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Collectibles & Art discussion


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 22, 2015 12:57:59 PM PT

Does Anyone Recognize this English Fox?



I have 3 pieces of art I need help with. Only two are some type of pottery, but I'm hoping someone might recognize the maker's name the (third item) on the wrought iron figure.

I'd like to know who made these items, approx age, style name etc.

Any info you can give me would be great.





6.5" high





7.5 High






6" high, made out of iron? Mainly wondering what makers name is





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion




Hello, could anyone help me figure out if this is real or not. Thank you for your time.





Fashion discussion

Apr 23, 2015 2:38:48 PM PT

real or fake Coach

I saw a listing and wanted more picutres.  The seller had hist email address in the details, so I emailed him directoy asked for more picutres of specific things.


He then pulled the listing and asked for personal information, and of course I didn't play that game.


I want to be able to report the member, but the listing is gone and I can't find it.


I can't find a way to contact ebay about potential seller fraud.


Here is the exchange:


GmailGregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>

Ramirez on ebay
7 messages

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 3:17 PM
To: *****@gmail.com
Hey, can you show me a picture of the full label?  It doesn't sound like it's actually a 1A.

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 2:22 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
The item is already at shipping company ready to be shipped.
If you want to buy it now for the price of $3500 with shipping and handling included, i will need your full name, address(shipping address) and username so i can contact the eBay team to let them know about our transaction, and after they will approve it, you will receive an invoice containing all the steps that you need to follow for this to be a safe and fast transaction. Also a phone number is required where you can be found at any hour(cell phone). My auction is 14 days money back guarantee (if it's not like we agreed, or broken you will receive the money back). I can ship in 3 days, and please let me know if we can arrange a deal
[Quoted text hidden]

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 9:53 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>
I don't see the item on ebay any more.  Is it still there?
[Quoted text hidden]

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 10:34 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
Yes sir the item is ready to be shipped...
If you want to buy it now for the price of $3500 with shipping and handling included, i will need your full name, address(shipping address) and username so i can contact the eBay team to let them know about our transaction, and after they will approve it, you will receive an invoice containing all the steps that you need to follow for this to be a safe and fast transaction. Also a phone number is required where you can be found at any hour(cell phone). My auction is 14 days money back guarantee (if it's not like we agreed, or broken you will receive the money back). I can ship in 3 days, and please let me know if we can arrange a deal
[Quoted text hidden]

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 10:35 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>
I can't find it today for some reason.  Will you link me to the item or provide the item number?
[Quoted text hidden]

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 4:52 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
I stopped the auction for you. Now i wait your e-mail with your fullname and shipping address so i can contact eBay to finish this transaction.
thank you


Sent from my iPad

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 6:36 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>

Sorry, I'm not falling for that.  Good luck with your scamming.

[Quoted text hidden]

Bidding & Buying discussion

OK..here's another oil painting on canvas that I have.  This time I can read the signature (Walton).  I have looked that up and cannot find this identical painting.  I'm trying to find the actual name of the print.  There's a similar one for sale on Ebay, but it's a lady by a lake.  Anyone?  Thanks so much in advance.

005 (1024x768).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 23, 2015 12:53:47 AM PT

Title of oil painting signed by Walton

Hi everyone! I'm hoping that one of you experts will recognize the feature stone in these earrings. I appreciate your opinions and your time.






I didn't realize how blurry that was until I inserted it. Let me know if you need a better shot.  Thanks!

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 22, 2015 8:26:48 PM PT

This piece has me stumped! Help!

I took this out of the bag it was stored in to possibly list it, and 1 piece was chipped off. Should have been in a box...  Bummed!


Anyway, the turquoise is real, but I would not know what to call this type of necklace set this way if I still decide to list it. I do not remember even seeing one like this where it is cut into arrow shapes. Also, anyone know what tribe or area of the Southwest?




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I would appreciate any help.  The basket measures, 13.25" dia., at the opening X 6.75" tall X 9" dia. bottom.  Is is purely decorative or would it have a utilitarian purpose?  Thanks, to anyone trying to help.Picture 24296.jpgPicture 24292.jpgPicture 24293.jpg  

Collectibles & Art discussion

Let me know if authentic ... Thank you in advance, Will






Again thank you, Will

Fashion discussion

Apr 22, 2015 7:01:51 AM PT

Need help authenticating an LV handbag



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I've got an antique etching (engraving?) dated 1898.  I can't make out the artist's name, or the pencil writing underneath.  There is an embossed seal featurning the head of an animal underneath it to the left. 


ZZ79 004.JPG


ZZ79 005.JPG



Antiques and Research


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I was revising an item on eBay (something I RARELY do... and I clicked this option at the bottom just to see what it did:


Add remove options.jpg


Now understand I do NOT have IPR clicked anywhere on my listing or in my third party listed... I don't want it, I can't stand it... in fact I hate the farding thing...


BUT... When I clicked that option this is what I found under the payment tab... WTH!!!!


IPR clicked here but not on the main page.jpg



So I went and checked a few others.... they are ALLLLLLL checked... and they aren't showing in the payment section as being checked...


Am I going to have to go through every single listing every time I list something to UNcheck this stupid thing?!?!?

Selling discussion



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!




                   POST AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Bought this awhile back in California.

Hand laced suede panels. Fringe details with glass beads & feathers.

Bone buttons (possibly antler horns), each one individually cut.

What do I have here & what is the value range?

Is it Native American or vtg 70s Rich hippie (a la Cher)


Collectibles & Art discussion

Found a jar of junk jewelry at TS.  Anyone see anything interesting? Know what the DBH/BDH/BHD stands for?  The ring is adjustable faux leather with enamel butterfly marked "N".  Earring at bottom have lion charm. Think there's a complete picture later!



Shell earrings with gold gilt.  Acrylic stones? Fossil watch.




Glass Micro mosiac.  This stumps me--See sold from 3.00 to 4000.  This is a keychain.  M/N Italia on pendant 

Patent Made in Italy on keychain ring.  Haven't fount that mark anywhere. Much shinier than picture.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 24, 2015 1:22:22 PM PT

Jar of stuff!

Can someone tell me if this is real or just a tourist piece? The long pole has a cheap, hollow bamboo rod feel making me think it's a cheap copy, but the needles/darts look pretty real to me. I had a antique bow & quiver w/arrows before & they had the same metal tips. But what are the cotton like balls on the ends for? To hold poison? Seems like it would make precise shooting difficult.

Finally, any ideas where this is from?

Thanks, I appreciate any help.


PS - The 2nd photo is of the long pole where it came apart as I was trying to figure out what it felt like/was made of - it is made of a thin hollow wood, but this also looks more real than fake to me?















Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 22, 2015 7:18:22 PM PT


For instance...what shape is this, lol? Layered rhinestone and molded glass brooch is all I got! Looks maybe floral?



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 23, 2015 6:31:20 PM PT

Any KW help appreciated!

This is in Adobe Reader or Chrome Embedded or Firefox 


Or I changed to different computer, the same result. 


PDF on eBay Side generated incorrectly. How to fix it? 



4-22-2015 8-47-51 PM.jpg

Selling discussion

Morning all!!   


We have a special lady (kinda in our midst) that is having a BIRTHDAY Sat April 24.


I know it`s a day early, but want to have plenty of time for all our joolies to  pop in with wishes for her special day tomorrow!


Her name is Miz Lillian & she is our own Tex`s mama!  I won`t divulge her age (will leave that up to Tex) but we should all be so lucky! :catwink:



Isn`t she a doll???


Miz LILLIAN Tex Mom.jpg




Soooooo..Miz Lillian..to start your celebration.. wishing you a  Happy & Blessed birthday with some flowers for you.  :heart:



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

new 369.JPGnew 371.JPG

new 379.JPGnew 373.JPGnew 383.JPG


Cloisonne??? I think I see the metal partitions  I do not know what the ivory colored material is and it looks like real wood inlay on the top  My smeller is not that good but I don't think I detect that it's been used  The interior is blackened, sorta  I think it is so pretty and I do not even smoke!  What is your opinion on age, origin and anything else that would help me list these properly?  Thank you in advance for your infinite wisdom  I love learning this stuff...........

Antiques discussion

Just trying to find out if this piece should be used as a flower pot or listed on ebay, I realize it has no lid. It would make a beautiful flower pot, once the leaves fill out the top it will look like a relic with flowers growing out of it. 


Thanks in advance for any help!




The writing on the bottom appears to say AMARNA or AMARNO then Jerusalem.









Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 22, 2015 8:46:52 AM PT

old stone pot

I recently purchased these 2 items at an estate sale. I was hoping someone could help me with age, maker, style - especially with the coffee set. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


First is this frog vase. It is unmarked and I haven't a guess on age. It's about 9 x 6 1/2 inches wide.





Next is this tea or coffee set. I'm assuming coffee. It reminds me of India. Is there a name for this type of pot? It stands 16 1/2 inches. To my untrained eye, it reminds me of the 1960s or 1970s. Again, any thoughts?  





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

there is no doubt in my mind the mini pitcher is NOT that old...

it is crudely made and wonder if perhaps a student piece?...

the initials on the bottom could look like: REE...

it is about 3" tall...

what do you think?


as for the tile it is 4.4" by 4.4"...

it is new, old?


any info would be appreciated...



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi, Is anyone familiar with this mark?  I checked the art-amerindien.com site and did not see it under pictoral marks or under the M section.  Any help with the mark or other sites to check is appreciated.  For a second I thought the Sterling stamp might be a name, but I think it is just Sterling weirdly overstamped with Sterling.


This has also been posted on the Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group, with no replies so far.


Thanks !







Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Apr 24, 2015 12:35:01 PM PT

Help with mark on Native American pendant

Can anyone please tell me what type of wood this is? It had a small strip of paper that said Made In Indonesia - so maybe Cypress?

A friend found it in a storage auction he won & sold it to me for only $80!  I want to know what kind of wood it is so I can figure out it's value.

Thanks, I appreciate any help.





AA TABLE TREE TRUNK 3A resized.jpg


AA TABLE TREE TRUNK 4+resized.jpg


Home & Garden discussion


Need help w unusual wrought iron 6" high Italian figure. made in Italy.

Trying to find out who the artist is, supposedly he or she is a well known artist. Any ideas, I certainly can't make out the signature.

I believe its made of wrought iron.

Any info on maker, age, etc would be great.








Vintage discussion


I have 2 pieces I need some help with.

#1 is a glossy porcelain piece witn an impressed mark - I can only make out the ampersand symbol not the letters. It is 4 1/4"L x 3 1/2"H.

#2 is a bulldog figure on the British Flag. some kind of molded (?) porcelain maybe.

Any ideas or information is appreciated.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hey All,


Its been a long time since I have been around and I am happy to see there is still some sort of doll board. I went on toys and hobbies and saw a link here.  I

am wondering if anyone knows which doll this belongs to as its not on the box I was thinking maybe lissy, or elise? It measures approx 13.5"x13.5". I went thru many of my books and did not see it there. Also did some searches etc. no hits. Thanks in advance for any help.






Dolls discussion


I need help, I wanna buy this tray but I have no idea if t is real or not, they claim it is and it tested positive for silver. it is hallmarked 0900 and weighs 4.2 POUNDS. any help would be great!!







Collectibles & Art discussion


Thanks So much!! I don't know much about Burberry bags... but this one feels it has very good quality! I just really need to double check....




Fashion discussion

Apr 24, 2015 11:43:21 AM PT

Need help authenticating a Burberry handbag

Hi I need help to find out info info that you might know about this painting and artist signature.  Country of origin ect. It is on canvas and about 23"X20". Thanks so much. RAAPHDS.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Collectibles & Art discussion

Each of these bookends (I think they are bookends)  measures 4 3/4" wide, 3 1/2" tall and 2 1/4" thick. They are a mustard yellow color and the clay is white. They are unmarked and have crazing. The flowers look like daisies and a tulip, though I had thought water lily because it looked like a lily pad behind them. I haven't had any luck searching for art pottery bookends with those type of flowers. I was hoping someone might recognize them. Thanks for any info or suggestions!


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello: Anyone familiar with perfume bottles? This has an art glass base in pink and white. The metal atomizer parts look like they were made by Devilbiss. True? My concern is that this looks very new. It is in perfect condition and the glass style looks new to me. Remember, though, I am NO glass expert. Can anyone help me with this?










It's 8" tall.


Thanks so much!



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 24, 2015 2:40:24 PM PT

Devilbiss? Perfume Bottle Help Please


Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 23, 2015 12:54:46 PM PT

Can anyone help identify this vase, TYVM.

This is a beautiful teapot and i have several other peices with this same maker's marks. Do you know the maker. Thanks so much for any help.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Here's hoping the art experts are out there today!  I got this really nice painting (when you can paint the cows realistically it's a nice painting!) today at my local thrift store, but I can't make out the signature. The name is written really small, but the writing is nice - like they've signed their name a few times before. So I'm hoping if you can't make out the letters, maybe someone recognizes the style or look of the signature. 

PS - I see Stomenotos, but nothing comes when I google that.

Thanks, I appreciate any help with this.










Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 23, 2015 2:44:15 PM PT


When I try to print invoices, I just get a blank screen with the following message:


Sorry, unable to access one or more sale records. Please refresh the screen and try again.


Anyone else having this problem?

Selling question

Apr 22, 2015 4:01:47 PM PT

Unable to print invoices

Hi, Is anyone familiar with this mark?  I checked the art-amerindien.com site and did not see it under pictoral marks or under the M section.  Any help with the mark or other sites to check is appreciated.  For a second I thought the Sterling stamp might be a name, but I think it is just Sterling weirdly overstamped with Sterling.


Thanks !







Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 23, 2015 12:54:08 PM PT

Help with mark on Native American pendant

Normally I can see them pretty definatively but tonight I can't decide if they are figure 8's or not. Something just looks "off" to me. I dunno, maybe it is just the angle of them!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 24, 2015 5:05:24 PM PT

Figure 8"s?

Hope I can get some help with a few EAPG id's  I was active here for a short while about a year ago but had to stop. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've done a lot of searching and found id's for quite a few pieces but these I can't seem to place. Thanks for looking.sstop    IMG_7555.JPGIMG_7552.JPGIMG_7550.JPGIMG_7553.JPGIMG_7544.JPGIMG_7541.JPGIMG_7546.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 24, 2015 5:13:33 PM PT


 vintage lion rope artistic looking it is old can someone tell me origin and or maker cant figure this one out 89_mc5u.jpg49_jwv8.jpg89_mc5u.jpg

Antiques discussion

Apr 23, 2015 4:54:51 PM PT

vintage lion rope artistic mystery


I picked this up for $.50 at a church sale the shoulder strap is missing but i love it anyways. It is rugged and i love the color. I think it must be a fake for the price or did i get lucky? Any ideas? Thank you kindly for your time :smileyhappy:

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 23, 2015 12:29:51 PM PT

Real or fake Coach



I hope this will be the last time I need to bother you sterling gurus, but can anyone identify this pattern?


And many thanks for all the help you have given me.


Antiques discussion



This is the next to the last sterling piece I need help identifying.  Anyone recognize?




Antiques discussion

Step 1. put necesary information and click "Request a return".  Home > My eBay > Request a return. URL is below.




Step2. Got following webpage. I did the same 24 hours ago and I still see the same issue now. Please fix this issue so that I can make a request. I did this with two different networks. e.g. home and company. Both did not work. I got the same error.



Shipping & Returns question

Apr 22, 2015 6:35:32 PM PT

"Request a return" page does not work

IMG_0547.jpgIMG_0545.jpgThe first one, The picture"Venice" is an authentic antique etching by F. Farkas.  With tilted towers in corner. Sold 5/13/2011. There is a very small tear on the bottom right near the artist name. 

The second one is the famous Castle Garth part of Newcastle-0n-Tyne by C. Manning done before 1889.  I found  a lot of photos for this scene around this date in flicker basically identical to the painting with different people.  None had the painters name of C. Manning.  I am totally lost when it comes to these pictures.  Any help with any pricing, so I can list them would be greatly appreciated.  I am at my moms going through years of collections of a lot of mysteries.

Tools & Apps question

I realize that many Ebay sellers are frustrated with the shenanigans pulled on them by dishonest, stupid, mean buyers. I sympathize with all of you who have been abused by these scoundrels. But what about when the tables are turned? I've been  an Ebay member since the 90's and have purchased many items and bid on many more. Recently, I bought 2 items on different auctions from the same seller. She claimed to send them in the same package, but only 1 of them was enclosed when I received it. The seller was unresponsive, so I opened a claim with Paypal. Since the tracking number said that the pkg was delivered, Paypal immediatley closed the case, ruling against me. My credit card company was no use either. The money lost was not large, but it made me think. What is keeping sellers from sending empty boxes or substitutng something of little value for the item purchased? Apparently, as long as they have some sort of delivery confirmation, they are off of the hook. This really has me frightened and I'd appreciate any ideas about this apparent flaw in the system.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 21, 2015 11:45:24 PM PT

Are Buyers At The Mercy of Sellers?


eBay Makes Big Promises to Small Sellers as SEO Penalty Still Stings


...In what might come as a surprise to EcommerceBytes readers, Wenig said eBay's sweet spot was small- and medium-sized merchants and brands. They represent 70% of the global retail market, offering the diverse inventory and value eBay shoppers are looking for.


He promised them improved seller tools, "unmatched access to more data, and more balanced predictable policies and standards."


Consumer selling is another key eBay strength, and he intends to revitalize that segment of the market. There is $100 billion of value is trapped in people's closets and garages - "and that's just in the U.S."




I'll believe it when I see it. Ebay has a long history of rocketing back and forth with their vision of what the company should be. How long before it changes again? I guess we can always hope, though.


Selling discussion

Apr 23, 2015 4:36:44 AM PT

Change coming for small sellers?

ALL EBAY STORES are to receive a 1099 tax form!!  The 200 listing and $20,000 limit will disappear!!   So what do you think?


I predict within 6 months this will be mandated and that's the real push... oh and of course eBay wants more money.. they always do. 


Everyone is sharing how angry they are over the 20 Listing/20 Auction deal, but I bet its more insidious than that.  Also if you didn't keep all receipts... those "Free Shipping" deals you paid for at eBay's push... well now thats income for you to pay taxes on too.


Its 20 listings a  month for me now!!! 

Selling discussion

SO 3 time now I have had a buyer screw me over.


1st time the buyer reported that he bought a part for a laptop, stuck it in a different model and it didnt work but ebay let him return it, they told me to put a better disclaimer on my listing...


2nd guy bought a camera that was listed as used, no warranty, untested, as-is and he said he could not get it to work so he wanted to return it, ebay let him! GRRR


3rd guy bought both NEW and used items and stated that he used the wrong power source and they didnt work so he wanted to return the now dead items and I am waiting for ebay to rule on these, I CLEARLY put them AS-IS even the new(other) items!


tell you the 1 thing I did this week was to close the bank account linked to paypal and just use a preloaded visa card linked to paypal, good luck stealing money from me even with ebays help! The second funds clear they are moved to my actual account so ebay can only send my paypal negative they cant actually take my money anymore!


So my question is what seller disclaimers do you use that seem to work?


I do not take returns, my things are always as-is, I usualy show a picture of the item powered up if it is electric and always multiple pictures with good lighting. I was thinking about a disclaimer like..... by clicking the buy it now button you agree that you wave your right to return this item for any reason except if the item does not appear as pictured in this sale, all other conditions, warranties or claims are waved.  

Selling discussion

I'm confused. I listed a hat at a fixed price and 30-day duration. I attracted over 200 views and 7 watchers. But none of them bid on the hat! What is that about? 

Selling question

Is it necessary to take out insurance on a package that requires signature confirmation? 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 22, 2015 9:14:41 AM PT

Insuring a Signature required package

Hello wise Ebay sellers! I am wondering if anyone has some listing on Ebay advice for me. I have been on Etsy for 4 years and have decided to give Ebay a try. I sell handmade Czech light bulb covers for lighting fixtures. Basically I feel like I have been brainwashed by Etsy on the proper way to list items...Etsy has a whole other way of doing things. I know I am missing so many things over here on Ebay so I I am hoping for some tips if anyone has the time. Thank you in advance.

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Apr 23, 2015 1:20:49 PM PT

Any advice for an Etsy refugee?

Hi, just checking......can people who know your user name find out what you've been buying on ebay? If so, how? Thanks

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 22, 2015 12:11:06 PM PT

can people see what you've bought

does ebay charge for bid? when i bided it asked for credit card information and blocked some money on the card

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 24, 2015 12:32:24 PM PT

does ebay charge for bid?

Sold a clothing item on another account. Description stated "2nd hand item and eventhough this is a smoke free home the possibility existed". Received a positive feedback saying. "Smelled badly of smoke. Good Item". Doesn't appear that the seller hit my dsr as I am at 5 stars on item as described.


My only concern is that it is at the top of my feedback as I write this. 


Should I respond to this feedback since the smoke possibility was posted in the description, or do I leave as is?



Selling discussion

Apr 22, 2015 4:12:44 PM PT

Should I respond to a false positive fb?

When i purchase label . In the label window that pops up in only shows about 1/6 of the label.


I am trying to print a international label on regular paper. And the label isn't even showing fully in the label window.

This is the first time i have had this happen.



Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 22, 2015 6:46:07 AM PT

Please help with shipping problem!!!!

Its been 4 times already, someone out their is tying to scam me.  The first time he almost got me, thank god the postofficer got suspicious and stopped me right before i would have shipped it.  But now evey time I post my ipod 5th gen ipod for sale, within 2-5 hours he creats a new account and trys his same old scam again, he wants me to ship it over seas to his son for his birthday, then he sends me the fake email saying he payes me. What can I do to stop him, or even better give him the concequences of trying to steal from me.

Selling question

Apr 22, 2015 4:04:36 PM PT

I am being harassed buy a scammer

I do not have a store only have 400 items listed ,i am going on vacation next week,how can i stop selling for that time

My Account discussion

I list mainly books and costume jewelry. Now that I have a store I will need to change these to Fixed Price listings May 1st. Ebay is not letting me end or edit these listings, even though the ones I selected have no bids and are ending beyond the next 24 hours. Does anyone know why? I am trying to figure out how to take them out and relist them as Fixed Price May 1st or how to transfer them to Fixed Price on May 1st.

Selling discussion

I have yet another case of a buyer lying about the condition of an item and asking for money back - this time via a "return request"


I'm trying to reply to them and the system shows "message sent" - HOWEVER - the sent message is not appearing in the Messages/Sent folder.

I sent it twice - and nothing.  No email copy of it either.


Is there a limit on how many words the reply can be?   All I see in the reply field is (attached screen shot)

Selling discussion

I have a buyer who has paid and has asked me to send it later, In May, for a birthday.

Should I print the shipping label and send something so it shows as sent so I don't get a defect, or not print anything at all and in May go to the post office and send it that way?

Of course, I'm hoping to keep a defect away. 

What will appease the 'Bots'?

Thank you!

Selling discussion

I woked hard to get to top rated and power level status and now i feel like they are taking everything i worked so hard for. I cannot open a store because i cannot always ship in 24 hous, i am disabled and sometimes side effects from meds give me days that i cant do much, or painful days. most of the time i do fine. I know that the post office will pick up packages free but its a bit more than just the pick up. I take great care in my shipping, it takes time for someone who dont move normally. ebay has repeatedly offered the option of opening an ebay store, but the 24 hr shipping is the problem. The new fees give me 20 listings/where i have 150 now without a store. I would have to open a store just to get what i have been getting all along, so what did i work for??

I have been the biggest ebay supporter /promoter for the past two years, I thought it was the greatest thing, amazing! Was i spoiled?

Please, How do you feel about these fee changes? Should I go to another web host?

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Hi guys,


recently i've returned the item back to seller because it wasnt as described, the seller agreed on full refund.

The item was purchased with global shipping program so the transactions have been splitted.

When i received a message from ebay that i got 56 $ of refund back today, i log into paypal and i saw that the seller refunded me everything back but the 2nd transaction which was for pitney bowes the global shipping program wasnt refunded full, it says partially refunded...so there's total 48 $ of refund, why pitney bowes partially refunded me ? If this is legit and legal why didnt get a message before refunds so i could know i wont be getting a full refund back in the first place, why ebay sent me a message i got everything back and was clearly written, you've got a 56 $ of refund back which i did not. What is this ?

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Apr 23, 2015 4:11:37 AM PT

Partial refund from Pitney Bowes

My Account question

Is the 30 day eBay money back guarantee still in effect if I’m waiting for a replacement item that could take another 30 days to arrive?



Details of transaction:


An item I received was not as described.


I have been in contact with the seller via eBay messages.


They agreed it was their suppliers fault and offered to send a replacement new item but that will take an additional 17 to 30 days.


I agreed but this will put me way past the original 30 days from the actual or latest estimated delivery date (April 1st, 2015) to open a request for your eBay money back guarantee.


If the replacement item is again different than described, or does not arrive at all, am I still covered under your eBay money back guarantee?



Extra notes:


There has been no request to return the original incorrect item.  


I don’t see “Case details” in the Purchase history for the item.




Thank you.


Bidding & Buying question

I purchased an item from a seller and paid for expedited shipping and he emailed me the day after (not using eBay) telling me that he was going to try shipping it out that day.

He didn't ship it out. On his listing, it states that the seller usually ships within two days. It has been about a week now. I asked the seller when he planned on shipping the item and he said if it hasn't shipped in 3 weeks from order date then I can report it to eBay. I don't exactly want to wait three weeks for a seller who may or may not ship my item. Am I being impatient? Do I have to wait the three weeks before reporting a problem?

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Ok, I must say this is a first, I sell my books on ebay, for less than my publisher.

I screwed up and did not send immediately via media mail, so I sent it priority.   (so cost me extra money)

But what bothered me was his response and reason - mind you, this came right out of an unopened box of 20 books... All I did was sign the interior.

Here's what the buyer said:
Reason:I don't need it anymore
Comments:Hello, I received the book yesterday and wish to return it. It has a tear on page 174, and the info in it is basically a repeat of other books I have. Thank you. Regards, William

I realize there is info in it from other books, but no other book has a detailed chart of all known Simson, with info on proofs, type, names, and then about 30+ pictures of different guns so you can compare AND detailed close ups of parts and acceptance markings.

So, my primary question is this:  Do I deduct shipping to HIM from the Paypal?  Or I just lose out?


Technically his reason I could have denied it, but I think he threw in the 'tear on pg 174' to cover himself.  I have since blocked him, but I hate getting screwed by someone. 

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Why did this seller  ban me from bidding on an item where they are the ones who posted that Best Offer was an option and I made an offer? They won't even allow me to ask a question. they won't allow me to make another offer. Weird.... I don't know these people and why would they do that? Totally ridiculous and I would think against Ebay rules. Don't they want to sell the item?

Bidding & Buying question

I recently bought a wax pack and then checked the last two sales from the same seller same wax pack from a full box and I see I paid almost 30% more then their first two sales. This does not make me feel good at all. What is going on here? I smell a skunk!!!

Comments would be apreciated, thanks...

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Apr 22, 2015 11:22:43 PM PT

Over paid on wax pack

Does anyone know if a Seller can leave a Buyer bad feedback.  The policy has changed so much over the years that now I'm sure what the policy is?

My Account discussion

Hiya, have been having trouble with a seller. I never received a package that i brought from them, they said that it was delivered and said they have a tracking number to prove it. They were rude and unhelpful so i opened a case for it. They replied to the case three days later and was rude again and then left bad feedback inside a positive feedback, again being rude. As they were completely not helpful and didn't reply i had to look into it myself, turns out the address the courier had was not my address. He says he doesn't care and it doesn't matter and that eBay will side with him because he has a tracking number that says it was delievered "somewhere" is this true? Thanks !

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 24, 2015 11:01:23 AM PT

Seller delivered to wrong address

I have a buyer on what was a time sensitive Record Store Day auction, where the price I'll get after relisting when the unpaid case closes is half of what I should have gotten. My question is, if I leave positive feedback saying "No payment, no communication. Cancel bids and block buyer" ... will that prevent me from closing the case and getting a final value credit tomorrow? Will ebay attempt to discipline me for being honest, responsible and right in every way (except for the "positive" classification of the feedback)? Would they discipline me if i had tagged this question with his full name and/or address? Thanks. 

Selling question

I just bought some poly bags for shipping to buyers. When I went to list items on quick listing, I don't see a choice for bags, just envelopes, and boxes. How do I fill out this section? I scanned through eBay shipping, and didn't find anything on this. Would appreciate info, or where to find info on eBay shipping information.


Thanks in advance.

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Apr 23, 2015 6:54:22 AM PT

I just bought some poly bags for shipping

Thanks to the massive community of scammers harassing me I have had to cancel and resell my ipod 4 times and apparently ebay charges 10% to close an item!!! What is with that, people are attempting to scam me and on top of that ebay is charging me 16$ for the closing fee each time! This is extreamy unfair what do I do?

Selling question

Apr 23, 2015 4:44:54 PM PT

Im being unfairly charged by ebay

Shipping & Returns question

I am a seller and someone bought my item and when I try to print a shipping label, the shipping address says "Invalid Shipping Address". The name is longer than 40 chars and the street address as well says "Invalid Shipping Address".


This buyer has: 99.9% Positive Feedback and a Member since Apr-23-03 in United States. Has 21646 Feedbacks and only 1-negative in the last 12 months and from a buyer that recieved a broken item.


I contacted the buyer and his replay was:


Happens to me all the time. Please read the reason: I see it states because the name and address are too long. Be creative to make it work, as I do all the time.


I contacted the buyer again asking if I could add "Signiture Confirmation" and his replay was:


You can split it up between address and the line below it. And also, I also have printed it as it is and tape the piece of paper beside the address label.


But did not answer the question about signature confirmation. The shipping address is to a forwarding shipping service in Miami.


Sorry to have typed so much but does anyone have any suggestions?




P.S  I was going to attach a screen capture of the name and address but am not sure if that is proper.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 24, 2015 3:28:46 PM PT

Invalid Shipping Address

I just sold a few items, and one buyer claims the item is not as described.


At first, he was asking 1/5 of the total value for refund (item is not cheap), and I offered paying return shipping plus full refund. He then got back to me and asked for a different amount of partial refund, and I again, offered paying return shipping plus full refund.


It seems like he would like to keep to item, but with some sort of refund, but I'd much prefer having the items back and do full refund. After reading many terrible ebay seller storiese, I start to wonder, what is the worst case scenerio for me if he just won't return the item? I don't care about feedback as I'm only an occasional seller. Also, should I do anything on my end now?


Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 8:37:51 AM PT

Issues with items I sold.

I thought I understood the new fee schedule but I keep seeing posts that there are only 20/20 free listings. Some folks say it applies to stores. My email says 150 listings for store owners. Can some of you veterans please clarify. See attachment.
Thanks everyone!

Selling question

Apr 22, 2015 9:00:11 AM PT

Hi & good day everyone,

I am trying to find a way to look at when an item in my inventory last sold.  I am using the "out of stock" option.  Thanks for any info/help on this.

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 9:41:16 AM PT

Any way to tell when an item last sold

Want to sell an item for a friend and she believes the fur on this sweater is rabbit; however, after trying to do some research, it seems the length of the hair is longer than rabbit hair.  Wondering if it may be fox or mink?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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 I am a small seller so In the beginning I restricted many countries for shipping, I now have  decided to try opening my shipping policies to all countries.I want to expand my selling of a stamp collection I have inherited. I have done lots of research on my collection. and I am thinking by no restrictions on where I ship to Using the global shipping , I have a wider base . any advise or precautions would be greatly appreciated.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 22, 2015 8:30:57 AM PT

shipping to any country worldwide

I got an offer on an item that ended. I accepted the offer and relisted the item. The problem is that I listed it in the auction format for 3 days instead of BIN. The bidder that made the offer already bid on it but now it has to run for 3 days.

The buyer is fairly new and probably thinks this is how it's done so I don't want to make a big deal out of it. Any suggestions??

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Apr 24, 2015 6:49:23 AM PT

can you sell to first bidder

ebay removed a negative feedback from buyer, when will it show.


Shipping & Returns question

I have had situations in the past where a buyer has been such a bad experience I add them to my block list to prevent them from buying again.  But as Ebay's allows multiple accounts, what does the blocked buyer list really do other than cause a minor inconvenience to someone?  Or if it's a case of someone wanting to buy something just to leave negative FB as retaliation, how easy is it to use a friend's account or just create a new account to do so?

Selling question




Selling question

A buyer sent me a $480 offer for my $500 Nexus 6.

I counteroffered $490.


He accdently bought it at $500.

Buyer left me a note saying If I can refund him the $10.


I don't know how to go about doing this.


Payments question

these are 12 inch plates ( 3 ) of them. I will post more stuff later. I guess I have to do 1 at a time

Selling question

Hello, I cannot figure out how to use chat to talk to customer service I cannot hear on the phone so

calling them for me is not possible. Any help would be appreciated all links direct me to call them.

On one page is says that I can chat with them online but all links only direct me to the call us page

any help would be appreciated thank you, Alan

My Account question

What is the RA# used for?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 23, 2015 11:45:07 AM PT


When an item is for sale at an original price and then you see a percentage off to reduce the price, how do you do that?

Selling question

Apr 22, 2015 8:31:48 AM PT

Percent off?

This is pretty awful because the labels total over $70. I made the first one and it was messed up so I voided it to make another, and both ended up generating with hardly any information. I opened them in the shipping manager, print window, etc, they are messed up. I can take it to the post office but when I voided the labels it said IF the postal service approves my voiding they'll give me a refun... Is there really a chance I won't get my money back? Very scared here

Shipping & Returns question

The lot of games I sold was 14 ps3 games. The buyer says he is missing 2 of them. I remember that before sealing the package, I had measured the box to be exactly the height of 7 games side by side, making for a perfect fit. I also remember cleaning all games with a wipe on a white table and immediately putting them in their corresponding case, leaving nothing behind even after repeated visits to that white table. I used tape to seal the box tightly and I also used wrapping paper to write down the name and added even more tape. It really seems impossible to me that he would be missing 2 games, and I am awaiting a reply as to the condition he received his package.

What do I do? I am pretty sure I sent everything and protected the package perfectly. Even now I fail to see anything from that game lot anywhere.

Selling question

I was reading a recent thread about lies sellers tell which referred to "estate sale" description & this got me to thinking-is the fact that an item was acquired at an estate sale a plus or a negative? Does it give an item cache or is it a way to say "I'm not the original owner so I can't vouch for its provenance"?
Now, I myself have included this in listings for true estate finds but in retrospect am not sure why other than I see it is commonly used by others!
Any thoughts on this subject?

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 11:55:53 AM PT

"Estate Sale" Description?

This is weird.  I have two accounts.  Much earlier today, I added items to my new account.  They show as Active on that new My Selling page,

but are not included when I try to find them by clicking on Sellers Other Items on a current listing, nor in any Search.  Now, I know it could take some

time for listings to become active, but when I add an item onto my older established account, it shows up just about immedately.  Has anyone

else had this happen to them?  I really do hate to call CS, so I will wait until tomorrow and hope for a miracle.  LOL

My new account shows no limits (that I can find). 

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Apr 23, 2015 3:03:52 AM PT

New listings not showing up yet

how do i list an item that i have multiple sizes of

Buying & Selling Basics question

A buyer purchased an item acouple of weeks ago never left feedback on that item. Last  week about 8 days ago they won 3 more items on auction and never paid for those items.  My fear is if I turn them in for nonpayment they will leave my negative feedback on the item perviously purchased.  What would anyone suggest on how to handle this situation.  Thanks 

Payments question

Apr 22, 2015 4:17:33 PM PT

Non payment on items won at auction

I listed an item the first time around and it did not make the reserve. SO I relisted it and removed the reserve and raised the starting price. Do the users that bid on the item the first time get notified that it relisted? If not, would it be ok for me to contact them and tell them that it relisted?

Shipping & Returns question

The seller: Zanzea_fashion (10334) says I need to AGREE to cancel the transaction #261851999107
I can't find where I'm supposed to agree to the cancellation, and he said I'll be getting a strike if I don't resolve this issue NOW!!!

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 21, 2015 5:11:38 PM PT

Need resolution Center help