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The eBay Community

I came across a full set of 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage football rookies. 20 cards in set which include Manning, Woodson and Moss. Two questions. I know difference between regular and silver is the writing should be silver foil. But to be sure I looked at some past listings and basic and silver look same. Silver foil does look more so actually than in scan. Also, any idea of where to start pricing for the set of 20? Thanks for any advice. Moving alot of a football card collection as I have not much interest in football so I can use the advice. Collection also has alot of 50s and 60s football which are in excellent condition. Because of the number of them and not rookie hall of famers I feel the expense of grading may not be worth multi grading. Any advice welcome?jordan close back261.jpg

Selling question

Dec 21, 2014 11:52:12 AM PT

1998 Advantage football rookie set Manning

Anyone else think it is not fair at all to have your listing pulled, not allow you to see it again for review, and restrict you from adding new listings for 7 days, based on a suspition? I can see if your found to be purposfully listing counterfeit items, yes consequences are in order, but why punish someone who isn't guilty? I have vintage Coach bags that are authentic, but Coach says on their website they will not authenticate, and the ones I have are no longer in the system at my local Coach retail store, so they cannot prove  by the serial numbers in them. I'm loosing out on the best selling week of the year because my item is in question. I've sold other bags very similar, and everyone loves them and gave great feedback. I called ebay support to find out why/what but no one can help. Any thoughts?DSC00728.JPG

Selling question



I'm just a baking fool today. Brownies anyone?

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Most folks are super busy this weekend so this will probably not be a very active thread, but what the heck, if you have time, and  want to,  feel free to  post a few pics of  sparklies here, maybe close-ups of  the jewelry you got from your Secret Santa so we can share your excitement even some more. 


Take a break from the hustle and bustle and ENJOY.


Got this old Birks sterling bracelet this week at Value Village. Of very little value except sentimental ....but, I'm a sucker for "Sweetheart jewelry"




Dated 19 March 1942, with an RCAF emblem and  "To Frankie ..From Max".









Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Posted in an art group with no reply, so...


Can anyone translate or guess the signature for me?  I have tried so many combinations now with no luck.  Took on the prints out of the frame and seems like it is on heavy cardstock of some sort, but I can feel lumps and bumps..particularly in the white details of the skirt and around the sleeve edges  No dots under magnification either. Any clues appreciated!!!001.JPG002.JPG059.JPG061.JPG

Antiques and Research

Dec 20, 2014 2:28:23 PM PT

Hoping to get some help with this please

I bought an item from someone and paid them an extra $15 to put Flat Rate Priority Shipping, which they did. (1-3 day shipping) And it's already been 2 days and today would be the third. The tracking on the USPS site hasn't updated since the day it was shipped (December 18, 2014). It's been stuck at "Departed Post Office", does USPS not update tracking or something? I usually use UPS and it updates just fine.



Shipping & Returns discussion

Pileated Woodpeckers start the day today!


pileated woodpeckers.jpg

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

IMG_5002.JPGIs this a fake Ralph Lauren sweater? I have not seen a "RL" before. Thank you everyone.

Fashion discussion

Dec 20, 2014 7:08:20 PM PT

Fake Ralph Lauren sweater?

Hi, everybody! Can anyone tell me anything about this thing? I thought it might be fire related with the reference to "Engine 1". However, I can't find anything like this. I don't know if "E. Cushing" is a name of a person or a town. I found two Cushing towns, one in Maine and one in Oklahoma, but nothing really referencing an "Engine 1" or "Lucky Lucy". Maybe the form/shape of the wood and the leather strap on top gives someone a clue on what this is? Here are the pictures.....








It measures about 9" x 14" and is about 2" thick.


Thanks so much!



Antiques discussion

Hi all.  Found in West Yorkshire (Huddersfield), I have absolutely no idea what it's use is, date or origin and would really appreciate some help.  I have said oriental simply because of the decoration but am more than happy to be corrected on this.  No marks to give any help. It is a hexagonal piece that measures 11.25 cms tall x 6 cms in diameter and weighs almost 250 gms. 6 small 'feet' on the base.  I thought it could be some kind of incense burner but as the pierced openings go down to the base I'm not convinced about that.  It has been chipped and the material under the glaze is white(ish) - see the images posted.  Any help really appreciated.


thing 1 small.jpg


thing 2 small.jpg


thing 3 small.jpg


thing 4 small.jpg


thing 5 small.jpg


thing 6 small.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion



Wishing you all the best the season has to offer . . . 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Hello All! Can anyone tell me what type of stone this is? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.




Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 19, 2014 5:30:33 PM PT

what type of stone is this?


I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas.  When it arrived, the liner is different than the pictures I've seen.  It's a kate spade wellesely tanner laptop bag.  I think the liner is supposed to be white with pink polka dots, but you can see the pictures below.  It looks really high quality, but I'm no expert.  Can someone with more experience let me know if this is real or not?  I don't want to give it to her if it's a fake.




Fashion discussion

 Hello. I filed a damage claim with FedEx. They say give us a week. The seller seems honest and responsive. We are waiting. What should I do if they come at me like: "Your claim is denied, It was improperly packaged"? (It sounds like that is common) I don't even know who packaged it. At what point do I ask the seller for a refund?


I'm 35 and this would have been my first electric guitar. Even though it's only a $500 Epiphone, I'm poor and have been saving and hunting for this for years. I thought I was getting a great deal, $400 with a hard case. It was only a couple years old and in excellent condition.  A similar new one costs $500 without a case.


What if they approve less than my claim of $500? I claimed it as a total loss. I guess in theory the neck can be glued back on, but I think to repair it and refinish it would cost more than the guitar is worth. I'm not interested in an unfinished guitar with an ugly repair and wood filler showing. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Picture 35.jpgPicture 38.jpgPicture 40.jpgPicture 41.jpgPicture 42.jpgPicture 33.jpgPicture 35.jpg

Shipping & Returns discussion

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this puzzle? I found a bag of 11 of them at a thrift store. No year or any marks other Than Walt disney Productions. They measure 3" x 3 1/2" and have 9 puzzle pieces. There was a card in the bag that said Made In Isreal.

Thank youlil big wolf.jpg

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Dec 22, 2014 11:04:10 AM PT

Help identifying Disney Puzzles

I am trying to identify to makers marks on liquid silver necklace and bracelet. One looks like a feather or leaf and the other a capital D .FullSizeRender.jpg

Product Discussions discussion


Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

I obtained this autograph 20 years ago and foolishly forgot to write the signer's name somewhere for reference. As you can see, as with many autos, the signature is a bit obscured. Appears to be a person of the musical genre. First name looks like "Art," but not certain. Can anyone help? ThanksAutograph.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 22, 2014 2:51:06 PM PT

autograph identity

:womanlol: I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and let us hope for a better New Year everywhere for us all. Jillian .mice xmas greetings.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Dec 22, 2014 2:03:46 PM PT

Christmas Greetings

Sorry; I have tried inserting this autograph photo into the message without much success. Trying to identify who the signer is. Possibly of musical genre. First name appears to be "Art," but not certain. Hopefully this will go through. Thanks for your patience!Autograph.jpg

Selling question

Dec 21, 2014 5:09:34 PM PT

autograph identity

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knowledgeable about these bags can tell me if I have a fake Coach here or not? The tags (creed and other) are stamped so lightly they're very difficult to read. I have a real Coach (purchased from an actual Coach store) and the tags are very easy to read. Quality wise, the bag seems about right for maybe an outlet store.




It says "new" but it doesn't really look all that new (some gunk in the logo, etc.). In searching for the serial No F1220-21124 I saw someone post the same same serial number in a discussion board asking if the purse was a fake...


 Full bag


Fashion discussion

Dec 22, 2014 12:02:45 PM PT

Fake Coach?


Buying & Selling Basics discussion

i want my money back , please help . 
ORDER TOTAL AMOUNT IS Rs. 8,820.00 (MobiKwik Wallet mobile payment (Rs. 7,497.00).unfortunately order has been cancelled .
TICKET NUMBER TICKET #1651512, TICKET #1608362,TICKET #1553950

 i still not get the refund amount . ebay told that they send the refund money to you . please help me to short out this problem . please see 18/10/2014, now 9th dec. guys are you joking with me ? refund my money immediately. otherwise i will go for loading F.I.R against this fraud company.

Buyer transaction details for PaisaPay ID 37655911792
Transaction status
Your PaisaPay payment was approved on 18-Oct-14. You paid the order total of Rs. 8,820.00 using MobiKwik Wallet mobile payment (Rs. 7,497.00) and eBay gift voucher MOBIEBAY15 (Rs. 1,323.00) . Please review the Order Details section below for specifics on the item(s).
The seller has not shipped the item by the shipping deadline of 30-Oct-14. PaisaPay has initiated a cancellation for the this transaction.
Item Receipt
Your refund request has been approved by PaisaPay on 31-Oct-14. You should be able to see the refund in your MobiKwik Wallet account within working day

AMBK3523242501 this is my order is , that i placed 19/10/2014 06:29:46 hours. ebay seller unable to shipped my product. and he cancel my order. but i still not get the refund amount .  
Mobikwik told "we have yet not received the refund confirmation from our partner websites."
full details in attach files.
Inline image 1
Wrost experiencewith ebay . not giving my refund

Payments question

What do you think?

Are these real or fake?

Does Louis Vuitton have exposed black thread as seen in pic?

Does the label look correct?






Fashion discussion

Dec 22, 2014 2:28:06 PM PT

Real or Fake Loius Vuitton

For my fellow sellers:  This notice is in fine print on the USPS front page:


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 4.57.01 PM.png


So if your buyers ask if you can overnight a gift to them...you can't guarantee it through USPS.  Well, you could try, but it might not get there in time...  :smileysurprised:


  Post Offices™ Close Early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


Post Offices nationwide will be open on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 24, and New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 31. Most Post Offices will shorten retail lobby hours and close at noon on these holiday eves. Regular mail delivery for Dec. 24 and 31 will be unaffected by the change.


Revised hours will be posted at each Post Office. If you are a business customer, please check with your Bulk Mail Entry Unit for specific information regarding holiday hours of operation.


Post Offices will be closed Thursday, Dec. 25 and Thursday, Jan. 1. All Post Offices will be open and regular mail delivery will resume on Friday, Dec. 26 and Friday, Jan. 2.


Mail from Blue Collection Boxes May Be Collected Early.


Be sure to deposit your mail into all blue collection boxes by noon on Dec. 24 and 31, regardless of the final collection times posted. This means if the final collection time is already before noon (12 p.m.), there will be no change. However, if the final collection time is normally after noon (12 p.m.), mail may be collected early.


Get the most up-to-date holiday information

If you require service later on those days, please contact your local Post Office. For contact information, visit Find a Location on USPS.com or call 1-800-ASK-USPS®.

Go to USPS.com

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 21, 2014 6:01:20 PM PT

Holiday Mailing Heads Up - USPS updates

Can anyone help with this stemware? Even the maker would be great.

The stem is faceted with narrow facets, and the rounded knob at the top is faceted on the top. The bowl has a criss-cross cut with an elongated thumbprint above. They are really nicely made. They are thin, but relatively heavy and have a nice ding when tapped.

As always, any help is appreciated! Thanks.





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Dec 21, 2014 6:51:50 PM PT

ID help with cut glass stemware

I have these great Lucite earrings but I am a little stumped on KW's other than clear, Lucite, goldtone? Scroll work? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Lori


2014-12-21 11.07.34.jpg2014-12-21 11.08.43.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Dec 21, 2014 11:14:54 AM PT

KW suggestions please

I came across a full set of 1998 Collector's Edge Advantage football rookies. 20 cards in set which include Manning, Woodson and Moss. Two questions. I know difference between regular and silver is the writing should be silver foil. But to be sure I looked at some past listings and basic and silver look same. Silver foil does look more so actually than in scan. Also, any idea of where to start pricing for the set of 20? Thanks for any advice. Moving alot of a football card collection as I have not much interest in football so I can use the advice. Collection also has alot of 50s and 60s football which are in excellent condition. Because of the number of them and not rookie hall of famers I feel the expense of grading may not be worth multi grading. Any advice welcome?jordan close back261.jpg

Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Fan Shop discussion

Dec 21, 2014 12:47:11 PM PT

Edge Advantage 1998 rookie set with Manning


Fashion discussion

Dec 20, 2014 7:10:10 PM PT

Is this a fake Burberry sweater?

I have a couple old original photographs signed in pencil Wm.C Van Horne. I am assuming this to be William Cornelius Van Horne an early father of the railroad in Canda and the Northwest.

Seems like something that would interest railroad and photograhy collectors. Any idea on the best way to authenticate something like this?

Thanks for any assistance!



Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 8:08:35 PM PT

William Van Horne photograph

I passed this up at a flea market today. I looked the piece over pretty good and didn't see a 14K mark. The department store Goody's was a major reputable chain of stores several years ago, now owned by Stage. Considering the original price was $70 and this was most likely sold when gold was around $300 an ounce, do you think this is solid 14k? Did Goody's even offer solid 14k jewelry? This is a fairly heavy piece. I'd estimate 7-8 grams, so it would be a steal at $8. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe

( I have bought 14k earrings that were only marked on the box, but there wasn't any room to mark the actual earring. )




Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

I've tried searching for this picture for awhile now with no luck. It has a gilded look to it. Appears to be pretty old. It has a date on the back of 1871 but I don't know if that bears any relation to its actual age.


It measures 7"x5". At the bottom I believe  it says "Uspomena iz M. Bistrice". 


Never seen one with black figures like that. Curious if anyone has any information on this or seen similar. Thanks!




Collectibles & Art discussion

I know nothing about pearls other than I don't know enough to put much money in them...  But there was an opportunity to take a whole table of vintage necklaces over the weekend and yeppers, it had a strand of pearls in it.  The necklace is long, looks like freshwater,

925S clasp, has some rose quartz beads in it and a bead that's similar to wedding cake?  Help is needed.


Also found a gorgeous rose quartz necklace (real quartz) and this is big and heavy, four strand, would you call that a tube, barrel???  Closure is awesome.  Any input appreciated!


Thanks a zillion for any help!  It's the slow time of year for real estate and I really need to make sales right now.






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Just bought a set of gorgeous copper pots. Stuck with maker. Searched every pot to see if any had the B mark but nothing. Does anyone know the maker of these pots. They all have a B on the left of handle and then the number ex. 12, 18 ect. Any help greatly appreciated.IMG_5199.JPGIMG_5198.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 21, 2014 8:27:50 AM PT

Copper Tin Pots and pans

Does anyone know what this table is for? It has a couple of cut outs. I'm posting this for my cousin, so am posting the only photo I have of it. Thank you in advance!




Antiques and Research

Dec 19, 2014 9:08:38 PM PT

Table with cut outs - what kind of table?

The problem is i can make a payment to the wont item i bid. See picture below


Payments question

Dec 19, 2014 5:41:33 PM PT

unable to paid an item

I recently acquired this Waterford piece and am kind of stumped as to the pattern.  My Waterford book shows it to be pre-1987 in age.  The cuts above the diamond pattern are all equal in height with no staggering in height.  I first thought maybe Lismore because there were so many pieces made in this pattern, but I'm just not sure, because this pattern shows staggering of the cuts above the diamond pattern.   I also am not sure if this is a small individual creamer or possibly a syrup pitcher as it measures about 3" in overall height to top of handle and 2" across shortest diameter of bowl.  Any help would be appreciated.002.JPG003.JPG001.JPG 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Dec 21, 2014 6:14:48 AM PT

WATERFORD Crystal Pre-1987 Pattern ID HELP



SoI have these bottles which are vintage from a Hong Kong distillery. I was going to sell for the bottles only. But the art and writing on them is JAPANESE. I have no clue who the artist is and was thinking the writing may help me know more. The artist does NOT seem like some random amateur, that's why I'm taking the time to find out. Can anyone lend some info, or interpretation?


Thanks in advance.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello All! Can anyone identify this artist? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 5:19:29 PM PT

identify artist

round   This was found on historic Fort Clark Springs, Texas.  Measures about 2 7/8" diameter and weighs about 2 lbs 10 oz.  I am worried it is not rusty enough to be a cannon ball.  TYIA for any help!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 21, 2014 8:34:47 AM PT

Is this a cannon ball?

Looks like a board game piece. Its a green/white mountain dotted with holes and little plunger on the bottom that pops a blue ball into the air and into one of the holes.

I tried looking throguh a bunch of current and completed Milton Bradley listings and didn't see it.

Thanks for any help!



Toys & Hobbies discussion

Dec 20, 2014 10:24:09 PM PT

Milton Bradley board game piece?

T?hank You for your help! I just cant quite make out the signature?007.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

So a little back I saw my mother had a box of Barbie dolls with clothes at her parent's house. So she let me have them and now I would like to know their value. I have identified all the contents of the box with the exception of these items. The first picture is the one I want to know the most about, as I think i has the most potential. The second picture has the dolls I was unable to ID. And the final picture has misc. items that it would also be cool if they were identified. You do not have to identify everything, but if anything sticks out to you or you know what it is, please tell me their names and such. Thank you!

Barbie Collectors discussion

Need a manufacturer and pattern name please.  Who recognizes this?  Thanks.

Libow's silver pattern.png


I find this genre fascinating and until I began collecting these books, I realized that this isn't a new idea/theme/genre...it goes back to at least the 1950's.



Title: Secret Places of the Lion
Author: George Hunt Williamson
Publisher: Amherst Press
Copyright: 1958
Edition: First American edition    


 Early traditions speak of the arrival of radiant beings from heaven, self-sacrificing guardians of the human race who have reincarnated as pivotal figures in the panorama of human history to assist in the work of evolution. Secret Places of the Lion shows how these great ones have helped mankind for thousands of years, hiding their secrets in tombs, caverns, temple ruins, and catacombs. Posing as wanderers, they would declare universal wisdom and truth at certain periods of history when people were prepared to receive it; then they would withdraw for a time to see what was done with the new-found knowledge. Thus, the rises and plateaus of our cultural history emerged      







Title: The Sky People
Author: Brinsley Le Poer Trench
Publisher: Neville Spearman
Copyright: 1960
Edition: First Edition  & Signed by author


According to Trench in this book The Sky People, Adam and Eve, Noah any many of the other characters from the Bible originally lived on Mars. Trench believed that Adam and Eve were experiment creations of extraterrestrials. His claim was that the Biblical description of the Garden of Eden was inconsistent with what was on Earth and as Mars contained canals, that the Garden of Eden must have been located on Mars. He further claimed that the north polar ice cap melted on Mars, and this caused the descendants of Adam and Eve to move to Earth.






Book Collecting (Modern First Editions)

Dec 19, 2014 9:40:45 PM PT

Ancient Alien Book Collection

Screenshot_2014-12-21-12-07-38.pngDoes Louis Vuitton ever have exposed black threading like this?

Does this purse or hand clutch look fake or real?


Selling discussion

Dec 22, 2014 1:10:20 PM PT

Louis Vuitton purse, real or fake?

I have only gotten as far as Arita, (Hi)zen, maybe Meiji period, but not truly sure on any of it.  I can't find any matching marks in any of my books or online. 

Thanks for any help! :smileyhappy:







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I've not been successful in finding out anything about this Murmac ashtray.  Is it old, new?  I appreciate the help.







Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 22, 2014 2:17:35 PM PT

Murmac Bohemia Czech

First off I put my textbooks up for sake. It sells, so I messaged all my buyers- listen shipping will be delayed because must know Grades. Most of them said sure. But one was like no I won't wait. I will not send it out before I get my grades. So I canceled the order and buyer leaves me feedback that I was clueless! I wasn't I just have to wait!

Selling discussion

Dec 19, 2014 8:20:01 PM PT

Buyer was mean

I had a buyer who bid on an item and did not pay.  I have unpaid item assistant set up to send unpaid item reminder after 4 days.  Ebay then gives buyer 4 additional days for a total of 8.  This buyer "says" they sent me a message through Ebay contact seller which I never received asking me if they could wait and pay later.  Had a received it, I would have turned off the unpaid item assistant for that transaction as I have done in the past.  So they did not pay, I got a final value fee credit and they got an unpaid item strike.  On the 9th day buyer contacts me upset stating that they had asked me to wait for payment (which I hae no record of).  I had already A) Relisted the item and received a bid on it and B) Blocked this buyer as I do for all buyers who do not pay since I CANT leave negative feedback.  This buyer is not harrassing me with repeated insulting messages through Ebay which I have reported but to no avail.  My question is, can this buyer who did not pay and received an unpaid item strike, still leave me negative feedback?


Selling discussion

Received a cowgirl outfit yesterday, it is going to be a gift for our niece. Pictures depicted the outfit on a doll WITH a cowgirl hat. Some pictures showed just the outfit and boots. The outfit and boots are nice, BUT...a complete outfit would include the hat, as depicted. We will give the incomplete outfit, but will never purchase or recommend anyone else purchase from this seller. False advertising is a crime.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Dec 21, 2014 7:44:43 AM PT


( I have ready a few posts about MAX BID but did not see the answer to this Question )


I have bought hundreds of items on ebay, but never used "MAX BID" because I am not sure how it works.  I usually place my Final Bid in the last 10 seconds of an auction if I really want the item.

Does the MAX BID feature just keep bumping the price up during the entire auction price or what.   You often see a FRENZY of bidding on popular products between 2 or 3 inexperienced buyers.  I don't want to be one of those.   So does something prevent the "MAX BID" feature from just becoming part of a FRENZY to run the price up ?


I used to use Auction Sniper, but no longer take the time to do that.

Bidding & Buying discussion

A seller is threatening to report me to the 3 credit bureau over the insertion fees, is this something they can do?

Bidding & Buying question

A couple of days ago,  after waiting nearly a week for an eCheck payment from a buyer to clear, I received a message stating that it had failed. I've heard nothing from the buyer, so I've opened an unpaid item case, but this is annoying because now I'm not going to be able to sell this in time for it to possibly be available for anyone before Christmas. And this isn't the first time I've had a problem with eCheck from a payer before.


Is there a way to simply turn them off so that eCheck will not longer be an accepted method for payment to me? I looked in the options for changing accepted payment methods, but I couldn't find anything.

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 1:16:17 AM PT

Problems with eCheck Payments

I bought some cameras that did not work and so I sent them back and received a refund. I gave neutural feedback and now the seller is messaging every day wanting to "work it out" I stopped messaging back, but it still continues. Can I block someone from messaging or do I just continue to ignore it until they tire out?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Dec 19, 2014 9:20:59 PM PT

Seller messages too much

I just had my first experience with a moron and/or crook of a buyer. They now have their money AND my old phone.

Can I mention a User ID here or is that a big no-no? There should be like a "sex offender list" for NAD scammers. And retards.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 20, 2014 9:37:52 PM PT

NAD abusers: can we name names here?

So earlier in the week I was lamenting over 4 non paying bidders. The last one was for a pair of North Face boots. I filed for the previous 3 and got FVFback. I asked for advice on whether I should send second chance offer to under bidder.



I apologize in advance since I have just started using the boards...I was too busy selling in the past to do other than lurk here sometimes LOL

Now I have time to spare. Anyway, I am still trying to figure out how to link posts together so bear with me.


Heres the latest:


I sent an email to the underbidder asking if she was open to a second chance offer if winner didnt pay. No Response.


On the last day my (6) fb winner PAID!


Now I have had no experience with non payers before even though I have been on since 1997 and selling since 1999. Guess I was lucky.


Heres my issue (maybe I am over thinking this):


Should I be happy she finally paid and just ship and be done with it and hope for the best?

My concern is I have 100% positive fb and never gotten a neutral or a negative

Makes me feel like a rare exotic bird LOL

I am afraid she might ding me if she was forced to pay.


Or should I try to contact her and ask her if she really wants the boots offer to give refund cancel sale and relist?


I know I can resell them easily for a good price but I would rather not have to.

I am most worried about getting bad feedback or other defect because I had to file against her as non paying bidder.

She never responded to my earlier emails.

What do you think I should do here?:smileyfrustrated:


Selling discussion

Hi All, 


Just a quick question to anyone whose had a defect promised to be removed after a call to C-S.  How long afterwards did it take for the defect to actually disappear from your dashboard?  



Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 12:03:17 PM PT

If You've Gotten a Defect Removed


My son asked me to buy one game for Christmas. We didn't know the rules of shipping and that if we clicked on bay it now that we ordered this item. Seller asked us to pay, but it is very expensive for me and I have now I unpaid item. What to do now. I can not pay.

Payments question

    I've read through eBay's gift card policy and I know that through Paypal I can deliver the gift code electronically and that's what I've been doing for the past week. I know the risk of it all but I just here to say how ridiculous things got. I always select my buyer very carefully, however, over the past week I've observed that rating means sh*t. Three chargebacks were opened against me on Paypal and out of the three, two of them were from buyers with verified mailing address, verified Paypal account, and 15+ positive ratings throughout the year. Of the three cases, one of them is thrown out after providing a screenout of the message I sent to the seller with the code, one I am waiting on for reply, and one Paypal just instantly refunded the money saying how I did not qualify for seller protection (which is completely bs because I always check to see if I am eligible for SPP before I send my orders).


    Now my question is how can I avoid all these pathetic scammers? I don't see how I can avoid them even if I send them the code via a slip in mail. They will probably do the same **bleep** or just say the codes were already redeemed. If I can't trust buyer ratings, what else I can put my faith in? Thank you for reading through my situation and any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  

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Why can't a seller, ship priorty mail to the buyer.  Especially when the buyer bought an item for over $700.00. Its because they offer free shipping..


I am a seller no matter how much the item sold for, I always ship priorty, I always sell with free shipping!  Am I doing something wrong?


This goes on more times then I care to count.  Its as bad as buying on-line from a store. They take forever also to get you item/s to you.


Merry Christmas everyone





Bidding & Buying discussion

When a member tells to to Go screw yourself **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA... When they do not not like the response given to a question they asked when the item was up for auction. Are members, or any one else for that matter allowed to treat sellers /members this way. Does e-bay approve this abuse? I have other items I want to sell through e-Bay, but not if this abuse is considered normal conduct from potential buyers. I will wait to list any other items on e-Bay. Thank you in advance for your comments .

Selling discussion

This is the full story of my case so far, shortened down a bit so it doesn't go on for too long:


I ordered my item november 29th, it shipped november 30th


Here is the tracking log, bottom oldest and top newest:



Dec-11-14, 16:18 PM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-11-14, 16:17 PM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-10-14, 10:38 AM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-09-14, 13:07 PM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-09-14, 11:49 AM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-08-14, 18:50 PM, Oslo

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Dec-08-14, 14:52 PM, Tistedal

Customs Cleared

Dec-04-14, 02:21 AM, Columbus, OH

Shipped from Shipping Center to International Destination

Dec-02-14, 20:12 PM, Erlanger

Customs Documentation and Labeling

Dec-01-14, 18:38 PM, Erlanger

Processing at Shipping Center

Dec-01-14, 18:09 PM, Erlanger

Arrived at US shipping Center

Dec-01-14, 13:22 PM, ERLANGER, KY 41025

Enroute to US Shipping Center

Dec-01-14, 07:29 AM, ELSMERE, KY


Dec-01-14, 01:14 AM, ELSMERE, KY


Dec-01-14, 00:45 AM, CINCINNATI, OH


Dec-01-14, 00:09 AM, CINCINNATI, OH


Nov-30-14, 21:17 PM, INDIANAPOLIS, IN


Nov-30-14, 16:36 PM, WHITESTOWN, IN


Now here is the problem



I ordered the item to:

firstname lastname

road 123


akershus 1475




The item shipped to:


akershus 1475




Item was delivered? to:




Yup... It was ordered with name and address, shipped without either and was on top of that delivered to the completely wrong city.

I disputed my order, sent ebay the tracking information proving it was NOT delivered to me. Included I had a chat log with a guy from norwegian tollpost showing the item had been asked by ebay to be returned and it had even arrived at their storage facilities.


Still, even with all this evidence that I did not receive the item, ebay decided in the seller's favor and did not give me a refund.


I am now stuck, waiting for a response from the IC3 police which Ebay asked me to contact about this case if I was not satisfied with their decision.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I just purchased a vintage Radio/Tuner from a guy in Chicago. It was improperly packsged and arrived literally hanging out of the box. The box had two corners ripped from top to bottom and the box was covered with USPS packing tape that read the box had been damaged and repacked in transit by the USPS. By the way the listing read that I was paying for Fedex shipping. Ebay sent me an email saying that the seller would supply me with a prepaid return label.  The seller refused to do so. I took the box to the post office and returned it as "refused delivery". I reentered the original tracking numbers in the proper place. The seller literally sent me six requests for tracking numbers and I explained that since he didn't do what he was supposed to do I used his original shipping. I actually saved him over 22 dollars. According to the USPS tracking site the item arrived in Chicago at the proper zip code on 12/16. On 12/17  Mr Chicago filed a complaint that I never sent the item so eBay refused the refund by putting a hold on the transaction. Off shore phone bank. On 12/18 I called the postal carrier supervisor in Chicago and explained what was going on. She told me to habg on ,she would talk to the carrier. She did call me back and guess what. The item had been delivered to the seller on the 17th. The carrier remembered it well. I called ebay3x a day for 4 days before they refunded my money. I also filed a fraud complaint with the postal fraud office. I went to leave negative feedback but guess what.Ebay removed it because the case was settled in my favor. So here we have a thief  with a 100% feedback rating who is committing mail fraud on probably a regular basis with the aid of ebay's greed. So don'tbe lured into a sense of false security by a 100% rating. And the situation warrants a negative feedback. 

Payments discussion

Dec 21, 2014 6:47:17 AM PT

feedback policing

I had a buyer try to purchase something and they were unable to yesterday. They are not on my blocked bidder list. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I asked her if she was given any kind of error message but she hasn't responded yet.

Selling discussion























Bidding & Buying discussion

Sold 2 similar item and never got paid.  Sent buyer a msg asking for them to pay and I receive a msg back stating they don't know what I am talking about and they didn't bid on anything.  DUH!!!  They bid, Ebay sent them a invoice and I followed up.  Received email with transaction and also shows up in my selling summary...and they didn't bid.  Give em a break.  I have had 3 NPB's in the past 2 months.  This is becoming a chronic problem.  Never in all the years I have sold on here had this much trouble and it seems to be the buyers with (0) FB.  Anyone else having the same problems?  Getting a little sick of this **bleep**.   

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 7:27:43 PM PT

Bidder said they never bid on item

I returned item on the ‘item not as described” reason. In such case, according to eBay rules, seller is responsible for return shipping fees as well. Sound logical, because it may open a door for irresponsible and fraudulent sales. But… seller declined request of return shipping label and I paid return shipping fees to get a least item price. Am I right and what should I do next?      

Shipping & Returns discussion

It's really getting harder to have the confidence of selling my stuff on this site anymore.

I've made a few hits before; but now it's all bare bone sells.

Today barely any viewers and watchers.

Why do I even bother posting stuff anymore?

What keeps bringing me back here?

Selling discussion

They suck you in with a low estimate and then they charge you double the amount a couple weeks later, probably hoping you forgot the original estimate.  I should contact the Attorney Generals office but I'm too busy with the Holidays and all.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Dec 21, 2014 10:52:25 AM PT

FEDEX shipping estimate SCAM

A buyer initially contacted me on my cell phone, which was in itself creepy, texting that he had paid me for the MacBook Pro I am currently listing, and wanted my PP email so he could "proceed with the payment." I took a quick look at my PayPal account and eBay seller account, and noticed the buyer had not purchased the item but had instead just bid the minimum. There were still 6 days of auction left at that time.


After a drawn out text exchange where I kept reminding him that he needed to go through eBay, he denied bidding any amount whatsoever, and sent the following: "Don't worry about that one, what you are interested on [sic] is to see 850 in your account isn't it..." At that point I was completely creeped out and just reiterated that he would need to go through eBay to buy the computer.


He has not replied back, but a different account sent me a message through eBay the next day with a similar approach, insisting that I pay directly through PapPal and skip eBay all together. I'm pretty sure it's the same creep because they use similar language and both ended all their messages with slimy ellipses (...).


Both accounts are brand new, one without a rating, the other with one positive, both without any discerning profile info. Both with PayPal accounts as far as I can tell.


TL;DR I'm sketched out by this entire ordeal with this guy, and I really don't want to interact with him any longer. Only problem is he has bid the minimum on my MacBook, so I feel kind of beholden to him. Seems pretty obvious he's not going to pay me, but I don't want to take a hit with cancelling his bid. What do I do?


eBay is leaving a bad taste in my mouth with this nonsense.

Selling question

I mail a package priority mail flat padded envelope.the tracking number shows it was deliver on the address provide by the buyer but he said he never got it what can I do

Selling discussion

Dec 20, 2014 6:07:58 PM PT

What now

My bid was cancelled and listing ended by seller who stated the item was no longer available. Then the seller turned around and relisted for a high BIN. Exacte wording, exact items listed.  What is my recourse? I've tried to report it but there is no place to report this. 


Does anyone have any ideas?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I'm having people buy an item, and pay for it.Then they buy a 2nd item, and ask for a combined invoice.Ebay requires that I print 2 labels, and this costs me the additionalpostage, and additinal pay-pal surcharge, as well as me needing to use another mailer, and more packing supplies. I explain this, but still they give me bad marks when they leave feedback. This is insanely unfair. I explain this nicely to them, but they still leave me bad marks because I was not able to combine.

   Now I have to call ebay, and spend an hour wait customer service, maybe 2 hours if the person I talk to cant speak english well.

There is no way I will let a buyer leave me all 1 stars, especially when it is THEIR fault because they dont read my very obvious, easy to read, combined shipping terms that states "items must be paid for in a single invoice to qualify for combined shipping rates. The only way I can make this more clear is to completely wipe out my item titles and put shipping terms there.

   This happens to me at least once in every "batch" of sales per week.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have a package prepaid with postage and need to drop it off. My post office's hours start at 6:00 AM but those are the lobby hours. Pickup services and retail hours start at 8:30 AM and I'm not sure which one I should go with. Any help is much appreciated!

Shipping & Returns question

Hello, I need help identifying and dating this old Japanese book. There are some missing pages but each page does have some writing on the bottom. The colored pictures are fascinating. There are military pictures toward the back of the book. Thanks for any help, DK

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 21, 2014 11:05:32 AM PT

Need help with this old Japanese book

I need to create a policy that states that the buyer is subject to a re-stocking fee of 15% on returned items. Do I just type it somewhere or do I create a policy?


Vintage Items are sold: AS IS 

Shipping & Returns question

How long do I have to file an unpaid item case after bidding is closed? I had a best offer and accepted it on 12/20/14 - Buyer has responded that they can't pay till first week of January - Do we have at least 30 days to file so I can offer to wait for them? Link to this info would be appreciated. Thanks

Selling question

Dec 22, 2014 8:59:16 AM PT

how long to file unpaid item

Hello community, I'm an eBay member based in Nigeria. Quite often I come across an item I'm very much interested in that doesn't ship to Nigeria. I recently was able to register a USAddress.com address through an email I received from PayPal. this is supposed to help circumvent that problem by having items I buy shipped to the US Address for onward shipping to Nigeria. please can anyone tell me how this exactly works with eBay and PayPal? I still like things which can ship directly to Nigeria being shipped directly to me I guess adding the US address on eBay or PayPal would mean that for things that can't get to me directly. I may have to alternate addresses quite often. I would please appreciate a little more light shed on this. thanks!

Shipping & Returns question

Hi Ebay automaticallly sends a invoice to winnning bidders,can I change this thnx Foxy

Selling question


Has anyone had a wool shoulder bag with this logo? Can U please help me identify it? It is perfetly readable, but I can't figure it out...

if you have seen it, could you please message me


Thank you


Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 4:33:31 PM PT

item id

I received an email from a buyer who bought an iphone and wants me to give him a refund.  Problem: I never sold him the iphone on 12/10/14.  I have talked to (5) people on ebay to no avail, they state that someone else got the money not me, but it is still on my name and my deficit rating has gone way up.  I have no idea what to do about this, as I emailed the man at least four times and he does not believe me.  Ebay looked his sale up and it is not on my store.  Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciately.

Donna Rogers  donah6bgc8

My Account question

I have an Ebay Store and yet my sales are slow. What am I doing wrong? 

Selling question

Dec 22, 2014 12:03:50 PM PT

Slow sales

wrong because a new postal worker changed it when you owed more money when you took it in?  Then the buyer contacted me on four occasions asking where his refund was.  In the mean time, I went to the post office and they found the transaction (I live in a  small community) and the item had been delivered two days after he paid for it.   Three weeks later he is telling me he never received it and is threatening me with contacting ebay with a complaint.  Now my dashboard is showing a bad delivery when it never happened.  How do I clear this up?  The guy never contacted me again when I told him, ' go ahead contact ebay and complain, I can prove it was delivered."  He never contacted ebay.

Selling question

Is it possible to change an auction's pictures after the auction ends? I won an auction, but did not get what I bid on, so I went back to check the listing and the pictures are different. Similar, but not the same.  I think perhaps the seller changed pictures, is this possible?

Thank you. :smileysurprised:

Selling question

Dec 22, 2014 9:19:14 AM PT

Changing pictures afer auction ends.

Hello. I want to represent my case and consult you about what is the best thing to do in order not to loose my money. I have bought an item from e bay seller on 7 of december. The seller contacted me on 10 of december and said that my item should be shipped the next day. I havent heard back from him since then. I tried to send him a message thru my e bay. I even wrote to his e mail which i took from my pay pal account. But he never answered back. The item is not marked as shipped. Sellers listings were removed on the 11 of december. I can still see my listing though.  The seller is still registered. I want to know if this seller still can receive my messages ?even though i guess he has some violation issues with e bay. What is the best to do in this case? I have paid with pay pal but im worried cause the seller is not replying. My item should have been shipped with express mail service so it have a tracking number for sure. I wanted to open an not receive case but im affraid that in case i receive a wrong item i coudnt open another case. Just to say this sellers communication and attitude wasnt so friendly from the beginning. .. what do you think the best to do? To wait for an item to show up? I still have time cause it is international transaction but on the other hand can i relly rely on seller who is not communicating and his listings were removed? Thanks

Bidding & Buying question

My seller indicated the wrong shipping amount on her auction.  I paid immediately (like I'm suppose to).  Am I liable to pay the additional

amount or does the seller have to eat her mistake?  Can she hold the item until the additional amount be paid?

Selling question

For every item I list(mostly clothes) I place a shipping charge for 4.95 via first class. Somehow one item I revised it thru the eBay app to add a description and became free shipping(or so the buyer wants).

The item just sold and sent the invoice but the invoice said 2.99 and 0.00 shipping so I changed back to 4.95 as I usually charge.

The buyer messaged me angry to give free shipping or cancel. I lowered to 1.00 shipping and still outraged. What should I do?

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 5:51:54 PM PT

Invoice and shipping question

I had two of an item.  I listed both, one as an auction and one as a BIN.  Several people were bidding on the auction and I believe I would have made more money on it than the BIN. The BIN sold almost right away. I went to retrieve it from the storage, and realized my partner had taken one of the items.


The BIN person had legitimately purchased and paid for the item. Even though, in theory, I am making about $100 less than the auction would have brought, I believe I have an obligation to send it to the BIN.


I cancelled the auction. I felt terrible about it, as the item is sort of in demand right now and selling for a price much higher than the current highest bid. There was still 4 days left on the auction, so I have no idea how much it really would have sold for, but I felt as if the bidder was getting screwed because of my miscommunication with my partner.


I sent the bidder an email, explained that I was trying to find another of the item, and if I did, I would send it to them free of charge (these items cost me almost nothing, so I feel I should always offer something in the interest of customer service when I screw up).


Bidder is now going to report me to Ebay because I "didn't get what you wanted for it so you going to relist it".

We will never know what I would have gotten for it, but I sold the BIN for about $150 less than the lowest selling price on the same item that was sold in the past week.


I am just frustrated with this. I stopped selling for a while because someone gave me neutral feedback for a damaged item rather than contact me for a refund.  I just started selling again a few months ago, and now someone is going off on me for offering to try to replace an item I never even sold them.


Now I remember why I stopped working retail.





Selling question

How   can we put our products in christmas offer ?

Selling question

Dec 20, 2014 1:26:37 AM PT

Selling Promotion

Happy Holidays, everyone!

  Sold 3 magazines. No advertisements, so they can ship Media Mail. I'm in Kansas, items to ship to Texas. Buyer is requesting a delay in shipment, since they are out of town until Dec. 29. Don't want to jeopardize TRS, due to late shipping, so should I just wait 3 or 4 days to send invoice and ship, or go ahead and ship tomorrow, hoping Media Mail will be slow enough to hit customer's "target" date of the 29th? Thoughts and answers appreciated.

Shipping & Returns question

Dec 21, 2014 6:20:12 PM PT

Delayed shipping?

Picked this up on a whim, it reminded me of someone, an artist I had seen before. Of course now I can't remember and I have not been able to decipher the signature.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Dec 20, 2014 12:39:19 AM PT

Please help ID artist on 70's print

How is it possible for someone to pay less for an item than the counter offer I sent them? Item was listed at $48.75. Offer came in at $35.00. I countered that offer for $41.00. All of the sudden I received notice my item sold for $39.00, an offer I NEVER sent? How is this possible? Where I see, view offers sent, countered etc. once the item supposely sold? Also buyer said "Thank you for accepting my offer". I did not accept any such offer. Please if anyone has any idea how this could happen I would great appreciate it. Thanks.

Selling question


Has anyone sold a Raboem Jacket? I have a leather and fur coat, but the tags are all in Korean. Raboem is in gold lettering on a leather flap. Anyone had one?

Please message me at

nyrobee 20002ccr

Thank you! Rick

Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 4:38:54 PM PT

Raboem jacket

Can a bidder buy an item at the buy it now price after bidding has started? They clicked bid now instead of buy now and want to buy.

Can they somehow still buy it now? 

Bidding & Buying question

Is there anyway when you use the bulk listing to relist that you can select that you do not want your item listed automatically again? When I am relisting many times I must do so one at a time to make sure that the automatic relisting is not checked.

Thank you

Selling discussion

Dec 21, 2014 6:30:56 AM PT

bulk relisting feature

when you successfuly listed an item & listing period expired then you try to relist the item why is there so much suggestions before you can relist the item

Starting an eBay Business question

Dec 20, 2014 10:23:47 PM PT


I have a necklace for sell . A buyer put a bid on it . She mentioned in her emails she was going to use it to repair a necklace of her mother's . I went to get the necklace out of storage to get ready to ship and the string snapped and half the beads fall to the ground . I send her a message with pictures showing her the tragedy . I offer to sell it to her for a lower amount if she still wants it , since she was going to take it apart , She is thrilled and agrees . Should I cancel her bid and then put a BIN on it for her or is there a better way to go about this ? Thanks !

Selling question

Dec 19, 2014 7:49:01 PM PT

I need advice on the best way to proceed

I have a family friend, with no income, who lost her husband over 10 yers ago. He did not even leave her a widow's pension. She is 79 years old and diabetic. The only things she actually owns are her home (low income housing) and seven cemetary plots that were owned by her family. She has no children or family left who would even want these plots. Since I know nothing about selling cemetary plots, I decided to post the question to the community. Would this be legal to list on eBay? I would most likely be chosen to list them myself and pass the information to my friend. I know it may be a morbid post but our friend has nothing. She is too proud to accept help from others. My family has known her for a long time. Thank you.

Selling question

Dec 21, 2014 8:37:38 PM PT

cemetary plots

My tracking information shows the item was delivered on November 26. The buyer claims they never got the item. The item cost was $40.00 plus shipping was $ 20.00. This is a lot of money for to me to have to eat if I have to refund it. 

Selling question

In an auction I bid $60 max right at the last second, then got "You've been outbid" so I thought I lost.

But looking at the bid history I see this:

Winner- $50 at 7:30:39 PM
Me- $50 at 7:30:38 PM

How the heck did they win and not me? It should have told them to bid higher right since I bid $50 first??

Bidding & Buying question

how do i contact ebay? i bought a avg 2014 for 3 pc's / 2 years  well the other day my computer said my avg ended i have item number plus date i bought , i have contacted seller 4 times so im mad now         How do i handle this?


Bidding & Buying question

Dec 20, 2014 7:21:45 PM PT

how do i contact ebay ?



Just wanted to talk and let out some stream...I got a Cazal Sunglass from the seller  and they were fakes. So i contacted the seller informing about the authenticity of the sunglasses. The seller accepted that the sunglasses are fake and the mistake is at there side and I can ship it back to them for full refund including shipping. To ship an item back courier service require Name of a person and contact number otherwise they will not accept the parcel, so i contacted the seller for a name and a contact number. I tried many times and never got a reply. So i raised a service request to ebay. I thought they will help me..but the way they started to reply me is that they never intended to hear my case. I don't undestand what is the complication here the seller itself has accepted the sunglasses are fake. Today ebay closed my request in favour of the seller saying this


" I have reviewed the details of this case and found that you had asked the seller to declare the package to customs in such a way as to avoid paying higher customs fees. 

With this in mind, I am closing the case and a refund will not be issued."


I know that I made a mistake. but i don't understand how that is relevant to the request that I have raised. So does my mistake make selling fake items to buyers correct?


Please tell that the ebay is correct and I am wrong so that I can relax a bit..


Sorry if my english is poor...


Bidding & Buying question

Dec 20, 2014 10:07:12 PM PT

So this is how Ebay works..Help me relax

  I think this is Japanese.   Can someone tell me if this is the symbol for wool?

Thanks for your help

Fashion discussion

Dec 20, 2014 10:51:29 PM PT

Need help with Japanese characters on label