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The eBay Community

Anybody know what type of Appraisal/Appraiser I should look for in the Denver area so i could get an honest appraisal of this Picasso? Apparently it's a numbered signed lithograph and countersigned in crayon by Picasso. There is a Certificate of Authenticity from the auction house it was purchased from decades ago.

Thank you


Selling discussion

May 1, 2015 9:41:58 AM PT

Help with Picasso?

1) This Strong Date



2) This Corroded Damaged Denver Filler



or 3) This Key Date of Series Lower Mintage


Coins & Paper Money discussion

May 3, 2015 4:02:50 AM PT

Which coin should I buy?




And now spring is in full bloom, the world reawakens, and hey, buyers realize Dang! they need new clothes, shoes, and accessories for summer!  We're an excellent source for good ideas on best eBay tactics and are glad to help.  We're also happy to meet new people---both eBay newbies and oldies, so join in the conversation if you'd like.



We have lucky listing dust:




A green goddess:




And George, our mascot:





Finally, here are some suggestions to keep the money flowing.  We've culled these from years of experience and hope you'll be helped by them!



 1. LIST AT LEAST ONE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!  If you are like some of us here, and have another job, write things up and schedule them to launch on a daily basis.



 2. LIST IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS - Try some regular auctions, auctions with Buy it Now, Fixed Price, and Fixed Price with Best Offer. Not only will you get a better idea what works for YOU, but you'll offer buyers a variety of buying options.



 3. OPTIMIZE YOUR LISTINGS – By using the free Terapeak Keyword app (find it in the Applications tab), learning how to take better photos (there are free courses online), changing the keywords on your store pages regularly, changing the opening blurb in your store header regularly (web spyders love new content) and experimenting with price changes UP as well as DOWN!



 4. DON'T LET YOUR UNSOLD LISTINGS LAY AROUND - Check your My eBay page and click on Unsold...get those relisted ASAP! You've already done all the work, so be sure they're viewable by buyers!



 5. OPEN A STORE - If you are wondering whether you are better off with a BASIC store or a PREMIUM store, figure that if you have over 250 store items, Premium is a better buy....under 250, Basic is....this is at least a rule of thumb to get you started.   Stores used to be great places to put items and keep them available year round, but with the fee changes, maybe not so much.



 However, there are at least three really good reasons to have a store....listing fees are less if you have a store, your items can be separated into categories (much easier for buyers to shop), and you can run Markdown Manager sales.



 6. DEAL WITH BIDDERS, BUYERS, AND ANNOYING INQUISITIVE POTENTIAL BIDDERS IN A PATIENT AND FRIENDLY WAY - Remember that it's worth money in your pocket and life is too short to have your tail in a knot.  Write up that snarky reply, get a laugh at it, then hit delete.  Kill 'em with kindness :-)



 7. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This thread is all about MAKING MONEY, that's for sure, but we feel that being supportive of our Lister Sisters and Brothers helps ALL of us. Drop in and hang out! Venting is allowed, but take it easy on the drama, negative vibes and controversial off-topic issues such as politics and religion.




Fashion discussion

May 1, 2015 3:50:20 AM PT

MAY 2015 Gotta Make Money Support Group


What's up with this guy, with his unbuttoned vest and tie that looks untied?  Why would he be dressed like this for a photograph?  It's a tintype, most certainly American, no information on origin/photographer.... Thanks for looking!  

Antiques discussion

Hi,   I am trying to ID this item (is it an urn/bowl/or something else?) which is appx 10" high, 20" around the widest center part and the top opening is  about 7". I believe it is hand painted  and is outlined with gold beaded details around the center photo which is the same on the front and back.  The sides are dark blue with an all over pattern with the same gold embellishment.  The mark reads Made in China and has Chinese symbols.  Any help or comments are appreciated.  The photos are not the best but if needed I can take more.  Thanks Joci



china bowl 3.jpg


china bowl 2.jpg



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I found this old Coro brooch which has something odd on the back.  It looks like something you would put a scent in but there is no way to open it.  There are two metal "fold overs" on the top and bottom and the center has what looks like cotton in it.  Has anyone run across something like this before?  Any ideas on how to you would put the scent in it?  Maybe drip it onto the exposed cotton?  Does anyone have a link to the Coro patents--it does say pat pend. And does it look like something should have been attached to the middle of the front.



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 2, 2015 8:49:24 AM PT

Odd thing on back of brooch

I got these hanging mannies yesterday afternoon  - 3 children, 4 plus size female, 4 regular size female top half, 1 regular size waist to thigh, and 6 regular size females but kind of busty.  Total of 18.


Paid $20


They were pretty dirty, so just took advantage of the sunny day to soap them up and powerwash them.


I have no need for that many - which fact my husband pointed out, but since he's the one who generously powerwashed them for me - I didn't get too defensive about it.


Once I decide what I really can use, I will offer the remaining ones up to anybody interested for free - just pay the postage.


Fashion discussion

May 2, 2015 10:05:14 AM PT

Woohoo. Hanging mannie windfall

Sometimes you would like to wear a single strand endless  necklace doubled but it isn't quite long enough to go over your head.  I used to have such a clasp but it's been gone a long time, just an inexpensive gold tone metal (or maybe even plastic) to connect ends like this:



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I found this at a local thrift store yesterday. I wasn't sure what is was until I saw a Victrola RCA Victor SHF-8 label under it. 

Is that what this is/was? Because someone would have had to remove the lid and add glass, remove the front speaker and add 2 doors, and in 1 photo of a rca victor ahf-7 I saw a wood chevron on it's lower front that is now on the back of the top of the piece I have.


They even made the door handles from the record player's volume & treble/bass knobs! -But what are the dancing/drunk couple who look like they are from Holland?


It has a Victrola RCA Victor SHF-8 label underneath that has been painted/stained, but as I said above - the chevron on the back of the glass window on top is something I saw in an ad for a RCA Victor SHF-7. 


Is the glass top to see the drinks in a bar? Any other ideas?


Can I descibe this as a 1950's Victrola RCA Victor that has been converted into a cool mid century mini bar? If it isn't a bar, what is it suppose to be? Whatever it is, I love the look!
















Collectibles & Art discussion


16 inches tall with the holder. Glass is 10 inches tall & 2 inch diameter at the top. Thanks for any info.




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 30, 2015 5:05:12 PM PT

ID Art Glass Vase in a Brass Holder

Hey guys, let me start off by saying - I keep my computer very secure. I never download things, go on dirty sites, or even browse sites that Im not completely familiar with. Yesterday whlist browsing Ebay, I got an odd popup. Not necessarily a popup, but it redirected the whole ebay page to a random "A Message from Out Sponsors" ad, it was incredibly weird. Ive ran scans with Norton 360 (I know people hate it) and Malwarebytes, and both have come up clean. But, being the paranoid person that I am, I decided to do a little more digging.

Here is some more info on people who have the same issue using ebay.


All of us keep our computers clean, (well, that's what the others say).

Some say its malware(which I personally don't believe) and some also say its a security hole in eBay's system. Someone found the scripts files that  indicated the link from the url sponsor.adverstitial.com (then some random directing letters)

Screenshot Link:


Domains called:

I never clicked on anything on the page and I automaticly exited my browser.

Others are getting this even on fresh installs on Windows XP and 7, and even on various computers.

Here was my exact link:



What do you guys think I should do? I really don't want to re-install Win8 and all my games, being that just GTA:V itself is 65 goshdarn GB.


I get so paranoid with this stuff, that I almost am about to go buy a new 840 EVO and WD Black :(

Getting Started question

Apr 30, 2015 6:21:20 PM PT

Ebay Pop-up Problems

Hey guys need some help, I picked up a Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' Strikes album that may be worth $200+, I just noticed it is a MONARCH PRESSING PLANT, LOS ANGELES pressing and I have an example on ebay that sold for nearly $400!!



My dead stamp is this,  "△ 4549"
On this site they say this is a monarch pressing,http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/monarch-delta-numbers-for-lps.298484/page-2


My copy has the mis matched back cover, I hope this is worth as much as somebody paid on ebay!










Collectibles & Art discussion

Though most of us will not be burning a Wicker Man tonight, I wanted to wish everyone a Festive Beltane, or a Happy May Day or a Sweet May Basket Day :smileywink:


In other words, Happy May 1st :smileywink:













eBay Cafe discussion

Apr 30, 2015 5:51:51 PM PT

Festive May Day (Beltane/Basket Day)

What is this and is it worth anything? It has a emblem on the back from NIPPON. To me it looks like a butter dish but Ive never seen one like this.


Home & Garden discussion

Apr 30, 2015 8:55:04 PM PT

NIPPON butter dish?.



Good morning everyone. 



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

What style would these be? I haven't had anything before with these small clip backs like this either. Other than turquoise colored art glass and dangle, I can't think of any keywords. 

Could I get some help on these please? They are actually very pretty. They are 2 inches long from top of clip to bottom. Also, is this something you clean or leave to show age?

Thanks, Alex

2015-04-30 027.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 30, 2015 8:23:13 PM PT

I'm going to ask on the earrings seperately

I have this beautiful denim dress and in the back is this spot:  How can I fix that?  It is right on the bum.

Thank you.



IMG_4995 (2).JPGIMG_4991.JPG

Fashion discussion

May 1, 2015 12:14:36 PM PT

Removing this stain







Hi there, I have this pottery item that's in need of an ID. Pretty sure it's Native American but that's about it. Rather small in size measuring approx. 2.5" tall  and 3 3/4" w ,  I don't think it's a cup so I have no idea of it's function.


Any additional information on what group it's from and possible age would be greatly appreicated.


Thanks as Always...............

Antiques discussion


eBay Cafe discussion

May 1, 2015 4:20:47 PM PT

June 15, 2015.




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

IMG_0322.JPGIMG_0324.JPGI have a friend that has a couple of her parents things that she is asking me to sell.  She herself is a senior and both parents passed years ago.  Finally ready to let go of some things.  This set was her mother's and her mother was not into real gold or silver.  The box is marked Coro and the set seems to fit inthe box  but the set is not marked Coro.  Deep inside the necklace it  says 22ptINC (I think)  the earrings sayKREG and a couple more letters.  Guess my question is did Coro make jewelry unmarked years ago.  I'll post some pictures but i am really sorry that I couldn't focus my camera very good.  Let me know if you can help.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Can someone please identify the maker of these goblets? The stems only have the yellow/gold cast. Thank you so much! Why can't I get to the pottery glass board? My choices are few and end with "Categories: Other Categories." I only have about seven categories to post in.


Product Discussions discussion




..............................................        Yard Fard's 10th Anniversary Listing Contest


Ten years ago an eBay seller, liloleseller, posted a question on the old Auction Listing Board (I'm sure some of you remember the old boards!) about an old hard hat she found at a yard sale.  In that post she made a typo saying 'yard fard' instead of 'yard sale'.   Amidst all the replies to the question was a lot of teasing and snickering about the typo.   After the auction for the hard hat ended, liloleseller, who many of us called Glory, started having a monthly listing contest to encourage sellers to list and Yard Fard became an ebay recognized sellers group.  Glory passed away about 6 months after starting this sellers group.  We often refer to those in our group as 'Fardies' and the group as 'Fardville'.  Many of those who were Fardies in the beginning have moved on but a few of us fardies are still here still having monthly listing contests.  Despite all the changes that eBay and the discussion boards have seen, many of us have become good friends and continue to keep in touch, thanks to that other social network site.   


So we would like to encourage you to joing the listing contest.  Normally, the winner would get just bragging rights. But check back before the end of the contest.  I'm scrounging up a prize for the winner for this Anniversary Contest.



We have a few rules.  Here they are:


1. 'YFD' (Yard Fard Days) must be in the title for search purposes and record keeping.

2. The 7 Day Auction Format must be used.  You may add BIN.

3. All auctions start @ $8.88.  BIN's must be a fardie number. Ex: $12.12, $18.18, $33.33, etc.

4. Use an official Contest Logo in the description.  Logo at end of this post. Check out the cool hard hat!

5. Auctions must be started on May 1st or 2nd, eBay time (PDT).

6. Please add the following disclaimer to your listing:   This auction is part of Yard Fard's Monthly Contest.  YFD is an eBay recognized group of sellers that promote community values. 


Here are the logos, one of which must be placed in the description of every contest listing:


Hardhat 10th Anni Logo.jpg  YardFard Non Aging.jpg

Selling discussion

So here's my problem, from the back side of this pin I'd say old judging by the trombone clasp.

Then when I turn it over it looks newer (to me at least) and it has a clear acrylic? coating.

So what you all think?? newer trying to look old or just palin old "old"??







Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 1, 2015 1:55:50 PM PT

I'm confused (Again!)

Can't for the life of me remember what this type of glass is called--intaglio? bubble glass? goofus?  HELP





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 1, 2015 9:49:40 PM PT

raised half sphere glass over picture

Ended up with 2 truck loads of items from a flea market seller who was retiring so no information on provenance.

Going through a box this morning I spotted one of these at the bottom and first thought was butter press but not so sure after some search on ebay and around the web.

I now think they are handmade cookie presses and would like to see what others thought


Ended up being 4 total

They are between 1" to 1 1/2" across and 1" to 1 1/4" tall

same color and texture of the unglazed areas of a crock


Was also wonder about an age or if these could be called "primitive" or Folk Art?


Sorry fast pics for posting



cookie press 001.JPG


cookie press 003.JPG


cookie press 007.JPG


cookie press 004.JPG


cookie press 006.JPG

Antiques and Research

Ok, So I was selling an item and the buyer paid for the item with an E-Check.

I looked at my paypal, and it told me "Do not ship untill it clears", which I followed.

I'm looking at my Paypal right now and it says "Payment Recieved - Canceled" And there is a black line going through the ammount.

The buyer contacted me on EBAY today asking when I was going to ship because He has the reciept. 

No funds have been credited to my account. But paypal says "Ok to ship to "Buyer's address"


Do I ship or No?


Payments discussion

May 1, 2015 7:43:03 PM PT

Buyer paid with Echeck, Asking questions.

Hi, Can anyone tell me if this is Waterford? It's small, measuring approx. 8 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" squared. Thank you!w1.jpgw2.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 2, 2015 8:37:13 AM PT

Is this a Waterford decanter?

Don't know what happened in my first post. The vase and the planters didn't show up. Just the mark for the Vase appeared. Will try again.

IMG_7802.JPGIMG_7772.JPGThe vase goes with the V & B mark. Don't know why these photos' didn't show up on the first post.  IMG_7799.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi All- I just bought a Mother'sDay May Angel at an estate sales.  It appears to be exactly like many listed on ebay that are Leftons...but this one has a sticker that says "Enterprise Exclusive" and made in Japan.  Did Leftons make  figures under another name?  Just want to make sure that I do not misrepresent anything when I list it. Thanks so much!2015-05-01 16.15.11.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

May 1, 2015 1:21:29 PM PT

enterprise exclusives

I know these two ducks are not Swarovski but was hoping to find out their maker. They both have an etched flying bird mark on bottom of their feet.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can someone please confirm what I suspect already, that this is a cheap fake, so I can destroy it. Thank you! IMG_5102.JPGIMG_5103.JPGIMG_5104.JPGIMG_5105.JPGIMG_5106.JPG

Watches, Clocks and Timepieces discussion

May 1, 2015 6:20:50 PM PT

Rolex, Real Deal or FAKE?



Good morning. A reflective gif for Fire.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

May 3, 2015 6:45:07 AM PT

Welcome to NTE Daily Chat for Sunday May 3

Wondering if someone could date this  Villeroy & Boch vase by the marks on the bottom. And also any help with these cute, what I think are pottery planters. There are no marks on the planters. Thanks for looking.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

VINTAGE DOLLS.jpegnd out about these doll head type masks

Collectibles & Art discussion

May 2, 2015 5:15:53 PM PT


Hi Gang ! I know we've discussed similar things that we see or think may go on behind the scenes at our thrift stores but I wanted to tell you about this experience I had yesterday.
Went into what used to be a regular haunt (lately pickings have been slim, now I think I know why) to check out the jewelry and the usual jewelry clerk wasn't there. I casually asked where she was to make small talk and she told me the regular person had called in because her mom was ill.
Chit chatted a bit while looking at the jools, nothing really catching my eye.
There was a large jar filled with the usual bits and pieces, cheap beads, etc.
I like to look them over because sometimes you just never know. I asked to see the jar and the clerk told me she "just put that out" because the regular lady had left it in the back all priced and covered. I looked it over (can't open them, store policy) and I thought I spotted a part of a stretch band used in WW2 sweetheart bracelets.
It was inside a baggie inside the jar with all the other cheap stuff packed tightly around it so you couldn't see the whole thing, just a segment sticking out a bit.
Priced at $7.99 so I took a chance and bought the jar.
Opening it last night I found this:
Sure enough, a 1942 Speidel Phoenix sweetheart bracelet (with sweet pictures of a woman and her sailor sweetheart) and also all of this.This was all put together in a large taped over baggie and then the junk was covering it on all sides, top and bottom.
We have a Richelieu multistrand necklace, KJL strawberry ring, vintage Carl Art etched sterling bangle, unmarked sterling bracelet, freshwater pearls with multicolor rhondelle spacers with a sterling clasp and other stuff, obviously not junk.
The triangle stone CZ necklace is sterling and very heavy, really gorgeous.
So, what are your thoughts on this ?
I'm thinking she has been saving all the good stuff and selling it to someone she knows at a prearranged time, maybe splitting the profits from selling later, etc.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

So, I was looking around at Dior scarf because of the other thread and found this wild thing I wouldn't mind getting. Can you check the authencity for me ? Would Miss Dior really have pictures with other brand names ? Thank you.

miss dior.jpg

miss dior 2.jpg

miss dior 3.jpg

miss dior 4.jpg

miss dior 5.jpg


Fashion discussion

May 2, 2015 8:42:30 AM PT

Miss Dior Scarf






Hi there, I have these antique hatpins that i'm trying to ID the stones. I know all the other names (ect. rhinestone,sterling) only the white glass and amber colored one that i'm having a problem identifying their proper name.  Also do they come from the same era or from different time periods?


Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks as Always.....

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

I would Kindly ask if some one can tell me what is wrtien around the door of the Brass makeup mirror.

There are basically 4 iscriptions - above ,bellow and on both sides of the little doors.

Attached is an image :

Thnak you


2015-01-18 10.18.21.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Fashion discussion

I've never ever needed and used them! Why cannot I disable them on the UI?


Thou thanks to the AdBlocking extensions/add-ons!



My Account question

I am not sure if this jointed goose figure is older "folk art" or something newer done by a crafter from a mold kit.  I can't find anything else like it and the use of the leather to join the pieces leads me to believe it is an older piece that has been rigged back together.  There are no marks of any kind unless something has been painted over.  It is about 6.25"  Thanks in advance for any help.






Collectibles & Art discussion

I would like to know what is writen around the "doors" of the Islamic makeup mirror attacthed.

it has inscriptions above below and both sides of the door area .

2015-01-18 10.18.21.jpg

Tools & Apps question

I haven't bought anything but I got three notifications in quick sucsession about purchases I did not make. I went into my settingas and the postage adress was changed to some place in the phillipines. 

Before I go any further, I must clarify that I've only purchased one thing on this account, and there were no issues. The seller and I did not speak, and I have done absoultely nothing that would have allowed anyone to gain access to my account. 

I changed my password immediately, and the purchases have stopped, but this is a problem.

I have screenshots here.

The only thing I have bought is the Lapis Lazuli. 
I am a female from Australia, and I have no need for men's clothes.

The postage address was changed

And here is them contacting a seller for this iPhone (Which I do not need, I have a Galaxy) in what I assume is Fillopino.

I've already sent messages to the sellers of those items, but what should I do about this situation?

A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

May 3, 2015 4:51:15 AM PT

I think my account has been hacked?


Purchased at an estate sale. I was told it is an Apai pot, but can't  find muchDSC02002.JPG about the Apai tribe. It measures about 5 inches tall. Appears very old, but not decorated.DSC02001.JPG

Antiques discussion

When I want to see an item this pops up it is nothing but a ''NUISANCE'' how do I remove it? It started happening today. The annoyance

Product Discussions discussion

May 3, 2015 4:02:19 PM PT

This is really annoying


Trying to id this mini pottery elephant coin bank. 2"H x 3"L, no marks.

Any ideas or information appreciated.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 2, 2015 10:20:27 AM PT

Pottery Mini Elephant Coin Bank



I'm trying to get some info on the two basket pictured below. When I got them there was a note that said: 1920's indian basket.

I'm assuming it was referring to the basket with the orange band, but really have no idea. The larger one measures about 7" across the top by 4.5" high.

The smaller one, with the orange band, is about 3.5" across the top by 5" high.

Any info you can give me on both would be great.

1. How old are they

2.What type of workmanship is it

3. What style would they be considered

4. Any idea who might have made them

5.How would you descirbe them in a listing

6. What catergory would you list them under

Thanks for the help













Vintage discussion



could anyone translate the printed Asian characteres on this black & white postcard.

i think it might help to determine the country/scene depicted...

thanks for any info...


Collectibles & Art discussion

I just dug this creamer and sugar bowl out of my stored inventory and was wondering if anyone out there knows who made it.  I thought maybe Fostoria.  It has a pretty deep etching, and the glass clarity is excellent (minus the dust).  Any help would be appreciated.002.JPG001.JPG003.JPG004.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Historical Memorabilia discussion

I see almost identical toggle bracelets marked Monet listed on ebay but mine is not signed.  It does however have a little M charm.  I have a different signed Monet bracelet with an M charm -, solid, not open like this one, and it is the same squared looking M. 


So my question is, does Monet sometimes use the M charm as its signature? Although I don't know why they wouldn't sign the bracelet on the round part.







Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 3, 2015 9:59:26 AM PT

Question re Monet bracelet

I found in researching my brooch, one that sold and was advertised as Juliana - do you concur? She posted no evidence to support her statement. Can I list truly as Juliana? Looked at all of the reference sites that you the board recommends, and found none like mine.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group








I'm trying to find out which California pottery company made each of these. Are they Bauer, how old would they be and what are they called? They're about 8.5"-9.5" tall.

Thanks for help









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have a green glass perfume bottle and matching powder pot and the closest I can find in my research is 30s art deco and possibly from Czechoslavakia. I think I am close on the art deco, but most but not all of these sort of things purported to be from Czechoslovakia seem to have some decoration on them.  I think they are molded glass and the glass is fairly thick and heavy.  The bottom rim and inside rim of the jar are unpolished but the bottom rim the bottle is smooth and polished if that means anything.  I don't have access to a black light now to check for uranium glass, but that may be a possibility.  Thanks in advance for any help.







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Does anyone recognize (or have a suggestion on) these candlesticks? They have a twisted shape, and are molded in 4 parts. The base has a depression. The glass is clear. The green is applied or fired-on, and is pretty durable, as these have been scrubbed and the green stays intact. 

They stand approximately 9 7/8" tall. The base measures 4 1/2" across.

Thank you!




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

hello i am clueless as to the maker on this pottery vase , it seems hand thrown - my only guess was bybee , not like anything i've seen , it's 11 1/2 " high 7 " diameter 7 3/4 " handle to handle . has the number 135 , the actual numbers are odd looking . any thoughts


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



I am looking for help please with some Greek letters on a Pin.  I know the first is Mu and the last is Kappa, but I have no idea what that second letter that looks like a "C" is and I have not had any luck with searching so far.


I would appreciate any help or guesses.


Thank you in advance!!


Julie2015-05-03 019.JPG2015-05-03 018.JPG

Antiques and Research

May 3, 2015 5:36:30 PM PT

Help Please with Greek Letters On Pin

Is there any way of dating this green glass cameo pendant? Definately can not by the chain necklace that came with it.


Appreciate all the input!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

May 3, 2015 12:47:08 PM PT

Help date green glass cameo

Hi everyone, anyone know pattern and maker of this footed opalescent bowl??  It is 2 1/2" tall and 8 3/8" in diameter.

Any help is always appreciated.





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

May 3, 2015 5:56:44 PM PT

ID help with opalescent bowl.

So its much easier now to make the 20 down to 0 free listings I guess.   I really have to laugh at some of the attacks people have had to endure for posting on this topic.  The logic in "its better for eBay then it's better for us"  is pretty hard to follow, and stating if its not worth 30 cents to list then it has no business being listed is also pretty lame.


Actually I will continue to do the same thing I've always done.  I tend to list my "hard to sell" items with the free listings.  Why?  Simple, because they often require several listings to find a buyer.  Eventually they all sell, but the free listings let me try to sell items, often of considerable value, to a very limited audience.  As good as the eBay market is, at any given time you will find it hard to sell specific items simply becauase of a lack of buyers for that item.  Across the board I am lucky to sell between 8 and 12 per cents of the items I list, so the .30 listing fee IS a BIG concern for me.  


Someone is now going to school me that I shouldn't even be on eBay if I'm only selling 8 to 12 % of my items, and maybe that is so, but when I go look at the listings of items that did sell to the listings of items that didn't sell, I tend to think I'm not doing to badly in the antique category.  Maybe I shouldn't sell on eBay.  I'm sure a lot of people would urge me to quit just because they can. 


I found the 50 free item listings helped me find a lot of buyers I would have missed otherwise because I simply cannot list an item 10 or 12 times to find a buyer.  So now we're down to 20 and then it will be 0 in a month or two.  I sell antiques and I'm not interested in selling anything else.  I enjoyed the 50 free items because I found a home for many many items.  I'll use the 20 to continue to try to find homes for hard to sell items.  When its down to 0 free items I'll send those valuable to the local auction house and be done with it.  It's not like eBay didn't profit from my sales is it?  It cost them very little to help me sell my items plus they got 10 % of the shipping costs.  I'm sad to see it go.

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May 1, 2015 6:45:04 AM PT

50 down to 20 listings is in effect

So folks, check this out.  Just minutes ago, I completed a listing using the advanced listing tool.  A four dollar starting price item, for auction.  When I got done with the desciption and the shipping, I went to hit "continue" and noticed the fee for the listing was $1.30.


I deal in smalls, so when I noticed that my two category listing was not the typical $0.30 like the others I had just finished minutes before using this same tool, I went back over this listing from top to bottom.  And then I caught my mistake:  I entered my *in quotes* defects in the $0.50 "subtitle" box, rather than in the larger box directly below, where asked to "highlight" any defects in the item you are selling.


So I said to myself, 'no problem, I'll just delete the statement from the subtitle box and transfer it to the correct (and free) box.  Problem solved, right?  Well, not really.


You see, my fees went back down from $1.30 to just thrity cents.  But the subtitle box is only a fifty cent add-on charge, as stated in the listing page.  So, where in the world did the other fifty cents come from, to make the full dollar reduction?


I have no idea from where- THAT'S WHERE!!!!


Ebay's latest theft tactic.  Nothing else was added, subtracted, or in anyway modifed for the original total to have been a $1.30  in the fist place!  It's just a scam, telling sellers the fee for the subtitle box is fifty cents when in realitty, as soon as you click "continue"after filling in that box, you're setting yourself up for a $1.00 add-on fee!


Has this ever happened to you?  Is there a word or character limit on that fifty cent subtitel box?  If so, ebay sure doesn't tell you.

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2015 Spring Seller Update discussion

I think all these limits make eBay not attractive at all.
I believe eBay should take a step ahead to the future and change it.

All these new limits make ebay a worst place to sell.
New sellers can only lisit 20 items and more 20 items in collectible categories.
From 50-50 to 20-20, that sucks!

And why should I wait and wait and wait and call to ebay each month just to increase my limits so I will be able to sell much expensive stuff. I know ebay want to protect their buyers but its worst for us the sellers.
Making all these limits is making this place unattractive.

Please allow us to seller everything and I agree for minimum limits of 100 item for free to relist not 20!!
Stores will have more benefits then the others.

eBay you should know an important thing I as seller always will keep in mind. I won't relist an item if I had to pay 0.3$!!!

Selling discussion

May 1, 2015 2:03:00 PM PT

Limits on eBay make it worst!

In the last 2 days had 10 low ball buyers, offering $10-$20 for items ranging $150 and more. When i decline and changed to setting not accept certain low prices, one person sent me a crazy email yelling at me thst I should be happy to get $20 for a $250 item.

Selling discussion

May 2, 2015 7:56:47 AM PT

Ugh! Tired of low ball offers

will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices.


I tested my store and it say it's not mobile freindly. Conten is wider then screen

2015 Spring Seller Update discussion

Wow.  I usually do not see any insertion fees until I list 100 items.  This is wrong!  Any help on this?

Selling question

I will just have far less items for sale each month.

Sad really, as I HAD plan's to expand greatly.

My items are for Vintage Motorcycles, and are hard to find and high priced. Sometime it takes a year or two to find the right buyer.

Sadly when I no longer able to list these item, ( after being deleted from ebay archives) These people will not be able to find these hard to find Parts.

$1 per listing when listed as a one or three day auction... WHAT A JOKE.

If I where a stock holder I would bale in about 6 weeks when People finally figure out they no longer have auction type listings included with their Stores.

FEE-bay is dyslexic.

Hey Fee bay sometime hind sight is 20/20 ... So go back to the way it was 10 years ago so WE ALL can make some money....

My Account discussion

I have a potential buyer that wants to buy my item. Right now I have the item listed as an auction. I agreed to sell to this buyer at a lower price but in order to do so I need to end the listing to change it to a buy it now. Will I have any defects or ebay fees or anything negative against my account for ending an auction with no bids?

Selling discussion

May 2, 2015 7:34:53 AM PT

ending a listing with no bids

This seller does not have feedback score, why? Are big companies exempt? Here's listing I'm referring to: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Scrublade-Wiper-Blade-4-Runner-Ram-50-Pickup-Chevy-Olds-Framed-17-SB1700-/131440713807?hash=item1e9a7a204f&vxp=mtr

Bidding & Buying discussion

It looks like Fed Ex Smart Post won't insure for over $1000 and I'm not able to get a Fed Ex Ground quote for some reason.

Is USPS Ground my best option?

Selling discussion

Ok so tracking says my package is in San Francisco....hasn't moved yet...(2 days now) normally when packages get to California it's here like the next day...it's not due yet...so I'm not too worried about it just wondering btw it's shipping to Hilo Hawaii

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 30, 2015 6:21:57 PM PT

My package hasn't moved yet

My Pictures are great in my store for the items. I use these to make my banner. The jpg looks great until I download for my banner only. Any clue how to fix? Thanks. http://stores.ebay.com/texyslilpetitetoplus

Selling discussion

Apr 30, 2015 7:23:14 PM PT

Why does my banner look grainy in my store

ive recently noticed at least 3-5 differnt ebay sellers from china are selling the same item. i asked one about it, they responded 'some sellers will steal their photos and list it for sale'  3 of these sellers all have the same photos with each others name on it.  shouldnt this be a violation?   example:  item # 

171770215085 the photo has a different sellers name on it.   (all the prices from each seller are different) 


Selling discussion

For some reason I thought we were going to be allocated 20 free listings per month. On my seller dashboard, it says, you have x number listed, you can list x more this month (until I reach 20). So why didn't I get 20 additional free listing opportunities on May 1? Is this part of what changed?


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I sold a clothing garment, and it's being returned as "not as described". She said the material is not the same as items of the same description she has purchased in the past, and she can't wear the the fabric the item is made of. I listed the fabric content as "product identifier", and in the item description(2 places). Just because it's not the same material as items she's purchased in the past, doesn't mean I didn't describe it accurately. Can I dispute the return? I don't mind returning for a refund, but I have to pay return shipping and that goes against my defect rate. Will eBay correct this if I call them? I think she wanted to return it and didn't want to pay return shipping. She also won't return my email.

Thank you!         

Shipping & Returns question

May 2, 2015 8:02:46 AM PT

Returned item as "not as described"

I bought an item and the seller sent something similar but not the item pictured in the auction.  I contacted the seller and nothing.  So I filed an "item not as described" case with Ebay.  After 4 days, the seller didn't respond to the case so I elevated it to Ebay.  Ebay then ruled in my favor and refunded the money I paid for the item.  That was 2 days ago and here's what I see...  (1) Still no response from the seller.  (2) The item now shows up on my Purchase list as an unpaid item.  (3) No link or instructions for returning the item to the seller.


When I filed the "item not as descrbed" case, what I expected when Ebay ruled in my favor was that Ebay would require return shipping at the seller's cost and I'd then be refunded when the tracking shows the return arrived at the seller.  But this isn't the process that happened, so I'm confused.


I believe with "item not as described" cases the seller is required to pay return shipping.  But the seller seems completely non-communicative to either me or Ebay.  Eventually the seller will figure out the refund was issued and makd some sort of response.  I could send it back at my cost, but I think I'll just get screwed in the end if I send it back outside of Ebay's system.  Just trying to figure out the system here.


What happens next?  Thanks.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hello all. After winning an auction item that I described as damaged, the winning bidder emailed me asking if the item was damaged (they have not payed for it yet). Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this situation? I get the feeling that this can only end badly for me if I continue with this transaction, but I don't know if I have any other choice. Thank you!

Selling discussion

   Well it's happened again.. I seem to have bought some burner covers at $21 (this time) through a "Go Between" that will ultimately be placing a Sears order to me.  The sponsors link once I had finished the purchase showed the same items for $13 and free ship.  The item arrival time was to be the 30th and I requested tracking info on the 1st and it's now the 2nd , still ignored... (This same scenario had happened to me before with a toilet seat from K Mart) 

   What I get now is some vague reference to delivery sometime by the 6th.. This was a "time sensitive" gift opportunity.  So again I will ultimately bite the bullet on the extra time and expense... All due to my lack of "Due diligence" in spotting the "Go between's" .. I can't even call them re-sellers as they are just making an order for you...  I can't be the only one this happens to...:smileyfrustrated:

My Account discussion

May 2, 2015 8:11:01 AM PT

Lack of due diligence ?

Hi. Am I, as a seller responsible in any way if a buyer says that they haven't received an item that I sent, but usps tracking says it was delivered?

Selling question

Hi, so I recently bought a video game on ebay for $23.80 with free shipping on the 28th, and I needed the game fast for an upcoming tournament because my disc broke. I saw the seller listed the method as first class mail, so I expected the item to come around now or maybe later. When I checked the tracking number, I saw the shipping method was media mail, which doesn't make sense because this is a video game. Ebay's delivery date is May 6, and usps expected delivery date is May 9. I contacted the seller and he said he didnt have enough money for first class so he did media mail purposely. He offered me a partial refund two days ago but never went through with it and stopped responding to my messages. Is there anything I can do to make him give me a partial / full refund while I keep the item? Or what will ebay do?

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have just recently gone from self-postage and addressing to the online postage purchase/shipping label.

The USPS label with bar code for tracking prints out fine, but it then prints out the INSTRUCTIONS and ONLINE LABEL RECORD

which uses up the bottom label. Is there a way to print JUST the postage/address label. I don't need the instructions, etc. It is using

TWO half-page labels for ONE transaction...and labels ain't cheap. I've looked everywhere for an answer, but know that someone will know on this board. :-D


Thanks for any help.

Shipping & Returns discussion

May 2, 2015 5:58:22 PM PT

USPS label...I only WANT the top half

About 2 months ago a customer contacted me and told me that USPS would not deliver their package because postage was owed. It raised a red flag for me, because the item is very light under 2 oz. and there was 3 oz. of postage on the label. The label was printed in eBay and I used a 9"x 12" poly bag to ship it in. So, I called the post office and spoke to the post master to find out why an additional $4.85 was owed (at that rate I could ship priority with the original charge of $1.93). At first, the post master told me the package was under 1/4" thick, I asked him where I could find the guidelines on what he was referring to, got nothing. Then, he said it was because of the tracking on the ebay printed label, I told him it was included in the price when printed, he aruged with me on that. Anyways, I did not get very far with the postmaster and I called consumer affairs. Consumer affairs listened to the story, but made me feel at fault, I never recieved a direct answer on why there was postage owed on the package. A week later the package had been mysteriously delivered without the extra postage due. Well, it happened to me again today, similar item, same poly bag, same weight and an additional $4.85 owed. Has anyone had this happen to them or does someone know why?

Shipping & Returns question

I recently bought a bag and when it arrived it had stains on both sides and inside. The item was listed as used but there was no mention of stains in the item description. When questioned the seller said that it was clear it was stained in the photo. On a large photo you can see it but on an iPhone you can't - there was no mention in the description - that's my beef. When I contacted the seller they offered to refund but I had to pay my own return costs. The thing is, I don't want to send it back, I like it, I just want a gesture of goodwill like a full or partial refund of the initial postage costs for the inconvenience. Am I being totally unreasonable?

Shipping & Returns question

How many selling acounts can a person have. Say they sell hard to find collectables and vtg. And then decide to sell new items with another set up ? Can they have two accounts under the same user name? How would this work? What are the rules/

My Account question

Hello all ebay users, 


I recently sold a major item for 395 on ebay. The buyer requested an invoice so I sent him one. Then he contacted me asking for my paypal email. I told him no because there are many options to pay from ebay. He then went on to tell me that everytime he went to pay for the item it said error. He says he contacted paypal and they told him to get my paypal email so he can promptly pay me. Sounds like a scam to be because everything im seeing on ebay says its a scam when they ask for my paypal email. Any help would be appreciated. 

Payments question

May 1, 2015 2:05:05 AM PT

Am I being Scammed?

Hi, I need help from our vintage Coach experts to identify the name and style of this green and brown pebbled leather bag.  Thanks in advance for any help!  Measures 11.5x8.5x3

Fashion discussion

May 2, 2015 4:30:33 PM PT

Help with Coach bag identification

To achieve TRS status a person has to have 90% of item's tracking uploaded and scanned by carrier within 1 handling day...OK, but if a buyer pays on Friday, does it have to be uploaded and scanned by post office by Saturday midnight? or is it by Monday midnight? Does Ebay take into consideration Saturday and Sunday? Thanks!

Shipping & Returns discussion

i sold a brand new pair of snow shoes the buyer recieved them now he says the straps were cut. how do i handle this?

Buying & Selling Basics question

I want to buy this http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=371229794886 for my friend. However, I'm wondering which is better?
I heard EMS gets you on the import duty while SAL doesn't. Is this true?
I bought an item a yearish ago from Japan using SAL and it came in fine and no import taxes.
I heard EMS is faster and better and some report no taxes, and others say they do.
Can you guys help me out?
It's for her bday present, and when it gets here is no concern for me, it's how it gets here. I don't want to pay no more than I have to. Especially on a tight budget.

Bidding & Buying discussion

May 1, 2015 4:55:43 AM PT


Hi, if someone here really knows this, I would be very thankful for short explanation.

I opened up a Basic Store 5 days ago.

The next day I sold and item and I was charged 6% for final value fee - which was 10% before. So I was happy to see that lower fees apply to me now when I have a store.

But today I sold another item, and I was charged 10% for final value fee. I should have been charged either 6% or 9%, because the item was a photography related manual.

WHY they charged me 10%? Is it a mistake (system bug) or is it because I listed that item BEFORE I opened a store?

If it's a mistake on eBay part, what can I do? And what is a percentage for vintage photography related manuals - 6% or 9%?


Selling discussion

I bought it today and the more I look at it the weirder it beomes.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My FREE listings were reduced to 20 plus 20 or 40 overall on May 1st.  I only sell 8 items a month, sometimes 5 and have about 125 items for sale, yardsale stuff.  Why would a member like me since 2002 be punished by EBay like this?  Makes me want to drop out altogether.  Not worth it to be singled out.  Am I being singled out even?   Arbo

Selling question

I don't have any info on this compote, suspected Fostoria but have discarded that possibility, have been through Replacements "green compote" search, don't have measurements and am without books.  This is the only picture I have and it won't enlarge.  Thanks for any help.  

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

What is the price for insertion fees now? I'm a non-store subscriber. I get a total of 40 free listings. What do they charge for 7 day auction and 7 day fixed price for a non-store subscriber after free listings? I looked on the site under insertion fees and I couldn't see a number. I saw something about they refund the insertion fee if the item sells. But it would still help to know as I have a good amount of listings that don't sell.

2015 Spring Seller Update discussion

May 3, 2015 7:36:39 AM PT

New Insertion Fees

Up until recently, for me, First Class Mail would arrive at it's destination in 3 - 5 days and I never had a package to be shipped to the Akron Sort Center.    The Akron Sort Center closed around April 18th.  I shipped a package on April 20th from Strongsville.  The package was sent to the Post Office in Cleveland and then to the Akron Sort Center where it sat for 3-days.   It took 8-days to travel from Strongsville to PA. 


After the package arrived on the 27th, I received the following email from the Buyer:


Dear lilbama911,


I don't leave negative feedback unless the seller sends me junk. This is obviously a good vintage belt, with moderate wear considering its age. Shipping was the problem. In case you have not figured out, I will not leave any feedback, which is much better than leaving negative feedback. I hope you understand that the buyer does not want her goods to take a tour at Parcel Select post offices.


My question is twofold:  Is USPS a Parcel Select Post Office?  How can i avoid this on future shipments?  Since the US Postal Service is consolidating sort centers and delivery service is not what it use to be, should Ebay update their estimated delivery times?


I like Happy Endings!



Shipping & Returns discussion

What happened to Ebay credit of $15?



Payments question

It is 8" tall at the spout.  I think that is a chicken (rooster?) on the side.  It looks like it took a lot of work to apply the decoration.  Might be asian?  There are no markings anwhere on the piece.  My wife thinks it might be for serving chocolate.

Selling question

May 1, 2015 4:37:34 PM PT

What is this - junk or treasure?

What if my auction ends and the reserve is not met?


Buying & Selling Basics question

I put the pkg in the mailbox this morning & for some reason, we didn't have mail today.
Can I ship it Monday or should I print a new label?

I trust you all & I can't find the answer anywhere.

I don't even know why a label printed late yesterday would have yesterday's date on it.

Thanks all,

Shipping & Returns question

May 2, 2015 1:14:52 PM PT

I printed a label yesterday,