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Hello all


Just recently I had an unpleasant dealing with member who purchased my item 271777084429 Breviile hemipshere mini blender


Upon recieving the item the buyer claimed it was not working. I told him that thats impossible because the item was tested 3 times prior to listing it. Once before thoroughly cleaning it then once after cleaning it then it was tested again before boxing it

I told the buyer to try to reset it and something might have happened in shipping, It could have been dropped but according to this member the box shows no damage. I knew that theres no way that this blender would just quit working.


He filed for a return request and me being an honest seller accepted the return so that I can inspect this item and make sure nothing was replaced and altered for it not to work


He claimed that he took it to an appliance guy and was told that the jar on those originally came in plastic, That statement alone made me sure about my doubt that this guy is pulling a fast one on me. I know for a fact that the blender came originally with a glass jar because it was bought brand new with a glass jar. Hes making it sound that the jar was replaced and it had to be wiggled for it to work. Thats his second lie right there


Got the item today and the first thing I noticed was the 3 big dents on the nice brush chrome base, that wasnt my concern at that point, I immidiately plugged it in and sure enough as I expected it is working. Turned the jar in every position (handle facing me , on the back and on both side) and worked every time I turn the knob. Left it off plugged in for 10 mins came back and turned it on, Its working flawlessly.did this 4 times and never fialed to work (again as I expected)


Inspected the whole blender and another thing that I noticed was the jar has moisture inside and has a sour smell, I know for a fact that this blender jar smells like Dawn dishwashing soap because Im the one that washed and air dried it before listing. I can guarantee that this blender was used by him or somebody in their household.


Ebay now wants me to refund him because I accepted the return. I told ebay I accepted the return so that I can inspect this blender , Itll be kinda hard to prove that its working properly if its not in my hands


This member got away with this kind of dishonesty once before and if you check his feedback that was left by a seller it states on there that this buyer was refunded by the seller and returned the wrong item.  


Does ebay really let crooks like this member do business on here? It is outrageous. First this buyer already lied about the item not working then on top of that ruined a very nice blender


Sad part is ebay is favoring this crook. I was told that because I accepted the return I have to refund him once the item is delivered. 


This member knows I dont take returns unless the item is not as described but to me both his scamming ways failed. The blender is working Flawlessly. We are honest people and would not sell items that doesnt work and if for some reason it is not working upon arrival and was retuned in the same condition it was in we dont have any problem giving refund


Any help or advice to this matter is greatly appreciated and Thank in advance





Shipping & Returns question

Mar 27, 2015 4:05:32 PM PT

What to do with a dishonest buyer

Trying to ID this dome covered butter.  Entire piece is about 5 1/2" tall, plate 7" diameter.

My reasoning on Duncan Miller is the rayed bottom looks identical to some positively

identified pieces.  Thick glass. Thanks for any help.  SANY1342.JPGSANY1341.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello All,


I recently came across this interesting Laughing Buddha figurine. It appears to be made of heavy, amber colored resin or glass. It measures approximately 2 3/4" tall and 3 1/2" wide.  It came in a fancy box with cloth lining.  The inside of the box has a plaque with Chinese writing.  A plastic coated card was also in the box with Chinese writing.

Can anyone translate the writing for me?  I suspect the figurine isn't worth much, possibly made for the tourist trade.  But it looks interesting with the fancy box and all.  Any information about the piece would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

buddha inbox.jpg

buddha front.jpg

buddha under.JPG

buddha plaque.jpg

buddha card.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Can anyone offer any information on this encased trinket dish? Any idea what the bowl is made of or what the markings on the bottom mean? The rim measures 4.25" diameter. Is there any better way to describe it? Thanks!




Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello everyone,


My first question in the forums is for the following reason:

According to e-bay rules "If the buyer doesn't respond within 7 days, you can close the case and you'll receive a final value fee credit."


However in my Resolution center ebay.jpg

I'm waiting buyer to respond 9 days already and yet е-bay don't give me option to close the case. Should I wait for eternity?

Or how I'm supposed to close this case, cancel the transaction and proceed with my final value fee credit.


Just few notes:

- Buyer never paid the item.

- Same buyer bought 2 items from me, I've opened UPI case for the other one but I made mistake (or was too gracefull towards buyer) to open Cancel request, right after Auction was over, instead of waiting 2 days and then open second UPI case - that would be 2 consecutives UPI strikes for buyer.

- I don't want (I can't) contact e-bay by telephone to contact them directly and I find it a bit frustrating to contact them only by phone.

Selling discussion

I have these 2 pieces that I purchased at different times. I thought they were both bases for a punch bowl. While photographing them, I started thinking that they may be the same pattern? I've looked through a book I have and online and can't figure it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Joanne


Punch Bowl Base?



Base or Vase?





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Mar 27, 2015 4:00:23 AM PT

Glass - EAPG Pattern Help, please

ebay now allows buyers to brag about winning ebay money back cases with negative feedback. This on top of the fact that ebay does not refund listing or final value fees on cases it decides makes it crystal clear that ebays only concern is its own profits.

My Account discussion

I recently purchased a $75+ fragrance on ebay.  The seller did not call out in the listing that the item was actually a hybrid product, a discontinued item that is essentially an all-in-one home fragrance / skin fragrance.  For fragrance afficianados here, it's a Jo Malone product  called"Blue Agava & Cacao Living Cologne".   Her listing was technically honest but for those of us unfamilar with this obscure product, it is VERY easy to presume that this is the standard cologne, just in a much larger size. 


I did NOT realize that this was not the standard cologne. My problem is that it smells NOTHING like the other items in this same fragrance e.g., cologne, candles etc. etc., all of which I've purchased in the past.   In fact, until i did my post-purchase research, to understand what I had purchased, I had presumed that it was counterfeit - since it truly smells nothing like the fragrance that I know and love AND, I wouldn't even describe the scent as pleasant - certanly nothing that i would ever choose to smell like.  The seller contends that it's a "lovely scent" and simply "lighter" than the standard cologne.  IF this were the case, I would simply chalk this up to experience and move-on...but it truly smells NOTHING like the fragrance that I love.


So, I initially opened a request to return with the seller, stating that the listing was innacurate...the seller fired back that it was certainly not a fake, and that she would definitely not accept returns.  She then opened a case, that was seemingly instantaneously decided in her favor...VERY frustratrating since I didn't even get a chance to share my side.  I appealed the ebay decision BUT since I really didn't have any new info to share, it hasn't been overturned.  The rep said that she could again politely request that the seller accept a return...I never heard back from ebay and have zero hope that the seller will change her tune.


It's especially frustratating knowing that I have no use whatsoever for the pricey product...of course, I could very hippocritically try to re-sell it on Ebay...in hopes that ebay will then side with me when the would-be buyer opens a case.  :smileysad:  


I've been on ebay for nearly 15 years and this is easily my most frustrating experience...I paid via PayPal...is there any point in contesting the payment with my credit card company (Visa)??  Is there any other recourse??


Thanks in advance for any thoughts...


Shipping & Returns discussion

What is currently going on with ebay??? All of the relist item descriptions are showing up in code! OVER IT!

Selling discussion

We used to get a ton of sales from UK, Canada and Australia.  Since the Global Shipping Progranm started, that business has all but died. 


The only reason we are so vested in eBay is because of the international exposure.


There was a story in the UK's Guardian newspaper about Chinese sellers not having to pay VAT tax.  This story got all the way to eBay management, and suddenly UK listings were getting a lot of exposure.


Now it's American sellers reaslly getting slammed. Views and sales are way, way down.


Because the Chinese pay NO shipping at all for their knockoff junk thanks to treaties and deals with Donahoe's cronies.

Because the Chinese have flooded the site with utter, utter trash.

Because buyers see eBay and they ASSOCIATE it with bad buying experiences, when they order from China and the item turns out to be cheap garbage or completely the wrong size/style/etc.


We demand equal footing and exposure.  This is disgusting.  Do something about it, eBay.


Selling discussion

Mar 29, 2015 4:10:47 PM PT

AMERICAN Sellers Need a Break, eBay!

I recently won an auction on a designer handbag for about $1300(it's about $2100 in retail store). However, the seller told me that she was helping her friend to sell that handbag since she doesnt have an ebay account. When she got that bag to ship out this afternoon and looked at the bag it doesnt feel right to her. She said she works in the luxury business and was pretty confident that the bag is not authentic... So... in order to keep her good population, she wants to give me a full refund... Should I just let her cancel the order? Is it possible that she just lied to me because the auction price is too low? Any suggestion to deal with this kind of case? Thank you

Bidding & Buying question

Good morning!

I had a buyer buy a pattern. She then wrote and asked what a combined shipping would be if she added another pattern. I sent her the information. She then wrote saying "I used add to cart. Please hurry before someone bids on my item." I only show the original pattern purchase. Where do I find the "add to cart" and how do I send an invoice with her combined shipping when I do? Never had this come up, and my seach for information doesn't help me in this situation, and I don't want her to loose her purchase while I hunt around.


Will appreciate help.


Thanks in advance.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have a negative feedback and had a defect to go with it.


The defect is gone, but the feedback is still showing as "within 12 months"


The defect for the transaction had three reasons for the defect: SNAD dispute, negative FB and low DSR for As Described.


The defect for the transaction is gone, and all three triggers are showing as gone, even the one for negative FB(even though the neg is less than a year old).


I thought the defect would stick until the neg aged off, but that's not seeming to be the case.


The SNAD case was opened before the neg was left.  Since the case was the first trigger of the defect, are all aspects of the defect gone now because the case aged off?

Or, in other words, does a defect age off at the earliest trigger or the latest trigger?




Selling discussion

Mar 27, 2015 1:37:20 PM PT

defect gone before negative

I bought a 2 pound item.  Paid $6 flat rate shipping (listed as "Standard" shipping in listing).  Seller shipped Priority Mail, 2 pound rate.


Item is not as described, seller accepted return request, out pops a First Class Return Service label.


Just curious if there's a glitch with return labels or if anyone knows why this happened. 


I guess I'll be spending my morning on the line with ebay getting the label switched up.

Selling discussion

I made a purchase for $38, it shows that the item was sold for $48.  I think this may be a scheme for eBay to make for money on listing.  They tell you to look at "sold" listings when listing your own stuff to get an idea of what things are selling for.  Could this be a way for eBay to make you overprice and have to relist?  Now with this no more relisting for free, it seems we're being scammed by eBay.....anyone else notice this going on?  Very sneaky....

Bidding & Buying question

Why oh why can't I see weather an auction is private or not after I sign in???  Check out the pic I included, identical listing, one on the left is before I sign in, the right one is after I sign in. Notice the listing pic changes size also, weird no?


This problem popped up within the last year or so, ebay changed it for some mysterious reason. So I'm searching thru listings, click on an ad and right at the top of the sellers listing is a white bar which states "This is a private listing. Sign in to view your status or learn more about private listings." BUT, once I sign in to my account, it is gone. Not just in this ad, in every listing that I view as long as I'm signed in. The bar disappears and I have no idea weather auctions are private or not?? Try it yourself and let me know if it happens to you. Find a few private listings, save the links, sign in and watch the private listing indicator magically disappear. 


Before you respond with - "then just don't sign in" - We need to sign in to watch items and I need to sign in to see the many auctions only available for U.S. buyers. I'm Canadian with a U.S. shipping/ebay address so I have access to way more auctions and avoid unbelievable shipping rip offs even tho I live 1 hour from the USofA. 

you may also answer- "then just check their feedback and see if their older listings were private" - nope, many sellers sell thru private and non private auctions depending on the item so this method would not be dependable. + this extra step would be a PITA


Hiding the fact that an auction is private is unfair to sellers because they can increase sales by selling to people who may or may not want to buy from a private auction depending on the item. If I am selling an item that I believe would receive more bids if it were private, I now have to put "private listing" in the sub title to let people know and that costs me money! This is also unfair to buyers who want to buy an item from a private auction or those who want to buy from a non private auction to ensure there is no shill bidding.


Let's give ebay the benifit of the doubt and say this is a coding mistake, intentional or not it needs to be fixed asap IMO!

Bidding & Buying discussion

Bought a vase, item description was:  Tamara Aladin´s design and Riihimäki Glass Factory product. I paid via PayPall.


I told about my purchase to my glass collector friends. They seriously doubted announced origin when they saw the picture of the vase. I asked about the vase on design glass forum and I was told the vase isn´t known in Aladin´s well documented production. I´ve made an inquiry to Riihimäki Glass Museum and I hope I´ll get answer soon.



I contacted the seller right away and told he what I had learned about the vase. The seller answered: "This is how it was sold to me and I have no reason to doubt the dealer who sold it to me.I am not an expert and I have no way of being 100% on the origin.
If you had any doubts you should say before bidding ,it is a lovely vase and I hope you will be pleased with it."


Seller hasn´t given me feedback. 


Is there such a culture on eBay, that for leaving negative feedback one will get negative feedback on return? They are called "revenge negative feedback".  In some auction sites that happens and therefore it´s not wise to give anyone negative feedback even if being cheated. 


As a new seller I must avoid negative feedback. 



Buying & Selling Basics question

Mar 27, 2015 10:24:23 AM PT

Is it unwise to leave negative feedback?

It wasn't working on the 27th and I still can't get it to work. I can't list anything or revise what I already have for sale. 

Technical Issues discussion

When I have orders on Sunday like this one was, I usually ship in the afternoon the NEXT day so if there are more orders I can take them to the post at the same time. What the buyer did was pay and then, ask to ship to their P.O. Box. because eBay had "defaulted to their FexEx" address.I told them I couldn't but they could cancel if they couldn't accept it at their "FexEx" addy. I waited as long as I could for them to respond, but time was almost up for the "1 business day shipping" period. So I went ahead and cancelled. Today I am looking and I see it affected my DSR "Dashboard". SO what and why did they DIS me. I was just trying to get things done within the "One business day" shipping period and now it is "MY FAULT?" WHere do we get to post feedback rating for eBay? It is something eBay needs. Is eBay a member of the B.B.B.?

Where is the POST button? **bleep** eBay? **bleep**?




Selling discussion

I want to post a question, but I need a screen shot, I have no idea how to do this.

I also want to blur some info, how to do this?


I am using a new laptop with Win 8.1 

Selling discussion

An experienced buyer just contacted me through eBay messaging that one of the set of 5 bowls I sent him arrived broken.  He followed my instructions in the listing and on the packing slip and contacted me directly(with pictures) without opening a case.  The package was insured and since they are no longer a nesting set of 5 I wanted to refund the entire price and file an insurance claim.


So, since my buyer didn't open a dispute how do I avoid a defect when issueing a full refund?  Would sending him all but one penny work or is there a better way? 

Selling discussion

Mar 27, 2015 8:53:51 PM PT

Shipping damage-refund without defect?

I Bought an Item 15 Days ago, Seller shipped with tracking (No Insurance) Package is Stuck in sellers home state for 2 weeks. I Requested refund. (eBay says "Get What you Pay for or Get Your Money Back")  eBay Sends me email from seller Stateing hes trying to track package Down, But in the Meantime, Hes Offering me Half My money back, Saying we're "Both" Victims of Lost mail, and explains how he Lost Money on this sale.


eBays asking me if this offer is Acceptable to me. What happened to "Get what you pay for or..........." ?  I Replyed That I expect a Full Refund, Not Half. Is This the Norm here? If I should get this package at a later date I would Send seller his money. Am I in the wrong for wanting a Full Refund?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Mar 27, 2015 8:46:00 AM PT

Lost In Mail?

I am having a problem with the picture upload button on my selling page.

Selling question

Good Morning!  I just posted an 'open question' to cimmunity re: bidding!

First time I've made an inquiry so I figured I would make my qustion available to as many ebay members as possible!

Quetion in 'open post' and here is the same:  how is it that I have been outbid  twice by exactly $1.00, even though  my bid 

amout was an uncommon amount:  i.e., rather than $10.00, it was $10.63?  And yet, I was out bit twice by $1.00, to the penny!

I wondering how "hidden" my max bid really is, or do some folks just spend an inordinate amout of time going through every permutation of possible highest bid until they become the highest bidder. Or are people, perhaps, just using some program or other to present them with all the possibilities.

I'm not convinced this is just a simple cooincidence!!!

Thank you all for your time!  Have a great Saturday!  Thanks again!

kg :catfrustrated::smileyfrustrated::heart:

Bidding & Buying discussion

I listed an item and in the item title I put several keywords so if someone were to search for the item it would easily be found but most of the words I used do not find my item. Shouldn't I be able to type them in and do an all category search and find it?

Getting Started question

Mar 28, 2015 6:25:55 PM PT

Item title keywords?

Was wondering what the best strategy would be when jacket and skirt (considered 'suit separates') are different sizes?  Jacket is size 14.  Skirt is size 12.  List together or list separately to attract buyers?  Thanks.

Selling question

A week or so ago I bought a digital Ford Shop manual from an ebay seller.  It was a buy it now auction. Once I bought and paid for it I was given a link to go to and downlaod the manual.  Is this against selling rules on ebay?

Bidding & Buying question

Buyer paid immediately then requested delay in shipping. Called eBay so my shipping time wouldn't reflect negatively. They
said nothing they could do although they verified the buyers request. Now my projected dashboard is projected to be lower
Any suggestions

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 28, 2015 6:00:44 PM PT

Buyer paid & requested delay in shipping.


   hi hit the first garage sale of the year yesterday and got a couple interesting early glass items

one is this covered compote with what i can only describe as a pretzel looking pattern on it

the pattern is on the lid the nob and around the bottom

  has air bubbles and getting that light purple / violet  color  to it

stands 11 3/4" to the top of the nob, 7 5/8" to the rim of the bowl and  lid is 6 1/2" across 

  have looked at a lot of compote's and  i don’t see any with this type of pattern or even the large ball with the vertical grooves  one the stem

hopping one of you glass experts can point me in the wright direction


the other item is a interesting pitcher still working on that looks to be a cross ground base applied handle  with a fan / block pattern  

thanks for any help

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Looking for help identifying this EAPG celery dish. It is 11" long, 4 3/4" wide, 2" tall and the glass is about five sixteenths of an inch thick. It is very heavy and the edges are sharp and crisp.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi all~ I returned a DVD per the seller's policy (TERRIBLE seller, I see now--couple dozen complaints have rolled in since my purchase!!) and when I check the tracking it shows USPS left an attempted delivery notice because there was not a "secure location" to leave the package. That was several days ago and the USPS policy is to return to sender if not picked within 15 days. Then what? This seller is not exactly communicative, I don't feel hopeful he'll pick up the package, so then what recourse do I have? Thanks for your help!!!

Shipping & Returns question

I deleted by mistake some unsold listings.

There is any way for me to recover those listings.

I clicked too fast and I don't even know which and how many I deleted.

If there is any way to see it I will be able to identified them.

Thanks in advance for any help

Selling question

Mar 29, 2015 3:24:03 PM PT

how to recover deleted unsold listing

Hi there,

Am hoping someone can id this clear pressed glass covered sugar bowl.  Think it is EAPG but not sure.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Mar 28, 2015 4:37:26 PM PT

EAGP Covered Sugar Bowl

Hi there,


Am hoping someone can id this scalloped EAPG clear pressed glass spooner  It has a horizontal band with ferns interrupted by  diamonds. Any help would be much appreaiced. 


Thanks in advance.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Mar 28, 2015 4:41:26 PM PT

EAPG Spooner

I have 2 strings of beads sitting in my purchase history waiting to be paid for. Paypal insists that I change my address. The listing said WILL ship to Australia and Free Shipping.  I buy a LOT of beads from China and rarely have a problem. I contacted the seller asking them to please update their shipping so that I could pay...this usually works as it's a simple error. But not this time!


The next thing I get is a message from eBay telling me that the seller told them that I requested to cancel the transaction! I refused teling eBay that I had never made that request and only wish to be abe to pay for my items.  And it seems that was the end of it!


I'm an American living in Australia. Unless I can figure out how to deal with this through eBay, I feel I have no choice but to contact someone to invoke Australian consumer protection law, which is IMHO excessively strict.  I know it because I operate a business here.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to either get this seller to honor the listing, or to get eBays attention? I do not want this hanging over my head it's 2 lousy strings of beads at under $2!


At this point I wonder if it would be easier to just change the address to my daughter in Illinois and let her give the crystal beads to the kids to play with, and find another seller to get what I need to complete the necklace I'm working on!


I really need help with this....but thank you also for listening to me vent my frustration!




Payments question

Mar 28, 2015 5:14:57 PM PT

Seller won't let me pay...HELP!

  I bought a dvd on Ebay. The seller could not find the dvd. He returned

my payment. But now I show I have one unpaid item in my active columns.

How do I get rid of this notice. I really have no unpaid items.

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 27, 2015 8:54:23 AM PT

I bought a dvd on Ebay.

I just started doing ebay again recently after 3 years or so off. When I left the jewelry board was hopping! When I finally figured out where this board was (!) again I was surprised by the lack of participation. Did something happen? Did ebay mess things up for the boards? Just curious. Lisa

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Mar 29, 2015 6:21:54 AM PT

What happened to this board?

I am trying to do research on some items I would like to sell and as I look at other peoples listings I see they sold 23 of this particular item but is there a way to tell how long it took them to sell those 23 items?

Tools & Apps question

Mar 29, 2015 1:16:40 PM PT

how long an item was listed

 I ordered original flavor nicotine gum, and received mint flavor. I started a "return for refund", printed the shipping label, and shipped the package off to the seller (package still in transit per tracking number). Seller contacted me, and said that they would send me the correct gum, if I cancelled the return. I'm fine with this, but what if the seller never sends it? Should I close the return? If so, what is the procedure for this? Or, does the seller have to close it? Under the seller link for the item sold, I know there is an option to issue refund. Is there also an option to issue replacement? Thanks

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 29, 2015 7:08:26 AM PT

Question about returning an item

Well, I just answered!
Hope it will be helpful for you and thanks in advance :smileyhappy:

Someone from here was contact me and say thank you :smileyhappy:
Glad I could help someone in the world :smileyhappy:

Good Night,

Getting Started question

Mar 28, 2015 3:38:29 PM PT

Does anyone has the phone numer of eBay?


Part 1


I ship $160 items to Europe on a regular basis using Priority Mail.  I just got a customer disupte for non receipt. The item went through German Customs and then got lost.   So thats my problem correct ?   Is it practical to file a claim with USPS or a waste of time.


Part 2 - a "what if" qeustion

What if USPS showed "delivered"  but signature was not required, and the buyers files a "not received dispute".  Whose problem is that on a $160 item.


Am I covered under the PayPal seller protection on a USPS "Delivered" notice for an item of this price ?

Is the customer 'out of luck'   ?   





Selling question

I never buy paintings but this one reminded me of my daughter when she was smaller and I was drawn to it. I can't see a signature, maybe under the frame??? It says created by On. Ruiz on the back. Are the On his first initials? I can not find anything about this painting, and hope somebody can help me figure out if it is worth selling or not. Thanks for any input. :smileyhappy:

Collectibles & Art discussion

Im under the 21 day hold, if i ship without tracking will I still be able to get my funds but ill just have to wait the full 21 days?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 27, 2015 7:26:41 PM PT

What happens if i ship without tracking?

Has anyone else seen the raw elephant tusk pieces being sold by a guy in Portugal? I have reported it to eBay several times and nothing has been done. The guy just keeps relisting calling the pieces "buffalo bone", "yak bone", "carved bone vases", "pendant". He uses several different seller accounts and just lists the same stuff with a different seller name.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Mar 28, 2015 2:37:33 PM PT

Pieces of raw elephant tusk being sold.

I sold an item on February 26 and the buyer left positive feedback. Then on March 15 they requested a return, claiming that the item did not work. The item is a Blu ray television series. The discs have never been played or taken out of the case; they are brand new. I don't allow returns, but since they claim it is defective ebay allowed them to request it. They included a message with the request, stating that they had tried the discs in multiple DVD players and that the discs appeared to be blank. I sent a message on that same day, asking if they had tried them in a blu ray player. I'm positive there is nothing wrong with the discs and I believe that the buyer was just playing them in the wrong kind of player,neven though I specified in the title that the discs were blu ray and I stated in the description that the discs were blu Ray and that the dvd discs were not included. I never heard anything from them, so on March 18 I decided to accept the return so that I could get the item back and test the discs for myself and then resell them, and avoid a case being opened with ebay. I paid for a shipping label through eBay so that they could print it off and ship the discs back. According to eBay, they were supposed to ship the item back by March 25. However, they haven't shipped the item, nor have they contacted me at all since they requested the return on March 15. I reported them to eBay in March 26, but ebay won't tell me if they take any action. I'm uncertain what my next step is from here. My PayPal account is negative because of this return and I just want to get it settled and get the item back so that I can resell it and make my balance positive instead of negative. Do I need to contact eBay or is there a way I can open a case against the buyer? I checked the resolution center and there is no option that is close to my problem.

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have been ON HOLD with Ebay over 30 minutes to answer this simple

straight forward question!


Please see attached photo.

Some completed listing prices are in Green

Some completed listing prices are in Black.


What does Green completed listing price mean please?

Does Black completed listing price mean it was sold for $3,000?


Thank you!

Selling question

Trying to identify the second doll from the left, standing between Midge and Barbie.  Can you help?  Only have photo, do not know markings.

Dolls discussion

Can anybody tell me the cost to ship a USPS priority mail large flat rate box using ebay shipping.  I've looked and can't seem to find the cost.



Shipping & Returns question

Mar 28, 2015 10:18:45 AM PT

USPS/eBay large flat rate shipping cost.

As a New Jersey Resident, can I sell a crossbow on eBay? Are there any state laws against me selling a crossbow on line?

Selling question

Mar 28, 2015 5:50:13 PM PT

NJ Selling of Crossbows

I like to print out the listings for some of the items I buy on ebay - gives me a record of description and price. There used to be a print function within the list where you could print part or all of the listing. I cannot find that function anymore. 


Am I blind or has ebay lost that function - another great ebay idea like hiding the full description. 

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Buyer bought and paid for two coins, one fast ship, one slow.


Am I dumb to ship them together fast (as a courtesy) as I have no proof the 2nd ever shipped?

Shipping & Returns question

Hi Guys,


I'm from the UK and for some reason It's all US stuff, when I was on years ago I knew how to swap but I cant do it.... Please help me lol :smileysad:

Mel xxxx

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Mar 28, 2015 2:17:19 AM PT

im on the wrong ebay help

Can blocked members still leave feedback

Selling question

Mar 27, 2015 6:29:22 PM PT

can blocked members still leave feedback

I get my Paypal account linked to two Ebay accounts?

Payments question

A few weeks ago my "sold" items dropped off the list. I thought it was related to the age of the listing so I didn't worry about it. But then, listings that had sold just a few days prior dropped off the list. Now I can't go back and reference anything unless I request a historical download. Is this normal?? How can I fix this? 


Note: "Restore defaults" in my seller view doesn't fix it. 





Selling question


Selling question

Mar 28, 2015 11:17:11 AM PT

broke the perfume received...

Please help me understand the process of purchasing an item. I've already set up an Ebay account and place a bid on two items. If you could please help. 

Payments question

Mar 27, 2015 6:53:37 PM PT

Buying an item

I paid for no return, new condition item ! The item arrived damaged, broken i opened a refund request and attached all the pictures the seller declined my request and now asking me to ship the item back so he can make the refund. But the box is too big and if i wanna ship it back i have to pay double time of what i paid for the item itself. This is so wrong & unfair to me . The seller sold me a damaged item & now putting me in a position with no option! I believe he is dishonest and he mean to do it. I am asking ebay to step in and solve my issue please . I need ur help please . Thank you

My Account question

Mar 28, 2015 1:43:15 AM PT

I need to call/email and get talk to ebay

I cancelled an order for a buyer and they are asking when they will see it. It has been 4 business days? I'm not sure what to tell them. It shows that it is refunded and taken out of my PayPal acct.
Thank you, Beth

Shipping & Returns question

Ebay wants auctions, Buyers want quick auctions, Don't charge for 1-5 auctions. Anyone else feel this way ?


I tend to do very well with the 1-3 day auctions. I have bid on somethibg I wanted but the 7-10 day was too long and I never bid on that item I found another one that was on the 1-3 days. Has anyone else  have luck with the 1-3 day vs the 7-10 day.  So why are we paying a dollar for each auction starting in May.



Selling question

Mar 28, 2015 8:10:42 AM PT

Ebay charging $1 for 1-3 day auctions



Can anyone help identify this antique French commode? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

Selling question

Hi Everyone...

I am hoping someone can help me identify this goblet.

It is 5 3/4" Tall  and has 16 panels around it and 11 bulbous orbs

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Best, Linda

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Mar 27, 2015 5:28:35 PM PT

Need Help With ID of Goblet

does paypal charge a fee for sending a invoice from ebay?

Selling question

WHat is BHFO ?

Bidding & Buying question

Just wondering, is it approriate for a buyer who wins an auction, and responds on the third day a

fter asking if it is ok to delay payment 5 more days, until they get paid?  BTW this buyer is also a seller.

Selling question

Mar 29, 2015 2:11:04 PM PT

Slow Payer

Selling question

I have a couple items I sell that I can mail in a regular long envelope. I had 3 sales on them so I used my own stamps, but it's giving me a yellow flag on "transactions had tracking uploaded within handling time and validated by carrier".


Does anyone know if there is a way to simply print the standard .49 cent stamp with eBay so I can avoid the "penalty" of not providing tracking, etc.? I tried to change the mailing settings on the items but it wanted to charge me .96 cents. Must I pay that amount to get the label and tracking from eBay? I really would rather not because then I'd have to raise the price and I don't want to do that.


Help? Please??

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Not sure how I answer a person that answered my question through this system, Anyway

Buyer asked to cancel their winning bid she said she went and bought the item because she didn't think she would win. I agreed and asked to cancel 


This is about 11 days ago, this is still pending on my list indicating waiting for.PAYMENT, this is the remark 

Cancellation is pending
We'll ask the buyer to confirm the cancel.
This is what is showing so yes I tried to cancel it but how long will this stay on my list or can i get off somehow, or will it fall it off?

Selling question

Mar 29, 2015 5:03:35 PM PT

System says cancellation is pending

I think this is a wool blanket? Hoping the eBay community can help me with translating the Manufacturer's label to help me to identify this item. Is the label Russian or another language similiar to Russian? Thank you so much.

Selling question

thanks to ebayers that answered my question, but is there any way to respond, or counter question back at all?

Selling question

Mar 28, 2015 9:45:48 AM PT

reply to answers?

Hello everyone,


Today I come here to tell you all my story in eBay.


I am a student of 20 years old. I used to sell on eBay computer parts. Nothing too serious but it would allow me to have some extra money.


More or less a month and an half ago, I got a little problem with a seller: he told me that the item he had bought was not working as intended. No worries at all: my policy is that when the customer is not satisfied and there is something wrong with what I sell, I just full refund the buyer in question.

So, I imediatelly went to the selling centre and tried to refund the buyer. After trying for several times, all of those times with the same result (It would say to me that an error had occured and requested me to try again), I remembered to try on PayPal website. However, on that side, the button to give the refund was not even there.


I sent an e-mail to buyer telling him this and called PayPal, asking them to do that for me or instruct me in what I could do. The lady who talked to me tried several times and finally she could do it and the buyer was refunded. All ok, every part was happy.


A few minutes later I got an e-mail from PayPal, telling me that I had been having some problems with my sales and that I had to provide some information (what kind of business I ran (none, I am a student selling a few bits and bobs on eBay), my proof of address and ID, what kind of items I sold, etc. Scared, I called PayPal to know that was going on. The customer support representative told me it was everything ok, I just needed to provide the information and after verifying that, I would get my account fully working again. I told him I had already sent the proof of address and ID because of one verification agaisnt money laundrying we have to do according to EU law and he confirmed it was already there. When he oppened the documents I sent he verified that I wasn't 18 years old when I created my account back in 2009 and it was possible that my PayPal account could be permanentelly limited but that I could create another one with no worries because I am now older. I accepted that with no problem at all.


A few hours later I received the information from PayPal telling me that they had to limit my account but that I could create another one. I did and associated that new account with my eBay account.


A few days later I got an e-mail from eBay telling me that my seller account was also limited because I was having problems on PayPal. To resolve this I had to provide proof of address, ID and to call PayPal and have an X case number closed (that case number is the case that lead to my Paypal account closure because of the age problem). I did provide the documents and informed what case that was and all the informations. I contacted Paypal also.


From there to the present day I still haven't been able to solve this situation. I've called many times, was asked to wait a few days, was promised that my situation would be forward to an account specialist, etc. PayPal tells me that the case is closed, some times they don't even read the whole e-mail I send. eBay keeps telling me that I have to contact PayPal and close that case and here we are.


I have even asked eBay if I can close this account and create a new one, like PayPal allowed me to do. However, eBay does not allow this.


I really would like to keep selling on eBay. I don't think I can find any other platform as suited to what I sell as eBay.


Would any of you give me a suggestion of what I can do? As any of you been in the same place as I?


Thank you very much for your answers,

Best regarding,



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I leave feedback for an item i bought, but when i hit the "leave feedback button" it does nothing. HELP!


Bidding & Buying question

why do i have no EBay bucks

My Account question

Mar 27, 2015 10:51:50 AM PT

why do I have no EBay bucks

Unpaid case. Person paid. When getting ready to ship discovered item wrong size. Notified customer, she wants to cancel. Tried to cancel,ebay will not let me cancel. Any help would be appreciated.

Selling question

Mar 28, 2015 2:28:48 PM PT

Canceling transaction



I am looking at some hair extensions on here and am thinking about buying them for my prom.


I found a vendor that is offering FREE expedited shipping from china with the estimated delivery dates being between April 1-6, but when I went to ask a question in reference to the extensions, I saw the shipping say 13-25 days with expedited shipping.



Which one should I believe?

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 28, 2015 11:39:24 AM PT

Expedited shipment confusion

Recently after purchasing items, I'm being returned automatically to the sign in page to sign i again.

Is anyone having the same problem. If it's a problem or perhaps it could be for verification purposes.   

My Account discussion


I bought an item and paid for it, then after an hour or so the seller cancelled the order by himself, now how I can find the order to leave feedback if the seller will not respond?



Bidding & Buying discussion

I would really like to thank all the people that have purchesed from my store.Is there a way to send a mass email ?

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how far back can I go to resubmit an item for sale

Selling question

Mar 27, 2015 8:26:06 AM PT



Selling question

Mar 26, 2015 5:52:52 PM PT


i need contact number for ebay 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Mar 27, 2015 5:10:34 PM PT

phone number

Selling question

is there a way to tell when somebody left you feedback, like what day/date it was?

Selling question

Is there any way to refine the search critera?  I've been trying to find a way to limit my searches but no matter what I do, I don't seem to be getting anywhere.  Is it possible to put quotes around words that will restrict the search to only those words?  Or some other character?  And I'm assuming there isn't a way to eliminate certain things, i.e. I'm looking for a book but I don't want the paperback version.  Can I say "Hardback" or "Not paperback" in some way?  I'm also searching for a particular book by an author but I keep getting other books by that author also, which I then have to wade through.  It's very frustrating and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Getting Started question

Mar 28, 2015 5:13:44 PM PT

search criteria

I received positive feedback "nice item" and then a few days later a note stating that I should have mentioned something she found undesirable about the item, and that I should have mentioned it. I sent a message to her that had I been aware of the issue I would have mentioned it, but hoped she was enjoying the item. She did not ask for a refund or make a fuss, but added a negative note to the positive feedback she had previously left. Can I ask eBay to remove the negative note?

Selling question

Mar 27, 2015 12:57:43 PM PT

Positive feedback with negative comment

As a Seller I have been getting pushed around by Buyers and Ebay.  I'm not feeling the love anymore here and would like to leave this mess.  I tried to close my account but Ebay says....Now, Now, you need to wait until you have a zero balance and we show you currently have a credit balance.  So I dig deeper and ask for a refund of my credit...they say Now, Now, after you get your refund and your balance is zero then you can close your account (I am assuming that is at the end of the invoice cycle) however; Then you must wait an additional 60 days before you can close your account.  Why?  Well, someone might want to open a case or leave feedback.  I was not aware the you could open a case that far into the past....They say that I can cancel my request at any time and I will be reinstated....REALLY?  Why would I do that after the subpar policies that Ebay has employee with negative impact on Sellers?  Why should Ebay care so much about losing me now...they didn't care enough when I was Selling--to offer me my honest opinion on what I thought about the Buyer I was dealing with.  They didn't care when I assumed 100% of the risk is selling an item at their recommended "no reserve" listing.  I know they want all items to sell high, but its not their loss if they don't.  The feedback forum is deal breaker...no feedback for Sellers when it matters...I want a divorce from this situation.  I can get this elsewhere on the Net for less cost.

Selling question

Mar 29, 2015 5:22:03 PM PT

Help! I want to Divorce Ebay

I bought 2 Buy It Now items from a seller yesterday. He offers combined shipping, so I clicked Request Invoice From Seller on my shopping cart page. I wrote a nice note requesting combined shipping and clicked Commit to Buy. An error message from ebay popped up telling me my request could not be completed at that time. I tried again a couple minutes later but got the same error. When I tried a 3rd time, I noticed ebay had duplicated my original order and I was committed to buying all 4 items even though ebay had said my request couldn't be processed. I've tried to cancel the duplicate orders and I've contacted the seller twice, with no response. Ebay said the seller has 3 days to reply to my request, but they confirmed that I have to pay for all 4 items plus full shipping in just 2 days (by tomorrow night). Am I stuck with this duplicated purchase because of a computer glitch?

Payments discussion



Two questions: I have a case still open for a NPB it has not closed but is showing as available to do a 2nd chance offer. Even though I know they buyer is not going to pay (he emailed and pretty much said he could not pay) I should still wait until it closes. 


Also it shows 5 other items that are "available" for  2nd chance offers, even though all have been paid for and some even delivered already. So what is that about?



Selling discussion

Mar 28, 2015 5:29:35 PM PT

Second Chance Offer Question(s)

I got an item i want to now return because it didnt come with everything as described. I contacted the seller about the return and they said they were fine with the return and refund. I offered a request and it seems like they havnt accepted the request becaus everytime i see the request details it says they will email me when they accept it and i still have not recieved that email. Im wondering if i have to wait for him to accept the return or if i should just ship it out now?? Will i get scammed and not be refunded if i send the item back without getting the acceptance email???

Shipping & Returns question

Mar 28, 2015 3:32:00 PM PT

Return question

A buyer started a "didn't fit" return on an item purchased for $175. I approved the return. A week or so goes by and the buyer hasn't returned anything. I send them a message, then another week goes by. I get a message from them stating that the item just needed to be broken in and the fit is fine now, they will be keeping it etc.  I then ask them to cancel the return but no response or cancellation from this buyer and my money is still on hold with paypal due to the buyer dispute. What should I do?

Shipping & Returns question

how do I unlink my facebook page from my ebay seller account?



Payments question

Does anyone happen to know the markers mark in this ring. It came to me in a Zales box but it screams QVC to me. Ideas? Thanks!

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Mar 27, 2015 5:46:03 PM PT

Mark in ring ? Help needed

I'm in the UK and even though it says UK its showing me US things only how can I change to UK please help


Thanks Mel

Getting Started question

Mar 28, 2015 3:36:28 PM PT

how do I change country

I moved to of my items to the saved tab as soon as I seen them I paid for both but I still have a no big thing on my side every time I bid it says I have unpaid items but I do not have any unpaid items how do I fix it I get excited and want to bid on something and I know it's going to tell me I can't but I try to anyway help

Bidding & Buying discussion

Mar 28, 2015 5:44:17 PM PT

unpaid and can't bid

Not sure what to do in this situation. A buyer won an auction for a set of tickets to a sports event. The tickets were not paid for, so I obviously did not ship them and now the event has passed. Is it worth it to open an unpaid item case as the tickets are no longer valid? Should I just cancel the transaction instead? I'm not sure what the correct option would be.  


Thanks so much!


Selling question

BUYER purchased multiple items from me and even asked to be placed on my buyer exempt list to make more purchases. After a month the buyer contacted me through eBay messaging and said an item purchased did not arrive and they wanted a refund. At the same time the buyer left me negative feedback on another item because of my mailing envelope and handwriting (?). After spending hours with eBay CS agents I had the feedback removed and was told that eBay would investigate the buyer. The next day the buyer opened an item not received case on another item. EBay decided the case in the buyers favor. A week later the buyer contacted me again through eBay messaging and demanded a refund for another item they purchased or else. I once again contacted decay CS and was not able to resolve anything.This cycle just keeps repeating itself.


Best/WORST part about this is that I am not alone. When you look at the buyers feedback left for others you see that other sellers are having the same problem. HOW CAN EBAY ALOW A BUYER TO LEAVE NEGITIVE FEEDBACK FOR MOST OF THEIR PURCHASES. Further the feedback is derogatory and boosts about getting money back through eBay BUYER PROTECTION.





You lost all cases on ebay, because of your terrible hand writing on envelopes.!



Instead of being nosy about customers personal life, take care of them.


You lost all the cases on ebay and by force of ebay i got all my money.........

 I did NOT get item no refund, over 1 month. He is NOT responding to my emails.!


I did NOT get the item, no refund, over 1 month. He is not trusted, BE AWARE..!

Selling discussion

Mar 27, 2015 1:58:06 AM PT


So this user messages me and says this camcorder manual that is listed with said camcorder is "impossible" for them to find and if I could scan it for them and they would pay me, should I just block them form buying before they try to buy the item and return it without the manual?

Selling discussion

I am proud to announce that I have won my case against ebay in court over a returned item that was never returned long story short sold a rolex watch for $76,000 two years ago buyer opened a case and never returned the item and when I did receive it back it was a empty box. Soon after I opened a case in which ebay did nothing and went to court and fought a long battle over 2.5 years and was given $300k in damages to my business. It was worth every penny to take it to court never give up and never trust EBAY lesson learned.

My Account discussion

Mar 27, 2015 9:58:13 AM PT


I am unable to switch my choice fron auction to fixed....have rebooted etc....

Technical Issues discussion

I am so disgusted right now.  I'm getting hammered with neutral/negative fdbk.  when I call eBay, they do NOTHING about it.  I even requested fdbk revisions.  the thing that is upsetting me the most...is I feel the fdbk policy is being abused.  yes a bidder has a right to put their opinion out there, obviously slam or slander me...I'm not allowed to give them negative fdbk.  for example, I sold a purse, they requested a return, I said yes, I refunded...they still gave me negative fdbk.  eBay responded with "I need to do better in resolving issues".  then today I get up, a bidder left negative fdbk...before even trying tor resolve the issue.  then after giving me negative fdbk wants a refund...the kicker eBay is going to give it to them.  well I'm sorry but I feel if they are putting me down, making me look bad through fdbk...to the point bidders won't purchase, why should I have to refund???  lets' face it sellers, we are the gears/wheels that keep eBay going, not bidders.  we pay fees to list, we pay fees to sell...really.  so if there are NO sellers, there will eventually be no eBay.  so they can keep all the BIDDERS they want, but if no one is selling then those bidders won't have nothing to bid on.  I'm getting beyond fed up with this.  really I am.  I sell USED items, therefore USED not NEW may have DEFECTS.  this is in all of my listings as well as I do take returns but don't pay return shipping.  do bidders not read the descriptions anymore...do they not have to???  so yeah really upset right now.  I've been doing eBay 17 yrs, never BEEN this bad.  where it's to hell with the seller, the buyer can say or do as they please.

Selling discussion

Mar 28, 2015 3:56:00 PM PT

disgusted right now...fdbk problems

Buyer managed to purchase 17 items from me and now, one by one opens INR or leaves negative and derogatory comments. AND EBAY DOES NOTHING. This morning buyer claims I shipped an item to the wrong address through negative feedback. Never opened a case about this item never contacted me about a problem. Previously the buyer has claimed 2 items not received 1 packaging complaint and left 3 negative feedbacks for other reasons.

Further I am not alone. The buyer seems to have a problem with everything and everyone they purchase from on eBay. AND EBAY DOES NOTHING. How do you fend off an attack like this?


This is the 6th different complaint from buyer of 17 diff items. 1 by 1 day by day harassing and intimidating me. AND EBAY DOES NOTHING

Selling discussion

Hello eBay Community,


I read that Google made another adjustment on their system last week and included a manual adjustment against eBay listings. 


I didn't think much about it, but last week has been our worse week since 1998.  My wife and I increased our listings from 600 to 700 items and hits have been minimal.   There are times where there are no hits on my auctions.  I tried an experiment by placing some give away auctions....1 oz Silver for 99 cents Buy it now with Free Shipping to see if it is the system.  I place those auctions during 6 hour period and than canceled the auctions.  This told me that those times I saw have no activity is because there is no activity.  Like eBay switched it off on my auction during those times. 


My question, how are your postings going?  I feel as that eBay is now a Monopoly and pushing Medium and Small Sellers out for their Large Dealers.  Or is it Google with their Panda 4.0 changes?  Any thoughts?  Antitrust or Anti-eBay?

Selling discussion

Mar 29, 2015 9:04:25 AM PT

What is Happening to Sellers on eBay?

eBay helped a buyer rip me off for over $1000.eBay is not the place to sell safely.Another seller just packed his bags to go else where.Word of mouth travels in every direction I will sing.I will sing that song!.....Enjoy the eBay lack of traffic world and Hello to Amazon with no PayPal..................Happy,Happy everyone......



Selling discussion


I sold   3 items    to a buyer today.    He has messaged several  times  and the messages  are nearly  unintelligible .  What I can make  out  of them  is  he expects  the coins  he bought to be uncirculated   for some reason  even though  they  are described as circulated.


 I looked hat  his  feedback  and  he is a seller  who  has  lousy  stars  and  4 negs  in the last 6 months and  he has left  some  6  negs or neutrals  recently.


I don't  want to mail  this  clown  anything   what  is the best course?



He is an example  of how his messages  to me  read


The ones that I have or very nice. Might have been out of stress in circulation for a very short time as they were making these up and the post page or the date of the year of the coin is that how these are no coin is in poor shape to all great condition but they have slight circulation to them???






Selling discussion

Mar 27, 2015 11:25:18 AM PT

buyer appears to be insane can i cancel?

I've been slogging through a big pile of record albums from my brother's estate.  Before tonight I'd sold a grand total of 3.  I do a little research, list them at auction for $25 and reduce the price if they don't sell.  I'd like to get rid of them if I can before they cut my free listings down in a month.  I had the first Ramone's record close tonight with no bids.  But over two dozen people had viewed the auction and there were 7 watchers -- I was quite surprised it didn't sell right at the last minute.  I received the free FP promo this week so I lowered the price of the other records that didn't sell tonight to $20 FP.  But I decided to hold tight on the Ramone's album.  Between the time I relisted it as $25 FP/calculated Media Mail and the time it took me to get up and refill my glass of Diet Cherry Pepsi, the darn thing sold to a guy about 45 minutes drive from me.  HAPPY DANCE!!  And I think it's my turn for having listing views switched on today because two different types of items that have been listed for over a year got bids.:catvery-happy:

Selling discussion

Mar 27, 2015 7:24:18 PM PT

Tonight's happy dance

I am having more and more trouble making purchases on ebay due to "shady" sellers and I am finding the ebay does not seem to care to protect buyers.  In several of my most recent buys, sellers showed one price for shipping on the item page and then charged a higher rate on the invoice.  I was able to resolve these issues with all but one seller.  That seller argued that the invoice price for shipping was correct even after I sent him a screen shot of his own item page showing the lower shipping ($4 less).  I reported this to ebay and although they said they would "start an investigation," the rep said sometimes shippers change their prices!  Where is the protection for the buyer who buys an item thinking that the shipping price they see will be the price they pay?

I also just bought an item from a seller, paid immediately and then four days after purchasing the buyer sent me an email canceling my sale and refunding my money.  He said his warehouse didn't have the item and maybe he would have it again in about 6 weeks.  His item page showed that he had three of these items.  One of ebay's seller rules is that you have to be able to send the item when sold.  I reported this to ebay and again they promised an investigation.  It has been almost one week since reporting this and the seller still has his item page up knowing that he does not have the item!  The seller also has 100% positive feedback.  Because he refunded my money, I cannot leave feedback for him warning others.  I was left with no item and my account shows that I bought the item and it is "unpaid!"  The rep I spoke with about this issue stated that some sellers use warehouses and that can happen.  Apparently, the seller rules mean nothing!

I am getting very disgusted with ebay and feel that buyers are often duped with shipping charges and left unprotected from dishonest sellers.  If sellers know they don't have an item, they should not be allowed to have the item page listed!!!

Has anyone else had any of these types of problems and had them successfully resolved?  Do you feel that ebay protects its buyers?

Bidding & Buying discussion