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I fished this doll out of a bin heading for the landfill - she looks familiar & I'd like to try to fix her up.

Does anyone recognize her? No marks. Hair feels human. Many thanks for looking!



Dolls discussion

I was given this handbag as a gift from a friend of mine. I'd like to start selling things on here but I surely do not want to try and sell a fake! I don't want kicked off here for any reason. Please can someone tell me if this is authentic as I have very little to no knowledge on these things, thank you so much!20160928_093517.jpg20160928_093547_001.jpg20160928_093743.jpg20160928_093630.jpg20160928_093658_001.jpg20160928_094021.jpg

Fashion discussion

Sep 28, 2016 8:32:15 AM PT

Help me Authenticate please!?!?

9" tall, thanks for looking.


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Boy, talk about not being able to read the description.  I can't see any of my own listing descriptions, I can see some other seller listing descriptions.  I'm on Edge in Windows 10.


unsafe content.jpg

Selling discussion

































Good morning everyone.



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Cannot find any info on the net.  Even on the vintagelabelguild.   Is it vintage?  It is Monroe & Main.

It has ruffles on the slant in the front.  Shoulder tie on left. Bottom front has pleats,  bottom back is smocked. 


Thank you so much.


20160925_104728.jpg        20160925_104904.jpg


Fashion discussion

Sep 27, 2016 7:19:57 AM PT

Help with this top: is it vintage?

I am used to the number of people watching a listing being indicated on a listing.


Maybe I just have not been paying attention (or looking at items without inquiries), but how long has the number of inquiries been there?


It is in RED, it is in BOLD, it can't be clicked upon or hovered over for additonal information.


As a buyer, what possible use is this vague information?


Does eBay think it is that important for buyers to know that there have been a certain specific number of unknown subject inquiries?


Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 27, 2016 4:38:23 AM PT

# of Inquiries on a listing

If ethnic, what ethnicity?  It's not a big deal but I do like the shell inset in the wood pieces. It fastens with a button toggle.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hope your birthday is fantabulous!!








Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Sep 28, 2016 3:57:42 AM PT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY gauntlettgems!!!


2016-09-25 18.13.31.jpgSorry don't know why pics are sideways, and can't figure out how to rotate them here.  Came across this piece of furniture, have no clue wat it is used for.  Heavy dark wood, maybe Asian, with a lot of metal detail.  Has a thin piece of wood, that is removable, maybe for hanging something?????2016-09-25 18.13.06.jpg2016-09-25 18.13.51.jpg2016-09-25 18.14.04.jpg2016-09-25 18.14.23.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Do not under any circumstance purchase BTY batteries. They are complete garbage. A simple Google search "BTY battery" will produce over 300,000 results. Most of which will tell you thses are junk. eBay should not allow these to be sold . The specs published are false as far as ratings they claim 3000mah they test out very far below this. Come on eBay get on the ball, these items are all over your pages.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Sep 27, 2016 4:15:01 PM PT


I can use a little help. Is this a Cambridge Rose Point  ice bucket  #1705? Stands 5 3/4 inches tall. Diameter across top is 4 3/4 inches. Thank you!IMG_1631.JPGIMG_1632.JPGIMG_1633.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Sep 27, 2016 4:50:13 AM PT

Vintage Glass Cambridge Rose Point?

I bought a bluray disc set that was listed as like new and the seller took the 2nd disc with the special features out of the box before shipping it. Ebay denied my claim for a full refund because the seller lied and stated there were no special features on that disc. Like new products should always contain all of the parts.


shallows photo.jpg

Bidding & Buying discussion

I am trying to find the name of this FP building - it looks like the baggage return area at an airport, but I can't seem to find a comp on either ebay or Google.  Thanks for your help.








Selling discussion

Hear ye, hear ye; bring out your eye candy!  Keep the pictures smaller to speed loading, and as always no live auctions.  The first one isn't jewelry, but it's pretty.  I found it unframed in a yard sale less than a week ago.  Rematted the poor dear and put it in an 11x14 frame.  She's off to a friend's house at Chanukkah. The elephant has been in the room for a while, and the last is a piece of fossil coral in silver.


Elizabeth Korn oil pastelElizabeth Korn oil pastelIt's that time of year!It's that time of year!Fossil coralFossil coral

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Sep 27, 2016 8:57:39 PM PT

Fall-ing into Eye Candy Wednesday

Hi, this is my recent Tory Burch mini amanda Backpack, please help me authenticate this, much is appreciated. thanks Ebay community!20160927_092349.jpg20160927_092438.jpg20160927_093001.jpg20160927_093611.jpg20160927_093702.jpg20160927_094057.jpg20160927_094152.jpg20160927_094447.jpg20160927_094552.jpg20160927_095235 (1).jpg20160927_094357 (1).jpg

Fashion discussion

Sep 27, 2016 3:59:33 PM PT

Please help authenticate Tory Burch

Looking for assistance on this beautiful old religious medal, "O Mary Conceived Without Sin -1830" on one side and "M" and the "Congregation of the Children of Mary" on the reverse side. The medal measures one inch across, is paper thin, and the words are very clear.I have many, many religious medals that I would like to find the value on.  Any help with this medal, or suggestions on where I can find information on other rare religious medals would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you.

O Mary Conceived Without Sin - 1830O Mary Conceived Without Sin - 1830Congregation of the Children of MaryCongregation of the Children of Mary


Collectibles & Art discussion

Sep 27, 2016 8:03:45 PM PT

Antique Mary Miraculous Medal

When I was very young, my mother bought me a 150 year anniversary beanie bear for Waco, TX. It isn't a TY or another brand. I recently rediscovered the bear because I securely packed it and began pulled down my collectibles. I forgot about this until now. It shows it's birthdate is March 1, 1999. There is a logo for the 150 Waco, tag, and a certificate of authentication printed and a # handwritten in pen. 


I added a picture, but if anyone knows about this bear or where I can find more information on it, I would appreciate it! Thanks!unnamed.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

It r eally doesn't look old to me but wondering if I shouldl list it as depression glass.  Any advice on it big thank you!!!!IMG_2361.JPGIMG_2360.JPGIMG_2362.JPG

Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

Sep 27, 2016 9:40:31 PM PT

Lavender depression glass Is it?

I started to ask a question, but managed to find the answer after searching and searching for more than an hour. I am a new seller so navigating the site is not a smooth and easy process for me.


Here was my question:


How do I change, update, establish, or revise my Return Policy? 


According to eBay, it's easy:


To set a default policy: Go to My eBay > Account > Business policies


But, since I'm using Seller Hub, there is no Business policies choice under My eBay > Account. This is where I was stumped. 


I read some posts here about Business Policies, none of which directly answered my question, but they gave me enough clues (thanks to those who posted!) to eventually find the answer. He it is:


Go to Seller Hub. If you forget how to get there (as I did), hover your cursor over My eBay, and then select Selling from the options that appear.


Within Seller Hub, click on Listings on the top nav bar, then look for Business Policies on the left side (it is under SETTINGS). Click on Business Policies, which will take you to a page that looks like this:













I recommend reading the tutorial at:   http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/business-policies.html


I hope this helps other new sellers. And if any of you experience sellers have any advice or suggestions about good business policies, please chime in! 


All the best,




P.S. Nav bar = navigation bar


Selling discussion


My 98 yr old Grandmother recently passed away, leaving a lot of stuff from all over the world, which she travelled quite extensively. Most of it I was able to identify, but there are a few that I can't nail down. First is a very large lot of very delicate dishes, cups, saucers etc. All are marked China and in beautiful condition.















Next is this vase. It's got a couple of numbers on the bottom, but no name/maker. But, it was on a shelf with a bunch of older Wedgwood. I am just unsure if this is an unmarked piece or a copy/fake.
















And finally there is this set, though it's missing one cup. No markings but I think they are stunning. Quite thin and delicate.

















Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I may still come across more!

Collectibles & Art discussion

Can someone help me identify this Alexander the Great coin? Thanks!1472658501366.jpg1472658501076.jpg

Collectibles & Art discussion

Hi, can anyone identify the company that has this marking?  thanks in advance, mike.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Sep 28, 2016 7:54:57 AM PT

ceramic marking identification

Can Someone tell me about this Buddah and Hallmark Looks to be some kind of Metal, Thank you009.JPG005.JPG012.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Sep 29, 2016 10:35:05 AM PT

need help with Hallmark

I recently tried to install an update to eBay Turbo Lister II and was surprised to see Windows Defender detect a Trojan horse virus in Update.exe


The update did not complete as the file Update.exe was quarantined.Anyone else see this? I have done a Google search and not found any reports. Is this a false positive?




Tools & Apps discussion

HI, I'm having an issue with creating a Fedex Smartpost shipping label.  It is showing this error code.


Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.54.29 AM.png

Is anyone else having this problem?

Technical Issues discussion

Sep 28, 2016 12:07:45 PM PT

Fedex Shipping Label Creation Error Code

I must be the only seller in history who can not opt IN to the GSP.

For years I shipped internationally only to the regions tracked by the USPS. But after seeing some new (positive) seller reviews of GSP reforms, I decided to try to reach more customers by opting in to the program.


I opted in through my Seller Preferences. Then I went to my exclusions section of Seller Preferences, checked off the "override exclusions" on GSP eligible auctions and clicked Apply.

Only to discover that my auctions are still showing my exclusions, without showing the Global Shipping Program.


I have repeatedly gone into my auctions through "Revise" and made sure all had the GSP option checked. They all do. I changed the "offer alternate international shipping" from my former "Worldwide" option to "Canada" only.

So all settings are in accordance/compliance with eBay's listing instructions.


Yet the exclusions are not being overriden. And NO GSP appears on my auctions.


I have contacted eBay CS three times in the past four days. No help. I ask them to Please escalate my report to a GSP supervisor. But I haven't gotten any results in solving this problem.


I tried opting out, waiting 24 hours and opting back in on all auctions (I originally only did some), hoping that might fix it. But it did not.


I still use Turbo Lister to upload auctions. TL has an option to opt in to GSP, and I used it. But just in case, like I previously mentioned, I went in to each auction and verified each one was opted into GSP. I also tried creating a new listing directly on eBay through the listing template, and that listing still shows my list of ALL of my numerous exclusions.....and does NOT show GSP.

My listings are still stating: "Ships to: United Stes and many other countries" - which is what it used to say when I did international shipping on my own through USPS. And when you click on the "See details" link, it lists all of my exclusions - many of which the GSP ships to. See attachment.


Again, I opted in to GSP. I applied "override exclusions". But it is not working / appearing on my listings. It's been 3-4 days.


Any help please will be appreciated.


GSP exclusions not working.jpgGSP exclusions not working2.jpg


Shipping & Returns question

Sep 29, 2016 1:52:47 PM PT

Can't Opt IN to Global Shipping

denim and cobaltdenim and cobalt

I just t  bought a set of blue glass cups on Ebay  listed as "cobalt" that turned out to be "denim"  The seller made good with apologies, but would sellers please realise that only the very dark saturated blue is cobalt.  The light blue is denim, and to call it cobalt is misleading advertising, which, of course, we don't want on Ebay.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Sep 29, 2016 6:11:17 AM PT

blue glass

eBay sellers and buyers..help me out....buyer left negative feedback  

Negative feedback ratingthis is not like others handpiece, this one is not powerful as the 35000 rpm.



after using item incorrectly putting on the voltage to out of the US. After working out with them the item the purchased was working properly, with no problem at all. My buyer did not see when we sent them the revise feedback email and it got expired. They want to remove feedback but eBay DOES NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. 

Selling question

5 3/4" tall. What type of glass is this ?100_1542.JPG100_1543.JPG

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I've looked a number of places but can't find this marking.


It's on an orange lusterware set with a windmill design.


Am looking for manufacturer, pattern and/or date range.








WP_20160926_13_48_08_Pro Small Cropped.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

The double diamond T-T mark ion the bottom s associated with Takito, a Japanese company known for lusterware and other styles.

So far, I've been unable to find anyTakito items that have a blue transferware-type pattern.

Looking for any help (date, design, type, etc.).






WP_20160926_13_49_52_ProMarking Cropped.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Sep 29, 2016 2:15:37 PM PT

Need help on Takito creamer

My two listings for Life magazine have not had any bids and only a few watchers.  Each has been relisted twice or will be soon.  I want to cancel the listings after bIMG_3206  Life The Constitution Spl Issue 1987.JPGeing listed twice.  I don't think it would do any good to add more photos, and I don't want to lower the prices.

Payments question

Sep 29, 2016 5:53:15 PM PT

Cancelling a listing













































I probably already used this one but oh well. The memory isn't what it used to be.


Good morning everyone



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!


























Hello everyone



New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Sep 29, 2016 11:31:10 AM PT

New to ebay daily chat for thursday Sept 29

My earnings has been not getting updated. usually i get my report every morning but so far i don't have any update. it was showing Earnings tab last updated as 09/25/2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 7.04.04 PM.png


My Account question

I posted this in the wrong place originally. Apologies. I am trying to find out this brand and google has not helped at all.



Fashion discussion

Sep 29, 2016 2:18:36 PM PT

What brand is this purse?

This Pineapple theme Pedastal Cake Plate has a bowl depression in the center.  Is this a cake plate or some other type server?  Anyone know the maker and pattern name?  And what is the center bowl used for? Thanks!



Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass




Fashion discussion

Sep 29, 2016 7:14:40 AM PT

Coach scarf, real or fake?



I have scoured the internet only to find nothing that resembles it! Help

Fashion discussion

Sep 29, 2016 2:15:31 PM PT

Need help identifying this purse logo

I picked these up and have never seen this pattern.  Any help with the ID of the pattern name and maker would be great!  Thanks!



Depression/40s-50s-60s Glass

Can anyone help me Id this piece of jewerly - thanks so much2016victorianbrooch 007.JPG2016victorianbrooch 010.JPG

Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

Sep 28, 2016 5:58:58 PM PT

Id a piece of jewerly

 Hi everyone.Im trying to learn something about this idem. Is it old ,or just yard art?It has no identifyable markings.Thanks,Billy

IMAG0018 - Copy.jpgIMAG0020.jpg


Antiques and Research

Sep 27, 2016 11:42:07 AM PT

Help in identifying sculpture.

Hello. I have a problem when trying to buy an item. I get a checkout error right after I click on buy item, select paying method and shipping and than click accept and pay ,and cannot proceed byuing the item. This is the first time that this has happened

I use PayPal and I haven't changed the information on both my ebay and paypal accounts. It's been going on for a couple of days now. The last thing I bought was a month ago and there weren't any problems then. What is causing this?  Thank you.


This is a screenshot of the error notification.



Bidding & Buying question

Sep 28, 2016 12:11:36 AM PT

Checkout error

"Hello, I think I found the solution.

When you are in a browser window showing the photo uploader and you cannot see the “Done” button, resize the window to full screen.



Image above: Photo selected but no Done button, Image Positioning options or Scroll bar


Drag the side of the window to the right (or click the Full Screen button)



Done button and positioning options appear!



Jim Griffith
Seller Engagement, Community & Education"


 (I have to drag the screen down a bit on the bottom also but yes this works.)  Thank You Griff!  Smiley Happy

Community Platform Feedback discussion

Sep 29, 2016 9:53:41 PM PT

Picture Uploader Fix (From Griff)

So i accidentally linked my paypal account to Charity payment method, but can't unlink it, does someone know how to do it?2016-09-30_10-36-26.jpg

Getting Started question

Sep 30, 2016 12:44:45 AM PT

How can i disable Charity payment method?

001.JPG002.JPG004.JPGRing appears to be hand made, Not marked 

Stone is  28mm x 18mm

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Sep 29, 2016 4:42:56 PM PT

Help with Stone ID in ring TYIA



My browser address bar keeps turning pink as shown above when I view an item and I can't see the sellers description. I just see a big red box instead. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? More information: My computer did receive updates from Micro-Soft last night and I think that might have something to do with it but I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to buy anything if I can't read the description. Help!

Tools & Apps question

Hi, my listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/272389277080?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


is not showing up in the category search even though it's past 24 hours. I can find it using keywords in the direct search, but the fact that it's not showing up in the category search might be affecting the number of views. Can someone let me know if there is something wrong with my listing or how to fix the issue? Thanks.

Selling discussion

That box came up when I went to list. You know, that warning about being suspended or respricted. I'm fairly sure this is authentic because I 've sold Louis Vuitton before quite a few times, and I've seen plenty of fakes, but I want to hear what you think. The tab with the ID number is missing and that could be a problem. 

Fashion discussion

Sep 28, 2016 10:41:56 AM PT

Louis Vuitton Speedy Opinions Please

I'm selling essential oils and related products, one being toothpastes that weigh approx 4 oz each.  They are BIN listings with free shipping (by first class USPS).  This shipping service allows up to 16 oz and is very reasonable.  I have been listing multiple toothpastes on one listing - which I think is saving on listing fees - i.e., 50 free listings per month. This was great until a buyer bought 3 toothpastes (which in retrospect, I should have anticipated!).  Three toothpastes, including the box and packing material, puts the package at .2 over the prescribed 16 oz, which must be upgraded to another service. I ended up using priority mail for about 3 times the price - which was an easy enough way to correct my mistake, but something I must allow for in the future.  Since I can only print one label per sale, per each listing (printing USPS labels on ebay) that was the only answer I could figure out.  Should I just do more listings and only put 2 items available on each one? That sure increases the number of listings I create, but it is the only way I can see.  Am I missing something? I would really like to stay with my free shipping option. Thanks for your help!

Shipping & Returns discussion

Im sure I saw an announcement about eBay shutting down the classified ads, I believe Oct 1 2016. I can't find the announcement anywhere. Am I crazy or what? Thanks!

Selling discussion

Sep 28, 2016 4:37:38 PM PT

eBay classifieds

I bought an xbox from a post that said free shipping. It arrived and the driver requested $34 in shipping. i told him that ebay said it was free and the driver told me, "it's a common scam just refuse delivery so it's sent back and you'll be refunded." I refused delivery, but now it's been two weeks. The seller isn't responding to me and I have no tracking information on the refused delivery to prove I sent it back and get my refund. What can I do? I'm a broke college student and have been setting money aside for this. I can't afford this scam. 

Shipping & Returns question

Sep 28, 2016 9:49:32 AM PT

refused delivery scam

I had a remorse return a few of days ago.  I accepted it and presumably they were sent the label from ebay. They never printed off the label and I began to think maybe they changed their mind.  Then today I get it in the mail with their own label, the return address s a companies name and I wondered if they found a way to save on shipping by printing it off at work.  


Regardless their reason my problem is now this -- the case is still open showing label not printed.  What do I do at this point to refund her and can this case be closed? Any suggestions?  So confused on what/how to do at this point.


Thanks, Deana

Selling discussion

Sep 28, 2016 3:21:23 PM PT

Return came but used their own label

I shipped an item to Germany.  The tracking number says "payment of charges--item being held, addressee being notified".  I assume this is customs, although it said it cleared customs a few days prior to this.  This was dated 9/22.  How long do they hold items, in general?  Does eBay consider this delivered?  Just trying to watch my behindCat Very Happy


I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the tracking number, so I won't.  If I am allowed, let me know in your reply and I will post it.   I don't ship overseas very often, so I just wanted to hear from a more experienced international seller.  Thanks! 

Shipping & Returns question

Sep 27, 2016 9:00:58 AM PT

question about international shipment



Is anyone else having ebay shipping problem like this? I have only recently started backon ebay and have been using the "print shipping label;" to print my USPS shi[pping label, pay for my postage frommy paypal account, and print the packaging list.  Today, I tried to do just that, and it sent me to a page to sign up with UPS shipping. I do not use UPS.  I live in a small town and there is not UPS dropoff.  And, I am not always home during the day.  USPS priority mail works best for me, and usually, my customers.  So, the question is, is the USPS connection still good?  How do I get to it?  I find no announcement on a change. Please Help. I need to send a package today, and, I have a bunch of auctions set up for USPS shipping, with the discount



Selling discussion

Sep 27, 2016 1:37:43 PM PT


I have handled buyer's claims many times for orders that were covered with insurance. It's a fairly straight-forward process.

What I'm not sure how to properly handle are orders that do not have insurance, specifically low-value items: products less than 1lb which have a value lower than $50, i.e, First Class and Media Mail.

In the case of a buyer receiving an item damaged in transit without insurance, what would be the best to do?

Shipping & Returns question

Just took a royal screwing from ebay. Buyer states item arrived chipped. Asked on 2 occasions for photo of damage and condition of package item was sent in. No response either time. If damaged during shipment I could have processed claim and buyer would have refund. USPS needs  photo of packaging along with damaged item to process insurance claim. Today I received notification from ebay that the buyer sent the photos I requested and I did nothing so they sided with buyer. I contacted ebay and informed them buyer did not communicate or cooperate at any time.  According to ebay, the buyer sent 1 photo on today's date! and since the decided the case the photo is not available for me to view. Talk about a coincidence, buyer sends photo same time case is closing. WOW!!! 1technician and 2 supervisors later, i could not get them to grasp the fact that this buyer did nothing and ignored my communications until the 11th hour. Buyers word is all that is needed for ebays support. They do not recommend buyers photograph items. If the buyer doesn't have to send the photos USPS will not process the insurance claim. Believe it or not, all the employees I spoke with today acknowledge the fact that photos are required, I was told by all that they don't mandate buyers cooperate with the seller.  In addition, be advised that, according to Jared at ebay resolution department, Ebay hires the resolution staff to handle these types of problems and no one is "permitted" to speak with their supervisors. Nobody gets past the resolution team.  I'm guessing ebay must be in the land of OZ! 

Shipping & Returns discussion

Sep 27, 2016 3:43:42 PM PT


If a buyer and seller agree on an acceptable price for an item, buyer places the agreeable price, then seller places amaount on item on site and another bidder outbids the initial bidder who entered the agreed amount from seller and inital bidder loses the item.  Is this acceptable?  Jill Biltz (mschemmie@aol.com)

Bidding & Buying discussion

I've been selling on eBay for years, and have seen my contradictory information on this subject...both from eBay and the USPS.  From what I can find on the USPS website, this is the most current policy, dated: Notice 121, October 2012:  https://about.usps.com/notices/not121/not121_tech.htm


My main questions are about blank media, video games, and cases:


You used to be able to use Media Mail for video games, but that changed a few years ago.  Now, there is nothing about not being able to ship video games via Media Mail on the USPS website.  Is it now allowed again?


Second, I use Media Mail all the time to send blank media, such as VHS tapes, audio cassette tapes, DVD-R discs, etc.  Is blank media allowed?  It is obviously media, but is it disqualified because no info is recorded on that media?  Could I use Media Mail to ship a ream of 500 pages of blank white computer paper?


Third, what if I ship my media in a case?  Obviously, if I sent a movie DVD or soundtrack CD, I could also send that case it's in.  What if I send 10 Sony cassette tapes in a 10 pack zippered cassette tape case?  What if I send 24 VHS tapes in one of those old school VHS woodgrain boxes with drawers?  Could it be argued that those cases are, in fact, packing material protecting the media?  If the cases I sent the media in was cardboard, I don't think there'd be a question...the cardboard case could be shipped.  But I'm talking plastic, cloth, or wood.  Some of the stuff I'm talking about are in the attached pictures...are these allowed if filled with media? 


Last, if the above is allowed, then can I just send a box filled with empty CD jewel cases?  Are the cases only allowed if media is inside?  What about baseball cards?  They are a form of communication, with info printed on them, and maybe somewhat educational?  Or are the considered advertising?  This would be so much simpler if Media Mail just considered what the item is made of...paper, cardboard, DVD, video tape, etc. and the container that  holds it.


Any (well thought out) thoughts and (good) advice would be appreciated.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Buyer just sent me a messge about two ways in which her item is defective.  One of them I feel is very subjective.  That is, 99 other buyers probably would not see or mention it.  I certainly didn't notice anything like that, nor the second problem she identified.  She's within the 14 days stated in my return policy, but she said she's contacting eBay regarding her options.  Um, okay.  800 transactions and I've never had this happen before, so I asked her to let me know what they say.  I also asked her what SHE wants, since she didn't say.  Normally I would just issue a refund, but this is a $150 item, and I know someone else will pay just as much even if it is damaged as she says.


She also said that the listing didn't mention any defects.  This is true.  However, she purchased the item in a fixed-price listing without asking any questions beforehand.  She said at such a price she expected perfection; I think if that's how she felt about the price she should have been more inquisitive.  Of course I'm not going to say that.  I'm perfectly happy sticking with my return policy which says that the buyer pays return shipping.


I guess I'd just like to know what MY options are, if she turns out to want something different.

Selling discussion


I just read on google that ebay will drop you down in search if you do not provide at Least the 30 day returns. I am not sure if that can be true if you charge a restock fee. I think they want to encourage 30 day returns, no restock fee & free shipping.

My sales are completely dead. No feedback, No questions, 3 sales since Last Friday. I usually get 3-5 sales a DAY. Ebay has told me 2 times now that little or no sales is an ebay issue on the site and they are working on it.
Today I have put my whole store on Sale to see if that helps. I am going to call ebay today and ask for a Credit! 

Selling discussion

Sep 29, 2016 12:39:46 PM PT

30 Day Returns & Restock Fee Question


I bought 3 devices from tropical mobile, so I need exchange these with new devices without battery problems.

How i can return the devices and who pay the return shipping cost?

Shipping & Returns question

I recently won an auction on ebay, paid for the item and never got a shipping confirmation a few days after purchase so I contacted the seller and requested shipping information and he told me that the post was a mistake and that he was sorry. He asked me for my paypal email address so he could return the money so I gave it to him and have not gotten anything in my email yet. I've attempted to cancel the order but ebay wont let me and I cannot return the item because I don't have an item to return. The self help pages are worthless and I am thinking about giving customer service a call here shortly to see what can be done. Anybody else have this issue before? What should I do?

Bidding & Buying discussion

Hello, can anyone please help giving any information about this awesome Balck Americana doll? It stand only 4 1/2 inches tall. The doll sways back and forth on its pivot point at its hips. Almost like a boble head doll, but it only sways back and forth. The body is made of a cardboard like material and legs are a light weight wood material. It is marked 25 cents on the bottom of one foot and marked made in USA  and other words and numbers that are unreadable on the bottom of the other foot.


Thanks for all your help



Collectibles & Art discussion

Hubby had listed at item for bidding or with a BIN of £130 (the upper end of what similar, but not very frequently listed, items had sold for).

A bid was placed removing the BIN, then the following day someone asked if he had a BIN price. Hubby politely refused as bidding had begun. Person came back offering £130 (a little accurate!) as a BIN, three times, eventually saying that was the most he could afford. Each time hubby politely refused.

Bidding has continued and any time someone else places a bid, he becomes the highest bidder. Not uncommon I know if he's set his upper limit but bidding is now at £190 with him as top bidder.

We appreciate there may be more demand for this item than we expected (should be a great feeling) but we can't help but feel he's just outbidding on purpose to either cancel afterwards, or worse still claim the item was defective or not in the packaging once it arrives (by special delivery).

As sellers can't negatively rate buyers anymore we can't see if he has a track record but we can see that of his infrequent use of eBay, 4 out of the 10 purchases he has made he has left negative comments about the seller, one stating the item didn't arrive and 2 stating "I want a refund!" Other feedback seems positive though.

So we're sat here wondering whether he's going to pull a sly one by winning then complaining and getting the immediate refund yet keeping the item.

Any suggestions on what we can do (bar cancelling the auction!). He may be genuine but it just feels wrong. Can we somehow reject a bidder?!! Thank you in advance.

Selling discussion

Sep 29, 2016 10:58:34 AM PT

Suspicious buyer?

New seller here. I have an item listed as an auction with a Buy-it-Now option. There are several days left on the auction--no bids, but 7 watchers. I received a message asking if I will accept a Buy-it-Now price which is $10 less than the price I listed. 


I'm confused, and I am not sure what to do. The fact that there are 7 watchers makes me think that I will likely get a few bids as the auction nears the end. Is it even possible to accept a Buy-it-Now price less than the price I listed, since I didn't elect the "Best Offer" thing? Is it even fair to do this?


What do others do in this situation? Thanks in advance...

Selling discussion

So there is this user on eBay, I still remember her name is , she lives somewhere in the south I believe.

she wanted to buy my action replay ds which I listed for $20 for her sons birthday. Then, the day came when she claimed she purchased my listing, and it didn't even say it was paid! So then she stated that she sent me the 20$ but my PayPal said $0 balance. Then I asked her and said why haven't I recieved your payment yet? She tells me oh eBay and PayPal just separated, haven to you heard? And I said no, then I said so when's my money coming? She said don't worry, it'll arrive.


anyways, I have been messaging her for months endlessly and she never reposnds, I think she is ignoring me on purpose and hasn't ever given me my payment. The listing for my action replay ended without being paid so I don't know what is going on!

I don't know much about what the changes were when eBay and PayPal split last year or two ago. But I'm sure I never have recieved my payment, because I never was notified of receiving my $20 from my action replay.


someone please tell me if I was deceived by this  or if she paid and my payment nevertheless came!


i can't even find the listing for my action repplay, I dislike how eBay wipes clean the listing history after they aren't relisted after a while.

Payments question

Sep 27, 2016 12:49:14 PM PT

I never recieved payment



I accidentally cancelled an order that is in the process of being shipped to the buyer. 

So basically, they will receive the item for free.

What can I do?





Shipping & Returns discussion

Hi :-)


I have four identical items to sell, but two are red and two are blue. How do I set up the drop down option so that the buyer can choose the color the want?

Selling question


I was working on my store, then suddenly 99% of my items disappeared. out of about 6-7 pages for my store, now to me its showing 1 page. many things are missing in my store menu. I restarted my computer just to see if that was the problem and cleared my cache. Maybe this is temporary...

can someone please go see my store and tell me what you see


Selling discussion

I'm no prude, but I was searching in the following category:

eBay - Collectibles - Kitchen and Home Collectibles - Collectible Kitchenware - Collectible Cookie Cutters - Collectible Metal Cookie Cutters, for an antique santa cookie cutter, and the page displayed two "top selling" items at the top.  One was a dog bone cookie cutter, and the other was "Captain Pecker Inflatable Favors Bachelorette Party" with an image of a woman riding a giant dildo. So under no circumstances can I see how that relates to Christmas cookie cutters.  I'm not really concerned with whether the listing is appropriate (I don't have issues with that), but I do mind having it presented to me without being in any way interested in that category, and had I been looking with a child, explaining what that nice lady is doing.


I haven't been active on eBay in a couple of years, and I know things have changed.  I couldn't find any way to express my unhappiness with this to eBay directly.  Any suggestions? Is this something that's common on eBay now?



Bidding & Buying question

I was trying to post in this forum for some help authenticating a handbag but I don't even know how to post pictures of it here? Can someone please help me? I'm new to eBay and don't want to be removed for a fake product!

Fashion discussion

Sep 28, 2016 6:30:41 AM PT

Adding pictures???

Any help is appreciated, I am just getting no where with this!


Thanks in advance!



Collectibles & Art discussion

I bought an Aueruim Filter  for $15.82.

The package arrived a month too late, the casing was cracked and some parts were missing, making the filter unusable.

They ask me to wait so they can resolve the issue. They keep sending email with excuses and requests to wait till the guarantee expires. Then they ask to close the case with the promise that after you close the case they will refund the buyer. After I closed the case, they stoped all communication. At this point there is no way for the buyer to leave bad feedback to the seller or get the money back.

What can I do?

Bidding & Buying question

Sep 29, 2016 7:27:04 AM PT

refused to send me a refund. What can I do



I bought a phone and I paid. But the seller did not response me or acept the payment, I have 7 days waiting for the phone but nothing.


I can't cancel the order because eBay says that I have o contact the seller (but the seller did not response any message). Currently I cancel the paypal payment, but I could not cancel the the order.


I want to look for another phone but I don't want a bad feedback if the seller appears again. 


What can I do?, I tried to contact eBay but the options that show are just for calling, not for email. And I from another country, not USA.


Thanks and best regards

Bidding & Buying question

Sep 29, 2016 11:51:22 AM PT

What happen when seller did not response?

I posted an antique camera (Graflex-R-B-Super-D-4x5-camera item number:152257317623) for a fixed price of $795 or best offer, and just 15 minutes later, I received an offer for the amount of $900 from a person from WI U.S. who joined Ebay only 45 minutes earlier. All other offers (two from China) have been $200 or more under my asking price. I contacted the first bidder and his response, in broken English was that you can offer any amount. Is this some kind of scam? 11 hours are left until this high offer expires. Thanks in advance for your response.

Bidding & Buying question

How many offers can be made on an item


Bidding & Buying question

Sep 28, 2016 12:24:03 PM PT

How many offers can be made on an item

Last night I came along a deal for an item I've been hunting down for a while and the price was decent.  I was actually looking through a list of identical items, so the only thing, admittedly I was looking at where the prices.

I spotted the deal in question and just bought it without even reading the description.

I finally saw in the transaction summary that the item was being held for a 'single' customer to correct an issue with a prior deal.

Anyway, I sent him an Ebay message the instant I'd seen what I had done.  This was 14 hours ago.  He has yet to respond.  I've sent him two messages now simply asking, "will you be shipping me the synth or refunding my money".  I don't care about how logistically screwed up this is, and that I'm pretty sure this is a grey area Ebay issue.

But we are talking a purchase north of 500 dollars. If it will come down to a refund that's will be a nightmare.  You know how Paypal are with... refunds.


I'm looking for advise on how to proceed here.




Bidding & Buying question

I won in a bid a reel to reel tape deck and paid the full price right away through PayPal... today the seller shipped the tape deck then sent me an email to my personal email account stateing he only sent part of my purchase as it cost more than he figured to ship the item. The tape deck has accessories he had included with the sale listed in his description. The email he semt me he informed me he only sent the deck but is with holding all the accessories that were supposed to come with it and if I want the accessories I have to send him more money to ship them to me. Can he do that and am I on the hook to pay him more money to get everything I had already apid for? Do I have any recourse on this? Thanks  eBay item number: 182288971027

Bidding & Buying discussion

I shipped an item through Fedex Smart Post and Fedex damaged it so USPS would not except it for delivery so I put in a claim through Ebay but now I can't find any info on the status of that claim. So does Ebay have a way for me to check the status of the claim? I would appreciate any help on this matter.

Shipping & Returns question

I have a buyer who is unresponsive after 5 days, 2 invioces and an email.  Can I just relist the item, or do I have to go through the resolution center?

Selling question

Sep 27, 2016 4:26:07 PM PT

Unresponsive buyer

I have a item that has a mailing size of 30"x18"x5" and 5 #.  When I used the calculator, it shows that it would be cheaper to mail to Calif from NJ via express($51.80) than priority($68.37) .  That doesn't seem right, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? Can anyone help me understand

Shipping & Returns question

I have a listing that has free shipping. And the buyer is in the GSP, is the seller responsable for paying the import charges too??? 

Shipping & Returns question

Sep 27, 2016 11:08:51 PM PT

International shipping

Hello, I sent an item Priority mail, shipped on day was paid, went to Myrtle beach, then to Columbia, SC and to Kearney, NJ where ithas sat for last 6 days.. What actions do I take now, TIA?

Shipping & Returns question

Sep 28, 2016 12:27:56 PM PT

Item sent priority mail not received

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