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Motors discussion

Hello all; I'd be very grateful for any advice you can give me on this. A family member has asked me to try and sell this (something I wouldn't normally do, but in this case I must), and I'm trying to give them as much information as I can. These are the photos they've given me. I understand the vase is about 12 inches tall. Anyone know about it at all? I've sold porcelain before but it's usually porcelain statues of ballerinas, etc. Thank you so very much!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.59.31.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.01.41.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.01.20.pngcrack.png

Collectibles & Art discussion

No marks on these beauties!  The bowls are etched or cut, (fingernail test.) I can see two mold marks on the base. The stem and base and underplate are pinkish-peach. They stand 5" tall. Are they elegant glass? Any suggestions, help will be appreciated!  Thanks





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Does it look to you that this piece might have been part of a larger piece?  The flat edge on one side is what is making me think so. 


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

OMG is eBay insane??


I just logged into my Buy Account and there's a huge blue button next to every purchase that says Return this Item. Instead of the usual feedback button and drop-down menu underneath.


This is what it used to look like (and still does on my seller account):





This is what it looks like now (on my buy account):





I mean it's BIG and it's BLUE and it's one of those things that says, "Click Me" as though you'll win a prize or something if you click it.



What is this company THINKING???? Do they not realize this is a selling site?


This is HORRIBLE marketing psychology, telling buyers to return when they didn't explicitly ask for return information. If eBay had anything between their ears, they would leave it alone or put a button that says this:





Selling discussion

Can anyone help with this ceramic tile?  I know they are Kokeshi dolls, but have no idea what is written on the side.


I checked the Gotheborg site and could not find these marks, similar, but nothing the same.  The tile measures 6" square not counting

the curved wooden frame.


Thank you!DSC00625.JPGDSC00627.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This is my first time using this forum, after over 15 years buying and selling on eBay. I'm very upset because I politely raised some questions about why a member was selling a relatively common item, a series 1929 National Bank Note worth perhaps $200, for $100,000. He threatened to "arrest" me and to "bust" me. Of course he has no grounds to have me arrested, as I never said anything threatening or even defamatory. But I'm very concerned about this individual's reaction, and about the effect sellers like this may have on the eBay community. There doesn't seem to be a way to report this to eBay, and it's not clear it's even a violation of eBay's terms. Any suggestions about what I should do?

Selling discussion

I sold a video game with the title "Killer Instinct Gold (Nintendo 64, 1996) DOES NOT WORK!! AS IS!!" In the seller notes I wrote, "cartridge is in great condition, but when tested the game DID NOT WORK. Selling AS IS! In the description field, I wrote, "Cartridge in fantastic condition-no visible scuffs, scratches, or other flaws; label is intact and unfaded. However, when tested on my own Nintendo 64, the game did not work." My return policy listed was "no returns"

Only minutes before the auction ended, the high bidder and I exchanged messages:

What I understood from this message is the bidder did not want the item because it was broken. This bidder was outbid, so I assumed the issue was resolved. However, they proceeded to place another bid only seconds before the auction ended. Thankfully someone else won the item, but I feel that this user was definitely in the wrong. For starters, without understanding the listing, they placed bids and later asked me to go back on my return policy, which I am firm on. They then proceeded to place another bid even after this, which contradicts the message sent in the first place. Had they won the item I would have had to return it, breaking my policy, or I would have faced a negative rating on my first sale ever.

Does this violate any of eBay's policies? I feel that at least the return policy should be an issue. Should I report them?

Bidding & Buying discussion

We got one threatened to be arrested from a seller.

The guy with 2 crutches falls passed out waiting for paypal on the phone.

Another 16 year seller threatening to commit suicide.

The guy who is mad about the NAZI moderator thing.

The seller worried about the medical equipment, 10 pound shipping box affraid of a bomb being sent back.


Thread after thread of mad sellers.


Man just start listing at other places, you will find rlelief, the sales are low here, it's not worth it anymore.

Just leave like ebay wants us to, it's much more fun at other places.


heck who knows anymore, between google adwords, higher shipping cost, and this place, aaaaaaaaaaaargh


Selling discussion

I am an experienced comic book collector and I know grading very well - and can easily distinguish a comic book in poor condition from a comic book in VF to Near Mint condition. However, it irritates me when I see dishonest comic book sellers jacking up prices of comic books that do not line up with the price of the comic book or books far above the actual value listed in the comic book price guide.

( apart from CGC graded comic books).

For example: here and on Amazon I was looking for a copy of Avengers #57 ( 1st App. of Vision) whose condition is around 6.0 to 8.0 (Non-CGC).

Now the Current Comic Book Price Guide (CBPG) indicates that this particular issue is priced between $68 and $245. The seller revealed that the Non-CGC copy was established at 7.0 and I would expect to pay a reasonable price between $100 and $235.

(I comprehend that such a seller needs to make a bottom line so I  assume that the seller tacks-on additional charges to the price of about $20 or $25 dollars - at most 30. - Plus shipping and state taxes etc.)

But the post also indicated FREE Shipping (included in the price. The price was $650.00! And I can, perhaps gain some leeway to sentimental value as well - but this was just rediculous! The seller was attempting to take advantage of uninitiated buyers and acquire $415 dollars more that the actual value of the book itself.


Fact of the matter is - is when I am hunting for various issues that I might want to buy or am considering purchasing -  I encounter dishonest sellers like this plastered almost everywhere and I am damned fed-up with these MoFos -- seriously!


The pricing should be gleened with respect to the current CBPG (comic book price guide) prices. (But for BUY-IT- NOW ITEMS ONLY - NOT AUCTIONS).


I want to Blow the Whistle on these creeps because they ARE Taking advantage of ignorant buyers and I am just sickened by it - and it makes me mad!


I would like to know if there is some tyoe of reporting system here on eBay or way to PUT an END or STOP to these dishonest sellers who overprice comic books and magazines against CBPC prices. In addition to this there is no real reason why CGC prices also do not correspond to CBPG prices since there is no mention of them ANYWHERE in current CBPG price listings. I can understand that the comics graded by CGC are fairly expensive to get GCG`ed and they do a fair job as well as with resored comics, etc. However Non-CGC comic books and magazines can be fairly garded simply by examining them closely (minus actually takeing images of each inner page) - that it`s details should be accurate according to the seller and should NOT be taked out of the bagged and boarded comic book copy and phtographed as this irritaes collectors who do not want the prospective issue to be handled before reception as it could add devalument, spine damage or further damage inadvertently. 


The main question then becomes how to Report / Stop or Ban dishonest Comic Book/magazine sellers who overprice such books and magazines above the actual CBPG prices - not only on eBay but also on Amazon and other selling arenas.


PLEASE DO NOT INFORM me I am wrong on this issue - or that it is OK somehow because a "New Movie" is coming out which may feature the vision as Tales to Astonish is overpriced because of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie features "Groot"  which is in TTA #13 and expalin it away with Supply and - Demand stories because I just know better.


Ty for your attention:


= Mark =


Comics discussion

Well, actually I need to end two auctions both of which contain the same small error.  Trouble is, both are less than 12 hours from closing and have bids.  I don't want to let them end and then get dinged for defects.   Anything I can do?  Thanks!

Selling discussion

I have an item that's a custom request from a certain buyer.

Is there any way I can list it so that only he can make the purchase? I thought I saw "private listing" on an ad somewhere before... How do I do that? 



Selling discussion

So basically I put an item for sell and some "idiot" offered 10k$ which of course he didn't paid and I reported it couple of times and sent him messages to cancel it requests and everything and I still got 250$ invoice for nothing. Which I surely can't pay. HELPP!!

Payments question

I haven't sold anything in a long time and wanted to calculate shipping costs for various zip codes before deciding to use flat or regular or regional priority mail or just use UPS ground, which is almost always cheaper for packages over 12", since most of the Priority Mail flat and/or calculated rate boxes I have are pretty useless for what I want to sell, size-wise.


The Priority Mail Tyvek envelope is around the right size for my needs, but I can't calculate any shipping costs for it, as the USPS Postage Price Calculator page shows no options at all for the cost of shipping a tyvek envelope  - what do I do??


Shipping & Returns discussion

Can anyone tell me what this is? I found this at a yard sale It's not airtight so I don't think it is a pump. Any ideas??

Selling discussion

have been on the phone most of the day -- an hour and a half two of those times and then multiple calls all day 30 min.or longer being put on HOLD to speak to somebody in APPEALS.  Nobody answers.  It's now 8 pm and still no answer.


Ebay sided with a seller who wouldn't respond to any of my emails after sending me inadequately packaged items that arrived broken -- I even sent a photo to prove that it was broken on arrival.  Seller wouldn't even respond to any communication UNTIL I opened a case.  Then he writes saying his computer was broken but he said it was the fault of the shipping people and refused to take the return..   Two days after I open the case ebay sides with the SELLER??? WTH????  What happened to buyer protection.?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I can't complete a required action in the resolution center.  I keep getting this.....


 The information you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Is the site the same and are you still selling and getting bids?


I am starting to realize the value of bidding.  A buy it now can run forever with no one noticing but an ending date spurs buyers to bid.   I'm debating on listing a couple items here and want to know (10% aside) has it changed much?

2014 Fall Seller Update discussion

I'm trying to schedule auctions and something happened with the drop down box.  It's only going up to 12 and I need it to go to 15.  Is there a way to fix this or is anyone else having the same trouble?

Technical Issues discussion

Hi, got a small black coach(?) need help with TIA Measures 9x5.5x2

Fashion discussion

I've got two identical items for sale seperately. I've got my site preferences set to show exact quantities but when I edit or try to revise my listing it's not giving me the option box of showing 2 available. I'm asking fixed shipping for one item and it's messing me up if one bidder wants both of the items because the shipping is going to be more. What's going on?

Selling discussion

I am not sure what bidders see when they see my listing for free shipping and they are in another country?  Do I just pay for the domestic rate to the international shipping center or do I also have to pay the international shipping fee??

Shipping & Returns question

Hope someone can help me with this.

My eBay and PayPal account are linked.  I pay for my purchases in this manner, so it gets done quick and easy. 

My question then, is this:


If funds are low in my account that PayPal links to, how can I make my payment using my debit card or a credit card instead? (Maybe I just need another cup of coffee:smileyfrustrated:...)



Payments question

I ordered and received a cell phone cover from cellular faceplate wholesale.  It was damaged, would not snap shut.  An ebay rep told me how to email them to get the correct return address.  They responded to my email with the message below (copied from email directly).  There are warnings on the email not to respond through anyone but ebay.  What do I do next? 


We are very sorry to listen this from you Please do not worry we will resolve this issue right now. Please confirm your phone model number once again. Please do not worry about returning the case. We apologize for any inconvenience. Looking forward to listen from you.

Thank you.

Cellularfaceplatewholesale ~ Best selling online store ! ! !

- cellularfaceplatewholesale

Shipping & Returns discussion

How di I end an auction (with no bids) early?

Selling question

I am very new at selling and I just discovered that e-Bay charges the 10% fee also on the shipping charge.

That is crazy! Why do we have to pay a fee on money that was sent straight to USPS or FedEx?? 


I sold a big item for $10 & shipping was $35. So, I get $10 from the buyer from which e-Bay takes $3.5. I'm stunned. Why does e-Bay charges us a fee for money they know we will never see??


With this policy, e-bay is closing the door to the market of inexpensive items that are fairly heavy. The only way around it will be to offer a higher price & give best offer only to buyers that live close by...Or offer flat/free shipping but that means a sub-optimal pricing strategy! It should cost less to buy from someone that is close-by. Moving stuff is not free.


What is the logic behind that policy?? Other than "they can get away with it"....

Shipping & Returns question

I bought an item, but my shipping address doesn't have the Apt number.. So I fixed it after, and when I cheked the order it seems to have the old wrong address.  I already emailed the seller.  What could I do in this case to fix it or change it in order to receive my package?

Shipping & Returns question

 How do I change shipping label payments from one paypal account to a different paypal account?

Shipping & Returns question

I can't seem to go through the report item not received process. It just keeps taking me through an endless loop. Here is what I do exactly:


Exact procedure taken below


1. On item selected "More Actions / Resolve a problem"


2. --Next page--

Click on "I didn't receive my item"


3. --Next page--

Clicked on "report that you did not receive an item"


4. --Next page--

Page says contact seller through Resolution Center, click on "Resolution Center" link.


5. --Next page--

Under Resolve a problem, select "I haven't received it yet" and click Continue


6. --Next Page--

Says "Select the item you need help with" I clicked on the item I have not received.

This takes me right back to step 4 listed above and will endlessly loop from step 4 to step 6


Bidding & Buying question

A buyer bid, won 10 hours later, paid for item, then emailed & said she made a mistake, didnt mean to buy the item. She wants a refund anfor me not to send. I dont fell that is a great  excuse..how do you (sellers) usually handle?

Bidding & Buying question

I am new seller and did not fill out the shipping portion properly on my listing. It is about to expire and I now have a pretty good offer....from Italy.  I don't know how to calculate the shipping cost as I do not have the box yet.  I plan on going to the post office to do this.  Is shipping to Europe difficult?  Do I send the buyer an invoice after I calculate the cost?  Is there anything more I need to know?  Also, I have sent two messages to the buyer asking for more info.  The address that shows on my listing says "Italy" but the profile shows "Thailand."  I have not heard back and my listing expires in two hours.

Buying & Selling Basics question

When listing one of my items I accidently offered international shipping. I already had bids when I realized my mistake and could not revise the listing. I added a note to the listing stating that it was an error & I would not ship internationally. Surprise, surprise, my winning bidder is in Australia! I tried to cancel the transaction & she denied it. She is insisting that I ship the cheapest way. I don't know what to do. I could ship to her but don't know the first thing about shipping internationally which is why I don't offer to do so. 


Many thanks in advance for any tips for dealing with this situation...


Shipping & Returns question

I dont think its particulary valueable but at this point I have exhausted all attempts to identify it and it is driving me bat turd crazy time I look at it. Also If anybody could enlighten me on the style of painting I would greatly appreciate it!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Payments question


A buyer bid and won one of my items seconds before the listing ended Friday night, {9/19/14}. They paid immediately for the item including shipping from New Hampshire to the listed address in New York. Within a minute or two I received a message from them worded; "I forgot, ship the item to the following address in Dallas, Texas". And it would be addressed to a different name.  I immediately responded that they paid for shipping to N.Y. and shipping to TX would cost more, and I would create an invoice for the additional   $16.52  through Paypal. I received no response. I created a request for the $ through Paypal and it was sent to the buyers e-mail address. I then messaged them again letting them know what I did. Again, I received no response as of today {Sunday 9/21/14.


I have provided excellent service to my customers and in several instances have gone above and beyond to service their needs. But with this case I feel i'm being ignored, and the customer is just trying to get something for nothing.  Its the principal of the situation that bothers me. I know I have no real responsibility to ship to any other address than the one provided by e-Bay. My dilemma is that I have to ship it tomorrow and upload the tracking to conform to my one business day shipping category. If not e-bay will use it to lower my percentage needed to maintain my Top Seller status.  Should I call these people? Try one last message? Ship to the New York address and message them explaining the result was their lack of response? Or should I "bite the bullet" adsorb the $16.52 and ship to Texas.? Another concern is that if I ship to N.Y. I will, in all likelihood receive negative feedback that would destroy my 100% positive. Maybe someone out there has experienced a similar situation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Shipping & Returns discussion

If I set up a buy it now listing where I am selling 10 of the same item will I be charged the $0.30 for every item I am selling within that listing, or is the $0.30 fee just per new listing? I also do not have any ebay stores

Selling discussion

What's wrong? Does this mean that my item won't arrive to my house? I have contacted one of the seller requesting to send me the address she wrote on the package. I'd be lucky if she wrote the correct one. What if she doesn't? :smileysad:

Shipping & Returns question

Ebay has linked my PayPal button to a non-existent account, and I can't figure out how to finish any transactions with buyers of my merchandise. They're frustrated, I'm frustrated...and this is my first time selling on eBay. They've tried cancelling their PayPal payment, I've tried cancelling their PayPal payment...and I can't seem to resend an invoice because there is no option to do so on eBay.


I was able to get through to a customer rep the other day (within a week ago) through a chat function, but of course now that I have something more important to deal with I can't get through to anyone. And I can't afford to sit on hold on the telephone for 45 minutes.


Any ideas on how to solve my problem? Thanks!

Payments question

This month, on September 20th I got top rated seller status. My projected seller status for next month (October 20th) is above average.


For the current current status, they considered this time period: 3 months: Jun 01, 2014 - Aug 31, 2014


Apparently they increased the date range for next evaluation period to: 12 months: Oct 01, 2013 - Sep 30, 2014


Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Have your numbers increased/decreased as well from this?


It seems like they've changed their algorithm?





Selling question



We are a business here on Ebay and we are wondering why we can't access funds before 21 days because of Paypal holding it. There is no tracking number for this and we don't know how to get funds faster.


Please let us know how we do that.



Selling question

It says I must have the item number to ask the seller about the product.  I do not see an item number anywhere on the screen.  Where do I find it?

Buying & Selling Basics question

how do i send the package?? im going to use fedex ground but do i go to the fedex offices and hand them over the package??? do i have to wrap it myself and then take it to the offices?? how do i do it???

Shipping & Returns question

I have an account with Authorize.net and want to accept payment exclusively with them when I sell on ebay. But when I started to make a listing to sell an item on ebay, at the bottom of the page under "Review your preferences," it has a field called "PayPal email address" and it is a REQUIRED field, I cannot leave it blank.


I was under the impression that ebay does not require sellers to accept PayPal payments. Am I wrong? How do you sellers avoid accepting paypal? I simply won't deal with PayPal ever again.



Payments question

Either eBay needs to bring back negative feedback for buyers too or take away the power to leave it for sellers.  I have had maybe 5 bad sellers in my 10 years on eBay.  A very small precentage.  As far as buyers go, it must be pushing 30% at least.  That may not seem like a lot.  But it really takes away your desire to bother selling on here. 


Besides, we should be able to tell if a buyer is worth selling to in the first place.  Negative feedback (on buyers) protects the good buyers and weeds out the bad.


I know that's a pipe dream.  eBay will never change it.  But it's honestly too bad they don't....

Shipping & Returns question

Hi again troops


I just sold my second item, and this time I used calculated shipping. When notification came that the auction had ended it showed only the final bid price, no shipping costs. Will my buyer be notified of the calculated shipping charges or do I need to invoice him? TIA :smileyhappy:

Selling question

I hope someone can give me some insight on this. I have just read that Ebay/Paypal reports your earnings to the IRS if you do more than 200 transactions. Well by the end of the year I may do over 200 transactions. But I'm just a small guy on the ladder selling mostly things around my home I don't need anymore. I'm hoping someone can clarify. thanks

Selling question

I'm trying to ship a bumper cover off a car and the shipping prices are 5 times what was paid it. Whan I click on print shipping label now it takes me to paypal and only gives me USPS and UPS to choose from. I need help to ship cheaper.


Shipping & Returns question

Where is the item number.

Buying & Selling Basics question


Getting Started question

Payments question



a week ago, I won an auction and “buy” a item. Later I contact the seller, about shipping. There told me, that they shipping only in US. They don't want to send the item to me, in another country in Slovenia. So, we agree that we can cancel the purchase. Because we don't know what can we do, I decided that I contact you… If I want to pay and cancel the purchase, i must have to change the adress, but i can't.. so, could you help me, because I don't know what can I do. and todazy is the last day for payment.
Thank you

Payments question

This Gucci jacket has a label size of 52. Im thinking if this were a mens jacket the size would be much larger. This jacket measures 20" across the waist and 22" across the chest laid flat. The collar seam to hem measured 23.5" with shoulder seam to cuff 26.5". I am not sure if this is a mans or women's jacket? Any thoughts?

Fashion discussion

hi, buyer wants to return an item for a refund. just wondering if i can get my final value fees from ebay and paypal back ? also how would i do this ? thanks.

Shipping & Returns question

i ordered laptop power supply from seller  cctv-mall and now they're removed from eBay.

I tried to file complaint from the resolution center, but i can't because seller and item doesn't exist anymore. That also prevents me contacting seller.

So this situation is pretty f***ed up, i can't contact ebay because they've removed that user and i can't contact seller, because that user doens't exist.

Is my money gone or is there some other way to contact ebay?



Genuine AC Adapter Power Supply Charger For SAMSUNG CPA09-002A AD4019P Series
Item no: 171125644249
Sale date:08/31/14 11:20
Quantity: 1
View order details

Bidding & Buying discussion

I received my first defect for a low DSR given by buyer.  I know which buyer whose FB states "skirt looked longer in picture".  The actual length of the skirt in inches is listed on the description.  So buyer did not read the description... 

How ridiculous can eBay get with this new defect system?  The DSR's are so subjective,  how will sellers ever survive this?  eBay has gone too far with it's defect system.  My selling days are coming to an end. 


I know, only one defect.  But, I am sure no matter what a seller does to prevent a defect, they will receive them due to a one sided biased subjective FB system.






posting id

Selling question

So business is picking up and I would like to streamline a little.  Currently I print a shipping label / postage receipt on my  ink jet printer, then insert a 1/2 page label and copy the shipping label (only) from the scanner to the label.  I now would like to get a thermal printer and print out strings of labels.  For those of you who do this I have 2 questions; 1) How do you then print out postage receipts for tax records?  2)  Is there a way to print out a string of packing slips (without going to the "shipping labels" tab, then selecting each packing slip one at a time to print?

Shipping & Returns question

How do you add a watermark to your pix so they can't be copied? TIA

Tools & Apps discussion

Is there a way to tell buyers that I wont be able to ship for a couple of days due to holiday/vacation? Can I avoid being penalized by ebay for not uploading tracking information in a timely fashion?

Shipping & Returns question

A seller is asking me for my home address , he said that he has  a problem with his computer and he can't print the shipping lable, is that ok??

Shipping & Returns question

So i "sold" a laptop for $600. The invoice was around $51. I opened a case saying the buyer didnt pay. The invoice was payed automat via paypal. 8 days later, the buyer did not respond to case so i ended the case. I havent recieved a refund for my invoice. What do i do? 

Selling question

the seller charged me more than we agreed ( free shipping )


and i do have all the e-mails


the problem is am from kuwait

so if i called the e-bay call center it will cheaper to pay the seller ??


so i tried to chat with ebay chat center , he told me that he can not help me ???


what to do ??


and the seller doesn\t replay me e-mails



Shipping & Returns question

I recently requested a refund of my seller account balance and I was wondering if it could be sent to my debit card instead of my PayPal???

My Account question

I need to ship an item to israel. The buyer says the price through the Global Shipping Program is too high. They have purchased before(not from me) and said it was around $30. Does that sound right? Can I ship it on my own or should I double check the GSP pricing? The dimensions of the box are 20 x 15 x 15 and the weight is around 9 lbs.. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Shipping & Returns question

How can I find expired listings?

Selling question

Hello, everyone. I set my ebay account up a very long time ago and did not ever set a profile picture to my account. I use ebay so much I decided to do so, but I can not seem to figure out how. At my photo area it has an edit button but no button to upload a photo from my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you and have a wonderful day/night. Roselyn

Getting Started discussion

When and how often are insertion fees applied to Fixed Price items & Best offer  and with quantity greater than 1.

I was thinking it was for the inital listing BUT think it is NOW for the insert and any sale made under that listing.


I need to look harder but I think adding the listing = fee AND  any sales also = fee being charged ???

So 1st sale is double charged? 



Selling question


I buy a lot of items in bulk (quanities of 50+) and was wondering if I put them up for sale on eBay, am I allowed to contact other sellers that sell that item individually and let them know I have that item listed for sale in a large quantity?  I know it's against the rules to contact them and exchange contact information but I just wanted to clarify, thanks.

Selling question

I checked the automatic relist on several of my items when I first started listing. Some have been relisted three times but some have not reach the 3rd time. I want to cancel this option and just relist myself. I didn't think about the fact I  could run out of my 50 free listings a month and I guess I have because I am being charged an insertaion fee. Sorry I know this probably sounds dumb on my part but I am just starting to list multiple items where I have always just listed my pageant outfits in the same catagory.TIA

Selling question

I tried to ship an item, and I cannot purchase postage as it tells me invalid address, cannot exceed 40 characters, I contacted the buyer and said she never had problem before. What could be wrong?

Shipping & Returns question

Hi, I'm new to ebay, and I'm currently selling an item set at a fixed price of $265. I was sent an email from a buyer in Malaysia (hopefully he's not reading this, that would be awkward) who just joined ebay on Sep 3 2014 with 0 transactions. He wants me to ship via usps express mail, and he said he'll give me $400 via paypal to cover shipping costs. He also asked me to send my paypal mail or payment request/ contact him if I have any more items that I'm selling. He also asked me to text him for a quicker response.


I want to avoid scams, and this sounds a bit too good to be true. This would be my first time shipping international. I originally wanted to ship to the international shipping center in the US which handles the international shipping for me. 


Is this is scam? 


Thanks for your time!

Selling question

how can i buy if the saler unspecified the costs for shipment 

Payments question

so someone changed the shipping after i bid already is that allowed? 

Shipping & Returns question




A seller un checked imediate payment, but when i click buy it now button, it still directs me straight to check out ?

The seller uses global shipping program though.

Selling question

Please read everything I typed before replying as it's all relevant.


Asked a seller with over 13,000 sales and 98.5% positive feedback for a smartphone and they could list it.

They responded:

"Sorry ,but we can't list the phone on ebay store
You can buy it from us directly through paypal ,is it OK for you pls?

Sorry ,we don't have the X or X colors.
We can offer you the phone with a configuration of 32GB: $XXX including shipping if you pay us directly through paypal
If you agree,Pls kindly send money to our paypal account this way:
1.log in your paypal account.
2.find"send money"option
3. input our paypal account :
X@gmail.com and the amount .
4.Choose" services"to complete the process.
And pls make sure to state your ebay ID,item model name and our ebay ID: X clearly in the payment.
We await for your news.


I read somewhere that "goods" would be needed to specified instead of "services" so  I asked around eBay and I've been told not to do it. So I didn't.

Although I replied the seller with the answer "why "services" and not "goods"?"

They replied: "you can label as 'goods' too."


So, I don't know, is this fishy? Do I have protection?

I just wanna purchase a phone without the possibility of being scammed.

Also it's important to note I've bought off of their eBay store once and everything went smoothly.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I'm trying to sell an item on eBay but I don't understand how I can get the money and by the way Im trying not to use pay pal.

Buying & Selling Basics question

I'd like to solicit experience & advice on delinquent buyers.  I've been waiting for payment for about 12 days; after one week, I sent another invoice.  Still no word.  Thoughts?

Selling question

Sorry - I asked this somewhere and am so frazzled, I can't find the post. Didn't ebay recently increase to 100 free listings per month (clothing, auction style). I swear I had a messag that said such (can't find now). I have surpassed 50 listings this month and am being charged 30¢. YIKES! Debating opening a store vs waiting for promotion, but I've gotta get this stuff movin' out of here!



Buying & Selling Basics question

Hello everyone. I've got a question. How do I order the total payment with that odd new cart system? Every time I'd like to combine the items I'm buying from the same seller, the checkout is adding the shipping price for several times. Sadly, I've got absolutely no clue what to do anymore, please help out. ^^ Thank you in advance.

Payments question

How long does it take for Ebay to close this out,buyer has 2 Feedbacks one of which obviously is marked as positive but seller was also not paid,and indicated such in comment section

Selling question

Doesn't the size of the package matter? Haven't done it yet so unclear on how this works....thanks in advance for your advice! Meesh.

Shipping & Returns question

I only ship to the lower 48 states. A buyer from Alaska wants to bid on a item and have me ship it to his brother that lives in the lower 48 states.Should I allow him to bid? Looking for answers because I am kinda new at this and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Shipping & Returns question

I dd not recieve my item. I opened a case. Ebay are emailing me, telling me to escalte it. When I go into the Resolutiion Centre, I have no open case and no items purchased in last 45 days. If they have the case # and the item # in the email, how come I can't proceed. I just want to talk/email to someone at ebay, but can't get passed the fact that it can't find any items???

Buying & Selling Basics question

A buyer wanted an item for her son's birthday in Austrailia fast.  My default shipping option is USPS first class mail.  She wanted to pay extra for Priority Mail.  I always wanted to know if fiirst class and Priority Mail is handled difference outside the USA.  Shipping first class would have been $16.74 exactly on endicia vs $41.04 for Priority.  Of course the buyer complained it was taking too long so I had to contact Aussie Post.  Right after I wrote to them it was delivered the next day.  It took 22 days to deliver via PM.  I asked Aussie post if 22 days is typical and got this snide response.


"Thank you for your response. Yes definitely, the average timeframe for this service can be up to 15 business days.

Please know, USPS likes to call their most basic services fancy names like 'Priority First Class Mail' although in Australia we like to call our services more realistic names, for example the name service inside of Australia is called Ordinary Air Mail.

I hope you have a great day,

Nathan L"

Selling question

I purchased 2 items ( 2 Tops) from ebay via credit card, but not received mail confirming the payment. although my crdit card balance reduced by some amount(2$) which was mismatch the prices of the items and the reduced amount.

Payments question

Is there a problem with logging in? I am logged into ebay, and I'm trying to make a vero About me page,  it asks me to log in, it says my user name or password is incorect, how can that be if I'm already logged in? How do I fix that?

Getting Started question

I sold an item that was broken durring shipping. I filed with the post office and recieved a full refund but I am unsure how to cancel the transaction with eBay. I have already issued a full refund to the buyer. Would it be buyer return for refund (I didn't actually ask them to ship back the broken glass) or just list it under other.

Shipping & Returns question

I'm new at EBay and have run into some problems.I bought 2 reels from two different sellers and they took my money but after approx. 20 days they decided to give me a refund.I spent a lot of time researching these reels and sense I had a confirmed "buy" I bypassed a lot of other good deals.I bought both these reels at a good price and I feel it was wrong for them to use my money 20 days them decide not to ship.I don't see why EBay would wont sellers like this.It seems they were just seeing what reels were worth and using my money.I wrote both of them during this time and never rec any answers.I had to use ebays resolution center also.What do you think about this? Thanks Robert

Buying & Selling Basics question

My bidder wants to cancel their bid. Auction is still open, but not for long, and no one else has bid. She has a legitimate reason, ordered a dress for family wedding, when it arrived it didn't fit. So she returned dress, and went to store, bought another dress but different color so the jewelry now does not match. What should I do, any suggestions? I didn't see anywhere to cancel or retract bid? But she said she would pay if I didn't want to cancel, and I really don't, but is that fair?

Shipping & Returns discussion

My auctions are almost over and with the month coming to an end, I'm wondering if the 3 Free Relistings is INCLUDED in next month's Free 50 or is it IN ADDITION to? I hope that makes sense.


I'm planning on adding more auctions and I might hit my 50 limit by the end of the month. I'm trying to plan for next month. Don't want to go over the 50 limit as my ticket items are low and at this point it's not worth paying an insertion fee.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!  :smileyhappy:





Selling question

buyer said he bid on wrong item after i accepted offer from him, now he wishes it to be cancelled and hes sent no money but ive looked and looked and i cannot find ohow to cancel it, please guide me, im new to ebay


Buying & Selling Basics question

I swear I read an email that eBay had increased auction style listings to 100 free per month (not store) in clothing category. I'm trying to find this information and I can't. I do see some other posts in the community that make be believe 100 free listings per month in clothing is the new policy but I've now listed more than 50 items this month and am being charged 30¢ per item, which makes me believe it's at 50 free listings per month. What in the world?!?!  HELP! I've got a room full of stuff and am debating opening a store at this point 'cause 30¢ per item is gonna kill me and my kids are gonna kill me if I don't clear out their rooms!



Selling question

Selling question

I charge actual shipping cost to my customers, weight, plus dimensions. Yesterday when I went to print the shipping label, i was actually charged more for my shipping (even after ebay's discount for postage online) than what the customer paid. What am i doing wrong? It has been a few years since I sold things, and I  may have missed out on the proper up to date why to ship..Please help.

Shipping & Returns question

My Account question

A competitor has sent me an email asking why she is blocked and can't bid on an item I have for sale. Why would she want to? She can and does have the equipment to make the item herself for pennies. I don't and must use an outside printer for my needs. I have her blocked because a relative with the same maiden name which I've also blocked bought one of my items and left a negative rating when I first started my business.. Still trying to work that one off. Competitor also bought an item and left no feedback.  Of course Ebay would not remove it because I didn't have enough evidence to 'prove' it was the intent of the competitor. But in my mind same maiden name/State/City.. Kinda obviouse. Anyway, how do I respond to her or should I just ignore? Thanks for any advise. 

Selling question

So If I understand this - not saying I do yet though -- 


I refuse to do the Holiday returns due to the paperwork nightmare of settling my books in January for Sales made in November and December  - for returns once my china is used for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner then washed and reboxed with the added knife marks.


Now,  I lose my top rated status in Nov. & Dec.     I have to wait after Jan. to get it back 3 months are now gone with my highest months sales.  - but then it is Feb. & Mar before I get all my benefits of top rated seller like commercial priciing?   I was reading the policy benefits and I thought it said you don't get commercial pricing on postage for 3 months?   So not only do I lose 20% discount - in my case about $300-400 but I also lose all the savings on shipping - $1500 a month x 30% = $450 a month.   or $700-$900 a month loss at my best time of year.


Given that Nov., Dec & Jan are my best months to sell china - eBay is holding me over the barrel forcing me to drink from the trough.  The only stores I know that can handle this kind of returns are conglomerates like Target, Penneys and Macy's who are slowly closing their doors.   I thought eBay was Free Market - not forced Marketeering!


Hopefully, I am not understanding the benefits right.  Help Please!

2014 Spring Seller Update discussion

Hello all.  I make and sell an electronics speciality product for cars.  A competitor also makes a similar product.  In his written text he pretty much says mine is a piece of **bleep**.


Can I embed a video showing the differences between them?  Mine vs Competitors.  An honest reveiw of both products.



Selling discussion

I have bought over 100 items. But just 39 items showing up in the not received resolution centre list. What about the other items? How can I open case over them as they are not on the list? Please help!

My Account question

Im fairly new to ebay, not a big seller. I had two lots up for sale. One was packaged in a large NON flat rate priority box, the other was packaged in a large flat rate box. The stated shipping for the flate rate box was $20 and the other box was calculated at 18 lbs priority mail. This person is from Nevada and I am in NJ, it calculated the larger box at $54 and change. the buyer never emailed me prior to obligating to purchase. After they used the buy it now on both I received an email stating that they would pay $54 for both boxes to be shipped. I told them both boxes were already packaged and ready to go and combined shipping wasnt an option. They furthered bullied me telling ME how much it would cost, requesting I use different carriers, etc... although I was charged a final value fee for shipping the flat rate box they obligated to purchase, I gave him free shipping on the one and took $54 for both packages weighing together, almost 30 lbs. I didnt receive a thank you. I emailed them this morning to let them know I shipped both packages together via priority mail so they could get it faster, even though it cost me $65 to ship, $11 more than they paid me. I received a curt email back saying, "you shouldve shipped it fedex but since its my money you dont care"  I received further bullying and when I attemptedto contact the buyer via phone, I was hung up on... Real winner here.

Isnt this a violation of ebays policies? The guy scooped up the lots because they were priced very low and instead of ASKING ME BEFORE using buy it now he chose to bully me after the fact. Now i just feel that no matter what I do he will leave a negative for both. Its so unfair that this is able to go on on here.

Selling question

Hi, so I sold an item today and it was a large amount, so as eBay suggested, I paid extra for signature confirmation. I did that and also decided to go with ShipCover insurance to cover myself. After printing out the shipping label, I see nothing else. Am I supposed to go somewhere to get a signature confirmation slip and label for insurance or is USPS supposed to know about those after scanning the shipping label? Thanks

Buying & Selling Basics question

Someone in the Russian Federation just bought a ~$200 smart watch I was selling. I was thinking of using USPS Priority mail express international to ship the package there with tracking, but then I read about all the horror stories of shipping to the Russian Federation and their customs.


I'm now trying to decide if I should proceed with the transaction or cancel it and refund the buyer to avoid the risk.


I was wondering about other's experiences with the Russian Federation postal system, especially with more recent transactions.

If I do ship the watch, do you have any tips on filling out the customs form to help make sure it gets to the buyer?

Shipping & Returns question

I was bidding on a MK PURSE. Then I accidentally "HIT THE WRONG KEYS!"
I didn't notice my error until after I hit bid!!
Can you PLEASE HELP FIX THIS ERROR!! :smileysad:

Bidding & Buying question

How do you turn off email notifications of forum posts.
Yeah, i probably turned it on. but i don't remember how.
I'm sorry i did, now.
I have looked in my settings in ebay proper. But couldn't find anything about forum settings.

And i can't find ANY settings here.

I am drowning in worthless email.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hi, another little teeny coach bag. 9.5x5.5x1.5

Fashion discussion

I changed shipping address and on checkout page I get message that item can't be purchased because the seller has not specified postage costs to the location selected.

I contacted to seller and he told me I should request new invoce over ebay.

When I request total I get "The seller does not offer combined postage discounts" (error code 80016). What is this? I bought only one item. What I should do?


Bidding & Buying question

I have an ebay email from a seller saying they would send me a return label for all the problems i have With an item that was suppose to be new and in working condition when it wasn't. Ive NEVER had to go through this before So I'm at a loss. I had the claim won on paypal but paypal said i had to pay shipping back to the seller, which is upsetting on top of not receiving a working item. The seller eBay messaged me saying they wwould provide shipping label. I agreed but haven't heard from them since.... its only been 24 hrs but I'm getting worried that now they are ignoring me and i have to have It sent back for the refund to go through in a timely manner. If the claim is already won in my favor and PayPal doesn't care what the seller said about giving me a label can ebay do anything if i never hear back? Tia

Shipping & Returns discussion

I recently sold a pair of shoes and the buyer had not paid after 2+ days. Because of this I opened up an unpaid item case for the transaction. In the time frame of the case. I recieved an offer for the item in my area and decided to sell it locally because the buyer had not paid. I check on ebay the next day and see that the buyer did pay on the last day of the unpaid item case. I told the buyer what had happened and he was understanding and I was able to refund his money completely. The thing is, now I am not seeing an option to cancel the transaction on eBay! If I can't cancel the transaction i'm going to be charged a final value fee that is way too high for me not selling anything. Please help me figure out how to avoid this fee!


Thank you!

Selling question

Estate Sale Purchase/Divine Golden Yellow Color. What is this pattern / age / actual use? 7.5" x 11." Thanks in advance for any and all information concerning my NORITAKE.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My buyer is stating that I didn't send the correct item. I let them know I would be happy to refund their money once they return the item. This made the buyer mad and they began attacking me telling me that I'm what is wrong with ebay's sellers, I'm a bad seller and my item is ugly.b I understand the item looks differently in the picture than in person. I have received message after message threatening to take this to ebay and again, attacking me. Does this seem like a scam? What do I do? I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this buyer, it has been an upsetting experience,

Selling question