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I am a seller and a buyer. I purchased a shirt for my grandson for school who lives in Michigan. I live in Ky. I forgot to change the address during checkout. No real big deal but I messaged the seller and asked if he/she could ship to my daughters address. (If not no problem to send to me) They never responsded. I received all my other items I purchased and noticed no tracking uploaded for this item. I checked on Sept 9th, 2014 and there was a msg from the seller from Sept 7th that said, well since you can't get your address right and lack of communication I assume you want to cancel the transaction. I responded and said no I don't want to cancel the transaction if you don't want to send it to my daughter's address you can just send it to me..etc. Then I looked in my purchase history and the item wasn't there. ??? So I looked in my paypal account. It was refunded on September 3...without any communication. I purchased it on September 1st with a winning auction bid for $5.50 for an Affliction shirt. I contacted Paypal and they told me to contact Ebay because they had no idea that there was no communication when they refunded the transaction. I contacted Ebay the first time and the representative told me the seller went against ebay policies and could not cancel a transaction without the permission of the buyer and was under a binding contract for that sale. The seller had already relisted the item. The first ebay representative told me to go to my bid history and repurchase the item, which I did and to contact the seller and tell them the information and to remove the item from their listings. etc. When I looked in my purchase history the dollar sign had a funny look to it, so I became concerned. It looked like I paid $5.50 plus the shippig on ebay's sight. But when I looked at my paypal account, I was charged over $18 for the second time when I repurchased the item!!! $5.50 x 2 plus the shipping cost! The ebay representative walked me through the process while I was on the phone to repurchase the item from my bid history!!!! After this I called ebay again. They told me not to bother contacting the seller because obviously the seller isn't going to work with me on anything. The seller has not sent me another message in reply to anything. Not an I'm sorry let alone anything about the fact that now I have paid more than twice the amount!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious! NOW ebays excalated solution for this problem is they will send me a $20 coupon for me to spend on ebay and the seller gets to keep her undeserved earnings and I guess with no recourse or consequenses! I have never heard of this kind of outcome and I DON'T WANT a $20 coupon to SPEND on ebay not really feeling into buying something right now!! I want my MONEY refunded ....my money back that they walked me through the transaction and the seller to have some kind of consequenses. On top of me going through hours and hours of problems and phone conversations!!!!! So MAD!!!

My Account discussion






















My Account discussion

I'm getting desperate to find a phone number for eBay. The Customer Service tab leads nowhere. I'm trying to find out where to input tracking information for a return but there's nowhere in "Case Details" for a tracking #, just "message to seller". Is that where to put the tracking number? Tried to post a message about this but the post doesn't appear on the boards. Tried twice.


Can anyone actually post a phone number for eBay, not say how to get one (because this leads nowhere)?


Does anyone know where to input tracking info for a return through the Resolution Center?


Seller is demanding I return broken pieces of a lamp shade she packed completely inadequately. This is so unfair to start with, and now so difficult too!

My Account discussion

I felt upset when I received the following email. I have been on Ebay since 1999. I have 3034 positive feedbacks, Ebay rated me top seller. I enjoied selling on Ebay, it's part of my life. In the past , I have solved a lot of disputes prompptly, never late paid the Ebay fees. I am really proud of this as I think I am Ebay's asset. I am still thing what I was doing wrong. Hoping to hear some valuable comments from any members. Thank you!




Hello ectokei,


After reviewing your eBay account, we have concerns about your selling activity. As a result we've taken the following actions on your account:

- Selling privileges have been indefinitely resticted. You won't be able to list new items.

You are also not allowed to register a new account.

- Some of your listings may have been removed. A list of any removed items will be listed further down in this email.

- We have credited any associated fees to your account.


Our decision is based on evidence from our records and our goal to keep eBay a safe place for buyers and sellers. We're not comfortable with your selling practices or business model, and we feel they don't help to promote a postive buying and selling environment.


Even though you can't sell on our website, you can still use your account to buy or bid on items. for more information on the basic of buying, please visit:




My Account discussion

I've gotten a $15 off coupon, and its from eBay. I just used it without thinking about anything. And now I'm worried, did anyone else get this?ebay.jpg

My Account question

hi, i am receiving dosens of e mails  every day from  ebay@ebay.com, even tho i unsubscribed from receivng any offer e mails from e bay. i also called several times  e bay costumer service , they promised me they will not send any more offer e mails anymore. but i am still receiving them.e mails i receive says : 

Contact seller: 3 new matches today


And there is nowhere is the bottum of the  e mail to unsubscribe. What can i do to stop receivng these emails please ? are these e mails even from real e bay or not ? thank you 

My Account question

I can click into every Answer Center category, except one.


When I try to click into the Starting an eBay Business category a box appears on the screen. This box contains the term XSS_Adel and it has an OK button at the bottom.


I won’t click that OK button, so I don’t know what would happen after that.


Can anybody tell me the meaning of this?



My Account question

Recently I am now below standard in Global and Top Rated in the US.      Below standard was for 3 items  and cases unresolved December 2013 to China.  These were escalted very fast and closed by ebay in 7 days .....From past experience I tell my customers to expect delays from Customs and or check customs as packages may take up to 6 weeks on 1st class .   Cases closed ...dinged...fell below global standards ...3 out of 575 transactions.


I am now restricted to selling on ebay us even though I am top rated.    I can only list 340 items a month.   I have a premium store with over 850 items.  I auction off at least 5 items a week and list at least 20-40 items a week.    But now I cannot.   


I have to wait til December for these to go away and sit on my hands and hope people buy my stuff..  Or close my store completely and auction off 340 items a month (basically quit ebay).  or delist 600 items from my store now.  


This is the message i got.  

It looks like you haven’t met the minimum requirements to sell on eBay, which means we’ve limited the amount of items you can list. You should have already received an email in your My Messages section of eBay about this restriction.

Seller performance standards help ensure sellers provide excellent customer service from beginning to end. When you fall below our minimum standards, you’re creating experiences that erode confidence and drive buyers away.


I called support and escalted for a manager or what they call Team Support Leader.  He could not do anything.    My understanding was that these new rules go into effect May 1 2014 and have a 3 month backlog  (which is safe for me).  


I am dumbfounded on what to do next....

My Account question

I recently found a book, Mussolini's Italy, I purchased from kaufmenu on Ebay had a printer's error in it, many leaves were missing, not noticeable by looking at the binding, however, and the book is around 700 pages. The book was lost in the mail and kaufmenu reimbursed me. When the book showed up a few days later, I PAID THEM! I did the honest thing. I put the book aside for a few years, it turned out, and when I began reading it some months ago I realized about 51 pages were missing within about two-thirds through the book, and as I said, the binding looked perfect. It was a publisher reject. I contacted kaufmenu 3 times and have yet to get an answer. The total cost was around $11.00. And it's not the money. It's the fact that I was honest with them and sent a payment when I could have kept the book and they would not have been the wiser, and now they are ignoring my request for a refund! I can't update my feedback for them or make a complaint because Ebay says it's too late. I'm not complaining the book was dirty or smelled bad, which has happened in the past, and I never complained, just tossed the item. This book should never have been sold, it was never readable. Ebay must give buyers recourse in dealing with these "late" complaints. Either buyers be able to update seller feedback or guarantee refunds for incidents like this one. What if you find an item was stolen? Sellers should be responsible for what they sell. IMG_0835.JPGIMG_0835.JPGIMG_0836.JPG

Bidding & Buying discussion

One of he biggest reasons buyers don't shop here is because  new search engine sucks and doesn't show anyone what they actually search for.


One of my favorite searches is for  "resin table", which should be a fairly easy thing to find. Only 2 words in the search. Extremely simple, right??? Well here is what you get......on the first page  and "BEST MATCH", no less


The new search engine refuses to allow buyers to see what they actually search for unless they want to waste time, which buyers don't want to do, so they go elsewhere where, because other site actually show buyers what they actually type into a search bar without ignoring what was typed or having to jump through hoops refining searches or sort through hundred or thousands of unrelated items.


Buyers leave feeling frustraited and don't want to come back to look for items because eBay doesn't show them what they search for.






resin table.jpg


resin table 1.jpg



resin table 2.jpg






Bidding & Buying discussion

hi there ma'm/ sir, i just wanna ask if how do i go by reporting the seller of not responding me at all after i paid the item i bought? is there any way for me to get my refund ? because i contacted his/her many times but no reply at all... thank you and more power!!!! 


seller name is : 



thank you!!!!

Bidding & Buying discussion

I have been getting these emails for a few months.  Can you spot the problem? 


If you are a normal person, you can see it, but if you work for ebay's search results department, I will point it out.  There are ZERO Honda Civics in the search results.  

2014-09-13 05_53_42-39 NEW_ 1997 Honda Civic - Inbox - eckrex@gmail.com - Mozilla Thunderbird.jpg


These aren't sellers using keywork spam.  When I click on the "see all results" I get zero results. 


2014-09-13 05_56_23-hx in Cars & Trucks _ eBay.jpg


I would report this as a technical problem, except for one thing. You can't. If you spot a website error or problem they want you to call, yes call.  "Hello, tech support, I'd like to report a problem, the bad URL? It's 450 characters long, let me read it to you, do you have a pen?  It's h-t-t-p-:-/-/r-o-v-e-r-.-e-b-ay-.-c-o-m-/-r-o-v-e-r-/-0-/-e-1-1-0-2-1-.-m-4-4-.-l-1-1-5-0-/-7-?-e-u-i-d-=-2-7-b-b-f-6-7-4-5-a-a-9-4-5-8-6-b-2-3-b-2-5-c-5-a-4-a-4-0-7-2-8-&-l-o-c-=-h-t-t-p-%-3-A-%-2-F-%-2-F-m-o-t-o-r-s-.-d-e-s-c-.-s-h-o-p-.-e-b-a-y-.-c-o-m-%-2-F-C-a-r-s---T-r-u-c-k-s---%-2-F-6-0-0-1-%-2-F-i-.-h-t-m-l-%-3-F-M-o-d-e-l-%-3-D-C-i-v-i-c-%-2-6-_-s-o-p-%-3-D-1-0-%-2-6-_-f-s-p-t-%-3-D-0-%-2-6-_-f-p-o-s-%-3-D-8-4-0-7-0-%-2-6-_-n-k-w-%-3-D-h-x-%-2-6-_-t-r-k-s-i-d-%-3-D-m-1-9-4-%-2-6-M-o-d-e-l-%-2-5-2-5-2-0-Y-e-a-r-%-3-D-1-9-9-7-%-2-6-B-o-d-y-%-2-5-2-5-2-0-T-y-p-e-%-3-D-C-o-u-p-e-%-2-6-L-H-_-T-i-t-l-e-D-e-s-c-%-3-D-1-%-2-6-_-d-m-p-t-%-3-D-U-S-_-C-a-r-s-_-T-r-u-c-k-s-%-2-6-M-a-k-e-%-3-D-H-o-n-d-a-%-2-6-s-s-P-a-g-e-N-a-m-e-%-3-D-A-D-M-E-%-3-A-S-S-%-3-A-S-S-%-3-A-U-S-%-3-A-1-1-5-0-&-e-x-e-=-9-8-4-4-&-e-x-t-=-2-4-7-7-8-&-s-o-j-T-a-g-s-=-e-x-e-=-e-x-e-,-e-x-t-=-e-x-t, did you get that all correct? No? Let me read it to you again. h-t-t-p......


Bidding & Buying discussion

I have been searching high and low on eBay for a Share a Coke with Allison since I found out it wasn't on the US list. It is however, in Canada and in the UK. There have only been TWO listed on here and someone beat me to them. If anyone from either place can get one, I am willing to pay up to $50.00 for one. 


Thank you in advance!! ~~ Allison                      AllisonSAC

Bidding & Buying question

Not a question, but rather, an observation...  In the wider world, one star means terrible, two stars means bad, three stars means good enough, four stars means very good, and five means great... and so many buyers might click to leave a three star rating, believing they're leaving a positive rating, not knowing that in the eBay world, three stars is just as bad for a seller as leaving one or two. Netflix could be considered a little bit responsible for people believing three stars is a decent rating, because who among us hasn't thoroughly enjoyed a three star movie. EBay, however, is in the business of collecting fees, so naturally, they'll do whatever they can to keep those fees rolling in, so why not make it SO much easier for the Top Rated Sellers to lose their fee discounts?


Personally, as a buyer, I can't get worked up enough over the roll of electrical tape I just bought to give the seller a five star rating, and so I don't bother leaving feedback, but if I did, I'd say my tape is a fine three star tape, not exceptional, but it does the job. Being a seller, I know not to ding my innocent, hard working tape seller. As a buyer, I find notes included with my orders begging for a five star rating off-putting. As a seller, I know most buyers don't fully understand the impact their feedback may have. I can only hope that buyers who participate in the feedback system will all soon come to understand this quite unfair system a bit more fully.


Not a rant, I hope, but...well, rant over.

Bidding & Buying question

I accidently left a question mark instead of exclamation mark. Is there a way I can change that ?


Bidding & Buying question

Why is ebay Backing RIP OFF SELLERS with their Daily Deals they offer.

gearxs is the one ??

Bidding & Buying question


45723 + 683
 = 98.5%


I'm trying to to buy a LED Projector.I see 100's of sellers selling these projectors and 99% of these sellers has negative feedback.I'm not talking about a few negatives.I'm talking about 100's!

How can a seller decide what seller to buy from when just about every seller has negative feedbacks?

Notice this rating of a seller I stated above,45723 feedbacks with 683 Negatives in 12 months.The seller has over 100 negatives within "1 month".683 negatives within 1 yr of time.It's clear to me that this seller has issues selling.You would think after this seller received his first 50 negatives he would have learned and attempted to solve his selling defect product issues after the first 50 negs received.Even after his first 100 negs received he still didn't attempt to solve his issues why he gets so many negs.You sure can't attempt to use all 686 negatives on excuse of bad buyers.It's clear that this seller with 686 negatives feedbacks has issues with the products he sells.You would think the seller would stop selling that type of product to avoid receiving that amount of negs.

Tell me what buyer in his/her right mind would even attempt to buy from this seller with all of these negatives and feel safe?Why hasn't eBay removed these sellers with 600 plus negatives to make room for better sellers?eBay is a safe place to buy?Ya right!.With 600 plus negatives I don't think it's very safe is it?

Not only that,

Mostly all of these sellers with tons of negatives are lieing about their locations.The item location may say United States but,if you click on their feedback dashboard the sellers locations in fact,state Hong Kong or China.Why does eBay allow these sellers to stealth their locations?

I bought a item the other day off of eBay.Prior of buying.I searched eBay using search results USA only option.

I found the item I wanted.The item location stated NY,NY.So,I bought the item.Then I decided to check the sellers feedback.In the seller's feedback information the seller's location now states Hong Kong.This isn't fair for any seller wanting to buy with in the USA.

What is wrong with eBay?Why don't eBay fix these many issues?

Buying & Selling Basics discussion

My suggestion to eBay would be,With buyer accounts you would only be allowed to buy.With seller accounts you would only be allowed to sell.

Many members are already doing this.People are creating buyer's account to use only for buying.Then there's people creating seller's accounts only to sell.

No business or seller for that matter would ever giveout the names of their venders to the public.If your a business/seller buying your products on eBay using your seller's account.You are in fact making your venders public to see by feedback received as a buyer.I was told never to buy on the same account as you sell on.Not just for reason of making venders public or to avoid Feedback manipulation.Making eBay a safer place to buy & sell.

When buyers look at a seller's feedback score their wanting to see the seller's feedback as a seller not as a buyer.Notice this user's name example,Johndoe (221) example.The first thing a buyer notices is the 221 feedback score.Most buyers think this 221 is the total transactions as a seller.But,it's not.200 out of the 221 could be buying transactions as a buyer.That means the seller really only has 22 transactions as a seller.The only way for a buyer to see the seller's feedback score count as a seller is to click on the seller's feedback.Buyers don't take the time to do that.Buyers see a number and go with it thinking it's all feedback as a seller.As a buyer I always look to make sure the seller has 100% positive feedback to avoid issues with a transaction.When I see a Top rated seller or store with 5000 feedbacks and 30 negatives within one month sorry but ,this tells me red flags.

My point is,

By using only one account,If buyers would buy and sellers would sell would make the eBay world a better place.


Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I've been a Member since: Aug 06, 2014 I'm a new eBay member.

As a seller my selling status level states Above Standard.

(To qualify for Top Rated Plus benefits, you need to be a Top Rated Seller and your listings must include same-day or 1-day handling, 14-day or longer money-back returns, and, when applicable, holiday returns.)

I followed eBay's instructions as stated above.I sold a item with Free shipping,1 Day handling time and with a 14 day return policy.As this Top Rated Plus benefits requires me to do.Do I have to offer Holiday returns also in order to qualify?


How many of these Free shipping,1 Day handling ,14 day return policy transaction sales do I have to do to become a Top rated seller?

I'm not a store or a big seller.I'm a small seller.I only list maybe 2 -3 listing a week.I hold a full time factory job at the same time.Can a small seller like my self become a top rated seller selling few amounts?When or will eBay give me a Top rated rating for what I do?Never?If never is the answer,I don't see the point in going all out to fool my self lol.

Since,I started selling From Aug ,2014 I grossed $695.48 with eBay sales.Todate I paid over $85.00 in just eBay fees.That doesn't include PayPal fees and my cost of out of pocket shipping cost from offering free shipping to buyers.

As for offering free shipping,This shipping cost on eBay is just killing me.Not including eBay's 10 % percent from shipping cost.It's very difficult to swallow offering free shipping when your item ends up selling for pennies.A seller seems to not have a choice selling for pennies with eBay's lack of traffic.People tell me how to offer free shipping is to add the shipping cost into the starting price tag.When I do what they say to do?Buyers feel the starting price is to high.Is buyers broke have no money to spend or what?I can list a item for sale starting at $10 bucks the fish will bite the hook.But,if I add in the shipping cost the starting price goes up to $14.00 example.Four dollars more the fish wont bite at all.Seems I'm forced to do many sacrifices in profit loss in order to qualify for Top Rated Plus benefits.

Am I forced by eBay to become a top rated seller?Do I have a choice not to be a Top rated seller or will eBay weed me out for not becoming a top rated seller?Is it worth all the sacrifices just to have that Top rated logo.Buyers don't give a fart if a seller is a top rated seller.All buyers care about is getting the item they paid for correct with a low price tag.


Two sellers with one day handling,14 day return policies.One seller is Top rated.The other seller is not Top rated.Both are selling the same product.The Top rated seller is selling his for $4 more then the seller that's not Top rated. As long as the buyer doesn't have negatives.The buyer will choose the lowest price.That's why Walmart has their Ad Match Guarantee beat or match any price.The point is,a buyer will go else where if the price cost less as Walmart found.Ad match to eBay would cause eBay sellers profit loss.But,would bring more buyers to eBay.I feel that eBay doesn't care about sellers profit loss as long as buyers get what they desire.Weeding sellers along the way to do so.In time there wont be any sellers for buyers to buy from lol.

I learned from other companies and many factories that many companies and many factories are in fact following Walmarts policies foot steps and receiving their desired gross profit.With that said,eBay doesn't need to follow Amazon's foot steps.They need to be following Walmarts foot steps.

Sorry for all the venting.

Anyway,How many sales do I need to do in order to become a top rated seller?Or is Top rated sellers only for big boys?


Buying & Selling Basics discussion

Let me first explain what I sold,I listed a auction lot vintage collection of 50 pre-owned/Used HotWheel toy cars.

Here's a example of my listing,(Auction sold for $50 free shipping)

Vintage collection lot of 50 pre-owned/Used HotWheel toy cars.

Condition:smileytongue:re-owned/Used items.Items may have missing parts,signs of wear,scratches,missing decals,missing paint,missing wheel or wheels,fades paint, chips,dents.Items will need to be cleaned from yrs of storage.Items show signs of use.Some items may need repaired .I don't know if any of these items have ever been repaired.Free Priority mail,no returns.Original boxes or packing not included.sale is for the cars only.Seller is no grader or expert with HotWheels.


You can't get anymore direct in stating conditions of items then what I stated above.It's dummy proof.There Used items in used condition.

The issues,

After the buyer paid he contacted me stating this,(I ask for you to packaged these item with bubble wrap.I received many items in the past from other sellers .I'm done receiving damaged junk!!!)


This message I received was red flagged at the start I felt.Some how I knew at the start I will have problems with this buyer I could just feel it in my bones.Sure enough.

The buyer received the items.Sends me a message stating this,

(I received the items great packaging thanks!.I have a few issues tho.2 cars are missing both front wheels another is missing 1 back wheel.The paint on some of these cars are faded.A few seem to be low end value hotwheels.I don't want to give you negative feedback so I just wont give any at all.Thank you!)


I replied back to the buyer stating this,

I apologize,By all means I don't want you to be unhappy with your purchase.There's no reason for you to hide your feedback.

Let me fix this for you.I can either offer you a partial refund or you can ship them back for a full refund.


Buyer replies,(If you can refund me $30 I will be happy and give you positive feedback.)So,I refunded the buyer $40 to make him more happy my thinking.


15 minutes later this buyer contacts me stating this,(Hi,I bidded on your other HotWheel lot you have listed for sale using another account I have.Did you block me from bidding?I didn't know it was your auction I was bidding on sorry.Knowing the condition as from the past purchase don't worry I will not ask for a refund.If this is a issue for you let me know?Or cancel my bid?)


I replied back explaining this,

Yes I did add your name to my block list.Because,this auction that is now running was created before your purchase and has missing parts as well as the lot you purchased.If your seeking HotWheels without missing parts this is not the lot for you to purchase.I added you to my block list for this reason.Give me a day to create another HotWheel listing to better fit your needs then I will contact you and unblock you.


O-boy does this buyer show many red flags I see as warnings not to sell to.I feel if I attempt to sell to this buyer again i will just have more further issues.

Everything the buyer stated about the condition item refund issue I stated in the listing description and condition of the auction.Clearly either the buyer didn't read the item conditions or scamming me to offer partial refund.

So,I decided to check this buyers feedback history and past User's ID history.I learned that this buyer has many user's accounts as a buyer and a seller with large ebay stores.This buyer's feedback rating is 98 with many negative feedbacks.Understanding that buyers cant receive negatives.With all these negatives this buyer has with many accounts.I feel not to sell to this buyer.In fact I feel I should contact eBay about this buyer bidding on my items again using other accounts.I'm now worried if this may be feedback manipulation towards me from blocking this buyer.Could it be?Should I report this to eBay?

I wonder why this buyer bid on my other items 15 minutes later after he learned I blocked him.Plus he used another eBay account to bid.The buyer is now upset that I blocked him.Asking for me to unblock him stating if he buys he wont have further issues will not give problem.

Do I unblock him or not?Do I need to worry about this buyer?Do I report this to eBay?What's my options?

I hope my past friend on this forum will read this post.I really need her help.Cry wolf I past did I'm sorry.We learn the hard way sometimes.





Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I found this post on the 2014 Fall Seller Update board this evening and found it so fascinating that I read it twice.  pvcliff   Re: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING...

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What Ebay Is doing and Why?

This is a very in depth look and I apologize for how long this post is but if you decide to read the entire post you will have a much deeper picture of what and why.

To really see the whole picture its really important to take a look at the past. This transformation that EBay is going through really has nothing to do with buyer satisfaction. It has everything to do with the past and what they want to accomplish in the future.  


Here is a look back to 2004 when EBay entered the China market and I need to say this article below was in no way written by me it is a published Forbes article written by Helen H Wang.


In 2004 eBay had just entered China and was planning to dominate the China market. Alibaba was a local Chinese company that helped small- and medium-sized enterprises conducting business online. Most people in the West had barely heard about it When eBay entered the China market, Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba, was alarmed that “someday, eBay would come in our direction.” He knew too well that there was no clear distinction between small businesses and individual consumers in China. As a defensive strategy, Ma decided to launch a competing consumer-to-consumer (C2C) auction site, not to make money, but to fend off eBay from taking away Alibaba’s customers.

A new Web site named Taobao—meaning “digging for treasure”—was launched free of charge for individuals buying and selling virtually any consumer goods, from cosmetics to electronic parts.

In 2004, I visited Alibaba at its headquarters in Hangzhou. It is located on a campus of three ten-story buildings in the northeastern part of Hangzhou, about a ten-minute taxi drive from West Lake. In the lobby, a flat panel TV was streaming video clips of Jack Ma speaking at various public events where his admirers, most of them in their twenties, were cheering him like a rock star. While visiting Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, I felt the same “insanely great” energy of entrepreneurship as I felt in Silicon Valley. When I asked a senior manager at Alibaba whether the company was worried that it would be bought by eBay, I was blown away by the answer: “We will buy eBay!”

EBay, on the other hand, began its most aggressive campaigns to dominate the market and thwart competitors. Soon after Taobao was launched, eBay signed exclusive advertising rights with major portals Sina, Sohu, and Netease with the intention of blocking advertisements from Taobao. In addition, eBay injected another $100 million to build its China operation, now renamed “eBay EachNet,” and was spreading its ads on buses, subway platforms, and everywhere else.

Ma fought back cleverly. Knowing that most small business people would rather watch TV than log on to the Internet, Ma secured advertisements for Taobao on major TV channels. In 2004, one could easily feel the heat of fierce competition between eBay EachNet and Taobao. When I was taking a taxi in Shanghai, I noticed the ads of eBay EachNet on the back of the driver’s seat; when I checked into my hotel, I heard the ads for Taobao popping up on TV almost every half hour. Since its name means “digging for treasure” in Chinese, it attracted a lot of attention by a smart play on words. While most people in the West had never heard of Taobao, its name was heard loud and strong in China.

Nevertheless, most industry observers were suspicious about Taobao’s future, particularly its sustainability. Unlike eBay EachNet, which charged its sellers for listing and transaction fees, Taobao was free to use. Neither Ma nor any members from the management team gave a definite timeline as to how long this “free period” was going to last. “Free is not a business model,” the doubters said. Some thought Ma was crazy and nicknamed him “Crazy Ma.”

No doubt Crazy Ma was changing the game. Taobao got a quick start with its free listings and continued to gain momentum as more and more users switched from eBay EachNet to Taobao. According to a Morgan Stanley report, Taobao was more customer focused and user friendly than eBay EachNet. With most users not

sophisticated about auctions, the majority of Taobao’s listings were for sales. Only 10 percent of its listings were for auctions, while eBay EachNet had about 40 percent of its listings for auctions. Taobao had also better terms for its customers: it offered longer listing periods (fourteen days) and let customers extend for one more period automatically. EBay EachNet did not have this flexibility.

Taobao’s listings appeared to be more customer-centric while eBay EachNet’s listings more product-centric. For example, Taobao’s listings were organized into several categories, such as “Men,” “Women,” and so on, while eBay EachNet stuck to its global platform, grouping users into “Buyers” and “Sellers.”

At that time, China had about three hundred million cell phone users versus ninety million Internet users. Taobao offered instant messaging and voice mail to mobile phones for buyers and sellers because Chinese users were cell-phone savvy rather than computer savvy. It was clear that Taobao had an upper hand against its global counterpart because it really understood Chinese customers. As a result, Taobao had higher customer satisfaction than eBay EachNet. According to iResearch, a Beijing-based research firm, the user satisfaction level was 77 percent for Taobao versus 62 percent for eBay EachNet. The experience of competing with eBay gave Ma tremendous confidence. He was determined to win:

“eBay may be a shark in the ocean, but I am a crocodile in the Yangtze River. If we fight in the ocean, we lose—but if we fight in the river, we win.”

By March 2006, Taobao had outpaced eBay EachNet and became the leader in China’s consumer-to-consumer (C2C) market, with 67 percent market share in terms of users, while eBay EachNet had only 29 percent market share. “The competition is over,” Ma exclaimed. “It’s time to claim the battlefield.”

On December 20, 2006, Meg Whitman, eBay’s then CEO, flew to Shanghai to take part in a press conference to announce a new joint venture with Beijing-based Internet portal Tom Online, which provides wireless value-added multimedia services. It was, in reality, a formal announcement of eBay’s withdrawal from the online auction market in China. EBay shut down its China site, eBay EachNet, and took a back seat to a company with only $173 million in revenue and no experience in the online auction business.

Jack Ma represents a new generation of savvy Chinese competitors who should not be underestimated. They study their markets and bring to bear their local knowledge. They learn from their competition and from their own mistakes as they move up the competitive landscape.

The case of Alibaba provides an invaluable lesson for multinationals to succeed in China market:

First, eBay failed to recognize that the Chinese market and the business environment are very different from that of the West. EBay sent a German manager to lead the China operation and brought in a chief technology officer from the United States. Neither one spoke Chinese or understood the local market. It was eBay’s biggest mistake. Second, because the top management team didn’t understand the local market, they spent a lot of money doing the wrong things, such as advertising on the Internet in a country where small businesses didn’t use the Internet. The fact that eBay had a strong brand in the United States didn’t mean it would be a strong brand in China. Third, rather than adapt products and services to local customers, eBay stuck to its “global platform,” which again

did not fit local customers’ tastes and preferences.

Interesting facts about Alibaba:

1-Alibaba has more sales than both Amazon and Ebay combined

2- "On last year's Singles Day -- China's version of Cyber Monday -- sales on Alibaba's shopping sites clocked  in at $5.7 billion, more than double America's Cyber Monday" This was in a 24 hour period.

3-Alibaba has more money than some third world countries

4-"This is the largest e-commerce company in what will be the largest e-commerce market in the world. Everything about it is: Wow"

Now you might ask yourself, what does this article have to do with the present?

What's happening now?

Yesterday Jack Ma released his intension to significantly increase Alibaba presence in AMERICA and guess who Alibaba is aimed at ??  Ebay it's former rival who tried to monopolize China's Ecommerce in 2004.

EBay has been preparing for Alibaba's arrival. Ebay is attempting to stage itself as a large volume arena by getting rid of small and medium sized sellers especially sellers who sell used and refurbished goods and replacing those unwanted sellers with corporations, large chain retail stores and large volume sellers from China.

How are they doing this? Simple it's called the "defect rate" you see the defect rate only applies to regular sellers.


The "wanted sellers" such as large corporations, National retail chains and Chinese sellers are "immune" to this new standard.

EBay knows it's virtually impossibble for those who are "not immune" to the defect rate to stay within standards with the new system especially when sellers are hit with defects for both: Events that are out of their control: Examples:  lost, damaged or late shipment incurred during delivery or secondly Normal business operation such as a returns or cancelled transaction. It would be interesting to see what EBay's defect rate is?

When you fall below standard any discounts you may have earned are taken away, your Paypal account assets from sales are he held for up to 21 days and additionally your adds are hidden in a swarm of unrelated items. Thus begins a war of attrition: You will find it nearly impossible to operate because not only are your sales greatly reduced but in addition you have no access to your income for 21 days.  This means zero buying power for up three weeks.

The trap in nearly impossible to escape because if you do not make at least 400 transactions within a 3 month period you will then be rated based on the last 12 months of your transaction and feedback history and of course since they have taken steps to greatly reduce your sales this means you will really have to fight to reach 400 transaction and all with no revenue.


If one does not make enough transactions in a three month period it will take nearly 1 full year to escape the snare.

By then you are either bankrupt or you have moved to different market.

The 90 day return and HFR "hassle free returns" will be the final blow. The 90 day return policy means that you can get a defect up to 90 days after an item was purchased. In addition the hassle free return is yet another snare. If you implement it any item not as described case that is opened or even escalated will be an automatic victory for the buyer. EBay's response: Those enrolled in the HFR cannot have any item not as described cases removed because the buyer is covered also by the hassle free return program as well.  


Ebay is driving away some of their most loyal customers as they kick off more and more sellers. Most small and medium sellers also buy from Ebay on a regular basis. So they are replacing buying customers with Volume sellers like Tiger Direct, New Egg, Best Buy not to mention untold numbers of large volume Chinese sellers. These corporate merchants are there for one sole purpose and that's to sell. So in essance EBay has alienated a large number of buyers from EBay's economy and replaced them with corporate sellers. EBay is the first corporation I have ever seen that chases away it's best customers.

Secondly: EBay is hinting that PayPal and Ebay will become a seperate entity. Investors are putting great pressure on Ebay to do this.    Why?


Because PayPal's greatly outperforms EBay. Many investors want to solely invest in PayPal and drop EBay stocks. If PayPal separates this will greatly drop the number of EBay investors and in retrospect it will negatively effect the value of  EBay stock. Let's compare EBay alone (without PayPal) to other online Ecommerce Venues. The last month EBay gained only 5.9 % same sales growth while Amazon gained over 45%. If you were an investor which would you choose?   Alibaba stock is also rumored be going public soon offering a 20% discount on their stock . Which would you put your money into? The under performing EBay? Or would you pick a Venue that has proven higher gains?

Third: Alibaba is coming for Ebay. When this giant Ecommerce site establishes itself in America do you think the chinese sellers and the large volume sellers will remain loyal to EBay?  I can tell you right now the Chinese sellers will switch to Alibaba in a heart beat.  After all Alibaba originated in China furthermore the Corporations will go where it is most profitable as well. The loyal small and medium sellers that have been with EBay from the beginning will already be gone due to the defect system.

Ma Quotes: The founder of Alibaba

1-"In the past decade, we measured ourselves by how much we changed China," he wrote in a letter to investors last week. "In the future, we will be judged by how much progress we bring to the world."

2- "We will buy EBay"

My quote 'A kingdom divided shall surely fall" EBay better get undivided because the completion is all in one accord.

Selling discussion

They just send me this email to press the link for the PH# and there is no PH#, can some please help me, this has been going on for weeks.

FR91000 Your recent e-mail to eBay - please contact us by phone - SR# 1-34769385876

-- Important: This is an automated message. Your email hasn’t been read. Please follow the instructions below to contact us. --

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting eBay. Please contact us by phone so we can help you more quickly. Click the following link:

You may be prompted to sign into your eBay account. Once you've signed into your account, click the "Call us" link or the phone icon. You'll receive a phone number and PIN that will give you access to a dedicated phone specialist.

We're available from 5:00 am - 10:00 pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Selling discussion

Hello Everyone,


After extensive research we have proven eBay is costing sellers thousands if not millions of dollars in sales.  In our store alone (http://www.ebay.com/usr/jewelstreeteast) we have lost up to $10,000 in sales the last two weeks.  


Our team has kept very accurate records of our selling over the last 5 years.  We list around 1500 items each week and average over $20 per item.  During the eBay outages over the last two weeks we have lost on average $3 per item or up to $10,000.  


We knew something was wrong but didn't know how to prove it.  So we decided to dig deeper and this is what we have found.


First - Being Powersellers with a large following we have work with a lot of buyers.


  1. We have made a list of customers who buy from us and use Auction snipers or place their own bids.  We have collected data from each of these buyers showing bids not going through.  Then also collected data on our auctions closing much lower than customers are bidding. 


Second - Our team created mobile listing app Minute List It so we also work with a lot of sellers.



 2.  We are in the process of working with a group of sellers to collect data similar to the data we've collected.


Third - Thousands of buyers rely on Snipers like Myibidder



Quote from Myibidder costumer support

As I mentioned above, the sniper heavily relies on eBay. 
If there are any issues with eBay, the sniper will have issues too. All snipers will, not just Myibidder. 

Here is the announcement of the today's issue: 
Even though the said that major part of the issues were resolved only, their system looks fine and working as expected as of now. 


See for yourself - https://www.myibidder.com/forums/viewtopic/6206/failed-snipe-password-problem/index4.html



Here is a photo of a snipe that didn't go through that we placed tonight 

Myibidder.com  Free Auction Bid Sniper and Manager for eBay.png


This is the same error many people are having with snipers.  It is not Myibidders fault.  It is the eBay's fault and its costing sellers thousands of dollars.  If you scale this same senario, it could be costing sellers MILLIONS!


If you are a buyer or seller please do your research and post any info you can to help prove eBay is costing us sellers money.  Its hard enough running a small business with low margins.  EBay needs to take responsibility for this!





Selling discussion

I've been telling sellers that they can rely on the Paid | Awaiting Shipments list.


I guess that's not entirely true. It's mostly reliable but it does have a few problems and I encountered a big one today and figured I'd better log the problems...



1. Sometimes Awaiting Shipment list doesn't display which variation the buyer chose (it's simply blank). This happens very infrequently. On my account it only happens about once a year.


2. Sometimes there is a delay in purchases showing up in the list. This problem was particularly prevalent three years ago (for several months) and the delay could be 2 or 3 days. They mostly fixed it. About a year later it was happening again and then it appeared to be fixed. There may be a delay of a few hours, but not days, so it's workable and seems pretty reliable these days. I haven't seen any unusually long delays.


3. But... this is new. I have a payment that came through when I downloaded the CSV file AND it is in PayPal as a completed payment BUT (and this is EXTREMELY important for those of you who don't use the CSV files) it is NOT in my sold list at all. It simply is NOT there. If I hadn't downloaded the CSV and cross-checked with PayPal, I would never have known about this order, it would never have been shipped, and I would have had an angry buyer about a week down the road.


I took a couple of screensnaps. Here is the completed PayPal transaction (it's a small order but every order/every buyer is important):





The sales record number is 16130 but it is NOT in eBay's sold list. This is not a pending payment. It's a completed transaction. The correct information is in the eBay CSV but not in the list eBay displays on the screen. Here's a screensnap of the sorted list and you can see number 16130 (a valid sale) is missing:





So, the CSV download saved my butt.


I'm mentioning it so that other sellers know their Sold | Awaiting Shipment list may not be reliable at the moment. Double-check your PayPal transacts to make sure every order gets shipped.




Selling discussion

Ok, so I purchased an item on the 7th of September and paid for it that day, but I later realized that it was the wrong item that my brother was wishing for. In my years on ebay as a buyer, I have never asked for a refund in the window after I paid and before it was shipped, but it has happened to me multiple times in my limited selling career. Each time I have accomodated the buyer. I suggested that the seller might offer the other bidder below me a second chance offer, but I suspected that that bidder was a sham considering their bidding history in the past month (low feedback, ~30 bids in past month, 100% with this seller). 


However, the seller for this particular auction ignored all my messages for almost 2 days just so (what I suspect) she could ship it and claim she didnt see the messages. I say this because she has always responded to my earlier messages within the hour. So what I'm asking is how I should proceed here.


I explained the situation to her after she finally messaged me, and she gave me a long story about how she's a single mother just trying to start a college fund or something, and therefore I should just keep the item and let it be a lesson. While I would normally agree I feel like her ignoring me over the weekend makes this a unique circumstance. I don't want to refuse the package when it comes because that would remove me from ebay buyer protection. What should I do from here?


Thanks in advance

Payments discussion

I have a FOX brand summer dress that has sold 3 times and each time the buyer has different ebay id names but are actually the same person. This way she avoids the 'Blocked Bidder List', and just changes her id again! The buyer always has the same name. Looking at the feedback from the various ebay ids she has used, it's apparent she has done this before. After the non-paying report is filed, what do I need to do next? Who closes the case? Ebay, the buyer or the seller? I want to relist and sell the dress.

Payments discussion

I want know if it's only me or not.


I always buy stuff with my debit card and the other day when i was gonna purchase something, it said that paypal was the only payment method i could use for the product, but it looks like other things are paypal only too, and my friend is having the same problem.


Is there anyone else who'se notied that ebay now only has papal as their payment? Are we not able to use other payment methods anymore???

Payments discussion

The seller promised to partially refund the shipping fee but has not.  I paid extra for expedite shipping yet the item took 10 days to arrive.  

Payments discussion

Hello all,


I just had a buyer purchase a 49 pound RugDoctor and in the listing it advertised shipping at $16.22 (my discount price). When the buyer checked out the shipping charge was $20.14. Instead of requesting an invoice with the correct amount he just paid it and included a message asking why it was increased. When I went to the listing and entered his zip code it showed $16.22.


Here is my costs shown when preparing my shipping label.


Transportation cost:
Declared value fee ($100.00):Free
Your eBay discount (23%):Help
Estimated total: Help


This isn't the first time this has happened. How can I fix this?


Shipping cost (paid by buyer):$20.14






Shipping & Returns discussion

So I buy an item from the seler, after it ships i notice it isn't the one i need for my new pc, because I already have a computer with this CPU. So I ask him if i can return it, he says nothing at all. I wait a few days and at this point I had considered just reselling it as the seller clearly wasn't going to work with me. So I get it here and test it like I do everything I buy from ebay and it doesn't function. I attempt to contact seller and he ignored me for days. I opened a case and the entire time this guy is insulting me calling me poor and other names IN THE RESOLUTION CENTER. So it gets near the end, he's agreed to a refund, and then says he won't. Package is heading to his house right now, probably already there, and ebay ruled in his favor. Helping him steal from me, so now he has my money and the product and ebay helped him steal it from me. At this point, i'm considering legal action against both ebay and the seller for literally stealing from me. 

Shipping & Returns discussion

I wish this to be a public statement.

Ebay has advised that as long as i am professional and do not name any parties and issue any blame and am completely honest in my statements that there will be no reprisals. I am writing this because i need to be free of a devastating occurrence and transaction in which I have recently been involved. I have 2054 transactions credited to me and up until August 13, 2014, since joining EBAY in 2004, 100% positive Feedback. Now my feedback is 99.8% which is troublesome because I truly believe that the negaitve feedback was awarded in anger and that the giver cannot admit that perhaps he/she was incorrect.



I am not an expert of American Brilliant Period Cut Glass but probably know more about it than 95% of the people. I never sell anything without completely researching it to verify what I already I believe to be true. I own every book written about the subject and most of the catalogs produced. These reference guides were bought from individuals and the American Cut Glass Association to which I belong and have since 2005. I comply with all their rules and regulations and would never think about doing something improper. I hold the Association with honor and in esteem, trust and the knowledge that they have far greater resources than I have and know a great deal more than I do.


i sold an item to an individual who is a collector and has knowledge about this antique class of items. Unforfunately the buyer believes that I give little credence to his/her knowledge,. He/She contends that it is more than I believe it to be. However, from  remarks made, it would appear that some of his/her comments range on extrapolations conjured -  to clear cut inaccuracies. As a result of what he/she believes to be true and what is the actual truth, the buyer has declared that a description I wrote was "not as Described" and so the item therefore qualified for a full credit upon its return and additionally a prepaid return label. I repeat again, the buyer decided and stated the item"was not as described" and so return shipping was due .


In my descriptions i clearly state that full refunds of costs would be made as long as an item "was not as described". I also state that "Buyer's Remorse" did not quality as a reason for a return, although i have always in the past worked with all clients to resolve all issues. Many times, I gifted the item and refunded the costs so that the buyer was able to keep the item and pay nothing. I felt it fair to do so because I felt their reasons were valid, or the person was nice and just made a mistake, and could not afford to pay for something that was other than expected,even though it was as described.


In this case, however, I did not offer anything other than an immediate refund of her costs. The buyer was simply too demanding and demanding that which was never offered. As a result, the buyer contacted EBAY and gave her/his version of the transaction and was awarded a free shipping label to return the item to me.


The buyer was not out-of-pocket for one cent, but upset that I had not made it easy and so retaliated in a manner suitable for a buyer and unsuitable for a seller, negative feedback was given. Buyer refuses to rescind and EBAY cannot remove it because buyer was clever enough to  do nothing considered unfair - no threat of negative feedback - just the feedback without any warning that it was coming.  And all based on misinformation, inaccurate ideas and beliefs, desires to obtain that which is desired.


My character has been defamed and I cannot do anything effective enough to rid the system of the remarks. People will read it and be effected by what it states: that I am a liar and bully.

What now>

Please comment.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Is anyone else having problems with tracking information not showing acceptance at the post office? I just changed post offices because of this. It's gotten much worse in the past couple of weeks and seems to be even worse with media mail. Tracking information isn't showing up for at least a couple of days. Even then it doesn't go all the way back to when the package was accepted. How can we show that we mail something within 1 day for our Ebay rating if the acceptance day and time aren't avaiable?

Shipping & Returns discussion

I took some time off this summer and now I need to relist 42 items. They are just over 60 days so they no longer appear in my unsold list on My eBay.


So I went into Turbo lister, found the items I want to relist and put them in the upload queue. Now when I go to upload, every listing listing has an error message that says the item has been deleted from eBay or I am not the seller.


So how do I get them to upload as new listings? All the info and pictures are there.

Tools & Apps discussion

Ho do I get zoom feature to work? Ihave some baseball cards I need to get close up shots  for.


Tools & Apps discussion

Under the Summary View I now see at the top left corner a Green banner box called Buying reminders; as if I needed yet another reminder to buy.


Is it possible to turn off this feature?

Tools & Apps discussion



I have noticed that ebay.com has stepped up and started to allow users to market their products via e-mail, twitter.com, facebook.com, and by pinterest.com.


This is all fine and great but what about Half.com? Can users start to see their items being easier accessed to purchasers in the future?






P.S. I would love to know where are all my Half.com inventories on the vast market of ebay.com right now...

Tools & Apps discussion


Selling question

004.JPGI have a zippered pouch with the name intec on the outside.  Inside is a pack of earbuds, car charger, game holders, an adaptor (AC120V input 60Hz 3W and DC 3V 300mA output), a screen cover, and two adapters I can't describe.  There are pictures of them with this question.  I can figure out the video game part, but what gaming system?  If you are familiar with this, can you tell me if it is complete.  How do I sell it if I can't test any of it? It looks unused to me.  Any help would be much appreciated.



Selling question


Selling question

So I spoke with someone over the phone about upping my limits. They told me I had a balance on another account that I never opened with a username I never use all the way back in 2005?!? I told them that's not mine and they said they would review the account. It took about 30 minutes to review the account, but afterward I believe he said he could up it to $1,500 a month. I was fine with this and thanked him. I got this email:


MC999 Your eBay account limits have been changed

Hello buylowstuff101,

To help you be a successful seller and ensure a safe experience on eBay, we sometimes change limits on accounts. Account limits allow us to learn about your selling activity and to make sure you're adhering to our selling practices policy and performance standards. Limits vary by seller and can change over time. 

You can now sell up to items monthly and up to monthly. If you currently have more items (active items for sale and sold items) this month than your limits allow, you should reduce the number of listings you have on the site. Any listings that place you over your current limits may be automatically removed.

-- Related help links --
Limits on eBay sellers: 

Selling practices policy:

Seller performance standards: 

We appreciate your cooperation.



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.




Yet I still can't list, saying I've reached my limit (only sold $800 worth of product so far). Do you have to wait a day or something? (I was planning on doing that anyway)

Selling question

Since my fiance and I joined ebay, we haven't had any issues with buyers until now.  One opened a case against me today saying an item wasn't recieved, but the tracking information shows it as "return to sender".  I have no idea what to do. I put the tracking information into the open case and am waiting for the buyer to respond back. This is what the screen shows. What else am I supposed to do?


Tracking #:







Return to Sender

2014-09-08, 19:42:00, SPRINGFIELD, MA 01152

Departed USPS Facility

2014-09-03, 19:58:00, BELLMAWR, NJ 08031

Arrived at USPS Origin Facility

2014-09-03, 19:54:00, BELLMAWR, NJ 08031


2014-09-03, 14:11:00, BLACKWOOD, NJ 08012

Shipping & Returns question

I bought a Camry Vapor on 06/14/2014 and as off 08/29/14  stop working I tried to contact Seller w 3 emails and aslo phone call nothing. I think Seller needs to honor this defective item  I kept and pamperd this item like class, it heats up and the mod is defective .. I tried Ebay w customer service but seller has not contact me back .



Kamry K200+ Variable Voltage Vaporizer Mod (Black Silver Gold) K 200+ New Model!
Please do not buy items from this seller he has defected items. I had my item 2 months and it went bad

Shipping & Returns question

I was promised a full refund and provided proof that the buyer has recieved items and now the buyer is just stalling for time so that this will exspire and I won't recieve my full refund please help. I have cases on both items with no resolve just stalling. I sent both of these shirts back in the same package. UPSP #

Your message to the seller:
"9114901230801948176925 tracking number again please send refund"
Item picture
OOBE Mens NEW Zip Flog Golf Polo Moist Wick Sport Shirts ... (220768139678)
Main Color: Lagoon Blue (Light Navy)
OOBE Mens NEW Zip Flog Golf Polo Moist Wick Sport Shirts ... (220768139678)
Main Color: Mushroom Khaki
Size: XL
Sale date: 08/14/14
Tracking number: 9400111899561398394662
Size: 2XL
Sale date: 08/10/14
Tracking number: 9114901230801948176925

Shipping & Returns question

I am a newbee here - yet, I sold an item whereby the shipping label shows a higher postage price than listed. I am assuming (eyes rolling) this is due to that increase. Yet, shouldn't have that been adjusted by Ebay in our listings? What do I do now - I do not want to have my customer complian and have to pay postage due on delivery. I did not print it yet. Thank you.


Shipping & Returns question

Regional flat rate boxes are a good shipping option for my items but that option isn't available in Turbolister.  Is there some way I can add them?

Tools & Apps question

Avast reports malware attack stopped and I can't find any other way to report this to eBay except here.



Avast reports malware infection attempt when I use Details button:


Tools & Apps question

I got problem with my shopping card. It seems like i can't refresh it or make changes.
After numerous tryings to open my shopping card i still get this anouncement in atachments down here.
It is something wrong with my PC, my internet provider or with ebay engine?

P.S. Was looking for way to send this to someone in resolution center but i failed to find the way.

Tools & Apps question

Hi, My "watch item" link quit working sometime last week. I use IE 11 in compatibility mode. Neither link works, but once in a while after I reboot, there might be one item I tried to watch in my watched list. I've tried Chrome and it doesn't seem to have that problem, so it just might be an IE issue, but I prefer using IE if possible. I'm wondering if there is a setting I'm missing, but as I said it worked last week and nothing changed. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,

Gary (bill7621) 

Tools & Apps question

ebay easter set7.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hey everyone! These boards have my head spinning....I just posted this in an antiques group & then I remembered the discussion board named art... 

My dad went to an auction for me over the weekend & bought a table full of stuff. My goodies included a painting that is now in question.

It's a fairly large oil painting on stretched canvas. It's painted on the edges & looks as if someone quickly cut & stapled the canvas. The messy stapling made me think this was a homemade painting but looking further has made me question my initial thoughts. In my opinion, this is a beautiful and VERY DETAILED piece of art. When I Googled the signature "Marie", my search pulled up an artist named Marie Charlot whose art looks very similar to what I have. I'm assuming I have a copycat but want to confirm. Please let me know if you need additional information or pictures.

Any information would be super appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your time, help, and expertise!


marie 5.jpg


marie 2.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Its about 10 13/16" long and flexible. What presumedly is the handle is made from a dense marbled plastic-like material.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Does anyone know anything about this dog? It appears to be a Greyhound? and possibly made of metal (see small hole next to serial number), is painted silver, and has the serial number 34078 impressed on it's stomach. It also has what appears to be a auction number or library/collection number written on it. There are no other markings, stamps or signatures.


It measures 14" long x 7" high


I appreciate any help with this guy.










Collectibles & Art discussion

i paid for cover for samsung galaxy note 3 neo but i forgot to check whether that will fit for model sm- n 7502. money was paid for model 7505.pls let me know.

Electronics discussion

I have been searching for ways to restore an icloud locked iphone 5 that I bought not knowing thru ebay. A friend of mine told me of a site ( http://www.ourwebtests.com ) which offers a free iCloud Unlocker software which I can download to restore my phone. I would like to ask if anyone has ever used this software before and does it really works. I have downloaded the software but hasn't tried it as yet as I would love to get a reply before I actually use this on my phone. Thanks

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I own a repair business and this is a niche we want to explore.  Any help appreciated.  I thank all of you who reply in advance.  

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,nskd ;lj -epd;m'p     epojue-9tu '; ep-th

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Hello everyone, I lurk here loads and  you all nspired me so much, I decided I needed a Coach ...they aren't that easy to come by here in the UK cheaply so I found one after a while of looking on ebay . Well actually I found three cheaply but they haven't  all come yet...anyway, the first one is here! I think it looks OK, I have looked at the creed etc but this is my first foray and I am a bit nervous. She only cost 99p so not much lost if she's a fake. 

I am a bit supercited! However if she is not genuine I will return to the seller, so no real worries if not. This is more of a learning experience? I have two more to come too, I hope it's Ok to post them when they come? Thisone feels so LOVELY but as I say, I have NO experience.

Thank you all <3030.JPG024.JPG032.JPG031.JPG034.JPG027.JPG028.JPG

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Last one for a while...this one feels lovely!!!


Thank you so much for your help. I LOVE this board, been lurking for ages x

coach1 001.JPGcoach1 002.JPGcoach1 005.JPGcoach1 006.JPGcoach1 007.JPGcoach1 009.JPG

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Good morning! I have a lion crest pendant necklace that I bought for 75¢ because I thought it was interesting. I've looked into the meaning of lion crests & from my understanding, everything from the way the lions stand to the unicorn to the fleur de lis has meaning. Unfortunately, all of that confuses me so I hope that one of the experts on here can give me more info.


The "pendant" itself is fairly large, measuring approximately 2" x 2". The back of it is "hollowed out" - I don't think the pictures show that very well.  The black shield seems to be enamel & I can't make out the words at the bottom. The metal is dirty; I'm not sure what it is so I've left it alone for now. Not sure if this is relevant but just in case, the metal doesn't stick to a magnet.


Does anyone know anything about this? Do you guys think it's junk or a treasure? Please let me know if you need additional information from me. Thanks in advance for your time & help. 




lion 3.jpg

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Hello again! Thank you for your previous help...I just got another *Coach*, not sure about this one...was £1.10 so didn't break the bank but if she's fake, I will send her back.
I really will not be offended etc if she's not *real*, no problem at all sending her back) x 

( Just want  to say that I appreciate the help you all  give, so freely and with no charge...thank you ) x


Creed number is DO6S-8A22

(I didn't realise how bad my pics are, I can of course try and take better pics if required

coach 005.JPGcoach 007.JPGcoach 008.JPGcoach 011.JPGcoach 012.JPGcoach 009.JPG

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Any ideas on the maker -- from design or marks?  Thanks for all replies!  :smileyhappy:













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Hi Everyone! I have these stacking 'Mugs' but can't figure out what they are. There's a Sticker on the bottom that says 'National Silver Company Nagoya Japan. They seem to be made from Melamine or something similar. The colors and design make me think 70s. I would greatly appreciate any information.

Thanks much!


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Does anyone know if Wedgewood blue onion dinner plates are dishwasher and microwave safe? They don't say on the dish and I can't seem to find any info on them!


Thanks so much!!!


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Hello  --  Can anyone who knows CORNING product help me to ID these.      Have these HEAVY Cups  - No Handles -  Look Like Fire King -  Marked "Corning TM Reg Made in USA"  on Bottom. They Weigh about a Pound Each.   Approx 3  1/2 Inches  diameter.   I've Tried Many Keywords  -  Custard Cup - Bowls - Soup Cup - to no avail.   


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I received an eBay motors email with payment order #270193075134, is this from you guys?

Motors discussion

I first ran it down to the gas station and put $20 in her, then took her out for a ride.She wanders a little but i sure she will need a front aligment and i have to replace the stablizer links {the rubber is shot on them} She seem to cruise pretty good and shifted good.Just floating along .Shes going to need some heavy duty shock and i have to replace the speedometer cable to see how fast i am going.Coming home i lost a hup cap , it went flying off the cilff that runs along our road so i aint chasing that on with my bad ankle. lol.So i just might keep her.I am still having problems with the title though.Bruce.

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I listed a 1991 MR2 recently that I believed was in excellent condition and stated so in the title of the sale. I needed to get rid of this car immediately before spending additional funds on retitling, licensing and storing the car in NC, and put a $500 minimum on this so the price would not hold up the sale. I listed what damage I knew, short of forgetting a $10 side mirror, and got 47 bids on the vehicle with 13 interested parties, with the winning bidder snatching it up in the last minute. This bidder did not ask for additional pictures or information while others did, and I provided them all the information they asked for. I am not interested in relisting the vehicle, it was very time consuming, and I have no where to store the vehicle now. The buyer came from out of state to pick up the car from the storage unit , but we had to sign the title before the notary was unavailable. We did so, he paid cash for the vehicle, and my husband took him to the storage unit. It had been stated it was a winter car for 10 years, had snow tires on it, and the buyer changed out the provided tires and rims before leaving the storage area. The buyer drove this car to a nearby friend's house for a visit, then back home to Georgia from NC. In short, the buyer is unhappy with the car although he has a signed Ohio (my old state) title and drove it out of state. He sent me an email first through eBay then directly wanting his money back, threatning me with a small claims suit for damages as the car was not as described. He had a personal inspection done on the vehicle, and discovered a layer of rust on the bottom of the car, along with an oil valve cover leak that I never knew about. For a 23 year old winter vehicle as was stated in the questions and answers, I am satisfied he got the deal he was looking for. I had just spent $900 on a total brake job in February 2014, including rotors, and never once did my trusted mechanic state anything about excessive rust, nor was any oil leaking on the ground. What recourse do I have in this matter, short of waiting for him to drag me to court, and hiring an attorney for representation? This is the first time I have sold a vehicle on eBay, and I believe I did all the proper things. Julie Zwemke

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A 2 inch crack on an oil pan. Off the car. What should I expect to pay for maybe 30 seconds of work. I do have a mig welder but I have no experiance with steel let alone aluminum.

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I am desperately looking for Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Low 2011 model within the size 12.5.

As there is not anything on sale so far, are there any chance anyone might have the particular model for sale?

The color is not important. If there is anyone who could help me out, I would be interested in buying multiple pairs of the particular model.


Thank you,



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..I've been collecting cards for nearly 30 years, and i'm sure i'm spitting into the wind here but can some please give me a valid reason why Derek Jeter rookie cards are so disproportionate?


Amount released (quantity), versus price.


In general, but more importantly his Little Sun rookie card vs. his Signature Rookies Mail-In Promo card.


There were 3000 of each released but for some reason, Little Sun card prices are out of this world.


Little Sun features terrible seafoam green, pink, and other clashing colors, with a mock 1987 wooden bat-style edge design, and an exact copy pose of his 1992 Classic Draft Picks card.

While the Signature Rookies Mail-In Promo card features normal colors and design with an original FULL, unobstructed action pose. and it goes without saying, Signature Rookies was more difficult to obtain.


The fact that 3000 were printed DOES NOT mean 3000 were distributed back then with mail-in requests! actually, the amount in circulation is far less from what i hear..only adding to the pricing confusion.


Am i missing something? the numbers just don't seem to make sense so i'm hoping for a reasonable, intelligent conclusion.






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I've had listings removed for gun stocks before, especially when I occasionally get illegal parts.


so..  to play it safe..


Anyone know what model of gunstock and grip this setup goes to?



Thanks in advance to any help you can offer.


stock measures 11.5" long  4.25 wide at the back. 22.5 overall length with spring

Grip is roughly 5" high

foregrip is 11 3/4

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I have 3 dolls I'm hoping you guys can help me with. They range from 1966 - 1987 and measure 2.5" - 11'. A nice assortment. :smileyhappy:


  1. The first is a 11.5" doll marked "Totsy 1987". Does anyone happen to know her name?
  2. The second one is 14" long, with blonde hair, painted eyebrows, blue eyes, and painted and "real" eyelashes. The only marks I found on her were "Made in China 1981".
  3. The third is a tiny little one that measures approx. 2.5" - 3". She's marked "U.D.CO.INC 1966 Made in China".

Please let me know if you need additional pictures. I took pictures of all the marks but didn't want to overload people with pictures.


Thanks in advance for your time, help, and expertise! :smileyhappy:


totsy 3.jpg


red 2.jpg






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Hi!  Can anyone please help identify this baby doll?  Thank you!


Toys & Hobbies discussion

I was wondering if anyone knew the marker of this German bisque doll.  She's very sweet and I know she needs a hospital but does anyone know who made her?  Many thanks!




Toys & Hobbies discussion

Hi, Seems the pictures didn't show up on the first post. I will try again.

Hope someone can tell  me something about this doll as to age, maker, etc. She measures about 14" tall. There is no way to open the back of her dress to find a mark on her neck because her skirt is sewn on and I would have to take the stitches out to lift the top. I might have to anyway but would rather not. Thanks for any help,









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