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The eBay Community

My hubs bought these two glass figures at an estate sale yesterday. They are hollow except from the bodice to the heads. 


Thank you!


glass with r 001.JPG

glass with r 005.JPGglass with r 004.JPG


They have the Mosser look but they are branded with an R in a shield logo.




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 19, 2015 8:14:13 AM PT

Does anyone recognize these two ladies?



What's it for?


I am only awaiting payment for 14.99 for one item.

What is the rest of it for? How do I see what it's for?


Thank you!

Selling question

I need help identifying this sugar & creamer set.  It has shading of forest green at the top, along with shiny gold on the lid of the sugar bowl and also on the sides of both pieces.  There is no marking on the bottom.  The sugar bowl is 3" tall *(without the lid); approx. 3 3/4" tall (with the lid on).  It is 5 7/8" when measured from the end of one handle to the end of the other.  The creamer is 3 1/2" tall (base to top of spout).  

Any help would be highly appreciated,  Thanks so much in advance.


016 (1024x768).jpg

023 (1024x587).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 18, 2015 3:32:30 AM PT

Please help identify sugar & creamer

This apears to by a Bennington piggy bank but I am not that familiar with this maker. Checked items for sale on ebay and saw some similiar. Can anyone assist? Thanks!

Measures approx 6" long x 3" tall - Repair on front leg, looks almost professional





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 19, 2015 8:10:49 PM PT

Pottery - Is this a Bennington Piggy Bank?

DSCF2944 - Copy.JPG

My Account question



Cleaning out my Mom's Estate and this is in sealed frame in box of antiques. Anyone recognize them?






Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 19, 2015 5:05:27 PM PT

Does anybody recognize these men?

Hi. Picked up these 2 nice pieces of Mid Century Glass over the weekend. The pitcher is signed and stands 8" tall. The blue piece is unsigned and stands 6" tall. Can anyone help ID the makers? Thank you!  083.JPG093.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Thought I would do it in all one post and not hog the board!


These bracelets are lightweight and look like brass, but do not smell like brass...ideas? Ans is that simply called art glass on the dice bracelet? Whatever that is, looks to be inside, maybe at the bottom projecting out.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 18, 2015 1:00:12 PM PT

Questions on a couple of pieces...

Nothing very special about this pin, looks to be 1930's/40's made to resemble the glass fruit salad jewelry by Trifari, etc.

The pastel insets are plastic, the enamel is cold painted.

I'm curious about the testure on the back, look to be snowflakes, all in pot metal.

Anybody seen this texture before, maybe a Czech piece ?





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 18, 2015 10:30:37 AM PT



Hey Guys, hope someone can help me out here. I get this message when i tried to list a lens to sell. New seller havent sold anything. 

its impossible to get response from ebay. I am based in asia. Not sure if its anything to do with my location. 

Thanks for the help !


Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.27.25 PM (2).png

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 10:46:03 PM PT

not allowed to list item for sale.

I am hoping someone can give me an idea of what this bottle was used for and a rough estimate of how old it may be.  It stands about 6.5" tall and has no markings at all on it.  It does have what seems to be an irregular looking seam on opposite sides that goes from the top lip and disappears about one inch from the bottom.  Any help or ideas will be very much appreciated.






Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Good morning. In the mood for a butterfly this morning and too lazy to go look for one I haven't used before. LOL

Happy Sunday to all.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

This is 8 3/4 inches tall. It has an applied handle and ice lip. It has a optic pattern. Can anyone help me with age or maker,etc. Thank you very much.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
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Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Collectibles & Art discussion

I have been trying for days to figure out the artist's signature on this 8"x10" oil painting.  I believe the first name is "Irene", but I can't even be certain about that.  Can anyone help distinguish the signature?  Also, is there a title for this picture?  Thanks so much in advance.

001 (1024x768).jpg002 (1024x768).jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Any guesses on the maker of this?  The gold finish is quite worn on the back, but brooch seems very nice from the front. 2 inches long, the long rhinestones have an open setting on the back, some of those rhinestones have foil backing, others are clear.  Didn't know if this pointed to a certain maker.  Thanks for taking a look!






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

These are Sabrina's right? Do these 2 aurora borealis stones in the earrings look off color or off size or something? Something looks off to me but I'm not sure if it's my eyes or if there is even anything wrong. Picked it up at a yard sale, probably paid too much but it was so pretty.

Thanks, Alex


2015-04-18 005.JPG2015-04-18 001.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I was thinking bamboo but maybe not.

And talk about a perfect marriage.(well, almost....the texture on the earrings is a bit deeper)

The brooch is MONET and the earrings are Trifari.


What keywords should I use?





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



But than I recived this as a replay to my question. How can be they that bad?



Payments question

Apr 19, 2015 1:51:59 PM PT


Hi all, I am trying to get a bracelet ready for auction Sunday night but am having a heck of a time with a mark.  Cannot photo the mark, camera isn't good enough and mark is in the cuff and microscopic!  Took me forever with lighting and a 30 xs loupe to get anywhere.


Anyway, the bracelet is marked and tests .925.  Above the .925 in an oval or circle is what looks like an O with a tail and a D or it could be ab, or ob, or qd, qb....


Ring a bell with anyone? 



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 18, 2015 10:12:16 PM PT

Need Help with Amber Sterling Bracelet

I sold a pair of "combat boots" to a customer, the kind that "goths" wear with plenty of warning about looking the pics over carefully before bidding, that these were the boots she would be receiving.I gave a complete and accurate description of the boots and now she tells me that they are damaged and unwearable. They were not that way, as you can see, when I shipped them to her. Here is the warning and admonishment that I put in my product description.


These boots are new and have never been worn. I have the box but it is a little worse for wear. It looks as though the box has been stored in a high humidity situation and lost all of its structural integrity and more or less collapsed but the boots are pristine. The boots are constructed in Vietnam and are supposedly Vegan friendly. I am selling them "as is" with no returns being accepted except at buyer's expense. If a flaw or defect is found that I am unaware of and I accept them back for some reason, return shipping will be buyer's expense and they must be returned in the same condition as in which they were received.
I have placed several pictures here of the boots and, if you buy them, these are the exact boots you will be receiving so look over the pictures, compare my price and my boots to any others that are available and ask me any questions you may have before the end of the sale and I will do my best to get a speedy and correct answer for you. Best of luck to all of you and thanks for looking.


I asked her to send me some pictures (notice I use the plural form of the word pictures) and she sent be back one (count 'em, one) picture, although she did send two copies of the same picture. I haven't approached the ebay resolution people yet but thought I would see if I could get some advice first. _0.JPGThis is the pic she sent me. I don't know how to transfer this image and make it larger. Maybe one of you does and can blow it up and take a look at it. This woman is lying to me and I am afraid that she is extorting me and I would almost rather take a hit on my rating than refund her anything. I hate liars and crooks, no matter how petty.



Shipping & Returns question

Hi everyone! Here are the nominees for our April Theme Week ("Umbrella")... I love how many creative entries we had this month! There were several artists who received more than one nomination, so if you don't see the exact piece that you nominated, or if it is in a different category, that's why, or else the ACEO was not listed on the 1st of the month.


Sorry about being so late this month.

Please vote once in each poll (People's Choice and Most Unique) to select this month's TW winners. Nominees are numbered and shown in the photo album (for a larger image of the ACEO's, please click on the links under each nominated piece).

Polls will close on April 26 at midnight and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

You'll find the poll by following the link at the bottom of this post.

People’s Choice
"Rainy Day Rainbow" by welovegod, # 161659591731

"Conversations in the Rain" by redinkylee, # 151637436772

"Garden of the Cherry Blossoms" by frozenshadows, # 221732198254

"Washed up" by speedyt123, # 261833629677

"Florida Cafe" by goodbooknook, # 161659213784

"A Rainy Day Walk with a Friend" by ursinart, # 171738292207



Most Unique interpretation
"Gold Umbrella" by elainevernon, # 291421971720

"Brain Food or Feeding Depression" by southshoreartist, # 141624139204

"Purple Rain" by chaffyseed, # 201321888110

"Bubbles" by tsalagi-o-siyo, # 111635925457

"The Wind Wants my Umbrella" by artist1919malta-2013, # 331519750703

"His Kid's Umbrella" by frozenshadows, # 221732129167




Link to poll: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WVL9JRR


ACEO ~ Art Cards Editions and Originals

Apr 18, 2015 2:23:31 PM PT

April '15 Theme week NOMINEES

Please ehlp me identify this backstamp... Is it Monmouth?  Thanks!



Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 18, 2015 3:30:16 PM PT

Is this Monmouth backstamp?

Please help me identiy the back stamp on this footed chinese bowl.  Thanks!






Collectibles & Art discussion



I shrunk it a bit. 

(Toy) Boat basin in Central park which should be picking up now in activity. Some pretty impressive boats show up. 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Another pic from Hitachi Seaside Park, though here today it's more like Noah's Ark state park, up early due to storms, plus they moved our CBS news to 6 am so I got to watch news while I watched the creek!


fields of flowers (2).jpg

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I can't find another figurine of any sort with a similar base.  I originally thought it may be a doorstop or even a paperweight.  Now I am thinking maybe it is a part of something else.  I can find no mark other than a #1 stamped on the rear of one side of the base.  It stands about 5.25" tall and the base is about 4.5" long.  It weighs 2#s 5 oz and has a strong magnetic attraction.  It is one solid piece and has a seem along the center.  Hopefully someone can help me out with this.  It will be ver much appreciated.  






Collectibles & Art discussion

Mike Jordan 2.JPGMike Jordan 1.JPG

Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Fan Shop discussion

Hi. Found this at the local thrift shop: A tin glazed and enamel painted earthenware bowl, measuring 9.5", made in Paris and signed. Does anyone recognize the signature or have any other useful information for listing? Thanks for looking!  142.JPG149.JPG140.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

For the last several days, the sort/search function has been missing in my SMP.  Is it just me, or has this ver useful and needed tool been removed? Thanks to all in advance.



Tools & Apps question

Thank you so much in advance for your help in identifing the glass pattern of this toothpick holder.IMG_2643.JPGIMG_2641.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi all,


I have searched the web for this mark on these tea cups. The writing on the cup itself says Venezia pointe di Rialto and on the other cup it says venezia plazzo Ducale. Can you identify the mark it looks like people on a Gondola? Your help is appreciated, thank you, in advance.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



I've been looking through listings all day with no clue! Anybody able to translate? TIA

Selling question

Apr 18, 2015 4:36:23 PM PT

translation help please

I have this Blue Willow platter and it has just a crown stamp on the black, in my research this looks to be Thomas Fell but I am wanting opinions from other as I have not seen any Fell Blue Willow listed on ebay.... Does  it go by another name or is it rare.  The only other make on the back is a blue stamped 6 or 9. Any help is appreciated!!






Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 19, 2015 8:48:57 AM PT

Is this Thomas Fell Blue Willow??

I was hoping someon could help me ID this Colibri lighter. I haven't seen this kind of leather covered lighter with any similar designs on it. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 



Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 20, 2015 2:29:43 PM PT

Help with Colibri Kick Start Lighter

I cant find anything close its one with silk the round portion turns.

its about 18" high 20150420_082352.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 20, 2015 6:27:52 AM PT

help id asian art work

 Just picked this painting up at a local flea market.. I am trying to figure out possible origin. It has no signature that I can see. I looks like hair or wool that the it is painted on. It looked interesting, but I have no idea of the background of this piece. Thank you in advance for any input.


Collectibles & Art discussion


Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

my sales are very low on small items and no traffic count i've starting using pintrest is there any other options to drive people to view your listings?


also i cannot fiquire out this item . if anyone knows what kind if value age ,id let me know  its about  18" high and done with silk


Selling discussion

   I thought I had IDed this vase as Carstens, but clay color is wrong as is mark. I've looked far and wide...any ideas whodunit?



   Thanks for any help.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 19, 2015 10:26:10 AM PT

Pottery Vase Great Glaze Unknown Mark

I cannot identify this piece of artwork nor translate the signature/stamp. Any help in this matter would be greatly appriciated. I should note that, along with this piece, I recieved two different certificates of authentification, however, I cannot find this particular work under either artist's name.  

Thank you in advance.  




Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 19, 2015 2:40:20 PM PT

Help Identifying Antique Japanese Art

I got this big, HEAVY, wood framed mirror that has 2 barred wood doors over it at a local thrift store - for $10! Now I'm trying to figure out what I have. I was pretty sure I'd seen something like this before, but googling 'wood mirror with 2 doors' and variations of that got me nowhere.

Can anyone tell me what I have? Was it from a building facade that someone made into a mirror? I'm sure someone will be laughing reading this, but I thought it looked african / morrocan - and looking at it I thought of a bartender throwing open the doors on it (as a window) and telling Bogart that Sam couldn't play it again because it was morning already & they were closing! 

It's a beautiful piece.

I appreciate any help.









Collectibles & Art discussion

 Hello, I recently picked up this old turqoise glazed pottery vase and I am trying to figure out the makers identification. It is signed on the bottom, but I cannot quite make it out. Does anyone rcioignize the style or the signature?. It is a heavy glazed pot with great color and seems to have some age to it. Thanks in advance. I hope these photos are helpful.




Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 20, 2015 7:30:41 AM PT

Signed Turquoise Glazed Pottery

purchased this at an estate sale.  its 12x12 one sided porcelain.  Good shape. any idea on age? value?

any help would be appreciated


myiphone 5478.jpg

Antiques discussion

Apr 20, 2015 10:53:56 AM PT

shell sign need help


Can anyone help ID this old copper pitcher believed to be from cental america?

It is 15" tall and has a jaquar head accented handle and designs of serpents and an aztec? warrior/man



Antiques discussion



I thought this was a tablecloth remnant until I looked more closely. It is from a dress, it must have been fabulous. I think someone with a little talent could make it fabulous again. Or someone may choose to make a veil out of it. Anyway, I'm not sure what type of lace it is. I've looked through my books, but sometimes a little knowledge makes one even less sure of one's thoughts. Brussels? Thank you!

Needle Arts & Vintage Textiles discussion

Apr 19, 2015 1:55:53 PM PT

Help identify this lace please

So I  believe .. sodalite, clear quartz, amethyst quartz, ...pale green?...yellow with rusty color?

Thanks for the help




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 20, 2015 1:16:26 PM PT

Scarab Bracelet help id stone

This is 8 3/4 inches tall. It has an applied handle and ice lip. It has a optic pattern. Can anyone help me with age or maker,etc. Thank you very much.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

fabric    fabric


Any guesses? It is tightly woven and feels like a rayon challis. From the colors I would think it would be 1920s or 30s. It is about 29" from edge to edge and that's throwing me off. Any input appreciated!

Needle Arts & Vintage Textiles discussion

Apr 19, 2015 11:42:20 AM PT

Help dating this 29" wide fabric.

Hi, Anyone recognize the mark on this sterling cuff bracelet?  Looks like a small b in an oval to me.  I looked throught the B section on the RCJ site and didn't see it.


Thanks for any help!





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 20, 2015 2:45:26 PM PT

Help with mark on sterling flower bracelet

Bought this cute little doll today, and am surprised there is not a mark of any kind on her to identify with.   Her eyes are a light brown now, were probably darker at one time.   Look familiar to anyone?




Dolls discussion

Apr 18, 2015 7:21:00 PM PT


Really simple:


Search for "280z pedal".  I see this listing and this listing in my search results.  The exact search URL is here.






Now I change my search to "280z pedal -pad".  Both lisings disappears from my search results.  I assume I'm searching titles only, because the search checkbox "Include description" is *NOT CHECKED*.


I don't want search results to show anything that has "pad" in the title.  


I've been using eBay for something like 17 years.  One would think such simple things wouldn't get worse over time, but they have.  I could filter search results with this method all the time and I never saw items that I actually might purchase unexpectedly disappear from the results like this.


What is wrong?

Tools & Apps question

I misidentified a piece on the week-end treasures thread as D&E.  I was sure I had seen it IDed somewhere.  Went to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere.  I contacted Paula and asked her.  This was her reply: "No, not D&E.  They didn’t use that enameled flower." So I want to set the record straight I don't want to mislead someone out there.  This is NOT D&E.




But it is still dang pretty.  :smileywink:

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 20, 2015 2:44:26 PM PT

Need To Clarify A Misidentification

Any help appreciated...ThanksIMG_4236 (1024x787).jpgIMG_4238 (1024x767).jpgIMG_4237.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

117.JPGBugbee & Niles Bracelet - the tiny clear stones surrounding the red stone test as diamonds.



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Just needing to vent!


Last night I put a rare pocket watch movement on my watch list that had just been listed. It clearly said in the listing that the "seller does not accept offers to end listings early".


It was started at 99 cents. It was non running and uncased. It was obvious the seller did not understand what it was. I really wanted it for parts and was prepared to bid up to $500.


I looked tonight and it had been relisted and sold as a BIN for $10.00.:smileymad:


If I had not been told in the listing that the seller does not consider offers to end auctions early I would have sent them a VERY nice offer.


I did send a message and explained my frustration and the value of the movement they sold for $10.00. I can only hope they are as irritated as I am. I have been looking for just that thing for a couple of years now to complete work on a restoration.



Selling discussion

Apr 17, 2015 11:34:30 PM PT

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

I am hoping by bringing this to the community I can finally get a straight answer!  I sell sewing patterns.  Some of the patterns I sell are for dolls clothes, in particular, 18" dolls.  American girl dolls wear the 18" size pattern.  I've listed them several different ways and the title that sells best is  "Pattern for 18"  Doll Clothes - Fits American Girl.  I have been reading the Browse & Manipulate policy over and over and I can't figure if that title is okay.   The policy says handmade items can read 'fits"  but I'm not clear if that is okay on the patterns.  At one time when I called customer service they said the correct wording was 'Fits American Girl'.  I got a notice that this was against policy so I talked to another customer service person and told them I used the exact title the previous customer service person had given me.  They then agreed it was okay.  The policy seems to be worded a little different now and I've heard others getting dinged for using Fits American Girl in the title.  Even so, a lot of pattern sellers are using 'Fits American Girl' and they don't seem to have a problem.  Their listings stay the same month after month.   Does anyone have a clear answer.....customer service can't seem to agree what is right and what is wrong.  I don't want to get a violation, but I would like to be able to compete by using the more clear wording 'Fits American Girl'.  Thank you for any insight.  My sales have dropped drastically since I removed it from my title.

Selling discussion

Apr 19, 2015 12:49:46 PM PT

Browse & Manipulate Policy

Buyers can ask questions before a sale but can sellers ask questions to a buyer before a sale?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Isn't there a way he can cancel it?  He need to "own up" to his mistake, unless you feel it is partially my fault.  Is my listing in any way misleading?  It is a picture of a cup and saucer, but I tried to focus on the saucer and my description states that it is the saucer only.

Selling discussion

I've heard of several instances where sellers cancel auctions right after you win the auction or buy it now, even after you've paid for it.  Some of the excuses are "item was damaged" or 'item was previously sold outside of eBay" or "no longer have the item". 


We'll I've just fallen victim to a new excuse..."eBay would not let me create a shipping label"  But let me give you a little back story...


I contacted the seller before I bought a some what heavy item (16 pounds) via Buy it Now.  He had listed it as "free shipping" but I decided to ask him to make sure because, though I am in the US, I'm on the opposite coast from him.  He said "yes...I can ship it to you", but via USPS parcel post it may take 30 days.  That was fine with me, I was in no rush to receive it.


So I bought the item and paid for it via Paypal.  He even writes me positive feedback shortly after.


A couple hours later, I get a message saying that he cancelled the order.  He claims that eBay wouldn't let him print out the shipping label because UPS doesn't ship to P.O. Boxes.  I emailed him back and said that I didn't choose the UPS option, which costed $12 in additional shipping fees, I chose the USPS option that was free.  Besided I know UPS doesn't ship to P.O. Boxes, that's another reason why I didn't choose it.  I even responded to him with the message chain that showed that he agreed to ship it via USPS.


Since then, he has not responded.  However, he has relisted the item.


I'm going to try and change my shipping address, re-purchase the item, and see what he does this time.

Bidding & Buying discussion

I found this mystery company name in my Site Preferences under "Third-Party Authorizations" heading.


Who the bleep are they?  I don't even know who they are, and yet eBay, in its infinite wisdom, decided on its own that I had "authorized" them to do SOMETHING for me... I'm not even sure what, but it almost certainly involves separating me from my money somehow.



P.S.   According to the info in my Site Preferences, I "authorized" this company to do whatever the bleep it does TODAY.  I have a clear recollection of ALL of my activities during this entire day, and I'm quite compleyely sure that at no time during this day did I give ANY kind of authorization to ANY party to do anything... other than my implicit authorization to eBay to list my item(s) for sale for me.


Obviously, somebody is trying to sneak something by me, and I don't like it.  Not one bit.

Selling discussion

I have been selling on eBay since 2001 and have 3 accounts.  I noticed recently that I am being forced to pay return shipping even though my policy states it is the responsibility of the buyer.  Did something change recently?

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 5:32:27 PM PT

Seller asked to pay return shipping

Hello guys!This is my first internet shopping and I'm inexperienced so please help me


I paid for the item on 17 March.And now it's 19 April and I received a message from seller yesterday.He said it has been taken 18 days on the way and it's still in normal shipping time.It's been 34 days already.Estimated delivery is 29 april.Should I wait for the estimated delivery date?But if I wait it would be 44 days.sorry for my bad english.And title of the message is 'shipping for the item x is ending on Apr-23-15.' I'm so confused.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 18, 2015 3:06:49 PM PT

I haven't received my item!



I am a new seller on eBay, slowly making my way.

I have my own new paypal linked to eBay at the moment.


I live in the US, but I have a family member (sister's husband) in europe.

I want to inquire about an option to use his paypal account (I think it's Israeli), in order to receive payments?

The reason is his paypal account is an aged business account, and does not have any limitations - plus that would be an easy way for me to send money to him and to my sister, avoiding paypal's sending money limitations and additional fees..


I would like to know if that's legal and ok with eBay, setting up his email (or open up my own email and add to his pp account) as the receiving address on my listings? while using my regular US paypal as the linked paypal to pay fees etc? Or the only way is to stick to one paypal account on both the eBay link and the "receiving paypal" that is registered on the listings?


Couldn't find mention about this in the rules.


Thank you for clearing that up,


Jonathan B

Selling discussion

So I achieved 748 positive transactions over a 10+ year period without any negatives.. then one bozy decides to be crazy and give me an unreasonable negative. Now my 100% positive is down to 99.10. 

10+ Years of flawless service.. down the drain for one bozo.

I've never really looked at how they compute it since up until now I haven't had much of a reason to but it seems pretty strange to me how heavy they are weighing/computing a single negative.


Yes, I know i'll recover in the next year but i'm just **bleep**.


Then there is the fact that the buyer was borderline extorting me and I spent 3 hours on the phone with ebay they they are pretty much uninterested in helping. So much for seller protections I guess.. now I get to look forward to my next email from them how they are "protecting my ebay account" by not really doing anything.


Sorry for the rant :smileyhappy:.. Just one of those days.


Selling discussion

Apr 18, 2015 8:21:43 PM PT

Feedback % calculations are pretty warped.

Canadian buyer, bought $6.50 item, shipping was $7.00. She says the package shows delivered but she never got it. I told her to contact her post office. I know I have the upper hand here, since if she files a case, the tracking number shows as delivered so I'm covered.


But what if she doesn't file a case? She's asked for a complete refund and if I say no.... then she could just leave NEG FB and slam DSRs.... without ever filing a case. If that happens do have any recourse???


adivse, please...!


Selling discussion

One seller has listed an incorrect, or not possible item.  I tried to ask the seller a question to make sure I am not wacked out but they have blocked or turned off questions.  The issue is that most fruit trees are grafted to produce dwarf plants.  This seller is successfully selling "dwarf tree" seeds, probably obtained from a dwarf tree they purchased.  The seeds will not produce dwarf plants, no matter how loud and often they state it will.  I expect that the seller isn't attempting to con buyers, rather is just ignorant and stating multiple fraudulent facts.  There is no option in the report item that applies to a situation like this, where the described item doesn't possibly exist in the form described.  It seems that the only way eBay provides to address this situation is after purchase, allowing countless unknowing buyers to be cheated.


Any suggestions on how to get eBay to make this seller correct their listing (or block/ban it?)






See item.  181694821341

Bidding & Buying question

I've had two APO / FPO orders and both of them have been majorly delayed and each has resulted in cases being opened. 

The last one finally got delivered litterly five minutes before I was about to refund them, and this one it looks like almost 99% sure I will need to refund since it has been delayed over a month.


It's not like I want to decriminate to service members but it looks like either usps or the military or a combination of them both don't do a good job completing the delivery and i'm the one paying for it in both real cash and DSR defects.


It's also not like ebay or the buyers are adjusting expecations for that fact either. Ebay freaking advertises that my packages will be delivered in 4 days, which is a wild over-estimate since first class normally can take up to 9 days and only 4-5 days in the best circumstances.


So anyways i'm wondering what other people have experienced.



Selling discussion

Thursday I had an auction end.  After 3+ days have passed, the buyer finally replied to my private message telling me that he'll pay this Thursday, a week after the auction is over.  It's just a $20 winning bid.  And by Ebay rules, I'm really stuck just having to accept his slowness in paying.  I could write him and tell him I need payment now or file an unpaid item case, but that's likely just going to **bleep** him off and maybe get me a neg feedback.


Here's where Ebay needs to add an option for sellers.  If a buyer doesn't pay in 4 days (or some amount of time), we ought to be able to just skip filing an unpaid item case and just cancel the sale, give the buyer a neg feedback and relist.  That's what I'd prefer to do, but waiting until Thursday for him to eventually pay is actually an easier route than filing the unpaid item case.


Can I just cancel the sale myself without having to file any case or get him to agree to the cancelation?  It's my understanding that only the buyer can request to cancel an auction.

Selling discussion

Apr 19, 2015 9:51:07 PM PT

A buyer who takes forever to pay

About buyer reveiws. ebay says dont worry about reveiws. every one gets them even if you did your best. Refunded your buyer ,so forth. then says, all the big companies get them .It is just buyers veiw of transaction. In the mean time you know you will loose your discounts if somethin beyond your controll is happing such as a shipping problem. Items delivered damaged. Here is the thing eBay. The large companiies dont have to look at the reveiws everyday in their selling pages. We do . Its a slap in the face.They dont care they can afford to lose business from unfair reveiws. Here is two weeks notice. Not posting any more listings. You did not listen. I did my best .here is your public reveiw. You folks have  zero common sense. Congats , I wont be needing my discounts. This is my two weeks notice. thank you for the oppourtunity i made the best of it. Love the garbage you pulled this morning. Now i know the truth. Im not staring at your dash board praying I get a fair shake any more. Peace out.

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Apr 19, 2015 9:14:30 PM PT

About buyer reveiws?

What do you think about this? this is a post folowing a post 4/15 & 4/16. My first post told of how my PO clerk told me he would not accept any more packages from me because he was not getting credit for them. He wanted me to change my ship from zip. After much issue i succeded in doing this and posted solution for others. That day he told me he would take these next four packages but no more. So i left them. I got issues fixed for him and shipped another package that he had blocked letting him know the issue was fixed. I have a neg reveiw from a buyer now for a smashed item. 4/17 This was one of four shipped. Now today 4/18 I see another shipping ( tracking statement) Visably damaged /delivered. So I am waiting for the next negative reveiw from this buyer. so thats two out of four with damage. The first buyer claimed it was not packed well. her photos revealed that materials from the top and bottom of the box were missing. I refunded her and got the neg reveiw. She claims no visable proof of damage and I packed incorrectly. The next damaged USPS posts on tracking visable damage and delivers item.

I was calm with this carrier he was frustrated because he had been requesting me to fix his issue for several months. He was so angry II predicted to CS that this could happen. It did. Its 2:smileysurprised:oam Sunday and I cant sleep. Worried about the buyer opening a case. I emailed her and breifly explained  but that may have been more damage than good. CS and first buyer had no empathy for this. I did have lots of great reveiws of how I packed perfectly but that does not matter. You are only as good as your last sells. So I think after months of working hard to be a top rated seller and becoming one with excellent customer service reveiws I am ruined. Waiting for the rest of the fall out. What do you think? Please be kind. I am upset. I cant say anything to this man because if I do I will suffer more injury . I believe this because I know how hard I worked to pack my items safely. Its a puzzle that has evidence but no proof. Im sure he is sleeping well tonight.Im going to try to get the reveiw removed based on this new information posted by USPS tracking (the package delivered visably damaged)

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 18, 2015 11:20:30 PM PT

What do you think?

So, there was a pair of shorts listed at $7.99 with $5.85 shipping and best offer. I offered $10.00 with free shipping and they accepted...but they invoiced me with the $10.00 charge for item plus $3.87 shipping. I have been messaged them about it throughout the day today and am being ignored...what do i do?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 19, 2015 6:14:33 PM PT

Best offer accepted - seller not doing it

I've had enough of them to where I should fully understand the rules, but...


I just had another one....with less than 12 hours left on the auction.


The bid was made yesterday...I got a message from the bidder that wanted to cancel. :"I am sorry to have to tell you this, but I am retracting my bid on your item because something has come up, that I have to retract my bid. please forgive me."


I wrote back and said..."No problem, but I haven't seen your retraction." No reply from them.


Then, I remembered there's timing rules of a retraction.

Listing ends in less than 12 hours 

Yes, but only if you retract the bid within one hour of placing it.

When you retract the bid, we remove only your most recent bid. Bids you placed prior to the last 12 hours of the listing are not removed.



What if I can't retract a bid?

If you can't retract a bid, you can contact the seller to request that your bid be canceled. The decision to cancel a bid is up to the seller.


After not hearing from him, again, for 45 minutes...I went ahead and cancelled them FOR him...and, he'd bid quite a bit on the item. Cancelling his bid took it right back to the starting price.


The bidder had auto bid a max., that hadn't been reached & he was still showing as the winning bidder. The bid that got cancelled was his max. bid made  Apr-18-15 11:34:44 PDT. He contacted me at  7:00 AM PDT, this morning. I cancelled it at 10:45 AM EST...45 minutes after I'd first heard from him.


The rules can be a little confusing...if ya don't pay attention to the time left and the last bid. 


Never have I cancelled a bid for anything I've bid on...so, here's my 2 questions.


Can a bidder retract their bid right up until the few seconds of the auction ending...w/o needing to contact the seller?


What would be the reason the bidder can't cancel their own bid?


(I haven't had my coffee for the day...mebbe that's cause for my confusion?) :smileytongue:

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 19, 2015 8:30:34 AM PT

bid retraction policy question....

More re: blocking a bidder -- I found out the high bidder on my item has a reputation for buying and then not paying. I know I just asked about canceling his bid (while the auction was live) but I am hoping to understand all my options.


Once the auction ends - can I cancel the high bidder's bid, and sell to the UNDERBIDDER (using Second Chance) ? 


I haven't ever been in this situation and am really grateful for assistance !! 


Thank you so much.

Selling question



I have looked at D&B wallets off and on over the last few weeks and am completely out of my element here. Does this look good to you? Most of the ones I see have a rounded flap and not a squared one. I thought I would post it here to see what the consensus is. Thanks so much in advance for any and all help. I really appreciate it.


I will post the main pic in this post and then the other pics in the reply.

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Apr 18, 2015 11:39:49 AM PT

Please Help with Dooney & Bourke Wallet

How can I accept credit cards and paypal at the same time customer could not use paypal for some reason wanted to pay with credit card how do I do that?

Getting Started question

But still refuses to open a dispute.  The seller waited NINE days to mail and it was due today but the resolution center just keeps running in circles.


I click I did not receive it, it goes to which item and then tells me I should I dispute if I don't get it today.  and then it stops.


Is there a way to file a dispute on eBay? or do I need to go to PayPal?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 18, 2015 10:29:15 AM PT

Resolution Center made me wait until today

I have been listing my product for too low of a price, and I am still lucky to get a sale. Between shipping, $2.69, Ebay fees, and PayPal I don't know how long I can last on ebay. It seems noone wants to pay for shipping!

Selling question




  It literally sold  for  50 cents  .   Buyer  waited  almost 2 months  to open the case I  assume  he is telling the truth  as  it hardly seems  worth the aggravation  of scamming me  for  50 cents after  all this time.  Buyer  is  in Russia


 I would like to refund  and  not get a defect   over  50 cents   .   What  are my  odds ? 




Selling discussion

Seller refused to work with me to resolve the problem, then ignored my latest contact.  Now my warning to other buyers has been removed.  I do not take leaving a negative and the impact it may cause a buyer lightly.  I thought long and hard about it and determined it needed to be done.  I waited a couple weeks, so this was calm, rational, factual only.  This was not some heat of the moment, flaming FB.

My Account question

After the item was shipped, the buyer contacted me claiming to have been hacked and that the shipping address was not hers, demanding a refund when she would also be receiving the item. When caught in her lie (I did a reverse address search and found she lived at that address), she threatened to reject the package and demanded a refund. The ad clearly stated returns were not accepted, the buyer simply changed her mind and admitted as such. Now the buyer has filed a return request saying that the item is "not as described" and lied in the description (says it looks like a fake phone, even though it is a brand new unopened phone in the box), and it says that I would be charged for the return shipping. The item was brand new and unopened. Our Ebay message history will show her lying about being hacked, and then asking for a refund because she changed her mind before she even received the item.  Now she is lying about item not as described...yet everything I read online shows sellers losing cases like this.   If Ebay rules in her favor, I will cease Ebay activity on all of my accounts that I have had for over a decade. This is an abhorrent abuse of the money back guarantee program.


Who will Ebay decide in favor of?  I am afraid she has opened the package and I won't be able to sell it as new if I accept the return, and I also refuse to pay for shipping again.

Shipping & Returns question

Buying & Selling Basics question

So I bought a CD from a seller a little over a week ago, the seller marked it as shipped about a day later or so but didn't provide a tracking number. Yesterday I contacted them asking whether they have a tracking number and they responded by adding one on my eBay purchase history. It didn't work at first, said it's not found but the seller said it should be working soon. Well today I found out that if I clicked on the number from purchase history it does have some status updates, although nothing since April 10, but on USPS website it still says not found. Is this normal?


https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?origTrackNum=9574211068215100372927 says not found there. But on eBay:


Tracking #: 9574211068215100372927

Carrier: USPS


Departed Terminal Location

Apr-10-15, 18:37 PM, LOS ANGELES, CA 90028


Apr-10-15, 10:21 AM, LOS ANGELES, CA 90028

Bidding & Buying discussion

How I can cancel my bid. I don't see the shipping cost ?

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 20, 2015 10:09:39 AM PT

cancelling my bid

First time on, All verified and O.K. Can't pay my item on Paypal BUT! have verified Print out. Very frustrating indeed tried so many times not funny now.Pls help anyone.

Getting Started question

Apr 18, 2015 7:01:29 AM PT

Pay Pal Problem

Why do am I seeing a (0) beside the persons feedback score whom clearly have a positive feedback scores?

For example when I go to "My EBAY" and see that someone has bid on my item, I can see that they have either a high or low feedback score, however when I actually click to open up my auction and look at the top the page to see the person's name that left the bid I noticed that their feedback score is (0) beside their name when in reality they actually have several feedbacks. Is this a glitch in the system? Am I the only one that has notice this lately or has this happened to anyone else?

Bidding & Buying question

I'm interested in a specific item and would like to be able to be emailed by ebay whenever someone creates a new auction for that item.  Is there someplace to sign up for that?

Bidding & Buying question

I've been selling here for awhile now this is the first time I've gotten a zero feedback buyer. The auction is still going on it doesn't end till tomorrow. This zero feedback buyer keeps messaging me somewhat odd questions. First they asked me if I could ship out the package to the "normal" post office cause they're donating the clothes to charity. Which I've explained to them it says on the listing that it is USPS which is the "normal" post office. Then it gets kind of weird...they messaged me saying they cannot pay till Monday cause their using their sister's PayPal & she won't be there till Monday...but 1) they haven't even bidded for the item yet 2) the auction doesn't end till Monday night. So I thought that was unusual. I explained that the auction hasn't ended yet. They apologized & made a bid on the item then asked me what the weight of the package was. Even in the messages they send they have really bad grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm just getting bad vibes from this buyer...I have a feeling if they win that they will not pay. I'm not sure what to do....

Selling question

Hi to anyone reading:

My question is for the following issue: I try to be fair & leave positive feedback for all the successful purchases I've made but I am having the issue that for a couple of the items the Ebay site does not allow me the option of leaving feedback. When I click the "Leave Feedback" button option I get the following basic error message stating "We are unable to add your feedback for 1 transaction Here's why (Item #) was not found because: This item number does not exist Or you have already left feedback" But the problem is that I haven't left feedback. Why am I getting this error message & What can I do to resolve or work around it or is it just an un-resolvable occasional glitch in the system?

I don't know if this is of any relevancy but further information is that both purchases that I've attempted feedback for & was unable to were both overseas purchases & arrived slightly later than the latest anticipated shipping arrival date: so could that be the cut off time period limit that you're allowed to leave feedback? And another problem is that I am having the technical issue of being unable to view my complete purchase history of the past "2015" year or past "60 days" (I'm missing the whole month of February purchases showing in the history) option so I don't know if this is symptomatic of a larger issue? Thank-you in advance for anyone who has any information or potential fixes to my problem.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 17, 2015 10:55:26 PM PT

FeedBack Question

eBay International AG < some one know what its mean? its cut me from account 7.79$ I dont why?

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 17, 2015 11:42:52 PM PT

eBay International AG ????


 to open a store subscription which stated the following:




"What is the Promotion?

Invited sellers (“sellers”) who activate the offer and then sign up for an eBay Basic Store from March 17, 2015 until March 31, 2015, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, will pay no subscription fee for a period of 2 months from their subscription start date (collectively referred to as “Promotion”)."


I signed up to try it in March. I reviewed my current fee statement from Ebay and it does not reflect the "no subscription fee." I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience?

Selling discussion

Hi there


Am hoping someone might recognize the mark on the bottom of the teapot with green floral design. The mark has a wreath with superimposed letters/initials inside.


Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My invoice is 75 and i just wanna add up the fees to make sure its correct


usually I'm able to find it but i forgot how to get access to it.

My Account question

I want to schedule a start time for an auction, but how much does it cost?





It doesn't say what the fee is for scheduling a listing.

Selling question

Apr 17, 2015 10:20:29 PM PT

Schedule a start time, what are the fees?

I'm a bit confused with what to do about a defective item I received and what the seller is willing to do. The item I bought wasn't cheap and a part of the unit is a fan that is supposed to work when the power is turned on. That is my problem, the fan does not work. The seller has has one of those return policies were the buyer pays for shipping, restocking and everything under the sun even though they sold a defective item. So I opened a case to protect myself before my 14 day window closed. I still want the item but one that works, without having to spend another dime on my end. The seller is saying they can send me a replacement fan, no mention on fees but I would ave to change it out myself and most likely have to send the defective item back while paying for shipping. The seller wants me to close my case before they send me a replacement part. This is my main concern, how can I close a case and go through this whole ordeal trying to fix a replacement part over a couple of weeks and have no recourse if the seller doesn't come through or if they want me to pay. Should I close the case and go back and forth, hoping the seller comes through or should i leave it open while the seller is taking the necessary steps to fix the problem and only after they do, close the case. I couldn't find an answer so here i am. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

Shipping & Returns question

Owe money for eBay fees, but it will not show me for what and I need to know.


All it says is: There are no transactions to display for the selected date range. You can change the date range by using the Customize View link from above.


Selected date range I have is: Apr-01-15 to Apr-18-15


I have aquired fees during that date range because sales have been made. It's been this way eversince April 1st. I can't see what I am being charged for.


Why? How can this be fixed?


Thank you!

Selling question

Apr 18, 2015 5:28:21 PM PT

Why can't I see my fees anymore?

I was bidding for an item and I found out that the seller used another account to inflate the price, so I do not want to buy it anymore. But I accidentally paid for it when paying for another order. I asked the seller to cancel the order and he/she said I can only received partial refund of 3/4. Is there anyway I can receive all my money back because the seller has not shipped it?

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 19, 2015 3:38:49 PM PT

The seller offers 3/4 refund for item

I won biding 2 items of seller that shipping cost = 12 EUR per item . I had hoped that if it can combine shipping ,It would be more saving then I request total . The seller sent me an invoice . Total shipping cost= 24 EUR
shipping insurance(required)= 10 EUR. I am quite new in ebay so I would like to know is this normal??
Why this cost of shipping insurance(required) didn't show at first?

Selling question

ebay refunded me because the seller didn't answer my request for return in time now seller requesting i return the jeans to her, is that even allowed.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 19, 2015 2:45:27 PM PT

seller requesting return

I tried to do a buy it now and got the following message: TRANSACTION BLOcked. We're sorry, but the seller of this item is unable to receive funds at this time.


Does anyone know why this would happen?

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 20, 2015 1:53:46 PM PT

Tried to buy it now and transaction blocked

I use file exchange for create my listing. I found the problem image in my listing can't zoom in. It's don't have "Click to view larger image and other views" under the image. But if I revise the item by use cgi5 remove old image and manual upload image again, it can zoom image as normal. The example of my listing is item no. 191561709910. How should I do for correct this problem?

Tools & Apps question

Apr 18, 2015 5:13:26 PM PT

file exchange images can't zoom

How can I avoid invoices if I am not selling anything temporarily?

Selling question

do I need do anything further except wait out the 4 days grace for deadbeats? I only opened it after they sent a screenshot