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My wife and I were hoping someone in the EBay community could tell us what this porcelain piece was used for / what it is?


It is approx 3" tall and 4" diameter it has brass clasp and edge treatments and when opened it appears the lid and bottom were at one time lined with silk. The floral design has some enameling.


Any help would be great and we appreciate all answers.



Rob & TracieSAM_1200.JPG








have a great day

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi. Thought Id give these a shot here before I send them out the door. Any thoughts appreciated!




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Does anyone recognize this piece? Marked USA 791 - Measures 9" long x 7 1/2" wide. 049.JPG059.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


She is about 6" long,  legs appear to be composition painted legs, sleep eye, marked m 5.

Dolls discussion

Hi I hope some one help me, I am not sure if this is ABP or just cut glass. Any help on maker or age would be great thanks in advance.P9180017.JPGP9180012.JPGP9180007.JPGP9180016.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My first guess would be that this hat was a Freemasonry hat, would that be accurate? 


Does anyone know any specifics about where/when/why it might have been used.


Thanks in advance for any help!

 photo IMG_5885.jpg photo IMG_5886.jpg photo IMG_5887.jpg photo IMG_5888.jpg photo IMG_5889.jpg photo IMG_5890.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

O.K., I will go first. Today is the 19th. Based on last year's sales when we could list FP for free with promos, and the average sales thereof, by the 19th of each month I would have at least 20-22 sales. Alas, I only have 8 (not counting the 2 bids). So, the number of sales I am missing right now due to glitches, items hidden, outages, etc., is, 10-14.


How about you?



Selling discussion

...that "First Class Mail International is not covered under Seller Protection"?


I didn't either.


See the "What isn't covered by Seller Protection?" section here:




Swell.  That should come in handy with that new 180 day Buyer Protection!



Selling discussion

He says he will be here on a visit and wants me to ship a $50  to his hotel...Would you guys do it? Any steps i can take to protect myself?  

Shipping & Returns discussion

This is what her message was to me, I dont even know what language this is, i thought it was spanish but maybe not. bonjour! je vien de m'inscrire sur ebay et je ne connaissais pas comment ça fonctionnait, je n'avais pas vue les frais d'expédition je peux l'avoir chez nous pour 20$ puis-je annuler? merci Thank you all for any help you can give me on this. 

Selling discussion



Trying to understand something. Bought something, returned it for a refund. Seller did a cancel request.


In his/her request she puts the reason as, "The seller says that you have purchased the item in error."


If I approve this request, does it count against our buying or a strike?

Why do they have so many reasons, which are the ones good and bad for buyers and sellers. Trying to understand all this before we go ahead and cancel the request.


When we cancel an item from selling, we just pick, "Buyer returned item for a refund." Not sure why all these sellers start choosing the wrong or a random reason.


Selling discussion

I'm trying to buy multiple items from a seller who offers discounted shipping on additional items, but doesn't have an "add to cart" option available.  ("Buy now" only.)


The seller instructed me to commit to buy; then they would combine all the items, adjust the shipping and send an invoice.


There are three options to buy: 1. Pay with PayPal, 2, Commit to Buy with credit card, and 3. Commit to Buy with money order or bank transfer.


Because the seller is based abroad and credit card companies charge for international transactions and service fees for the exchange, I would prefer to pay with PayPal.  But obviously I don't want to transfer the money now and thus pay extra shipping.


Can I commit to buy with a credit card and later use PayPal?  Is there a way to commit to buy with the PayPal option?

Bidding & Buying question

I am making custom tiered serving trays using name brand china.  I just had a tray removed from another site by Homer Laughlin's legal team saying that Fiesta is a trademark and can't be used.  I didn't use Fiesta china and the word never appeared in my title, description or tags.  I am selling Homer Laughlin's Golden Wheat tid bit trays.  I contacted their legal rep to see what is going on but my question is this.  Do I have the right to use plates that I own to make a new use for them and sell them using the plates manufacturer's name and pattern name?  AFAIK, HLC never made a tid bit tray from Golden Wheat.  Whether they did with Fiesta is not relevent since I wasn't selling Fiesta. 


I see that Homer Laughlin isn't a Vero member so can I expect to be safe here?  Do I have rights under the Fair Act Doctrine to repurpose, as an artist, china that I own and sell it? 

Selling discussion

I unwittingly posted this in the "ask a question" portion of the boards... Why does eBay have to make everything so convoluted? Anyways...   I am a small, new seller, specializing in vintage jewelry. A month ago a buyer opened a case against me for SNAD, and after I said I would refund for return, the buyer never responded. They opened the case because the item didn't "seem as bright colored" and were smaller than the buyer thought, even though I put measurements in my description, said there was some discoloration in the gold tone, and a disclaimer about my items being vintage and most have an older looking patina. Fine, buyer didn't like them, I offer returns. 


I didn't hear anything for a month, and the case was closed. I thought that after a month of being open, if the buyer made no action to return, the case would automatically close in my favor. How wrong I am! I now have a defect even though the case is closed. Is there any way to get this defect removed? I have only been selling on ebay since July, and I am extremely frustrated at the way things are going, with ebays policy, and with my sales which for my first month were awesome, and now are barely existent. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Selling discussion

I have two issues that have cropped up in the past few days.


1.) I research completed auctions and BINs extensively, to see what completed prices are, including postage. Now, when I look at completed listings, they no longer show the postage. All I see is >>>

Will ship to United States. Read item description or contact seller for shipping options. |See Details
That's no use whatsoever. I need the full historical data. Some people still charge diddly for an item and out the nose for postage. I try to stay in the same range of price + shipping to set my BINs. 
I've held off listing in hopes that the completed shipping costs will start showing up again. I'm hesitant to price without it. 
2.) I'm having people contact me left and right asking if I ship internationally, and saying they can't see my shipping charges. I've had inquiries from buyers on .ca, .fr, .de and .br.     A friend tried to change his settings and said he could see my international prices, but he was on .com.  Is anyone else reporting problems with international shipping showing?  I usually run 50-60% international sales.  In the past two weeks, my international sales have absolutely tanked, and are only running about 15%. 
3.) Am I nuts? I'm in Atlanta. I use free shipping.   Shipping to California and Hawaii are the most expensive possible scenarios for me. So how come 80% of my sales are suddenly from ONLY those two states? (The remainder have mostly been the dribble of international sales.) I mean coincidences do happen, but it's been very consistent for the past ten days. 
Something wierd is going on here. 
If someone could give my shipping a look and see if the international is coming up normally, I would sure appreciate it. 

Selling discussion

I bidded on a fascinator and won mostly because I don't think many ppl wear them. The seller answered my questions prior to me paying the day I won it I paid. It's actually been not 12 days. It's been since the 11th to now. The 20th. The seller stated that it would be sent within 2 days in the shipping description. Has not answered my messages so far on if it's been shipped, and if I'll get it before a certain date. This is quite important that I get it on time because of the event I need it for. And if it's not I would very much like to cancel my order as to get another one. But the seller still isn't responding. What should be my course of action.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Pay pal say I've reached my limit and want a routing # but I don't have checks. Why can't I just pay with a debit card?  What's the limit? Please reply

Payments discussion

I call ebay regarding a sale with a suspicious address. Brand new account, the buyers name look like they stomped on their keyboard to decide on what to choose. First thing CS told me "I see that they made the account today but don't worry, they already have one positive feedback" .......


First of all autofeedback, second how is that not supposed to make me feel comfortable, the address was so ridiculous. The CS agent pretended like this was normal and suggested I ship the item for the buyer has 100% feedback. 


The CS rep then suggested I contact the buyer for a new address. I believe that is the scam, have an address so ridiculous, that the seller changes it losing paypal protection. 


Beside that terrible suggestion, I was also told if I'm uncomforable shipping to this address I can cancel. I specifically asked if I would receive a defect. When ensured in this instance I would not receive a defect I went ahead and cancelled. What do I get when I log in the next day?? Awww yeaaa another defect! 


This month I sold 94 times the amount of product on The River and according to my time sheets here I've spent almost 12 times the amount of time dealing with seller support issues on eBay. How you can make a product so inefficient and user unfriendly is beyond me. 


Here's to another wasted hour trying to get this defect removed. 

2014 Fall Seller Update discussion

  This is for a book and it's a lot text to scroll thru before seeing MY description.  But I see no option to not have it - am I stuck with this?  I don't mind having the info, but would prefer as to WHERE in my listing is resides :-/

Selling discussion

Any benefit(s) from being one?  How does it happen?  The actual, not what is supossed to be, please.  I'm just confused.......:smileyfrustrated:

Booksellers discussion

We got one threatened to be arrested from a seller.

The guy with 2 crutches falls passed out waiting for paypal on the phone.

Another 16 year seller threatening to commit suicide.

The guy who is mad about the NAZI moderator thing.

The seller worried about the medical equipment, 10 pound shipping box affraid of a bomb being sent back.


Thread after thread of mad sellers.


Man just start listing at other places, you will find rlelief, the sales are low here, it's not worth it anymore.

Just leave like ebay wants us to, it's much more fun at other places.


heck who knows anymore, between google adwords, higher shipping cost, and this place, aaaaaaaaaaaargh


Selling discussion

I was talking to NYS Sales Tax on the phone, but being later in the day after coming home from work, I was shut down after being transferred to a Specialist, simply because they close at 4:30. I was on quite a while already, and learned this much:


1 - I MUST collect NYS Sales Tax - not an option;


2 - I MUST charge and remit sales tax on Shipping & handling;


3 - I cannot coninue to use a blanket 8.75% (like I was told to do by a Consultant from The Small Business Bureau in Buffalo, NY);


4 - Their Answer Specialist said Ebay DOES have a program with jurisdictions, because they work with many sellers on Ebay;


5 - I cannot continue or I will get into trouble (knew that);


6 - My saga continues with them tomorrow as they will also be walking me through the new Web Sales Tax File;


7 - BTW: YES! I have had a ST# for years, but claimed zero because I did not actually go into business until opening an Ebay account;


8 - Things are different and I wonder if in the meantime any of  you are Sellers collecting for NYS, and could tell me where I could find out about expanding my one tax rate for NYS into the new jurisdictions. I do have a hard copy of them, but how do you manage it?


Thank you.

My Account question

This is my first time using this forum, after over 15 years buying and selling on eBay. I'm very upset because I politely raised some questions about why a member was selling a relatively common item, a series 1929 National Bank Note worth perhaps $200, for $100,000. He threatened to "arrest" me and to "bust" me. Of course he has no grounds to have me arrested, as I never said anything threatening or even defamatory. But I'm very concerned about this individual's reaction, and about the effect sellers like this may have on the eBay community. There doesn't seem to be a way to report this to eBay, and it's not clear it's even a violation of eBay's terms. Any suggestions about what I should do?

Selling discussion

Okay so I bought and iphone and I got it and it was working fine until I've had it for almost a month. It stopped working so I told the seller and he told me to send it back and he would give me a refund. I sent it back and he said he recieved it, but he claims it's a different iphone. He says the iemi for the phone doesn't match! He won't even answer my messages anymore and I can't contact ebay because it's been 30 days. What do I do? Help Please!


Shipping & Returns question

How can I print a mailing label through eBay, without using the calculator?  I have a postal scale (PELOUZE) which hooks up to my computer, but the company no longer downloads rates to the scale.


The scale is accurate, according to my local post office, so I'd like to be able to weigh a package, transfer the weight to an eBay form, then print a label.


I can't find a link within eBay where I can enter the address, dimensions, weight,  and send it to my printer or a file to print later.  The postage would be charged to my eBay account, and paid with Pay Pal. I'd still be paying a service charge to print the postage, but I think it would be cheaper than the commercial postage printing sites.


Yeah, I could use Stamps.com but I don't want to pay their fees, or trust them with my financial info; that's why I use Pay Pal for most online sales. 

Shipping & Returns discussion

I am not sure what bidders see when they see my listing for free shipping and they are in another country?  Do I just pay for the domestic rate to the international shipping center or do I also have to pay the international shipping fee??

Shipping & Returns question

Is there a time limit to how long a buyer has to ship back my item or respond to me when I agree to refund his money once I receive my item back. He opened a case saying he wants a refund but has not responded in a couple days. Was just wondering if there is a time limit he has to ship it back in? Or if he has to put up tracking in a certain amount of days? Does the case expire or anything? Can someone please explain how this all works? Thank you!

Shipping & Returns question

I think I screwed up royally and my International Buyer may wind up paying the price both figuratively and literally.  I used to sell on Ebay several years ago, internationally too, these days I'm basically a buyer.  Cleaning out some closets recently and decided to throw a few random items out on Ebay to sell without updating and educating myself first on many changes that have occured with Ebay since I last sold.  Big mistake on my part.


About a week and a half ago I listed a horse sculpture.  I intended to sell this horse only to U.S. buyers.  During the listing process I checked (or) unchecked the wrong box and inadvertently made my item available for bidding and shipping Worldwide.  By the time I caught the mistake it was too late and a Canadian buyer won my auction.  He paid immediately via Paypal.


I tried unsuccessfully several times to print out my shipping labels via my home computer.  I just couldn't get the labels to print.  Frustrated, I decided to go to my local library and print the labels there using a public computer (which I was hoping wouldn't turn into a big problem but it did).  While at the public compuer, and after answering a few simple security questions correctly Ebay thought I was a hacker? and temporarily suspended me from printing labels for 48 hrs. as well as temporarily suspending my PayPal acct.


I decided to just write the Canadian buyer's street address on the box myself, walk next door to the post office and just pay cash to ship my item but there was a problem.  Now, the Erlanger, KY - Pitney-Bowes address shows up only.  I cannot view the buyer's Canadian address or check Paypal to see if its listed there.  I phoned Ebay Customer Service twice (back-to-back) spoke to 2 different reps (both were in a foreign country?  I could hardly understand them) and asked how I could obtain my buyer's direct mailing address. 


Customer Service assured me I didn't need the buyer's Canadian address - just include the reference # and ship directly to Erlanger, they'll do the rest.  I wasn't really comfortable with that answer so I ended the call and decided to phone Ebay back to get a new rep and a 2nd opinion.  I got the same answer again.


I expressed my concern that shipping cost to KY was only $6 and the shipping cost to Canada was at least double that in price, so how was the rest of the shipping cost going to be paid by me?  I didn't want my buyer in Canada to have to pay $6-$7 in shipping fees/COD charges on his end.  "No problem" customer service said.  "Ship to the center in KY and your PayPal account will be charged at a later date."  This seemed ??? to me but I went ahead and shipped to Erlanger anyway.  Now, after reading these boards I regret it.


The item is in transit to Canada but no funds from my PayPal account have been deducted. 


Any feedback / suggestions would be more than helpful (and sorry for this long post!)






Shipping & Returns question

I am an independent publisher, three stores here are selling my book, how do I get on the VERO program to stop them? thanks

Tools & Apps question

OK I've been staring at the help page for a half hour and still didn't find the answer I was looking for.


So I purchased a camera flash, it was descibed as fully functional, except one function is erroring out. So the seller agrees to issue a refund. I thought I'd be polite and just deal straight with them instead of going through the resolution center, but that might have been a mistake. They finally responded and only sent $20 to cover s/h and said they'd issue the reminder of the refund once it arrived. Is this the correct process or should I be getting the full refund up front THEN sending it back.


I've never had to return something on ebay, so I'm new to this process.


Thanks in advance!


Shipping & Returns question

Hi There, We sent a package of breaking bad air fresheners to an International Customer on July 10 to San Paulo, Brazil.

It made it as far as NY.

Customer has not received, and USPS has stated it is in customs, and they can hold it for as long as they want. 

Customer has a case submitted, and I have informed her of what the USPS has told me. 



What should we do now? Take a loss, and refund in full? It's been 68 days since it has been acknowledge into the USPS system. :smileysad: 

Any advice would be much appreciated.TIA! :smileyhappy:







Arrived at USPS Facility

Jul-12-14, 13:52 PM, JAMAICA, NY 11430

Departed USPS Facility

Jul-10-14, 23:08 PM, EUGENE, OR 97401

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

Jul-10-14, 19:48 PM, EUGENE, OR 97401

Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility

Jul-10-14, 18:33 PM, EUGENE, OR 97402

Selling question

I have sold a phone, the buyer was not satisfied and returned the money but never sent me my phone, what should I do? 's not responding to my messages.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I purchase something this a.m. And paid for it immediately. The seller has since indicated he shipped the item, but has asked me to leave positive feedback now since eBay is holding the payment until I do. Does this make any sense? Does eBay withhold payments to sellers?

Selling question

My listing says "no international shipping" why was someone from another country able to make a bid on one of my items?

Bidding & Buying question

If I use the post office or private shipper will I still get charged a shipping fee by eBay?

Shipping & Returns question

I am very new at selling and I just discovered that e-Bay charges the 10% fee also on the shipping charge.

That is crazy! Why do we have to pay a fee on money that was sent straight to USPS or FedEx?? 


I sold a big item for $10 & shipping was $35. So, I get $10 from the buyer from which e-Bay takes $3.5. I'm stunned. Why does e-Bay charges us a fee for money they know we will never see??


With this policy, e-bay is closing the door to the market of inexpensive items that are fairly heavy. The only way around it will be to offer a higher price & give best offer only to buyers that live close by...Or offer flat/free shipping but that means a sub-optimal pricing strategy! It should cost less to buy from someone that is close-by. Moving stuff is not free.


What is the logic behind that policy?? Other than "they can get away with it"....

Shipping & Returns question

I hope someone can give me some insight on this. I have just read that Ebay/Paypal reports your earnings to the IRS if you do more than 200 transactions. Well by the end of the year I may do over 200 transactions. But I'm just a small guy on the ladder selling mostly things around my home I don't need anymore. I'm hoping someone can clarify. thanks

Selling question

I bought an item, but my shipping address doesn't have the Apt number.. So I fixed it after, and when I cheked the order it seems to have the old wrong address.  I already emailed the seller.  What could I do in this case to fix it or change it in order to receive my package?

Shipping & Returns question

Can anybody recommend a good way to advertise?  Free would be preferred but if ebay has a fee based service that would be nice too.  Is there a place on these boards set aside for that purpose?

Selling discussion

how can i buy if the saler unspecified the costs for shipment 

Payments question

I swear I read an email that eBay had increased auction style listings to 100 free per month (not store) in clothing category. I'm trying to find this information and I can't. I do see some other posts in the community that make be believe 100 free listings per month in clothing is the new policy but I've now listed more than 50 items this month and am being charged 30¢ per item, which makes me believe it's at 50 free listings per month. What in the world?!?!  HELP! I've got a room full of stuff and am debating opening a store at this point 'cause 30¢ per item is gonna kill me and my kids are gonna kill me if I don't clear out their rooms!



Selling question

Selling question

I am having a problem getting my photos to utilize the full space provided by ebay in my listings.

I am using a professional Nikon D3200 camera and my photo resolutions are around 6000x4000 in JPEG format. I can use either a medium or low setting, all of which are much higher than standard digital cameras.

I am using the quick listing feature and it doesnt seem to matter if I crop and adjust the images prior to adding them, or if I use eBays quick crop and adjust feature I have had no success. I read the picture guidelines and all it states is to use an image of at least 1600x.

Here is an example of one of my items where the picture isn't displayed fully in the space provided. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can help me resolve this issue. Thank You in advance.

eBay item number:

Selling question

I have had people use 'buy it now' and then not pay. How do I require immediate payment on a 'buy it now' listing? Thanks in advance.

Selling discussion



I'm trying to identify this artists signature! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It looks to say Robert - Jarguet? Jarques?


Thanks in advance!

Collectibles & Art discussion

the seller charged me more than we agreed ( free shipping )


and i do have all the e-mails


the problem is am from kuwait

so if i called the e-bay call center it will cheaper to pay the seller ??


so i tried to chat with ebay chat center , he told me that he can not help me ???


what to do ??


and the seller doesn\t replay me e-mails



Shipping & Returns question

Among other things.


But a specific example is Ebay's TRS requirement that says I need 90% uploaded tracking.


It says I have failed to upload tracking for around a third of my sales.


Not only is this lower than the truth, it should actually be 100%.



Anyone know why it is not calculating?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Is there a way in eBay to set up a customized automatic email to a buyer following a purchase? I thought there was years ago.

Selling discussion

The buyer said he will return my item for a refund. The thing is the Final Value Fee is already added to my monthly bill to ebay. Which is almost $50. What do I do about this? I don't have to pay it still right? Please help. Thanks!

Payments question

Does any one use regular envelopes for shipping? If so how about tracking? any problems with this?

Shipping & Returns question

How many buyers have had this happen? An offer is made. The offer is accepted. Then;  no word,  no payment from the buyer. Before filing an unpaid item claim, I sent an email to the buyer asking them if there was a problem, or if they changed their mind, was there anything I could help me. If they wanted to cancel I would agree to a mutual cancellation. No word from the buyer. Silence. I wait the alotted time required to file the claim. Sill  no word from the buyer. More silence. The two final outcomes: the case is closed, fees are refunded and the buyer gets a "strike" against him. The other is that the buyer pays and still no word from them. More silence. It then leaves me wondering why did they make the offer in the first place? This has happened to me three time just in the last two months. In all cases where they didn't pay  I was able to relist and sell.  I would be very delighted to hear from anyone that this has happened to and what your thoughts are. If you are the buyer who has done this, I would love to hear your side of the story.  It would be most helpful to understand why you would make an offer, not pay and not communicate at all with the seller.

Payments question

I paid for my item that I won on a bid , but after I paid they said that it was an error listing and refunded my money back. Now I see it on my page that it is a unpaid bid, does this count against me?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I received an offer and wanted to counter offer, which I did. However after looking what was sent, it was incorrect, so I retracted. How do I place another counter offer?

Selling question

This Gucci jacket has a label size of 52. Im thinking if this were a mens jacket the size would be much larger. This jacket measures 20" across the waist and 22" across the chest laid flat. The collar seam to hem measured 23.5" with shoulder seam to cuff 26.5". I am not sure if this is a mans or women's jacket? Any thoughts?

Fashion discussion

Just want to know the reasons for a sellers listing being removed?this was the case after I made payment on an item! So Im a bit concerned whether I will get the item or not!

Selling question

Hello Friends, 


I'm from Sri Lanka, where the inward payments cannot be done by using paypal. Because according to my country's law, it's not allowed. So when I read eBay payment policies, It has been clearly mentioned that Skrill also can be used as a payment option. But when I tried to add skrill as a payment option, I couldn't do it. I searched the whole site, but couldn't find a way to do it. Even called the eBay customer support center , based in CA, USA. But couldn't contact them as the estimated waiting time was 168 minutes(Crazy right?).


So I have sold one item, But I'm not a postion to get the money from the buyer. Please that's why finally I came to the community to ask this question. I believe you all can solve this. 


Thanks in advance.

Payments question

I have 37 active listings BUT only ONE is showing and it is the one that is ending today.  Does anyone know why my other listings  are not showing up in my store? Has anyone ever experienced this before.  Please help and I have tried contacting customer support but I do not want to wait almost 2hours for a rep.  Feeling anxious and confused any help is appreciated.


Oh and the other thing is I can see them on my ebay app BUT NOT in my actual store???

Selling question

How do I temporarily stop sales?

My Account question

I had roughly 450 listings sitting in "unsold", waiting about 4 days until my sale ended, and then anticipated on relisting them.  They have now disappeared.  They were NOT older than 60 days.  I dont use turbo lister.  How can I get them back?  Thanks in advance.

Selling discussion

I paid for my item that I won on a bid , but after I paid they said that it was an error listing and refunded my money back. Now I see it on my page that it is a unpaid bid, does this count against me?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Ok, I have just spent an hour trying to figure out categories for my store!  I read the tutorials, help pages, and searched the community.  I set up all of my categories with no problem.  I just can't seem to put anything into those categories!  All of my listings are in other by default!  


Do I have to name my categories the same way they are listed under ebay's categories?  For example, I want to have a category for car magazines.  Do I have to say Books-Magazines-Back Issues or can I just say Car Magazines?  I use the quick listing tool, so the screen shot here in another question did not help me since it showed the advanced listing tool.  I don't use turbo either.  Someone with a store please explain it to me--SIMPLY.  Ebay says look under active listing, edit and choose store categories under item details. Nice, but that doesn't exist exactly as they worded it.  Do I have to do this when I list the item, or can I edit everything after the fact?  I would love to be able to check-mark 20 items, say where to put them, and they go! 


Any help would be appreciated.     

My Account question

I purchased an item yesterday via BIN and paid immediately. A short time later I received a message from the buyer indicating it was shipped and asking for early positive feedback (which was a topic of my first question yesterday, thanks for answering). I also did receive an email from eBay indicating that the item had shipped. I've checked and checked but FedEx still says the item is not found. I have about 4 days before an alternate item comes up for auction end and would like to buy that one if this turns out to be a bogus seller. Any advice? I did message seller this a.m. Asking if he could please double check the tracking number or let me know if there was a problem with shipping. When can or should I apply to ebay for resolution? Thanks for reading!

Selling question

If I create a draft, how long will ebay save it?  Trying to make drafts that I will have go live in October.

Selling question

this is so hard to figure out how to post, where to post. I have no idea how to find my previous questions and if someone has answered them... Am I just lame here or what?


Starting an eBay Business question

how do i get a text message when an item has sold. I had signed up for one and was getting messages and suddenly I am selling and not getting a message. Does anyone have an app for this?

Selling question

Seller and I agreed to wait until all bids were closed on my items before invoicing. Two unpaid item cases were opened against me. Seller claimed the actions were automatically initiated by eBay. IF this is true - could the seller have advised eBay of our arrangement and closed the case? I was given until the 15th to pay - as it worked out the bids closed on 13th. I remain suspicious of seller. He went overboard satisfying me at invoice time. Even though I won all items at minimum bid price - he only charged about half of his actual shipping cost.

I am trying to determine what was really going on? In hindsight, first time I bid on one of his auctions - I asked if we should wait and invoice all at once? HE NEVER REPLIED, so I went ahead and paid. I am new at this - is there some benefit here when a bidder reneges? He may have been trying to set me up?

The other strange thing. He is only seller who has not posted feedback on my transactions. Yet when last package arrived from him - he was lickety-split sending me email and asking if everything was okay? I told him I had already left all five star feedback for the items. Yet, no feedback from him!?!

Could he hurt me on eBay? Have 3 open bids with him now, but wondering if perhaps I should avoid purchasing fom him in future?

Payments question


I have a buyer who buy 2 items at fixed price and it's only one bidding on third item. Hi is waiting with a payments for all 3 items untill the auction ended, which is a seven days. My account is set up to automaticly open unpaid item case after 4 days of no-payments. He offer about double amount of the auction price. Should I cancel the auction and relist that item with a fixed price he offer to pay or is that against eBay policy ?


Payments question

If I have an item listed as Buy It Now, can I change it to an auction?

Selling question

I accidentally sent the wrong item to my buyer. I told him to just keep it, and I will send the correct item. How can I pay for shipping and print a label, through ebay, for this second package?

Shipping & Returns question

A buyer wanted an item for her son's birthday in Austrailia fast.  My default shipping option is USPS first class mail.  She wanted to pay extra for Priority Mail.  I always wanted to know if fiirst class and Priority Mail is handled difference outside the USA.  Shipping first class would have been $16.74 exactly on endicia vs $41.04 for Priority.  Of course the buyer complained it was taking too long so I had to contact Aussie Post.  Right after I wrote to them it was delivered the next day.  It took 22 days to deliver via PM.  I asked Aussie post if 22 days is typical and got this snide response.


"Thank you for your response. Yes definitely, the average timeframe for this service can be up to 15 business days.

Please know, USPS likes to call their most basic services fancy names like 'Priority First Class Mail' although in Australia we like to call our services more realistic names, for example the name service inside of Australia is called Ordinary Air Mail.

I hope you have a great day,

Nathan L"

Selling question

Hi everyone,


Can you please help me authenticate this Coach bag?


Many thanks.

Fashion discussion

how do i send the package?? im going to use fedex ground but do i go to the fedex offices and hand them over the package??? do i have to wrap it myself and then take it to the offices?? how do i do it???

Shipping & Returns question

I was bidding on a MK PURSE. Then I accidentally "HIT THE WRONG KEYS!"
I didn't notice my error until after I hit bid!!
Can you PLEASE HELP FIX THIS ERROR!! :smileysad:

Bidding & Buying question

Now that the buyer purchased it, is there any way to cancel? I don't want to ship via other methods because it's 20-25 dollars more. Also, for the future, is there any way to make an order block PO box addresses for certain items?

Selling question



I'm new here.  I "sold" 20 items last weekend and 7 haven't paid!  I've sent each and invoice and at least 2 follow up emails.  Two have promised to pay same day as email and haven't.  One international buyer is mad about shipping cost which I explained I have no control over.  I have opened unpaid item cases on all of them.  


Ebay owns Paypal right?  Why don't they just take the money out of these moron's Paypal accounts?  


Sorry just frustrated and wanted to vent.  Any suggestions?

Payments question

How can one seller bid the same amount three times? (opening bid...99cents)




Is this from different computers?

Buying & Selling Basics question

I'm accustomed to receiving immediate payment, because most of my buyers use the "Buy it Now" option. But yesterday, only one bidder bid on an item, so of course won, and still hasn't paid today. Yes, I know it's only two days - but as I said, I'm used to immediate payment.

How long is too long?

Payments question

I bought and item that took over 60 days to arrive, and whe it did, it was broken.



I opened up a case and the seller is going to send me a new one that wil probably take over 60 days to get here too. But the case will be automatically closed in less then 30 dyas.


Will I be uncovered  by ebay´s protection for the new item?

Shipping & Returns question




A seller un checked imediate payment, but when i click buy it now button, it still directs me straight to check out ?

The seller uses global shipping program though.

Selling question

A buyer accepted my counter offer and asked if I would do free shipping. I said I could not do that w/this item. She wants to now retract her offer.
What should I do & how to proceed. I have not been selling that long so I'm not savvy w/this. How do I relist the doll in same place/day she was listed???


Selling question

I used Priority Mail (3 day) and I believe the post office says somethings about being covered for up to $50. The item was only $7.50. 


Contacted the buyer back, told them that I filed a report through USPS. Buyer does wan't full refund though if they don't get their item. 


Currently waiting on a response from USPS. Is there anything more that I can do at the moment? What if USPS doesn't refund? What should I tell the buyer since it's neither of our faults? 

Shipping & Returns question

How do you turn off email notifications of forum posts.
Yeah, i probably turned it on. but i don't remember how.
I'm sorry i did, now.
I have looked in my settings in ebay proper. But couldn't find anything about forum settings.

And i can't find ANY settings here.

I am drowning in worthless email.

Bidding & Buying discussion

I'm trying to list an item, but it keeps telling me "You can't complete this listing right now. See below for details. We’ve noticed that your listing included an email address. eBay no longer permits email addresses in listings, whether they are clickable or not. Please remove any email addresses from your listing (from item descriptions, payment instructions, return instructions, etc.) before you resubmit it." I've been able to list other items, but I can't list this specific item. The only email address I have on the listing is in the Review Your Preferences section because it requires my paypal email. Help?


Selling question

How does this effect my  effect my listing and my fees?   the item is still marked as paid and removed from my stock

Payments question

Hello everyone. I've got a question. How do I order the total payment with that odd new cart system? Every time I'd like to combine the items I'm buying from the same seller, the checkout is adding the shipping price for several times. Sadly, I've got absolutely no clue what to do anymore, please help out. ^^ Thank you in advance.

Payments question

I have a buyer that hasn't paid on three items and I just opened a case file.  This person is new and has filed negative feedback on 3 of 5 sellers.  They had all given her good feedback.  Her resoning made no since at all.   Can I block her now so she can't bid on any of my other auctions or do I have to wait till the resolution is over?

Selling question

Can anyone give me the EXACT wording in the email that eBay sends out to Buyers when the Seller initiates a Cancel Transaction (for Buyer purchased by mistake)?



Selling question

I can't seem to find that answer.



Bidding & Buying question

Tools & Apps question

Sorry - I asked this somewhere and am so frazzled, I can't find the post. Didn't ebay recently increase to 100 free listings per month (clothing, auction style). I swear I had a messag that said such (can't find now). I have surpassed 50 listings this month and am being charged 30¢. YIKES! Debating opening a store vs waiting for promotion, but I've gotta get this stuff movin' out of here!



Buying & Selling Basics question

If I change my user ID will my history and ratings follow that new ID or does all that start all over again?  I'm preparing to become a seller and have decided I'd like a better User ID for sales purposes, and I don't want to lose the good history I've built as a buyer.  Thanks!

Getting Started question

My item ordered was "shipped" and says "delivered" but I have not received it? The person i ordered from said they spoke to USPS who confirmed

it was sent and delivered to correct address.

Anyone have these issues with postal servise before?

I am very frustrated over this, Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

I have an account with Authorize.net and want to accept payment exclusively with them when I sell on ebay. But when I started to make a listing to sell an item on ebay, at the bottom of the page under "Review your preferences," it has a field called "PayPal email address" and it is a REQUIRED field, I cannot leave it blank.


I was under the impression that ebay does not require sellers to accept PayPal payments. Am I wrong? How do you sellers avoid accepting paypal? I simply won't deal with PayPal ever again.



Payments question

Packing slips and USPS labels printing at a smaller than normal size.


Sometime in the last two weeks packing slips and USPS labels have printed at smaller than normal size while the size of my other print jobs have not changed. I have printed different pages ebay (invoices, listings, etc) and other web sites with no issues, they all print as expected. Only my ebay pack slips and USPS labels are affected, they seem to be about 50% smaller than they should when I print them.


I have not had any printer updates or computer updates or changed setting... it just started..


Any ideas?


Your advice and/or assistance would be appreciated.

Shipping & Returns question

So I won a bid 10 days ago. I paid for it and a few moments later I get an email stating that the payment did not go through.

So I tried 10 more times, still the same response. I contacted my card company to ensure that all information matches my paypal info. All checks out. 

Note: I purchased an item less than 2 weeks prior to this and all went as normal, now suddenly I can not get this payment made, ebay's reply to my question and concern went unanswered properly, and I'm running out of time to pay the seller. I don't want a negative feedback and I do not have any other debit/credit cards....Help!!

Payments discussion

Please read everything I typed before replying as it's all relevant.


Asked a seller with over 13,000 sales and 98.5% positive feedback for a smartphone and they could list it.

They responded:

"Sorry ,but we can't list the phone on ebay store
You can buy it from us directly through paypal ,is it OK for you pls?

Sorry ,we don't have the X or X colors.
We can offer you the phone with a configuration of 32GB: $XXX including shipping if you pay us directly through paypal
If you agree,Pls kindly send money to our paypal account this way:
1.log in your paypal account.
2.find"send money"option
3. input our paypal account :
X@gmail.com and the amount .
4.Choose" services"to complete the process.
And pls make sure to state your ebay ID,item model name and our ebay ID: X clearly in the payment.
We await for your news.


I read somewhere that "goods" would be needed to specified instead of "services" so  I asked around eBay and I've been told not to do it. So I didn't.

Although I replied the seller with the answer "why "services" and not "goods"?"

They replied: "you can label as 'goods' too."


So, I don't know, is this fishy? Do I have protection?

I just wanna purchase a phone without the possibility of being scammed.

Also it's important to note I've bought off of their eBay store once and everything went smoothly.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I am meeting all the criteria for top rated seller except for tracking uploaded which is at 82%.  My greeting card mailings are what is causing me to not make the tracking uploaded criteria.  I offer free shipping on cards, and sell them below retail.  If I pay for tracking, that's another $.90 cent hit.  If I raise the price of my cards, other sellers have them for less and I lose out on selling mine.  Any other sellers deal in greeting cards have the same issue?

Selling question

I bought some hair color coupons from a seller.  When I went to use them today at Walgreen's, there were pads of them for free in the aisle for anyone to help themselves.  Does this constitute fraud?

Thank you.

Bidding & Buying question

This is a striking coffee pot with four matching cups/saucers.  The pot measures about 9" tall and is the only piece that is marked.  Any ideas where and when?



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

his was from my mother's estate...I've had it since 1984, but I remember it being in the house, well, forever.  There are no hallmarks on it.  It's in perfect condition with no cracks or chips.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Curious to know if anyone has heard much about the new Apple Pay.  I was sickened to learn that Buyers now have 6 months vs 14 days to return an item?  Are they serious?  There is no store that I know of--anywhere--that you can do this. This new policy is fraught with potential problems.


Is Pay Pal doing this because they know they have no competition?  If so, I hope that Apple Pay will make them nervous--more important give us an option.  (Apparently they're already nervous as they slammed Apple Pay in a new ad...low blow, IMO.)



Payments question

If you make a best offer and the seller doesn't acknowledge your offer , is it just dead or do you have rights to purchase for that offer price?

Bidding & Buying question

Let me know if you are willing to do this on ebay. 

Collectibles & Art discussion

I recently sold a customer a Toshiba Mini NB505-N508GN 10.1" Netbook w/ power cord and carrying case. 


The buyer did not pay immediately, so I sent them a message asking if there was any problem (this was after a day). They paid soon after that, but sent me a message saying "I need positive feedback". I told them that since they paid within the two day period they had noting to worry about.


I shipped the netbook the following day, with insurance. It was delivered on the 15th. My funds were made available to me yesterday (the 18th). I had heard nothing from the buyer so I assumed there were no problems and I left the buyer positive feedback. 


Today (the 19th) I got a message from the buyer stating (this is copy/pasted right from the message):


The battery is damaged, please send me one that is good, or wilt thou a return 25, to buy a new



(that's a link for a new battery)


I was confused since when I tested the computer before shipping, it worked fine. After some back and fourth (and some very confusing messages) I figured out that what they are saying is the netbook only works when it is plugged in.


I put this netbook on the market back in June/July, after erasing the hard drive (at which point everything functioned normally). I didn't touch it again till September 12 when it was purchased. I plugged it in and turned it on--it worked. I cannot remember if I tested it without the power cord being plugged in. Is it possible that the battery could have died in that time? This is a netbook from 2011, but it's functioned well till now.


And if the battery did die, do I need to send the buyer $25 for a new one? The rest of the computer works fine, from what I can tell, so I feel like a total return/refund would be extreme, but I don't know. I've never had a problem with any of the items I've sold before.


I feel bad for being suspicious, but the buyer waiting 4 days to mention this problem, and immediately demand I give him money makes me nervous.


Any help is greatly appreciated! I want to resolve this positively for everyone involved but am unsure of how to go about that in the right way!

Selling question

I purchased and item several days ago from a new seller. When I went to pay via paypal I got the message and keep getting the message-Cannot complete transaction, seller's account cannot accept payment. 

I sent her an email 2x with this info. she responded that she did not know how to fix it. I suggested contacting paypal.

I want to cancel the transaction for now because of the problem paying. Am I within my rights to do so? I don't want it to look like I am a slow payer.


Buying & Selling Basics question

I ordered and received a cell phone cover from cellular faceplate wholesale.  It was damaged, would not snap shut.  An ebay rep told me how to email them to get the correct return address.  They responded to my email with the message below (copied from email directly).  There are warnings on the email not to respond through anyone but ebay.  What do I do next? 


We are very sorry to listen this from you Please do not worry we will resolve this issue right now. Please confirm your phone model number once again. Please do not worry about returning the case. We apologize for any inconvenience. Looking forward to listen from you.

Thank you.

Cellularfaceplatewholesale ~ Best selling online store ! ! !

- cellularfaceplatewholesale

Shipping & Returns discussion

I'd like to solicit experience & advice on delinquent buyers.  I've been waiting for payment for about 12 days; after one week, I sent another invoice.  Still no word.  Thoughts?

Selling question

I dont know if its an ebay glitch or not but please check out these 2 listings of mine. Item numbers  291240943175   &   291240941985.

Obviouslly I cant and wont accept that amount of money for those 2 items. I have written to the buyer and said as much and commented that there must be a misteak. Havent heard back from them as of yet. WHAT DO I DO??   lol    I am afraid to cancle the bids for fear of the dreaded DEFECT.


please, any advice??


Thanks in advance

Selling discussion

I'm not even sure where to begin, this all has me so rattled. I've been here 15 years and never have I run into such a vindictive, usurious, hateful buyer. I don't know what to do now and hope the old-timers here will know how best to proceed. At the very least, you will have the id of a scammer to add to your bbl. I know not to post it, but I know a bunch of you will have no trouble finding it. Here goes.

One step at a time:

1. I sold a set of antique medical tools which this buyer sniped for $50 at the last minute to knock out all the other bids. There were 17 bids and the one she knocked out at the last minute actually had emailed me a couple times asking questions so it's too bad the scammer got them instead.

2. She opens a case without contacting me otherwise and says SNAD and demands $20 back. The five piece set went for $50 so this demand is absurd. I told her to return for refund if they are not what she thought they'd be. They are very old and one piece has an old repair. She is calling it broken and wants nearly half her money back after sniping the set. I apologize and ask her to return them. She retorts she will return them.

3. She then changes her mind, saying she really wants them and still wants money back. I say to return for refund. She demands a prepaid return label which I send her.

4. She retorts again that she is keeping them, they are hers. She also says gems like this "I'm a seller too, I know how this works." She has also left bad feedback, in the meantime, and dinged my stars. So I am done discussing options with her at all whatsoever.

5. At some point I realize she is dragging this out on purpose and has already done the damage with the case, the feedback and the star-dinging so I stop communicating (all of this was within the SNAD case), instead selecting just the "return for refund" option in the case and sending no more messages at all.

6. She escalates the case and ebay tells her to return the items for a refund. This is exactly what she didn't want. She says clearly in her notes back and forth that she wants them, they are hers and she thinks it is very unfair of me to offer her a full refund and free return shipping instead of the money she wants. My guess is she's already sold at least one piece and doesn't have the set to return anymore. They are worth much more than she paid so I was not about to refund anything without return of the entire set of five tools.

7. Since ebay told her to return for refund she updated the case with a tracking#. Not the one I gave her, pre-paid. My return label was for a 1 lb 3 oz box via usps, a couple ounces more than what I shipped out in case she uses more packing. It's a Small Flat Rate with $50 insurance, just as I used to send the set out to her. Instead she inputs the tracking# for a TEN POUND BOX SENT UPS.

I'll be honest, this woman is coming across as incredibly vindictive in her messages and I tell you, I am flat-out terrified to even take delivery of this mystery box. I am expecting a brick, roadkill, a bomb, who knows what. I am positive my tiny antique tool set will not be in there. I don't even know what to do anymore. I have not called ebay yet. I thought I should video opening the box and then call. But now that I see the discrepancy in the weight I wonder if I shouldn't call right now and get this noted somehow in the case. I tried online options to divert the package to a delivery center but there appears to be no way to do that. I will try calling UPS next and see if they will hold for pickup at the delivery center. I want to be able to take delivery of it there and open it there, with the video rolling. I have been sick at my stomach for days over this. This e##ing lunatic has my address. Sure, I have hers but I'm not a vindictive lunatic! I did report the bad feedback because she sells similar vintage items. I did report the extortion attempts for money. I don't even want to open this ten lb package. What do I do now?

Any help is appreciated. I come here often and read through the helpful replies. I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. Sorry it's so long. I am actually afraid of this woman now.


Selling discussion