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The eBay Community

I bought these guys at a church rummage sale and thought they would be to identify  when I got home but so far I can't find any thing them.  I thought I would find at least one that would show up on the internet.  Each one has some type of sensor bar on the bottom and numbers but no manufacture insignia.  I did find one that has letters SRI.  Each one measures approximately 2.75"-3" tall and their heads turn side to side.  If anyone can tell me what they are and the maker that would be a big help.






Toys & Hobbies discussion

Hello Folks,

I recently purchased this Art Deco style glass lamp.  It's made of pink satin glass with a black glass base.  The design features four panels, each depicting a dancing semi-nude woman holding a flower over her head.  The lamp stands about 10 1/8" tall including the base.  The pink portion is 9 1/4" tall and 4 1/4" square.  The base is 5" wide.  There are no manufacturer markings that I can find.

I've seen a vase that looks identical to the pink portion of the lamp that was made by Sarsaparilla Deco Designs in 1984.  However, the vase is slighly shorter (8 7/8" tall) and it has 4 feet.  The bottom of the vase is clearly marked with the Sarsaparilla name.  I looked through the glass at the bottom of the lamp and don't think there is any writing on the bottom of the pink glass.  Also, this piece has no feet on the pink portion of the glass.

I think Sarsaparilla generally modeled their designs after actual items from the Art Deco period.  I'm wondering if this lamp is an original, older piece that Sarsaparilla modeled their vase from.  I haven't been able to find another example of this lamp anywhere on the internet.  Does anyone know who made this lamp?


Any ideas are welcome.  Thanks in advance!

pinkdeco front.jpg

pinkdeco close2.jpg

pinkdeco close3.jpg

pinkdeco under.jpg



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Possibly it is Canadian.


009 - Copy.JPG


Here are the two spoons I have with this same hallmark, one is the 1939 Coronation of George VI and the other is a miner.




012 - Copy.JPG

Antiques discussion

Hello Folks,


I recently acquired this covered dish with an art glass bird finial.  The style of the bird looks a lot like the finial on crystal perfume bottles made by the Pairpoint Glass Company and designed by Robert Gunderson.  However, the bird on my piece is not quite as detailed and the ball it sits on is not as well formed.  Also, I'm not aware that Pairpoint made covered dishes like this one.


I'm guessing this covered dish (candy dish or trinket container) is a knockoff of the Gunderson design.  The piece measures about 12 1/4" to the top of the bird's tail and the dish portion measures approximately 6 1/2" wide.

Does anyone know who made this piece?  Thanks in advance!

birddish whole.jpg

birddish close1.jpg

birddish close2.jpg

birddish upside.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Photo on 7-1-15 at 4.37 PM.jpg

Help folks, I bought a quadcopter for my Grandson and it came with this charger and it wont plug in to a Standard US A/C receptical which means I can't charge the battery and he can't use  the new toy. Please help me figure out what to do.

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jul 1, 2015 3:00:20 PM PT

Help with a Remote Control Battery Charger

I found this cup and saucer and cake plate today. Can't seem to locate it in sales or actives on eBay. Would anyone know the pattern? Sure would appreciate any help identifying them. Thank you.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Has anyone seen this yet? I was looking at closed auctions for this item. Not all of the sold items has this, but this particular one did.  When you click on the little question mark, it brings up the bottom picture and text.


Does anyone know how long this has been going on?  Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?



Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 9:39:19 AM PT

Trending Now - have you seen this yet?

Need help with who's my daddy?  Vendome?  Nothing is signed, not one piece!  All glass.DSCN0350.JPG


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 8:15:52 PM PT

Looks like Vendome to me



July is never the best month to be an eBay seller, but it's a GREAT month for enjoying family, friends, and the great outdoors!  This, of all months, is when you should say YES to fun--so sure, keep up with your listings, but don't let it drag you down….this is the best month to balance work and play, catch your breath, and regroup for the change of seasons that's not as far off as you think!




For luck, we have Magic Listing Dust:





For support, we have a Green Goddess:





And for eye-candy, we have George:






Our group’s purpose is Making Money, so here are some suggestions to keep the money flowing. We've culled these from years of experience and hope you'll be helped by them!


1) LIST IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS - Try some regular auctions, auctions with Buy it Now, Fixed Price, and Fixed Price with Best Offer. Not only will you get a better idea what works for YOU, but you'll offer buyers a variety of buying options.


2) OPTIMIZE YOUR LISTINGS – By using the free Terapeak Keyword app (find it in the Applications tab) and the free Google Keywords tool, learning how to take better photos (there are free courses online), changing the keywords on your store pages regularly, changing the opening blurb in your store header regularly (web spyders love new content) and experimenting with price changes UP as well as DOWN!


3) DON'T LET YOUR UNSOLD LISTINGS LAY AROUND - Check your My eBay page and click on Unsold...get those relisted ASAP! You've already done all the work, so be sure they're viewable by buyers!


4) OPEN A STORE - If you are wondering whether you are better off with a BASIC store or a PREMIUM store, figure that if you have over 250 store items, Premium is a better buy....under 250, Basic is....this is at least a rule of thumb to get you started.   Stores used to be great places to put items and keep them available year round, but with the fee changes, maybe not so much.


However, there are at least four really good reasons to have a store.... 1) listing fees are less if you         have a store, 2) your items can be separated into categories making it much easier for buyers to shop, 3) you can run Promotions and Markdown Manager sales. They are two different ways to generate sales!, and 4) you can put your store in vacation mode when you need to get away for a bit.


5) DEAL WITH BIDDERS, BUYERS, AND ANNOYING INQUISITIVE POTENTIAL BIDDERS IN A PATIENT AND FRIENDLY WAY - Remember that it's worth money in your pocket and life is too short to have your tail in a knot. Write up that snarky reply, get a laugh at it, then hit delete. Kill 'em with kindness


6) KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This thread is all about MAKING MONEY, that's for sure, but we feel that being supportive of our Lister Sisters and Brothers helps ALL of us. Drop in and hang out! Venting is allowed, but take it easy on the drama, negative vibes and controversial, off-topic issues such as politics and religion.

Join in!


Fashion discussion

Jul 1, 2015 4:00:22 AM PT

JULY Gotta Make Money Support Group

So, here is the situation:
June 28 I received notification that my item was sold. I opened eBay and found this, normal for complited deal message:
 Thats what eBay told me.

I always receiving absolutely same messages when I sold something.
So, as eBay told me, I sent the item ASAP, next day with a free shipping via 3-Day Priority Express.
Same day, after work I decided to check my account, because there was a pending transaction from previous sale and I was curious when I will receive the money.

As it has appeared, there is no money for item that I just shipped!
I checked everything, but they are not even pending!
I went to the ebay.com / selling and found this:

Buyer still didn't paid

I began to review details and its appeared that my buyer sent an eCheck. I heard that eCheck's need 3 days to process, so I was wondered, why eBay told me to ship it(as you can see at the first screenshot).
I googled what I can to do, and found that at first of all, I need to contact PayPal ASAP, to let them protect me in case if it's a froud.
I did.
Representative told me that I can call my buyer, or request package interception from carrier. She also gave me contact information of my buyer. Summarizing, she literally told me that this is my problem and they can't do nothing with that. Hmmm... They claiming that PayPal is a safest way to sell or buy online, but now I do not think so.

Fine. Let's call USPS. 10 minutes of rage was provided by automatic menu that know three sentences "Sorry, I didn't get that" "Repeat that" "Thank you for using USPS. Bye!" . Than, when I finally was connected, they told me that all representatives busy and estimated time on hold 12-15 min. 17 minutes on hold later they just disconnect me and I didn't even heard a real human.
I was too much tiered and just went to sleep.

This morning, I received eMail from PayPal that bank of my buyer declined eCheck.
I called USPS again and after the same procedure as day before i finally rich the real person on the line. They nicely told me that I can intercept the package using they website and wish me a great day.
After filling all forms at usps.com I found that I have to pay $19.50 to get my item back.

Is it my fault that eBay told me to ship the item before payment was clear? I don't think so. So I called eBay again, and they told me to wait, and that what they "Doing their best". If payment will go true, we will give you your money. If not - call the police, we can't do nothing. My claims that it's their website told me to ship it was left without any attention. They just ignored that I said this.  

Buyer still not respond to me and package already in the buyer's hometown. I feel robbed and everybody just trying to rid me of.
I don't know what to do, I was need that money very much.
I still hope that buyer will be that nice to answer to me and will pay, or just will send it to me back, but the fact that  eBay does not want to take responsibility for the mistake that making their website it's ridiculous!

Selling discussion

A seller has sent me an item different from what was listed. The seller has not been willing to refund my money or work with me in any way so I am trying to get ebay involved, I started claim or return and 2 days ago I should have been able to get ebay involved but for some reason I get the screen shown in the photo. How can I get ebay involved so I can just get my money back? return screen.jpg

Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 9:14:05 PM PT

Why can't I get ebay involved?

I haven't browsed on eBay for many months. A few minutes ago, I decided to search for "stanley plane" and browse through the 5,000 listings that resulted. I clicked on a listing only to discover that I was apparently opted back into the eBay hide-the-description program. Clicking on the button leads to a "full description" popup. I'm not doing that. Sorry.


No more browsing on eBay for me. I'm done.




Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 8:40:12 PM PT

See full item description



Good morning



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I was wondering if anyone might have an opinion on whether this is an authentic Gebruder Heubach head. It has been given a modern body and newer clothing. Thanks in advance!



Dolls discussion

Jun 30, 2015 8:17:34 AM PT

Gebruder Heubach help Authentic or Repro?

I won this at a estate auction over the week-end where it was described as a replica pistol. It hung on a wall with a framed ball shot bullet (it's too big to fit in this barrel so they were just decorative). Researching it and it's the 8 sided barrel, I believe this was a percussion pistol.


My question is - how do I tell if it's a replica and not a real antique percussion pistol? The feel is real. The weight is heavy. But what has me wondering is the little hole in the piece that the hammer hits when it is fired. I blew through it and it goes through to the barrel !

Isn't this where a cap or other piece went that would spark when the hammer hit it & cause the gunpowder & ball inside the barrel to explode and shoot?


I appreciate any help - I don't want to sell a real pistol as a replica!








Collectibles & Art discussion

Jun 30, 2015 6:06:03 AM PT


The hippo calls out for its mother as the oxpeckers begin pecking at its back in the Zambia national park


Good Morning. 


Cute story about baby hippo scared of birds:



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

new 013.JPG

new 007.JPG

I thought this was a guilloche something or other but upon further inspection it's something under glass  It almost looks like thread to me  Could it be hair?  It was hard to get a really defined pic 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 11:08:41 PM PT

Edwardian pin with hair???

Anyone got some stuff to show off?  Post 'em if you got em!  Please keep the pictures small-ish to speed loading, and as always nothing from a live auction.  


Peacock eye beads and Japanese wedding cake beads.  I saw the ones another boardie found, went to an estate sale, and...bingo.



This has been sitting here forever.  It wants to be old, but it's not.  Probable Sadie Green or Padiddly Links, or something similar.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 7:22:25 PM PT

Red White and Blue Eye Candy Wednesday

>> Pic Attached <<
  I have an Armstrong Perk-O-Toaster, very similar to the one below, but I would say ours is a
little cleaner in the patina, and ours also has a Blu'ish Glass Top, not clear like the one below.

  We have the cord (Twin Prong Connectors, and in great shape), and the unit actually still works...

  Looking for some type of a value, and possibly a market to sell this to  ?

Inline image 1

Antiques discussion

Jun 30, 2015 12:08:14 PM PT

Armstrong Perk-O-Toaster (1930's) ?

I picked these up along with 2 pairs of signed Laurel Burch earrings the other day.  There are no marks on them but test strong for sterling.  One of the posts has been replaced.  Other than running across the odd piece here and there, I'm not very familiar with Laurel Burch.  Did she make unsigned sterling pieces?  Haven't been able to find a definitive answer in my searches although there is a pair listed that the seller "believes" is unsigned Laurel Burch.  I'd like to have the confidence to list these as unsigned Laurel Burch if someone can confirm that she did make unsigned sterling pieces.  I did read that she has passed away.  Thanks!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 9:15:51 AM PT

Unsigned Sterling Laurel Burch Earrings?

Recent thrif store purchase.  A google search has found one example of the same style in a gallery out of New York. That is it... Nothing else. I have contacted the gallery in the hopes to get more information on the artist.  Painting has not been cleaned up at all as I have no experience with cleaning art work.

IMG_4347.JPGIMG_4348.JPGWas hoping someone may recognize the style//artist/signature.


Antiques discussion

Jun 30, 2015 5:09:13 PM PT

Girard painting mystery

I picked up this vaugley art deco-ish teapot recently andhave exhausted all search avenues. It is 6 x6 and I just cant figure out the signature ! Any and all help is appreciated.DSCN3311.JPGDSCN3308.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jun 30, 2015 1:01:47 PM PT

Potties,any ideas on this teapot ?


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 10:29:15 AM PT

D & E or who made us? Help please

I have a 94-page user's manual that I am selling which perfectly fits inside a 4 x 7.25 inch bubble mailer that looks exactly like this:


letter-sized bubble mailer.jpg


With the manual inside the bubble mailer, it weighs 2.4 ounces and about a half-inch thick. The question, using only the post office's retail price(s)... is this still a first class letter ($1.15 using the "envelope containing a rigid object" reason) or a first class mail parcel ($2.54)?

Shipping & Returns discussion

This is  message I got from a seller and I felt that theseller and myself agreed to make the sale right but come to find out I do not get the item I won but a refund (?) so I messaged the sell about my item and this is what I got back :

Dear zeewolf109-us,

Listen, you non spelling, non punctuating, third grade **bleep**, you don't GET the mic. You got a refund. It was a simple accident with the labels, and instead of being understanding and letting me try to help you, you threatened me. You have by far been the nastiest person I've EVER had to deal with.

No, you were refunded, and you didn't have to pay for the return shipping. You're done. You still expect your item, even after you have your money back? Go **bleep** up a rope.

From PayPal. Read it and weep, you sorry piece of **bleep**. Do not, under any circumstances, contact me again.

Jun 14, 2015 Payment From zerita berger RefundedYou have refunded this payment in full.
You have refunded this payment in full.
Details $11.25 USD -$0.63 USD $10.62 USD

- ae3007a1p
Click the Respond button to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply
I never  threatened this person all I told them was if I do not get what I paid fro I was going to ccontact EBAY, I have been buying and selling items on EBAY from the 90's have never had to put up with some one like this and this type of person make one want to  shop some place else.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 8:28:33 AM PT




Hey mom! Did you see that? I wanna do it!! 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

new 015.JPGnew 016.JPGnew 017.JPG

What in the??  Is this old?  Remake  Unknonw stones and metal content for now  Was just wondering about the pull chain closure..... Any help is appreciated ty

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group


A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Jul 1, 2015 2:52:45 PM PT

For our Friends to the North


Bought it at an estate auction, marked "underwood new york". I know Underwood and Underwood made prints. Could be someone a famous, but I don't know people from the 20's that well. 




Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 1, 2015 11:01:54 PM PT

Anyone know who this is?

I have 4 pieces of pottery that I was told can be attribed to "Oriental Trade Ceramics".  They were brought back from Asia many years ago.


I was told that one of the patterns was call "Tree of Life". 


Any information about these pieces is most appreciated.
















Antiques discussion

Jul 1, 2015 3:03:33 PM PT

Help to Identify Oriental Trade Ceramics


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi all,


I tried to get the small vase identified before with no luck, it is signed Raymor, but I do not know the maker if possible, stands about 3" tall.  The tall vase I just

picked up, it stands 12" tall and signed as shown.  Any help on either is greatly appreciated.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I did not receive a shirt I ordered.  The tracking ID says it was delivered June 19th The ebay system tells me to contact the seller,

regarding Item Id: 171748349722
Transaction Id 1407683216007 
The ebay system won't let me conact the seller and I keep going in a loop as I click the appropriate options.  I tried calling ebay and it said that option wasn't available. 
Please help, this was a shirt for a 4th of July party this weekend.
Thank you, Robert

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 10:22:17 PM PT

Item not recieved

To Whom it may Concern:

I purchased this shoes for my mom. It show delivered on Jun 26. But I didn't receive it. I try to contact seller, but can not get through it,it  always shows delivered. This is the first time I didn't received package I ordered. where it is? it is really bizzarre.

Please help!!!

Here's some information that might help you for 'Didn't receive your item'
Easy Spirit Sammi Walking Shoes
Item no: 201355074942
Sale date: 06/20/15 19:45
Color: Black
Width: W
US Shoe Size (Women's): 8
Quantity: 1
View order detailslink opens in new window
The tracking information below can tell you more about when your item was delivered. If you have not received your item, please contact the seller
View tracking information
If you received a package but something is wrong (such as missing parts or wrong quality), please open a case saying the item is not as described.

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 8:01:26 PM PT

didn't received item



I have ordered for following items and only 4 are shipped. 3 items are pending for shippment. May i follow up please?




Purchased From:auldlangsyne88
Receipt ID:0687-0498-4832-6010


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
141331814438Splendid jewelry!white Swarovski Crystal 18K Gold Platinum filled earring


Purchased From:refindshop365
Receipt ID:5162-0844-5433-8010


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
121615838904Luxury 18K white gold filled Purple Swarovski crystal PARTY hoop earring


Purchased From:JIA DONGE
Receipt ID:2939-7244-6876-4870


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
221302119537New Women's 18k White Gold Gp Clear Swarovski Crystal Zircon Cz Earrings


Purchased From:JIA DONGE
Receipt ID:3856-5089-8131-8034


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
390993548066Women's 18K White Gold Plated Sapphire Blue Crystal Heart Leverback Earrings



Purchased From:WANG MIN HAO
Receipt ID:2967-1481-2465-2235


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
161664399997ANGEL'S WINGS Swarovski Elements Crystal 18-KRGP White Gold Plated Stud Earrings


Purchased From:marvelparadise
Receipt ID:0627-9383-8146-9158


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
140858854401ARINNA paired circle rose GP pierced chic stud Earrings Swarovski clear Crystal1$1.98 USD$1.98 US


urchased From:amazhu
Receipt ID:1427-8731-3641-2379


Item NumberItem TitleQuantityPriceSubtotal
351278349352Dangle Earrings 18k White Gold Plating Jewelry Swarovski Crystal Women Earring [Multi-Color]

Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 7:32:36 PM PT

My Order

i did not recieved your item

New Mini SPY Pen HD Cam Camera Video USB DVR Recording Hidden SpyCam 1280*960
New Mini SPY Pen H...
Item no: 231128050146
Seller: amaandistribution
Sale date: 04/06/2015

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 10:35:13 AM PT


Hi, I hope someone recognizes this pottery and/or its' mark. This piece is 6" tall, 4  1/4" wide. 

Thank you in advance. pottery

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:07:18 AM PT

Pottery mark-Help Please

A buisness is trust one again how can i get my item i  payed for

New 5.0" Dual-SIM Mobile 3G WiFi-Android&Quad Core 4.2.2 Smartphone Unlocked
Item no: 131523912137
Seller: itzone-uk
Sale date: 06/03/15 13:52
Quantity: 1


Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 9:13:45 AM PT


Hello All,


Although I have selling limt like this, 


Image and video hosting by TinyPic



when I try to create new listing, I face the following error. This listing consists of 20 items that cost $40. What is the reason behind this?



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Selling question

Jul 2, 2015 2:30:07 PM PT

Selling Limit vs Category Limit

still not shipped

Tracking #:



China Post



Origin Post is Preparing Shipment



Jun-23-15, 15:43 PM

Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 3:32:19 PM PT


This piece of pottery was brought back from Dalat Vietnam in 1955.  Can anyone help me to identify what to call this piece?











Antiques discussion

Hi everyone,


Can someone please help me ID this Western Electric Co. sewing(?) machine model part? 


It appears to be marked: "PPF(?)  7"


Looks to be a presentation piece given to a former employee of the company. It doesn't appear to be many "presentation" pieces out there from what I could find on the net. Was able to find the two linked below:


Link: http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~srs/Antiques/templ.php?pid=35&collection=Miscellaneous%20Antiques


Link: http://cowanauctions.com/auctions/item.aspx?id=27216


Thank you all for your time and replies.










Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi everyone... I checked ebay and google images. Other than that, I am out of my realm...

Does anyone know the manufacturer or any information on this hand blown square base duck.   Age ??  Old or new ??

Stands approx. 8" tall and has a 2 1/2" square base.

Thank you in advance for any info...

Best, Lindaduck 2.JPGduck 9.JPGduck 1.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jul 2, 2015 12:56:13 PM PT



We were hoping someone could help us identify the porcelain mark on the bottom of this piece. It appears to be a cross sword mark like Meiissen / Dresden, but we are not sure as it is quite blurry and partially on the bottom rim making hard for us to really get a good look at it. If anyone could help us it would be great. The piece is not that good condition wise there are numerous chips and wear points.


See photos - below.


Thank You for looking - have a great day everyone!

Rob & Tracie


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello!  I'm hoping someone has some knowlege about this particular vintage TV set.  I'm thinking of buying it for my Dad, who loves to restore old TV's.  But I know  very little about them, and the seller is asking quite a bit for it (they want $250).  I do not want to over pay.  They said it works, but I haven't yet tested it.  It's in pretty good condition with some wear to the veneer on top.  Is that a reasonable price for this TV in working condition?  Thanks so much for any help!!stewart.warner.tv.jpg

Electronics discussion

FullSizeRender-4.jpgFullSizeRender-4.jpgThanks for any help to identify the manufacturer, pattern, age value?

thanks so much. karen

Selling question

I was making a pair of earrings this evening and needed a red bead of some kind so I pulled out the "RED" storage box to sort through it for the right bead.  Yeah, it SOUNDS organized doesn't it, yeah not.  Anyway I had a baggie with two necklaces and a bracelet made of small red glass beads, all three different.  As I looked at the bracelet I realized the beads weren't glass.  I don't know what they are.  They're not agate carnelian as there's no translucency to them.  The color is a tomato red and the beads have almost a grittyness to them when I rub them against my teeth.  They're not perfectly round, each is slightly different and they tend to have little depressions in them.  The clasp is unusual as well; I've never seen one quite like this.  DBL is printed on the back of the clasp.  Of course searching by DBL brings up double everything since DBL is a common abbreviation for double.  Does anybody have any thoughts on this?  I came in a lot I bought years ago.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Found these two vintage toy steam engines in an estate sale and don't know a thing about them. I see no makers name of any kind. They are made of cast iron & tin.

They look like they were working engines at one time. I am guessing 1950's era?  Any help as always will be much appreciated.

THANKSsteameng 006a.jpg

steameng 004a.jpg

steameng 005a.jpg

steameng 002a.jpg

steameng 002b.jpg


Antiques discussion

Can anyone identify this glass lamp.  The pattern is similar to Atterbury and Imperial Zipper Loop but not exactly the same as either that I have seen in the Thuro book or found online. This lamp has a flat top and the loops are rounder or less oblong and appear to protrude more then the imperial. It measures 8 3/4" to the top of the brass collar which I believe is the Taplin collar and the round panelled and beaded base is 4 1/2" in diameter.  The clear glass flouresces green with uv light.  The hinged flip top burner is marked Pat. Jul.21.63 Dec.10.67.  Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!



Selling question

I have no idea who made this little guy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

2012-05-13 02.06.56.jpg2012-05-13 02.07.29.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 2, 2015 11:51:21 AM PT

Help ID this Hippo Baby Figurine

This is a beautiful pottery menorah. Can anyone identify the signature on the bottom. Thanks for your help.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Collectibles & Art discussion


Does anyone know what these beads are?  I do not see any gold specks so I do not think lapis.  Mostly dark veins but a few lighter spots also.  Necklace is marked Amerik FBM.  Thanks!

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jul 2, 2015 2:01:26 PM PT

Appreciate any help with this necklace.

Can anyone tell me if this bag is authentic or not?



 photo 20150626_184613_zpsingiwt3p.jpg photo 20150626_184622_zpsnbxb2qop.jpg photo 20150626_184634_zps9lni7zcb.jpg photo 20150626_184604_zpsvh4uvwmv.jpg

Fashion discussion

Jun 30, 2015 6:28:25 PM PT

Kate Spade?

Any help would be appreciated. I have no idea what this mark stands for. Looks to be like a DK with a smaller LB.


2012-06-01 04.04.15.jpg2012-06-01 04.05.05.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 2, 2015 12:50:40 PM PT

Help ID Siamese Cat Figurine

Please help with name and year of this Coach bag, providing it is authentic, of course - I do not see a number on it's creed. Maybe it was on that little panel that came off?




Fashion discussion

Jul 2, 2015 9:37:26 PM PT

Please help with this vintage Coach Bag!

Can someone tell me what kind of table I do I have? It is 2 levels high, is open all around, and has splayed legs.

Maybe a game table with the underneath used to store playing cards, pencil & pads, etc..?

Thanks, I appreciate any help


aa table antique 1.jpg


aa table antique 2.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

I have ordered an item (4mm Thin Wrist Mouse Pad Sponge Mat Mice Pad Optical/Trackball Mouse Blue Black) from the seller tmallkey when it was listed in 29th June 2015. I have placed the order in the same day. But when I see the item, it shows me that it was not yet shipped.

Order Status Snapshot


I sent 2 messages to the seller, yesterday and today asking for the reason, but he hasn't even responded. What should I do now?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 2, 2015 9:05:44 PM PT

Order is not marked 'shipped' for 3 days

Found these two toy steam engines at an estate sale, no makers name or others markings? They look like they are 1950s vintage and were working at some point in time. Any help as always will be much appreciated. THANKSsteameng 004a.jpg

steameng 006a.jpg

steameng 002a.jpg

steameng 005a.jpg

steameng 002b.jpg

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jul 2, 2015 10:07:30 AM PT

Help with toy steam engines 1950s vintage

seller asked me my paypal email for a refund case... i cant sent it through e bay... help me with this...
eBayeBay sent this message to Dhanuja Udayantha (udaya-dhanu).
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.
Seller has responded to your question about this item
Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More 
Dear udaya-dhanu,

Dear, ok.
We will refund to you, could you please give us your paypal email address to check?
Waiting for your reply.
Have a nice day!

- xxxxxxxxxx

Member To Member Support question


I did not received following purchased item as yet. pls reship.




HUUS 34 Colors Beauty Makeup Waterproof Lip Pencil Lipstick Lip Gloss Lip Pen
Item no: 161650244495
Sale date: 05/24/15 00:17
Quantity: 1
View order details

Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 9:30:15 PM PT

Undelivered item


We recieved a email notification from you that we got our sale.


Disney Cars Kids Table & Chairs Set Solid Wood Activity Multi Color Furniture
Disney Cars Kids Table & Chairs Set Solid Wood Activity Multi Color Furniture
End time: Jun-29-15 19:59:53 PDT
Sale price: $62.88
Quantity: 1
Quantity sold: 1
Quantity remaining: 0

Then I found out that the customer's address. Why is it that ebay received the order while the system is set  to "No International Shipping"?

 Is the system cannot filter the restricted address or location of the customer?


Thank you,







Member To Member Support question

Jul 1, 2015 4:28:27 PM PT




Maximise your listing's visibility
International site visibility  International site visibility help
eBay.com and eBay.ca(£0.25)
How your listing will look in search results - opens in a new window or tab
  International Site Visibility removed from your eBay listing

Hello taneve3,
You recently created or revised this eBay listing that included the International Site Visibility feature:


Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 2:57:22 AM PT

Maximise your listing's visibility

Found this chocolate pot at a yard sale and was hoping someone could give me info on the age, etc or direct me somewhere to research it? It says R & S Tillowitz Silesia on the bottom. There are also 3 small cups that go with it. 077.JPG081.JPG080.JPG078.JPG070.JPG075.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Stamp Insider for July-August 2015




The July-August issue of the Stamp Insider, journal of the Federation of New York Philatelic Societies, is online and available for free download in PDF format or viewing online with page turning. It is available in both PDF and HTML5-friendly format at:




The cover story is “New York Pneumatic Tube Mail” by Steve Swain. The system, which moved mail in 25-pound steel canisters between the city’s five boroughs, opened in 1897. Its final remnants were shut down in 1953.


“Planes, Trains, Automobiles … and Horses?” that explores the connection between early transcontinental airmail service and earlier land routes, including the Lincoln Highway. Deltiologist Ruth Sabo shows that postcards were sometimes made of more than cardboard in “The Medium Was the Message.”


The featured video, related to Sabo’s article, shows a Tuck’s postcard record from 1929 being played on a restored vintage gramophone.


A new section — Virtual Programs — has been added to the Stamp Insider website. It displays PowerPoint club presentations that have been converted to PDF and HTML5 page turning. The first offerings are “The U.S. Postal Transportation Issue of 1981–1995” and “U.S. Private Die Proprietary Stamps” by Terry Blum of the Western Monroe Philatelic Society in Spencerport, New York. The Stamp Insider welcomes your contributions.



Stamp Collectors discussion

Jul 2, 2015 3:58:30 AM PT

Stamp Insider for July-August 2015


please check what has happened with these two purchases, I ordered 2 April 2015, also paid and I never got it. These are the following purchases:


1  1
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015 - Friday, May 22, 2015
New Hot Sports UV Protective Goggles Motocycle Cycling Riding Running Sunglasses
New Hot Sports UV Protective Goggles Motocycle Cycling Riding Running Sunglasses

Economy Int'l Shipping







1  1
Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015 - Thursday, May 21, 2015



Please check what has happened and let me know

best regards


Member To Member Support question

Jul 2, 2015 12:54:07 AM PT

Sunglasses 2



I ordered for the item below and have not received it after 3days of the expected date of delivery. the tracking shows the item is delivered to an address order than my mailing address which was supplied at the time of order. moreso, the other item from a different company which was ordered from the same cart has been received long before now. from the shipment details the said item was delivered to Gatesville Tx, 76528 on June 27, 2015 at 09:27AM

Item Name:  4 Packs Dr. Fresh Turbo Power Operated ToothBrush (Condition New)

Item No.:      110812054839




Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 7:23:06 PM PT

Didn't receive an item

Hello!! My name is Chang Sung Choi


I bought the item on June 5.


But, This item have not received yet.


Add to attach the following shipping number(USPS-RS264723404NL).


I look forward to your quick response.


Thank you!!



-----this item's name-----

Portable XIAOMI USB Power Bank Charger MI 10400mAh [Blue] 2015/06/05



USPS Tracking™

Image of an envelope outlined in blue.Customer Service ›

Have questions? We're here to help.


Image of an envelope outlined in blue.Get Easy Tracking Updates ›

Sign up for My USPS.

Only applicable to visual users. More Details Less Details
Tracking Number: RS264723404NL
Image of a progress bar displaying in-transit statusin-transit
  • Updated Delivery Day: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Product & Tracking Information
Postal Product:
  • Registered Mail™
Date & TimeStatus of ItemLocation

June 24, 2015 , 11:05 pm

Delivery status not updated



The delivery status for this item has not been updated as of June 24, 2015, 11:05 pm.

June 24, 2015 , 9:05 am

Out for Delivery


June 24, 2015 , 8:55 am

Sorting Complete


June 24, 2015 , 5:27 am

Arrived at Unit


June 23, 2015 , 11:34 pm

Arrived at USPS Facility


June 21, 2015 , 5:51 am

Departed USPS Facility


June 20, 2015 , 11:43 pm

Arrived at USPS Facility


June 18, 2015 , 4:07 am

Processed Through Sort Facility



Origin Post is Preparing Shipment


June 15, 2015 , 9:55 pm

Processed Through Sort Facility



Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 12:10:14 AM PT

I haven't received the item yet.


Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass


Selling question

Any help with identifying these would be greatly appreciated. I plan on listing all as a lot (there are 150+-), but need some keywords. TIA!


Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jul 1, 2015 10:40:32 AM PT

Metal Lead? Figures LOTR? Other?

Can anyone tell me about this artist? I see the spelling as being 'Blaci' but nothing comes up.

I appreciate any help

PS - Can anyone tell me what kind of ship this was so I can describe painting better?

Thanks again





Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:14:21 AM PT


gucci 004.jpg

gucci 003.jpg

label 2.jpggucci 006.jpg


I recently purchased this beaded purse at an estate sale.

The only marking is the gold GUCCI signature on a leather label.

It's seems to be very high quality workmanship.

I'm wondering if its an early Gucci, maybe 1950's, which have been bought in Italy.

Thank you!

Vintage Clothing & Accessories discussion

Jul 1, 2015 1:44:34 PM PT



Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass


we have ordered 2 piece (back cover) but we received 1 piece.
One piece shot


Please check and revert one piece or amt.




Item priceINR 278.00
Item number291442146894
Shipping serviceCash On Delivery

Member To Member Support question

Anyone familiar with this mark? It looks like "B or B' with the number 37.

I know one pic it looks like "B or S" just a bad pic

Been to RCJ no luck-or I'm missing it





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jul 2, 2015 2:49:02 PM PT

Anyone recognize this mark?

Hi, I bought a fake flashdrive. I bought this flashdrive on 20 March 2015 and have been passed 3 months. I know the ebay protection is for only 1 month. What can I do now. The seller doesnt asnwered to me on my messages. I heard, I have a paypal protection for 6 months. Can help me anyone?

Look the picture below, to see that the flash drive is not genuine...


Payments discussion

Jul 2, 2015 2:07:35 PM PT

Problem with a flash drive

i have 2 items that I bid the wrong bid... the one I meant to bid $.99 and it came up $99.00 and the other bid I meant to put $95 but it came up as $95.00..


Before the bidding was ended I sent a message to the seller and ask him to cancel the bid as soon as I seen wshat I had done...

He never got back to me till after the bidding had ended.. I asked if he would cancel the order.. I have had several messages from the seller wanting me to buy the items and they will double them.. I asked for a new invoice and they sent one and sent a message saying that they had added $1.50 for shipping ...and if I wanted e-pakets it would be another $1.99....I sent a message and said to forget it and to cancel it..

the original invoice was date june 23... the one they sent is also dateed june 23. with the additional charge of $1.50



Can you help me with this????

copy of invoice below...

Thank you



Jun 23, 2015
US $3.50
+ US $1.50
Order 192910427018 Pay nowView seller's other items
2 items sold bypopogogo12345
5Pcs Silver GF MURANO GLASS BEADS LAMPWORK Fit European Charm Bracelet D6492
US $1.75
Item 5Pcs Silver GF MURANO GLASS BEADS LAMPWORK Fit European Charm Bracelet D6492 Unpaid invoices 311379568283-0-0Leave feedbackReturn this item
A4929 5pcs White GF/Silver Green Enamel Beads Fit European Charm Bracelet
US $1.75
Item A4929 5pcs White GF/Silver Green Enamel Beads Fit European Charm Bracelet Unpaid invoices 361322506677-0-0Leave feedbackReturn this item

Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 8:42:20 PM PT

wrong bid..

Swiss(?) Germany(?) etc...


Thank you!





Collectibles & Art discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:13:06 AM PT

Whose Crest/Coat of Arms is this?

I bought a sneakers and I received one size 7 and the other ine size 8. Inmediatly I returned the item and wrote to the seller but she never answer to me. I send her 4 messages. The Item has been delivered in her house on friday 6/26. I would like if anyone can help me. Im from Argentina and I cant call to Ebay from here.

Thank you









Captura de pantalla 2015-07-02 a las 15.46.20.png

Shipping & Returns discussion

This is another painting I got at an estate sale last week-end. The name looks like Drysdale?

Any info - if any - on the artist would be apprecaiated.


aa art painting DRYSDALE 1.jpg


aa art painting DRYSDALE 2.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

IMG953877.jpgCOOKIE JAR? Can't find him ANYWHERE!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone confirm that these are foxgloves (my best guess)?


I'm about to research the mark, but if anyone recognizes, please feel free to chime in!  


As always, thanks for your help.  - Sarah


Lunel Plate (1).JPGLunel Plate (4).JPGLunel Plate (6).JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Just got this statue but don't know anything about it. Any help is appreciated.  The statue is approx. 9" tall. Here are some photos:mysterygirl1.jpg




Collectibles & Art discussion

20 measly listings a month now?  Real smart move ebay, I assume that most sellers are like me, and absolutely hate listing items.  It's boring, and it's tedious work, especially thanks to ebay's ancient, half brained photo uploading applet.   Whoever coded it, doesn't seem to understand that people want to drag and drop, and then be able to drag each picture into their desired order.  It's not hard to implement that kind of functionality into a website.  Instead, each time you go to upload your photos, you're stuck making mental notes of filenames, reverting to thumbnail view in the explorer window that pops up, and finally scrolling to find the pictures that you could have simply dragged over from the folder you had open in the first place.  Listing is a major headache, but it should be the smoothest part of selling on ebay and it should not cost sellers a cent.  It obviously has nothing to do with keeping the amount of junk listings at a minimum, considering 95% of ebay is just that.


Point is, nobody wants to pay listing fees, when they are already coughing up 13% of the selling price when a buyer actually comes along (kind of rare these days).  If items aren't selling, you're throwing away money and wasting your worthless 20 "free" listings.


Ebay is purposely limiting the amount of transactions that are made on the site.  Either that, or they simply don't understand the consequences of annoying and frustrating the sellers who choose their site as a selling platform.

Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 6:41:46 PM PT

Well, I'm heading over to Bonanza

I haven't used this forum before. I have just had my first bad experience selling on ebay. I have been a member for four years. What happened was I sold one of my kids old bicycles for 99p. I just requested pick up within 3 days on the item description. The buyer payed 99p via paypal but did not pick up the bike. After 3 days I asked her when she could pick it up. She said she could only do weekdays before 2pm. I explained that both my wife and I were at work and could she possibly do another time (I didn't want to take a morning of work to sell something for 99p) . I heard nothing back. After a week I emailed her again and asked if she still wanted it, suggested a refund as an option. No reply. 3 days later (late Saturday night) I received an email from her in block capitals 'STILL NO REFUND.?.' I replied by saying that I had not heard back from her but I would refund straight away. Which I did. Following this, you guessed it, I was left negative feedback. With only 68 transactions this brings my rating to 97%. I contacted ebay, who suggested that I contact the buyer to try and work it out. I did this, but just got a curt email back, telling me that I should have been more flexible. Not only that, I then got mocking emails where she was just sending me smily faces, followed by a mocking phonecall from a male voice on a withheld number saying 'hello mate, can I buy a bike for a quid?' Followed by laughter and then hanging up. I cannot reciprocate the bad feedback, and ebay have told me that they they cannot remove it. This experience has irritated me so much that I honestly feel like giving up selling on ebay altogether. I have emailed ebay about this several times, and am starting to feel like a pest. It's just that I am so irritated that people can behave like this. Surely this can't be ok can it? Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? This experience has made me lose all enthusiasm for selling.

Selling discussion

I won a Paypal dispute over a 'non-receipt' which was then changed to a 'not as described' dispute from a nightmare US buyer for an expensive item. I charged the right amount for shipping and insurance albeit unpaid by the buyer but was complementary by me for my security. The buyer has now left me my first negative feedback and I have been selling for years without an issue. What should I do or can I do to remove it? The feedback claims are false and I feel the buyer is being bitter about losing the Paypal dispute and retailiating to my more then appropriate feedback for them. I have already reported this buyer to ebay but don't feel like they can help. No sense in trying to rectify with the buyer - they were hellish to deal with!

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:08:15 PM PT

False retaliated negative feedback

Sold a shirt and buyer received it today. The description included the following:


The following is to protect myself as well as protecting the buyer from unwanted items:
All clothing items are purchased 2nd hand or later. Although this is a smoke free home, I cannot guarantee the same from previous owners. If this is of concern, please refrain from purchasing the item. 
Thank You!
Received this message today from the buyer:
Hello. Wanted to let you know I received the top I bought from yo and thank you for the fast shipping. The top has a very strong odor of smoke. And being in the ziploc bag I smelled it immediately. I would prefer not to have something with an odor that strong. Please tell me what you would like me to do. I contacted you to make arrangement rather than go through ebay and make a problem out of it against your acct. I respect a seller and give them the chance to resolve it.
I have no problem refunding on return, but the seller sounds as if she is threatening me by going to Ebay if I do not bend to her will. I looked at her feedback given and she gave a negative yesterday to a seller for a smoke issue. The seller responded that the buyer made a claim just to avoid paying return shipping.
Buyer sounds as if she is either looking for a free item or trying to avoid paying return shipping. Smoke issue WAS in the description.
Should I take my chance and let her go to ebay and try fighting it, or just make her happy?


Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 4:42:11 PM PT

Should I Fight This Buyer Request?

I have more listed than i have ever had, and selling nothing, That is scary!  I have great things to list but i feel like im waisting my time,  futhermore,  no increase in views or watchers in days, just stays the same.  Anybody else selling?

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 5:40:02 PM PT

Is anyone selling anything???

Hi all


Having trouble working out what these are actually worth - there are a few different versions listed on EBay (all 3 volumes) and mine have all the "unbound" maps which i imagine would make them worth more. However, every set i see has different binding, and different finishes e.g gilt edge pages


Hoping someone knows about these books...thanks heaps

Booksellers discussion

I had two LV purses that ebay removed stating they were counterfeit. I then called customer service and got "disconnected." Hmmm.  What to do when you have two authentic purses with all the pictures required to show such and Ebay removes them. 

Selling discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:17:18 PM PT

My listings were removed

I have a buyer that has 1 transaction over the past 12 months.  The buyer made a Best Offer on a product with the stipulation that they would pay for shipping and send me a shipping label.  


Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated. 



Shipping & Returns discussion

I order an item and it showed that I will receive it on june 30 . But tody is july 1 and I didn't receive any thing

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jul 1, 2015 1:02:55 AM PT

Why I didn't received my order on time?

I'm new to eBay and just won a few rings from China. Is all of their jewelry bad? Didn't really see negative feedback 😐

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jul 1, 2015 7:23:56 PM PT

Rings from china

I am a power seller on eBay, I live in North Carolina, and I use USPS exclusively. As of June 2015 I noticed my sales to the West Coast have completely stopped, and after I got an e-mail from a prospective customer I think I know what the problem is.  I was trying to sell an item that weighed 7 lbs with 20" X 20" X 20" dimensions , and a prospective customer wrote asking why the USPS priority shipment rate was so high. I checked on the USPS.gov web page and calculated the price.  As it turns our there is a problem.  For a USPS priority shipment for the above weight and dimensions it would cost $83.  A 1 day USPS Express Shipment only cost $80.  I e-mailed the USPS "Contact Us" address, but I haven't heard anything.  Perhaps if everyone having similar problems would contact their friendly USPS office, we could get this issue corrected. Tom

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jun 30, 2015 3:23:06 AM PT

Shipping to the West Coast using USPS

I am devistated! She is also a long time EbaSeller of Antiques similar to this one, and says it's not HER POLICY to keep damaged goods! It was a Vintage Bakelite Trinket Box in Excellent Condition-I have many pictures. It is unbreakable and I shipped it USPS because I was certain it would not break. When I sold it to her because she offered me much less than my asking price and I needed the money badly that day. I wanted to do something nice for her as I know she wanted it badly. She opened a Return. Now there's nothing for her to return. I offered her a partial refund minus the Shipping and Handling. She refused as I stated before. I have reposted her. Do you think Ebay will now agree with her, or me with my partial refund which was her full purchase price minus Shipping as I stated before. Thank you! I am so upset that this piece had been in my family 25 yrs and it was unbreakable. She had to have taken a hammer to it!

Getting Started question

I just sold an "RCA 9" Color TV Model 09344 With Digital Converter Box And Remote For Both"  on ebay and I shpped on time.

Just before I shpiied the item I checked again and it was working fine.

The buyer asked me for the manual which I founded online and I emailed the link.


Today I got two emails from the buyer that the tv doesnt work and is only blue screen and no channels.

I sent an email back and I told her to follow the instructions on the manual and all te coded are on the paper that I have taped on tv.


Clearly she had no idea hoe to make the tv work and she emailed me back to tell me that the tv doesnt work.

She also provided me with a phone number to call her.

I thought this was the easies way to sort things our and I calles her.

She cleraly had no clue how to put the tv to work and she was complaining that she can not follow the manual.

Later she asked me to come and make the tv work and later she told me to come and pick the tv at her house next to the scool.

I dont know what she was smoking but I told her I leave 3 hours away from her in different states and I could not come and pick the tv.


But in the end of the conversation she told me to refund her money or she will open a case against me on ebay and leave a bad feedback.


Needless to say I told her to keep the item and I refunded her money.
I thought going on ebay,is not worthied because enay in 99% of the cases sides with the buyer.

I am not a person who complains and I always give the buyer the benefit of the boubt,but in this case I am 100% sure that the TV works fine,and she either has no clue how to operate the tv or has mental problems.
She asked me to refund the money in 5 minutes otherwise she will call ebay and open case against me.
It took me 5 minutes on the phone to convince her that I am at work and I will refund her moneuy after 1 hour when I get back home.

Sorry that I wrote the whole story,but I am very upset.


What have you done in similar cases?

Thanks in advance and happy 4th of July!

Selling discussion

Jul 2, 2015 2:03:32 PM PT

How to deal with unreasonable buyers?

Hi! I have a problem. I purchased an item as a guest (I do have an ebay account now) and item arrived dried out. Cannot use it. I need replacement. When I see my order in previous email, I cannot see who seller was, it says "sorry, you are neither the buyer nor the seller for this transaction". What do I do, please?

I only have "Transaction Id" number.


Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

I noticed that the item was removed after I received an email from eBay stating "You may have received messages from a compromised account." The account they stated was fancypants6684, someone I bought from: I paid for the item (headset $29.99) on the 27th through PayPal. It was marked as shipped about 9 hours after purchased. The estimated delivery date is on July 7. Anyways, after the email about the compromised account, I looked at my purchases to make sure everything was fine, only to find that the item is marked as "Removed Item" Im not sure what to do, I pretty worried right now.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jun 30, 2015 11:54:38 PM PT

What should I do? Item removed but was paid

18 hours since invoice sent. Still no payment. So I go to ebay help and find a video of Griff showing how to edit Site Preferences to open an unpaid case after 4 hours. Only the Site Preferences edit page Griff s hows looks little like the page I have. I assume ebay has taken away the seller option to edit this. Or maybe it's just me. Any way, this just illustrates what I hate about the "Help" button. Someone makes a video, or a help article with detailed instructions on how to handle a situation. Then the page is changed. The options are changed. The page is under a different secion. And no one ever bothers to change that "Help" page or video. So you have thousands of people running against this brick wall where the "Help" instructions to not match the "help" resource available. Is it so much to ask, especially from one who asks so much of the consumers of that "help"? If ebay were held to the standards they hold sellers ...

Selling discussion