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The eBay Community

On one of my buying IDs........Congratulations, You are a Yellow Star 10 laughing emo.gif  According to the instructions I am supposed to download the image and proudly display it.....anyone have a frame for sale?


Yellow buying star.PNG

A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Apr 17, 2015 4:50:03 PM PT

Look What I Received Today!

I need help identifying this sugar & creamer set.  It has shading of forest green at the top, along with shiny gold on the lid of the sugar bowl and also on the sides of both pieces.  There is no marking on the bottom.  The sugar bowl is 3" tall *(without the lid); approx. 3 3/4" tall (with the lid on).  It is 5 7/8" when measured from the end of one handle to the end of the other.  The creamer is 3 1/2" tall (base to top of spout).  

Any help would be highly appreciated,  Thanks so much in advance.


016 (1024x768).jpg

023 (1024x587).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 18, 2015 3:32:30 AM PT

Please help identify sugar & creamer

The 1st vase is 4 in tall & marked 052. The 2nd is 3 in tall & not marked.035.JPG019.JPG022.JPG034.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 17, 2015 5:03:20 PM PT

Help ID 2 pottery mini vases

glass & copper FMB 119.JPGglass & copper FMB 118.JPG

Probably a longshot but was hoping someone recognizes it  Thanks 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I was doing a BIN on an item last night.  I hit the BIN button and I got this popup:




This seller had over 100 seller fb (so they weren't brand new). 

There was a Make Offer button so I used that instead and made an offer.  Seller accepted this morning. 

I paid and had no problems paying with paypal. 



I just wonder how many sellers this happens to and they're not even aware that they may be losing sales. 

Had another seller had this item, I would have moved on.


Has anyone seen this before?  Glitch perhaps?  


Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 17, 2015 9:47:25 AM PT

Tried to buy an item last night...

These are brass and 6inches tall and have 3inch dia base,  with what look like lions paws,   It thought at first a base for candle holder, but they could be for  a vtg bathroom fixture, I have no clue,  I ask on another forum but only one responce ,  So any pickers out there have a clue Thank you all.



Collectibles & Art discussion

This set looks like abalone flowers, but feels like plastic and looks like plastic up close.  It also looks a little like vermeil, but is not. The first letter of the name looks like it may be a Capital P with a long stem.  Maybe it looks familiar to someone here. 





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 17, 2015 1:09:26 PM PT

Unable to decipher signature oncostume pin



                   POST AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

We recent got a machinery from eBay . de and we had a problem whit the machine . I have won the action , paid by PayPal . I made the collection whit a 20t truck and rented a crane  to load the machine o a truck and shipped 2000km away . The machine had some parts missing in the electronics parts that was found by the machinery manufacture .  I open a claim to return the machine back . Now ho is paying the 1500 e shipping from and 1400e return ? EBay customer service even did not answer to my claim only BOTS saying to give them a tracing number like a iPhone send by post .  This is what you get from eBay " send tracking number to eBay , send it by post .  How is refunding my shipping ??? claim was closed because i did not give traking code . HilariosIMG_1439.JPG

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 17, 2015 12:36:10 PM PT

shipping code to a 4 t machiney

The pattern is Wallace Lucerne but what is it? 


7 3/8" long, slightly under 3" at the widest point on the goldwashed slightly concave bowl & about 72 grams.


Obvisously a server of some sort but what; tomato servers are usually pierced. Fried egg or oyster? Thanks.


2010-01-01 wallace 001.JPG


2010-01-01 wallace 002.JPG

Antiques discussion

Apr 16, 2015 11:33:52 AM PT

What the heck is it?

Tried printing an International label and only 1/6 of the label printed. I have Adobe Reader updated and javascript enabled. Using Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome browser. I had issues for about a month printing international labels, but was able to circumvent them by right clicking on the label window and saving as pdf, then printing it. Now I can't even do that. 


Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to be penalised by eBay for shipping something late...


Below is the image I get with the label cut off: 

eBay Internation Label Printing Issues.JPG


Once I click on "Print Label" it takes me to my Printer GUI and this is what appears:


eBay Internation Label Printing Issues 1.JPG

Technical Issues discussion

Nothing very special about this pin, looks to be 1930's/40's made to resemble the glass fruit salad jewelry by Trifari, etc.

The pastel insets are plastic, the enamel is cold painted.

I'm curious about the testure on the back, look to be snowflakes, all in pot metal.

Anybody seen this texture before, maybe a Czech piece ?





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group


Collectibles & Art discussion







Hi there, I have this gold necklace that's in need of an ID. I'm not sure what these patterns are called because I was thinking mariner on the link section but the middle section is throwing me off because I don't see a figure 8 like pattern.


The next section maybe basket weave? mesh? I have no clue.  Also would this be considered a unisex necklace?


Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as Always...............


Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

glass & copper FMB 187.JPGglass & copper FMB 189.JPGglass & copper FMB 188.JPG#1 Marked with what I think isz an older waterford mark (hard to picture)  It's just the marquis shaped leaves cut out   I saw a few that kinda resembeled when going through all the patterns on replacements page but none that were exact match.  Hope you can help 

glass & copper FMB 193.JPGglass & copper FMB 194.JPG

#2 Appears to be unmarked crystal  Recognize anything?  I thought it might be waterford but...........  It is a flared bowl, right?   2.25" tall x 6.0" wide

glass & copper FMB 196.JPGglass & copper FMB 197.JPGglass & copper FMB 201.JPG#3  Not marked and I have two.  4" tall and 4.5" in diameter   Are these footed candy dishes or sherbets?  They ring  like crystal but I am just starting to learn more about glass and stuff so I could be way off the mark. 


Any help is much appreciated 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am seeking assistance in translating the signature on this small Japanese watercolor on paper. It is from a Japanese collection where most of the items date c.1900-1950.Thank you. japanese wc 002.JPG


japanese wc 003.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 16, 2015 12:46:34 PM PT

Translate Japanese signature on watercolor

Looks to be signed with initials rear leg area



Collectibles & Art discussion

This basket has a height of 22.5cm (9").  I do not see many of the 3 ball bases.  The thorned handle also has a twist.  I was wondering if any of these factor make the basket more desireable.  Any help is appreciated.swbas.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Mike Jordan 2.JPGMike Jordan 3.JPGMike Jordan 1.JPG

Sporting Goods discussion

I had been away from ebay for over a year & now I am lost when trying to post questions.  I know this is probably the wrong place to ask about this but, figured you folks might possibly have the answer.  

I have an 835 silver rabbit figure, 1.5" tall,Picture 24284.jpgPicture 22601.jpgPicture 24303.jpg on a stag horn, cork screw?  I have searched 'till I couldn't see straight and still cannot find the maker's mark anywhere.  I have a quick sketch of what I think it looks like.  I would greatly appreciate any help, thank you.

Fine Jewelry, Gems & Precious Metals discussion

Apr 16, 2015 8:45:27 PM PT

835 Silver Mark i.d., please.

glass & copper FMB 085.JPGglass & copper FMB 086.JPG

glass & copper FMB 087.JPG

I'm thinking these are napkin rings   I do not know the metal content and was wondering if anyone recognizes the maker's marks.  Any help is appreciated 


somebody took the time to make this item so thought i would post pics here...

may be 1 can enlighten me and tell what it could be?...

it is about 2.4" long... it has an opening on each end...

to give you an idea of the diameter it fits over a finger...

the beads have the same color that the blue/green iridescent carnival glass...


any ideas???





Collectibles & Art discussion

This is an interesting piece of info that I am curious about.
I bought a belt at my local TS yesterday, nothing really special, it had 7 very large and thick silvertone NA inspired slide conchos on it, the belt wasn't original to them but I liked the slides.
They are each marked COPYRIGHT 1993 on one side and TAIWAN ROC on the other, no other marks.
I didn't expect them to be anything other than silvertone metal although they do have the look of high grade silver if not sterling, but that's not why I bought them, I just bought them for the look and how big they are.
Anyway, I decided to look for others to match them and found quite a lot of them online and on ebay for pretty cheap, no surprises there.
While searching I came across this site:
They list this belt at over $2100 but I just attributed that to the fact they say it was in a LOTR movie and shook my head at the high price.
While reading the description on that belt it further it said those slides had tested as high grade silver.
So, just to check for myself, I tested mine.
Sure enough, they test as sterling or close to it.
I thought to myself "maybe it's because they are heavily plated with silver" so I looked for a worn spot and tested that area. What looked like a worn brassy area tested as sterling as well and the brass color had been replaced by a shiny silver, what I thought was brassy color was just tarnish.
I have tested these things all over, in quite a few areas and the test is consistent for high content silver.
Keep in mind these measure 3+1/4" x 2+3/4" and 7 together weigh 385 grams.
Here's one of mine.
Do you guys believe the results or am I nuts to believe these are high grade silver and if they are, why aren't they marked for content ?

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I got this cool piece today for $25! But I don't know what it is or where it's from. I first thought Chinese until I saw the little finials on the edge of each side of the front of the top.


It measures just under 6' tall x 19" Wide x 11" Deep


Also, it has rather large numbers & a letter stenciled on the back of it - if a model #, would they make it so big & obvious? It makes it look almost military the way it is now.


I appreciate any help with this.












Collectibles & Art discussion



Haven't used this one for awhile. 

Happy Thursday



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I have a nice, confirmed bracelet, necklace and earring set.  The bracelet and earrings are in perfect condition.  However, I have an issue with the brooch and I need second opinions.   It looks as if there should be a second tier.  There is a bad picture of this set in the confirmed album that shows it with a second tier.  I also understand this set is in the Pittman book, which I don't have.  I have also found an image with this brooch as is and another with the brooch that says something is missing elsewhere.  So I'm confused. 


I've gone over the piece repeatedly with a loups and can find no indication that a second tier was attached.  I've also done the old fashioned rubbing to try to detect any rough spots.  Nothing.  So how do I list this?  Repair?  Variation?  Don't list it? 


I'm sorry for the large images, but I wanted you to see what I mean about no indication that there should be a second tier.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 15, 2015 12:02:23 PM PT

Intresting Juliana Question for You

I have absolutely zero experience with collectable dolls, so need to know if I should attempt to clean this one or just list as is and let the new mommy take care of it? Also, sell with box even if it ups the ship cost?


She has some dirty/dusty/grime marks and the box is kinda hacked and dusty. The clothes she's wearing are also dusty but the romper in the baggie is pristine.


I'm also not sure what year she is. Laying flat on her back & tummy & measuring with a yard stick I come up with 15"


Her rubber body is in remarkable shape and still very flexible and she squeaks (kinda) when her tummy is squeezed. What condition should I list her as? good/very good/acceptable?


Eyes close when she's placed horizontally and work well. She does have a couple of minor paint loss areas on back of head, presumably from moving about in the box as she doesn't appear to have been played with much if at all.


Any advice appreciated.





Dolls discussion



I am looking for help please with this sterling brooch/pendant.  It has clear stones and red stones, (I am assuming Rhinestones?).  It is marked, "Sterling" on the back.  Everything is prong set. 


Anyone have any ideas as to age or materials or anything else you can think of?  How would you clean a piece like this?


Thank you so much for your time and for any help!


Julie2015-04-15 001.JPG2015-04-15 008.JPG2015-04-15 006.JPG2015-04-15 010.JPG

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

Here's close up pics of the pieces I got in the lot yesterday. Unfortunately all are unsigned. :smileysad:  The little pink lady bug watch is made by Lucerne & marked Hong Kong and doesn't work. I didn't take a pic of it so it's not posted.


This is the enamel bird egyptian necklace


egyptian bird



egyptian back


I think this is Agate and not Jasper since light shines thru it, but please correct me if I'm wrong. It's a beauty and KW help is appreciated





agate back


Ivory or bone for this carved beauty?




carved back


Egyptian? Would KW be dangle or panel? Going to try using some ketchup to help clean up some slight green on the brass chain.


egyptian panel


This necklace was purchased in the Soviet Union according to some research I've done. A Beriozka is found in most tourist hotels and here's some info:


"Of most interest to many tourists are the amber jewelry and gilded enamelware, cheerful khokhloma (painted wooden bowls, spoons and other household objects), luminous lacquered boxes illustrated with scenes from Russian folklore and history, Matryoshka or nesting dolls, embroidered skirts, children's toys and woodcarvings -and, of course, vodka and caviar."


So do you think this is Amber?



Amber 2

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 16, 2015 7:35:32 AM PT

Pictures of the small lot I purchased

An item I just recently bought offered free shipping and I saw the option of Priority mail and I decided to upgrade it to Priority mail for an extra $4.99.

The seller sent it Parcel Select ( I see that in the tracking information on the USPS page). I haven't received it yet but it'll take over a week to get here so I can safely assume that it's being sent via Parcel Select.

I emailed the seller twice in the last 3 days asking if they sent it Parcel rather than Priority and can I get a refund and they have ignored my messages so far. Bad sign. Do I have any recourse to get my $4.99 back when all is said and done?parcel select 2.jpg

Shipping & Returns discussion

Click for Options

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 15, 2015 1:48:05 PM PT


To be or not to be a flower? If a flower what kind. Opinions greatly appreciated.






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Welcome to flower paradise.

Less than two hours from Tokyo, the Hitachi Seaside Park is a palette of colors, changing from one season to another, making it an all-year-round paradise.


fields of flowers (3).jpg

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Hi,  I have this Linda Lord painting.  I am trying to find its value so I can list it. 

Thank you.




Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 15, 2015 4:52:29 PM PT




This figure is 11 inches high.  I have looked and looked but cannot find who he is ( maybe it is a generational gap)


action figure 003.JPG


action figure 002.JPG


Thank You,  Sue

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Apr 16, 2015 3:52:28 PM PT

Action Figure Who is He?

These two vases are opaque glass, one off white,  7 inches, the other taupe, 7.75 inches.  Are these Bristol Glass?  How old are they? 


I do appreciate all the help I get here,  you are so generous with your knowledge.


2 opaque vases 003.JPG.


glass vases 009.JPG

2 opaque vases 011.JPG 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 15, 2015 5:31:46 PM PT

Glass Opaque Vases - What type Glass, Age?

Culver glass and Czech Glasses 003.JPGCulver glass and Czech Glasses 003.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Anyone have any information on how old the might be? It is 9" tall and pottery is only 3.5 milameters thick. You can tell its hand thrown and it looks very old. Also there are 3 small handles.IMG_20150415_160056 (1).jpgIMG_20150415_155940.jpgIMG_20150415_160133.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Can someone please help me decipher this signature on this piece.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 16, 2015 6:25:45 PM PT

art glass couple help with signature

glass & copper FMB 110.JPGglass & copper FMB 111.JPGglass & copper FMB 113.JPG#1 Reminds me of those candle thingies Is it just a candy dish with a handle?  Anyone recognize the maker and or pattern?  It appears to be crystal and what do you call the jagged edge? 

glass & copper FMB 122.JPGglass & copper FMB 122.JPGglass & copper FMB 124.JPG#2  Lid, ? or ashtray?   Does not have the little cigarette lips but I can't see the smooth lip being that of a lid.   I just found the older waterford mark on it.  Recognize the star or pattern? 


Any help is appreciared  TYVM




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Does the way this bracelet is constructed ring a bell with anyone?  It was a gift from my grandmother years ago and I would love to know who made it.  Any ideas on the age of it? 






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 15, 2015 4:32:10 PM PT

Maker of this bracelet?

Last week-end a friend called me; she'd been left a condo in a will by a friend & wanted to know if I wanted to buy anything before she sold it I ended up buying a BIG tub + a smaller one FULL of costume jewelry! There are new pieces & sets, old pieces, custom made pieces - probablly over 300 in all. And I've gone through it all - I found dpzens of Kenneth Jay Lane, Joan Rivers & name I had to look up. But I can't make out this name - help, please!

I appreciate any help; with the prices some of these pieces are bringing, it's worth it to take the time to see whose jewelry I have!

Thank you.

PS - 1st 3 photos are about 1/2 of what's in the tubs - we ran out of room to display it all & decided we'll sell until we clear a space and then refill it until it's all gone!

Last photo is the coolest piece we found - a vintage Gucci bubble face watch!

Thanks again


aa jewelry 1 resized.jpg


aa jewelry 2 resized.jpg




aa jewelry 6A EARRINGS +1.jpg

aa jewelry 6A EARRINGS +1A.jpg

aa jewelry 6A EARRINGS +1AA.jpg


aa jewelry 1 WATCHES GUCCI 1 resized.jpg



Fashion discussion

I pout my store on vacation but I just got a best offer for something.


This is what I choose for my store vacation settings


Message to display on your listings:
When you turn on your vacation settings, we display a message on your listings. The following selections will determine which message will be displayed. The message is informational only.
Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listingsspacer img

Childrens Clothing Boutique discussion

I am hoping someone can give me an idea of what this bottle was used for and a rough estimate of how old it may be.  It stands about 6.5" tall and has no markings at all on it.  It does have what seems to be an irregular looking seam on opposite sides that goes from the top lip and disappears about one inch from the bottom.  Any help or ideas will be very much appreciated.






Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I can't find another figurine of any sort with a similar base.  I originally thought it may be a doorstop or even a paperweight.  Now I am thinking maybe it is a part of something else.  I can find no mark other than a #1 stamped on the rear of one side of the base.  It stands about 5.25" tall and the base is about 4.5" long.  It weighs 2#s 5 oz and has a strong magnetic attraction.  It is one solid piece and has a seem along the center.  Hopefully someone can help me out with this.  It will be ver much appreciated.  






Collectibles & Art discussion

Post pictures/videos of your precious Pets here.









The Front Porch discussion

Apr 17, 2015 5:53:41 PM PT


Hi I need help to ID this piece. It is made out of some type of carved stone. It is 4" high and 5" in dia at the top. Any info will be helpful. Thanks Aundra.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Antiques discussion


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 18, 2015 10:30:37 AM PT


Another pic from Hitachi Seaside Park, though here today it's more like Noah's Ark state park, up early due to storms, plus they moved our CBS news to 6 am so I got to watch news while I watched the creek!


fields of flowers (2).jpg

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I have been trying for days to figure out the artist's signature on this 8"x10" oil painting.  I believe the first name is "Irene", but I can't even be certain about that.  Can anyone help distinguish the signature?  Also, is there a title for this picture?  Thanks so much in advance.

001 (1024x768).jpg002 (1024x768).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

This is 8 3/4 inches tall. It has an applied handle and ice lip. It has a optic pattern. Can anyone help me with age or maker,etc. Thank you very much.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Collectibles & Art discussion


Hey Guys, hope someone can help me out here. I get this message when i tried to list a lens to sell. New seller havent sold anything. 

its impossible to get response from ebay. I am based in asia. Not sure if its anything to do with my location. 

Thanks for the help !


Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.27.25 PM (2).png

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 10:46:03 PM PT

not allowed to list item for sale.

Hello All,


These cufflinks are sterling and the stone is a beautiful green - my first thought was Malachite ... but after looking at Malachite, I'm sure it's not.  I'm assuming it's some kind of nice/interesting stone, only because it is set in sterling.


Any ideas as to what it might be or how to start my research?


Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.



Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

I am just about ready to say the hell with ebay and find another auction site. My sales are up business is running smoothly other words i am working my butt off. Last month i had a few returns 4 different items buyers decided they didn't like them. 1 even stated in return no what they expected it looks like a nightgown. It looked like it did in the pictures when you bid on it. I honestly don't know if they thought they buy this ugly dress and by time it reaches them it would magically transform into a Cinderella gown. And 4 more items didn't fit the buyer. How is this my fault. Why does ebay hold this against me??? When i called the lady on the phone told me it is ok you are still well above standard. Above standard doesn't give me a 20% DISCOUNT on my 300 dollar a month ebay bill now does it. What if anything can i do to keep this from happening.

Selling discussion

Hi friends,


I reported a buyer who left a negative feedback as a revenge because I refunded his money as the item was out of stock... Ebay do nothing with this cases. Sellers are defenseless from buyer that use feedback as a punishment. How can we protect ourselves?. I need help.

Selling discussion

Ebay sent me a message that states they removed an item I was selling. They said it has similarities of another item I sold that resulted in a bad buying experience, such as complaints from buyers that the item is of poor quality. If this is true, why did I not receive any complaints from the buyers or Ebay prior to my item being removed? The reason I re-list this item is because I have many of the same item, and as far as I know all of my buyers are happy with their order. Please help. Janet

My Account discussion

Apr 16, 2015 8:33:08 AM PT

Ebay removed an item I was selling...

Just needing to vent!


Last night I put a rare pocket watch movement on my watch list that had just been listed. It clearly said in the listing that the "seller does not accept offers to end listings early".


It was started at 99 cents. It was non running and uncased. It was obvious the seller did not understand what it was. I really wanted it for parts and was prepared to bid up to $500.


I looked tonight and it had been relisted and sold as a BIN for $10.00.:smileymad:


If I had not been told in the listing that the seller does not consider offers to end auctions early I would have sent them a VERY nice offer.


I did send a message and explained my frustration and the value of the movement they sold for $10.00. I can only hope they are as irritated as I am. I have been looking for just that thing for a couple of years now to complete work on a restoration.



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:34:30 PM PT

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

Top Rated Seller Return Policy Violation: I purchased from a top rated seller that showed they accepted returns. The item was too large so I was willing to pay return shipping for an exchange for a smaller size. He didn't have a smaller size so I requested a refund. He then stated he doesn't accept returns. The "report item" link doesn't have an option to report issues on a top rated seller not accepteding a return.


I have since come across two other Top Rated Sellers that show they accept returns but all three sellers have in their descriptions:

  • All sales are final - unless I make a mistake, then I'll be happy to work something out.


  • As the listing states, you have 14 days to return this item.  But returns are accepted only under the condition of misrepresentation. Please read the description and look at the pictures carefully. I am very thorough in describing and photographing my items so buyers will know exactly what they are receiving.  If you have any questions, please ask first before bidding. Please consider these conditions carefully before deciding to bid. Thank you very much.


Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 16, 2015 8:22:50 AM PT

Top Rated Seller Return Policy Violation

   I sent a very polite offer to buy an item from a Seller after an auction ended with no bids.  The Seller replied with a nasty, sarcastic message.  When I responded that the sarcasm was uncalled for, I received an even nastier reply (despite the fact that I'd added this member to my Blocked List).

   I'd like to know what steps can be taken --by myself or eBay-- when a member has sent rude, sarcastic and insulting messages through eBay mail. 


Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 5:22:25 PM PT

How to deal with rude, insulting messages

Hi everybody!


I'm pretty much brand spanking new to selling things here. This listing I'm referring to is actually my first listing ever.


I know about the Best Offer feature, but I don't really know much about etiquette when it comes to it.


How exactly should I reply when someone, instead of using the feature to submit an offer, asks ME what MY best offer is on my own item?


For reference, they asked "What's your best price if I can take them all?"


It just comes off as really weird to me. Shouldn't they be the ones making an offer to me?


Sorry if this is a dumb question at all; I'm just confused and don't want to scare off a potential buyer.


Thanks ahead of time!

Buying & Selling Basics question



   So I purchased an item (Motorcycle brake/clutch levers) back in January. This item came in different colors, so as mentioned in the listing I wrote the color I wanted in the order info when purchasing it. I chose the color black.


  When I received the item and opened the package I noticed that it was blue instead of black.

  I immediately contacted the seller informing him of this. There was a lot of back and forth messages in which he replied several times saying that "it's just a color", trying to convince me to just keep the item. After he realized I was having none of it he procedeed to offer me a 4 AUD refund on an item that cost more than 20 AUD.


  I insisted that I wanted either a full refund or the item in the color I ordererd, he then replied saying that he was shipping a new one in the proper color.

  It's now almost 2 months since he said he shipped it and I haven't received it. I'm pretty sure he never shipped anything and was just waiting so the feedback window would expire and I couldn't give him a bad feedback (something he repeatedly insisted I shouldn't do until I received the new item).


  I contacted him once more, saying that it has been too long and the item didn't arrive, to which he just replied asking me to wait longer.

  Tired of this I tried opening a claim with eBay, to my surprise I couldn't find the item in my purchase history. After going through the resolution suggestions, etc. Ebay gave me the option of opening a return request, which I did.

   In this process it clearly states that the seller pays for the shipping of the return, I asked the seller for the return shipping label (something I guess has to be done in order to advance that process to Step 2) and he replied saying he wouldn't pay for the shipping costs. Nothing else, no further communication.


   I have twice sent an e-mail to eBay support (which states I would receive a reply in 24 hours) asking for help on this matter and never got any reply.


  At this point I'm just fed up and don't even care about the money or the item anymore, I would just, at the very least, like to be able to leave proper feedback about this experience on the seller's feedback so that other customers can be aware. But unfortunately I don't see anyway I can do this.


  Any help would be appreciated it, if not then at least I vent my frustration with this whole mess.




             Romeu Rosa

Shipping & Returns discussion

How can I get my $24.90 back?  


I listed 2 items. someone bid on one of the items, but never paid. I tried communicating with the "buyer" but they never responded. After several attempts, I quit trying and quit trying to sell on Ebay because I failed.  


However I was charged $24.90.


I cannot afford to pay when it didn't work for me.



Getting Started question

Hi all,


I need help with this purse as I am completely out of my element here. I've read different guides and looked at quite a few purses, and think it is okay, but not totally confident and obviously want to do the right thing.


I really appreciate your help. I hope I have the right pics. If any others are needed, please let me know. I will post one here and then the rest in the next post.

Fashion discussion

I have a buyer bought six items in one order. I normally send via First Class mail, however, the six items will weigh more than the max limit for a First Class shipment, so I'd like to split the order up into two shipments instead. But... Since all the items were ordered at the same time, there's only one "Print shipping label" button. 


Any suggestions? 


I also thought about Priority Mail, which would cost about the same, unfortunately, I don't have any boxes at home to weigh, package... etc... with. 

Selling discussion

Apr 15, 2015 6:55:40 PM PT

How to split one order into 2 shipments?

just got a mail from ebay, buyer asking to return an item, reason "I found a better price elsewhere".

Of course I accept the return, and said so.

My question, before I mess up anything:

Will there be a defect  once I refund buyer? Of course I will wait until I have the returned item, before I do so.

I have had a refund once before, but buyer did not  go through ebay return, -so I refunded through my second pp account, and there was no defect.

Thank you much for your help!

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:50:51 AM PT

Will I get defect for return?



Item was delivered 4-9-2015 on a address (and name) same in Paypal and Ebay, 4-15-2015 Chargeback "Unauthorized payment" opened, so far Paypal asked me to provide tracking info which I did and right now case "Being reviewed by Paypal", any advice how to handle that type of chargebacks? Thank you.

Selling discussion

I received an email through ebay's system from an ebay member asking why his paypal payment was refunded.  Only he was not bidding nor did he win the auction (or any auction of mine) that he messaged me through.  


Why would someone send me an email saying their paypal payment had been refunded.  It's all obviously false.



He has 288 positive feedbacks and has been a member since 2001.


I did not want to respond for fear he would somehow get my email address.


Thanks for any input

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 5:56:36 PM PT

Received an odd email

I received two One a Ounce Silver Bars today, supposed to be .999 pure silver. They are two grams overweight, don't pass the "ping" test, and failed the ice melt test. Ebay sent me a message today, saying that the item has been removed and the seller is no longer a registered user. My guess is the silver is fake. They are Stagecoach bars. Anyone else get any of these?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 16, 2015 4:28:14 PM PT

fake silver bars

The competitor writes me...

That i have copied their listings. When i responded that he is full of it and he should go call eBay if he feels so.. He/she replied back


The replied

"In the middle of your listing

All orders are shipped by the Next BUSINESS DAY

Is the exact wording, font, style and color as all of our other listings.

We don't have to contact ebay. We are a VERO (Verified Rights Owner) member of ebay and we can remove any listing that copies ours."



Is this guy serious? 

Selling discussion

I placed a bid on an item that was $1.99 with my maximum bid set to $15.  Nobody else bid on the item and after 3 days the auction ended, but instead of winning the item the seller canceled my bid at the last second.   I have an impeccable feedback record and there is no justifiable reason to cancel my bid.   Are sellers really allowed to cancel a bid just because their item didn't sell for enough?

Selling question

I bought something that came in a completely different color than the one pictured.  It was this color in the picture and it came in jet black.  (I can't show you seller's picture here, it's against the rules)


I appealed to eBay and they ruled in the seller's favor even though I sent them side-by-side pictures of the seller's picture and a picture of the actual item.  They said that because the seller didn't WRITE in the DESCRIPTION that the item was blue then he did not send something "not as described".   (They get people complaining about minor shade differences)  Well this wasn't minor!


But Praise the Lord for PayPal!  If you buy anything and pay for it through PayPal the seller HAS TO TAKE IT BACK for any reason whatsoever.  Even if you don't want it anymore!!!  Part of being a seller and doing business with PayPal is agreeing to take back and refund the buyer for anything they buy from you.   YAY~~~  


So ship it back with a tracking number.  File a claim with PayPal and PayPal won't let him get ANY of YOUR MONEY out of his account until he refunds you.  THEY LOCK UP HIS ACCOUNT FOR THE AMOUNT HE OWES YOU!!!


I've had it done to me.  When Paypal locks up your account, you can still sell and you can still receive money and I think you can withdraw funds in excess of the refund you owe but it's really a pain and he's a big time seller and owes me $149.70.


I'm having a really good day.



Shipping & Returns discussion

I have an unusual issue with USPS. I will try to expain. The PO I use wont accept my packages. The post clerk says I Have the wrong zip of the post office its self on the shipping slip. I will give you a false example. say the PO is 456... what ever and mine is 369 ... what ever. The PO does not want me to change my zip but does want me to change the zip on the shipping section that shows THEIR address and zip. It shows my zip which is not their correct zip. eBay keeps telling me I cant do business here if I change my zip. Again dont want my zip changed. Want the PO zip changed to their correct zip. Post man says he is not getting credit for my packages and refuses to accept any more from me.He tells me to drive to the PO that has my zip which is much farter away. His office is 1 street over but has another zip than mine. It is a hospital PO that serves my area  plus the hospital. I go there to save on gas and get my sales out same day. All he wants is the zip changed on his post office not my ship from zip. I cant get CS to obsorb this info so can anyone out there help with this. USPS cant change shipping labels they dont make. Ignor typos I have dexlezia. dont need hassel about it. Please help with issue on CS fixing this..

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 16, 2015 4:59:57 AM PT

help me please ebay cant help.

So I bought some shoes off of eBay from a seller who has a good reputation, I bought them April 12th and the estimated delivery was April 13th to April 16th because its only one city away (around 30 minutes away). Its April 16th (Priority 1-day) and the tracking still says shipping label created April 14th 9405509699938367494401 <-- Tracking. Seller hasn't responded to any of my messages I think he made a label and it could be in the back of his car for all I know. Can anybody help? Should I wait a couple more days? File a claim? I'm just worried. My brother ordered his shoes from ChampsSports all the way from Montana to California and got here in three days Priority 2-day. What do I do? I apologize in advance for my sentences being all over the place, I'm just ranting.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 16, 2015 4:16:31 PM PT

What should I do?

Buyers can ask questions before a sale but can sellers ask questions to a buyer before a sale?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Isn't there a way he can cancel it?  He need to "own up" to his mistake, unless you feel it is partially my fault.  Is my listing in any way misleading?  It is a picture of a cup and saucer, but I tried to focus on the saucer and my description states that it is the saucer only.

Selling discussion

I have been selling on eBay since 2001 and have 3 accounts.  I noticed recently that I am being forced to pay return shipping even though my policy states it is the responsibility of the buyer.  Did something change recently?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 5:32:27 PM PT

Seller asked to pay return shipping

I would like to use Global Shipping and also have my direct International shipping available for a shipping option for all countries. How does it work having both the Global Shipping option checked and also me offering different direct shipping? Does Global shipping take over certain countries then what they do not cover the customer then can choose my direct shipping or is it the other way around?  Do I have my settings right because I have no way of checking to see what my International customers will see because customers do not get told they are now using the GSP. I temporarily changed my address on my buy account to another country (Belgium) and checked my listings, and from what I see I only see the 2 options, USPS International First Class and International Priority. Those are the 2 shipping options I chose to provide, so where is the Global Shipping Program option? Having these settings correct is detrimental, if anyone can enlighten me as to what exactly is going on that would be wonderful =)

Selling question

In feedback as a seller how do you make the items you sold private so you can't click on view item?

Selling question

Apr 16, 2015 11:00:05 PM PT

Change feedack to can't view past item?

Hello, please help Identify the silver in this bracelet. Never worn, in box and bracelet tarnished, but with jewlery cloth the bracelet itself cleaned beautifully. Thank you

Selling question

I've tried finding this answer but site map just keeps takeing me to selling page so thought I'd ask here.


I don't use the Best Offer much so was wanting a few questions answered if possible:


1) Once an offer is accepted is the item on hold until paid for or can another offer be accepted until someone pays? (sorry but have had way too many non-payments for me lately).  Like first pay first gets (lol). I want to start a motto of "don't bid on eBay unless you actually plan to PAY."


2) My main question is, IF I accept an offer and buyer does not pay right away, is the BIN Price still available?  Can Someone else come in and BIN out from under the best offer accepted?


I try to sell with integrity so was really wanting buyer to know (since they only have a few feedbacks) that even if I accept the offer, if they don't pay right away it could still be sold to someone else.  Not to mention that with newbies sometimes they decide not to pay and then I get messed over (lol).


Any thoughts and all information on best offers is appreciated.  Thanks.

Selling question

I just had my best selling listing removed thanks to copyright violation. 




The violation was from a company named Buff who up until this morning I didn't know existed. The item I was selling was a neck gaiter also known as a buff. 


I sell the both the Yamaha and the Hoorag versions of this product, 


Ebay removed every trace of that listing, even the 4 that I had sold this morning on my Sold page. 


What's irritated me the most was the listing's count of how many of the item i've sold which was close to 50. 


I would've gladly changed it had they simply asked, instead of just destroying every trace of the listing. 


I understand why they did it but I think it could've been done differently. 

Selling question

Is there a way to get them back?  I now have UPS and Fed Ex, but no Priority medium flat rate (just Priority and Large FR) and no first class international.

Selling question

How many time do I have to send the feedback revision form to customer from the date of putting the feedback?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 12:31:08 PM PT

Feedback revision

eBay announced last year that "About Me" was being replaced by a new profile page and prompted people to update said 'About Me' page. The 'About Me' was being converted to this new profile page, so those who used 'My World' would also then be transferred to the new page. I didn't update my About Me page because I had nothing to update on it, now eBay says everyone has a profile and gives instructions on how to customize and access the profile page.
My issue is that I can't access my profile page viz-a-vie their instructions, i.e. "On any eBay page type Hello, your name---and it will take you there..maybe it did but not now. The other way is to do to your ID, click on it and that will take you to profile page. There I can get to what may be my profile page but I am unable to do any of the updates (i.e. Adding photos, more info, collections etc.). In fact it looks nothing like the sample page they have listed that can be updated. I've attached the info that I got when I tapped on my 'About Me' under my account setting to help exemplify what I am talking about.
If you understand what I'm trying to get across and you have had this problem and had it resolved, will you please advise?

Thanks very much

ATTACHMENT: Sorry couldn't attach any other way so did a cut/paste.

Sorry, the "About Me" page is no longer available.
Upcoming changes to About Me pages -- personalize your eBay profile today

Announced last year, eBay profiles are the latest--and best--way to engage with other members, share your collections, and showcase your expertise and business.

Starting the week of June 2nd 2014, About Me pages will no longer be available--and as of February 17th 2014 date, About Me pages will no longer be able to be created or edited--so if you have yet to complete your new eBay profile, now is the time!

You can access your eBay profile either by going to ebay.com/usr/eBayUSERID, or by first clicking on your user name that appears in the top left-hand corner of your home page, then clicking on your user ID that appears in the first section of the drop down menu. Learn more about completing your profile, as well as everything the page has to offer.

We hope you enjoy your eBay profile, and as always, thank you for being a part of eBay!

My Account question

Apr 16, 2015 1:30:45 PM PT

New Profile Page

Hi to anyone reading:

My question is for the following issue: I try to be fair & leave positive feedback for all the successful purchases I've made but I am having the issue that for a couple of the items the Ebay site does not allow me the option of leaving feedback. When I click the "Leave Feedback" button option I get the following basic error message stating "We are unable to add your feedback for 1 transaction Here's why (Item #) was not found because: This item number does not exist Or you have already left feedback" But the problem is that I haven't left feedback. Why am I getting this error message & What can I do to resolve or work around it or is it just an un-resolvable occasional glitch in the system?

I don't know if this is of any relevancy but further information is that both purchases that I've attempted feedback for & was unable to were both overseas purchases & arrived slightly later than the latest anticipated shipping arrival date: so could that be the cut off time period limit that you're allowed to leave feedback? And another problem is that I am having the technical issue of being unable to view my complete purchase history of the past "2015" year or past "60 days" (I'm missing the whole month of February purchases showing in the history) option so I don't know if this is symptomatic of a larger issue? Thank-you in advance for anyone who has any information or potential fixes to my problem.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 17, 2015 10:55:26 PM PT

FeedBack Question

My stiore ends the last day of this month. It will automatically renew on May 1st. I am probably going to change it from a yearly to a monthly subscription or cancel it. How long do I have when it first renews to change it? The rules states that I can't canel in the month it ends without penalty, but is the 1st too late?

Starting an eBay Business question

ebay will not let me change the currency of my account unless I set up a "sellers"account.  I am NOT a seller, I am a buyer.  What can I do?

My Account question

I listed my item "US shipping" only and a buyer from international bought it and have not paid. I have contacted buyer twice about US shipping only and have not heard from buyer since. Now I stuck in a middle and don't know what to do with my transaction.  My unpaid assistant is turned on. Should I add International shipping cost to the item and send him the invoice? My item costs $82 and Priority Medium box is $58.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 15, 2015 4:43:30 PM PT

stuck with international buyer

I have not sold on eBay for around 18 months but tonight received an authentic looking email from an eBay member saying they had not received an item bought from me two weeks ago, despite their sending the money. They said they have reported me to PayPal and threatened me ....of course, with the FBI, no less.
The email has my full name, looks like an authentic ebay email etc, when I checked the members ID andthe item ID they don't exist, so I know its a con but should I be worried about my paypal account?
Many thanks,

My Account question

How best to safely package (wrap) hardcover books without buying $2.00 bubble bags?  I know to ship Media Mail, but how best to wrap is my question.  Would bubble wrap and brown paper be safe for the book edges?  Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 16, 2015 11:01:59 AM PT

How best to safely package hardcover books?

A bidder (the only bidder) has asked me to end the auction and relist the item as "buy it now" because she didn't know the "buy it now" option disappears after the first bid is made. What should I do?

Selling question



So I bought an item digital copy which I should received via email. And the hint is pretty simply - just make the delivery as long as possible like only delivering into US when you are in Europe and vice versa. The delivery dates are hidden and after you have paid for it you will just get the information that he needs 35 days to send an email. Great Buyer protection! Can't even open dispute on paypal because I've used this garbage site to pay with it. Which means you have to wait whole month "beucase the items can be still on their way". 

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 17, 2015 8:25:34 AM PT

So Ebay can't even handle a scammer?

Helo, so as the title said I think I experienced another ebay glitch last night.


I made a listing using the ebay app, which I try to avoid but it was the best choice at the time.


I chose to make it a three day listing, BIN, and chose the continue option to see the fees*. If there was an inserion fee, then I was going to choose edit and run it as an auction.  It said free, so I took a screenshot and went ahead and listed it. Then I clicked on the auction to check how it looks, and noticed the time ending was in thirty days. ??? So I hurry to check my fee in my account, and it says "promotional fee credit". Took a screenshot.


There was a thirty day promotion but that ended a while ago.


What should I do, call ebay? I'd rather not, my phone has a minute plan and I have a lot of important phone calls to make this month. I just used 103 minutes for a phone appointment today :/ But I feel weird benefiting from a glitch lol.


It would be great if ebay had an email option... But I'm hoping you can email ebay for IT issues. Can anyone tell me the correct choices to do that, if there is an option?


*I do this because I have a hard time keeping up with "certain categories bin free" items and terms.

Selling question

Can a seller refuse to accept money? I won the bid 4/12 and but Paypal said seller cannot accept money? I contacted the seller but they will not respond. I contacted Ebay and now the item is saying I won but they have relisted the item.

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 16, 2015 7:15:16 PM PT

Seller refusing to accept winning bid

Hi. Can anyone help identify this small cylindrical pot? The mark is in the shape of a little house. The pot is partly glazed. Looks to be 1960s/70s. Possibly English? Many thanks for help.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 17, 2015 3:15:34 PM PT

Can anyone help identify this 60s/70s pot?

Back to Ebay after 3 yrs off. Back then when I scheduled a listing to start at 10:00 it started at 10:00.

This is why you schedule a time. I did't see anything that tells you it may take anything more than 15 min. It's been

an hour and nothing listed. Pls enlighten me if you can. Thanks.

Selling question

Apr 18, 2015 9:05:12 AM PT

Why didn't my scheduled listings start?

More re: blocking a bidder -- I found out the high bidder on my item has a reputation for buying and then not paying. I know I just asked about canceling his bid (while the auction was live) but I am hoping to understand all my options.


Once the auction ends - can I cancel the high bidder's bid, and sell to the UNDERBIDDER (using Second Chance) ? 


I haven't ever been in this situation and am really grateful for assistance !! 


Thank you so much.

Selling question

I won biding 2 items of seller that shipping cost = 12 EUR per item . I had hoped that if it can combine shipping ,It would be more saving then I request total . The seller sent me an invoice . Total shipping cost= 24 EUR
shipping insurance(required)= 10 EUR. I am quite new in ebay so I would like to know is this normal??
Why this cost of shipping insurance(required) didn't show at first?

Selling question

Hi i dont see this question addressed anywhere..


I am curious to know how many times a seller is allowed to change his/her  feedback for a single transaction ?


thanks in advance



Selling question

Long story short, an item I am selling ended and someone won the auction. An hour later they inform me that they can't pay and I need to cancel. Being naive, I canceled the order and stated in the cancel request that the buyer wanted to cancel. eBay informs me that they sent a cancel request to the buyer as well, but that was 4 days ago and the "buyer" hasn't confirmed anything yet. Now I tried to open a "buyer hasn't paid" but eBay won't let me because there is an open "cancel" request. So now I can't do anything. What do I do?

Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 4:37:21 AM PT

How do I cancel a "Cancel"?

i listed a couple of things today, the pics uploaded successfully.  if you click on the item link, you will see the pics in the listing.  however, the gallery thumbnail image is just the stock pic of two blank polaroids.


my old listings are fine, all the gallery pics are still there both in my seller dashboard and when i search for the item.  its just any new ones. 


i would like to fix this but i dont know what the issue is


thoughts ?

Selling question

eBay International AG < some one know what its mean? its cut me from account 7.79$ I dont why?

Shipping & Returns question