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The eBay Community

Could someone please steer me in the right direction with this bowl. Believe its vaseline, opalescent and hobnail but no idea of age or maker. Any help greatly appreciated.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Seller Hub had a benefit after all. Below are screen shots of one of my accounts over the past 2 years. On a number of a occasions I contacted eBay about low views to no views for extended periods of time with no sales also. Every time I called I got no where. Just the same script..."I don't see anything wrong with your account", "I just checked your listings (in 2 mins), and they come up in search", "Your account is normal". 


I always kept a monthly inventory of 400 or more listings, except for Aug to Oct this year when I dropped them down to 250 and 350 listings. Below I posted 9 screen shots which show the gaps in views over time, and related sales, etc. I also added related notes below for each chart. 


1. Over 400 new listings posted. I called eBay a number of times about lack of views and sales. Got the script speech. 9 sales over 3 months.


2. Sales start ramping up along with views after 3rd relist of over 400 listings, Just one hic up in views during the end of Jan. 38 sales over 3 months.


3. Another View hic up in the beginning of Apr. Views drop and sales drop over 50%. 17 sales over 3 months.


4. View count unchanged by much and sales up a bit. 24 sales over 3 months.


5. Everything unchanged. 21 sales over 3 months.


6. Sales started to pick up then views basically stop and so did sales. Called eBay and got script speech. Huge gap in Jan. 27 sales over 3 months.


7. Calls to eBay fall on deaf ears. Views plummet, and lots of gaps. Sales tank. Just making store fees. 9 sales over 3 months.


8. Problem continues with calls to eBay going nowhere. Just making store fees. 9 sales over 3 months.


9. Called eBay everyday pushing issue. Cut inventory down to 200 listings. Sales ramp back up after a few more calls. Last week of Aug 8 sales, Sept 15, and Oct 4. Short lived bump in sales and views as they taper back down. 27 sales over 3 months.


Note: Below are the charts in order over 2 year time line. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is.





Selling discussion

Hi.. I am putting in original art by Vladimir Fedorovich Kadulin.  Does anyone know what  it is.. for example watercolor.. etc.  I am not in the art field.  Also.. not sure what catagory to put it in in ebay.    Any information would be  appreciated.  





Collectibles & Art discussion

It’s unclear to me whether or not sellers are allowed to put direct links to their social media pages in their ebay store.

On ebay’s links policy page there is no mention of social media links in eBay stores, that I could find -


Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 7.11.05 PM.png

So would it be classified as “restricted”, but allowed, if you’re NOT selling on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc?

Also, the links policy says you can place links to social media in your profile. But the only way I can see to do this is in the written section, but the links you put there are not hyperlinks, just a copy paste deal.

I have spoken to a few people at ebay HQ but still didn’t get a definitive answer.




A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

I sell used clothing so to begin I know to measure twice return never, use all 10 free photos, return never, accurately describe every detail of what buyer is receiving SO you never get a return request, item not as described forced refund from paypal...I offer a 14 day return policy, ebay says that makes me sound friendlier and they're more likely to purchase from me, however when I list every measurement and detail they know whether it fits, the color matches their eyes, etc and buyers remorse is just that....basically of the couple returns I've had was because of being damaged in shipping, not mine or the buyers fault.


With all that said, I sold a book and have a question for the sellers, veteran sellers, not the 1000 item a day, 1 in every 100 bad feed back doesn't hurt me because ebay likes taking my fees...I sold a 40+ yr old well read text book, very rare and when found in collectable condition sells for several hundred, not say $50, I've read this book over and over, forced it out flat, broke the binding so it would lay flat, glue in binding after 47 yrs shows age, however book is sound, no loose or missing pages, all photos show cover, back, spine, facing top pages, facing bottom pages, side and inside several pages.  So I get offers, someone buys it at asking price....gets book on a Fri then on a Sun sends me a message stating sections are falling out of the book, would like a 40% partial refund without doing anything through ebay, just messaging.  I called ebay within minutes Sun afternoon, spoke with someone in returns as this person wasn't asking to return item just wanted partial refund, stating that they would have to have the book rebound.  I had an issue where a painting was damaged in shipping, the glass broke, buy said they would work with me taking it somewhere and I'd partial refund the cost of the glass as they wanted to keep it, waited for a week and then saw they were shipping it back with no notice, got it back in the original packing destroyed and now shattered glass shaking around destroying artwork.  Went round and round with photos and their messages till eBay found in my favor and didn't refund them as they didn't have any photos to back their statement of damage, basically they tried to pull small arwork out of matting and had to brake frame and backing making original item useless.  I explained if buyer got item and tried to pull binding apart to re glue anything, I'm not taking back something in worse condition as when I sent it, especially an item that shows up on eBay once every couple years, basically an estate item where someone has to die for someone to sell it.


I know, getting long, girl on Sun told me and we both agreed, lets see what he does, if he sucks it up we can worry about negative feedback, but so far it's buyers remorce he should abuse the 14 day return policy and based on terms, pay to ship back and loose 20% restocking fee for not being happy because he didn't look at photos or read description.  So days go by and I get another message, and found a buyer loophole which makes the ebay people just go quiet like they are not on the line anymore hoping you'll hang up....message states, sent you an email expressing my dissatisfaction. I received no reply. I left you VERY BAD feedback, Please respond and I will change the feedback.  Feedback states book is falling apart. I want a 50% or total refund. It is not as described.  I called eBay, spoke with a guy this morning, he read the notes from Sun, today is Tues, he said nothing we can do with the feedback, for some reason I left you VERY BAD feedback, please respond and I will change it and the I want 50% or total refund isn't resonating as feedback extortion, and the fact that he doesn't want to open a refund as he wants to keep the book, they don't think that someone telling me they want 50% back or total refund without mention of shipping back the book is an unreasonable demand, and he states in the feedback item not as described, which again is another reference to paypal and so long money and maybe you'll get item back.


I told they guy, why is it I called Sun and got 1 response and today your telling me it's an opinion, give me 50% back or keep the negative feedback isn't feedback extortion, he has an opinion he should get half his money back?  I told him ok, as he couldn't understand what I was told and he read from notes on Sun was different from what he was telling me..so I said thank you, oh well, eBay...I called back 5 min later, wen't through the whole thing again in the same department with someone different, however she said she saw the person I spoke to earliers remarks, but no notes from Sun, the 1st person said he read Sundays notes, the 2nd person said there were no notes from Sun, just the ones from the person I just spoke with who told me I could respond to his negative feedback with my what 12 characters to try to explain he wanted to keep the book for half the price....


So I called again a 3rd time to see if they had any notes from today or it was all just, well yes I have this documented....I contacted the buyer explaining I'd gladly refund his purchase based on the terms in the listing, I'd spoke with ebay when I received his first message, with the worry he possibly damaged the vintage book as he didn't want to return it or send any photos showing damage, then after receiving his negative feedback another message about gettting a partial refund to remove feedback, all of these things I discussed with eBay, hoping he'd as the first person said, let him slip up and dig a hole, if he did damage the book, he knows he can't return it as the photos will show damage against your listing photos, he told me he's sorry he didn't mean to be harsh, but looking at 2 of the photos from the listing it clearly shows sections of the book jutting out...yes it does, and if he did try to pry them out and damage the book....I'm waiting to call them back and dispute the feedback allowing them to read the message where he acknoledges he saw the photos, but after receiving the book didn't like it, yes buyers remorse, sometimes that does hold up in eBay court....


My question verterain eBayer's have you ever listed something with accurate photos, to the point where the buyer admits they knew what they were receiving, however after they got it, were upset they purchased it, didn't want to return it as they knew they weren't going to be able to at that price buy it again, however expect the seller to pay to have I don't know, lets say I sold a LCD Projector where the bulb was dead, now I tested it with another bulb, knowing these bulbs cost $300 to replace, the listing didn't include a new bulb hense the low price, but the projector worked, so the buyer states, he wants money back so he can buy a working bulb? Or he based on photos purchased a pair of dress shoes that  from the photos shoed they needed to be shined or worse re-soled to bring to perfect new condition, sold as EUC, can I be forced to pay to polish those shoes, re-sole shoes that show the soles are worn, or pay for a working bulb in a projector that stated there wasn't one included to change feedback?  In this instance I could have had the book binding repaired to make it look as it did when it was new on the inside, but I would have added that fluff into the asking price...all around this is the first time eBay and their scripted responces are not protecting the seller.

Selling discussion

Seller is asking for personal information outside ebay ( a picture of me, my signature, ID and address).
It looks, smells and feels like scam, but I can't seem to find where can I report this!
Any help?



I think it's past time eBay adapted to it and provided these sellers with better options than to scare potential buyers like this.
I will not comply with these requests, but after eBay's answer I can sympathize with the seller.

Payments question

Tell me please. I want to sell information (Fail, not a physical product), which will send the buyer by email. What kind of shipping items to choose? It requires is required to specify the postal service

Shipping & Returns discussion

Oct 18, 2016 1:08:35 PM PT

Free shipping

I thought it was eponymous but I checked his recent posts and it's not him.


SOMEBODY here got it working again after some all night updates, something like that. How about some details? Smiley Happy

Selling discussion

Oct 18, 2016 8:03:51 AM PT

Who got XP and TL working again this week?

I recently listed a heavy, bulky item.  I was so careful about making a box, weighing it and measuring it and putting all of that in the calculated shipping.  The item is 15 pounds, 14 oz and 50" long.  The calculated shipping showed $10 for the cheapest and about $47 across the country. That seems about right. So I listed it.


This morning a guy in S. Dakota purchases it and pays about $9 in shipping (I live in Virginia).  I knew right away something was badly wrong.  Sure enough, I go in and they gave him a shipping price for a 12 oz item.  Not pounds...12 oz.  This is through Fed Ex.  When I put in the correct weight, it jumped to about $30.  I despise cancelling a sale and this is only the second time I ever have, but I had to.  I apologized out the ying yang, but I can't take that kind of loss for an ebay glitch of some kind. 


I have had it glitch before,but nothing so drastic.  Usually, I will bite the bullet and ship if it's just a few bucks. 


Anyone else have this problem?

Selling discussion

Oct 18, 2016 10:42:46 AM PT

Calculated shipping is a mess right now!

I signed up for ebay about one to two weeks ago and haven't ever bought an item. Now, it's my birthday and I asked my mom about buying something but she said no, by now I already commited to the item and acknowledged that I was being stupid. I don't have my own credit card but if I did I would definitely pay for it.

I have a few questions.

Can I get sued for not paying?

Will they send something to my house? (e.x mail)

What happen's if the seller does not respond to my request to cancel and I don't pay (because I can't, not that I don't want to)

Will I be the one paying for the fees?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hello all,


Is this purse an authentic Coach Whitney East West Flap Shoulder Bag made in the US in 2000? Not sure if that is the correct name.


Here are her approximate measurements:


Length: 12"

Width: 2.5"

Height: 6.5"

Strap drop: 9.5"


I was unable to find one that had a creed like mine in my search. Thank you in advance for your time!



Fashion discussion

Oct 19, 2016 10:59:14 AM PT

Authentic Coach Purse?

Tell me please. I want to sell information (Fail, not a physical product), which will send the buyer by email. What kind of shipping items to choose? It requires is required to specify the postal service

Shipping & Returns question

Oct 18, 2016 1:07:01 PM PT

delivery - Free shipping

eBay DOES inform the buyer that an unpaid item case has been opened against them, right?

Selling discussion

Oct 18, 2016 5:51:34 PM PT

Unpaid item cases: Just so we're clear...



So I basically have to explain the situation to get to my question. I buy often on eBay. This week, I made three recent purchases under one seller based in the US (somehow split into 3 separate purchases) totaling close to $100. They weren't a power seller, but didn't have any negs or neutrals (around less than 100 feedbacks, a decent number were as a seller and some as a buyer). When I inquired about the items in question (collectible imported plush dolls) they responded to me almost instantly (within minutes for three consecutive days) and provided me the necessary information. I went ahead and purchased one item that I plan to give to someone when I fly back home. The next day, I believe they listed new plush for even lower prices, so I inquired about them again. Satisfied with the pictures and comments given, I went ahead and purchased them for myself. Even if they were separate, I wanted them all to ship together. 


Two were listed under "First Class Packaging Service," while the other was standard shipping. Seller agreed however, to ship the next two together (since she had already packed the first one and couldn't ship all three at once). Seller agreed to ship everything together on Monday and post tracking information (seller did not print out labels...I believe they hand-wrote them). I also paid for extra insurance for the first package via PP, which seller also agreed to do. Turns out that when I checked the tracking info yesterday, the postal product was listed instead as "First Class Mail" on both, and no insurance on the one I requested (and paid extra for). I was sort of concerned, because I couldn't see how two plush dolls (around 6-7" tall, and definitely more than 3/4" thick...unless seller really stuffed them?) could possibly make it to the First Class Mail product instead of Package Service. Seller did mention she would be using a poly mailer to ship them in. I do not ship, so I do not know the difference or whether this is possible to still fall under First Class Mail rather than Package Service? 



I messaged them twice asking about this difference and why there was no insurance as promised. Ironically for all the times seller was able to instantly respond to my messages when I was interested in the items, now there's only silence. It's been over twelve hours.


I know I should just wait anyway, nothing really can be done right now, until I receive them. And the insurance is more for them than for me, to be honest. Just really disappointed seller has chosen not to respond at this time. I also would like to ask anyone out there what they think about this, and if they know the difference between the two types, and if it's still possible for small- to medium-sized plush dolls to be able to fit? (The only other items seller sells are imported notepads). Also, if one is required to put a return mailing address on this type of postal product (since they didn't print out labels)?


Thank you.



Shipping & Returns discussion

I ordered a water pipe from ebay. When I looked at the information it said that the pipe was being shipped from Mt. Rainier,Washington.
A couple of weeks after I placed the order I get a message letting me know that my item has been shipped. It was how long it may take that caught my attention. They basically tell you it could be a couple of weeks up to over a month. Why so long? It is coming from China. Had it said that it was being shipped from China not Mt. Rainier, WA. I would not have purchased this.
I have not used EBay in awhile. After this experience unless EBay is my only soureal for a product I will not be using Ebay in the future.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 19, 2016 9:36:22 AM PT

Where is the product really coming from?

Where does AUCTION ZEALOT reside and how do I remove. Not in Control Panel / Remove Programs. ???

Tools & Apps discussion

Oct 18, 2016 12:34:27 PM PT

Auction Zealot removal

Purchased a pillow sham 2 wks ago and seller still hasn't shipped. Twice has said "out of town" or "sorry out of town again" after I emailed for a shipping confirmation. Have emailed twice and will email me 4-5 days later. Is this normal?

Getting Started discussion

Oct 18, 2016 2:29:47 PM PT

Shady seller???

I impulse bid at closing on a camera,  but I had a sudden change of heart after some consideration.  I messaged him a couple hours later and woke up to find an email of him saying that I wasted his time, and that he would inform eBay of me being a non-paying bidder and would give me negative feedback.


He also relisted the Camera.


Is there anything I can do about this to avoid his spiteful actions?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hi Friends,


A little thing which I wish to pick your brains on! 


Is there a way to hide the item description under my feeback profile?  I don't want others (specially competitors) to see what I have sold which I got a particular feedback for. 





Selling question

My buyer asked me to ship to a different address.  When I change it, I get a pop up that says "no longer protected by eBay if I make this change."  I tried finding the answer, but couldn't find it. Please help asap


Shipping & Returns question

I have an auction style listed and a potential buyer sent me a message asking if we could make a deal. Am I allowed to communicate a deal with them via messaging if it is auction style?

Selling discussion

Oct 20, 2016 4:16:20 PM PT

Offer through eBay messaging

how I recovered my history purchase than I deleted?

Getting Started question

I sold an item Tuesday morning and it said the buyer has 48 hours to pay. However, the buyer contacted me beforehand asking if he could pay Friday when he is paid and I said yes. Will something happen if it goes over to 48 hours without him paying or will I be ok leaving it until he does? I don't want the sale to cancel at all.

Payments question

Oct 18, 2016 11:28:51 AM PT

Receiving Payments

I originally thought this was Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut pattern but, comparing the two, I now don't think it is. Can anyone identify this pattern? Many thanks! (Sorry that the photos are hard to distinguish.)

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

A buyer has been messaging me about buying some toners I have on Ebay. She wanted me to lower my price on my toners and we finally agreed on a price. Now she wants me to email her and she doesn't act like she knows how to put an email address right. And she says you know what I mean. Which I'm not sure but wants to make the sale privatelty not through ebay. What do I do. Don't really want her to have my private email.

Selling question

The top 3 items left on my leave a feedback were returns, I have no issue with the sellers they accepted the returns promptly and refunded my money, so I don't want to leave negative feedback but how do I make them go away on my feedback page without leaving a feedback,  the 4th item the seller stated they could not locate the item and refunded my money immediately so I also don't have an issue there but once again how do I eliminate the item from my feedback page without leaving feedback, and if I leave feedback based on the questions there would be some negatives.

Selling question

I know you have to sell 100 items in a year and you must have over 1000 in sales. What I am wondering is if i have auctions ending today and some of the buyers still havent paid by tonight will those sales still count twards my evaluation that i will get tomorrow.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I picked this up a few years ago and put it aside. I bought this with a lot of other expensive Scandinavian pottery which I managed to sell most of. I never really looked into this one, but I think it might be like the rest of them. Anyone recognize the mark or maker? Thanks for the help. 




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 18, 2016 1:03:51 PM PT

Help Identifying small Scandinavian? vase

Is it possible to do a buy-it-now or fixed price lising and restrict it to only one bidder?  I have worked out something with an ebay user and want to sell it to them only.  Is that possibe.  Thanks.

Selling question

They are 2" tall. I cannot find on replacements.com or Google search. They look like shot glasses.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I believe these are Chinese teacups. They are a strange bluish gray color (Celedon?). Porcelain is very thin and the round ovals are translucent. 4 of the teacups are just marked China but one has an actual Chinese mark. I would love to have any information on them.


Use, age, maker, and value. I want to list these items for sale with better knowledge than what I have.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I bought the Microsoft office 2016 from E bay and the version was stopped after 6 month automatically. When I spoke to Microsoft they told me that the version you bought from E bay was piracy version. When I called e bay they don't even tried to help me out but also helping to seller. They don't even given a different CD or refund because they said the refund policy works only for 30 days after that they don't covered. It means never buy the item which is expensive from E bay because they don't covered after 30 days, Just buy only cheaper item from E bay.

Getting Started question

Oct 18, 2016 8:03:40 PM PT


I purchased 2 items on ebay from same seller (Buy Me Now) on my cell phone. Not connecting with paypal well on phone so came onto computer to pay and can't find the items. Don't know if the order went through or not. Can't find it on ebay or paypal. I would like to still purchase these items. Was going to contact the seller but can't find the place to seach for sellers. Starting to feel like a dummie! If you can help I would appreciate it. How on earth do you email ebay also! Ebay keeps showing items recently purchased but not these 2. If they are not waiting for me to pay for them I am not going to worry about it right now. I am a paying ebay member with a great reputation so want to keep it that way. Thanks so much!


Buying & Selling Basics question

This is the message i've received from ebay:


Here's the case outcome

eBay Customer Support has refunded you through PayPal.

Shipping & Returns question

Oct 19, 2016 4:33:46 AM PT

I didn't receive a refund

Hi Everyone, please HELP! I have been selling for a year now & have never had any trouble buying postage & printing the USPS label right from the 'my selling' page and then the 'sold' item. I usually just select the "PRINT SHIPPING LABEL" & I get the screen where I can adjust my weight if necessary or change from 1st class postage to priority. I did this 4 times this MORNING. Now this late afternoon, I sold another item & when I select the PRINT SHIPPING LABEL it takes me to this stuff about UPS and sign up there & print a UPS label.  


I don't WANT to use UPS. I live across the street for the US Post office & I want to use that postage.  So I went to Paypal & I can see I can choose the Post Office that way, but was unsure why I now have to go to another site for the US Post office. 


Am I missing something or is the ONLY way to do USPS to go through paypal.  I am so confused.... any help would be appreciated.




Shipping & Returns question

Oct 19, 2016 3:02:07 PM PT


Hi there. If you do a partial refund to buyer, are you eligible for Ebay fee refund?

Shipping & Returns question

When I put my store on a vacation hold but still want folks to be able to buy, do I get dinged for late shipping because my store lists that I will ship within 3 days?  I did this earlier in the year and after a lady purchased I got the message from Ebay that my item sold and now it was time to ship within 3 days even though I had a message that I couldn't.  I hope that makes sense. 

Selling question

Buyer has two items in que for purchase, they show up on invoice. She wants to buy third item "buy it now", she says it won't work. She has clicked on it a few times. Is there a way to add it to the invoice?

Bidding & Buying question


Customer canceled order. I tried to refund thru ebays refund notice. Ebay sends me a message saying refund did not go thru and to go to paypal and refund there. I went to PP and it says can not refund due to an issue with customers Credit Card.

Called Ebay and they said to tell the customer to go in and update their credit card info. Customer says OK I updated CC.

I tried again thru PP. Refund still will not go thru. I do not want to "send money" becasue this is going thru ebay returns/refunds and I want proof of the refund. The customer does not seem to be able to fix their Credit Card. I asked them to call Ebay and or Paypal to see what the issue is.

Just wondering if anyone has an idea what could the problem be.

Payments discussion

USPS tracking shows that my package was undeliverable at the addresss on the package. The package was in Arizona, I live in Oklahoma. My question is why does eBay show that my package was delivered on the green bar above the shipping information?

Shipping & Returns question

It is becoming difficult to do certain things on ebay, apparently due to too much active content.


Often, after searching for an item, the search page (and also any page opened for items of interest) shows that it is still busy doing something, after it loads.


Frequently, I get a message "Windows out of virtual memory." and then the browser crashes. I'm using the current version of FireFox on Windows XP. I don't have this problem on most other sites... or on the ebay help, community, or seller pages. So, my guess is that there are active features on the listing pages. Is there any way to turn these off?


Thanks for your help, in advance.

Selling question

Oct 18, 2016 10:54:12 AM PT

Browser crashes... runs out of memory


Hope everyone is well.


I sold an item.

Buyer sent me a rant/rave message that item was horribly damaged.

Said for the money he spent for shipping I should packaged it better.

Said it was dropped, smashed, pieces broken, etc.


I politely asked for pics.

He sent pics and the damage was no where to be seen as

he described it. I even saw my undamaged packing material

in the corner of the pic.


He claims a small part of the item needs a screw replaced from the

maker of the items company. He said it was SHEAERED off in shipping.

Funny how that could happen, it was in a case, wrapped, reinforced,

bubble wrapped again.

He demanded a full refund & shipping and he said he was keeping the item.


Now, as more messages are coming from him, he says he can "live" with

the damages, but wants me to pay for the screw and the shipping from the

company. He wants me to paypal him around $10.00


Now my question is....He went from ranting and raving about horrible

damages, now it is down to one tiny little part, that maybe he twisted

too tight and broke it. This has happened over a 24 hour period since he

received the item yesterday.


He has not left any negative feedback,,,,,,,(yet)


Any advice will be helpful......Thank you...

Shipping & Returns question

I receieved an item that was not as described. Contacted the seller and they wouldn't help me. Asked eBay to step in, and they ruled in my favor. Printed the prepaid shipping label on eBay that was provided. Returned item. I kept waiting for the tracking number to upload. It never did. 3 calls to customer service and the first two just told me to wait. The 3rd one said she would make a note and it should be taken care of. Today, the item is showing as delivered. The 4th CS agent said she would manually upload the tracking number and it should show up in 3-5 minutes. I tried uploading the number myself, and it says it's not recognized. It's the same number that is showing on the "Print Shipping Label" screen. It's like it never printed. It did. Same tracking number shows delivered today. How can I get a US based CS agent? I've had very few returns I had to make. The other one I had was this year and it was smooth. I have no idea what to do now. 

Bidding & Buying discussion

What is Active Content, that eBay says will no longer be allowed?

Selling question

Oct 20, 2016 5:41:28 PM PT

what is active content?

I am very sorry if I have double posts here.  I have asked a question twice but I can't find it anywhere in the community to see if there is a reply so I'm trying again.  My question is.... I ordered an item from bettergoods88 back on 9/15.  They said it was shipped.  I haven't received a tracking number or any info from them since.  I contacted them about my order but they don't reply.  They said it would take about 10 to 30 days for delivery. Then in another spot in the original reply they say it might take as long as 45 days!!??  I find this unacceptable.  So I contacted them about how my order was doing . They won't reply.  I knew I shouldn't have ordered from China but i did.  Any thought or help would be very appreciated. I also contacted Ebay but so far no reply from them. I find it very hard to get around in the community looking for my posts.  I can't find them.

My Account question

Oct 19, 2016 7:52:18 AM PT

seller won't reply

Also the signature looks like "Adelman". Is it the girl's name or the painter's name? Thanks.

Collectibles & Art discussion

What terms would I use to research this plate?  Any info is greatly appreciated!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 20, 2016 2:28:40 PM PT

Decorative plate - need info

I cancelled an order and the customer replied that the cancellation notification she received says that she should wait until after she recieves the refund to accept the cancellation. This is the first time I have had this, usually the customer accepts the cancellation right away. If I send a refund through paypal I don't want it to send another refund after she accepts the cancellation. Does anyone have any insight on this?



Selling question

Oct 20, 2016 6:31:34 AM PT

Cancelling Order and Refund

Coins & Paper Money discussion

Oct 19, 2016 10:01:17 AM PT

india rupees note on sell

Hello everyone.
I wonder if I may participate in the auction, although the seller did not write the price SHIPING for my country. I sent him a message and he wrote that transportation for my country costs about 20 euros. When I offer bid comes my messages ask the seller for the price shiping. I asked him change transportation for my country, but no answer. What next?


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Oct 18, 2016 8:38:18 AM PT


I have been listing items off and on many years and have never before tried to upload a template for the "description" section of my listings. Now I created a nice template in Adobe Photoshop, but I have not been able to find a way to paste it into the description section of the listings. Anyone know how I can do that?


I don't want to use more complicated software than Adobe 7, so I hope it is not necessary.

Tools & Apps question

is there a feature to be notified when a seller puts up a new listing to sell?

Tools & Apps question

I bid on item Number 252582685392 I was the first Bidder on it and later on looked at the item and later on saw another bid that was higher than mine. I hide it from My Bidding list (so I know it was bid on 2X's) Today I was totally surprised that I won it. 


When I look at the item there is only My bid listed...If someone cancels a BID is that shown? or does it disappear? Or am I going crazy? Smiley Very Happy Sugar

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Oct 20, 2016 7:30:05 PM PT

I thought that there was another bid

As an experiment last month I started blocking anyone who asked a question regarding the specifics of my item, or about shipping details on my main seller account ( all info needed is in the descriptions)


My sales/numbers have been around the same-  but my return requests have basically evaporated! 


I sell heavilly in the electronics/computer section

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Hi everyone, 

Hope you're all having a productive week! 

Please join me, heidi@ebay & trinton@ebay for a community chat this Wednesday at 1 pm PT. 

We have no set topic, so please let us know what is top of your mind. 

Thank you. 

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Oct 18, 2016 1:26:04 PM PT

Oct 19 2016 - General Topics

eBay share price dropped nearly 8% after hours today.


"Most of what is being sold on eBay is new product, and that can be bought anywhere for almost the same price," Tigress Financial Partners analyst Ivan Feinseth said.


I'd say that's part of the problem.


IMO, Ivan quit mid-sentence. He should have added that eBay is giving their prime real estate in BM default Cassini search to the cheapest of the cheap on the new items, (Asian sellers) and attempting to increase profit and growth via sub $3 dollar sales w/ free shipping.


This was somewhat all and good when eBay was double dipping revenue w/ PayPal taking their chunk also. With PP out of the picture, eBay lost up to 50% of their revenue they were deriving from their favorite sellers. Cassini BM default search, put into play before the PP split, still provides these much less revenue producing sellers their fantastic visibility in their default search. Having these sellers being #1 in placement in Lowest Price + Shipping first  search option isn't quite good enough for management, eBay has them dominate two of the most popular search options that buyers use.


When this business has to continually, perpetually, have listing special after listing special, 10% eBay Bucks, and FVF discount specials to show minimum growth that significantly lags all of their competition, a light should go on in someone's head that there is a major problem with their business model, and specifically their BM default search algorithm.


Another good quote pertaining to management's blather for a better eBay:


"This has been about 18 months now that we've been hearing the same thing...we're kinda waiting for the returns on the investments," Edward Jones Research analyst Josh Olson said.


I believe Edward Jones doesn't have their finger on the pulse.

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Oct 19, 2016 5:52:59 PM PT

Bad day for eBay

Seriously...What Has Happened To Ebay.....i keep reading people in the same situation  ...SALES ARE LOW


Then theres's the Google Fall out or is that hearsay mentioned in here



So im a small seller really but i looked at my Amazon account started in April 2016 and its upward sales far surpass Ebay growth in percenatge with no major troughs


Just another obssravtion about this current trend ignore if you want


Smiley Happy

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Oct 19, 2016 3:13:44 PM PT

Has the bubble burst for us all

Received a message from ebay customer about an item of mine that ended in Feb 2014. This person did not purchase from me. I thought completed/ended listings were removed after 90 days. Could this be a message that finally arrived to me over two years late? Strange.

Selling discussion

I have been selling on eBay for a few years now.   This is my first time posting. 


I could use some guidance, here is the situation


Sold a microscope on Sept 27 for $350.00

Shipped it Sept 28

It was received at a dental office on October 7.


I get a return request on 10/14 stating that he did not receive a microscope but a box full of clothing.

I ask for a picture, he sends pic today.  It looks like my box but without the microscope.


I call the buyer and they stated that they opened the box at the office and it was full of forever 21 clothing!  

They sounded believable, I am not in a high scam category.  I know I have to refund this, and I have until tomorrow to do that before eBay steps in.  

What do I do?  Do I ask for return for refund  and than file with USPS? or do they keep it in order to be investigated?  


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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My housemate bought an item at a garage sale of a friend~~the item belonged to the friends son.  He paid $25.00 for it.


Knowing nothing about the item he asked me to sell it on ebay~~I sold it for $135.00 with free shipping.  The buyer received it but couldn't use it because it was registered in the name of my friends son.  The only way he could use it was to contact my friends son, give the son all his info and the son had to get it registered in my buyers name and pay a fee of $25.00.  My buyer reimbursed the $25.00 fee to the son and it got registered to him.


Then my buyer went to download the software that was with the item and the software wouldn't download to his computer.  He asked to return the item as it was no good to him.


He returned it and I refunded him his $135.00 plus another $18.00 in return shipping cost.


So....here I sit today out $153.00 for the refund to the buyer, $22.05 in original shipping, $13.50 in ebay fees for the sale and $100.00 I gave to my housemate when the item sold.  He won't have the money to refund me the $100.00 back until next week when he'll give me $50.00 and then will give me the remaining $50.00 a month after that.


This is an example of what can happen when you sell items for friends.  Believe me, I will never sell anything for anyone ever again.  Now, my housemate plans to take this thing to a music store he deals with and sell it to them.  I'll let him deal with the nightmare of this item if he does this.  I had every intention of smashing it with a BIG hammer when I got it back but he grabbed it back before I got the chance.

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Oct 19, 2016 4:53:09 AM PT

The Nightmare Of Selling Items For Friends



EBay Inc. wants people to think of it as a first stop for all online shopping, not as an auction house of stuff from grandma's attic.


The e-commerce site is trying to redefine itself to capture new, younger consumers who shop on their phones and don't have time to scroll through thousands of listings. It is rolling out improved search features and personalized recommendations and reviews


Read the rest of the article, they still have not figured out that their search engine has ruined eBay.


It must be something else, we need to change, yeah, keep grasping at straws eBay.

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Normally I sell on ebay - occasionally I have an item come back as it doesn't fit, color not as expected, etc.  These things happen.  Once in a while I'll have the rotton person lie & tell me something is wrong - most recently someone told me a zipper was broken and it wasn't just to skirt the $2.60 postage.  REALLY ?!?  However, this one takes the cake.  This time, I was on the buying end.  It was my birthday, and I saw a pair of my favorite jeans for sale - so I went ahead I bought a pair.  They arrived - and were WAY too small.  Either the pair I have, or THAT pair are marked incorrectly.   Thankfully, the seller accepts returns.  I contacted the seller, explained the situation, and told them I needed to return.  I printed out the label, and prepared the package - I thought it odd it was a first class label for a pair of sz 12 jeans.  Sure enough, these jeans were 1 lb 1 oz.  I needed a priorty package.  Just wasted a label (and $$) on this one.  I stuck the package inside of a priorty flat rate envelope, stuck a stamp on it, put it with the rest of my outgoing things that day & off it went.  Days go by and no refund. Today - I see the seller HAS THEM LISTED ON HER SITE.  I contact ebay - THAT took forever to get past the telephone trees - well sorry mam not much we can do if you print out a wrong label (?!? - that's what the BUYER indicated it weighed).  Ebay wants to know - do you have a tracking # - no, I had to provide my own stamp since she provided me with bad shipping info - with the selling relisting the item, isn't that proof enough that she has them back in her possession ? Nope.  I'm Out.  Twenty years of ebay trying to do things the correct, honest way and this is what happens.

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Oct 18, 2016 12:58:15 PM PT

ebay really messed up this one


I have noticed when listing.... eBay is now sneaking in "Good until Cancelled" on my listings.... really cheap trick... great way for them to charge me once my listings are used up. For those who aren't aware.. you can't go back and change to 30 days once its listed... eBay SHAME ON YOU!



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Oct 19, 2016 9:29:21 AM PT


So, i commited to an item not knowing what the commit to item button really meant. And before someone calls me stupid i already acknowledged that, but plese answer these questions. P.S. I sent a cancel request.

Say the seller opens the case, will ebay physically mail me about the situation or just email?

What happens if the seller does not respond to my cancel request within 3 days?

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My new (old) but clean computer has been breezing thru all websites, except this one.... all day. When I click on Ebay, until I get to my account or into advanced search - the computer sign at the top left with the little arrow wheel keeps going round and round. At the bottom left - all kinds of sites are being accessed. Adware, Twitter, Facebook, 30 or 40 links attaching and it's endless. Even 2-3 minutes into this site - it's still herky jerky because all this adware/link hookups are swarming my entry into this site.


All the other sites are fine..... I just went into my safemode browser and now it's clean and functioning properly. It blocks adware. WTH??? This site is not advertising on all those sites - I wasn't even into my account. It's just random chaos that I'm sure is being experienced on shoppers computers too.   Almost to the point of hung app - but not quite.   Suicide run? Sell out all your shoppers to adware sites???

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Hey guys.. 

This is the FIRST and ONLY negative feedback I have ever received. The eBay user bid on my shoes (the eBay user's girlfriend was actually doing the bidding). Once the bid ended and they won, they messaged me telling me my shoes are fake and that I was a bum. The shoes I listed were NOT fake and were authentic. The bidder NEVER PAID. I never shipped the item.. they never paid. YET, they left a negative feedback stating that I sell fake items. Is that not malicious? They didn't even purchase my item yet they left me negative feedback.. now my feedback is HIT and it really hurts that there is just a loop and cycle of redirecting links when trying to deal with the problem. They denied my feedback revision request on purpose just to hurt my rep.. the eBay user was angry about it and his girlfriend bidding on my shoes so he took it out on me. I reported the feedback and it's been almost a month and nothing has happened. How the heck do I get this feedback removed? I most certainly am completely justified. The buyer never even paid or received an item.. 

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We've all seen "horror" packing stories - things shipped with no padding, with only newspaper, using a blanket to wrap dishware, breakables in envelopes, and more.


So how about the flip side of the coin. What is the most creative and/or unexpected yet effective packing material you have ever used or received in a package?


So many downer threads lately... figured I'd try to lift the mood a bit. Smiley Happy

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Oct 19, 2016 5:56:18 PM PT

Creative Packing Materials

An old saying has it that you can shear a sheep a lot of times but only slaughter him once. eBay's seller fees when combined with their divorced child Pay-Pal's fees are rediculous. I only have 70 sales (100% positive) and a lot of purchases but, having just recieved my sellers invoice....I'm done. Now looking at alternatives!

Selling discussion

Oct 19, 2016 6:49:20 AM PT

Done with eBay because of high seller fees

First, this is my posting ID. When I get mad and feel like I'm going to start crying over no eBay activity or sales,  I usually go to "Tell Us What You Think" email and start complaining.  I have done it a lot. I have also complained on this forum a few times. I often wonder if this has any bearing or reason for my low sales, not receiving free listings or other promotions offered by eBay. I know the emails will show your IP address even when it saids don't enter any personal information. I mean, I feel like eBay knows more about me than I do.   What do you think?


Here is the email that I sent yesterday.


I have been selling here off and on for 12 years. I'm a top rated seller with 1 day shipping and 30 day return policy. I have 100% positive feedback, but I'm a very small US seller.
June and July of this year were normal selling months for me with around 25 sales each month. That number it seems is the best eBay will allow me to do, no matter what I'm selling or what I do. I did receive free listing promotions for these months, so I had a lot of items listed.
In Aug. it dropped down the amount in sales. In Sept. it dropped even more. Now it's half way through Oct. This should be the start of the Holiday selling season. I did pretty good for me (avg.) last season here. I have only sold 7 items thus far for Oct., a grand total of $47.00.This month is the worst!
In Aug. I was thinking, OK, maybe it's because of back to school sales taking buyers money. In Sept. could not figure out an excuse for low sales. In Oct, the same thing.
The reasons I now conclude is; it's eBay. One reason is because I can't afford to list that much at .30 cent a listing. Not that I mind paying for listing items. It's just that I can't afford to. With little to no sales here, anymore; it's the same reason that I can't afford to pay extra for a store front.
No free listing promotions in Aug., Sept, or Oct. except for 50 free promos. for auction. I went through those pretty fast. I think also after doing some reading on here, that in August is when eBay started tinkering around with the new product pages stupid **bleep**. Now no sales.
Every time that eBay tries making changes to the website, we small sellers suffer. The product pages; It's not only a bad idea and is so confusing, it doesn't improve anything. It's only a waste of more time, more clicks and more confusing searches. Just ridiculous!!
This place is so depressing and stressful with all the pathetic changes, beta testing, glitches, greediness, unfairness, catering to the big box companies, mega sellers and China and insisting on scammers to buy here; I will certainly be the next seller to leave. I'm beyond done.
Anyway, I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do anymore. Promoted listings, what load of **bleep** is that? Pay us more money to have your items seen in search.
Here is a copy of my sales from this time last year until now. What Bull!!!
Number of transactions and sales Transactions:      Oct. 2015 - 20 sales, $213.27         Nov. 2015 - 19 sales,  $241.81     Dec. 2015 -  34 sales,  $516.04       Jan. 2016 - 26 sales,  $425.70       Feb. 2016 - 29 sales,  $427.27       March 2016 - 20 sales,  $283.60        April 2016 - 20 sales,  $707.54       May 2016 - 34 sales,   $557.53       June 2016 - 28 sales,   $569.27        July 2016 - 25 sales,  $683.78          Aug. 2016 - 26 sales,  $465.04        Sept. 2016 - 16 sales, $261.29      Oct. 2016 - 7 sales,  $47.93 




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To be honest, I never paid much attention to seller complaints here about how ebay treated them. I figured they might me lax, or complainers or just not careful. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES for thinking this. Just had first return request.


Keeping it short: lying buyer wrote me 15 emails because she didn't want to return item, just wanted a complete refund for bottle of shampoo. I told her she had to open a return request. Finally the lying buyer did, saying item was not as described. Meanwhile, I called ebay almost every day asking how to handle her and make her stop writing to me. They told me to report her. I did, no response.


They all told me buyer's remorse, she doesn't have a case, and that I should file a complaint about her. I did. Then they told me to ask for ebay's help. I did.


HERE'S WHAT I DID WRONG: Once you ask for ebay's help, it goes to Resolution, and they are a bunch of 3rd world ignorant  uneducated lackeys who will ALWAYYS side with the buyer.  There are over 100 lackeys, and the supervisor (who I made call me) emphasized that they are all over the world: ie English is definitely not their first language, your business means nothing to them, they can only use checkboxes for their decisions, they probably can't translate a word like shampoo, and everything they do is by rote.


I asked him for ONE example when they would rule in a seller's favor, and he could only think of one!!!!: If the buyer claimed no delivery, and they had a tracking number. That;s the only time they'll rule for a seller!!!!!!!


See, that's the joke. They say they're here to help sellers, but that's a complete lie. Kind of like the lying buyer.


Then they literally stole the $20 out of my Paypal, like I'm a felon and they're garnishing my wages. I have other things going on, like a death in the family, so I complained but emails  bounced back and thought about how I'll publicize this, in ebay Facebook groups.


But they weren't through with their threats, extortion and harassment. Just now I get another email from them saying if I don't write to the lying buyer AGAIN - - to "work out" the shipping, which she already said she would pay - they will demote me. WHY didn't they write to her  themselves????? (And of course, steal more money from my paypal.)


I think I might let them do that. What does thet mean, exactly? I'm not selling anything anyway. Would I even notice it. I don't have time for these ridiculous games.



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So, a week ago or so I order a floating globe for my wifes desk for sweeted day. 

I look at my purchase and it became a USB Thermo Printer a day after I bought it. 

I start the cancellation process, and want to know from ebay how on earth this happened? Was it ebay or the seller?

90 Minutes on the phone with ebay, well people in The Phillipines, and they transferred me from person to person, After 6 people I told them to go to hell and hung up. And I could NOT find a way to actually contact people at ebay,  like I use to do. 

So, the seller tells me after 5-6 emails, they ran out of the item, and replaced the item with something else on the ad, to avoid insertion fees. 

I said, I dont care, refund my money, and since I thought they already mailed the item, I said, send a shipping tag if you want it back, I sure as hell was not going to pay for it. Well that was yesterday.

Todays email tells me they are glad they just shipped the item out. **bleep**,, what item? The one I wanted? I mean the one that is out of stock? SO they say. Or this thermo printer I have no idea what it is used for.

Needless to say, I'm not happy with the seller and even more **bleep** at Ebay for not helping me.. 

Thanks ebay,, GFY


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Oct 19, 2016 9:49:46 PM PT


Selling discussion






First the forever stamp, now flat rate shipping is going up. The U.S. Postal Service filed notice Wed. Oct. 19, 2016 of price changes for shipping services to take effect after the holiday mailing season.The filing also does not include any price increase for First-Class Package International Service, Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail International.

The postal service says the average price increase is 3.9 percent.

The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope prices for these products are:

Current              New
Small flat-rate box                     $ 6.80               $7.15
Medium flat-rate box                 13.45                13.60
Large flat-rate box                     18.75                18.85
Large APO/FPO flat-rate box    16.75                17.35
Regular flat-rate envelope          6.45                  6.65
Legal flat-rate envelope              6.45                  6.95
Padded flat-rate envelope          6.80                  7.20

The Postal Regulatory Commission will review the prices before they are scheduled to take effect Jan. 22, 2017. Earlier this month, the USPS announced it wants to increase the Forever First Class postage stamp back to 49 cents. Currently it has been reduced to 47 cents.

The postal service reminds that it does not receive tax dollars and relies on postage sales to pay for operations.

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Oct 19, 2016 8:18:32 PM PT

USPS Rate Increase after the holidays

So I sell this white polyester women's blazer.   Blazer was brand new, never-worn condition.  Had been received as a gift so tags had been removed.  Not a thing wrong with it.  Clean as a whistle; pristine.



As far as how I handle processing of buyer purchases:


A) I always inspect the item thoroughly one more time before shipment to make sure the item still remains "as described" and there has been no damage to the it since it had been  listed  (More of a concern when it comes to breakable items like glass/porcelain, etc.)


B) I take additional photos of the item to document what went out the door.


C) Clothing is wrapped in white tissue paper then put inside a clear  zip-top bag and sealed.


D) Zip-top bag is then inserted into an outer Mylar shipping bag and sealed, labeled/dispatched.



Buyer messages me today saying "I received my blazer yesterday and it has a stain on the sleeve. This was advertised as with no defects. What would you like me to do? I didn't send a refund request yet as I wanted to give you a note first. Thanks,"


Now, take a look at the two photos I've attached.  One is a pix of the actual item which was offered/listed/sold which she received.  The other is a pix she sent me .


Gee, do you really think I wouldn't have noticed a stain like that on a WHITE item when I was taking documentation photos, folding the item, and wrapping it carefully in tissue paper in preparation for shipment?  NOT.


Or gee, do you want me to believe the stain was caused/created in transit when the piece was double-bagged and wrapped in tissue?  If the two bags were ripped as a result of rough handling by the PO which allowed some sort of foreign liquid to infiltrate both bags, you don't think the tissue also wouldn't be stained?  


No, we just happen to miraculously have a rather substantial stain that suddenly has appeared out of nowhere.  


Gee, I wonder *why* that happened?   Doesn't take a rocket scientist.  I don't accept returns unless the item is not as described/depicted.   All the buyer has to do is alter/deface the item in some way, and VOILA! -- it isn't as described!   Doesn't matter if the real reason is it doesn't fit, you don't like the material, hubbie was upset you spent the money, etc., etc. etc. 


Messaged the buyer back and told her I was sorry to hear the item was not in the same condition it was when it was listed, sold, and dispatched.  Told her I'd like her to return the blazer to me. Told her she needs to initiate a Return Request via eBay and when she does, I will send her a pre-paid return mailing label. Further, once I receive the item back I will issue her a full refund (shipping + item cost), and added if she has any questions or needs more info to let me know.


So far, not a peep.


How much you wanna bet I'll get a message back indicating if I would give her a partial refund, pay for the cost of cleaning the item, etc. she's happy to keep the item?  


Nope, not happenin'.    She either initiates a return, sends the item back and gets a full refund, or she gets nothing.   Not playing that game.


If she does send it back, I won't be a bit surprised if the blazer will suddenly have incurred even more "damage" while in return transit.    Or, I may hear nothing more from her at all since I made it clear her only option is to return it for a full refund.  We'll see.  


It just really ticks me off that people have to be so darned dishonest and conniving.  I mean, we're not talking about a $200 or $2000 designer piece. Shipping included, we're talking about  about $20.   If it were me and didn't like what I ordered and I knew the item couldn't be returned, I'd just donate it to a local charity shop and be done with it.


I certainly wouldn't go to all the trouble of figuring out how to game the system, then determining what sort of **bleep** I could drip or smear all over an item so I could get concoct/plead my case all so I could get some or all of my 20 bucks back.  Sheesh!


And yeah, before anyone asks, she's already on my BBL and will stay there.    


Not really looking for solutions/suggestions.  Just needed to vent.  Thanks for reading!   Feel a bit better now.  Smiley Wink


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This was just posted to the Booksellers Board.  If you sell signed books or autographed memorabilia of any kind, read it -- and, as they say, weep:


From the article:

• Any dealer (natural person or legal entity) selling to consumers in California, or who operates in California, that sells autographed memorabilia at a price exceeding $5 or more must provide a certificate of authenticity (COA) for the item being sold.
— The new law requires that any representation – either oral or in print – made regarding an autographed item be supported by a COA. The details of what must be included in a COA (including the size of the typeface) are detailed in section (9) of the law.


• Dealers must post a disclosure near autographed items or within printed or online material stating that the dealer is required to issue a COA in conjunction with the sale of each item.
— Dealers must be surety bonded to protect against errors and omissions, and in possession of a State resale certificate.


• The dealer must list on the COA the name and address of the person who sold him the item.
— Dealers must store COAs for seven years.


Dealers who fail to issue a COA, or who issue fraudulent or false COAs face penalties of “actual damages (plus) a civil penalty in an amount equal to 10 times actual damages, plus court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, interest, and expert witness fees, if applicable, incurred by the consumer in the action. The court, in its discretion, may award additional damages based on the egregiousness of the dealer’s conduct … in addition to any other remedy that may be provided by law.”


The law goes into effect in January 2017.



Collectibles & Art discussion

So yeah I've been using Ebay for some years now and this is a first for me. I fell for what I'm sure is a scam now.  I was in the market to get an Oculus Rift and low and behold a new listing pops up. 479.99 Brand new, limited quantity. The listing itself was very well made and looked legit. Even so my first mind tells me, that this is obvious BS. That's 120 down from it's market price. However I check the sellers feed back and it was quite positive. He'd only been selling since May of this year, but he sold about 100 items, some that were pretty expensive too. Only one negative feedback and from what I read it was very minor. 


So I take the leap of faith and buy it before the 15 or so units he claims to have are all gone. "I used Paypal, so he got his money immediately." Well now it became the waiting game to see if the purchase will actually get shipped. Surprisingly it's marked as shipped only a couple hours later. Well I jumped the gun in my excitement. A shipping label was created with USPS and that's all that was ever done on that end, item was never actually given to them. 


Anyway I wait for the five business days, longer than the 2-3 he promised on the listing. Still no change on the tracking, and to top it off the game code that was supposed to be emailed 72 hours after purchase was never sent. At this point I'm starting to have doubts so I send him an email just to see if things are alright. "Never responded of course." Now something interesting happens. That 1 negative feedback he had when I first made my purchase, had now become 7, in only a few days, so something is up. Too bad I can't read them, becuase now he'd turned his feedback to private. 


Well now I'm freaked and know that this was definitely a scam, so I open a case and ask for a refund. It's been 2 days since then, with no response from the seller. So now I'm waiting for a couple more days until I can escalate the case with Ebay and hopefully get my money back. Oh by this point that negative 7 has now upgraded to 9. Sadly I can't read them because his private feedback. 


Since this has never happend to me, I'm nervous. 480 isn't money I can just be fine with losing, I'm not that well off. I'm curious to how Ebay deals with sellers like this. If he just scammed 15 people on this Rift, he just made off with over 7k! Are there no repercussion's for the seller, other then a possible ban? If Ebay reimburses out of their own pocket, wouldn't that add up quickly, with **bleep** bags pulling stunts like this? 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Oct 18, 2016 4:52:09 PM PT

Scammed On an Oculus

I will be traveling over the Weekly Chat time for this week and hope this topic might gain some traction and consideration in lieu of not being posted on the Weekly Chat.  To keep it simple:


In order to Enhance the Buyer Experience eBay Store Owners should NOT be charged a fee to us the Scheduling Feature. Real public Auctions sell one thing at a time. The Everyday Plan allows Sellers to use the Scheduling feature to space out their Auctions like a real Auction, Store Owners have to pay 10 cents each listing to do this. So if a Buyer wants to bid on 3 things that all end at the same time they cannot do it.

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I keep getting messages from an ebay user.

he sent me 2 messages today, the 1st one said Eat * and in the second one, he called me an *

I have no transactions with this person, have sold him nothing and owe him nothing.

I have contacted Ebay support about this because this is the 5th time he has done so and it seems as though ebay has done nothing.

I have him on my blocked list but some how he is still able to harass me.


Does anyone have any advice as to what to do? Ebay doesnt seem to care even though he is blatantly breaking ebay rules by using profanity towards me in his messages.

Thank you


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Hello all!  I have looked at every site I could google on Laurel Burch earrings and designes and I have not been able to identify the name of these.  They look like a canine of some sort but I have tried wolf, dog, fox and coyote in the searches but to no avail. Can anyone help me out here as to what the name of this design might be.  They are signed Laurel Burch but nothing exactly like them comes up.  I even went through all Laurel Burch earrings listed on Ebay, Etsy and Pinterest and found no match..Thank you for any help you may be able to give me..

Kind REgards


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 18, 2016 3:42:23 PM PT


This is what I found by going to the google forums.  I've changed my listings and am waiting 48 hours to see if it helps my sagging sales.  

From Google Forums --Ebay submits your listings to Google Shopping for you.  That's part of the ebay service.  None of your listings are showing up on google shopping.  It is possible that you have not configured your domestic shipping options correctly.  Click on "revise listing", scroll down to "add shipping details".  Make sure that U.S. Shipping is listed as "Flat: Same cost to all buyers", Cost $0.00, with the "Free shipping" box checked.  (see picture below).   If you've got "calculated shipping" your listings won't be submitted to google shopping.  Google rejects them.  You can make these changes to all of your listings with the bulk editior.    Once the changes have been made, it takes about 48 hours for your items to show up in google shopping searches.

Good luck to all my eBay friends.  

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Hi fellow ebay sellers just wonder is it only my shop sales has drop drasticly in the past two weeks or do you expiriance the same ?



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Oct 19, 2016 9:38:09 AM PT

Drastic Drop in Sales Past 2 Weeks

I'm selling my old Toyota on eBay. However, what is happening now is that 1-3 days before the auction ends, when I have 6-15 watchers, someone with 0 feedback buys it, and then either cancels or send me an email saying he didn't intend to buy it and isn't going to pay - but doesn't officially cancel (which then delays the whole refund process). Then I have to go through the rigmarole of reporting it, trying to get my commission back from eBay, and relisting it again, starting from scratch with zero watchers. This has just happened three times in a row.

According to eBay, they don't actually credit a cancelled sale either - they give you a credit toward future fees, and you have to apply to get the money back directly through your credit card or Paypal if you want or need it back.


I'm a chronically ill senior living on a very tight budget, needing to sell my car in order to get by, and am finding this intolerable.


I've also sold over 6000 (small) items in about 15 years and never had one cancellation, much less THREE in a row, all with people with 0 (or in one case 1) feedback.


Is there some kind of scam going on here, with other used car sellers finding a way to create bogus accounts to end other people's competing auctions, to take them out of the running for awhile?


Anything I can do to counter this? I've already talked to eBay, and they indicate that my credit card won't be charged if a cancellation clears before my credit card is charged. But when a buyer doesn't pay or cancel, just refuses to pay, it take quite awhile for ebay to "clear" the cancellation. I just checked one from last week and the eBay page says that the cancellation is pending and the buyer had TEN more days to respond, which means eBay will be charging a commission to my credit card before then and then I'll have to apply to get that back.

I can't afford to keep going through this. Can anyone help or at least enlighten me about how to avoid this happening again?



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Is anyone having trouble with buyers not receiving a message ?


I answered a buyers question 2 days ago, & this morning they sent me the same question again.


I just wondered if they didn't get my other message because of a glitch.


I've never had that problem before.

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Oct 19, 2016 6:12:27 AM PT

Ebay Message System

Nothing seems to work right anymore ...

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Oct 19, 2016 10:48:02 AM PT

Conflicting USPS/ebay messages

Came across this item(lens) up for auction and was quite suprised to find the bidding prices so low, but decided to get in on the action just the same. 

That said, and out of curiosity, I took a peek at the bidders and found that the entire array(of 27 bids) was marked as private. Has anyone seen this before? Is it legitimate?

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I am victim of EBAY fraud.

My user ID is Westtradings, and the offender's Ebay user ID is Samiye97. 

I won an auction, Apple Ipad pro, from him/her on October 11 2016, and I paid $641.42.


Ebay order ID is 122172976927.


Soon after I paid for the item, I was suspicious that it might be scam due to the seller's 0 rating. (Ok, maybe part of it is my fault for not checking it before bidding but let's proceed.)


So I requested the seller to cancel the transaction. I did not receive response from him/her, so I contacted Ebay customer service.


The service representative said I contacted them too early and I should wait until the agreed shipping date.

I was told that if the item does not arrive by the delivery date, Oct 15-25, I may contact them again.


Few days later, I saw that the seller updated tracking number with USPS and it said it was delivered to someone.

Apparently, I did not receive anything so I called USPS and asked them to check what is going on.


The USPS found that something was delivered but to a different address other than mine (6000 Garden Grove) and the package only weighed 1 oz. even though a package that contains an Ipad should weight about 1-2 lb.


It seems that the fake package was shipped from Studio City, CA according to the tracking information. Again, this address is far different from the seller's ebay registration address which is Woodside, New York, United States.


The customer service representative from USPS said that it could be that the seller made a mistake (which I think is very unlikely) or fraud, so she opened up a case for further investigation.


USPS case ID: CA130354849.


This is a fraud by someone who knows about Ebay system pretty well, that the Full street address of the delivery address does not show up on the tracking information page on Ebay unless you contact the USPS by phone, misleading the buyer to think that the seller sent the item but the package was mishandled by post office thus the refund by seller would be cumbersome to deal with.


I am still working on it with Ebay, and from the phone call with their customer service that my purchase is protected under Buyer protection program so I would get full refund even though the seller decides to close his bank account or whatnot.


However, due to this fraud, my time and resources were wasted whatsoever and I am afraid that other people could be victims of this type of crime. For public safety and justice this matter must be investigated further and the offender must pay for the crime he/she committed IMO





So, above statement is what I submitted to FBI's Internet crime complaint center after I got scammed by the seller. I hope what I wrote means anything to IC3.


Can anyone share their experience Ebay fraud and how you resolved it? 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Oct 18, 2016 12:58:45 PM PT

Apple Ipad Pro fraud.. and IC3?

I have looked but the rules have changed so much I'm finding conflicting outdated info. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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What do you guys do to minimize the risk of selling to these "questionable" eBay users? I have my buyer requirements set as strongly as eBay will allow, but we know there is no way to block users who leave or receive negative feedback all of the time. So, what do you guys do? I cancel all orders (if they somehow reach that far without me being on eBay 24/7) that are made by these users, and I have unfortunately received a negative and a neutral still. The neutral was somewhat warranted, but he didn't want to return, and surprised me with the neutral (which he does for a lot of people) and the negative I have is just from an insane person. I have warnings on all listings, but of course I don't think the people it is directed at even reads them. And on the other hand, they might and just want to buy with the deadset intention of causing problems. Advice?

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For the past month or so every now and again i will see the orange number on my notification bell, but when I click it I'm just told I'm all caught up. I'm always worried that there was an order that got screwed up somehow. Does anyone know why this happens? Is it orders that were cancelled before I got to my computer? Or am I missing orders because I'm not getting notified of them? I know sometimes my cart will show the orange number forever after I place an order, but that stays there all the time. These will randomly show up. Susie

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Help - another ebayer keeps asking me a zillion questions about an item I had listed, and now he is bothering me about listing another one of the same item.  I get several questions a day from this person and I really don't want to sell anything to this person -- because they seem like they will never be satisfied with anything.  How do I block him from sending me future messages or seeing my items?

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I sold a small item, under 10$, to a new buyer had 0 reviews, the buyer bought the item with Buy it Now, paid, shipped and comformed delivered in mail box with tracking number.  Arived September 1st,  now October 17, the file a claim, no claim on ebay at all, no communcations nothing.   


Item was shipped via, Ebay/Paypal on printing lable USPS shipping system. 


Mailing address is confirmed. 


Buyer opend a claim that it was "Unauthorized payment"


I Googled the buyers name, his name and address came up in whitepages as exact as was listed with in eBay or paypal


I responded with Tracing number and address that package was shipped to, its this some scam buyers are doing?  

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Oct 19, 2016 10:59:12 AM PT

Buyer clames

I 'sold' my laptop through eBay on Monday, and the seller wanted overnight shipping. So, I spent $130 shipping my laptop overnight, and added the cost to the PayPal request. They said they sent the money, but I never received it. So, I called PayPal / eBay, and they explained that because I'm a new seller, it takes 3 days to receive payment. HOWEVER, that's when I realized the PayPal money request was not completed -- It was still pending / said "the buyer hasn't paid yet" and eBay said I am still awaiting payment.


Additionally, I received fake emails (I'm 90% sure it was from the buyer) claiming to be PayPal and eBay talking about my item being paid for. I knew this was phishy because it showed up in my junk mail, and the buyer TOLD me to look in my junk mail for confirmation. Additionally, the emails sent addressed me by my email, not by my name, which PayPal NEVER does. They always address you by your full name. The emails also talked about the money that had been paid, and wanted me to ask the buyer for more money.


I've realized that this is 99% likely to be a scam too late. The laptop was delivered yesterday morning, so I can't cancel the shipping. Now, the buyer won't respond, and left positive feedback, even though they haven't paid and most likely just cost me $130 in shipping, $50 eBay fee, and a $500 laptop. 


I have called eBay and PayPal about this and pretty much all they said was "yeah that's probably fake i'm sorry", so I don't know what to do now. I opened an unpaid item case through eBay which will probably credit my $50 fee, but should I file a police report or keep calling eBay / the buyer? Also, since it takes 3 items since it's been delivered to receive payment, should I wait until Friday to be 100% certain it's a scam? 


Help is appreciated.

Payments question

Oct 19, 2016 1:34:05 PM PT

Haven't received payment ... $600+ scam

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