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The eBay Community

Hi all,


I have this hand painted round jar.  It has a pattern inside both bottom and lid.  There is a label but I cannot make out who it is.  Does anyone recognize this?  It measures 6" at the widest.


Thank you!


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Any help would be appreciated all that I know is bought from an antique store and they have a sticker on the bottom that says "made in India"

any info would be appreciated.010.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2015 11:27:41 AM PT

Silver goblets with stars id??

This is the question I got from a potential buyer....not sure how to do what he's asking...

New message from: ericocito (44Yellow Star)
I am sorry Christian... I really wanted to make a bid in your flute, but Ebay dont let me do it... The message is: "We are sorry but the item you selected may not be purchased due to Seller shipping restrictions, country specific import/export or other relevant restrictions."
Could not you to add Brazil at your countries list??
Thank you!!

Shipping & Returns question

Here is one of our titles and it still shows 18, not more than 10.  How do we show "Display "More than 10 available" in your listing (if applicable)."  What is  (if applicable) mean?  Why is it not allowing us to show More than 10 available?


DriveClub (Sony PlayStation 4, 2014) ( 0140-RB09)
Seller information
100% Positive feedback
Visit store:
Item condition:


... Read more
18 available / 2 sold



Quantity Display Preference
If your item quantity exceeds 10, the listing displays the description "More than 10 available" by default, instead of showing the exact quantity. However, you can choose to display the exact quantity of items in your listing.
NOTE: If you choose to display the exact quantity of items in your listing, this setting will apply to all your listings.
Display "More than 10 available" in your listing (if applicable).
Display the exact quantity in your listings.


Member To Member Support question

Can anyone help with the age of this?? All it say's on the bottom is Japan in black letters, I am new here so please bare with me,Smiley Indifferent014.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 27, 2015 7:57:40 AM PT

Donkey pullng cart planter

I cannot for the life of me figure this silver stuff out, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance007.JPG001.JPG, it also has a shamrock underneath that but it wont show up in the pic.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2015 7:48:17 AM PT

Gorham Bowl help please

Cool Spaces: Inside eBay's growing Portland office, which has a personality all its own





Selling discussion

Patting myself on the back!  {pat}  {pat}  {pat}  Smiley Happy


And NO NEGS!!!   Had to tell somebody. Hubby's out of town.


Maybe I can get the dog to HAPPY DANCE with me!



Selling discussion

Zero provinance on this, so curious if others have seen similar.   It is a hinge/spring clamper bracelet.  Goldtone and enamel.  (No magnet)


It is in such good condition I don't think it is 1960's, could easily be 90's or more recent.  But it is nicely made, has good weight, etc.  Hinge strong. No markings whatsoever.


Thoughts?  I did find another on Ebay under sold (in another color) but seller just implied vintage -- but who knows.  Mostly curious if anyone recognizes the maker (or has a sense of date.)


Thanks for taking a look.







Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hi everyone !
I have a vintage Levi's 501 big E redline jeans.

Can you please help me with more details about the item and it's value ?












Fashion discussion

Aug 25, 2015 6:38:22 AM PT

Levi's vintage big E redline



You mean I dont have to wear those ugly things my little girl makes for me in NYC? I'm outta here! 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!




New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Just listed something, and it looks like this paragraph got a little longer and gave eBay more wiggle room.  Am I cracking up (NO NEED TO COMMENT ON THAT ONE!) or is this a recent addition?




Selling discussion

Hi everyone !
I have a vintage Levi's 501 big E redline jeans.

Can you please help me with more details about the item and it's value ?









Fashion discussion

Aug 25, 2015 6:50:07 AM PT

LEVIS 501 big E redline vintage Jeanse

Hello everyone.  I have this unusual brass brooch with NA symbols on it.  Is this a NA made piece for the tourist or just a southwest piece?  Also what is that center stone please?  I appreciate any help!  TIA!  Val




indian brass brooch2.jpg


indian brass brooch3.jpg




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group




New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I know little  about gemstones but looking at pictures online these look like pink rhodochrosite...am I right or something else?  Necklace is marked 333 CAR.  Thanks for any help!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 26, 2015 3:05:34 PM PT

Is this Pink Rhodochrosite?

Or something like that.  Post 'em if you got 'em.  Please no current auctions, and keep the images smaller for faster loading.  We may still have some poor souls on dial-up.



Not old, just a really good repro, but it's at least four inches wide.  


Two I just finished. One is hand knotted crystal beads.  The one on the right is rock crystal.  The beads were drilled so that I couldn't get the cord through them.  One had to be soaked in vinegars and reamed to get the old thread out.  The beads were all hand cut.


Probable Japanese earrings with reverse cut opalite glass dangles.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I have no idea what this large stone is in this Native American cuff bracelet. In hand it's a dark mottled red/brown/black with turquoise flecks. 

Does anyone recognize the artist mark ? I've looked in all the usual NA artist mark sites.

Thanks for any help.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

For this type of enameled chain necklace?  The enameling is on both sides of the necklace.  I tried searching enameled necklace, enameled chain necklace, enameled link necklace and a couple of others, but didn't come up with anything.  TIA


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 27, 2015 7:14:49 AM PT

Is There A Special Name

This brooch is driving me a little crazy.  It's a Hroar Prydz design but not the correct hallmark.  The Prydz hallmark looks sort of like a pacman figure, whereas this one has a crown.  There are several of these exact flowers listed with the correct Prydz hallmark and a couple with crown hallmarks like mine attributing them to Prydz.  I've checked all the usual sites such as 925-1000, Morning Glory, etc., and cannot find this particular hallmark.   Any help with the descrepancy between the two hallmarks is much apprciated!





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 25, 2015 2:46:03 PM PT

Anyone familar with Norwegian hallmarks?


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

doll Name ? Makers?  are these Kachina ?  thank you, G-ma


Doll number 1:


2015-08-10 16.28.34.jpg2015-08-10 16.28.10.jpg 


 doll number 2:


20150810_161726.jpg   20150810_161714.jpg 


Doll number 3




Doll number 4


20150810_161621.jpg   20150810_161635.jpg


Thank you for your time and information.


Dolls discussion

Good afternoon eBay community


Question....do you believe it is reasonable for the seller to ship an item to the "buyers shipping address information" presented to them on the "Congratulations Your Item Sold" email sent to the seller from eBay? I received one address in the "Your item sold" email but the system contained another. I shipped to the address "Your item sold" address and wondering if it was reasonable to do that. A copy of the email I recieved is belwo.


Dear cmarlow,

You did it! Your item sold. Please ship this item to the buyer after your buyer pays. As soon as your buyer pays, print your eBay shipping label.

Complete one of the following:
  • Print a shipping label. Avoid a trip to the post office, print and pay for your label at home. Printing shipping labels on eBay also offers you reduced pricing on some shipping services, and when you print shipping labels on eBay, your tracking information is uploaded automatically.
  • Provide shipping and tracking information. When you upload tracking information to eBay, we'll send it to your buyer and let them know the item is on its way. This will save you time, and may result in fewer questions from buyers and higher detailed seller ratings.
  • Mark your item as shipped in My eBay. Do this, and we'll let your buyer know the item is on its way. This will save you time, and may result in fewer questions from buyers and higher detailed seller ratings.
You should always leave feedback for your buyer to encourage them to buy from you again.

8 Ft Bird b Gone Bird Spider With Sandbag
8 Ft Bird b Gone Bird Spider With Sandbag
Sale price:$20.00
Quantity sold:1
Sale date:Jul-26-15 14:37:31 PDT
Buyer:Robert C Bicksler
Buyer's shipping address:
Robert Bicksler
820 Linden Ave
JML Optical Industries, LLC
Rochester, NY 14625-2710 United States
Sell another Item | Send invoice to buyer | View My Current Fees

Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 1:04:34 PM PT

Shipping Address

doll number 1:


2015-08-10 16.26.49.jpg      20150810_161232.jpg20150810_161221.jpg  


doll number 2


20150810_161335.jpg       20150810_161342.jpg20150810_161356.jpg        Thank you so much for your time and help.


Dolls discussion

I've got this early hand painted milkglass piece, which I thought was either a vase or a dresser bottle.  It measures 7" in height, and the clear glass was hand applied at the top.  So, my questions are:  Is it Fenton or someone else, and is it a vase or dresser bottle?  Any help would be appreciated.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Can you give me any info about this piece? The beads are large and heavy. Measures almost 60" long. Thank you! : )



Beads Beads & More Beads BBMB Bead & Jewelry



Get your questions ready and then, when it's over come back here and get the real answer.Smiley LOLSmiley Mad



eBay Employee
Posts: 5,287
Registered: ‎05-04-2012

This week we're going to have an open discussion of any eBay-related topic you'd like. We'll open the discussion shortly before 4pm ET/1pm PT on Wednesday and will be around for the full hour. See you then!

eBay Chat Guidelines:

  1. Your posted question must be directly related to eBay.
  2. Only ONE question per post. This will help us from missing a question so we can get an answer to all of your questions. We carefully track each post and assign each one to someone on the team.
  3. If post volume is high, it can take time to answer your question. So please, do not repost your previous post. Reposts of your original post or of another member’s post will be deleted to avoid confusion.
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  5. When replying to another post, kindly use the “Quote" button. This copies the text to which you are responding into your reply and helps others track which post is receiving a response.
  6. We are not able to address specific case issues on these chats. If you have questions about issues related to your account specifically, please contact Customer Support directly.


edited:added guidelines

A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Aug 26, 2015 10:56:52 AM PT

Weekly Chat with eBay Staff 8/26/2015 1PT/4ET

i whant to appeal this case
Case ID: 5088751814
Seller ID: mosaw-us2015
Request reason: Item not received

i don't have recived the phone.
today i'm going to my central post office in Tirana to chack for the package with this tracking code: RA616839200US.
Theseller don't send me the invoice hi have printed from USPS Post site. in the attachments i have send a copy of anuther seller  invoice. A copy from this format of the invoice i whant from the seller.
Please can you tell me how i can appeal this case???

Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 4:51:00 AM PT

Appealing on a case

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic




I would like help with this belt buckle, it is sterling and heavily tarnished. In the middle is a shield and a symbol or monogram. In the corners are 4 images that may have once been gold washed or acid etched? They are fairly dark and hard to see, but there is a bit of detail to them. I'd like to know the age/possible origin, thanks. 

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

I have this new T.C. Timber construction train from Habermaass Corporation Skaneateles wondering what it is worth and if anyone can give me anymore information on itt c timber 001.JPGt c timber 002.JPGt c timber 003.JPG

Selling question






Hi there, I have this rather colorful vintage piece that's in need of an ID.  Measuring approx. 4.5" tall x 5" wide, I'm not sure if this is a planter or a jewelry dish.

Asian themed I believe, the bottom I see the numbers 43 and in the middle section looks like 8738?.  How it's glazed (in my opinion) reminds me of the older pottery companies technique although i've not tried to clean it.


Does any have a clue on who may have produced this item and it's proper Function? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks as Always......


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am having trouble with the shipping cost calculator, I selected PRiority 1 to 4 days but it seems to calculate a much higher cost than the USPS web site it is double the cost.What have I done wrong?  This one on USPS to the same zip code is 7.95 not 38.10


Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 8:27:02 AM PT

Shipping calculator

I am new to  the doll world and I recently had this doll come into my life and would like to know a bit of background information.  I have researched myself on the web but just seem to go in circles and get no information. The doll came in a wardrobe box with four outfits. I think three are hand made, but the one she is wearing has a tag by pauline on the inside seam. The doll itself has the number 9863 stamped IMG_2067.JPGon backside of her head. I have looked at other dolls by pauline and see no others that resemble this one. Does anyone have any idea if this is a doll by pauline or of another doll maker? Thank you for your help

Dolls discussion

Doll # 1

2015-08-10 16.26.49.jpg   20150810_161221.jpg 20150810_161247.jpg


Second doll:


20150810_161335.jpg   20150810_161356.jpg20150810_161342.jpg


Thank you for your help.


Toys & Hobbies discussion

007.JPGthanks in advance.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have a piece of gorham silver I need to see if anyone can help me identify the age?

It's ep, and has 0250 on it. any help would be appreciated.004.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 26, 2015 1:09:04 PM PT

Identify Age of Gorham silver

Grrr... haven't been on these boards in a while.  Just lost my whole post because I can't for the life of me figure things out any more, let's try this again.  


I am looking for information on a set of bookends I recently found.  They seem to be in the style of Bradley & Hubbard, but bear no circular mark.  They measure about 5.5" high by 4" long by 2.5" wide, and weigh about 2.5 lbs each.  While they appear bronze, the bottom of one shows raw, ground cast iron.  


I have searched in vain for a while, using multiple keywords, but cannot find another set just like these anywhere online.  Does anyone recognize them?  Would be most grateful for any information as to maker, time frame produced, rarity, value, etc.  Would also welcome any gentle corrections as to any errors in etiquette I may have committed here; it would not let me preview my post so I don't know if my pics are OK or not.  Smiley Sad









Collectibles & Art discussion

Just found out I was scammed by a hacker on Ebay. I am livid but thankfully I followed the rules and regulations on Ebay and Paypal to the letter. Although it isn't clear that I am protected anyway because of the level of the scam.


I am curious if anyone has ever dealt with this kind of scam? Its almost feels to me like the Ebay buyer is the one pulling the scam on the credit card company however it could be that the Ebay member was hacked as they said they were. Only thing that causes me to believe the ebay member wasnt hacked is the following. So here goes... anyone can shed any light I would appreciate, all others be very careful because Paypal is still holding my money from me after a week of what seems to be overwhelmning evidence to support the at I have followed the rules and regulations.

Ok so here goes. I will give dates becuase they are important.


- August 3rd - 12:00PM

Sold a $500 graphics card for $350 to a buyer with a very good rating (2500 teal rating and almost 90% positive feedback over the course of 5 years and almost 100% positive feedback over last 6 months).

The item was purchased using the Buy it now option and the auction required immediate payment for Buy It Now.


- August 3rd 3:01PM

As soon as funds became available in Paypal I went to Paypal to complete the shipping informatoin and print the label (This ensures transparencey between Paypal, Ebay and the Buyer becuase it shows the date and time the postage was purchased, what kind of postage and you can see the entire tracking information from start to delivery). To me its the only way to go.

I purchased Priority 2 day shipping


** I  I double checked the shipping address inside of Paypal to ensure the ship to address was verified and indeed it was.


-August 3rd 3:47PM

Shipping package deliverd to post office officially out for delivery same day the item was purchased and paid for. Payment had posted I am thinking awesome I did my part and they did their part, everyones happy right?




- August 4th 3:32PM

I receive a Notice message from Ebay telling me that they have canceled my auction but the item had already sold and I recieved payment the day before plus I had already shipped the item so I didn't know what I could really do about it at that point. Heres the message they sent me.


eBay listings removed - unauthorized user of buyer or bidder account

 Hello reneeg1002,

We had to cancel bids and purchases on the following item(s) for the buyer, agbrigg, because they were made without the account owner's permission:
131568687991 - ATI FirePro V7800 2GB GDDR5 PCIe x16 Professional Video Graphics Card Dell PC0T4

Please note that we're working with the account owner to prevent any additional unauthorized activity.

All associated fees have been credited to your account. In these situations, we'll credit the final value fee for removed listings won by this buyer, and also the insertion fee if it was a single-quantity listing.

- We have credited any associated fees to your account.

We’ve also made it easy to relist your item if it was removed. Although the item is no longer available in search listings, you will find it in the “Sold” section of My eBay. For more information, please visit:

--Selling tip--
To help you avoid this situation in the future, consider setting a Buy It Now price and requiring buyers to make an immediate payment. For more information on immediate payments, visit:

We also recommend you take the following actions if this buyer won the item:
- If you haven't received payment, don't complete the sale or send the item to the buyer.
- Don't communicate with the buyer directly.
- Verify any payments you've been notified of by logging in to your PayPal account (or other online payment service).
- If the buyer requests refunds or additional payments, don't send any money without contacting eBay first.
- If you've already sent the item, try contacting the shipping carrier to find out if you can stop shipment.

If you have any concerns or questions, click "Help & Contact" at the top of most eBay pages.

We're sorry for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.




Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept


So I looked into this a little bit and googled it. What I found seemed to imply that someone like a child or spouse made a purchase using the ebay account and the ebay member wasn't happy with it so they put a formal complaint into ebay.


I tried to request more information from Ebay but ebay removes the product or item listing which means they no longer allow any activity relating to that item becuase its considered an invalid item number and auction. Even though in my case it was a perfectly valid auction up until this point at least.


August 5th 8AM

Item arrives at buyers house 2 days later. All good, I try to leave positive feedback for the member but cant because Ebay has completely prevented any use of that transaction or item number. A little strange but I still see my money in my paypal account with no hint of anything being wrong.


August 19th 4:45PM 

Paypal notifies me that a buyer has disputed a transaction with me. First time this has ever happened. I notice $350 is not frozen in my Papal account. I look a little closer and notice its that $350 transacton for the graphics card I sold almost 3 weeks ago.


Nothing on Ebay's end though.... Strange right? So heres the deal. The member had disputed the charge with their credit card company and not paypal or ebay directly. In fact I was only notified by Paypal because they said they disputing the charges on my behalf but they still wanted proof that I sent the item to the buyer.


Thankfully as I mentioned earlier I use the postage tool inside of Paypal which allows complete transparency throughout the entire transaciton. RIGHT?



Paypal goes on to say that if the credit card company decides to not pay paypal that I am out this money. To me this doesnt make sense right. A what point did I open myself up for this?

So I immediately emailed the member with this news and plead with them to at least send me the card back considering the fact that I can prove that the item they purchased was deliverd 2 days after they bought it from me.



The member replys to me saying they are sorry that I was scammed but they were scammed too. They go onto say that someone hacked thier ebay account and purchased over 13000 worth of goods form ebay. They told me I shipped a card to a location that they are not responsible for but how can this be? The address is verified right?


So if they were hacked how come they didn't notify ebay or paypal but only called the credit card company to say they were scammed. If you were truly hacked I would assume all parties would be notified right?


 So thats where I am now. I am in limbo. I am unhappy with Ebays process or system in place to deal with this issue. Not only did they delete the item number that was assiciated with the auction item that was sold but they require that item in order to place a complaint or open up a problem or dispute with them So my choices were to call or post to the forum and I chose to post here. Hopefully I can save someone the hassle of going through what I went through although I dont know if I can offer any advice  so it doesnt happen to you.


In fact I dont feel like I did anything wrong, if anything I was too efficient, because If I had waited an extra day or so before mailing the item I may have been able to stop shipment or not mail the item all together.


 So my other thoughts are related to whether this is a scam or not. To me its a scam but it can be a scam on the part of the ebay member trying to scam their credit card company or they truly were hacked. But if they were hacked how come the address was verified in Papal and they did not notify Paypal or Ebay about this. Sure the user submitted that their account was hacked but they didn't file the credit card scam thing until august 23rd? If your account was hacked why didn't you notifiy ebay and paypal on the 4th and why wait until the 23rd only to telll your credit card company?


I will say that I played it both ways with the member.I emailed them back stating that I was upset however I felt for them as well. I expressed that I wanted to work with them to seek justice for both of us. I did request that they send me the verification that they sent to Ebay stating their account was hacked and i also asked the buyer if they had ever had anything sent to the address that was confirmed in Paypal. They have yet to answer.


Do you think I am covered here with Paypal or do I have to take this to a highter court. Maybe not court but social media, news channels? Make some noise maybe? Why are they holding my funds after all this with so much evidence to prove that this is nothing that I should be held responsible for.



I opened Paypal to purchase the shipping lablel and filled out the inforation as I have done for 10 years and over 300 sales never having a negative feedback during this time.

The address to ship to was said verified in Paypal so I assumed I was good to go. Thats it I printed the label and drove to post office. 

Member To Member Support question

Read the string of E-mails below;  This is so unacceptaqble....................................Does anyone buy from these people.  Help me get a refund

Dear kimputnam0417,

The office is closed so we will get back to you tomorrow.
From: eBay Member: kimputnam0417
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 6:10 AM
To: gripforce@live.com
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL

Dear gripforce-clutches,

You gave me $48.00 for my refund? That is about 61% that you kept. Can you tell me why you would be so pompous over this? Why would you keep 61% of my money?

- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-12-15 13:11:29 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,

We completed the inspection on your returned package. We will process the refund shortly. Restocking and original shipping fee will be applied to the refund.

Best regards,


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-12-15 06:59:51 PDT


Same Tracking number..............................order was refused at that address is was shipped to. I told you that it would not be accepted at that address that is why I needed to send it to another address. So the tracking number is the same as you sent it 1Z6880RV0296744261 UPS said they delivered it back to the shipper on 08/10/15

- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-11-15 20:22:06 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,

Do you have the tracking number for the return?


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-11-15 12:53:38 PDT

Dear gripforce-clutches,

Has this been returned to you? UPS says it has. When Can I expect my refund

- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-07-15 11:53:46 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,

We will let you know as soon as we get your package back.

Best regards,


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-06-15 13:29:20 PDT

Dear gripforce-clutches,

This item was sent to the wrong address. It was returned to sender. When can I expect a refund and will it be to the card that was charged?

- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-03-15 10:27:18 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,

First of all, all we are trying to do is to help you to fix your mistake. We cannot seem to understand the reason you being upset with us from the error that occurred from your end. We do apologize for your inconvenience. We will try to help as much as can but there are things that we are not in control of.

Thank you.

Best regards,


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-03-15 10:08:23 PDT

Dear gripforce-clutches,


- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-03-15 08:54:39 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,


We can intercept your package for additional fee but it will cost $85.51 to do that. It is because your package was processed as 2nd day air. Please let us know if you are still willing to pay that fee to intercept the package. The fee will increase as time goes by as well.

Please let us know.

Thank you.


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-03-15 07:02:34 PDT

Dear gripforce-clutches,

I did contact UPS, which was very concerned about my son and grandchild and daughter-in-law with the sweltering heat happening in Texas. The said that it was possible to intercept and reroute it through your shipper but they couldn't do it because it had to be done through your shipper. So I know it CAN be done. Please help us.........................Please advise

- kimputnam0417

From: gripforce-clutches
To: kimputnam0417
Subject: Re: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Aug-01-15 11:45:02 PDT

Dear kimputnam0417,


We were able to re-route your package at the moment. Are you able to retrieve the package from the original address?

Best regards,


- gripforce-clutches

From: kimputnam0417
To: gripforce-clutches
Subject: kimputnam0417 has sent a question about item #161682703146, ending on Aug-21-15 13:03:23 PDT - FX HEAVY-DUTY CLUTCH KIT w SLAVE CYLINDER EXPLORER RANGER B4000 NAVAJO 4.0L 6CYL
Sent Date: Jul-31-15 18:11:19 PDT

Dear gripforce-clutches,

I tried to get the package rerouted  but UPS told me they couldn t and asked that I contact you and ask that you contact Speed Solutions International and ask them to reroute the package and I will pay the charges. My son is broke down with his family and I inadvertently sent it to the wrong address. Please I will pay the extra charges. Please advise

Kim Putnam

- kimputnam0417
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Item Id:161682703146
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Member To Member Support question

Aug 26, 2015 7:55:11 AM PT


Please Help id Japanese Samurai Warrior Dolls, Thank you

2015-08-10 16.26.49.jpg    20150810_161221.jpg  2015-08-10 16.27.30.jpg20150810_161232.jpg


Doll number two:



Thank you,




Selling question

Hey there. I've been trying to connect my paypal account trough ebay but it fails. Eventhough I do have a paypal account, when I press on "link my paypal account" button it redirects me to register page. 

Any opinions?



Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 8:09:54 AM PT

Paypayl Connection


On 07th of July I ordered a bunch of products. They should have been delivered from Tue. Jul. 21 to Tue. Aug. 11.
 However I haven't received them, 2 months have passed by. My order code is VIWOILMU,  item ID 281541322271 and ID201317773097. I would like to get my products as soon as possible.


Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 10:08:27 AM PT

Not received items

wpb auction 175.JPGwpb auction 176.JPG

wpb auction 177.JPG

Not sure about the number in front of the /15  At first glance I thought this was enamel on brass but it feels like ceramic to me  When I see Cordoba I think Spain  Maybe a tourist piece?  The rest of the box had a lot of items from Israel  (Judaica items)  Just wondering if anyone reconizes anything  Am I right to call it an urn shape?  nay kw's and info would be greatly appreciated  TYIA   Have a good evening 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


i open a request but the seller is not respond.

so know i want my money back

thank you for your help

Here's what just happened:
We're sorry to hear that you haven't received "Batteria Originale Samsung EB-L1G6LLU per Samsung I9301I Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I". You've opened a request, and we've notified the seller that you've requested a shipping status update for the item.

Here's what you need to do next:

Please allow a few days for the seller to respond to your request in the eBay Resolution Center.

If the seller doesn't respond or if you aren't satisfied with the seller's response to your request by Aug 28, 2015, please let us know. On that date, you can escalate your request to eBay Customer Support. A customer support agent will then review your request and get back to you with a decision within 48 hours.

What you should know:

If we don't hear from you by Sep 23, 2015, we'll assume that things have been resolved, and your request will be closed. Note that once a request is closed, you won't be eligible for a refund through the eBay Money Back Guarantee for the item.

Batteria Originale Samsung EB-L1G6LLU per Samsung I9301I Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I
Batteria Originale Samsung EB-L1G6LLU per Samsung I9301I Galaxy S3 Neo I9300I
Item # :181485856765
Sale price:EUR 10.89
Sale date:Aug-04-15 11:30:18 PDT
Case #:5088861802
Case opened:Aug-24-15 05:17:50 PDT
View purchased item

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Aug 27, 2015 9:38:10 PM PT

item not receive

Does anyone recognize this signature? Thanks for your help! 


Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Fan Shop discussion

All they say is "made in India" sticker on the bottom.



Aug 27, 2015 11:48:55 AM PT

Silver stems with stars any help??



Aug 27, 2015 11:47:02 AM PT

Gorham bowl how would I list this any help??

It`s a birthday for our mrselegance  Terrie!


Have a wonderfully blessed birthday day Mrs E..you more than deserve it!! 


peek a boo.gif

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 27, 2015 4:43:45 AM PT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs E!!! (Terrie)

Good morning,


There is problem. Please help me to solve it.


I bought a dress from China, it didin`t fit and I wanted to return back. I send by registered post, tracking number: RN063563419LT . 


Long time on the tracking China showed that it is on air.  The seller said that nothing got. So I filled report  for shipment search in Lithuania Post. Now I got their answer, that the item was delivered to seller and attached China post document (but I don`t understand anything). Look at the attached file. Also I add messages with seller. Now, he don`t asnwer to me. 


Dear 2011yafexstore,


I was send you back this dress (read our letters). And you said that you don`t receive it. I fill the form to the Post for missing the item. Today I give the ansver, that you reveived it on 2015-04-13. They attached the photo. Please look.

I hope you will answer on this my problem. In other case I have to write to Ebay policity.

Waiting your reply,


- i.poceviciute

From: 2011yafexstore
To: i.poceviciute
Subject: Re: Returns: i.poceviciute sent a message about Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Prom Evening Party Cocktail Ball Gown Dresses Size 8 10+ #390848431685
Sent date: 14-May-15 09:56:40 BST

Dear i.poceviciute,

Dear friend,

I think it had been delayed by some reason.

Shall we wait for more days? Is it OK?

Looking forward to your reply.



- 2011yafexstore

寄件者: i.poceviciute
收件者: 2011yafexstore
主旨: Re: Returns: i.poceviciute sent a message about Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Prom Evening Party Cocktail Ball Gown Dresses Size 8 10+ #390848431685
送出日期: 14-May-15 08:33:12 BST

Dear 2011yafexstore,

Ok, we will wait. I don`t know why so long it goes to you Smiley Sad

- i.poceviciute

寄件者: 2011yafexstore
收件者: i.poceviciute
主旨: 關於: 退貨: i.poceviciute 就 Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Prom Evening Party Cocktail Ball Gown Dresses Size 8 10+,編號為390848431685 的物品寄出訊息
送出日期: May-14-15 00:32:14 PDT

Dear i.poceviciute,

Dear friend,

I am sorry that we haven't got your returned item.

Shall we wait for more days? Is it OK?

Looking forward to your reply.



- 2011yafexstore

寄件者: i.poceviciute
收件者: 2011yafexstore
主旨: 退貨: i.poceviciute 就 Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Prom Evening Party Cocktail Ball Gown Dresses Size 8 10+,編號為390848431685 的物品寄出訊息
送出日期: May-13-15 22:21:59 PDT

Dear 2011yafexstore,


Maybe do you get this item? I sent to you back if you remember?

- i.poceviciute
Long Bridesmaid Prom Dresses Evening Party Cocktail Formal Dress 6/8/10/12/14+20
Long Bridesmaid Prom Dresses Evening Party Cocktail Formal Dress 6/8/10/12/14+20
Item ID:390848431685
Order ID:390848431685-512674152026
End time:15-Sep-15 08:33:50 BST
i.poceviciute (43)
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Please help me to solve this problem, because I didn`t get the money back... Thank you.
Best regars,
Ieva Poceviciute

Member To Member Support question

Would anyone know anything about this?? age possibly? Back of the frame tag says Bassons  Perth Amboy, N. J. #F45

I know nothing about Art so any info will be helpful002.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2015 11:33:26 AM PT

Joyce Clark Print


Historical Memorabilia discussion


I was hoping to get some help with this bowl. 

I've searched google and have only found a few examples with the lobster motif, some new cups/plates (obviously new) and

2 pieces in museums with very similar painting. It appears to have a good deal of age to it.

I've found many piece with the Oribe green "drip" glaze but none with this type of motif.

If anyone could help wtih a possible age range or any other ideas/info I would greatly appreciate the help.

Or even leads for more research.

Also it appears to be signed on the bottom, if anyone can decipher the artist that would be great!.






Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 27, 2015 4:12:27 AM PT

Japanese Antique? Oribe glaze lobster bowl

P8230138 (500x375) (2) (400x300).jpg

P8230140 (400x289).jpgDoes anyone know this signature?  Art Pottery 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 25, 2015 3:00:51 PM PT

Help with signature on art pottery

Hello and thank you for looking.


We were hoping someone in the area could help us with these two Asian marks.


Both appear to have a bamboo design with the small cups also having a bird on them.


Any help identifying / dating / reading these marks would be very helpful.


Have a great day!


Regards, Rob & Tracie




Thanks Again !!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


I was hoping to get some help with this bowl. 

I've searched google and have only found a few examples with the lobster motif, some new cups/plates (obviously new) and

2 pieces in museums with very similar painting. It appears to have a good deal of age to it.

I've found many piece with the Oribe green "drip" glaze but none with this type of motif.

If anyone could help wtih a possible age range or any other ideas/info I would greatly appreciate the help.

Or even leads for more research.

Also it appears to be signed on the bottom, if anyone can decipher the artist that would be great!.




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Any help at would be appreciated, Maker? Pattern? anything.020.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 27, 2015 8:03:51 AM PT

please help GLASS twisted stem

Hi all. I recently picked up this gorgeous vase and have spent countless hours searching for an id,to no avail. It is 10 1/2 inches high and pretty darn heavy ! Any input is gratefully recieved.DSCN3410.JPGDSCN3409.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Aug 26, 2015 9:40:21 AM PT

Glassies,any ideas on who made me ?

I made a purchase yesterday and I received an e-mail mentioning that the item that was initially listed has been removed due to unauthorized third party access. I've already made the payment upon ordering.


Now that I'm trying to process a refund for the item, I am not really sure how to go about it now that the item has been removed and there's no way to chat live with anyone on eBay's support page.


Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


In regards to the item that was removed:-


US $9.99
+ US $0.00
1 item sold bytonton67
( 281782190492 )
We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything to worry about. If you have any questions about delivery, please check tracking or contact your seller. If you run into any trouble along the way eBay is here to help. Please visit the Resolution Center to help resolve any problems you may encounter.
US $9.99



So do I wait now for the item or should I just raise a refund request?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 26, 2015 9:50:40 PM PT

How to process refund?



I would like to buy a car via eBay - good price, but I have to be sure that my money wont end to some fraud pocket. Whole deal went practically great but I have to be sure, I can't believe this is a eBay email: Buyer-Protection-Program-Department@instruction.com. The seller have very good recommendations but even that is not enough for me to trust him. There is a part of the email - please, confirm me if is this real deal or a fraud.



From:                          eBay Transactions (Buyer-Protection-Program-Department@instruction.com)

Subject:                     Pay Now for your eBay Item! 09/2010 Audi A4 1.8 TFSi 118KW EURO4 Navigation 177,373KM


Seller:                       2homas ( 704Feedback score is 500 to 999



Bild in voller Größe anzeigen
09/2010 Audi A4 1.8 TFSi 118KW EURO4 Navigation 177,373KM
Buyer:kresous0 ( 0 )
Seller:2homas ( 704Feedback score is 500 to 999)
6,000.00 EUR
Shipping Fees:
0.00 EUR
Amount to Deposit:
3,000.00 EUR

Amount to Deposit: 3,000.00 EUR


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Aug 25, 2015 9:17:53 PM PT

Froud or real deal?

Hi I am needing help from the ebay biard members to identify this pottery piece. It does have a marking on the bottom. I beleive this is a incense burner or something of that nature. It has that personality in the face of some of picasso work, though not a picasso, lol. Just remonds me of his work. The pottery piece is around 8 inches tall. I am hoping someone can maybe help with the marking or artist this may be attributed to. any help is apreciated.




Collectibles & Art discussion

Found this large painting signed Lee Reynolds & while researching it I found that most Lee Reynolds paintings were actually done by his students from Van Guard Studio who used his name on their finished products.

I read that one way you could usually tell a Van Guard was that they had 2 sets of 6 numbers on the back of the paintings. - Mine has a 6 digit number on one side (132642), but the other number is only a three digit number & it has the letter R in front of it (R413).


Is the R for Reynolds and is this a real Reynolds painting?


I appreciate any help.










Collectibles & Art discussion



     I won an auction yesterday but have been unable to complete the checkout due to error while connecting to Paypal from checkout page. I have tried multiple things like - delete cahce/cookies , different browser etc but nothing seems to work .


I even contact Ebay customer support and looks like they dont have the slightest idea as to whats happening. From my own research I figured out that the issue could have been due to having different  email ID for paypal login than the one used for Ebay.  While this is not an issue with other global sites like Ebay US and Ebay germany (I have used both for purchases via PayPal) there seems to be problems with Ebay UK.






Any hellp to resolve this issue will be appreciated .




Payments discussion

Aug 27, 2015 11:23:47 AM PT

PayPal ERROR 70407 : Cannot pay with PayPal /






(For our Dial ups)

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hello I have won an item I have paid by Paypal, and now He doesn't wanto to sell it. He said"What are you talking about? I have agreed to a price in/fact who are you? I haven't sold anything I haven't received any monies now I have to contact eBay to investigate since you're trying to start trouble!" I don't understand.

The money is with Paypal until he ship the product. What I have to do? I must cancel the payment in Paypal....



Item no: 321829869066
Seller: mom-daughter
Sale date:08/18/15 12:39
Listing date: 08/11/15

Member To Member Support question

asian pots 010.JPG

I posted on the ASian Art forum and have had not luck trying to find it on my own  Was curious if anyone recognized it  TYIA 

Antiques discussion

Helping family friend liquidate estate & having no success identifying this bed. Maybe not antique at all but certainly vintage. Full size. Odd squared connectors on rails. Have googled every term I can think of to no avail.......any help is much appreciated.  


Antiques and Research

Aug 27, 2015 5:50:45 PM PT

What type of bed?

Hello people, I have the following issue:

Last week, I´ve bought item 321819867382 (link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321819867382) The item in question was offered  to be sent via "USPS Priority Mail Express". However, once the item shipped, it did via non-Express USPS Priority. This is a HUGE problem to me. Here in Uruguay, there is a customs' policy stating that, all international buyings over 100 USD and less than 200 USD can be exempt from all taxes only if they´re brought over via express shipping. This rule can be seen here (albeit it's in spanish): http://www.correo.com.uy/index.asp?pagVal=537. Now, due to the information on the site being incorrect and, the item being sent via non-express shipping, I'll be charged for taxes for the 60% of the item's final price (including shipping) plus the hiring of a customs officer (all specified in the link above). ¬¬ I mean, the whole reason why this order was entirely doable for me was the express shipping tax exemption. After I realized the mistake on the shipping method, I contacted the seller. We emailed back and forth, and I sent him proofs that the site specified EXPRESS shipping as the only selectable method for shipping to my country and he told me that the notification he received from Ebay's system was to sent it via USPS non-EXPRESS. So, due to a glitch in Ebay's interface, i am going to be charged around 60-70 USD in taxes. I attached the images to this post

I didn´t do anything wrong and neither the seller as he responded every message of mine and shipped according to the notification Ebay's system sent him. The problem is that I bought an item with an option selected and the system told the seller to do a different thing. What can I do? All I wanted was the item for a price and i might end up paying double due to a **bleep** interface glitch.


BTW: Does anyone know if the toll free phone number for Ebay's CS is toll free outside the US?

 express 1.jpg

express 2.jpg

Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 4:14:02 PM PT

Pleas HELP regarding a costly glitch

The bracelet is a mix of sterling, stone, and random glass beads.  It seems to be an artisan/craft show piece. I keep looking at the clasp and wondering whodunnit and where.  It looks vaguely Ethnic, but not Native American.  Or is it?  



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 25, 2015 1:32:32 PM PT

Where did I come from? The clasp anyway.

Im stuck on this set.  I am thinking of using art glass but I honestly have no idea what any of these types of stones names might be. This is an unsigned set with lots of swedge work.  What do you think?  Thanks! 


2015-08-25 14.16.35.jpg2015-08-25 14.07.58.jpg2015-08-25 14.10.05.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Aug 25, 2015 2:19:27 PM PT

Keyword help please

This buyer purchased a Samsung Tablet from me.


I got to looking at the Feedback and this person left no feedback but a few sellers left feedback for them. Looking at the feedback, I find it strange that out of the 6 Feedback score, some feedback is the same. I find it strange that 3 different sellers wrote the exact same feedback. Eforcity left 2 different feedbacks, etc.


Can you somehow put fake feedback?


Please reference the pic attached.


Do you think this looks fishy?


I just don't want to mail my item and get scammed. I've been scammed before so I'm extra careful these days.





Selling discussion

Aug 26, 2015 6:05:02 AM PT

Does this seller look legit to you?

So I just had my first experience with an immoral buyer. Asking for a refund on a digital item he will get to keep along with his money. I sold a game code, and yes I know the whole thing about game codes here so no lectures please, I am ok with the risks, all of my buyers have been honest, except this one. My question is, in my case, this person opened a case on PayPal saying this was an unauthorized purchase. In this case, why should I refund? Why do I need proof in the form of a tracking number? What does that have to do with anything? She's in my list under items sold, how is that not proof enough that she authorized the purchase?


Edit: She opened the case on PayPal, not eBay, well the email was from PayPal.

Selling discussion

Aug 26, 2015 1:04:46 PM PT

Immoral buyer

Has anyone else experienced this yet? In my 11 years on eBay I've never seen this kind of bug which can obviously be extremely problematic for a seller.


I sold a pair of shoes a few minutes ago but something told me to just scroll up and look at my remaining 43 listings. I know, not a lot but my exist plan from eBay has already started. The shoes I just sold was still there!? I have a 9.5 in the same model and again the 10.5 had just sold but low and behold here it was still active. What do you think would happen if a buyer clicked on it and I had to cancel because of being out of stock? Has anyone had this happen and had a buyer click on a sold item? Did the sale go throu? eBay said they would remove the defect hit you got when cancelling the transaction but I flat out told her "I don't believe you and I don't mean that as a personal attack on your person or character. However, you've been trained by an organization with questionable practices and behavior to give customers misinformation".


Apparently I'm not the first to report this according to the CS rep so they're very aware of it. I don't know when it started because this is the first non variation item I've sold in almost a month(I know...pitiful). The CS rep tried to down play it and said yes we want to go ahead and end it because your buyers could get confused. The only issue here is what happens to the buyers? I lost it.



Selling discussion

So I finally pulled the short straw, and got stuck with a bad buyer. They run a business on eBay and LinkDen that sells similar items to what I sell, and they purchased an item from me with the clear intent of reselling it. They left negative feedback for the item, then requested a partial refund in exchange for revising the feedback. I continued communicating with them, but I also contacted eBay to ask them how to proceed.


About one day after I contacted eBay, the buyer broke off all communication. I'm assuming this is because they received a warning about violating eBay Policy, and even though they aren't technically supposed to know what transaction prompted such a warning, it wouldn't be hard for him to guess it's the one he's currently haggling over.


My question is this: if a buyer has been found guilty of feedback extortion, are you supposed to be able to get any feedback they left removed? This is the impression I was under, but thus far I have not heard back from ebay about it. Both of the representatives I talked to agreed that it appeared to be a case of buyer feedback extortion, but seemed particularly unhelpful beyond that.

Selling discussion

Aug 25, 2015 4:21:05 PM PT

Feedback Extortion and Negative Feedback

I wanted to get some feedback from everyone regarding a recent interaction I had with a seller of a used snowboard:

1) The Buy it now price was $800 (Burton Mystery in case you are curious what board costs that much).

2) I offered $600. I fully expected an initial counter of $750ish, with a final price around $725 (plus shipping). There (obviously) wasn't an automated rejection to my offer. 

3) Less than a few hours later, the Seller counter offers with..... $800. 

4) I contacted eBay to see what the policy was regarding counter-offers by Sellers in relation to the Buy it Now price. 

5) By phone, eBay says that they have no policy, and the Sellers are free to counter with whatever price they wish equal to or less than than the Buy it now price.

6) eBay encouraged me to contact the seller to give them "the benefit of the doubt" to make sure that the counter offer was "not a mistake". I knew it wasn't since the seller had multiple best offer transactions in the past. 

7) Seller confirms that they thought my offer was too low and so they countered with the buy it now price. 


 My question are these:


1) Since we are only allowed 3 offer/counter-offers, doesn't the seller essentially game the system and eliminate one opportunity for the buyer to lower the price, by countering with the Buy it now price? 

2) Was the eBay representative wrong about eBay policy?

3) If indeed the representative was correct about eBay's policy, should eBay revise this policy so that Buyer counteroffers must be less than the Buy it now price? I realize that the buyer could still counter (using my example) $799 and still effectively eliminate 1/3 of the offers, but eBay is meant to be a free market exercise.


Thanks for your thoughts, critique and advice. 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Aug 26, 2015 11:19:17 AM PT

Best Offer Policies

Is anyone selling anything?  I have fixed price, GTC items and have in sold 1 item in 3 weeks!  They are all priced well too!  Any suggestions?  I can't lower prices anymore than I have them!

Selling discussion

Aug 27, 2015 9:29:22 AM PT

Is anyone selling anything?

Recently I read that the Previous CEO stated that Ebay never intended to have this many sellers with the TRS rating. Every change Ebay makes is appears to make things better for the buyer but also to lower the number of TRS qualified sellers. They need and want that 20% discount back and rather than just come out and eliminate the program, which would openly make them look bad, they make life hell on those that still manage to qualify for it and blame the seller for not being "up to" the new TRS standards. Each time Ebay says something is for informational purposes only, once they determine that it can be used to lower the number of TRS qualified sellers, it suddenly becomes a "new part" of the qualifying factors for attaining and maintaining your TRS status. I recently received a defect for shipping time although I mailed it the next business day the buyer did not receive it for 10 days and left me a 1 DSR although I also received a glowing feedback. It took a couple of calls to CS to finally get that one removed, but I finally got a CSR who looked at my history, my email to the person asking why I had gotten the low DSR and requesting he contact ebay to have it changed.  Naturally the buyer did not respond to the email and I have since blocked him from future purchases.


Now a couple of days later i suddenly have another defect on my account, after going almost a year with none (shortly after posting on these boards for the first time complaining about the defects for the slow USPS shipping, I am beginning to see why so many use alternative names on here). This one is for cancelling an order on a customer. Technically, I am guilty of this because I did refund his payment after I discovered I mailed his purchase to a different customer in error. I contacted the buyer and he understood and said to go ahead and refund the money but when I got the item back from the other buyer to let him know and we would finalize the deal. No contact was made with ebay regarding this and the item is still on my awaiting payment listing. Yet ebay gave me a defect because I refunded the person his money, period. I contacted CS and supposedly I will be able to have the defect removed once I send the item to him and prove delivery, although I am sure I will wind up with a defect for not shipping within 1 business day of cleared payment..


Again, no complaint was filed by the customer, I did not file for a FVF refund and I did not cancel the order, but ebay states that any refund through PayPal is considered a cancellation of the order by the seller regardless of the reason for the refund. So now according to this new ruling,  even if the buyer requests a refund prior to shipment and you agree to it and the buyer is happy, ebay will still give you a defect until you can at least prove shipment but preferably delivery (allowing for refunds due to lost in the mail, which I have had happen). Now how is this policy anything other than ebay trying to give defects to the seller?  They are going through payment records and filing defects against the seller even if the buyer wants to have the item cancelled.  There was no contact made with ebay regarding this issue by the buyer or myself, nor did I file for a FVF refund.  Am I missing something in how I am interpreting things or is this opening a whole new can of worms for seller defects??




Selling discussion

I was going on vacation and needed a item. I found a seller that specified they ship within 1 business day. I would have my item two days before I left according to his listing. I paid on the 9th and they marked it shipped the 10th. Tracking stated it was received by shipper on the 13th. I had to go and pay full retail along with tolls for the item so I will have for trip. I told the seller I no longer need the item and I wish to return it and be reimbursed for shipping also. I was told I have to pay shipping.

I'm looking for input on fb. Negative? Or give them 1 star on shipping? I find it very dishonest how sellers mark it shipped to keep the 1 day to ship for the selling status.


Bidding & Buying discussion

My employer gave me a large funeral daybed to sell that folds up into a wooden box that is 39"x26.25"x29" and it's 49 pounds.


At first, I was just going to list it for local pickup only, but she wants us to ship it so there will be more potential buyers.


So I tried to see if we had a box big enough to ship it in, but she said to just wrap it in bubble wrap and slap a mailing label and ship it that way!

Do you think that's safe? I would be afraid it would get damaged and we'd have to issue a refund.


But I went in and tried to post it anyway. I added 2" to each side to allow for the bubble wrap, and put that in as the package size, but ebay's system wouldn't accept it.


So I tried to search uline just to find a legitimate box size that it would fit in which was 43"x36"x29". I don't have the option to buy that box to use it, but I figured if I just entered the size into ebay's system, but shipped it in the bubble wrap, the shipping fee should calculate to be more than enough to cover the actual shipping. But ebay's system wouldn't accept that size, either.


Do these sizes go over ebay's or the post office's limit? Is there a way around this? Or would I have to ship this as freight?

Selling discussion

I am absolutely dumbfounded on they way EBay supports it's seller.  I missed the quantity line when copying a sellable item.  I sold one extra than what I had in stock.  I immediately (within 1 hour) refunded and messaged the buyer with my apologies.  Several days go by...I get negative feedback... "Paid for these turtle beach only to find out they were out if stock days later".  DAYS LATER...he wrote. A complete lie. How is it my fault he didn't read his email?  Per Ebay, He can leave any opinion he wants....even if it's a lie.  My only recourse is to reply to his feedback and/or  ask him to remove it.  Ebay would not remove it.  It's no wonder so many people I have spoken with refuses to use ebay anymore.


I have two selling accounts with approximately 14k in sales in 4 months and am seriously contemplating closing them and moving on.  Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing?  Is there an alternative selling market any better?



Selling discussion

Aug 26, 2015 1:15:18 PM PT

Ebay is absolutely horrible for the Seller

I'm being offered a sword, supposedly worth $7,000, from WWII, only 100 made in China, sold to the U.S. and Russia. I'm hoping someone recognizes it and knows something about it's value. Does this look real or sound like hogwash? Sorry the photos are so bad but that's what the seller provided.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Aug 26, 2015 11:22:57 AM PT

WWII sword, only 100 made, recognize this?

Purchased at auction in a lot and thought a simple google search would reveal what this tool is. However, to no avail I've found nothing but this one picture and this person was asking what it was as well.

Antiques discussion



Notwithstanding the fake dust bag, is this a genuine Coach Mini Signature Hobo?


Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have until I receive the bag, but I wanted to ask anyway. Is authentication possible based on these?


The measurements are L 14” x W 3” x W 11.5.


I didn’t know about this board before I purchased the bag. Better late than never!


Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Fashion discussion

Aug 25, 2015 11:06:12 AM PT

Coach Help Wanted-Style #1461

They gave a lowball offer 65% less than my asking price on a higher priced item.

I checked their feedback left for others...one of which was a negative calling the seller unethical and to beware...


Should I tell them why I blocked them or just let them forever wonder?



Selling discussion

Aug 27, 2015 6:23:08 PM PT

Buyer wants to know why I blocked them

sold a macbook computer and the buyer a day after winning the auction insists on meeting in person and paying cash. the listing stated shipping only. I informed the buyer i wasn't confortable with meeting and they knew what the listing said when they bid. buyer then says he needs it quickly to give to neice before thursday because she is going off to college. i gladly replied i would 2 day mail it and cover any additional shipping charges. that was 2 days ago and havn't heard back.


there is now trust issues because if we meet in person i wont know his last name or mailing address. i want to cancel order but the options ebay give aren't why i want to cancel. which should i choose? thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

Member To Member Support question

I recently sold my old bike for $90.  I entered the dimensions of my bike but did not take into account the box's/packeging's extra weight.  I sold it with the shipping cost as $15.80 (that is what the eBay calculator told me)  but when I went to the UPS store, shipping was over $140!!!!!  Can I cancel the purchase?? I don't want to be a jerk but I don't want to pay to get rid of my bike.  Thanks in advance

Selling discussion

Aug 25, 2015 2:40:39 PM PT

Incorrect Shipping please help!

I sold two items July 30th in an auction. The buyer paid about 4 days later. I send the items with tracking and she received them about 5 days after. She then began to complain about the items, and asked for a partial refund for the items and $3 for shipping. I did send her the $3 for shipping(as when I converted the money from US funds to Canadian I had excess), then felt that the complaints about the items themselves were not justified, so I said send the items back for a refund.

Now she said she did send the items back but I have received nothing. I feel like I'm being played. What should I do?


Member To Member Support question

Hello ! In my account appeared coupon $ 10, until 08.31.2015.
I wanted to use, but it was gone ... What is the reason? Where is he disappeared?Smiley Surprised

Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 12:37:01 PM PT


First time selling something on Ebay.


1. Are you allowed Digital Codes for Videogames? Some say it's fine others say no. I want to make sure it's not against the rule before sending the item to the buyer.

2. Whats the safest way to send the digital code to someone? I don't want to get someone saying the code doesn't work even though it does work.


Lastly I have someone interestested in buying the digital Code, Is their any negative side if you cancell the buy?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 1:34:19 PM PT

Digital Download Codes for VideoGames

Does EBAY use extended end times for bidding?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 26, 2015 4:14:35 AM PT


when i void a shipping label will i get my money back and how long does it take?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 2:09:45 PM PT

void shipping labels

I'm having a problem with buying certain car mats. Seller cannot add my country to shipping list, therefore im unable to buy item since shipping price is not listed below, but seller told me that they ship internationally, and that I can pay item with shipping price directly via PayPal but they can't send me email adress via ebay message to which i need to make a transaction, since its violation of ebay rules.


Can someone tell me how do I make a purchase?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 25, 2015 10:05:16 AM PT

How do i make a purchase?

Buenas tardes, necesito ayuda, quiero saber como puedo comprar en ebay con mi tarjeta de credito VISA que no sea atraves de Pay Pal ya que tengo una cuenta de pay pal pero PAY PAL no me deje agregar mi tarjeta de credito. Necesito ayuda

Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 9:41:25 AM PT

Tarjeta de Credito

If I have a max bid posted that is higher than the reserve price...........when the sale expires .......will I be charged the max bid or the reserve price



Member To Member Support question

Aug 26, 2015 2:03:17 PM PT

Reserve pricing

I have international shipping for 2 items that have been sold...

The address has been the same for both buyers even tho the items are for different people. 
I just want to know if this is the norm? both the shipping addys are as follow.

Bong Seng Soon
Reference #OREUSA1136392958MY
1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200
Erlanger, KY 41025
United States

Wan chi wah
Reference #OREUSA1135091631HK
1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200
Erlanger, KY 41025
United States

Is this correct?

Member To Member Support question

Aug 27, 2015 9:22:17 AM PT

International Shipping

I started my listing from "Sell one like this" that was from Canada.  Now on my listing it says "ships to Canada" with the Canadian price and I can't figure out how to make it go away!   I only want to ship to the lower 48.

Selling discussion

Aug 25, 2015 6:15:58 PM PT

Need help with shipping destination

I have iteam send back to seller on 8/18 but now is 8/26 look like he didn't want to accept return iteam. Right now post office still keep iteam. What i have to do now?




Member To Member Support question

Aug 26, 2015 9:05:17 AM PT

Return iteam but seller not accept.