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 This Lenox vase is 5.75" tall x 10.5" from side to side, and 4.5" from front to back. Normally a vase is taller than it wide, so would this still be called a vase, or is this called something else? TIA!IMG_5015.JPGIMG_5018.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have boxes and boxes of glassware that need sold from an estate.  I know zero zip about glassware patterns.   Any help I can get in identifying some of this glassware will help greatly.   Don't know whether to list it on ebay or to sell it at the garage sale. P9290574.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello. I've got this penquins figurine that I have no idea who it was made by, or better yet, what the heck it was originally used for. The tubes in the two silver fittings seem to have a spring action if that helps. It does have a foil sticker which I have tried to research with no luck. I'm really dying to know more about these little fellows so any help is greatly appreciated. It measures a little over 5" high and is about 4 3/4" wide.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Glassies!  Can anyone ID this maker and pattern green depression glass plate?   thank you for any help.green depression plate-005.JPGgreen depression plate.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I need help with this Dooney and Bourke bag. The edges and trim are real leather. I like to insure legitimacy on things like this! I also need help identifying the bag, i dont know what it is called to look it up. It is small , like a clutch size...

Thanks in advance!








Fashion discussion

Hi! I think the blue stone could be lapis, no idea on the green and brownish stone. I think this necklace is gold plated. The pendant measures about 1 1/2 inches in total length.  Thanks for any help!





Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Frosted fruit three part relish with a dew drop pattern. The fruit pattern cups in on the bottom, is this considered intaglio? Measures around 8.5" across the top, 6" across the bottom and stands roughly 1" tall. Not sure if it's mid-century or newer? Any ideas? TIA!

 photo frostedfruit.png photo 002-2.jpg photo 004-3.jpg photo frostedfruit2.png

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Does anyone recognize the mark on this bell?DSC07097.JPG


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have 3 of these and need to know what to call them and are they vintage.....I cannot get a good picture but can tell you what it says on the bottom


Black Starr & Frost  then they are  and have stamped EPNS or BPNS


Its hammered and not cleaned yetP9280013.JPG






Collectibles & Art discussion

I just need to know is it vintage or what it would be called.  There are no stamps or anything on it.  The dots on the bottom are from the camera it just has felt.  And the plug is clear gold color  















Collectibles & Art discussion



Can someone identify the maker of this 3-light elegant depression candlestick?CS3.jpg




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have iced teas and goblets with the same etched pattern, but may be different blank styles. The owner thought they were Fostoria Meadow Rose, but I've checked replacements site and Fostoria Crystal for America and am coming up empty for a Fostoria blank that matches these. 

The iced tea stands 6 3/4" tall and has a twist stem and ripple at the base of the bowl. It has a wide straight optic. The etch ---I don't know how to describe.

The goblet stands 7 7/8" tall and has a bulbous lady leg stem and a ripple at the base. Same optic. Same etch. 

The first picture shows the shape (I hope it's clear enough). The second shows the etch.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have a set of 9 plates all with different flower patterns on the front.  The mark on the back is a Haviland mark and the dates are 1890 and 1892  Can anyone tell me what the ES on the plate is?   Initials of artist???P9290735.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


eBay Cafe discussion



good morning



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Normally when I go print a shipping label, I get a $2 to $3 commercial rate discount for Priority mail (usually around 15% or so of the shipping cost), but today when I went to print a label, I was treated with this:




I'm not complaining or anything, I'm more curious than anything.  I've never had anywhere near that large of a shipping discount.  That is for a 25-pound Priority Mail package from Michigan to Pennsylvania.


Can I expect to continue to receive these huge discounts?  Or is there some ebay promotion going on I'm not aware of?

Shipping & Returns discussion



Share your treasure   purchase with us , one picture or link per post

Bidding & Buying discussion

new 226.JPGnew 227.JPGnew 228.JPGnew 230.JPGnew 229.JPG

Are you seeing grape leaves too?  Any idea on the maker?  I couldn't find any marks whatsoever  The stone is mottled green and coveren on the back so hard to tell what it is   Not plastic at least   Kinda pretty but I would love elp on the kw's etc  Oh, any guess as to the age?

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I have a very heavy blue & tan(?) speckle bowl. It's 13" across & approx. 3" high. It's pretty shallow for the size; I'm not sure what it would have been used for. The bottom is brown/black & there is a black mark that could possibly be an F or G. Any information would be super appreciated.





Antiques discussion

It's a combination of cold paint and what looks like hand painting.  The locket is a birdhouse, with a pin in an odd spot on the back.  Wear it as a brooch and it's upside-down.  The pinback is probably meant to keep it from swinging around.  I added the chain, so that's no help.  The mark at the top looks like a place a maker's badge was supposed to go, but it was never soldered on.



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Hope everyone's day has a bright spot.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Vase not marked.  Any help I.D. ?   Thanks for your help


> photo myiphone2758.jpg


> photo myiphone2757.jpg


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I bought this vase from an older lady who said it was antique. I actually put it away & just found it. I'm cleaning out my butler's pantry & finding a lot of forgotten items so this will probably be the first of a few posts

The vase is approximately 8" high & about 5" across the widest point (the "arms"). There is a lot of crazing....not sure if that is actually due to the age or not. The bottom is interesting. It feels different (kind of rough), there looks like there is a "seam" in the middle & there's a dark ring around the rim. Any information would be appreciated. Please let me know if you need additional information from me. Thanks in advance for your time, help, & expertise.









Antiques discussion

I have boxes and boxes of glassware that need sold from an estate.  I know zero zip about glassware patterns.   Any help I can get in identifying some of this glassware will help greatly.   Don't know whether to list it on ebay or to sell it at the garage P9290587.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

new 323.JPGnew 324.JPG

I think this was silver plated at one time  I'm not sure if these stones are turquoise or?    they are not plastic  Any info you can provide about this item is much appreciated.  I think it's super cool

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Found a couple of beautiful pieces on my Monday morning thrift store treasure hunt, including this - bust? My first thought was that it appears to be a Peruvian indian done by a chief on peyote!

Seriously, it's beautiful, and I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be a face, but it is round and done in such a abstract way I could be wrong - I've never seen a round, ball shaped bust before.

Can anyone help me with identifying it? 

PS - it measures 4" W x 5" H

I appreciate any help.











Collectibles & Art discussion



Oh boy, it's FALL!  This is a wonderful time of the year---perfect for getting energized by the cool, crisp weather and getting down to work with fewer distractions.  Make a point of enjoying plenty of outside time before the harsh weather arrives, but let that be a good balance to the work of getting your items out there for our buyers.  This is the beginning of the heavy buying season, so get your listings ready to GO!    Everyone is welcome to join us, so if you need advice, companionship, or just a place to stop and chat awhile, we're here!


We have our usual array of lucky things---we're superstitious, it seems :-D---starting with Magic Listing Dust. 






A green goddess  (who happens to be me for the second month in a row, but I say without modesty that I think I did a pretty good job last month) :-D





And there's George.  Hmm.  Now that he didn't marry any of us, we might have to vote on whether to keep him as our mascot or not.  Maybe at the first of the year, we'll take a vote!  Oh, I don't know---when he looks this good, he can stay.





Finally, here are some suggestions to keep the money flowing.  We've culled these from years of experience and hope you'll be helped by them!


1. LIST AT LEAST ONE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!  If you are like some of us here, and have another job, write things up and schedule them to launch on a daily basis.


2. LIST IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS - Try some regular auctions, auctions with Buy it Now, Fixed Price, and Fixed Price with Best Offer. Not only will you get a better idea what works for YOU, but you'll offer buyers a variety of buying options.


3. OPTIMIZE YOUR LISTINGS – By using the free Terapeak Keyword app (find it in the Applications tab), learning how to take better photos (there are free courses online), changing the keywords on your store pages regularly, changing the opening blurb in your store header regularly (web spyders love new content) and experimenting with price changes UP as well as DOWN!


4. DON'T LET YOUR UNSOLD LISTINGS LAY AROUND - Check your My eBay page and click on Unsold...get those relisted ASAP! You've already done all the work, so be sure they're viewable by buyers!


5. OPEN A STORE - If you are wondering whether you are better off with a BASIC store or a PREMIUM store, figure that if you have over 250 store items, Premium is a better buy....under 250, Basic is....this is at least a rule of thumb to get you started.   Stores used to be great places to put items and keep them available year round, but with the fee changes, maybe not so much.


However, there are at least three really good reasons to have a store....listing fees are less if you have a store, your items can be separated into categories (much easier for buyers to shop), and you can run Markdown Manager sales.


6. DEAL WITH BIDDERS, BUYERS, AND ANNOYING INQUISITIVE POTENTIAL BIDDERS IN A PATIENT AND FRIENDLY WAY - Remember that it's worth money in your pocket and life is too short to have your tail in a knot.  Write up that snarky reply, get a laugh at it, then hit delete.  Kill 'em with kindness :-)


7. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This thread is all about MAKING MONEY, that's for sure, but we feel that being supportive of our Lister Sisters and Brothers helps ALL of us. Drop in and hang out! Venting is allowed, but take it easy on the negative vibes and controversial off-topic issues such as politics and religion.


8. DON'T WORRY THAT YOU'RE NOT KEEPING UP WITH THE POSTS - We are HUGELY talkative, but rarely say anything that's absolutely crucial. If you feel like you missed something by not reading the last 10 pages, just ask!


9. RELAX and HAVE FUN with your Ebay venture. Life is too short to be uptight and/or grumpy. Decide TODAY to BE HAPPY. Then do it! It really is that simple.


Fashion discussion

Hello all! I'm going to sale these doll items as lot - 2 outfits, 2 wigs, 13 shoes, 7 socks, 3 bloomer(s).Can you guys help me out with some keywords? Suggestions on listing it? TIA!




Dolls discussion

It's on a monster necklace, the pendant is 7 inches long plus the bail, but it's not signed.  



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

these beads were packed with the other 2 sets of amber beads I sold but I am not sure if these are amber? thank you for any info.they weigh 56 gramsbeads2old 001.JPGbeads2old 001.JPG

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design


I am trying to identify this character on an old wool blanket. He reminds me of Richie Rich, but I really don't know. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

Lee B. 









Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Selling question

I haven't been able to identify this dessert plate. Can anyone help me??  I got it at a small antique auction and it was supposedly made in Germany and a plate for assorted desserts.  Auctioneer called it a German name, but can't remember. Thanks!!






Bottom of stand==Don't know where the green came from!









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hardangervidda Norway National Park Mountain Plateau Souvenir Pin measures 1 1/4” by 1 1/2” across. The back has excess shellac, otherwise in good vintage condition. Help/thoughts on material appreciated-as always!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

11 августа приобрела 3 керамических чайничка у продавца  "joan1947-2012", но на адрес по чему то посылка не пришла. На сообщения, продавец нес какую то чушь, видимо  тянул время. Теперь я не знаю, что делать, прошло больше 30 дней? Продавец не отвечает ни на одно сообщение, есть какие ни будь методы воздействовать на продавца? Пожалуйста подскажите. С уважением Елена.


Bidding & Buying question

I am preparing to list this charger, but I'm not sure how to describe it other than "Mexican folk art charger parrot bird design".  I've seen terms like "tlaquepaque", "talavera", "tonala", etc. to describe Mexican folk art....do any of these terms apply?  Are there any other search terms that I can use for this plate?  It measures approx 16.25" diameter and has what I assume to be the artist name on the back.  Any idea on the age or region in which it was produced?  Was it sold in Mexico or as a decorator piece in a US store?  I've sold a few pieces of Mexican folk art recently and I think it's cool looking, so I feel like I should learn a little more about it.  Thank you for any help you can offer!

20140920 14420140920 150

Collectibles & Art discussion

I have boxes and boxes of glassware that need sold from an estate.  I know zero zip about glassware patterns.   Any help I can get in identifying some of this glassware will help greatly.   Don't know whether to list it on ebay or to sell it at the garage P9290578.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Does anyone know what gemstones these are? Can't really find anything close so far. Thanks for your help!


Gemstone 1:

Bead 1-1.JPG


Bead 1-2.JPG




Gemstone 2:  (Someone said that this is blue Jasper, but I've never heard about that and could not find it and to me, the structure does not look like Jasper at all)


Bead 2-2.JPGBead 2-3.JPGBead 2-1.JPG




Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Because of the name and date and "Austria" written on the bottom I do not know what to make of this piece.  I am not sure if it is a previous owner or artist.  Also if it was made in Austria or bought there..  It stands about 3" tall.  Thanks in advance for any help.







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi All,

    Probably gonna say I'm crazy for not having found this one.  I'm stumped on the ethcing on these cordials.  I wish they had a fancier stem, that would have made it easier.  Thanks for looking



Image Hosting by Vendio

Image Hosting by Vendio

Image Hosting by Vendio

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

blue bowl 001.JPGblue bowl 002.JPG



The  Bowl is 9" in diameter and 2 1/2" in height.


Thank you in advance.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Attempting to clear left over inventory from store booth close down & am finding items I have no idea about so any assistance greatly appreciated,,TIAsweaterclipszip.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

big rhinestone.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I'm trying to identify the maker of this crock cookie jar.  I've looked at McCoy, Hull, etc., and none seem to match the lid.  Any help in steering me where to look is appreciated!  I have more photos if needed.crock1.jpgcrock2.jpgcrock4.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Bought some milling bits which were advertised as being able to cut Aluminium. They actually shattered or snapped as soon as they touched aluminium, and can tell from the insides that they are really bad quality.

I opened a case with ebayicon, as soon as the seller emailed back asking for proof, the case was closed, but no message as to who closed it or the outcome. Simply the message "This return was completed on 26 Sep, 2014." Also no refund.

I tried to open the case again, but the message says "A return is already open for this item".

I spoke to eBay on the online chat, and they told me that there was not a case open for that item. Upon copying and pasting messages from eBay that there was a case open, I am now transferred to speak to someone else, currently position #69 with 45 minutes wait...

I will wait, but from experience it usually freezes after some time and I have to start again.


Update: 15 minutes later, still 45 minutes estimated wait.... I guess this is the "department" they transfer people to when they want to get rid of them?

I would do a chargeback but I use eBay a fair bit, and that would likely lock my PayPal account?


Shipping & Returns question

Since the awful changes to the summary page it not only takes 5 times as long to load the page

but the AD's at the bottom block my ability to click the "Revise" button and revise my listings without

having to go to the unsold items page.Clipboard01.jpg

Technical Issues discussion

Can anyone tell me what I have? Researching it shows it may be a 'Infant of Prague' statue, but mine seems older than a infant. It has a well made crown that comes off & has different colored rhinestones, and what looks like a globe? in his hand..

On the back bottom center  it is stamped M.T.A., the the numbers 765 & a copyright symbol - I can't find that anywhere with Google - does anyone know what M.T.A. is?

I have seen the prices on these range from $20 - $200!  With the nicely made crown & rhinestones, and it looking like it was hand painted, and the M.T.A. stamp - can someone tell where mine stands?

Thank you for any information!


collectible religous statue 1.jpg




Collectibles & Art discussion

Would also appreciate any info on this one.  The whole picture was too large!




The rim goes straight up on inside



Bottom of stand




Thanks so much for any info!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Collectibles & Art discussion

eBay Employee
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We'll open the discussion shortly before 4pm ET/1pm PT on Wednesday and will be around for the full hour. See you then.


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4. Any posts that violate our Community Policies will be deleted.


5. When replyiing to another post, kindly use the "Quote" button.  This copies the text to which you are responding into your reply and helps others track which post is receiving a response. 

Part-time eBay Sellers discussion

In my info it states I made $25,071.00 in the last quarter. Really? ewd     Where and why are they hiding it?

dfws          ds






Part-time eBay Sellers discussion


Tools & Apps question

This Bowl measures 7.25" in diameter, 2.75" High.  It was used for a flower bowl, had calcium deposits.  Hand thrown, has marks wghere it was cut from the wheel. A lot of Pops in the glaze.  i would think Kenutcky but the bottom is glazed.  Also, the dry ring is wider than most.  Do any of you have any ideas as to the maker?


black pottery bowl 002.JPGblack pottery bowl 006.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Is this real or fake? It has a newer plastic style tag on the inside that says Made in China

Any help is much appreciated.



Fashion discussion

Searched online for weeks on these, thought one of the California companies, not even sure what birds to classify these as. They stand approximately 6.5" tall and base measures about 2.25" x 1.75" TIA!

l"> photo 102.jpg photo 105.jpg photo 099.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Anyone know the pattern of these nappys"P9290583.JPGP9290579.JPGP9290581.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I posted this on one of the other jewelry forums, but didn't get any replies on this necklace, so thought I would try on this forum.


Is there a name for the Iridescent or aurora borealis blue glass beads, that are "bumpy?"


I think I've ID'ed the blue beads, with aventurune and pink roses, as Italian aventurine wedding cake beads, but would appreciate confirmation.


The larger blue beads have foil inside, but I don't know the correct name for them.


The silvertone metal rondell spacers mimic rhinestones from a distance, but there aren't any rhinestones.


The beads are strung on a fine link chain, and toward the clasp, on either side of the clasp, there are a couple of fine wires (photo 2)  that show in-between the beads.


On the push-in part of the clasp, there's an "M" with "wings" at the top, or a "W" with wings at the bottom. So far, I haven't been able to ID the mark. Anyone recognize the mark, or does it apply only to the clasp?


Newer or older? Does it need to be restrung?  And, any other thoughts appreciated. Thank you.


Blue Beaded Necklace 33.jpg


Blue Beaded Necklace 44.jpg


Blue Beaded Necklace 22.jpg


Blue Bead Necklace M.jpg





Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

I can't find a record of this Fenton item anywhere, or find other examples of the decoration.  I found a similar iridescent color on the FentonFanatics QVC database, called Pink Chiffon Iridized, produced from 2000-2002.  There are Pink Chiffon and Pink Chiffon Opalescent examples in the regular Fenton catalogs from those years, but no iridized version.


I also found the decorator's name on the FentonFanatics list.  The urn has the Fenton-0 oval mark, but the years the artist was active at Fenton are not given.


Anyone have an idea?  Thanks!









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This seems to be an oddball item. I think I have found that the Jasmine pattern came in two different colorways. So what the heck is this? Covered dish about 4.5" square with the red colorway on one side and the blue on the other. A china shop sample? 




Thank you


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello there,   This little dish measures about 3 3/4" across and 7/8" high.  It is stamped sterling and has a bronze (?) medal in the center ... 


Does anyone know if this had a purpose or was it just a decorative dish?   Does anyone know about these medals by Jean Dassier?  Specifically, how do I tell if this was an early minting (18th century) or one of the many remakes?  Probably doesn't matter with it being stuck there in the middle of a dish .... but I'm still curious.  Thanks for looking and for any information that you can share.




yes, it was polished ... apparently often - at least on this side.



Antiques discussion

Iridescent blue nugget ? (thanks, Crow) glass beads, lampwork beads, and the center blue bead appears to have foil inside. The silvertone rondells mimic rhinestones, but there aren't any rhinestones. The beads are strung on a fine link chain, and towards the clasp, there are a couple of fine wires that show in-between the beads. On the push-in part of the clasp, there's an "M" with "wings" at the top, or a "W" with wings at the bottom. I looked for the mark, but couldn't find it.


Any information appreciated, as always.


Blue Beaded Necklace 33.jpg


Blue Beaded Necklace 22.jpg


Blue Beaded Necklace 44.jpg


Blue Bead Necklace M.jpg


I'm unsure what color the non-AB beads are, but they're coated with teeny, tiny brown and clear glass beads. Does anyone know the name of this type of bead? Unmarked.


Brown Glass Beaded Necklace 22.jpg


Some of the teeny, tiny glass beads are worn off of the smaller beads closer to the clasp.


Brown Glass Beaded Necklace 11.jpg


Brown Glass Beaded Necklace 33.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



good afternoon.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Would this be an authentic Kate Spade Wellesley Quinn tote?

I know some are boarskin..and made in Italy..but this one has a "Made in China" tag.

Also, the logo on the front is embossed..most Quinns have a logo plate on front.

Is this maybe an older bag?

Thanks :smileyhappy:






Fashion discussion

So, I have never been subject to the payment hold before.  When my ID was locked out of the boards a few weeks ago, I made a new account just for board access.  Well that ID got a coupon incentive to sell, so I thought, sure, why not. 


Today when I went to try and print a label using these held funds, I could not find the option anywhere.  It kept trying to charge my bank account.  I could change it to credit cards, but I could not divine the super secret combo of keys that would allow me to print my postage using these held funds.


Can anyone post up how to actually print a label using those funds?





Using pending funds to pay for shipping If you print shipping labels on eBay (USPS domestic or First Class international), up to $15.00 of your buyer's funds will be available immediately to cover shipping costs for any order less than $50.00.



Shipping & Returns discussion

Is anyone familiar with this manufacturers mark?


Toys & Hobbies discussion

Hi-I posted on the wrong board.  Sorry about that!


I am looking for help with a pottery mark on a mid century looking piece.  It is triangular and has three feet.  The top has blue glaze and the pottery is red.


Thank you for your help!



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

blue bowl 001.JPGblue bowl 002.JPG


The bowl measures  8 3/4" in diameter and 2 1/2" in height.

Cannot make out the signature.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

how would you describe this chain

i have looked through the chain sites for this design and cant find it



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I cannot find this mark in my research. Is anyone familiar with it?  It is on a tea set with a large platter.


























Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

These dolls have no identification whatsoever so I'm hoping someone here can help. Whatever information would be helpful. The jester is about 8" tall. Thanks!





Dolls Artists and Limited Edition discussion

Sorry for bad pics....could you tell me what these are they are from a collection....thanks in advance








































Collectibles & Art discussion

I have no idea what this tool was made for.  It looks like wood, but I think it may actually be dark clay or a very old and brittle plastic.  The lighter residue in the grooves look like it may be clay.  Any help or ideas will be appreciated.







Collectibles & Art discussion

I am selling this antique childs sled to help a freind with cancer


i think it is from the late 1800's i paid $200. 00 for it 5 years ago


i need to know some information on this piece along with a possible value


some of the top paint has rubbed off due to wear


there is a small place were the bent wood has broken off and i do not have the piece


any help would be appreicated very much

2014-09-30 001 020.jpg2014-09-30 001 019.jpg2014-09-30 001 023.jpg2014-09-30 001 016.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Again sorry for bad pics but you may still be able to tell me what this is....thanks again






Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello. I recently found these drinking glasses and I was intrigued by the shape. They are 5 inches tall and Id swear they are heart shaped ! Any input is as always appreciated.DSCN2949.JPGDSCN2945.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Picked this up a while back. It is a Royal DoMr Jingleulton Charles Dickens figurine entitled "Alfred Jingle". It is my understanding that the older ones can fetch a pretty penny but I can not track tis particular mark down. It is marked with a simple " Royal Doulton  " and the number 378. Any insigts would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Is this Mexican pottery?  Stands 4 1/4” tall and measures about 4 1/2” across.





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello All! Could someone please translate the character on this Buddha bell/ candlestick for me? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.




Collectibles & Art discussion

Going thru some bins and found this still with the tag marked Styled by Jane Phalen on one side and Perfumer on the other. How were these used? Did you drape this over your neck? It was in a black drawstring bag marked Horne's and in the Horne's (department store) box.




Perfumer close up

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Hello - I picked this up at a church sale and am hoping someone could tell me something about it.  I believe it is Japanese silk on silk embroidery. Perhaps Vintage? It stands about 13 1/2 inches high and the frame is 8 inches in diameter. The frame looks to have on the idea of 'dove tails' to hold it together. I think it is a clear plastic as opposed to glass but hard to tell. It appears to be well done although simple. There is some writing on it. I hope someone can translate it.  Also, what would it be called? Any thoughts? Thanks - KB



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Greetings to all! I'm hoping I'm in the Right Place at the Right Time to help ID this fabulous Ring! I've done so much research, and seems there's a lot of info to confuse me:smileytongue: I think this is Guatemalan? And appears to be a Mayan God or Warrior. Figure is etched and cut out and band is Silver, quite ornate. To me, it almost looks Mexican? There are no hallmarks, but my jeweler did say it's Rose Gold and Silver. My acid tests it as 14k. But would love some Key Words and Info on who this might be and the Origin. Haven't seen ANYthing like it on ebay or google so far! Many Thanks!:heart:
Mayan Ring Boards 001.jpgMayan Ring Boards 002.jpgMayan Ring Boards 003.jpg

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Does anyone recognize the artist's name on this piece? It is a nice looking piece that was nicely framed & matted, is


titled 'Friends', is a limited edition of  115, and looks like it was signed by a R.D. Wilk or Will - but nothing comes up on either name.

Anyone know this artist?



collectible print abstract 1.jpg


collectible print abstract 3.jpg


collectible print abstract 2.jpg


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I am looking for help in identifying this comic/cartoon character. He reminds me of Richie Riche, but I really don't know. This is an old wool blanket.

Thanks for any info.

Lee B. 



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Help with ID of maker and pattern of this cupDSC04740.JPGDSC04733.JPG

Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

There is a large ring of multipe sellers selling Fake Pandora on Ebay right now.  Huge amounts of it.  I am a seller of genine Pandora products and it is killing buyers faith to purchase Pandora on Ebay.   I called Ebay today to give them a heads up.  I asked if there was a way to speak to someone and turn them on to what is going on.   They told me to take the time to Report the fakes.  Well tonight I went through 2000 Pandora items and 32 sellers selling the fakes!  It is a ring and if someone at Ebay would just listen to me about how to spot them, I would tell them.  This is hurting sellers and Ebay too by giving Ebay a reputation of selling fakes.  


There are 52,000 Pandora items on Ebay!  At this point, based on the indicators of what the sellers all do, I estimate that 30% of the Pandora on Ebay is fake.


I am sooooo frustrated.  Why can't someone from Ebay call me so that I can help them get rid of the fakes???  Do they not care that there are fakes on their website?  It is killing the legit sellers.

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   I am a positive guy, and no matter what we say here, I believe in buyers coming to buy from me, of course buyers, not seller! Duh!


  So, my last item, a set of 6 California Creations figures had 11 watchers. Dang I said, I am going to buy me a brand new home with the proceeds of this bidding/killing I will see here.............


  I listed so many things, I am tired, my arms are really tired. And I was waiting the rata tat rata tat of the cha-chin at the end of the bidding.....but no! Just the regular cha-chin, that's it! It had a bid so I expected from 11 watchers at least 4 bids.


  Perhaps I listed them too high? Perhaps I am trying to recuperate my losses since the beginning of this month when not even flies stopped on my bald head?


  No matter what, I thing that I bring some unusual things to this flea market  I mean, this high profile selling venue. I can't complain, I am selling, but I am working as a slave. We don't figure it out until we are "there". When you sell a DVD, if no UPC number on file, you have to input it. Guess who benefits from that? The next batch of sellers and Ebay. They will just come and find the number in the system, the same way I got some for myself.


  Funny, isn't it? Like they say in my country, selling the hide when we haven't spotted the deer.

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eBay put a note on one of my items saying it has not had any sales in 16 months. I sell new old stock of electronic components and many items don't sell for a long period of time. I don't want eBay to micro-manage my selling, I am very experienced at selling my own things and know how long items have been listed. How do I delete this note, it is just like a note we would put in ourselves under the item but I cannot delete this one. I even made a revision to see if it would go away and it did not. It is too late to call them or I would. Can I stop this from ever happening again? I am **bleep** just because I don't need their help managing my items. #@$% they make me mad as #$^& some times

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Are you around today?


Rather than keep that last drag old thread going (the one about the Michael Kors purse),

I thought I'd reply here and say thanks for your persistance on fighting the point that what happened was wrong..

I too have been in the so called 'right circles', and got out as well. Moved to the mountains a few years back to out

of the rat race. 


Speaking on another note. I had a first today.

A woman bought heels from me, ruined them (tore them up with a razor blade and peeled off the soles),

sent photos into Ebay, and had the case ruled in her favor. Even though her photographs

are completely opposite to the ones I took (Ebay admitted to me they looked nothing like the original photographs),

I guess that now doesn't matter.


What ever happened to people returning items in the same condition they were shipped?

I thought that USE to be a policy? Now I'm going to get a ruined pair of heels returned to me,

and there's nothing I can do about it. Or is there?


Should I esculate this case to Ebay or is it not worth the effort?

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I deal in a designer brand name and do daily searches for this brand.  Starting last week, one particular seller has been keyword spamming by hiding this brand name in the "Select size" drop down menu within their listings, specifically to expand the range of buyers their listings reach.  The clothing they are selling has absolutely nothing to do with this brand.  It has come to a point where I have reported every single one of their listings but ebay has done nothing about it and they continue to add more listings daily using the same tactics.


Is there a phone number to get through to ebay.  I want to talk to someone and ask them why they do not consider this to be enough of a violation to take the listings down.  A few years ago I listed something where I referred to a different brand brand that was similar and my listing was taken down within minutes of posting.  Why the selective enforcement?  Is it because this seller has a feedback of over 10,000 and is allowed to do as they please?

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Based on lack of answer in the weekly eBay chat, sellers should assume that buyers can potentially dispute PayPal transactions in dating far back as May-22-2014 come Nov-18th. Assume PayPal 180 days dispute policy is retroactive...


May not be a showstopper for many, but something to factor into one's business model - selling less risky items, higher markups, taking a selling break until the dust settles, getting a merchant account / not accepting PayPal, etc.


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Hi, and thanks a head of time.  Getting so upset.  Have 51 books to sell, comes up you can only charge $4.00 for shipping.  Tried the calculate shipping for Media Mail comes up to high of a price and still saids I can`t charge more then $4.OO.  I see other people list a lot of books and it reads Economy shipping Media Mail and a price.  How can I by pass this $4.00 shipping thing?  Thanks

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I really liked that. Earlier, when we logged in to ebay and made a sale, the first thing we saw was, "You need to ship 1 (2,3, etc.,) items" - and now I see this reminder to check out the Fall Seller Update.

Shall I call CS?


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Basically buyer bought  a hat and is not happy with it. Here is what they said. "The bottom of the bill on the hat is very poorly made and has wrinkles on it. Just looks like a defected one or just poorly made. Please either send me a new one or I will just have to leave a negative feedback which I hate doing that. Thanks!"

Sooo... He either wants a new one.. Or he threatens me with negative feedback? lol,What would you guys do? Should I ask him for pictures? I mean I inspect all the hats before for any defects. I didnt notice anything like this. But this guy is straight out asking for another one and threatening me with negative feedback. This is what gets me angry,  He doesnt even mention returning the hat. He just wants another one. And ebays new policy, will only make me pay for the shipping if the claims a defective item. Scambay is becoming heaven for scammers. Should I call CS and report him? let me know.

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I just sold a DVD for $4.51 but when I check my Paypal account it says. $4.08 is there? I haven't sold items in awhile but this doesn't look right to me.

And I'm not using the eBay shipping labels at the moment because my printer is out.

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INAD   "Item Not as Described.."


SNAD???   Thank you for your explanation....




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Hello everyone,


I think I got scammed. Here is what happened:


I sold an item recently (an instrument cluster with 120k miles on clock), item was as described, however the only problem was buyers competency before buying the item. (when you put a cluster on another car, it can show random numbers and will have a big dot near where it says how many miles there was, which means that mileage is incorrect! you can fix this by going to your automobile shop and programing it, even new clusters need to be programed). So he was disatisfied and described item as "signitificantly not as described", however it was working very well and was in tact as i've described it, so i've read the other feedbacks that he had left and alot of people were complaining that he is very abusive and leaves negative feedbacks for no reason without contacting sellers. I was afraid to get a negative feedback, because I am a new seller and feedbacks really matter, so I refunded him, because I had to answer in 3 days, or eBay would credit me, so the same day I refunded him, however he didn't send the item back, when I asked him to do so, he used hate language - "F*** u" and left a negative feedback, as i understand he is not willing to send me an item back. Is there any way that I can get the money back or a cluster back, or somehow atleast delete a feedback that he left for no reason? Please let me know how to handle this situation and what can be done? Thank you for your replies in advance!


Shipping & Returns question

I have all settings as stock ebay.


How many of these cards, card-sets do you get if you search for


" gmh cards of knowledge "


I get 6

 and in sold items I think 2 or 3


My point being, if one guy is selling those for $5.99 then $16.00 got one at $23.00 


That means the WHOLE ebay world, in the world, only 6 of these are around out of 25 million items ? then is only worth less than $20.00 ?


I think ebay is blocking piles of things, so I wonder how many you find.



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Ebay let me know last month that I could list 200 items with no charge.  I only have about 70 listed.  Today I had 10 items listed.  Suddenly I noticed they were charging me .30 for each item. I thought that I had my account set up to only ship to the USA...today I noticed that it says I ship to other countries...I don't want to do that. Also Today they have in red c. $price under my price that I put in. I don't understand this. Please help me.

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I ordered a few baby items from an overseas seller. According to the tracking number the package has already been delivered, yet I have not received anything. I am at a loss on what to do....I cannot file an INR report because as far as Ebay is concerned the items have been delivered, apparently it doesn't matter where.... The Ebay automated response for the INR told me to contact the seller, the seller told me to take it up with the post office, and the post office will not help me because according to them, "the sender is the customer" so the sender has to be the one to file a claim. I have already sent several emails to the seller simply asking him to submit an online loss/theft claim and he refuses by telling me I am in a different country so I am not his problem. I completely understand it was not the sellers fault that usps lost the package and I am in no way blaming him, but I don't understand why he will not just file the darn claim. Luckily it was not a very expensive purchase, but it is still a frustrating situation. I have been buying on Ebay for years and have never had anything like this happen. It makes me question just exactly how safe it is to be buying on here if no one is to be held accountable. Has anyone been in a similar situation and had any luck getting some help?

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A few weeks ago, I was selling some stuff. I got an offer, accepted it, and the buyer never payed so I didn't send the item. Relisted it and I got another offer, accepted it and what do you know? That buyer didn't pay either and I did not send the items. However, since I accepted the offers a few days later I got an email saying that I needed to pay my invoices. I was confused! I did not get paid, yet, they're charging me! I was selling those items because I really needed the money and didn't want to borrow it. Now they're charging me and I don't even have the money to pay! Is there anyway they can cancel those fees? Or at least lower it or give me an extension so I can figure something out?

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There is a listing in question here, one that contains an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active.  It came from AT&T's certified, like-new program and included original packaging and everything that came with it.  It was unused and unrefurbished, according to the AT&T people, but still came from their 'like-new' program.  Seller indicated it was 'New, other' and has a shot of the packaging in the listing pictures.  Buyer did not clarify this, but was unhappy afterwards.  Was the 'New, other' category appropriate from a phone purchased through such a program?  Is there any guidance in ebay's archives and such for something like this, that could help clarify whether it's an issue of the seller incorrectly listing something or the buyer not paying attention?  



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I'm fairly comfortable about this one, but just wanted a second (or third) opinion before I list it. Thanks as always

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What would make an item not eligible for buyer protection? I know of a seller who won a case against a buyer claiming SNAD. They were told that the item was not covered under BP. It was a collectible, not anything odd or questionable. The buyer had opened the package using a knife, but claimed the damage was not from that.


Just wondering what would costitute BP not covering an item.



PS The buyer was in the wrong.

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I bought an item from a seller, who misdescribed the item, and I left negative feedback as they dint care or want to resolve the situation., so they start to send me abusive emails. I have tried to contact ebay but it is so hard to do so, there was once a link to flag such issues, it seems ebay dont wnat he hassle, anymore. Anyone got any ideas?

Bidding & Buying question