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The numbers are very hard or imposibble to see in the white label it reads 106Z3-10450 Hancrafted in ChinaIMG_20141016_081929_195 scribble 2.jpgIMG_20141016_104154_891 scribble.jpgIMG_20141016_082036_366 scribble 2.jpg

Fashion discussion

Is this a real Coach Heritage Ttatersal bag?IMG_20141016_082211_278 tattersal 4.jpgcoach tattersal.jpgIMG_20141016_082139_411 tattersal 2.jpg

Fashion discussion

Oct 28, 2014 11:40:06 AM PT

Is this a real Coach Heritage Ttatersal?

Need help if anyone knows who made this stem or maybe the pattern of etching?20141029_181855.jpg20141029_181905.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Price Reduction "Requests" after the sale. I expect to get a few of these from Newbies and the occassional B*tthead, but not from long-term professional sellers. I recently ran a bunch of American Girl stuff - which is one of the catagories that DOES still sell quite well here. Almost everything sold, and most was paid for immediately. I ship USPS Priority on all items such as this, with a fixed price shipping price of $6 stated at every auction.  A buyer in Hawaii, who is a major seller with American Girl stuuf, bought one item then waited two days to contact me, and the "apologized" that she had not yet paid and requested a reduced price by shipping it instead for $3, 1st class, in a bubble wrap mailer (this is a porcelain item and quite delicate), instead of the $6 as listed. Inferred is "ship it this way or else". A visit to her feedback shows that she is doing this with most everything she buys. A few pastes from her "feedback left" file:


Positive feedback rating

Great Seller! Went the extra mile for me with shipping. Great merchandise. Love!


Positive feedback ratingPerfect! FAST shipping. Excellent seller. Thanks for working with me on shipping
Positive feedback ratingDarling! Great seller! Worked with me so nicely. Thanks for everything! A+++++
Positive feedback ratingGreat set! Thanks for working with me. Great seller! A++++
Positive feedback ratingGreat Seller! Went the extra mile for me with shipping. Great merchandise. Love!


And it goes on and on. Obviously, this is one way she gets additional discounts on all her purchases AFTER the sale.  


I responded that I shipped the way I do because it provides insurance, protects the item properly, and would not change the shipping terms AFTER the auction had closed, and more importantly - stated it wasn't fair to other bidders to change the terms of the auction after the sale. She has not responded back, and now I have opened a NPB case against her (she normally pays promptly according to her feedback...I assume she is not happy with us not complying with her "request").


Yes, I'm now expecting retaliation and the big red donut, but for me its a matter of principal. I have pre-emptively reported her request and prior conduct to Ebay as it technically is a violation of Ebay policy to even request modification after the sale. My question to all is: What would you do? Give in or stand your ground? Is it ethical for her to do this?


Selling discussion


You just HAD to say "Let's go hang out with the sheep" didn't you?

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

My International customer says 5 year old daughter bought the stuff yesterday and now she wants money back to pay rent. Packages are in transit(crayola)

I have problems with people that buy internationally. Do you as well?

Selling discussion

Oct 28, 2014 2:12:56 PM PT

buyer says wants money back to pay rent