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The seller`s original description is  I quoted Used very little like new.


But what seller sent me was a nasty watch and full of dirt and scrach in the photos  .It likes The Gold Watch in movie pulp ficiton.


I opened a return request  and seller didn't responed  so ebay step in and aproved the return.


But now the seller didn't  admitted this at all ,blame all responsibilities on me and eBay , won't  refund me even I return the item and return shipping .


 And seller  just offer to sent  me the original  accessaries which he claims found after sent me the item.


How can sent these informations to ebay and other buyers ?





Bidding & Buying discussion

Oct 22, 2014 11:17:12 PM PT

Is 'like new ' mean nasty on eBay now ?

   I wrote a listing description. I spaced between each numbered description detail. I listed and then see that my paragraphs are all run together in to one paragraph. SO hard to read. I have tried revising 3 times and still I can't  make it list as I typed it. Could this be a problem with my Java? I'm frustrated and...can't figure out what's going on. PLease help. The item listing number is 121467693515. Thanks for any help.

Tools & Apps question

Oct 22, 2014 8:37:20 PM PT

What is wrong with my listing detail?

Turquoise ceramic urn? Can anyone help identify this piece & its makers mark? Much Thanks!
urn  768.jpgurn  265.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I listed an item for $35 with FREE shipping or Best Offer. Received an offer of $25 with the notation:


InfoShipping is not included in the offer price.


What does this mean? Is the buyer offering $25 for the item alone, without FREE shipping, and offering to pay for the shipping cost?


Or does it mean shipping terms remain as listed and are not part of the negotiated price either way?


I don't find any clear explanation of what is intended by this notation, obviously added by eBay. If the latter meaning was intended, it would be better worded as "Shipping terms remain as listed and are not a part of the negotiation."

Getting Started question


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 23, 2014 5:46:48 PM PT

Native American Indian basket tray?

Today was the best thrift store treasure hunting day ever! I found this Emanuel Shary painting for $29! But, I wasn't sure being behind glass, and I spent 20 minutes with my little magnifying glass looking at it from all angels until it was finally the white hairs of his beard that convinced me it just may be a real pastel or charcoal or colored pencil.

Like an idiot when I got home I immediately started trying to get it out of the frame to see if it was real or not - without taking pictures of it in the frame + breaking the glass protecting it in the process because I was so nervous (but thank God not hurting the painting)

I knew immediately it was real from the feel of it, but I had no idea if I had a pastel, a colored pencil drawing or charcoal. I am still not sure, but believe it is a pastel because looking Schary up I saw he has worked with pastels.


How do you tell a pastel painting from a colored penciled one? Or a charcoal one (if they have colors other than black)

It has a almost soft gritty/powdery feel (best way I can think to describe it), and I'm guessing pencil would be more smooth?


The back of the paper has some unusual letters & numbers; maybe they tell what paper it is and the time period?


Any idea how to find out the painting's name? - Most of his original paintings that I've found have a title.


I GREATLY appreciate any help with this - I want to list it correctly so hopefully this beauty will help me pay off the new pvc plumbing I had to completely replace when my 50+ yr old cast iron system finally collapsed!



collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 1A First.jpg


collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 1B.jpg


collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 2A Close up.jpg


collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 2BBB Close up.jpg


collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 3A Signature.jpg



collectible painting EMANUEL SHARY 4 Back.jpg


Collectibles & Art discussion

I so rarely find any deco around here..wanna list it right.  But I think the more I research the more I confuse myself.  


1)Is it called Paperclip or peanut chain?


2)Would it be called a drop, lariat, or negligee necklace?  And would the 'choker' term apply here or no? The total length is 13 1/2" with a 3" drop  


3)And what type of cut are the clear glass beads? All I can think of is multi-faceted rondelles. (maybe polished?)  They have nice flat tables...love the stacked design


Anyhoo..I appreciate any help!









Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 23, 2014 3:20:36 PM PT

Needy Questions on A Deco Necklace

Do you think the dangles are scales? Pretty gloomy here today so I was going thru a jewelry box and had had forgot I had it. The larger filigree medallion almost looks like it has a cross design, but what do I know? lol Thanks!


art necklace



Art dangles


art medallion


art back

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group



Good morning!

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I have a $1 star note that looks like an error, I am not really  sure, discoloration does note go through, only on front of bill. Any help would be great!  thanks, mike.error.JPG

Product Discussions discussion

Does anyone know anything about this vase?

I am confused by the two different images on the opposite sides.

I know NOTHING about this vase so any info/guesses is very much appreciated.




More pics to follow

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 22, 2014 1:54:36 PM PT

Pottery: Art Vase Tall, Floral

I am selling some things for a consignor.  She swears that these pins are from the 40's.  I know what are good signature names on costume jewelry (Weiss, Kramer, etc.) but not items that are unsigned.   One of the ceramic penguins has what lookes like OSTONE.   There is a word above it that starts with a B, but the pin hardware has the rest obscured.  What is your opinion of these, and thank you?









Antique & Vintage Jewelry by Design

Oct 22, 2014 1:49:03 PM PT

Please help with these brooches

010.JPG006.JPG       The earrings are Trifari and have gorgeous blue stones but the metal looks tarnished and they're in need of clear baguettes.  You can see on the Juliana that some of the beads have peeled.  Don't know if this is repairable or not.   I thought maybe the green brooch was juliana because of the carved type stones but generally have just found the oval stones like that.  That piece is just missing one of the molded marquise stones.  Anyway, these are a few of the lot of items I have that need repairs or for harvest but can't decide if I want to take the risk of listing a lot nowadays. 



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 23, 2014 1:43:07 PM PT

few pieces of a repair lot



Please help me identify this pattern.

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I can not find another vase like this.  It is  9 5/8 inches in height and parked on the bottom.  Can anyone tell me the age, origin and possibly read the mark on the bottom?  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!











Antiques discussion

Oct 24, 2014 8:10:07 AM PT

Asian metal signed vase. TIA!

Hi all


I am cleaning out my mother in laws house found a lot of items packed up.

Googled for B&F and little known.

Images are here, can anyone tell me if its old / collectable and if so a ball-park value?


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 24, 2014 6:30:43 PM PT

Old English Jug with B&F on the base

Hi all!


Just wonderin' if anyone would have an idea of age of this sweet ol' basket.  I'm thinkin' 50's-60's or so.


It is rather LARGE  19" x 11" x 12" or there abouts.


I do LOVE the color to it.



Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 24, 2014 7:23:44 PM PT

Vintage Basket Ideas Please



Are you ready for Halloween!?? Did you buy your costume on eBay?

Show us what you found!

Cash Around My House

Oct 25, 2014 7:53:46 AM PT

Are you ready for Halloween!?

I strayed far from my usual and picked up this lovely jar today.  It looks like it may have had a lid once.  I thought the design and decoration was marvelous, and it's a nice, heavy, sturdy piece.  What little I can see in the murky depths leads me to believe that it may have been wheel thrown, and assembled in a couple of sections.  Though I know that there is some serious talent out there re. making things look old... this looks, to my untrained eye, to have some genuine wear.  I can see where the design (different on both sides) was drawn on in spots, it does have fine crazing, plus glaze flaws.  It is 9" high.  Oh, please don't tell me it used to have someone's grandma's ashes in it...


I guess I would like to know:

1) What is/was it?

2) Approximate age

3) Keywords I can use to do a little research

4) How long I should cry if I break it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Pics of the two scenes:





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I am really having difficulties posting this in the proper place, much less getting the correct photos to post.  This signature...does anyone recognize it??

Thank so much!!





Collectibles & Art discussion

I have bought an item from a seller located at Warminster, PA, USA.

The item was shipped via Global Shipping., take a look to the tracking at Ebay site:


Global tracking #:



Multiple Carriers
This shipment has been transferred to AMXKEB for delivery to the final destination # 3984849293



Delivery Attempt-

Oct-23-14, 08:17 AM, Tel Aviv 69710

Delivery Attempt-

Oct-21-14, 08:59 AM, Tel Aviv 69710

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Oct-20-14, 10:36 AM, Tel Aviv 69710

Customs Cleared

Oct-20-14, 08:14 AM, Tel Aviv 69710

In Transit with Destination Carrier

Oct-02-14, 06:53 AM, Tel Aviv 69710

Shipped from Shipping Center to International Destination

Sep-29-14, 19:46 PM, Erlanger

Customs Documentation and Labeling

Sep-29-14, 16:17 PM, Erlanger

Processing at Shipping Center

Sep-29-14, 16:08 PM, Erlanger

Global tracking #:



Multiple Carriers



Arrived at US shipping Center

Sep-29-14, 12:35 PM, ERLANGER, KY 41025

Enroute to US Shipping Center

Sep-29-14, 02:35 AM, ELSMERE, KY


Sep-27-14, 00:49 AM, ELSMERE, KY


Sep-26-14, 22:46 PM, LEXINGTON, KY


Sep-26-14, 10:51 AM, LEXINGTON, KY


Sep-25-14, 23:59 PM, HORSHAM, PA


Sep-25-14, 15:38 PM, HORSHAM, PA


At the box the Tracking number gived by Ebay doesn't exist.....

There are the following numbers:

USPS Ground #1Z 250 X00 03 5058 3594

Aramex 3984849293 + LPKEN000000077359132

GCX Global courier Express #0100065290422

Maman transport #  I 036771


And I received finally the item at the Nahariya city where I live from the hands of a Israel Postal Authorithy employee who said me that the item was not delivered at Tel Aviv as in the tracking of Ebay was declared.


Without a real tracking number and a real information is impossible to obtain any information about the item.


If any attempt of delivery is done and in the box is clearly visible the purchaser telephone, is not the transporter obligation to make a phone call?

My address is in Nahariya City, far from Tel Aviv 200 kilometers....


Could I accept as logical an attempted delivery in Tel Aviv in 2 oportunities?


Twice a mistake?


I have opened a non delivery case because this lack of information !!!! Ebay with this Global Shipping Service is endangering the good feedback of the sellers and buyers.....


I prefere sellers that ship via USPS, UPS, DHL or any serious international courier service.......

Shipping & Returns discussion

Oct 24, 2014 10:20:13 AM PT

Is this Global Shipping a serious service

OMG, can eBay not leave ANYTHING alone!?  Every time I come here, it's different.  Had to Google for a link to this category, couldn't figure out how to find it otherwise.  ::sigh::


Anyway.  I recently purchased a teapot which is out of my usual collecting focus.  My research indicates it is "American Belleek", with a mark indicating it was made by Lenox between 1906-1924.  I noted that many other teapots with this mark have similar handles and finials, apparently a common design trait.  However, I cannot find another one like this.  I would like to know if this shape has a name, or belongs to a specific line.  The quality is exceptional compared to the Thirties and Forties colorware I usually collect, the only imperfections I can find are a few tiny glaze pops and a glazed over crumb.  I was wondering, as most of the other pots I saw are very ornately decorated, if this would have precluded it from being decorated, and designated it as a second, or was it meant to be starkly elegant and simple?  I do intend to list this pot to finance my own obsession, so would also be interested in an opinion of what a collector might pay for it (yup, I know book values are worthless!)  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hope I haven't messed up with these pics, last I knew, eBay auto-resized them if they were too big?  Would also appreciate any gentle advice on what for me, is yet another "new format" for these boards. 





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion



8 days and counting...bring in fun costume pics for show and tell! 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

I'm leaning towards some type of agate, but figured I'd ask first just in case someone recognizes it.  VERY dark stone, but in the sunlight there's clear lines or "layers" so to speak.  It's a chantille style pin brooch combo, sterling and copper,  probably 70's I'm guessing.  Only marked "925".  Thank you for any suggestions!





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

What company does this represent?  It is on the bottom on a beer stein made in West Germany.  Thanks!





Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 23, 2014 8:30:41 AM PT

Helo with West Germany Beer Stein Logo

Can someone please help me identify this pattern?  Thank you!  Todd


20141022 00820141022 006

Home & Garden discussion

Here's another mystery mark - Shaw - possible Military teapot? I could use help identifying...teapot  770.jpgteapot  771.jpg

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

I'd love to know who made this bowl , a long shot but maybe someone will recognise the design .


This is unsigned , the base is rounded and is textured almost like the wet clay had been placed on material , this effect is also under the glaze on the underside only , the glaze is also crazed.


Measures approx' 7 1/2" across



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 24, 2014 10:36:18 AM PT

Mid Century/Eames Era Studio Pottery Bowl

Hi all,


I have this cup and saucer with the Capodimonte marks.  The marks are different so I do not know if this set is a marriage set or it made

slightly different on purpose.


The mark on the cup has what I think are initials of EPP, do those initials mean anything special?  Also, the saucer mark has three dots, does that mean



Any idea on age for this set?  Saucer is 5" diameter and cup is 2-3/8" tall so this is small.


Thank you for looking and any help.



Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Can anyone tell me anything about this? I'm familiar with the glass shoes made by different makers, but I've never seen one in metal. The bottom looks like it was "patched" at one time on the sole of the shoe. I don't even know what this is. A paperweight? Thank you.a1.jpga2.jpga3.jpg

Selling question



Hi, I've never seen this type of pottery before - Hardtmuth - and just wondered if anyone could tell me anything about it please? and what is the significance of NO.1? thankyou very much, jasmine. 

Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

This piece is 10 3/4 inches in height and made with a reddish brown pottery.  It appears to be a bartender and he is holding a bottle inscribed "vinho do porto" which I believe is Portuguese for "port wine."  It appears to be old, lots of crazing and some rippling to the glaze in the back that has chipped off a bit.  No markings on the bottom.


I haven't been able to find anything like it.  Any help with age, origin and key words for listing purposes would be great.  Thanks!




















Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

new 006.JPG#1

new 008.JPGnew 007.JPG#2

new 009.JPG#3

new 013.JPGnew 010.JPG#4

Hi  What are these?   I am confused to which are buttons, cufflinks, etc    Please help  TY 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Hi Everyone,

I have these two sets of clothes. The pink undies set has a Made in China tag and I do not see any tags in the other outfit. I do not know if they are Barbie clothes or another 11.5 doll.  I have had these posted on both Barbie Groups with no response.





1. Does anyone know if these are Barbie clothes if so could you tell me what outfits they are?


2. If no one knows if these are Barbie clothes can I list them as "Fit 11.5 size dolls including Barbie?"


original.jpg    original1.jpg


original2.jpg  original3.jpg






Dolls discussion

Oct 24, 2014 6:36:35 PM PT

Please help with doll clothes

I think it's for sure circa 1970's.  I'm almost getting a Russian or Scandinavian feel from it, but it's hard to tell.  Any one else have any ideas??  No markings anywhere unforntunatey,  but does acid test at sterling.  It's missing a safety chain as well, maybe the mark was on that? Who knows!  Thank you for any help :smileyhappy:








This is the clasp


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

hello , all

Since March I have a lock on the account.
I was just 9 not satisfied customers.
in the help I learned that I could sell now since November.
but as soon as November already ebay.com blockade imposed on me at all that I will not be able to sell on ebay.com
I'm Polish and I will only be able to sell in Poland, please save me, maybe someone knows a way to regain the ability to sell on ebay.com?


host image

My Account question

Oct 23, 2014 6:37:27 AM PT

my account have limit

new 005.JPG

I have a few pieces with this mark on it  It's probably some newer maker's mark/symbol  I can't place it and I googled my fingers off (almost)  Is it a butterfly?  Recognize it?  Thanks 

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Anyone know Furla..would this be authentic? 

Thanks :smileyhappy:








Fashion discussion

Oct 22, 2014 8:42:07 PM PT

Furla bag

Please help id these three different type of blue depression glass. maker? pattern? era?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 23, 2014 5:39:16 PM PT

ID Depression glass

Sterling coat/dresss pin. Sorry for the resolution but this is the best my phone can do.


Ster Coat Pin Front.JPG

Sterling Coat Pin.JPG



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 23, 2014 8:58:46 AM PT

Can Anyone ID the Mark On This...

How do I actually get an answer from someone?  I have tried to print a refund label for the past 3 days and each time it says there is a problem and to try again later!!  If this is somekind of problem I wish they would fix it and stop changing everything else!!

Sorry we're not able to process the label at this time, please try again later.

Print a free return label and ship the item back to the seller by Oct 29, 2014.
Print return label
Hold on while we create your return label

Technical Issues discussion

Dear Members,


I am new to eBay and would like to ask a question regarding a shipping calculator available in my listings in an ebay store. The seller is located in Australia.


I would like to be able to have this on my listings:


Shipping calculator


Will this calculator work in Australia so that buyers can enter their ZIP code and get varying rates for shipping based on their location?


Or do I have to use a 3rd party plugin to implement such functionality in my auctions? If so do you have any recommendations regarding such plugins?


I will appreciate your help!

Shipping & Returns discussion

This is a beatuful hand made pin,hand painted,highly glaze,signed by artist..
I can't make out the artist name..please help.
Measures about 2 1/4" Long x 1 2/16" Wide
.would like to list it..thanks...jimbo

Collectibles & Art discussion



Starburst foot, six sided stem, crosshatch and 7 point starburst pattern on glass, 7 1/4" tall.  Thank you in advance for any help you might offer.  - Mary





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 23, 2014 1:40:09 PM PT

Help with Glass Pattern

I found a brooch signed Art that is similar, but not on the spot exact.

Its a gorgeous necklace with shells, ab rhinestones and faux pearls, but is unsigned. I guess Art didnt always sign their jewelry?


shell necklace front.jpg


shell necklace dangle.jpg



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group


This is a tiny reliquary, made of metal, with 5cm high and it has hand written 28-8-1909 on the base.

Is it possible? Someone can identify this item? Where was made, and by whom?

Thanks in advance.DSC_6790.JPGDSC_6791.JPGDSC_6792.JPGDSC_6793.JPG

Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 23, 2014 11:19:19 AM PT

Tiny reliquary, could this be from 1909?

The time zone on the My eBay pages are in PDT. Is there a way to change it to EST?


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My Account question

This elephant is large measuring 3 1/2" in length and can also be worn as a pendant.  Would you say this is an indian or african elephant, and would call the color deep coral? I think it's acrylic, and is pretty heavy and solid.  TIA




elephant 2

elephant back


Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Christmas came yesterday! =) I love her. She has brown sleep eyes and is a big girl. I've not seen a big Fulper doll with brown sleep eyes before. Her clothes she came in are antique but  I put her in this dress to show her knobby knees, lol.

 photo 20141024_084723_zps020e3b10.jpg

Dolls discussion

Oct 23, 2014 5:57:21 PM PT

My new Fulper doll =)

don't remember where I got this bracelet.  It is so pretty but it needs the end re-attached, soldered I guess and I haven't gotten around to finding someone to do it but it has beautiful stones.  :smileyhappy:003.JPG002.JPG004.JPG



Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Didnt see this already, so thought Id get it started. Need my fix!


No more than three pics per post, and keep them smaller for the people with internet speed issues



Mint conditon shell necklace, unsigned but dangle is attributed to Art

shell necklace front.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 25, 2014 10:04:54 AM PT

***Weekend BLING thread*****

Hi. I hope everyone is doing well!!

I would like to know if anyone can tell me the maker of this beautiful dresser box.

It is 3" tall x 4 1/2" wide. It is green with raised flowers and leaves.

Any info would be appreciated!




Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 25, 2014 9:41:08 AM PT

Help ID Glass Dresser Box

Found at an estate sale in the bathroom if that helps. I know it is a jar but what are the hooks inside the lid for?





Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 25, 2014 8:00:00 AM PT

Art Deco Pottery What Is It?


Pottery, Glass & Porcelain discussion

Oct 25, 2014 11:38:23 AM PT

Glass Pattern Help Needed Depression

I also posted a thread for this piece on the Pottery, Glass & Porcelain board. 


This piece is 10 3/4 inches in height and made with a reddish brown pottery.  It appears to be a bartender and he is holding a bottle inscribed "vinho do porto" which I believe is Portuguese for "port wine."  It appears to be old, lots of crazing and some rippling to the glaze in the back that has chipped off a bit.  No markings on the bottom.


I haven't been able to find anything like it.  Any help with age, origin and key words for listing purposes would be great.  Thanks!




















Antiques discussion

Any ideas on keywords for this piece-thanks!001.JPG




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

I have no expertise in this type of printing, any help? No little dots that I see on most prints.









Collectibles & Art discussion

I bought some loose stones that are pre-drilled and I would like to know what my options are for pierced earlobe connections. I know I can get plain French wire hooks but maybe there is something that will connect the drilled holes to something decorative that will then connect to the earwire? I don't have the stones yet so I don't know the thickness of the material that a finding needs to connect through but it seems possible to make an educated guess. I want earwires rather than post. In sterling. Any ideas?


Thanks is advance for your help.




Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 25, 2014 10:08:49 AM PT

OT: Some Advice Needed For Earrings Findings

Im thinking its bible related but idk. Adam and eve? The one by the water fall looks like it has wings. An angel? Satan? Opinions please im stumped.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 24, 2014 9:53:51 AM PT

Bible themed shirt? Opinions please

I cant find any infomraiton on where or who this eagle mark belongs to. If anybody has any suggestions, Id appreciate it! Its on the back of a souvenir spoon.


mexico silver spoon mark.jpg


mexico silver spoon full front.jpg

Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

HI, I have this set that is very busy! Plastic beads, rhinestones (one missing) and baroque faux pearls. The beads look like there are held in place by a rod that  extends from the middle of the  filigree backs . The rhinestones settings are part of the filigree backs. It has a box clasp. Any ideas on who the maker might be? As always thank you.





Jewelry & Gemstones Board Group

Oct 23, 2014 5:31:43 PM PT

Who's my daddy?

Any ideas as to what gun will fit into this case. The measurements are in the photos. Any help is much appreciated



Product Discussions discussion



Saturday in the Fall....go sail your boat! 

New to eBay Chit Chat & More ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Wow. Amazon is getting hammered. 21% down for the year and is reporting a "huge" quarterly loss and is expected to drop of 12% "more" on Friday. And some of you thought Ebay was bad. Do they have a seller message board there? There has got to be "more" anger there than here.

Selling discussion

I can't see any details on the "return", but it looks like another SNAD claim in disguise. Of course, on a listing with NO returns.


AFAIK, the money was not refunded , and the buyer "closed" the return voluntarily.


However, I'm wondering if this will now count as a defect on my account, and if it does , isn't that a malicious seller attack?



Selling discussion

I have been shopping for some Callaway golf clubs and ran across several listings. As I always do before bidding on an item, I try to research the seller to make sure they appear legit.  I noticed right away that this selller has HUGE feedback.  Then I noticed that the positive feedback many times were left from the same buyer.  I didn't think much of it at first because I've purchased multiple items from the same seller before.  But then it stuck out like a sore thumb to me that this happens over and over again.  On the sellers feedback page, when I view the items sold and then I click on the buyers hyper link I can see the % of bids with that peticular seller, most of the time it is 75-90% range.  So this seller is apparently covering their negative and neutral feedback scores with fake purchases.  This is also convienient for the seller to run up bids or maybe NOT sell some thing because the price was too low.  I've tried to report it but who knows if eBay will do anything about it.

Bidding & Buying discussion

Oct 23, 2014 4:59:58 AM PT

fraudulant feedback, seller boosting scores



Can anyone please tell me how to close Ebay store ? I have opened it a few days ago but I didnt get any free listings yes I know Im new but anyway nowhere in the instructions does it say that you must be hare a whole century to get this limit.


Then I went to ebay.de open account and as a new user I have now 500 listings there, its a little weird but its true and probably I will stay there.





Selling discussion

Oct 22, 2014 4:41:22 PM PT

How to close store

I just started selling on eBay a few months ago and already about feedup with all of this crooked stuff going on with eBay & PayPal.

Ever since,I started selling I always used eBay to print shipping labels.When ever a item sold I printed the shipping label in under 12 hours after buyer paid.Every item that I sold was in the mail with in 24 hours."Same day Shipping & Handling".

I learned today that eBay gave me a low rating for handling time.

Same-day or 1-day handling 5 of 8 (62.50%)This is wrong! All of my transactions was shipped within 24 hours.
91.30% of your transactions had tracking uploaded within handling time and validated by carrier

95.65% Tracking uploaded
(22 out of 23 transactions) Tracking uploaded within handling time 91.30% This is wrong!!!!All of my transactions was uploaded within handling time.
(21 out of 23 transactions) Tracking uploaded and validated by carrier 95.65%(22 out of 23 transactions)


Validated by carrier?What????!!!!!....USPS waits till the next day to scan their packages and I get low rated for USPS!!!Not right at all...

eBay is a big lie!Providing false information.Weeding is what eBay is doing.Weeding the small sellers out to make room for China sellers.


I see,PayPal announced their changing their 45 day buyer protection to 180 days starting Nov,18th.(PAYPAL ANNOUNCED)

eBay has not announced a word about eBay's Buyer's Protection Policy to -date.(EBAY HAS NOT ANNOUNCED A WORD)


Let's put this puzzel together,

eBay didn't make their profit goal this quarterly.eBay's ship is sinking.

eBay and PayPal will be splitting,parting ways starting the second half of 2015.

PayPal is saying bye,bye to eBay because,eBay's ship is sunk.

What other online platform alway's had a 180 day buyers protection policy.AMAZON.

In order for Amazon to accept PayPal.PayPal must change their buyers protection to 180 days which they did.

If you notice,eBay hasn't changed their 45 day buyers protection policy.EBAY HAS NOT ANNOUNCED A WORD.

All of us sellers may as well follow PayPal to Amazon..................





Selling discussion

So I'm bidding on an item and it keeps telling me Ive been out bid. Ive increased my bid amount a few times but the current bid price never changes? I've refreshed my page a few times . what's going on?

Bidding & Buying discussion

In 15 plus years we may have posted 1 or 2 times but this situation is just to much fraud.


We have been a top rated plus gold seller for many years I think the account is past the 15 year mark now. We refund everything no matter what.  I describe ebay as a wild and sometime wonderful place to buy and sell from.  But then every few years eBay shows me exactly why we choose to put our energy into every other avenue other than eBay to grow our business.  

Why I refuse to allow ebay to become more than 10% of who we are as a business.  


This just happens to be on our buying end.  We purchase a Le Creuset pot that was described as new with a few scratches.  When it arrived that was not the case at all! The seller is brand new with no seller rating and only 126 feedbacks. Which we all know are fake postives as sellers are gagged when it comes to feedback.   MY FIRST MISTAKE, buying from a non rated seller!  


MY SECOND MISTAKE caring about the other seller. "We did not file against the "NEW" seller and open a case first".

We put the pot back into the same box, very well padded and returned it to the seller.  


We emailed and had a friendly exchange, fully expecting to get a refund and not have a mark against the brand new seller. The package was returned and a week later we had not seen the promised refund, we emailed and the issues started. The seller claimed the package was damaged in shipping and refused to refund.  We filed with eBay then with UPS. The seller refused to allow UPS to look at the pot and damage.  


This all ended with: eBay allowing the seller to keep the returned pot and our money.  UPS did not pay for insurance because the seller refused to allow them to see the damage. The seller is now refusing to return the pot even on our UPS account at our expense. 


So lesson re-learned:  Can you figure out where my money will be spent from now on???? 



Bidding & Buying question

I put an item up for sale and put that the actual shipping cost would be added after the sale.  How do I do that now?  I can't find a place to actually add it and I look at the invoice and it is saying free to the buyer.  Help, please!

Selling question

Someone sold me a faulty item, and after conversation he "told" me that he send an other one for free but there wasn't a tracking number. He told me that I will have the new item in 15 days and it has been over a month(43 days) and item didn't arrived. I contacted him, and he told me that item may have been lost and he was willing to send me another one. After that he doesn't answer my messages and I don't know what to do. He is a fraught and he may've never sent the second item. 

Shipping & Returns question

Oct 22, 2014 11:05:46 PM PT

He sold me a faulty item, and dissapeared

I sold an item yesterday afternoon. I shipped/dropped off the item at the PO this afternoon. That's one business day like my listing said.


As I was printing out the postage this morning, I see the buyer has ebay mailed me asking when i was going to ship the item. Apparently she bought an item on Wednesday and expected it to be on the other side of the country using parcel post (as stated in the listing) by the weekend. I ended up upgrading the ship to priority (im now losing money on the item b/c of this) in hopes.


Ive looked through her ratings of other sellers and she's neutreled other people on shipping time too......Anyways....Since she emailed me does that give me an automatic defect?

Selling discussion

Oct 23, 2014 4:22:36 PM PT

Did I Just Get a Defect?

What happened to MY EBAY--SELLING Page?Active selling view has been removed.When I go to My eBay/Selling it takes me to (Selling Manager Summary).

The page is ugly all black & white & grey no color and doesn't show active selling view.What happened?Did eBay change something or is it my screen or settings.I can't find a thing anymore.Help?

Selling discussion

I was contacted by Paypal today about a transaction Oct 7th. Buyer is trying to get the charge reversed, claiming she didn't buy it. But she did-she even left feedback! I provided the USPS tracking information and Ebay feedback information to Paypal but I don't want to get stuck with a loss even though she clearly received the item. Has this happened to anyone else? Wondering what my chances are..I don't want to take a loss and I don't want this buyer to get my brand new item for free!

Selling discussion

Am I correct? FVF is on total sale (cost of item + shipping) and there is also a fee on shipping? Are sellers being hit twice with final value fees???

Selling discussion

Oct 23, 2014 12:56:12 PM PT

Double final value fees?



how do I ditch this  ?   When  I click my Ebay  on this account  I get selling manager.  On  my other account I don't get selling manager I get the old active selling page  which I prefer.


  I know it exists  because I still see it , but how do I change it?  It makes no sense to have selling manager  in an account with only  a few listings.


The other account has 100 listings active   you'd think they would have changed that to selling manager.



Selling discussion

Oct 23, 2014 10:24:49 AM PT

Annoying selling manager default view

On my selling ID, I sold a new, sealed DVD and got this message from the buyer:


"For positive feedback, please send this ASAP and have the package marked "HANDLE WITH CARE" or "FRAGILE" as well. Note: If you can spare some cardboard, please put a piece in front and in back of the movie to help prevent damage during shipping and/or the DVD coming off the hub in the case. Thanks."


Does he want me to remove the shrink wrap and break the seal in order to do this?  Won't that open me up for a SNAD dispute?  


I've come here first to get opinions before contacting him.  If I ask him about it and he instructs me to open the DVD in order to package it as he desires, I am seeing two options:


1.  Do as he asks and risk a SNAD dispute for sending an opened DVD when the listing states new and sealed.

2.  Ship it as is and risk a negative feedback for not complying with his request.


Any advice?  Thanks in advance!


If it makes a difference, this is a $3.98 sale.

Shipping & Returns discussion

Oct 24, 2014 6:50:44 AM PT

Packing request from buyer. Advice?

What are my benefits to having an EBay Store;  I currently list 100 to 200 items per month.  I'm allowed 400 listings per month with 100 free listings per month but all in auction style which only lasts a week.  If I open a basic store do I get my free 100 listings along with my 150 free listings for the store;  AND do the listings include Fixed Listings????   I'd like to list 200 fixed price listings per month....  For Free !!!

Starting an eBay Business discussion


At least once a week I'll have a customer make multiple purchases in separate transactions -- because they don't know how to use their shopping cart, decided to add another item later -- plenty of reasons -- buyers do it all the time, ESPECIALLY now that "Commit to Buy" is on the wane. Until this week, it's been no big deal. I just refund any additional shipping they might have paid and upload the same tracking number for all the separate transactions.


NOW EBAY WON'T ALLOW THAT, which leaves me with the choice of telling customers, "Sorry but since you bought the items separately, I have no choice but to print separate labels and deny you combined shipping," or accept the strike against my Top Rated Seller status that comes from not uploading a tracking number that gets a scan.


I've been through a lot of changes on eBay that I didn't agree with and stayed silent, but this one is far and away the least acceptable. Or is it just me?



Selling discussion

Can anyone help me with this handbag? I think it may be a knock off idk? There is no number anywhere I could find on the bag.

Fashion discussion

Oct 23, 2014 11:44:02 AM PT

Help authentic or fake Burberry?

since this promo includes 10 day listings AND there is a new policy change to take effect on Nov. 6.......


If one should choose to use the "free relist 1x"...THAT freebie would put the listing into the "new" period....would that freebie count toward the "normal" 50 listings?


or, is "free", really "free"?


Hope I'm making myself clear....I have not had coffee yet this morning.

Selling discussion

Oct 25, 2014 4:02:27 AM PT

New Promo & a ? re: free delisting

Can someone tell me the names of these tiny dolls. They are 3.5 inches tall, their clothes are made of rubber / vinyl. They have mattel on their backs

Dolls discussion

Oct 22, 2014 7:02:21 PM PT

Help with ID

I've never left anyone a bad feedback. I'm really torn here on 2 situations. Seems like bad run lately yes?


Situation 1.

I paid for item. Seller left right away pos feedback for me. Seller never sent the item. He claimed he did  but i never got it. He claimed he had to delay shipment due to his paypal adress was wrong or something like that . He stopped answering me after the 3rd week. I open an e-bay case and won immediately. E bay refunded me. Seller has only 11 feedback but been member since 2003.. Item was only $6. Does he deserve negative?


Situation 2-

I bought and paid for item. 4 days later i got e-mail saying seller cancelled transaction. I see he relisted item for more. However, he refunded me full amount and left me pos feedback. He said item was listed at wrong price. I'm thinking just leave no feedback here?




Grazie(thank you) for any advice, i'm not sure how to handle these issues.I don't want to really ruin anyone selling career but?...

Bidding & Buying discussion

Good morning community,

I have an issue that I am curious as to where others stand and if they have had a similar experience.

I recently purchased an item from a US seller in Louisiana, that turned out to be from an importer in China. 

I am a locavore and while I know a great many of my consumables are not manufactured in the US anymore,

I am willing to purchase items made in China sold by US vendors. I want to keep my dollars in the US, I don't want to spend my money in China. I have political reasons,religious convictions, and most importantly freedom of choice. I am allowed to be delusional, I am unhappy about being deceived. I want to return this item and the seller stipulates no returns. The listing stated it would be delivered via USPS, instead it came via International UPS. No way am I paying to ship this back to China when I thought I was buying from  US seller. I am unhappy with the quality of the merchandise and the deceitful nature of the transaction. This is my first experience of this in 14 years on eBay. Lately I notice a lot of sellers of electronics or health and beauty items that have strange user names and few feedback. I think the community has changed so much and the protections for buyers and sellers haven't caught up with all the scammers. Please help if you can, and sorry about the rant.


Bidding & Buying question

Need some input as to the authenticity of this Coach, I will be  providing  3 more pics and some additional info.



Here are the outside dimension of this handbag: length - 11-1/4", height at teh middle 5-1/2"; depth - 4-1/4, strap drop 10-1/2 to 14-1/4" adjsutable in 1-1/4").


Thanks in advance for your input.

Fashion discussion

Oct 24, 2014 9:49:22 AM PT

Coach Handbag H2H-9026, Real or Fake???

Collectables prices have been steadily declining for several years now. eBay is not to blame, the economy is not to blame, actually NOBODY is to blame.


The fact is, people who remember and cherish these vintage items are dying off. The newer generations could care less about these "things" we consider treasures. All they care about is the newest iPhone, or whatever TECH they're in to. What is this new generation going to remember and long for when they get older? NOTHING... because there really isn't anything made to last anymore. EVERYTHING is made to be disposable and cheap. I just can't see the newer cars at a "Classic" car show in 30-50 years. They won't last that long.


So the collectable market is doomed, because today's collectables are falling due to interested parties declining, and the fact that when our younger generations get older and long for their past, there will be nothing there to be had.

Selling discussion

I have an oil painting by Walter Firle titled THE FAIRY TALE and it says "Private Collection" on the back.

I bought the painting for $1 at a garage sale.

I'm new to art and I don't know how to tell if something's an original or a reproduction.

My painting has glass on the front covering the painting and its inside of a wood frame with some form of brown paper on the back of the painting.

It has the artists name on the rear and it says "Private Collection". What does Private Collection mean?

Also, how can you tell if something's an original or a reproduction without opening it up and damaging it?

I can't afford to pay an authentication expert.... expecially if it's a reproduction.

I don't know if I have a reproduction or an original. I'm new to art and I don't know what to do.

Its hard to tell if this painting if worth very little or worth a lot. I would appreciate any & all input.

Thanks for your time.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 22, 2014 9:00:07 PM PT

What does PRIVATE COLLECTION mean on art?

I just noticed my free shipping banners are gone and the listings no longer indicate free shipping- this is on both my pc & phone.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Selling discussion

Oct 24, 2014 7:25:22 AM PT

Free shipping disappeared?

Need help identifying artist.


Collectibles & Art discussion

Oct 24, 2014 6:35:10 AM PT

Need help with artist

Hello, I bought an item on ebay, it was an original xbox which was sold as working, and when it arrived, yes it turned on and everything but it would not read disc. I spoke with the seller and everything and he agreed for a refund. Its the first time I return something on ebay so I think it would be better if I ask for an advise. Do I send the item and then I get the refund or do I get the refund first and then ship the package? Also since I payed as PayPal guest I can't file a claim. Is a claim needed? Thanks for your help and time.

Shipping & Returns question

PayPal provided their announcement last week.Why not eBay?

Buying on eBay will have two different buyer's protection policies?(eBay's 45 day and PayPal's 180 days)This is by far unfair business practicies eBay is conducting.If eBay,decides not to change eBay's buyer's protection policy by Nov,18th.This will result in buyers abusing,overriding eBay's buyer's protection policy by simply going thru PayPal's 180 day policy.Very unfair for sellers this is.


eBay bought PayPal a few yrs back.Basically,eBay has been PayPal for a few yrs now.Now,I hear that PayPal & eBay will be splitting,parting ways starting in the sceond half of 2015.Right after eBay announced the eBay,PayPal split.Days after,PayPal announced 180 day Buyer's Protection change.

Does any of this inforamtion bring you a clue on what's happening with eBay?Do I need to spell it out for ya?Shutdown sums it up.


Why hasn't eBay gave a announcement if eBay will be following PayPal's 180 day policy or not?Hello?


Amazon reported 20 % profit then eBay last two quarters.

What online platforms have a 180 policy?Amazon.,Etsy ect.

What online platform dosn't accept PayPal?Amazon.

What online platform's ship is sinking?eBay's ship is sinking.Just look at all the threads on this forum.Look at the lack of traffic/viewers/sales in the past 2 months.Buyers are gone.eBay's ship has sunk.eBay has tried everything they can think of to bring traffic.eBay sunk so low they was asking sellers to bring new sellers to eBay at $5 bucks a head.Buyers frowned on eBay's GSP costing to much..The only buyers on eBay is sellers buying from one another.



The fact remains,

In order for Amazon to accept PayPal.Is for eBay to split,part ways from PayPal.(eBay has announced by the start of 2015).

In order for Amazon to accept PayPal.Is for PayPal to change their Buyer's Protection Policy to 180 days to aline with Amazon's Policy.

(PayPal has announced they are changing to 180 days)Who has not announced a word about changing to 180 days?eBay.


The answer to this puzzle is clearly in black & white.

PayPal is saying bye,bye to eBay.By 2015 or sooner I see Amazon with PayPal.If not Amazon merging with eBay to help eBay stay afloat.


Buying & Selling Basics discussion

I don't know what has changed but I just posted a couple of pictures that need rotating and can't find a circle or an arrow underneath my pictures nor can I find "edit" as debbie131 describes and my item has NO BIDS.


And no, for some reason I am unable to rotate the pictures on my computer before posting

Getting Started question

Oct 24, 2014 10:08:34 PM PT

Picture rotation

An item I was watching had a Buy it Now and a Best Offer option on it.  I made an offer.  About an hour later the seller counteroffered.  I was off the computer for his counteroffer.  About 3-4 hours later when I saw the counteroffer, I went to accept but got the message that the item was no longer available because there was an error in the listing.  I also noticed that in that time that an identical item sold for more than his counteroffer.  A few hours later the item appeared as a regular auction.  I emailed the seller saying that I would have accepted his counteroffer.  He never got back to me and the auction ended the next day for about $10 more than his counteroffer.  When I make an offer on an item, the seller has 48 hours to accept and then I am obligated to buy it, but he was able to renege on his counteroffer after only an hour or two.  I didn't see any change in his description of the item between the time he listed it as a Best Offer and when he posted it as an auction.  There's probably nothing I can do about it, but it seems like bad form to retract a counteroffer for a dubious reason.

Bidding & Buying question

Oct 23, 2014 6:27:12 PM PT

retracting a counteroffer

Hi my friends,

As a seller i would like to know how can i remove the "view item" button from my feedback profile .Thank you.

My Account question

I recently bought a toner cartridge from seller nr 1 on Ebay. Cartridge arrived but didn't work in printer so I asked to return it. No problem. Desparately needing a working cartrdige I bought another toner cartridge from what I thought was a different seller (seller nr 2). The replacement cartridge arrived the same day as the new toner. Turned out that one of these had leaked badly. I emailed seller nr 1 who had supposedly sent the two cartridges saying that I was very impressed with his service and that two had arrived but one had leaked. He asked me to return not only the original bad toner cartridge but the leaked one as well. When I checked my purchased items seller nr 2 toner cartridge was marked as having been delivered. What? So now I am wondering why Ebay would allow such a practice. Separate boxes but from the same place despite the seller nr 2 having an item address as somewhere different from seller nr 1. I have emailed seller nr 1 asking for a further replacement. Is this common practice?

Bidding & Buying question

I just sold an item around yesterday, shipped it last night. copied the sent address down on the package which had


buyer's name

Ref #number

1850 Airport Exchange Blvd #200
Erlanger , KY 41025


and shipped it as that. I didn't know what this stuff was about with the Reference # and being shipped in the US while the user was in Canada but now I'm finding out that it's part of that Global Shipping program which I've heard so many bad things about. Damaged items, opening the packages, and over charging for shipping, basicly very unreliable, people call it fraud. So I've always knew to avoid it.


I tried tracking down the package with the my post office before it would go to ship out, but they weren't able to help (I was gonna try to ask the seller for his acctual address so I can ship it myself, If I were to get it back). So sadly, it's on it's way to the company it uses (Pitney Bowes).


This was a free shipping post, so I paid to ship it. Does that mean that this GSP will charge me their shipping fee, because I've only heard of the buyer being charged with their shipping fee.


And How is it charged. Deducted out my payment for the item? Ebay Invoice? Straight up charge my paypal or bank account randomly?


At this point, what should I do?


Is there a way I can get this item returned to me from them? I know sellers have gotten their items shipped back to them from them because of certain ciruimstances. Would I able to contact them and tell them to ship it back to me?


As you can probably tell, I'm very worried, anxious, stressed etc so if you know any answers to this please let me know!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this.

Shipping & Returns question

Oct 22, 2014 2:33:47 PM PT

Global Shipping Progam help??

Cant find it

I give up

Is it still somewhere?



Selling discussion

Oct 22, 2014 1:51:57 PM PT

Where Is The Photo Html Board?

I have used Photobucket to host pictures for a long time, and today none of the pictures are loading on my listings.  They were there last night.  Anyone else having trouble?

Selling question

Please can someone check my listings and tell me if you my recently listed  - it should be two toddler dresses. I listed about 4 items this afternoon and I can't see them when I click view listings. They have no views either, I'm trying to figure out if they are showing up in search at all. Thank you.

Selling question

Oct 23, 2014 3:24:58 PM PT

Can you see my listings?

I accidentally marked a cancelled as paid. Now, My Ebay lists the item as "awaiting shipment." I looked everywhere and see nothing that I do to undo this because the drop down box info only regards the cancellation. I was wondering if deleting the item from my queue would make a difference. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Payments question

According to my account, this is my selling limit:

"You can sell up to 750 items or up to $18,750.00 per month, whichever comes first."


As of this month, I can still list 140 items out of the 750, but I'm now being charged insertion fees.  Yesterday everything I listed was free.  I don't understand why there are insertion fees today.

Selling question

I returned items to seller and she issued a refund. Now the items are marked unpaid , if I try to mark them as payment sent it says error that the cant do it , and try again later. Paypal says the transaction in my linl is invalid. How can I fix this,please help. 

Payments discussion

Oct 22, 2014 2:41:07 PM PT

Items marked unpaid after refund