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Large Solid Brass Columbian Vise

I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on this vise. My Dad wants me to list it for him (he collects and sells tools, but I have no idea about things like this).
He purchased this at an auction, said it came from the Mobile Oil Refinery. It is solid brass and is marked:
The Columbian Cat No. 204 1/2 Vibe & MFG Co. Cleveland OH USA
Can anyone give me any information on this, value, et cet era. I know how much my Dad wants for it, but I really just want some additional insight before I list it. I have it on craigslist right now with a couple people interested in it, but I am just wondering if this is something special or not.
Any help would be great!
Thanks, Stephanie
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Large Solid Brass Columbian Vise

in reply to mo-ledge-antiques
Refineries use brass tools when workers are working in an area that a spark could ignite fumes. Brass doesn't spark when struck. The width of the jaws = the size of the vise.

You should consider the weight when putting a value on it. Brass in my area is bringing $1.50 per pound. If vise weighs 50 pounds then it's worth $75.00 for scrap. Someone may want it for a collectable or to use. A brass vise is stronger than a cast steel vise.


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Large Solid Brass Columbian Vise

in reply to mo-ledge-antiques
I have exactly the same vic,e as you, my number is 604. but i would check your vice if im not mistaken it is cleveland ou S.A. that is south africa and not america

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