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The eBay Community

Cool looking bottle I found with a metal cap that twists to open and close a small hole in the center of the cap. Measures about 7" tall by 4" wide. The words on the cap are in German. The number "153" is embossed on exterior near bottom f piece. There is also an illegibale embossed name ont he bottom.

Is this a talcum powder holder? Something to dispense liquid? Is it missing something or perhaps part of another device? I'm stumped.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello. Firstly the bowl is not marked at all. It measures 10" wide by 6" tall. Nice heft to it. I tried to use google images to ID the pattern but came up with nothing.

It sort of has an early art deco look to it with the chevron spike motif. The unusual or different thing about this bowl is the the bottom and foot are fully glazed. There is no unglazed rim on the foot of the bowl like you see on most of these older ones.


Any ideas as to the maker? I know Red Wing fully glazed some of their bowls...but who knows.

Any help would be appreciated.IMG_4962.jpgIMG_4963.jpgIMG_4965.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

photo 1.JPG

Celadon, Glazed, Pottery...   Mystery.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 29, 2015 5:00:45 PM PT

What is this?

Hello I bought an item which I still see no tracking number has been assigned. The cost is high and Pay pal has made payment. I was just reading negative reviews of the seller for the same Item. What happens if this seller does not abide with its responsibility. Its alot of money.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3600e Wireless 3 LCD 3D Projector NEW MODEL

My Account discussion

Jan 29, 2015 6:48:22 AM PT


OK, this is a very different type of glass that I normally deal in. Judging from the bottom of the base, it could be maybe 1960s? Definitely molded.

The thing that caught my eye is there are several techniques involved which makes me thinkith that it is a higher quality piece. The woman I bought this from was selling her mother's estate and she said she bought it from an antique shop years ago (for whatever that is worth)


Green overlay on stem & bottom of bowl - kind of a matte green finish but not frosted, something fused

Yellow stain around rim and at foot

Intaglio cutting where the fans are, can feel & see ridges between the fans blades and carved at a 45degree angle (I don't think you can do this with a wheel?)

Cut punties at base

Cuts around the upper 3rd of bowl under the bouquets of flower and fans (eyebrows)

If you look close at the flowers, you can see the wheel cut flowers at the stems, are filled with that same green color

Clear ballastrade between stem and foot

7 1/2" Tall x 8" Diameter at Bowl


Anyone???  I'm racking my brains on this one! Thanks!


Green Compot.JPG

Green Compote.JPG

Green Compote1.JPG

Green Compote2.JPG

Green Compote3.JPG

Green Compote5.JPG



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am teeth whitening producer and I sell it on ebay, over the last couple days I was the TOP seller getting close to 25 sales a day blowing away the garbage chinese sellers that couldn't even compete with my pricing (sucks to be them). But then all of a sudden I disappeared, I couldnt find myself under 'teeth whitening', or 'teeth whitening kit', I had been dropped from the results as if I did something wrong, so lets go over the facts


-Top Rated Seller

-14 Days Money Back Gurantee

-1.42 Defect Rating

-Plenty of Photos


Now Ebay Analytics is very accurate and shows you your position within the search results for a given term, you can use this to track your position.






180% Sell Through, does that really seem like something ebay would want to drop from their pages?






Oh look at rank 4, or the whole page...Where am I to be found? Nowhere, I am not even on the page, my new listing that I placed says im rank 65 for a different item, its like im being purposely hidden from the search results



But wait.. The story get EVEN BETTER


I Called Ebay and I was connected to someone who I spoke with the other day about the same problem, turns out they're having the same problem on their personal account, they've said they were top seller for a specific item and that they've disappeared from the face of the results too, so I am not alone.


Ebay is not telling us something, and I dont want to hear the whole **bleep** about your rating is messed up blah blah, because the CS rep. also said 5 other people before me called about the same problem, so now I want to hear what my fellow ebayers think? Best Match Conspiracy

Selling discussion

I won a ps3 system on the 21st of this month. I emailed the seller 2 days after I paid to ship asap, he claimed on the posting that he would ship within two days. He proceeded to tell me that he would not ship until paypal released the payment. I want a refund but the seller hasn't responded in the past two days. Ebay won't allow me to open a claim yet and keeps pushing back the date.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hello sellers, I am new to selling on Ebay and very much want to everything right. Like many people on here, I get my pre owned clothing from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, etc. As such, I have no way of verifying if designer labels are authentic or not. I usually pick up non high-end items like Eddie Bauer and Anne Taylor and such, but I recently read something that really scared me. It said that if a buyer reports an item as fake, the seller gets banned from Ebay whether the item is fake or not. This seems completely unreasonable because if a seller is acting in good faith, and goes to the thrift store and picks up a fake item totally unknowingly, the seller is really getting victimized. That being said, I would like to protect myself from any problems by putting a disclaimer on my used clothing, something to the effect of: "I got this shirt at a thrift shop and as such, have no way to verify if it is actually an Anne Taylor. The label says Anne Taylor. Please be aware that this item is pre-owned and therefore there is no way to verify the origin." Can someone advise me if this is ok to do and if it will protect me from any problems should I run into any issues? I'm staying away from all high end labels because I am too scared of unknowingly buying fakes. However, from what I am reading, even the non-high end items sometimes get faked. Please help. I want to be successful and would like to let my buyers know, hey, this is from a thrift store and I am just as knowledgeable as you are. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help! 

Selling discussion

Just venting out loud, I already know how this is going to go down :smileymad:


I had a buyer ask questions about an item and then infer that "it had better be like new ..." so I wound up blocking her. How odd, someone purchases the item 10 minutes later. NOT a coincidence, the item had been listed almost 3 months.


Now, of course, the "buyer" is complaining.



Selling discussion

Jan 28, 2015 3:00:44 PM PT

Blocked Buyer has Relative Purchase Item

where is the best way to find wholesale suppliers for your eBay business?  What is involved in buying wholesale? 

Selling discussion

Jan 29, 2015 8:56:26 AM PT

Wholesale suppliers

Hi -


I recently sold a computer (Acer Aspire Home server) and hard drive - item 231435646246.

My  return policy was no returns.

The sale included the server itself and a hard drive. It did not include the operating system, as specified in the item specifics.


I tested both items immediately before shipping and they worked fine.


The buyer reports that BOTH items do not work.  He claims the drive is corrupted in some way and not recognizable by his systems, and that he can't successfully get the server detected and set up.


He also claims to be an experienced IT tech and to have worked on similar systems before.  I am also very experienced with computers and  operating systems.


On the one hand, knowing that the items were fine when I shipped and that I did not offer refunds, I feel I have no guarantee he didn't damage the items and therefore no obligation to accept return.


On the other hand, if there's something genuinely wrong with them, I have no desire to stick the guy with something faulty.


I originally asked for $125 plus shipping, but as a result of a Best Offer, did not charge him for shipping. He also didn't tell me initially that he couldn't pay for 2 weeks, but I agreed to wait 2 weeks after sale for payment.


I have offered to take it back even though I didn't offer returns and refund his money minus my shipping cost to him.  That seems pretty reasonable to me.  He'll be out the cost of shipping both ways.  I'll have a possibly damaged system back and have lost my sale, and possibly be unable to sell it again if he damaged it.


I know ebay also offers a money back program for buyers in his situation, but I don't know what would happen to my seller rating if he uses this, or if he could then turn around and give me poor feedback.


I'd appreciate advice on this situation.


Thank you!



Selling discussion

I recently had a customer harass me and I put him on my BBL after he threatened to put an end to my selling account.I also reported all his messages and he still continues to send me messages. Today someone with a new account made today with 0 fb bought something from my store and I added that name to the BBL and issued a refund.


Now I did all the requirements to block people from buying and they(newbies) somehow still manage to slip through and buy my items.

Why doesn't ebay fix this?

Is ebay broken and don't care about it's customers?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 30, 2015 10:08:16 AM PT

Blocked Bidders List Broken

I don't know if it is appropriate, or even meaningful to anyone, to "out" a dishonest seller on this discussion board. The EBay system does not work, and I sort of doubt the feedback system truly works since (a) only 80 characters are allowed for feedback, and (b) the seller can get in a last (dishonest) word. 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 30, 2015 1:25:18 PM PT

Is it OK to out a bad seller here?


As a fairly new seller, just recently having to deal with non-payers, it is a tremendous help. Yes, I have to scan through a lot of feedback comments which are almost ALWAYS positive, but it does help me ahead of time to cancel bids from those I would rather not sell to. Although, it is positive feedback, I will read the comments and be warned ahead of time in order to avoid unpaid item cases. I know its been said, but Ebay has GOT to help resolve this issue...

Selling discussion

 but the red message saying "Payment Total Requested" won't go away.  The red banner makes me feel like I should do something or not?

Selling discussion

Jan 28, 2015 7:43:05 PM PT

I've sent invoices on my sold items

I had an item removed yesterday by Vero (my first and God-willing last!)  & am still awaiting a reply to clarify the reason why.

The item had the name of a dealership on it and was purchased at the dealership so I know it was not a fake (unless the dealership created the item without authorization).

Regardless of what Vero comes back with I won't relist it as it's not worth the anxiety.

My question is that do I have to be concerned that a permanent listing suspension might follow or whould I have notified of that by now by Ebay?

I appreciate any advice!

Selling discussion

Jan 29, 2015 8:48:17 AM PT

Vero Question, Please

-to where I got an item that did not work. I messaged the seller first to try and work something out before setting up a case. They told me instantly that it was probably a fuse in the item and to send it back, and that they would pay for return shipping. Of course, since there was no way to tell how much return shipping would be, I had originally paid 8.00 to first receive the item, I told the seller that I would get a recepit from the post office and send it to them along with the tracking number. I did. To send the item back, with the return shipping number the seller gave me, was 12.65. After I told them that the item was sent, and sent them pictures of the recepit, it was THEN that the seller told me that they were ONLY going to pay HALF of the return shipping and, in terms of a refund, was NOT going to pay me back the original 8.00 in shipping that was apart of the items original listing. I was pretty much out of options at this point so I went ahead and agreed to recieve half of the return shipping on the tiem. After all some money back is better than none. But at that point, and past, the seller then started to dodge my questions about when they were going to send my payment. At one point I even told them that I was going to leave town for a day, and I did, and that I would be awaited their message on when they were going to send my payment back. There was NOTHING. Then the day the seller got his item he messaged me saying that the item returned him and worked PERFECTLY?! This coming from a guy who told me it was probably a fuse that was blown after sending him pictures of the item not working; this coming from a guy who told me in my CASE against him that he had been working on stuff like this since the 80's. But it was working perfectly? Come on! I send him pictures of the item doing exactly as a I had described hooked up propperly. You could see the wires hooked up on the picture I had sent him and you could see the wires hooked up on my modem(which I did not originally send him because he didn't ask for it). I even called the items, which was a router, customer support and they said that if the lights did not work that it was defective and to send it back to the seller. I got the case number from that call in case I needed it. The seller then agreed to send the item back since it was working and that they would give me some sort of credit for the original cost. At this point I opened a case against them. It was HERE that the seller just completly uped and refused to send me back a refuned and the cost for the item entirely. After a few more days Ebay leaned in my favor on the case. BUT, I NEVER recieved a refund for the return shipping! NOT even HALF of it(which I would've been satisified with)! I called Ebay about it and after a bit the told me that since it was apart of the ORIGINAL agreement between me and the seller that they'd go ahead and make me eligible for a refund but that it may take a few days and to wait that they were going to get back with me. That was on the 22nd, it was also the same day that Ebay leaned in my favor and closed the case. Today is the 28th, and having not heard back from Ebay I called them again. They then told me, at first, that there was no account of my previous phone call so the person I spoke to patched me over to the appeals department. The lady there told me she was aware of my previous phone call and that the person I spoke to before probably had told me that they couldn't get back the refund, but that they did, and she had it on her computer, message the seller in my favor to try and get the refund back from them. Now that ALONE was nice enough of the person who I spoke to the first time. Here we have Ebay messaging the seller on my behalf trying to get back my refund. But, naturally, I expected for Ebay to have some good news for me today when I called. She only told me that since the transaction for return shipping was outside of Ebay(?) that I was not eligible for the money since Ebay had already  paid the original item cost and return shipping. They told me there was nothing more they could do and to simply contact the seller again and try to get them to work with me. I just doubt that's going to do much good. If the seller was going to at least do the courtesy of paying me you'd figure I would've had, at least, that back before they got their item. But, for the good measure of things I'm went ahead and messaged them(I'm now awaiting a reply, as I figure I will be for a very long time). I just do not understand why Ebay cannot go ahead and refund me my return shipping too. Yes, I went to the post office and wrote down the return item number and paid for return shipping. But this was ONLY because the seller had told me at first they were going to pay me back. Imagine my astonishment to find out that after I had sent it the seller would refuse to then pay me in full and tell me they were only going to pay half, and then my astonishment again to find out that I would not be recieving the item's return shipping fund at all. I spent 33.64 on this item in total and only received back 20.99. It's nice knowing that the 12.65 I had paid was pretty much thrown out of the window while driving on a highway, never to be seen again. I don't think it's fair at all. The seller has their item back, and it's something that I went out of my way to insure. And now all that I am getting from Ebay is: "There's nothing we can do. Try to message the seller back but anything they tell you they have the right to?" First of all, how was this OUTSIDE of Ebay? Second of all, this whole THING, was mentioned in the case. The seller and I pretty much just messaged each other back and forth. Me wanting my refund and them denying me. But it was mentioned there about the return shipping. It was mentioned there that I had a recepit. It was mentioned there of the full items total and, even, for the sake of losing money completely, what the seller had said about at least paying half. But now to be faced with this and to have just completely threw away 12.65? I am both shocked and appalled. It has ripped me out of my comfort zone with Ebay. For the future am I just not suppose to send he sellers items back even when they tell me they're going to refund me? If the tell me they're going to pay me back for the return shipping, instead of just sending the item to them, should I instead just instantly open a case up against them? I thought that was the whole purpose of trying to work things out with the seller before setting up a case. I just do not understand why Ebay is telling me they can't refund me, and why seller isn't held accountable. Everything Ebay needed to know was in our case summary and replies. But this? Yes, I went ahead and sent the item back with good faith that they seller was going to do what the told me. How was I suppose to know that they'd wait until it was sent to change the agreement? And Ebay really does want me to set up a case first before sending the item back? That's the WHOLE POINT of working things out before setting up a case. I didn't know! I wasn't at fault and I should've have to be the one without when the seller has obviously fixed the damaged router and has probably already resold it. I just do not understand. This agreement was not OUTSIDE of Ebay. This was in Ebay's INBOX. It was then brought to the case. So beware fellow Ebayers. Excellent Feedback on a seller is not everything. The seller, had only one negative feedback. Ebay told me there was nothing they could do at this point.   The seller got his item back, lost nothing what so ever, and the buyer, me, is the one doing without. This would be another issue entirely if my source of INCOME was not low. But I can not afford to just throw money away into a pit of nothingness. Not 6 dollars and not 12. This is just unfair. I am VERY, VERY, THANKFUL that Ebay closed the original case in my favor but I HATE how they did not even address the issue of return shipping before closing it, and I hate now, just because THEY'RE they one that paid me back my refund and not the seller, how I am not ENTITLED to a refund WHATSOEVER on return shipping! Why? JUST because Ebay paid some of the original cost of the item? Well what about the rest? Is that how it is now? The doors are just closed for good, and locked, once "A" payment is recieved? Even if not in the full amount? I am just appaled by this all. In the following picture you can see the damaged router with the Wifi light not working, modem, and internet connection. . This is just an awful situation. The seller GOT his item back so that should INSTANTLY entitle me for a refund on the return shipping.

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 28, 2015 2:56:58 PM PT

So, I recently had a case-

For years I wanted to get into online marketing but never had the time. I retired last year and thought now was the time. I thought I would get my feet wet by starting with ebay one of the largest retailers in the world. I not going to say I'm not doing this for the money because extra money is always nice. But the drive to be successful is the real reason. I have always been a professional and enjoyed a lot success. It's great to go to bed at night knowing you have accomplished something,


My old fashion values is part of the reason I have been successful. Being upfront and honest and treating people with the same respect as I would like to be treated. I give those that wish to do business with me the best service I can possibly give because that is what people want. Value for their money. In my six months on ebay I have seen so many negative aspects of the online business. Not just ebay but the industry has a whole. Remarkably with hundreds of billions of dollars a year being spent through internet purchases it only makes up about 7% of the world sales. A big opportunity for people like us who are trying to get our foot in the industry.


I spend countless hours each day researching all the big billion dollar online companies to see what makes them so successful. Some of the things I see makes me wonder why some people would ever turn to the internet to shop. I read a posting one day on one of these big companies explaining to their customers why they are selling refurbished products at the same price as new products. They said they had many request from customers wanting to know why they did it. They explained that in their opinion refurbished items have been sent back to the factory and tested and restored to its original condition. So in their opinion it was a new item. I don't agree because items these days are designed to fail after a certain period of time so that we replace them and buy new. How many hours has that item been used before it was tested and put back on the market. I'm not down grading refurbished because I buy a lot of items that have been refurbished and have had a lot of luck with them at a savings when they are not being sold at a new price. But why would we shop with someone that is willing sell us used items at new item prices?


Then I went to a new and fast growing site that popped up from nowhere and now is a top ranked online store. As I browsed the store I seen an item at a price that I thought I could flip for a few dollars profit in my ebay store. I read the listing believing that I was purchasing a new product. After I filled in the blanks and inputted my credit card information and the sale was final a window popped up and said Condition of Item. I read below that and it said "used but in good condition" I was appalled by the fact that information was not revealed to me until after the purchase.


After I started my business on ebay my next step was to find a reliable supplier of items to sell that I could make a profit on. I quickly found out ebay was no longer a place to sell unwanted junk but a place where buyers look for the best possible prices on the most newest popular products on the market. So I began bidding on pallets of these items for resell. One lot I bought said the items were refurbished but when the shipment finally arrived I discovered the items were not refurbished but returned items. I quickly learned what seller refurbished means. Everywhere I turn Items I purchase online are not as described. It seems all the big companies are taking advantage of the buyers. 


But as a new seller the word "not as described" is magic here. If you did not describe that 1" tread underneath the arm of that black shirt the buyer could use that magic word to get an instant refund or a return shipping label at your expense and again you would not know about it until after the fact. If only that seller would have contacted me first I would have gave him that instant refund and let him keep the item as my apology. I have a note on all my packing slips telling the buyer if they have any questions or concerns about their purchases to please contact us. I have went far beyond what our customer service would do to make a customer happy. I have went to the point that the buyer was apologizing to me because of the fact that they felt I had done too much to satisfy them. They feel bad because they made an issue out of something that was not really an issue and was treated like royalty and thanked for their purchase. I still called it a purchase after I gave them a full refund and asked them to keep the item as an apology.


I have to say 95% of my sells have been hassle free. Those buyers are the ones that will make a purchase, promptly pay you and appreciate the fact that they were able to buy an item that would have cost them $80 plus shipping for only $20 with free shipping. And when they see that 1" tread underneath the sleeve will get a pair of scissors and snip it off and be proud of the money they saved. Then there is that small 5% of the buyers that will look for a reason to use the magic word. Then instead of contacting the seller they go directly to customer service file a return a give you a big red hicky on your seller performance. I had a buyer that claimed I sold an item not as described. I admit when I resized the picture to ebays specification the stretching of the pixels made the shirt look a lighter color. But I described the shirt color as purple and it was definitely purple no other color or variation. If you looked up the sku number I provided in the listing could see the original unstretched version of the picture and if you had a good monitor and not using a phone with a two inch screen that you purchased in 2007 it was definitely purple. The buyer provided pictures to customer service to prove the shirt was not as described. When I received the pictures of the shirt had morphed into a red wine color. Clearly Photoshop had been at work. Another big red hicky on the seller performance.


I still contacted the buyer and showed him the respect he did not show me. I apologized and promised to instantly give him a full refund and told him to keep the shirt for my apologies. The shirt was a brand new Under Armour polo with the tags still on it. It was priced at $54.95 and he purchased it from me for $21.95 and I gave him free shipping. A free shirt with free shipping is that not a value for your money. I was trying to have a successful business and did not want any bad publicity. That old fashion business value I have and how I choose to treat people will be the one thing that will insure my success in online marketing. Hopefully that buyer passed along the fact that I took care of him in a professional manner and went out of my way to satisfy him. That is good business.


After a few more hickies on my seller performance because buyers refused to let me take care of them and chose to go directly to customer service I received a message from ebay that I was "Getting to big to fast" that they would prefer me to remain small so I was able to give better service. I could not help the fact that people chose to buy my products. I could not help it that I felt inclined to work on a listing until I felt it was the best I could do. I can't help the fact that I have old fashion business values that buyers appreciate. I can't help that my sells were tripling every month. I can't help the fact that I have a drive to be successful. I can't help that some people have negative attitudes and are out to ruin anybody in their path. That is the 5% that will drive the honest sellers from this business and everyone will be left to buy from the big industry leaders who sell them refurbished at the same price as new and make wait on hold on your phone for an hour when you have a problem. Only to connect you to someone else who you wait on again for long periods. Never to get a straight answer about your purchase.


For the past two months my seller performance has been below average. Not because of the service I give. My shipping is at 100%. I have the best feedback from 95% of my buyers praising my business. But because that small percentage of buyers find pleasure in trying to ruin people because they don't even like their selves. Ebay each month cuts more of my legs off leaving me crippled. My seller limits have been cut by 66% in two months but by trying to cut my sells back how will I ever be able to lower that defect rate. You go in Walmart and the return line stretches out of the customer service area. Because people feel a purchase does not meet their needs and expectations do they quit going to Walmart to shop.


I was informed this week that I must improve my seller performance that I was pushing away buyers. I feel I am being pushed away as a seller. I have been cut back to seller limits that were given to me the first two weeks I opened my business here. Yet this month has proved to be my best month in sales and volume. And that online store that didn't reveal to me the fact I was buying a used item until after I purchased it. They are owned by ebay. That is what you call double standards.


Starting an eBay Business discussion

     I listed and sold a Keith Urban guitar yesterday. I set my shipping to be customer paid and calculated for Standard USPS first choice and UPS Ground 2nd choice. I put my weight and dimensions in correctly. So, a guy from California buys it and it calculated his shipping to be $13.00!! It totally screwed me because the shipping is a minimum of $58.00 to where he lives.


    Has anybody ever had the ebay calculated shipping be wrong and if so what in the world can I do about it? I don't think it would be good business to ask the buyer to pay more shipping but I'm just about tempted to ask if he would mind. I didn't have much profit margin in this to begin with and now I'm pretty much loosing money...


DCS Sales

Dalton Smith

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 29, 2015 6:39:37 AM PT

Shipping price not calculated right

I bought 2 items from a seller and only recieved one, after attempts unsuccessfully to reach seller i opened case and after some time EBay closed case issuing me a refund. I left neg feedback stating never recieved item unable to contact seller. While asking me to change feedback the seller bought t-shirt from me. This seller is now claiming the item was damaged in shipping destroying the shirt and left negative feedback without ever contacting me or claiming damage. Personally I think he is doing to try hurt my business so I reported him, however if damage was done would'nt the post office be able to inspect package? Just curious what I can do because I know he isn't telling the truth.

Shipping & Returns question

On a recent transaction through eBay, I sold a 0 feedback buyer an airsoft (toy) gun. 


The buyer's account initiated the transaction under the control of a minor using the account with the consent of the owner, but not the supervision. 


When i talked to the buyer, the account owner completed the payment and I mailed the item promptly.


Upon recieving the item, the buyer claimed that it didnt work. On many ocasions after the call, i attempted to solve the problem with minimal information.


After the eBay return time ran out, the buyer still insisted that the gun i sent them was broken so they went to return it thru paypal.


They won the case obviously because they "claimed" that i sent a broken item.


Upon recieving the item, the problem was a screw on the handle (where the motor is stored) was loose. Within five seconds i had the gun fully operational.


Now, the buyer had inflicted some obvious cosmetic wear on the gun and much of the paint is damaged and the metal body has minor scratches. I have a negative paypal balance because of the unnecesary and unreasonable return, and a buyer-damaged item. Also, i have my first negative feedback, first in 40, saying that i sent a broken gun and refused to ship.


What im asking for is if i can:


-Remove the negartive feedback

-Respond to it denying the statement

-Force the buyer to pay me back and for me to send the item finally

-Resolve my paypal balance

Selling discussion

I recently purchased an item at a great price. Now seller claims that his account was hacked and he won't honour the purchase. Any advice?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 29, 2015 3:33:09 AM PT

Fraud or not?

Some included earrings with stones, and Buyer has just contacted me saying the cloisonne earrings are not real and wants a partial refund. I emailed back that everything was sold as a lot and he needs to retrun the whole lot. I would be glad to refund in entirety, just not one portion with stones since he is asking for price of general weight in gold.

How will ebay likely respond to this? Will they require he return the whole thing?

Selling discussion

I have been collecting for many years and for the last year after retiring I started to sell some of our treasures but feel like I am giving it away for nothing at times. Just wondering if anyone else feels that way?   OLD COBWEB1

My Account question



I had a buyer open a return request on a very small dollar item, claiming damaged in shipping.


I agreed to the return request 11 days ago. Time has passed for them to return it.


I'm assuming they simply wanted the item for free and didn't expect me to pay for the return. Or if it is indeed damaged,

it was not worth their time to return it. (from their feedback left for others it seems they have had "issues" with shipping damage........)


I've only had a handful of returns and never one that was not actually followed through.

Do I have to eat the defect on this? Is it worth going through CS torture to attempt to get it removed?



Selling discussion

Jan 30, 2015 8:05:15 AM PT

Return not completed. Defect removable?

I just sold something "buy it now", and immediately after the buyer paid, they sent me an email notifying me they forgot to change their address in Paypal/eBay and asked me to ship it to their new address.  Same name, same town. Just different street.  Usually this would be fine, but the item was over $100 and the person has 0 feedback.  How do I handle this?  Can they update their address in Paypal and eBay, or do I need to cancel the transaction? I already created the shipping label with the new address, but then got to thinking that I might not be protected should something go wrong. 

Selling discussion

Hi, while viewing the seller's item listing, the shipping cost indicates $10.20 Expedited Shipping but when I hit the BUY IT NOW button the shipping cost changes to $27.35. I haven't encounter this with my previous purchases. Why is this so?

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 4:24:30 PM PT

shipping cost changes upon buying the item

I have an object to sell that needs an ID. It is pictured below. It is hand-carved hardwood with a wooden spool of thread and a heart shaped carved opening. Any help will be appreciated. 

Antiques discussion

Hi all:smileyhappy:


Some may know (kansas) and thank you from the other thread, couldn't remember which it was to respond. 


6 away from the 15 needed to keep the trs.


Ok anyway for the question to all:


When I combine shipping, does that count as one transaction, if it's all paid on one invoice?


If so, I totally oopsed my calculations. :smileysad:







A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Jan 28, 2015 4:41:16 PM PT

Question - Combined shipping

I am trying to figure out how to set up an auto follow up message to all of our buyers EXACTLY like the attached message. 

What third party app are they using? I asked the seller from the picture and they said they didn't know and that they paid an engineer to set up all their stuff (large Chinese seller). I even called eBay (twice) and neither of the people I spoke with could figure it out. I have found apps that will send messages via external email, but I cannot find one that sends through eBay's messaging system.

Selling Manager Pro will let you set up an auto follow up message that links the customer to their order details. However, I need one that the customer can respond to directly (see picture).

Any thoughts? I appreciate any help.

Selling discussion

 I am placing many Bids with one Seller. They are small bid amounts and the Seller states that they will combine Items for shipping. Since, I dont plan on biding higher than the amount of shipping for most of the items and I am bidding on a good many of their items, I felt secure in doing this. However, now I am worried.


I am bidding on junk jewlery. Most of it is not worth the amount to ship. My purpose is to build an inventrory  for my upcycled Art Jewlery projects.


In the past couple of hours, one same bidder has bid on 17 of the same items that I had bids on. What are the odds, that another artist is finding all the same pieces, I've chosen to bid on , desirable too???

Bidding & Buying question

I purchased a phone from a seller with close to 250000 sales and 99.3% positive feedback.  Verizon won't activate the phone claiming it's been reported as lost or stolen.  Seller says it's not lost or stolen but that this is Verizon's standard reply when trying to activate a phone which is associated to an account with a balance and that he in fact bought the phone in a bulk purchase from Verizon.  I don't really care about the intricacies of the situation for him.  I just want a usable phone.  Seller asks for me to return phone via a form he linked me to and he will exchange.  First, am I still protected if I don't return the phone using ebay's return process but use this other form?  Secondly, do I have a legal right to be compensated for return shipping?  Thank you for your help.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 30, 2015 2:39:34 PM PT

'Lost or Stolen' phone received

Looking before I leap, is it best to do a return thru the system in message, or, is there another way to go?

I'm fine doing returns, but want to do it in the smartest way.


Selling discussion

I'm a new seller here; here's the story, a guy whose shipping address is in Florida yet his profile says he's based in Venezuela 'bought' my item, yet he hasn't paid.



Ebay sent an invoice, I sent an invoice and then I sent an email asking nicely if he still intended to purchase the item.


No response, ok, it's only been two days, Can I just cancel the transaction?


I feel we're wasting time when this item could be up for sale and maybe even bought by now by someone whose gonna pay.




Signed impatient

Selling discussion

Trying to resolve a difficult seller protection issue, ans customer service can't/won't help.  Trying to reach someone responsible for setting policy.  E-bay claims to have "Seller Protection Roardshows" where they meet with sellers, but customer service claims never to have heard of them.  Are these real? How do I find one?

Selling question

I have the following item to sell and I can't find out where to list it to get an ID and the category. It is handcarved wood with a wooden spool of thread and a heart shaped carved opening. 

Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 1:31:08 PM PT

Where can I ID an item?

the auction goes off this evening...I have met reserve...buy it now is higher...how will I know if I got the item...will I have to wait till the end


Getting Started question

I tried to leave feedback for an item that didn't work when I received it.  I considered it a positive experience and graded it as such.  In my comments I wrote:  "Item did not work when received but seller sent reimbursement immediately" - - that's why I evaluated it as a positive experience.  After numerous attempts, iIt would not allow me to leave that feedback saying I had used words or phrases that were considered "prohibited".  My question is ...  H U H...?????? and  W H A....????

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 29, 2015 12:44:51 PM PT

Leaving Feedback



Bidding & Buying question

Jan 29, 2015 2:26:01 PM PT





Was wondering if it is a must to put the right package dimension when i am listing an item for sell Through Global Shipping Program? What if i have 1000 listings, do i need to put the exact package dimension to each one of them?


Thank you


Shipping & Returns question

Jan 29, 2015 12:23:01 PM PT



Where and how can I see my email response to a recent buyer's email?  I can only see the email sent to me, but not my response.  There has got to be a way...right??  


Thanks so much!

Selling discussion

Jan 29, 2015 7:22:15 PM PT

Email Coorespondance

Sold an item...  in the Selling Manager, it states "eBay note: There is a message from buyer. You can view it in the sales record. "  Zero messages in the "Message Center".  How can I view this message?

Getting Started question

In my seller area, paid and shipped, there are SCO symbol in the column for SCO but there was no SCO involved with the sale?  Does this mean anything else?

Selling question

Can any of you ladies and gents authenticate this Coach handbag for me?  I was unable to find the seriel # listed anywhere.  Thanking all of you in advance.




Selling question

Jan 28, 2015 5:17:07 PM PT

ATTN: Coach Handbag Experts

Could some one explain this to me, how can the bids in my auction show one person has four of the same bid amounts? she is at this point high bidder...will this not stop other bidders because they feel she has put high proxy bids?

Selling question

Jan 30, 2015 2:55:58 PM PT


I am trying to relist my item. I don't want UK seeing my item anymore how do I take it off my llisting

Selling question


I was wondering if anyone would have an idea of what type of painting this is? Or the artist?

Many thanks

Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 7:15:25 AM PT

Please Help Id Picture

I recently sold to a buyer who wouldn't pay within my policy guidelines. I contacted the buyer after 4 days and no response. So I called eBay and asked if I could "Cancel the Sale"?, and what would happen to me if I did?, They said nothing would happen but my Seller Dashboard rating would come down. So I cancelled the sale. Within minutes the buyer came back and Paid with PayPal and emailed me and asked when I would be shipping the items. In the meantime I called eBay and stated what had happened and is there anything further I needed to do on my end to assure that the buyer could NOT come back at a later date and accept the cancellation notice after I had shipped the items. eBay assured me it had all been done, I could now ship the items because the buyer had paid in full, and nothing else would happen. So I shipped the items USPS Priority, Insured with Proof of Signature. Well like I suspected the buyer WOULD NOT sign for the pkg., and today after almost two weeks, the buyer accepted the SALE CANCELLATION notice. I now have heavy, very breakable items held up at a post office.  What's even more strange.... I had BLOCKED a prior bidder who lived in the same area, and this buyer that pulled this stint lived right within the same shipping area and zip code. Just a coincedence? I don't know?? Well one good thing about it. Because I put Proof of Signature on the pkg., they didn't get my item(s) and a full refund. I had to call the post office where the pkg., was being held and request it be sent back to me. I'm just very upset because apparently due to my ignorance and eBay NOT helping me and/or answering me correctly. Is there a way to go back in and Cancel the prior SALE CANCELLATION NOTICE I had issued? Thank you all.

Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 7:32:03 AM PT

Cancel Sale Questions

I should know this but I don't.  When I add a 7 day listing on the last day of the month, will it apply to the allowed total of the month I list or the month it sells/ends?  I can't find the answer anywhere and I honestly can't remember!

Selling question

Jan 30, 2015 4:21:08 PM PT

End of month listing

Like the title says... How to report these sellers? I don't see anything regarding this listing violation in the dropdown boxes.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hello, I am new to selling on eBay---I've only sold about 30 items...most have been great transactions.  I sold a set of shoes on Jan 4th, was paid, shipped them (priority with tracking), they are shown that they delivered.  18 days after they are shown to have delivered, I got a request for a refund because she says she didn't get them.  


Obviously we can debate whether they got there or not, that isn't my point---but my question is do I just refund it?  

Then I am out my costs and the item, but have a happy customer.  Or do I try to file a claim with USPS?  

What is my responsibility and (playing devil's advocate) what is to stop people from just requesting a refund even if they got it?


 I am not in this for business--I am just trying to put money aside for emergencies.....advice requested.  


Also---if I don't refund it, will I get negative reviews?  And will that have a negative effect on me?  I want to do things correctly---and I think I have, I just want to cover myself---without costing a ton of money.  The big thing is, the tracking was uploaded immediately and the item is said to have delivered 18 days ago, at this point 2.5 weeks later, I am not sure the Post Office will even be able to track it down? 


Thanks!!! Just want constructive advice.


Shipping & Returns question

I don't sell many items on ebay, but when I do it's usually a pleasant experience. However, on this item I've recently sold I have not received payment from the buyer. In the description, I ask for payment within 48 hours of the auction's end. It's been over 48 hours. I've sent an invoice and a friendly reminder to the buyer. Still nothing. Based on his activity, I know he is actively buying items in the meantime as feedback for the recent purchases is promptly received. So I'm not sure what is really going on here.


In addition, the buyer seems to freely give out negative feedback. Again, I don't want any negative feedback out of this, I just want this to be a simple transaction so I can ship the item out to him. Should I open a case? Should I try to offer the item as a second chance to one of the other buyers? Or should I continue to wait, even though it appears he's passed over my item based on recent purchases? And if I do open a case or offer a second chance, is there a possibility he gets upset and leaves me negative feedback?


Thanks in advance.

Payments question

Jan 30, 2015 9:58:52 PM PT

Past 48 hours, no payment

I have recently had a learning lesson and now I know what NOT to do in the future but I'm still stuck here and would love some advice!


I have been a member since 2004 and have not had a ton of sales but I am very familiar with how it works and have had a great interaction with people, I have never had a customer want to back out of buying (knock on wood) until now. And they used buy it now which really makes me shake my head. Anyway, they waited 2 days and did not pay so I politely asked them to submit payment or I would have to think about opening an unpaid item case, which was when they let me know they didn't want it anymore. :smileysad:


They only have been a member for about a week, so I'm trying not to get too upset, they obviously don't know the idea that buy it now or bidding means you have to pay! So I offered to cancel their order because that's what they said and did not realize now I can't open the unpaid item case! Now it has been 7 days since this started and they won't answer my emails and they haven't responded to Ebay's to agree to cancel this.


What can I do now? As far as I can tell I can't do anything until they agree on their end. I have of course been charged my final value fee and would like that credited, I'm glad it's only $4 but still, I didn't get paid! Why they don't wait to charge that until you get paid is beyond me.


I wish I had clicked the immediate payment required for buy it now but I will definitely not sell anything without doing that again! :smileyhappy:


I just don't get how you can click buy it now, not pay, wait until I contact you to tell me you changed your mind, ask me to cancel and then not respond at all? Should I report the buyer? What would you do?


Thank you in advance for any help with this. And yes I'm prepared to hear how dumb I am, trust me this was a huge learning experience for me! :smileyhappy:

Buying & Selling Basics question

So I have this item for sale, and the buyer purchased, but said they are confussed. so to fix the problem I offered what I thought was a fair and reasonabkle offer. Now she wants full refund? 

If anyone could help that would be great?????


Copys of communication


From: cabin4collections
To: xxxxx
Subject: Re: xxxxx has sent a question about item
Sent Date: Jan-30-15 03:33:31 PST
Dear xxxxxxxx
Hi, sorry about being confused. In the item description it does states the price is for one bundle.
Maybe the word bundle has to many definitions. (I will need to change that.)
However in order to be fair to you and to me, I purpose to send you three more bundles in exchange for $20.00. If you feel that this offer is not reasonable and fair, I would have no choice but to send you 3 / three/ bundles/ locks/ ponytails.
I try very hard to please my customers. (The customers are always right.) Opening an ebay store helps me put food on our table and pay the bills. I'm not here to make a fortune, just help pay the bills.
Please advise me as to what I should do?
Thanks again and Sorry,

Selling question

I've seen other threads but they don't have much information. I sold an item and it is coming back to be due to insuficcient address. The buyer has not responded to messages, starting a week ago when I saw the problem. If I can't get the buyer to answer, what happens?


If I can't get the buyer to answer, he wont cancel the sale, meaning I'm stuck with the fee's, so I dont' want to just refund it, but I'm not going to reship for free. Will eBay void the sale?


What if I just do nothing further and wait for him to get in touch with me? I've sent three messages over a week+

Selling question

Hello - I purchased these two pieces of what I believe are Meissen. They were set up as a cup(demitasse) and saucer. However, I think the 'saucer' is actually a small dish because the flat surface diameter is much bigger than the cup. In researching the mark, I obviously saw many pieces of blue onion. The decoration on my pieces appear to be very close to the Blue Onion with the exception of the colors. Would this pattern be called Blue Onion or 'Zwiebelmaster'? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I'm a novice and find myself in possetion of new items (automotive/mechanical parts) to sell that  are unfamiliar to me.  It's highly unlikey I will ever be selling items like this in the future.  I would like to set a price well below duplicates already for sale on ebay in order to get rid of them more quickly.  Is this ok?  Alternatively, is it acceptable to contact a specialized ebay seller to offer my items directly to them at a wholesale (or less) price?

Selling question

I sent 28 books. Buyer received 14 in box stamped received damaged by post office but sealed. Other books inside were damaged due to movement. I had packed them tight, no movement when I mailed it. Weight was over 25 pounds on my receipt. Only a little over 12 pounds received. Items were obviously removed at some point. Am I as the seller responsible for reimbursement?


Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 6:08:44 PM PT

Items stolen in mail.

I bought a Hilink HSPA + 21Mbps Huawei dongle from the account before I delete my account.  Now the dongle always heat much in the also & when it is heat it disconnect. I face this problem always & not only that there is a smell of burning from it. Therefore I limited to use it. I delete my old account my old account as I changed my email & I made a new account . Please help me to solve my problem. I don't know what to do & realy confused. Please help me. 

    Thank you

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 29, 2015 6:34:49 AM PT

Help me to solve

Item no: 381130740062               I won this auction on a polka dot dress and paid for it and as soon as the seller creates her shipping label she emails me this..........I paid 7.99 for shipping. Please pay paypal 4.99 for this item for shipping. I did not make one cent on this transaction.

- loveandemulsion                                         I am trying to get a number to report this behavior from this seller and cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated.

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 30, 2015 10:47:05 AM PT

Help with Seller demanding more money!

Had someone under false name try to contact me today about a vehicle i am selling, after supplying some initial information requested via text message, which I incidentally could not reply to email conversation as follows :- scammer email address - richyaman0011@gmail.com (get a load of this **bleep**) Thanks for getting back to me and i appreciate your prompt reply..I am presently out of town now.. I am buying this for my son as a surprise gift. However,does it have any history I should be aware of? and why are you selling if you don't mind my asking and I will really appreciate if you can email more info and if possible more photos. I can only pay through paypal at the moment as i don't have access to my bank account online(i dont have internet banking with it), but i have it attached to my paypal account, and this is why i insisted on using paypal to pay,all i will need is your paypal email address to make the payment, and if you dont have a paypal account yet, you can set one it cant take you less than 3mins to do that, i will be expecting your paypal email so l can pay and your phone number. I have a pick up agent that will come for the pick up after payment has been sorted, l will be waiting for your reply asap. Here is my phone number:+447031998371 This is apparently from a "Richard Gardner" Just wondered how prevalent is this on ebay and what is being done about it, either to stop it or make people more aware that these **bleep**s exist

Getting Started question

Jan 30, 2015 6:52:42 AM PT

scammer trying to get paypal email address

I need to know with certainty if I can sell Police, Sheriff and Fire Department PATCHES.


I have read the Police Related Items guidelines and it addresss only badges with the one exception of small badge patches which for some unknown reason, ebay believes these can possibly determined to be badges. Last time I checked, badges are metallic and patches are material.


Just recently, I had a listing of a Lot of eight (8) Fire/EMS/Rescue PATCHES removed and I was sent a violation. The violation stated that my listing was for Firefighter Badges, which it WAS NOT! An ebay rep told me today via phone that I CANNOT SELL FIRE DEPARTMENT PATCHES. WHAT???


I DO NOT sell Badges so I don't need to know the policy concerning Badges. I strongly suggest that ebay selling policy guideline makers need to address in detail, what Police and Fire Department PATCHES can and can't be sold. There is NOTHING that addresses this at this time that I can find. 


I want to be in compliance with ebay listing and selling guidelines, but if I don't know what I can and cannot sell then that means that it's chancey at best which is not good and that the many hundreds of sellers that are currently selling police and fire patches are basically uneducated to this topic - again... NOT GOOD!


So, can I or can I not sell Police, Sheriff, Security, Corrections and Fire Department PATCHES?

Selling question

at the far right of my active listings is a "button" with 'on line auction'....what does this mean and how does it work?

Selling question

Jan 28, 2015 3:58:57 PM PT

'on line auction'.

I never received the item that i ordered ,my package was delivered by usps and left  outside  by the door according to tracking details, the mail carrier also admitted leaving the package outside and now according to ebay seller , she did her part and usps also did their part  delivering the item , leaving it outside ,so nothing can be done about it, i lost it all and i learn my lesson well.  From now on , i will do business with Amazon

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 3:16:00 PM PT

lost package

As stated in the subject, I already bought the item from the seller and just noticed a few minutes ago that absolutely nothing but the item number and the amount I paid is showing up for that purchase. No pictures, tracking number, expected arrivale date, etc. is shown. I can't even click on the images for the item or the details for the sale! Opening up a case against the item number is also non-existant since "This listing (251800835012) has been removed, or this item is not available."


Please help mates!

Bidding & Buying discussion

I would like to relist an item, but I can't find it?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 30, 2015 3:46:27 PM PT

where is my item after a uic closes?

Payments question

How is it possible for a bidder to submit their first bid and only bid exactly what my reserve was and the reserve was an odd number

Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 5:53:59 PM PT

first bid on the money

I have that annoying Auctiva scroll box at the bottom of all of my listings, and it's scrolling items that I removed or sold months ago!  How can I completely remove that program from every listing, along with all the other little boxes for Subscription services I've since cancelled?

Tools & Apps question

Hi, I have brought over 100~ items on ebay, return a few, and never really have any problem until today. 


I order a ring on Jan 18. Got my ring on 22th. Realize it was way too lose to be size 7(more like 8), I filed a return request and contact seller. 


Seller never responded to my message.


I opened a case and it said " If you don't hear back or can't work things out, you can ask us to step in and help starting on Jan 30, 2015."


When I click on the link today, it said 


"This return was completed on Jan 30, 2015."


Here's what happened
Jan 26: You requested a return
Reason for return: It's the wrong size or doesn't fit 
Comments: -----------
Seller return address: Seller address 
I still haven't recieved my refund. 
I have read other thread on the forum. Am I suppose to get Return label within 36 hours, or I need to ship item back and wait 6 days to get refund, or what am I suppose to do? There's no instruction at all. 
.____.  thank you. 


Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 3:48:18 PM PT

This return was completed < I'm confused

I Offer Free Shipping on Select Items. How Come I Can't Add a $1.00 Handling fee on these Select Items? Shipping and Handling Are 2 fees, But Listing Won"t let me add Handling fee After i List Free Shipping. Thanks in Advance.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 30, 2015 8:44:21 PM PT

Shipping And Handling Fees

Thanks, we get a number of free listings every month right, where we dont have to pay insertion fees, or something like that? And if so when does that start, on the 1st?

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Jan 30, 2015 9:48:34 PM PT

do we get free listings every month?

I ordered 7 magazines from the same seller in November. Despite several messages to him asking where they were and opening a request with e bay i heard nothing. Then on Jan 26th i received 10 magazines from him, the right title but completey the wrong issue and most of which i already had.Am i obliged to return them?

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 31, 2015 1:12:27 AM PT

seller sent wrong items

I use turbo lister, can my daughter use my turbo lister under her own name? Or does she need her own turbo lister?

Tools & Apps discussion

Jan 30, 2015 9:44:20 AM PT

Can two people use one turbo lister?

What's The Longest you went without a Sale?

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 28, 2015 3:40:58 PM PT

One Week Without a Sale?

I sold my phone using the promotion that if your phone sells for less than $100 eBay will give you a coupon for the difference. The phone was shipped a week ago and have not heard anything about the coupon. I called customer service and they had no clue. Any ideas how long this takes and who do I contact if I don't receive it? Thanks!

Selling question

A buyer is asking for me to email them from my personal email to theirs once item is shipped. Is this o.k.? Do I have anything to be concerned about? Thanks

Shipping & Returns question

Hello, I would like to use the API to contact the customer. Give me an indication of where to find the documentation? Thank you very much!

Tools & Apps discussion

Jan 28, 2015 3:57:13 PM PT

API to contact the customer


  I had a customer buy an extended battery from me recently for a drone (worth $70), and they are returning it for "Item not as described." They said it did not fit the drone it is designed for, even though the description states 3 times that it requires a seperate battery compartment. My return policy is no questions asked return for a 20% restocking fee but I cant enforce that since it is "not as described." Is this worth taking to ebay to fight? If i don't, will it reflect badly on my account? Also will they be able to leave bad feedback?


Thanks in advance



Shipping & Returns question

Jan 28, 2015 10:37:53 PM PT

Question about "Item not as described" return

I was interested in a pair of slippers, but I saw that the shipping charge for the particular pair I really wanted was more than twice any of the other pairs that came up in my search. He was charging $14.95 to ship an item that could be mailed in a bubble envelope, and would total weight would be 1.5 lbs tops. I put this info into the usps calculator, used his location and mine to determine shipping, and came up with flat rate Priority at about $6 or $7. So I wrote to him, told him how much I liked the item but was puzzles by such a high shipping charge--would he consider lowering it? I even told him the price I researched. Here's his response: 

Dear [prospective buyer],

I'm selling them for the wholesale price and the only profit is the shipping, so I can't.

- [seller]

His listings are all Buy It Now, with no option to bid. Some of his other listings offer free shipping. What gets me is he's just so blatant about gouging on shipping. Obviously I am not going to buy from him--I know that's how it works, if you don't like the terms of a listing, you give your business to another seller. But is there anyway to report his message to eBay? I did report the listing as a circumventing of eBay fees, but it didn't give me a chance to mention his message to me anywhere. Or am I just making too much of this? As a seller myself, it just bugs me to no end when I run across cheaters like this.

Shipping & Returns question

I will be leaving town for a week and want to put my account in vacation mode for lack of a better description. How do I accomplish this?


Thanks, Larry


My Account question

Jan 29, 2015 8:20:27 PM PT

How do I set my account for vacation

I have 4 customers that have not paid.  They bought their items at the same time and no one is paying,  Do I have to go through eBay or can I just relist on my own?  I don't want eBay to think wrong of me or put a mark against me for turning all of them at the same time.







Thank you Community for being there for me.                   Thank you  Mary

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 30, 2015 4:03:32 AM PT

Items not paid for

With eBay new policy buyer can claim item not recived and get his money back, what I can do to protect myself form the dishonest buyers.

I use eBay shipping withn US and it give me a tracking number to profe the shipping but I have the problem when I ship outsid US.

Anyone can help, thanks

Bidding & Buying question

I'am a new seller on E-bay. I had two of my items on auction. One was ending 7  days after the First auction. I had bidder with good feedback bidding on my item and the amount was satisfactory. But this 0 feedback bidder who made his profile same day started bidding like crazy. He won and is not responding to my messages and not paying for my item. 


To my shocking horror  the other item on auction, he made sure he remains the highest bidder. And he has also exceeding the retail price of that item. I am sure he will not pay for this one also. since, it has exceded the retail price way high. No genuine buyer will buy from me now. So disapointing as a new seller i have to go through with all of this. What can i do next. I'am dead sure he will not pay. 


Any Ideas ? sugessions? 

Bidding & Buying question

I have bid on an item that happens to be sold by a vendor very close to me.  She is willing to let me pick it up personally to avoid shipping costs, but is unsure of how to "record" that on the seller side so Ebay will know it has been shipped.  I would appreciate any instructions to help her.

Thank you!

Shipping & Returns question

How do I contact eBay? I bought a sweater in 12/19/15. Seller shipped wrong item, I returned it and they credited me the return shipping but it's almost February and I haven't received the right one. Seller keeps saying its on its way and refuses to cancel the order all together. I can't reopen the case since the seller refunded the return shipping cost, what do I do now?

Shipping & Returns question

Hi i am trying to trying to dispute a buyers protection case that was closed prematurely by Ebay, but i am getting no response from the Ebay customer care team after sending several emails. Is there no way of contacting them telephonically to state my case?

Shipping & Returns question

I've been listing items that fit in flat-rate boxes, now I need to do one with calculated shipping. I'm trying for priority on a large 2 pound package. On the listing page I chose:

Select Shipping Myself

Charge Actual Cost

Weight 1-2    19" x 7" x 3"   Large Package

USPS Priority Mail 1-4 days


When I hit the preview button all it shows for shipping is "Read item description or contact seller for details"

And in the item description under the shipping tab, it just shows the 2 days handlnig time, nothing about priority or cost.


Shouldn't I be seeing some sort of postage calculator or, since I'm logged in, the cost for priority to my own zip code? I don't want to hit the listing button, wait the 16 hours for it to show up in the index, and then find out it's hosed somehow.



Shipping & Returns question

Jan 31, 2015 12:42:37 PM PT

Should postage calculator show in preview?

I was paging thru similar items for sale today and came across an item almost identical to my antique vases, and found the person had copied my wording for my title EXACTLY - is that Kosher? Do you call him or her on it or let it go? Thanks.

Selling question

The buyer who won an auction hasn't paid. It's been 5 days. I sent an invoice and a reminder. No answers or any sort of communication. What do I do now? The auction ended on Jan 25th. Thanks for all the info!

Payments question

Jan 30, 2015 8:49:41 AM PT

Bidder is MIA.

I have an unusual issue. I purchased a buy it now item on the 20th (9 days ago) and paid immediately through ebay with paypal. A couple days later I noticed that the item still said payment processing. In paypal, it said that the payment was unclaimed, and that the email address was not associated with a paypal account. I messaged the seller through ebay regarding this. They then shipped the item, but did not respond to my message. When the item reached me (on the 26th), the payment was still unclaimed so I messaged the seller again through ebay to point out that they needed to register their email, and to see if there were any issues. They did not respond to this message either. Today (29th) they opened an unpaid item case against me, despite having not responded to any of my messages. I sent a third message, and the said they linked their paypal account earlier today, and that I should wait a few days to see if the payment goes through. I know thats not how paypal works (if the email is registered, they should get the money immediately), and if I wait a few days I'll get an unpaid item strike. I'm really not sure what to do about this. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Payments discussion

I have one item for sale but must be shipped it two boxes. How can I set up shipping charges on my listing?

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 29, 2015 10:04:26 AM PT

Sending one item in two boxes.

Okay I finally got some sales after 2 weeks of darkness. I was printing my shipping labels when a Pay Now notice popped up.
Here's the thing, it was an item I bought 2 months ago, paid for received no problem. The seller and I had exchanged a few emails, he's a great guy so I was confused.
I messaged him and he said that certainly I had paid, probably a glitch, ignore it.
So, is it ok to ignore the pay now?
Could it be a glitch?
I've never had any no pays or anything and I don't want to get one now.
Has anyone seen this before?
It's not the app, it popped up on the website while I was printing labels.
If it was the app, I would've ignored it cause I know it's glitchy.
Thanks everyone.
Thanks to those that gave emotional support when I recently lost my ferret and my Mom. You guys are the best! You know who you are.

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 28, 2015 8:43:20 PM PT

I have a question for you all ...

My listing of true vintage jewerly is not being seen as there is so much stuff from China and HK on ebay now that is listed as vintage but is clearly not. How can I make my listing seen so real buyers don't have to paw through the fake vintage stuff?

Selling question

So a buyer put a return request in the other day to return an item that was "doa" so i sent shpping label and asked him to return it. the next day the guy messages me saying the item works it was infact his sata connector that was broken and not my item, he leaves me good feedback also.


No i have a red mark on my account because of a defective return request, paypal are withholding the money too, How can I cancel the return request now that the buyer is keeping it?

Selling question

Jan 30, 2015 9:12:14 AM PT

how to cancel a return

Hello, I would need your help with increasing my selling limits. After I type my paypal data I get the answer - The country that your PayPal account is registered under is not supported by PayPal's bank confirmation process. You can log in with a different account or create a new one registered in one of the following countries. I live in Latvia. What should I do? Please advise  :smileysad:

Selling question

Jan 30, 2015 10:18:12 AM PT

Selling limits

Hi, my friend sold an item for $6.00 that included a pin and matching earrings. She wrapped them in paper then in bubble wrap & then put them in a bubble wrap envelope. The buyer claims she did not receive the earring. She asked her to double check because they were all wrapped together. Long story short, I recomended she she refund the buyer and let her keep the pin since it was not worth the fight in my opinion. But it is very odd that this happened. What are the chances the buyer lied? She insisted the only reason she bought them was for the earring that are miraculously missing. They were shipped with the pin in same wrapping. How does she protect herself in the future? Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions

Selling question

I have conversed with a seller to combine postage from a number of his buy it now items. However it won't let me complete checkout without making listed price + full postage payment.


Is there any way to do this (the items are coming from America and I'm in the UK so the difference in postage is very substantial


Hope someone can help

Many Thanks


Bidding & Buying question

If I sign up for a Yearly Stores subscription. The yearly fee is $ 191.4 .

Ebay will charge year fee first? Or one year later?

Thank you!

Payments question

Jan 28, 2015 7:25:52 PM PT

sign up for a Yearly Stores subscription.

Somehow I associated a very very old email address in an auction that has already ended.  I don't know why, as all of my other listings had the current address.  Anyway, the auction ended and the buyer tried to send payment, which is now an unclaimed payment.  The old email address cannot be accessed as that ISP was bought out by my current ISP.  I tried sending the buyer my new email address but eBay doesn't allow that it seems for privacy reasons.  I also can't find how to reinvoice because I sent an invoice before I realized the email was wrong.  Any help is appreciated.

Payments question

Jan 29, 2015 4:43:18 PM PT

wrong paypal email in ended ebay listing

I sold itm. number 390250460388 and sent wrong color; wasn't sure how to determine whether the error was mine.


Determined it was mine and refunded buyer prior to return ultimately agreed to refund return postage when buyer returns item.


Buyer has been refunded; still has my merchandise and wants prepaid return postage.


Committment with buyer has been horrible.


I just want to be done with buyer but I think EBay should say something to client. I've already blocked her from future buying with me.





Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 29, 2015 8:32:51 PM PT

How do I resolve this #390250460388

I recently had to return an item to a seller that didn't accept returns. The item was not functional, as described. The seller rejected my return and I filed a case with eBay. eBay then sent me a label for return, I packaged the item and shipped via UPS. The item is now back at my residence, "returned to shipper" because "receiver did not order, refused." The seller is now threatening to file disputes against me and seems angry. I cannot find a route through eBay to resolve this problem, so I'm hoping forums will help.

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 29, 2015 12:02:41 PM PT



I was wondering .If you get a defect when the  buyer opens a case for a return because item not as decribed.If the case is resolved and buyer is happy but still leaves you feedback  giving you a low score for item not as described.Can you get a defect for the case that was opened as well as defect on the feedback even though buyer leaves you a positive overall feedback but dings you for item not as described?

Thank you for any help.

Selling question

Jan 29, 2015 6:24:59 AM PT

Question on Defects

I recently sold my laptop and recieved an echeck on paypal and it's pneding right now and was just wondering if i should wait until i recieve the money in my balance to ship or if it is safe to ship. Thanks.

Payments question

I have one to sell & would like to know its value.  Where should I start?  THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Selling question