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Looking these up for a friend.  These seem to be the same pattern, but the plate is Hutschenreuther and cream pitcher is Made in France with a house logo and name (can't read) in bottom half of house.  Appreciate any help on this maker or name of pattern.  

Have no idea what the Mabel Kelly 1981 is on the bottom. The "house" just doesn't appear to be a mold mark! Just doesn't make sense to me.  Thanks for any info!



Cream pitcher B&B plateC Pitcher mark++

                                                                                             Bottom of pitcher

Hutschenreuther mark-plate

   Bottom of B&B plate


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 19, 2015 9:05:51 PM PT

Help with ceramic mark, pattern.

Etched signature - looks like "Louson" - anyone familiar? Vase is approx 4 inches tall DSC_3705.JPG_DSC3721.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 20, 2015 2:22:32 AM PT

Signed "Louson" Art Glass Vase ID


Collectibles & Art discussion

May 20, 2015 7:29:27 AM PT

Help with artist identification

This little angel fish measures about 2 5/8" tall, 2 3/8 inches long and 1 1/8 inches wide at the base. He is turquoise and unmarked. I have seen the same shape listed as Shawnee on ebay, but in my Shawnee book he is not pictured. There is an angelfish in the book, but his mouth is droopy and quite different. I haven't been able to find this fish anywhere else on the internet. I've done searches for vintage pottery fish/ angelfish. My Shawnee book is dated 1994, so maybe he is in a newer book? Does anyone recognize this fishy? Thanks for the help!


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

A buyer won the bid for an iMac I was selling. He is having trouble getting the money together to pay. He says he is having trouble with Pay Pal (my preference to receive payment), and wants to possibly send payment through USPS. He doesn't say whether this would be cash, check or what. Can I tell him no I want PayPal or nothing? Then end this transaction and relist my item. Item #  251955342290. The auction ended on 5/17.

Payments question

May 20, 2015 4:13:01 AM PT

Buyer wants to pay by check in the mail.

I am looking for input on identifying the actual letters used in this seal or its original paper wrapper. Due to their elaborate nature the opinions so far have differed.


The wrapping paper, which I've provided two 180 degree opposing views, shows how the the seal's impression will actual appear while looking directly at the seal face on provides a horizontally reversed image of how it will actually appear.



Collectibles & Art discussion

On my account, under "not received" is listed $102.85.  What are those funds?  I only have 2 buyers who haven't yet paid and those total about $20.  What the heck is $102.85 not received?  Thanks! 



Will sell2
Sold (last 31 days)
Payments (last 31 days)
Not received
Total sales:

Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 4:24:21 PM PT

Is Ebay holding my money?

I just want to say that with a lot of hard work and researching how to be successful on eBay, you can do some incredible stuff.  I got a new power seller rating today.  I am now a gold power seller!  This is a major accomplishment for a one man operation.  The selling requirements to become a Gold Power Seller are $120,000.00 in revenue or 12,000 transactions in 12 months. 



Gold Power Seller.jpg



Selling discussion

May 19, 2015 5:29:08 PM PT

New Power Selling rating

Hi, this bracelet is kind of springy, so it widens to open, and then can latch onto one of the three holes. It is very thin, lightweight, and quite small with inner circumference of about 5 7/8 inches on the biggest setting.  The engraving is just on the front half, the back half is plain.


What time period do you think it is from?  Victorian, or later, like the 40s?  Anyone recognize the mark?  I checked RCJ under the Ms and Bs, but didn't see it.  The only MB I saw was Boucher, and this doesn't look like that style at all to me.









Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Thanks to Pantone's "Color of the Year," I'm going to call the enamel color on this brooch Marsala :smileyhappy:.  It's well-made and thickly gold-plated.  Gives me a 50's vibe.  I can't read nor recognize the mark.  It's possibly french because there's an accent over the "e."  I took the pic through a magnifying glass so that's the best I can do.  Can't blame you if you can't make it out either, but I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't try.  Oh, and what type of flower do you think it is?  Thanks if you can help and thanks if you can't!





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 19, 2015 1:08:05 PM PT

Help with a sig mark please

It is in the News...


Official states, "After 20 years, all U.S. eBay sellers should be selling elsewhere by now."

Elated eBay seller waiting on Nigerian sale for fourth in a row

"The 500% listing fee increase should not negatively impact our sellers bottom line."

No, "write in" choices will be taken into consideration.


In a landslide, Paypal wins the prestigious, "Honeyfuggler of the Year Award"


Disclosure - These aren't real headlines...except for the last one - it is.


btw... I vote for Devin the Dodo. It was a cute bird.




The Dodo is a fitting choice, seeing that American sellers in Chinese Page 1 visibility dominated categories are well on their way to extinction.


Buy American.

Selling discussion

May 21, 2015 10:26:36 PM PT




Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Hello again! I tried this board in the past, but sadly, no one replied! Thought I'd try again with this piece. It belongs to a friend who said it was her grandmother's from the 1840's? I hope to have more pics later, but for now, hope these will do. :smileyhappy: The cameos are shell, but my question is about the quality? They aren't as detailed as most antique cameos. Is this a problem if I re-sell? And the clasp is stamped 806. Doesn't show in these pics, but I have seen it clearly. She was told that is a "date stamp", but I can find no info on this, other than it MIGHT be Italian? Also the metal must be silver/vermeil? Is this a "book chain" link?
I thank you for any help or information! :smileyhappy:
Cameo Bracelet.jpgCameo Bracelet 002.jpg

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

Mu Dh. bought more purses for me to list but before i do even though I fell they ar authentic, I want to make positive.

First is a fold over briefcase 10 1/4 by 14 closed.

may20 020.JPGmay20 021.JPGmay20 025.JPG

Next is a small shoulder purse I don't know the style name , it has a fold over flap that snaps 10 inches wide 8 inches deep closed

may20 015.JPGmay20 016.JPGmay20 018.JPG

Last is also a hsoulder or handle purse that has a latch closure and brown trim 8" by 10 "


may20 009.JPGmay20 012.JPGThaks so much, Lainey

Fashion discussion

Ok, had to share this wonderful exotic lizard pin. I believe it dates from the 1900's based on research about the "tube hinge" pinback? Am I right? :smileyhappy: The rhinestones have a slightly blue tinge. Could they be another gem? White Shapphire? 
And it seems to have some marvelous Tribal designs, as if it were African or Egyptian? The metal seems to test for 10kt gold. I do have a jeweler I'd like to show it to, but couldn't resist hearing what the "experts" here had to say! :smileyhappy: It's a small pin; 2 3/4" x 1/2" Thank you again!!
1900s Lizard Pin Boards 001.jpg1900s Lizard Pin Boards 002.jpg1900s Lizard Pin Boards 003.jpg1900s Lizard Pin Boards 004.jpg

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

I have looked through all of my books and researched the net and cannot find a thing.  All of the clothing seems to be original and he is wearing a pin that reads "Smilin' Jack".  In my research, I did find he was a cartoon character from the 1930's through the 70's.  I cannot find where a doll was ever made for the series.  The doll is composition and in pretty good shape (other than stringing undone and missing a leg).  It is jointed at the shoulder and hips with a 1 piece head and torso.  It is about 15" tall.  Maybe this was an advertising doll??  Any help is grealy appreciated!!  Thank you for taking a look! :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Toys & Hobbies discussion

May 19, 2015 10:52:53 AM PT

At a loss with this doll. Please help!



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Is this Laurel Burch?  I'm not too familiar with her jewelry other than having handled some of her enameled earrings.  I did see that she had charm bracelets and necklaces (some with cats and bead dangles) but I've never seen anything like this.  The other cat figures are glass!  Has anyone seen this?  The only mark I can find is 925 on the lobster claw clasp.  I know it doesn't mean a lot, but the owner also sold me a pair of Laurel Burch Fat Cat earrings.  There is a "fat cat" on the bracelet, too.brclbr2


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 19, 2015 7:45:13 PM PT

Is this Laurel Burch... or something else?

Picked this up at the thrift store for $5.00. It appears that parts are hand painted? And others parts are not? Does that seem right?  I am looking for some keywords. What would you call this type of painting? Would you call this a continental vase? Anything helps! Thanks! rabbit 012.JPGrabbit 017.JPGrabbit 023.JPGrabbit 031.JPGrabbit 027.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Snatched up this beauty yesterday and was wondering if ya'll have ever seen anything like this with the fake flower stems attached, It came on the cord but it's a brooch really. I noticed while taking pics that the one earring is smashed :smileysad: I am afraid to bend it back for fear of breaking it.

Does this look familiar to anyone?? would you just sell as a set or break it up and put the earrings in a repair lot??

mayebay15 005.jpg


mayebay15 011.jpg

This other pair of earrings by Anson say Karat Clad do you think that is moonstone on onyx??

mayebay15 023.jpg


Thanks in advance  :smileyhappy:

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 21, 2015 4:58:10 AM PT

Help with a japanned set please

I thought this was the Martec Pattern by McKee but now I see another piece listed that says it's the Martec pattern. Appreciate any light that can be shed on this pattern. Thanks. Oh, and I found this stand in a bunch of EAPG after I listed the punch bowl and plate. If it is Martec, should I cancel the other listing and combine all 3 pieces? Thanks for any and all info.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

i picked up this nifty Boucher 6748 bracelet today, gold tone with some of the raised areas looking silvery.   I found one at a non-ebay site and they say it is gold plated but show no mark. 


The silvery areas really do look like loss to the gold plate  so I can believe it is plated, just wanted to make sure before I list it.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

ok i got a guestion about this im still waiting on the necklace back and i still havent gotten it yet when im i going to get it back she opened this case back in april . if i dont get my neclace back and you refund her money back out of my account i will stop saleing on ebay it cost me for the necklace the shipping to her then im paying for her to send back which she hasnt done yet so im going to be out of a lot of money . this isnt fair to the sellers are you all trying to run us out of business .  

   Hi smokiebear141414,

We're sorry there was a problem with this transaction. After reviewing the case, we made a final decision in the buyer's favor.

This case has been decided in the buyer's favor.

The buyer has been asked to return the item to you. Once tracking shows the item has been delivered to you, the buyer will be issued a full refund. Also, if the buyer uses an eBay provided shipping label to return the item, you will be required to pay for such shipping and will see this charge on your invoice in accordance with our policies. These charges vary.

You can also view the details of this case in the Resolution Center.

1pc Gorgeous Pendant Necklace Gemstone Heart Amethyst Crystal White Gold Silver
1pc Gorgeous Pendant Necklace Gemstone Heart Amethyst Crystal White Gold Silver
Item # :291425813276
Sale price:$6.00
Sale date:Apr-24-15 17:10:58 PDT
Case #:5083750021
Case opened:May-19-15 03:16:55 PDT
View purchased item

Member To Member Support question

May 19, 2015 10:07:32 AM PT

Appealing a case

I am assuming this is for a watch. The  chain o the band is to attach watch so it does not get lost. The band stretches and as seen in the photos the top area moves when pinched ...possible for an oval watch if need be or something maybe a locket? Hoping others have directional help and/or known what this is called to help me with additional searching.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 21, 2015 12:17:11 PM PT

Unusual victorian RG watch band?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hello P&G forums, I see tons of cut glass and this one caught my eye. I would like to properly ID it before listing if possible. Is this ABP glass? It doesn't have the sawtooth edge that I usually see. I really wish there was a makers mark, but sadly there are only some numbers. I would like help with the age/pattern/maker if possible. Thanks

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



I just received an email from one of my customers.  She had purchased a book from me, she received the package today.  However, the package was recieved open and the contents (book) was missing.  The post office did stamp it .  Her message to me "I received the yellow envelope with no book the package was damage and the envelope state received without contents"  she also provided a photo of the envelope.




This is the first time this has happened to me.  Not sure how to handle.  My postman picks up my mail at my house, if the package was opened or had no contents I'm 100% sure he would have mentioned it to me. 

Any advise how to handle this?  If I refund her money, I lose both the cost of the item and shipping. I want to resolve this amicably.  Please help.

Member To Member Support question

I have what I think is a porcelain basket with two blue parallel lines with a blue line running through them.  I can't identify the company.  I think it's German, but not sure.  Can anyone help with this?





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 19, 2015 10:09:18 AM PT

I need help finding a makers mark on a pot

Any info is apperciated greatly. The piece is about 8". 










Collectibles & Art discussion

May 20, 2015 12:29:01 PM PT

Help identify this bronze

thank you for any information.100_5691.JPG100_5690.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi all!  I recently picked this up at an estate auction.  I have no idea of it's age or the maker of the item.  It is not marked at all on the base.  The floral shaped top if a thick amber glass; the base is brass.  It is 6 1/2" tall (base to top) and 6 1/4" across (top).  Ideas?  TIA...010 (814x1024).jpg

011 (902x1024).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Any thoughts on the possible age, origin and maker of this small, unmarked, solid silver paperweight(?) or table/desk sculpture(?) ???

Had it tested by my local jeweler and he stated that it's at least sterling or better (probably "pure").

Size approx: 3-1/2 in.

Weight approx: 9.5 oz.


Thank you!







Collectibles & Art discussion

photo.JPGphoto.JPGi have a gold bracelet with coral? or cabochons and its stamped 750 on clasp, would like to know more about it.

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

May 21, 2015 6:05:56 AM PT

Gold Bracelet

I'm trying to find out information on this Hobe necklace that I got to sell but want more info on it.  It is a signed  also on the metal back.  Any info would be  greatly appreciated. I don't even no what types of stones they are.





Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

May 20, 2015 11:17:43 AM PT

Please Info on this Hobi Necklace Needed

I found this hand woven basket at a recent estate sale that was held for a antique dealer. The coiling reminds me of Native American handwork. Basket has a rich patina that had to take many years to achieve. Just wondering if anyone recognizes the style and knows whether or not it is American Indian made? Measures approx. 12 inches wide X 5 inches tall. Thanks for any help you can give...

Collectibles & Art discussion



Can someone help me identify these? I have never seen a backing/clasp like this before. They are even marked (L)eft & (R)ight. I believe they are right side up in the photos because the letters are.



Sunflower Earrings 001.JPG


Sunflower Earrings 003.JPG


Sunflower Earrings 004.JPG


I'd be very grateful if someone could help me identify them. Thanks!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic


I don't have very much information at all on this. I believe it is sterling & copper pieces glued on to a reverse painted glass. Signed and I'm guessing titled. I believe it could be from Mexico and possibly a monastery connection? Any info appreciated.

Collectibles & Art discussion

d.jpgd2.jpgd3.jpgd4.jpgd6.jpgFrom end to end, this is about 51" long and 3.5 inches across.  It is marked "FORD OR MERCURY-1941-8."  Some people have thought it might have been for a headboard or dashboard.  Others thought it might have been a mold for making something.  I would love to hear any of your ideas.  Thanks in advance.

Motors discussion

I didn't recieved the 10 pcs earrings and the seller cann't pay me a refund.


Could you help me?


This mailing  is below:

Beste ashley-bakkers,

Hi, my dear buyer, I am so sorry for that. We have refund failed, we have past the deadline to refund you directly, so You can open a ebay case or request I will refund , is that ok?

- jenny-blande
Klik op de knop Reageren om via Berichten te beantwoorden, of ga naar je e-mailaccount om te reageren

Van: ashley-bakkers
Aan: jenny-blande
Onderwerp: Re: Ik heb mijn object niet ontvangen: ashley-bakkers stuurde een bericht over 1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party #271761041606
Verzenddatum: 19-mei-15 19:00:52 CEST

Beste jenny-blande,

Yes, I already told you that in 5 other mails.

Please send me a refund quickly.

- ashley-bakkers

Van: jenny-blande
Aan: ashley-bakkers
Onderwerp: Re: Ik heb mijn object niet ontvangen: ashley-bakkers stuurde een bericht over 1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party #271761041606
Verzenddatum: 19-mei-15 13:15:02 CEST

Beste ashley-bakkers,

Hi, my dear friend you want a refund?

- jenny-blande

Van: ashley-bakkers
Aan: jenny-blande
Onderwerp: Re: Ik heb mijn object niet ontvangen: ashley-bakkers stuurde een bericht over 1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party #271761041606
Verzenddatum: 17-mei-15 18:12:22 CEST

Beste jenny-blande,


Do you already send the refund?

- ashley-bakkers

Van: jenny-blande
Aan: ashley-bakkers
Onderwerp: Re: Ik heb mijn object niet ontvangen: ashley-bakkers stuurde een bericht over 1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party #271761041606
Verzenddatum: 13-mei-15 10:05:05 CEST

Beste ashley-bakkers,

Hi, dear buyer Thank you for your letter , I ’m so sorry to hear that ,my dear friend , yes,it is very long time , I think it might lost on the way during shipping , I hope you can understand me,as a seller,  I hope each customer can receive the goods in time,so next I give you a FULL refund or resend a new order to you ,is that ok ? my dear friend , you are a good buyer, can you tell me what you think?  my dear friend ,I look forward to hearing from you

- jenny-blande

Van: ashley-bakkers
Aan: jenny-blande
Onderwerp: Ik heb mijn object niet ontvangen: ashley-bakkers stuurde een bericht over 1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party #271761041606
Verzenddatum: 11-mei-15 21:16:50 CEST

Beste jenny-blande,

it is already a long time ago but still have no earrings or receive money back. Like a response or I'll file a complaint with ebay.


- ashley-bakkers
1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party
1/2/10Pcs Unisex LED Glowing Light Up Blinking Ear Stud Earrings Club Party
Eindtijd:07-mei-15 12:43:56 CEST
jenny-blande (5811)
98.6% Positieve feedback
Lid sinds 28-mrt-14 in China
Locatie: 浙江省, China
Aanbiedingsstatus:Dit bericht is verzonden terwijl de aanbieding gesloten was.

Member To Member Support question

May 21, 2015 11:21:40 AM PT

Didn't receive your item

why is it ok for someone to swear in an email to me???


ebay member mandy100 sent this 

New message from: mandy100 (284Turquoise Star)
Just **bleep**ing send your a mug I'm not giving you the money back until I receive the shoes if there's any marks or stains I'll be contacting ebay next time you buy shoes don't tell them to not send the box



Member To Member Support question

May 21, 2015 10:13:38 AM PT

my user name is bluebirds_40

20150518_161504.JPG20150518_161547.JPGcopper pot, cauldron please help id age, origin and details on when it was made, should I clean it?

Collectibles & Art discussion

Help artist’s script sig, lovely pottery set, 2 plates 2 bowls. Thank you


Hello. I would appreciate any help with identifying the maker of this lovely pottery set, 1 platter 10.5” d, 1 plate 8.25” d, and 2 bowl at 7” d. beige/blue colors, glazed. Many thanks in advance.
















Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hope there is someone who can explain why I can't list the items? 'Create your listing' form is absolutely uselles - I'm in Croatia, but the service does not offer anything else but the USA in Shipping destination Service, so nowhere to find the way how to change the location - from the USA to Croatia, and put the right Shipping method!? This is totally confusing with the lack of all necessery options!

Even if I got through, it keeps showing on a Preview that my location is the United States!?!

Thanks in advance! eBay___Sell___Create_Your_Listing.jpg

Member To Member Support question

Having a tough time finding any information about Vintage PRO Mens GOKIMG0002.jpgLD CUP Shoes (NOT like ADDIAS Gold Cup) Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Sporting Goods discussion

May 20, 2015 12:16:16 PM PT

Vintage Mens GOLD CUP Golf Shoes

This is regarding

Item no: 191575709982  
I've had to refund this buyers money. I did this directly through paypal rather than through ebay.  When I try to cancel the order on ebay, it prompts me to refund the buyers money again. I do not know how to complete this without refunding the buyers money twice when I only recieved it once.   Here is a copy of the transaction from paypal.  Thank you for your help on this matter.

Refund (Unique Transaction ID # 3TW26614RU0975940)
See related 9LS64439R5320561H
 Date  Type  Status  Details  Gross  Fee  Net  Date  Type  Status  Details  Gross  Fee  Net
Original Transaction
 May 15, 2015Payment From Amjad El-Mousa RefundedYou have refunded this payment in full.
You have refunded this payment in full.
 Details$6.00 USD -$0.53 USD $5.47 USD 
Related Transaction
 May 19, 2015Refund Completed ...-$6.00 USD $0.53 USD -$5.47 USD 

Sent to: Amjad El-Mousa 
Email: amer_el-mousa@hotmail.com
Total amount: -$6.00 USD
Fee amount: $0.53 USD
Net amount: -$5.47 USD

Date: May 19, 2015
Time: 13:57:22 PDT
Status: Completed

You have sent $6.00 USD to Amjad El-Mousa with PayPal
I'm sorry. There is just no way to ship this to you from me without it costing at least 3 times what you've paid for it. I did not think costs went up so much when I listed it. Sorry for any disappointment. Here is all your money back.

Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 6:52:27 AM PT

Handling returns

twice now i am getting an item purchased by an international buyer and i am not able to send an invoice.  this is the message i get:



 Send Invoice to Buyer


you can't send invoice for this order
 The item(s) will ship using the Global Shipping Program. As part of the program, buyer directly pays international shipping and import charges to the third-party shipping provider. The buyer will still be able to complete checkout even if you don't send an invoice.


what am i supposed to do?  i ship everything by fedex.  my account.  i've never used global shipping program.  don't even know what it is.  thanks for your help.

Payments question

May 19, 2015 7:00:54 PM PT

sending an invoice

Dear hulushop2010
This is order details of product 
Order details
You completed checkout on 14-Apr-2015
Ship to:Payment details:Total:
siva pulagalaPayPalUS $6.43
Anil kumar Reddy Towers
Nellore, AP 524004 IN

Message from seller:

Dear Customer,

thanks for your order. 

I will post your order within 1 business days. The shiping time will be mostly depend on your location. normally it takes around 15-45 days. 

if you have an questions about the order,please contact me

MSN: 13006307012
Skype: hulushop

We will try to answer you in 24 hours because we are in different time zone.

New Front Glass Lens screen Panel For Motorola Moto E XT1021 XT1022 XT1025 Whiteitem: 311048162749  transaction: 568256523021 )
Paid on 14-Apr-2015 US $6.43 Free 1 US $6.43 
Economy Int'l Shipping
Estimated delivery: You can contact seller for more information.



You will mention in may 09 is excepted date to delivery the product,but up to now not deliver the product 

Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 11:04:15 PM PT

Didn't receive an item

I have not received my goods purchased2.jpg

Member To Member Support question

May 21, 2015 9:23:04 PM PT

Didn't receive your item

This little thing (approx 2" x 1.5") has been sitting on my desk for over a year and thought I would try to I.D. it before breaking it. Thanks!



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



I did not recieved the following Item.


Batterie origine pour Huawei HB4W1 G510 Orange Daytona Ascend C8813 Y210 genuine ( objet : 291105018442  transaction : 1165485558019 )
Payé le 04-mai-15 4,65 EUR Gratuit 1 4,65 EUR 
Lettre verte/Ecopli
Livraison estimée : lun. 11 mai - mer. 13 mai



Omid Moradtalab



Member To Member Support question

May 19, 2015 7:32:12 PM PT

Didn't receive your item

You got a refund 19 мая 2015 10:39:48 Москва

Dear Ирков ,

eBay ruled in your favour in your dispute case about your purchase  , and a full refund of 23,00 GBP was sent to your PayPal account.

Please allow 3-5 working days for the refund to be received in your account. eBay will then consider the dispute closed. If you have any questions, please go to the eBay Resolution Centre.

Refund details

eBay item number Seller's name Seller's email address Refund date Refund amount

19 мая 2015 10:39:48 Москва
23,00 GBP

Note to seller

Description Purchase Date Unit price Qty Amount
Item Number 351342020493
21 March 2015 11.00 GBP 1 11.00 GBP
Postage and packaging 12.00 GBP
Postal Insurance - not offered ----
Total 23.00 GBP
Payment 23.00 GBP
Visa — 23.00 GBP
Exchange rate: 1 RUB = 0,0107368 GBP

Yours sincerely,

Payments question




Collectibles & Art discussion

May 21, 2015 8:40:45 PM PT

Can someone tell me abou the follow art ?

I need help with identifying this vase.  I believe it to be a made by Fritz Heckert and the design by Max Rade but I am certainly not an expert. There is obviosly no signature. Here are some pics , any input would be appreciated.   VicP2880305.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

May 21, 2015 2:19:30 PM PT

Art Glass Vase Identification help needed

I've had sash buckles before, usually with a pin mechanism but this one has me stumped.
Is there another part missing that would have clipped onto the rotating buckle part ?
This is large at 4+1/4" x 2+1/4" and because of the curvature of the design and prong placement I'm guessing M'lady would have worn this vertically instead of horizontally ?
I just can't figure out how the sash would have been used with this buckle.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Thanks in advance. My crackle glass resources are limited. I went through Weitmans' Book 2 with no luck and also the Blenko Project website. For all I know it's cheap Mexican glass -- I seem to have no clue about the difference between that and nice American crackle -- but, well, I'd like to know anyway.  :smileyindifferent:  It's 8 1/4" tall with an unpolished pontil.


Cobalt crackle jug 1.jpg

Cobalt crackle jug 2.jpg

Cobalt crackle jug 5.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

new auction 001.JPGnew auction 005.JPG

new auction 006.JPGnew auction 008.JPG

How old would you say it is or isn't  TYVM

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 21, 2015 11:31:16 PM PT

Does this look like ivory?

I would appreciate any help with identifying the maker of this plate and/or how to describe it, thank you.  The center of the plate has, what appears to be, ink splotches and the whole back is coated in a metallic silver paint.  The plate measures, 8.5" in dia. Thanks, to anyone offering help.Picture 19888.jpgPicture 19887.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

I have this book  Shakespeare's complete collection Pembroke edition Volume 2 Thomas Y Crowell co. New york.


I have seen so many versions on the net but not any that look like mine. Any help would be great!



Antiques discussion

Can anyone id this perfume bottle?


Debbie4-20 Joyce 034.JPG

Buying & Selling Basics question

May 21, 2015 8:38:47 PM PT

id perfume

Hello again! I can't seem to stay away! I am confindent I'll get accurate "expert" opinions from you! This time I have acquired what I think is an Antique/Vingate Cannetille Filigree Elephant. He is marvelous and finely wired. Bright Enamel accents and toes. 
Bale is marked SILVER. Does that help date it? It appears to have a gold wash? I love the chain. Have included a photo of the original box if that helps. Is it Turkish? Chinese? Old new? I haven't found anything similar! Thank you again!! 
Elephant Pendant 001.JPGElephant Pendant 002.JPGElephant Pendant 003.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Please help id this victorian dressed figurine that measures 13" tall and has a 4 1/2" diameter base.  It appears to be comprised of two pieces bonded together. There is a rectangular outline that may have been where a decal was once located above the hole in the back of the base. Could this hole have been intended for an electrical cord for use as a lamp? I can not see any marks anywhere on the base or figurine. Thank you in advance.P1012143.JPGP1012144.JPGP1012145.JPGP1012146.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am looking for any information of this 13/16" wide tin button. The back references a patent number; however, it can't be made out.


My first thought was "Victory" as in World War II's "V for Victory"; however, the font seems a little more fancy than the normal type used for WWII.


My second thought was a brand name.


Collectibles & Art discussion





shippingaddress window.PNG

Shipping & Returns question

Can someone please tell me the autograph that is on this piece of art and the potential value?





Collectibles & Art discussion

May 21, 2015 8:26:34 PM PT

I need help Identifying some art ASAP

Im looking for any help with finding some information on this quartz Japan movt pocket watch. I dont know the age, it still has the plastic around the stem so I believe it is unused, and the back side has made in China stickers. 




Watches, Clocks and Timepieces discussion

May 21, 2015 11:41:04 AM PT

G Pocket Watch with chain and belt fob

Can anyone id this perfume bottle?


Debbie4-20 Joyce 037.JPG

Tools & Apps question

May 21, 2015 8:41:55 PM PT

id perfume bottle

Hello All


I have the below problem and the seller is not responding at all. I have been sending may email to him but still negawtive answers. How may i contact Ebay support at this time? 00:15 am CET, Albania


Thank you


Hi arberdjuk0030,

Here's what just happened:

We're sorry to hear that you haven't received "Bluetooth V4.0 Stereo Hifi Mini Super Bass Speaker BLACK color". You've opened a request, and we've notified the seller that you've requested a shipping status update for the item.

Here's what you need to do next:

Please allow a few days for the seller to respond to your request in the eBay Resolution Center.

If the seller doesn't respond or if you aren't satisfied with the seller's response to your request by May 21, 2015, please let us know. On that date, you can escalate your request to eBay Customer Support. A customer support agent will then review your request and get back to you with a decision within 48 hours.

What you should know:

If we don't hear from you by Jun 14, 2015, we'll assume that things have been resolved, and your request will be closed. Note that once a request is closed, you won't be eligible for a refund through the eBay Money Back Guarantee for the item.

Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 3:15:42 PM PT

Didn't receive your item

copper pot, cauldron please help id age, origin and details20150518_162249.JPGolder

Collectibles & Art discussion

I have an item for sale,,141661903602,, I have a buy it now on the item and I have make an offer. I sate the following in the listing:









Now I have it listed as a buy it now item,, plus according to ebay they say I can entertain offers.



I simply asked the people to make a reasonable offer and I end up getting this notice.











I don't see whre i offered a direct sale.


Someone please help me here.





Please make sure your listings follow eBay guidelines: Direct Sales

Hello davidnichols2015,

After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you haven't followed our Direct Sales policy. A list of the items we're concerned about is available further down in this email.

We realize you may not have been aware of these guidelines, so we haven't removed any listings, or taken any other action on your account. Instead, we want to provide you with this information so you can thoroughly review your listings and make sure they follow our guidelines.  

Please understand that you mentioned "THERE IS A BUY IT NOW ON THE RADIO OR YOU CAN MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER" in the listing description which may lead to off eBay sale. Sellers are not allowed to sell items directly to buyers off eBay. The eBay listing page is to sell items through the eBay site. Sellers are not permitted to advertise their own off-eBay businesses in their listings, nor are they permitted to list an item on the site and seek to sell it, or more quantities of it, off eBay. Items that are sold off eBay do not have the advantage of full trade protection services since there is no record of a transaction through eBay. Please be careful while you list your items in future so that they are in accordance with ebay policies. We've observed that this is the first time you breached eBay policy; please take some time to read our help pages. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Offering additional items for sale outside of eBay isn't allowed. It is also not allowed to require purchases in addition to the item you are offering.

These practices are considered a way of avoiding eBay fees. Listings that try to avoid fees put sellers who pay their fees at a disadvantage. Also, they can create a poor buying experience. Buyers may mistakenly think that they are covered by eBay's buyer protection and feedback services when making these additional purchases.

To learn more about our avoiding eBay fees policy, please go to:

Please make sure that your current and future listings follow these guidelines. If they don't, they'll be removed and your fees won't be refunded. It could also result in additional actions, including loss of buying and selling privileges on eBay.

For more information about our rules for sellers, please go to:

If you have more questions, contact us:

Here are the listings we're concerned about:

We appreciate your understanding.



Member To Member Support question

May 22, 2015 7:27:17 AM PT


I just ried to log in and I could'nt it said not a reg. member, but I have all my old emails and I can see my profile with my 15 gold stars and it say's no longer a reg. member???

No longer a registered user
100% positive feedback
Based in United States, enriq_joh has been an eBay member since Nov 04, 201

Member To Member Support question

I ordered a few items on 4/27 for an wedding on 5/16.   The main item that I bid on and won is now not availlable.  I have told the seller to cancel my order as the event is over and the main item, the bride and groom, they cannot find.  I have asked over and over again to cancel the entire order as the event is over and the main item has been lost or resold, after I was the high bidder. 


I got a message that they are sending me the items when I told them - cancel my order and send me a refund.


Feeling really, realy, frustrated

 eBay sent this message to vivian wason (wasous2014).
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.
Seller has responded to your question about this item
Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More 

We had sent an email earlier in the week explaining that we have been unable to locate the Lladro figurine 5282 Over The Threshold. Is there another piece we could send in its place or would you rather we canceled it from your order?
Please let us know
Thank you

From: tkeeper
Sent: May-06-15 07:56 AM
Dear wasous2014,

We have been searching our warehouse and have been unable to locate this piece. Is there another item that we could send in its place or would you rather we canceled Over The Threshold from your order?
Please let us know which you would prefer
We apologize for any inconvenience
Thank you

- tkeeper


Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 4:03:33 PM PT

Asking eBay to step in

im trying to get Uniden PRO505XL 40 Channerl CB Radio replased but the seller said they cant fined my info and said i need to talk to ebay 

Dear tomc9214,

Thank you for writing us.
Unfortunately we are still unable to find your order in our system.

Please contact ebay as this never came to us.

Customer Support Team

----- Original Message -----
tom callahan II 6190 port au prince riverside ca 92506
this is off my paypal Your purchase
Uniden PRO505XL CB Radio$38.90
Item #191355567024Track your shipment
November 12, Sent by UPS
Status: Shipped


- pricebreak-deals
pricebreak-deals (59297)
99.0% Positive Feedback
Member since Jan-25-07 in United States
Location: NY, United States



Member To Member Support question

May 19, 2015 5:23:39 PM PT

Account restriction and suspension

I have a heavy bronze vase that has an inscription on the inside bottom, but I am not sure if it is of Chinese or Japanese origin to even begin to identify it. Any help with it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Katie





Antiques discussion

I've been selling on Ebay for over 10 years and have never seen buyers abuse Ebay returns as they do now. This buyer purchased a skirt and as soon it was delivered, she purchased a second one like it but in a different color. She didn't leave FB so I assumed she loved it otherwise she won't purchase another.  I do offer a 14 day return policy, one month later she sends me a message saying she wants to return the first skirt. I told her I'm sorry but it's past the 14 day return window. She immediately opened a "defective item" case claiming that the "border of the skirt looks odd". I responded asking her why is it after one month she noticed the skirt looked odd and why did she purchase a second one just like it. She said she was on vacation for a month. She then threatens that she will return the second one too!!! Immediately, she drops another claim on me for the second skirt claiming "it's just too loose". She also is a seller and has a 97% seller's rating and does not accept returns in her store. I wish buyers would stop using our stores like rental shops, they just buy clothes, use it, and then return for free with Ebay's new easy return policy. Overall I've been hearing quite a few hard to believe stories lately from buyers, just needed to vent!! :smileysad:

Selling discussion

May 19, 2015 1:49:25 PM PT

buyer abuses ebay returns

A buyer left me negative feedback after they asked me a question about the item they had mistakenly bought from me. They stated in the feedback comment that I gave them an attitude, where I did not... and yet I can not have it removed unless the buyer agrees to retract it... How is this allowed to happen? My feedback up till that point and my buyers all praise me and my communication with them.. even the ones who return items, mistakenly bought other items or found something wrong with their item leave me good feedback because I work with them and make sure they leave my services happy and satisfied.. I always put forth 100% help and understanding with my customers. 


Why and how can someone who made a mistake with an impulse buy from one of my auctions be able to get away with such lies and falsehoods? 


The item was a promotion poster for video gaming items.. the buyer thought they were purchasing the items and was upset to find out that they were only receiving the poster.. this could have all been avoided if they read the description of the auction, let alone the Title of the auction before they jumped the gun and purchased it... 


Here are our corrospondence between each other:


Buyer: Can you tell me if this is a poster or are sending the two items?


Me: The poster is already on its way to you.. there is no controller or headset with this auction... It was stated in the description prior to your purchase, thank you for your question.


Buyer: I'll send it back no worries keep it the change your welcome


Right after this, they left the feedback... I dont understand how me clearly answering their question can be confused as me giving them attitude.. They obviously where mad at the fact they bought something that wasn't exactly what they thought they were getting (which they admit to making the mistake on their own part) and then they took it out on me because they were already mad about it and somehow made the mistake or misreading my reply as an attitude... 


How can this even be allowed to happen? How can I get this straightened out? I've tried contacting the buyer and explaining to them that they misunderstood and mistaken my reply to them.. but they refuse to get back to me.. What can I do about this, because this feedback is obviously untrue and undeserved.



Selling discussion

I list an item for $100 and I put a buy it now for $200, And I know someone would buy it for $200. But of course someone has to bid on it instead of watch it and ebay wipes out the buy it now. WHY? Why can't they leave the buy it now for others to use. I have seen so many items that I would have bought now that others bid on and take the option away. Why does ebay not do anything to help the sellers? Its all about the buyers.

Bidding & Buying discussion

May 19, 2015 11:51:09 AM PT

Why does ebay allow the buy it now to go away

This occured while making an offer on an item. 


Me and the seller made counter offers and I stated I would be willing to pay $60 if the shipping was reduced to $15. 

Made and offer of $60 while the shipping was still at $30 (figured the seller would reduce price). I'm fine being completly wrong at this point and paying for the $30 shipping. 


I recently messaged the seller asking if I would be refunded the $15.

I was told no, and because I made an offer of $75 and $15 for shipping.


Though when I look at our chat, I clearly said $60+$15 shipping. Looked at the transaction and it says $60+$30 shipping. So I clearly never offered $75+$15 anywhere, and wondering why the seller can just say I am willing to pay slower $15 shipping now for $30 towards shipping. 


If i could be enlightened that would be fantastic!





Member To Member Support question

I'm getting a little sick of buyers not reading my descriptions that say "DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT UNTIL I SEND AN INVOICE" (and eBay TOLD me to do that when I talked to their repreaentatives) because a majority of the time, the shipping calculator doesn't estimate the proper amount, or estimates for the wrong type of postage, and then the buyer gets mad at ME because THEY didn't read. Then I refund them and send the invoice when I have the correct shipping amount. On their end it says they've already paid. How hard is it for them to have a properly working system in place? PayPal and eBay are currently the same company, so why are the two sites not talking to each other?! I'm getting so frustrated that I'm debating on not using eBay for selling anymore.

Almost every other customer I have had has not read the description, and got mad at me for their incompetence.

There should be a check box that says "buyer pays for shipping, estimate to come at time of purchase" because I'm sick of this.

Selling discussion

May 21, 2015 8:09:33 PM PT

Invoices - Angry Venting

My 1993 China Panda Set, which I listed last Tuesday as a 10 day auction, was bid up to $203 within a few days. I looked at it today and the high bid is $120.


eBay's policy on retracting a bid are clearly being violated (see link). Do I have any recourse?



Selling discussion

May 19, 2015 12:56:25 PM PT

What happened to the bids on my item?

I have a Buyer that is saying the handbag I sold is a fake.  She went straight to ebay to ask for the return so I emailed her to ask why she thought it was a fake and that I would refund her if she was unhappy but could she pay for the shipping.  She wont even answer me back.  My question is can she leave bad feedback if I take the return? I rather have to pay for shipping then getting the neg feedback.

Thanks Steph.

Selling discussion

Hello. I have been shipping for a while so I am familiar with rates, etc..My question is, this is the first time I have ever shipped clothing via PM in a poly bag. I know it should travel with other PM correct? So that would include boxes? Or do they separate lighter PM from other heavier PM??


Usually I ship my clothing via FCM but this time It is 14 ounces. The bubble mailer is a dollar more. My margins are not high so I am trying to maximize my profits so yes every dollar counts but anyways...


Do you think, in general, mailing in poly bags would be subject to damage by other heavier boxes via PM? As compared to FCM which usually deals with only envelopes/lighter articles, so the poly bags would be safe you know?


Thank you

Shipping & Returns question

Can help please with authenticate lv bag date code is embossed under strap noo947 thanks

Fashion discussion

May 20, 2015 6:36:54 AM PT

please help authenticate this lv bag

I recently purchased a Sega Genesis Console from an inexperienced seller. Its not uncommon to find sellers with little feedback selling old game consoles. Usually a mom who is cleaning out the attic and trying to get rid of her now grownup kids old stuff. The packaging was horrible to say the least, but that's not the frustrating part. The frustrating part is that the console didn't work. I thought maybe it was the cable because I wasn't getting a signal from the console to the TV. So I purchased a new cable. I immediately contacted the seller and she was apologetic and told me she would refund me my money. I told her that I would wait to see if the new cable fixed the problem. Well when it arrived a week and a half later, it didn't fix the problem. Still not getting a signal to the TV. I contacted the seller on Tuesday of this week offering to work out a deal. Maybe a partial refund so I can try and sell the console for parts or repair. In the end I would probably lose money in this deal, but I didn't want to overwhelm her and make her have to pay for return shipping. I didn't hear back from her and so I sent her another message this morning. Haven't heard back yet. So I'm getting a bit frustrated. I don't want to open a SNAD case, but I may have no choice. Other than continuing to wait patiently for her answer, are there any other options available to me? All I was asking for was a partial refund of $8 from a total payment of $32.80. Even if I sell the broken console, I'm going to lose money. I could try and get the whole amount back, but I'm just not that kind of buyer.

Selling discussion

May 21, 2015 12:18:34 PM PT

Patient but Frustrated

How are sellers getting my phone number?  When I bid on an item, I got a call from seller telling me that I was "close to his reserve price" and he was just making a courtesy call.  HOW DID HE GET MY PHONE NUMBER FROM eBAY?  I want my number hidden from my profile when viewed by others.  Thanks

Member To Member Support question

May 19, 2015 12:35:33 PM PT

Handling inappropriate behavior

Okay so I'm new to selling on eBay but I have never experienced such a frustration and unprofessionalism when trying to sell an item. This is the THIRD TIME trying to sell it and its not that they don't even pay. They don't even message you! The 2nd buyer did in fact message me but oh boy it was a scam. eBay needs to address this BS. Of course all of these buyers had 0 transactions in their history. I wish I could just restrict people with 0 feedback to buy my item. I've always paid the day I purchased an item. Is it really that hard? What really ticks me off is that I already know now when someone will not pay and I have to wait 2 days to open a case then I have to wait another 4 days after that. If you multiply that by 3 and add in the 7 days you wait for an item to sell that's over ONE MONTH trying to sell one item. Sorry.. this is more of a vent than anything. 

Selling discussion

May 19, 2015 11:05:15 AM PT

Third time trying to sell a single item.

Seller tried asking for more money after the auction ended. When I refused he just issued me a refund and relisted the item again. How can I report this?

Bidding & Buying discussion



I purchased and paid for an item on 5/16.  The seller has not provided any shipping information.  I've tried contacting the seller and did not get a response. When should I start claim process? I feel like a week is plenty of time to ship the item. 





Bidding & Buying discussion

May 21, 2015 1:22:21 PM PT

Seller not responding...

I have a US buyer who won an auction a month ago.  After they won the auction they contacted me and said that "for security reasons" they couldn't pay through Paypal and they asked me to cancel the transaction.  So I issued the "buyer requested" cancellation and they approved it.  Then I archived the transaction, relisted the item and forgot about it.


This morning I noticed an email from Paypal that said I have an eCheck payment that cleared.  Since I didn't have any items awaiting a eCheck I took a closer look.  I confirmed that my Paypal account has the money.  And I confirmed that the payment is for this cancelled Ebay transaction. Ebay doesn't show that the buyer has paid but when un-archived the transaction went into the "Awaiting Shipment" folder.  


I sent the buyer a note in Ebay asking them to confirm that they made the payment and haven't gotten a response.


The buyer is in the US, has 4500 feedback and 400 transactions in the last month.  So they are very active.  He seems like a great customer.  But I don't understand why Ebay would allow a buyer to pay for a cancelled transaction and I'm concerned that if I ship the item the buyer will request a refund through Paypal and get their money back because the trasaction is cancelled.


So I'm thinking about refunding the buyers money and asking them to buy the item again.







Selling discussion

This was my first item I sold but been a buying member for years! This person claimed he bought item but there is nothing present in my paypal account and I never accepted any other type of payment. The buyer isn't too clear in his short emails but I don't want to give myself a bad name. Can anyone suggest or let me know how to solve this? It show item sold under eBay but no signs of payment and pt is requesting refund. How can I give a refund when I never seen a transaction in paypal. Also ebay is asking getting for money when I never really received any money! Thanks to anyone with some answers!!

Selling discussion

May 21, 2015 11:22:01 AM PT

seller claims he paid for item

These look okay to me but I am not crazy about the original part of the sole, it doesn't quite look like leather to me and imprint looks slightly blurry to me. Any help would be most appreciated!


Fashion discussion

May 20, 2015 11:18:36 AM PT

Chloe Boots second opinion on authenticity

I purchased this item from sellers webpage and saw she also had it listed here on ebay. This is the actual purse I already purchased, item number is 161697122967. Any help authenticating this item is very much appreciated, thank you! It does have the YKK on the zipper.

Fashion discussion

Picture i bidded on. I didnt realize i was obgligate need to cancel

Bidding & Buying discussion

May 21, 2015 11:56:40 PM PT

lion n cheetah pic

 I want to expose another item on sale and I was redirected to the page according to the photos and the object can not be issued.
I do not know what to do because verifying the phone number does not work, and redirects to a page that does not exist.


Member To Member Support question

May 22, 2015 1:36:18 AM PT

Unable to list an item

How do I only put one individual item on promotion?
I want to take this particular item out of my current promotion, but just this one (I want all the other items to stay on the 5% promotion). I want to put this one listing on a different type of promotion, where it's buy 3 save 15%. How do I do this?



Selling question

May 19, 2015 8:53:01 PM PT

need help with promotions

A buyer for one of my items has opened a case against me for item not showing up. I do believe him (it has been 5 months and there are no red flags he's pulling a fast one) since it is past 60 days I cannot just issue a refund anymore. How can I go about ancelling the transaction and issue him a refund?

Member To Member Support question

May 19, 2015 7:47:02 PM PT


I buy item, but is not like described, contact seller after this i received full refund via paypal, item show like unpaid, again contact member to cancel transaction, it canceling but item is still show like unpaid, see the picture.

Where is the problem? 

Member To Member Support question

May 20, 2015 1:42:51 AM PT

Cancel a purchase

i orders 3 sweaters they told me they didnt have in stock said they sent me refund but i have not recieved my refund 


Date payment sent: Mar 7, 2015
Amount: $10.17 USD


Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

PPID PP343 - 1c7995ec9e163

- cynfre-w13amtk
Re: jinghe-pet has sent a question about item #161541129008, ending on Mar-30-15 08:45:19 PDT - Pet Dog Puppy Cat Warm Sweater Clothes Winter Apparel Costumes Size XS S M L XL  i ordered 3 didnt get refund back i dont have pay pal
i need help thanks

Member To Member Support question

May 21, 2015 12:21:56 PM PT

how do i get my refund back

I am a member of Ebay of 2012 and have registered paypall.

How much time do we hold on to money in the sale.

What should I do to immediately raise money in the sale

Member To Member Support question

May 21, 2015 5:00:35 PM PT

General eBay Money Back Guarantee questions

How do i list it properly - like the many other tactical ballistic armor vests already on ebay... I see blue, black, and camo ballistic items... why was mine delisted???



Member To Member Support question