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Registered: ‎02-11-2006
It won't let me relist!!!! I knew there was going to be trouble with this.

So Ebay automatically checked the box to automatically relist my items 3 times.  Now that the three times is finished it won't let me relist the item.  It says, and I quote "You can't relist this, because you've selected to automatically relist it".  And I had unchecked the box before trying to relist it.  So now what? 

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Registered: ‎04-18-2014
in reply to luckykey3

The same problem happened to me, and I was able to relist by clicking "sell similar" instead of "relist." But it was maddening for the few minutes that over and over again I unchecked the option for automatic relist, and had it still refuse to relist the item. Of course, it doesn't in any way prompt you to use the "sell similar" feature. And what's the logic for not being able to relist an item if it was already automatically relisted and remained unsold?


Just another example of the ebay site being poorly designed and exeptionally hard to use. 

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in reply to luckykey3

Have you tried to use the Sell Similar function to relist it?

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in reply to luckykey3

Click on Sell Similar.