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The eBay Community

OK, this is a very different type of glass that I normally deal in. Judging from the bottom of the base, it could be maybe 1960s? Definitely molded.

The thing that caught my eye is there are several techniques involved which makes me thinkith that it is a higher quality piece. The woman I bought this from was selling her mother's estate and she said she bought it from an antique shop years ago (for whatever that is worth)


Green overlay on stem & bottom of bowl - kind of a matte green finish but not frosted, something fused

Yellow stain around rim and at foot

Intaglio cutting where the fans are, can feel & see ridges between the fans blades and carved at a 45degree angle (I don't think you can do this with a wheel?)

Cut punties at base

Cuts around the upper 3rd of bowl under the bouquets of flower and fans (eyebrows)

If you look close at the flowers, you can see the wheel cut flowers at the stems, are filled with that same green color

Clear ballastrade between stem and foot

7 1/2" Tall x 8" Diameter at Bowl


Anyone???  I'm racking my brains on this one! Thanks!


Green Compot.JPG

Green Compote.JPG

Green Compote1.JPG

Green Compote2.JPG

Green Compote3.JPG

Green Compote5.JPG



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

photo 1.JPG

Celadon, Glazed, Pottery...   Mystery.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 29, 2015 5:00:45 PM PT

What is this?

Okay, this is really odd... I believe/hope it's a fluke and possibly the mail carrier scanned the wrong thing when picking up the package but I'm still concerned.


This item is taking a long time to arrive with expidited shipping charges but as long as I eventually receive it, I'll be fine.


Ordered item on Jan 23rd, paid that same day as I always do...

Item did not ship out or I should say, was picked up on Jan 31st. Here's the strange thing- Ebay considered it delivered to me on the day it was picked up at the sellers zip code...:smileysurprised:


The tracking number is legit and Paypal has the correct info per tacking with an expected delivery of Feb 2nd so I'm fairly certain the seller did send my item.

I suppose I'll be covered under Paypal if the item never shows up but I'm a bit confused why Ebay has this listed as delivered...

This will definitey affect my dates for the Ebay money back guarantee so *fingers crossed* the jeans are as listed.. 


Screenshots below so you can see I'm not imagining things LOL 


Has anyone ever experienced this before?











Bidding & Buying question

Hello Folks,


I recently purchased this vintage art pottery vase.  It has a heavy drip glaze, primarily a lavender and darker purple color.  The vase stands about 9 1/8" tall and is quite heavy.  It appears to be old, I'm guessing the first quarter of the 20th century.  The underside is unmarked, except for the hand written number "29".


Does anybody know who might have made this vase?  A person I know suggested it was made by the Burley Winter Pottery Company in Crooksville, Ohio.  While researching this possibility, I found that Burley Winter produced some very similar glaze colors, but they were more blotchy and not a "drip" like this one.  I also could not find this shape in a Burley Winter piece.


Any ideas folks?  It looks like an old, quality made piece.  Thanks in advance for your help!



bwvase front.jpgSide View

bwvase under.jpg Underside of Base

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Sunnamed.jpgunnamed (1).jpgorry I don't have dimensions at this time. My sister sent photos for help.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion


Hi dreambo,

 Well, I just want to say, if you are honestly correct in your buying and selling experiences. Ebay will see the light and cover you as well....

We have decided to issue you a courtesy refund for this case on Jan 30, 2015 to the PayPal account you used to purchase this item. The refund includes the purchase price plus original shipping.



Selling discussion

i think it's a glass holder -   thanksSAM_5804.JPGSAM_5802.JPG




Thses Candle holders are mint green with lavender glaze.  Measure 1.75" high, 3.75" diameter.  I am not familiar with the bottom as it too is glaze completely. Any help toward ID would be greatly aprreciated.


green candle holders 001.JPGgreen candle holders 002.JPGgreen candle holders 004.JPG



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 31, 2015 12:54:09 PM PT

Pottery Candle Holder ID Help

I found this at a local thrift store today. I know it's not really a baby lion - their manes are not developed yet. But it is some kind of fur/hide. And looking at the terrible craftsmanship (on side of chest & tail 2 hide pieces do not even reach each other), I'm wondering if this could be a lion's fur that was left after a regular taxidermy mount?


I've never bought something like this before, but it was so unusual I had to get it - now hopefully someone can tell me what I have!


Thanks, I appreciate any help.








Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 30, 2015 9:05:12 PM PT


I am curious to know if any other sellers received an email from eBay recently

regarding the promotion "List 1000 items for Free" which ran from January 22 thru to January 26th? I received the listing promotion from ebay.ca on January 27th, a full day AFTER the promotion ended! What's up with this? April Fool's joke in January? lol

Who can I talk to about this? I am somewhat upset as I was waiting patiently for a promo to come along, and I missed out on it..I will copy and paste directly from my email to show proof of emailing date below:


List 1,000 items for free
From:  eBay.ca
Sent:  27-Jan-15 13:00
Auction-style and fixed price listings free through January 26.eBay Seller Protection
Learn more
Seller CentreSell NowSell On Mobile
insertion fees for auction-style or fixed price listings. 5-, 7-, and 10-day durations included.
Now through January 26
Sell now
Offer applies to new listings only; excludes relists


Bidding & Buying discussion

Jan 29, 2015 3:04:47 PM PT

ebay seller promotions



Rise and shine! :smileyhappy: 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

The setting dips down on both sides, very ornate.  I cant get good pics of it.  How old do you think it is?  The rhinestones are prong set and the stone is glass or onyx, it is cold.  Thanks for any input  CarolynDSCN4235.JPGDSCN4234.JPG

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 30, 2015 3:59:00 PM PT

Have you ever seen a cameo made like this?

This first set has a vintage feel but I am just not sure.  It is well made & unsigned. The bracelet is hinged with a safety chain & push in. Thoughts on age or maker?


2015-01-30 16.48.58.jpg2015-01-30 16.49.45.jpg2015-01-30 16.50.17.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 30, 2015 5:00:06 PM PT

Thoughts on these 2 sets


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Have I just not been paying attention or is this something new? In leaving FB this afternoon, I noticed a blurb by the star ratings ..."Keep in mind that detailed seller ratings aren't anonymous-sellers can see the individual ratings they receive". Who left what ratings used to be hush-hush.



Selling discussion

Jan 29, 2015 2:20:31 PM PT


It was my understanding that I have either 50 or 100 free listings per month, depending on the item's category.  I went to create a listing in the Wholesale Books 51-100 category and I noticed this:




I assumed this was because I used up my freebies for the month, but I scrolled down and saw I have some left:




I tried switching to auction only or Buy It Now only but neither of them removed the fee.  The "Learn More" link does not say books are ineligible for free listing.

Selling discussion

Jan 31, 2015 4:29:45 PM PT

Why can't I use my remaining free listings?



Happy Saturday everyone







New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I know there are several people on here with the military in their family histor, so I was wondering if anyone could help with this pin.

I didnt know it was copper till i spent some time with a cloth buffing away the blackness. The back is a c-clasp.

Who exactly were the Air Apaches and is this pin from the same time period as WWII (thy were WWII weren't they?)?



air apaches pin first image.jpg


air apaches pin back.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 29, 2015 8:55:56 PM PT

Air Apaches copper pin help

Hi, I purchased this book at a local auction house a while back and I think it is a soldier's  scrapbook. Today I started reading it more trying to see if therewea a name in it and boy it is very strange.  There seems to be a lot with numerology and Scripture is this normal for one of these type books?  Is it a Soldier's scrapbook or something else?  Thank you!


Antiques discussion

 :catvery-happy:Well,  we don`t know the EXACT day, but we know it`s coming, sooooo let`s go ahead & Party!!






Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 30, 2015 6:27:46 AM PT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! fredi*frogi

approximate size is 20" x 20" Pencil signed on paper.DSC_1095.JPGDSC_1096.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion


Fashion discussion

I've recently been given a lovely Frankoma pottery piece that I've never seen before. The bowl is leaf shaped with a swirl, but tilted and doesn't have any leaf pattern inside, which is smooth. It measures 7" long, has a C shaped base on the bottom and is signed John Frank Frankoma, with no other numbers or marks. It appears to be a late 50's design from the brick color of the clay. The previous owner was the founder of a popular kitchen boutique chain, and has given me several pieces from other manufacturers that were commemoratives made and signed specifically for the opening of their stores. She believes this is a one of kind given to her as a gift by the company, but her memory isn't what it once was so I don't want to assume. Any idea if this is a rare or unique piece, or is it a mass produced and just not many around? I haven't been able to find anything similar in weeks of research. Has anyone here seen this piece, same or other colors?




Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 29, 2015 2:29:27 PM PT

Unusual Frankoma Pottery Piece?



Well, here we are at the shortest month and since you'd probably rather not be looking out your own window, why not just stop by here and zone out on the sunny beach!  Take a few deep, calming breaths and float away on that blue, blue water, feeling that warm sun….ahhhhhh.  Put on your imaginary bikini, sip your imaginary Cosmo, melt into your seat and groove to some tropical tunes…..while you do your listings for the dullest month of the year….live a little! 


Don't forget to smooch your Valentine if you have one, and if you don't have one, get out there and get one!  Maybe there's a guy like this in your neighborhood---if so, could you invite me over for a cookout?





And if you don't have or want a Valentine, wanna hold hands with me while we have some green fun and do some work?





Roll your listings in the Lucky Magic Listing Dust!





Finally, here are some suggestions to keep the money flowing.  We've culled these from years of experience and hope you'll be helped by them!



 1. LIST AT LEAST ONE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!  If you are like some of us here, and have another job, write things up and schedule them to launch on a daily basis.



 2. LIST IN A VARIETY OF FORMATS - Try some regular auctions, auctions with Buy it Now, Fixed Price, and Fixed Price with Best Offer. Not only will you get a better idea what works for YOU, but you'll offer buyers a variety of buying options.



 3. OPTIMIZE YOUR LISTINGS – By using the free Terapeak Keyword app (find it in the Applications tab), learning how to take better photos (there are free courses online), changing the keywords on your store pages regularly, changing the opening blurb in your store header regularly (web spyders love new content) and experimenting with price changes UP as well as DOWN!



 4. DON'T LET YOUR UNSOLD LISTINGS LAY AROUND - Check your My eBay page and click on Unsold...get those relisted ASAP! You've already done all the work, so be sure they're viewable by buyers!



 5. OPEN A STORE - If you are wondering whether you are better off with a BASIC store or a PREMIUM store, figure that if you have over 250 store items, Premium is a better buy....under 250, Basic is....this is at least a rule of thumb to get you started.   Stores used to be great places to put items and keep them available year round, but with the fee changes, maybe not so much.



 However, there are at least three really good reasons to have a store....listing fees are less if you have a store, your items can be separated into categories (much easier for buyers to shop), and you can run Markdown Manager sales.



 6. DEAL WITH BIDDERS, BUYERS, AND ANNOYING INQUISITIVE POTENTIAL BIDDERS IN A PATIENT AND FRIENDLY WAY - Remember that it's worth money in your pocket and life is too short to have your tail in a knot.  Write up that snarky reply, get a laugh at it, then hit delete.  Kill 'em with kindness :-)



 7. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This thread is all about MAKING MONEY, that's for sure, but we feel that being supportive of our Lister Sisters and Brothers helps ALL of us. Drop in and hang out! Venting is allowed, but take it easy on the drama, negative vibes and controversial off-topic issues such as politics and religion.











Fashion discussion

Feb 1, 2015 7:03:09 AM PT

FEBRUARY Gotta Make Money Support Group

This is a large Asian (Chinese or Japanese) tablecloth or wall hanging.  It is lined with tassles on each corner. Measures approcimately 4 1/2 feet square with intricate design of dragons and flowers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to list it but don't know how to describe it or what it is. Thank you in advance for your help!




Home & Garden discussion

I have this Air Apache pin, done in copper (its so heavily patinated it took a while with the sunshine cloth to figure it out).  Ive since leanrned quite a bit about the Air Apaches, but am not sure if this pin is then from the 40's, or later? Any help would be appreciated!

It was originallyposted to the jewelry board, here is the link.




air apaches pin first image.jpg

Militaria Collectors

This is a one piece hurricane candle holder. Would love to know the maker. Thanks in advance for help.



Home & Garden discussion

Here is the inside of  the carnival glass piece.  Thanks for any help in identifying.IMG_2488.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 31, 2015 3:31:39 PM PT

Second carnival glass vase picture.

Please help ID this pitcher. It has a rough feel to it but I can't say it is crackle glass. It measures 13 " high and very heavy. It does not seem or feel like a cheaply made piece of art.  Thank you in advance for any help


pitcher 1.JPGpitcher 2.JPG



Home & Garden discussion

Can anyone give me some info on map .1.jpg

Militaria Collectors

Jan 30, 2015 4:49:55 PM PT

Liberation Map


Fashion discussion

Feb 1, 2015 3:41:42 AM PT

Coach wristlet name

License Plate Topper - Dragons & Staff Symbol - Need Help ID -----  At the point of purchase I was told this object is a license plate topper and the symbol represents dentistry. However, research indicates the Dentistry symbol is intertwined serpents and these appear to be dragons. Any help in identifying this symbol would be appreciated. Also if not a license plate topper, what might this object be? Thanks!

Image Hosting by Vendio
Click to View Image Album

Selling question

Hi Folks. This is a long shot, but I would like to have this Tiki drink mug ID'd if possible. It's glazed on the inside, the outside is fired clay with some glaze highlights on the eyes, lips and forehead jewel. The bottom is concave, with a 1/4" rim, no marks. It may have had felt glued to it at one point.


It definitely looks manufactured to me and has some age. If anyone recognizes the style or the Tiki god it's showing, it would be helpful.







Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 29, 2015 7:01:38 PM PT

Pottery - Tiki Mug identification


Can I call this a chandelier canopy?  Others I see on ebay don't have the extra three holes, not sure what they're for.  Is there a better name for it?

Many thanks!  I have three to list, would love to find them a new home.

Home & Garden discussion

I don't know anything about shirt patterns or styles. What would the title be for this shirt.tommybahamashirt1.jpgtommybahamashirt5.jpgtommybahamashirt2.jpg

Fashion discussion

Jan 31, 2015 11:00:07 AM PT

Tommy Bahama title help

Came across this piece and was wondering if anyone had any information on his sketches.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 29, 2015 2:18:15 PM PT

Leo Jansen sketch: Any knowledge to share?

I have a Burberry London tie and was wanting to know if it is real?  I would appreicate any help. Thanks.IMG_3946 (3).JPG

Fashion discussion

Jan 31, 2015 6:37:07 PM PT

Is this a real Burberry Tie?

Hi I have a Vintage Coach Bag I am looking for the name for. Dimensions: 11" Wide, 8.5" Tall and 3" deep....Kinda a Ramblers bag? # 0416-135. Double Gussetted. Made in USA with removable buckle straps on each side. I am Including Pics. Thanks in advance!!!!



Fashion discussion

Feb 1, 2015 6:43:07 AM PT

Coach name for this bag?

This is a "coach" bag I recently obtained.  I would appreciate your judgments as to its authenticity.  It is about 12 in. wide and 12 in. tall.



frontpic-202.JPG              backpic-201.JPG

inside 1pic-204.JPG

inside 2pic-203.JPG

inside 3pic-205.JPG 


straps  pic-207.JPG

buckle pic-208.JPG

Fashion discussion

Jan 31, 2015 5:53:03 PM PT

Coach handbag comments please

Hello all....I know studio pottery is hard to identify but would like to know if someone can help ID this signature? Almost looks like Ethan King? Thanks for any ideas.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello all! Is this 5 3/8" high aluminum turquoise cross native? It is not signed! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! David.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Jan 31, 2015 3:16:57 AM PT

large aluminum turquoise cross

This is a nice piece of glass. Has a ground glass foot and measure 19 1/2" long and is 8 1/4 inche wide and stands just a tad over 2 inches tall. Any help on glass maker and name of pattern would be appreciated.  







Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

Reaching out to you experts out there. Picked up four Burberry ties yesterday at a consignment shop. Hoping someone can help me authenticate them before I list. Thanks for any help!DSC_0625.JPGDSC_0626.JPGDSC_0619.JPGDSC_0620.JPGDSC_0620.JPGDSC_0621.JPGDSC_0622.JPGDSC_0627.JPGDSC_0628.JPGDSC_0629.JPG


Fashion discussion

Jan 31, 2015 10:49:29 AM PT

Are these authentic Burberry ties?

Hope someone recognizes the signature on this vase and the name that goes with it.  It does not appear to be old, but looks like it may be blown glass.







Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 31, 2015 6:23:49 PM PT

Need ID of Signature on Art Glass Vase

Collage.jpgIMG_0015a.jpgHi, I'm trying to identify this label or dog so I can properly list it.  My guess was Nippon but there are no colors on the label so I'm also guessing a fake?  The dog stands about 6" tall, no distinguishing features.  The letters on the label that I can make out are on the 1st line "IPP". It somewhat looks like there is an "N" before the I but it looks more like and "E" after the P's (lol sorry).  I tried to invert a pic too if that helps anybody's eyes.  thanks for any and all help!

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I received two emails informing me that I had violated ebay feedback policy but there was no indication as to what the problem was, what transaction it refrred to, or any links as indicated in the body of the email. How can I tell what I am supposed to have done wrong? Below is what I received:



eBay policy violation:
From: eBay
Sent: Jan-30-15 02:04 PM
eBayeBay sent this message to stearne, phil (fortnum1).
Your registered name is included to show this message came from eBay. Learn more about how to tell if an email is really from eBay.
eBay policy violation:

Hello (name removed),

After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay's policy. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account:
- The following Feedback you left has been removed:

This is an informational message only, not a warning on your account.

We understand you may not have known about this eBay policy, and we encourage you to review the Feedback policy guidelines by visiting the link above.

Future violations of eBay policies may result in the loss of member privileges, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Jan 31, 2015 8:33:37 AM PT

eBay feedback Policy violation

Please help me with any information or thoughts you have about this brooch. Sorry the pictures are not great. Age? Material? What kind of back is it? THANK YOU!



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 30, 2015 8:27:55 PM PT

Cameo Help~ back slide bar?

Hello Folks,

I recently purchased 2 Griswold No. 18 muffin pans. Although they are the same "model", the markings on each are quite different.

The first muffin pan is made of thinner cast iron than the other. The top handle is marked "GRISWOLD'S" and the bottom handle is marked "ERIE NO 18". The bottom side of the lower handle is marked "6141". There are no other markings.

The second muffin pan has no markings on the top side, but the bottom of each muffin cup has markings that include "No.", "18", "GRISWOLD", "ERIE PA.", "U. S. A.", and "6141". The cast iron of this pan is heavier than the other one.

I presume that the first muffin pan is the earlier one of the two. I've read that there are named variations for this #18 pan. I don't have the Griswold Muffin Pan book, but I was hoping someone reading this thread might have a copy. Specifically, I was interested in knowing which variations these pans are and when they were likely manufactured.  Is the first muffin pan variation 2 or 3?  Is the second muffin pan variation 5 or 6?

Any knowledgeable Griswold collectors out there who might be willing to assist? Thanks in advance!

grmuff1 top.jpg

Top View of First Muffin Pan


 grmuff2 bottom.jpg

Bottom View of Second Muffin Pan


Collectibles & Art discussion

DSCN4096.JPGDSCN4106.JPGIt is c clasp and signed MET  Thanks, Carolyn

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Feb 1, 2015 12:02:52 PM PT

Amber or Plastic?

Clear pressed glass compote ort candy dish measures 6.5" tall, 8.75" across at top, 4.25" across at base.  Features "paneled" sides with floral resign and a different floral treatment at base.  Does not appear to be EAPG or elegant glsss but I am certainly no expert.  I find no maker's mark.  Any information much appreciated!





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi, this pin is made from a copper base with applied silver and gold colored pieces.  It has 2 markings on the back - one looks like scratched initials, and the other is a little stamped mark on the pin bar.  I know it's a long shot, but does anyone recognize either mark?













Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Feb 1, 2015 6:21:47 AM PT

Help with marks on Brutalist/Modernist pin

As I recently had an acciden while washing a porcelain (Limoges) plate,it broke hitting the faucet,cut my hand and I ended first in the ER then in the OR to fix my tendons, I can not go to the garage sales or TS anymore and I am trying to sell my inventory,but most of what I have has not been identified, like this votive candle holder, the signature,I have made many combinatios with no results,anyone can help me,has seen or know who made this piece, it looks more than just a hobbist piece but I culd be wrong, heavy, weight is 2.1 lbs,measures 4 3/4" D x 2 3/4" H, etched shells.Thanks in advance for your tips or/and help.


unidentified siggiePicNumber2

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I've noticed this issue for a while, but after a shot or two at reporting it there seems to be no direct path to EBay tech support, finally I found the forums.


I'm in US EST and I've noticed that the calculation for time remaining in search results is incorrect, it compares the auction end time fixed in PST to the time in the user's timezone without accounting for a variance in timezone's, so in my case resulting in a 3 hour variance between EST & PST.


For example it's currently 17:12 here in EST and I'm looking at an auction that ends at 15:11 PST (18:11 local), my search results display that the auction has already ended and the item is no longer available, but when I click the item the item's page tells me there's 59 minutes remaining.


As shown in the example below the timezone variance is accounted for properly on the item page, but not in search results.


example auction

Technical Issues discussion

Jan 30, 2015 3:24:07 PM PT

Incorrect timezone in search results

Flute is 9 1/4" tall and diameter of 2 1/8". I think this is  the Dom Perignon flute glass.


Double old fashioned measures 4 1/8" tall and has a diameter of 3 1/4".  Think this is the Harmonie pattern double old fashioned glass.


Would like to confirm the IDs. Thank you.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Jan 31, 2015 6:25:50 PM PT

Baccarat ID Help


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Feb 1, 2015 12:14:10 PM PT

D & E or Just plain ol rhinestones?


Collectibles & Art discussion

This is pic from a closed auction a few weeks (?) ago.  I didn't win.  But I am totally in love with the dress she has on.

(yes, it is Francie with a Tressy box) 


Can anyone ID the dress she has on?  I don't think it is Mattel but I could be wrong. 




Francie & Dress

Dolls discussion

Jan 31, 2015 8:33:45 PM PT

What dress is she wearing please?

License Plate Topper - Dragons & Staff Symbol - Need Help ID ----- At the point of purchase I was told this object is a license plate topper and the symbol represents dentistry. However, research indicates the Dentistry symbol is intertwined serpents and these appear to be dragons. Any help in identifying this symbol would be appreciated. Also if not a license plate topper, what might this object be? Thanks!



Image Hosting by Vendio
Click to View Image Album

Collectibles & Art discussion

Does anybody here do solder repairs?  I think these are worth saving if for no other reason than because I like them.  They're signed Judith Jack sterling and marcasite earrings.  Can this be repaired and have the repair be reliable?



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Jan 31, 2015 6:19:00 PM PT

Does Anyone Here do Solder Repairs?



I'd like to ask about this candlestick. How old might it be? I suspect it's probably dutch. Thanks for answering :]


Antiques discussion

Feb 1, 2015 10:58:01 AM PT

brass candlestick

I purchased this fellow with Steiff's Mucki and Macki toys. He is simlar to them, but he is not Steiff and the quality is not the same at all. He is in pretty good shape and i like his face, so I would like to know who he might be.2015-01-31 22.18.28.jpg

Toys & Hobbies discussion

Jan 31, 2015 2:32:59 PM PT

I need help identifying an old toy animal

Reasons for thinking it is D & E - 

Classic 5 link bracelet design with the correct clasp.

Figure 8's on the back of earrings & correct clips.


Please let me know your thoughts.


Thanks! Lori

2015-02-01 08.24.58.jpg

2015-02-01 08.25.18.jpg

2015-02-01 08.25.25 HDR.jpg


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Feb 1, 2015 8:42:11 AM PT

99% sure D & E.. Thoughts?

Greetings! I have a green glass vase that I know nothing about, except it is handblown and looks sandblasted (grainy texture to the glass). I would appriciate any assistance and expertise. Thank you kindly in advance.



Collectibles & Art discussion




It's hard to believe, but February's here.  Let's hope the groundhog does not see his shadow tomorrow.  We have Valentine's Day and President's Day coming up and maybe warming temps.  Fredi Froggi has a birthday Tuesday - any others?  Just let us know what's on your mind.

















Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Feb 1, 2015 7:35:13 AM PT

It's February - let's chat

Any help appreciated with the name / inscription below. It's in a book by Menachem Begin, but it doesn't look like his signature.


There's a note below in English (not pictured) that indicates the book was purchased at the Begin museum in Jerusalem. It's written with a different pen by someone else.





Antiques discussion

Feb 1, 2015 9:26:23 AM PT

Help with Hebrew inscription


Home & Garden discussion



Until an hour ago I did not know what a cantir was.  This one is handpainted, yellow glaze, glaze is crazed.  7 inches at widest point and about 6.75" to top of handle.  From my short research it is a drinking vessel used in Spainish counteries.  There is a museum in Argentina of Cantirs.  Would anyone know anything about this item?  This shape is different from most of the ones that I found.


yellow jug 001.JPGyellow jug 003.JPGyellow jug 004.JPG

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Join us for February Listing Contest.  This month's theme is 'Love is in the Air'.  List anything that you feel fits that theme or just something that you would love to sell!


Here are a few rules to listing:

1. 'LFVS' (Lilo's Fardville Sale) in the title for search purposes.

2. 7 Day Auction Format must be used.  You may add BIN

3. All auctions start @ $8.88.  BIN's must be a fardie number. Ex: $12.12, $18.18, $33.33, etc

4. Use an official Contest Logo in the description.  Logo at end of this post.

5. Auctions must be started on February 1st or 2nd, eBay time (PDT).

6. Please add the following disclaimer to your listing:   This auction is part of Lilo's Fardville Monthly Contest.  LFVS is an eBay recognized group of sellers that promote community values. 


The winner of the contest is the listing that ends at the highest price above the original start price.  Winner gets bragging rights and can pick the theme for next month.   We LOVE it when a listing fits the theme!


So find some widgets that you would love to send to a new home and list, list, list! 


Here's the Logo:

Kissing Strawberry Logo.jpg  Retro Boy Valentine LOGO.jpg

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My husband has had this bowl forever and says it is worth a lot of money. LOL  I would love to know the maker or anything about it to put this argument to rest. Thanks, CarolynDSCN4418.JPGDSCN4422.JPGDSCN4410.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Feb 1, 2015 1:53:30 PM PT

Help with this pottery bowl Please

We have had plenty of who should leave feedback when and such so here is something on a lighter side.





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Feb 1, 2015 1:45:56 PM PT


Hopefully this is the correct board to ask my questions and if not please direct me to the right one.  I have a Wilcox SP Co, International Silver, 808 bride's basket.  I have done some research but am a bit confused.  Some of the Wilcox items in completed have sold for a hefty price others not so much.  I need help from you knowledgable board members by looking at the photos to let me know if this is one of the finer pieces or just mediocre .   All help, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Joci


The basket pedestal to rim top is 7"  high and  the entire high handle over all hight is appx 16".  diameter is appx. 5X5".  Below are the photos.  full to 1fx.jpg


handle 2.jpg






Further questions:  Is there a reason why the outer silver plating (?) was only dripped a part of the way down in the inside of the basket?

                                   If it is silver plate should I clean it up before I list?  If yes, do I just use silver polish?


Again I appreciate any and all info you can provide.  Thanks.

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Jan 31, 2015 3:44:11 PM PT

Wilcox S P Co IS Bride's Basket Help Please




Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I recently had a customer harass me and I put him on my BBL after he threatened to put an end to my selling account.I also reported all his messages and he still continues to send me messages. Today someone with a new account made today with 0 fb bought something from my store and I added that name to the BBL and issued a refund.


Now I did all the requirements to block people from buying and they(newbies) somehow still manage to slip through and buy my items.

Why doesn't ebay fix this?

Is ebay broken and don't care about it's customers?

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Jan 30, 2015 10:08:16 AM PT

Blocked Bidders List Broken



I had a buyer open a return request on a very small dollar item, claiming damaged in shipping.


I agreed to the return request 11 days ago. Time has passed for them to return it.


I'm assuming they simply wanted the item for free and didn't expect me to pay for the return. Or if it is indeed damaged,

it was not worth their time to return it. (from their feedback left for others it seems they have had "issues" with shipping damage........)


I've only had a handful of returns and never one that was not actually followed through.

Do I have to eat the defect on this? Is it worth going through CS torture to attempt to get it removed?



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Jan 30, 2015 8:05:15 AM PT

Return not completed. Defect removable?


As a fairly new seller, just recently having to deal with non-payers, it is a tremendous help. Yes, I have to scan through a lot of feedback comments which are almost ALWAYS positive, but it does help me ahead of time to cancel bids from those I would rather not sell to. Although, it is positive feedback, I will read the comments and be warned ahead of time in order to avoid unpaid item cases. I know its been said, but Ebay has GOT to help resolve this issue...

Selling discussion

Selling discussion

After trying to find some listing, selling tips, it appears there are none to be found. Way too much negativity out there, not much help to be found. Happy to stay in My World where we try to make the best of bad situations and are Thankful for what we have. As for asking for advice again on this Forum. No Never. There are so many Sellers with a wealth of experience, if only we Rookies could tap into some of their Knowledge. Guess Not Though Huh? Not Jabbing, Not Bashing, just the truth, just the truth. Have a Wonderful Selling month. We will Try new things, Stumble, Fall, get up and Try Again.

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Feb 1, 2015 9:14:41 AM PT

Sorry to ask for help on this Site

I don't know if it is appropriate, or even meaningful to anyone, to "out" a dishonest seller on this discussion board. The EBay system does not work, and I sort of doubt the feedback system truly works since (a) only 80 characters are allowed for feedback, and (b) the seller can get in a last (dishonest) word. 

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Jan 30, 2015 1:25:18 PM PT

Is it OK to out a bad seller here?

I read alot of posts bashing how Ebay did this or Ebay didn't do that, Why?? Just wish to say, Ebay gives us a Selling Platform that works for any and all Items. Some of us Run a Business style Account and others Just Sell out Vintage Finds or Clean out the Attic items. Each and every time I have contacted Ebay with a question or Problem the Person answering for Ebay has Been Polite, and Helpful. Lets stop the Bad Mouthing and get Answers to any Questions , Share Ideas that HELP. 


Just Another Seller Enjoying the Floor Space


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I just sold something "buy it now", and immediately after the buyer paid, they sent me an email notifying me they forgot to change their address in Paypal/eBay and asked me to ship it to their new address.  Same name, same town. Just different street.  Usually this would be fine, but the item was over $100 and the person has 0 feedback.  How do I handle this?  Can they update their address in Paypal and eBay, or do I need to cancel the transaction? I already created the shipping label with the new address, but then got to thinking that I might not be protected should something go wrong. 

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Hi, while viewing the seller's item listing, the shipping cost indicates $10.20 Expedited Shipping but when I hit the BUY IT NOW button the shipping cost changes to $27.35. I haven't encounter this with my previous purchases. Why is this so?

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 4:24:30 PM PT

shipping cost changes upon buying the item

I have an object to sell that needs an ID. It is pictured below. It is hand-carved hardwood with a wooden spool of thread and a heart shaped carved opening. Any help will be appreciated. 

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I am trying to figure out how to set up an auto follow up message to all of our buyers EXACTLY like the attached message. 

What third party app are they using? I asked the seller from the picture and they said they didn't know and that they paid an engineer to set up all their stuff (large Chinese seller). I even called eBay (twice) and neither of the people I spoke with could figure it out. I have found apps that will send messages via external email, but I cannot find one that sends through eBay's messaging system.

Selling Manager Pro will let you set up an auto follow up message that links the customer to their order details. However, I need one that the customer can respond to directly (see picture).

Any thoughts? I appreciate any help.

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 I am placing many Bids with one Seller. They are small bid amounts and the Seller states that they will combine Items for shipping. Since, I dont plan on biding higher than the amount of shipping for most of the items and I am bidding on a good many of their items, I felt secure in doing this. However, now I am worried.


I am bidding on junk jewlery. Most of it is not worth the amount to ship. My purpose is to build an inventrory  for my upcycled Art Jewlery projects.


In the past couple of hours, one same bidder has bid on 17 of the same items that I had bids on. What are the odds, that another artist is finding all the same pieces, I've chosen to bid on , desirable too???

Bidding & Buying question

I purchased a phone from a seller with close to 250000 sales and 99.3% positive feedback.  Verizon won't activate the phone claiming it's been reported as lost or stolen.  Seller says it's not lost or stolen but that this is Verizon's standard reply when trying to activate a phone which is associated to an account with a balance and that he in fact bought the phone in a bulk purchase from Verizon.  I don't really care about the intricacies of the situation for him.  I just want a usable phone.  Seller asks for me to return phone via a form he linked me to and he will exchange.  First, am I still protected if I don't return the phone using ebay's return process but use this other form?  Secondly, do I have a legal right to be compensated for return shipping?  Thank you for your help.

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Jan 30, 2015 2:39:34 PM PT

'Lost or Stolen' phone received

I'm a new seller here; here's the story, a guy whose shipping address is in Florida yet his profile says he's based in Venezuela 'bought' my item, yet he hasn't paid.



Ebay sent an invoice, I sent an invoice and then I sent an email asking nicely if he still intended to purchase the item.


No response, ok, it's only been two days, Can I just cancel the transaction?


I feel we're wasting time when this item could be up for sale and maybe even bought by now by someone whose gonna pay.




Signed impatient

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I just bought and paid for 3 items , in the emails that I recieved from eBay I noticed the 3rd one had my address with numbers and characters inserted in between . Now I'm worried that this item will be lost with my money that I paid for. Can someone help me how to fix this as I contacted the seller and this was their answer:

Your order was shipped yesterday 1/29..Ebay has changed the way we ship the international order are handle , now we ship it to there KY warehouse and they ship it to the customer with there Global Shipping Program.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 30, 2015 2:28:26 PM PT

my address was mistyped by eBay



For the purpose of this post, we'll be referring to this person as "Dave" (not the real name.. obviously)


So I sold a few items the other day and one bidder in particular, our Dave, had bid on three items.  As the items started closing, another bidder outbid one of those items and Dave ended up only winning two.  Shortly after closing, I get a message from Dave asking me if I will sell him the third item he lost for a higher price than it actually closed for, and to tell the other buyer that it is no longer for sale.  Something something computer crashed something something.


Red Flag.. right?


So I respond and let him know that I unfortunately can't do that, try to be all politically savy by saying the other bidder had been emailing me all week, already paid, etc etc.  I had no intention of entertaining it, but I at least make it look like I thought about it and things are out of my control.  I also end this message by letting Dave know I'll get him an updated invoice for the two items he did win, with combined shipping.  I then send him the invoice.


Next message from Dave.. he is no longer interested in the two items he won and wanted all three, not just two.


So what to do?  Report buyer for making unreasonable demands?  He did, after all, ask me to back out of a PAID item from another buyer.. is there even a policy against asking me to do this?


I'm certainly interested in making sure Dave gets a NPB strike, so I'll wait for my automatic unpaid item assitant to kick in.  But, I want to make sure this process does not have any possibility of getting me an negative feedback.  Is feedback from buyers blocked if they don't pay?  What if I kick-off this process, and then he ends up paying and doing shenanigans with the items (destroying, making a false claim, etc.)?


It feels like I'm stuck with two options.  The Let-Dave-Out-Of-Jail option of just canceling the bid, for which he gets no strike against his account I believe.  And the Roll-The-Dice option of doing an unpaid item and maybe getting roped into a horrible situation.



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I barely shipped the package and the buyer already opened a case asking for a refund. It says delivered on the shipping and he said that he didn't get it.

Selling discussion

Jan 31, 2015 3:07:43 PM PT

Buyer opened a case

Trying to resolve a difficult seller protection issue, ans customer service can't/won't help.  Trying to reach someone responsible for setting policy.  E-bay claims to have "Seller Protection Roardshows" where they meet with sellers, but customer service claims never to have heard of them.  Are these real? How do I find one?

Selling question

I am so annoyed.  I have a listing right now, and originally when zero feedback buyers (2) had bid on my account, I figured I had messed up something in my seller preferences.  I looked online (I've literally sold like 3 things on ebay - so I know the rules, but not the intricate rules) and I made sure that I was allowed to cancel a bid due to zero feedback bidders.  


After I cancelled the bids the 2nd day my item was listed and successfully had reset my auction back to the first bidder (large number positive feedback).  It was no biggie - It was the 2nd day and I would rather get paid from a legitimate buyer than risk not getting paid or put through the ringer by a scam artist.    


I saw a post that you should set your selling site preferences to -1 feedback and the issue would be eliminated.  I did that.  Now, I have like 2 days left and my item has doubled in price, but there are two more zero feedback buyers bidding with the original bidder and I now realize that the -1 feedback listing does not block zero feedback bidders.  I can't keep cancelling bids when I only have like two days left.  That would be ridiculous.  


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there a way to block the zero feedback bidders?  If not, is this a recent epidemic?  I'm just selling my used phone because I need some extra cash.  I don't want to go through some buyer drama over this.


Any insightful advice?  Or happy thoughts?



Bidding & Buying question

I'am a new seller on E-bay. I had two of my items on auction. One was ending 7  days after the First auction. I had bidder with good feedback bidding on my item and the amount was satisfactory. But this 0 feedback bidder who made his profile same day started bidding like crazy. He won and is not responding to my messages and not paying for my item. 


To my shocking horror  the other item on auction, he made sure he remains the highest bidder. And he has also exceeding the retail price of that item. I am sure he will not pay for this one also. since, it has exceded the retail price way high. No genuine buyer will buy from me now. So disapointing as a new seller i have to go through with all of this. What can i do next. I'am dead sure he will not pay. 


Any Ideas ? sugessions? 

Bidding & Buying question

Is there any way to enlarge the text in these messages? I looked under my settings and couldn't find anything.


I have to enlarge each forum post by hand, every time I click on one of these posts. Pain in the butt.


Is there a way to make this an option?

My Account discussion

Jan 30, 2015 7:28:42 PM PT

The text is too darn small!

Like the title says... How to report these sellers? I don't see anything regarding this listing violation in the dropdown boxes.

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I sold itm. number 390250460388 and sent wrong color; wasn't sure how to determine whether the error was mine.


Determined it was mine and refunded buyer prior to return ultimately agreed to refund return postage when buyer returns item.


Buyer has been refunded; still has my merchandise and wants prepaid return postage.


Committment with buyer has been horrible.


I just want to be done with buyer but I think EBay should say something to client. I've already blocked her from future buying with me.

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Jan 29, 2015 8:32:51 PM PT

How do I resolve this

I was interested in a pair of slippers, but I saw that the shipping charge for the particular pair I really wanted was more than twice any of the other pairs that came up in my search. He was charging $14.95 to ship an item that could be mailed in a bubble envelope, and would total weight would be 1.5 lbs tops. I put this info into the usps calculator, used his location and mine to determine shipping, and came up with flat rate Priority at about $6 or $7. So I wrote to him, told him how much I liked the item but was puzzles by such a high shipping charge--would he consider lowering it? I even told him the price I researched.

His listings are all Buy It Now, with no option to bid. Some of his other listings offer free shipping. What gets me is he's just so blatant about gouging on shipping. Obviously I am not going to buy from him--I know that's how it works, if you don't like the terms of a listing, you give your business to another seller. But is there anyway to report his message to eBay? I did report the listing as a circumventing of eBay fees, but it didn't give me a chance to mention his message to me anywhere. Or am I just making too much of this? As a seller myself, it just bugs me to no end when I run across sellers like this.

Shipping & Returns question

I never received the item that i ordered ,my package was delivered by usps and left  outside  by the door according to tracking details, the mail carrier also admitted leaving the package outside and now according to ebay seller , she did her part and usps also did their part  delivering the item , leaving it outside ,so nothing can be done about it, i lost it all and i learn my lesson well.  From now on , i will do business with Amazon

Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 3:16:00 PM PT

lost package

Hi, I have brought over 100~ items on ebay, return a few, and never really have any problem until today. 


I order a ring on Jan 18. Got my ring on 22th. Realize it was way too lose to be size 7(more like 8), I filed a return request and contact seller. 


Seller never responded to my message.


I opened a case and it said " If you don't hear back or can't work things out, you can ask us to step in and help starting on Jan 30, 2015."


When I click on the link today, it said 


"This return was completed on Jan 30, 2015."


Here's what happened
Jan 26: You requested a return
Reason for return: It's the wrong size or doesn't fit 
Comments: -----------
Seller return address: Seller address 
I still haven't recieved my refund. 
I have read other thread on the forum. Am I suppose to get Return label within 36 hours, or I need to ship item back and wait 6 days to get refund, or what am I suppose to do? There's no instruction at all. 
.____.  thank you. 


Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 3:48:18 PM PT

This return was completed < I'm confused

I keep getting messages from someone who has non-payment strikes against them and so can't bid on my items due to my rules. I have no intention of replying to their requests to sell outside of ebay.  I do not understand why they are allowed to harass me via ebay's communication messaging and I have no way to turn them off. I've blocked them to no avail. When you look at their feedback, they gave negatives to a bunch of sellers who obviously did not deserve negatives. They are unbalanced. Why does ebay continue to allow undesirable buyers.. it really makes it difficult. If I had a brick and mortar store I would just throw them out on their ass.

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Hi, i bought an item and paid 2.50 for the shipping.  when the package came it said i owed 3.92, so they wouldn't deliver it.  The sell said it was a scam.  I went to the PO paid the 3.92.  the problem was (1) the seller paid for 1st class postage, but shipped in a priorty box, and (2) he listed it at 3 oz, and it weighed 10 oz.   I asked him to pay reimburse me the 3.92 since it was his mistake, and he said he is going to open a case, but i haven't heard anything (24 hours later)  Should i open a case....?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Jan 30, 2015 8:14:39 PM PT

extra postage due

hey everyone,


wanted to join up on the forum to request some assistance on this subject. I am a fireman in a relativly small city, where we are on call and respond to the station in our own vehicles to get ready and on a truck so emergency lights are allowed. We've been forced to change over to magnetic mounted light bars on top of the car for safety so I must get rid of my dash light that I bought some time ago. It is an LED dash light that flashes red and blue. Now I am quite aware of the policy ebay has here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/police.html -- Now I don't mean to call one seller out, however, a sample listing shown here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/16-LED-Red-Blue-Car-Police-Strobe-Flash-Light-Dash-Emergency-18-Flashing-Light-/151569815016?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item234a43d5e8&vxp=mtr shows someone selling these things. They aren't the only one if you do some searching ( or even look at the related products section ). So I'd like to know that actual stance on this. I do not want to put my selling account at jeopardy so any feedback would be helpful! Thanks! (I have not listed the item).

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Jan 31, 2015 5:32:16 PM PT

Selling Emergency Vehicle Lights


I sold an item to a buyer in America and used the Ebay Global Shipping Program (for the first time!). The buyer has advised me that the item arrived damaged. Looking at the photos it is obvious that the damage has been caused in transit. When I packed the item it was in perfect condition and I packaged it VERY securely. 

Please can you advise me what the next step should be? Is it up to the seller to file a complaint throught the resolution centre. I read online that there are many instances of the shipping agent Pitney Bowes damaging goods.


Shipping & Returns question

Jan 30, 2015 9:34:09 AM PT

Global shipping program damage in post