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Possibly it is Canadian.


009 - Copy.JPG


Here are the two spoons I have with this same hallmark, one is the 1939 Coronation of George VI and the other is a miner.




012 - Copy.JPG

Antiques discussion

Hello Folks,

I recently purchased this Art Deco style glass lamp.  It's made of pink satin glass with a black glass base.  The design features four panels, each depicting a dancing semi-nude woman holding a flower over her head.  The lamp stands about 10 1/8" tall including the base.  The pink portion is 9 1/4" tall and 4 1/4" square.  The base is 5" wide.  There are no manufacturer markings that I can find.

I've seen a vase that looks identical to the pink portion of the lamp that was made by Sarsaparilla Deco Designs in 1984.  However, the vase is slighly shorter (8 7/8" tall) and it has 4 feet.  The bottom of the vase is clearly marked with the Sarsaparilla name.  I looked through the glass at the bottom of the lamp and don't think there is any writing on the bottom of the pink glass.  Also, this piece has no feet on the pink portion of the glass.

I think Sarsaparilla generally modeled their designs after actual items from the Art Deco period.  I'm wondering if this lamp is an original, older piece that Sarsaparilla modeled their vase from.  I haven't been able to find another example of this lamp anywhere on the internet.  Does anyone know who made this lamp?


Any ideas are welcome.  Thanks in advance!

pinkdeco front.jpg

pinkdeco close2.jpg

pinkdeco close3.jpg

pinkdeco under.jpg



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Photo on 7-1-15 at 4.37 PM.jpg

Help folks, I bought a quadcopter for my Grandson and it came with this charger and it wont plug in to a Standard US A/C receptical which means I can't charge the battery and he can't use  the new toy. Please help me figure out what to do.

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jul 1, 2015 3:00:20 PM PT

Help with a Remote Control Battery Charger

I found this cup and saucer and cake plate today. Can't seem to locate it in sales or actives on eBay. Would anyone know the pattern? Sure would appreciate any help identifying them. Thank you.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello Folks,


I recently acquired this covered dish with an art glass bird finial.  The style of the bird looks a lot like the finial on crystal perfume bottles made by the Pairpoint Glass Company and designed by Robert Gunderson.  However, the bird on my piece is not quite as detailed and the ball it sits on is not as well formed.  Also, I'm not aware that Pairpoint made covered dishes like this one.


I'm guessing this covered dish (candy dish or trinket container) is a knockoff of the Gunderson design.  The piece measures about 12 1/4" to the top of the bird's tail and the dish portion measures approximately 6 1/2" wide.

Does anyone know who made this piece?  Thanks in advance!

birddish whole.jpg

birddish close1.jpg

birddish close2.jpg

birddish upside.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

So, here is the situation:
June 28 I received notification that my item was sold. I opened eBay and found this, normal for complited deal message:
 Thats what eBay told me.

I always receiving absolutely same messages when I sold something.
So, as eBay told me, I sent the item ASAP, next day with a free shipping via 3-Day Priority Express.
Same day, after work I decided to check my account, because there was a pending transaction from previous sale and I was curious when I will receive the money.

As it has appeared, there is no money for item that I just shipped!
I checked everything, but they are not even pending!
I went to the ebay.com / selling and found this:

Buyer still didn't paid

I began to review details and its appeared that my buyer sent an eCheck. I heard that eCheck's need 3 days to process, so I was wondered, why eBay told me to ship it(as you can see at the first screenshot).
I googled what I can to do, and found that at first of all, I need to contact PayPal ASAP, to let them protect me in case if it's a froud.
I did.
Representative told me that I can call my buyer, or request package interception from carrier. She also gave me contact information of my buyer. Summarizing, she literally told me that this is my problem and they can't do nothing with that. Hmmm... They claiming that PayPal is a safest way to sell or buy online, but now I do not think so.

Fine. Let's call USPS. 10 minutes of rage was provided by automatic menu that know three sentences "Sorry, I didn't get that" "Repeat that" "Thank you for using USPS. Bye!" . Than, when I finally was connected, they told me that all representatives busy and estimated time on hold 12-15 min. 17 minutes on hold later they just disconnect me and I didn't even heard a real human.
I was too much tiered and just went to sleep.

This morning, I received eMail from PayPal that bank of my buyer declined eCheck.
I called USPS again and after the same procedure as day before i finally rich the real person on the line. They nicely told me that I can intercept the package using they website and wish me a great day.
After filling all forms at usps.com I found that I have to pay $19.50 to get my item back.

Is it my fault that eBay told me to ship the item before payment was clear? I don't think so. So I called eBay again, and they told me to wait, and that what they "Doing their best". If payment will go true, we will give you your money. If not - call the police, we can't do nothing. My claims that it's their website told me to ship it was left without any attention. They just ignored that I said this.  

Buyer still not respond to me and package already in the buyer's hometown. I feel robbed and everybody just trying to rid me of.
I don't know what to do, I was need that money very much.
I still hope that buyer will be that nice to answer to me and will pay, or just will send it to me back, but the fact that  eBay does not want to take responsibility for the mistake that making their website it's ridiculous!

Selling discussion

20 measly listings a month now?  Real smart move ebay, I assume that most sellers are like me, and absolutely hate listing items.  It's boring, and it's tedious work, especially thanks to ebay's ancient, half brained photo uploading applet.   Whoever coded it, doesn't seem to understand that people want to drag and drop, and then be able to drag each picture into their desired order.  It's not hard to implement that kind of functionality into a website.  Instead, each time you go to upload your photos, you're stuck making mental notes of filenames, reverting to thumbnail view in the explorer window that pops up, and finally scrolling to find the pictures that you could have simply dragged over from the folder you had open in the first place.  Listing is a major headache, but it should be the smoothest part of selling on ebay and it should not cost sellers a cent.  It obviously has nothing to do with keeping the amount of junk listings at a minimum, considering 95% of ebay is just that.


Point is, nobody wants to pay listing fees, when they are already coughing up 13% of the selling price when a buyer actually comes along (kind of rare these days).  If items aren't selling, you're throwing away money and wasting your worthless 20 "free" listings.


Ebay is purposely limiting the amount of transactions that are made on the site.  Either that, or they simply don't understand the consequences of annoying and frustrating the sellers who choose their site as a selling platform.

Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 6:41:46 PM PT

Well, I'm heading over to Bonanza

I have more listed than i have ever had, and selling nothing, That is scary!  I have great things to list but i feel like im waisting my time,  futhermore,  no increase in views or watchers in days, just stays the same.  Anybody else selling?

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 5:40:02 PM PT

Is anyone selling anything???

Sold a shirt and buyer received it today. The description included the following:


The following is to protect myself as well as protecting the buyer from unwanted items:
All clothing items are purchased 2nd hand or later. Although this is a smoke free home, I cannot guarantee the same from previous owners. If this is of concern, please refrain from purchasing the item. 
Thank You!
Received this message today from the buyer:
Hello. Wanted to let you know I received the top I bought from yo and thank you for the fast shipping. The top has a very strong odor of smoke. And being in the ziploc bag I smelled it immediately. I would prefer not to have something with an odor that strong. Please tell me what you would like me to do. I contacted you to make arrangement rather than go through ebay and make a problem out of it against your acct. I respect a seller and give them the chance to resolve it.
I have no problem refunding on return, but the seller sounds as if she is threatening me by going to Ebay if I do not bend to her will. I looked at her feedback given and she gave a negative yesterday to a seller for a smoke issue. The seller responded that the buyer made a claim just to avoid paying return shipping.
Buyer sounds as if she is either looking for a free item or trying to avoid paying return shipping. Smoke issue WAS in the description.
Should I take my chance and let her go to ebay and try fighting it, or just make her happy?


Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 4:42:11 PM PT

Should I Fight This Buyer Request?

I haven't used this forum before. I have just had my first bad experience selling on ebay. I have been a member for four years. What happened was I sold one of my kids old bicycles for 99p. I just requested pick up within 3 days on the item description. The buyer payed 99p via paypal but did not pick up the bike. After 3 days I asked her when she could pick it up. She said she could only do weekdays before 2pm. I explained that both my wife and I were at work and could she possibly do another time (I didn't want to take a morning of work to sell something for 99p) . I heard nothing back. After a week I emailed her again and asked if she still wanted it, suggested a refund as an option. No reply. 3 days later (late Saturday night) I received an email from her in block capitals 'STILL NO REFUND.?.' I replied by saying that I had not heard back from her but I would refund straight away. Which I did. Following this, you guessed it, I was left negative feedback. With only 68 transactions this brings my rating to 97%. I contacted ebay, who suggested that I contact the buyer to try and work it out. I did this, but just got a curt email back, telling me that I should have been more flexible. Not only that, I then got mocking emails where she was just sending me smily faces, followed by a mocking phonecall from a male voice on a withheld number saying 'hello mate, can I buy a bike for a quid?' Followed by laughter and then hanging up. I cannot reciprocate the bad feedback, and ebay have told me that they they cannot remove it. This experience has irritated me so much that I honestly feel like giving up selling on ebay altogether. I have emailed ebay about this several times, and am starting to feel like a pest. It's just that I am so irritated that people can behave like this. Surely this can't be ok can it? Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? This experience has made me lose all enthusiasm for selling.

Selling discussion

I won a Paypal dispute over a 'non-receipt' which was then changed to a 'not as described' dispute from a nightmare US buyer for an expensive item. I charged the right amount for shipping and insurance albeit unpaid by the buyer but was complementary by me for my security. The buyer has now left me my first negative feedback and I have been selling for years without an issue. What should I do or can I do to remove it? The feedback claims are false and I feel the buyer is being bitter about losing the Paypal dispute and retailiating to my more then appropriate feedback for them. I have already reported this buyer to ebay but don't feel like they can help. No sense in trying to rectify with the buyer - they were hellish to deal with!

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:08:15 PM PT

False retaliated negative feedback

I had two LV purses that ebay removed stating they were counterfeit. I then called customer service and got "disconnected." Hmmm.  What to do when you have two authentic purses with all the pictures required to show such and Ebay removes them. 

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:17:18 PM PT

My listings were removed

I have a buyer that has 1 transaction over the past 12 months.  The buyer made a Best Offer on a product with the stipulation that they would pay for shipping and send me a shipping label.  


Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated. 



Shipping & Returns discussion

I order an item and it showed that I will receive it on june 30 . But tody is july 1 and I didn't receive any thing

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 1, 2015 1:02:55 AM PT

Why I didn't received my order on time?

I'm new to eBay and just won a few rings from China. Is all of their jewelry bad? Didn't really see negative feedback 😐

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:23:56 PM PT

Rings from china

I am devistated! She is also a long time EbaSeller of Antiques similar to this one, and says it's not HER POLICY to keep damaged goods! It was a Vintage Bakelite Trinket Box in Excellent Condition-I have many pictures. It is unbreakable and I shipped it USPS because I was certain it would not break. When I sold it to her because she offered me much less than my asking price and I needed the money badly that day. I wanted to do something nice for her as I know she wanted it badly. She opened a Return. Now there's nothing for her to return. I offered her a partial refund minus the Shipping and Handling. She refused as I stated before. I have reposted her. Do you think Ebay will now agree with her, or me with my partial refund which was her full purchase price minus Shipping as I stated before. Thank you! I am so upset that this piece had been in my family 25 yrs and it was unbreakable. She had to have taken a hammer to it!

Getting Started question

I just sold an "RCA 9" Color TV Model 09344 With Digital Converter Box And Remote For Both"  on ebay and I shpped on time.

Just before I shpiied the item I checked again and it was working fine.

The buyer asked me for the manual which I founded online and I emailed the link.


Today I got two emails from the buyer that the tv doesnt work and is only blue screen and no channels.

I sent an email back and I told her to follow the instructions on the manual and all te coded are on the paper that I have taped on tv.


Clearly she had no idea hoe to make the tv work and she emailed me back to tell me that the tv doesnt work.

She also provided me with a phone number to call her.

I thought this was the easies way to sort things our and I calles her.

She cleraly had no clue how to put the tv to work and she was complaining that she can not follow the manual.

Later she asked me to come and make the tv work and later she told me to come and pick the tv at her house next to the scool.

I dont know what she was smoking but I told her I leave 3 hours away from her in different states and I could not come and pick the tv.


But in the end of the conversation she told me to refund her money or she will open a case against me on ebay and leave a bad feedback.


Needless to say I told her to keep the item and I refunded her money.
I thought going on ebay,is not worthied because enay in 99% of the cases sides with the buyer.

I am not a person who complains and I always give the buyer the benefit of the boubt,but in this case I am 100% sure that the TV works fine,and she either has no clue how to operate the tv or has mental problems.
She asked me to refund the money in 5 minutes otherwise she will call ebay and open case against me.
It took me 5 minutes on the phone to convince her that I am at work and I will refund her moneuy after 1 hour when I get back home.

Sorry that I wrote the whole story,but I am very upset.


What have you done in similar cases?

Thanks in advance and happy 4th of July!

Selling discussion

Jul 2, 2015 2:03:32 PM PT

How to deal with unreasonable buyers?

Hi! I have a problem. I purchased an item as a guest (I do have an ebay account now) and item arrived dried out. Cannot use it. I need replacement. When I see my order in previous email, I cannot see who seller was, it says "sorry, you are neither the buyer nor the seller for this transaction". What do I do, please?

I only have "Transaction Id" number.


Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

I noticed that the item was removed after I received an email from eBay stating "You may have received messages from a compromised account." The account they stated was fancypants6684, someone I bought from: I paid for the item (headset $29.99) on the 27th through PayPal. It was marked as shipped about 9 hours after purchased. The estimated delivery date is on July 7. Anyways, after the email about the compromised account, I looked at my purchases to make sure everything was fine, only to find that the item is marked as "Removed Item" Im not sure what to do, I pretty worried right now.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jun 30, 2015 11:54:38 PM PT

What should I do? Item removed but was paid

18 hours since invoice sent. Still no payment. So I go to ebay help and find a video of Griff showing how to edit Site Preferences to open an unpaid case after 4 hours. Only the Site Preferences edit page Griff s hows looks little like the page I have. I assume ebay has taken away the seller option to edit this. Or maybe it's just me. Any way, this just illustrates what I hate about the "Help" button. Someone makes a video, or a help article with detailed instructions on how to handle a situation. Then the page is changed. The options are changed. The page is under a different secion. And no one ever bothers to change that "Help" page or video. So you have thousands of people running against this brick wall where the "Help" instructions to not match the "help" resource available. Is it so much to ask, especially from one who asks so much of the consumers of that "help"? If ebay were held to the standards they hold sellers ...

Selling discussion

Hi folks,


I am pretty mad at eBay right now, I have been with them since 2000 and because I had low plant sales this month (17) and one customer requested a refund on a plant (1) a $6.00 sale, I slipped below standard, 5.35% and suddenly my listings are restricted.

I have 1800 feedback's, 100% positive and than this?


I am so upset, took down my store, canceled selling manager, payed early termination fees, don't care.


That percentage system sucks. I am also selling on Amazon and are in the 'Excelent' ranking.

Ebay is loosing it, sorry. What a mess.



Selling discussion

Hola, él Recibido Una oferta de parte del vendedor, Cuando me acepto dado que tengo Que agregar al carro de compras, hago ESTO LUEGO CUANDO quiero y me da Pagar el precio del Anuncio no de la oferta.


me enviaron la oferta y cuando trato de pagar no puedo.

esto es una oferta unicamente para mi.



Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 12:39:07 PM PT


Is there somewhere I can go to see what my eBay fees are at this moment?  I can wait until I get invoiced but i would like to know if I can see a running total somewhere.


Thanks -



Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 7:08:21 AM PT

Listing of current fees?

I want to refund my buyers money without the item being returned.  It's not worth the shipping charges.

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 6:52:24 AM PT


I received a refund for an item, but now it's showing it as unpaid. Why? How will this affect my acct?

Shipping & Returns question

Jul 1, 2015 7:47:27 AM PT

Refunded item is "unpaid"?

All of my details are in the UK (address, telephone number, shipping address etc) but for some reason when I search for items on ebay I am shown everything in US dollars and items based in the US - how do I change this to GBP and the location to UK?? Very frustrating! I have looked everywhere..

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 7:37:33 AM PT

Account is set to US when I am in the UK

hi, im from Panama, and i wanna apply for this paypal credit but wheni try fill the billing adress panama dont exist in the drop list, so i cant aplly for this?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 6:07:36 PM PT

Apply for PayPal Credit

How do I check what date I registered to Ebay?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 12:33:38 PM PT

Registration date

Hi, i am confused on how (on the paypal website) i see if the person that has bought my product, has sent a payment to my paypal that is pending. Thanks. 

Payments question

when you sign up with an ebay stores subscripton for a full year  and you make a name for your store, how set in stone is that name, can I change it later on if I want to?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 10:47:06 AM PT

ebay stores



I recently returned an item that I purchased through eBay from MasterDeals USA. The return was approved, I shipped the item, it was received, and I was notified on JUNE 30 that a full refund had been credited to my PayPal account. PayPal then messaged me saying that they had just sent the money to my Debit Card account. I used a Debit Card to purchase the item.


I have not received any refunds. There is nothing in my PayPal account, and there is nothing in my Debit Card account. 


I have no problem waiting, but I just was confused because they told me they had sent the refund and I wanted to make sure it hadn't gone to the wrong place or something.


Thank you to the commenter below.




Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 10:16:21 PM PT

No refund in my account

The marketing email I'm getting from Ebay seems endless.  How can I stop it?

Member To Member Support question

I have 1 buyer for 3 items and It was listed as free shipping. Can I ship them together in one pkg. ? And , if so, how do I do it? Thanks 

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 11:46:36 PM PT

Combined shipping



We wonder if we can post dual listings for a same item to fixed price listing and auction listing.

Please, let us know. thank you

Member To Member Support question

I receive notices that my item has sold, but I want to also know when my item has its first bid.  I checked settings, but I didn't see where a seller can do this.



Selling question

Hi eBay community. When I post an item for sell it shows my city, my province and the country. How can I change it so that only the country is displayed. 

Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 4:51:14 AM PT

Change how location is displayed


new store owner here. I'm confused on having insertion fees when I have opened an ebay store!

I opened a basic store, but as I'm adding items to the store, I'm getting insertion fees that are the same as

before I had the store.


I understood/thought that when I opened the store, it would be the $19.95/mo as long as I complied with not listing over the amount I'm allowed.

Any clarity would be appreciated.

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 4:56:10 PM PT

Question on fees when you have a store

Payments question

Hello, normally I have several item listed for sale (10 different item on average) due i need to travel I can not send anything to buy me in at least a week,  there a way to temporarily suspend my item listings?

  The problems is I have understood that ebay applies some sansion ends when you end one too many item listings, is this rigth?

Thank you,


Member To Member Support question

I have a set of 4 vintage ceramic juice glasses.  They're 3.5" tall.  The silver foil label is unreadable unfortunately.

It does say hand painted but am hoping to ID the maker - enesco? probably not lefton but I suspect made in Japan.

Selling question

Jul 2, 2015 8:17:07 PM PT

Can anyone ID this vintage brand/label?

I have what may be a significant book but I need more information to price it. The name of the book is "Chairman Mao Memorial Hall."  It is in Chinese with a separate English translation of the photos inside but no other information or dates. I am assuming from the photo of the back of the book below that this edition of the book was made in 1978. The cover is gilt-stamped satin boards. I would appreciate a translation of the photo below. 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Getting Started question

I know this was an opion for buy it now listings(not sure about Make an Offer). But now the option seems to have vanished in the format. Feedback, guidance tried customer service a few times but didnt get the right rep.

Selling question

How does Ebay charge reserve pricing? What I mean is this: I have an item that I am selling and I add a Reserve Price, I understand that Ebay charges me a fee for that listing, but suppose the item does not sell and I want to relist. Does Ebay charge the Reserve Price for each time the item is listed, or does the initial Reserve Price fee apply to each relisting of the item?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 3:27:21 AM PT

Reserve Price

I have 2 of those big blue and white pickle crocks that I would like to list 



What is the best way to pack and ship  the gox will be big and heavy



Member To Member Support question

What's the best way to ship furniture within continental USA?


Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 1, 2015 5:37:02 PM PT

What's the best way to ship furniture?

How do I sell an item to the highest bidder before the listing expires?


Member To Member Support question

How do I find out my PIN#?


Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 9:57:23 AM PT


I want to use the shipping calculator to decide on the shipping costs of my items, but it only lets me choose from USA's shipping companies. Since I'm not from the USA and won't be using them, and the calculator doesn't recognise my zip code, what other choices do I have? Or, how can I get the calculator to recognise my zip code and use the shipping companies from my country (Croatia, EU)?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 3, 2015 7:52:00 AM PT

Shipping NOT from USA

-3 days and 4 emails later. I was advised to phone. Left message for her to phone me back.   Buyer is new to EBay in  May.  Perhaps doesn't understand, but appears to have made 3 purchases before.  Anyone run into this before?  How long do you wait and cancel the transaction?  I filed complaint that buyer did not pay. 

Bidding & Buying question

Jul 1, 2015 9:56:38 AM PT

Buyer has Not paid

I was told it was delivered but I never received the package. The seller says she can not do anything.

Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 9:04:36 AM PT


I bought a Balenciaga bag  ($1000) fully believing it to be authentic.  That was 60+ days ago.  Now I'm hearing from experts it is fake.  Do I have any recourse?  I contacted the seller, she denied it then didn't reply back yet since I elaborated on my claims.  Since it is over 30 days is it tough luck to me?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 2:06:13 PM PT

? fake bag


We wonder if we can post a single fixed price listing everyday by Assign Automation Rules, "List According to my schedule" option. 

Auction Listing can make the everyday listing by eBay policy, but the fixed listing can list the item everyday or not.

Please, let us know if we can list the single listing everyday or not.

Thank you.

Member To Member Support question

My husband bought a coin that was fake.

The seller said he was in Michigan but the coin was sent from a shipping center in Singapore.

I opened a case wtih Ebay and the seller said "Just return it".


I asked did he he want it shipped to the Michigan address on his Paypal account or back to Singapore.

He said  "Just return it".

So my question is  "Where do i send the coin to?".

The seller only has 1 feed back from something it bought. Only had the account for a week before my husband bought the coin.
He has a hotmail email addess and English is not his first language.


Anyone know what to do or how to contact Ebay.


Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 11:38:39 PM PT

Returning Fake Coin

I purchased an item.

After waiting for the shipping estimated time to pass, I contacted the seller and request a tracking number.

The seller refunded my money and sent an email, the item wasn't working (alarm clock).


I gave positive feedback for the honesty and did research to find another one.............

to only find the item that I just purchased & received a refund on was now being RELISTED.

What on earth????? 

Member To Member Support question

I'm wondering if anybody here could help me out with this. I have a lot of Propane Fuel Cylinders for sale. However, I checked with the post office and they gave me a lot of BS about not being legal to ship these cylinders. The cost was prohibited. 

And yet, I see listings for the same items here and they are being shipped via USPS (Priority Mail).


Is this legal? What are the chances that these cylinders could explodw while in route. At the moment, I'm limiting my sale because I have listed as "Pick up only".


Please let know, thanks

Shipping & Returns question

Jul 1, 2015 12:30:47 PM PT

Is it legal shipping propane fuel cylinders

What should I do if a buyer asked to return something 10 days after the end of the return period?

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 10:25:10 AM PT

Ebay Returns

I listed an item and someone did not read the bottom  description correctly, so I went in and revised the title.  No biggie, but they said revisions are visible to prospective buyers, i.e., the original post is visible as well as the revised one.  I have never seen that,  Is that correct, or is only the most current revised listing shown?  

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 6:38:22 PM PT

Is original post visible to revised items?


I got this message!

1 item sold bychunmiandandan
We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you do not have anything to worry about. If you have any questions about delivery, please check tracking or contact your seller. If you run into any trouble along the way eBay is here to help. Please visit the Resolution Center to help resolve any problems you may encounter.
This user is no longer registered on eBay.

I wish to return the money  -     US $22.99  !
Thank you, Igor

Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 12:48:09 PM PT

The message!

my question is when you you use GTC on an item does it reduce your count when the items relist?

I left some of my store's 150 items open to cover the relisting and when they relisted the count didn't change.

Thanks in advance.



My Account question

He added a lengthy post about 4 P.M., part of it said:


"I've been with eBay for almost 20 years now. Like many of you, eBay is my life. I remember when we ruled the world. I want to rule it again. I want not only to compete, I want to CONQUER! And we can do it if we all pitch in. Continue to report any issues or bugs with the process. The team will address them quickly. But don't look at this project as some sort of "make work" mandate that we are arbitrarily assigning to our seller partners like you. This project is literally, make or break. I hope you will join me in adding as many Product Identifiers as you can to your new and existing inventory.


The team (Pam, Dave, Bahal, Vipul and others) are answering questions about Product Identifiers on this dedicated thread:






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hi, i am a new seller. i sell cds. digital copys. when a user buys it now. they pay thru paypal. everything is handled within ebay, never outside. ebay gets their fees and paypal also. but i notice my messages are being flagged. i am not able to recieve messages and their is a red flag on my message box. ive tried clicking the flag to see if i can do anything to resolve the issue, but nothing. ive had one of my friend send me a message from his ebay account, but i dont get any messages. whats wrong here? can i get some help please?

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Why was this considered an "improvement"??? I think the feature of the extra "see ful description" button is terrible, and the small window that opens up is not showing as nice as the old way.... can anything be done to choose the way one's listing will display on screen?

Selling question

Jul 2, 2015 2:22:21 AM PT


Im trying to cancel my account but it wont let me, due to a transaction done in the past 30 days but no transaction has been done is there anyway to fix it ?


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Jul 1, 2015 7:39:00 PM PT

Problems Canceling eBay account


 when i havd the message box open ther is no button to select to add pictures. suspect its a set up issue with my account but need help to fix this

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Hello. Seller atbert19911 not responding to my messages. Sent more than 4 messages.
The item was won and paid for at the auction on June 27.
I wish the seller returned the money or sent the parcel.
Recent feedback in his side: Had to get my money back through ebay. Wouldnt respond to messages. Bad Bad Bad. (Jun 15, 2015).
I suspect that the seller is most likely not active (always offline).
Won lots(eBay item number):
1. 191607343805
2. 191607343808
3. 191607343825
I've payed 12.85$ for the product and 44.85$ for the shipment.
What do I do next?
Thank you.

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Jul 1, 2015 12:49:17 PM PT

Returned the money or sent the parcel

Although I have be using EBAY on and off for several years, I have not enountered my connection dropping just as I was about to send my bid in.


I missed sending in my bid and the auction closed for the item, but I was still able to see the item & seller so I sent a message to them stating the connection

dropped before I could send in my bid in, offering them the amount I tried to bid which was above the starting price. I was also able to see that 0 bids were

sent in.


At this point, I assume the seller has the option to sell it to me for the price I offered or not. Is that correct?

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I have an international buyer (Canada) that purchased one of my items.  I don't ship internationally, only to the U.S.A.  How do I cancel this purchase and get my item listed again?  The buyer has not paid yet, I sent an invoice requesting they cancel the transaction.  How do I fix this?  I appreciate any help you can give.  Thanks, Rob

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I want to sell items that I no longer use in my house. I live in Serbia and there is not an eBay site for my country. Which eBay site should I join and use to sell these things ?



Ljubomir Ljubo Ruskaji

Selling question

I had the following interaction with a seller through Craigslist. Does this sound legitimate? Email response was as follows:


"The motor home was posted on Ebay but the winner was a time waster.That is why the motor home is posted only on Craigslist now.The title and all the  paperwork will come along with the motor home,it is in perfect working condition, oil was changed last month and no scratches or dents. Below are the motor home photos and after talking with eBay, it sounds like the transaction works like this: You need to send me your FULL NAME, shipping ADDRESS and phone number. I will forward them to eBay so we can initiate our transaction with them. Once the transaction has started, we will both receive further instructions about it  including a payment invoice and bill of sale. You will need to make the payment to eBay as eBay will give me the shipping instructions to start the shipping. I will ship the motor home to your address and after you receive it, you'll have 5 days to inspect it; drive it and check its' documents before actually deciding to keep it. During this whole time eBay will hold your money in their trust account. If you're satisfied with the rv and decide to keep it, you will need to inform eBay about this, and eBay will release the entire amount of money to me.
If the motor home is not as I described it and you decide not to keep it, then eBay will refund your deposit in full, no questions asked and shipping back the motor home will be my concern.
Please take into consideration and remember that I will get paid only AFTER you receive the motor home and confirm that you indeed want to keep the motor home after the inspection period. We are both covered. Sorry for the long email as I have tried to explain the entire process."


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Jul 2, 2015 12:46:25 PM PT

Does this RV purchase seem legitimate?

The fees on Amozon are really no worse then Ebay as long as you make the proper allowences and sell the right Items. Such as a rare Zappa LP.  Ebay takes a percentage of your shipping fee and then tells you to include free shipping and start your Item at 99cents. Etsy lets you list longer with much lower Fees. I appreciate your diolog but you obviously have not explored your options. Ebay is good for certain listings... That is if it is working ok and not bongged down and not even working correctly. 

Selling question

On Thursday 06.25.2015 I purchased a item. Shortly after that (same evening) I paid for the item and received a email from the seller thanking me for my purchase and later on even offered to meet on Friday to hand deliver the item to me. That was the last time I heard from him.

I know that he marked the item as "shipped" on Ebay on 06.25.2015 at 8:46pm (PST)


But USPS (Priority Mail) tracking shows: Pre-Shipment. A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 8:48pm on June 25, 2015 in Olympia, WA98516

Strange thing is, the seller has registered under Federal Wa, and i live in Lacey, which is about 5 miles away from where the Pre-Shipping label was created.

I attempted to start a case/report with Ebay, but it states to give the seller more time to make things right. I emailed the seller on Friday, Sunday and now this morning. This morning I gave him the choice to make things right and if he failed to do so, I would start a claim with Ebay for him, the seller not following true with the sale as he already has the money since June 25, 2015.

Thank you all for your advise.


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Hi, I need help with this problem.  I just got a message from a buyer who bought a used dress from me 5 months ago.  She says that the zipper just broke and apparently she wants me to do something about it.  Now I do have a 14 day return policy but this is obviously way outside of that.  I don't want to do any kind of a return and I know I'm not obligated to either since its been so long since the purchase.  She can't open a case via ebay or Paypal.  Does anybody have any suggestions to how I can say this to her without her telling me that I'm an uncooperative **bleep**? 

Selling question

To whomever this may concern, I am selling items on ebay, and I want to only have a buy it now option and no bidding. I cannot sell my item without having a starting price. I want to know how I can sell it only using the buy it now option. Thank you.


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Jul 1, 2015 5:17:41 PM PT


I paid for an item, and it is now removed from ebay, I have not received a refund and the seller is not responsive, what should I do now?

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Jun 30, 2015 9:27:17 PM PT

seller uncooperative

Is there an easy way to see if a buyer has purchased from me before? I want to reward returning customers.

Selling question

Hi people!


I am kind of rusty at this online purchase world. I went and purchased some xbox one analog switch but when I hit the buy now I noticed I had my cousin address in the USA instead of mine in Mexico. I changed it alrady, and contact the seller, do you know if after changing the address he will see my updated address to send it there or should I cancel the order and redo it again?



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Jul 3, 2015 10:35:43 AM PT

Shipping address

i cant contact ebay, when i click on "Email us" it will open a blank windows and do nothing


im trying to conact ebay becouse i cant demand a refound from a seller that didnt ship my item and probebly used a fake tracking number, the seller just ignores me and i can do nothing about it.

Shipping & Returns question

Jul 3, 2015 7:23:12 AM PT

i cant contact ebay

It shows : The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding.

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Jul 2, 2015 10:17:34 PM PT

Want to Resolve account problems

is there any way to change the negative feedback i left for a seller which was my fault for not requesting a refund or contacting the seller before doing so. it is past the 30 day window to change the feedback per ebay rules is there anything else i can do to change a feed back i left.

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Jul 2, 2015 1:04:26 PM PT

negative feedback

Whenever I go to sell something, I get this in return:


Well, this is embarrassing.

We're sorry, but the quick listing tool isn't working right this second. Give us a couple of minutes to fix this, and then please try againwith your listing.


Any idea what this is?  I  have been getting it for 3 days.  Thanks!

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Jul 1, 2015 5:45:34 PM PT

I can't list an item to sell, please help!



EDITED to add: the seller is a Business I'm annoyed & thats my Right


REEDIT TO ADD:I Heard from the seller,the seller reports the item was sold "over the counter" after I had paid for it,also I don't appreiate some of the comments posted because some of you don't know what you are talking about,I NEVER said this was my "first Purchase" on eBay

Buying & Selling Basics question

So i bought an Xbox One on Ebay from a seller for £200, a day later i realise i have a £80 Argos giftcard which i can use to get a brand new Xbox One instead for around the same price as the one from Ebay. The item has a 14 day refund so i contact the seller and i asked if i can return it, he replied saying that if i send it back to him i can get a refund. So i agree to this and i was going to send it as soon as i recieved it in the mail. 2 days after the delivery date i still haven't recieved it, i decide to get refund because it hasn't been delivered. So i cancel the return case and filled in the reason as 'I want a refund'. I go to open a refund case but it won't let me. I do a quick google search and apparently you're only allowed to have one case per item. What do i do now?! I haven't got the item and it won't let me do anything about it. I'm trying to contact the seller but he hasn't replied since.

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He said he got only one iphone, his son got sick and he need money ..blah blah...

I have bid his item as buy it now and made payment.

30 minitues later, I have found his relist item for that iphone and also got bidded by someone.

What should I do now ?

Bidding & Buying question

I put up my electric guitar for sale on ebay as an aution with a buy-it-now option.  It sold within an hour of me putting it up for sale for the buy-it-now price.  When i saw who the seller was, that is when i became skeptical.  The buyer's username was a bunch of numbers with no feedback, located in China.  Now that just seems sketchy to me.  Any advice?

Selling question

Hi, I am currently talking to someone who wants to sell me his 2'nd hand car from overseas, and he tells me that if I buy from him through Ebay Motors, I will get a 5 day inspection period, during which I can decide if I want to keep the car, and if not, Ebay Motors will refund me the total amount spent back....Is this true ?

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Jul 3, 2015 9:17:37 AM PT

5 day inspection period

I'm attempting to purchase an item that requires bidding /not really 'for sale' at a set price.


Each bid I put in is automatically counter bid by someone else with an auto -bid built in


Why bother then?  It seems even if I make a bid at the very last minute I will simply be out bid


does the seller ever set up an auto bid to simply jack up the price?


open to your experience

please advise



Thank you all.

I've very new to this and although I read the on line information a few times still needed clarity which you have all provided.


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Update: It hasnt been 4 days since I open the case. So i will wait. Thank you all for the replies


Buyer never paid. I emailed her many times. And nothing. I open a case with ebay and i havent heard a thing. Ebay is charging me $5 fee for selling this item which i never received money for.

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Jul 1, 2015 8:26:32 AM PT

Buyer never paid

I won the auction. but before I was going to pay, the seller sent a message to cancel this auction and will refund my money. Since I have not paid yet, should I pay , then wait for refund or don't need to do anything?  By the way, I also did not want this items after I found out it is more expensive than other places.

Bidding & Buying question






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Jul 3, 2015 2:45:52 AM PT


Buyer received item on March 16, backed up by USPS tracking, Buyer even gave great feedback. Now in July has filed a wrongful charge claim in paypal, have followed up with paypal, gave them all of the info. Question is, should I contact the buyer?

Selling question


I am a new and temporary Ebay seller- just selling what I already own before a move, with only a few transactions a month. A buyer won my auction and paid, but as I was packing it- I noticed that one of the pieces in a dish set has a crack. I wrote him that I can either discount it $5 since it wasn't listed as having that flaw and ship it or refund everything he paid and send a cancel request, but he hasn't responded and it's been a few days. So, do I just refund without his answer? I don't know how long to give it or what the rules are with this. I don't want to hold the money hostage, but I don't want to cancel it if he still wants the item with the discount and maybe just doesn't check his messages that often, so...Thanks. 


Selling question

It was delivered via priority mail, so there was insurance on the package.  But it was not at my house when I arrived at home.


What are the steps to take care of this?

Shipping & Returns question

Hello, I bought to be exact (seven) pairs of jeans from an ebay member, but canceled my order and asked for a refund, the seller was kind and sent the refund order directly to his (her) manager, as he did it I waited for another 24hrs, but the refund didn't arrived, I sent to seller multiple emails about my refund, and he asked kindly to wait for it until it shows up to my paypal account, but foreign's bank accounts stop making refunds/ payments from today till monday,


What am I suppose to do next? I thought that ebay was a fair place to do shopping, instead of getting scammed by a seller, I also forgot to mention that it was about three days ago since he promised to me that he will make a refund to my paypal account from his manager




bad english- I also do know that it is embarrassing to come and show up at/ public with this problem, but it may be a large amount of money, the shipping handles, and the price... I let you guys know how it ends up.

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Jul 3, 2015 9:18:56 AM PT

Haven't got my tranfer from a member

the price was 89to buy now. also he have the make offer option . so i make my offer he declined but he increase the price to $104 ..sellers can do that or i can report him?


Member To Member Support question

I just tried to an item with buy it now, but got this message:



This item is available to buyers who have not received 2 or more unpaid item strike(s) in the past 6 month(s).



One I had this past week, it was my fault.


But I don't remember the other one.


Where can I find where the othe strike was, and how long ago was it?


thanks for the help

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Jul 3, 2015 6:55:05 AM PT

unpaid item strikes

My buyer has changed his feedback after a situation was resolved, having previously left me a negative on the item. He's stated 'Change to positive after a chat sorted very nice guy sorry' (I'm not a guy but I'll forgive him that!) but it's still logged as negative feedback which alters my 100% rating to 95%. I have read that Ebay don't like sellers to leave negative feedback under a positive, so is this the same the other way round?  Is there something I should do to get this altered if possible, and if so what?



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Jul 3, 2015 11:09:44 AM PT

Posivtive feedback left under negative



I created a sell item on eBay with a starting price of $1685.00.... and a Buy It Now price of $1885.00.

The auction ended as "sold" with a bid of $1,269.96???

I have the listing email from eBay that clearly states the starting price and buy-it now price... but I don't understand how this item ended up sold to this bidder.

Appreciate any advice,


Selling question

Jun 30, 2015 5:40:26 PM PT

Item sold below starting price?

I bought an item from a fairly new seller, and she kept asking for more time to ship it. Then she just refunded my payment instead of shipping the item, and won't respond to my email asking why. She charged $35.00 for priority mail shipping on the original transaction, but now when I go to leave feedback the shiipping price is listed as "free shipping," and only the item's price is showing up under my "purchase history." This leaves me without an option to leave a DSR on the shipping charges. I get the feeling that something funny is going on here, and I don't like it. I'd rather just receive the item, at this point, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. What can I do, to be able to leave complete feedback and DSRs pertaining to the shipping price that I paid? 

Bidding & Buying question

I sold someone a used distributor and yesterday received it in the mail as a return with a note saying that it did not fit his car. On all my listings for used parts I state that returns are only accepted within the 30 day warranty for defects. I have messaged the buyer to figure out what didn't fit because it should be the correct distributor for his application and found that it is the correct distributor for his vehicle. He did not try to contact me prior to returning the part.


I'm kind of at a loss on what to do because this is not a warranty return and I state that I do not accept returns. Any advice on how this should be handled?

Shipping & Returns question

The buyer has requested a return because she has decided that it won't work for her. She has to pay for return shipping because that is my policy . So Do I have to refund the total amount she paid me shipping and the cost of the item  or  just the cost of the item ? Thank you!

Shipping & Returns question

I opened a request, but seller doesn't answered in time (3 working days). When i try to click on "ask us to step in and help" alwais goes this:"You are not authorized to perform this action at this time". What can i do to Ebay step in and i can get my money back from fraud seller??

By the way, the seller no longer exist on Ebay and his listings disappeared too.

Sorry for my English..

Bidding & Buying question

I have had multiple problems selling my sons used sneakers.  It is always the same problem, the sneakers sell and the buyer does not pay.  I think the scam is to drive up the price on similiar items.  Has anyone else experienced this? 


It is definitely a scam it is has happened to me at least three times over different time periods.  buyer wirh zero feedback bids on item never pays.

Member To Member Support question

I bought a product from Canada (I live in Brazil) and it stopped when it crossed the border, it never came to me and the tracking number

sais that its being RETURNED to sender (the last information provided by Canada Post shows: Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up. The seller didn't pick up yet . The Ebay decided this case in the selller s favor!  The seller have all the money that I paid and the products that I bought. Look the answers that I have by Costumers Service: 


"I reviewed your email, and I understand that you claim not to have received your item. I'm sorry to hear there was a problem. I want to let you know about some options.


After reviewing the details of this case, it looks like the tracking information shows that the item was attempted to be delivered to your address. When a seller is able to show that an item was attempted to be delivered, we're not able to provide the buyer a refund. We also can't approve an appeal of a case decision when tracking shows this.  Please understand that buyers are responsible for keeping their address updated and making themselves available to receive the item. 


I understand your frustration. It's possible that the shipping carrier didn't deliver the notice, or may have delivered it to the wrong address. At this point, I recommend you contact the shipping carrier to see if there's more information on where the package is. You may also want to talk to neighbors to see if one of them got the notice by mistake.


To summarize, we can't provide a refund because tracking shows the item was attempted to be delivered. You may want to follow up with the shipping carrier and your seller.


We appreciate your understanding."



They are make a huge mistake! They are shipping to his address, not mine address!

What should I do know?



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Jul 2, 2015 10:09:56 AM PT

Please, I need help! Urgency!

Seller is bribing me to revise a negative feedback and also has not kept promises to replace the item nor refund my money as promised. How do I report them to Ebay please? In their feedback I see they have done this to others as well.

Getting Started question

Sorry, I made a mistake. I edited the original question. Thank you for your understanding.

Selling question

Jul 1, 2015 8:23:07 PM PT