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The eBay Community

I have this fleece jacket by Chaps.  Size says L (16-18).  

Pit to pit measurement is 19".  Checked mens sizing but mens is around 22"-24"

so could it be womens or youth?   Thanks for your help.  Here are the pics:   









Selling discussion

Nov 29, 2015 8:55:14 AM PT

Is this Chaps jacket womens, mens or youth?


i bought this item from some antique in york last week but im not sure that is real alexander the great coin or not. Please help me Thank you a lot.

Antiques discussion

I couldnt find anything on google.

Cannot even figure what it says.

Underneath written something like well569.1.04.1

Please help



Collectibles & Art discussion

I'm having trouble with a listing that I would like to ship to US and Japan only.  When I check shipping it only gives a US option.  Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong?  TIA


Here's the listing number:  151896152432




Screen shot of list it yourself page.  I tried to click on Japan in the "Require buyers to contact you" section but it won't stay clicked after I revise.  I guess I need to click somewhere else but I don't know where.  This is the only listing I want to open to Japan. 



Selling question


Can anyone tell if these are falus coins on these cufflinks?
Thank you Thank you




Coins & Paper Money discussion

Nov 28, 2015 12:26:41 PM PT

are these Falus coins?

Do you know the name of this pattern? Thanks very much!



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Nov 29, 2015 4:08:23 PM PT


I purchased this pre-owned coach Backback here off eBay from a very unprofessional, rude seller. The listing had 2 pics, and only a few words in the description. I recieved the backpack, there was stains ALL over it, literally everywhere. I contacted the seller, asked what's up with the stains ect. She replied with "I NEVVERRR said there were NO STAINS, that's why you only got it for $50." I replied with something like, "I will act like you just don't know any better since that's how you responded, but it doesn't matter what you DONT say in the description, it's about what you DO SAY. There's a million and one things that DONT happen to a bag, like a cat living in the bag, a muffin, a blue smurf, doesn't mean a, those things will show up in the bag. it's not the buyers responsibility to read your mind and just assume that what you don't put in the listing, means that's what's wrong with it, since it can be anything, we are not psycic" She is kind of dumb, I know... And I know when I return it, she will do the same thing to the next seller. I opened a item not described case, she said she refunded me and lied, then stopped responding so I won it, and they want me to return it. I don't want to return it to her since she doesn't desevre to sell it again and screw someone else over. I want to know if this bag is fake, if it's not, I will sell it. I have already listed it because I only have till the first to return it to her. So if I find out it's fake, I will take it down immediatley. Someone tell me if its fake! I hear if there's the subs true CC on both the inside and outside it's fake, this true? No exceptions? The serial number or w.e it's called on the inside creed is No A2J- 6094

Fashion discussion

I accept best offers to give buyers an even better deal on my items. Lately and it probably do to the economy the buyer doesn't pay and I don't get it.. why bother with a best offer if the buyer won't follow through? Then a case is opened and the buyer gets reported.


If the original listing had "immediate payment required" so should the best offer. Otherwise there is no point in accepting the offer. In the last month 3 non paying buyers with fairly substantial amounts each.   Sellers have guidelines to follow, in the same respect so should the buyer's.  Many times after accepting the offer no further action by the buyer is done. This is running rampant not just on my items but look at all the other threads being written,  again probably do to the economy.


In the mean time No response to invoice sent, or follow up emails, then eBay sends a reminder 4 days later if no payment is made, then seller has to wait another 4 days to get paid or a non payment strike is given.  While in the mean time the listing sits off line until 8 days have past in order to get paid or to re-list the item. Since your listing goes offline, no one sees it and you can't re-list it.


I think that if your listing had a BIN and "required" immediate payment then best offer accepted should require immediate payment as well if the buyer made an offer that was accepted by the seller. Understandably  Not everyone lives on eBay like sellers do 24/7, so  a 24 hour leeway would be acceptable facilitating time difference and locations of the buyer.  However, most everyone is on line these days all the time, I can't remember when I have not seen a person with a device attached to their hand.   I would think if a buyer made an offer and it was accepted they would be waiting for the acceptance notice and react to the email "eBay" sends them informing them that their offer was accepted,  not to forget the email invoice sent by the seller.  


 Regardless of which notice the buyer gets, the buyer should follow through within the next 24 hours, not 8 days or never. And which could mean Your item is put on hold if not paid, for up to 8 days.  The buyer should have the curtsy to contact the seller if a delay is needed or if they have a change of heart and can't make the payment,  other wise it is totally unacceptable. There is no recourse action taken on a non paying bidder (NPB) unless 2 or more different sellers are affected by a NPB.  Then eBay decides what action will be taken and I really could care less what eBay dose to them,  myself I block them but my list is getting bigger and bigger each month. If it continues, I will drop the make an offer from my listings lose of sales, is better then no sales do to NPD's.  At least with immediate payment the transaction will go though.  But watch out for the bogus return request!!

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 4:25:09 AM PT



Buyer wants me to ship a 200 dollar phone to a locker service. That company will then ship the item to them in the Dominican Republic.


Buyer has made arrangements with the second shipping company. All I have to do is ship it to them.

I am afraid if the item is damaged when shipped by the second company, I will end up being responsible. 


 Item is paid and I said yes to his request, but now I have doubts. What should I do?


Thank you

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 28, 2015 2:37:06 AM PT

Complicated buyer

they say it's quicker to come here and get an almost immediate answer, so I might be listing some 1st day issue Postal covers and there will be two per sheet, the sheet will be a notebook binder glassine like sheet/protector and will be under 3/8" thick, so will be eligible for shipping large letter format rather than package format, I have almost never used large letter shipping during my ebay career, always have shippedpackages, but mneed to know can a guy get USPS TRACKING NO. using large letter shipping? I won't be using Priority Mail flat rate envelope but will be using my own polky mailers to ship

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 9:46:07 AM PT

Shipping USPS w/ Large Envelope


Scammers are so prevalent here that all the offers I have currently recieved are fraudulent (asking me to text them my Paypal for payment lol). It's also the reason why I do not do auction anymore. 


The item is worth as much as my current bank statement, so I need a guareentee that I will not be scammed by some scammer who says the box is empty or whatnot. Thus, I am willing to take great precautions to minimize that risk. And yes, this actually does happen quite often, especially for expensive items.


Granted, it is adult signature and I will be recording myself weighing and putting the item in the box, as well as recording the serial number on the box to ensure that it's valid. This will be done at the post office immediately before handing it to the post office. I may even try to get a few signatures lol. I wish I can actually force the buyer to open the package, register the serial, and turn on the laptop before signing for the package.  :/ Even then, PP is dumb egnough to favor the buyer...


However, the problem is that my ratings are low, so I'm not viewed as a "trusted seller" either.. I can understand why people would be skeptical of buying from me. The whole system is a failure in my opinion, because there is no real way to distinguish a fraudulent claim from a legitament one. 


Furthermore, PP and ebay favors higher reputation, so it is even easier for the "trusted" guy to scam me. By the sole merit of reputation, Paypal will favor them in a dispute.  What should I do? Should I sell this item locally? 


Any advice on carriar options? I am currently using USPS, but I will change it to whatever carriar favors the seller in the case of an claim. 

Buying & Selling Basics question

Hey all! 


So, in the past few months I've found a couple of people using my photos as their own main photo, when listing the same items.


Today I found one by chance, because I did an eBay search of the brand Corey Lynn Calter, I happened to run across someone else's listing of a top that I also sold recently, but the picture is mine. I mean, I take my pics on a hanging bust in my dining room-I know my pictures, you know?? I clicked on it and double checked, and yes they are mine. 


Anyway, my listing is over, but it does annoy me. What are your thoughts on this? Would you say something? Or should I just move on? 


No I don't have any kind of watermark. No my pics are not anything super fancy-or special, but I do take a lot of time taking them. 


Please no negativity, just curious about other seller's thoughts! Thank you!

Selling discussion

Nov 29, 2015 2:53:57 PM PT

When someone uses your pictures...

hi,, i have an easy 14 day hassle free return.. but i had a buyer try and return something on the 30th day(raised a red flag,like she was trying to game the system,thinking it was 30 day return policy)...  


in her return request,, she clearly states she changed her mind,, and that the seller was great,, .. i called ebay and they said i can deny the return, and won't be penalized because it's outside my return period..



ok,, so i know to be wary of her trying to open a paypal claim,, but i beleive because she didn't say it was not as described, and clearly was happy with my communication and service.. paypal should deny her claim,,if she tries to open one... 


anything else i'm  missing??


i don't know why she waited til the 30th day,, she communicated with me soon after the sale and asked for a partial refund.. because she's not sure she likes it.. i told her i would give her a 10 dollar refund, or she can return it under my return policy..   


then i heard nothing until today,,which is the 30 th day after she purchased,, 24th day after she received it...


thanks in advance,, im trying to preemtively  cross my t's and dot my i.. so to speak..

Selling discussion

Nov 29, 2015 4:19:03 PM PT

denying a return, how to cover myself

I need the sellers cancel the ghost rider.

My Account discussion

This is probably the third time I've run into this now, and it's starting to get on my nerves.  The first time was a seller in Singapore who charged the international  flat rate for a record (as in an old 78) which was about $4.50, then turned around and said he needed $30 after the sale which I refused.  His excuse was Ebay had him "listed wrong" even though he had dozens of items for sale, and it was all my fault as I was supposed to wait for an invoice.  (????)


Now it's a US seller who had a radio (old tube type) for sale, which had a calculated price of $13.20  That seemed really good, but not unrealistic.  First thing the seller asks is am I going to pick it up (from 800 miles away) and then wonders how I was able to get a shipping cost, and finally said he/she would query shipping companies.  This thing is not that big or heavy.


If I'm able to close a sale and calculate the shipping, can a seller really decide later it needs to be more--as in they knew it would be a lot more than a default amount, and should never have listed it that way?  Literally all this person had said in the auction was "buyer responsible for shipping."


Second, if I'm not prompted to ask for a total and can still checkout, can a seller still get away with insisting I should have asked for an invoice/total? 


And lastly, is there anywhere in Ebay's policies that tells someone they can't have the auction set one shipping price and then decide later it's another higher price? 


It's not like a seller lists a price in good faith and then goes to the post office and finds out it can't be shipped by them and has to go by a truck, this seems to be a really blatant  cheap shipping price per Ebay's system and then, "well, despite whatever Ebay suad, the actual cost is going to be more, you should have realized that."  And it's also not "Well I thought it would be $3.00 and it's $4.50," the Singapore seller wanted several times what the original shipping cost would be, and this person seems likely to do the same.


And even if it does comes down to the seller won't budge, how can it be handled via Ebay that suddenly that steal at $100 is now going to be $150?  I don't like the idea of paying one price via Ebay and then more via seaprate Paypal invoice. 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 27, 2015 9:59:29 PM PT

Changing shipping costs after the sale

I have a question now for my fellow sellers. I and my neighbor order quite a few things from A and I hate the thought of throwing out those boxes.


I have seen quite a few threads by buyers miffed that they bought something on eBay but it was shipped from Amazon. So worried that a buyer might think I was drop shipping, (not that there's anything wrong with that) I have been hesitant to recycle the Amazon boxes for my sales. Most of mine go in Priority boxes but for the ones that don't fit in the FRB, I would like to reuse the ones from A. They're really nice sturdy boxes.


Anybody had any negative reaction from a buyer for doing that?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 28, 2015 8:53:35 PM PT

On reusing Amazon boxes

I'm looking to buy a certain item which the seller offers "No returns or exchanges" for, but it is covered with the eBay Money Back Guarantee.


Now, if I buy the item and it turns out to be faulty, and since the seller doesn't accept returns, does it mean I should contact eBay first?


The problem is that ebay says in case of problems we should contact the seller first, but he/she isn't accepting returns in the first place, so how should I approach this situation?


I'm really interested in buying the item but the "no return" thing is making me nervous.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Hello.  I just received payment from a buyer in the form of an e-check, though it was through paypal.  I didn't even know this was a method of paying so I am thrown a little for a loop.  It says the check will take 5-6 days to clear.  


The question I have is do you always wait for it to clear to send or do you send presuming it's a safe bet that it will clear?  The buyer has had the account since 2011 and has over 1600 feedback.


I would like to drop them off at the PO tomorrow morning but not if it's considered too risky,

Selling discussion

Nov 29, 2015 1:20:40 PM PT

E-check 5-6 days to clear

Selling discussion

...of course they didn't pay and I was refunded the FVF.


I now am over my 6k sales limit and cannot relist the PS4, and in addition, my account has basically been frozen for the entirety of the christmas season.

Is there anything I can do?

Selling discussion

Nov 29, 2015 5:38:27 PM PT

Someone placed a bid on my PS4 for $6300...

Just as it says in the subject line. Can you still receive messages from a blocked bidder?

Bidding & Buying question


Does anyone know what this is? It appears to be some type of jewelry, but the chains aren't long enough to go around a wrist. It opens and closes with a hinge. Is it for hair?

Thank you!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Nov 27, 2015 7:42:04 PM PT

Help identify vintage jewelry item

do i have to open a paypal account to buy and sell ??

Payments question

I have sent items to a different address before but it won't let me do it this time. I get a message saying invalid adress and it won't let me go ahead and do it. Did something change? Is there a way around this. I know it will void seller protection but it is a low cost item and I would like to not upset the buyer who claims this has not been an issue for them before. Last time I had the buyer temporarily change the address on PP and it went fine. I am worried this buyer won't do that and then be upset with me. How should I handle this ain a way to not get bad FB. should I cancel for address issue? This would make the buyer angry as they have done this several times I am told with no problems.


Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 2:09:27 PM PT

different address

where it said total I put the selling price and it added 30.00   how do I take that off

Getting Started question

I had a listing from last July. I would like to re-list it, but I can't find it in my account. (it only goes back 60 days) Any way to find it and re-list it?

Selling question

Nov 29, 2015 9:55:08 AM PT

Can I revise a listing from 5 months ago?


I am trying to sell a used guitar (2002 Gibson). Have sold 5 others in the past year. I ship to U.S. addresses only. This time listing is blocked by an error 240, "may be listing an item that contains wood that is restricted for export, therefore this item is not eligible for shipment through the Global Shipping Program."

I do not use the Global Shipping program. I am an individual, not a business account. After years of legal wrangling, the government CITES enforcement found Gibson was not in violation, and an accommodation was made for individuals owning guitars, as opposed to manufacturers. The guitar fretboard is made of Indian Rosewood, which I don't see on the CITES list, unless it is disguised under an obscure species name. I don't ship overseas. Why is this listing blocked, while others have had no problem?

There are hundreds of used Gibsons currently listed, many of the same model.





Selling question

can i sell my worn high end designer men's underwear briefs and boxer briefs in reg or adult listing?

Selling question

Nov 28, 2015 9:48:32 AM PT

Men's worn underwear

I shipped an item at the beginning of November (from Iowa) and the post office scanned it in but it the scans stopped in Illinois somewhere. The buyer has opened a case since they obviously did not get their item. Am I responsible for the refund or will ebay side with me? I know ebay sides with the buyer most of the time but this is obviously the post office's fault? 

Shipping & Returns question

hello ..i   wrote a wrong carrier on my return details ( i wrote ups   but  my carrier is usps)..how can i fix it??

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 28, 2015 9:49:50 AM PT


How do I adjust the total invoice price.  Buyer & I agreed on an amount for shiiping that is less than what the invoiceshows.  I have tried changing the shipping total & hitting reset but nothing changes,

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 27, 2015 1:20:18 PM PT

howdo I adjust shipping cost on an invoice?

If I use reserve fee, will I be charged if the item doesn't sell?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Nov 29, 2015 12:32:07 AM PT

Reserve Fee

Want to start selling antiques. Where can I find the selling fees?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Nov 28, 2015 6:31:13 PM PT

How do I find sellers fees

I've listed several dozen items using the Quick Listing Tool that I'd now like to sell globally using GSP.  

There doesn't seem to be  a way to dit existing listings into the prgram.

In other words, when I try to edit an item individually, or use the bulk editor, there's no GSP option avaiable.

Must I GSP "opt-in" to get that option? or what am I missing?  Many thanks! 

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 29, 2015 7:11:52 PM PT

Global Selling using the quick listing tool

I have an offer for an item that has already ended.  how do I accept that offer?


Selling question

I have always had to log into paypal before I make a purchase. Now it does not even make me log in. What happened?  I want to login to paypal first and was happy with how checkout was.

My Account question

Payments discussion



I sold 5 tea bags to a customer. The tea return with mention "not called for". I have inform the customer and asked his advise. Refund have not yet been done.


Should I refund back? If the customer want the tea posted again, should I claimed postage 2nd time and how?


Can customer give me negative feedback on this issue?


Thanks to help me out.



Shipping & Returns question

Seems there is very little action this morning (its 11am as I write this on the West Coast), but I am optimistic. It is higher than it has it has been for a few months, getting some views and a few shoppers.


Hoping to clear out some old inventory and Christmas'y toys and stuff.


I can say I was finally able to pick up some stuff I wanted to purchase without too much competition.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 12:04:27 PM PT

How is everyones Black Friday sales so far?

Thsi is a old beautiful cast bronze base. Or at least I think it's bronze. No markings anywhere on it. It looks like one of the sockets have been replaced and I'm not sure that the top is even original. Any information would be greatly appreciatad. Thank you for taking time to help.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Nov 29, 2015 11:54:17 AM PT

Please need help identifying this lamp base.

Selling question

Nov 28, 2015 7:32:03 AM PT

thank you it's been taken care of.....

Did eBay do away with being able to schedule auctions? 

Selling question

Simple question.  How long does a buyer have from the sale date to return an item that they are unhappy with?  The ball is in their court, so to speak.  Just wondering how long I have to wait for them to return it for a full refund.  Thanks!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 29, 2015 8:31:28 AM PT

Unhappy buyer and returns simple questions



I had an order in August, after several weeks it didn't get it. That moment I contacted the seller and the eBay and the eBay Customer Service said there was a problem with the shipping of that item, and the item is at the Global Shipping Program. After a month we contacted, they asked me to update the adress, I did it, and they gave me a tracking number. Waiting, waiting, waiting, after several weeks the item was nowhere. I tried to contact eBay but it's impossible. The website don't give me a mail address or something, and of course I can't see the order/item in the Summary. I can't ask question about the item because I can't choose it on the Help&Contact site!! What can I do at this moment?!?!?!

Shipping & Returns question

can i accept the second buyers offer before i hear from the first offer -counteroffer??

Buying & Selling Basics question

I have always been able to check my Sold - Awaiting shipment page and see the last item I sold on top.  

For the past 2-3 days, it is backwards! It's showing an item I sold Fri afternoon on top and I have to scroll to the bottom to see what I recently sold.

NOT very convenient Ebay!!!    What going on?

Pages dissapearing, items relisting by theirself, Ebay telling me what prices to charge.......


Ebay PLEEZ STOP monkeying with the stuff that works!!!  Especially right before Christmas.  I'd like to be able to at least see at a glance what I just sold instead of having to search for it!      Oh, "search" ..............don't get me started Smiley Frustrated


I KNOW Ebay doesn't read these boards but it feels better just to vent!



I'm not "old" ................. I'm 29 + shipping & handling

Selling question

Nov 29, 2015 9:08:45 AM PT

SOLD - Awaiting shipment all mixed up?

I have an item for sale, which I just put up for auction abotu 30 minutes ago. High bid is $10 thus far. I have a reserve price on the item. I do NOT have a Buy Now option set. (This item will likely sell easly at the reserve price, very possibly for more, based upon Completed Auctions I've researched.)


A viewer just contacted me via eBay, offering to buy it right now for a price considerably lower than my reserve.


I don't feel right about this, but need to find out what's allowed and what's not. 



1. Is it legal for this person to make this kind of offer? It would mean I end the auction early, before pretty much any bidding gets underway and would really cut everyone else out who might be interested. 

2. should I report this to eBay? I feel like I should but need to make sure I'm not over-reacting. 


Help, asap please

Selling question

Each month a Seller is allowed "X" number of listings.  If an Auction ends on an item listed in that month and the item is Relisted does the Relisting count as one of the monthly listing allotments?  I seem to think the answer is yes but want to double check that.

Selling discussion

Nov 28, 2015 6:25:10 PM PT

Monthly Listing Limit question

For simple selling of personal possessions, which type of paypal account is recommended?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Nov 29, 2015 1:29:03 PM PT

eBay and PayPal

I am wondering if eBay should set up "safeguards" for Sellers to protect them against impulse Bidders/Buyers who don't read Item Descriptions before they commit to buying?


(Before a Bidder or Buyer is able to place bids or "Buy It Now", shouldn't eBay have in place a Terms and Conditions clause?)


This is how it can work...


-The Bidder or Buyer sees something he/she is interested in...
-The Bidder places a bid...but before the bid becomes "official," the Bidder must click on the Terms and Conditions box, which reads, "I have read the Sellers's Item Description, and I am aware that this item is, "Used, in vintage condition; cracked on one side, soiled and is yellowing...etc"
-For the Buyer who wants to make an instant purchase, the same Terms and Conditions clause shows up, "I have read the Sellers's Item Description, and I am aware that this item is, "Used, in vintage condition; cracked on one side, soiled and is yellowing...etc" (
The Buyer clicks on "Buy It Now"...read the Terms and Conditions...and accepts these terms by clicking on the box...and then this statement shows up, "You have just agreed to purchase this item...which payment method do you prefer...?")


Hopefully, by accepting and agreeing to a Seller's Terms and Conditions before bidding or buying, will "help" eliminate careless impulse buying, returned items, negative feedback to Sellers and other problems...

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 28, 2015 9:22:32 AM PT

Safeguards for Sellers

For Christmas, I usually buy gifts for my brother and his family.   Can I still get postage thru my paypal account???

Thanks, Fran 

Shipping & Returns question

Once, I had someone open an INR case after 3 weeks. I refunded instantly. I received the item back in the mail a week later "Undeliverable as addressed". So, yes it was my fault. I didn't put the house address on it.


So, since then I have had 3 different buyers send me message or open an INR case. They wait exactly 10 days (which is what I state in the listings..it could take that long for delivery). So, I never not once got any of these items back in the mail. One buyer in particular, I mailed the same cards again this time with tracking...she received it in 4 days.


So, I know for a fact, on those other 3 buyers, I wrote the addresses correct. Checking over and over (return and buyer address). I have actually become ocd with it which is annoying. So, months later, these items haven't come back to me.


My question is: If a stamped letter envelope isn't delivered to the recipient (or something is wrong), will it always come back to me?

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 28, 2015 6:24:44 PM PT

USPS stamped letter mail....

I hace problem to play my oder

Payments discussion

Nov 28, 2015 4:24:29 PM PT

God bless you

Has anybody else having a issues with paying for a item? this the is error message I get.

We are having a technical hiccup and PayPal isn't available right now. You can pay with a credit or debit card instead.

It will let you use a debit or credit card, but thats not working either!

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 28, 2015 8:40:22 AM PT

PayPal not working

Shipping & Returns question

Nov 29, 2015 12:52:11 PM PT

Return and Refund issue

I listed an item for auction.  Do I have to accept the bid at the end of seven days no matter how much it is?

Bidding & Buying question

Nov 28, 2015 6:44:48 PM PT

auction listing

Is this against eBay rules?

I bought an item and paid for it through PayPal and would have been a great deal. I waited for it's arrival but got a message from the seller saying that he couldn't find the item in his inventory. He sent my money back to me immediately. I did a search on the items listing history just by chance. I found that he had sold the item for $9.00 more to somebody else. I also found that he started the listing and ended the listing 37 times within a two month period and sometimes several times in the same day. When I accused him of selling the item from underneath me he said that he must have sold the item and then re-listed it by mistake. He called it an honest mistake. Before we were able to resolve the issue I left a not so good feedback because I felt that I got ripped off even though I did get my money back. Maybe I should feel fortunate for that and comply with his wishes. What do you guys think? 

Selling question

Selling question

Nov 28, 2015 7:34:12 AM PT

thank you it's been taken care of.....

Hi, so user with zero feedback bought my stuff and paid immediately. 


Account name does not make any sence, seems like random SPAM bot and become member from a day when bought item from me.


So what should I do? Send item or cancel the order?

Selling discussion

Nov 28, 2015 11:27:54 AM PT

Buyer with zero feedback

I notice there's a lot of UK sellers who sell pre filled party favor bags. Is it okay to sell these here from the US? Just wondering. Thank you!!

Selling question

Nov 28, 2015 6:52:29 AM PT

can I sell pre filled party favor bags

Is it a real thing? 


In other words, has a dispute ever gone awry insomuch that violence or crime was involved? 


 Even if it was not physical violence, there is so much someone can do with your address and name, from annoying the hell out of you with food deliveries, plummers, spam mail, etc. to sending the swat to your house..


Of course, one should always carry a firearm... 


How do I keep my personal information private on eBay? 

Getting Started question

Nov 28, 2015 12:37:44 PM PT

ebay retaliation? How do I maintain privacy?

There are horrible refresh bugs that are being caused by eBay using a redirect through Cloudfront.net cookies for whatever it is they're using it for. It's forcing eBay to refresh the page when trying to use any of the eBay bulk tools under Selling Manager pages (you'll see cloudfront.net flicker in the address bar). For example, going to eBay Active Listings in Selling Manager and clicking in the search box, selecting an item, etc. forces a page refresh that can even change tab focus to a different eBay bulk page tab you have open. 


If you're trying to type somehting into the Selling Manager search bar immiately after clicking, the first few letters you type are gone. This is ridiculous!


Multiple computers and multiple browsers. Safari is the worst, though, apparently. 


Here's where eBay is redirecting - https://d3b3ehuo35wzeh.cloudfront.net/player/resources/CD/saveCookie.html


Not sure what the heck it is, but it needs to be removed so it's not causing these issues (let alone privacy concern). 

Technical Issues discussion

I'm thinking of upgrading to a basic store.


annual is $16/month

montly is $20/month.


what's the cancellation fee (per month) if I cancel early?


I don't think I'll have to cancel, but if I do, how bad is the fee?


EDIT thanks for the reply.


Of course, all the terms and fees are written exclusively to Ebay's benefit. Gotta pay for all those lawyers to write the terms.

Selling question

I have posted a question - and it was changed between my posting and how it appeared on the board. I wanted to know what to do as a seller when the buyer claimed the the item wasn't as described - despite the fact that it was a vintage doll and I showed it from all sides - and eBay refunded the payment. I got the doll back with a large dog bite to the face that tore into the head. I have an unsalabe doll and no money.

Selling question

Hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to do an online label directly on the USPS website (NOT via PayPal) to an APO box. I don't know where the package is going. Zip is 09128, so I assume it's overseas. Address is APO, AE.  USPS website asks for the country I'm sending to, but I don't know what it is. Can anyone tell me how to do an online label? Also, do I need to to a customs form?


Thanks so much!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Nov 29, 2015 5:50:27 PM PT

how to use online label for APO box

Payments question

I tried to contact that facility, but no one has returned my calls, I understand the want a refund, saying the purchased it for an event earlier in month and that has come and  gone, its has been 20 days since I shipped it, my question is if I just refund the purchase without going thru the ebay resolution center, and when and if the item delivers, does ebay or I ask for them to send the item back to me, or do they just get to keep it, and the refund?  Thanks again I get it that there frustatred and over it, but I'm also not in the business to ship iems for free to buyers just to have.

Shipping & Returns question

how do i chage the way a currency from $ to £ on my display

Bidding & Buying question

How do I list the quantity of product im selling.

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Nov 27, 2015 11:46:24 PM PT


How do i get to the bidding and buying area please?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Nov 28, 2015 5:54:59 PM PT


Anyone having any luck selling vintage especially home decor? I.. know.. holidays no one wants *used*, but since April I have struggled with that category!


If I did not indulge in a clothing line I love I would be DEAD in  sales..no income..no reason to buy here without an income..right!


Am I alone?

Happy Holidays everyone!

Selling discussion

Until today, I didn't know it was a thing, for buyers outside the US to have their items sent to US companies for reshipment outside the US.  But this is what I'm having a problem with.  The buyer paid on the 10th, and USPS tracking, which she should be able to view as well, says the package was "tendered to delivery agent" on the 15th.  When I spoke with the Post Office, they told me that they do not deliver to this business address, so the person to whom I sent it needs to arrange to pick it up, and they would have been informed of this on the 15th and the 17th.  Apparently they didn't pick it up, and if they don't do so by Monday, the item is coming back to me.


I feel as if I've done MY part.  What is the correct course of action should I receive the item back?

Selling discussion

I have yet to receive payment on my rings I sold and the final value fee is no where near what thety sold for. why is this? and why was I required to send of the items with no guarantee of payment? how do I get my money or my items back?

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 9:48:12 PM PT

I haven't been paid after 22 days!

A non-paying buyer coughed up the cash this morning, so I figured I'd put the little 4 oz, 4"x4" box out even though I KNEW that the substitute mailman was unlikely to pick it up without a pickup request.  The SOB didn't even take the regular First Class envelope I put out -- slid the new mail in right past it!  I hope I have a bunch of sales tonight so that when I go in later  to schdule a pickup I can make him work tomorrow!!

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 6:08:16 PM PT

I hate the substitute mailman!

I have a Hallmark Christmas ornament listed.  Kringle's Kool Treats.  Wanted to check my price and typed in Kringles Kool Treats and found four listed, none mine.  Then I noticed the apostrophe so I typed in Kringle's Kool Treats.  Five DIFFERENT listings came up, including mine.  There are actually 9 of these ornaments listed - four with apostrophe, five without, completely separate lists.  Why the heck are they picking up an apostrophe as a critical character??!!  I am now on both lists because I added the second spelling to my listing and I'm calling it Kringle's Kringles Kool Treats.  Too weird.  And now (big sigh) I suppose I should go through my listings to see where else there might be an apostrophe.

Selling discussion

Can restocking fees be applied to items that had an incomplete address, returned to us, then canceled by the customer?


I've had a TON of orders this past year that had an incomplete address. Because it's not our mistake, we typically ask the customer to pay for postage of the 2nd shipment. However, many of them end up asking for a refund when we tell them that. That results in a full refund of the item, plus the loss of money for postage on the first shipment.

Selling discussion

I’m really curious.  Why do so many people put stock in the thought that the day after Thanksgiving – otherwise referred to as Black Friday – is the end-all for selling (and buying) days in the year?  Around here, it seems like it has become the ‘Week of Black Friday” sales.

Is it just the PR people pushing the same old line about the start of the Holiday shopping season or what?  Is ecommerece late to the party and thinking it will revive it or put a new spin on it?  

Online sites of Target and Walmart have their discounts starting on Thanksgiving.  Macy’s, Penney’s and others started opening Black Friday sales between 3pm and 6pm on Thanksgiving.  Some places like Aaron Bros. And Michael’s have stepped discounts that are more on Saturday and some stores are starting their sales on Wednesday.

What with sellers everywhere, especially online nowadays, trying to have the lowest price, it seems like Black Friday is every day of every week.

Selling discussion

Nov 27, 2015 6:22:49 PM PT

Black Friday - A Nostalgic Memory?

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