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The eBay Community

Wow, these little child's plates have a lot going for them. They glow a nice yellow green & I tested them since these have so much sparkle! Does anyone have an idea on who made them? They are 4 1/2" in diameter and have a slight ribbing on the surface, maybe to keep the food on the plate? Anyway, I did check EAPG site stars, fine diamonds, tiny flowers etc...any help would be appreciated! Thanks very much!

AND ON A SIDE NOTE: What is it about EAPG and Flint glass that makes it so darn durable?

Kid Dish.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone correctly identify this type of duck so that I can list it correctly?  Thanks so much.



Sporting Goods discussion

Jan 22, 2015 4:31:25 PM PT

Identify Type of Duck - Wood Decoy

I have acquired this gorgeous Pickard piece. After some research I can identify the date range and the artist - John Nessy - but I sure don't know what it was made to be used for.


It is a 4" high covered pot and plate. The  pot has a molded hole in the center bottom. What could this be? Might there be a piece, or pieces missing?





The previous owner went a little crazy with the green felt pads!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 22, 2015 10:25:32 AM PT

Help, please identify this Pickard Piece

I am hoping someone might be able to dechiper the name of this Lithograph Line Drawing and artist. I suspect it is from the 1970's or 80's?


I am not sure what this form of drawing is actually called but I love the style.


Any help appreciated







Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 23, 2015 3:20:57 PM PT

Help Identifying Lithograph Line Drawing

Could I impose once more asking your opinions please? Thank you so much in advance.


Is this Coach real? I asked for a whole picture of the creed, but so far I got no answer. No dimensions.





Fashion discussion

Jan 23, 2015 8:17:32 AM PT

Help needed from the Coach authenticators

Instead of paying $10.44, it would probably have been $100. Is this part of a FEDEX RIPOFF scheme or another EBAY TIC that they need to fix?  



Package details
Ship to
CarrierTotal package weight
6 lbs. 0 oz.
Shipping Cost
FedEx Priority Overnight$10.44

Shipping & Returns question

good morning hard working and honest sellers;

I QUIT! selling on ebay

My Closet is Packed…. Could Use An Overhaul!

I really need to clean out my closed, there's a lot going on there!!!

Where can I let go of all the frozen inventory and put a smile on a child's face:smileyhappy:







Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 8:04:34 AM PT

frozen inventory

OK. I sold a rune stone set a week ago and the buyer called me today... She said the runes won't lay perfectly flat like the picture. In the photograph, I made sure that the runes were propped up a certain way so that all of the symbols could be read. I do this because there are different alternative sets out there and wanted to make sure that all of the symbols could be seen.


This phone call went on for 30 minutes (as I was finishing up lunch) and I kept my cool and tried to figure out how in the world I could possibly satisfy this person. All I could do was tell them that the rocks were natural and not sculpted or carved in a way to make them lay a certain way. She then went on an said that well she would like just six of them exchanged with ones that would lay flatter and would send me pictures of those specific ones.


So I'm thinking, er, okay, do I really want to do that? I feel there would be no pleasing this one! She also went on to say that a set of instructions should have been included. Geesh! I throw in a small velvet bag as an extra whenever I have them in stock. Darn, there's no satisfying some folks!

Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 4:16:52 PM PT

Boy, I've Got Myself a Jewel Here!

I imagine you have gone through this before, I have done a search but could not find the advice I am looking for, advice from the experienced sellers, as I am certainly not. I guess I am naive and uninformed (I'll say it before anybody else does :smileywink:).

With a 100% feedback, all positives except one almost year old neutral, I was all happy thinking all my buyers were happy, to now find out that in one month I have 2 2 stars and 2 3 stars in Not as Described. I learned how to run reports and found the transactions, the buyers had left me great comments, happy, thanks, etc.. so I am confused.

I know that no matter how honest and detailed your listings are, and no matter how many pictures, buyers might disagree with your opinions, that's why I always send a note to buyers to contact me if any problem. These buyers never contacted me, left great comments then NAD?

I read that some buyers leave low ratings by mistake, but we can not contact them to find out. This is crazy...


Bottom line, how do you deal with this issue?  I don't mind rules, but I guess Ebay didn't take in consideration the damage irrational buyers can do..

Selling discussion

it seems the buyer is always right with ebay, so im considering saying done with ebay also! its just strange that that post is on here more than once:/

Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 1:57:15 PM PT

done with ebay!

Hi, I am 1957fevy.  I purchased and received a 13" tv in first week of 2015.  Opened the box and a crucial part is missing - the tv cannot be used.  Also, it is not a new item as advertised, sticker on back says 2011.  Have been trying to get in contact with seller, of course no response.  How long should I wait before taking action?  And with Ebay or Paypal?  Also, there were a few more items listed by this seller, now there are none.  He's gone.  Thanks for your help.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 22, 2015 8:01:35 AM PT

Have I been had?

Listing a new item, I entered a return policy and want to change it, so I click link "Change your return policy" near bottom of CREATE YOUR LISTING page.

A pop-up box opens and I make the edit. But there is NOWHERE TO SAVE the edit. If I close the box my changes are gone. Am I missing something?

Selling discussion

Jan 23, 2015 11:03:44 AM PT

Change my return policy

I have had quite a few International bidders sending me emails that when they try to bid on an item of mine they are being blocked by Ebay even when I ship worldwide !? Any help on why this is happening would be appreciated ? Thanks

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 22, 2015 4:44:34 PM PT

international bidders being blocked

I sold my broken mobile phone for parts.  I clearly stated this in the auction.  Buyer requested a refund that item did not match description.   I offered a partial refund for buyer to keep item.  Buyer declined offer and opened a case.  Before I was able to accept the return,  Ebay had already given the buyer a full refund.  I have had no luck contacting ebay customer service. I don't have a phone at the moment,  and can't seem to locate the online "contact us" that I have used in the past. 



So am I screwed out of my phone + shipping + time here?  Or do I still have a shot at getting my item back? 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Dear Ebay,


          I need your help because some one ebay member has gave me thread about listing.  here is the id of that member raynocirous  please help me to resolve this matter as soon as possible  because i am not selling anything bad. I hope so i'll receive a good response. 


Thanks and Best regards

Leather Scope

Selling question

Jan 22, 2015 1:24:44 PM PT

i received a thread from ebay member

Sometimes EABY is a joke. I let a negative feeback with all of the law (from EBAY) to a seller. and ebay removed. I called EBAY and they have no valid explanations. EBAY breaks its own rules by the strong. FEEBACK DEPARTAMENT without explanation when it suits you. They never pick the phone, and when they hear you name they put you on hold for 30 minutes with a nice music, again and again because they have no answer. And the next day, the same music, after 2 days calling, they got mercy but not a valid explanation for the removed of the FEEDBACK. Some seller have connections inside the FEEBACK DEPARTAMENT.

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 22, 2015 10:31:29 AM PT

Removed feeback

I am selling an antique car on ebay. A member asked for my phone number saying they have a other questions about the car. Is this allowed?

Selling discussion

I am listing a HP photosmart C4680 printer for the starting price of $30, but now the bids are up to almost $70. I was a little worried because looking elsewhere I could easily find similar newer models on Amazon for less, so I just don't see why someone would bother to spend that on my printer, unless maybe they were hoping to get it free somehow. I've been scammed before. Doing a quick google search, I am the only one on ebay or Amazon that is selling this exact model NIB for way under $200, and many times I see things selling on ebay for way more than I think they are worth, ya know, I am not some printer guru, so maybe its a super special printer, but I doubt it. 


Also, I got a question asking if I had pictures of the sealed tape, top and bottom, and a picture of the inside of the box? I stated in my listing that it was never opened, so I don't know why he thought I would have pictures of the inside of the box. What would he use that for anyway? I think he is just trying to verify that it is infact NIB, but is there some way for him to use my pictures against me in a scam?


Sorry If I am worrying too much, I am just a small seller who can't afford big losses, so if anyone can tell me if I should be wary that would be great.





Selling question

I recently ( last week ) bought polybags here on ebay and paid for it like I always do and just got a notice that my payment would be coming out of my paypal jan28 because I had opted for the pay after delivery deal under buyer protection plan. As far as I know I did not choose that option, I hate delayed payments! I googled how to turn this off for future purchases and was unable to. Is this some new default setting or did I screw up at time of purchase? I am a seller too so I am curious if most buyers are choosing this option ? I followed instructions to go under my profile and change it on my profile page under the category " my money" which I did not see in the page , nor did I see an option to pay now. What am I screwing up ?

Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 6:51:29 AM PT

Pay after delivery option question

ashleybean35 (19 ) View Listings
Community Member|Posts: 1| Registered: ‎01-23-2015

I have a question as a newbie. I've been a member since 2008 but only recently began buying quite a few items. I also just recently decided to educate myself on FB, which I think all new members need to do. I've never left negative feedback, even though I've thought about it, and after reading the importance of positive FB to sellers, I'm glad I didnt. Anyway, I digress. As a buyer, I pay for items instantly. I've recieved many positive FBs from sellers for this prior to leaving them FB, and I appreciate this so much. However, I agree with sellers that a buyer should leave the FB first so that the seller knows that the transaction is complete. I always do this as soon as I recieve my item. Once, I simply forgot to leave FB, and the seller politely messaged me to ask for it, whereupon I immediately left it.

I have done several transactions with one seller, though, who has never left me feedback. Each time I buy an item from this person, I leave tremendous FB upon receiving the item, but they have never left me any in return. Now, ordinarily, I'm not bothered by a seller doing this, but after five or six transactions, I would kind of like the favor returned. I'm considering not buying from this seller anymore simply because I feel it's common courtesy that has been ignored. Am I overreacting? I'm assuming they just don't do FB, but it would be nice. To me, it's less a status issue and more of a "thank you for your purchase" part of customer service. Please help.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 24, 2015 12:09:43 AM PT

Seller feedback for buyer

I won a bid on ebay, but after winning the bid, I read some part of the description that wasn't really cool, so I pleaded with the seller and the item was cancelled. This happened weeks ago.
Fast forward to yesterday: I wanted paying for an item and I mistakenly paid for the above canceled item(on my ebay canceled items still display as unpaid items for some time)... So I quickly mailed the seller, even went to the extent of calling him(got the fone number from ebay), the 'seller' is actually a company, so I had to pass through a lot of protocols b4 I could speak with the right person... So @the end my money was refunded.
Now the interesting part:
I was just browsing through my paypal account history and behold, the paypal transaction for
the cancelled item shows: SHIPPED with a tracking number, and the item is already enroute.
I've mailed the seller but no reply yet.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 22, 2015 11:08:09 PM PT

Item shipped but I didn't pay for it.

I have buying an item, 40 days long times, I still haven't received my item, Seller show me  a tracking number, but it's not activites. I have contacted to seller so many time, but my seller aswer me as sure shipped.....so, I can't open case. 

I'm buyer at Asia, language as limited, but Ebay only contact by call. 


My Tracking number: Tracking number for DHL : 350018645451

People can see at dhl.de



Why treatmented with me that

And now, I'm disappointed


Please help me ! Thanks Ebay's community !

My Account discussion

I would like to hear what other sellers think is the best day of the week and time of day for an auction to end. I buy and sell Schrade knives using auctions almost exclusivly. I  never have an auction end on a 3 day weekend but it is a good time to buy. Does this pertain to most items or just knives?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I bought a "gently used" scanner from ebay on December 30th. In the ebay listing, the seller described the scanner in perfect working order. The scanner was shipped and I received it a week later. Nevertheless, the scanner doesn't work and I emailed the seller about it yesterday. The seller is completely quiet and has not responded. Can something be done? Thanks!



Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 22, 2015 1:14:49 PM PT

Seller sold me a defective item

A person sent me a text message today to "ask questions" about the item that I currently have listed on eBay. This was a bit unnerving because I was not aware that my contact info was ever available to bidders until the item is actually sold. I know that there is an advanced search feature where you can request a user's contact info, but it also says that in this case both users' contact info will be disclosed to each other. I wasn't notified of any of this (and I would have denied the request). Does anyone know what's going on here?

Selling discussion

Jan 23, 2015 5:18:21 PM PT

How did bidder get my phone number?

Here's the history so far on the item:


January 22, 2015 , 10:37 pm

Shipping Label Created


CHELAN, WA 98816 


A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 10:37 pm on January 22, 2015 in CHELAN, WA 98816.

January 22, 2015 , 7:37 pm

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility


January 22, 2015 , 5:22 pm

Departed Post Office

CHELAN, WA 98816 

January 22, 2015 , 4:14 pm

Picked Up

CHELAN, WA 98816 


How is it possible for the shipping label to have been just created three hours AFTER the item is already at the USPS sort/origin facility? Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe someone out there has this experience can explain, I don't understand it myself. Thanks for any input!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Hi, I bid and bought a pair of jordans few days ago.

Now that I have recieved my package, I found out that the shoes are fake shoes!!!

The seller didn't really mention any authenticity on the description and he does not accept refund.

Is it still possible for me to get my money back????

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 24, 2015 4:08:33 PM PT

Help! Fake items!!

I was selling an item at a fixed price and got an e-mail for a best offer even though i didn't offer one.I counter offered and told him i would send him the offer when the listing ended,Apparently i screwed up because i see no way to make the offer now that the listing has ended,I'm new at this selling stuff,How do I proceed????????????????

Selling discussion

Jan 22, 2015 11:14:17 AM PT

I was selling an item at a fixed price

The sell had a posting for two hell drakes (warhammer40k models) as a lot. the item picture was taken in such a way as to hide missing parts and damage. I paid 90.00 +9.75 shipping.

The discription only said "Two Hell Drakes ready for paint" What i got was damaged and broken models with missing parts: Broken legs missing legs a broken wing and more. Had this damage happend during shipping i would have simply repaired the items and moved on. None of the missing parts were in the package.....

I contacted the seller and requested a refund. - The seller told me No they do not accept refunds.


Seller-  How does it not match. It's the exact items that were pictured.


Me-1st of all you posted them as ready to paint. They are not, they are broken birds. Not even just broken but missing all kinds of parts! The picture you took was at an angel in witch to hide the defects! Watch the post an item on ebay video! I requested a return to give you a chance instead of just opening a case man, I am trying to be nice about this. But you know these were bad, the white bird does not even have front legs, the grey one is all busted up and i know you know that. The back left foot is broken off and missing. The beak is craked on the white one. Broken parts are one thing. I understand things get broken when poorly packed and thats fine I have glue and 30 years of modeling skills. Missing parts I can't replace and incomplete models are another matter.


** At this point i sent 5 pictures highlighting the defects in MS paint with arrows and such **


Me - "Two drakes ready to be painted." - copied right out of your posting.....


Seller - The picture shows exactly what was up for auction. They were ready to be primed and painted. The white on is posed differently then norm. If you had questions about the original you should have asked before the end of the auction not after the fact. As far as poor packaging I had them bubble wrapped peanuts and airbags to fill all the extra space possible to minimize movement in shipping. My auction clealy states no returns.


Me - Just to be clear, you are saying you will not let me return this even though it does not match your posted item discription.


Seller - I'm not sending you a refund. I packaged them to the best of my ability and shipped them as best as possible. All questions should have been addressed prior to now. Listing even specifies no returns.


Me - I Dont know how i could have asked about missing parts that were hidden in the pictures until I got the items but, ok. I am sorry we could not work this out. I will be requesting Ebay step in and handle this matter from here. I really didnt want to give you negative feedback. As a seller I know how important good feedback is. How about you take a day or two to think about this and maybe you will see my perspective on this. I will take no further action intill Jan 28th. Please consider giving me a refund. - thanks


Seller - I'm sorry you feel this way. I posted one picture and ban accurate discription. Both models were assembled and on thier bases ready for primer and paint. I packaged both models wrapped in bubble warp with packing peanuts firmly to avoid movement in shipping. I answered your only question which was weather or not the models had been painted. I would have gladly taken additional photos for you had you asked. threatening me with negative feedback will get you nowhere. If you feel the need to file a claim please do soas i will nor be blackmailed into giving you a refund because you have changed your mind about a purchase that clearly states no returns.


Me - I am sorry we could not resolve this issue. Please do not contact me furthrt unless it's to accept a return.


I waited one full day and left negative feedback to warn other buyers about this seller : " Dont trust this seller, was sold junk 40k models missing parts incomplet broke"



Seller left me feedback 15mins later:  + positive: "Learn to ask questions before an auction ends, no returns means No Returns"


Now ebay is saying i have to wait 5 more days before i can open a case? Any adivce on this would be very helpful you thoughs or comments.

I dont feel i am wrong but maybe i am, i dont know but im stressed about this and dont understand why a seller would do this. I know i never would trick or take from another.


Selling question

I recently bought something for $625 using $339 of ebay bucks and paypal for the rest.  I want to return the item, but I don't know if I'll be refunded just my paypal or will I get the ebay bucks back too.  Also, if I get them back, they were set to expire Feb 2nd I think, so will they still expire then?


Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 22, 2015 4:16:19 PM PT

Ebay Bucks and refund

Buyer from overseas used BUY IT NOW even though I wouldn't do International Shipping.(It's clearly stated in my listing)

He wanted me to ship it to overseas for FREE. So I explained the situation, asked him extra shipping fee if he still wants me to ship overseas, but no progress.


I decided to "Cancel the Order".


At this point, I haven't received payment yet,

and I have requested "Cancel the order" for that listing. 


Now, I can't do anything until buyer confirms/agrees to "Cancel the order".  


Usually it happens AFTER a buyer gets a refund.

But in our case, there's no such thing since buyer has never paid.  


My question is, if he keeps ignoring that, should I still be charged Final Value Fee?

Selling discussion

Hey there, I'm trying to make heads or tails of this situation. I bought 3 items from a New Jersey seller that all of their listings say FREE SHIPPING! After I won these toiletry/cosmetic items I get invoiced for 27 dollars for shipping. I asked about the mistake and they say Oh no, it's based on weight. Well funny because every single one of your 1,000 listings say free standard shipping, or if you want expedited or one day, then it's an extra charge. I've read and re-read each listing 10 times and there is nowhere that says free if you only buy one item, or free if under a certain weight. First of all it's false eyelashes x2, some tiny application brushes and blackhead remover tools. They can't weigh more than a couple ounces total anyway, yet I'm invoiced 26.31 for fedex. I said even a flat rate box would be less than that!

I usually buy these sorts of items in town but when I saw free shipping I thought okay, why not. Now mind you, these are not items that were won for .06 cents or anything. I know how China sellers do that, charge in shipping to make up for a cheap auction price. These were average price for even buying them at my local store. I actually would've probably paid less if I had gone through a China seller, I'm Sure that's all this seller does. I try not to ever order from those types of sellers though, for the same reasons most of you all do.

Much to my surprise they don't have anyone complaining on their feedback about this so I'm either the first or people aren't noticing. I added a pic of the auction info and shipping. All are identical to each other. Am I missing something here? Do I call ebay and push the issue? If it were 5 bucks, like it should be, I'd probably just pick my battles and pay it, but almost 30 bucks? That's criminal, almost 50 dollars for 15 bucks worth of toiletries. This is the 1st time I've ever won with free shipping and got invoiced for shipping.

Thanks for your insights in advance!!

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 23, 2015 4:33:47 AM PT

Free shipping bait and switch

I sold a phone following the #eBayForTheWin guidance for creating the listing and setting the pricing, so it should qualify for a coupon for the difference between the trending price of $303 at the time of listing and the actual final selling price of $198. 


@davidcline Hi, this should be automatically added to your account within 7-10 days. ^BC

— Ask eBay (@AskeBay) January 18, 2015


The promotion terms say that the coupon will be fulfilled 7-10 days after the end of the listing on 1/16/15, now 7 days ago.  How will I know when this $105 coupon is added to my account?  Is there any sort of notification or alert when it is fulfilled?  If not, where would I see it in my account if it has already been added?  I have never received an eBay coupon before and don't want to miss the 14 day redemption window!

My Account discussion

Jan 23, 2015 7:22:12 AM PT

#eBayForTheWin Coupon




I just sold a very expensive custom computer, with speakers, and a dual monitor setup.   The buyer who purchased it lives many States away.  I looked into the address, and it is a warehouse not home address.  Looks like a rented warehouse space.   I looked into the buyer, who is very obviously of Indian descent.  No record of this buyer living in that State or having anything to do with this "warehouse."  Very weak English skills.  Someone suggested that they actually do most likely live overseas and not in the States.  For some reason though, they have it shipped to a wearhouse instead of their real location.  Not sure what the point of this would be but the guy is acting kind of dodgy.  Should I be concerned about anything scam wise?  I hand built that workstation and it has sentimental value to me to an extent, it would sting to get nothing out of it when having to get rid of it(tough financial time for me).  Not to mention I just spent hundreds to ship it and package it delicately.  Maybe I am being overparanoid, so I apologize in advance.  Any thoughts on this situation?

Selling question

Jan 22, 2015 6:15:45 PM PT

Help with strange buyer situation

I recently a won a bid for my visually impaired adult daughter. Still not sure how I won. She feels the luggage I got is too

bulky for her to keep up with. I have contacted the seller 3 times but all I get is a computer generated response that I have to pay or

or my account will be suspended. If I pay and the luggage comes to my home, we plan to return it. Help! What do I do! I'm a nervous

wreck over this!

Getting Started question

I have a 100% positive feedback rating, with over 1100 ratings.  I have never had a dispute opened up against me as I'm usually able to come to terms with a buyer to prevent it from escalating.  But I am stumped when it comes to this one buyer and am hoping someone here can advise me.


I sold an item (a jacket) that originally came with a detachable fur hooded vest but mine did not have the detachable vest. It was the jacket only.  I showed photos of the jacket, including the actual jacket, and a stock photo of the jacket that did have the vest (just for demonstrative purposes).  The listing said the vest was not included.  A week after receipt, the buyer claimed she felt she was deceived because the photo showed the fur hood/collar and wanted a full refund including return shipping.  She said she thought the hood was part of the jacket (a detachable collar) and not part of the vest.  I told her the photos clearly showed the actual jacket with no fur hooded vest and had she any doubt, she should have asked me. I did not feel I was being deceptive.  I told her she could return it and I would refund her the original price paid, less all shipping costs. She wasn't happy with that. I then offered to pay price paid plus original shipping, but she'd be responsible for return shipping.  She was not happy with that. I told her I didn't feel I was being deceptive, and she can file a case with eBay and we can let them be an objective arbitrator on the case.  If they ruled in her favor, I would refund her for all costs (shipping both ways, and the item).  If they ruled in my favor, she could return it and I'd just refund the money she paid for the jacket but she'd be responsible for all shipping costs (treat it like a regular return).


I didn't hear from her for a few days, nor was I ever notified from eBay that a case was opened against me so thought she gave up.  She just sent me an email saying eBay has responded to our case, along with a return request with me refunding shipping.  Doesn't eBay notify buyers if a case is opened against them? 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Auction ends Sunday and the buyer has a 0 feedback score and is a new member.  The average selling price for my item is between $40 and $70 dollars. What gives?  Legit or scam?

Selling question

Does anyone know the RN# for Herve Leger and do you know if a dress was made by him called "Kendall"? Thank you for your responses.

Fashion discussion

Jan 22, 2015 2:06:55 PM PT

Herve Leger

Hi I have a lady from Missouri that is advetising on craigslist for a 2011 atv for 1500.00 and says when I am ready she will list it on ebay and I can buy it from there. She is also claming that her last buyers loan fell through and he already paid the shipping so it's free for me. I have never tried anything like this before but some things just don't sound right, can someone help me with this please. I thank you for your time.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 24, 2015 2:11:29 AM PT

Am I being scammed???

My listing states free US shipping but the highest bidder lives in Jamaica. Now what?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 23, 2015 2:50:24 PM PT

Free US shipping

I had a listing with a fixed price and Best Offer with free shipping.  I had a buyer offer a  much lower amount.  I counteroffered accepting their offer but with them paying the shipping fees.  The buyer messaged me wanting an amount for the shipping.  I calculated the shipping to their zip code and messaged her back.  She accepted my counteroffer and paid the amount she offered before I could add the shipping fee to the listing.  On the make an offer page it states that shiping is not included.  

How do I bill her for the shipping fee since she agreed to it but was not able to pay for it?  She has asked for an invoice but I can't find a place to send her one.

On the order details there is no link to send an invoice.


Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 22, 2015 9:55:58 PM PT

Shipping fees charge

This is a set of my listings from another selling account of mine:




If you go to the search window and type "Medela bottles", it shows a lot of 14 bottles in the search results.


But if you go back a page and type "Medela" in the same search window, that result doesn't appear.



Selling discussion

Hello fellow sellers....

I received my LIST 1000k per day for X amount of days and I try to list my items and the fees still show up. It is auction style with 7,10, days etc and I have done this numerous times and this time it's not working. I am following all the rules, and my account is rated really good. So....what happened???



Selling question

So I bought two items on Ebay today using their cart feature.  The items were from two different sellers.  Only one of the items when through.  The other said that the "payment is in process".  Here's the strange thing:  The listing for that item is still on ebay, and there is no record of my payment in Paypal or in My Ebay, but when I click on the item to Buy it Now, it says "another buyer is in the process of purcashing this item".  Well, that person is me, so I'm confused as to what happened.  Should I expect a cancellation or what?  Do I need to contact Paypal or ebay?  Is this something anyone has come across?  Thanks for your help.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 24, 2015 3:49:16 AM PT

Bought item but payment didn't go through?



Does anyone recognize this mark? It is on the bottom of the piece of pottery pictured. Measures 8" tall x 3" wide.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 22, 2015 1:49:49 PM PT

Help ID this pottery mark please.

I have been using this service as a seller for some time with no problems other than recently. Yes, buyers have to pay a bit more through this program but it is easier for me to send to Erlanger, KY and let the eBay folks do all the customs forms, etc than me going into town and trying to figure out everything that needs to be done to get a package sent out, not to mention trying to figure out the shipping to put on the listing accurately ahead of time for international shipping which I can never get  right and ends up costing me more in the long run. I let GSP do the work and if the buyer does not want to pay the costs involved, then don't buy the item.


Recently though, the GSP has messaged me stating that the item I sold was somehow restricted or prohibited and they automatically refund the seller their entire amount, I get to keep the money for the sale of the item (since eBay did not somehow catch it was prohibited or restricted) and they must then just throw the item away!! I never get any explanation even after calling eBay directly for answers. It seems that situations like that are a lose lose for eBay.


I double and triple checked the last item this happened to and it in no way matched anything that was prohibited or restricted. I called and was never given a good answer and was told that the GSP would email me what their finding was but of course I never heard back. have to wonder what they are doing with sellers items like this?? This particular item was a vintage motorcycle carburator which had NO fuel in it and was completely dry and fit into the eBay motors parts category which is ok for this program. Makes no sense. Anyone have similar experiences?

Selling question

I have a customer that bought 3 things.  How do I combine them for shipping?

Shipping & Returns question

I thnk I confused a potential buyer in a Counteroffer.  I had an item listed at $50 +$3 US shipping.  No international shipping.  I received an offer of $40 but shipping to Europe.  I was willing to take the $40, but I needed $7 more for intl. shipping.  So the buyer total would have $50.  I thought the best way to do that was to counter at $47 and pay the additional $7 shipping out of that.   Buyer:  $ 47 item + $3 shipping = $50.  Seller: $50 - $10 intl shipping = $40 for item.


I tried to explain this in the counteroffer note.


I knew not to accept $40 and reinvoice for additional shipping.   Was there a better way to do this?

Selling question

Jan 24, 2015 8:57:03 AM PT


Found the plate in a local thrift shop a couple of months ago and found the matching cup today. I have tried googling various descriptions, looking on the pattern ID websites, etc. but no success identifying this pattern. Maybe someone will recognize it from some past memory?


The label from the bottom is worn off, but if you get it in the light just right you can definitely see the impression where it used to say Corelle and the cup says Corning on the bottom.


Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!



Home & Garden discussion

Jan 22, 2015 1:26:05 PM PT

Help finding name of Corelle pattern

I am definitely confused about the defect issue.  I sold an item, shipped on time (1 day Shipping) provided tracking data, and when the tracking showed Delivered...to the correct address, I thought I was done with the transaction.  The customer contacted Ebay and said she'd never received the items...but tracking showed delivered. As a business person I believe in providing good Customer service since without customers...you wont' have a business.  This customer never contacted me to let me know there was an issue...she simply escalated it to Ebay.  The email I received from Ebay requesting I resolve the issue (within a certain time frame)  shows the Tracking, etc., as Delivered.  When I contacted the customer she said she'd received 9 pieces of the order...but not the complete order. There was obviously some confusion there because she'd purchased a 5 piece set of dishes from me and no more. I explained this to her.  I also refunded her money. Then she recanted and said yes  she'd received the dishes, that there was a mix-up,  I told her to keep the dishes.  I thought this was the best way to resolved the issue.  Then Ebay dinged me with a defect.  The customer received a refund and free dishes...all in a timely manner for a mistake SHE made and I still get dinged with a defect for my efforts, which I would gladly do again depending on the circumstances as I try to deliver, like most sellers, good service. 


I'm sure Ebay reads the email we send to and recieve from  our customers via Ebay so they know the issue was resolved in a timely manner and that the purchase was received on time and intact.  Nothing broken, etc. That the mistake/error was the customer's and not mine. The customer even left positive feedback.  Amazing!!! Soooo...can someone explain to me why I was hit with a defect? Is there anything I can do to get it removed? Ebay customer service was no help...the Rep  kept repeating himself as if he was quoting something he'd memorized.

Selling discussion

On one of my auction  items, someone wants to retract their bid, auction is not over quite yet,how do I do this?

Bidding & Buying question

I won an auction but after I requested a total for combined shipping and paid,  the seller told me the item was sold to another and it happened because of eBay glitches.  I was given a refund through PalPal.


1) To whom should I complain about these suspicious glitches, and 2) how do I remove the item from my purchase history which shows as a won but unpaid for item?

My Account question

I follow a number of sellers in a fairly narrow category, vintage bikes. For the most part, I am not notified when these fine folks post new items for sale. Those whose new/recent listings I do see appear to push that info out. I'd it possible to simply be notified about new listings from these sellers, or do I have to set up specific searches for them?



Bidding & Buying discussion

Quick question.  I sent an item to a customer.  I required a signature.  Tracking shows for the last two days that the customer wasn't home, so they couldn't deliver it.  If by chance the customer doesn't arrange to get the package and it is returned to me, what happens then?



Shipping & Returns question

Jan 22, 2015 8:59:04 AM PT

Customer wasn't home

what is happend

if I win auction with no international shipping or ship to usa only  ?

I am outside usa



ebay help say

 Don't bid on identical items in different listings if you only want one item. If you win both, you'll be obligated to buy both


 If you're outbid on an item, wait until the listing has ended before placing a bid on an equivalent item. If the bidder who won doesn't complete the transaction for any reason, you could become the winning bidder



how long wait before place a bid in another auction when I am outbid?  and how to find out I have no obligations from previous action?


Shipping & Returns question

I had an item listing (said I had 10 avaiable) and selected first class shipping as the method. Someone just bought all 10 of them. Since they're too heavy to all ship by first class mail, I need to ship by Priority Mail (still USPS). This isn't an issue at all is it? Considering Priority is usually faster anyway. But the buyer cannot "get me in trouble" for this can they? It's a long story but the buyer is fishy and I am doing everything I can to protect mysefl.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 24, 2015 2:41:18 PM PT

Shipping method for multiple quantities

I bought this bag "Coach" bag and matching key chain/coin pouch online. I tried to look it up by the number on the creed but it only brought up 2 bags but this one just leaves me a little uneasy. as always thanks in advance for your help,

also, have you ever heard of any fake Cole Hann bags. I though I read on the board that they haven'r made those yet ? is that a true statement ? thanks again





Fashion discussion

I just received a promotion for free listings, but excludes relists. Can I use sell similar even though it is the same item or is this against policy? 


Selling question

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but I've been trying to figure it out for the past 30 minutes and simply can't. If I'm selling an item, how do I choose a Flat Rate Priority Mail box as my shipping option instead of a calculated shipping option? I see the options for Flat Rate Envelopes, but what do I do if I want to ship a medium or large package with Flat Rate boxes?

Buying & Selling Basics question



How to pay for fees from selling an item? My currency is in PLN ( polish zloty) and ebay only accept EUR and USD. I can not change my options for automatic fee payment and for one time payment.


Thank you

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 1:28:54 AM PT

how to pay fees from selling

Hi all, I'm still relatively new to eBay and learning the ropes so I'd like some feedback on whether any other sellers are experiencing slow-paying buyers the last couple of weeks. I sell my items as an auction, with a BIN price to give buyers the most flexibility; some choose the BIN price but most bid on the auction. When they win, they typically pay relatively soon, usually that same day and rarely, a day later. This past week, almost every single sale has gone on two, three or even four days before they pay with two unpaid item cases opened in the last week, one unresolved and the transaction cancelled. Anyone else seeing this? 


As a side note, how do you gently and tactfully encourage buyers to pay for their items in a timely manner? When I buy from sellers, I always pay as soon as I possibly can, usually within minutes; I think that's just being courteous. I wish some buyers understood that this is my income and by taking a long time to pay, they not only deprive me of income that supports my family, but deprives other buyers from a chance at that item. 


Thanks for any advice. 

Selling question

Jan 22, 2015 10:56:57 PM PT

Anyone else have slow-paying buyers lately?

A buyer has offered to "buy it now" if I will hold the purchase until Feb 5th for payment? That is 2 weeks? Do sellers do this kind of thing?

Bidding & Buying question

I had a buyer purchase 3 license plates then returned two. One had a tiny mark you  you could hardly see  and I did not see it when I listed the item and the other one had a couple of pieces of the bubble wrap that I wrapped the plates in stuck to the plastic film on the LP where I had removed the price tag.  I told them they could take a piece of tape and hold it over the bubble wrap and it would remove the little pieces.  But they returned it and I refunded the money for both LP's.  I blocked them from bidding on anything else and yet I had some things just come off my site and they won two more LP's.  Now what do I do.  I don't want to sell them to them and have not sent them an invoice.  Thanks for your help

Selling question

Hi everyone.

I am new in selling and I have the following problem which I cannot understand why it is happening.


I can see my listings only when I search from my mobile android phone. I can't find them when I search from any computer I have tried. I know that it could take up to 24 hours for the listing to be searchable but it is now 4 days that I have listed my items.


Thanks in advance for any suggestion?



Selling question


Selling discussion

Here is a Nightmare story for You all. This is my recent experience with a buyer and PayPal. This is what you All face selling on eBay. Almost 2 months ago I sold a $2400 item. The buyer asked me before I shipped it to France that I put Lower customs value on label. I did not answer them because I do not do this, so when they received the item they immediately sent me a $850 PayPal money request. Oh no I said to myself, what's happening now. They wrote me a message and said the item came and that they incurred a $650 customs charge because of the amount stated. They said because of this I needed to give them $850 back as per the PayPal money request. They did not explain the $200 extra but to say if I questioned this they would open a not as described case against me and eBay and or PayPal would decide in their favor and I would receive a Dead item back. Boy I should have listened to them. Aside from absolute blackmail they called me every name in the book as well as a dirty American. Blown away I never gave them a dime back as I do not give in to blackmail. Boom they went to PayPal and opened a not as described case. After a week Of course PayPal who 100% sides with the buyer, asked them to send it back to me. 3 weeks later they upload a tracking number. As a buyer I am only given 7 days to provide a tracking but hey they were given 20 days because hey it's paypal France. So three days ago the huge package arrived at my door and I opened it in front of my store security and a postal employee to find a piece of SLATE instead of my porcelain charger and wood frame. I cut my hand open ripping it out of the bubble wrap literally crying at this criminal deception. I immediately called PayPal and explained it to them letting them know I had pictures and witnesses to this even. The Box was not the original box shipped to them and could not have contained the frame and charger as well as it weighing half the weight. I explained this to PayPal and the rep said no problem I would be taken care of. 1 hour later I get 5 emails saying after an investigation they have Found in the BUYERS favor. So this criminal French buyer who also sells on eBay (just ask me there name) steals my item and gets all his money back. Me, I am out of $2400 and countless hours of time, energy, etc etc. I am telling you All that this is truly how PayPal treats its sellers. It's US against them. What did the PayPal senior account rep tell me. They told me because a buyer first opens up a case it's me proving my innocence because I'm guilty because they opened a case. The most sad ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Simce when does a Seller open up a case of not as described. I was blackmailed and then robbed and what do I get from PayPal the partner I have worked with for 16 years. A slap in the face. I have actually cried about this as I have a family to take care of and we are struggling to get by, Thank you PayPal for standing by me.

Selling discussion

I brought an item, the seller never shipped item. the tracking information is showing a label created. Nothing updated. I filed for a refund and will not be allowed to escalate until jan 29. The issue that concerns me is the seller lied about shipping it after they said they would. They never shipped it out on the 13 because they said they were ill and would ship it out on the weekend of january 16, 2014. So they lied and I have the message to prove it, and seller has the audacity to lie.

I will escalate on jan 29, 2014 its just the issue of them lying and they now said something else interesting that they *called USPS and they state it takes 14 days to file a lost shipment claim until January 29." That is the same day I have to wait to escalate the claim, clearly the seller is lying.



The tracking information clearly shows usps label was created. Any body can create a tracking label that doesn't prove they shipped it out. So now apparently the item is lost sounds bogus. Seller's message to me

Seller's message:
"i shipped it, there is a tracking number. what more can i do for you?"


I am saying to myself hmm. I paid for the item, if it got lost via post mail, its not my fault.

Of course the item is not shipped, tracking proves otherwise. tracking number here




I know I have to wait to escalate to january 29, 2014 but the seller is a ball faced liar. I am going to have to escalate, the issue is they are liars, and they don't deserve to be a seller on ebay. Thats why I made this post. hmm I caught them in they own lie.


How can something be shipped if you stated you shipped on the 13 when in fact you said you were ill and would ship on the weekend of the 16 when they clearly stated this. Liar they can not be trusted. bottom line. I hope others dont get caught up in this sellers lies. o well they probably will go through the same thing I did, waiting for their item to be shipped and never will receive item, yet they continue to sell other items and lie they shipped it when I know they didn't. hmm

In the end the seller is wasting my time. They also don't have a problem buying other items on ebay I noticed and selling other items. I don't get why the seller is acting like its my fault and clearly lied they shipped the item out when they didn't. They have a pretty good record selling stuff but I did catch them in a lie. Just shocking since their feedback seems ok. Except for a few blemishes its beyond me they would lie.



Selling question

I bid on a quilt this morning and tried to cancel my bid with 15 minutes of bidding. I cantacted the seller via email explaining that I bid too quickly and after looking more thoroghly at the pictures decided that the quilt is not as old as I want and is larger than most vintage quiltsThe auction doesn't end for 5 days so chances are that others will bid. I haven't heard anything from the.seller. Any suggestions?

I always allow cancellations on my sale items especially if a buyer emails and explains.


Bidding & Buying question

Jan 24, 2015 2:31:24 PM PT

trying to cancel a bid

the seller cancelled my order after she had shipped to me then ebay refunded what I had paid item arrived who pays to ship back to the seller?

Shipping & Returns question

I got the priority mail packaging free from usps. Now I want to ship my 1st item and the first class is less than 2 dollars, and prioeity is over 5.00. Do I have to print out shipping lables and pay posdtage for priority to use this envelope? Or will first class pkg be ok?

Shipping & Returns question

Is there a straightforward way to return to the page I was looking at after I've emailed a seller with a question? The page offers several options, like "go to my ebay" but nothing like what I'm looking for, such as "continue shopping" or "continue your selected search." It's cumbersome to have to hit the "Back" button multiple times, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to return directly to the page showing the product I'd asked a question about.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I am purchasing an Iphone 6 but I am having a second thought of the seller's statement.  He did not want me to pay through paypal but hi proposal below:  Is this legit?  Does Ebay offer this service?  Please help.


" I propose to close the deal trough eBay, since they are the biggest and the most trustworthy online market place. Basically, it's similar to buying locally. In the way that we make the deal you will receive first the package with 2 units iPhone 6 64GB and you have 7 days available to check and to decide if you keep them or not. For payment we will use eBay bank account. eBay will contact you on email with the Payment Invoice. eBay will contact us (seller and buyer) with payment and delivery instruction.
You will have to pay eBay using bank account. The money will be sent to their holding account, and they will keep the money until you will receive the iPhone's. After they inform me that they have secured your payment into their account, I'll deliver the iPhone's to your address and pay the shipping myself. After you will test it, inspect it for 7 days and decide to keep it, they will forward the money to me once you have approved them to do so. If you won't like or if it is not as advertised, which I can assure you it won't be the case because this is new in perfect working condition the iPhone's will be returned to me at my expense and you get full refund from eBay.
To register the deal at eBay I need from you these info: eBay user ID, full name, address, city, zip code, country and your phone number . As soon you give me these details I will register the deal and eBay will send us invoices.
Waiting your reply."


Buying & Selling Basics question

Im thinking someone is useing my photos,,,  what are the steps to add a water mark to my photos,,,, Thanks for any help

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 22, 2015 3:20:50 PM PT

How do i add water mark to my photos

I am trying to research an item I want to buy but I can't find any feedback on this exact item in the sellers feedback profile. Does eBay offer any specific searches so I can find feedback for an item that the seller has already sold? It would be awesome if they did, even though reading a sellers' feedback in general is great, I want to know about the exact item I want to buy.<P>If not, does anyone know who I can talk to about this issue? I think it would make buyers' decisions so much better and help eBay get rid of bad/scam sellers and make it a better, more opinionated place to buy.<P> Any help would be appreciated!<P>Thank you!<P>Thomas Ianello

Buying & Selling Basics question

Does eBay allow an avon car that still has mens cologne in it? I checked and saw some that were listed with the cologne, but I was thinking we couldn't send perfume. Thanks!

Selling question

Jan 24, 2015 7:41:52 PM PT

Men's avon cologne

When using turbo lister my images are switching to black and white. I don't think I have done anything diffrent. I use infran view to edit and batch resize then write my listings and add pictures. Been doing it the same way for a few weeks. Am I missing something"?

Tools & Apps question

Jan 22, 2015 5:09:36 PM PT

images switching to black and white


I have a buyer that purchase one of my items using Buy It Now. He paid for it right away (he didn't have to). Now he is bidding on another item. I haven't printing up the shipping label for the first item yet, I would like to combine shipping in the item he already paid for with the other item, if he should he win it. How can I do this? Will it hurt me as a seller to not ship the item (which he already paid for) until the other auction is over? It will be a delay of 7 days. He has agreed to have me wait, I just don't know the correct procedure within ebay.

Shipping & Returns question

I just won an auction for a new makeup powder. After I won, the seller sent me a message telling me that it's been used & that her little sister must've touched it and asked me what I'd like to do. In the meantime, before I read the message, it's been mailed out according to the tracking number. I haven't received the item, and I don't know what level of use/damage has been done to the product nor any health information about whoever might've used the product. But I wish the seller would've waited for my response. I don't like the idea of a used product, but I already paid.

Selling question

As a buyer, where can I see all the feedbacks I sent to all the sellers from whom I had purchased somthing in the past.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 24, 2015 4:23:35 AM PT

Where are all my feedbacks

I was contacted by a customer who said he owned the copyright to one snippet of a variety show clip show on a used DVD. He said the DVD was unauthorized  and and I had no right to sell it? What gives?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Potential buyer asked if I had a buy it now price as she was anxious to receive the item. I did not, but I checked ebay community and then responded that if she was the first bidder I would end the auction and mail the item priority mail. This is the third time I've listed the item and I am anxious to sell. At that time she was the only one watching. By the time she responded there were 3 watchers with another buyer asking about the item. When she messaged me again I told her I would still follow through and once she bid, I would end the auction. She then responded with she needed to check something and would like to have my phone number to ask more questions. I didn't lie in telling her I was going out for the evening, but I don't want to share my phone number unless necessary to resolve a problem. I feel like I've been accommodating for this buyer. Am I missing something here? 

Selling question

Jan 22, 2015 12:22:21 PM PT

buyer is asking for my phone number

After an auction ends am I suppose to send an invoice or does the buyer pay on his own? This is the first time I'm using auctions.

Selling discussion

Jan 23, 2015 10:54:59 PM PT

Question about after auction ends.

Oops, I made a mistake in my last post. If I purchase something on ebay and pay with a credit card that is processed by Paypal, can the SELLER or ANYONE ELSE see my Credit Card Number? Or is it kept totally private?

Payments question

I received two memory sticks via first c lass mail from a JERRY ZHAO IN MARYLAND, package appears to be from eBAY.  There is an ebay invoice/packing slip in with items. 

My Account question

I am a new seller who has already learned some lessons the hard way (like accepting a return that included a threat because a buyer damaged the item; little did I know that this would count as a defect toward ME.) So I am trying to avoid another problem by posting here.


  1. In early January, one buyer bought 2 identical t-shirts (about $12 ea), and I received 2 PayPal payments.
  2. Moments later, I purchased postage and included a note to the buyer stating I was shipping both t-shirts in the same package.
  3. Shortly thereafter I made my daily trek to the post office and dropped off all my packages.
  4. Later that evening I received an email from the buyer asking for a refund for one shirt because he said he did not order two shirts, he ordered one.
  5. I immedialtey replied stating that I received payments for 2 shirts. I added that had I not already mailed the shirts, I would have refunded him and shipped one shirt only.
  6. I wrote that he can return the shirt, and I'll issue a refund upon receipt, but he must pay for return postage. I also added that if PayPal made a mistake (by submitting the order twice), he could contact them and see if they will cover the return postage. I asked him to let me know when he is mailing it and send me the tracking number, but I didn't hear anything until the other day, and I did not hear from him, I heard from eBay.
  7. The message from eBay is that "there is a problem" with one of my orders and a return has been started. The buyer listed his reason as he "no longer needs it."
  8. I have two questions (at the moment)
  • Will this return be counted as a defect?
  • Does anyone know why a buyer would stop communicating with me and involve eBay? While I can't get into the inner workings of his mind, I do wonder if he thought he would have better results if he involved eBay? I thought buyers and/or sellers were to involve eBay only if the two parties couldn't reach a resolution.

I have no problem issuing the refund. But I do not and will not issue refunds for items that I have not received. This is one time that I wish I didn't ship quickly! I don't want people to be unhappy with their shopping experiences with me. Of course, I am also worried that he will leave me negative feedback, too. But that is another problem - perhaps there is something I can do proactively to prevent that?





My Account question

Jan 22, 2015 11:09:51 PM PT

is a return a defect?

Hello all,


Just made this account here on Ebay since I was looking for an item for quite some time now and I found out several sellers with it in this website.

I live in Brazil and most of the sellers are in Japan; they all provide free, economy or standard shipping, but since Im an impatient person and kind of want the item for yesterday, I was wondering if there is an option of selecting another shipping method such an Express one (paying, of course, any fees necessary for that change) after adding to cart and pressing the buy button since I dont want to try for myself and commit to buy it and then realize that no other shipping ways are avaiable. Im in need of veterans help here.


Thank you for your consideration.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 24, 2015 10:17:19 AM PT

New to Ebay, couple of questions.

My seller dashboard for 'tracking uploaded and validated by seller' has dropped everyday this week. It went from over 99% to less than 90% today. There have been NO missed tracking downloads of ANY transactions, and the tracking shows packages are being delivered just fine. The total for "uploads" has not increased ONE NUMBER all week.


This has happened on all 4 of my seller accounts. There is something DRASTICALLY wrong with eBay's system. If you have not checked your dashboard this week, you should do that now.

My Account question

Am I understanding this correctly..... The only way to avoid insertion fees is to keep within your number of listings each month.... Don't offer fixed listings unless there is a promotion???
This is frustrating as I don't want to only have auction listings. And all these listing fees are adding up.
I am increasing my sales each month so I have a lot of final fees on top of all the insertions fees.
Am I missing something? I am drowning in all these fees.
Thanks for any advice on this subject

My Account question

Jan 24, 2015 12:18:53 AM PT

Avoiding insertion fees.

The purchase history and listings disappeared from my account. 

Is it my problem only or all users were affected?

My Account question

Jan 24, 2015 1:57:10 PM PT

Purchase history is missing.

I never even saw this but I realized my unsold items never ever end up as unsold.  I'd like to see the announcement but I couldn't that one.

Selling question

I have never shipped out of country before, had a buyer message me asking if I would ship to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Is it covered under eBays new Global Shipping Program? If so it wouldnt cost any more to ship there than anywhere in the USA under this program would it?

Selling question


I had an auction of some new shoes that I had bought. They had the original package and I've got the original receipt as proof that I bought them. From the auction photos you could see the shoes were new, original, never worn and also with the original box. The sole is suede, therefore if worn even once you could clearly see the marks (which was not the case) as I got photos from the bottom and sides.

Buyer got the shoes and started to complain that they were damage, not genuine and used. Which was absoultely false accusations. I asked for an evidence and clearly said that I don't accept returns. I've never got any photo as proof and a case was opened.

Went to resolution center and now Ebay is asking the buyer to return the shoes and for me to give a refund!! Why should I give a refund when I clearly mentioned no refunds? Also now I'll probably get some damange and used shoes. Is this normal to happen?
What are my options?

Why should I trust eBay in this case?

Thank you and Regards.

Shipping & Returns question

what can i do if i am from Egypt and pay pal can not send money to my country i ask the buyer  to transfer money or pay by wire money about item he won it in auction he put the trust between us he require first to send and shipping item before he send a money what i can i do ? and i ask him to cancel this transaction he said when i put my item in listing i must to send it to him if he won it and i must keep my part on the contract EeBay  and send my item to him if there any side on eBay responsible i can send my item to him and reassures like description then he can paid  to me thank you . 

Payments question

Jan 23, 2015 2:45:56 PM PT

what can i do ?

Does indexing always take an hour or more or is it sometimes much faster? I have noticed that some listings get well over the 2 obligatory bot views within minutes after submission.

Selling discussion

Jan 23, 2015 10:23:18 AM PT

Regarding Indexing and Views

Am I still aloted the 50 free listings per month with free but it now added to them after i purchase a basic store?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Seller http://www.ebay.com/usr/picknpullsa?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 is auctioning off Muffler Bearings. These do not exist. Muffler systems do not have any moving parts, and do not require bearings in any way shape or form. This indivudal is selling something that flat out does not exist.


The Ebay reporting system has nothing in the way of reporting this. How would I go about it?

Bidding & Buying question

First time on this portion of E-Bay. Don't know what I am doing exactly but am upset. Just had a seller admit to me that he was bidding against me (I was the only other person bidding) on an item he was listing. If I am lucky I may be able to get out of the deal. Don't want to do business with someone like that. The problem is that I KNOW this has happened to me before in other cases but I only had "suspicions", no proof. How do you verify this is happening and is it a legitimate action for these people to do this?  If it is, color me "gone".  Somewhere on here (Can't find it now.), think it was a large item like a vehicle, pretty sure the comment said it was illegal in some states, which I can undderstand if it is something like a car. But this was small stuff. Please help.


Bidding & Buying question

I bought a watch (from a seller I'd purchased from previously with no problems) which was defective. I contacted the seller to ask for a refund; he begged me to let him fix the watch. I sent the watch back to him to fix, and waited a couple of weeks to see how it was going. He said it was ready but could he send it after Christmas/New Year to avoid possible loss in the mail. I said "okay", and contacted him on (about) January 5th to send the watch - which he did. When the watch arrived I find that the problem hasn't been fixed and is still defective. So: I contact the seller again to notify him and to ask for a refund (again) - No reply. I contacted him again asking him if he'd received my previous e-mail (all through eBay) . . .  still no reply.


So I go to the eBay Resolution Center. Problem is, I find it incredibly difficult to navigate in order to find an answer to my specific question and my specific situation - it seems I just keep going around in circles, each time ending up at the same place. I would really appreciate some help from anyone. Many thanks.



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I have all my unsold listings in DRAFT.  Now how do I "Sell Similar" all these listings.

If I just finish them I will be charged a relisting fee, but no fee if I sell similar?


Selling question

Am I allowed to change my eBay ID using the same charge card?

My Account question

This sugar bowl is marked Villeroy & Boch Luxembourg Depuis 1748 and has a "2" pressed in.  Can anyone help me with the pattern name?  Thanks so much, eBayers!  Appreciate it very much.

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Jan 24, 2015 1:19:44 PM PT

help with villeroy & boch pattern

options say

Estimated within 7 business days

Shipping & Returns question

I have a customer who didn't pay me in a timely fashion so I opened UPI claims. She paid within 24 hours of the claims being opened. She emailed me asking to bid on some of my items and I said okay as long as she understood she needed to pay most promptly. Well, apparently she can't bid on my items as she is being blockedas per my buyer settings. My question is does she get a strike even though the UPI's were closed by eBay for payment? I thought you only got a strike if you didn't pay at all. Is it possible she hasn't paid someone else? Thanks for any information.

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I have a large priority mail box it's not flat rate box. My question is can I use Large package option for my postage to print a label? I want to make sure this would be the correct option to use and buying the correct postage.


Any suggestions would be great 


Thank you so much

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 22, 2015 10:07:16 AM PT

Large priority pkg on shipping labels

I got restricted from listing for seven days because of a mispelled word in my listing. Leaves me Waundering I am in the process of investing a lot of money but this really has me thinkin maybe I dont need to .If I get kicked off for something like this I would be out of luck . I guess my question is should I be worried

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