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I found this and thought it was so pretty, but am at a loss as to what it is. I thought maybe a cigarette jar but the bottom is not flat. Not practical for candy, too narrow. 9.5 inches tall made of heavy glass crystal (?) with gold leaf (?) trim. It's heavy! It's fancy! It's a mystery!!


Any help with dates, materials, key words or just what the heck this thing is would be much appreciated.


Sorry for these dang sideways photos Smiley Sad Smiley Sad





Collectibles & Art discussion

I am trying to buy something from a seller, and unfortunately when I place my offer I am greeted by this popup:

Popup Preview

I would ask the seller, but unfortunately I cannot contact the seller either.  I am greeted with the following message:
"We're sorry we couldn't find an answer for you. Unfortunately, this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing."


I have never contacted or made a purchase from this seller, nor have I received any notice of being blocked.  The items claim to ship to my address.


What's going on?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 2:34:04 AM PT

Cannot Contact Or Buy From Seller

I got this message in Ebay mail and it is not associated with anything I am selling.


User details:
From User:
ahfoxman (1110)
100.0% Positive Feedback
Member since Nov-02-02 in United States
Location: PA, United States
Activity with ahfoxman (last 90 days): I have bid on 0 items from ahfoxman
Activity with ahfoxman (last 90 days): ahfoxman has bid on 0 of my items
Dear ancestral2012,

Good Morning, Just a quick note to ask you to let us know if this deal falls through. We had personal issues come up that caused us to miss bidding at the last moment. Reading our feedback will show that we are not ebay kooks nor brats, but sincere respected buyers. Thank You for your time and considerations. Take Care and Have an Outstanding Day. With Best Regards, Tom and Carol Kidd

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 8:50:09 AM PT

Does this sound like phishing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, mark, age.IMGP1719.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I'm trying to identify this etched stemware. It has a bulbous stem and a round, flared bowl with a wide straight optic. The etch is tiny flowers in a swag with ribbons and bows. I've found a blog that identified them as Maryland Glass. The R site calls them UNK412. I don't have a book on Maryland Glass and know nothing about it.

Also, I have a second question. I seem to have 2 sets that are nearly identical. The etch and glass look the same at first glance. But side by side, there are slight differences, even though the heighth on both is 6 3/8". One glass is thinner and holds 10 ounces, the other has a slightly heavier glass and holds 11 ounces. Would you guess these are by the same manufacturer, but different years?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I found this and thought it was so pretty, but am at a loss as to what it is. I thought maybe a cigarette jar but the bottom is not flat. Not practical for candy, too narrow. 9.5 inches tall made of heavy glass crystal (?) with gold leaf (?) trim. It's heavy! It's fancy! It's a mystery!!


Any help with dates, materials, key words or just what the heck this thing is would be much appreciated.


Sorry for these dang sideways photos



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Found this sweet little tile with the image of this painting on it and fell hard. It's so small though, I can't read the name of the artist no matter how hard I try with a magnifying glass. There are SO many paintings in the world ... Google isn't helping unless I get some decent keywords.


Does anyone have a clue? To me it's so wonderful, I keep thinking it must be recognizable to more artistically educated people. I'd love to find a larger print if I knew the name of it!Women painting.jpg 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello, Does anyone know what this is or recognize the hallmark? It's about 3.5 inches long. Signed 'Sterling' and has a capital A inside a diamond. Anyone know what the pattern is? Thanksspear1.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

Jun 28, 2015 3:44:22 PM PT

Weird Silver Thing: Please Help Identify

This is one of my favorite Christmas Tree pins.  I have one that is simply signed NR I found another one that is signed BW.  I have found them listed as Nina Ricci (NR) and now Butler Wilson (BW).  I have also found a couple listed as Avon.  I think these were made by Avon, but I would really like confirmation of this and if you have the information, what year they were made and what year they were made.  TIA


I suppose a picture would be helpful?


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 28, 2015 12:20:37 PM PT

Need Confirmation this is Avon ... Please

Natural Forms Vladimir Kush


Morning Smiley Happy 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

sterling 043.JPGsterling 046.JPG

This is not marked and I keep thinking it looks like the stuff from Toledo Spain  The slats feel like plastic or something like that   What keywords could I use  Any idea on age or style of bracelet?  

new 004.JPGnew 006.JPG

new 007.JPG

This is marked silver Mexico which kinda worries me  What kind of silver?  Era, style and keyword help wpuld be much appreciated 


Thank you guys  Hope everyone had a great weekend 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

OK, I found similar but none like this cool stein I bought at auction today! It is 16" tall, has a definite monkey theme including a weird monkey eating a fish on the lid! - Who is also holding a stein marked HB; is this stein a Hofbrauhaus or is that just a continuing parady? And if it is a joke - what does a monkey eating fish mean?


The bottom is marked GERMANY 1199   9 - I'm believe this is pre WWII when Germany became east & west; any idea on it's age?


I appreciate any help with this - I'm hoping it's value will make up for some other **bleep** I bought in the midst of auction fever!


aa collectible MONKEY STEIN 1.jpg


aa collectible MONKEY STEIN 1AA.jpg


aa collectible MONKEY STEIN 2.jpg

aa collectible MONKEY STEIN 4.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

sterling 211.JPGsterling 212.JPG

Marked silver   Why would there be a safety pin imbedded as the closure??  I'm thinking it's possibly European  (don't know why)   Looks like a grape leaf but those berries look strange and not grape-like  HELP!!!   Thank you

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I have a 3.75" tall cut glass bottle with a sterling lid and a natuaral fiber brush.  It may be crystal because the bottom is very smooth and clear.  I can find a lot of bottles with silver lids, but nothing with a brush.  Nothing with the glass cut in this pattern too.  The lid is marked sterling with either E.I.R or E.L.R after that.  I'm hoping someone can help with that too.  Thanks in advance.










Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Collectibles & Art discussion

Does any one know what country this soldier figure may be from ? His arm is in a sling next to a wreath so ti looks like the clock  is a memorial to war wounded & dead, just a guess. Any help as always will be much appreciated, THANKSSOLDIERCLOCK 1.jpg


Antiques discussion

Hi can anybody help me idenitfy this company logo, thank you very much.

From Coin

Product Discussions discussion

Jun 27, 2015 10:06:49 PM PT

What is this company logo

Has anyone seen this yet? I was looking at closed auctions for this item. Not all of the sold items has this, but this particular one did.  When you click on the little question mark, it brings up the bottom picture and text.


Does anyone know how long this has been going on?  Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?



Selling discussion

Jun 30, 2015 9:39:19 AM PT

Trending Now - have you seen this yet?

Does anyone know how the color was applied to this pin? Has a bit of irridescense to it. Is it enamel, or something else?


Monet Pave Rhinestone Green Butterfly Pin.jpg


Monet Pave Rhinestone Green Butterfly Pin 1.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 28, 2015 3:16:38 PM PT

? about Monet butterfly pin

sterling 002.JPGsterling 001.JPG

Thank you 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Looked thru 2 glass books, numerous ebay auctions. Cant find any exactly like these. Can anybody ID? Also what do I call these..Water, wine, sherbert?? Measurements are  6 1/2", 5" and 4 1/4" TIA for any help!

dpgl 025.JPG

dpgl 014.JPG

dpgl 022.JPG

dpgl 015.JPG

Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

Jun 28, 2015 7:11:24 AM PT

Pink Etched glasses, pink swirl glass ID?

Need any info on this antique lamp. Seems to be  Brass and Marble. Marked on bottom MSLC from what I have found is Mutual Sunset Lamp Co.Electric.

Stands 25" tall . Heavy!


Collectibles & Art discussion

Scan 63.jpegHello, Can anyone help with an Id on this Card and value? I have two of them. They measure 9.5 x 7" and are on heavy cardboard stock. Copyright 1889 in lower left and sighned Tiffany & Co on the top right below picture. The 2nd Card has Images of Bishop Provost, St Pauls Chapel and Chancellor Livingston at the top. Similar to the first it reads: Congress of The United States , 1789, Assembled in New-York. President George washington. Vice President John Adams. It goes on to list the Senators and Representatives Present in 1789. I will post a 2nd picture. Thanks for any help in advance,



Collectibles & Art discussion

I just got this great limoges box.

It's beautiful with an kind of asian  motif.

I can't figure out the marks on the back, i'm hoping someone else can help out.


It looks like jhhG - cls


any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!









Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jun 28, 2015 5:59:09 PM PT

Help Identifying Mystery Limoges Box Mark.

Hello, I picked this religious/church reversible emblem/badge. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on it. I know it belonged to a member who probaly passed away, that is why the other side is black. I cant make out any words, since thay are in polish. It is dated 1907, and from Sayreville NJ. thank you in advance. sellwell4all20150628_102429_resized.jpg





Antiques discussion


We were hoping someone could help us identify the porcelain mark on the bottom of this piece. It appears to be a cross sword mark like Meiissen / Dresden, but we are not sure as it is quite blurry and partially on the bottom rim making hard for us to really get a good look at it. If anyone could help us it would be great. The piece is not that good condition wise there are numerous chips and wear points.


See photos - below.


Thank You for looking - have a great day everyone!

Rob & Tracie


Product Discussions discussion

The crystal/glass used reminds me of pieces made in Austria/Germany. The crystal is aurora borealis in color. Any idea who made it and how to describe it? Any help here is appreciated. Thank you very much.IMG_6449.JPGIMG_6450.JPGIMG_6452.JPGIMG_6456.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I tried searching terms like pressure, c clasp, and other things but I can't find how to describe these types of bracelets where you kind of squeeze them to open and close them. What are they called? 

Thank you.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

The first is a vintage rhinestone crown pin/pendant.  I don't see a signature but I have a sneaking suspicion it may be Coro.  Any ideas?


It has a chain that is bar link with a little impressed detail.

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 28, 2015 2:25:46 PM PT

Help with two necklaces~ who made them?

This guy is strange, and unmarked.  I just want to make sure he is nothing special before I put him in a lot to sell.
His body is plastic, but his head is rubber. He is almost 6" tall.


Thanks for any and all help!



 photo unknownguy01_zpshcnbdwcg.jpg photo unknownguy03_zpsbn5261so.jpg photo unknownguy04_zpsh2lqjog1.jpg

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jun 28, 2015 2:06:14 PM PT

Can anyone ID this action figure?

I have no clue as to who the makes this piece or what type of glass it is.  Any help identifying would be appreicated.  Thanks much.



Collectibles & Art discussion



Good morning



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I think this is a butter churn but the top, which is hand-hewn, doesn't look like any other churns I've seen. Also, it's very large, stands about 3 1/2 feet tall. The wire around the top braid is an obvious repair, otherwise, no metal used in construction. If it helps, I got this on Nantucket Island at a thrift shop. Any help would be appreciated! Smiley Happy Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, btw, the 'ask question' option seemed more about the logistics of navigating through ebay. :/


butter churn.jpegimage (2) (2).jpeg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello. I picked up this painting at a thrift store, I beleive it is Peter Max, but there was not paperwork with it, i figured I'll take a shot for $2.50 Smiley Happy. Wanted to see what others think. Thank you. sellwell4all







Collectibles & Art discussion

Jun 29, 2015 9:22:19 AM PT

Small, oil on canvas painting, Peter Max?

Dear Friends,

Can anyone share some info about this coin please?

It weighs 31.2 grams, diameter is 41mm

Thank you Smiley Happy


Coins & Paper Money discussion

Jun 28, 2015 7:48:59 PM PT

Help with this one PLEASE


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 10:29:15 AM PT

D & E or who made us? Help please

I won this at a estate auction over the week-end where it was described as a replica pistol. It hung on a wall with a framed ball shot bullet (it's too big to fit in this barrel so they were just decorative). Researching it and it's the 8 sided barrel, I believe this was a percussion pistol.


My question is - how do I tell if it's a replica and not a real antique percussion pistol? The feel is real. The weight is heavy. But what has me wondering is the little hole in the piece that the hammer hits when it is fired. I blew through it and it goes through to the barrel !

Isn't this where a cap or other piece went that would spark when the hammer hit it & cause the gunpowder & ball inside the barrel to explode and shoot?


I appreciate any help - I don't want to sell a real pistol as a replica!








Collectibles & Art discussion

Jun 30, 2015 6:06:03 AM PT




The seller purchased on May 20th and is now filing a claim today, June 28th that the item is Not as Described. "Damaged Internally. Damaged Externally. Missing Parts". Below is my listing verbiage. I think that the seller is abusing the Not As Described feature and I'm being scammed. I feel that I have little protection as the seller. 


The buyer hasn't given me any specifics as to what is actually wrong with the iphone. They didn't provide photos. Its also suspicious that they let this much time pass before ever contacting me. 


Can anyone help me?


Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Used : Split the cost with friends
Gently used. Only 6 months old.
Contract:Without ContractStorage Capacity:16GB
Bundled Items:CaseCamera Resolution:8.0MP
Operating System:iOS - AppleModel:5
Features:GPS, Music Player, Touchscreen, 4G Data Capable, 3G Data CapableMPN:MD657LL/A
 Gently used iPhone 5 16 GB. I got this phone 6 months ago after my original iPhone 5 stopped working. I used a phone case on it so it looks great cosmetically. I don't have the box but I can include the case if you like. The case is by Tech21. I'll will reset it to factory settings, of course.

Feel free to message me with any questions. Happy shopping!

Member To Member Support question

Anyone? Thanks, in advance, for your time!  - A



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


We were hoping someone could help us identify the porcelain mark on the bottom of this piece. It appears to be a cross sword mark like Meiissen / Dresden, but we are not sure as it is quite blurry and partially on the bottom rim making hard for us to really get a good look at it. If anyone could help us it would be great. The piece is not that good condition wise there are numerous chips and wear points.


See photos - below.


Thank You for looking - have a great day everyone!

Rob & Tracie


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi, I have a single cup and saucer in this pretty pattern featuring a turkey. Backstamp has a crown, "warrant" and the pattern name is Lodge.DSCN3804.JPGDSCN3807.JPG.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

i`m trying to buy this item but every time i get to checkout step it asks me to verify my payment method witch is paypal....the credit no. that appears on paypal during checkout is one that i removed from my paypal account and i added a new one,so i try to change it but when I come to log in to my paypal account it says :


"please go to paypal.com to confirm your credit card before you complete this purchase.

Return to eBay

At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to eBay and try another option.


Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 6:28:40 AM PT

can`t verify my payment method

I bought these guys at a church rummage sale and thought they would be to identify  when I got home but so far I can't find any thing them.  I thought I would find at least one that would show up on the internet.  Each one has some type of sensor bar on the bottom and numbers but no manufacture insignia.  I did find one that has letters SRI.  Each one measures approximately 2.75"-3" tall and their heads turn side to side.  If anyone can tell me what they are and the maker that would be a big help.






Toys & Hobbies discussion

Not able to report member.
Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-22-2015

Hello. I've been trying to report a person in the last 2 hours but i wasn't able..  I'm having a message fight with this person for 3 months now, i sent him my phone through mail and he claimes that he never received it, however ups tracking says that the package was taken by them, and delivered to this person adress! Help me!

Új szöveges dokumentum.jpg

View Entire Topic

Answered[ New ]
Community Member
Posts: 9,108
Registered: ‎04-02-2008
in reply to gabnaggabo
on ‎06-22-2015 05:16 PM


I'm having a message fight with this person for 3 months now...


Stop the fight by simply refusing to communicate back to this eBay member.  There's no real way to report harassing messages anymore, so ignoring them and putting them in your trash bin is the only means to deter further contact after a sale has been completed.


Three months is most likely well past eBay's deadline for this buyer to file an Item Not Received dispute.  However, buyers have up to 180 days (6 months) to file in PayPal, if that's how they paid.  Make sure the online viewable tracking number is uploaded to the PayPal transaction detail for the buyer's payment... this should protect you against a forced refund.


Good luck!

Graciously Grin When You Growl

Thank you for your advice, and i would exactly do the same IF i didnt sent him my phone and after many messages nothing is really happening, always the same excuse " Let me contact USPS." Then " They said they will provide me an answer in 48 hour, just be patient, we will work it out..." I got tired of this. This is why i want others to know this person so noone going to fall into my mistake.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 4:16:21 PM PT




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Maximise your listing's visibility
International site visibility  International site visibility help
eBay.com and eBay.ca(£0.25)
How your listing will look in search results - opens in a new window or tab
  International Site Visibility removed from your eBay listing

Hello taneve3,
You recently created or revised this eBay listing that included the International Site Visibility feature:


Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 2:57:22 AM PT

Maximise your listing's visibility

I picked these up along with 2 pairs of signed Laurel Burch earrings the other day.  There are no marks on them but test strong for sterling.  One of the posts has been replaced.  Other than running across the odd piece here and there, I'm not very familiar with Laurel Burch.  Did she make unsigned sterling pieces?  Haven't been able to find a definitive answer in my searches although there is a pair listed that the seller "believes" is unsigned Laurel Burch.  I'd like to have the confidence to list these as unsigned Laurel Burch if someone can confirm that she did make unsigned sterling pieces.  I did read that she has passed away.  Thanks!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jun 30, 2015 9:15:51 AM PT

Unsigned Sterling Laurel Burch Earrings?

I have a 94-page user's manual that I am selling which perfectly fits inside a 4 x 7.25 inch bubble mailer that looks exactly like this:


letter-sized bubble mailer.jpg


With the manual inside the bubble mailer, it weighs 2.4 ounces and about a half-inch thick. The question, using only the post office's retail price(s)... is this still a first class letter ($1.15 using the "envelope containing a rigid object" reason) or a first class mail parcel ($2.54)?

Shipping & Returns discussion

This is a beautiful pottery menorah. Can anyone identify the signature on the bottom. Thanks for your help.

Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album



Do not proceed if your image fails to appear here!
Click to View Image Album


Collectibles & Art discussion

I picked up this vaugley art deco-ish teapot recently andhave exhausted all search avenues. It is 6 x6 and I just cant figure out the signature ! Any and all help is appreciated.DSCN3311.JPGDSCN3308.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jun 30, 2015 1:01:47 PM PT

Potties,any ideas on this teapot ?

I was wondering if anyone might have an opinion on whether this is an authentic Gebruder Heubach head. It has been given a modern body and newer clothing. Thanks in advance!



Dolls discussion

Jun 30, 2015 8:17:34 AM PT

Gebruder Heubach help Authentic or Repro?

Hello!! My name is Chang Sung Choi


I bought the item on June 5.


But, This item have not received yet.


Add to attach the following shipping number(USPS-RS264723404NL).


I look forward to your quick response.


Thank you!!



-----this item's name-----

Portable XIAOMI USB Power Bank Charger MI 10400mAh [Blue] 2015/06/05



USPS Tracking™

Image of an envelope outlined in blue.Customer Service ›

Have questions? We're here to help.


Image of an envelope outlined in blue.Get Easy Tracking Updates ›

Sign up for My USPS.

Only applicable to visual users. More Details Less Details
Tracking Number: RS264723404NL
Image of a progress bar displaying in-transit statusin-transit
  • Updated Delivery Day: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Product & Tracking Information
Postal Product:
  • Registered Mail™
Date & TimeStatus of ItemLocation

June 24, 2015 , 11:05 pm

Delivery status not updated



The delivery status for this item has not been updated as of June 24, 2015, 11:05 pm.

June 24, 2015 , 9:05 am

Out for Delivery


June 24, 2015 , 8:55 am

Sorting Complete


June 24, 2015 , 5:27 am

Arrived at Unit


June 23, 2015 , 11:34 pm

Arrived at USPS Facility


June 21, 2015 , 5:51 am

Departed USPS Facility


June 20, 2015 , 11:43 pm

Arrived at USPS Facility


June 18, 2015 , 4:07 am

Processed Through Sort Facility



Origin Post is Preparing Shipment


June 15, 2015 , 9:55 pm

Processed Through Sort Facility



Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 12:10:14 AM PT

I haven't received the item yet.

This is  message I got from a seller and I felt that theseller and myself agreed to make the sale right but come to find out I do not get the item I won but a refund (?) so I messaged the sell about my item and this is what I got back :

Dear zeewolf109-us,

Listen, you non spelling, non punctuating, third grade **bleep**, you don't GET the mic. You got a refund. It was a simple accident with the labels, and instead of being understanding and letting me try to help you, you threatened me. You have by far been the nastiest person I've EVER had to deal with.

No, you were refunded, and you didn't have to pay for the return shipping. You're done. You still expect your item, even after you have your money back? Go **bleep** up a rope.

From PayPal. Read it and weep, you sorry piece of **bleep**. Do not, under any circumstances, contact me again.

Jun 14, 2015 Payment From zerita berger RefundedYou have refunded this payment in full.
You have refunded this payment in full.
Details $11.25 USD -$0.63 USD $10.62 USD

- ae3007a1p
Click the Respond button to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply
I never  threatened this person all I told them was if I do not get what I paid fro I was going to ccontact EBAY, I have been buying and selling items on EBAY from the 90's have never had to put up with some one like this and this type of person make one want to  shop some place else.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 30, 2015 8:28:33 AM PT


>> Pic Attached <<
  I have an Armstrong Perk-O-Toaster, very similar to the one below, but I would say ours is a
little cleaner in the patina, and ours also has a Blu'ish Glass Top, not clear like the one below.

  We have the cord (Twin Prong Connectors, and in great shape), and the unit actually still works...

  Looking for some type of a value, and possibly a market to sell this to  ?

Inline image 1

Antiques discussion

Jun 30, 2015 12:08:14 PM PT

Armstrong Perk-O-Toaster (1930's) ?

Unfortunately I had a very well known person in the Flickr community for dolls. Purchase 2 of my items in the last minutes of my auctions ending.

Once I found out who she was because of her name on her PayPal payment,  and because she has been known for years, to bully and make problems for many people she buys from, on other sites, such as Etsy, Blythe Kingdom etc.

I mad ethe hard choice to cancel her bids and refund her money. Hoping upon hope that she would not rip into me like she does with so many others.


But I did not want to sell her these things either, because she always has a tendancy to find something wrong with them even when there isn't anything wrong and then give you hell for it. She is so well known for these things and for going on rants online about other people...that most people try to stay clear of her now days. There are many more unethical thigns she has done., But tehre isn't enough room here to type them all out!


So...of course she got beyond angry at me, because I cancelled and refunded her money (then I blocked her...wish I would have thought to do that prior!).

She left me 2..... awful, inflamed  and accusitory negative comments out of anger. Based on half truths as well.

Just out of spite...like she is known for.


I have note lowered myself to her standards and left her negative feeback.

But I would like mine removed.

She asked me why I cancelled and I told her as nicely as I could...without being awful about it and then she proceeded to send me a few very nasty emails and then told me to go an F myself. Not a surprise, as she is known for her rants and rages.


More importantly, I have been an Ebay member since 1999 .....That adds up to 16 years.

I have always worked very hard to take accountability for my sales and how I treat buyers (and sellers) and have never had a negative posted on my account...until this crazy person came around.


There is no talking to her about it. Well...maybe.........but she would make you get on your hands and knees and beg for her to change her commnets she left me....and even then....she may still may not find any compassion in that dark heart of hers.

I try very hard to stay clear of people like her  because I don't want to get involved with her whatsoever....and still....she shows up and wreaks her havock, like she has for so many other people.

She takes the award for being the bully in and around the doll community.


How long does it take to find out about getting my 2 negative feedbacks removed please???

This is very unfair to me, as to what has happened with my long time %100 positive feedback.

Selling discussion

Details are listed below.

Selling discussion

Jun 29, 2015 7:52:58 PM PT

Buyer Cancelling Item

I bought an item from a seller with a zero rating and the item showed shipping outside US, I'm in Missouri. He's been a member since Oct 2014. I knew this was very risky before I bought it because the item was about 1/3 of the cost of average. I did it anyway almost as a test of the system (I know, it's not smart but I knew what I was getting into). So, I'm not suprized about where this is going, but I am curious what I can do at this point if anything. 



Bought the item June 5th using Paypal. The item had an estimated ship date of June 24th to July 29th. I thought that was really interesting. I was among a total of 6 people who bought his item. 

On June 14th the item showed "shipped" in paypal but without any tracking information. I emailed the seller that day and got no response. I emailed Ebay to give me his contact info and they sent me a phone number. The seller's name is null since it's gibberish, the phone number shows up as being in Wisconson and his address shows as being Wisconson. Again, the item was listed as shipping outside the US....hmmm. 

Anyway, I called the guy and left a voicemail and emailed him again with a notice that I would be reporting him for false user information. 


I've gotten no response. Now, I made the decision to go ahead and report him and attempt to get some type of stir but when I attempt to do that in Ebay I get a message that since his estimated ship date is July 29th " my item may still be on it's way" and on that date I should contact the seller. 


Well that doesn't help me at all since I already did and got nothing/ Plus I've heard some sellers don't ever respond since it's almost an automated buesiness so how can Ebay just rely on "contact the seller" in all cases to resolve my issue? Basically, I can't find a "next step" when the seller marks it shipped in Paypal way before the estimated ship date and now it's past the point of when the shipment should be here. How I do get past the estimated ship date in Ebay? Or at least let them know that Paypal shows shipped, therefore the estimation of July 29th no longer applies. 


Thanks for any help



Shipping & Returns discussion

I want to close my store because ebay no longer gives me my free auctions, only fixed price, and my items do not do well that way. Can I even close my store And if so, how do I do it?

Selling discussion

Jun 29, 2015 6:47:52 AM PT

Can I close my store?

An unscrupulous seller's dishonest item description cost me a thirty-minute trip to the post office and $8.85 return postage.


Surely eBay won't compound the injustice by denying me an opportunity to post negative feedback?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I wanted to give you the upshot of how I spent my morning ....


I spoke with an attorney (okay .. a relative!) who says that since ebay posts that buyer's protection statement on items from China, and do not post any accompanying disclaimer, EBAY is liable for the return postage if they can't collect from the sellers. He is apparently willing to make this stick.
I LOVE a good scrap.
And hopefully by holding ebay's feet to the fire we can induce them to push through whatever arrangments need to be made to collect return shipping from the sellers' accounts, and induce them to stop preying on U.S. buyers as they apparently are.
And needless to say I am never buying from China again, finito. 

All I really want is my full money back in this case and I am done.  

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jun 28, 2015 12:34:25 PM PT

EBay's liability for returns to China

Hey there. So I noticed that the inside of the USPS flat rate boxes say "priority mail postage required"
So heres my question: does that mean i can take my flat rate box, flip it inside out and pay instead a "priority mail" postage rather than "flat rate"?
Im just wondering because i have an item in which it would be cheaper to ship priority rather than flat rate.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jun 27, 2015 5:24:19 PM PT

Flat rate boxes. Question and suggestion




The package I sent arrived 7 days earlier than estimated  delivery time,

USPS tried to deliver but a notice was left because an authorized recipient was not available.  I added USPS tracking number after i shipped item,

and there can see that.


Buyer not files INR claim, does not respond to two messages that I sent him via eBay, on June 24 and yesterday and today is the day 5, which means that the shipment will be returned to me, and I bear the high costs of returned shipments if I pick up returned item from USPS Priority Mail Express International™ ( about 50$ + import customs fees) and i already paid about 30$ EMS shipping  USPS Priority Mail Express International™ ) of the total item cost-89$ - because i stated that the shipping is free.


I do not  want to pay additional costs to any buyer, or to bear responsibility for it.

In this case,  I would even go to the minus, counting the cost of shipping and return costs + customs fee.


And I've spent time and effort at sending, tracking shipments of all these days.


It is negligence of the buyer.



What should I do?


Thank you and best regards 

Shipping & Returns discussion

I had a buyer who wanted me to ship a $10 item (he did best offer for $8) to an address that was different then the address on the Order Details.  The address listed on the Order Details was not a real address.  The buyer said the item was for a friend, however, it took a week and a half for the buyer to pay for the item and then message me the alternate address that he wanted me to ship to.  I noticed that the buyer also sells items of the same type as the item that he had bought from me.  I reviewed ebay's polices and they specifically say that I as a seller should only ship to the address provided by the buyer on the Order Details.  I explained to the buyer that I can't ship to an alternate address per ebay's policies and that we would have to cancel the item for which he would get a full refund.  The buyer would then have to re-win the item after I relisted it and provide the correct address at that time.  The buyer agreed, we mutually canceled the item citing wrong address, and the buyer got a full refund.  Unfortunately when I relisted the item, another buyer won the auction before the original buyer could win it, but instead paid the $10 buy-it-now price.  I told the original buyer there was nothing I could do about it.


The original buyer was upset and called my phone number twice.  He thinks I purposly deceived him into cancelling the item so I could relist it and get $2 more.  I don't care about $2, I care about following ebay polices and being protected.  Why would he be so upset about not getting a $8 to $10 item, especially when he recieved a full refund?  This further reinforced my suspicision that when he originally bought the item from me, took a week and a half to pay and message me the alternate address, that he in fact sold the item to a 2nd buyer for more money and wanted me to ship directly to his buyer (and not in fact his"friend").


Obvioulsy I have no proof, just my suspicision.  At the very least, I wasn't comfortable shipping to an alternate address not on the Order Details since that is against Ebay polices.  I definitely wasn't comfortable shipping directly to someone else's buyer, whether I had proof or not.


Has this ever happened to you guys?  Was I in the right?

Selling discussion

I came to the help/ answer section to try to learn if there is a bidding glitch from smart phones / tablets, etc. because of an issue one of my repeat buyers just messaged me about.


She wrote me a few hours ago to say that she can't enter her bid on my auction -- she said she is trying to enter a very healthy maximum bid and gets the message "reserve not met."  I checked my listing and there is no reserve on this listing (I never do reserves).   I had a like-item close at a price 50% lower than it ever has before last night (Sunday evening) which perplexed me and I'm wondering if other buyers experienced the same glitch last night.


I wrote her and asked if she was bidding from a smart phone or similar (it's my impression more glitches occur in that environment), but I haven't heard back.  Any insight would be appreciated -- I imagine I will cause myself problems if I ask someone I know to place an experimental bid (!) and I'm dying to get this figured out Smiley Happy



Bidding & Buying discussion

Removed my item when there are hundreds of the same item listed. In consistent. Favoritism?
From replies it's obvious this is a messed up system. I list an item when there are hundreds and one of the competition reports me, nice! It's a word game, No not like murder or speeding!,,

Member To Member Support question

Jun 27, 2015 7:34:53 PM PT

Removed my item

Is there a way to make the selling price of an item private in your feedback?  

Member To Member Support question

Jun 27, 2015 4:15:20 PM PT


Selling discussion

My watch list ended items shows over 50 items.  Problem is, its actually got four items in it.  Does anyone know how to access and eliminate these "hidden" items?  I did a search and only found one post on this topic, and the only reply was "don't stress about it."  

As this number of items occupies more and more of my watch list I will soon not be able to use the list!  Max is 200 items....

Can anyone help or will I have to start a new identity?  I have had this identity since early, early days, have 100% positive feedback as a seller, and don't want to do that!

Bidding & Buying discussion

Jun 27, 2015 5:08:06 PM PT

strange problem with "hidden" items

I'm a pretty patient person, but also trying to build up myself on eBay. I had a buyer make an offer, I counter offered, they accepted it, but haven't paid now for 3 days. I have sent them emails not asking when they will pay but the first email was a thank you for your purchase, if you can pay by 2:30pm I can ship this out for you today (same day they bought it and was sent minutes after they accepted). Then Saturday I sent another email saying once again thank you for your purchase, please make your payment before 11am because my post office is only open today from 9:30-11:30am. I haven't sent any emails today and they haven't responded to any of the messages. I looked at their profile and they have positive feedback and most of their recent purchases say quick payments or prompt payments. How long would you wait and if they don't pay, what do I have to do then? Thanks!

Bidding & Buying discussion

I have posted a laptop that I want to sell and everytime it does sell (which has been 3 times now) I always get an email asking for my paypal email.  As I understand this is a way people use to scam sellers.  But it's happened everytime I try to sell this thing and its becoming really annoying now.  Not one of those people who have tried to buy it in the past have ever responded back to my messages or even payed.  One of them was even an account that was made literally to bid on the auction then just left untouched.  


So is there really nothing that can be done against this??

Selling discussion

I want to list this tablecloth, but know little about it.  Do you think the fabric is linen? Have any ideas about date?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Needle Arts & Vintage Textiles discussion

I'm a new seller.  I find I pay 10% on sold  item price, plus ten percent of shipping charges, if I offer free shipping ( where I've calculated shipping costs into item price).  If buyer pays shipping, I'm STILL charged ten percent as that price is added into his payment to me.  Ebay makes 10% off SHIPPING charges?  Seems bogus to me.  Is this unavoidable, or is there a way to avoid charges on shipping costs?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 12:55:55 PM PT

Shipping costs/Ebay percentage

Can I get some opinions on this Mulberry top?  It is made in China and the label doesn't look like other Mulberry labels.

Thanks for your help.

Fashion discussion

Jun 28, 2015 4:13:09 PM PT

Fake Mulberry Top?

Is there a way to report a troll member with 0 rating since 2012 that has emailed us about purchasing an item and then does not respond back to our emails? I won't respond to any further emails from this person but  would like to save the next seller the hassle of dealing with him. I've had to deal with two of these "potential buyers" and numerous others with inappropriate emails regarding our item for sale. 

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 7:29:58 AM PT

Troll members with 0 ratings

I sold an auction item and sent an invoice the morning of the 26th.  How long should I wait for payment?

Member To Member Support question

 I purchased an item that ebay removed after I paid for it and now I can't leave feedback for the seller.  Any help please.

Member To Member Support question

Selling question

 how does it help sellers if a seller cannot leave neg feedback? this person did not pay for the auction she won  i opened case she still did not pay anyway i closed my case to get my fees back but this ebayer can keep on bidding on other items from other sellers and they will have no idea that they are not paying how does this policy help sellers/ for all i know  this could be the seconf or third time she has done this with a seller .  . of course it does not help that i blocked her only a fool would try to bid on a sellers items when they never paid for the 1st one.  so the fact is that i can bid and know they cannot leave neg feedback if i dont pay  that sucks

Bidding & Buying discussion

I consistently purchase from a certain ebay'er. I love their products. Recently I was told that their account had been suspended?! I am completely bummed out. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to find out when an account, other than my own, would be reinstated? thank you

Bidding & Buying question

I read his past feedback remarks and he seems to have alot of bad feedback on this issue. my mistake.. i should have checked it out before i ordered. But i am still clueless because i can't canx. What should i do?

Selling question

 Well I went out and bought a better camera with high resolution 5184 X 3888. Turbo lister won't load them. I can edit photos already on eBay with them but turbo lister won't take them. I can resize the pictures on my camera to half that resolution and turbo lister will take them. The problem is I take dozens of pictures at a time and my camera lets me size them 1 at a time. It would take days to put them in my files and load to turbo lister. Anmybody had this problem or a suggestion to fix it. I have tried to set my camera to the size turbo lister wants but next picture it goes back to 5184 X 3888? I am using a Canon PowerShot ELPH 350HS.

Selling question

How can I now offer nd chance offer on the item that was sold and ebay have now closed the buyers account. I am on limted sales as new user and this sale is still shwoing as a sale.

i have entered a cancel sale but as the buyers account now closed he will obviously not respond. 


Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 1:42:05 PM PT

The buyers account has been closed by Ebay

Seller wanted me to wire the money, which I refused. I gave the money to the compny I always use to transport the cars I buy, so they give it to the seller upon pick up. Pick up is also the only option stated in the desription. What shoul I do?


Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 2:46:43 AM PT

Bought a car, seller does not respond

As a seller, how do you get paid from Paypal Credit (where the buyer has 6 monthly installments)?  Does Paypal front that money to the seller or is the item held from shipping until the balance is paid?  No "help" info on this subject that I can locate.  How does it work on the selling end?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 12:00:30 AM PT

receiving payment from paypal credit

Received an item that was not the one shown on the offer to sell.  Item was defective.  Contacted seller, who has a no return policy, with my problem, including photos of the defect.  Seller offered to refund or replace item.  I accepted the replace option, since I collect the item as a hobby, and really wanted it.  I offered to pay for returning the item, as well as reimbursing seller for shipping replacement, but only after I received the replacement item and was satisfied.  Seller countered that he would ship the replacement only after I provide proof of shipment back to him of the defective item.  QUESTION:  If I ship the defective unit (at my expense, as I offered), and he does not send the replacement, I'm out the original cost of the item, plus shipping two ways.  He does not offer hassle free returns.  How can I guarantee I will get the replacement once I ship the defect back to him?  To honor my inital reply, I will end up paying shipping three times: 1) initial delivery of defective unit, 2) shipping defective unit back, 3) paying for him shipping replacement to me.  As you can tell, I am new to Ebay and the rules are complicated.  I do not sell, so do not understand all the hoopla involved.  I have read all the Ebay help and FAQ but it's over my head.  I just want this to go as smoothly as possible without getting burned.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 27, 2015 4:22:27 PM PT

Return for replacement policy

I recently cancelled a transaction and refunded the buyer for an item that was damaged in shipping.  It worked out well and I would like to give the buyer feedback.  Is that possible and if so, how do you do it.  Clicking on the leave feedback icon does not seem to work.  Any suggestions??


Thanks for any feedback.

Selling question

Jun 28, 2015 3:43:42 PM PT

Feedback to buyer on cancelled transaction

can I have a truck listed on ebay and still sell it to some one other than an ebay bidder?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 12:12:30 PM PT

selling a truck on ebay

Hi i bought an ileaf 50 watt vapor item number 231600622272 and 3 minutes after paying for it it was canceld along with the sellers other items so i contacted him and he assured me 1 it was authentic and two he said he would let me return it if is was not authentic wich it tured out i was a fake after i contacted the company they ran the security code now the seller contacts me outside of ebay saying he is sorry for not knowing it was fake and wants me to return it at my cost i have sent him 2 requests through ebay for a return lable with no response i have no proplem returing it but i do not trust this guy as his excuse for his items being caancel with in minutes of me paying him his excuse to me was ebay had cancel them becauese they were alchole related  ? Hmm they are for vaping e juice not alcahole sorry for the poor spelling worked 2 shifts reall tired how would you handle a guy like this ?and yes i statred an ebay case witch he has not responed to ,Only to me out side of ebay ok i got a response from him that he can not send me a return label so i guess i send it through the usps with tracking                                  Thank you for your replies i can not figure out how to respond to them so i will do it on here i filed a fake item disspute the item was an ealeaf vaporiser witch tured out to be fake it came with a security code witch i entered into the companies code verifier and it said it was fake as for the return lable the seller says he cant send one because of his no return policey but has agreed to let me return it for a full refund though ebay messaging after i sent him a message through ebay I have never had to file before i also took videos of me packing it up and showed that everything that was sent was put back in the same box im sorry if i dont understand the procces just worried when i usps tommorrow he might say something was missing or not give me my refund I kept all his emails so i should be safe and we disscused the shipping he said he would add it to my refund i saved all the messages so i should be safe sorry like i said i have never had to file on any one i thought he should have answerd through the resolution center

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 9:09:20 PM PT

Returning a fake item

I posted a member-to-member question here about a week ago. I deliberately worded my question without any specific listing information. 

Within half an hour, I got a rather sarcastic reply from a member who was somehow able to look up my individual purchase history and comment on both the exact end-time of the listing and remark on the seller being in South Africa. 

I thought my purchase history information was private? How can another member look up my purchase history?

I contacted this member by Private Message, and he replied that he got my purchase history from "an other website". I asked him to elaborate, but repeated PM requests to him have gone unanswered, despite his continued replying to others posted questions. 

Other than the well-known "feedback exploit", there is no way that I know of accessing another members purchase history. There was no feedback exchanged at the time of my question, so this member obviously had access to my purchase history. 

I was wondering if some members on this forum have special privileges, where they have access to other members private information such as purchase history?

If this was an eBay employee who had access to my private purchase history, I can understand that, but this same indidual has claimed on several posts that "No one from eBay is here. Only other members just like yourself."

I guess I should also ask, in addition to my purchase history, can other members see my current bidding history, and perhaps even my member-to-member eBay messages? 


My Account question


Jun 27, 2015 10:01:33 PM PT

Others access to my purchase history?



Is it OK to ship an item sold on eBay to a P. O. Box or do I need to ship to an actual address?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 4:59:48 AM PT

Shipping to a P. O. Box

Hi i'm new here, i'm from philippines i would like to purchase an item, but i have problems in payments, i don't have crdiet card, debit card, or paypal account, is there any other way for me to purchase? like for an example bank transfers/



please do reply..thanks

Payments question

Jun 28, 2015 8:29:18 PM PT

Hi i'm new here, i'm from philippines

Hello, I have a buyer who is interested in an item. She stated that she meant to choose the Buy it Now price ($10.99), but instead chose the Auction price ($7.99) by mistake.

I told her that I would end the listing and she could purchase it, however, there is a second bidder watching the item as well, and the first bidder has emailed me wirh an offer of $15.00 ffor the item. How should this be handled? Thanks.  


Thanks for your quick responses!!! I have no problem selling the item at the Buy it Now price of $10.99, but I've discovered that canceled bids cannot be restored so I will not cancel it. The listing ends in 2 days (July 1) so I think the best thing to do is sell it to the bidder at the $7.99 price since I don't think the item is worth getting into a bidding war.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 7:52:56 AM PT

Ending Listing Early

I'm interested in some cars I found on Craigslist are about 4 or 5 which turns out to be the wonder that are active military but they say that the transaction is done through ebay motors and coast in sending them to my home and for 5 days and then I have the car payment that had never eschuchado not know if it's true and I have great doubt about it and do not know if it's a scam or if indeed it is true

Member To Member Support question

Jun 27, 2015 6:10:54 PM PT

buying a car from a militar

now what do i do about my sell , i think the pices was to hi.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 7:37:09 PM PT

selling , did not sll.

HI , i wanted to make a payment via visacard , couldnt find GHANA  in the list of countries which paypal payments are accepted from , can we do something |?

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 8:02:15 AM PT


eBay Community/Staff.


I had been trying over and over again to pay for an item but whenever I tried to pay the invoice, it said the cost of shipping from Etobicoke, Ontario to Ottawa Ontario was $100!! This was not what was advertised and what I agree to as the price for shipping was quoted as $10. The dealer either didn't want to or wasn't able to change the invoice to read $10 or delete the original invoice and send me a new one. This, after phoning eBay twice and leaving several messages to the dealer. Now, for some reason, it's one MY account and I can't get rid of it. Every time I go onto my eBay page it shows up even after I tried to hide it!! All I want to have done are two things:

(1) remove this annoying pesky notice of an unpaid and then cancel the item that was in no way my fault and

(2) fix my account in such a way that this transaction doesn't negatively affect me as a buyer as this transaction collapse had absolutely nothing to do with ME.


By the way, I've have just checked today (June 27th) and the seller has relisted this comic with a $30 postage/handling instead of the $10 initially and then "mistakenly" $100. You need to look into this practice as I still feel that I deserved to get this comic.


The seller's id is.... isoldgrit (534) The original item was numbered as follows



Member To Member Support question

Jun 27, 2015 6:03:20 PM PT

Unpaid Item Hassle

I have used a credit card to pay for item on ebay before. Now both of the credit cards I am asking to be accepted are not being accepted. Is this a Pay PAl thing? All other on line sites accept both cards.


Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 6:21:20 AM PT

paying using a credit card

Member To Member Support question

Jun 28, 2015 12:09:30 PM PT

Selling on E-Bay


anybody here?

I want to start selling on ebay but i don't know how can i get money? 

My country isn't allowed to get money in paypal and is there any other chance to receive money? 

thanks a lot.

Member To Member Support question

Jun 29, 2015 2:29:10 PM PT

Selling on ebay

I jumped the gun and opened a case regarding a miscommunication between myself the buyer and the seller. Since then we have communicated and all is well and I would like to close the case. I cant seem to navigate to the place I can close it.

Shipping & Returns question

Jun 27, 2015 4:40:02 PM PT

Screen to close a case?