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Just to let everyone know...


This morning I sold an item - yeah! Problem is, somehow it was changed (without my doing it, without my knowledge and without my approval) to free shipping from the calculated shipping I always use.  


Thankfully it was a small item and inexpensive to ship - and of course I will honor the sale.  Just grateful it was not a large, expensive item which would require mega bucks to ship.  But it could have been.


And apparently, since it happened to me, it could happen to you, too.  Just as we were all opted into the GPS and now HFR - are our listings now being changed to force free shipping, too?  If anyone has any information on this possibility, please share - thanks.


And, please double check your listings to be sure this is not happening to you, too.   It was such a surprise, I thought I'd offer fair warning, so it does not surprise anyone else.  If this has happened to you too today, please post to let everyone know.


Have a good day everyone.


Coffee Computer.jpg

Selling question

Oct 27, 2014 6:05:25 AM PT

Heads up folks...

Do you think I can restore this bag to a little better form. I don't know if it had been stored in this position or if it happened because it was mailed in a box that was too small. When it came I knew there was no way it would fit in there and this is the way it came. One of those shoe box type, at biggest 7 1/4 ". I'm having a very difficult time here trying to learn all the new steps and when I think I know all, I get hit again. I've totally messed up my post earlier that I don't blame anyone for not answering.An Ebay staff told me one of the thngs I need to post more than one pic in a discussion so I'm trying again.


I've had 3 problems with item in boxes they didn't fit. One doll came with  in pieces because the string came loose and believe it or not I received an antique

doll in an envelope. dooney smushed 003.JPGdooney smushed 004.JPG

Fashion discussion

Oct 28, 2014 12:01:03 PM PT

Dooney came in too small box

The numbers are very hard or imposibble to see in the white label it reads 106Z3-10450 Hancrafted in ChinaIMG_20141016_081929_195 scribble 2.jpgIMG_20141016_104154_891 scribble.jpgIMG_20141016_082036_366 scribble 2.jpg

Fashion discussion

Is this a real Coach Heritage Ttatersal bag?IMG_20141016_082211_278 tattersal 4.jpgcoach tattersal.jpgIMG_20141016_082139_411 tattersal 2.jpg

Fashion discussion

Oct 28, 2014 11:40:06 AM PT

Is this a real Coach Heritage Ttatersal?

Price Reduction "Requests" after the sale. I expect to get a few of these from Newbies and the occassional B*tthead, but not from long-term professional sellers. I recently ran a bunch of American Girl stuff - which is one of the catagories that DOES still sell quite well here. Almost everything sold, and most was paid for immediately. I ship USPS Priority on all items such as this, with a fixed price shipping price of $6 stated at every auction.  A buyer in Hawaii, who is a major seller with American Girl stuuf, bought one item then waited two days to contact me, and the "apologized" that she had not yet paid and requested a reduced price by shipping it instead for $3, 1st class, in a bubble wrap mailer (this is a porcelain item and quite delicate), instead of the $6 as listed. Inferred is "ship it this way or else". A visit to her feedback shows that she is doing this with most everything she buys. A few pastes from her "feedback left" file:


Positive feedback rating

Great Seller! Went the extra mile for me with shipping. Great merchandise. Love!


Positive feedback ratingPerfect! FAST shipping. Excellent seller. Thanks for working with me on shipping
Positive feedback ratingDarling! Great seller! Worked with me so nicely. Thanks for everything! A+++++
Positive feedback ratingGreat set! Thanks for working with me. Great seller! A++++
Positive feedback ratingGreat Seller! Went the extra mile for me with shipping. Great merchandise. Love!


And it goes on and on. Obviously, this is one way she gets additional discounts on all her purchases AFTER the sale.  


I responded that I shipped the way I do because it provides insurance, protects the item properly, and would not change the shipping terms AFTER the auction had closed, and more importantly - stated it wasn't fair to other bidders to change the terms of the auction after the sale. She has not responded back, and now I have opened a NPB case against her (she normally pays promptly according to her feedback...I assume she is not happy with us not complying with her "request").


Yes, I'm now expecting retaliation and the big red donut, but for me its a matter of principal. I have pre-emptively reported her request and prior conduct to Ebay as it technically is a violation of Ebay policy to even request modification after the sale. My question to all is: What would you do? Give in or stand your ground? Is it ethical for her to do this?


Selling discussion


You just HAD to say "Let's go hang out with the sheep" didn't you?

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Wake up sleepy birds! It's Monday!


sleepy bird.jpg

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Hi all.


Anyone who can identify these beautiful, I believe antique ornaments.


They are quite small - only not quite 2" in total length for the long ones, and just over 1" diameter for the round ones.  A bit heavier than I usually see: they weigh in at about a 1/2 ounce for the round ones.  I have about 2 dozen in various shapes and colors.  I think they are really beautiful. 


Any information will be much appreciated.  I did look thorugh a multitude of "antique" ornament listings, and didn't find any quite the same.DSC06230.JPGDSC06231.JPGDSC06229.JPGDSC06228.JPG




Antiques discussion

Oct 28, 2014 8:59:10 AM PT

Christmas Ornament Info Please :)

Claiming this photo of my eggs comes from their chickens.  The fraud has been reported to eBay.   I have contacted them several times but they refuse to remove the photo and now they are claiming they took the photo...This person cannot recreate this photo, but I can. 


This is the photo they are using and refuse to remove:

Product Discussions discussion

Oct 27, 2014 5:48:53 PM PT

Seller Fraud

Can anyone tell me what I have here? The photo? print? has an edge like it was added to the back paper, like a photo or print (it kinda feels like a old phoyo), and the bottom says:



I was able to translate the last part  PHOTOGRAPHISCHE GESELLSCHAFT to Photographic Society,  ZUERST DAS KUSCHENN TRANSLATED TO The First KUSCHENN - But nothing translates for Kuschenn


The frame makes me think this could be from 1879 as marked (last pic).


Any help or idea on what I have here would be greatly appreciated.














Collectibles & Art discussion

Been pondering this six frame editorial cartoon trying to make sense of the point Hamilton was trying to convey. Seems to me it deals with the early 20th century NY insurance scandles but I don't understand who the "Old Billion Boodles" character is lampooning. Henry B. Hyde of Equitable Life? Explainations appreciated.


The attachments in the next post are the individual panels so you can read the captions.


2010-01-01 001.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

 Hi , I'm struggling to get more info on this bookend , it has registered design REG.752494  , and has LIGHT as title.

Measures approx 5 1/2" high.

1880's ?

Thanks for any help on age , maker , or even country . Ellie (from Ireland)




Antiques discussion

Oct 28, 2014 3:36:59 AM PT

Chalkware Bookend With Reg number

I found a set of these goblets.  Checked the R site and found a couple, 1 Tiffin and 1 Weston, that are similar but not the same.  Does  anyone know who might have made these?  They have a vertical optic with 12 vertical panels.  Measures 6 1/2" high and hold 10 oz. (12 oz. to the very top).  The do NOT glow under a black light.  The previous owner had a sticker on them that said "green depression goblet, wedding gift 1939."   Thanks!





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I posted this question somewhere else, I think in the wrong place.

10-27-14 011.JPG10-27-14 013.JPG10-27-14 012.JPG10-27-14 010.JPG

Fashion discussion

Oct 28, 2014 10:20:42 AM PT

Is this a real Coach and if so what model?

I have a gorgeous vintage Muff made of Ocelot fur/skin and black silk that I have been trying to sell on Ebay for a long time and they keep restricting me from selling it even though there are so many others Ocelot's fur postings on Ebay.

So I called CS to find out why mine was removed and the others weren't and then I contacted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's to see if I could get a permit to sell it, because honestly. I do not want it in my house. 
The ocelot, Leopardus pardalis, is protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA), 16 United States Code, Section 1538.  Regulations that implement the ESA make it unlawful to import, export, take, transport, sell, purchase, or receive in interstate or foreign commerce any species listed as endangered or threatened.
Additionally, the prohibition against the sale in interstate or foreign commerce of any endangered species also applies to "pre-Act" wildlife.  Pre-Act means endangered species, parts or products which were held prior to the enactment of the ESA, on December 28th, 1973, or the date the species was listed. 
However, I have been informed that if I can confirm that the ocelot muff qualifies as pre-Act under the ESA, there is nothing in the ESA that would prohibit me from possessing this pre-Act ocelot muff or selling this pre-Act ocelot muff within the State where I reside.  
*There is no formal certification process to authorize the sale of this pre-Act ocelot muff.              
*There is no minimum acceptable proof, per se, to confirm that this ocelot muff is pre-Act under the ESA.    
THERE IS AN Endangered Species Act pre-Act affidavit requirement that I can get through their office but that it's only necesary to by submitted if a particular office of the ESA asks me to do so. So if you own an Ocelot fur posted to sell, be prepared to be asked to submitt such affidavit if requested.
However, it must be emphasized that the manner in which I sell this pre-Act ocelot muff cannot in any way extend beyond the State where I reside.  In other words, any manner of selling this pre-Act ocelot muff that would advertise its sale beyond that State, such as a newspaper with a national distribution or the internet, would be considered interstate commerce, and would be prohibited under the ESA. This means, I can only sell my Great-Aunt's Ocelot Muff to a Floridian, and who in the Sunshine State need their hands to be warm?
And in addition, I must confirm with MY State that there are no restrictions on selling products manufactured from endangered species within MY State under Florida State law.   So I have to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  for further information on this matter so I decided that this beautiful kitty needs to go back to where it belongs and I'm going to donate this ocelot muff to the National Wildlife Property Repository so they can give it to various organizations for educational purposes.   
Thank you Ebay for taking my Ocelot Muff off and for your cooperation in complying with the regulations that help protect fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats in our wonderful land of the USA, as I and my family have learned a great deal about this beautiful ENDANGERED animal and I can't wait to see all those many other OCELOT Fur postings dropping off Ebay as mine did.

Best regards,




Fashion discussion

Oct 29, 2014 9:10:46 AM PT

Vintage Ocelot Fur Muff, taken off!

Any keywords on this?  To me it looks like it should be a flower, maybe dandelion???  It is 1 7/8" round and the doming is about 1".






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Here is a picture of what my listings look like now.




I want it to go back to the orginal form and I have not even the slightest clue as to how to do so or how this even happened. I wish this was easier. How do I go back to the original format?



Selling discussion

Oct 27, 2014 2:17:57 PM PT

Listing format has changed to Advanced



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your input and expertise!

Real or fake please!!!














Fashion discussion

This figurine is gloss white porcelain, 4" X 6" X 1 1/2" and marked on the base with a crown over S in a shield and a 'hard-to decifer' word... ---zzndorf ??  It was labelled 'Sitzendorf' on the price tag but the mark doesn't match any Sitzendorf mark that I could find though there are similarities.  The style is not like any other items identified as Sitzendorf either.   Is this a fake or is it some other known maker?


I'm drawing a blank here and would appreciate any help.








Thanks for any input.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

At first glance I thought this was 1960's or so, I think the mesh gave me that idea.

After looking at it more I am thinking 1940's or so ? The mount metal tests as sterling and the high table rhinestones make me think it might be that old.

It's marked 'Vogue' with another word but I'm not sure that word is 'STERLING', it looks like something else.

I see a similar mark on RCJ but that word is 'STERLING', this looks a bit different.

Unusual design for a 1940's piece but I want to be sure of it's age.












Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I found this vase at Goodwill this weekend for 10 dollars and my first thought was Fostoria, but didn't find any similar online. So I punched in "painted milk glass night scene vase" and found one nearly identical on another site that is saying it is Baccarat Opaline! I was very surprised and excited, but after researching Baccarat and not finding another I am doubtful. I did find other decorated vases in was looks like the same shape by Baccarat. Please help if you can! This measures just under 8 inches tall and I didn't find a signature.


Thanks so much!



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 27, 2014 10:54:23 AM PT

Please help ID painted milk glass vase

I'm sure there are some of you from "walnut" areas here.  Have you ever seen a 3 seam walnut?  Got one in a package couple years ago.  All the others were 2 seam.  I've looked pn line and only found 2 seam.  Do I have a "lucky walnut"?  I may shellac it and make a pendant!!!! I would really appreciate an answer! You know--One of those little things that drive you crazy!




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 28, 2014 10:27:56 PM PT

Kind of OT Walnuts

I am hoping someone can help me with this age of this paperweight.  It his hand painted and signed.  I took they felt from the back and it is hollow and filled with rice.  It is about 3 1/8" in diameter.  Is there a time frame when this type of thing was in style?  Thanks in advance for any help.004.JPG006.JPG007.JPG005.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I need help identifying what style of upholstered chair this is. I've never seen another like it. Got it from my Grandma and LOVE it. Would like to know the style, era and anything else you can think of.


Home & Garden discussion

Oct 28, 2014 5:29:23 PM PT

Please Help Identify...

hello , all

Since March I have a lock on the account.
I was just 9 not satisfied customers.
in the help I learned that I could sell now since November.
but as soon as November already ebay.com blockade imposed on me at all that I will not be able to sell on ebay.com
I'm Polish and I will only be able to sell in Poland, please save me, maybe someone knows a way to regain the ability to sell on ebay.com?

if you can ulock my account i can pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



host image

My Account question

I have asked about this necklace before but no one seemed to know the maker.  Getting ready to list it so if anyone can help with the maker, I'd appreciate it.



This is the necklace



I posted this to the other board and figured there are those here that might not be there so TIA

Jewelry & Gemstones discussion

Oct 27, 2014 5:26:14 PM PT

Made In France ID Help Needed

White glazed procelain Scarab Beetle Paperwight with blue eyes. 

Appears to be Signed on the Bottom 'G S (A) W'

Measures about 4" Across..

Anyone have any ideas of the maker of this?

Thank you! :smileyhappy:SCARAB 1.JPGSCARAB 2.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This porcelain cream & sugar set is un-marked except for the British Registry mark on the open sugar bowl.  Does anyone recognize anything about the shape or pattern of fall-colored leaves & nuts (?) that might help to identify the maker?


Creamer 2 3/4" high; Sugar 2" high  


The faint pink mark on the base of the creamer is an old price written in magic marked or something similar. 


Thanks for any info.







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I have these cufflinks that are very vintage, possibly the early 1900's.  They were given to me by a family member. I don't recognize the design on the fronts nor know anything about them.  Not sure if they are real gold or rolled gold, there is no markings.  I'm more interested to know what the design is.  If anyone knows, please send me a reply.


Thank You!100_3930.JPG100_3928.JPG

Product Discussions discussion

Oct 27, 2014 5:12:19 PM PT

Please help identify these cufflinks

Are these sunglasses vintage or not? I bought awhile back cause they reminded me of the 60's (Jackie O)

They are really well made and heavy. The ear piece says Italy-1 280. I posted this somewhere but can't find it



Fashion discussion

Oct 28, 2014 1:56:15 PM PT

Vintage or not

I know this is NOT the Figurines Board, but am posting here in the hopes that someone may be able to help. I've posted in three other places with NO responses over the past month.


I am not a figurine collector but am oddly attracted to dolls and figurines with a German face...In fact, I consider them works of art. Grafenthal (figures in center & right) is a favorite.


I also love this style light wedgewood blue / white / gold figurine, pictured on the left. I have seen these gold wheat? markings on the thigh of many similar figurines.


Can anyone tell me anything about this style? This particular figurine has no markings that I can readily see, but does have a gold capital letter K on the inside of the rear rim. The underside is hollow and unglazed, like Grafenthal figurines. Any ideas? I do greatly appreciate your responses.


0110 Grafenthal.JPG

Dolls discussion

News said: "AKIT - the Association of Internet Trade Companies which unites more than 20 large retailers, sent Vladimir Putin the letter with a request to accelerate decrease in a duty-free threshold for Internet parcels from 1 thousand euros to 150 euros."


And AKIT is:


Hey, what are you doing?

Buying & Selling Basics question

I'm never sure which board I need but please look at these sunglasses I've had for awhile. They remind me of the sixtys and seventys. 

They are well made and heavy with Italy 1 280 on the earpiece. Thanks

Sorry for all the Dooney post. I didn't know how to post  pictures but I can do better now.



Vintage Clothing & Accessories discussion

Oct 29, 2014 11:52:36 AM PT

vintage sunglasses or not

10-27-14 010.JPGIs this a real Coach Leather Purse? What year and Model? Any ideas on how to price these older purses? Thank you so much!

Selling question

Oct 27, 2014 3:07:33 PM PT

Auhentic Coach leather purse? What model?

I bought these awhile back cause they reminded me of the 60's (Jackie O). They are marked on the ear piece Italy-1  280

Do you think vintage. They are well made and heavy.



Vintage discussion

Oct 28, 2014 1:39:24 PM PT

Vintage or Not?

Needing information on small green tea/coffee cups there are no markings on them anywhere, They are beautiful little cup and seem to be quite old. any information would be helpful, thanks.DSC04740.JPG

Tools & Apps question

Oct 29, 2014 1:17:40 PM PT

Need information on green coffee/tea cups

I would appreciate some help on this item.  It is a beautiful piece, but I have no idea who made it.  It is 11" tall with a bottom diameter of 6".  I can't make out the marking on the bottom.  I think it is a foreign piece.100_3274.JPG100_3279.JPG100_3275.JPG100_3278.JPG100_3280.JPG

Selling question

Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween !!


It apperas to have a Masonic-or Knight Templars cross and crown symbol, octagon shape, 3.1/4" base and 2" high.IMG_9368.JPGIMG_9369.JPGIMG_9372.JPG 

Will you kindly help me with the age, and the maker?

Thank You so much for your help.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I bought this canopy at an antiques festival and was told it was from a F-4 Phantom fighter jet. Then somebody who actually worked on these planes said it was definitey not.  Does anyone know what kind of plane its from? Also attached are photos of numbers on the inside of the canopy.


IMG_2599.JPGtop lite.jpgbottom.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 27, 2014 4:14:55 PM PT

Jet Fighter Canopy - ID

Does anyone know who the artist of this painting is? It's signed in the lower right, but the signature is in hebrew.

As well done as this is, I figure the artist has to be known by someone!







Collectibles & Art discussion

info vintage Sterling Silver Cuff Bangle Bracelet SAM_4196.JPG

Fine Jewelry, Gems & Precious Metals discussion

I have a china coffee or tea cup with gorgeous decoration inside and out. There are marks on the underside, so I am hoping someone will recognize the maker and maybe even the pattern. Thanks!


outside of cup


inside of cup


identifying marks


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 28, 2014 1:27:31 PM PT

China Cup Looking for Maker Name


Fashion discussion

Despite having verified credit card and all billing information in my paypal profile unable to checkout on e-bay. Paypal customer service responds with silly generic suggestions such as these:


  • Requested for a PayPal invoice or money request from the seller. - Impossible, chinese seller doesn't understand me.
  • Ensures that you are making the payment using the computer that you have used before. - I never changed my computer!
  • Access your account using a secure connection. - Do you think I am going over http from ebay? Can you not see screenshot?

ebay checkout horror.jpeg


I genuinely hate paypal and e-bay now. Batling to checkout for many days is beyond disgraceful at this century. 

Bidding & Buying discussion


My Account question

Oct 29, 2014 9:41:23 PM PT

I would appreciate some help on this item.

Gentleman's Luxury Library Bookcase Chair in Tiger Print - Made to OrderOnly $2500, custom made for you.  (More on the ET..Y site.

Booksellers discussion

Oct 28, 2014 1:39:47 PM PT

The Perfect Library Chair?

I have asked about this necklace before but no one seemed to know the maker.  Getting ready to list it so if anyone can help with the maker, I'd appreciate it.



This is the necklace



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 27, 2014 5:23:00 PM PT

Made In France ID Help Needed

No makers mark. Stands %" tall, 4 1/2" across the top with a 2 1/2" base, two mold lines. The foot seems to resemble some of the Fenton's I've seen. Can anyone verify? TIA!
 photo 024-4.jpg

 photo 025-4.jpg

 photo 028-4.jpg

 photo 027-4.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 27, 2014 9:59:43 AM PT

Glass Handkerchief Vase -- Fenton?

We had this sword in our basement forever.  I don't know what it is?  Can anyone help?  Measures 28" long 22 1/2 to that hook piece.  It has a groove down the blade. It has that hook piece with a circle on the top.  I don't see any marks, but there is alot of rust that it may be under if I knew where to look.  Thanks in advance for any advice. P1130647.JPGP1130652.JPG

Selling question

Oct 30, 2014 2:23:57 AM PT

I have a sword and I don't know what it is?

Looking of help with maker and pattern of this serving piece.

12 1/2" wide by 2" high




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This redldie away diamond optice air trap pitcher is 8 1/2" tall. The shape is shown on P 66 of Marple's Phoenix bbok but I do not see the pattern in this shape.phoenixdiamondairtrappitcher1.jpgphoenixdiamondairtrappitcher3.jpgphoenixdiamondairtrappitcher2.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I'm looking for help identifying this stemware. I think my key is in the stem, but so far I've come up empty.

The stem is faceted, and right about midpoint, the facets rotate for about an inch, and then shift back. They have an intaglio cut flower alternating with a dot with 3 swag lines and 3 more dots underneath. They have a wide optic. They measure 6 1/2" tall and hold 8 ounces to the rim. 

Does anyone recognize the maker of this goblet? If I could find the pattern, that would be a bonus, but finding out who might have made these would be great.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 28, 2014 9:02:32 AM PT

Stemware ID help - TIA!

I tried Doty's website but couldn't identify this pattern? Thanks in advance

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 29, 2014 10:22:13 AM PT

Pattern of this Carnival Glass Bowl?



  I returned an item to a seller after he sent me a wrong item. Now, in the the resolution center - they sent me an email to add the tracking number of the return item package and I need to add it during the next 7 days otherwise I will not get a refund. I tried several times to add the tracking number using Chrome, Explorer, Mobile Chrome, Mobile Safari browsers but I always get the error:


'Oops we have had a technical hiccup try again later'


I don't have enough time and need to add it!! I already sent emails to the resolusion center but with no answers!!!


Anybody can help me?






Shipping & Returns question

This pottery stein is 11" X 6" and weighs approx 4 lbs.100_3274.JPG100_3276.JPG100_3278.JPG100_3279.JPG100_3280.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 29, 2014 9:58:26 PM PT

Help ID big stein



I have this Neon Sign and I do not know who it was made for does anyone recognize it?


Thank You


Collectibles & Art discussion

The witching hour is almost here ~ Friday, October 31st is Halloween!


Do you have plans?  Party?  Funny costumes?  Funny pictures?  Decorations?  Post them here!  I'll start....


Getting creative with my son's dog, Fenway ~ a Bernese Mountain dog!




IMG_6115.jpeg  :smileyvery-happy:


Halloween Pumpkin animated gifs - Drawings - Animated Gifs - Halloween Animated Gifs

Part-time eBay Sellers discussion

Oct 29, 2014 9:16:05 AM PT

Happy Halloween ~ Eeeeek, It's A Ghost!


Collectibles & Art discussion

This "milk glass" pitcher is 7 1/2" tall with an applied blue ground and painted decoration. Looking for who made and who decorated.bluewhitepitcher1.jpgbluewhitepitcher2.jpgbluewhitepitcher3.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 28, 2014 7:24:28 AM PT

Who made/decorated this glass pitcher?

Hi All,


I got this piece over the weekend and it is lovely fine porcelian that reminds me of Beleek, but I don't this the mark is one of thiers.  Does anyone recognize this mark? 


Flatware Precious Moments Wm Rogers 010.JPG



Here is the piece it is from

Flatware Precious Moments Wm Rogers 003.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 28, 2014 1:19:37 PM PT

Help ID Mark on Porcelain Shell

A gorgeous addition to my engraved collection

MC bracelet front.jpg


MC bracelet back.jpg


Its Edwardian, and the condition is amazing! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 29, 2014 7:48:24 PM PT

Wow, Amy/Dream Peddler! It came!

I purchased these earrings today and need to know if Vendome was ever spelled without the "e" on the end?  Don't know if these , well I do know they are older, but it looks like there would have been room for the e    Thanks,  Carolyn


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I was just getting ready to list this set (on another venue) when it struck me how beautiful it is.

So artistic, so well crafted, so...American!

And I'm recalling the many times I passed-by Renoir at the sales because it had no bling, no sparkle, it didn't interest me.

In checking completed auctions it seems to me this jewelry is terribly undervalued.

I'm pricing it pretty high so I'll probably get to keep it!





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 29, 2014 4:32:30 PM PT

My New Love? Matisse Renoir

Picked up two D & B Bags at a moving sale both for less that $6.00 total.  From my research they both appear to to be the real thing.  This bag was made in China.  Any input is appreciated.





Fashion discussion


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 29, 2014 8:41:39 PM PT

what is this mark, is it silver?

Looking for any information at these pieces.  the larger piece with the chain is part of the "necklace" but my aunt put a chain through it for a bracelet.  She picked these pieces up in some little store way back when.  At any rate, we are looking for any info.  the green stones have the look of a plastic, bakelite perhaps but it seems softer to the touch.  Metal of some type can't ID, tho pics look like plastic ... Art Deco sort of styling ... Any info on age perhaps worth ?


TIA! for any info


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Getting creative with my son's dog, Fenway ~ a Bernese Mountain dog!




IMG_6115.jpeg  :smileyvery-happy:


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New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

My International customer says 5 year old daughter bought the stuff yesterday and now she wants money back to pay rent. Packages are in transit(crayola)

I have problems with people that buy internationally. Do you as well?

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Oct 28, 2014 2:12:56 PM PT

buyer says wants money back to pay rent

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im not sure what i did wrong,can someone pls help me so i dont violate again?     seller sold me an item listed in good cond.  when i got it,it was missing a vital part and he didnt say in description it was missing..pics showed it as complete.....after days of him not answering i bought another one on here for a replacement part..this seller had another onelisted as NEW that WAS complete so i ask if he could ship me just the missing part....he said after checking it again this one was unuseable and promptly ended the listing on the new item he was selling......my feedback states  item was missing vital part.he did offer refund but too late i had to buy replacement part.sad child :smileysad:...........he later emailed me wanting me to return it for refund..i told him i sent several emails they went unanswered so i already bought a replacement part and was keeping the item and im very sorry but my feedback reflects my dissappointment at how he handled it all... ebay emailed me that it was removed and i was in feedback policy violation..they never told me what i did wrong..............CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT I DID OR SAID THAT WAS WRONG SO I DONT DO IT AGAIN

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Oct 27, 2014 4:50:26 PM PT

how did i violate feedback policy

I have a Buyer that just left negative feedback for a transaction that happened more than 60 days ago. How do you find a sale that occur past 60 days? I want to look up their address and tracking number to try to resolve the issue.



They claim they never received it. I have made it a policy to wait until the tracking number says delivered before I leave positive feedback as my own personal check to make sure my items have arrived. 


Has anyone been successful having ebay remove negative feedback? The buyer never contacted me about the issue. I would have done my best to either given a refund and sent the item again or contacted the postal service. I don't think Ebay should allow Buyers to immediately leave negative feedback. I take pride in providing good customer service. 


Thank you for any help!

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I've been trying to order boxes from USPS through ebay since Friday. Every link I pick on the page just takes me to a blank page. Anyone else having a problem with this??

Shipping & Returns discussion


I just listed some stuff for sale, chose 10 day duration fixed price listing and choose relist it 1 time for free. i was just wondering would ebay charge me insertion fees or  will count towards my monthly allotment of free listings.  on NOVEMBER 6 when this item will relist . It supposed to relist for free....

Dont know what to do. Will they charge me with anything or take my free listings from me?


Hate this updates !!!


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So, all this time, I thought the "eBay shipping discount" that I received was discounting MY costs. This made me feel a lot better about paying for the bubble wrap and shipping tape (I'm a box scavenger, and haven't had to buy one yet). I had about 10 rolls of stamps left over from one of my businesses, and I've been using them up on what I sell here. So I take the packages to the post office to get the exact amount, and affix the stamps. I always come out short on what I collect, and started increasing the weight of the packages so I'd break even. Well, it took me a few weeks, but I finally figured out that MY eBay discount (34%) is turned over to the buyer. THEY pay the decreased costs, and I pay the full costs. Not only that, but eBay charges me 10% of the shipping costs in fees. Aargh! Let me repeat......AAARGH!!!


Since my boxes are bulky and can range in price by zone, can someone tell me how I can protect myself? I have been using "actual shipping costs", and as I said, due to my outstanding eBay discount, I am in the hole about 44% of the shipping costs. I would like to use actual shipping costs, but add a shipping & handling fee to cover my supplies. Can this be done with "Actual shipping costs"? Is there a place to add a shipping fee other than charging more for the listing?

I guess it goes without saying that I feel mighty deceived about my eBay shipping discount. Why does the buyer get it and not me?

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Oct 27, 2014 9:48:24 AM PT

Question about shipping & eBay discounts

Anyone else having problems? I sold a couple things in the last 20 minutes, they show paid and there is a valid PayPal payment page but the MONEY is not showing in my balance.


Most frustrating day ever.

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Oct 28, 2014 6:01:19 PM PT

Paypal Payments Not Showing Up

Seems that if you refuse the new buyer initiated cancel transaction request, if the buyer doesn't pay you aren't able to open an unpaid item dispute.  Yet the message, when you attempt to open one, is that the SELLER has requested to cancel. 

In a related question: So we are removing all aspects of personal responsibility from eBay now?  :smileysad:

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What is the most professional way to deal with a bidder who wins one of my auctions, but then tries to argue the price AFTER he wins it? I honestly thought this was against Ebay policy, not only because it's very unethical (Anyone with no regard for the rules can beat out the other bidders by bidding higher than the rest, but then argue the price after he wins), but because it's a waste of the seller's time. If sellers wanted to go that route, there are 'Best Offer' options to set up, but in an 'auction', the idea is in fact to sell to the highest bidder. Additionally, Ebay automatically takes their percentage based on what the winning bid actually is after the auction ends, so if you were to really charge the bidder less, you'd be losing even more due to Ebay's cut. I've had people try to argue prices while an item is up for auction several times which is annoying enough (my selling policy is very clear in my auctions), but now that I've encountered a second case where someone is trying to argue the price AFTER they won the auction, I'm starting to wonder if there is something more I'm suppose to be doing to prevent it. It's trouble enough dealing with buyers who don't pay through Unpaid Item Cases and having to wait through them until the buyer either finally pays or having to relist the item all over again when the clock runs out. Any ideas?

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First I opended a case to report "haven't received this item" because seller sent with wrong name. After I got the order, I closed this case. But shortly I found out that item "isn't as described". I tried to open new case but it only allow me to send mesage to seller don't allow me open the second case right away. What can I do now? Please help! Thanks

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Oct 28, 2014 9:49:33 AM PT

How could I open the second case ?

Welcome, one thing I have a problem


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Oct 28, 2014 5:21:09 PM PT


buyer wanting to pick up today.lost here.

Selling question

Hi All, 


I sold something this morning....YAY! I guess. I am a bit concerned though. I am in the United States and don't sell internationally because most of what I sell is electric and there are voltage and plug differences between countries. I don't want somebody to use these items with a voltage converter and get zapped or burn up their applicance, which is why I always check "No International Shipping," which I did for this listing (totally verified after I saw that the shipping address for this). How did this order get through? Why did eBay allow this order? 


It turns out this buyer is just in Canada, and I believe we have the same voltage and plugs between the two countries, but I am still concerned. I had to cancel two different international orders for the same item last month. I thought I had opted out of international shipping then too, both times!!! Though it was clear when I looked back at the listings, I hadn't done this correctly. It was very uncomfortable. One temporarily refused to cancel. One wasn't immediately refunded the obscene amount of customs fees. Now, I am extra careful to click the "No International Shipping" option, but what good does that do if eBay will still allow international buyers to purchase my items?


Can anybody shed some light on this?



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I have a buyer who was slow to pay and contact me after the sale.  She is claiming that her bank account was hacked and she can't pay for the item and is asking for a cancellation.  II'm not sure if it is buyers remorse or something may have happened.  Is it worth the trouble of opening an unpaid item case or is cancellation the best way to move forward?  This is a 300 dollar item...thanks for any help.

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Oct 28, 2014 11:07:02 AM PT

Buyers remorse or truth?

Ask your questions to eBay staff:




Going on now for the next hour!  :smileyhappy:

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i bought a fan from a seller on ebay and him or her tried to double charge me for 2 iof the tem and the shipped a xbox 360 external cooling fan to me, but it dies not work at all.  i got an unpaid item case.on me for no reson.  i paid $7.00 then got  charged for 2nd 1 i did not order for $7.50.  i tried contacting seller about item not working no replies and no refund policy.  what can i do?  i reported them for fraud for double charging me for 2 when i bought 1.

Bidding & Buying question

Oct 27, 2014 5:56:43 PM PT

xbox fan fraud



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Oct 29, 2014 11:01:51 AM PT


My shipping finally fell below 90%. I called CSR to find out why? It should be 100%. I was told if I get payed on Fri. my lable has to be printed by Sat. to be on time. I wasn't printing my lales untill I was ready to ship on Monday so I lost my TRS for that. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

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Oct 29, 2014 10:38:26 AM PT

Shipping fell below TRS

Today I went to the post office for shipping the priority international package. I have printed out the prepaid lebel from ebay .After I handed to the clerk with my item, she put my item on the scale and then told me that my prepaid postage was wrong . She said the shipping cost I paid was much lower than what she saw on her computer. I tried to explain her that I got discount from ebay.com. She said she has no idea about that. I should buy and pay at usps.com only.


I contacted ebay. Ebay advice me to void the postage and then go and pay for post office price. This seems not help me much. I think all seller know that the shipping discount is part of our profit.


Anybody have any idea to help me with this problem? Thank you very much.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Can anyone help me with the name of this Louis Vuiton purse and if it is authentic?

It is made of olive green with dark brown leather. The date code is TH0078.

10 by 5 by 2".


Thank you very much in advance!

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Oct 28, 2014 7:12:36 PM PT

Louis Vuitton -Does anyone know the name?



I cannot seem to get the image to work, but here is link to it in my photobucket account. 


I found this lonely Corelle pasta bowl in a thrift store.  I love the pattern and trying to find out name to see about getting more.  I've done searches on here and google with every description I could think of and haven't been able to find it yet.  Does anyone know the pattern?



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Found these 2 mantle lamps, I know there old but the plug on them has thrown me off.  At first I tjought they were European but they are marked "made in the U.S.A.".  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.

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Oct 27, 2014 8:53:47 PM PT

Age of these mantle lamps????

What happend all my purchase history is gone.?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Oct 29, 2014 8:32:40 AM PT

purchase history

I just printed a label for my package like a hour ago but my car broke down and my label was set for today, which I couldn't get it to the post office. I need to have this shipped by tommorow can I still ship it or what do I have to do?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Oct 27, 2014 3:53:49 PM PT

Can someone help me?

I've posted this on another board, but got no response, so I apologize for the double post.


I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble running a DSR report? Every time I try to run one it won't generate a report. Thanks for any help.

Selling discussion

Oct 27, 2014 5:30:31 PM PT

DSR reports


I see that the Cancellation process has changed recently - different screen, integrates the refund, etc. - that's fine. But now, in the new version, I'm on Day 10 of waiting for the not-so-bright buyer to agree to the cancellation that he initiated. I sent a refund Day 1, and all he has to do is confirm it. (Of course, the new screen shows the refund right there, so not sure why it needs a button pushed...)  It used to time out after 7 days - how long is it now?

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I got this coach bag locally at a ladys bazaar (I thought they only did hand made things LOL)  anyway I can't seem to find anything on it . it came with the card to register and care cards. so I don't think it was registered.. What is the name and info about this bag. or is it a fake ?  thanks for all your help : the creed number is D3J-6669




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Oct 27, 2014 3:02:33 PM PT

Help with a coach bag

A buyer bought two modules of RAM from me on September 15 and received them on September 18. He requested a return on October 26 and claimed that the items are not as described. Since it is more than 30 days since the item was delivered, am I still obligated to accept the return?

Shipping & Returns question

I sold an item and shipped to the US, but the buyer is registered in Brazil.

It's been over a month so I assume he has a friend or forwarding service in the US and doesn't use eBay's Global Shipping because eBay rips off the buyers with their "risk premium"


He initiated a return, but I don't want to accept the return if he is expecting me to pay the return shipping from Brazil.


It says I "can" send a return label, but that would be only valid from USA (where I shipped it to) and I don't want to agree to pay return shipping from outside the US.


So if a buyer either reships an item out of the US (or even moves out of the US) and wants to return it, would the seller have to pay whatever it costs the buyer to ship it back?


The eBay page shows my choices:


Reason:It doesn't match the listing


Choose a reply:

  • Accept the return You'll pay for return shipping and can send our return label or send your own. Wait to get the item back before you refund the buyer.
  • Refund the buyer The buyer will keep the item, and you can fully refund the buyer to close this request.
  • Offer a partial refund The buyer will keep the item, and you have one chance to offer an amount.
  • Decline the return This will automatically close the buyer's request.

Shipping & Returns question

I get it... People where avoiding fees on their final item values by jacking up shipping rates. Me, like many other people, charge ACTUAL cost. I  have a scale, I print labels at home. I set my box out on the porch of my house, USPS gets it.  dont jack up the price. So eBay just punishes everybody across the board instead of kicking the folks off who where unethical to start with. Is that right? Im sure this a dead horse on here by now, but its **bleep**.

Selling question

Oct 28, 2014 8:08:51 AM PT

Final value on shipping??

Could someone tell me how to post pictures with these messages. I can post one per message but I need to know how to post more in the same post without me having to go to new message. I thought maybe you copied them and pasted to the message but I'm not sure. When I need to post to a board it is cluttering the discussions when I know there is a way to do them in one post. 

Please help.

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Oct 27, 2014 12:00:42 PM PT

posting pics this board.

The Announcement headline says it all:


Good news for Top Rated Sellers: Extended holiday returns no longer required for Top Rated Plus benefits—but will earn you a bonus 5% discount!




Full text of the announcement (bold added):


I’m pleased to announce that eBay will not require extended holiday returns for your listings to earn Top Rated Plus benefits in November and December—including the 20% final value fee discount—as previously announced.


Now you’ll get a bonus 5% discount off final value fees—along with your current 20% discount—from November 1 through December 31 for all eligible Top Rated Plus listings that offer extended holiday returns.


This will help ensure eBay has the best inventory for buyers this busy holiday season. And, as a valued Top Rated Seller offering the current Top Rated Plus services, you’ll continue to be rewarded for your ongoing commitment to providing great service.


Note we’ll also be highlighting extended holiday returns on item pages and search result pages starting in November. This will be a great way to attract buyers and boost your holiday sales—so if you haven’t already, add it to your listings now!


Happy holiday selling!


Jordan Sweetnam


Vice President, Seller Experience

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Good Morning - does anyone know what type of birds these are? Thank you :smileyhappy:

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 27, 2014 6:54:46 AM PT

Please Help ID this Exotic Bird


I have been using Turbo Lister and want to let an employee use this tool to update the stock level on our Ebay listings. Unfortunately Turbo Lister does not allow inline editing for the Available Quantity field for Active Listings. Go figure!

When I talked to Ebay support about this they suggested using File Exchange to edit the quantites.

So, using the derault template I download the csv and update quantities with the correct stock levels and upload this back.

The report comes back saying this is all successful. But, no quantites are changing in the activfe listings. I have waited 24 hours to see any change.

I am wondering if the first line in the csv file which was pulled down when a download was selected needs changing.

It reads:-



We are a UK site, selling in GBPS.

Would this be the problem?

What do I do in order to get this to work?




Tools & Apps discussion

Oct 28, 2014 4:43:06 AM PT

File Exchange won't update Quantity value

Payments question

Oct 28, 2014 8:51:59 AM PT