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In faded letters it says, East India. Stamped 17is. It appears to be old,has a couple small chips on the rim,otherwise in good condition.IMAG0017.jpg

Tools & Apps question

Sep 24, 2016 5:23:35 PM PT

I too have a jug Im trying to learn about.

I have this izod lacoste rain jacket.  Checking solds most of them say vintage and the pricing is all over.  How do I know if this jacket is vintage?  It is vented in the back and has corduroy collar.  Thank you.



Fashion discussion

Sep 24, 2016 10:36:07 AM PT

Need help with this Izod Lacoste rain jacket




Would someone be kind enough to translate this, please? It's on the bottom of an old Japanese (I think!) tea or cookie jar. I'd really appreciate any help.

Thank you! 



Selling question

Sep 26, 2016 4:39:51 AM PT

Can someone translate, please?

Please, someone, motivate me to list this stack of holiday cookbooks and craft books. I just can't seem to get my mind on the holidays. I wonder why??




Seriously....this is getting ridiculous. We didn't get this hot in July for Pete's sake.


How am I supposed to motivate myself to list Christmas stuff when I got this going on?? lol


Any wise words or sage advice? I'll even take threats if it'll get me to list this stuff lol

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 1:39:23 PM PT

Listing Motivation

Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar by Psithyrus:


Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!


Ebay pulled this listing due to "problems with other listings"  Ebay apologized for the inconvenience, but said don't list on Ebay again.


I am also attaching pictures I took



Fashion discussion

Sep 24, 2016 8:23:10 AM PT

Kate Spade authentication needed Please

Heads up, guys!

I was just relisting on my laptop and noticed a weird Ad at the top of the eBay page, which said I had a private message, figuring ebay has vetted ads, I got curious and clicked on it.


Fortunately, my in-house personnel knows how to get out of this screen. Go to Task manager, end process. It will come up again, so you have to quickly x the window (in Firefox), and repeat if needed. Rebooting now. 

I'm on my iPad now. Hopefully my laptop is ok.

Technical Issues discussion

Sep 24, 2016 12:07:11 PM PT

Danger, eBay ad?

I know I know I know....all a buyer has to say is it's defective and he gets his money back. I get that and evidently he knows it too.


I sold him a Blueray internal burner for about 80.00.  All he will say is that it won't work and he's tried 4 discs and it won't work.


Ok, then I'll give the return but it would be nice if he would give me more detail so that when I get the item back (if not a box of rocks), I can communicate with Asus support on what the issue is. I tried calling Asus yesterday and they asked me what operating system used, what type disks used, and a few other questions. I have no idea so asked if he could tell me OS, what type disks he used and a couple other questions. He refused to go into anymore detail except it doesn't work - defective.


It's ashame people can't be kind and help a seller. I'm not asking for the world....just a few questions so it helps me be able to talk to Asus to hopefully get it fixed since it is brand new and still under warranty. I don't understand this mindset.


Since item was brand new, I have a feeling it isn't really defective.


Just venting.


AGAIN, I KNOW HE HAS DONE ALL HE NEEDS TO DO (CLAIM ITEM DEFECTIVE) AND I JUST NEED TO ISSUE THE RETURN but just venting on what's the big deal in aswering a few questions about what the issue was with the item.

Selling discussion

I'm about to start selling a large number of items after minimal previous experience as a seller. I want to do things right but I've been reading a lot of horror stories about buyer scams making false item-not-as-described reports, putting another item (or nothing) in the box and returning it and pocketing the refund.


After searching for tips on how to avoid this I am not finding much. It looks like a loophole in the eBay system. I was thinking of using a bodycam which would capture contiguous (one straight run, not spliced) first-person-view footage of my packing the items, sealing, labeling, driving to the post office and dropping them off - for use as defense evidence in case of an above scam. To repose as questions:


* Is there any better reliable way to avoid the item-not-as-described scam?

* If I had contiguous footage of me packing the item and shipping it, would eBay even bother considering it in the case of a dispute?

* How frequent do disputes of this sort take place (rough percentage)?


Thanks for reading.

Selling discussion

I had about 30 items end between 4 & 5PM today. Sold four of them, so I was puttering around printing labels and boxing things up.  Decided to make sure I'd used all 50 of my freebies for the month, and found I had one left. Was about to scroll to see what I wanted to relist when luckily the blue "button" caught my eye telling me I had 500 free auctions. Special started at 5:15PM today and ends at 11:59 today. Seems like they knew all my auctions had ended and wanted me to relist. So I spent an hour turning all my fixed price listings that were sitting unsold into auctions.  I had two items end today that had never recieved their "index counter" -- sat at zero for 10 days. Tonight they have already indexed. Strange.

Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 6:31:31 PM PT

Got a stealth freebie tonight

Help, need advice please!!

I sold a pair of pants last month, and they were returned because they didn't fit. I reposted them. Well...today they sold again. I was happy until I realized it's the same person that returned them. I sent her a message, and as usual I get no response from a buyer. So, should I ship anyway or just refund?     

Selling discussion

My followers disappeared overnight.  I had 139 and now poof...gone.


Did I do something wrong?  strange case of pneumonia?  (J/k).


I just don't if they are ever coming back -boo hoo!

  thanks,  Lori

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 9:28:36 AM PT

where'd my stalkers go?

Does anyone have a clue what happened to the shipping calculator? A couple days ago it disappeared from my seller hub. I've reported it several times now and got no response. EBay has effectively crippled my ability to list any more items because I can't figure out how much shipping will cost. This is extremely frustrating. And it's even worse that they aren't saying anything about it. They don't even seem to be acknowledging that there's an issue.


Am I the only one experiencing thuis issue? What the hell can I do about it? It feels like eBay is NEVER on the side of the seller and NEVER communicates when issues arise.

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 2:23:46 PM PT

What happened to the shipping calculator?

Can anyone tell me if this particular printing of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam  is worth anything?  Printed by Saalfield - no date - Translated by Edward Fitzgerald - paper & carboard, bound only with a ribbon.


Thanks for any info you may have.

Chris / JAKA

Booksellers discussion

Sep 23, 2016 6:35:39 PM PT

The Rubaiyat

Someone has just opened a return/refund case as the item doesn't fit.  She is  paying for the return shipping.  My question is this: after I receive it and refund her will ebay automatically only send her the cost of the item for the refund or will they include the initial shipping in her refund?  Don't think it's fair that I should pay for that shipping. Also, will they refund me the fvf's?  This isn't my fault and I don't think I should be financially punished for anything.  This is my first time dealing wth this tyoe of return, The buyer has been extremely nice about the return -- said she loves and wants to keep it, but it is no use for her daughter as it doesn't fit her.


Anyway, any way you can help me to understand this I would appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 8:02:25 PM PT

Return Question

He was trying to extort me for a refund so he wouldnt leave bad feedback. I still have the proof in the ebay messages. He left the feedback right on the last day and it's been more than 90 days. Can I get this taken off my account or do I have to have this negative feedback from a liar forever? Any help will be appreciated.

Selling question

Okay so this is my frist time ever on ebay i know nothing on here i wanted to buy somthing so i created an account i clicked buy now and then discovered that it doesnt ship to my country and i can in no way pay for it unless i change my adress which is impossible because i have no other adress i contacted the seller 3 times explained everything and asked him to cancel the order and i got no response now he opened an unpaid case and i sent him another message stating that it is impossible for me to pay and belive me i tried everything and i cant pay and asked him yet again to either cancel the order or add my country to thier shipping list i got no response again . I am scared of what might happen in this opened case i dont even know what that means. What am i supposed to do now ?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 24, 2016 7:35:44 AM PT

The item doesnt ship to my country

Over two weeks ago I paid & then sent photos/description of a Bottega V bag to authenticate4u for pre-sale authentification & have never heard back. I have emailed twice since then with no response. Does anyone know if they are still in business & if not is there another service that anyone could recommend? Thanks so much!!  Smiley Happy

Fashion discussion

Sep 25, 2016 4:14:25 PM PT

help with Authenticate4u

The package, two different sized joggers from the buyer I bought from, was supposed to arrive on the 22nd of this month and it has not. It is now the 26th and it's arrival is yet to be updated. Last time I checked, this morning again, that it was still in Orlando Florida. I was wondering how long do I have to wait before calling to figure out why my package hasn't arrived?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 26, 2016 7:52:56 AM PT

Package Arrival is Past Due

Hi. So a buyer purchased an item on ebay and i shipped the item with delivery confirmation. When they paid it showed in my paypal as pending just as all the others have. It was delivered on the 22nd and i usually get a estimated funds availabiulity date on ebay and paypal but when i checked there wasnt even "estimated funds availability" on the sold ebay listing just the title and tracking number and on paypal it just says try again later for funds availability. Anyone know what i shoould do? 

My Account discussion

Sep 23, 2016 5:15:43 PM PT

Payment availability

I am interested in an item a certain Seller has for sale. There are specifics that I want to know before I buy. I have sent five emails over the last two weeks with ZERO response. I know they are doing business because they have feedback left every day. It seems rIdiculous that you would have an item for sale, but not respond to buyers with 100% ratings that have simple questions. HOW DO I GET THEIR ATTENTION?


UPDATE: For clarification, I am interested in buying a Franklin Mint Corvette Convertible. There are two colors of convertible tops (black and gray). There are several pictures in the ad that show the car....none of which show it with the top up or describe which color the top it. In fact, some do not have tops at all. I am looking for one with the gray top. My question to the Seller was simply "is the top gray or black or no top at all?" I have already ordered one from a different Seller that advertised it as the gray top. When I got it, it was the coupe, not convertible. They not only refunded me, but told me to keep the car for my trouble. Keep in mind that these run up to $250 because it is the 2008 Indy Pace Car.

Bidding & Buying question

Hi there. I sold an item last night via 'but-it-now', and the buyer paid last night.


Do i need to ship that item today, or would Monday be okay to qualify for one day handling?


Thank you in advance!

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 6:59:34 AM PT

Quick question regarding 1 day shipping

As it says, ebay has closed the case but will not allow me to leave feedback for deadbeat buyer.  Does anyone know how I can leave feedback for them?

Selling discussion

I accidentally entered a listing twice, it didn't show up after the first time so I re-entered it, now I can't figure out how to delete one of them.

Selling discussion

I have this pretty Biscuit Jar and I know it was made in Japan but it also has a few other marks on it and wondering if someone could help with the ID of the additional marks. It also has a large crack but does not go through to the inside and am wondering if it is even worth trying to sell. Any and all help or advise is welcomed. Thanks a bunch.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My buyer lives in my city and picked up my sale so I have no tracking to load, he gave me positive feedback this AM and all my eBay transactions are positive, but my money is still on 21 day hold.  Is it too soon after the feed back or what's going on ?  Don't understand never had issues on other sell sites only pos ratings?

Payments question

Sep 24, 2016 7:58:06 AM PT

Money on hold

My Account question

If I understand correctly, the eBay US and UK discussion Communities are separate things. How do I be part of both? I'm a buyer. Do I need to make up fake addresses, which happen to have to be in the US and UK, respectively (where I don't live, I just shop), just that I can be part of the discussion? In fact, I haven't encountered here anything forcing me to add any physical address.


You know, the US Community might be the biggest, but as an overseas buyer, I might some time want to buy from the UK as well. Or even not the UK, but some Asian sellers are showing up on eBay UK, but not on eBay US, strange as it sounds. I want to be on top of the best information of what both communities can offer.

Getting Started discussion

is there a way to ofeer a 10% discount to auctions already started, in bulk?

Selling question

Sep 24, 2016 8:14:05 AM PT

offering discounts

I bought an item from a seller in China, and the tracking info on ebay says China post.  No info is available yet, but I am not sure if it would even update on ebay.  I see websites that offer tracking info from China Post, but those websites look kind of shady.  I can't find a China Post website, and I don't think the seller speaks good english since I have purchased from this seller before.  This time I would like to track the package.  If anyone has dealt with this before feel free to respond.  I would hate to lose a whole $1.99.

Shipping & Returns question

Sep 25, 2016 5:11:59 PM PT

How to track a shipment with China Post

Can someone help me ID the shape of these paperweights?

I've searched and can't find anything that looks like them.

They are shaped like weights for a scale but without a search term I'm coming up blank on google.

Any help is greatly appreciated.






Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

...no other mark! The jug seems to be quite old. Thank you for your help.

Shipping & Returns question

I'm afraid I've forgotton the link to use for printing a postage label only (without an item).
Can anyone help?


Shipping & Returns question

Sep 26, 2016 9:10:25 AM PT

print postage only

What type of Package is a 6x9 poly mailer in USPS? Large Package or thick envelope?

I'm shipping cellphone cases with 6x9 poly mailers, I want to know what type of package is that in the shipping options for USPS, Letter, Envelope, Large Package or Thick Envelope?


Total weight is less than 16oz.

Shipping & Returns question

Is anyone else having problems with the Anchor Store $75 eBay Branded Shipping supply coupon - issued quarterly?  I have been trying to use the coupon since August but it will not work.  I have contacted eBay on several occasions only to get responses that include:"I apologize that this is still an issue when trying to check out, and use the code. At this point, I'm not seeing any kind of update on this bug, or any fix as of yet.", "As for the ongoing issue, I would continue to try to complete checkout daily. It may be resolved soon, however I do not have an estimated date on when it is scheduled to be resolved.", "According to a recent update to the report, it is still showing as a site issue and while they hope to have a fix for it soon, they are unable to provide a date that it will resolved. You will have one more month (September) to use this coupon and we hope to have it resolved by then so you can take advantage of this benefit."

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

Payments question

Sep 24, 2016 2:04:56 PM PT

$75 shipping supply coupon

Hi, I have a gift card that I would like to use, but is a non eBay Gift card.  Should I add to my summary, use and then delete and add my regular card back on??  Seems a little silly to delete/add/delete right?

Thanks for any help

Payments question

Sep 24, 2016 3:13:48 PM PT

Paying with Non eBay Gift Card

Will ebay still charge me or will they not? ... In the past I've accepted to cancel orders but I think eBay still charged me for the fees....


They send me this message "You'll get a final value fee credit in your account that you can apply toward listing more items to sell on eBay. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to post the Final Value Fee credit to your account." but I don't know what that means.... Will they not charge of or what? ... What I think I understand is that they will give me credit to list items but I rarely list items and this time the fees were $30 and if the item is sold it would be $60 so yeah... 

Selling discussion



Is it best to pull all listings when one is going out of town for 3 days, or to change listings to 3 day handling?


I read the rules, but I'm not sure what the best policy is to main TRS status. Would that mean packages would have to be scanned on the 3rd. business day after payment? I guess the day of payment is considered the 1st. business day.


Thank you for any help or clarity.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 24, 2016 4:13:50 PM PT

Best shipping policy for TRS

Hi the label says Lenox Imperial but I can not find anything like this so I am asking if someone has seen this piece and if it is Lenox??

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I currently have a Apple Care Protection Plan Mac Pro M7812ll/b product for sale.

A buyer asked the following: "If I buy this from you would you send me the activation code through ebays email before you send this to me. Do to that I need to activate a Apple care + Protection plan onto my 2015 MacBook Pro before you would be able to ship it to me. Plus I want to make sure that this will activate on my MacBook Pro because I do not have a lot of time to be waiting to activate this product on my Mac. I will then send you a picture of it activating on my MacBook Pro after I have activated it so that we both know that we are good to go on this Apple care protection plan that you have up here for sale. I will greatly appreciate to here back from you."

I feel that this may fall under restricted rules concerning electronically delivered gift cards, but I'm unsure.

What would be the best course of action?

Selling question

Need some help adding the 'seller is away' message to listings.  Anybody can tell me how to do it?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Sep 26, 2016 2:19:31 PM PT

Seller is away message

The pattern (espresso) is still available on the website but this style is not. It has a tag but I don't recognize the store. The fabric feels like a microfiber and is definitely quilted. The lining is what's throwing me off. Here are some pictures.

Fashion discussion

Sep 26, 2016 6:14:56 PM PT

is this a real or fake Vera Bradley purse

The book cover and cloth are in bad condition, but the rich colorful illustrations as well as the entire contents are in good condition.  I looked for this book on Abebooks.com to no avail.  Copyright 1925 by Charles Scribner's Sons; Illustrated by W.J. Aylward.  Published in 1936 by Scribner Press.


Any info would be appreciated.

Selling question

Why are international buyers able to ask questions that do not offer international shipping?


It seems as though buyers should not be able to see items that they cannot buy.  What would happen if the buyer didnt ask the question and went straight to buying the item when i do not offer international shipping.  


They knew that i would not ship to them, but they asked if i would ship to them.  And if i would be willing to combine multiple items and give them a reduced rate.


again, im just confused as to how/why they saw my items, even more so as to why they were able to ask a question.


Thanks in advance.

Selling question

Does anyone know the cost for shipping an item in a USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box, and does it include any insurance?  If it matters, weight would be about 12 oz.  TYIA!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 25, 2016 4:36:37 AM PT

Cost for International Small Flat Rate Box

New with tags I paid $12.80 for shipping first buyer said there was a small tear in or on purse I had took pictures before listing items first time seller than buyer said another day the whole purse was ripped I talk to Cust service they was supposed to send me a link to show pictures they did not they just take her word.what do I do how am I protected.

My Account question

Sep 23, 2016 7:18:18 PM PT

Sold item

  •  Hello, I have this 5 1/4" tall statue maked HAK Denmark and signed Jai Neilsen. I am just trying to determine age of this item. The markings on mine are a little different fom the others I see made in the 20's. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Do I have to find and manually add each name a deadbeat blocked buyer ebays under, or is that done automatically. Thanks.

Selling question

Hello, I sold an item in July. Since it was over $200 signature confirmation had been requred. The item wasn't delivered as noone was home. It was in the post office for 2 monthes....

I contacted buyer couple times and asked if she picked up the item but received no respond.

Today, after 2 monthes since the item was sold I received it back as it was unclaimed.

What should I do now? :-(


Shipping & Returns question

Sep 26, 2016 11:20:23 AM PT

Unclaimed parcel

I was literally on ebay live chat last week, have they removed it again?


In the help pages they say they still use live chat, but i csnnot find a link to it, has any one got one?





Tools & Apps question

Sep 26, 2016 8:33:35 AM PT

Where has Ebay live chat gone now??

In november 2015 bought some car seat belts extenders +. Total value app. 15$. Recieved them in january and after a few weeks one of them become hard to use, few weekd later another one ... almost inusable. So I have agreed to return them and as agreed sent them back. After the return there were various msgs with the seller. 


Based on the E-bay mesagge the seller recieved my return on April the 17.

On the sam eday I have informed the seller about my expenses and sent him the reciepe scan. (3.96€), And gave to the selller the option of cahs return or take antoher item for me was the same. 


On April the 20. the seller ask about my PayPal Acount to refunr I confirmed the acount. In that same mesagge the seller requested me to close the return on e-bay. So on ma next message I asked how can I do that because dod not found any "clickable" button to "close the return"


On April the 21. the seller replied: "but we try to refund you on ebay ,can not successfully ,we do not know why?". On that my rely was thet in my inboy I can see that my refund msg is marked as ended but that the refund is still open and askeg again what I need to do. 


One day later on April the 22. the seller replied to me: "maybe something wrong with the ebay system, we will check it with ebay and updating it to you
if you have any questions ,please feel free to contact me"


On may the 29. I made probably the worst mistake. I find inside Ebay msg-es an option to "close the refund process" and i done that. So on the same day I informed the seller that I have closed the process manually as he requested and asked him to give me further info about my refund / take another item form the store.  The value was: 19.96€ (items) + 3.96€ (postal expenses)..


And that was it... never recieved an money and never a reply to my later messages. 

The days are going on and no reply arrive till now. 


Any idea about what i can do? 

I'm not even able to put a negative commnt on that seller profile... 


Thanks to all / anyone that will give me any option.




Shipping & Returns question

Sep 25, 2016 8:37:49 AM PT

Never received a refund

I've posted similar topics on this forum and many responses have been helpful and echo my sentiment. 


A few take aways and a few good examples of my own: 


Selling anything on eBay for less than $50 is a fools errand. It's flat out not worth it since it seems a heavy concentration of problem buyers exist in this region. eBay fee's are a bit absurd and with recent increases in shipping rates at USPS, margins are narrower. It recently cost me $17 to ship a rather standard box to FL from NYC, something that I swear was maybe $9.00 just a year or so ago. Stuff below $50 is just not selling and I don't have a very clear hypothesis as to why. Perhaps heavy competition with **bleep** merchandise that has flooded the U.S. market. Example #1. I have a $300 Canali polo for sale, pretty much brand new, for $35.00. Only 2 watchers and it's listed as BIN. I previously had it listed at $75.00 with BO and I had far more watchers, still no sale. Weird for sure. This shirt should sell at $35.00 all day, five times a day, every day. To my point below, I am considering raising the price to $125.00 and see what happens then. 

I tried a couple other things after taking the advice of many on here and the results are really very telling. I have a few expensive suits for sale. Initially priced at $350.00 and $450.00 with BO. Couple watchers and a couple low offers. I dropped everything by 50% or more ($125 for sport coats and $250 for suits) and did BIN. I lost watchers and no new interest. Now here is the kicker; a few days ago, as an experiment, I raised all my prices by 50-100% (yes, that's correct - I doubled prices in some cases) and my watch count has also gone up by 100%. Things that had maybe 2 or 3 watchers, now have 4,5,6 and that's in 48 hours. Weird. While it remains to be seen if it produces any sales, well, we'll see. A few others commented on here about this phenomenon and buyer mentally about creating "value" at the luxury side -- it's takes greater patience, however. I don't know, but there appears to be some logic in it. Or is this something much larger, dealing with eBay and exposure? I know it's a heavily discussed topic on here, but how is it possible that I can raise my prices by 50-100% and my interest goes up 50-100% in 48 hours? This, after 20 days of absolutely nothing? Very strange. 


I have no doubt that many on here are correct that eBay is pulling some strings somewhere and it's really hard to understand the method being used. Something wonky is going on with eBay this year. While it hasn't impacted me since I'm a private seller, I'm in sales for a living and stuff like this fascinates me. Mostly because its the most organic reflection of our society and the ebs and flows of markets. And I'll say it again, just as people say others are nuts for selling items $1k or more, I think selling anything on eBay for $50 or less is even more nuts, considering the costs, time involved and frustration. The sad part is this is where many people can make money, the small business types. Flipping $20 items for $40, etc. I mean do I want to spend 15 minutes taking photos of a $200 tie, and another 15 minutes to write an ad, to post it for $40.00 and to net maybe $20-25 if I include shipping? I have a few $200 shirts I would love to sell, but they would probably only sell for $40 each, at best. It's unfortunate, that eBay makes it so difficut to sell stuff like this, these days. Now I am not judging anyone for their buying power/spending ability, but it seems to me that many people are in poor financial shape, thus making the low end market very soft right now. I think people are nuts to sell low end items mostly because the margins are so narrow and the risk of financial lose seems greater. Let the big box stores shoulder these loses. People seem prone to take advantage of flexible policies and that seems to have spilled over to eBay. I have rarely, if ever, had an issue selling a lightly used $400 sweater for $200, but every time I sell something cheap, and I mean just dumping it, it causes problems. 

Selling discussion

How have your sales been...My have been dead for 9 days and that is unusual

Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 11:52:56 AM PT

Have your sales been dead the last week?

I've been a couple of hundred old rock record albums out in the shop all afternoon getting ready to list. I was just slipping a Boz Skaggs back in its cover and noticed a dark square shadow inside. I reached in thinking maybe it was an old concert stub someone left behind. What fell out was an old black and white photo from 1978.


Strange part is - its of a house I used to own here from 1986 - 1992. But I didn't move to this state until 1985. So - how did it get in there? Where did it come from? Who took it? There's a big hedge by the door that was never there when we moved in. 


I left here and was gone for 3+ years in the early 90's and didn't take anything with me. Just hopped a plane with some clothes and left.   I left some stuff at a friends house but no record albums. I bought these at garage sales when I moved back from Florida. 


It has a date stamp of 11-11-78 on the back. How did I end up with this photo? In 78' I was living in San Diego for gosh sakes. This happened once before in the late 80's. I went to a thrift store and bought a cheap ugly red suitcase for a trip to Canada. Inside was a 6 year old parking ticket for someone I used to know many years earlier. She's in San Diego as far as I know the ticket was issued in San Diego, she's never been to my state?     Freaky!!!  I'm not cleaning anymore of those records today - that's it for me. 


Anyone else ever find anything creepy when they were just minding their own business lol? Hey, it'll be Halloween in a few weeksSmiley Happy

Selling discussion

This thread is more about info on what it takes to complete 30 transactions daily.  I read often from users that they would like to make eBay a full time career.  30 transaction daily could do that for many.


We have completed more than 13,000 transactions on ebay each of the last 4 years.  We also are successful on Amazon and have owned and operated our own website for over 15 years.  I should also say that I sell new items and collectibles that I can source in quantities.  I am not a seller of one off items as the time per item is far to high for me.


A typical days starts like this for me


  • I start about 6:30am each and every day
  • I check all emails for sales, messages, problems, questions and do all the work needed to complete those tasks
  • I then start printing packing slips and shipping labels and do all of them for all venues
  • I then print out my daily sales reports, review them and file them.

The above work takes generally about 1.5 to 2 hours every day.  Time for a break and breakfast.


Next it is time to update listings that might need inventory adjusted based on sales across the internet or incoming inventory.   Since I now have a stack of orders, it is time to pack orders.  I pack orders every day right up to my cut off time which is 3:30PM EST.  I also have to fill the orders that came in during the day while I was filling the orders that came in after my cut off time the day before.  My cutoff time is based on my local post office and how much time they need to scan all packages.  Since I am a regular there I know the work load they have and I know I need to have my items at the post office before 4:30pm in order to be assured they will get an acceptance scan. 


I want you to think about a few things.  Try to determine what the average time it takes to pull, package and put an order in your outgoing area.  I am not talking about all the pre sale stuff, I am only talking about how much time does it take to go and pull your item, prepare it for shipment?


This time frame is going to be different for everyone but I think a good average time might be about 15 minutes.  Keep in mind I am talking about an average.  Certainly some items are less and some are more but 15 minutes seems like a good number to use.


If 15 minutes is your average time that means you can fill 4 orders an hour and 30 orders would take you 7.5 hours.  If 10 minutes is your average then 6 orders per hour and 5 hours to complete all 30 orders


So here are a few question I want you to ask yourself.  


  • Do I have enough time to complete 30 order each and every day? 
  • With everything else I have to do daily, Do I need to hire some help?
  • Do I have enough storage space to keep enough shipping supplies on hand to handle this kind of volumn?
  • After I factor in sourcing products, pictures and editing then preparing listings  how much time do I have per item?

Time management is critically important to being successful at selling online and certainly on eBay in general.  Organization is an absolute must, without it you are going to have to many issues to handle and customer service tasks are going to kill your day.


I would like to hear about other sellers and hopefully learn from your daily work and how you handle your daily selling chores.


Good Luck Selling!

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 8:10:57 AM PT

I want to make 30 sales daily on eBay

Hi I sold a music cd to someone for 60.00 4 months ago. Today I have learned this person filed a credit card chargeback through paypal reason for chargeback is merchandise code 53. Paypal will not release the money back to me stating they have to fight the Credit card company. This buyer has never 1 time contacted me stating there was any problem with the ebay transaction that occured 4 months ago. Anything I can do or am i just going to be scammed out of this money? get to wait another month for them to dispute with credit card company. I have followed all the rules but I have no protection??

Selling discussion

Recently I ordered an item and was charged $12 for expedited shipping (that was the only shipping option).  The seller sent the item via Media Mail, even though it was not shippable by media mail.  Given that the item was very light, I assume that was about a $10 difference which they kept.  In your opinion, would this warrant a negative or neutral feedback?  As a very frequent seller I can understand padding the shipping a dollar or two, but to charge for expedited and ship the slowest available service and keep the difference seems pretty shady to me.



Selling discussion

I bought:

Vintage Canvas Backpack Mens Womens Satchel Military Hiking Bag Rucksack 35YQ

Not complaining, but note that the sewing of the shoulder straps are poorly done. The quality of material is OK.

Seller does not allow reviewing.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 26, 2016 6:21:50 AM PT

Seller not allowing review

Wonder how many other sellers out there have experienced this. Sold BRAND NEW women's Gap winter rain trench coat with no defects. Buyer claims it is beautiful but has white chalky lines on it so asked me to pay $12 for cleaning. I first asked her to return it and she immediately within 15 seconds said she wanted to keep it and asked for the $12. So it was my option of returning her priority medium flat rate shipping and item cost and also paying her fee to return it to me. Naturally it was cheaper to just agree with her and return $12. Seems llike the buyers know exactly what to say to get a reduced price. I actually believe that Ebay causes such deception and the buyers are getting wiser all the time. Sad. Sorry to be so negative but my husband who does the actual shipping goes over every item with a second set of eyes and told me I should have had a much higher sales price and was extremely upset today that people who do this.

Selling discussion

I don't know what it is here. I have never seen such a vast amount of low life desperate people in all my years on this planet.


Please sir, can you just give me $5. Come on how about $3 to make me go away. Tell you what, $8 and I won't leave you a bad feedback. My brand new item doesn't work. It's missing. The post office stole it. My dog ate it. My 6 month old infant bid on it, It's not green, it's orange...And somehow, somehow a couple of bucks is going to make it ALL...GO... AWAY.


What's wrong with these people? Is their station in life so low that they have no other choice but to slither through the muck to gain a few lousy dollars. Are they such life-losers that they have no dignity, no shame. No cognitive awareness of such a sad and embarrassing existence. Sometimes I want to give them money just out of sheer pity. Like someone begging on the street corner.


ebay really needs to clean up the garbage that has proliferated this web site and stop their liberal and seller abusive return policies. If you can even call them 'policies.'  And bring plenty of trucks. You're gonna need em.


Rant over.


Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 7:45:20 AM PT

ebay's customer base

sold fake Tom's shoes. I stupidly bought 3 pairs. Did not get a refund so I'm out nearly $90 as I had too throw them out they were very painful

Real Tom's are wonderufl, so they were definelty fake. no dust bag either.


Grr so angry still.



Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 25, 2016 12:00:59 PM PT

seller sold fake Tom's shoes

I have heard that the post office is cracking down on letter sized items that are being mailed as packages, and they are either being returned to sender, or if caught at the other end, being delivered postage due, priority rate. 

Shipping & Returns discussion

From the User Agreement: "To drive a positive user experience, a listing may not appear in some search and browse results regardless of the sort order chosen by the buyer."


In other words, eBay can hide any of your items (and they do!) This means they are taking money from people without providing a service (at their discretion?) I have come across items that are completely missing from searches (regardless of how many matches there are or how long the listing has been active)


I cancelled my store subscription because of lack of sales. Suddenly, items started selling again. I highly recommend other sellers try this to give eBay a taste of their own game.

Selling discussion

I sold an auction item (361731551888) for $52 after spirited bidding by 2 of my repeat customers it was won by a bidder unknown to me, soon after I received the 1st message from the winner. Apparently he thinks there was shill bidding or he is trying to scam a lower price.


Message 1;
I bid this to make sure I get it so I can report your item to ebay. I will ask ebay to conduct their investigation on you. Call me at 818xxxxxxx


My response;
Me; What do you want?


Message 2;
If you want me to pay for this specific item you should adjust to the real price immediately. It is very clear and Obvious that you have bid so many times with two other numbers in order to increase the price. Any interested bidder, bids only one time and wait to the end of the auction. I want you to understand we buyers are not stupid.
Sir I am a collector and I don't play games. If you want to resolve this issue with me then do it accordingly.

My Response;
Me; What do you think is fair?


Message 3;
This item Max $12 and that is very good and fair price between you and me to resolve this matter. FYI, No one will pay more than $7. As you may see your bidding history.


My Response;
Here I sent an Invoice for full price


Message 4;
Ok so be it. I tried to resolve this matter but I guess you need to learn your lessen.


I checked this guy and he liberally gives negative feedback so I'm expecting my first. Is this Message exchange sufficent to to have it removed?

Perhaps I should cancel the transaction and take a defect?


Thanks for any help.


Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 6:22:13 AM PT

Buyer with Malicious intent

Instances wher ebay REFUSES to protect sellers.


I sell vinyl phonograph records why is this relevant? Well first of all try and get a rep at ebay who actually knows what a phonograph record is. If you find any operator in the US which rarely happens the the probability of them even knowing what I'm selling is unrealistic. Which means they cannot relate to the grading system ebay uses as standard for selling records. They in fact have no clue what a wax vinyl good old fashioned record album even is.


Ebay uses a 7 level step grading system to describe the condition of a phonograph album record

MINT / NM / EX / VG+ / VG / G+ / G  and this means a record may be brand new or used slightly or scratched or in terrible shape basically (this is just for the actual vinyl wax part the actual record)


Ebay then uses this same system MINT / NM / EX / VG+ / VG / G+ / G  to describe the cover of the album (the cardboard part that the record is inserted into)


If a buyer disagrees with your grading of the record or the jacket (in any of these 7 levels)......

for example perhaps they feel instead of a NM (Near Mint) he feels it is an EX or worse a VG+...  you then haggle and work out the differences with said client, 9 out of 10 times they want a partial refund or a full return refund. No problem, this is day to day business.


What is NOT day to day business is the fact that we now can receive negative feedback based on their OPINION of what they feel the condition should be. So case in point.. customer diagrees on grade. I refuse partial refund (as many extort with this technique) so I offer to pay shipping (which I do NOT even have to do legally by ebays rules) and I refund 100%.

Angry customer then doesn't get his partial refund and destroys my feedback.  And ALL record dealers deal with this. To add insult to injury ebay sees no difference in someone DESTROYING feedback on this "Item NOT as Described" when it is a total matter of opinion.

Now lets say you sell apples. Client receives an orange. YES hello! NOT AS DESCRIBED is relevant here. You sell a Truck, but client ordered a car. Again "Not as described" is indeed relevant here again.  But if you order a Light Blue pair of shoes and I sell you a dark shade of blue shoes is it now Item Not as Described? Or perhaps it is a difference of opinion.?  Well let's just be safe and GIVE THE CLIENT HIS MONEY BACK. Or More, Let's refund and also let then KEEP the shoes.


Nope not good enough.  They can still DESTROY your feedback and does ebay care about you (Seller).

Think Again. They do not. Even though ebay can access and see all email correspondence they allow buyers to leave a trail of terrible feedback even when it is clear that the sellers have a long history of PERFECT or GOOD feedback and a habit of working out all conceiveable problems.



I was told today that if a customer is unhappy about shipping prices (I'm talking about paying EXACTLY what I as a seller I am being charged by postal service.) They are within their right to leave negative feedback. This is obscene and totally opinionated.

Thanks ebay


I had a buyer purchase an album using ebay's promotional "Ebay Bucks" system.

I sent him a sealed unopened copy of a record album. He was unhappy with it and said a corner was dented. I said no problem keep the album and sent him another copy as I had multiple copies.

I also refunded his shipping and gave him the merchandise at absoultely NO CHARGE.

This same individual ruined my feedback claiming he lost his ebay bucks. This is totally out of my control as I do not control ebays Ebay Bucks promo system. I contacted ebay and first off the operator in the Philippines had no idea what a record was then told me that the customer was in his right to complain. I mentioned perhaps ebay's multi billion dollar corporation could refund his few dollars lost since it was their program and his loss of these "ebay bucks" that was the source of his anger. NOPE. I was told that they simply would not do that. Even though I took the loss and gave him his merchandise free. Ebay could not and would not follow my gesture.

Thanks Ebay


I sold a record to another buyer and printed out a mail ticket that once traced showed the parcel went missing. Buyer never recived his album and claimed I never shipped it  as I was upset (apparently) because I sold it at an auction that resulted in very few bids. He assumed I kept his album instead of letting it go at such a cheap price. Problem is I had the mail ticket and tracking to prove otherwise.

Again ebay says he has the right to assume this menagerie of what he felt "i did" and complain. Again Negative feedback

over 5,000 transactions and 2 negative feedacks and the rest positive and ebay sides each time with these people who have "opinions'

Thanks ebay

Sellers come second when they need ebay to "listen"

But sellers come first generating all profits for ebay.

Too bad you reach the universe and we have limited choices. But eventually even if we choose to try and keep selling your allowance of such activity will kill our businesses in the end. Then perhaps you will realize that small businesses keep you afloat on a day to day.


Selling discussion

I was prevented from bidding, but the reason given isn't accurate.  Got the message:  "This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements."  It went on to say that my paypal account isn't linked to my ebay account.  This is, of course, false.  I just purchased an item earlier today using my paypal account.


So I guess sellers can just randomly decide they won't sell to individual buyers and falsify the reasons??  If this was the case then couldn't they have the courtesy to say so in the description to avoid this frustration?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 24, 2016 4:44:06 PM PT

I was prevented from bidding.


Wouldnt it be cool if store owners could offer store credit only-- instead of refunds as an option?


The idea would be buyer can get store credit in which to make an even exchange for an item which might in many cases cause less loss monetarily for a seller?


Many big box chains do it so why cant we?


It would help sellers and EBAY and PAYPAL keep money in their pocket and it would discourage return fraud.


What do you think of my idea?


I know many of you will complain loudly and explain ebay rules about returns to me that I already know. This is just a new idea to combat return fraud.


I know it hurts people who dont invest in a store but what can I say get a store then if they decide to do it?


Its meant to help power and larger sellers this idea.

Selling discussion

Today eBay announced the release of the inline feedback feature on Product Pages:



It allows users to quickly and easily flag any listing that doesn't belong on a particular product page. eBay then reviews those flagged items and takes action as appropriate. Please use the feature and let us know when you see any irrelevant listings on a product page. 


Here are some product pages as an example:





Let us know if you have any feedback.


Selling discussion

Sep 26, 2016 2:26:27 PM PT

Help us improve our product pages


I recently sold a $50 Home Depot gift card (actual card, not e-card). Yesterday, I received a Paypal email indicating that the buyer filed a chargeback claiming that it was an unauthoritzed charge and now the payment is on hold. The card was delivered on 9/16/16 (per USPS tracking). I phoned Paypal this morning and was told that gift cards are not eligible for seller protection but that they were adding the tracking information to the case (which I did manually online). I contacted the buyer through ebay and asked why they filed a chargeback, given that the card was delivered. 

Do I have any recourse here? Any advice?

Thank you,


Selling discussion

Just wondering, a buyer leaves people a positive green dot na, I checked buyer's history mostly "na" what that mean??

Selling discussion

Sep 23, 2016 10:19:48 PM PT

odd feedback

I am trying to bid on 3 items from the same seller.  A screen comes up saying the seller isnt accepting bids or offers from me at this time. I have contacted the seller and he said he doesnt know why this is happening.  I am not blocked by him and I have a 100% feedback rating.  I have never encountered this problem before.  Can anyone help me out in figuring this problem out?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.  Smiley Happy

Bidding & Buying question

I am not sure how many on the Seller Board read the Buyer Board. Below is a link to a recent thread which might interest some. A buyer wanted to ask a seller a question about tracking. Ebay automatically opened a case and despite buyer objecting to this given the stress it would cause seller, Trinton@ebay seems to indicate Ebay wants to get in the middle. 



Selling discussion

This is the sort of thing the eBay community does well. I can be naive and I need opinions.


I've had a tough summer. Unexpected expenses, familial problems. September hasn't been kind to me. 


If this worked out well, I'd get a decent night's sleep.


She's made me a good offer on a high price item.


Buyer has received one Positive feedback and has left one Negative feedback. Buyer is in the states. English is not her first language. The item she bought was a bikini from China (free shipping), for $12.98. Six months ago.


She posted on the boards that she was very angry (rrrrr) because she had forgotten her paypal password and wanted her money back right now. No one replied.


My first inclination is to email her, to tell her that she can respond in her most comfortable language and I'd translate it via Google. I would ask:


Do you understand the description?


Have you seen the measurements? Do you know what size you are in Chanel? Have you measured something similiar that fits you well?


Did you look at all the pictures? Did you zoom them?


Do you understand that I have a no return policy?


What do you, experienced professional sellers, suggest?


(Yes, I know there's no such thing as no return on eBay, thank you.)


Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 7:34:32 AM PT

Need opinions about buyer.


20 bids on this item and stops when he tied my max with plenty of time to bid again.
has only bid on 2 items in the last 30 days, with 6 bids on the other item from another seller.

i now it's hard to tell these days with so much info hidden, but my experience makes me very suspicious on this one.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 24, 2016 2:32:07 PM PT

does this look like i got shilled?

 i cancelled an order because the deadbeat buyer never paid and opened case with "buyer is unresponsive"  .  how long does it take until the transaction is cancelled/?  it has been 5 days now. 

Selling question

A person bought a card from me hasn't paid but asked for pictures of the corners because he wants to submit the card he also has zero feedback

Selling discussion

Hello,Yesterday tonight,I am bought CD,and this is my annieversary 50 times,ordering from E bay,and I am not received positive feedback from E bay,as ussualy,on my e bay page

Bidding & Buying question

So I bought an item off eBay used it a few times and decided to go a different route so I sold the item to someone else on eBay. Buyer wasn't satisfied so initiated refund process... No big deal.. Well eBay provides a shipping label to the buyer with an address I haven't lived at or received items bought on eBay for almost 5 years. I was never given any tracking info for the return. Item shows delivered so eBay takes money out of my PayPal account (which is now - $85) to refund buyer. After several emails I was finally given a tracking number. Of course nobody knows where the delivered item is now, imagine that... So I'm out $$ and merchandise. Instead of even trying to make the slightest attempt to make things right since it was an eBay mistake which caused the missing item, I get a "I don't know, sorry" with a little snicker. Awesome !!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 24, 2016 3:19:36 PM PT

eBay, SMMFH !!!!

I sold an item 9-8-16. I immediately mailed it out. I sent to the address and I guess whomever lived where it was delivered wrote across the package "Return to sender/Wrong person/address.


I guess I should feel lucky I got it back. I contacted the buyer via ebay messaging and to their Paypal email with absolutely no response at all. It's been about a week and  a half.


Do I have to just sit it aside for 90 days in hopes that one day they contact me? The tracking shows it was delivered. Do I wait awhile longer and if they don't respond, refund the money so that I can resell?


Funny how they don't wonder where it is and contact me. I find it odd they would order something, not receive it, and not care to wonder why.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have had a run of Bad Buyers with Remorse. One thing I have noticed is that the option for "Buyer Pays Return Shipping" is no longer availible.  This maybe the straw that breaks me.  


The items which were all new and sealed from the manufacturer vary from electronic accesories to clothing.  They come back used with the original packaging trashed or without it at all sometimes.  All my recent returns upon testing worked fine even though the claim was the item was DOA.  The one item that was DOA upon return tested positive for human blood, so I suspect when the buyer smashed it with their hand they must have cut themself.  (My kid is really into CSI stuff).


So once again the question is, What happened to "Buyer Pays Return Shipping"?


Thanks for the responses.

Selling discussion

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Sep 24, 2016 8:58:43 AM PT

Unakite Necklace?

So I started my experiment with giving stuff away.

Got the free ebay bubble packs... one less expense.


Item price 1.50  shipping 2.75


And I think I will show high in the search.. not so

I am dead last....


In the search it says shipping not specified.

I look at the listing and it says "flat rate freight"

I had put in first class package.....not freight

with shipping at 2.75, and that shows in the listing


How it changed to freight I don't know

And why my shipping does not show when everyone elses does.


My item specifics were gone, so I put in the MFG and the PN.


We will see what happens.

Selling discussion

I bought an Ozone Generator from a buyer. The first one I received was broken on arrival, I filed a return request and the seller send me a replacement along with a return shipping label for the broken one to be sent back. After I received the replacement, I closed the return request and sent back the broken one. Now day 1 after I got the replacement, plugged it into outlet, within 10 seconds, it broke again. Now, I start to think it has some sort of defective design, just cheap unit, won't even last more than 1 minute. I want to return this one as well, and get refund, but since I've closed the return request, I can not start another one, what should I do? Thanks,

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 24, 2016 1:12:46 PM PT

I Can't Return Defective Item, Please Help.

I bought an item on September 18th.  The e-mail confirming the sale said I would have the item by September 24th, via USPS Priority Mail.  After my letter carrier came without the item, I looked at my e-mail.  I had an e-mail from the seller, saying that he couldn't find the item, so he was cancelling the sale and refunding the purchase price.


First, how can someone sell an item that he has lost or misplaced?  There were several photos of the item, to show that it was new.


Second, what bugs me is that the seller waited six days to inform me that he couldn't find the item.  It seems to me that he should have discovered the issue within a day or two and not six days.


The seller has nearly 100% positive feedback, but I think he dropped the proverbial ball on this transaction.  I would be hesitant to do business with this seller again, because I would be concerned that the same issue might arise.   

Bidding & Buying discussion

Is it me or did the board blow up?  I've seen change before but what is this?  I'm getting dizzy seeing the same title all the way down the screen...  Do I need a new computer?

Selling discussion

Sep 26, 2016 2:50:07 AM PT

OMG make it stop!

So today I've received an item that doesn't work.


It's a mechanical item and I know how to fix it.


Should I fix it, or return it ?



Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 26, 2016 4:23:10 AM PT

Faulty item

I am trying to sell a code for a giftcard and shipping isn't needed but it forces me to select an option. I just want to email it to them since I got the code In my email.


Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 10:09:38 AM PT

Shipping not required

Can paypal keep your selling funds if you have unpaid account with them

Selling discussion

Sep 24, 2016 9:13:28 PM PT

Funds on hold

The following I just E-Mailed to PayPal customer service but wanted to know if anyone has had a similar issue with them cherry picking the sales for which to hold funds?


I would like some clarification as to how PayPal is deciding on which of my sales to hold my money? I understand what you say your process is as stated for new accounts such as mine, so please do not send me a generic response explaining how your process works as I already have all of that and understand the process. What I want to know is why out of the 5 payments I have received this week you have chosen to hold funds on only 2 of them and the other 3 have immediately released payment to my account. Just today alone you have chosen to immediately pay me $31.89 on a sale but yet hours later on a sale of $30.38 you choose to hold my money? So out of the 2 sales today you immediately release to me the higher amount of money but hold the lower one all the while you already holding  $145 of my money.


I have read every one of your policies and how the withholding for new sellers works. But nowhere in your policies does it say that you have the option to pick and choose whatever sales you feel like holding. I am not complaining about your listed policies as I have agreed to them. However I did not agree to you releasing and holding my funds however you feel like doing it on any given day. So I would like an explanation why on the same day do you immediately release my sale of $31.89 but yet hold my payment of $30.38 a few hours later? I am quite sure that it does not say in any of you stated policies that you get to pick and choose on how you are going to play with my money. I very much would like for you to explain why you are holding this $30.89 when you have not held 3 of the others this week that were all more money. Or please show me where on your website that I agreed to allow you to hold whichever ones you wanted to.


Please respond speedily as I contemplate looking at other credit card processing companies that I can list on my E-Bay page for my payments for my Business. To wrap up please show me where it states you can hold one and not the other in the same day especially when it is less money or please immediately release the $30.38 that you held tonight. I hope this is worked out as I would like to continue to use your service but will cancel my account immediately if I cannot count on PayPal to operate within the boundaries of their policies. Also the following 2 reasons are not applicable to any of the 5 sales this week. Thank you for your help in resolving this matter.


  • You have a “Below Standard” seller rating on eBay; or
  • The payment you received may be considered unusual for your selling pattern.

Payments discussion

OK, I want to be sure I am not out of line here.    I recently sold a set of items with one piece missing.   This is described in the Title, the Description and is clearly shown in the picture.    I just received a message from the buyer (who is also a seller by the way) requesting the missing item or a partial refund as she did not see in the title, the description or the picture that the item was missing.      She has not opened a case....yet.     I told her that I was sorry she didn't notice, but if she was unhappy to send everything back for a refund, but she would have to do it at her expense and I would refund minus the original shipping charge.    I haven't heard back yet,   but I just wanted to know if I did the right thing.   

Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 6:10:01 PM PT

Buyer return question

Hello, so 2 days ago i've put my BMW E90 for sale on bid price start at  $1000. Yesterday oen guy bidded it, with new account on ebay, after several hours another one bidded with new account also. I checked my listing and as the bidder already bidded over $2k of the price i orinally wanted, i sent him an msg so we can figure it out with shipping and all. His response just blew me " Idon't have the money, i just wanted to check how it is to bid", What i can do against him? He basicly ruined my listing

Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 25, 2016 10:53:41 AM PT

Bidder bid just to see how it works

A very occasional buyer started a thread a few days ago about having been scammed by a seller for a gaming console. Not being on eBay often at all, much less the forums, they made the mistake of "naming & shaming" so of course the thread got moderated. However, I had seen it and knew moderation was coming sooner or later so I made a PDF of the thread so I'd have the seller information to look into. I did make one post to that but the OP never returned so I moved on. This is that thread.




This morning I'm sitting here with no other commitments and thought I'd go back and look a little more. This may or may not be interesting to others but myself, having seen this very same situation to many times here, I thought it was worth the effort and time to post about. What really doesn't surprise me, but does take my opinion of eBay down yet another notch.


Below is a link to a basic search done using the exact search term Sony PlayStation 4 (Latest Model)- Destiny Bundle 500 GB Glacier White Console in the category Video Games & Consoles>Video Game Consoles for Completed listings. When I first grabbed this link this morning there were 82 results but as of making this post it now shows 83. My settings for search are set to show seller information so if you don't have that selected you probably won't see this exactly as I do but that's critical to this.


The first several are from the seller in question which the buyer had posted about a few days ago and  a total of 34 are from that seller. While each of them indicate 0 bids, with the exception of only a few, they all had bids on them that were cancelled and the reason shown for ending each of the listings was This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available




I'd really like to see what others' take and opinions are.

Selling discussion

Sep 26, 2016 8:06:43 AM PT

If we can see this stuff why can't eBay?

I would really like to speak with a local person living in the states.


I believe someone told me in the past to call before 8am? I did that but call went overseas. Maybe there isn't a good time to call and it's just hit or miss....mostly miss.



Selling discussion

I won bidding the item and paid through PayPal right the way. ( 8-24-16)The item supposed to ship from China.

Seller posted shipping information with tracking number RA078177114CN.(estimated delivery date is between 9-14-16 and 10-21-16)

I have been checking for location of the item using Hong Kong Post and China Post web site, but no record showing for shipping?

Is any one can track the item with this tracking number( RA078177114CN )?

My concern is this tracking number is FAKE 😥😥😥


Bidding & Buying discussion

I purchased 6 light bars from a seller who is based in China, but ships from US wharehouses.  They claim they will warranty the item but only if I ship them back to China.  Obviously the shipping charges will be more than I originaly paid for the items.  I could be wrong, but I believe If I purchase an item in the US, it should be returned the same way.  I purchased these in Feburary so I would gather the return policy is no longer in effect.  I always look at feedback and return policy when purchasing.  The sellers feed back has droped since my purchase


Here is the seller waymorethingstobuy

Shipping & Returns discussion

Hello everyone

This site is down and gone.

The web page is not even showing up on the web

They are hosting my soundclips for 200 auctions ending soon.

Does anyone have a contact number or email.

I stand to loose a lot of money if this site does not come back up.

Thank you


Selling discussion

Sep 26, 2016 10:18:34 AM PT

ecommerceplayer IS DOWN AND GONE

If I don't have any auctions running when I go on vacation but still have customers owing for items, what happens if they pay while my store is on vacation and I am away?  Am I protected at all by my store being on vacation?  Thanks.

Selling discussion

Sep 25, 2016 9:14:51 AM PT

Vacation Question

Sometimes when I'm pricing things to sell, I come across  solds where things sold for a crazy low amount at auction. This one convinced me to stay away from auctions. Have you come across any lately? NOTE: I obliterated all identifying markers - hope this is acceptable to show. 


Selling discussion

Sep 26, 2016 9:52:12 AM PT

Deals & Steals Auctions Are So Risky

I have someone asking why they can't buy an item ($6). 


Turns out they are on my block bidder list.


is there any way to see what transactions I've had with them?


maybe that will jog my memory as to why I put them there in the first place


maybe I will let them buy it..

Selling discussion

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