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The eBay Community

I just noticed this symbol next to the ID of a bidder on one of my items.  It also appears next to his ID on his feedback page.  Anyone seen this before?


Member is ID verified

Selling discussion

Hi Everyone,

   I have this doll that is marked on the back: Made in Hong Kong © Hasbro  US Pat. Pend

She is 9 inches tall, painted eyes and lashes. On the back of her head is 59. She is TNT and her knees are bendable.

When I look at the Hasbro World of Love dolls she does not look like them.

She also does not have the rooted eyelashes of Beautiful Bonnie Breck doll.

Her eyes look like Ideal Tammy doll. Could someone have switched the doll's head or am I not looking in the correct places? I have looked on the doll reference site as well as yahoo and Ebay.


SAM_0538.JPG       SAM_0540.JPG        SAM_0539.JPG






SAM_0542.JPG   SAM_0541.JPG    








Dolls discussion

Can anyone tell me if these jeans are selvedge?  I have never come across one before.


Thank you.



Fashion discussion

Hello Everyone,


After extensive research we have proven eBay is costing sellers thousands if not millions of dollars in sales.  In our store alone (http://www.ebay.com/usr/jewelstreeteast) we have lost up to $10,000 in sales the last two weeks.  


Our team has kept very accurate records of our selling over the last 5 years.  We list around 1500 items each week and average over $20 per item.  During the eBay outages over the last two weeks we have lost on average $3 per item or up to $10,000.  


We knew something was wrong but didn't know how to prove it.  So we decided to dig deeper and this is what we have found.


First - Being Powersellers with a large following we have work with a lot of buyers.


  1. We have made a list of customers who buy from us and use Auction snipers or place their own bids.  We have collected data from each of these buyers showing bids not going through.  Then also collected data on our auctions closing much lower than customers are bidding. 


Second - Our team created mobile listing app Minute List It so we also work with a lot of sellers.



 2.  We are in the process of working with a group of sellers to collect data similar to the data we've collected.


Third - Thousands of buyers rely on Snipers like Myibidder



Quote from Myibidder costumer support

As I mentioned above, the sniper heavily relies on eBay. 
If there are any issues with eBay, the sniper will have issues too. All snipers will, not just Myibidder. 

Here is the announcement of the today's issue: 
Even though the said that major part of the issues were resolved only, their system looks fine and working as expected as of now. 


See for yourself - https://www.myibidder.com/forums/viewtopic/6206/failed-snipe-password-problem/index4.html



Here is a photo of a snipe that didn't go through that we placed tonight 

Myibidder.com  Free Auction Bid Sniper and Manager for eBay.png


This is the same error many people are having with snipers.  It is not Myibidders fault.  It is the eBay's fault and its costing sellers thousands of dollars.  If you scale this same senario, it could be costing sellers MILLIONS!


If you are a buyer or seller please do your research and post any info you can to help prove eBay is costing us sellers money.  Its hard enough running a small business with low margins.  EBay needs to take responsibility for this!





Selling discussion

I am looking to find the tribe and artisan of this watch to list in compliance with eBay Native American policy (instead of just selling a southwest themed watch). 



 photo IMG_5592.jpg photo IMG_5593.jpg photo IMG_5594.jpg photo IMG_5595.jpg photo IMG_5596.jpg

Thank you!

Collectibles & Art discussion

I am looking to find the tribe and artisan of this watch to list in compliance with eBay Native American policy (instead of just selling a southwest themed watch). 


 photo IMG_5592.jpg photo IMG_5593.jpg photo IMG_5594.jpg photo IMG_5595.jpg photo IMG_5596.jpg



Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Vase Mark Rotated.jpg


Not even sure which way up this goes! Searched on the internet but can't find anything remotely similar. Anyone seen this mark before?

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

The glass is such a dark red, it looks black. Measures 1 3/4" by 2 1/4" across. Help/thoughts with age, style, type appreciated as always!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Any ideas on the maker -- from design or marks?  Thanks for all replies!  :smileyhappy:













Home & Garden discussion

C&P - I'm iggy to screen shots...



It was a one day offer - today for a eBay Bucks Bonus...click the activate button & see what your bonus is....



EBAY Bucks


See how big your bonus will be
Click to activate your Reward

 ...so I click the "activate now" button...



You are not qualified for this offer



so...why send it to me?

Selling discussion


45723 + 683
 = 98.5%


I'm trying to to buy a LED Projector.I see 100's of sellers selling these projectors and 99% of these sellers has negative feedback.I'm not talking about a few negatives.I'm talking about 100's!

How can a seller decide what seller to buy from when just about every seller has negative feedbacks?

Notice this rating of a seller I stated above,45723 feedbacks with 683 Negatives in 12 months.The seller has over 100 negatives within "1 month".683 negatives within 1 yr of time.It's clear to me that this seller has issues selling.You would think after this seller received his first 50 negatives he would have learned and attempted to solve his selling defect product issues after the first 50 negs received.Even after his first 100 negs received he still didn't attempt to solve his issues why he gets so many negs.You sure can't attempt to use all 686 negatives on excuse of bad buyers.It's clear that this seller with 686 negatives feedbacks has issues with the products he sells.You would think the seller would stop selling that type of product to avoid receiving that amount of negs.

Tell me what buyer in his/her right mind would even attempt to buy from this seller with all of these negatives and feel safe?Why hasn't eBay removed these sellers with 600 plus negatives to make room for better sellers?eBay is a safe place to buy?Ya right!.With 600 plus negatives I don't think it's very safe is it?

Not only that,

Mostly all of these sellers with tons of negatives are lieing about their locations.The item location may say United States but,if you click on their feedback dashboard the sellers locations in fact,state Hong Kong or China.Why does eBay allow these sellers to stealth their locations?

I bought a item the other day off of eBay.Prior of buying.I searched eBay using search results USA only option.

I found the item I wanted.The item location stated NY,NY.So,I bought the item.Then I decided to check the sellers feedback.In the seller's feedback information the seller's location now states Hong Kong.This isn't fair for any seller wanting to buy with in the USA.

What is wrong with eBay?Why don't eBay fix these many issues?

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I decided to try a premium store last year around April.  As you can see, page views steadily increased for the first couple of months and then dropped off to nothing for several months.  Got rid of the premium store around April this year, and look what happened - page views shot way up again!


Is anyone aware of something wrong with the reports for that timeframe where the views are flat and almost non-existent?  I don't recall anything different going on with my listings during that time - if anything, I had at least twice as many listings during those non-view times as I do now.


ebay page views.PNG



Selling discussion

Is this a real Eames chair? How can I tell?

With a chip behind the back and no seat, does it still have any value? (I thought it looked real & should have value, so I gambled at a yard sale today - $40).

If it is real, I have an opportunity to buy 4 more (5 total) for $50 each - but they are complete

Thanks, I appreciate any help







Collectibles & Art discussion

Does anyone know anything about this designer?  It looks like Nusi to me but can't seem to find any informaton on the company.



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Could some one please help me figure out if this is authentic?

Everything seems to be correct, all the hardware is the same color, the leather interior tag, the zippers have Michael Kors on it in capital letters, everything looks good.... However, I just don't know. Look at the interior? Has any one seen an interior like this in a MK bag? You can click on the photos for more high resolution viewing. Any help would be appreciated SO MUCH..


Fashion discussion

Ok so pageviews where never really so greate  however i was doing ok with my sales.


This month since sept 3rd i have noticed an extreme drop in sales despite new listings good prices and everything done right.


So i checked my omniture report and the google analytics for pageviews.


according to omniture on sept 5th i had 458 pageviews google however tells me i only had 67!!


but look for yourself




According to google i get 10 views a day well that makes sense after all in  the past 7 days i made about 100$ usually i make 100$ a day regular 


Now here omniture reports







No relations with the google reports, honestly i believe google sales.... NEVER have been that bad 


This is just unbelievable, 


The boards are also filling with complains..

Ebay great job !!!!!!!!!!!



Selling discussion

DSC04389.JPGDSC04393.JPGDSC04394.JPGAnyone have any information on who made this? I want to list it, looks like a very nice piece, 9-1/2" tall and heavy. If you need more pics, let me know

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I was promised a full refund and provided proof that the buyer has recieved items and now the buyer is just stalling for time so that this will exspire and I won't recieve my full refund please help. I have cases on both items with no resolve just stalling. I sent both of these shirts back in the same package. UPSP #

Your message to the seller:
"9114901230801948176925 tracking number again please send refund"
Item picture
OOBE Mens NEW Zip Flog Golf Polo Moist Wick Sport Shirts ... (220768139678)
Main Color: Lagoon Blue (Light Navy)
OOBE Mens NEW Zip Flog Golf Polo Moist Wick Sport Shirts ... (220768139678)
Main Color: Mushroom Khaki
Size: XL
Sale date: 08/14/14
Tracking number: 9400111899561398394662
Size: 2XL
Sale date: 08/10/14
Tracking number: 9114901230801948176925

Shipping & Returns question

Hi All, I was always told that this necklace was known as the D&E Waterfall necklace.
I was searching for info on another piece and found the Waterfall necklace in the 'NOT D&E' Folder.
So it's not a confirmed piece ?
Just want to be accurate.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

error.JPGSince yesterday morning I am unable to access the Community Discussion boards on my main account.


After being blocked in the morning, I am able to access ebay (and Paypal).


I have tried several browsers, I have tried clearing my cache, I have tried rebooting, I have tried logging in via mobile and PC.  I am still blocked.

eBay Community Experience discussion



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



I am going through my grandmothers dolls and found this rabbit and teddy bear.


Can anyone tell me if they know of the year, value and maker of these treasures? They both do not have any tags.


The bear "does not" have a button in his ear - he is 12"  - squeeks and has a plastic nose and eyes. (No Hump on his back)


They are both pretty hard stuffing. THANKS!!


Photos below

vintage bear n rabbit.jpg

Antiques discussion

I see this has been asked before, but no appropriate answer has been posted. here is what my page looks like and I can not find my RSS feed anywhere, has this been removed or just hiding some place.RSS.JPG




Selling question



IMG_0786.JPGIMG_0790.JPGIMG_0786.JPGI have a platter (limoge) that has 3 marks or stamps on bottom. A. Lanternier, West Tice Co. I would like to know the value. I have attached some photos. Thank you!



Selling question

Can anyone help ID the maker of this vase? Stands 12" tall. The handles are applied after the vase was made. The base has a satin look to it, no signatures that I can see.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion





It is signed "Luce" and in great condition.  Any idea of age?  Any good descriotive words?


Thanks so much for any info you may be able to provide.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

"Make a Hat Day

When : Always September 15th

Make a Hat Day is is a day for fun. Design, make, and wear your a hat for yourself today. Put your personality into it. Or, make a hat from a character you would like to imitate for a day. This day is very popular with preschool, kindergarten, and grade school teachers and students. Early in the new school year, teachers look for fun and interesting projects to break up the classroom routine, or for art projects. Kids, who love arts projects by nature, can use their creativity in making a hat that fits them! The rules for Make a Hat Day are quite simple. Just make a hat, any hat. It can be for you, or for mom or dad. Wearing the hat is optional. But, it's half the fun."


I made one for my little friend:




Can you make a hat for someone special in your life?

Is there a "character you would like to imitate for a day?"


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I Have been looking for info on this goblet as I want to list them but have hit a wall. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated..Thankszip 1.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

and while on the subject of the pattern what the heck are the bell flowers on it called? My brain is drawing a blank. = )



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Fashion discussion

leaf and sunoy pumpkin face


fall scene


Another week and it will be "official"...fall will be here!

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Blenko collectors maybe you can help? I have been out to the Blenko site and the closest I can find is the Crystal Plantation but hardly any info or images on it.

Maybe I am way off and these are not Blenko at all. If anyone can steer me to the rigjht direction, I would appreciate it!


Green (actually glows but not sure if it is due to the color itself!)

Handmade with indented bottom & rough pontil

Applied Handles on both creamer & sugar

Creamer approx 5 1/2" tall

Rolled Rims

Squat Shaped


Thanks so much in advance for your assistance!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I forgot when did it started, but it has been around for a while. 

It always shows ONE ENDED item in my Watch List after I deleted all ended items, although it also says "You don't have any ended items saved in your Watch List." underneath.

Does anyone know how to make it go away?

Thank you!


Technical Issues discussion

Hi There, I'm hoping someone may have some feedback on the following item. It is a handled bowl, cane pattern on the bottom, measures about 7" inches across. Throughout the glass are "dots" or perhaps thumbprints, does anyone recognize the maker? Thanks for any feedback and hope you have a great week ahead! :-)  photo E7_zps3b8e987a.jpg

 photo E1_zps719b8e0d.jpg

 photo E4_zps5229595b.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone tell me about this old spear I bought at a yard sale yesterday? It measures just under 80" (but end of spear is skightly broke/wore off, so it's probably 80" long), has a metal spear tip that was made from the spear's body (not attached later), has a rubber 'handle' near the end of it, and also has 4 "beads"?with holes in them near tip that I believe held the line or rope so you could retrieve the spear afterthrowing/shooting it.


The rope/string guides that look like beads instead of the reg. holes that guide line on a fishing pole - are unusual - I've never seen them before; maybe like that they are easier to fire from a gun of some type?


Is it a harpoon?


I tried googling 80" metal spear with no results that look like this one and I'm not sure of the correct name for the nead like string guides to use in my description.


Thanks; I appreciate any help.


collectible spear metal 1.jpg


collectible spear metal 4.jpg


collectible spear metal 3.jpg


collectible spear metal 6.jpg


collectible spear metal 7.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

The item I want to ship to China is a NERF toy gun that shots soft darts. I have done some research regarding what imports China prohibit. USPS states that "arms, ammunition and explosives, of all kinds" are prohibited. Fedex states that "weapons, imitations of weapons, ammunition and explosives" are prohibited. What Im confused about is the "imitations of weapons" part?? is a nerf toy gun considered a imitation weapon?? here is a pic of the actual nerf toy gun:

Shipping & Returns discussion

Be mindful if you're shipping larger/dimensional weight items through USPS.   They are now printing the dimensions you're inputting for Large Packages.  I guess it's an efficient way for USPS to spot check that the right postage is being paid for oversized packages.




Dim weight.JPG

Part-time eBay Sellers discussion

Looks to be silver, has angel on it with wings coming out of her head also has v+k stamped on back.

Heres a pic (webcam) WIN_20140915_135419.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Vase Mark.jpg


Any help with identifying this greatly appreciated. Have searched online but can't find anything similar.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi All, it seems each time I am gone for awhile and return the boards have taken on a new format.  Hopefully my thread is on the right board and done correctly.  I have this 8.5" tall three sided pink (depression?) glass vase with a impression of a female (deco?) nude on each side.  Each of the three side panels with the nude is 3.5" wide.  The vase is very heavy as the glass is thick.  I did a search of active and closed auctions and saw this vase in green and when I searched the McKee Glass site I did see the exact pink vase like this but the lady figure was not nude rather had a flowing skirt.  Can this be an authentic McKeep depression glass vase? All replies and comments are greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Joci

frt 1.jpg



fig1.jpg          3 sides.jpg



inside.jpg   BOTTOM.jpg

Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

Hello all! I have a Minnie Mouse charm necklace (not sure if that is the correct name) that I'm curious about. It looks like it's old but it could just be very well loved. It measures approximately 1.5" x 1.5". The back is marked "Disney 6".  I want to get advice from the experts about this...should I list this or trash it? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time, help, and expertise!




MM 2.jpg

Disneyana discussion

I found this trumpet at a local thrift tore a few weeks ago. It has no maker's name on it anywhere except VINCENT BACH CORP MT VERNON NY 1 1/4 C

around the mouthpiece - and the number 1254 on the side of one of the 3 valves in the middle of the horn.

If this is a Bach trumpet, then according to the serial number it was made in 1928 or 1929 (see Bach serial number code here: http://www.bachbrass.com/legend/trumpet.php).

How can I tell if this is a Bach trumpet and not just a trumpet with a Bach mouthpiece?

Is Bach a good name in trumpets? I don't know if it was commom practice, but this has mother of pearl tops on the keys(?) you press to get different notes

As always, I appreciate the board's help!









Collectibles & Art discussion

OK, world coin collectors, or anyone else with an interest....


In another thread, elheron had speculated there could be at least two dozen "issuing authorities" (countries, or former soverign entities) which have issued coins with palm trees.




For those with an interest, I suggest we bite off manageable pieces of the world in alphabetical order, hence the first five letters of the alphabet. 


Suggested rules: 

-  List your issuing authorities and the specific coin

-  Great if you can provide a photo, but not required.

-  If you are a botanist and want to challenge another poster's palm tree, that's fine, but you must correctly identify the plant, or you will be banished forever,and asked to pay a fine.

-  Please update the number of issuing authorities starting from the previous post.  

-  Changes in the rules are permitted if accompanied by a suitable bribe.  


I will start:


1. Bahrain.  I no longer have the photo or the coin, but my notes say I had the 1969 F.A.O. 250 fils issue, KM#7, and sold it to a collector in Bahrain.

2. Belgian Congo.  50 Centimes 1955.  KM #2 under Zaire/Belgian Congo (photo)

3. Ceylon.  Many coins, but I will post a photo of the 1 cent coin from 1945.

4. Comoros.  1964 2 Francs KM#5 (photo)

5. Dominican Republic.  1955 1 Centavo.  KM#17 (photo) 





Coins & Paper Money discussion

My PTS link has looked like this for 2 days now. Is it black for a reason? Some kind of warning perhaps?

I can only wonder who LdIeTcHiIdUeMd to use this wonderful color scheme? Are our days numbered here?


Part-time eBay Sellers discussion

I've had it for a long time and have no idea where it came from!  Chuckle.  It's just been hanging out in my jewelry box forever ... any help id'ing is greatly appreciated. TIA!!DSCF2640.JPG


Watches, Clocks and Timepieces discussion

10" tall. I was thinking Haeger but haven't found one like it. Glazed over bottom with 3 stilt marks. Appreciate any help with an i.d.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

My original post in this forum is not here.  Or, I cannot find it.  I'm having a lot of techinal issues with ebay as are other sellers.  So, here it goes again:

I need your help identifying the age and potential maker of this lamp, it is porcelain/pottery with handles that look like inchworms.  The base has an eye on it and the design on both sides of the body is floral/branch/leaf and vine.  I don't know if it's a tree nor do I recognize the flowers.  It's a strange glazed shade of brown.  The base is square, some sort of metal, the bottom is felt lined.  It measures 15"  to the square one top....27" total height and the base is 5-3/8" square.  I think it's telling a story, but I don't know what kind of story it is.  Any and all help is appreciated, as always.

Many thanks,



a ask ebay vintage inchworm lamp.JPG



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hello All! Can anyone tell me if this basket is Native American? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello All! Can anyone identify this mark? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion

SAGINAW, Mich. — A funeral home here has just added an unusual new convenience for mourners — a drive-thru viewing window.


The Saginaw News reports Paradise Funeral Chapel has installed a window that displays a body set up in a special area inside the building with a raised and tilted platform for the casket.

Curtains over the window automatically open when a car pulls up, and mourners get three minutes to view a body as music plays overhead.


There also a deposit opening for leaving donations, cars or memory items. And behind a door is a retractable guest book that drive thru mourners can sign.



Ahead is the drive-thru viewing windoe at the Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Mich.


sign photo hmmmmmm-1.jpg


The Soapbox discussion



relaxing in the sun is a good activity this time of year.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I just got an e-mail telling me that "I" sent a payment to eBay inc. When I actually never did.


No idea what this is for, as I've paid my seller fees as of yesterday, and eBay never takes money from my PayPal account as I don't even have it setup in that manner, they take the money straight from my bank account.


Here is the e-mail.


Anyone ever encounter this before? I'm more concerned about eBay being hacked a while back and want to know if my accounts are safe.


I'm assuming this is an error on eBay's behalf, If not... then could it possibly be the start of the hackers/thiefs doing testing on the accounts and seeing if they can take funds?



My Account discussion

Hi, I have tried for some time to identify this bowl.  Nothing matches on Gotheborg.  Hoping someone here may know something.  Thanks in advance, Katie









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi can anyone ID this beautiful set. I have 5 pieces in different colors. The stand 7 1/2" tall and the opening is 3 1/4" wide. I hope the pictures are clear. TIA 

wing nut 047.JPG

wing nut 056.JPGwing nut 059.JPGwing nut 074.JPGwing nut 067.JPGwing nut 061.JPGwing nut 064.JPGwing nut 050.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Just wanted to make sure and ask Coach Experts, if this small backpack No. H0N - 9960 is indeed authentic Coach. I am not quite sure about "Mexico" part, though this backpack looks and "feels" 100% like the other ones, Made in USA I've handled before.

Thank you in advance!





Fashion discussion


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

IMG_1836.JPGDoes anyone have an idea about who may have designed these tables?


I think they may be from Arts and Crafts era but can't find anything exactly like this.  Anyone?

Collectibles & Art discussion

Can someone please tell me the value? I have attached some photos.

Thank you in advance.



Collectibles & Art discussion



I am going through my grandmothers dolls and found this rabbit and teddy bear.


Can anyone tell me if they know of the year, value and maker of these treasures? They both do not have any tags.


The bear "does not" have a button in his ear - he is 12"  - squeeks and has a plastic nose and eyes. (No Hump on his back)


They are both pretty hard stuffing. THANKS!!


Photos below


vintage bear n rabbit.jpg

Bears and Plush discussion

I'm trying to identify the maker of these busts, or at least to find a comparable. So far no luck on eBay, or searching on google, including image search looking for a visual match.


The busts are solid metal. I'm thinking polished brass, but perhaps bronze? George VI is 7 inches high and weighs 5 pounds 5 ounces. Edward VIII is slightly shorter, measuring 6-3/8 inches high. It weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces.


There is nothing to identify the manufacturer, but both have the number 6398 on the undersides of their base. The number looks hand marked, and is constructed from a series of "dot" impressions in the metal. No hidden hallmarks or anything of that nature.


Any help would be appreciated!



Antiques discussion

DSC04144.JPGDSC04149.JPGThis material has the look of sequins but on close inspection little clear squares that give the illusion.  Does this have a name?

Fashion discussion

                                   September's Mid-Month Listing Challenge

                                          Come Join Us!




Simple Rules for Anything Goes Sale:



1. LFVS in the title (for Lilo’s Fardville )

2. No theme for the mid-month sale. List what you have!

3. Members and non-members may do any number of listings

4. Start your listings with a "Fardie Number" such as $.99,$ 2.22, $10.10, $39.39, etc. up to $999.99!

5. Use any format Auctions or Fixed Price

6. Use an official Lilo’s Fardville Anything Goes Sale logo in your description. (Below)


7. Start your listings September 15th to 19th eBay time (PDT). Five days to list!

8. Please add the following to your listing: This auction is part of the monthly Lilo's Fardville (LFVS) sale. LFVS is an eBay recognized sellers group that promotes eBay community values. Thank you for looking!!


9. Join in the fun and you will be glad you did!


Selling discussion

I'm so upset I'm seeing red right now.


There aren't many people on the fashion boards, so I'm going to post here in hopes an expert can help me out on this one (GoPeterson, you around?)


I accidentally bought a counterfeit Michael Kors bag at a thrift store called Second Impressions, in my area.

It fooled me, and when I got it home, a few details proved to me that this was counterfeit. I called the shop up

and asked if I could  please have a refund, as they were marketing it as such. They didn't say it was a counterfeit.

They sold it as a Michael Kors bag, Authentic. The "middle man" cashier talked to her boss after I called, and the

boss won't talk to me directly. The girl says her boss said : "IF she knows fashion, then she knew she was buying counterfeit,

and it's her own fault"... IT's my OWN fault?? It's bad business. Let alone ILLEGAL to knowingly sell counterfeit items.

They even had it on consignment, so some one made a buck on me. What should I do? Who can I report this to??


Is it truly legal for thrift stores to sell counterfeit items?? And is there anything I can do to get justice?



Selling discussion

Interesting article about violent assaults by women on their partners in GB:




40% or more of victims of domestic violence are thought to be men, but men may actually be victimized MORE than women in GB (and elsewhere), but too afraid/ashamed to report it.





The Soapbox discussion

WTH, ebay?
How do you allow a buyer to initiate returns on items they haven't even paid for yet?
I had a guy buy 3 items, not pay for them, and then start returns for each item, and then send me an email saying he misread the titles, and thought they were something else, so what to do.  No mention of already starting the return process.
This is the problem with the "hassle-free" returns.  They are nothing but hassles for sellers. 

Buyer wants to ask question, but ebay directs them to starting returns or opening cases, and then actually allows buyers to start returns on items they haven't even paid for.
This is like me going to Amazon, putting items in my cart, and then requesting a return label for those items.


Selling discussion

Well its been years now and nothing changes. I am a american living in Germany. And I Sell on ebay.com. And everytime I list an item Ebay forces me to enter 4 dollars for the domestic postage costs as if I live in the USA and ship within the USA. I do not.... And then when a customer buys from me it gives them the incorrect postage even though it shows the item location in Germany. And then my customers are angry and think i am screwing them. Why does ebay continue to allow this error. And when will this be resolved. I have tried everything to remove the field, use other shipping forms but still it forces me into this format over and over and shows the shipping costs as 4 dollars for my USA viewers when they are international buyers. I am so frustraited and this makes me look bad. I have a case against me currently over this issue and another **bleep** off person fighting me for the 4 dollars  postage as stated in ebays format. In my description it is clearly stated the correct postage. I am really ready to cancel ebay and forget it over this energy draining **bleep**.

Selling discussion

Let me first explain what I sold,I listed a auction lot vintage collection of 50 pre-owned/Used HotWheel toy cars.

Here's a example of my listing,(Auction sold for $50 free shipping)

Vintage collection lot of 50 pre-owned/Used HotWheel toy cars.

Condition:smileytongue:re-owned/Used items.Items may have missing parts,signs of wear,scratches,missing decals,missing paint,missing wheel or wheels,fades paint, chips,dents.Items will need to be cleaned from yrs of storage.Items show signs of use.Some items may need repaired .I don't know if any of these items have ever been repaired.Free Priority mail,no returns.Original boxes or packing not included.sale is for the cars only.Seller is no grader or expert with HotWheels.


You can't get anymore direct in stating conditions of items then what I stated above.It's dummy proof.There Used items in used condition.

The issues,

After the buyer paid he contacted me stating this,(I ask for you to packaged these item with bubble wrap.I received many items in the past from other sellers .I'm done receiving damaged junk!!!)


This message I received was red flagged at the start I felt.Some how I knew at the start I will have problems with this buyer I could just feel it in my bones.Sure enough.

The buyer received the items.Sends me a message stating this,

(I received the items great packaging thanks!.I have a few issues tho.2 cars are missing both front wheels another is missing 1 back wheel.The paint on some of these cars are faded.A few seem to be low end value hotwheels.I don't want to give you negative feedback so I just wont give any at all.Thank you!)


I replied back to the buyer stating this,

I apologize,By all means I don't want you to be unhappy with your purchase.There's no reason for you to hide your feedback.

Let me fix this for you.I can either offer you a partial refund or you can ship them back for a full refund.


Buyer replies,(If you can refund me $30 I will be happy and give you positive feedback.)So,I refunded the buyer $40 to make him more happy my thinking.


15 minutes later this buyer contacts me stating this,(Hi,I bidded on your other HotWheel lot you have listed for sale using another account I have.Did you block me from bidding?I didn't know it was your auction I was bidding on sorry.Knowing the condition as from the past purchase don't worry I will not ask for a refund.If this is a issue for you let me know?Or cancel my bid?)


I replied back explaining this,

Yes I did add your name to my block list.Because,this auction that is now running was created before your purchase and has missing parts as well as the lot you purchased.If your seeking HotWheels without missing parts this is not the lot for you to purchase.I added you to my block list for this reason.Give me a day to create another HotWheel listing to better fit your needs then I will contact you and unblock you.


O-boy does this buyer show many red flags I see as warnings not to sell to.I feel if I attempt to sell to this buyer again i will just have more further issues.

Everything the buyer stated about the condition item refund issue I stated in the listing description and condition of the auction.Clearly either the buyer didn't read the item conditions or scamming me to offer partial refund.

So,I decided to check this buyers feedback history and past User's ID history.I learned that this buyer has many user's accounts as a buyer and a seller with large ebay stores.This buyer's feedback rating is 98 with many negative feedbacks.Understanding that buyers cant receive negatives.With all these negatives this buyer has with many accounts.I feel not to sell to this buyer.In fact I feel I should contact eBay about this buyer bidding on my items again using other accounts.I'm now worried if this may be feedback manipulation towards me from blocking this buyer.Could it be?Should I report this to eBay?

I wonder why this buyer bid on my other items 15 minutes later after he learned I blocked him.Plus he used another eBay account to bid.The buyer is now upset that I blocked him.Asking for me to unblock him stating if he buys he wont have further issues will not give problem.

Do I unblock him or not?Do I need to worry about this buyer?Do I report this to eBay?What's my options?

I hope my past friend on this forum will read this post.I really need her help.Cry wolf I past did I'm sorry.We learn the hard way sometimes.





Buying & Selling Basics discussion


I purchased some Royal Albert Plates. The transaction went well... I received the plates promptly. Upon arrival & inspecting plates, one of the plates had a white mark over the Royal Albert stamp on the back of the plate ( I knew that this meant that the plate was considered by maker as a "second"). There was no indication in the sellers listing of the plates that one was a second. I contacted the seller, he made no apologies, or acknowledgement of the one plate being a second.

I sent the plate back for an exchange. Several weeks after I received the new plate... it occurred to me that I should have been refunded the return postage fee for the plate that I had to return (especially since it was an item not fully represented in the seller's listing). I contacted the seller.... he said he did not know if he needed to refund my postage... he would have to ask Ebay.

Several days later I got a note from the seller... he told me that Ebay said that he did not need to refund my postage, but he refunded it anyway. I sent him a kind note to say "thank you" & ask if he needed the receipt for the postage amount...  I immediately left positive feedback w/ a kind comment.

The next day I got this response from the seller:  "No more emails... no receipt.... were done"

I just felt the response was very unprofessional.... especially since I was kind about receiving an item that was not accurately portrayed in the listing.


What would you do, or how would you handle this situation?   Sorry this is so long.. thank you for taking time to read!  :smileyhappy:

Selling question



Before 5 days i made a payment and purchase an item from Power_Hobby . 5 minutes after that i deside to cancel the order because i remeber that i already have buyed from this seller and i was unhappy with comunication, time of making shipping and time arriving of the item. I have contacted them and they answared " We will refund this shortly "  i don`t think 5 days is "shortly". I tried to contact them with several msgs but, no response, no shipping, no refund, nothing! 


So whats up next? 


Selling discussion

Against some really bad vibes, I went ahead and sold an item internationally one month ago (I don't usually,but have done so a couple of times). Today the buyer opened a case stating the item had not arrived. I provided tracking info, called the USPS (last seen leaving Chicago), suggested the buyer call their customs, give another week, etc. (It was First Class Intnl. I don't have much hope)

Anyway, reguardless of how it turns out (unless the buyer's address was wrong) I WILL receive a defect for this. I am currently above standard, have had few to no listings this past summer just because I've been busy. I am a small seller and "I think" this defect will put me below standard (Is there a "standard" rating I have not seen?) So, do I go ahead and list when I might be put on restriction anyway or wait a bit? 


Selling discussion

I have more than one selling Ebay ID for selling,one of them is at risk-below standard. while the others are doing fine -top rated.

Can i just close the one which is at risk of falling below standard and keep the other two ?

Would this solver my problem of getting restricted?

Selling discussion

Got a question about a listing. Ebay offers the opportunity to contact the seller with the question. BUT, when we try, Ebay says that the seller is unable to answer any questions and refers us back to the description.   ???????? Does this make any sense?

Bidding & Buying discussion

So I puts a toe in the water on a no-biggie deal auction for a couple of coins today, just to test my service is "working" and that my last failed snipe was some sort of subspace anomaly, lol!

ebay item #121430553947

... and it happened. Again. The service I used to place my bid reports that the auction end time changed.
So a no-go as far as my bid getting placed. A bit discouraging..

Has anyone else experienced the same thing lately?

Does it have to do with the difficulties logging-in to ebay that I've seen posted about on the boards today?

Thanks for any opinions.. admonitions.. renditions!

Just wondering how y'all gettin it done? Sitting at the screen watching those little red numbers? Yowp!

Selling discussion

Hi sold an item at the end of July. I just today received a message they will not approve the item. I checked tracking and their post office contacted them twice about the custom taxes. The post office is now getting ready to send the item back to me. I shipped it USPS priority mail. It has been over 45 days.


Do I have to pay the return shipping when it gets back to my post office?


They aren't asking for a refund. Once the item is back to the US they want me to ship it to a US address which is their family member. This is just too weird to me. I have never had an international situation like this before.


Any advise? Thanks

Selling discussion

I just sold an iPhone 6. The winner of my auction has 0 transaction history and registered on the day my auction ended. After the auction, I wrote a detailed email to him explaining how the transaction will proceed and asking him to check network compatibility etc. He responded really fast, but he only asked me for my payment info when he responded. I took that as a sign that every thing is clear so I proceeded to send him an invoice. He responded by asking me to give him my paypal email or send him a payment request through paypal. I asked him to pay me through the link on the invoice, and he responded me again with pretty much the same thing.


I'm pretty new to ebay so I'm not entirely sure how payment works. Does this sound suspicious to you? Is it okay to by pass ebay and just have him pay with paypal? I also get the feelign that I can't get through to him at all. Whatever I say, he just says "give me your paypal and I'll pay you." Could this be a potential sign of trouble?


Thanks in advance for any help.

Selling question

Okay, where to begin. My best seller on ebay is xbox live codes. I sell several codes daily and only run into problems every now and then because of ignorant buyers. However, lately I've been harassed by a buyer. He claims the codes don't do what my listing says and it's a complete lie. I sold him 4 codes and after using the first one, he complained that I was false advertising. I offered him a refund and offered my trust that he wouldn't use the remaining 3 codes so that I could sell to other buyers. However, he is still using the codes and demanding a refund. He is also threatening me with negative feedback if I fail to comply.


I know that everyone gets bad buyers here and there, but in this particular situation, is there anything I can do?

Selling discussion



I've been buying my shipping boxes from Uline and am wondering if I can get a better price somewhere else. Right now I'm looking for a size around 16 x 16 x 8. They're $1.00 before shipping. Is there some place you know of that's cheaper? I've checked here but no luck.



Shipping & Returns discussion

I'm trying to find out the name of this vintage leather Coach shoulder bag. The number on the creed reads: 205-9322

The bag measures abot 10.5" long by 8" high by 4" deep (at the bottom). 

Any info you have would be helpful.


Fashion discussion

Just wondering if y'all had any thoughts on the matter. They tell us to start at .98 & they tell us to offer free shipping. Two super woes!
Then if the buyers still don't buy it because um uh well you must not be selling the right things!
Let's face it folks we've been letting ebay run our business for us & they ran most if not a lot of us in the ground!
Just ranting .....
If all of us were selling the same thing then there would be too much competition obviously for the products that are hot.
The REAL truth is that all products even if your selling toothpicks or q-tips should sell, so that leads me to the elephant in the room.
Ebay is not NOT doing there part in advertising.
Good God could anyone of you imagine if ebay advertised as much as let's say......Geico?..
Every other commercial is a geico or Home Depot?
We' would all be sitting pretty ahhhhhhhhh
Wake up! We are not sitting pretty it's pretty **bleep** ugly in ebay land
And something's gotta be done about it...that's all I'm saying
Just a ranting

Selling discussion

When did this happen?

Fashion discussion


   I am new to posting, but am looking to see if this item 301304581050 is authentic. It is a LV speedy 35 damier azure.  There is not a LV nearby for me to view a real one in person, and don't want to buy a fake bag. Thank you for any help!

Fashion discussion

A few day's ago, a disgruntled buyer contacts me, claiming the item shipped arrived broken and demanded a refund. The problem is that he contacted me 21 days after receiving it ! I did not respond to him, but called ebay first. I explained the scenerio to them and they replied that the buyer waited to long to open a valid case and sided with me. Great ! Then I contacted the buyer explaining the situation. Then I found out about the bad feedback. I made two attempts to him to reverse the feedback, but he refused. I also offered him a 50% refund on the $16.00 item, but still no luck. Ebay said they will finalize this case, and that also has not happened yet. My point is that I am selling with a 97.8 rating and that is very unfair! Even though they have sided on my behalf so far, they still posted the bad rating. After reviewing my feedback history, there are many remarks on how well packed the items were shipped. So what happens now? am I stuck with a tarnished rating? PS: This buyer flat out lied! The small plastic item was wrapped in plastic and shipped in a small bubble lined envelope and not once did I ever refuse him a refund. My 50% refund I did offer was more then he would have received, even though he did not have a valid case. I will be thankful for all replies, but don't tell me to refund this person, because this is about truth and justice!

My Account question

With the differences in currencies, just curious if my $11.05 item will end up being only $7.05 in my pocket (for reasons OTHER than fees) by the time everything is said and done.... 



Selling discussion

Between abusing their partners, parents and children, women commit the lion's share of domestic abuse in this country.


Why isn't this fact better known, and the problem more widely addressed?


Why do we cling to the myth of MEN as the dangerous abusers when women are so much more likely to abuse?


For instance, mothers abuse their children almost 3 times more often than fathers.


Why do we insist on ignoring reality and putting our heads in the sand?


Is the truth just too painful and frightening, and the myth of the nurturing mother/wife/daughter too comforting to let go?


Let's discuss this important issue if we can.

The Soapbox discussion

How to behave, who to complain to??

I won a bid, paid ok by paypal, the seller refunded the payment and now when I tried to pay it again the seler has added an extra fee of 100% the original value. All proved by attached screen shot from my ebay and from my paypal.  Jorge

Bidding & Buying question

I  don't usually sell books but I've got a few I need to list. I was told media mail is best. Do I find the boxs at the Post Office

or are they available at different locations; Walmart or so? I know nothing at all about media mail and didn't find the answer

in all of the questions I viewed. Some of the books are hard back and some are not; would this make a difference?

Also I have a large amount of embroidery disk (size of CD or Dvds. Would this be best mailing for these items?

Thanks in advance for your help. Also any suggestions that might help me are appreciated.

Booksellers discussion

Can anyone please recommend a good place to buy bubble mailers? Hopefully an economical place, too.


I have for sale several issues of oversized magazines such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Life, etc. (These won't fit into USPS FRE's).


I went to the Post Office and discovered that they (currently) are only selling the expensive colored bubble mailers in this size (for Christmas, I guess). All they have is red and green. $2.59 apiece.


The size bubble mailer I'm looking for is approx. 10 and three quarters inches by 14 and one quarter inch.


I'm still new to selling, so when people mention a Number 5 Bubble Mailer, I honestly don't know what size that is.


I bought 2 of the expensive bubble mailers from the Post Office, just in case a magazine I've listed sells soon.


For future purchases, is there a good online source for bubble mailers?


Besides the Post Office, all that I have near me is a Walgreen's. I'm sure it's cheaper to buy in bulk.


Any suggestions for a good online source for bubble mailers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Shipping & Returns discussion

It's suddenly either just spinning on the sign in page on FF and on IE it won't even bring up the sign in page

Technical Issues discussion

I have an auction  item with a start price of 25.00 and a reserve amount of 50.00. I have offered a second chance to my one and only bidder after the item relisted. Do I remove the item with the reserve now? Is the second chance offer private? What if I get a bid while second chance bidder decides? Thanks. Laurie

Selling question

Do I have to purchase tracking when sending books? It automatically charges me when I am paying for the postage. How do I delete this extra charge?

Shipping & Returns question

I have a listing (probably more than one) that isn't showing global shipping options even though I have it marked on the listing form as global shipping. Buyer in Australia wants it bad. How can I fix this?

Shipping & Returns discussion

I can only see the price for an item in USDollars, I want it to show in AUST Dollars, how do I do this. Beginner here...patience, please..

Also, is there a 'help' button I can click on a sellers page to do these litttle things? I couldn't find one...



Buying & Selling Basics question

I bought a iphone 5 case that was advertised as a lifeproof fre in the summary along with photos and I received a cheap knock of brand. So I opened a case as item not as described. This is first time I ever had to do this. He justifies the false photos and false description by saying he put "generic" in the item detail. Basically tricking people. Anyway...The seller responded in a message that is NOT through the case saying he will refund and pay return shipping, per my request. However, I'm not sure if its because he didn't actually respond to the case or not ..but I cannot get the return button to work. It sends me back to the Resolution Center every time I click it. I send him message back through the resolution center saying he would have to respond to the case. But I'm not 100% sure. He requested economy return shipping


How does this work??


Also, if/when he response to the case(if that works) how and where do I print the label for return? Also, How does the refund work? He pays me the refund and shipping after I pay for it and send it back?


Thank you for any info!


Shipping & Returns question

Hello all!


I have a buyer in Mexico requesting a total from a lot he bought. However he purchased through the Global Shipping program and I thought at this point he works out the rest through the third party. (My auction was free shipping) Any idea what to do next? Do I send an invoice with free shipping?





Shipping & Returns question