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The eBay Community

No marks on these beauties!  The bowls are etched or cut, (fingernail test.) I can see two mold marks on the base. The stem and base and underplate are pinkish-peach. They stand 5" tall. Are they elegant glass? Any suggestions, help will be appreciated!  Thanks





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

OMG is eBay insane??


I just logged into my Buy Account and there's a huge blue button next to every purchase that says Return this Item. Instead of the usual feedback button and drop-down menu underneath.


This is what it used to look like (and still does on my seller account):





This is what it looks like now (on my buy account):





I mean it's BIG and it's BLUE and it's one of those things that says, "Click Me" as though you'll win a prize or something if you click it.



What is this company THINKING???? Do they not realize this is a selling site?


This is HORRIBLE marketing psychology, telling buyers to return when they didn't explicitly ask for return information. If eBay had anything between their ears, they would leave it alone or put a button that says this:





Selling discussion

Anybody know what the heck kind of tool, and for purpose it exists? It came out of a box from an estate sale, from the previous owner's tool shop, stacked on top of a router table (not sure that has anything to do with it. It's articulated, with multiple tighten/loosen thumb screws, the arm in the foreground is pointy on both ends, but the lower (left) end of that arm is in like an "L" shape (again, pointy on both ends) and the base is about 2+ lbs. with a "^" notch down the bottom of the base. I can't find anyone who knows what it is, but I think it has something to do with woodworking (That's a guess)... Any ideas (or sharing with others that might have an idea) would be much appreciated.



Country/Rural Style discussion

It's got the blue mark from the 90's.  Can you tell me the pattern name, please?  Thanks



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Motors discussion

Any idea what CAA of M stands for... couldn't find any info...

the button is 1.25" in diameter and made by the Western badge & Novelty Co.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello all; I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give me on this. A family member has asked me to try and sell this (something I wouldn't normally do, but in this case I must), and I'm trying to give them as much information as I can. These are the photos they've given me. I understand the vase is about 12 inches tall. Anyone know about it at all? I've sold porcelain before but it's usually porcelain statues of ballerinas, etc. Thank you so very much!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.59.31.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.01.41.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.01.20.pngcrack.png

Collectibles & Art discussion

Does it look to you that this piece might have been part of a larger piece?  The flat edge on one side is what is making me think so. 


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone help with this ceramic tile?  I know they are Kokeshi dolls, but have no idea what is written on the side.


I checked the Gotheborg site and could not find these marks, similar, but nothing the same.  The tile measures 6" square not counting

the curved wooden frame.


Thank you!DSC00625.JPGDSC00627.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Since I'm never sure with glass, what do you think of these? My guess is that they're wine glasses from the 50s....the very ordinary kind.









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

These tools are wrapped in a plastic roll.  They are attachments that have a single handle (missing.) There are several sized domes, some hooked kind of things, a cylinder with two holes in it, and so on.  There is one that looks a little like a scalpel but none of them have sharp edges.  The tool ends appear to be solid brass and the handles are either chrome or steel, (probablly the latter.) Some of them are all white metal.  In these cases they are all one piece. There is no identifying mark anywhere. Anyone?? Any suggestions appreciated!









Collectibles & Art discussion

can anyone tell me anything about this piece? it stands about 17" high and is about 12" across.













Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Yeah. This isn't going to work for me. I emailed the buyer directly to work things out. Turns out once again it was user ignorance. He flipped the thingamabob and all is right with the world again. IS THERE AN OPTION TO WORK THINGS OUT ON THIS INSANE FORM? NO. Heck NO. It's a one-size-fits-all cluster flop. 


Now I have a defect, a case and all the man-made nonsense ebay has shoveled in from the corporate mine field.


Effective today I am changing all of my auctions to no returns and 3 day handling. TRS can kiss my &*&* (you won ebay, your plan to disembowel TRS is working.)  I had another return request from an auction that had 'no returns' and I didn't get this ridiculous form. 


I'm already working with with a merchant account (due to paypal's new 6 month rental policy and regular theft of funds) and will be removing paypal from my life for good. Bummed my flier didn't work this time but that's life. Working a little at a time to get this parasite out of my business.


No matter what I do, I give myself 6 months to a year at best and will be thrown out of here like yesterday's trash. 16 years. The first 10 were pretty nice. Under JD's watch, there are no words.






Selling discussion



Awesome morning. 



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Look at the last entry. I have to admit I'm not very good at math but something just doesn't add up. Could this be buyers just hitting the watch button without actually opening the auction itself? And who said buyers don't read descriptions. Pleeeze.





Selling discussion

My husbands aunt called me wanting help with her mothers Sterling and Blue topaz jewelry. I told her she could send me a photo and I would try but I don't know much about fine jewelry her one photo is really bad....





I told her they are rhinestones.....she explained that her mother only wore authentic real jewelry. Am I wrong....I told her she should take it to her local pawn shop for a closure look.....To me I see a married rhinestone set.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hi and thank you for looking. Appreciate any help. The (I'm guessing) womens pins are marked Jordan Craft Boston on back. .Can't find that either. Just I have so many of em and they are nice. Fraternal, millitary, industry...I dunno. CJAA and others look like CLAA. I even looked for Alcholics Annoymous. Sorry bout the bad photos...Dawn

powder 002.JPG


powder 001.JPG

Antiques discussion

'Heavens Trail' in Ireland, the Milky Way line up with the path!


"Road to heaven" where the Milky Way lines up with road every couple of year, in Ireland. 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Still looks exactly the same.



Selling discussion

My visitors are still here so not that much hunting for me this week, but went out yesterday and did a bit of buying.


Here's a nice old Mexican bracelet I bought. It has a very distinct maker's mark (VCA) and eagle 19 mark, but I can't find any info about the maker. Oh well, par for the course with a lot of Mexican silver.




Here are a few non-jewelry items I scored at a sale yesterday. Maybe the most unusual sale I've ever been to. THOUSANDS of items jammed into a house, being sold by the family. When I say thousands I am not exaggerating. I must have seen 40 Victorian silverplate pickle jars, for example, and maybe 200 cat figurines, this lady was a collector/hoarder ...but the house is immaculate and everything is spotless.


I am going back there this AM, but this is what I got for $30 yesterday. (No jewelry, unfortunately) -  portrait of the lady (need to research), a carved Indian  ivory figurine, tall sterling compote and a Bavarian hat pin holder (?)




Hope we all have wonderful finds today and please post them here, and if you don't, feel free to post some oldies to share!

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Well,  my Gotz creepy baby doll sold.


Before it sold,  I got two messages asking if it was haunted.  Then I got one message advising me it was definitely haunted  - the person remote viewed using a pendulim somehow... I guess.


Poor thing..I gave her a lecture on "Don't Mess with Spirits" which is ancient and good advice for anyone.


I'm thinking its violet eyes turned pink/red due to a manufacturing flaw.  


The person who finally bought it was interested in paranormal things, but I NEVER stated it was haunted or I saw, sensed, heard or felt anything unusual. In fact the opposite. 


Finally I got a lovely message  from another saying my wild eyed doll made her laugh. Amd that made me smile too :smileyhappy: nice lady.


I was just surprised  about the "is it haunted" messages.

Have you all had similar experiences?




Dolls discussion



I'm going to post both of these in the same thread to save space. If I could get help with an authenticity check on both pairs I would appreciate it! thank you.


Pair 1:





Fashion discussion

This is from the Weekly Chat on the 17th.  If I am reading this correctly, we can get dinged for "defects" for 12 months, but CS can't review anything older than 120 days.  How are we supposed to dispute things we didn't even know about within that 120 day window?
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eBay Employee
Posts: 51
Registered: ‎05-15-2006
in reply to pattonsmom

 ‎09-19-2014 04:05 PM


Hi Pattonsmom - 


Customer Service is able to review defects left in the past 120 days.  In order to accurately and fairly evaluate removal of a defect for all sellers CS needs specific information available. Some information is not available after 120 days, as such any defect appeals need to be made within the 120 day timeframe.  





So, I am a mostly seasonal seller (Halloween costumes) and the defects I am getting dinged on are from last season.  I have the transaction and tracking info, but they are no longer trackable by Ebay.  Now what?  I spoke with CS and a Defect Removal Specialist already, who said they would "review" the cases and should not impact my status.  Well, here it is on the 21st and I am "above standard" after having had TRS since the beginning.  Any ideas?

Selling discussion


Any idea what this is, it appears to be made of solid nickle silver. Stands 3.25 inces tall. Staph also goes through hole in right hand.












eBay Community Experience discussion

Should the ‪#‎Bible‬ be taught in ‪#‎Astronomy‬ ? 











The Soapbox discussion

Does anyone know the logo on this bag?002.JPG

Fashion discussion

I think this is art deco? If it is..it is kinda outta my league as I don`t find enough of it to be comfortable describing correctly.


The design reminds me of a buckle? The red square center stone has a bit of a pinkish hue when I loupe it under a light. Has a scratch across the top of it. :catsad:  It`s 2 1/8" long The gold color is very nice..kinda has a rosy hue to it


Any help appreciated . Several pics











Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hi here is a yarn doll. The head and body are not styrofoam balls covered with yarn. The head seems to be a ball of yarns, the body has a muslin like covering over yarn and scraps of cloth. The hat is cardboard covered with yarn. It has a hanging yarn on top there. Its pretty big..perhaps a foot, foot and half.


For those reasons,  I'm thinking this is not a kit doll but made by hand in some other country,  but I could be oh so wrong!


Any thoughts on what country or region this may have come from or is suppose to represent? Or anything else..like age...keywords to use lol.   Thanks!


Dolls discussion


For 2 hours I am trying to find the pattern, I know the mark was used on restaurant ware mostly,IMG_8035.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This pitcher has several interesting characteristics and I am hoping some recognizes it.  It has a coin spot pattern in the glass. It appears to be cased Topaz over crystal. It a finished pontil on the bottom and a few spots on the inside of the pitcher are rough like sand paper.  The pitcher has very nice enameling and measures 6" high and 5 1/2" in diameter.





Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated and thank you for looking.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Trying to decide what this is. Cobalt glass with silver and gold paint. Looks like a stencil with some free hand, can't find a signature or I'm overlooking it. Smooth pontil. Vase is about 8"-9" tall. Quite a few air bubbles in the glass. Search terms escape me with this, even a few ideas on that would be helpful. I apologize for the picture quality. TIA!

 photo 539.jpg

 photo 535.jpg

 photo 536.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

It is marked Royal Albert Old Country Roses Bone China England 1962,, but I do not know what it is called or what it's use might be. It measures 3.75 inches across and is a bit over an inch high. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

2014-09-20 12.19.51.jpg

2014-09-20 12.20.19.jpg2014-09-20 12.21.23.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

I was still able to post to Antiques, sending my original post into limbo - I apologize if this turns out to be a duplicate.


Please tell me what you guys think? Is this a Victorian transferware version of a Chinese pattern? Or a mash-up of export Chinese emulating European? It comes from an estate of many genuine antiques, mostly Imari and Mandarin. from 19th C, and we know there is nothing newer than 1960.


I haven't handled much transferware, but It has the fine lines needed to screen and print solid colors on paper. I thought the white dots were damage, but realized now they run along the bottom inside ruffle (along fish's back) where transfer paper didn't make contact with blank.









Collectibles & Art discussion

Can any one translate this for me?




Collectibles & Art discussion

I reccently came into possesion of a "Chanel" handbag.  I've been attempting to authenticate, but after reading multiple sites the bag is somewhat confusing.  The hardwear and craft of the bag is in line with what everyone says a Channel should be.  There is no hologram sticker, but certain sites say these can come off.  I'd say it was authentic with the exception of two details...  It does not say Made in Italy or France. Instead it has a very crisp embossed logo saying "Chanel Paris."  I also know there was a time when the handbags didn't have the stickers so I'm even wondering if this could be vintage?  Obviously it could be a very very well made fake as well.  I am enclosing some pics (please forgive the shakey ones, since I've been rather ill today and it's hard to keep my hand steady).  If there are Chanel experts out there who can help me clarify authenticity, I would very much appreciate it!

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v260/astargatis/IMG_20140922_001009_064_zps05d56710.jpg">

Selling question

Hello, we were hoping someone could help us with this item?


The Ludwig snare drum is 14" x 5" - the strainer has 20 wires and there are 10 lugs. it has a steel metal chrome finish inside and out.


The label is black and white and prob from 80's-90's more than likely a student's drum.


Any help would be great?


Thank you for looking and any answer will help get us a bit closer.










Rob & Tracie

Music & Musicians discussion

Trying to decide what this is. Cobalt glass with silver and gold paint. Looks like a stencil with some free hand, can't find a signature or I'm overlooking it. Smooth pontil. Vase is about 8"-9" tall. Quite a few air bubbles in the glass. Search terms escape me with this, even a few ideas on that would be helpful. I apologize for the picture quality. TIA!

 photo 539.jpg

 photo 535.jpg

 photo 536.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello All! can anyone identify this vintage ribbon pendant? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion

I actually found the box, the Porch And some other boards I used to post to.



The Soapbox discussion

  Hello, Can anyone identify this Japanese (I assume) artist by the signature or style?. Thanks in advancejapan2.jpgjapan4.jpgjapan3.jpgjapan1.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Is this Mexican Pottery?  Measures 8 1/2"





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Someone asked me to help them identify this item and I have no idea what it is.  It looks like an old vacuum tube with a thermometer on it.  Any ideas?  Thanks, Todd

20140829 04120140829 04420140829 042

Electronics discussion

This Lamp is a gorgeous Red Ruby Satin Glass Font converted to electric. The pattern looks like a floral with a spider web background. Pittsburgh, Consolidated, Fostoria? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cast iron base is marked 196 K and C Co.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi All.  Does anyone recognise this Gaudy Welsh Pattern (at least I believe it to be Guady Welsh but would be more than happy if anyone corrects me).  Found in the North West of England it measures 9.5 inches (24.5 cms) in diameter and weighs almost 1 lb (about 500 gms).  Quite badly chipped in three places so I don't think it has any value, really just would like to know if it is a recognised piece and if anyone also know maker & date.  Thanks


gaudy 1.jpg


gaudy 2.jpg


gaudy 5.jpg


gaudy 4.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello All! Can someone please tell me what they call this style of necklace? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion


Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello All! Can anyone identify this 4 1/2" wide (long) gilt cobalt dish? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion


Motors discussion

This font is glear glass measures 6" Tall. It has a bullseye and floral etching pattern. It rests on a massive milk glass pedestal. It has straw marks.20140920_142847.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I found this piece last week & bought it just because it was different. At first I thought it may have been part of a "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" - but it only has 1 hand up to it's mouth & it looks more like a baboon than a monkey to me.

It has some age judging by the patina - could it be from a Thai or other temple?

Any help or thoughts would ne appreciated.











Collectibles & Art discussion

Please help with identifying this doll.
Eyes open/close, looks like something is in her mouth, possibly a tongue. There is a round metal thing on the center of her back, maybe one of those cryer/noise maker thingys? The only marking that I have found on her is on her back/neck area "Fiberoid" (I think.. it's a bit difficult to read). She stand approx. 23 inches tall.  Thanks in advance.






Selling question








Selling question

Victorian/Edwardian repro? M in square makers mark?006.JPG008.JPG

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

I wondered if this was transferware... it has fine lines that would be used as a screen to print solid colors. At very high magnification it does have the look of fired on pigment. Just now, I noticed that it has "gaps" (the white dots on the back of the fish) along the bottom inside surface where the transfer didn't touch the porcelain.


Anyhoo, it's caught my eye and imagination. It looks Victorian and Chinese to me.Is it a Victorian copy of a Chinese plate?


Please tell me what you guys think?


Antiques discussion

I have this encased glass snuff? bottle and it has writing in japanese or chinese--anyone know what it says?



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Fraternal Pins Earrings.jpg


Fraternal Pins Earrings 1.jpg


Trying to determine the age of this "D of N" jewelry, which is Daughters of the Nile, a fraternal organization. None of these pieces are for sale on the D of N website. I did find a similar pin for sale on ebay, but no age is given. Any thoughts appreciated, as always.






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Can anyone tell me about White Elk art glass? I've found some pieces googling it today, but none from the 90's like this one. Also none with a asking price - even the studio's website says to contact them for prices.

Is this a good piece/known artist?

PS - I almost sold it to a lady at our garage sale today for $10 until she said something about the bottom (where it was blown) - looking at it I saw the name & date and decided to check with the board before selling it.

I appreciate any help with this.








Collectibles & Art discussion


Antiques discussion

DSCF8340.JPGDSCF8327.JPGDSCF8329.JPGDSCF8349.JPGI do not know anything about silver, other than from research...I have researched these items...and am unsure of the maker..

One set is teapot and creamer and what looks like a silver bowl....marked 4903 sterling...items are heavy..


one is a little dish marked sterling, three makers mark..together and marked 276m..


any help is appreciated~

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi I have a vintage Coach bag-Serial # 0299-311 Made in the USA.It is 9"tall, 7" wide and 3-3/4" deep with peg style adjustable strap. It has the older clip style closure and looks like an early binocular/Spectator bag? I am including pics. Thanks!



Fashion discussion

Can't find anything on this shape or pattern.  The artist is Diane Gessel; the label is from the 1982-1985 era.  Although it's faint, the oval molded Fenton label is present, with "9" under the name, with gibeswith the label date. Vase is about 7" high. Couldn't find anything in any of my Fenton books.....ANyone know that shape name and/or pattern?1-IMG_1968.JPG2-IMG_1970.JPG



Any help would be much appreciated!

Collectibles & Art discussion

I know a few words of spoken Russian, but can't read any.  Other than photographing it I haven't done anything to it, just in case it's worth more than whatever the metal weight is. (I'm betting nickel.)  It dates to 1924, or so it says.  




Coins & Paper Money discussion

7-1/2" tall vase has no markings. Polished bottom. Clear glass at the very bottom. Thought it might possibly be Blenko but could not find one like it on the Blenko shapes page. Searched lots of Scandinavian glass makers and a few Italian sites and haven't come across anything identical.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

A friend has a stack of these 4X4 posts that he pulled out of (he says) a 19th century barn in the midwest.  He asked me if they were worth anything.  They don't look like anything special to me, but I thought I'd double check.  Any idea what kind of wood they are?  Would anyone want to purchase these for meaningful money or should I just tell the friend to scrap them?  Thanks!  Todd


20140831 00120140831 00420140831 00520140831 006

Collectibles & Art discussion

I can't make anything of it, my hubby thinks it's nothing and not worth a penny.:smileyhappy:))

it's a beutiful vase, favrile style.IMG_8063.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone help me identify this piece?  I THINK it's French porcelain but not sure.


Urn side view.jpgUrn signature.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Good morning everyone. 



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Picked this up in a lot at an estate sale, trying to date this, any ideas greatly appreciated.

hat pin 005.JPG


hat pin 006.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hello all, I need help identifying a Porcelain Charger. It is signed on the back with Italy and another mark. The charger measures approximately 15 inches in diameter. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated!IMG_4094 1.jpgIMG_4098.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I really need some help here - I took a big chance & bought this lounger & ottoman today for $90, because when I googles Selig Manufacturing Company NC, it also came up about Selig Plycraft and that they were a Eames copy that was almost as popular as the original. I also see that this doesn't look like the Eames lounger, but does kind of look like the z chair? 


Is this Selig Mtg Co. of NC the same Selig mentioned in articles about Eames?


I appreciate any help with this


COLLECTBLE polycraft 1A.jpg


COLLECTBLE polycraft 1.jpg


COLLECTBLE polycraft 3.jpg


COLLECTBLE polycraft 4.jpg


COLLECTBLE polycraft 4A.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

Trying to determine if this 8" vase is Fenton.  I have only found one spiral optic vase in this color and it was a 6" double crimped vase.  They said it was a rarity.  I believe this is a Fenton shape.   The opalescence has very little spiral and that is only on the top and bottom the main "bulge" of the vase the opalescence runs vertical.  Can any one confirm this is Fenton and give me any more details?


TIA, Bryan


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Tiny little pendant. 10K gold and maker's mark are stamped on the back. I'm not able to decipher the maker's mark. Anyone know the name of the organization? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Fraternal Tiny Pendant.jpg


Fraternal Tiny Pendant 2.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



This Chandelier came from my grandmother's house--my Mom thinks from the 50's.  It's been painted over (not very well) at least once and the wiring would need to be redone.


I'm guessing it's junk, but wanted to ask a community that knows a lot more than I do!


Many thanks,





Collectibles & Art discussion

In Reference to this Painting of Future President George Washington Praying at Valley Forge:



Psalm 147:10-11
(10) His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor His delight in the legs of the warrior;
(11) the LORD delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.


After the horrendous winter [at Valley Forge], the Continental Army found out that France was going to aid their cause by sending military and monetary donations to the army. France had signed an alliance pact, on February 6, 1778 with the 13 colonies.

The Soapbox discussion

I have two glass (one green, one clear) serving plates.  I need help with any identifying information that I can get - particularly on how to describe the edge treatment.  Detailed floral pattern with a "metallic" look.  Thanks in advance!





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


14k GF? and ebony.  They do look like something a designer would do, if only because the chains are such a pain in the neck.  This is the best shot I could get of the mark.  There's some kind of a graphic, the 14k and then initials.  I'm pretty sure, darnitt, that they're gold-filled. 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Any ideas what stone this is,  could it be unakite unpolished? Stepping out will check in later...Many thanks in advance.


hatpin 013.JPG


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I've had this for 15 years and bring it out to research on occasion. I'm baffled by the mark, and why is it blacked out? The mark looks like ORI inside a U or a horseshoe but I haven't found anything searching that route. It measures 5 3/4 inches tall and has a tavern scene and leaves. It seems good quality and  I found a sarreguemines pitcher of a similiar style. Am I wishful thinking? Is it a newer copy? Thanks for any information or guesses!DSC01999.JPGDSC01998.JPG


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Happy first day of autumn!


 photo 764438834_1284185.gif




The Soapbox discussion

Need help with ID on these two small (cordial?) glass goblets.  Red one measures 5 1//8 inches tall and blue one measures4 7/8 inches tall.IMG_0638.jpg   TIA, Candice

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This is what I received, no email, no request for refund, NOTHING.

I can only find 2 places that sell thiis item on ebaY, Me, and Delcampe,in England. They ask 40 Euros for this item, I ask $29.

Dishonest seller. Thief! False T&T number. Liar! Swindler!Buyer: 


Buying & Selling Basics question

I posted this on the pottery board with no response, so I am hoping someone here will be able to help.  This vase stands about 4.5" high and there is a signature on the bottom that appears to read Mackenzie.  I am wondering if this could be done by Warren Mackenzie or associated with his pottery in any way?  There are some similarities to his style and methods, but I cannot find anything by him that is really like this or anything that actually has his signature.  He usually uses an impressed mark.  I did find a copy of his signature on a book he signed and it looks very close.  Also, what would the style in general be called?  Thank you for any help.







Collectibles & Art discussion


I am paring down on my bird collection and have this art glass bird I can't identify.  My Great Aunt had this and it was passed down to me.  I don't think it's really old, tho.  She bought things up until the day she died so it could be 1970's all the way to 2010 or 2011.  It is about 7 inches long and weighs roughly 1 lb.  Is it Iittala or Finnish glass?  She loved things from Scandanavian Countries but had a very vast collection of birds.  Thank you so much in advance for any help. The thing is it could be worth $15 or $1500 and I have no idea. :smileyhappy:


Blessings to you!


September 21 14 1 006.JPG

September 21 14 1 021.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

I have strong sense that his is not a true antique, but because of the state of these boards of late I am resorting to using Sutton's law.  I can find a few similar examples as far as general shape, but nothing with the small spout.  I can also find similar examples of the hand painted perched bird, but these are on larger items.  It stands just over 5" tall.  My best guess is that it is more recent Japanese studio pottery.  I did not find this mark on the Gotheborg site under Japanese or Chinese marks.  Thanks in advance for any help.







Antiques discussion

Air strikes and tomahawk missile strikes have begun in Syria.


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2014-09-22 18.01.25.jpg abc.jpgThe waistband doesn't have embroidery inside. There is no leather piece on the outside. The button has the brand on it. The back pockets have the right stitching. The front pockets have the brand hardware on them. But the label looks like it might have been sewn in at home and the brand on the label has a pen mark through it. Vintage? Fake? Genuine? Should I list or just donate these?

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This is my first time using this forum, after over 15 years buying and selling on eBay. I'm very upset because I politely raised some questions about why a member was selling a relatively common item, a series 1929 National Bank Note worth perhaps $200, for $100,000. He threatened to "arrest" me and to "bust" me. Of course he has no grounds to have me arrested, as I never said anything threatening or even defamatory. But I'm very concerned about this individual's reaction, and about the effect sellers like this may have on the eBay community. There doesn't seem to be a way to report this to eBay, and it's not clear it's even a violation of eBay's terms. Any suggestions about what I should do?

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I am an experienced comic book collector and I know grading very well - and can easily distinguish a comic book in poor condition from a comic book in VF to Near Mint condition. However, it irritates me when I see dishonest comic book sellers jacking up prices of comic books that do not line up with the price of the comic book or books far above the actual value listed in the comic book price guide.

( apart from CGC graded comic books).

For example: here and on Amazon I was looking for a copy of Avengers #57 ( 1st App. of Vision) whose condition is around 6.0 to 8.0 (Non-CGC).

Now the Current Comic Book Price Guide (CBPG) indicates that this particular issue is priced between $68 and $245. The seller revealed that the Non-CGC copy was established at 7.0 and I would expect to pay a reasonable price between $100 and $235.

(I comprehend that such a seller needs to make a bottom line so I  assume that the seller tacks-on additional charges to the price of about $20 or $25 dollars - at most 30. - Plus shipping and state taxes etc.)

But the post also indicated FREE Shipping (included in the price. The price was $650.00! And I can, perhaps gain some leeway to sentimental value as well - but this was just rediculous! The seller was attempting to take advantage of uninitiated buyers and acquire $415 dollars more that the actual value of the book itself.


Fact of the matter is - is when I am hunting for various issues that I might want to buy or am considering purchasing -  I encounter dishonest sellers like this plastered almost everywhere and I am damned fed-up with these MoFos -- seriously!


The pricing should be gleened with respect to the current CBPG (comic book price guide) prices. (But for BUY-IT- NOW ITEMS ONLY - NOT AUCTIONS).


I want to Blow the Whistle on these creeps because they ARE Taking advantage of ignorant buyers and I am just sickened by it - and it makes me mad!


I would like to know if there is some tyoe of reporting system here on eBay or way to PUT an END or STOP to these dishonest sellers who overprice comic books and magazines against CBPC prices. In addition to this there is no real reason why CGC prices also do not correspond to CBPG prices since there is no mention of them ANYWHERE in current CBPG price listings. I can understand that the comics graded by CGC are fairly expensive to get GCG`ed and they do a fair job as well as with resored comics, etc. However Non-CGC comic books and magazines can be fairly garded simply by examining them closely (minus actually takeing images of each inner page) - that it`s details should be accurate according to the seller and should NOT be taked out of the bagged and boarded comic book copy and phtographed as this irritaes collectors who do not want the prospective issue to be handled before reception as it could add devalument, spine damage or further damage inadvertently. 


The main question then becomes how to Report / Stop or Ban dishonest Comic Book/magazine sellers who overprice such books and magazines above the actual CBPG prices - not only on eBay but also on Amazon and other selling arenas.


PLEASE DO NOT INFORM me I am wrong on this issue - or that it is OK somehow because a "New Movie" is coming out which may feature the vision as Tales to Astonish is overpriced because of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie features "Groot"  which is in TTA #13 and expalin it away with Supply and - Demand stories because I just know better.


Ty for your attention:


= Mark =


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We got one threatened to be arrested from a seller.

The guy with 2 crutches falls passed out waiting for paypal on the phone.

Another 16 year seller threatening to commit suicide.

The guy who is mad about the NAZI moderator thing.

The seller worried about the medical equipment, 10 pound shipping box affraid of a bomb being sent back.


Thread after thread of mad sellers.


Man just start listing at other places, you will find rlelief, the sales are low here, it's not worth it anymore.

Just leave like ebay wants us to, it's much more fun at other places.


heck who knows anymore, between google adwords, higher shipping cost, and this place, aaaaaaaaaaaargh


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I sold a video game with the title "Killer Instinct Gold (Nintendo 64, 1996) DOES NOT WORK!! AS IS!!" In the seller notes I wrote, "cartridge is in great condition, but when tested the game DID NOT WORK. Selling AS IS! In the description field, I wrote, "Cartridge in fantastic condition-no visible scuffs, scratches, or other flaws; label is intact and unfaded. However, when tested on my own Nintendo 64, the game did not work." My return policy listed was "no returns"

Only minutes before the auction ended, the high bidder and I exchanged messages:

What I understood from this message is the bidder did not want the item because it was broken. This bidder was outbid, so I assumed the issue was resolved. However, they proceeded to place another bid only seconds before the auction ended. Thankfully someone else won the item, but I feel that this user was definitely in the wrong. For starters, without understanding the listing, they placed bids and later asked me to go back on my return policy, which I am firm on. They then proceeded to place another bid even after this, which contradicts the message sent in the first place. Had they won the item I would have had to return it, breaking my policy, or I would have faced a negative rating on my first sale ever.

Does this violate any of eBay's policies? I feel that at least the return policy should be an issue. Should I report them?

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Trying to understand something. Bought something, returned it for a refund. Seller did a cancel request.


In his/her request she puts the reason as, "The seller says that you have purchased the item in error."


If I approve this request, does it count against our buying or a strike?

Why do they have so many reasons, which are the ones good and bad for buyers and sellers. Trying to understand all this before we go ahead and cancel the request.


When we cancel an item from selling, we just pick, "Buyer returned item for a refund." Not sure why all these sellers start choosing the wrong or a random reason.


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Can anyone tell me what this is? I found this at a yard sale It's not airtight so I don't think it is a pump. Any ideas??

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Well, actually I need to end two auctions both of which contain the same small error.  Trouble is, both are less than 12 hours from closing and have bids.  I don't want to let them end and then get dinged for defects.   Anything I can do?  Thanks!

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I have an item that's a custom request from a certain buyer.

Is there any way I can list it so that only he can make the purchase? I thought I saw "private listing" on an ad somewhere before... How do I do that? 



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Is the site the same and are you still selling and getting bids?


I am starting to realize the value of bidding.  A buy it now can run forever with no one noticing but an ending date spurs buyers to bid.   I'm debating on listing a couple items here and want to know (10% aside) has it changed much?

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So basically I put an item for sell and some "idiot" offered 10k$ which of course he didn't paid and I reported it couple of times and sent him messages to cancel it requests and everything and I still got 250$ invoice for nothing. Which I surely can't pay. HELPP!!

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I call ebay regarding a sale with a suspicious address. Brand new account, the buyers name look like they stomped on their keyboard to decide on what to choose. First thing CS told me "I see that they made the account today but don't worry, they already have one positive feedback" .......


First of all autofeedback, second how is that not supposed to make me feel comfortable, the address was so ridiculous. The CS agent pretended like this was normal and suggested I ship the item for the buyer has 100% feedback. 


The CS rep then suggested I contact the buyer for a new address. I believe that is the scam, have an address so ridiculous, that the seller changes it losing paypal protection. 


Beside that terrible suggestion, I was also told if I'm uncomforable shipping to this address I can cancel. I specifically asked if I would receive a defect. When ensured in this instance I would not receive a defect I went ahead and cancelled. What do I get when I log in the next day?? Awww yeaaa another defect! 


This month I sold 94 times the amount of product on The River and according to my time sheets here I've spent almost 12 times the amount of time dealing with seller support issues on eBay. How you can make a product so inefficient and user unfriendly is beyond me. 


Here's to another wasted hour trying to get this defect removed. 

2014 Fall Seller Update discussion

I haven't sold anything in a long time and wanted to calculate shipping costs for various zip codes before deciding to use flat or regular or regional priority mail or just use UPS ground, which is almost always cheaper for packages over 12", since most of the Priority Mail flat and/or calculated rate boxes I have are pretty useless for what I want to sell, size-wise.


The Priority Mail Tyvek envelope is around the right size for my needs, but I can't calculate any shipping costs for it, as the USPS Postage Price Calculator page shows no options at all for the cost of shipping a tyvek envelope  - what do I do??


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I bidded on a fascinator and won mostly because I don't think many ppl wear them. The seller answered my questions prior to me paying the day I won it I paid. It's actually been not 12 days. It's been since the 11th to now. The 20th. The seller stated that it would be sent within 2 days in the shipping description. Has not answered my messages so far on if it's been shipped, and if I'll get it before a certain date. This is quite important that I get it on time because of the event I need it for. And if it's not I would very much like to cancel my order as to get another one. But the seller still isn't responding. What should be my course of action.

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How can one seller bid the same amount three times? (opening bid...99cents)




Is this from different computers?

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I bought an item, but my shipping address doesn't have the Apt number.. So I fixed it after, and when I cheked the order it seems to have the old wrong address.  I already emailed the seller.  What could I do in this case to fix it or change it in order to receive my package?

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I've got two identical items for sale seperately. I've got my site preferences set to show exact quantities but when I edit or try to revise my listing it's not giving me the option box of showing 2 available. I'm asking fixed shipping for one item and it's messing me up if one bidder wants both of the items because the shipping is going to be more. What's going on?

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I checked the automatic relist on several of my items when I first started listing. Some have been relisted three times but some have not reach the 3rd time. I want to cancel this option and just relist myself. I didn't think about the fact I  could run out of my 50 free listings a month and I guess I have because I am being charged an insertaion fee. Sorry I know this probably sounds dumb on my part but I am just starting to list multiple items where I have always just listed my pageant outfits in the same catagory.TIA

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So business is picking up and I would like to streamline a little.  Currently I print a shipping label / postage receipt on my  ink jet printer, then insert a 1/2 page label and copy the shipping label (only) from the scanner to the label.  I now would like to get a thermal printer and print out strings of labels.  For those of you who do this I have 2 questions; 1) How do you then print out postage receipts for tax records?  2)  Is there a way to print out a string of packing slips (without going to the "shipping labels" tab, then selecting each packing slip one at a time to print?

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A seller un checked imediate payment, but when i click buy it now button, it still directs me straight to check out ?

The seller uses global shipping program though.

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