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The eBay Community

12" x 7 1/2". Thank you for any information. 100_4883.JPG100_4882.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am hoping the community can help me identify the artist who created this Patrick Nagel like Pop art Piece.  I cannot make out the last name in the signiture but I believe the first in "Rio".  Please Help!  Thank you in advance for sharing your time and knowledge. 


Thank you068.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion




Need help to identify Secessionist and or Art Nouveau. Sure it is European. A beautiful set that has been in my family. The pitcher has a small hairline that has stopped and is in the middle of it. The rest of the set are just fine. I researched and took a flying leap at a price because this is a rare set. Do the leaves tell you who made it? Any info appreciated 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Is the date engraved real?   Nickel pur? what country is this from? Anything,bottomsmallcup.jpg thank you!ATT_1425405805706_IMAG2100 (1).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Mar 3, 2015 12:52:56 PM PT

Nickel Tumbler

I own this cup/tumbler for a long time, even using it once in a while.

I became curious about it.  I am wondering now if it is a fake date. Nickel Pur ? in 1700's? what country is this come from? 

Thanks for the interest and answers,ATT_1425405805706_IMAG2100 (1).jpgATT_1425407557804_IMAG2103.jpg

Selling question

Mar 3, 2015 12:02:03 PM PT

Tumbler engraved 1714.

Thank you for any help with ID7" tall. 100_4878.JPG100_4877.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I recently set up a small business, using eBay to sell fashion accessories, such as costume jewelry and handbags.


My success has been hit or miss, mostly miss. I was able to sell the entire first lot of handbags over a two-month period by pretty much sacrificing all profits and taking a loss on a few items when you factor the eBay fee and shipping/handling.


I am trying it yet again with costume jewelry, but my experience has been less successful. I acquired them from a NYC wholesaler, they appeal to our fashion sense, but they aren't getting the love. Few viewers, and prices cut to the bone aren't attracting viewers or buyers in the auctions.


I'm somewhat limited in presenting information about the products becuase of what the wholesaler provides, so what I have in the following listing may not have all the information I need, but it's the best I can do.




Any suggestions with regard to keywords, listings -- what can I do to make this work? I've followed the tutorials, I've set up Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.



Selling discussion

Mar 3, 2015 10:01:27 AM PT

Help Me Boost Sales!

.A buyer made an offer on all my auction items. Is this allowed? How would I do this?

Selling discussion

Mar 1, 2015 11:47:01 AM PT

Buyer made offer on all my auction items

What are all the ????? messages on the payments board????

Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 7:13:55 AM PT

Payments Board

I bought a cashmere sweater that was pre-owned. It was described as "mint condition," "looks new." It is in great condition wear-wise, as in no pilling, no holes, etc. However, it was dirty. There were bits of food and drink stuck to the sleeve and it was gray around the edges of the hem and cuffs. The seller offers returns, but I do like the sweater and was fairly sure there were no actual stains that wouldn't wash out, so I washed it. It came out beautifully. I did get what I paid for. My concern is that it was not as described. As a buyer, would you want to know that this seller is a bit dubious? What would you do?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Mar 3, 2015 8:06:17 AM PT

What feedback for dirty sweater?

I am a very solid Ebay seller with a 7700+ feedback rating and 99.7% satisfacftion score but do not see my products in search results unless I am one of the only ones which has them for sale. Now, There is another seller, selling the same line, but undercutting everyone on price. After ebay fees this seller cannot be making more than 2-5% gross-profit. They have been on ebay foe 2 years, I have been on ebay since 1999. This seller has a feedback less than 400. Okay, how in the world do I see his brand every time I search me product. What is he doing? I am not crazy or exagerating, his items for sale pop up everywhere! I MEAN EVERYWHERE. EBAY'S HOME PAGE! please help

Selling discussion

Okay, so I'm listing with the new promotion, and we can't use sell similar. I clicked on "sell" at the top of the page, and it gave me the option of using a template, but the templates offered are at least 10 years old. Everything was wrong, my payment email, preferences, it even said I accept checks or money orders. Took me an extra 15 to 20 minutes to list my item, because it kept locking up whenever I tried to change something, and I was pretty much changing almost everything.


I guess I should just list each item using a blank form?


Is there a fast easy way to list a new item without using sell similar? I don't want to use TL, inkfrog, auctiva, etc. Is there an easy way to do it on the eBay site?


Thanks! :-)


*this is my posting ID*

Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 2:22:53 PM PT

How to list without using sell similar?

I have received no payment from this buyer. The item sold on Feb. 27. No payment is showing in Paypal but I see this message. How come the payment hasn't shown up in Paypal?



Payments discussion

Mar 1, 2015 10:40:13 AM PT

What does this mean? See inside.

My buyer selected size issue as a reason for a return so there is no defect.  The item was returned today.  What is the best way to refund the buyer?  Should I refund through the return request or through Paypal? 

Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 12:27:34 PM PT

refunding a return

I bid on an item quite a while ago and won it fairly cheap, but after thinking about it I messaged the seller and ASKED them if they would be okay with cancelling it to which they agreed. Had they refused I would have just paid and gotten the item. I was sent a cancel request, which I accepted.


A full month after we mutually Agreed to cancel the item, I discover that an "Unpaid Item" case was opened against me. I was originally angry at the seller but then discovered that eBay is responsible for the case. During the process there was absolutely no way for me to contact eBay or message the person responsible for overseeing the case and in the end I was found at fault. I was not charged for the item, but received this message: "Payment was not received and an unpaid item has been recorded on your account."


I have tried EXTENSIVELY to appeal the item, even when I click on the item and then appel, I get a message saying the case cannot be found. So after dealing with that failed system, I tried to contact eBay, which is an absolute worthless joke as well. So, my main question is, is there any way to contact eBay about rectifying this situation?

My Account question

I posted a phone thinking the esn was bad. ..at $100 below the value if esn was good...i want to refund the buyer and repost because I found out the esn is fine,  I just need to remove it from my account. Apparently it's worth at least twice what he paid. I mestaged him and told him the esn is actually good..no response...do t want to be a jerk, but the item wasn't listed properly..best way to handle?????

Selling discussion

I was bidding (high bidder) and inquired to the seller as the reserve as I put a ( maximum) bid at twice my current high bid .. The seller replied that they would sell it to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.The auction ended at my original high bid and I inquired if the seller was going to invoice me or how to proceed (my max bid was still double of my winning bid) after a few days the seller replied that they were going to relist the item under second chance ? and was not going to honor the sale to the highest bidder..I could only speculate obviously it was a monetary reason So do I have any recourse through ebays T.O.S ? I have screenshots of the listing..my bids and the ebay based emails...I've just recently started purchasing items from "non corporate" sellers and this is very upsetting to me as I watched and followed the item for ten days..in which time I was actively bidding..Please some guidence from those more experianced ..Thank You in advance 


Bidding & Buying discussion

I had a return request.  Item was broken in shipment (thankfully, insured).  I authorized a refund without return because I am filing an insurance claim (she sent me pics, etc).  I issued it through the Ebay system.  I got the email saying I issued a refund, but, I don't see the amount taken out of my PayPal account or bank account.  What am I missing.  The email from Ebay states:  You've issued a $50.30 refund for . . . . .


Am I missing something?



Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 3:17:28 PM PT

Return/Refund Question

Looking for some information on a couple of Deruta Pottery pieces we recently purchased. The pitcher is quite Deco in design and the bowl is quite unusual. Both are very large and heavy. I have searched the web and have found nothing even close in style and design to these that are from Deruta, Italy. I am hoping someone may recognize the style and help me to identify the maker/designer and a possible time period for these unique pieces. The mark shown is on the bottom of the bowl. The mark on the pitcher is of the same hand (in Blue) with the number being Z-657

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Mar 2, 2015 8:38:09 AM PT

Deruta Italy Deco Pottery-Help?

I was contacted by a US Fish & Wildlife Service customs officer via phone and then by email. He let me know that my eBay items were confiscated and will not be delivered to me. I would like a refund but PayPal has "determined the issue you have described or the merchandise or service associated with this transaction is not covered by PayPal Purchase Protection" when I opened a case with them. Which I absolutely just can't believe. Even after providing them with 5 pages of paperwork I received in the mail with them clearly stating the eBay seller was selling illegal items covered by CITES, the Endangered Species Act & Lacey Act. Now I can not open a case here at eBay either and just feel like this is wrong that eBay permitted this seller to sell on here. What can I do?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 1, 2015 11:54:08 PM PT

eBay items confiscated by US customs

Sent buyer wrong item, my fault.. They emailed me,  i responded, in the 5 mins they opened a case (it's a case, not a request, i don't give a **bleep** what ebay says), i have the defect now.  they also submitted for user information like the walking dead were coming and this had to be dealt with immediately! lol?! Anyway, i told them it's complicated now because while i fully intended on sending proper item with a prepaid envelope for the return. now that i have the ebay defect and case open, i could easily be scammed if i just sent them another without them rebuying the item. Ebay reps told them, it should be fine for the exchange. Ebay reps are morons who don't realize this buyer could be setting me up for a scam. I've told the buyer return the item for a refund, since that's the "case./requests" only option and rebuy it, otherwise i cannot be protected.


Am i being more crazy than i already am?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Mar 2, 2015 12:02:11 PM PT

Am i in the wrong?



I did not realize that there was shipping associated with the purchase of a purse, therefore, I would not have bought it or bid on it.  I also did not realize that the bidding was ready to close at at any minute.  Otherwise, I would have taken my bid back because I found another purse that I liked much better.  Is there anything E-bay can do to help me not get this purse?  COACH SHOULDER BAG CARLYLE TURNLOCK - BLACK NWT Ret $ 428.00 by




Denise Morgan

Bidding & Buying question

Mar 2, 2015 9:18:12 PM PT

Retract bid I won

I bit the bullet tonight and took advantage of the store promo--yep, waited till the last minute.  I was quite surprised to see this under "other terms" while going thorugh the process: "At any given time you can only have one active store subscription across all sites."  I am just sure there are people who post here who have more than one store. 

Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 9:31:56 PM PT

Are We Really Only Allowed One Store?

Hi,  I had an auction end today, 331487707463  


The winning bidder is in Norway, but I only ship inside the USA.


Could someone check and see if I listed this item incorrectly and included International Buyers.  Any advice appreciated.


Thank You

Selling discussion

Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 6:00:30 PM PT

ebay makes deliveries to hotels?

I am leaving for a vacation and I have tens of items I need to sell.
Is there a way I can send them to ebay and they sell them when ordered? Is there another similar option?

Selling discussion

I'm having issues trying to get an item to remain on eBay for sell.  As an example, here's one of the items that eBay just removed on my end:




I get the vacuous response of the following:


"Please review your listings for areas that can be improved. For example, make sure your listings have:
-a clear description
-great photos
-an accurate title"


I called eBay support and asked them "what am I doing wrong?"  The first lady found nothing wrong with the listing.  She transferred me to someone with listing and he basically recommended that I sell the item elsewhere.  He said I have stock photos (???) and that's the reason why it was pulled three times.  Any ways I have a clear description, proper category, UPC listing, front and back photos (from the iPhone 6+ camera.)


Did anyone ever have a problem similar to this?  I really want to sell items on eBay, but if my listings keep getting pulled for no reason whatsoever, I'm going to use Amazon instead...  I have great feedback and have sold many items before.  I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Selling discussion

i won an auction on 2/18. package was supposed to arrive on 2/25. i have been a buyer for 13 years, 100% FB, never left a bad FB for a seller.  seller has high rating and over 1000 sales. i bid on another auction tonight from the same seller,, but am now regretting it unless i get a resonse and tracking number for the overdue package. i haven't paid on the latest auction yet.

after the auction i called ebay help to see if they might have a tracking number on the overdue package. the first thing they told me was that the item i won showed up as relisted. I  wrote the seller again asking what was going on and please respond ASAP.  Nothing. And sure enough on my Ebay page it shows up with all my auction info and says it has been relisted too.

now what?  how long do i have before i cancel and ask for a refund. 



Bidding & Buying discussion

Mar 3, 2015 12:30:17 AM PT

package overdue...no response from seller.

I won an Auction on 02-12-15 for a Miche purse shell with the attached handles. The payment cleared 2-14-15. I recieved a tracking 3 but the item never shipped. I waited and the opened a case with the Resolution Center on 2-21-15 and was informed that I had to wait until the 2-27-15 before any action could be taken. Now I just want  to know if it is fair to leave negative feedback. I don't want other buyers to go through the same thing but I am afraid the seller will retaliate and leave negative feedback for me, which I feel don't deserve. Opinions?


Mar. 1:
You opened a case
Hi. I did hear from the seller. It seems they missed place/sold part of the item. I agreed to still accept the item even though I was paying for something of lesser value than what I bid on. I then told them to ship the item and I see no response from them. This is not acceptable behavior from an Ebay seller.


Bidding & Buying question

Mar 2, 2015 4:03:20 PM PT

Is It Fair To Leave Negative Feedback

I ordered a cape for my daughter. It came wrapped So I msg seller they said they send a new one. This was over to months agO. Once I bought the item they removed the listing. So now I have No way of opening a case and sorting this out. What do I do please.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Mar 3, 2015 6:48:44 AM PT

Hello I need some help please.

I bought an item for 64.50 but when I go to checkout it comes up that I need to pay 75.00. Shipping was free. Why is it charging me more?

Payments discussion

I hope someone can help me. I sold an item and had to open a unpaid item case because buyer was unresponsive. The next day she wrote and told me she lost her credit card and just found it but after looking at the item again isn't sure she wants it anymore.  I told her I would cancel the transaction but I keep getting a message that says it can't be cancelled because there is a case open on that item.  I typed in a question on how to do it and the solution said go to resolution center click on item and cancel but still get the same message. Can anyone help me get this done? Thanks!

Selling discussion

I became so discouraged last summer when I went through a rash of unreasonable buyers (mostly garden items and books oddly).  I had always been a Power Seller, but when ebay changed standards, mine dipped down.  This fall, I had an unexpected death in my family and had a couple of  item not recieved claims filed (I did follow through with them with apologies).  All this winter, I have been knocking myself out listing as much as I can (begging ebay to raise my limits all the while) to get out of the dreaded Below Standard abyss.  I am thinking I may finally get there this month and now....a buyer has left me a neutral!  Buyer did not contact me prior to leaving feedback.  Feedback claims item was "dirty" but I washed it the day I listed it about a week ago.  It is a used item, so not perfect.  I have contacted the buyer with profuse apologies and begged to refund money if he/she would retract or amend feedback.  So far, there has been no reply.  I do not understand why ebay allows buyers to complain, but not return items.  And if an item is returned, it is still held against us!  Buyers have absolutely no incentive to work through problems with sellers.

Please help me!  I am a disabled mom and I am trying to sell my kids used items to help support my family.  

Selling question

I got a message from ebay that if I sell a single item, I will get a $25 Ebay coupon. What do I do with it? Is it a scam

Selling discussion

I have a genuine vintage Coach purse. It was given to me by an old friend cleaning out her closets to move. It is in a Coach box with Coach tissue paper, but the legend/medallion piece is missing. I know I cannot list it as a Coach purse. But can I list it as a no brand purse at a reasonable price, say $5-10. It is a leather bag.


Thanks for any information. I realize the cookie may not be worth the chase on this one.

Getting Started question

During the holidays, my computer crashed and for about a week, I lost access to the internet. Sucks, but "oh well." Well I cancelled my listings, then when I repaired my computer I relisted the items (without my knowing, they relisted with the original quantities of products before I sold anything - my fault, I should have checked). Anyways, I ended up cancelling a bunch of transactions and obviously, my seller status went below standard and eBay put a restriction on my account to prevent me from selling at all. 

Anyways, my PROJECTED seller status is above standard - so once next month rolls around, does that mean my account will be lifted of the restriction?  

My Account question

Former powerlifter now an old man, I  wish to sell pairs of hexagonal dumbbells from 10 lb to 125lbs each for local pickup only.  If I take Paypal, am I likely to get scammed, and end up being the REAL dumbbell?

Selling discussion

Looks like seller may have resisted an item I purchaced and sold to another bidder. How can I confirm this?

Bidding & Buying question

New to ebay and been shipping in boxes but had someone ask why my shipping was so high. I said because it cost more to ship in boxes. Does the post office have any envelopes suitable for shipping that i could use to ship say a blouse in. I don't want to cram stuff in envelopes but i have seen some listings with lower cost than what i have listed. Just wondering if that's how they can offer lower shipping. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks.

Shipping & Returns question

The buyer on my most recent transaction left a gate code in the buyer notes.  Is this to gain access to the home for delivery? I haven't had this happen before, just wondering if any one else has. I have tried to message them with no response.  If it is for delivery, would I write it on the envelope?

Shipping & Returns question

I HATE this new Paypal format, and the classic link  isn't working for what I need.


Where do I go to change my currency settings? I need to accept payments in currencies that I don't hold, and I can't remember if I'm already set that way or not. I can't find the darn place to go to check! I know where to go in the classic setting, but it's not working.......


(Posting here for quicker answer, mods please move if needed)


Selling discussion

Mar 2, 2015 11:26:41 AM PT

Ugh, help with a Paypal setting, please

Is it against Ebay protocol for a buyer to ask for the reserve price? I have just had a potentiel buyer/bidder do that and I need to know how to answer properly.


Selling question

Mar 3, 2015 5:30:44 PM PT

Asking for reserve price.

i have a set of dolls to include Deidra, Celicia, Rosalind and Alexandra NIB from the Metropolitan Moments collection  and I was wondering if i should sell as a set or individually.  All dolls complete with COA and original packaging.  Only opened for picture taking. Items # 94611,94612,94613 and 94614.



My Account question



I'm a bit confused because I just recently bought an item that I was sent an email reciept for, but when I click on the tracking for it, it told me I was not the buyer. Also, I went to my purchase history and it says I haven't bought this item. I got another email saying it's been shipped out, but it still won't let me track it? Does that mean it is purchased, and the website just had a blip, or something else?

Shipping & Returns question

When I return an item, does refund come to me or my paypal account.

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 1, 2015 3:37:39 PM PT


Shipping & Returns question

Mar 1, 2015 6:18:02 PM PT

How to pack and ship dvd's

I ordered an item that cost $2.99, free shipping. But later on, I determined I no longer need it. After receiving the item and not opening it, I contacted the seller and asked if I could return it simply by marking Return to Sender. This is because the cost for returning would have been almost as much as the item itself. If the seller had disagreed, I simply would not have returned it; not too cocerned about $3. But the seller told me I could, so I did. Now, it's been almost 2 weeks, and apparently it hasn't arrived. Is this the seller's responsibility since they authorized me to do it? Again, if I can't get a refund, I'm not too concerned. Just asking.

Shipping & Returns question

this is probably pretty simple but I am new to eBay. I have an auction item to ship to a buyer which requires it to be shipped in two packages. How do I print two labels to the same buyer for one item, two different weights.

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 2, 2015 7:35:02 AM PT

Shipping question

Help!  I'm fairly new to this and mistakenly clicked on UPS Ground for my shipping service instead of Parcel Select.  Can that be changed after the item is sold and paid for?  I don't mind shipping UPS Ground  -- it's just that I've never done it and am told I need to get verified by Pay Pal.  I don't mind that part either.  I'm just worried the verication process might hold up my package going out today.  I would be okay with shipping Priority as well.  Not so much worried about shipping costs at this point because I am still in the learning phase and know I'll make some shipping mistakes but I don't want an upset customer!  Thanks for any advice!

Shipping & Returns question

What is freeshipping.com? I got charge from IC FREESHIPPING.COM  $12.97 on 03/1/2015. I didn't order anything from yesterday.Please give me responses. thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

I had a situation where I received item and it was random junk rather than the product in the box. I contacted seller without opening a case and reported the issue (with photos). These photos match up to the ones seller had of product in listing (including contents), so seller could see that it was the same thing they shipped me, but that it was indeed not the product on closer inspection (seller hadn't looked closely before shipping).

My question: could seller have reasonably given me a refund on the spot (and won my goodwill to help them by sending their item back) rather than having me open a SNAD case and hope it ends in my favor?

My take is that yes, the seller could have done so when they were clearly in error. This would have alleviated my wondering for week whether I was going to get refunded, or possibly have seller receive item and claim that *I* put junk in the box, or whether it might get lost in the mail and I be on the hook for it (seller had also refused to pay proper postage, letting a 2 lb. 10 oz. package ship with only First Class postage,e ven after PO rejected it first time I took it in). An immediate refund would have left it a positive experience with a minor hassle (mistakes happen, I understand).

But I'd like to hear if anyone thinks that the seller refunding immediately just isn't ever appropriate for eBay sellers, even in a case like this. Thanks.

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 2, 2015 1:14:31 PM PT

Refund immediately when clearly SNAD?

I've been buying on eBay for a long time and often use the shipping calculator based on my ZIP.  In my very first sales listing, I wanted to have the same calculator. The only shipping options offered were Actual or Fixed costs. I chose Actual because there was no option I could see called Calculated Shipping. I entered package weight and dimensions and the system came back with costs between $11.45 and 34.05. The listing now shows the $11.45 shipping cost but I'm afraid that if I get a distant buyer where the cost is the maximum, I could be out $22.60. Where do I find the option to use Calculated Shipping?


Shipping & Returns question

Mar 2, 2015 12:43:04 PM PT

calculated shipping

My current Half sheet label prints a dotted lne on one edge and says Cut Here. I would like to modify the label template to exclude this printing. Is there a way to modify the shipping template?

Shipping & Returns question

What happens if you get a buyer that does not pay

Payments question


Hoping for some help from the eBay community. 

How does a seller engage eBay when you have a buyer who is being aggressive?


I sold a PC item, since it was a resell I was not sure if the code had already been activated (it was from a lot of returns).  I posted in the description that it had not been validated if the code had been used yet or not. 


I also posted in the description that returns are accepted with a restocking fee and with the buyer paying for the return (this is also in my returns section). 


The buyer contacted me and said that the code was not working because it had been previously activated. 

I wrote back apologizing and said that it was indicated in the description it may have been used and they should reach out to the game manufacturer and see if they could assist. 


The buyer sent back copy from another auction that they didn't win (where the code had not been used and the item was like new) claiming that the copy from this other auction was on the auction they won.  I sent them a link to the auction that has them as the winning bidder and all of the copy which claims Very Good  and again that the code may have already been used. 


They then got very hostile and said that if I did not pay for the full return with shipping they will leave me negative feedback.  They then reached out to the manufacturer and did not get much further - though I am not surprised if they approached them with the same tone as they did myself and they claimed the chat person didn't even know what eBay was.  Again he threatened to leave negative feedback and contact eBay about me. 


How can i engage eBay in this situation? Do I call? Will they help? 

I am not afraid of negative feedback - that will always happen you can't please everyone and I have plenty of happy buyers - but I am actually a little bit physically worried that this person with a terrible temper has my address for the return and honestly I also feel like this person is a scammer. I am afraid I will get damaged goods back. 


I have considered offering them a 50% partial refund as well to see if that satiates them.  But has eBay ever stepped in to protect a seller? What would you do? Just eat it- even though the person isn't taking personal responsibility?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 2, 2015 4:06:32 PM PT

How can a seller engage eBay with an issue

I pre ordered the item back in January for a Febrary release. I've bought from the seller twice before, one pre order, who has over 2000 good feedback and had no problem. But now I've been waiting 3 weeks for my package.

Acceptance February 12th
Processed Through Sort Facility February 13th, Hong Kong Air Mail Centre
Origin is Preparing Shipment
Then nothing else, just stuck in transit.

What should I do? Wait a little longer, contact seller, or contact USPS?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 5:01:26 PM PT

Package in transit for 3 weeks

Today I recieved payment from a buyer.  There was a mix up on the shipping charge and he was charged/paid quite a bit more than it's costing me to ship.


I will refund him the difference.  But I'm curious.  I printed the shipping label via Ebay.  When I went to Paypal I did not see a debit for the shipping label I just created.  How is Ebay charging me for that label?  I'm prepared to partial refund the buyer, but I want to know exactly what's going on before I start sending money around.



Shipping & Returns question

Hi to All!   Today a winning bidder promtly paid for her item, however requested that I wait to ship it until the end of the week.  I'm just wondering how I keep my One Day Handling/Shipping status from being considered as "late" on my Seller Dashboard.  I'd appreciate any suggestions!  Thanks so much!

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 2:24:59 PM PT

One Day Shipping Status

what is the return policy that ebay offers on a purchse

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 9:56:14 AM PT

ebay return policy

If you list an item Buy it Now with free shipping, and you have a best offer also.  If you accept the best offer I noticed it says does not include shipping.

Do you charge for shipping if the person bought the item at the best offer even though you listed Buy it Now with free shipping?  THANKS

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 10:08:14 PM PT

Buy It Now with free shipping


eBay Chat discussion

Mar 3, 2015 4:44:26 AM PT



In the past, and again today I have attempted to figure out how I can get credit for mailing an item, same day first class, on my Seller Dashboard. For the majority of my items I use prepaid shipping. On occasion (and currently) I have listed some ephemera, postcards etc. with free shipping. If it is a small item I use greeting cards to mail them. Usually they are 1-3 dollar sales and I send them regular first class. I manually check the icon that indicates the item was shipped. Because no tracking # my percentage on my Seller Dashboard is decreasing. I aso held paid items for a buyer because she was bidding on more items. I asked her not to pay until she was finished bidding but she insisted. I do the above to please the customer  and  to get  these things in the hands of collectors. Today I attempted to discuss this with ebay, by phone, got transferred twice and put on hold for 15 plus minutes. I Finally hung up. A while back the only answer I got was just keep selling and your percentages will go up. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you 

My Account question

How do I pay for an item on Craigslist with Paypal ?

Payments question

Mar 3, 2015 1:42:45 PM PT

How do I pay with Paypal on Craigslist ?

eBay sent me a promotional offer to open a store. From what I can see, it looks like a good deal (for the first 4 months).


What I can't get my head around is a couple of BASIC topics that eBay never seems to be able to answer, so I'm turning to the experts here for some answers!


My first question has to do with so-called "free listings".  Without a store, I get 100 free listings per month. With a basic store, they tell me I get 150 free listings. Now, do I get 100 free listings plus 150 free listings for the store subscription for a total of 250, or am I basically paying to get an extra 50 "free" listings each month (which aren't really free because I have to PAY to get them)?


My second question has to do with final value fees. As a store subscriber, I get lower final value fees (FVF) in most categories. Today without a store subscription, and as a Top Rated Seller, I get 20% off the standard FVF of 10%. If I get a store subscription, would I continue to get my TRS 20% discount on the reduced FVF that the subscription gives me?


These seem like basic questions that eBay Help should be able to answer, but there are so many asterisks (*), double asterisks (**), and whatever these things are (†) that it's a little overwhelming.


Thanks for your input!

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Mar 1, 2015 4:36:48 PM PT

Basic Store Fee Questions

I have 2 active listings. They only offer shipping to the United States. Can I change them to ship worldwide? I want to ship worldwide on all my listings. how do I change that?

Shipping & Returns question

i needed to buy locally in the end. item is still in the wind though not 30 days yet.

Shipping & Returns question

Been trying to put postage on a package won by a lady in Hong Kong...had to fix address but keep getting this error "

  • "Please enter a valid value for destination city...."

The addy end on the address line as Hong Kong and the country is defaulted to Hong Kong...Why is it asking for a city, when it is already there!!!   Hope you can help!

Shipping & Returns discussion

I bought an item, paid promptly, got a message from seller saying postage was was ten dollars more, I told him that I expected the item for what I paid for it, then he said he had sold it to another person but had a different item that he could subsitite, then he said that he sent the item to the wrong address, but it was being returned and he would send it out right away, today I get a message that he hadn't gotten it back yet but he had another churn I could have for $20 more plus postage.  I don't think this is ethical.  I told him I wanted my money back, he said it would take up to seven days to get my money back.  I am new to this but this feels like a scam to me.

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Mar 2, 2015 3:17:38 PM PT


The tracking showed "Out for Delivery 2/20 with the correct state and zipcode provided by paypal. The status never reflected delivered.

Package was sent Priority Mail.

Starting an eBay Business question

I just sold a 20 KW diesel generator item for $3,750.00. The buyer wants to pay $3,000.00 now with Paypal and the remaining $750.00 when he picks up his purchase at my home. I do not have a problem with this arrangement. Is this okay?

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Mar 2, 2015 4:24:28 PM PT

down payment

I have two items were recorded as unpaid on your ebay account. I'd wonder about removing two items above. Both two unpaid items on the mail I had to ask the seller to cancel the transaction, but the seller has not accepted and made me pay for items on. Although the product has not yet been sent, but I still write on your account have two unpaid items.
Because I was a new person to participate sale on ebay, I look forward to your help so that I can trade smoothly.

Payments question

Mar 2, 2015 9:11:01 PM PT

How do I remove items unpaid

After waiting 4 days on a UPI and not gertting a payment, do I just click on close case, request the fees back and relist, or do I need to cancel the transaction also or something and then relist?

Payments question

What do you do if you have bidded on an item that the warranty is only good for the original owner and you did not realize that at the time and the seller did not mention it. Can you retract your bid?

Bidding & Buying question

Mar 1, 2015 10:55:37 PM PT

Warranty not transferable


I purchased an authentic Native American Navajo Indian ring, many years ago.

I have researched the maker's mark, without finding any information.

I am including photos of the ring and marks.

The last time I asked for help identifying a maker's mark, the photo took up half a page.  LOL.

If you have time and recognize the artisan's mark, please let me know.

Thanks and Have a Great Day.

Selling question

So I sold 3 items
So I have access to all the funds(38.50)
(All items were delivered with tracking)
So I tranfeted the funds from my PayPal to my bank
Now I belive I had really good buyers (just the vibe I got off of them)
Now I have no cases or claims open
But I'm wondering what happens when You Don't Offer returns and someone files a claim say...10 days later
And the funds are in your bank
Now my account is limited (starting today)
Witch the only thing I can't do is add money from my bank (but I'm working g on returning it to regular standing)

What do you do ?
Just for knowledge on further selling for my businesses

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Mar 1, 2015 9:15:41 PM PT


Can anyone tell me how to stop people from outside the U.S. from bidding on my items? I put it in the discription in bold letters and i uncheck the globle shipping but I still have bids from outside the U.S. Thanks

Selling question

what does this mean? will it get delivered further to my house? I dont know any so called Parcel Lockers around so im clueless. Ebay says its delievered but  how can it be considered delivered if its in a parcel locker. Thanks so much! if it is in a parcel locker anyone know a map where it shows the parcel lockers or something? Thanks so much 


North las vegas

Selling question

Mar 2, 2015 5:56:05 PM PT

What does Delivered, Parcel Locker mean?

Selling question

I received an odd message in my message box NOT associated with any item, how did I get and why. Afraid  someone wants my info should I just delete, anyone else get it, I'm a seller, 

Selling question

Mar 2, 2015 3:37:25 PM PT

Received an odd message in my message box

Okay so I live intexas and mailed out a package within two business days with first class tracking that was going to new york. It was sent on the 23rd of feb, delayed by weather, and attempted to be delivered on March 2nd but they said no secure location was avalable. so it is at the post office in the buyers town. I told the buyer but they threatened well if i dont get it by today then send it back and give me a refund. I dont do returns. Also I feeel she is making no attempt at picking it up. Alo my listing under the shipping tab says estimated  6 business days. What do I do?

Selling question

Mar 3, 2015 4:20:15 AM PT

Buyer being difficult!

I have never had anyone want to return anything. For some reason I have had two return request this week. Neither make any sense at all. One I has not come back yet but I believe she has dmaged the purse yourself and sending it back or took a part off of it to replace a damged part on the one she had and is sending mine back. The damage she reports sound fishy. I feel as though I am being taken advantage of. The 20 percent discount I get for offering returns is just not going to be worth it if people send stuff back for no good reason. They know if they say it was not as desribed they get 100 percent refunded. How do I opt out of "Hassel free returns"? PS...they are not hassel free to me!

Selling question

Mar 2, 2015 11:59:03 PM PT

Can I opt out of returns?

I feel like I have just been sucker punched. I received a defect in February for low score on item not as described.

I only sold six items in Feb. Three left no feedback. The other three left good feedback. Out of those three one sent me a message praising me for the workmanship on the clock he bought. The second left a glowing feedback and the third just a normal good feedback. So who did it and why? I would never do such a thing with out good reason. I believe that it's Chicken.S. to do so.

I'm pretty sure I know which one did it and it's totally uncalled for. Mistake maybe? I'm a low volume seller and I'm hanging on to TRS by a thread now because of this. If it was that bad that they had to leave such low DSR's why did n't they asked to return it or message me saying what the problem was.

My DSR's are five across the board except for Item description. It's 4.9 and I'm going to loss TRS.


Just trying to figure out who to put on my BBL.

Selling question

Mar 3, 2015 7:58:32 AM PT

Who to block?

I have a tight American copy 1971. I can't tell what print, it's not stated a first. Lost on how to find out.

Also what would be a fair start price?

Thank you

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Mar 2, 2015 10:57:33 AM PT

The Bell Jar

It is legal to own an antique slot machine in the State of Indiana. Why are Ebay sellers prohibited from selling antique slot machines to Indiana residents ?

Bidding & Buying question

Mar 3, 2015 7:31:49 AM PT

Antique Slot Machines

I have an auction with one bid on it and 6 days to go.  The bidder seems to be in a hurry and would like to do a buy it now.  Can I cancel her bid and relist the item as a buy it now?

Bidding & Buying question

I mostly SELL on ebay. 


I answer all questions that are asked of me.

Sometimes the buyer then responds with a "thank you" that makes it  again look as if you have an "unanswered question."

I reply even to the "thank you's," just to get the "unanswered question" notice taken off my item, yet, I currently have 6 items where I can't get rid of it.  And when I click "respond," there is no question there.


Can a buyer see that notice?

I think it just looks like I'm a sloppy seller if I haven't answered questions.





Buying & Selling Basics question

That should have been before the scheduled end time.  one person on eBay said it was fine no negatives associsted with it.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I live in the USA, and this has been my zipcode for everything, but for some reason Ebay thinks it's not right, even though thats exactly whats on my letters.  Even google agrees with me that this is the right zipcode for the city.  how do I fix this?

Getting Started question

Mar 3, 2015 7:01:24 AM PT

zipcode not valid?


I'm a faily new ebayer and I sent the wrong items to two customers. The first customer sent the item back to me, but the second customer won't. The first customer is requesting a full refund of the purchase price and shipping cost of the item. I'm not sure how to issue the refund. Can anyone help me so I can get this resolved?


My Account question

I usually pay the same day that I win an auction, but I am anticapating some travel in the near future. Should I contact the seller to let her/him know I have a bid on an item, and when I will return and pay just in case I win, or would this be unnecessary communication and a nuisance to the seller? Are there any other etiquette rules that aren't neccessarily listed, but I should be aware of?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Made purchase. pd via paypal with credit. Contacted seller re shipping, claims, shipped, no USPS tracking. Seller has emailed me 15x"s so far today ! Regret purchase Seller scares me !  Who does that ?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 3:21:10 PM PT


I have a drum that does not match the other drums on a drum set and the seller has a drum that is a much closer match.

Is it illegal to ask the seller if they are willing to trade? My drum is definitely worth more money than the sellers because it is an earlier vintage.

He would actually do better on the deal. I just want a matching drum.

Payments discussion

Mar 1, 2015 11:53:16 PM PT

Are trades permitted on eBay?

Hi. i'm really concerned about something. I recieve on invoice for february for 64$ but i didn't sell anything. All the buyer are fake may be. They didn't pay me for non of my items. I open a cases for all and i don't want to pay for NO sellings for now. Pls Help 

What can i have to do?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Mar 3, 2015 5:00:56 PM PT

invoice problem



I sold an air hockey table through the global shipping program. The gap only calculated 17 dollars in shipping..obviously not correct. Calculated $80 in shipping for me from PA to KY glob shipping headquarters. What do I do from Here. Obviously not mail it because I know the pool table will cost much more than $17 to ship from KY to Peru. Any input would be much appreciated!

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 3, 2015 11:26:39 PM PT

Wrong global shipping costs

It has been two days since I sent a cancellation request. The buyer did NOT pay me, but can they still deny the request? How long does it take for the request to be approved if the buyer just avoids it? I can deal with negative feedback, though I don't want to pay a final value fee ($14), which is already on my invoice. As an individual seller, this fee basically negates whatever money I did make from successful transactions.

The following information isn't necessary, though if it matters to you why I cancelled:

First, I was concerned it was a scammer. The buyer had only two feedbacks, was from a country notorious for scamming (on ebay), and it was a high value item ($140). I really wish I knew about this before making the listing (global shipping is automatically selected), but what's done is done.

Second, I already sold the item elsewhere. This happened within hours, so I didn't have a major opportunity to take down the listing.


Selling question



I recently paid for an item but then realised that the size was wrong (it was a pair of shoes) and so I decided to contact the seller to cancel the item before they had been sent.


So I did, a few times, as a matter of fact.


Despite the messages, the seller just ignored them and about 7 hours later, they sent them - still with no response.

They've not replied to a message about the shoes (sent 2 days ago), nor have they replied to the cancellation request.


I cannot return the item after it has been sent, as it says no returns, so I was really hoping for them to cancel it before they shipped it.


So, what can I do now? I did request cancellation before shipping, but they ignored, which I am guessing is because they just want the money. I've contacted the seller about a return, but I really doubt they're going to reply.


The item is useless to me, and I don't need it. How can I get my money back?



Bidding & Buying question

Beautiful Bracelet with a garnet stone - marked 14k   but it doesnt test for gold.  Is there a seperate test for white gold verses yellow gold?

Selling question

Been off Ebay for a long time.  I just got paid and see my money is on hold  I'm not fuming, because I'm sure they sent me an email explaining that which I never read.


Anyway.  What is my best tactic to get the money released the fastest?  


Does it matter if I print labels through Paypal, or at the post office?


Is there anything I should know that I didn't ask?



Payments question

Mar 2, 2015 6:06:15 AM PT

PayPal payment hold

a few days ago all of my pictures on my sellers page have dissapeared. I use firefox and never had this issue before

My Account discussion

Mar 1, 2015 7:33:46 PM PT

where did my photos go on my sellers page

I ordered a pair of jeans size 25, which is my usual size. Upon trying on the jeans, they did not go above my hips without having to force them. I decided not to force them so as not to damage the used item. I contacted the seller and asked for a return, I filed a return, and she did not answer until two days before being able to contact Ebay to step in. She will not accept the item because it was not "misrepresented". The seller did not state that the jeans were non-stretchable, which is why they didnt fit me. I offered to pay to ship the item back but she is refusing. WHAT DO I DO?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 2, 2015 3:10:42 PM PT

returning item that does not fit

I was on the board last night and suddenly got yellow banner "success, items is now floated". Anybody has any idea what that means, what have I done to get that ? (I was on tablet so there is a chance I touched something by accident)

Bidding & Buying discussion

Mar 4, 2015 7:03:00 AM PT

Item floated

what's to stop a seller from bumping his own item up or having a friend bump it up? If the answer is nothing then this is  scam!!!!!!

Bidding & Buying question

I will begin selling some things real soon, however, I only understand what to do up to buying and printing the  shipping label. I am not sure about I go about "shipping" it. After I prepare a package with everything  weighed, wrapped up and the label taped on, do I just head over to UPS and give it to the guys over the counter? And do I have to pay any sort of fee? Sorry for the dumb question, lol

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

a question. Am I suddenly doing things incorrectly, or has eBay changed even more than I thought it had. I sold a small lot of old international coins to a man in China. I specified the weight of the box and the dimensions and used First Class International as my mailing choice. The shipping cost came up as $12.75. He paid on 2/1/15 and I mailed. This AM (3/3/15) I got an email from him and this is what it said




"I do not understand. I charged you the true cost of sending by First Class International. It is the least expensive way to send to China". This afternoon I received another email



a lot of kind usa sellers even free shiping by regular mail.






Now I am happy that he gave me "OK" as a feedback. But I am really upset because although I've had no other foreign shipping complaints, I find myself doubting what I am doing. Is he correct? Maybe this was heavier than his other purchases?


And why oh why does eBay suggest that people offer "free shipping"? If it's a first class letter I can see it, but we do have to pay for the items. I just wish that every day there wasn't some new fee or new rule to remember. I thought that most of us were just one or two people selling....right now in order to build my business I would have to hire someone to help, which is an impossibility. Especially since between 1/4 and 1/3 of what I take in goes right back to eBay and PayPal.


I long for the good old days of eBay when things were much simpler and I made a lot more money.

Selling question

I made a purchase in Ebay around 2008 -2009. It was a bike. I need to get a copy of the transaction as my bike was stolen in the college campus and would like to file an inusrance claim. How do I access this?

My Account question

Mar 1, 2015 8:31:15 PM PT

transaction history more than 3 yeasrs

Hi my name is Giovana Marsano, I sold a SILVER DENON AVR-2805 7.1 Channel 135 Watt A/V Surround Receiver to slumdog49. the customer complained that the item wasn't working properly, we brought this case up to you guys to get the help provided since we had tested the receiver right before selling it and it worked perfectly fine. Ebbay's final decision was to have the costumer return the item and once we receive it we had to return the money back. we got the receiver today and its damaged, dented in the back and we didnt receive all the cables we had originally send. I need to know what to do in this situation. If you guys need pictures from the receiver please let me know and i will send them immediately thanks

Shipping & Returns discussion

So i bought an I-phone 5s from a guy in Canada. He said he shipped it. I then asked for the tracking number and he said he will send it the next day. It has been about 4 days and he does not respond to my messages. Also, i noticed that on ebay it says that the item has not been shipped. What can i do about all of this.?????

Bidding & Buying question