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The eBay Community

It's bright blue, 3.15 lbs, measures 10 3/4" the tallest  x  9 1/2" L, any idea who made it by reading the mark?, thanks in advance.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Picked up this piggy bank at an estate sale this weekend.  Internet research has not been very productive.  Could be Hull.  Could be Shawnee.  Could be repro.  I just don't know.  Any thoughts?


It's about 10 inches snout to tail, about 6 1/2 inches high, about 5 inches wide.  Marked "U S A" no periods under the chin.


Looks old, but who knows.  Some crazing under the glaze, but not excessive.  This is hard to explain and I couldn't get it in a photo, but there is what looks like a line around the center like the top and bottom halves were joined together.  You can feel a slight dip as you rub your finger from top to bottom over this.


Any help appreciated.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 25, 2015 10:03:24 PM PT

Help with this Piggy Bank - Any thoughts?

Just thought I'd throw this out there...


#10 You have a bunch of stupid characters in your title and or listing: L@@K A+++++++ quality jibber jabber. This listing must have been placed by a nine year old. A nine year old that is not likely to actually mail me the merchandise if I win, so I am not going to bid. L@@K at 





I am sure that I am not the only person who did not bid on your auction because of one of these reasons. That means that you may now be relisting your item, or selling it for a lot less than what you could have. The following is a rant. A rant that contains my opinions, which may differ entirely from your opinions. You are allowed to have your own opinions. You have been warned.


#9 I can not tell how much you are charging for shipping: The Shipping section says “please see listing for shipping details” and the listing is barren, like a wasteland. With no mention of these elusive charges anywhere, I will have to move on. I may “ask the seller a question” but then again I may not.


#8 had to do with not accepting Paypal, I don't think this applies, you either accept paypal or you're not listing on ebay?


#7 Your description is junk: You are a salesperson when you type up your description. Sell it to me. Do not give me the name of the item and hope it is what I was looking for. I have bought a few things that I was not specifically looking for because the picture and the description made me think, “wow that is cool.” If I do not know what a ‘VINTAGE 1961 HICKY MA JIGGY” is, I am not going to buy yours. There are indeed collectors out there who may bid, but you are missing out on a lot of people by not telling us what the hell this Hicky ma Jiggy is and does. The worst are the sellers who feel the need to explain to me every shipping and return and every other 'store' or 'ebay' policy that is either already explained elsewhere on the site or guess what, it's ebay and not 'your' place to do with as you please but either way, the description is where sellers should be "DESCRIBING" the item for sale.

Enough said.


#5 Busted goods: eBaying broken junk works for some people, but I really do not want to bid, wait, watch, hope, win, wait for shipping, get the item, feel the excitement of seeing it in the mailbox, bring it in, open it up…and then have to fix it. There are people out there who will bid on an electronic device that does not work because they are hoping that it is the circuit board that is bad on yours so that they can get the flux capacitor off of it, and replace theirs. I am not one of them but when I am, I want it listed as "For Parts / Not working."


#4 Busted goods fit for the garbage: Sorry, but if you or someone else already took the most valuable parts off the device you're trying to sell me… Don't sell the scrap board left overs to me while pretending it's complete, matter of fact don't even list it as "may be missing some parts," look... If it's missing anything and everything of value and it is ready to be thrown in the garbage, please do us a favor and throw it away already, it is junk, it needs to be gone.


#3 Starting bid is way too high: It may surprise you that I do not consider this to be the number one reason to not even consider a bid, but I honestly feel that this is the 3rd most important reason. My absolute favorite is when the description itself says this super deluxe hicky ma jiggy retails for $25 — and the starting bid is $24.99 plus $6 shipping. That is just a little worse than the listings that say I am clearing out my store inventory to make room for new items. This item listed for $25 but is now OOP ( out of print) and the starting bid + shipping charges add up to be equal to or greater than $25. Ummm think about this. You had it listed in your store for $25 for so long that it is now out of print and you expect to get $25 for it now. If it were actually worth $25 it would not be in need of you ‘clearing’ it from your inventory. I honestly do not care how cool something is or how much I want or think I need it…I am on eBay to get a deal. I am not interested in bidding exactly what I can pay for your item in a store and having to wait a week to see if I won it or not.

#2 Blurry/Dark/nearly useless or the wrong picture: This is not quite as bad as no picture at all (that is so bad it gets its own listing…see below) But the picture is worth a thousand words. I have already mentioned the actual words of the description and that is usually way less than 1000. Do you want a thousand words screaming DO NOT BID ON THIS AUCTION? I didn’t think so. I see way too many listings where it says right in the description something like “These miniatures were painted by an Uber Pro painter and they rock hardcore, but my **bleep**py camera sucks so trust me they look WAY better in person than what these pictures show. Another example of this is when the pictures are too dark, blurry or both because the lack of adequate lighting severely affects the focus, making it difficult to see the details — or even some of the item that you are looking at. A case in point:

Really cool description from above:




Same really cool description … but…


wizards bad photo


Which of these would you bid on? I would not bid on that second one unless I knew that those figures were worth $10 each and the current bid was $1 or $2. If I did not know what the figures were supposed to be, I would be lost. The description says the wizards are in cool poses, but that picture does not show that. This means again that a lot of potential bidders do not bid because they do not even know what you are selling. You can clearly see the figures on the magazine in the good photo to give you an understanding that there is indeed coverage in there about the particular figures included.

This also happens when you are looking at a listing for an authentic and fully functional Luke Sky Walker lightsaber with instructions and an old Jedi Master to train you on its use, but the photo is of the Emperor holding Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Can I truly be sure that Yoda or Obi-Wan will be in the shipment that I am bidding on if the Dark Lord of the Sith is pictured? I may just have to wait around for another listing of a real lightsaber…I could use the eBay question thing, but if the Emperor is involved, I can not truly be sure that he will not just cover the answer to my question with the shroud of the dark side…

#1 No photo: This is what I think when I see the following:

“Check out my auction. It is a Babe Ruth rookie card in great condition.”

No picture? How do you expect me to put a value on something like this without a photo??

I see an awful lot of listings for individual miniatures where they go so far as to include the manufacturers item number, but not a photo. Remember that the first photo is free so you are ripping yourself off by not including one. If I like the description of the miniature, for instance “Shadow Dragon with treasure pile UberCool minis #123,” I may go to Google image search and pull up Ubercool 123 and look for a photo. However there are Thousands of minis made by Ubercool minis, so after I check a few I get tired of all of the extra work and I stop. That leaves me no choice but to skip all of the hundreds and hundreds of listings without pics for a week or two until another cool sounding one comes along.

Selling discussion

Hi guys! Am trying to find this old Sonia Rykiel globe and few more items - would love to add it to my collection of Rykiel items! Will appreciate if anyone can help with locating those ))) 




Bidding & Buying question

Jan 27, 2015 12:05:51 AM PT

need to find a rare Sonia Rykiel item


Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 25, 2015 11:01:46 AM PT

Please help Id this maker

I've posted about this twice already and haven't been able to solve the mystery. 


How is this possible?





What?  It doesn't pick up items that have those words clearly in the title.  Yet, when I add MORE words to the search window, it does pick up the items in the search results.  See below.




So what gives?  How come a search for "Arm's Reach" can't find my listing but "Arm's Reach Blue" can?

Selling discussion

Why is eBay now putting the phrase "Delivery in 4 Days" on my listings in red? I know that they have the box areas near the price where they put phrases to incentiveize  the buyer such as "100% Feedback" "Best Offer Available" etc, which I've never had a problem with, but I'm not happy about the "Delivery in 4 Days" phrase. It infers a promise to which both eBay and I have no control. I can package and ship my items in 24 hours but I cannot control how fast USPS delivers the item. When looking historically at the delivery of my items they're arriving in about 4 days on average if I've shipped the item on a Monday. However (especially in the case of this last weekend) when I've packaged an item on Saturday and the post office is closed on Sunday and Monday it doesn't even get picked up until the 4th day. 


I'm not happy about the phrase since I believe most buyers are uninformed and think that I'm making that promise and will therefore attempt to hold me to that implied promise. The phrase "Delivery in 4 Days" is black and white, with no room for interpretation and its a promise I'm not happy eBay is making on my behalf. It only leave me open to unhappiness on the customer's part when their item arrives on day 5, 6 or 7. 


Does anyone else have a problem with this implied promise? Is there anything we can do about it?

Selling discussion

I ordered something and when it arrived the bag that it was shipped in was cut open and my item was replaced with a can!!  :smileymad:

Please, what should I do?

thank you.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 24, 2015 5:16:05 PM PT

Package cut open and item missing

So get a load of this, I buy an iphone 5c (sprint) on dec 6th it arrives the 10th woohoo i think...The phone turns on operates as it should, christmas comes and i deliver this shiny like new phone to my girlfriend she goes to sprint on the 27th to hook up the phone. This is where things go downhill. She tries to connect the phone only to have sprint say that the phone is still connected to a sprint account and we can not do anything to disconnect the phone from its origional owner. Now 2 weeks go buy i get her another phone that worked perfectly from a local friend to settle my girl down. I contact the seller to get a refund they refuse to issue me a refund claiming they will "do whatever they need to do rectify the situation" by having the person im dealing with at sprint call them. **bleep** this is what i need to go thru after i paid for a product from someone?! not only that i paid an absolute premium for the phone. Today i found out you can open up a case with ebay and they told me its past 30 days and im pretty much SOL when i have numerous messages adressing this within the "30 Days" I guess this shows exactly how much ebay "guarentees" your money back what a joke! Thank god this person isnt local !!


Ebay feel free to chime in.


Yours Truly, 


Violated Unhappy Customer

Bidding & Buying discussion

options say

Estimated within 7 business days

Shipping & Returns question

I have added a few friends to my Answer Center profile. How do I delete a friend? Thanks for any help.

My Account question

Jan 25, 2015 1:09:40 PM PT

How Do I delete a friend

RE: potential buyers on eBay using small tablets or smart phones for viewing seller listings


Hi, I have a question...with the  current technology that buyers might be using to view eBay (mobile Smart phones and Tablets)

...do you need to increase the size of the type font when you create a listing for eBay ?  so they can see it , properly read item the text descriptions ?  I currently use 13 pt. to 18 pt.  and 24 pt...is that big enough?

Selling discussion

Seller did not provide tracking number and I have emailed them 2 times and no response...it says my item shipped! I Have read on here that they are no required but they could have answered me though email...

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have an inexpensive item that was bid on by a person who got around my BB list by creating another ID.  I have called ebay CS and they said they would take


care of it, that the person indeed was the same, and they were violating Ebay policy. This was 2 days ago and yet HIS BID IS STILL THERE. Ebay gave me a


return contact number for the report. Do I proceed to sell it to him? Item ends in 4 hours and he is the only bidder.

Selling discussion

Every year, for the past ten years it seems, about this time the USPS raises the rates.

I've heard nothing ... and that's fine, but I'd hate to be caught by surprise with so many listings with free shipping that would need a price increase to compensate for it.

What's going on?

Booksellers discussion

Jan 25, 2015 4:40:00 PM PT

Postal Rate Increase

I sold a EVGA GTX 650 Ti boost, and clearly stated as USED.  Took a picture with the items that came with the product.  Now the item has arrived at the buyer, she wants a return because the item did not come with the cables/connections; DVI.


Exact Quote here" It s bad enough the seller doesn t tell you that the card is missing DVI connections until after I paid for it, but seller said nothing about it also missing the 6-pin power to motherboard cable. The ad says nothing about missing anything. For $161, I expect to have an honest ad or everything included that came with the card in the first place."


What should I do?  When I buy used items from Ebayer's I never expect to receive all the components as it was brand new.


Help Fast!

Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 2:05:05 PM PT

Buyer wants return

I was using the GSP.  I had a buyer who managed to skate around that (I posted days ago on that) on an auction.  I contacted them and told them that I only use GSP and so they no longer want the item, which is fine.   I cancelled it as an address problem.....but even with a few nice messages, they won't agree to the cancelation.  The fees are only a few dollars so not a big deal but to I just let the case sit open?  Nothing was paid for and nothing was shipped.




Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 7:06:18 AM PT

How to get my fees back...

Ok.. I went to give feedback on an item I received that I KNOW I did not give feedback on and it says I could not give feedback for that item because feedback was already given...???? Anyone else ever come across this and why? 



Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 4:41:18 PM PT


First time on this portion of E-Bay. Don't know what I am doing exactly but am upset. Just had a seller admit to me that he was bidding against me (I was the only other person bidding) on an item he was listing. If I am lucky I may be able to get out of the deal. Don't want to do business with someone like that. The problem is that I KNOW this has happened to me before in other cases but I only had "suspicions", no proof. How do you verify this is happening and is it a legitimate action for these people to do this?  If it is, color me "gone".  Somewhere on here (Can't find it now.), think it was a large item like a vehicle, pretty sure the comment said it was illegal in some states, which I can undderstand if it is something like a car. But this was small stuff. Please help.


Bidding & Buying question

Does anyone had a luck to get real help from Ebay Customer support?

I had a request opened and every time i try to get the details on the site would say "Oop! We are having technical hick-ups". No matter how deep I tried it will take me back to first or secong page of CUstomer Support?

My issue #1: I haven't received the item for which I paid 5 and half months ago. I gave the benefit of doubt- I gave extra time bcs it was sent back first time  bcs of our mail office mistake, and he was seller from Turkey  -  still 5 and half months - it just too much. The Ebay Resolution Center would not let me open Request bcs Ebay Buyer Protection time is expired. That is why I needed to reach Ebay Customer support. Tried at least 20 times. Am I so dump or simply I should stop buying at Ebay? Such a shame, hence I was happy buyer since 2006 - one can get a really good deals on Ebay.

My isuue #2: I returned the item to seller after e-mail correcpondences 2 months ago. I still haven't received the credit for the item back and emailed the seller guy few times - no responses at all. What should I do as a buyer when seller is not responding nor I can get help or assistance from Ebay Customer Support?

I would appreciate any response and/or any tips!!!

Thank you,


Selling discussion

I live in the blizzard-bound Northeast. I have 2 items to ship that were paid for last night. Although I have a 2 day shipping time on these, I almost always ship my sales the very next day. I expect to be able to get these th the PO tomorrow, but am more concerned about USPS shipping delays overall due to the storm.
My questions: should I ship tomorrow and hope for the best, or is it advisable to send the buyers an email or a note on the shipping label that ship time might be somewhat longer?
I don't like to pester buyers with communication but wonder if this would be an opportunity to head off defects?
Thanks for your opinions!

Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 5:31:52 PM PT

Blizzard Delay-Should I Email My Buyers?

Hello E-bayers. 


Can anybody demistify the JCrew label coloring system for me? Is a "blue label" better/worse than a "white label?" I'm looking at identical blazers, one with a navy blue (fully sewn all the way around) rectangular label, and the same blazer with the same label only in white. If anyone has any idea what the color symbolizes (better line, or factory vs retail), it would be great to understand this. 



Fashion discussion

Jan 24, 2015 11:40:10 PM PT

Jcrew blue vs white label?

I have noticed that buyers will say anything to avoid paying the return cost. I recently sold an item, in used condition. The buyer stated things that were wrong with it, but these etails were clearly vissable in the photos I listed. One wasn't even true. So, this buyer either didn't even bother looking at any of the photos, or just wants an excuse to not spend money.


All they have to do is say it wasn't as described; it doesn't matter if it was or not. I called ebay about this, pointed out the clear and obvious faults listed (which were minor, in any case), and they would do nothing about it. The woman said something about 'hassle free'. Well, it also says 'buyer pays'. 


So, even though the listed may have 'buyer pays return shipping', they really don't have to. It is very mis-leading. The only way to get rid of it that I can see, is not to offer returns- but that doesn't really matter either; all the buyer has to do is say it wasn't as described. This becomes a matter of opinion; I could list all 12 possible photos, describe everything, and any fault can still be found if one is creative. 


As I sell more and more, I began to notice how people can work the system to their advantage. Ebay can't side with both buyer and seller, so they tend to go with the one that makes them the most profit, usually the buyer. They wan't the buyer coming back.


Does anyone have any advice about how to avoid this issue?

Shipping & Returns discussion

The base piece is made of cast iron. It is painted black with gold highlighting. It has Patented Feb 17, 1878 stenciled on the underside. The base is 3" in diameter and it stands about 1 3/4" to the top of the bent spring. I don't think it is electrical as there aren't wire connections and the spring contacts the cast iron base and is  not isolated like a heating element would be. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Collectibles & Art discussion


I'm relatively new here on this board but am reading as much as I can to find out what just happened to me today. I'm still in the dark and would love help. 


The auction I was bidding on was running out, my highest bid was still in the green as the clock went to 0. I was 100% sure I'd won, since my (green) bid price was $13.50 and my highest bid left room to go up to $28. Victorious, I went to my summary page to pay for the item. And then I don't see it. So I go back to the item page and see that it was listed as SOLD for $29.


HOW did this happen? I never got any indication that anyone had topped my $13.50. Ever! So then I went to see the bid break-down, and in total disbelief, I saw some bids that happened that I never saw on my end. (See screen shot)



1) How did my counter go to zero with $13.50 showing as my winning bid price (when there was clearly other activity)?

2) How did the winning buyer who hadn't participated at all in the bidding know to bid exactly $29 when they never saw my top bid? 


* I will concede that it's possible the item total jumped to $17.50 as I was watching the ticker. Allowing for the fact that my eyes were trained on the ticker going to 0, but I see that there was a bid that came in at $17 (screenshot) and and my automatic bid kicked in at $17.50, so that may have updated on my screen without catching my attention (because the numbers stayed green and there was a .50 on the end of it and everything was still green as I was watching the counter go to 0). So the only real question I still have is #2. How did this super-bidder (see screenshot) swoop in AFTER the clock went to zero. How did they get a bid in? I'm so upset.  


I feel like this is incredibly shady, because I just don't understand how it could have happened. Can anyone shed some light? I'm using Safari, in case that makes a difference. 




Bidding & Buying discussion



The item I'm wanting to list is very heavy. I don't want to charge too much or not enough. I've seen in other posts that the shipping calculator calculates the cost of shipping to your own zip code.  Thanks


Selling discussion

Hello, I'm sorry if this information is readily available, but I have spent a week not finding it.


I am ready to close the checking account at my bank.  I have opened up a new checking account at a different bank.


Paypal is not letting me remove the old bank.  I click remove and it says it cannot be removed because of a pending transaction.  It does not say what transaction is pending.  I don't see any pending transactions.  They all say completed, item in transit, etc.  Last transaction using that account was Jan. 17.  I should be able to remove that card by now.


Not sure what to do.  I want to go close the account but fear getting hit with any type of overdraft charges.



Selling discussion

Jan 25, 2015 10:12:48 AM PT

Need Paypal help :(

I have only good feedback, but I would like to not show any feedback when I buy stuff, just when I sell it.  The feedback when I buy something is always good, but if it is "public" then my buyers can see where I am buying things from and how much I am paying for it, which hurts my reselling items at an increased price.  How do I make all my feedback "private" in the far right column so nobody can see what the item was and what I paid for it?  I don't want to get rid of the feedback necessarily, I just want the item and cost private.  eBay customer service couldn't figure it out after sending me to two different people on the phone, even though some of the people I buy from do show "private" in that far right column, which is what I would like to have on everything I buy. There must be a way to set that privacy. Does anybody know?

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 25, 2015 4:46:56 AM PT

Feedback from Sellers

i find alot of good things on ebay.  but i think  that some r just too high on stuff.  they relly go crazy when it comes to bidding !   they will have a great deal on a part or  what ever else.  then people will get too bidding on something & just bid it beyond  reason lol.  i wish i had money like that lol.

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Jan 26, 2015 6:18:23 AM PT

sellers getting too high

Obviously I messed something up with a return...


Someone bought (and obviously wore) a pair of dance shoes.  They asked to return them based on wrong size so I clicked to return for a refund and turned out they were at the front door. I went ahead and refunded the original price minus the original shipping as per my return terms.  It shows that I still owe them the $9 original shipping cost.  It said that it was due by Feb. 5th.  Is it okay to just ignore it or is there something that I should do?  I cannot find out how to file for a final value fee credit.  Can I not file for one if I charge them the orignal shipping fees?

Thanks in advance.


A Part-time eBay Sellers Group discussion

Jan 26, 2015 1:16:08 PM PT

Need Help with a return mistake...

I'm about to print my shipping label but my only option of shipment is Fedex. I'm trying to click the dropdown box and select USPS but it doesn't do anything. Before there was some kind of agreement notice from Fedex, but now I can't select USPS. Is this a bug or did something happen? My original listed item was for USPS First Class.

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 26, 2015 2:54:45 PM PT

I can't change my eBay shipping carrier

Customer purchased 1 item paid with paypal.


Must have decided he needed 3 more, purchased and paid with paypal.


I would like to save him money by combining the 2 purchases into one FRE.


If I refund patially through paypal for shipping will I get a defect?


If so I will not partially refund and send him 2 separate packages :smileyhappy:


Thank you for any and all answers.



Selling discussion

Hi - I listed an item that I believe is not in violation to ebay policy. However I did fail to mention it was authentic in the item description, which leads me to believe that may be why it was removed. Is there somewhere I can post and ask about the authenticity of the item from an expert so I wouldn't further violent any policy? I would not want to list another item if I were to be unsure again. Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 3:10:45 PM PT

Item removed for trademark violation

Tools & Apps question

I have 2 ebay accounts. In one when I generate a shipping label the label takes up half the page and the other side is blank, which is great. In my other account when i generate a label on the other half of the page is printed " Instructions" and the "On-line Label record" info. This wastes the other half of my label (I use Avery type half page labels). How do I change this to be like my other account ie blank. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Shipping & Returns question

I need help identifying this mark on this vase

Selling question

Jan 26, 2015 5:15:45 PM PT

Need help with this Garlic Neck Vase

does ebay block sales of items that are not alowed to be imported into the united states. How do you know if a item is not alowed to be shipped to the united states. and if there are extra fees if you buy something from another country? Like import fees or custom fees and or extra taxes. Just dont want to buy something thats going to cost more or break any laws.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Jan 25, 2015 11:34:22 AM PT

buying from another country

Does eBay allow an avon car that still has mens cologne in it? I checked and saw some that were listed with the cologne, but I was thinking we couldn't send perfume. Thanks!

Selling question

Jan 24, 2015 7:41:52 PM PT

Men's avon cologne

How do I get eBay to remove the unpaid item reminder from my account, I had paid for the item through pay pal, then the seller cancels the sale and refunds my money through pay pal, I did not have fore warning of this, I recieved a member message telling me that it was already done.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Shipping & Returns question

I as a seller had to file a claim for non-payment from a buyer. They had bid on an item and "won."  Four more days went by, and two hours before I could close the case and get my eBay fees back, they sent a eCheck. Do I have to accept  a eCheck? They often don't clear for almost a good week. Can I close a case on a buyer that chose to send a eCheck and refund the funds if they even arrive? The payment is pending of course, and the item will certainly not be shipped until payment is cleared.  Another seller left feedback that they never paid.  Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Payments question

So I've found an article I'd like to buy on the german ebay, but under 'item location' it just says Ebay, Germany. Is it normal/OK to list just the country and no city? The seller has a 100% positive rating but nowhere can I find information on whether this is normal. Ebay says that the seller has to list a location - I am in Germany so it's fine if it is actually in Germany but I just find it abit strange that they put ebay and not a city and I wonder if it's a warning sign that it might be dodgy. I've only ever bought a few things on ebay so I don't know. Is it normal for sellers to just put 'ebay' as a location?



Bidding & Buying question

I have opened a case because I did not receive my item. I managed with the seller to wait a month longer until it arrives.
Durring this period my case was closed automatically, but the item did not arrived and the seller is arguing that I need to wait longer, and doesn't want to refund me. What could i do? There is no option to reopen the case, can't report the seller member, doesn't have the option to leave feedback or to contact with ebay for the problem.
This is my second time that I stuck in this situation. I always believe that the problem is in the post office and at the end I'm with nothing. :smileysad:

Buying & Selling Basics question

 I did find one figurine with the 2 holes showing on the bottom and the square hole in the middle.  Anything you could tell me would be very appreciated.

Selling question

I listed an antique jardiniere and made a mistake on one of the sizes...got a bid...but added the correct size with an apology under original discription...should I aslo contact the bidder at this point?  I have never flubbed up like this before...never received a neg either.  Any suggestions would be welcomed...thanks, Lisa  

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 11:49:42 AM PT

I made a rookie mistake

Can you help?

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 6:48:14 PM PT

Continued concerning the mark I can't find

I want to give other or another feedback, because the my first one was wrong! 

Getting Started question



I listed an item for sale initially with no shipping option (local pickup only)


Now when i try to add shipping options, the site throws an error  --> "The package weight exceeds 150 lbs. Please switch to the advanced tool to list large items over 150 lbs." There is no "advanced tool" option anywhere, the site seems outdated and i am stuck with no being able to anything about it?


screenshot attached.



Shipping & Returns question

i would like to know if i can list a vintage 1975 scat hovercraft without a title-it is a boat/atv?? e-bay says no car without a title but does that mean anything without a title??it is quite rare and would really liek to l;ist it if i can please let me know if anybody knows thanks

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I've checked Notifications and all are on - but no ca-ching :smileysad:

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Jan 26, 2015 3:19:03 PM PT

how can I get the ca-ching on my android

I have a question about an item I would love help with from this community. I use eBay mobile from my phone. I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a pic/attachment to a new post or question for you guys... Can someone please help? On an android eBay app...thanks!

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I am selling an item on ebay and have someone who wants me to invoice them on paypal.  Can you direct me how to do this?  Thank you

Payments question

I believe ebay used to have a place to list items I want to buy but don't find anywhere on the site.  Does this "looking for" area still exist?

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Jan 26, 2015 10:27:40 AM PT

"looking for" postings

I bought a watch (from a seller I'd purchased from previously with no problems) which was defective. I contacted the seller to ask for a refund; he begged me to let him fix the watch. I sent the watch back to him to fix, and waited a couple of weeks to see how it was going. He said it was ready but could he send it after Christmas/New Year to avoid possible loss in the mail. I said "okay", and contacted him on (about) January 5th to send the watch - which he did. When the watch arrived I find that the problem hasn't been fixed and is still defective. So: I contact the seller again to notify him and to ask for a refund (again) - No reply. I contacted him again asking him if he'd received my previous e-mail (all through eBay) . . .  still no reply.


So I go to the eBay Resolution Center. Problem is, I find it incredibly difficult to navigate in order to find an answer to my specific question and my specific situation - it seems I just keep going around in circles, each time ending up at the same place. I would really appreciate some help from anyone. Many thanks.



Shipping & Returns question

Bidding & Buying question

Had a buyer cancellation this morning. (my first)


I approved the cancel, the buyer was refunded. However, the item still appears in my sold list awaiting payment. Is it safe to just delete this item from the list? I've already re-listed.


Thanks in advance for any answers :smileyhappy:

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Jan 26, 2015 11:28:27 AM PT

Quick ? about a cancelled order

Hi, all.  Deferring to the experts on the authenticity of this horse & carriage handbag.  Serial number K0969-F14035.  Thanking you in advance!


Selling question

Jan 27, 2015 7:31:19 AM PT

Authentic Coach Handbag??

Hello, this is my first time having to post in this area for help so excuse me if there is any wrong placement for this question.  To start off I had an item end and sell on 1/15/15.  On 1/17/15 I still have not recieved a payment.  I sent about three prompt and nice messages explaining that after payment is made I would gladly ship out the item they had won.  Had not recieved a response after one day, so on the third day of non payment I made the dumb mistake of choosing to cancel the transaction on 1/19/15 @ 8:20PST  due to buyers request or address problem, instead of filing an UPI case.  (I understand the dumb mistake I made, will not happen again!)  Now there is still no response,  and now it has been not 7 but 8 complete full days since I have filed the request.  The case still says waiting for buyers response.  I thought that after the 7th full day I am able to close the case.  I am not able to as all it says it to review the details and waiting for buyer response.  Please help, as i think i should just call CS tomorrow and explain i waited over the time frame without a response and still am not given an option to close the case.  

Selling question

Jan 27, 2015 1:27:59 AM PT

Can't close cancel case after 7 days

I received an item in the wrong size and I contacted seller rather than following eBay's return process which I've heard hurts the seller. She said she will happily refund and pay for the return shipping and I have spent two days trying to find the cheapest way to ship the item back. I can't go to the post office due transportation issues but I found an unused tyvek priority mail envelope in my trash that another seller had used for interior packing. Problem is that it's a regular priority envelope which will cost $9.97 whereas a flat rate tyvek would only cost $5.05.  Here is my question: can I write FLAT RATE on this envelope and print a flat rate label or will the postal carrier refuse to take it, or if he does, will it be refused when it gets to the post office?


I know I can order some flat rate envelopes online but I hate to keep the seller waiting for her merchandise.

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Hi I am a new seller on ebay. Just wondering if anyone has trouble with usps tracking issues.... What happen was last friday I've dropped off two packages at the same time on USPS post office counter as first class, one of them show tracking updates on where it does starts on saturday, however, the other one does not even show post office accept them. This is the first time I ran into this matter and I am very worry about if its lost or something wrong with it. I've tried calling USPS customer service number, but no one ever pick up....


So I went to the same USPS post office today which is Monday around 11am. At first the lady told me no packages that were drop off will be scanned, but I ask her that I have tracking number, then she told me to use this  kiosk to check with my tracking but still shows only printing label was created but nothing else. Then she took the slip that I print out from the kiosk and when to back of the office, came out with a printed form paper, and told me it is in process but refuse to tell me where and not even like to show me the printed paper. She just kept repeating to me that as long as I drop off here it will goes out. 


Now I am extremely worry, first if tracking only shown the label is created which might make my buyer thinks that I am lying at her, second I will never have a way to figure out where or what happens to my package.... Third... I might end up just have to refund the item to my buyer if she complains why nothing shows on the tracking status.


please if anyone has a good suggestions on how to deal with this type of issues with buyer.... (before it leads to refund) please help me~~ thanks!!!!

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how do you have or best offer attach to your listing


Buying & Selling Basics question


Selling question

Sorry is this is a silly ? but i need to know my ebay member number and i cant find it. does anyone know where i can find this number before i have a melt down please thanks

My Account question

Jan 26, 2015 10:12:12 PM PT

Where can i find my member number

I am a new seller on half.com. I am having a difficult time finding the forum for half.com. I am wondering if anyone selling on half.com can answer my question about seller payment. 


Today is the 7th business day from the 15th. Has everyone gotten their payment deposited in their checking account. I haven't received any emails from half.com about depositing my sale balance. I want to make sure it will be deposited at some point and it's not something I have to worry about as of now. Please let me know.



Payments question

Hello,anyone know if this is an authentic "Sherle Wagner" Soap dish? I've googled images and have found similar, but not this specific one. Thanks!

Selling question

Jan 26, 2015 9:06:08 AM PT

Sherl Wagner

Hello, so I recently found an item I wanted to purchase, but I needed to ask a queston from the seller. So i decided to bid on the item as a precaution just in case if the seller took a while to respond. Well in the end he did respond quick and I am interested in purchasing now. If I were to retract my bid would the buy it now come back? I am the only bidder. Or what would be the best option to go from here?


Thanks for answering!!!

Bidding & Buying question

Probably a dumb question after all of these years...but I have an item listed in the Buy it Now or Best Offer category. I've received one offer. 


Selling question

Hello everyone I wonder, can the seller annul my purchase at auction if not satisfied with the price that sold the goods? Should I wait for a confirmation from him, or they can go to the option to pay now after auctions? thank you

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 27, 2015 1:18:04 PM PT


http://www.ebay.com/sch/ausluck/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= please help me find out if i can trust this account to buy a phone.

Starting an eBay Business question


Does anyone recognize this mark?  German porcelain figurine; about 7" tall.  I cannot make out what the lettering is and I hope someone will recognize!


Thans so much!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 26, 2015 1:43:36 PM PT

id for porcelain figurine


Bidding & Buying question

I am selling a vehicle and a bidder just won the bid for $15,000 over the buy it now price. This is a scam, right? Also, it shows that 6 hours before the auction closed, the last bid was $4,500 and then all of a sudden a few hours before the auction closes, the next bid jumps to $15,000. My buy it now price was $5,500. The vehicle is not worth the highest bid at all. If this is a scam, I don't want to get trapped paying eBay commission or fees on a vehicle I don't ever receive payment for. When I contacted ebay, they claimed that I can't cancel anything until after the deposit is received....this feels like a giant trap. Anyone have any advice or experienced anything similar?

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I sold an item a few weeks ago.  The day after the buyer picked the item up from the post office, he emailed and stated the item was broken.   I asked him to ship the item back for a full refund.  That was just over a week ago, and he hasn't shipped the item back.  He lives 40 minutes from me and the item reached him in one day.  How long does a buyer have to ship a broken item back, I can not file an insurance claim on the item if he holds it to long.  He never messaged back about the item after I asked for him to return it.   If it legitly broke I would like to take care of the situation but he dropped contact from me..   How long does one have to return an item?  He did not open a claim yet and not sure if he is going to.   Just wanting to know since the buyer doesn't respond to emails and that is my only contact with him.  I tried searching but I really am not finding the info that I am looking for.  

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 27, 2015 11:06:16 AM PT

broken item?



I'm a new seller and i was brand new in Ebay back in 2012 as well, but someone bought a 35 Dollar purse from me, the person is out of the UK and has 0 feedback and been in Ebay since today January 26 2015 when the purchase was made.

I was getting ready to print the shipping label and became aware of the address and the buyer. Should i be concerned?

I did not have a restrictions of any kind in the item.


The item it's already paid as well.


I know that if i don't want to Ship internationally i can put it there and also restric buyers i guess but i just havent run into this situation and i know it's only $35 but i would rather not lose it, :smileyhappy:


Thank you in Advance for your responses!

Selling question

Dear eBay Community:


I've been using the Global Shipping option as a seller for months now. Till a recent transaction, I've had no complaints and no problems with it. A buyer from Canada recently purchased some weather boots through me and the global shipping program. He claims that he was unaware of such things as the Global Shipping program and that the import fees are outrageous. After trying to work with him and after reviewing eBay's policies, I'm not sure what to do. His latest suggestion is to just send him an invoice through PayPal and bypass eBay altogether. Obviously, I'm not going to do this. Moreover, he's trying to control how I ship my item to him. Most recently he demanded that I ship USPS First Class, but I'm unwilling to do this, considering that I clearly state that I only ship USPS Priority mail.




I really don't like it when buyers attempt to cut deals outside of eBay. It always seems very fishy to me.



Selling question

Jan 27, 2015 8:09:17 AM PT

Global Shipping and Buyer Complaints



How to pay for fees from selling an item? My currency is in PLN ( polish zloty) and ebay only accept EUR and USD. I can not change my options for automatic fee payment and for one time payment.


Thank you

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 1:28:54 AM PT

how to pay fees from selling

I had an item not received claim and the seller took his time to refund. It went past the time allowed, I guess, and Ebay refunded my money. One day later and the seller refunded my money. I tried to contact customer service to find out how to give them the money back and the operator was not very helpful at all. If fact he was not grasping what I was trying to tell him. Simply that I got a refund twice and who should I send the extra refund back to? Needless to say that phone call was a complete waste of 30 minutes. So does anyone know what should I do or who to contact so that they can simply take the extra refund back as I am not due two refunds?

My Account question

Dear All,


I was trying to buy a book from ebay and when i clicked on Buy now it showed me this message 


We are sorry but the item you selected may not be purchased due to Seller shipping restrictions, country specific import/export or other relevant restrictions.


Anyone has any idea what this is and why it is coming. I live in Bahrain and i prefer buying books from ebay because they are cheaper and accessable. I used a shop and ship account but it was expensive. I talked to one seller and he didnt had any problem shipping those books to Bahrain. I  have attached a screen shot of the said error message. Can anyone help me on this matter. I will greatly appreciate it.

Bidding & Buying question

Jan 26, 2015 7:10:18 AM PT

Buying a book from US

Just wondering if a basic stores 150 free listings will stack with the free 50 listings all accounts receive.


(I am not including the '50 certain category free listings' since that whole idea is riddled with confusion.)


Thanks in advance,



 P.s.s. I found out how to edit my post :"D

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I voided a shipping label via the left bar in My eBay under Sell.

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 25, 2015 2:02:44 PM PT

When will I get a shipping label refund?

Ive misread and need to retract a bid


Bidding & Buying question

Jan 27, 2015 10:30:37 AM PT

i need to reteact a bid

Hi everyone. I have a DJ controller I'd like to sell on eBay. Including the box, bubble wrap and equipment, it comes to almost 8 pounds. The measurements are approx 30" x 20" x 9." This is the biggest package I will have sold on eBay and I have only used USPS before, so I need some help shipping through UPST my first time.

When I did an estimate online it said it would cost $70 for UPS Ground to Louisville,Kentucky (example zip code I used). That seems way too high! Can anyone help? And does eBay give a good shipping discount? Thanks. Don't want to sell $150 equipment if I have to spend half of the money on shipping.

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Jan 26, 2015 5:54:37 PM PT

Shipping 8lb DJ Equipment? UPS?

Im just trying to figure out how to work this Ebay selling thing- I want to have a beauty supply niche selling hair products and cosmetics and clothes, but Im not sure how to compete with other more established sellers selling at rock bottom prices. I dont even have any bids yet- am I doing something wrong? Im starting very small, btw. -Confused Gina

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Buying & Selling Basics question

I have some very nice high end shirts, that do not have sizes, as they are custom made. Can someone enlighten me exactly how to take measurements? And in what format do I list the measurements. I know one measurement is for neck opening, the other is for sleeve length??


Thanks for any help. I don't usually list mens items.


Have a wonderful evening

Selling question

Jan 25, 2015 4:32:23 PM PT

How to measure men's shirts correctly?

I sold an iphone 5 for $150. I made sure to ship the item after it showed the buyer paid for the item. I used ebay to print a shipping label so the tracking information was automatically uploaded. It shows that the item was delievered Monday 1/26/15 however the sell contacted me today 1/27/15 saying they didn't receive the item. What do I do? 


Its my first time selling on ebay and I don't want to be scammed by a buyer.



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Jan 27, 2015 4:45:00 PM PT

Buyer says he didn't receive item



I'm wondering if someone can clue me in on why my shipping labels are being generated at such a small size.  I've attached a PDF of what ebay and paypal generate. I would like these to be half sheets.


Thanks for the help,


Shipping & Returns question

Jan 26, 2015 2:50:29 PM PT

Shipping labels coming out too small

I received some very nice high end shirts, that do not have sizes, as they are custom made. Can someone enlighten me exactly how to take measurements? And in what format do I list the measurements. I know one measurement is for neck opening, the other is for sleeve length??


Thanks for any help. I don't ussually list mens items and pushed this off long enough..


I purchase my husbands shirts without even knowing what the size means! He hasn't gained much in 10 yrs, thank god!


Have a wonderful evening

Fashion discussion

Jan 24, 2015 8:10:54 PM PT

How do I measure men's shirts correctly?

Selling question

I bought an item but it wasn't as described and seller approved a refund.  I shipped the item back with the return label provided by the seller.  Postal tracking shows the item was not deliverable as addressed.  I tried to contact the seller and have gotten no response. 


I don't know how to get the Resolution center involved as the it just shows up as shipped in the Resolution progress tracking.


How do I inform Ebay I tried to return the item but seller is unresponsive.



Shipping & Returns question

She has been using other people names and ss# to open accounts, she cant reopen hers because she owes and was using other names, so she is still opening accounts she has 3 0r 4 now. Tell them she lost purse cant send Id to prove you she is. The people found out wanted her to stop  did'nt happen and they can't even close the account in their names because of password. How can this be happening with ebay. Now I find out she has a cell phone and has been using my internet via wireless my IP address is being used which might shut down my account. I have changed my passwords but its still going on today. I have the name of the people being used how can I stop this . Who can I call or write


Bidding & Buying question

I have a customer who is wanting to know if I can ship to Sri Lanka. I have listed free shipping on my item but of course it only covers the United States, where I currently reside. I would be more than happy to accomadate to their needs but I have two things keeping me from replying with a "yes". The first reason is that I am somewhat a new seller. I have sold things on Amazon and I own an online store but I have never sold on Ebay before nor have I ever had to deal with shipping internationally.

The main issue that I am finding here is that I cannot add the international shipping option to my already active listing. I don't know why so I would like someone to explain this to me. If I cannot add this option then I am going to go ahead and make an executive decision not to ship internationally because of my lack of experience with it.


All help is appreciated. Thanks! :smileywink:



Shipping & Returns question

Jan 25, 2015 7:19:07 PM PT

International Shipping Questions!



A buyer is not satisfied with his item and I'm offering him a partial refund based solely on trust. After receiving the payment, I presume he can still go ahead and give me negative feedback and no eBay rule would prevent that. What's my discourse on that? Can I message him making it part of the settlement that he cannot and should he still do that, can I email eBay to delete the negative feedback rating from my profile?


Selling question

Jan 26, 2015 4:31:22 PM PT

Resolution and feedback

Does handling time include weekends

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 27, 2015 4:28:03 AM PT

Does handling time include weekends

I sold a item to Italy from US using eBay GSP. There is almost a month , my customer contact me that he didn't receive the item. I was tracking the information from tracking # . The last record was arrive on shipping center in KY on Jan 2 . So my item was in their shipping center about About a month and they didn't do any next steps. Therefore, i would like to contact them to see what happened.

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 27, 2015 10:05:10 AM PT

How to contact eBay globe shipping carrier

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but I've been trying to figure it out for the past 30 minutes and simply can't. If I'm selling an item, how do I choose a Flat Rate Priority Mail box as my shipping option instead of a calculated shipping option? I see the options for Flat Rate Envelopes, but what do I do if I want to ship a medium or large package with Flat Rate boxes?

Buying & Selling Basics question

When something sells, I usually hit "print shipping label" JUST to get to the "print packing slip" on USPS....I do not actually use eBay or PayPal to print my labels, nor do I pay the postage through them.  I cut and paste to make up my own labels and bring to PO to let them do the postage. 

However, now it's bring me directly to PayPal.  Did I reset something by mistake? 

thank you all very much!

My Account question

Up to Jan. 20th I was having a good month for sales.  Now the last four days it has been dead, no sales, no new watchers, no views, no questions.  Ebay turned off the switch.  Anyone else have same problem?

Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 6:23:17 PM PT

Looks Like Ebay is hiding my listings!

PayPal is the best payment processing company on earth, their fees are reasonable and their service is great, here's the reasons:


- I can accept payments thru any venue.

- I can take and make payments on my cellphone.

- I can transfer funds anywhere day or night.

- I can pay with PayPal /credit/debit card anywhere

- I get email notifications anytime I receive/withdraw funds

- They will never hold my money even if a dispute is filed

- They pay me 1.5% on my purchases with my debit card

- They allow me to pay later if I have no money in my PayPal account

- They offer me to pay with smart connect

- They offer me loans to buy inventory and pay them back as I sell on eBay


I think those are too many reasons, don't want to list anymore

Selling discussion

Jan 24, 2015 8:46:25 PM PT

Paypal is my Pal

We sell sunroof glass, we have sold and shipped 200+ in 2014. We just got a return request opened, customer stated "Item Damaged upon Arrival". Now keep in mind we have shipped over 200 of these without issue. We immediately responded to our customer asking for more information, our customer told us the package appeared fine but when they opened it there was a crack in the glass.  We informed our customer that we could either refund them or send them a replacement glass sunroof. My customer wanted the glass sunroof, we keep extras in stock at all times for just this reason. We immediately got one wrapped up and had it moving on the afternoon truck. Our customer received, he was very happy, left us great feedback, here it is "Had a problem with shipper , seller took great care of it #1 seller"   So at the end of the day, we provided excellent customer service to our customer, had a replacement in his hands 2 days after the incident. Now we are left with a big old Defect. I called ebay CS and was told sorry, can't help you, defect stays. Ebay has determined that we are defective sellers for this transaction. Anyone else have this experience??  Seems very wrong, I guess I am starting to see why I saw so much on the news last week about ebay and how the ebay marketplace is suffereing losses.  

Selling discussion

Well, here it comes, folks! What if the power goes out for a week? Will eBay mitigate the defects? Whether you are on the East Coast or are sending a package to the East Coast, you are at the mercy of eBay's new defect system.


If I were still selling here, I'd probably shut down my listings and take a week off.



Selling discussion

Jan 25, 2015 10:57:14 PM PT

Defects and the East Coast Blizzard

Just had a sale for a item, buyer contacted me 6 days of receiving stating the item was shrunk.  I know the item was 100% not shrunk so i asked her to please send pictures for a return and refund.  She refused to do so and opened a case with ebay to which ebay decided in her favor.  After looking at the feedback left for others in the last years she has left an excessive amount of negative and neutral feedback.  I never refused a refund i said i wanted to resolve the case asap and help her get what she wanted.  All she needed to do was send a quick picture of the item just to show me it was in the same condtion as recevied.  I havent got the item back yet so i dont know what conditoin its gonna be in.


I asked ebay to review her case, and CS said they saw how many cases shes had opened,  but they cant do anything. 


It so riduculous how some buyers + (this certain buyer is a seller too) know how to work the system to get what they want.



Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 1:50:53 PM PT

Unreasonable buyer destroyed my reputation

when I asked the seller why the shipping was so much more then the actual shipping I was told that they add their ebay fees and paypal fees to the actual shipping!?!

is the seller allowed to do this? there was no mention of this in the auction...

Bidding & Buying discussion



This is the 3rd one this week.  Not fun. 


..walking away from my computer now before I type something stupid.

Selling discussion

Hi all,


     I am dealing with a really nasty seller and would not mind some thoughts.  Long story short, I won a cheap ($12) Seiko quartz watch from a seller with decent feedback.  The watch looked good in the pics and was stated as running fine.  I sell these types of watches to a local independent jewel friend of mine for a low mark up so he can have some stock on hand.  Well, I got the watch last week, I took it out, looked GREAT just like the pics.  I set it, put it down, did some other chores and then sat down to do feedbacks on the items I had got recently.  Since the item had looked great, I gave nice feedback.  About 30 min later I looked at the watch and noticed it was not running (this movement has no second hand so I did not notice it was dead right away).  So I re set it and did the usual stuff to a quartz watch to get it running (but did not open it).  Still no luck.  SO I messaged the seller (under "Ask A Question") and she asked me to take the battery in and out....still no luck.  She then messaged that she would be happy to take my return IF I would send it to her outside of the eBay system.  I told her politely that No, I could not do that. I then opened a NAD case because that was indeed the case.  That is she went mean and nasty.  One more horrible exchange happened, then  I told her that as a seller I would NEVER, EVER ask a buyer to go outside of the system and to ask me to do so was un-ethical.  I then said that no living, breathing associate had seen the messages yet but if I escalate the case, she would be found out for what she was asking people to do.....so why not just take my cheap return and move on?  That was two days ago and now, silence.  I have two more days before I can escalate and I will....in fact I cant wait.  Sellers like her make it hard on all of the rest of us HONEST sellers.  Taking returns is the cost of doing business, we dont like it, but thats how it is.

Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 3:37:35 PM PT

Seller to write about



Back story is simple: My sales have stopped on all my accounts since the 10th of Jan. Numerous eBay reps that I contacted all have their own theories as to why. I got tried of messing around with eBay so I decided to do my own test.


Here it is: I listed a fresh batch of related items about a week ago and I immediately contacted a bunch of family members and friends all over the country and they contacted more family and friends. I gave out one of the complete titles of a listing and asked that everyone pull it up on eBay and click on the link (result over 150 views, all other listings have 5 or less views). I also sent out a huge mixed up list with loads of listings for all my accounts. Everyone got a good mix of titles to search. By the way, I'm located in Maine.


Results: Only people located on the west coast and southern (Gulf) coast could find items on my primary account which actually matches my previous customers sales locations for that account. Only people located around the Washington DC area of the US could find items on the other account which also matched the customer base for that account, and nobody had much luck finding the listings for my other account which matched the lack of sales for months and no views at all with that one.


This result was the one that riled me the most...Even though people were able to find some of my listings, they still were unable to buy the item if they wanted too. They ended up getting one of two different messages at check out: 1. HTTP 404 Error in a grey banner border page, or 2. This item is no longer available in a yellow banner border page.


I spent over 7 hours on the phone being bounced around eBay's so called (US) advanced account teams dealing with limits and blocks. Everyone is claiming that they don't understand whats going on. They see the 150+ views on the one item and the less then 5 on the other 450+ items, which proved that I got a small army of people to click on my listing, yet they were unable to do the same thing to all the rest of my listings without me guiding them right to it, or all of them going right to my "view other items" link which would void out the test.


Out of almost 1000 listings all sales have stopped and eBay claims that they don't have any blocks or limits in place. After my test I find that hard to believe since over 150 people were unable to find most of my items or attempt to purchase the ones they did find. Try your own test and see what you find out.

Selling discussion

Jan 26, 2015 10:56:50 PM PT

Sales Down or Stopped? Try This Test.