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The eBay Community

what kind of alchol drink is this glass used for?

has anyone seen this type of frosted glass before ?

what is its age ?


Collectibles & Art discussion

Feb 25, 2015 9:22:55 AM PT

Pat O'Brien Glass

I have this 16" doll with wooden legs and a composition head.  No markings.  Can anyone help to identlfy? Thanks.









Dolls discussion

Digging through stuff and hope someone can help with this large plate. Charger? Serving plate- bowl. Can anyone give any information on th back stamp?

Age or is it fairly recent production? 

It measures 12 1/2 inches and approximately 3 1/2 inches deep. 

I can never tell which way is up - and out of the three I have posted - bet the crorrect way i the one I did not include in the image!

Thank you for any information!!! plateLARGEasian1.jpgplateLARGEasian2.jpgplateLARGEasian4.jpg


Thank you! 

Collectibles & Art discussion

Feb 26, 2015 12:16:46 PM PT

help asian platter Back stamp mille fleur?



Does anyone recognize this Glass Candle Stick pattern?

They are a Royal Blue color and about 8” tall and 4 ¼” at base and 2 ½” at top.

No markings that I can find.

Two seams at 180 degrees from each other.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Please help identify the purpose of this new Sergio Rossi pouch 4.5"x3.25, made of gold python leather - nothing inside - retails for $149 - crazy!


Nothing inside - no dividers - just a pouch! Had it been a bill holder, or business card holder - it would have to have some kind of closure...


Any ideas of usage? Thanks.

Sergio Rossi pouch.JPG

Fashion discussion

Just had a bunch of stuff from last month end with no sales, and noticed the No Sale email is significantly different than normal.


Nice Try


Normally, the subject line would have been


eBay Fixed Price Listing End Sid Meier's Pirates High Seas Adventure Game - Microsoft XBox - 2005


This time it is


Relist Sid Meier's Pirates High Seas Adventure Game - Microsoft XBox - 2005


And notice the jolly candylike shiny blue relist button?  Is it a coincidence that the email changed to an encouragement to just relist while in the middle of a free listing special that does not include relisted items?  Is eBay so desperate for those insertion fees that they have to resort to little shyster tricks like this in hopes of catching inattentive sellers?


The above was on my main account.  This account did not get the invite for the special, so I won't know for another half hour whether or not the stuff ending today on this account will get the email in the same format as above or the old format.

Selling discussion

Feb 25, 2015 1:58:19 PM PT

Nice Try eBay

     Back into the fray I go. preparing to call ebay now. The irony is that unless funds are released I will be unable to travel 60 miles to warehouse to gather item to ship to customer. Who happens to be same one person who I allowed return to without escalating that is 1 of 2 remaining defects and likely to be the 3rd for slow delivery solely caused by eBay's program to retain buyers. I could make up a crazier story. There's much more but you'll perhaps view it on 60 minutes. A producer dreams of a segment this could provide




I am told I will receive a call in 24 hours.


Here's is my plan initicated to speed up rquire release of funds. Sent to two buyers yesterday


Would you please respond immediately to this inquiry tomorrow through eBay channels that your item has arrived promptly and is in as described condition
I want my baby sitter to let me sit at the adult table for dinner.






Selling discussion

Feb 25, 2015 10:31:32 AM PT

eBay is solely responsible for my next defect

I sold a skirt that had mutliple bidders.  The buyer left this note:


Please don't be upset that I ask, please see if there is any lower cost way to wrap, ship and credit any relevant amount, I am sincere low income on disability, used materials okay, slow arrival or pririty may be less, I'm not rushing.  I always leave nice feedback and hope you do the same.  Thank you for your patient understanding and for fine customer service.


The shipping for this skirt is first class, $4.12 in a poly wrapper.


I want to tell her............well, can't say that.  I am thinking I should tell her that $4.12 is the lowest shipping cost and that if that is too much she can ask to cancel the sale, no hard feelings.  Can  I report her?  If feel like this is extorition. 


What is the best way to handle this?



Selling discussion

I had probably the biggest PITA transaction in 10 years of selling on Ebay.  Other than the ones that use items and then return them for a refund.


Woman bought pair of sandals from me. I upgraded for free to Priority shipping for the free insurance.   USPS tracking had item stuck in the local distribution plant

in status IN TRANSIT for 4 days.   Buyer opens case demanding refund.    I said it was too early due to President's Day Holiday and the blizzards hitting the country.  She starts arguing back and forth and insisting how she know shipping works and the package is never coming.  Sending up to 4 emails a day.  This went on for several days until the package arrived on her first deadline date. Thank God!  

She claimed she was being "Nice about it".  Seriously.  I told her you sent me 4 emails per day arguing and demanding a refund    Her response was she never demanded a refund to the best of her knowledge was just "communicating and won't make that mistake again". 

I am hoping she keeps her promise.  :smileyfrustrated: Horrible woman, even worse doesn't seem to remember or know what she wrote in previous emails or just trying to save face for the foolishness of her email spaz attack.

If you want name of buyer email me. 

Selling discussion

Buyer purchased on item on Jan 11th. Received it on 1/14, he contacted me through messages to advise he thought he bought something different and wanted to return this. I told him no problem, I accept returns.  I told him to open a return request, Buyer Changed Mind.  He didn't of course. Next message I get on 1/16 is that he took to Post Office and they wouldnt ship it without a label (!!), so could I please send out someone from FedEx or UPS to pick it up.


I replied that I couldn't do that but would send him a USPS shipping label and deduct the cost of that label from his refund as he was returning due to his mistake in purchasing.  On 1/19  he said he still wanted to return but he was low on funds. I replied again I could send him the label and deduct the return cost from his refund.   Don't hear anything until Feburuary 1st -- and his message says 'your item should be to you some time this week'


Don't hear anything until today, 2/25, and he has opened a Return Request due to something being wrong with the item!!!!


I think I am good, it's been 30 days since he received the item and I have proof he ordered the wrong thing.




Thanks all :smileyhappy:


Selling discussion

I had a buyer buy a shirt from me that was in good pre-owned condition. I clearly stated in the description that the shirt did not have tags (I cut them off because they were itchy), but did state where the shirt was from and it was from the store I said- I would know I bought it from there! So she received the shirt and sends me a message about 10 days after receiving the shirt saying it wasn't the brand I said it was and was **bleep** there were no tags on the shirt and how could she know it was that brand if there were no tags. I am usually extremely easy going and have given people partial refunds and refunds really for nothing. This was a 5 dollar shirt. I could've given Her the money back easily, but I am so sick of being bullied on eBay especially when I did nothing wrong. To make a long story short I really didn't want to budge because she ended up cussing at me and using incredibly disgusting language and told me to take my 4.99 and buy myself a personality. How is this allowed on eBay? I am a top rated seller I make eBay thousands of dollars and they're going to let a buyer who has bought ten things in the last 5 years talk to me like that. So clearly she left me negative feedback (I had 100% before that) and I just can't even believe that I can't leave her negative feedback.  She was also laughing uncontrollably in these messages like ha hahahahaha you loser and all this. I spent an hour on the phone with eBay who were of no help. They read the messages and everything and I guess it's just ok to call their top rated sellers names these days. I ended a bunch of my listings- being a mother and a wife- I'm not in the mood to be emotionally and verbally abused by buyers and then have eBay do nothing about it. What a shame. Anyone else dealt with someone totally unreasonable like this? It has me so down because I really liked selling on eBay- this is just making me want to stop.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 26, 2015 11:59:10 AM PT

Unreasonable buyer

"When the item was shipped the screwdriver was left in the head and due to poor packing snapped in the shipping process. This item was not cheap and a collector s item so I had hoped the proper precautions would ve been taken to make sure something like this didn t happen."

These are the exact words said in the return request that was just delivered to me. I'm confused as to why he wants a return now rather than when the item was delivered on February 5th if this story is true at all. Is he trying to scam me for an item he broke?

Selling discussion

Please help!!! I sent an item out from the uk to america, the buyer said they did not recieve it I, so I refunded them but told them that if they were to order again they would need to choose the tracked shipping option.
My page also has a warning that if the buyer does not choose to pay for special delivery, I cannot be to blame for any loss.
The same buyer ordered again on two separate occasions but chose standard delivery again, a few weeks later they said they had not received one of the items again. I told them that they did not choose to pay for tracking so this time there was nothing I could do, I gave them the benefit of the doubt the first time.

The buyer has opened a paypal dispute saying that 2 of the 2nd lot of items did not turn up (when they told me only 1 didnt) and are saying they want a full refund. I've spoke to paypal and they are saying there's nothing they can do, If I don't have proof of postage then I need to give a full refund. I explained that I don't have tracking details as the buyer chose not to pay for the special delivery even though they were told it was the only guarantee but paypal said it didn't matter. She had paid with paypal and they'd take the money if I didn't refund and paypal has to keep loyalty to the buyer.
Surely there's something I can do?!

Shipping & Returns discussion

As long as I can remember ..   There was a "button" about 1/3 of the way down the listing (just above the description, on the right side)  that allowed you to choose one of 3 options for printing out your item listing.  


I always printed out a copy of the listing and included it in the package with the item.  Today I went to do the same thing and the "Print" button was gone.   Why ?   This tool is of GREAT use.  I used it for EVERY sale I made.  I called eBay customer service and they had no answer.   The only suggestion was to do use the  "Print Screen" option on my computer.   This isn't as good as the eBay Print Listing because it includes info that isn't useful to the buyer and it doesn't leave the proper space I used to mark the item Paid In Full and a Thank You for your purchase note. 


How can I / we let eBay know how important this button was ?  Any suggestions ?  


Thanks in Advance,

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 25, 2015 10:52:12 AM PT

Print listing button gone ! Why ? ? ?

I bought an AED defibulator listed as new. The item also was a week delayed in shipping than described. I found the case had some scratches, the scissor looked used and the worst of all small hair on the  the defibulator. When I contacted the seller he is name calling me. I am a nut job, I am scamming him and I should put the pad on my head and zap myself. Every time I ask him anything he just replies like that. I don't want the item as its not new. Its medical emergency equiment and I don't want a used one for that.  I am ready to ship the item back but the seller is responding with name calling. I don't trust the seller so if I send it back also what guarentty I have that I will get my money back or the seller will creat problem like I spoiled the item something like that. Its abt $1000 item.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Feb 25, 2015 7:42:13 PM PT

Abusive seller sold used item as new.

Has happened numerous times from same buyer .Is there a way to check their history or how many can they have before they stop. I do know I can probably block them.Thanks for any info

Selling discussion

Sorry I didn't know I would get more room for this. Okay, buyer won the auction then paid with Paypal. Then, I get email that says the daugher bought the item  without moms approval. What do I do? If I cancel the payment and bid can the person then complain that they won and I didn't ship it to them? Do I send second chance offer before I cancel all of this? It would have been so much easier if tey would not have already paid---buyers remorse?


Selling discussion

Shipping & Returns discussion

i need to choose to buy anything that will satisfy the following conditions:
1) it must beheavy more than 300 grams
2) it must be cheap less than 5$
3) it must be from China
Could you please help me?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Feb 27, 2015 12:01:25 AM PT

Help to choose item

Basically, I bought a motherboard on Dec 8th, 2014. The ebay listing and description specifically said it was manufacturer refurbished, completely working, and had a 90 day warranty. When I got the item it does have MSI manufacturer refurbished label on it so that is correct. The fan connectors on the motherboard were damaged but that is something minor since there are other connectors and the board did work fine. Another minor inconvenience is that the motherboard was not updated to support the claimed LG1150 compatibility so I had to do it myself. Lastly, only to find out that my 90 day warranty was completely bogus.


My system died in the middle of my work (Monday, December 23, 2015). I tried powering it back on only to have nothing show on screen and immediately powers off within a split second. I then opened my case to try and find out if my components got surged, it has no indication of damage, no burnt smell, capacitors were not leaking nor was it bulged. So what I had in mind was it was either the motherboard I got from this guy, or the power supply I got from someone else. I tested my power supply using the paperclip method and then hooked it up on a different system to make sure it still works, and it does. Tried a different power supply on my motherboard and more troubleshooting so far as to go to breadboarding it so it is confirmed dead.


Later on, I contacted MSI directly to issue an RMA because I was confident I have a 90 day warranty that SHOULD be valid until March 8, 2015. I then gave the representative the serial number of the item only to find out it expired on December 16, 2014 which is 8 days after my purchase. I was told to contact the re-seller which I did that Monday night. He only replied Wednesday last night after sending him another message. He told me to contact MSI again so I did, which MSI still confirmed that the warranty is expired. They gave me a ticket number and told me to have my re-seller contact them with it. I got back to my re-seller and stated that his listing and description on ebay was not as described and told him to contact MSI with the ticket number. He told me he would contact me again today, the 26th. I then opened a dispute on paypal on the 25th after conversing with him for a SNAD item since I knew I was still protected with 180 day guarantee. I wanted to fix this issue quick or at least have MSI RMA, but I could not so I had no choice but to file a dispute.


Another day has now passed and I still have not heard from him since his acclaimed "Will get back to you tomorrow." How hard is it to validate the warranty on MSI with one phone call? Re-seller told me last night that they would ask MSI to fix my warranty issue but that is clearly not what I paid for. I am expecting to have my warranty and to have it replaced ASAP. Even if the re-seller fixes this issue, I won't even have enough time on my warranty left because it is only up until March 8, 2015 and still I have not heard from him. So now I am just issuing a refund. I have already missed 4 days to be able to complete projects for clients because I wanted to give him time to respond. I have been speaking politely and provided all the necessary information and now he is not responding again.


I am knowledgeable in using technology, have an anti-static wristband while working with the parts so I'm pretty sure I did not cause any damage myself since it was operational. I am now forced to buy a new motherboard. Waiting any longer prevents me from completing other projects that has been given to me.


TL;DR, in short.. Seller sells me a board with a false 90 days warranty. Will I be able to win this case and refund the $119 I spent? Should I escalate my dispute because I've had enough of waiting for him to respond? What's the best way to handle this?


Posted below are screenshots on imgur.com of our conversation before purchase to confirm that the description is correct, the item's listing and description, screenshot of my account on MSI's warranty page, and the serial number on box.


imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/oyBop


Thank you

Bidding & Buying discussion

is anyone else seeing alot of scammers with the item not as described

Selling discussion

Sold an item to a buyer in AZ. I live in Souther CA. Have 3 days handling time on this item. Estimated delivery time is 5 business days prirotiy mail from date of purchase. I checked to see. On the listing, my zip code is the default. It shows 6 business days for delivery to my own zip code, while 5 business days to a zip code in AZ! Now how can that be?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 26, 2015 11:32:38 AM PT

Estimated delivery time?????????

I have an expensive tie for sale I got as a gift 10 years ago but never wore it and am selling it as pre owned in its original box. A bidder from Canada wants me to mark the package as "used" if he buys it because he said he wont have to pay duty on it if its under 200. Is there anything I need to worry about with his request as far as writing what he wants me to on the package? thanks

Selling discussion

Do I round up and treat the package as if it is 1+ pound? If I enter it as 15oz will it be returned? Thanks.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 25, 2015 2:13:45 PM PT

Shipping 15.4 oz package via USPS priority?

on 2/16/15 purchased a cd   cd of roy head 4vs857813J222484D  need to find out where it is ordered 2/15/15 delivery was supposed to on or before 2/25/15 please give me how to call you or the seller call me at 

Getting Started discussion

Feb 25, 2015 11:31:50 AM PT

haven't recieved my item yet

I've purchased several items from a certain seller and unfortunately I got many boxes that were not only worn/old but torn and missing pieces or the items themselves were broken, even more than they described in the ad. I would have cancelled the other orders but they were shipped out before I could cancel. I sent pictures of the damage and damaged boxes, they offered half refund back. I settled for partial refund. I also reminded them to cushion the items better. So, I thought I would try again, but again, the item was in worse condition than any of the other's I got from them. I sent them pictures and they apoligized for the extra damage  and offered a refund. But then the person also asked how the box externally was..

Hmm. I thought to myself. It could be just me and all the packages I get from them, but just in case I am not and they are doing this for every customer (package insurance fraud?) then I would need to report them to the proper authorities.


Any suggestions? Am I jumping to conclusions or is it possible a package insurance $ scam is happening?)


Shipping & Returns question

I bought an item I'm not sure is authentic. Can I list it as long as I say I'm not sure?

Selling discussion

Feb 27, 2015 7:41:08 PM PT

selling an item I'm not sure is authentic

Scam? 2006 Honda Odyssey van for $ 2000.About to be deployed, husband died 4 months ago. Shipping by the Logistics Dept? Free?

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I won an auction for a used shirt and shortly after the seller contacted me and very apologetically explained that somehow the item had been listed twice and had already sold to another buyer. They went on to ask me if I would cancel the auction and offered a "good deal" on any other shirt they are selling: half price and free shipping.

This is all fine, no big deal just an inexpensive shirt, but I am just a little hesitant to initiate the cancellation for concerns of how it affects my account when the issue is totally of the seller's making. I am probably overly sensitive to the consequences of any action that differs from the straight bid/pay transaction because, as a seller, I am very aware that you need to cover your ass for any action you make or be at the mercy of eBay's zero tolerance for anything that deviates from the "rules". I am also aware that buyers get great lattitude for, well, just about anything, so it's very possible this is no big deal.

My guess is the seller is hoping to avoid any marks on their account by having me initiate, and that's fine so long as I don't get one myself, or perhaps they are concerned they will get a neg from me for the mistake (they won't, that would be unneccessary).

So what do you experienced people think? Go ahead and cancel or tell the seller it's up to them to do so?


Bidding & Buying discussion

A high bidder on one of my sell items has withdrawn his bid claiming "seller changed product description".  I am not aware of any such action on my part, especially during the time period of his initial bid (02/19) and his bid withdrawal (02/24).  How can I see if my bid was altered, and if not, what recourse do I have to encourage this bidder to abide by the rules? 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Ebay does not help with a honest answer, or is it just a bunch of computers?I have contacted the seller and Ebay but neither will be strait forward with me.They keep giving me a tracking number but the postal carrier has no proof of it being delivered to mail carrier how do you talk to a person instead of this stupid typing.

 It was bought on the 12th of February, still not shipped according to the mail carrier. it has been 10 business days and still no true answer. 

Bidding & Buying discussion

Feb 26, 2015 11:15:55 AM PT

bought item and they haven't even mailed it.

The help pages are no help, at least I couldnt find an answer.....


Buyer bid on item days before auction ended. They have good enough feedback that they know how to use eBay. They were the only bidder, and won at my starting price. They did not pay, and immediately sent a cancel request via the message system:


"Hello. I hate to do this, but would you be willing to cancel this transaction? I hit Bid instead of Cancel and no one outbid me. I appreciate your consideration. Thank you."


Obviously, they changed their mind, or they would have cancelled the bid long before the auction ended. Still, I have no desire to force payment, I immediately sent back "no problem, I am sending a cancel request now, just make sure you approve it on your end". I used the *buyer requested cancellation*.


50 hours later, the cancel request details still show "waiting for buyer to confirm refund"...they never paid, so that should be a moot point. As I understand it, all that needs to happen is for them to accept the cancel. However, they are unresponsive.


My question is what happens if they do not accept the cancel? Will the cancel go through automatically after X number of days?


I could file a UI case, but I really do not want to force them to pay for an item they want and cause grief down the road.


thanks for any advice.

Selling discussion

I have about 25 items that are electrical items that I don't know how to test because they'd need to be installed to test them  - think an item like a wall heater. They all appear in excellent, unused condition, but I don't know if they work. Altogether, the retail value of these items is over $1,000 so I am hesitant to simply throw them away. If I sel them here as "untested", I'm afraid I'm just asking for problems if they don't work. If I can't sell them on eBay, I don't think there's anywhere I can sell them. I am contemplating an auction of the entire lot of untested items, with a no return policy and no guarantees. Is this just asking for trouble, or is this something that people normally do without difficulty or issues? I've been accumulating this kind of stuff for the past few months, and I want to get it out of my house.

Selling discussion

Feb 26, 2015 6:47:22 PM PT

What would you do?

I did a Best Offer on an auction...which was accepted. The auction stated the seller only accepts PayPal...perfect. I go to pay and can't..I get an error saying their account is no longer accepting payments. I contact the seller and his only reply was he is not accepting PayPal anymore, but gave me no info on any alternative. My opinion is that I should not be on the hook because he has essentially changed the terms. It has now been 48 hours and they have not responded to any of my follow up messages. I asked them to tell me how they expect payment or cancel the purchase. I have no way to contact eBay with the issue bc I have not paid yet. I have no clue what to do. I was on eBay when you had to send checks or money orders...wait for them to get them...payment to clear...etc. This is by far the most frustrated I have ever been simply making a payment. Any ideas or suggestions?

Bidding & Buying discussion

I've already contacted ebay and they told me to open an item not as described case, but it looks like that is just for returns.  I don't want to return my item, I want a partial refund on the shipping.  Anyone know how to do this?


Here's what happened.


I won three auctions, I contacted the seller and ask for a new invoice with the combined shipping amount.  I received an invoice removing one shipping charge, which made the shipping double what it should've been.  I contacted the seller again and ask if they would be willing to put all three items in a medium flat rate box, no response.  I paid, then received the items ten days later.  They were suppose to have been sent priority, they were sent standard post, and I was overcharged by $10. I contacted the seller again asking why it was mailed standard vs priority, and ask for a partial refund, no response again.   The seller is clearly profitting on overcharging buyers, which is against the rules.  Ebay told me they'll refund it, but I can't figure out what dispute case to open. 


Thanks in advance!

Shipping & Returns question

Ok so I sold some used shoes had pics and everything and when I sent them like a week later the buyer emailed me saying that the shoes were not as described and requested a refund he sent me pics of the shoes but they are not the shoes that I sent him they are the same shoe but all messed up so I don't want him to return what can I do!! Help pls

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 25, 2015 6:26:23 AM PT

Buyer trying to scam me

I just received a neg feedback from a buyer about the case is unfit.


The item #111578158155.


Pictures are very clear, and I have many good feed back about this item for buyers bought for their cases.  However, this one customer bought and left a neg feedback after receiving it saying it does not fit to her particular 2013 Maxima. (this is something customer never asked me before buying or send a picture)


BUyer never asked question before buying or after receiving it.  Buyer also never discuss of returning it if she's not happy but leaving neg feed back out of nowhere.  I would have take it back in a heart beat because I know other buys would be happy with it.


Is this something Ebay will remove for me?  Thanks.


Purchased on 02/03, delivered 02/07.  Neg received 02/26.

Selling discussion

Feb 26, 2015 1:35:39 PM PT

Unfair neg feedback

I mailed a package to PA and did not use delivery confirmation. My printer was down so I wasn't able to print my own label. I mailed the package First Class and received a Postal ID number. The number is available not online, but only throught the USPS by phone or in person. The buyer insists she didn't receive the package, altough the Postal ID number shows the mail carrier route number and delivery time: and after forwarding the Postal ID number to Ebay, they told me that number is not valid with delivery confirmation. I know that already...anybody have any advice? Thanks.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 26, 2015 8:04:32 AM PT

Dishonest buyer!!

I just listed my item as an auction with a 3 day listing then I get, Would you be open to an offer?  I do not have any bids. Advice?

Selling discussion

I had an auction for a pretty rare video game that ended a bit ago, and when I got on to see who won, much to my disdain I see that some guy with 0 feedback who created his account two days ago and has only bid on one auction (mine) outbid the next lower bidder by 50 cents at the last second. He also has a spammy looking username   and instead of having a zip code his location is just "default", so all that leads me to believe it's just some guy messing with my auction for some reason. He didn't pay after the auction ended and still hasn't... but am I just being pessimistic/paranoid? Or is this something people do for some reason - create fake accounts and bid up random people's auctions? It's especially annoying because it probably looks like I was bidding up my own auction, which will probably make people skeptical when it comes to second chance offers.

Selling question

Feb 26, 2015 4:18:35 PM PT

Someone bid up and won my auction?

 Hey all.


 So I bid for and won a pair of jeans, and when the package from the seller arrived, it contained a similar looking but much cheaper pair of jeans. I messaged the seller asking for either a refund or the correct item, and after 10 hours without a response I made a refund request through ebay. 


 The seller accepted the refund request immediately and messaged me soon after - he/she was very apologetic and conciliatory, offering me a choice between a full refund and the item that was pictured and described in the listing, which they claim to have in hand ready to ship tomorrow. 


 I asked to be sent the correct item. The problem is that since the seller claims he/she is going to be sending the item tomorrow, he/she wants me to cancel the refund request. When I went to do this, I was warned that if I canceled the request, I wouldn't be permitted to open a second one.


 So does this leave me vulnerable if the seller is lying and doesn't send me the correct item tomorrow?


 I do have all of the messages back and forth, including one in which the seller admits to and apologizes for sending me the wrong item. 


 So - how should I proceed? 


 Thanks for any advice anyone has to offer. 

Shipping & Returns question

I literally just sent the same item to a different buyer, same packaging, same weight, same shipping service for $5-6 for the label. Now I go to print another label for the EXACT same package and they want $12.50 for the label??? I don't understand?

Selling discussion

Can anyone explain how the following scenario plays out?


A buyer purchased the same item twice. I didn't realize this, and even if I did, I wouldn't find it odd since people purchase two of the same thing from us a lot, one for them and one for a friend/family member.


She opend a return request Tuesday (I didn't get an email about it until yesterday) and the reason for return was "I don't need it anymore". Her message was "I made the mistake of buying two!"


One of the 4 options in the return details was "send buyer a message". I messaged her saying we would gladly take the return assming the CD is unopened. I also said that we would refund the price minus the shipping cost we paid to her once we recieved the CD back. She would have to pay return shipping of course, but I am inquiring about the original shipping we paid to get it to her.


We did free shipping on the item, but obviously it cost us money to ship it.


I am wondering if I need to retund the whole amount despite the fact that the buyer messed up. If I do, why? Why should I be out the shipping when she messed up.


Like I said, I messaged her yesterday, but haven't heard back. eBay says I need to take action by today. What does taking action mean if messaging her doesn't?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Does eBay figure their commission on an item sold on the final selling price + the actual amount I paid to ship it OR on the final selling price + what I listed as shipping in the auction?

Shipping & Returns question



Just sold my first item, yippy!!  So proud of myself...


So now what do I do?  Do I send an invoice?  I din't think that would have to do this if payment is made through PayPal.  In the invoice it ask to give instructions for payment, and I do not know how to do this!   can anyone help a newby out, please?


thank you,


Payments question

So here is a question that I have about USPS insurance coverage.....

If an item sells for a high dollar value, why is it that you can only purchase coverage for up to the sold amount?

Let's say you sell an item for $500,  insure it for $500 and then it is lost by USPS.

The claim gets covered, and you get refunded $500 by USPS. You then have to refund the buyer $500.

Now I am out technically out $500 also, because I don't have the item to resell, as it was lost.

It would seem to me that coverage for $1000 would be required for seller and buyer to both be covered, but it is my understanding that USPS won't cover pay out more than the sold value anyway, even if you can prove the total value.....

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

Shipping & Returns question

Good Morning... Forgive me if this is answered someplace...

I am getting conflicting info. from the Site Map and Help pages re: eBay Store CATEGORY Insertion Fees.


If I take the Promo, open the Basic Store: 150 'free' listings a month:

And I want to sell in the ANTIQUES CATEGORY in FIXED PRICE



Do I get 50 'free' FP antiques listings per month ?

Do I get 100 'free' FP antiques listings per month ?

Or, do ALL my ANTIQUES Category listings IN a BASIC Store NEED to be AUCTION ?


I used the FEE Estimator and it had '0' insertion fee for a Basic Store w/ 100 FP Antiques.

But, elsewhere, including the regular monthly offers we get, it EXCLUDES Antiques in 'free' FP.


Thank you so much !



Selling discussion

Feb 26, 2015 8:43:07 AM PT

eBay Store Offer HELP Thank You

I know the USPS is experiencing delays but really 5 days scince the package has moved does anyone know when it will generally start moving again I've read that sellers ha e their packages move usually within 3 days at a time
Anyone have any guesses?

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 26, 2015 12:55:35 PM PT

Package In PA scince the 23RD?????

This return thing is so confussing and no real instructions on EBAY. I am opting out after this transaction. Do not care about the discount. How do I print or send my buyer a shipping label? Can not even get in contact with EBAy to ask them

Shipping & Returns question

He's requested that I send photos through the eBay system, but I can't find a way to do that. I have the photos and am ready to proceed. Can someone give me some guidance on how to add photos to our conversation regarding refunds?



Shipping & Returns discussion

A blocked buyer just bought an item. I have checked my bbl and yes, the buyer is on it. Yes, they used the blocked ID to buy. The ID has been on my list for a while because I got a super lowball offer and it didn't feel right.

I have no choice but to ship the item. Do I have any protection here?
Do they know they're on my list? What do I do?
This is not my selling ID. I didn't want to chance the person reading this but you all know me. I'm not hiding from you guys!

Selling question

Feb 27, 2015 10:56:29 AM PT

I am confused

To keep a long story short.. I shipped a computer monitor that broke during shipping due to a package being mishandled. I filed an insurance claim and won, I think. I am assuming I won because the current status of the claim says "Paid". 

How does USPS pay me? Is it by check, by PayPal, or do I need to go to my local post office and collect the money.


Hopefully someone here has some experience with collecing a claim and can help me out :smileyhappy: 



Fairly new to the forums, so hopfully I am listing in the correct section. Thanks all

Shipping & Returns discussion

Feb 26, 2015 6:52:16 AM PT

Claiming USPS Insurance claim

Hello everyone,


I'm selling two industrail printers that I specified were only available via local pickup. A new buyer, (0 feedback) messaged me today asking if I'd ship them if he provided pre-made shipping tags. Am I safe to follow through with this? Can he open a case and claim he never recieved them? Etc. Thanks for the help!

Shipping & Returns discussion

I have agreed to hold an item until the buyer can straigtend out credit card problems (seems her card was compromised).  Do I have to mark the listing (ie: removed unpaid notation) or do I just let is sit for a week or so as unpaid until she gets things straightened out?  I don't want to wait and then have ebay drop the item back into unsold. There is an unpaid case open.

Selling question

Feb 27, 2015 7:29:22 AM PT

holding listing until buyer pays

I accepted the offer this morning in the evening they wrote me I'm sorry you can withdrawn cause I brought another one excuse me. Do I just cancel the item because they brought another one, I think that would fall under change of mind not sure, I did a search to find out if one was purchased and didn't find anything. The item was only 5.50 not going to get rich on it. Can you report something like this to ebay or do I just take the beating time after time for the faults of the buyers? Just had a non payment open on a 10.00 item these were the only sales in 7 days. 


Then ebay calls me telling me they want to help me get more sales with all the other things that have sellers doing when listing an item work work and more work. This part was just added to get it off my chest. Thanks for any help. 

Bidding & Buying question

Seriously. It's weird. 


I have an item. $5.99 no best offer. It has 9 watchers. Nine.


And no it isn't sellers watching to see if it sells. 





Selling question

Feb 26, 2015 11:37:56 AM PT

Why Do Buyers Watch BIN Listings

I have looked EVERYWHERE!  Where do I go to block a specific buyer from ever bidding on another one of my auctions?

Selling question

Feb 27, 2015 3:20:57 AM PT

Where do I find the block a buyer option

i have been selling on ebay for ten years...only since the new laws about paying taxes have i paid them for the last two years. i sell just around $20,000.

this year i came in under, do i have to pay? i hope not! ebay did not send me the usual forms, so i'm guessing not...please advise...thanks!

Getting Started question

Feb 26, 2015 11:40:45 AM PT

income taxes

Seller dont resspond to the letter 

Selling question

Feb 25, 2015 9:45:04 AM PT

Seller dont resspond more than 3 days

Tools & Apps question

Anyone having trouble viewing everything on their account?  I can't see most of my photos in my listings, when something sells it no longer shows on the top under notifications and a few other things.  Just started today. 

My Account question

I am new to giving feedback that is truthful. Should I leave a negative commen? I do not want to hurt someones selling reputation.

Getting Started question

Hello, this is the first time Iv'e had to ask a question here.

I've been selling and buying on eBay for more than a decade and have never had a return before now. Here's the situation:

I contacted the buyer because they had recived the dress a week before and I hadn't heard anything from them. I asked if the dress was to their satisfaction and if it was could they leave positive feedback. The reply I received was "Put it in the mail, Priority" and no other info was given. 


(about the dress) The dress is not your average dress. Its a custom made reenactment dress for using in theater or for war reeactments. I had it made by a professional who specializes in period clothing. 

The buyer never contacted me for return info and they never filed for a return through eBay. The buyer has been on eBay for several years and has a score over 50 with 100%. Anyways, the dress arrived yesterday afternoon and it reaks of cigerate smoke. 

I contacted eBay customer support right after she said she put it in the mail and they informed me that I was under no obligation to give her a refund. She must be suffering buyers remorse and since she hasn't followed proper procedures I should do nothing. And they stated that if she leaves me negative feedback, I am to call them back and they will remove it. I hope so! I don't want to lose my 100% score.


The problem: I feel bad for the buyer if it was a simple mistake of not knowing what to do. But I'm not sure that this is the case. 

If I simply issue a refund I am out the listing fee, selling fee, shipping cost, packing expense, fuel, and time. Not to mention I now have to take the dress to the cleaners to get the smoke stench out of it. I have thought about giving her half of her money back through PayPal and telling her that this is the best I can do. 

My fear is that the buyer will leave negative feedback and eBay will then refuse to remove it because they told me I wasn't required to give any money back!


I'm sure someone else has run into this situation. Any input or suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!



Bidding & Buying question

Getting Started question


First, i should mention there is no dispute between the seller and I. 

I bought the wrong part and the seller wanted a picture of the correct part...


I typed out a message in ebay's email, attached a 1.5 MB JPG picture...

then clicked the "send" button and NOTHING HAPPENS!


So then I just tried to send a text only message.....no luck


So then I tried to contact ebay about the messaging not working...

It is impossible!!  No one can contact them!

To contact ebay, there is ONLY three catagories to choose from, and the sub-catagories are the ONLY choice...you have to select one that is offered and it will lead to a help webpage on that topic.

There is no other choices and there is NO LINK TO CONTACT EBAY!!!!


So how does one reach the holy temple??


Anyway, it is probably an Adobe Flash or Shockwave problem.

If I could reach ebay help, I'm betting they would tell me to update my flash and shockwave to the latest version and empty out my internet cache and cookies.


What if that was done and nothing worked?


My seller is waiting for my reply which I can never send and I am out the money!


What can I do?


Thans for reading.



Bidding & Buying discussion

Feb 26, 2015 10:29:23 AM PT

Cannot contact ebay help


I just recently opened a store...I have been with eBay for just over a year, so kind of new. Still trying to learn everything. I was wondering if there was an easy way, or a report I can print, to see what states I sell the most to. I do print the information for each sale, and I could put a spreadsheet together, but I thought I would ask first. On some listings, I do see a picture of the United States with markings of where the seller has sold to. Is this an app available to me as a Basic Store?


Thank-you for your help...

Selling question

Feb 26, 2015 1:13:37 PM PT


I bought some computer ram. The seller sent me the wrong ram. He refunded my $8.00 closed the case and didn't send me return instructions? What do i do? Anything?

Shipping & Returns question

for an item they have had for 30 days.  Now she says the payment was taken from her account, a fraud has been committed and she wants her money back.    


I follwed every single rule and tracking shows delivered.  I have provided all data asked for.


Win or lose-I quit.  I am not selling with this threat of 'fraud' hanging over me.  In three days I am no longer a seller on eBay.  If jumping through eBay's hoops still doesn't cover me then I see no reason to be here selling.


Has anyone been though one of these?  How did it end?

Selling question

A seller just left me a negative comment as positive feedback. She must have waited until the last possible day, and now the listing has expired. Is there still a way to get this feedback removed?

My Account question

Feb 27, 2015 11:34:31 AM PT

Feedback removal

I was helping a friend set up a new account to sell on ebay and we put in 5 listings but when I got home to search them I couldn't find anything under her user ID  although they show up on her my ebay page as active listings with views.   Mine always show up on a search within an hour or so.  Is it because she is new? 

Selling question

I sold an item to a newbie with 2 feedback. She paid. When I went to the post office to ship it to her, they said the street name was coming back as nonexistent. I looked and it was obviously a typo - i.e. buyer had put in "123 Mian Street", not "123 Main Street," so I changed it to the correct address and shipped it. I sent the buyer a message about the bad street name. She obviously didn't read it, because a few days later she sent me a message saying she just realized she had transposed 2 letters and if the package came back to me, would she have to pay to reship it? I checked the tracking and it shows that the package is on its way back to me, that the person moved and left no forwarding address. Wrote again to the buyer with this information. She responds again just saying she will pay for me to reship it "if she has to." She does not seem to be fully grasping this. Can I cancel this transaction since she has a bad address on file or do I have to reship if she pays and provides a new address? How do I report the bad contact info to ebay?

Selling question

Feb 27, 2015 10:39:54 AM PT

Buyer with bad address

Could someone tell me how to (if its possible) to delete a question that I posted? I fear I may be jumping to conclusions about a seller and would like to delete the question. Hope to get some help with this issue fast.. Thanks.

My Account question


I want to buy from the seller buyzysh "sony RM-LJ 312 av system remote comander" to my Sony DA 9000ES AMPLIFIER

It says ..no shipping to Denmarrk...please give me a hint ,what to do ,getting the controller ...

thanks from a very pleased customer on E-BAY....Finn Hansen

Shipping & Returns question

I am fairly new to selling. I shipped an item before it was paid for because I assumed it would get paid. Never got paid, never heard from buyer until I opened an unpaid item case. Now she says she does not want it. I told her to mark package "return to sender" and ship it back and then I will cancel sale. Should I just cancel it now? It was not much money (less than $15). I doubt I will see the item again. Or should I wait a few days and see if I either hear from her again or get the package back.

Payments question

Feb 25, 2015 2:15:22 PM PT

shipped unpaid item

I sold some fabric. I sell fabric and it is new off the bolt. Unlikely it was damaged but of course it is possible. Anyway I would refund upon recieving it back with no problem. The buyer contacted me telling me there is a small hole in it and it is now unuasble. I told her to send it back and I will give her a full refund. She relied telling me she does not want me to take such a big hit on shipping and so on so she wants me to just refund 50 percent of the purchase price and call it good. The problem here is I do not mark my stuff up that much and Ebay still keeps my sales percentage that they collect and paypal too. I just have a bad feeling about doing this. Is this a new trend? What do others do? It is not that much. The total sale was under 35.00. I just have a feeling I am being scammed. What do others do? Should I just suck it up and send her money and forget getting the fabric back?

Shipping & Returns question

i am not sure how the global shipping works


i tried it once and when i got someone from another country, it said all i had to do was ship it to texas (or some other state in the USA)  and then Ebay takes care of the rest.....is that correct?


cause in order to ship something to another country WITH tracking it will cost u anywhere from 25-35 bucks


i had a bad experience where someone from saudi arabia bought a vest and was willing to pay me 30 bucks to ship


vest was brand new with tags, i had measurements up and was 100% accurately described


seller opened up an item not described case......did not even mention HOW it was not as described


he ended up getting back not only 50 he payed for the vest without having to return......but an extra 30 bucks out of my own pocket for what he payed for shipping


i was scammed for sure


so im afraid to join the Global Shipping Program because of that


I dont understand how all u haveto do is ship the item to some state in the USA (i think it was texas)  and then Ebay takes care of the rest


how does Ebay pay 25-35 bucks to ship the item to another country if all u haveto pay is like 5 bucks?


im thinking if i re-join global shipping it might help with my current status but im worried about risks and hesitant about joining when im not sure how it works.....

Selling question

I initiated a return on a defective item and the seller approved it. I received an email from ebay stating I should "Please print the shipping label" and "Send the item back by Mar 03, 2015, to claim your refund". What does the Mar 03 deadline pertain to? Is that when it should be postmarked by, when USPS should have it first scanned by, or the latest date the seller should recieve it?



Shipping & Returns question

Feb 26, 2015 7:44:02 AM PT

"Send the item back by" deadline?

I'm just wondering because one of my items is Out For Delivery but its been a while I ain't In No rush,
Im just wondering what time does the post office stop delivering packages to the mailboxes?
Anyone know?
If you guys can estimate that would be great

Tools & Apps discussion

Feb 26, 2015 5:00:35 PM PT

USPS Out For Delivery

my listings dont offer paypal credit how come

Payments question

Feb 26, 2015 8:48:27 PM PT

paypal credit

Has anyone ever seen this Bob Dylan Poster Before? Is it Real?  Cant find info anywhere exect that he did play here in 1960

Collectibles & Art discussion

Feb 25, 2015 9:57:46 AM PT

Anyone ever see This Bob Dylan GIG Poster

Two different items with a BIN that I want to buy but I only get this message.  Anyone know what this means?  These are two different sellers.

Bidding & Buying question

please i need help, i would like to delete a negative feedback that a lefl

My Account question

Feb 25, 2015 4:11:19 PM PT


Anyone have a Ebay email contact where I can ask for my unsold items that disappeared yesterday be put back up on my page? And no, they were not 60 days old yet. All of them vanished. Thanks in advance.

Selling question

Feb 25, 2015 10:02:48 AM PT

Ebay contact assist

I like to keep a hard copy of my items description and now it is not available when I list.  Has it been changed or did I accidentally deleted it?

My Account question

Ordered an item, and was told it would be delivered between 2/13 and 2/20.  I hadn't received it on 2/20 so I opened a case and contacted the seller.  She provided a tracking number that showed it was delivered, but after contacting the post office, we realized she sent it to the wrong address (same town though).


Once the error was realized, she stated she would send me another item and provide a new tracking number (which she did).


After that I got a message from EBay stating that the seller had requested they review the case and make a decision, which they did and found in my favor.  They they refunded me the money through PayPal.


I then got an email (outside of Ebay communications) stating that I had been refunded but she had already sent the package and asking if I could send her the money outside of Ebay (directly to an email address via PayPal).


I intend to pay, once I receive the item, but I am concerned with paying outside of the EBay process.  I can't appeal the decision and reopen the case, should I be worried about sending her the money directly? (I am) 

My Account question

  Would that be here?? I can't seem to find any online info on knock-offs for these. I'd rather know before listing and having it pulled. Thanks!! :-)

Selling discussion

When I click on 'relist' in the unsold folder, under in the pop-up  there's a button that says: 'make more edits'.

I know what edit means, but more edits..?

So I clicked the button out of curiosity but discovered that I made a mistake. The item relisted with an eBay note:

'This duplicate listing is not visible to buyers yet. It will automatically become visible if your identical active listing receives a bid.'

This does not serve me at all. I do not have the same product to sell again if it's sold.

What do I do to remove this item from the 'active selling', and will this duplicate listing be free or will I be charged a fee?

Thanks for any answer. 

Selling question

Feb 26, 2015 3:17:36 PM PT

More Edits, what does it mean

I want to have separate buying, selling and posting accounts.  How do I set that up.  Do I need to have 3 different email addresses?  Thank you

Selling question

I offer global shipping and a buyer in Turkey purchased  a buy it now offer.  She writes that PayPal will not accept her payment.  I do not have Turkey excluded.  The PayPal message tells her to change the address or contact the seller for shipping costs.  Any ideas?


Her feedback looks OK  (no negatives) and in fact, she has purchased from other sellers in the US.

Payments question

Feb 26, 2015 1:39:00 PM PT

Buyer in Turkey can't pay

I have a customer that bought from me and he went with Global Program.  He keeps askings me for a invoice and I tell him he has to go through the Global program.  He insisted I am wrong and now he wants to cancell the transaction.  Did I do something wrong?

Tools & Apps question

Feb 27, 2015 7:49:52 AM PT

Did I do something wrong-Global

Shipping & Returns question

What does it cost me?  Where is this center?  who does the papperwork?


Selling question

Lets say you've sold an item for $100. Ebay takes 10% and Paypal takes 3%. My question is does Paypal take their 3% from the $100, or from the $90 that's left after Ebay's cut? Thanks!

Payments question

I am selling a $2 item and shipping should be $2. Ebay inserts the amount of $5.60 which would discourage people from buying or bidding. I try to change it but not having any luck.

Selling question

Anyone know how I talk to or email a person in the resolution center? I and a couple friends each bought items from one seller. No one received the items. We all went through the resolution process, and my friends each got a full refund in their PayPal accounts.  Mine was only partial. We each purchased 3 of the items, and I was refunded only for 1.  Of course, eBay said, "Good news, you got a full refund, case closed!"  Now when I try to go back to it, the system doesn't let me reopen it, or ask questions about it ... I'm sure it was a simple oversight on their part, but I can't find how to open a chat about it, and replying to the confirmation emails doesn't work.  Thanks for any suggestions!!


Payments question

Feb 24, 2015 5:54:14 PM PT

eBay only issued a partial refund

Hi! Here are the details:

Won auction for Coach bag listed as NWOT, item ID: 121555538441

Received bag 2/7, DEFINITELY NOT NWOT: cracked leather, worn down bottom corners, ink marks all over inside lining and strong odor of smoke.

Sent msg to seller 2/8 regarding discrepancy with almost immediate response received from seller, apology, said to return for full refund.

Bag shipped back to seller 2/11 via priority USPS, signature required for $13.65 that I paid myself.

USPS attempted delivery 2/13, no one to sign and notice left.

Multiple msgs back and forth with seller, always immediate responses with reassurances that package will be retrieved from P.O. ASAP.

Msg from seller 2/19, more apologies about delay and assurance that she would issue full refund including return shipping that very evening.

Of course no refund received.

Another inquiry sent to seller 2/23, immediate response from seller, more apologies, etc etc, forthcoming refund blah blah.

Tracking from USPS finally shows package picked up from P.O. 2/24

No response to my last message sent on 2/23 providing amount of return shipping cost AGAIN, so that full refund could be issued, plus receipt for return shipping included inside package that I now know she has possession of. 


My problem is, I proceeded with return myself without realizing I needed to go through ebay to return & get shipping label from them....I've returned maybe ONE item in my entire time with ebay, so never paid much attention to the big return policy issue as I've never had a problem. No red flags for me either, as seller was so apologetic and immediately agreed to full refund. So now that seller is flaking out, I'm trying to go through the ebay process, which, in it's full automated glory, wants me to return the item that has already been returned. 


Do I just go through the steps and take what refund I can get?  Or is there another way to get ebay's help in getting not only a refund for purchase price/original shipping, but my return shipping cost also? 


(Interestingly enough, I found that this seller relisted the same bag prior to picking up from P.O., but at least the description was changed to pre-owned from smoking home second time around!)



Shipping & Returns question

I'm just wondering because one of my items is Out For Delivery but its been a while I ain't I. No rush to get it to the buyer
Im just wondering for future purcheses and selling what time does the post office stop delivering packages to the mailboxes?
Anyone know?
If you guys can estimate that would be great

Shipping & Returns question

Feb 26, 2015 5:41:13 PM PT

Out For Delivery?

Hi Again! :smileyhappy:

I have a bunch of items that are 'eligible for relisting credits' in my unsold items...But, when I try to relist, I am getting fee estimates.


I tried relisting, selling similar, and fixed price in the bulk lister, but each attempt is giving me a fee total, before I submit.


Any Ideas?


Thanks in advance! :smileyhappy:

Happy Selling!




Selling question

Feb 26, 2015 3:33:44 PM PT

Relisting credits are not applying?

This just started happening about half hour ago.  I type in my usual search keywords, but instead of getting search results, there are NONE.  Everything else on the search results page looks normal, but zero results appear.  There should be hundreds of results for the searches I'm doing.  This occurs on both Firefox and Google Chrome, but oddly,  not on my iphone -- I get results when searching ebay on the ebay app.

Selling discussion

Feb 26, 2015 12:07:20 AM PT


I want to issue a buyer who is not 100% happy with the item a complete full refund


she did not request a refund said she was going to keep the shirt but found a small hole under the arm i did not notice even though i inspected it.....she said she will have the hole patched up no big deal


but i still wanna give her a full refund.....can i do this without it counting as a defect?


how do i go about giving her a full refund?  without it counting as a defect

Selling question

I bought my grand-daughter a lovely piece of Northwood opalescent glass for Christmas, and it seems she has 'caught the bug', and is asking a lot of questions about company history, patterns  etc..

I thought perhaps a reference book showing similar pieces would be a nice gift for her birthday in April..

Can someone here recommend an appropriate book...one that includes in depth History of the company etc. ??



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



Can I post an item directly to my storeand only in my store?  Can it stay in there forever until its sold?





Selling question

I ordered an item, paid $17.50 for "expedited shipping" and usps sent the package to a sort facility 20 mins away, then sent it 600 miles east to new jersey. Now it is just sitting in new jersey and they don't seem to be interested in sending it back. It's been only 2 days so far, but I have seen them take weeks and heard of them taking even longer to send items like this, or heard of them going missing, so I am very nervous. I had a bad feeling as soon as it said it departed the nearby facility on a saturday and never showed up on monday, which was usps' exected delivery day at that time, and as I said, this facility is only about 20 mins away from my town.

Usps is of course totally unapologetic and a service agent even told me flat out that they acceot no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged mail/packages unless they are insured. Also, usps told me and it says on their site in the tracking that the item was not sent priority mail as advertised but was actually sent standard post, so I feel the seller overcharged me for shipping, but otherwise this isn't his fault, but at the same time I can't wait around forever or I'll lose out on my refund. So, how long should I wait before opening a case? As tomorrow it will be 2 days past the original last expected delivery date, and last tracking update said that it would not be delivered on time and they could not say when it would be delivered (infuriating). 

Shipping & Returns question

I received an email this morning - I knew GTC meant they charge listing fees every 30 days so I am not sure how eBay lost this one.



Selling discussion

My Account question

Feb 27, 2015 6:59:10 AM PT

what years are considered vintage?

(181676574756), (181676575003) , (181676574547) :
These Items 1 weeks ago sold other seller. Items and the seller disappeared . I want to ask whether you can trust this seller (liutao69565 ) and buy his items?

Bidding & Buying question

Feb 26, 2015 11:33:22 AM PT

trust this seller?