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The eBay Community

On one of my buying IDs........Congratulations, You are a Yellow Star 10 laughing emo.gif  According to the instructions I am supposed to download the image and proudly display it.....anyone have a frame for sale?


Yellow buying star.PNG

A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Apr 17, 2015 4:50:03 PM PT

Look What I Received Today!

glass & copper FMB 119.JPGglass & copper FMB 118.JPG

Probably a longshot but was hoping someone recognizes it  Thanks 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

The 1st vase is 4 in tall & marked 052. The 2nd is 3 in tall & not marked.035.JPG019.JPG022.JPG034.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 17, 2015 5:03:20 PM PT

Help ID 2 pottery mini vases



What's it for?


I am only awaiting payment for 14.99 for one item.

What is the rest of it for? How do I see what it's for?


Thank you!

Selling question

I need help identifying this sugar & creamer set.  It has shading of forest green at the top, along with shiny gold on the lid of the sugar bowl and also on the sides of both pieces.  There is no marking on the bottom.  The sugar bowl is 3" tall *(without the lid); approx. 3 3/4" tall (with the lid on).  It is 5 7/8" when measured from the end of one handle to the end of the other.  The creamer is 3 1/2" tall (base to top of spout).  

Any help would be highly appreciated,  Thanks so much in advance.


016 (1024x768).jpg

023 (1024x587).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 18, 2015 3:32:30 AM PT

Please help identify sugar & creamer

   I sent a very polite offer to buy an item from a Seller after an auction ended with no bids.  The Seller replied with a nasty, sarcastic message.  When I responded that the sarcasm was uncalled for, I received an even nastier reply (despite the fact that I'd added this member to my Blocked List).

   I'd like to know what steps can be taken --by myself or eBay-- when a member has sent rude, sarcastic and insulting messages through eBay mail. 


Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 5:22:25 PM PT

How to deal with rude, insulting messages

Just needing to vent!


Last night I put a rare pocket watch movement on my watch list that had just been listed. It clearly said in the listing that the "seller does not accept offers to end listings early".


It was started at 99 cents. It was non running and uncased. It was obvious the seller did not understand what it was. I really wanted it for parts and was prepared to bid up to $500.


I looked tonight and it had been relisted and sold as a BIN for $10.00.:smileymad:


If I had not been told in the listing that the seller does not consider offers to end auctions early I would have sent them a VERY nice offer.


I did send a message and explained my frustration and the value of the movement they sold for $10.00. I can only hope they are as irritated as I am. I have been looking for just that thing for a couple of years now to complete work on a restoration.



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:34:30 PM PT

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

just got a mail from ebay, buyer asking to return an item, reason "I found a better price elsewhere".

Of course I accept the return, and said so.

My question, before I mess up anything:

Will there be a defect  once I refund buyer? Of course I will wait until I have the returned item, before I do so.

I have had a refund once before, but buyer did not  go through ebay return, -so I refunded through my second pp account, and there was no defect.

Thank you much for your help!

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:50:51 AM PT

Will I get defect for return?



Item was delivered 4-9-2015 on a address (and name) same in Paypal and Ebay, 4-15-2015 Chargeback "Unauthorized payment" opened, so far Paypal asked me to provide tracking info which I did and right now case "Being reviewed by Paypal", any advice how to handle that type of chargebacks? Thank you.

Selling discussion

I received an email through ebay's system from an ebay member asking why his paypal payment was refunded.  Only he was not bidding nor did he win the auction (or any auction of mine) that he messaged me through.  


Why would someone send me an email saying their paypal payment had been refunded.  It's all obviously false.



He has 288 positive feedbacks and has been a member since 2001.


I did not want to respond for fear he would somehow get my email address.


Thanks for any input

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 5:56:36 PM PT

Received an odd email

I received two One a Ounce Silver Bars today, supposed to be .999 pure silver. They are two grams overweight, don't pass the "ping" test, and failed the ice melt test. Ebay sent me a message today, saying that the item has been removed and the seller is no longer a registered user. My guess is the silver is fake. They are Stagecoach bars. Anyone else get any of these?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 4:28:14 PM PT

fake silver bars

The competitor writes me...

That i have copied their listings. When i responded that he is full of it and he should go call eBay if he feels so.. He/she replied back


The replied

"In the middle of your listing

All orders are shipped by the Next BUSINESS DAY

Is the exact wording, font, style and color as all of our other listings.

We don't have to contact ebay. We are a VERO (Verified Rights Owner) member of ebay and we can remove any listing that copies ours."



Is this guy serious? 

Selling discussion

I placed a bid on an item that was $1.99 with my maximum bid set to $15.  Nobody else bid on the item and after 3 days the auction ended, but instead of winning the item the seller canceled my bid at the last second.   I have an impeccable feedback record and there is no justifiable reason to cancel my bid.   Are sellers really allowed to cancel a bid just because their item didn't sell for enough?

Selling question

So I bought some shoes off of eBay from a seller who has a good reputation, I bought them April 12th and the estimated delivery was April 13th to April 16th because its only one city away (around 30 minutes away). Its April 16th (Priority 1-day) and the tracking still says shipping label created April 14th 9405509699938367494401 <-- Tracking. Seller hasn't responded to any of my messages I think he made a label and it could be in the back of his car for all I know. Can anybody help? Should I wait a couple more days? File a claim? I'm just worried. My brother ordered his shoes from ChampsSports all the way from Montana to California and got here in three days Priority 2-day. What do I do? I apologize in advance for my sentences being all over the place, I'm just ranting.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 16, 2015 4:16:31 PM PT

What should I do?

I have been selling on eBay since 2001 and have 3 accounts.  I noticed recently that I am being forced to pay return shipping even though my policy states it is the responsibility of the buyer.  Did something change recently?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 5:32:27 PM PT

Seller asked to pay return shipping

Buyers can ask questions before a sale but can sellers ask questions to a buyer before a sale?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Isn't there a way he can cancel it?  He need to "own up" to his mistake, unless you feel it is partially my fault.  Is my listing in any way misleading?  It is a picture of a cup and saucer, but I tried to focus on the saucer and my description states that it is the saucer only.

Selling discussion

So I achieved 748 positive transactions over a 10+ year period without any negatives.. then one bozy decides to be crazy and give me an unreasonable negative. Now my 100% positive is down to 99.10. 

10+ Years of flawless service.. down the drain for one bozo.

I've never really looked at how they compute it since up until now I haven't had much of a reason to but it seems pretty strange to me how heavy they are weighing/computing a single negative.


Yes, I know i'll recover in the next year but i'm just **bleep**.


Then there is the fact that the buyer was borderline extorting me and I spent 3 hours on the phone with ebay they they are pretty much uninterested in helping. So much for seller protections I guess.. now I get to look forward to my next email from them how they are "protecting my ebay account" by not really doing anything.


Sorry for the rant :smileyhappy:.. Just one of those days.


Selling discussion

Apr 18, 2015 8:21:43 PM PT

Feedback % calculations are pretty warped.



So I bought an item digital copy which I should received via email. And the hint is pretty simply - just make the delivery as long as possible like only delivering into US when you are in Europe and vice versa. The delivery dates are hidden and after you have paid for it you will just get the information that he needs 35 days to send an email. Great Buyer protection! Can't even open dispute on paypal because I've used this garbage site to pay with it. Which means you have to wait whole month "beucase the items can be still on their way". 

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 17, 2015 8:25:34 AM PT

So Ebay can't even handle a scammer?

I found this mystery company name in my Site Preferences under "Third-Party Authorizations" heading.


Who the bleep are they?  I don't even know who they are, and yet eBay, in its infinite wisdom, decided on its own that I had "authorized" them to do SOMETHING for me... I'm not even sure what, but it almost certainly involves separating me from my money somehow.



P.S.   According to the info in my Site Preferences, I "authorized" this company to do whatever the bleep it does TODAY.  I have a clear recollection of ALL of my activities during this entire day, and I'm quite compleyely sure that at no time during this day did I give ANY kind of authorization to ANY party to do anything... other than my implicit authorization to eBay to list my item(s) for sale for me.


Obviously, somebody is trying to sneak something by me, and I don't like it.  Not one bit.

Selling discussion

Hello guys!This is my first internet shopping and I'm inexperienced so please help me


I paid for the item on 17 March.And now it's 19 April and I received a message from seller yesterday.He said it has been taken 18 days on the way and it's still in normal shipping time.It's been 34 days already.Estimated delivery is 29 april.Should I wait for the estimated delivery date?But if I wait it would be 44 days.sorry for my bad english.And title of the message is 'shipping for the item x is ending on Apr-23-15.' I'm so confused.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 18, 2015 3:06:49 PM PT

I haven't received my item!

What do you think about this? this is a post folowing a post 4/15 & 4/16. My first post told of how my PO clerk told me he would not accept any more packages from me because he was not getting credit for them. He wanted me to change my ship from zip. After much issue i succeded in doing this and posted solution for others. That day he told me he would take these next four packages but no more. So i left them. I got issues fixed for him and shipped another package that he had blocked letting him know the issue was fixed. I have a neg reveiw from a buyer now for a smashed item. 4/17 This was one of four shipped. Now today 4/18 I see another shipping ( tracking statement) Visably damaged /delivered. So I am waiting for the next negative reveiw from this buyer. so thats two out of four with damage. The first buyer claimed it was not packed well. her photos revealed that materials from the top and bottom of the box were missing. I refunded her and got the neg reveiw. She claims no visable proof of damage and I packed incorrectly. The next damaged USPS posts on tracking visable damage and delivers item.

I was calm with this carrier he was frustrated because he had been requesting me to fix his issue for several months. He was so angry II predicted to CS that this could happen. It did. Its 2:smileysurprised:oam Sunday and I cant sleep. Worried about the buyer opening a case. I emailed her and breifly explained  but that may have been more damage than good. CS and first buyer had no empathy for this. I did have lots of great reveiws of how I packed perfectly but that does not matter. You are only as good as your last sells. So I think after months of working hard to be a top rated seller and becoming one with excellent customer service reveiws I am ruined. Waiting for the rest of the fall out. What do you think? Please be kind. I am upset. I cant say anything to this man because if I do I will suffer more injury . I believe this because I know how hard I worked to pack my items safely. Its a puzzle that has evidence but no proof. Im sure he is sleeping well tonight.Im going to try to get the reveiw removed based on this new information posted by USPS tracking (the package delivered visably damaged)

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 18, 2015 11:20:30 PM PT

What do you think?

Has anyone ever submitted a signed book to a verification service like PSA or a member of the american board of forensics?


I have a few signed books I would like to get checked out and was wondering about the costs and process.



Booksellers discussion

Apr 16, 2015 10:29:09 AM PT

Signature Authentication Services

I have not sold on eBay for around 18 months but tonight received an authentic looking email from an eBay member saying they had not received an item bought from me two weeks ago, despite their sending the money. They said they have reported me to PayPal and threatened me ....of course, with the FBI, no less.
The email has my full name, looks like an authentic ebay email etc, when I checked the members ID andthe item ID they don't exist, so I know its a con but should I be worried about my paypal account?
Many thanks,

My Account question

First time on, All verified and O.K. Can't pay my item on Paypal BUT! have verified Print out. Very frustrating indeed tried so many times not funny now.Pls help anyone.

Getting Started question

Apr 18, 2015 7:01:29 AM PT

Pay Pal Problem

Why do am I seeing a (0) beside the persons feedback score whom clearly have a positive feedback scores?

For example when I go to "My EBAY" and see that someone has bid on my item, I can see that they have either a high or low feedback score, however when I actually click to open up my auction and look at the top the page to see the person's name that left the bid I noticed that their feedback score is (0) beside their name when in reality they actually have several feedbacks. Is this a glitch in the system? Am I the only one that has notice this lately or has this happened to anyone else?

Bidding & Buying question

Sold an auto part and shipped priority mail through USPS, tracking showed delivered but buyer said he did not receive it. Did as much checking as i could at USPS and had several email contacts with buyer and even one long phone conversation with him. He opened a request case and i encouraged him to do so in order for both of us could understand what happened here. The only point of contention where i can see me the seller as being at fault is that i hand typed the shipping label and put his address as Avenue and he lives on a Street, everything else was correct, correct address number, correct city, correct state, correct zip code and of course street name, just that Avenue and not Street was typed as the address. But even had i printed his label off the paypal page and bought postage online it shows Avenue. I explained that to the buyer but he insisted it's Street, which indeed he lives on a Street. In conclusion after talking to him on the phone it was my personal feeling he was an honest person and i know i am very honest so i refunded him the full purchase price plus shipping cost. I should add that in my conversation with the buyer he told of incidents where he has had property stolen from him out of a garage located very closely to his home. So my question is do i have any recourse through ebay as a seller to recover my loss?, i am trying for some resolve through USPS because the priority package is insured, but then again it does show delivered and i don't know what more they can do for me. Any opinions or answers to what next step i should or could take is welcomed. Don

Selling question



I have looked at D&B wallets off and on over the last few weeks and am completely out of my element here. Does this look good to you? Most of the ones I see have a rounded flap and not a squared one. I thought I would post it here to see what the consensus is. Thanks so much in advance for any and all help. I really appreciate it.


I will post the main pic in this post and then the other pics in the reply.

Fashion discussion

Apr 18, 2015 11:39:49 AM PT

Please Help with Dooney & Bourke Wallet

Hi. Can anyone help identify this small cylindrical pot? The mark is in the shape of a little house. The pot is partly glazed. Looks to be 1960s/70s. Possibly English? Many thanks for help.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 17, 2015 3:15:34 PM PT

Can anyone help identify this 60s/70s pot?

How do I always get outbid by a 1.00 on my high bids when no body is supposed to no what my high bid is. It is almost like they know what I bid. Any help with bidding please, Thank You

Bidding & Buying question

It's been awhile since I've managed an eBay account, about 5 years. Now I'm back in the business and I would like to add a note to my buyers for specific listings. I used to be able to revise a listing and add a note to the buyer. Then during checkout there would be additional information + instructions that would also print on the packing slip/invoice. This was a helpful tool for services I offered and I cant figure it out. 


I can create a note to myself that the buyer cannot see but that is not my goal here. Hopefully someone can help! Happy Friday!




Buying & Selling Basics question

do I need do anything further except wait out the 4 days grace for deadbeats? I only opened it after they sent a screenshot  of their purchase of the same item elsewhere 2 days after I'd accepted their offer.  This served I suppose as proof/reason for not paying....

Payments question

Is it possible to the seller to give the same tracking number for another delivery?

In my case I have bougth the item 20.03.2015, received it 06.04.2015.

And 08.04.2015 this seller has shipped to me another item with the trackin code of previous shipment.

Getting Started discussion

Has eBays shipping format changed recently?? I sold some items and attempted to make the eBay shipping labels, just as I have done literally 100's of times. All worked as always until I clicked the button to 'print shipping label' and instead of the page showing the label I was taken to a page that wanted me to "SAVE" a "PDF" of, I assume, the label. not do anything with this so I clicked 'save' , then was directed to another page that wants to know where I want to save this PDF. I put it into a folder and clicked 'next' or 'continue' and was directed back to the page that wanted me to "SAVE" a "PDF" . I'm totally confused now. So I try to make a shipping label again. With the same results. I end up having to call and ask a neighbor to take these packages to the Post Office (which she did the following day but that put me over my 24 hr. time limit and of course cost me another defect). Actually not "a" defect but a defect on each order I was shipping. Then as I attempted to record the tracking number as required I see these items already have a tracking number showing. More research shows that although I was not able to print a single shipping label I was being charged each time I clicked the "print shipping label" button which as I have mentioned, did not print a ticket but took me to this never before seen PDF page. OK, time for a customer service visit. But then found I could not contact them!!!!! Another new format and I still have not figured how to contact them. I sold another item the following day, tried the eBay shipping again, was charged again and ended up paying eBay for NOTHING and still having to take this item to the PO to ship. Why does eBay take my money for a shipping label BEFORE the label is printed? That alone would not solve these issues but it WOULD stop me and 1000's of others from losing money like this. I tried to VOID these labels and although I was told they were VOIDED they were NOT. PayPal verified this. And then eBay offers me another 500 FREE listings. That just makes it worse. So now I sit here trying to decide if I need to close my account or at the least end all my listings because of this shipping label mess. I'm paying for extra shipping charges, can't even call CS and if not for you would not be able to ask ANYONE about this.

Tools & Apps question

Apr 18, 2015 10:22:10 PM PT

Has eBays shipping format changed recently??

I use file exchange for create my listing. I found the problem image in my listing can't zoom in. It's don't have "Click to view larger image and other views" under the image. But if I revise the item by use cgi5 remove old image and manual upload image again, it can zoom image as normal. The example of my listing is item no. 191561709910. How should I do for correct this problem?

Tools & Apps question

Apr 18, 2015 5:13:26 PM PT

file exchange images can't zoom

Hi there


Am hoping someone might recognize the mark on the bottom of the teapot with green floral design. The mark has a wreath with superimposed letters/initials inside.


Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


 to open a store subscription which stated the following:




"What is the Promotion?

Invited sellers (“sellers”) who activate the offer and then sign up for an eBay Basic Store from March 17, 2015 until March 31, 2015, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, will pay no subscription fee for a period of 2 months from their subscription start date (collectively referred to as “Promotion”)."


I signed up to try it in March. I reviewed my current fee statement from Ebay and it does not reflect the "no subscription fee." I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience?

Selling discussion

I just had my best selling listing removed thanks to copyright violation. 




The violation was from a company named Buff who up until this morning I didn't know existed. The item I was selling was a neck gaiter also known as a buff. 


I sell the both the Yamaha and the Hoorag versions of this product, 


Ebay removed every trace of that listing, even the 4 that I had sold this morning on my Sold page. 


What's irritated me the most was the listing's count of how many of the item i've sold which was close to 50. 


I would've gladly changed it had they simply asked, instead of just destroying every trace of the listing. 


I understand why they did it but I think it could've been done differently. 

Selling question

Can a seller refuse to accept money? I won the bid 4/12 and but Paypal said seller cannot accept money? I contacted the seller but they will not respond. I contacted Ebay and now the item is saying I won but they have relisted the item.

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 16, 2015 7:15:16 PM PT

Seller refusing to accept winning bid

My invoice is 75 and i just wanna add up the fees to make sure its correct


usually I'm able to find it but i forgot how to get access to it.

My Account question

I want to schedule a start time for an auction, but how much does it cost?





It doesn't say what the fee is for scheduling a listing.

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 10:20:29 PM PT

Schedule a start time, what are the fees?

kindly advise, there is a 15.6" New HP laptop selling at about $26 is this not a scum?


the seller though has got 100% feedback. You can follow the link below to have a look at it




Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Hey, I recently sold a DLC digital download code for a video game. Once it was sold, I waited for ebay to tell me that the buyer paid and afterward used "Contact buyer" to send him the code. We both have already left positive feedback to each other. However, ebay is still telling me that I need to ship the item. I figured that would go away after the buyer left me positive feedback.

Is this actually finished? Can I leave the "need to ship 1 item" thing alone? 

Selling question

A bidder (the only bidder) has asked me to end the auction and relist the item as "buy it now" because she didn't know the "buy it now" option disappears after the first bid is made. What should I do?

Selling question

I hope there is a simple answer to this -- I have been trying to ask a question of a 

seller in Germany about their item.  When I hit the question link on the German 

language item, the next page asks for my USER ID and PSWD, but does not accept 

my normal U.S. info?


Thanks for any help on this

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 18, 2015 9:49:18 AM PT

Ebay blocking a question to German seller

Hi to anyone reading:

My question is for the following issue: I try to be fair & leave positive feedback for all the successful purchases I've made but I am having the issue that for a couple of the items the Ebay site does not allow me the option of leaving feedback. When I click the "Leave Feedback" button option I get the following basic error message stating "We are unable to add your feedback for 1 transaction Here's why (Item #) was not found because: This item number does not exist Or you have already left feedback" But the problem is that I haven't left feedback. Why am I getting this error message & What can I do to resolve or work around it or is it just an un-resolvable occasional glitch in the system?

I don't know if this is of any relevancy but further information is that both purchases that I've attempted feedback for & was unable to were both overseas purchases & arrived slightly later than the latest anticipated shipping arrival date: so could that be the cut off time period limit that you're allowed to leave feedback? And another problem is that I am having the technical issue of being unable to view my complete purchase history of the past "2015" year or past "60 days" (I'm missing the whole month of February purchases showing in the history) option so I don't know if this is symptomatic of a larger issue? Thank-you in advance for anyone who has any information or potential fixes to my problem.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 17, 2015 10:55:26 PM PT

FeedBack Question

How best to safely package (wrap) hardcover books without buying $2.00 bubble bags?  I know to ship Media Mail, but how best to wrap is my question.  Would bubble wrap and brown paper be safe for the book edges?  Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 16, 2015 11:01:59 AM PT

How best to safely package hardcover books?

Owe money for eBay fees, but it will not show me for what and I need to know.


All it says is: There are no transactions to display for the selected date range. You can change the date range by using the Customize View link from above.


Selected date range I have is: Apr-01-15 to Apr-18-15


I have aquired fees during that date range because sales have been made. It's been this way eversince April 1st. I can't see what I am being charged for.


Why? How can this be fixed?


Thank you!

Selling question

Apr 18, 2015 5:28:21 PM PT

Why can't I see my fees anymore?

ebay will not let me change the currency of my account unless I set up a "sellers"account.  I am NOT a seller, I am a buyer.  What can I do?

My Account question

Buying & Selling Basics question

I have a porcelain figure for sale and a potential buyer pointed out in the photos what seems to be a break and repair on the item. I hadn't noticed it (which is very embarassing) but it is very much there and pretty noticeable/pretty badly repaired. I have bidders already. Should I just revise the listing to reflect the damage or should I end the listing early so that bidders who made an offer before this came to light have an out? 

Selling question

He wants a partial refund because he likes the wrong item that he received.  Of course the one he received is cheaper than what he paid for.  The problem is I don't think I sent the wrong item cause I don't have any auctions this year look like the pics he showed me.  What should I do?  I know eBay always favors buyers.  It's tough to do business on eBay cause scammers always find their new tricks.

Starting an eBay Business question

Apr 17, 2015 10:26:11 AM PT

Buyer Received Wrong Item

eBay announced last year that "About Me" was being replaced by a new profile page and prompted people to update said 'About Me' page. The 'About Me' was being converted to this new profile page, so those who used 'My World' would also then be transferred to the new page. I didn't update my About Me page because I had nothing to update on it, now eBay says everyone has a profile and gives instructions on how to customize and access the profile page.
My issue is that I can't access my profile page viz-a-vie their instructions, i.e. "On any eBay page type Hello, your name---and it will take you there..maybe it did but not now. The other way is to do to your ID, click on it and that will take you to profile page. There I can get to what may be my profile page but I am unable to do any of the updates (i.e. Adding photos, more info, collections etc.). In fact it looks nothing like the sample page they have listed that can be updated. I've attached the info that I got when I tapped on my 'About Me' under my account setting to help exemplify what I am talking about.
If you understand what I'm trying to get across and you have had this problem and had it resolved, will you please advise?

Thanks very much

ATTACHMENT: Sorry couldn't attach any other way so did a cut/paste.

Sorry, the "About Me" page is no longer available.
Upcoming changes to About Me pages -- personalize your eBay profile today

Announced last year, eBay profiles are the latest--and best--way to engage with other members, share your collections, and showcase your expertise and business.

Starting the week of June 2nd 2014, About Me pages will no longer be available--and as of February 17th 2014 date, About Me pages will no longer be able to be created or edited--so if you have yet to complete your new eBay profile, now is the time!

You can access your eBay profile either by going to ebay.com/usr/eBayUSERID, or by first clicking on your user name that appears in the top left-hand corner of your home page, then clicking on your user ID that appears in the first section of the drop down menu. Learn more about completing your profile, as well as everything the page has to offer.

We hope you enjoy your eBay profile, and as always, thank you for being a part of eBay!

My Account question

Apr 16, 2015 1:30:45 PM PT

New Profile Page

More re: blocking a bidder -- I found out the high bidder on my item has a reputation for buying and then not paying. I know I just asked about canceling his bid (while the auction was live) but I am hoping to understand all my options.


Once the auction ends - can I cancel the high bidder's bid, and sell to the UNDERBIDDER (using Second Chance) ? 


I haven't ever been in this situation and am really grateful for assistance !! 


Thank you so much.

Selling question

I won biding 2 items of seller that shipping cost = 12 EUR per item . I had hoped that if it can combine shipping ,It would be more saving then I request total . The seller sent me an invoice . Total shipping cost= 24 EUR
shipping insurance(required)= 10 EUR. I am quite new in ebay so I would like to know is this normal??
Why this cost of shipping insurance(required) didn't show at first?

Selling question

I have a customer that left a negative feedback and say it was a mystake and is willing to correct it but do not know how, can any one please let me know how to proced at this point

Thank you for your help


Selling question

I'm a bit confused with what to do about a defective item I received and what the seller is willing to do. The item I bought wasn't cheap and a part of the unit is a fan that is supposed to work when the power is turned on. That is my problem, the fan does not work. The seller has has one of those return policies were the buyer pays for shipping, restocking and everything under the sun even though they sold a defective item. So I opened a case to protect myself before my 14 day window closed. I still want the item but one that works, without having to spend another dime on my end. The seller is saying they can send me a replacement fan, no mention on fees but I would ave to change it out myself and most likely have to send the defective item back while paying for shipping. The seller wants me to close my case before they send me a replacement part. This is my main concern, how can I close a case and go through this whole ordeal trying to fix a replacement part over a couple of weeks and have no recourse if the seller doesn't come through or if they want me to pay. Should I close the case and go back and forth, hoping the seller comes through or should i leave it open while the seller is taking the necessary steps to fix the problem and only after they do, close the case. I couldn't find an answer so here i am. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

Shipping & Returns question

Got this at an estate sale about 15 years ago. Does the mark under the Made in France mean anything? Ideas when it was made?

Thank You!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 18, 2015 12:52:50 PM PT

Help with Pottery mark or age



if you sell an item and the buyer sends payment of a total of $10.00 thru paypal - how much does paypal take out for fees on the 10 bucks ?



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 4:09:33 AM PT

paypal fees question

Helo, so as the title said I think I experienced another ebay glitch last night.


I made a listing using the ebay app, which I try to avoid but it was the best choice at the time.


I chose to make it a three day listing, BIN, and chose the continue option to see the fees*. If there was an inserion fee, then I was going to choose edit and run it as an auction.  It said free, so I took a screenshot and went ahead and listed it. Then I clicked on the auction to check how it looks, and noticed the time ending was in thirty days. ??? So I hurry to check my fee in my account, and it says "promotional fee credit". Took a screenshot.


There was a thirty day promotion but that ended a while ago.


What should I do, call ebay? I'd rather not, my phone has a minute plan and I have a lot of important phone calls to make this month. I just used 103 minutes for a phone appointment today :/ But I feel weird benefiting from a glitch lol.


It would be great if ebay had an email option... But I'm hoping you can email ebay for IT issues. Can anyone tell me the correct choices to do that, if there is an option?


*I do this because I have a hard time keeping up with "certain categories bin free" items and terms.

Selling question

How can I accept credit cards and paypal at the same time customer could not use paypal for some reason wanted to pay with credit card how do I do that?

Getting Started question

Hello, please help Identify the silver in this bracelet. Never worn, in box and bracelet tarnished, but with jewlery cloth the bracelet itself cleaned beautifully. Thank you

Selling question

Hi i dont see this question addressed anywhere..


I am curious to know how many times a seller is allowed to change his/her  feedback for a single transaction ?


thanks in advance



Selling question

Long story short, an item I am selling ended and someone won the auction. An hour later they inform me that they can't pay and I need to cancel. Being naive, I canceled the order and stated in the cancel request that the buyer wanted to cancel. eBay informs me that they sent a cancel request to the buyer as well, but that was 4 days ago and the "buyer" hasn't confirmed anything yet. Now I tried to open a "buyer hasn't paid" but eBay won't let me because there is an open "cancel" request. So now I can't do anything. What do I do?

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 4:37:21 AM PT

How do I cancel a "Cancel"?

How many time do I have to send the feedback revision form to customer from the date of putting the feedback?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 12:31:08 PM PT

Feedback revision

I am shipping an IPhone to egypt, through FedEx and i am not sure if i need a import permit.

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:14:03 AM PT

do i need an import permit?

Is there a way to get them back?  I now have UPS and Fed Ex, but no Priority medium flat rate (just Priority and Large FR) and no first class international.

Selling question

I have always offered my items at a greatly discounted auction price before putting them in the store as a BIN.  This has alweays worked for me.  However, twice this week, buyers have contacted me complaining about the price increase and asking me if I realized I had it  far cheaper last week.  I have NEVER had this happen before.  I checked them out and did not see a pattern of negs or neutrals left for sellers but it is still making me nervous.  Anyone else having this experience?  Any advice?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 12:06:01 PM PT

Buyers questioning Auction vs BIN price

But still refuses to open a dispute.  The seller waited NINE days to mail and it was due today but the resolution center just keeps running in circles.


I click I did not receive it, it goes to which item and then tells me I should I dispute if I don't get it today.  and then it stops.


Is there a way to file a dispute on eBay? or do I need to go to PayPal?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 18, 2015 10:29:15 AM PT

Resolution Center made me wait until today

Back to Ebay after 3 yrs off. Back then when I scheduled a listing to start at 10:00 it started at 10:00.

This is why you schedule a time. I did't see anything that tells you it may take anything more than 15 min. It's been

an hour and nothing listed. Pls enlighten me if you can. Thanks.

Selling question

Apr 18, 2015 9:05:12 AM PT

Why didn't my scheduled listings start?

how much time after making a purchase do i have to open a case?

Shipping & Returns question

In feedback as a seller how do you make the items you sold private so you can't click on view item?

Selling question

Apr 16, 2015 11:00:05 PM PT

Change feedack to can't view past item?



I have a baseball autographed by nolan ryan.  Along with his signature, is 5 no-hitters, 5,000 K's signed on the ball.


I got the ball from Card Collectors Co. in 1989 or 1990. Don't know if they are still in business.


A certificate came with it signed by Nolan Ryan that says that he personally authentically hand signed 383 balls.


My certificate is 262/383


Looked on ebay listing completed and current and couldn't find the same ball.


Also google collectable dealers and could not find the same ball.


An info will be greatly appreciated.  If you know what it's worth, that would help too.





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eBay International AG < some one know what its mean? its cut me from account 7.79$ I dont why?

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 17, 2015 11:42:52 PM PT

eBay International AG ????

I would like to use Global Shipping and also have my direct International shipping available for a shipping option for all countries. How does it work having both the Global Shipping option checked and also me offering different direct shipping? Does Global shipping take over certain countries then what they do not cover the customer then can choose my direct shipping or is it the other way around?  Do I have my settings right because I have no way of checking to see what my International customers will see because customers do not get told they are now using the GSP. I temporarily changed my address on my buy account to another country (Belgium) and checked my listings, and from what I see I only see the 2 options, USPS International First Class and International Priority. Those are the 2 shipping options I chose to provide, so where is the Global Shipping Program option? Having these settings correct is detrimental, if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly is going on that would be wonderful =)

Selling question

One seller has listed an incorrect, or not possible item.  I tried to ask the seller a question to make sure I am not wacked out but they have blocked or turned off questions.  The issue is that most fruit trees are grafted to produce dwarf plants.  This seller is successfully selling "dwarf tree" seeds, probably obtained from a dwarf tree they purchased.  The seeds will not produce dwarf plants, no matter how loud and often they state it will.  I expect that the seller isn't attempting to con buyers, rather is just ignorant and stating multiple fraudulent facts.  There is no option in the report item that applies to a situation like this, where the described item doesn't possibly exist in the form described.  It seems that the only way eBay provides to address this situation is after purchase, allowing countless unknowing buyers to be cheated.


Any suggestions on how to get eBay to make this seller correct their listing (or block/ban it?)






See item.  181694821341

Bidding & Buying question

I've tried finding this answer but site map just keeps takeing me to selling page so thought I'd ask here.


I don't use the Best Offer much so was wanting a few questions answered if possible:


1) Once an offer is accepted is the item on hold until paid for or can another offer be accepted until someone pays? (sorry but have had way too many non-payments for me lately).  Like first pay first gets (lol). I want to start a motto of "don't bid on eBay unless you actually plan to PAY."


2) My main question is, IF I accept an offer and buyer does not pay right away, is the BIN Price still available?  Can Someone else come in and BIN out from under the best offer accepted?


I try to sell with integrity so was really wanting buyer to know (since they only have a few feedbacks) that even if I accept the offer, if they don't pay right away it could still be sold to someone else.  Not to mention that with newbies sometimes they decide not to pay and then I get messed over (lol).


Any thoughts and all information on best offers is appreciated.  Thanks.

Selling question

buyer bought shoes from me for $5.5 and plus $7 S&H. After she received the shoes, she said the straps were broke and opened for "defective return ". I explained to her this is how the shose made and was on lisitng picture, but she still wants return. However she agree pay return shipping if I give her full refund $12.5. Tired for argumanet, I said ok. Since it is "defect" case, the return ask me to pay return cose adn full refund. How can I accept return and make buyer pay shipping cost? Thanks

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 19, 2015 9:35:35 AM PT

buyer pay return shipping

A friend of mine, new ebayer, paid $100 for an item plus $28 for shipping.
The seller shipped it priority mail, signature required.
My friend has a busy life with 6 foster children, she never got to the post office to pick up the item before the post office
Routed the package back to seller. Once the tracking showed that the package was headed back to the seller, my friend asked what she should do, I told her one thing she could do is open an item not received, and opt for a refund. I realize that wasn't real kind to the seller, but he wasn't going to ship it again on his dime and it wouldn't have been right for my fried to have to pay for him to re-ship. ( the signature on a $100 item through the post office is not a great idea).
So, she opened a request- item not received- then the seller immediately escalates it- and "poof"- eBay sides with the seller.
In the next couple of days, the seller has the item back as well as the money.
These eBay policy makers are probably not close relatives of Albert Einstein.
I know, she can appeal, etc, blah blah blah. Thats dumb too.
She got the buyer to refund the $100 and she ate the $28 shipping. Way to go, ebay.

Now, I just had basically the same thing happen, as a seller. The buyer hurt himself;
I sold a $150 item to a buyer in the UK. Shipping was $60 priority mail.
After several weeks, the buyer opened a case- item not received. Checking the tracking, the uk post office had it and had notified the buyer, because there are going to be duties, etc.
the tracking at that point showed that the item was on its way back to me because it went e
Unclaimed. ( ie the buyer never paid fees) in the meantime, the buyer is blaming everyone else for him never being notified that it was at the post office for him to pick up.
I told the buyer that once it gets back here, I'll refund him. He got tired of waiting I guess, ( 7 weeks has passed since the sale) and he escalated the request and within hours, ebay found in my favor. Right now, the item is in route to me, and the buyer has neither the item nor his money. Way to go, eBay. How warm and fuzzy is that buyer feeling about now with ebay?

Yes, when the item gets here, I will refund him, minus the shipping.
What are the odds the buyer will leave me a negative? Hmmmm. Another way step towards demoting a top rated seller.

Selling discussion

and through no fault of theirs, BUT OTHER SELLERS. 


3 weeks ago, I ordered some vitamins, $55. on Ebay, 3 weeks pass, contact seller, no response, and they had never shipped.  So finally, have to open an Ebay case, and seller responded they were out of stock.  But did they contact me in those 3 weeks, when their ESTIMATED  delivery was 3 days, NO.  Meanwhile, that seller is still selling the same item.  Ok, I purchase the same vitamins from another seller, same price, both TRS sellers with about 200FB, and just a few neg reviews.  A week goes by, still not shipped, contact them, they tell me they are out of stock, and sorry they did not contact me earlier, so they refunded.  I try one more time to another seller, 3rd now, this one  2 days later, tells me they are out of stock, cancelled order, and refunded.  All 3 of these sellers are still advertising these vitamins for sale and saying there are 8 bottles left.    You can imagine the time wasted during all of this, not to mention, 3 payments and so far, 2 refunds, contacting the sellers, etc., not to mention finding the items on Ebay.


After I heard from the 3rd seller that they were out of stock, I went to Amazon, ordered the vitamins in less then 3 minutes, and I have received them today, shocking that I would get something I ordered. 


I tried selling on Ebay a few items and one seller who sells the same thing I do, left a one on item description, it was a brand new Michael Kors swimsuit, with positive feedback.  That killed my rating from one buyer, and I shipped the same day she paid, and there were measurements and 12 pictures I took of the new with tags swim suit.  She did not want to return it, she wanted a partial refund as she said the colors were not what she expected.  Just that one 1 she left, made my description star almost all gray.  That was the end of selling on Ebay.


I feel so bad for all you great sellers who give great customer service and bend over backwards for your buyers, yet, you are the victims of these horrible policies, because of  ones like, what I just went through with all 3.  But you can surely understand why I would go to Amazon instead of attempting a 4th vitamin seller.  I do not know why Ebay does not rid themselves of those sellers and give you clothing and collectible sellers the protection you deserve. 


Guess I am just venting, but it was a horrible Ebay buying experience all 3 times. Hope I did not bore everyone with something you probably already know.


Thanks for reading,




Selling discussion

Foreword: I offer UPS Ground along with the usual USPS Priority, USPS Express, and UPS Next Day Air options because some people prefer UPS Ground.  Please no comments about how I shouldn't offer the service.  


Sunday April, 12: Buyer purchased item with UPS Ground option (they are on the other coast).


Monday April 13: Item ships via UPS Ground as paid for and selected by the buyer.


Wednesday April 15: Buyer emails with angry message saying they paid for "fast shipping" and that it was supposed to arrive on the 2nd day (Wednesday).  Explained to buyer that the UPS Ground option they chose is up to a 5 business day service and is considered a "standard" option; the only two that are expedited are USPS Express and UPS Next Day Air.


Thursday April 16: Buyer says that my listing says "FAST 'n FREE" and asks why I "charged" them for shipping if I say it's free, that it's false advertising.  Explain to buyer that "FAST 'n FREE" is for the default USPS Priority option.  My listing even says in the description "FAST and FREE shipping by USPS Priority."  Sent buyer screenshots of my listing text, screenshots of shipping options, even a screenshot of the order details page that shows they selected UPS Ground and paid for it at the time of order.


Friday April 17: Buyer emails say that they will "not leave good feedback" and are "not happy with transaction" (eluding to the intent of leaving negative feedback).  


Basically, this is a farce.  Buyer has remorse over the shipping option they chose and is extorting me with negative feedback.  Does eBay protect sellers about this kind of threat?

Selling discussion

I really haven't seen sales this slow in a long time? I think Ebay changed something about how listings show up because I haven't even had any interenational sales in a couple of months. I've been selling on Ebay since 1999 and it really hasn't been this slow in a very long time. I've talked to a few other sellers and they said the same thing is going on with them. Thoughts? Ideas on what to do?

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I just have a real quick question. 


I've listed an item for $399 as buy it now fixed price.


However.. after few hours later this is what i got 


1. A new seller that had their account created the same day i listed the item.

2. He offered $510 instead buying it as " buy it now " price of $399

3. He texted me saying " hi , i just made an offer on your item " 


Its very good offer. but its a bit weird how someone will offer $510 instead of buying it at $399.. its not like bid or anything.


Am i safe? should i sell or not? 



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 1:18:44 AM PT

Should i??

I am selling something similar to another ebay member and he has in his description belittled and made it sound like what I am selling is inferior without any basis...what should I do?  I dont want a reprisal from him but am a little insulted by his comments 

Selling discussion

I posted this early this morning under Shipping and Returns but have only received one response.  I would like to get more input before proceeding.


I received a return request for some aquatic plants.  The reason was they arrived damaged.  The buyer states, "Had I known the plants were going to just be tiny leaves I wouldn t [sic] have bothered." and "I don t think it s [sic] fair that I have to pay $28 for tiny leaves."  The size of the plants ranged from half inch, one-leaf plants to plants with four or more leaves of up to one inch.


The third sentence of the listing is, "If the only plants available are smaller, new growth you will receive far more than 15 plants, up to 50 smaller plants."


The plants sent ranged from medium to small in size, so she received far more than 15 plants per lot. She purchased four lots and I actually sent five since I saved on shipping. Overall she received approximately 25-30 plants per lot, a total of at least 100-150 plants. At Least enough plants to cover a standard ten gallon tank.


Should I just accept and give full refund, offer partial refund or refute based on the statement in the listing?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


I appreciate anyone's input on this.


Selling discussion


I live in the USA and purchased an item from the UK. During this purchase, I was charged 20% VAT tax. Is this correct? Do I need to be charged VAT? I asked the seller about this and he said that ebay requires all purchasers to pay VAT regardless of location.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 10:46:49 AM PT

Bought item from UK and I was charged VAT

Just made a sale to an international cutomer who used the Global Shipping method. The funny thing is I never activated Global Shipping. It has been turned off since it started. I did not want to participate. Ebay went in to my prefences and turned it on without my consent. HOW DARE THEM!

Selling discussion

I just opened an UPI case on a buyer and then went back to the buyers feedback. When I received the bid the buyer with an 18 feedback score had nothing under "Feedback left for others". All I could view was the feedback left for the buyer by sellers. After opening the UPI I went back and checked again. The Feedback now showed that thebuyer recently left a neg for a seller and the seller responded to the neg "sellers beware buyer uses other id's" and the seller listed the other id's. I then added the buyer and the other 2 buyer id's to my naughty list. I also sent the seller the following:




Thank you for the heads-up about XXXX, XXXX & XXX-XXXX. I just opend an UPI on this buyer (XXXXX) and added them to my BBL. Because of your feedback I also added XXXXXX & XXXX-XXXX to my BBL as well. I'm sure they would have retaliated aganist me with one of their other id's - but thanks to you now they cannot. BIG THANK YOU AGAIN.



I just want to thank all sellers who do the right thing and protect other sellers in the process.





Selling discussion

Sorry, you are not allowed to purchase this item
  • This item is only available to buyers who have not purchased 3 or more items from this seller in the past 10 days.

Just got this message - what gives???

Bidding & Buying discussion

QUOTE..."EBAY, THE BUYER WILL BECOME DISCOURAGED IF NEG. FEEDBACK IS LEFT ON THEM, & not cont. TO buy" WHAT?? OK LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT... THEY DON'T PAY & WERE FORCED TO LEAVE A POSITIVE!? COOL... SO LET'S ENCOURAGE THIS...RIGHT ON!!! HERE'S 1 BETTER THEY DON'T THE AD THAT STATES N TITLE DESC, BODY OF... REITERATE MULTI X's exactly whats 4sale. They bid ,win,pay receive email say is somthing wrong? Literally bid like crazy SOLELY on pix "Cross promoting" item 4sale and the match/ing... I get the neg. Go frm 100% to a **bleep** UNDESERVED 98.5 SOM1OUT THERE TELL ME AM I CRAZY? WHAT DID I MISS? IVE APPEALED THIS NUMEROUS X'S TO OVERTURN BUYERRS DECISION! EBAY DID U 4GET THERE WLDNT B BUYERS IF IT WASN'T FOR US sellers 1st. We@the vry least shld be able to leave a neg. FB for non paying buyers ONLY PLEASE REVIEW THIS....

Selling discussion


I have been on here for about 3 years and there are dips in sales, I get that.  But I've been rolling for the last year or so.  And last week sales just stopped.  This week there has been almost nothing.  Is something going on that would drive sales off?  First time on here but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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well...get ready for a shock when you next go into your paypal.  it has become kindergarten.


1. to use it you will need to find transactions.


2. then manage


3. under manage...you must find the PICTURE FOR MULTI.shipping...if you need that


then it will bring up the shipping screen that we all know.


4. to switch to classic you must find MORE above you...and then switch to classic...


BUT CLASSIC IS NOT CLASSIC. IT IS A new paypal versioin.


5. please complete the 4 question survey about WHY YOU PREFER CLASSIC, if you do prefer it...


sorry for rant, but i even phoned paypal about this and told them they did an ebay: they rolled out the new look without testing it.




7. and feedback they shall receive.


my very best to all.



Selling discussion

I see someone here sold a bunch of clowns for 25 cents starting bid recently. 7 day auction and that was all? What is happening here on e-Bay when a bunch of clowns can't even sell for more than 25 cents?

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 6:16:40 AM PT


Hello everyone,

I have a refused package coming back today or tomorrow and want to know what I can do to protect myself against scams.


Selling discussion

Apr 18, 2015 11:24:08 AM PT

Refused package

Recently I had an "Item not received" case opened by one of my buyers. I have provided tracking details for this order, you could check by visiting USPS website https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabels1=RS067126250LV



After some time I get message from the buyer "This guy is not sending the item, or giving my money back. Going through a struggle right now financially. I really need this money."


Claim is closed and money taken from my account and I have got no money, no item.

"We received insufficient tracking info from you. You must provide tracking info in the Resolution Center before a case gets escalated. Note that tracking info includes the shipping carrier and an item tracking number that can be tracked online. If the item is $750.00 or more, shipping with signature confirmation is required."

Request reason: Item not received
Case reason: Our records show you didn't respond to the case
I have sent appeal, waiting for response. Any hints how to answer to ebay claims?

Selling discussion

Apr 18, 2015 4:07:53 AM PT

Scammed by customer support

Bidding & Buying discussion

Recently i had a very unpleasant experience from a buyer for one of myrock  specimen.


From a start, he was very rude over negotiation for his offer which i later relented and accepted his offer which is not even half of its market value.


Inspected and packaged the over 3kg specimen and shipped out via expedited delivery which i paid for it.

It was delivered 6 days later to the US.


Buyer messaged that the specimen was totally different from the photo and requested a return. I was shocked.

I had inspected and confident that it is the same thing as specified and shown in the photo.


Out of goodwill as my motto is to keep happy customers, i accepted the return without question and fund was reserved in PayPal for the full refund.

Provided the shipping back address and specific instructions not to declared the full value of the specimen or i will be charged 7% goods & services tax back here with our custom.


Next the nightmare came. DHL attempted to deliver the package back but requested for a payment of the 7% tax plus delivery which amount to around 800 plus Singapore dollars. I am hesitating whether to foot the $ and accepted the package.


Whether the buyer returned my specimen i original condition is also a question based on some other seller feedback to me over this buyer.


Another concerns is that the buyer did not updated the status of the return that the item was shipped back.

Could this result in the return request buyer being voided and ebay to charge me for the final fee?


Usually for small value transactions, i will absorb the loss.

I am quite lost now as its my first time handing return via this ebay return system.

Appreciate any good advise. Thank you.

Selling discussion

I have been an eBay member since 2001.  I mostly sell, having several accounts collectively with my husband.  However, I also buy on eBay.  As a seller I do my very best to be as descrive as possible, pointing out all the positives, flaws, new, old, vintage, etc...  I also post lot's of photo's, as they speak a thousand words.


Okay... after 14 years on eBay, I recently ecountered one of the worst "Shady, Scummy Seller's".  For the sake of privacy I am going to be vague, however as detailed as posible.  


I jumped in on an auction, however, before bidding, I PM''d the seller for more photo's / info.  The seller responded by saying they were currently out ouf town without their computer (so how did they respond to my email?), and could not forward photo's...  Additionally, they did not answer several of my questions, however they did say that ALL of the items in the auction, about 100 pieces were all "lightly used".  Due to my desire in wanting these items, I bid, trusting their past feedback / years selling and stellar item description, along with the handful of photo's posted (not all of the item photo's were posted).  I won... and the seller sent the items, without forwarding photo's, even though I requested photo's again, prior to the seller sending in an effort to avoid any potential returns, as "lightly used" to me is like new... not damaged, so from my own experinece the item condition is clearly very subjective based on our different perceptions.  


I received the items... and while 70% was "lightly used", 30% of the items were broken, damaged, stained, mismatched...  I first reached out to the seller... in hopes of a remedy without involving eBay and the seller was beyond rude.... called me a liar... called me a criminal and left me positive feedback, with negative words.... amongst other inapropriate behavior, all of which eBay had to take action on in favor of me.  So, per the guidance of eBay, I open a case for a refund for the damaged items received, the seller refuses, the seller then escalates the case and eBay sides with the seller????????  In all of my years selling on ebay, I cannot believe this happened.  


I am beyond discouraged and disappointed with eBay's lack of support and guidance.  I got duped!

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 17, 2015 10:19:36 PM PT

Unprofessional eBay Sellers... Shady...

Have you ever just taken a few weeks from relisting?  I'm at that point.  I think I'll wait it out and let all my stuff expire and come back later in the summer.


Selling discussion

Apr 19, 2015 4:37:28 AM PT

Gonna take a break from Relisting!

Is Lithium working on the boards or what's up?  I'm bleeding kudos - 75 down in the past hour.


I watch them a little to moderate my behavior.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Mods - feel free to post and to move the thread because yeah, it's off-topic.

eBay Cafe discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:46:15 AM PT

Anyone else bleeding kudos?


I never heard of the designer.  I saw her line at the TGT site, but honestly, I don't see where she's so innovative, although her prints are very sunny.   Is she a top designer?  Who buys her stuff?

eBay Cafe discussion

Apr 17, 2015 6:44:01 AM PT

The Lilly Pulitzer line at

Sold a vase for $400. with free shipping.   I have a 100% feedback rating, with over 600 transactions.  Buyer says the vase is brand new and fake and wants a refund.  It was listed correctly and for whatever reason, she wants a refund.  After a frew back and forth emails, I realized I could hae an appraisal from Sothebeys and she still wouldn't be happy.  Asked Ebay to step in and help and got an auto generated response saying the buyer is right and I hae to givbe a refund.  


I am livid.  I paid $100 in packing, shipping and ins.and I'm told I have to pay return shipping.  So, on top of refunding the $400., which Ebay has already taken out of my PayPal account, I'll be out Ebay fees, ($50.) Paypal fees and $200. shipping.    


From reading the boards just now, I see this is not uncommon.  This is a very unfair Ebay policy.   I was planning on appealing.  


Has anyone had any luck with appeals.   


Any luck with removing slanderous feedback.


Can we leave negative feedback for Buyers now?


I'm done with Ebay.  If you lose your shirt being ethical and honest.....ebay is done


Thank you for any help



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 9:00:17 AM PT

Being forced to accept return

Can anyone me help authenticate this Hermes scarf?



Fashion discussion

Apr 16, 2015 2:45:31 PM PT

Please help authentic this hermes scarf

I sold a set of 4 tea cups+saucers.
Parcel arrived with one cup damaged. I offered buyer a partial refund, she is agreed, but I dont' have an option with Paypal transaction anymore to issue partual refund ( last week I did this  for combined shipping with no problem) ---- only full payment refund.
Is this new rule?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 12:57:00 PM PT

How does a seller can give a partial refund?

This hasn't happened to me ...... YET ....... But - I see a buyer that has left neutral and negative feedback wiith comments like :"charged $2.50 for shipping for $1.80 stamp" - Not even accounting for the tax on a $1.80 stamp, or fees, or envelope, or top loader (for sports cards)  - The poor seller probably lost a few cents on the actual shipping charges. Other neutral or negative feedback this buyer has left had comments such as "Made .75 cents extra on shipping"  again - no accounting for actual costs - only the price of the stamp. I know giving low stars for shipping charges  will not cause a defect - therefore - Please tell me this feedback would be eligible for removal - I kinda know the answer - But - I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Selling question

Been waiting a few years for a widget to show up. When they show up and I get notification by email, they are often bought by other buyers. When it's auction, I usually get outsniped by about 20 snipers.


Today showed up yesterday but at a ridiculous $300 BIN. This widget usually goes for $80-$120 so I sent the seller best offer of $100.  Free shipping was mentioned in the original listing and in the best offer window under shipping.