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I saw a listing and wanted more picutres.  The seller had hist email address in the details, so I emailed him directoy asked for more picutres of specific things.


He then pulled the listing and asked for personal information, and of course I didn't play that game.


I want to be able to report the member, but the listing is gone and I can't find it.


I can't find a way to contact ebay about potential seller fraud.


Here is the exchange:


GmailGregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>

Ramirez on ebay
7 messages

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 3:17 PM
To: *****@gmail.com
Hey, can you show me a picture of the full label?  It doesn't sound like it's actually a 1A.

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 2:22 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
The item is already at shipping company ready to be shipped.
If you want to buy it now for the price of $3500 with shipping and handling included, i will need your full name, address(shipping address) and username so i can contact the eBay team to let them know about our transaction, and after they will approve it, you will receive an invoice containing all the steps that you need to follow for this to be a safe and fast transaction. Also a phone number is required where you can be found at any hour(cell phone). My auction is 14 days money back guarantee (if it's not like we agreed, or broken you will receive the money back). I can ship in 3 days, and please let me know if we can arrange a deal
[Quoted text hidden]

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 9:53 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>
I don't see the item on ebay any more.  Is it still there?
[Quoted text hidden]

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 10:34 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
Yes sir the item is ready to be shipped...
If you want to buy it now for the price of $3500 with shipping and handling included, i will need your full name, address(shipping address) and username so i can contact the eBay team to let them know about our transaction, and after they will approve it, you will receive an invoice containing all the steps that you need to follow for this to be a safe and fast transaction. Also a phone number is required where you can be found at any hour(cell phone). My auction is 14 days money back guarantee (if it's not like we agreed, or broken you will receive the money back). I can ship in 3 days, and please let me know if we can arrange a deal
[Quoted text hidden]

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 10:35 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>
I can't find it today for some reason.  Will you link me to the item or provide the item number?
[Quoted text hidden]

james robertson <*****@gmail.com>Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 4:52 AM
To: Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>
I stopped the auction for you. Now i wait your e-mail with your fullname and shipping address so i can contact eBay to finish this transaction.
thank you


Sent from my iPad

Gregory ***** <*****@gmail.com>Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 6:36 AM
To: james robertson <*****@gmail.com>

Sorry, I'm not falling for that.  Good luck with your scamming.

[Quoted text hidden]

Bidding & Buying discussion

Trying to add my active listings to my catogories. Every time I do, they go to "Other" and not what I chose.

help.pnghelp1.png  What am I doing wrong?

Selling question

Apr 25, 2015 1:12:15 PM PT

What am I doing wrong?

I recently picked this up at an auction...because I thought it was cute and that it looked rather old/vintage.  Can anyone identify the maker and approx. year of it's manufacture?  There are no markings on the bottom.  It is 8" tall x 6 3/4" long (side view).  Thanks so much in advance.

027 (1024x768).jpg022 (768x1024).jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

How do I add a store theme to my store? I have been researching it online and this is what it says: "

  1. Go to My ebay>Manage My Store>Display Setting.
  2. The second window in the page says “theme and display” on the left"

I can't find the "Display Setting". Help?


This is all I can see: 2221.png


Selling question

Apr 25, 2015 7:09:00 PM PT

How to pick theme colors for store?

Found a jar of junk jewelry at TS.  Anyone see anything interesting? Know what the DBH/BDH/BHD stands for?  The ring is adjustable faux leather with enamel butterfly marked "N".  Earring at bottom have lion charm. Think there's a complete picture later!



Shell earrings with gold gilt.  Acrylic stones? Fossil watch.




Glass Micro mosiac.  This stumps me--See sold from 3.00 to 4000.  This is a keychain.  M/N Italia on pendant 

Patent Made in Italy on keychain ring.  Haven't fount that mark anywhere. Much shinier than picture.


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Apr 24, 2015 1:22:22 PM PT

Jar of stuff!

ALL EBAY STORES are to receive a 1099 tax form!!  The 200 listing and $20,000 limit will disappear!!   So what do you think?


I predict within 6 months this will be mandated and that's the real push... oh and of course eBay wants more money.. they always do. 


Everyone is sharing how angry they are over the 20 Listing/20 Auction deal, but I bet its more insidious than that.  Also if you didn't keep all receipts... those "Free Shipping" deals you paid for at eBay's push... well now thats income for you to pay taxes on too.


Its 20 listings a  month for me now!!! 

Selling discussion

Clear was bought by Sprint so I cancelled the service.  Now I have the Clear modem.  I looked at EB listings and there are pages of them for sale. But if the company is going out of business, what good is the modem?  I would like to put mine up for sale.  Need advice.

Selling discussion

I had an item on eBay auction that was particularly popular and suddenly my phone started ringing and I was inundated with calls and texts (at 11 pm). I didn't take the calls as I didn't recognize the numbers or locations, but when I listened to the voicemails they were from (potential) bidders. I was astonished! I know we're required to provide a phone number on our ebay account but I was totally unaware eBay would give out my number to strangers! Ridiculous! Seems like an invasion of privacy. First time this has ever happened in 15 years. I tried to change a setting on my account info to "private" but saw no option to do so.

Selling discussion

Apr 25, 2015 3:54:21 PM PT

eBay Gave my Phone Number out to Bidders

I've been selling a lot of books, mostly as sets (by series, by author, by type), and have started to accumulate a lot of singletons that can't be listed this way. Good books, high quality, but individually not worth effort to list given very small profit margin. However, it occurred to me that maybe I could do something like this:


Put together an inventory list of all these singletons -- or maybe an inventory list for the singletons in each genre -- then put up a listing on ebay for each inventory list with something like "Science Fiction Genre - Pick 10 books from list in Description for $10" 10 books together would be worthwhile to list, plus customer would pay a lot less shipping. When a customer bought one set of ten, he indicates the ten he wants as a note to the order. His buy takes the listing down, I ship his 10, adjust inventory list in the listing and then put the listing back out again.


This is such a simple idea I figured others must have thought of it, but I can't really find any listings of this type on ebay. This then makes me wonder if ebay has some type of policy against listings like this.



Selling discussion

I am having trouble with an ebay seller. I thought we had resolved the issue, but yesterday I received a very mean message:


I am so confused and mad. I have no idea what happened, and I am not sure who did what wrong here. Maybe you guys can help me?


The long story's short version is this:

I bought two plates and one tea cup from them. After more than a week and two emails, they answer that they don't have the tea cup in stock and ask me to wait a bit more. I bought and paid for an item that they DID THEN NOT HAVE IN STOCK. I email back and say:

I will give you two options:
1. I give you one more week to find a cup (until sunday 19th). If you don’t have it until then, I’ll request my money back. If you do, you’ll send it asap, and I won’t leave any feedback at all, or neutral feedback.
2. You can send me any of these two alternative items instead of the cup:
a) Large creamer
b) the Coffee Cup and saucer + one Serviette ring
They’re worth a little bit more than the tea cup, but you’ll have to see that as another form of apology. Upon receiving the items (and the plates) I will leave positive feedback.
Get back to me about what you want to do.
Best regards,
- chibikumo  


They then send me the coffee cup, serviette ring and two plates.


The thing is that when handling with fine china, there's something called "factory seconds". This user had previously reassured me that their items are top quality and their auction says "ALL ITEMS ARE IN STUNNING VINTAGE CONDITION, WITH NO CHIPS, CRACKS OR SPLITS, AND EXCELLENT GILDING" and "excellent condition". A factory second is a defect product that were being given away for free or sold cheaply from the factory. They have faults that should have been stated, and does not earn the "excellent condition" definition.


So I email him this and included pictures:

I received the items today, thank you. They were very well packed.
I love the serviette ring and the plates are awesome. However, the coffee cup is a factory second. It was not stated anywhere that it was a factory second, and you didn’t tell me this either. Your auction says there’s no flaws in any of your items. If it was only a little problem with it, I wouldn’t care, but on this factory second there’s obvious problems in the colors of the rose. Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I’ve messaged you about factory firsts and factory seconds before, didn’t you understand that I am very keen on getting factory firsts only? I attach photos with comparison to a factory first tea cup I own. As you can see, the flaws are very visible.
Factory seconds should NEVER be sold at the same price as factory firsts. They were given away for free or sold very cheaply from the factory. If you bought it at normal price, you were scammed. This cup is not worth the £14.99 you put on it, and not the £17.99 I paid for it and the serviette ring. At least the saucer and the ring were factory firsts, but this coffee cup has such obvious flaws it’s just not worth that amount at all. I want a £5 refund, or I will leave neutral feedback and explain that you sell factory seconds at the same price as factory firsts. I will also never buy from you again, and I won’t recommend you to anyone. There’s been so many faults in the service I’ve received from you, I should just leave negative feedback by now. I will give you one last chance of refunding me £5, and I shall still leave positive feedback, but will never buy from you again. I appreciate you trying to make up for your past mistakes to me, but sending me a factory second with obvious flaws is not going to help, sadly.
I am sorry to see it turn out this way.
Thank you regardless.
- chibikumo


He then tries to say that it's not a factory second, and I send him a picture of the mark on the underside of the cup that says it is a factory second. After another email, he sends me my £5 and I leave positive feedback for him, as I feel that he deserves it regardless because he did his best to fix the problems that arose. Even if he sold me an item that he didn't have.


And then he sent me that first message. So apparently he's reported me to ebay? He thinks I blackmailed him, although he at any point could have opened an issue with ebay? This case was SOLVED between the two of us, he agreed to EVERYTHING! And now he brings it all up again, even if HE is the one who broke two rules: All sales are final, and the item condition was a lie.


I've researched a lot and looked through the ebay rules, and I am sad to say that I was not completely aware of everything, despite my long history here. I don't sell here, and I rarely buy anything either. I've never had to leave a negative feedback and I've never received one either.


I don't find anything absolutely specific for my situation and what I should have done, but I realise that I should have not forgiven him for not having my item in stock. I should have reported him to ebay from the start for selling a non-existing item, gotten my money back and bought something somewhere else. I swear, SWEAR that I did ONLY try to make things easier on us, I only tried to fix the situation. I wasn't trying to get items that I wasn't supposed to have - I got ONE serviette ring which I frankly don't need. I have tea cups for 6 people, why would I even need a single serviette ring? I asked for it just because I was okay with getting the coffee cup but it wasn't listed for as much as the tea cup. So instead of having him refund me and sending the coffee cup, I just said he could include a serviette ring and we'd be done. I had nothing but good intentions of making everything easier on us both AND letting him avoid getting a NEGATIVE feedback from me for not having my item in stock! And he also avoided getting suspended for violating ebay rules of selling items not in stock!


I should not have done that. I should have reported him immediately. Now it's this huge mess.

I did NOT try to blackmail him. I did not request something that was outside of the original listing or I'd leave negative feedback - this is a violation of ebay policy, I read. It is NOT what I tired to do, but I guess he can try to claim that I did. But he already agreed with me, so why didn't he just report me then? Also, I gave him the choice of me requesting my money back entierly, in the first email from me included here. In the second where I requested a £5 refund, I didn't state that he was free to ask me to request my money back and send back the item. I thought it was implied. I wasn't trying to MAKE him do things by "blackmailing" with feedback. I was trying to TELL him was he could do to earn a positive feedback, even though he repeatedly made offenses! I shouldn't have done that either, I should have left negative feedback at once without giving him a single chance to redeem himself.


So I'm wondering what you guys think? What should I do? Will my account be suspended because I "blackmailed" him? (Which was, yet again, NOT my INTENTION!) Is the whole thing still valid since we didn't go through the resolution center? Are my mistakes even valid since he was the one who sold me an item not in stock first? Should I go to the resolution center and request a full refund and send the items back? Can I still report him as a non-complying seller?


Thankful for all answers.


Some off-site links with more info:



Selling discussion

Apr 26, 2015 9:18:11 AM PT

Seller made mistakes, did I make mistakes?

What exactly is the 7 day wait for when you want to leave a neutral feedback with someone who is a powerseller? My feedback wont be aby different now then it will be then. I have my item, it wasnt as described but I was able to get it working so I want to leave a neutral. Just dont understand the exact purpose of the waiting period. Are they hoping we will forget or change our minds later?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 25, 2015 11:46:40 AM PT

Why the 7 day wait?

Yes I am once again having an issue with a buyer and ebay as well. I have received a false negative feedback from a buyer stating the dress i sold her was only 23 inches long which is untrue this item was 34 inches long and have sold many others of the same with many other positive feedbacks to prove it. After looking further into buyers feedback left for other sellers it was the same thing buyer was rarely happy. Ebay told me i have to communicate with buyer and ask them to revise it there is no way they can remove it. This is false and has just knocked me from a top rated seller for my next evaluation. And if it was truly 23 inches why did buyer not file inad case

Selling discussion

Apr 25, 2015 7:35:49 PM PT

False negative feedback

I purchased an item from a seller and paid for expedited shipping and he emailed me the day after (not using eBay) telling me that he was going to try shipping it out that day.

He didn't ship it out. On his listing, it states that the seller usually ships within two days. It has been about a week now. I asked the seller when he planned on shipping the item and he said if it hasn't shipped in 3 weeks from order date then I can report it to eBay. I don't exactly want to wait three weeks for a seller who may or may not ship my item. Am I being impatient? Do I have to wait the three weeks before reporting a problem?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Ok, I must say this is a first, I sell my books on ebay, for less than my publisher.

I screwed up and did not send immediately via media mail, so I sent it priority.   (so cost me extra money)

But what bothered me was his response and reason - mind you, this came right out of an unopened box of 20 books... All I did was sign the interior.

Here's what the buyer said:
Reason:I don't need it anymore
Comments:Hello, I received the book yesterday and wish to return it. It has a tear on page 174, and the info in it is basically a repeat of other books I have. Thank you. Regards, William

I realize there is info in it from other books, but no other book has a detailed chart of all known Simson, with info on proofs, type, names, and then about 30+ pictures of different guns so you can compare AND detailed close ups of parts and acceptance markings.

So, my primary question is this:  Do I deduct shipping to HIM from the Paypal?  Or I just lose out?


Technically his reason I could have denied it, but I think he threw in the 'tear on pg 174' to cover himself.  I have since blocked him, but I hate getting screwed by someone. 

Selling discussion

Hiya, have been having trouble with a seller. I never received a package that i brought from them, they said that it was delivered and said they have a tracking number to prove it. They were rude and unhelpful so i opened a case for it. They replied to the case three days later and was rude again and then left bad feedback inside a positive feedback, again being rude. As they were completely not helpful and didn't reply i had to look into it myself, turns out the address the courier had was not my address. He says he doesn't care and it doesn't matter and that eBay will side with him because he has a tracking number that says it was delievered "somewhere" is this true? Thanks !

Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 24, 2015 11:01:23 AM PT

Seller delivered to wrong address

I bought something that arrived in the mail today.  I immediately left the seller a positive feedback.  Then I realized that they sent the wrong item.  Because I left the seller a positive feedback, have I ended the transaction and removed my ability to file for a return from the seller for not shipping the correct item?

Bidding & Buying discussion

does ebay charge for bid? when i bided it asked for credit card information and blocked some money on the card

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 24, 2015 12:32:24 PM PT

does ebay charge for bid?

. Bought in Antique shop in the 40s, opaque glass, bought in SE Ct, appear to be hand painted with a gold rim, no markings of any kind

Selling discussion

I recently listed a semi-valuable board game and had a bidding war between three accounts, all with 0% feedback ratings (and two which were registered the day they started bidding).


The account who won (for ~$300) paid me immediately after the auction was over, so I'm not concerned about getting the money--but should I be worried that I'll get scammed after the fact? Maybe they'll file a claim with eBay/Paypal that they never recieved the item, or it was damaged; something like that?


Basically seeing all those 0-feedback accounts flying around makes me nervous, and I'm wondering if there are some preventative meaures I should be taking to make sure I don't get ripped off.


Thanks for your help!

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 7:05:07 AM PT

Bidding war with 0% feedback accounts?

I have a case, but not how to handle it because Ebay does not give me the tools to do it or do not know how, it turns out, I win a bet, almost inadvertently a LG G3, which was saying that was defective in reading the sim card, but the seller never put photos of the damage, and when they ask, I leave you on hold, and never the shipping, so I have not paid the bet because of poor communication with the seller, and the seller has not completed the shipment, because I have not paid, 2 days after requesting him to cancel the purchase I get tired of waiting for photographs, but with very bad attitude told me I ought to paying it, or else I would block my paypal account, I need to know how to handle this case, since by his bad attitude and poor communication do not want to deal with this seller.
I need help because ebay could cancel my account or paypal account.
and try to discuss with the seller but I can not treat that person.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Just wondering, from anyone who has a propay account-

If a buyer files a case with ebay and ebay grants them a refund and your using propay.. what happens exactly.


I've heard people switching from paypal  to propay to avoid paypals ability to remove money from their accounts, but I did read one person said if you use propay ebay just adds the "refund" total to your seller fees.


Is that true? If so it pretty much makes using propay pointless then since your going to pay either way.


I'm probably sticking with paypal but I was just curious if anyone knows.


Selling discussion

Apr 23, 2015 10:04:24 PM PT

So how does ebay cases work with Propay

Wanted some thoughts on this issue. I sold an item (diabetes test strips) to a buyer. Mailed them (3/16). Got paid. Never heard anything.  The other day (4/23) I get a message from eBay saying the buyer wants a refund as he never received the item.
I never included the tracking information in my shipment (first and last time I ever do that).  I through out the receipt from the USPS as it was over a month.

My solution thus far is having the Post Master try to locate the tracking number.


I was proactive and called his local Post Office (across the country). The new guy (his store) before I could finish. They have got calls before and claim his system of receiving is a nightmare as he gets a lot of packages weekly. The man at the post office said he is sure he definitely has the item and cant find it in his own store.

With that being said the buyer now keeps asking for a tracking number and a refund.

End of the day if the post office comes back empty can I dig my heels in and say it's been over a month? The refund too is over $1K.

I appreciate all advice. 

Selling discussion

I got an offer on an item that ended. I accepted the offer and relisted the item. The problem is that I listed it in the auction format for 3 days instead of BIN. The bidder that made the offer already bid on it but now it has to run for 3 days.

The buyer is fairly new and probably thinks this is how it's done so I don't want to make a big deal out of it. Any suggestions??

Selling discussion

Apr 24, 2015 6:49:23 AM PT

can you sell to first bidder

Hi. Just received a strange request by a new member (no feedback rating) and message was sent the same day as their ebay membership started. I'll post message for a better understanding



I became suspicious because it DOES NOT specify for a particular item that is listed and there was no "unanswered question" [red bar] on my active selling page. I did not answer because of the reasons mentioned and also the member sent the message the first day of their membership on ebay; just not adding up.
I could be wrong, but I am a skeptic - too many "phishy" people out there.
Thank you.

Selling question

Apr 25, 2015 7:53:40 AM PT

Unusual request by "0" feedback member?!?

I was reading a recent thread about lies sellers tell which referred to "estate sale" description & this got me to thinking-is the fact that an item was acquired at an estate sale a plus or a negative? Does it give an item cache or is it a way to say "I'm not the original owner so I can't vouch for its provenance"?
Now, I myself have included this in listings for true estate finds but in retrospect am not sure why other than I see it is commonly used by others!
Any thoughts on this subject?

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 11:55:53 AM PT

"Estate Sale" Description?

I sold an item, invoiced the customer, went back in later it showed paid in eBay (check mark and $ sign were in Blue.  Said PRINT LABEL in Blue, so I did and mailed package out same day. When I went back in much later it showed item was not paid that it was mailed and the check mark and the $ were in grey. I called ebay they sent me to Paypal: Paypal said customer attempted to make payment and it did not take. They don't know why eBay marked it as paid.  eBay said they have no record of payment being made and that perhaps I hit the Label button by mistake or the Customer may have changed their mind. I should put in an unpaid item assist.  Now I am out $190.00.  Because customer is ignoring me completly.  I have been selling for at least 10 years I know the difference between a Paid item and an Unpaid item.  Has anyone had this problem?  All I know is PayPal and eBay are saying they are not responsible.

Payments question

looking for a shiping price to bring a van from usa to dublin ireland? regards ronan

Getting Started question

Selling question

There are too many China sellers are using fake locations. They say their locations are Hong Kong or the US but  they are not in Hong Kong or in the US. They are actully in China. I've purchased some items from Hong Kong sellers before. But items were shipped from China. Then I search "US Only", but there are sill some China sellers. I am not saying that all China sellers are not honest but many of them are doing such thing called "location abuse".  I always try to avoid purchasing things from China sellers because it takes like a month or even longer time to ship an item from China to the United States. And when a problem happens, it's hard to make a resolution. As a buyer, I felt like I had been cheated by sellers location. Why does Ebay allow them to use fake locations?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 25, 2015 4:26:47 PM PT

Many China sellers are using fake locations

On 04/21/15, I sold my xbox 360 and some games. The winning bidder won it for $172.50. Literally the minute the auction ended, they messaged me saying "change it to $25", when I asked them what they meant, they were basically telling me to change their bid to $25, because they didn't want the entire auction, but just one of the games. When I said I couldn't / wouldn't do that, they told me they were only thirteen, and if I didn't sell them just the game, they wouldn't be paying. I immediately sent them a cancel order notice, which they ignored. I sent them a message earlier today, asking them to please accept the cancel notice, to which they replied "you're mean so no". Awesome. 


I entered the cancel order instead of the resolve an issue / open unpaid case because I figured since they were online at the time, and since they knew that non-payment would leave a mark on their record, they'd agree to cancel the order. Now they're declining to cancel. Can I still open a resolve an issue / unpaid order case to get a fee credit, or will I have to pay for the "buyer" winning?


What drives me crazy with this is, they were a last minute bid. There was about eight second left on the auction, and she bid and won. This xbox is cursed, I swear it. This is the third "buyer" who hasn't paid. :smileyindifferent: 


(It kind of messed up the screenshots - it starts where the picture is in the middle and reads up, then the last two are the final messages before I did the cancel)

Selling question

Can't sell items on eBay displaying dollar sign not pou d sign do not k ow how to change it to pound sign so I can list items Margaret-87

Selling discussion

Hello, Does anyone have an idea who the maker of this footed matte green jardiniere is? Heavy matte green glaze appx. 10 inches tall 13 inches wide. The leaf motif is like a dandelion leaf. Mint condition ,any suggestion on value ?

Collectibles & Art discussion

buyer can create, real or imagined, by just opening a case because they don't want to bother (pay themselves) to return an item? Even when seller accepts returns has said they will refund the returned item? Thank you.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Can anyone shed some light on what this is?  I've looked up antique plungers but haven't found anything that looks quite like what I have.  Any ideas?

Antiques discussion

Apr 25, 2015 3:47:19 PM PT

ID help: Antique copper plunger?

Why does counter indicate multiple views immediately upon listing item?


Sometimes the counter shows zero upon listing item. Then other times the

counter shows as many as six views immediately upon listing. I'm talking

about one second after listing. This diminishes my confidence that the

counters are accurate.


Does anyone have an explanation?




Selling question

I just sold a few items, and one buyer claims the item is not as described.


At first, he was asking 1/5 of the total value for refund (item is not cheap), and I offered paying return shipping plus full refund. He then got back to me and asked for a different amount of partial refund, and I again, offered paying return shipping plus full refund.


It seems like he would like to keep to item, but with some sort of refund, but I'd much prefer having the items back and do full refund. After reading many terrible ebay seller storiese, I start to wonder, what is the worst case scenerio for me if he just won't return the item? I don't care about feedback as I'm only an occasional seller. Also, should I do anything on my end now?


Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 8:37:51 AM PT

Issues with items I sold.

So here is the deal:

I purchased an amp that was listed as "Excellent Condition".  When I received the amp, first thing I did was remove the non-original hokey badge that was on it.  I want to return this amp, because it is not in excellent condiiton, it is not even in workable condition. Problem is, I lost the badge.  Am I out of luck, will I still be able to return the amp if eBay steps in?  



A little background:
After plugging it in, I noticed a multitiude of issues.  I figured I would take it in to the shop to see if it could just be some maintenence stuff.  It wasn't.  It is going to cost me over half the cost that I paid for it to get it to a normal running condition.  The tech told me it was electrically unsafe to use. Upon speaking to the seller, he wanted no part in helping me out. Told me "Luck of the draw", and that it is clearly stated that he doesn't offer returns.




Shipping & Returns question

Apr 26, 2015 3:45:26 PM PT

Returning an amp without badge

Unique carved design tabletop, anyone familiar? 

Moving right along cleaning out my Mom's 3 story full house. .until I found this!

Not sure anything about it but it's beautiful! Every inch tells a story.

I'll post individual pix of each side and any info at all would be wonderful

Selling discussion

Buyer purchased IPhone 4s but wants to ship to a relative in Nigeria. Have any others come across this request? Potential scam? They offered to pay an additional $70 for shipping.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 24, 2015 11:27:33 PM PT

Ship to Nigeria

I posted two questions a couple of weeks ago.

How can I find out if anyone answered them?


All I can find here seems to be recent questions and answers.

Selling question

Hey guys. My package was out for delivery on the tracking information, but I revieced this instead of the package. Why do i owe money? I paid $5 for economy shipping to the seller on the transaction. This is something the seller should pay, correct? 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Apr 25, 2015 11:59:33 AM PT

Payment due to Post office?

I hate that we have to accept Paypal E-checks, there should be a way to select an option of not accepting them. They tie up our inventory too long.  I could have opened an UPI case by now and relisted the item!




Just had to vent. 





Payments question

Apr 25, 2015 3:58:54 PM PT

I hate paypal E-chcecks

Hello eBay community,
I decided to purchase some items from a new chinese seller and im already having a problem :smileysad:
I ordered to bracelets wich seemed to ship just fine fine with the right tracking and all
But ive recently ordered 2 necklace chains
And the tracking number is 11 numbers
No letters at all and the shipment method was Econmy shipping outside of US and whatever china tracking site i try nothing works

Heres the tracking number:

If anyone knows anything about what this might be
It would be greatly appreciated


Shipping & Returns discussion

Apr 24, 2015 12:40:47 PM PT

China tracking 11 digits?

Hello, Does anyone have an idea who the maker of this footed matte green jardiniere is? Heavy matte green glaze appx. 10 inches tall 13 inches wide. The leaf motif is like a dandelion leaf. Mint condition ,any suggestion on value ?

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 24, 2015 5:25:16 PM PT

identify matte green jardiniere

Do I have to refund him the full amount including the initial shipping cost?  How about the shippping cost for the return? 

Getting Started question

Apr 24, 2015 4:23:24 PM PT

Buyer wants to return an item

One week from today will be May 1. All the new changes will take place.


And all the sellers who have not read about the Spring Update (most of them) will start flooding in and it will all start up again.


Should be interesting.

Selling discussion

How do I assign my current items for sale to store categories?


I can't figure it out. Thank you!

Selling question

I have looked and have got close but not a match any help would be great thank you in advance.

Collectibles & Art discussion

Please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask, but this is driving me up a wall. I concider myself as a moderatly experianced seller. For the last week when I go to list the page is in very tiny type. That is the only page like this on any site I use. 

Selling question

Apr 25, 2015 3:19:15 PM PT

Listing page in small type

I am trying to think of a good name for my ebay store. I was thinking Twyla's Treasures. Any input?  


Starting an eBay Business question

Apr 25, 2015 9:22:45 PM PT

naming an ebay store

I'm very confused at the moment.  I'm trying to list an auction and there isn't an option to upload pictures for my auction (Ebay hosting as it is before.  It just has a field to give an html link to a 3rd party picture hosting site.  Did something change in the past couple of weeks?  Help.

Selling discussion

Apr 25, 2015 5:53:37 PM PT

Not possible to upload pictures???

how can i change my account back to english pound from dollars

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 26, 2015 11:19:50 AM PT

how do i get rid of dllar back to pounds

I am trying to find a way to look at when an item in my inventory last sold.  I am using the "out of stock" option.  Thanks for any info/help on this.

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 9:41:16 AM PT

Any way to tell when an item last sold

I posted a question some time ago, but didn't know how to check for replies until now.


I saw two replies that are both excellent, answering two totally different aspects of the question.


Is there any way to acknowledge both of them as 'solutions'?


(I guess I can kudo both of them, which I will, but I'd also like to close out the question, and can't figure out which one two say gave the best answer.)

Tools & Apps discussion

Here's the link to  the box thanks





Shipping & Returns question

Apr 24, 2015 7:56:55 AM PT

small mailing tube priority express price

I purchased a Pur faucet water filter and received it on April 20th.  I installed it but it leaks around the cap where you place the filter inside of it.  Have tried to re-position the filter several times but doesn't matter what I've tried it still leaks when the filter is in the on position.  I have sent 2 messages to the seller and have gotten no reply.  The return policy states that the item must be returned in the condition that it was received and unused.  I want to return it as it is defective.  It also says I can return it and print a lable but it must be done wihin 5 days of receiving the item.  Seeing that the seller has not responded, I was going to file an  item not as described because I can't really say it is unused.  There is no option to file item not as decribed.  I'm not sure how to do this now.  Maybe I'm missing something.  Any suggestion on how to handle this problem.?   TIA

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 24, 2015 4:43:46 AM PT

Defective item received

Selling question

Can someone tell me why the Australia only selection has been removed from the left hand menu.

I like being able to choose items from Australia only as it often takes ages trying to find things listed that are located in Australia.

Bidding & Buying question



I have a question about whether the full, original "Final Value" fee is charged to a seller even after the seller has given a partial refund to a customer. For example, if I have charged a customer too much for shipping and later give a refund, must I still pay the original seller fee on ALL the shipping originally paid by the buyer? Same goes if there is a problem with the item and I adjust the price lower by giving a partial refund because the customer wants to keep the item. I understand I would still have to pay the original full final value fee despite refunding part of the money to the buyer. Is this actually the case?


I have been confused about the situation after making some small adjustments for customers when I found that I could ship an item more cheaply than I had originally thought. I have wondered if I got anything of my Final Value Fees adjusted by eBay to a lesser amount .


Also, a seller kindly refigured the shipping charges and lowered the price of an item after I paid the invoice at the original price and shipping charge on a group of Buy It Now items. We had negotiated the price and actual shipping before I bought the items. She had planned to adjust the price of the items on the invoice and lower the cost of the shipping to the actual cost to ship. But she was unable to adjust the cost of the items on the invoice and forgot to adjust the shipping cost from the one automatically figured for the "Buy it Now" listing. So she had me pay the items' price as shown on the listing and refunded the differences after I paid. Was she hit with the full Final Value fee for the entire amount of the invoice -- items and shipping -- I originally paid?


I have seen a couple sellers state that eBay doesn't refund any part of the seller's fees if the seller gives a partial refund. Does anyone know for sure?


Thank you.

Payments question

I have what I believe to be a zoomorphic vessel. It has a hole in the back, but no spout. What is the use of this vessel? Thanks! Todd

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hello I need your help. I notice many people use "Vintage Manuals & Merchandise" when listing old Commodore Computer Games (1980's Games). I always list them in Video Games and Consoles / Video Games.


Is there an advantage when listing these old games in one or the other?


Thank you in advance for your help.



Shipping & Returns question

Where can I find the Ebay Stores Index, also Templetes for a store?  Margaret Bookwalking4u 

Starting an eBay Business question

I would like to change the order of my pictures. Like put the last one first. Can and how do I do that?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 26, 2015 2:41:19 PM PT


I found a plate and a bowl in this pattern listed on ebay.  I also found a plate on the internet that sold a couple of years ago.  All of the sellers seam to think this was either presidential china, or "somehow connected to the White House".  But, I haven't been able to verify any connection.  Do you know anything about this pattern?  Manufacturer? Age?


It's about 8" squalre, and the only mark is "7594".

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 25, 2015 6:50:58 PM PT

ID help Federal Eagle plate




Selling question

Hello-I don't ship internationally however I have a niche item (an 1880's era volume of books from an Australian college) that would sell best in Australia. Is there a way to create a listing that will only be open to the U.S. and Australia without all my existing listings doing the same?
Thanks for your help!

Payments discussion

Apr 25, 2015 3:52:37 AM PT

Can I List Just One Item Internationally?

I just got a large box of Metlox Poppy Trail Sculptured Grape dinnerware and there are several variations in the marks on the back.  Does anyone have a site for aging the pieces.  I know they have been made over time and want to get the descriptions right.  Also, is the name Poppytrail or Poppy Trail, sometimes it has a space and sometimes not. Thanks for your help.  

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Hi you guys,


I bought this Brazza wallet and before i purchased it, the seller said it was okay to return it if i wasnt fully satisfied. The seller seemed geniune and mentioned that he/she recieved the wallet as a gift and is positive its authentic. It just came in the mail today and im a bit skeptical about the purchase. I've boughten from a Louis boutique before and i was a bit surprised by the sticker on the side of the box that read China. I know this a red flag but I'm not concerned about the packaging as I am with the wallet. Also, i visited the Louis store today to compare the one i bought to the Brazza they sell in the store and they looked a bit different from each other, however, im assuming its because the brazza I bought is a year or two older than the ones they sell in the stores as my brazza has 3 currency slots on the right rather than two. Also, the wallet is a little stiffer than the one I held in their store. Additionally, i feel as though the stamp on the inside has a larger font than usual. Do you guys think this is authentic? I'd just hate to return it if its genuine but also id hate to keep it for a few weeks and find out for myself. Thank you so much in advance!

Bidding & Buying question

I just got a message from a buyer telling me the eBay system is telling him i can't receive funds when he/she is trying to use the buy it now option. What would be the reason for this? My PayPal seems to be working fine and I'm in good standings with eBay.

Payments question

I am a seller and someone bought my item and when I try to print a shipping label, the shipping address says "Invalid Shipping Address". The name is longer than 40 chars and the street address as well says "Invalid Shipping Address".


This buyer has: 99.9% Positive Feedback and a Member since Apr-23-03 in United States. Has 21646 Feedbacks and only 1-negative in the last 12 months and from a buyer that recieved a broken item.


I contacted the buyer and his replay was:


Happens to me all the time. Please read the reason: I see it states because the name and address are too long. Be creative to make it work, as I do all the time.


I contacted the buyer again asking if I could add "Signiture Confirmation" and his replay was:


You can split it up between address and the line below it. And also, I also have printed it as it is and tape the piece of paper beside the address label.


But did not answer the question about signature confirmation. The shipping address is to a forwarding shipping service in Miami.


Sorry to have typed so much but does anyone have any suggestions?




P.S  I was going to attach a screen capture of the name and address but am not sure if that is proper.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 24, 2015 3:28:46 PM PT

Invalid Shipping Address

my listing reads in red letters "delivery in 2 days". i did not choose this. how do i remove it?

Selling question

Apr 26, 2015 10:16:49 AM PT

Remove "delivery in 2 days" on listing

so even if i list a electronic item as no returns no refunds i still must issue refund? . It has been a month and this person now says the item is bad?  It was good when i sold it. I feel like iam being taken on this one.

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 26, 2015 6:28:40 PM PT

Refunds ??

Please help.. How can I change ship from adres after selling the item?? I've already tried to change primary adres but cant change it to print label. It asks USA adress and I can't use Georgia zip code

Shipping & Returns question

I bought an item, and recieved it.


I had no issues with the transaction or seller, I just did not like the item in person.


I returned the item and paid for the shipping out of my pocket. It is not the sellers fault I did not like the item.


The seller has refunded me, but only refunded tthe cost of the item and not the cost of the original shipping.


Is that how it goes? Or should I be refunded the full amount I originally paid?



Shipping & Returns question

Apr 25, 2015 5:26:38 PM PT

Return question


Selling question

Apr 25, 2015 8:08:36 PM PT

Is this a scam?

OK, here is the deal. I sell adult domain names in the Adult Only section of eBay. Apparently, eBay just underwent system maintenance approximately 22:00 PT (10pm) to 22:15 PT (10:15pm) on Thursday, April 23rd, according to eBay System Status Announcement Board (http://www2.ebay.com/aw/announce.shtml).  Now, after their maintenance, I cannot access Adult Only searches, even within categories. If I click on Domain Names in Adult Only, I get zero (0) results with some ambiguous long search string nonsense. What is going on? Does anyone else have this problem with the Adult Only section? Great going, eBay. What will you fix next that isn’t even broken?

Selling question

Apr 24, 2015 4:55:45 PM PT

Adult Only Section Technical Issues

Can I still use the older Spider-Man medium flat rate rectangular shaped box?
The box is unused but over a year old & I don't want to risk having a postage due issue.
Sorry if this is a dumb question.
Thanks & have a great day!

Shipping & Returns question

Apr 26, 2015 12:31:39 PM PT

I need a little help

This thought occurred to me and I can't seem to find a clear answer on Google. 


This account is based out of a retail location and I make an invoice for everything sold on ebay, I'm wondering if we're double paying the tax amount for sales sold within the state of Florida. 


Does ebay simply collect the tax amount so that when I make an invoice the tax amount is there? Or does paypal collect it and then pay the IRS? 



Selling question

as hard as i try i cannot find my own listings.why is this happening?i have listed 48 items and some are coming to and end of a 5 day auction.i copy paste the exact words to search.nothing.i try looking at ending soonest.zero.i combine shipping for multiple purchases and i'm not sure that  my other listings are seen at sellers other items.

Selling question

Why aren't the "Time left"  of the items listing and the times in the notifications in sync?  There's always a difference which varies between 10 to 15  seconds and sometimes a few more.   Which is correct?

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 25, 2015 9:59:10 PM PT

Times remaining for listing

Ok so I checked tracking and it says "package transferred to local post office" 1day ago wouldn't it be delivered today?

Shipping & Returns discussion

I put up a listing with free shipping. I used sell similar, but it either defaulted back to padded priority envelope or I forgot to change it.  I meant it to be first class because it's only 4 ounces. Do I have to send it priority or can I still send it first class since it is free shipping?

Selling question

Im kinda anoyed with how much of a pain ebay has been, but to top things off they want to charge me to reprint my postage.  The printer i wanted to print to was having trouble because it jammed.  I went to print it again but it gave me a error message and told me it was unavalable to print.  So now they expect me to repay shiping to print it again, and I need to get this shipped buy tommarow so my customer gets it asap.  What do i do?

Selling question

Apr 26, 2015 7:19:07 PM PT

ebay wont let me reprint an item.

Today I bid on an item in a live auction.  It was a sterling necklace bracelet set.  I bid $60.00 and almost immediately the bid was retracted.  This forced me to bid $65.00 (WHICH I DID NOT), then $70.00.  The lot ended up unsold.  The problem I have is that I did not retract my bid, someone else did, and that was forcing the price up for me(an interested buyer)  Things happen so fast in live auctions that you really don't have time to think.  For me, this incident has lessened my faith in the legitimacy of live auctions.  Does anyone know who controls the bidding process for these?

Bidding & Buying question

Apr 26, 2015 4:49:05 PM PT

live auction fixed

How do I credit postage overpayment? 

Payments question

Apr 26, 2015 7:12:21 AM PT

How do I credit postage overpayment

Jicked this up just because I though it was wall done, not because of any great value. I don't recognize the makers mark. Can anyone help?

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Apr 26, 2015 10:44:08 AM PT

Porcelain Bell Makers Mark - Who Made It? TIA

I want to close my store but keep selling on eBay as an individual.  Do I get to keep the feedback ratings?



Selling question

I only started using eBay yesterday so I'm not really sure of a few things. I listed an item as auction which ends in 5 days, it has 3 watchers and no bids. I've had a message asking how much I would be willing to take for 'buy it now.' Would it be bad to change the item to buy it now as it has watchers or does it not matter?

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 26, 2015 2:56:56 PM PT

Buy it now?

He opened a case in Paypal not eBay for an eBay transaction and comes up with a random number $165 USD for partial refund.  How do I deal with this?  I am spending too much time with scammer that comes up with new trick every week.  I will have a nervous breakdown soon!

Getting Started question

Apr 25, 2015 4:57:02 AM PT

Buyer claims the product is damaged

Hello, I just sold an item and a zero feedback bidder won the auction. He hasn't paid, and I'm almost positive he won't. I've reached out to him and there was no response. Rather than going through the whole process of waiting for 48 hours to file the unpaid item claim and going through that process, I noticed the canel a transaction option. Would this save me some time if I went this route? I'd like to list the item back up ASAP, but it is obviously being held up right now. Also, another important question: If I request to cancel the transaction, will I still have to pay the ebay fees?

Thank you!!

Selling question

Apr 26, 2015 7:53:55 PM PT

Canceling an item transation

I'm not happy with the spring changes, but I just roll with it, it's their rules and we can either play or not, but I'm REALLY annoyed that I commited to a yearly store subscription, I've had an Anchor store for 2 years but just signed up for the yearly rate in March. I commited on the terms that I get 2500 FP and AUCTION listings a month, now I can't use them for auctions and I don't need 2500 FP listings a month and they'll charge me $600+ to drop my store level. This just seems unfair, as well as illegal to me. How can they change the rules and not give us an out?

2015 Spring Seller Update discussion

Hi once again I know almost everything the symbol at the middle top of the Chinese etched round disc plaque kissing birds but the symbol stumps me still there is 80.000  any help greatly appreciated thank you in advance.   

Collectibles & Art discussion

Apr 26, 2015 8:45:59 AM PT

symbol help

I only post my items when there is no listing fee, and I just realized I posted 3 items after my free listings had run out, so I had to pay like 30 cents on each of them. Is there a way to immediately retract my listing and get my money back? If not it's not a big deal but that really sucks, how I don't pay attention. Thanks for any help!

Selling question

What What happened to 2nd chance offers? I cannot see the option anymore.

Selling discussion

Does anyone know who this mark belongs to.  I am not having and luck in doing my own research.  Any help would be appreciated.

Buying & Selling Basics question

Apr 25, 2015 3:46:16 PM PT

Can someone help me identify this mark?

Selling question

Just wanted to let everyone know there's a system glitch happening right now.  I've tried repeatedly to list a new item, finish a draft item, and sell similar from a sold item like the one I'm selling.  I keep getting an error message from each of those links that this service is currently unavaliable.  Nothing posted on the Announcement Board yet.  I called eBay Customer Service and they confirmed they have a glitch and are working to fix it.  No answer on whether they'll extend the free listing period if they're not able to fix the glitch by midnight, which is a real bummer.  I have a bunch of draft listings ready for pictures, but my camera batteries died and I'm waiting for them to recharge.  I haven't tried uploading from Turbo Lister yet so I don't know if that would work.  Just wanted to let everyone know in case you're having the same problem and planned to call CS.

Selling discussion

Is it against Ebay rules to discuss a Ebay transaction that you made on the Ebay message boards? If no what about if you have private feedback?

Selling discussion

Apr 23, 2015 11:10:59 PM PT

Seller discusses transaction on boards

Hello knowledgeable Discussion Board people.  I have a two part question about using props in listing pictures (advantages vs. risks), and also a follow up etiquette question about asking Sellers about props.


I was just shopping with my favorite keywords and ran across a listing that caught my eye and made me smile!


.....oooooooo.... (I thought) .... MONKEYS! :heart:


...upon closer inspection of the rest of the photographs it appeared that the monkeys were only a prop to make a very ordinary wooden mail holder box look adorable.


I moved on, but was really tempted to write the seller and ask if the monkeys were included?


That got me wondering about the topic in general.

It's not like it was a ruler in the picture, or crayon (for color reference) or can or coin for size reference.


If I hadn't been a really super careful eBayer, I would have definitely thought it was a funky monkey box.   

(~~~which would have led to some misunderstandings I'm thinking:smileysad:)


The Seller has been on eBay since 2002 but only has a TOTAL of buys / sales of 85 and is at 100%.(on this ID anyway)


Would any of y'all have asked the seller if the monkeys were included?

...or pitched a fit if they weren't? ~~~just wondering




(I wanted those monkeys :smileytongue: :smileywink:)


PS ... They are WOODEN monkeys.  Not REAL monkeys.

Selling discussion

Apr 24, 2015 1:32:58 PM PT

Using Props in Listing Photos

 For years we were doing at least  10.000$ a month in sales. This April 2015 we have 575$ in sales and 170$ ebay store payment + final value fees + pay pal fees + packing and shipping expenses. It looks like we will be losing money selling on ebay the first time ever. What's going on?  March - April used to be normal months for us. This year it's a disaster. No sales, no traffic. I am a Top Rated Seller, always over 1500 items available, nice presentation.

Everything was selling until this year. Maybe I am missing something or doing something wrong. Even though I have a lot of experience in retail and e-commerce business. I just can not think of anything I can change or do differently.  There is just no traffic. Ebay became a sleeping Kingdom for us.

Added "Make An Offer" option to 40% of our inventory. Let's see if that will make the waves.

How others are doing?

Selling discussion

I would like your opinion on whether or not a Buyers record of leaving 58 of out 82 total 'Feedback left for others' as NEGATIVE (70%) should be considered a 'feedback pattern' and qualify for removal according to eBays current feedback removal policy. eBay's current feedback removal policy clearly states: "we’ll remove Feedback from buyers that show patterns of disproportionately high rates of low Feedback and/or detailed seller ratings." 


We recieved a totally untrue NEG FB, which upon further review under this Buyers 'feedback left for others' found out of 82 total feedback comments left where 58 (70%) were NEG's, 2 (2.5%) were NEU, and only 22 (27.5%) were Positive. In addition, 3 of the Positives were revised feedbacks, 2 only after the Seler refunded the Buyers money (which they state as the revised feedback, 'got refund'), so you have to assume these 3 were also NEG/NEU before being revised making the total positve even lower. Other details from the Buyers feedback record: This Buyer has even left feedback comments like "told you if even one gets mess up will get negative" and in 39/58 or 67% of his Negative Feedback comments he claims the Seller shipped defective, broken, or fake/counterfeit  products! It is a complete slap in the face for me and all of the other Sellers who have fallen victim to this Buyer in my opinion. 


How would you respond if this happen to you, and you received totally untrue feedback with a Buyer who has a feedback record like that? What do you think eBay should do in this situation?



Selling discussion

I've noticed this happen a few times over the years I have an auction end while I'm not at the computer and next thing I know the invoice has been paid yet I never sent an invoice to the buyer, how exactly does this transpire?

Selling discussion

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