolls produced, idk.  I reseached a bit and found one sold (MS63 Anacs) a few years back for about $1600.


Should I go Anacs with them?  Is it easy to get set up to submit with them?  Or do they need PCGS grading for that secret society (tongue in cheek-I just can't find it?   I have looked on the NGC and PCGS registry set pages, so I am trying to figure it out all by myself...


I suppose I could just do whatever I want and let the next owner deal with it, but trying to get the most I can for these.  Heritage just wasn't it for me.  The one I sold there is currently for sale for 4 times what I got for it.   My coins/bills usually end up at the last day at the last minute, or the last one (1902-O VAM 26A) they forgot to mention that it was a VAM at all, so I had to call my dealer and ask him to call Heritage and get them to change it so it didn't get sold for 50 bucks (yikes)...


thanks guys (and gals), miss y'all (got, got, got, got no time)

Coins & Paper Money discussion

Jul 23, 2016 8:40:14 PM PT

VAM submissions

 Hi, if an item is $200 and i want to put a max bid on it at $300, will it only show the next bid or will it show the $300 bid

Bidding & Buying question

Jul 24, 2016 9:39:12 PM PT


Can multiple purchases that are paid for individually be combined?  A single buyer purchased 3 items and paid for them individually...how can I combine them in order to offer this buyer a shipping discount?

Seller Hub discussion

Starting an eBay Business question

Is it smarter to list fewer items for sale?  It seems that the items at the bottom don't get any attention but when they start to move up due to date they then begin to get watchers.  Just curious - should I just list all my items and keep them up for whatever amount of time it takes to sell them (relisting) or take some off?

Selling question

Jul 24, 2016 9:34:01 AM PT

listing items for sale

Buyer bought 2 items separately and I want to ship together, but ebay shows no way to print only one label. Anyone know how?

Shipping & Returns question

Jul 24, 2016 5:15:45 PM PT

One shipping label for 2 items?

I don't seem to be able to upload a pic. I used to be able to. Thanks for any help.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Is it possible to have two ACCTS or change the acct name on an existing acct?

My Account discussion

Jul 24, 2016 5:22:41 PM PT

Can I change my account name?

i sold a dvd movie, written feedback comment from the  buyer was for perfume. the comment was negative. damaging my seller image,how do i remove the written comment

Selling question

Hi can someone help me identify this mark?

Thanks for any help!!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jul 25, 2016 11:50:59 AM PT

Can someone help with hallmark on cup?

Batik?? been stored since 1989.  Any info as to style/design greatly appreciated..Thanks

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 24, 2016 5:16:13 PM PT

need textile expert please



So a buyer recently won an auction for a laptop I am selling. He says he got a payment error and paypal told him he needs to get my email address and wants me to start corresponding with him through his phone number. This buyer also created his account on the day the auction was going to end. How should I proceed, I have already verified my paypal account works. Why would he needmy email address in order to pay?


Thank you

Payments question

Jul 25, 2016 9:19:48 AM PT

Buyer says he is having issues with paypal.

My buyer would like to return an item.  Do they need to send me a special form requesting a refund?  They have only sent me a message through ebay. 

I would like to send them a return label but have been unable to do so.  My seller dashboard does not show any return requests. 

Help, if you can.



Shipping & Returns question

Jul 24, 2016 2:56:57 PM PT

Buyer returns

I recently purchased an item on Ebay paying with PAYPAL.Shortly after purchase was paid, vendor contacted me DIRECTLY saying he would ship item as soon as I sent Credit Card info to pay for it. I informed him payment had already been made through PP. (VIOLATION: Contacting buyers directly and not through Ebay messaging).  I have not heard ANYTHING back from him.


Shortly after his email, I checked my PP and my Credit Card for this transaction: Both had been billed. I returned to Ebay to check on my purchase to find 'the item was no longer available' and that the Seller was no longer listed with EBAY. It has been a week and neither my Credit Card nor PayPal has been refunded.


I have spent HOURS trying to contact EBAY directly, with no success due to needing the above information to jump through their many hoops. I still can't reach them. I'm not a happy camper at the moment! lol 

Any suggestions please?

Thank you!


Payments question

Jul 25, 2016 12:18:26 AM PT

Contacting EBAY impossible


Turbo Lister will not restore any items/listings within any backup file (there are several that should contain the listings I desire) after the items/listings were accidently deleted (along with the folder that they were in) in one Turbo Lister session.  These items/listing were in an unsold folder, other items in other folders restore as normal.


What I tried:  Unistalling and reinstalling TL. Installing TL on another computer and attempting to restore database from thumb drive.  Renaming backup files (so that my username isn't part of the filename), I've tried restoring from an external backup hard drive.


Note that during the restore process, a window appears tha says: Processing for (my username).  This doesn't happen during a normal, sucessfull restore.


Any ideas?


Tools & Apps question

Jul 25, 2016 7:10:49 AM PT

Turbo Lister will not restore database

Would someone please help me identify this brand.  There is no tags at all.  This is the third time posting.



Buying & Selling Basics question

Jul 23, 2016 1:41:42 PM PT

Please I need help identifying a brand?

Is there a fix for the 'no sort by newly listed' bug in IE 11? This is driving me nuts!


Thanks guys. I managed to work up a hack to recreate a link to a properly configured page. 



Also, USPS tracking info is truncating last four digits.


eBay must have fixed some things that weren't broken.

Bidding & Buying question

Say you have an item listed with a start price of $10.00, There are 2 bids on it but the price still says $10.00. Why is this?

Bidding & Buying question

Jul 23, 2016 1:54:11 PM PT


Ebay bidding: Item is 1.99, I bid 99.00, no one else bids because they know it's too high. Do I get it for 1.99?

Bidding & Buying question

Jul 24, 2016 3:40:28 PM PT

Bidding Question

Hi! Just opened a new selling account in addition to my store which has TRS status. Since I obviously have 0 feedback on the new account, is it ok to mention somewhere in my listings about my selling history. I am afraid my 0 feedback might scare off potential buyers. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!



Selling question

Jul 24, 2016 3:13:51 PM PT

New selling account

It's been a while since I've listed anything for sale and I noticed a big difference in the procedure.  One thing I don't see anymore is the "require immediate payment" on a buy it now offer.  Is that no longer an option?



Selling discussion

Jul 25, 2016 11:23:26 AM PT

Immediate Payment

ok so ultimately I'm not in trouble, but I do wonder why ebay works this way.

I do have my "countries I won't ship to" setup, but sometimes I list some of my items as "US-only shipping". This keeps international customers from purchasing it.
However, I've just had an international customer WIN a bid on a item that was set to "US-only shipping".
He's in a country I allow, so I'll go ahead and ship. But what the heck? If an item is set to "US-only" and only displays shipping prices for USA, why does it allow Non-USA customers to bid on an item?
It doesn't allow them to purchase a "BUY IT NOW" Item that is set to US-only shipping, so why does it allow them to bid?




Yes, if they are not a country I ship to, they are blocked from bidding.
It's just odd that if you specifically set a CERTAIN item to USA-only shipping , it still allows Non-USA to BID on that item. They cannot BUY IT NOW on any items set to USA-only shipping.
I might have some bidding items set for International shipping and other bidding items set to USA-only shipping. That's why I don't understand why international bidders can bid on BOTH of these items.

The customer is Russian and using a UK forwarding business, which is fine with me. I've used forwarding services for things from Japan. I'm just surprised these people bid on items that don't show the shipping rate on the page because its set to USA-only shipping.



I think I figured out what happened...maybe.
Since the seller is Russian and using forwarding services, he/she actually also has a USA forwarding address. So I think they were allowed to bid on my USA-shipping-only item because they have a USA address attached to their account. However, for whatever reason, their UK address is the one that appears on any invoice I try to send them. Maybe they have the UK forwarding address set as their default
I'm currently working with them to try and see if they can change the address for the invoice on their end because I certainly can't change it on my end.


The Buyer couldn't see anything to select that would change their address. But when they "requested a payment amount" for the item, the address thankfully got auto-updated to their USA one. Then I was able to send them an invoice with the correct shipping amount for that USA address.


Bidding & Buying question

Im sure you guys have seen this type of post all too often and your probably tired of seeing them so i apologise for posting yet another 'ive been scammed' type post.


I recently sold 8 console games right here on ebay. All 8 were auctions which ended all that the same time. The very next day (19th) i sent all 8 games out at the same time to their buyers using the local post office. All 8 were sent 'Royal mail 1st class - Estimated 2-4 business days'.  I actually lost the postage reciept on my way back from the post office.


On the same day 19th i got a message from one of the buyers asking if i could post same day, i ofc said yes and did so.


The (20th) he messages me again saying "did come today give tell Monday to come if not won't be happy person


I explained the postage and estimated delivery times to him.


On the 21st he sends another message: "still nothing" I knew now i was going to have a problem with this guy who has only 2 feedback.


On the 22nd he sends: "still nothing"


On the same day (22nd) he sends another message: "refund me now or can go throw eBay to my refund"


Obviously i didnt refund him since the game is in the post. 


This morning a case has been opened by him.


3 options were presented to me: 1. Provide tracking number which regretfully i dont have. 2. Send a refund. 3. Message buyer.


I messaged buyer to explain yet again about the postage.



I have a feeling he is going to get his refund and hes going to keep the game right? So frustrating. I can handle losing the game and the money but im going to be landed with a negative feedback that i dont deserve.




Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 2:43:55 AM PT

Im being scammed aren't i?

We listed a Fender Stratt history broschure in the electric guitar catagory and got a 3 day slap on the wrist for the audacity of listing miscatagorized, apparently it may  confuse poor shoppers by selling a Fender strat enthusiast item in the fender strat catagory,  but would it have been fine to list in multiple catagories?  I think it is another attempt to drive away the small seller, we are running a small music store and every little bit helps, and we have always used ebay, to the enrichment of the ebay machine, for a while, but we are no amazon and will never be.

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 1:43:38 PM PT

Temp Suspension of selling

I have an under garment for sale, used, nothing sexy or anything.  I just received an extremely ugly email in the form of a question about it from a member, inappropriate at the least and just disgusting.  I searched but can't figure out how to report him.  This needs reporting, even if they do nothing.  Of course added to the BBL asap.  Does anyone know?  I'll call if I have to.

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 10:29:25 AM PT

How Can I Report a Member

What is the least expensive site or method to buy Pennies from their era? Everyone which I have either used or found have been crazy expensive. I realize that these coins are old and rare but their has to be methods to buy them at a rock bottom price!!! Especially the 1909 S VDB Penny!!!

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jul 22, 2016 1:23:55 PM PT

Pennies from the early 1900's

Ive bought and sold coi s for decades.

Tell me when you fi d a cheap 1909 s vdb cent . And any copper 1943 cent.

Or any cheap rare cent. That vdb s 1909 in fair conditin goes in the hundreds dollar range.

1922 no D the sam. But most common dated in vg condition can be bought for pennies.

Coins & Paper Money discussion

Jul 22, 2016 10:17:47 PM PT

Re: Pennies from the early 1900's

A buyer who bought an item 6 weeks agao sends a message demading a refund for Item not as described. I politely asked for return request or return shipping tacking info. Actually twice after a few hours of no response. Then they lefy a negative feedback saying I ignored them. There is no messages from buyer previuoly and never a return request or any coorespondance from Ebay on the matter. What say you ? I did reply to there feed back 

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 11:18:32 PM PT

Negative Feed Back

I listed an authentic Louis Vuitton Sully PM bag and it is an authentic bag. However, someone reported it and now my listing is removed and I am being banned from selling for 7 days. How can I get this ban lifted as this is an authentic bag? Do they accept authentication letter from 3rd party authenticator? I do not mind paying if eBay will take that as a proof. Attached pictures shown the bag is authentic. I guess the plastic wrap that the sales associate usually cut off before displaying or selling is left on and whoever that does not know reported this bag as fake but it is not true. Please help. Thanks!

Fashion discussion

This is a first on all my years of ebay.  Someone bought a piece of Indian pottery from me. I packed it in airbags, then padded with bubble paper and styrofoam, and sent in a large enough box so that there was plenty of room surrounding the item.  I sent it priority to cut down on the number of days in the mail stream.  I even refunded $1.50 in postage to pass along some of my savings (of course, this went without any acknoiwledgment).  I always check delivery and saw that it had been received.


My husband and I went on vacation, and when I got back (about 12 days after the item was fist mailed), the person retrieving my mail had put the package with my other mail.  I looked and the package had "Refusd" written on the top.  I opened the package and there was the indian pot, as packed and unbroken.  I wrote the seller asking- what happened, since I hadn't a clue from any communications that it was headed back my way. Got back a bizarre reply:  "The shipping box was pretty beat up.  Look like the pot could be damaged!  Was advised to return."  Now, there were dents on the box, but some of these were pre-existing because I recycle, and there were no deep or penetrating impacts.  And the item was not broken when returned to me.  I went ahead and refunded the amount of the item, but told him that because he had made the choice to refuse the shipment, that I could not refund shipping since I had fulfilled my obligation in delivering it to his address.  He wrote back to thank me for the item refund, but then  said "I don't think I should have to pay the shipping as the box was really not in good condition and the item could have been damaged." Then told me he still wants the item (no offer to pay postage).  I wrote back and explained that he would have had a full refund if he had opened the item and it was broken, and that US postal insurance would have covered it, but that it was his choice not to do that and I should not have to bear the cost of postage out of my own pocket.  I have now received an email that what goes around comes around and that a "good positive rating is always good for the seller."  He then tells me he always takes care of the buyer no matter what the issue might be.  (This is an interesting comment, since he has NO feedback left for him as a seller and does not appear to sell on eBay).  He threatens to contact paypal and ebay, and I have assured him that they will likely listen to me too.


At this point, even if he offered extra postage to resend, I wouldn't.  It sort of falls within the zone of "fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  I predict that if I were stupid enough to remail it, then he would comb the item for the least little item and take the position that a full refund was in order for something "undisclosed."  Wish I had waited to leave feedback but I generally do it once an item is received.

Selling discussion

Hello All,


I have been scammed for the first time in 15 years on eBay.  

Seller sent me a tracking number to an address that didn't exist on my block and it was not delivered and sent back to him.


 He sent it again w/ a new tracking # to the wrong address, (fake name too) and it shows as delivered..

The post office was able to track it by the conf. # and I quickly picked up the empty, flimsy envelope.  It was stuffed with paper.


I reported the incldent to Ebay and they opened a return request for me and are giving him 3 days to respond.  I also left neg. feedback.  What will stop this guy from doing it again?  How to I report him so there are some sort of consequences rather than just a return request?  Would it be advisable to open a police report?


Thanks in advance for advice.

Bidding & Buying discussion

I put this on yesterday but it mysteriously disappeared. Things don't just disappear unless they are removed. Had buyer claim "not as described: and wrote seller did nothing wrong but the color didn't match what she wanted. So Ebay offers me only 2 choices: return all monies immediately or pay for her return shipping when it was obviously a case of seller remorse. Right away a defect occurs. I called to have it removed and defect rep said that once anything is escalated NOW a defect occurs irregardless of the reason. The Ebay rep  escalated it and I get a defect. Defect rep said Ebay doesn't want to have to deal with escalated cases. SO BEWARE SELLERS. Escalation is ONLY for buyers!! I mentioned that's one reason TRS are leaving by the droves and Ebay stock is dropping. He actually chuckled and admitted it was true but nothing could be done. Funny thing is that the same thing occurred in my other store and thedefect was removed. Go figure.

Selling discussion

Why can a seller block a buyer, but not the other way around?  It is unfair.  There are several sellers I do not wish to ever see again, but I have to go around the hills to limit my exposure to them, but each and every day I am confronted by them on my home page, because even though I have blocked them in my searches, the still appear on the home page.


I should have the right to just clock them, and never see them again, sellers have the right to do it to buyers, I can't beleive we have to keep asking for this. Many people have profoundly valid reasons why they would never want to deal with a seller again, why are we not taken seriously?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Let it be known to all sellers and buyers.

As of this moment, I have ceased buying from eBay and will no longer make sales or purchases from eBay until the Hillary Clinton ads stop appearing on my eBay browser. 

If they don't go away within one month, I will be permanantly finished with eBay and will seek other venues for my purchases.

I consider eBay an escape from the current political climate. Politics do not belong here from any side but knowing what I know about Hillary,

I can not nor will not involve myself with her or any supporter/advertiser.

The very sight of that woman revolts me to the core.

Few people today stand up for their beliefs. I remain one of the few.


My Account discussion

Jul 23, 2016 7:29:25 PM PT

eBay Ads

So according to the Paypal supervisor I talk to over the phone, Paypal WILL not honor any [new] gift card that had been sold and shipped on eBay platform, with or without shipping track number, if the Paypal account that had been used, used by an identity theft or a stolen credit card had been used through the paypal. Evantually, a reverse of the transaction will happen and the seller will get no componsation at all! Paypal will not even notify eBay about what happen or the reason for reversing the transaction.


I'm waiting for eBay response, regarding the level of protection, which doesn't look encouraging.


Now Paypal and eBay are no longer sisters companies. So things could be changed in one without the other one being totified. Meaning, one may secrew the other while the other one may deny any fault. Ebay is allowing to sell gift cards and claiming all protection to both parties, seller and buyer, if and only if they both follow specific procedures such as shipping with a track number, using eBay postage print system and/or using shipping insurance/signature confirmation and so...

However, Paypal said, as I mentioned above, its policy regarding Gift Cards doesn't make any difference if you shipped with tracking number or not!


So until this case is clarified to the favor of the seller's protection, I recommend any seller to sell NO gift card at all because PayPal won't honor the earlier transaction AND WILL REVERSE it AND will overdraw your physical bank account BECAUSE, you was honest and loyal for years while Paypal did nothing to make sure that you are in protection to make eBay a safe environment.


Any comment in this matter?


P.S: Both companies denied any responsibility and claimed that it is not their responsibility to clarify who is who when someone open a paypal account. Both recommended in this scam case to contact local law enforcement, which they can't do anything but to give you the famouse & useless WWW.IC3.com website to report to the FBI since it's a cyber crime!!!!!!

Selling discussion

I have never been asked to call a buyer. Is this normal??

Bidding & Buying discussion

On July 4th I sold an iPod Touch to a guest buyer.  The buyer received the iPod touch (along with a couple cases and a charger) a few days later and filed an “empty box “ SNAD claim.


I called eBay and got the "we give the buyer the benefit of the doubt" and "this is the risk of selling on-line" routines.  I called Paypal- no help.

I ultimately lost the case and filed an appeal.


In my appeal I referred to the User Agreement.  Hopefully, this can help others  .Here is the text of my appeal.


“I feel eBay is in violation of the eBay User Agreement. Under Section: Policy Enforcement,  it states: When a buyer or seller issue arises, we may consider the user s performance history and the specific circumstances in applying our policies. We may choose to be more lenient with policy enforcement in an effort to do the right thing for both buyers and sellers.


This buyer was a guest with -0- history and claimed the Empty Box Claim. I have 11 years on this ebay account and over 2500 feedback score. I am a Top Rated seller. When one googles "ebay buyer claims not received item empty box"

https: www.google.com/search?q=ebay+buyer+claims+not+received+item+empty+box&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 E

You get over 500,000 hits. This is a well known scam and the buyer played it perfectly as eBay looks the other way on this. Also, your agent claimed that eBay gives the buyer the benefit of the doubt . I don t find that provision in your user agreement. Please let me know if (Buyer’s email address redacted)@hotmail.com has active eBay accounts under various user names. If so, please provide me with those user names. This is allowable under the privacy policy.”



This morning I wake up to the following e-mail from eBay:

Thank you for contacting us about case XXXXXXXXXXXX for the following item:

XXXXXXXXX - Apple iPod touch 5th Generation Space Gray (32GB) Bundle with Survivor case!

We've reviewed your concerns and have reversed the outcome of the case. Within 48 hours, we'll credit the PayPal account used to provide reimbursement for this case. If you used another payment method, please open a PayPal account with the email address we have on file. This will enable you to claim your money.

The money hit my PP account about an hour later!

Selling discussion

Jul 25, 2016 3:30:52 AM PT

Won my appeal!!

So I have Duck Dynasty on for background noise, don't know if it's a rerun or what (don't typically watch the show).  Anyway, on this episode Kay, the matriach, has just learned how to use ebay and has a developed an overspending habit.  She's buying vintage and OOAK things. Overall, it's a good plug and free press for ebay.  Reminds people ebay is still here to shop on.


Anyone watching or seen this episdoe before?

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 5:54:24 PM PT

Duck Dynasty = EBAY

For those who have merchant PayPal pricing, that is going to change.

I received this little jewel from PayPal today:


"Beginning on August 22, 2016 we are simplifying the prices we charge for PayPal transactions and will be removing tiered merchant rates on US domestic and international purchase payments.  If you are currently receiving a merchant volume discount, this will result in an increase to your rate.  Your new rate will be the standard rate of 2.9% + $0.30 USD for domestic transactions and 3.9% + fixed fee* for international transactions.  Please note that your current card-processing rates on PayPal Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal** will not change at this time.

We value our partnership with you, and are committed to delivering value to you in many forms.PayPal Seller Protection and our fraud detection capabilities help shield you from losses so that you can sell with more confidence.  We help you drive improved customer conversions and order value by offering PayPal Credit and PayPal Working Capital lets you easily apply for loans that can help grow your business.  And to drive customer base growth, you have access to sales tools for cross border selling, making it easier to sell internationally.
Thank you for being a PayPal customer.  We appreciate your business.
Every thime I receive an email like this I know it is going to be bad without even reading it.
Anytime things are "simplified" or "improved" it is never a good thing......
Wanna bet the big box stores are still getting discounts????
And yes, this is a posting ID.

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 3:05:21 PM PT

PayPal rate change.


I am hoping someone here can help me.  I was contacted today by one of my recent customers.  She said she received a different item than the one she purchased.  I told her to return it and I would send the correct item.  She said I must send her a shipping label she will not use her own money.   


I contacted Ebay and the rep instructed me to print a return label. She told me to take a picture of the label and email it to the buyer. However, the label has todays date.  So I will have  to void it.  Is there a better way to send the label to her.  Mailing it will take too long. This was another suggestion Ebay rep gave me.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 9:19:30 PM PT

Buyer received wrong item.

Good morning.  I've seen posters here give other posters stats re: their sales and listings.  I am trying to figure out why my sales have taken a serious nosedive this week after a few weeks of decent sales.  I feel like my listings are suddenly not being seen again.  Can someone advise how I extrapolate the data on listings and sales so I can make sense of this?  Thanks so much in advance.

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 6:08:33 AM PT


Wondering if anyone out there has had something like this happen. I had someone purchase something 6/10/16.  Item paid for and shipped same day. Shipping, with tracking purchased direct through ebay. Item shows delivered on 6/13/16. Buyer did not contact me until 30+ days after item shipped/received, now requesting full refund.  What would you do?  I have resent tracking info, checked with USPS. All shows delivered.

Selling discussion

Good grief, this is just not my week.


I have just gotten an email letting me know that a buyer has requested a return.  The reason being that the piece is flawed.  It does not appear that a case has been opened, just the return request.


Would someone be so kind as to walk me though this so I don't make a mistake?



Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 5:25:38 PM PT

My very first return requested.

Hi.  I ordered an item on July 19th that was supposed to be out for delivery on the 22nd at 10:12 a.m.  When I checked again later it said Tendered to final delivery agent at 11:13 am and the top part says delivered to agent.  What does this mean?  Where did my package go?  How can I fix this problem????

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 9:42:11 PM PT

Tracking info: delivered to agent

Avoid sellers who have multiple good reviews from sellers that appear to be from "China" and the reviews are in the last day!  I got scammed by demontgidding0 (item: 142035408357) recently who won an iphone 5 I was selling, I shipped the item without payment, then was never paid.  I know, I was stupid!  But I was headed out of country for two weeks and I didn't want to be a bad seller. 

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 6:16:04 AM PT

Buyer Scams

Hello. My July sales have been decent but I've noticed about 10% of my listings have zero views.  I know it's the slow season but have the bots went on vacation too? Usually when I list an item, I get one or two instant views and always figured the bots are checking for violations.  These are new listings, not relists.  Anyone else noticing zero views?

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 12:32:50 PM PT

Zero views, not even a bot

Let me start out by saying that I'm fairly new to ebay selling. It's not my job.  I don't really sell much. I'm merely attempting to clear out some closet space in my house from years of collecting things.  Buyers pay for shipping the items I sell.  I do not purchase the shipping directly from ebay in an attempt to save ink/paper/etc etc in my home office. I go to the post office and pay for shipping there out of my own pocket with the notion that I'll be reimbursed once paypal transfers the money into my bank account.  I'm starting to wonder at this point if I'm getting the short of the stick by doing it this way?  


I know that I'm being charged a final value fee and postage fee from ebay to start with, then the paypal fee. So I'm lucky to get the actual cost of the item sent to me by the time it's all over.  


Is there a better way?? 


Should I be buying the postage from ebay directly??


Addtionally, it appears that my seller fees have increased all of a sudden and do not coordinate with my sales.  Did ebay raise their rates?


Thank You!!!



My Account discussion

Jul 22, 2016 3:09:12 PM PT

Seller Fees & Postage - double whammy?

I am so frustrated! I always schedule my auctions to end at 6 pm (PST) on Sundays. Well, I listed 9 items last week and set them all to end at this time. They all showed up for auction last Sunday shortly after 6 pm. Now when I checked them this morning, 7 of the 9 are set to end tomorrow at noon. I called Ebay and they said they would check with their tech team. I absolutely know I did not make an error, as I would have physically had to set each auction to end at noon not 6 pm. I may be dense, but I am not that dense. Has this happened to anyone else? Ebay is a total mess.


Thanks ~ Chris

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 1:14:36 PM PT

Scheduled auction end time changed by Ebay

I've heard many stories that GSP (Global Shipping Program) repackages your items when it receives them, then sends it off to the actual destination. I would like to know anyone really knows this is true or not, and how their repackaging procedures are? If not, do they just use same padding/box you sent them?


I know for a fact that when I package my items for GSP, I make sure it has enough padding and protection to ensure it won't get damaged going such long distances. I would hate for GSP to take out all that padding/protection and attempt to use their own.

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 10:43:06 PM PT

Does GSP repackage your items?

A COUPLE from St Austell who added popular logos such as Hello Kitty and Fireman Sam onto goods they were selling through their eBay shop have been ordered to pay up for illegally using the trademarks.

John Washbrook and Wendy Ann Sisely, who lived in Ashley Close, Penwithick before moving to Wales admitted adding registered trademarks to more than 2,000 items sold through their online shop Wendy's World when they appeared at Truro Crown Court on Monday.

The couple chose popular children's logos and designs and added them to T-shirts, aprons, drinks bottles and other giftware sold, but the trademark owners for Hello Kitty, Batman, Fireman Sam, Spongebob Squarepants and Tom & Jerry all confirmed that Washbrook and Sisely were not licensed or authorised to use their designs.

The court heard that between February 2012 and December 2013 the couple sold more than 18,000 items and admitted that more than 2,000 of them bore the illegal marks.

They were ordered to complete 75 hours of unpaid community service and to pay £5,000 towards the prosecution costs.

Sisely was also ordered to forfeit £23,477 under the Proceeds of Crime Act and the pair will have to pay their own legal fees of more than £8.000.

Full article at the link:

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 4:24:23 PM PT

eBay Seller Fined For Trademark Violations

I took ebay's suggestion to offer some of my items that weren't selling with free shipping.


Unfortunately, I found I wasn't careful enough in checking my numbers first, and I lost money on a couple of sales because the shipping and the fees ended up eating up all or most of my profit.


So I went back and changed the listing I lost money on, but ebay noted I still have one other item listed for free shipping somewhere. I don't remember which one it was and I have a lot of items listed.


Is there a quick and easy way to find which one it is?

Selling discussion

after winning an item last night seller relists it. Emailed and said whats up and they said they had a lot of them.

Does this seem like fraud because I don't know what kind of phone I'm gonna get because it's not the one in the pic.

Since the pic wasn't a commericail image, but a phone sitting on a table.



Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 5:08:06 PM PT

Auction picture not what I bought

has been stuck at a post office for several days? I have an item that has been stuck at the Memphis PO since 7/17. Who do i call?

Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 7:13:32 AM PT

Who do you contact when an item . . .

The post office now offers increased weight for first class postage.  I don't see it in Turbolister or elsewhere on ebay.  Is it offered here?  Do we have to use some other service to get this increased weight for out packages?  If some other place, do they sync with ebay for auto-upload of tracking numbers. So, what's the story?

Selling discussion

Is it possible to block a seller so they do charge back a refund from your paypal account?


My Account discussion

Jul 22, 2016 5:34:58 PM PT

Account Charge

So I recently sold an iPhone 5s and described it as used and pictured a chip that was in one of the corners the phone had a clean icloud and a clean imei. They buyer waited 2 weeks than he requested a refund saying the item was defective but it's not he returned it cause eBay ruled in his favor and the device is exactly the way I described and it works fine. I have not issued the refund I haver à négative PayPal balance cause I don't have the money to refund the buyer but I don't know what to do the phone is fine and the buyer is saying that it doesn't work right so eBay ruled in his favor but that makes no sense the phone was exactly as described I don't know what to do can someone please give me some advice as what to do. Please and thank you

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 22, 2016 1:57:02 PM PT

Buyer is trying to scam me

Hello,   I used to sell all kinds of items on ebay since 1999 when I got my 1st computer!,

I'm a little rusty, and I have lots to sell! 

Can someone give mewhat the HTML would be for:    "Hit this link to view my other auctions."

My user id is:de-bey           Thank-you.


Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 6:43:07 PM PT

Kinda stale at selling!

I just looked up the possibility of Ebay coverage of items that were _delivered but stolen_ before taking possession. The answer is that there is *No Coverage* by Ebay for such a contingency! Well, I don't blame them, and it stands to reason. Can you imagine the cost to Ebay for such a coverage?!  


I had 3 little packages stolen from my curbside mail box on July 5, 2016. Altogether, they were worth under $100.oo. So, I am out the money. Every time I think about it I get so frustrated because there is nothing to be done! It is not just the money I lost though. It was the uniqueness of two of the items that I am struggling to find again! Can't really be done! The sellers have been nothing but concerned and kind about my loss. One women even sent me a replacement of an item that was new and not a fortune. So nice of her! Another has said that she will keep an eye out for similar items and let me know about them. Really thoughtful!


BUT, I have now come to appreciate the necessity of the coverages available from the Post Office. I never thought I needed it before. I just really appreciated the least expensive amount possible for S&H. I still do, /_but_ /. . . I am now asking sellers to add the cost of a*Required Signature* for the mail carrier to deliver the package. It is not the exact thing as insurance, /and/ it is not very expensive either! But here is a link to the USPS additional services.




Every seller has their own shipping preferences, obviously. Some may simply use one of the other delivery companies. But most of my items that are domestic purchases are sent USPS. International packages that come via USPS can also require a delivery to the door or you can pick it up at your route's Post Office location if you are not at home.


I may get more relaxed about this in the future. But right now I am leaning more towards being hypervigilante, if not downright paranoid! So, I thought I would pass this onto anyone else who has been in the same boat, or anyone who is thinking ahead of such possibilities. Good Luck!


Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 23, 2016 1:09:39 PM PT

"Mail Theft"... Get Postal Coverage

In my last go-around with auctions I had many end unsold Sunday night. Are enough people returning from weekend activities and too busy/tired to bother shopping online? Or do you find that the conventional wisdom about Sunday being a good end day to still be true?

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 2:10:07 PM PT

Sunday ending time?

Hello,   I used to sell all kinds of items on ebay since 1999 when I got my 1st computer!,

I'm a little rusty, and I have lots to sell! 

Can someone give mewhat the HTML would be for:    "Hit this link to view my other auctions."

My user id is:de-bey           Thank-you.


Selling discussion

Jul 23, 2016 6:50:08 PM PT

question about HTML

Unable to buy because seller blocks unqualified buyers, however I have a 100% rating. Any "non-pays" have been for mistakes on part of seller (she was not set up correctly) or refunded by seller or refunded by ebay.  So I tried to contact this seller who blocked me as unqualified and surprise  surprise they are incommunicado.  Any advise?

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I Purchased a press for these people, the press did not last a month, when ask seller about replacement under warranty the seller was extremely rude, stated that there is no warranties and that i can buy another one or take my business elsewhere. I did not want to argue and left it at that, i then purchased another press from his website and after paying for the press i noticed i was charged for shipping, I then asked him why was i charged for shipping and sent him a screenshot from the item on his website that states free shipping, GUY issued a refund, told me that he doesnt have time for this and threaten to call the police on me, stated that i was a drug dealer and that he knew where i lived. People like these should NOT be allowed to sell on ebay.


Bidding & Buying discussion

My item just ended for a $10 Subway gift card and the guy who scammed me before just won the bid. A few months ago, I sold him a Subway and a Kohl's gift card. I did not use tracking and he claimed he never received the gift cards. He filed a dispute and won the case and I lost $50. I believe he is still scamming. His Ebay is private so you can't see his feedback. I'm sure he has scammed many other people out of gift cards as well. He has not yet paid me, but when he does, what should I do? Should I refund him his money or use tracking this time? I really don't want to sell him another gift card after what he did to me before. He doesn't respond to messages. All he does is say that he never received the gift cards. 

My Account discussion

If the seller stars are figured in 1/10ths, then the buyers must be able to leave star ratings in 1/10ths, otherwise the data is bogus.

It takes 10********** 5 star ratings to make up for ONE 4 star rating. ( which Ebay labels as "good", by the way.)


Selling discussion

Jul 24, 2016 8:08:15 AM PT

Star ratings

I was reading an article that lead me to this website, http://www30.userexp.co/ which is a User Experience Tool. I don't know much about it or the reliability of the information I'm seeing, so I thought I would turn to the more experienced members and see what you guys think. It's tons of info about eBay.com I just don't know how reliable, like I said.

Here's the link that pulls up the info for eBay specifically:


I was especially interested in the Alexa charts and what it showed for the traffic graph Oct 2015 to July 2016.

^^^^ Just a small portion of the info given. Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy

Selling discussion

Jul 24, 2016 2:51:24 AM PT

Help With This Information


Technical Issues discussion

Jul 23, 2016 1:52:28 PM PT


I have it beside my unsername but guess it isn't actually activated because I don't offer refunds and never will offer 30 day refunds. Will it even matter if I lose being  a "Power Seller"?

Selling discussion

I think this question has been mostly answered in other posts so this story will seem pretty familiar.  I sold an item to someone who is now claiming they never recieved it even though tracking shows it has been delivered.  Not only that, but I called their post office and got confirmation that the item was delivered and geolocated to their address by the postal worker himself.  Have any of you had to deal with this and would it be better to give the refund to avoid the negative feedback for something worth $50?

Selling discussion

I keep having to relist my product that I am selling (it is a pc motherboard and cpu) and changing due date times from 5 days to 30 days to 10 days. I sold the similar product the day before and it got 71+ views and 3 watchers in 2 hours but the lising disappeared. Now I got 8 in a span of 9 hours

Selling discussion

Jul 22, 2016 1:53:01 PM PT

No one viewing my product. *Please help.*

answered question.

Selling discussion

Hi, everyone


I bought an item from eBay and it has 2-3 differences from the pictures and description a seller uploaded.

Also he described item location is in Australia, but it came from China.


So I requested return, but the seller said he will accept my return if I pay for shipping cost. Of course he said I can get shipping cost back from Paypal.



In this case what's the best way to solve the problem?


1. Contact to eBay

2. Just do what the seller said and get money back from Paypal



Help me guys.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Seems the boards are the only thing I can do on ebay today.


Listing is wonky again.  Wouldn't save anything for me, so out of frustration I clicked Save for Later on a few I was attempting.  Went back in to complete draft and everything was gone that I had done.....ugh.  I managed to do 2.  Oh hallelujah.  


Photos take forever to load.


I can't do searches either without getting the never ending blue circle of doom


And yep, I have cleared cookies, cache, all of that as well as trying different browsers.  Was kind of excited to get some listings done today, since I haven't listed much for a few months after my big move.  Even got my ebay room organized yesterday!  Woo hoo.


Oh darn it all anyhow.  Maybe I should just get a glass of wine.  (or is it whine?)





Selling discussion

Jul 24, 2016 1:42:54 PM PT

What the Hay is wrong with the Bay today?

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