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We acquired this vase many years ago from an estate that had lots of Native American regalia.  I don't know if this vase was made in pottery class or if it's native american.  Doesn't look like any of the standard issue native american pottery, just wondering what others may think.


It's about 8.75" tall.


1 (59).jpg2 (38).jpg3 (32).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion



I have this Fenton vase that I am trying to determine the correct color of. I'm trying to figure between Cranberry Opalescent or Peach Blow Opalescent Overlay. The reason I'm questioning it perhaps not being cranberry is because of the color of the inside of the ruffle. Not quite a pink. And when I look at the books I have, the cranberry opalesents seems to only have the white on the tips of the hobnails.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I just got my first empty box scam.  Guess I was due..


So the buyer buys 2 endmills(heavy)  I ship them USPS priority flat rate box with tracking and weight.  He sends me a message saying the box was empty and he wants his money back.  I have never had a problem with USPS on something like this and thought this could be a scam. I ask him if he opened the box and it was emtpy. Trying to paint him into a corner, knowing that the package was weighed.  He does not answer.


He then says he can send me a picture of the box...In the picture there is a sticker that says"package received empty"  At this point Im thinking that since the endmills are heavy maybe they fell out of the box and I will have to open a claim with USPS.  Then upon further inspection of the picture.  There were like 8-10 stamps on it?????USPS doesnt put stamps on the flatrate box.  So I ask the buyer why are there stamps on the box? No answer except he wants his money back. 


I ask him if he had it sent to someone else and then they mailed it to him?  No answer.


I go down to the USPS and ask the manager if any of this makes sense.  He tells me without a doubt its a scam. 


So I tell the buyer that if he had it sent to someone else and then they shipped it to him, I had nothing to do with it.  I  shipped the items, it was weighed, tracked and delivered. 


He then goes on saying that I am scamming him and eventually he just gives up.... I think it is over and move on.  I wanted to report him to ebay but didn't want to risk a reprisal from him or a friend.  So I let it be.


Now a few days later he leaves me bad feedback????And apparently ebay changed the rebuttal option.  So now I cant even respond to this bad FB?????


I reported buyer and now am waiting for ebay to open so I can try and get this bad FB removed...SIgh there goes another few hours on this stupid scam on a 20.00 dollar item.............Smiley Sad


Selling discussion

Aug 21, 2016 10:36:14 PM PT

Empty Box scam twarted, or not:(

This is a 7" carving and I am trying to figure out what this man represents.  I think he looks Spanish but am open to other suggestions. He is kind of shabbily dressed - his right pants leg has a big hole.  He is carrying a red sack in his left hand and also something in his right arm that looks like an upside down hat - when viewed from the top, the contents of this hat are painted gold (to signify money?)


Now comes the interesting part - notice the round whitish object at his right hip ... and follow it around his back in the panoramic view.  He has a whitish sack tied at the top and tied with a red sash to his back - there is a tube (?) connecting from the sack to the whitish object at his hip, and there is another whitish cloth (?) draped over the red sash near his left side.


My college age son thinks this man might be selling wine - what do you see him as?


Thanks in advance.





Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi, first time to the forum....  Been on ebay since 2000, been selling for a few years off & on.  I have a number of Coach items for sale @ auction/BIN.  A potential buyer started asking questions, is interested in 5 or 6 of them.  Great, right?  Then wants a lower price, "that's so much to spend, but I love them...."  SO, I offer to end the auctions on the ones they're interested in & save them $5 on each one.  Great, right?  Then, "the shipping (Priority) is too high, they're all so light, why is it so much?"  (I only charge the Priority price, no extra)  I say I'll ship them all for the one price; that'll save you x$ more than if you'd pay the extra per item.  Then: NO response.  OK, fine.  I check the buyer out, & wham, this person is selling only Coach, not cheap, & A LOT of it.  A few days later, I get this "I still really want 5 of them, I just can't make up my mind about spending so much $ on Coach....."  This person is just jerking me around to get an even lower price, & I'm over it.  I haven't responded, but I want to, saying, "Haven't decided what, wether you're going to keep them, or RESELL them?"  Am I being too dramatic here, since it's their right after buying something to do with it as they wish?  Thanks very much!

Selling discussion


In taking advantage of the 50% off of FVF on high value items, I am listing 5 items that I have absolutely no idea as to the price.  They are 5 16mm short films that I bought 35 years ago.  I know that originally there were 100 of each made and they are cult classics often played at science fiction conventions by their creator.


Most were incorporated in a feature film, but altered and one was created and shown on a Disney special.


I've decided on a starting price, but cannot determine a BIN price or if I should even use one.  A Google search has been no help at all.


Anyone have this problem and what were the results?



Selling discussion

Aug 21, 2016 10:12:59 AM PT


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