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Community Member
Accepted Solution
Buyer left me negative feedback After I did everything Right and Ebay employee Said I was Right
[ Edited ]
Posts: 14
Registered: ‎01-19-2014

The buyer and her son bought a purse from me.  I apologized perfusely when I sent it to the wrong adress.  I offered to refund over and over from day one while trying to recover the item.  I called multiple  USPS', Ebay, other shipping companies.  I was unable to get the item back. I gave her a full refund and during all this time she was sending me threats, calling me names, and sending abusive emails that I still have.  Her son than did the same exact thing.  I called Ebay and they said I did everything correct and said they would take care of it.  Not only did they not take care of it or give me any refund but now they left my negative feedback and I can't leave them feedback.  The Ebay employee said I did everything right and she would take care of everything, though she did nothing.  Now I have a bad feedback score when I did everything in my power to do the right thing by her.  This is not okay!!!

Accepted Solution
Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to theneodude3579

A few things wrong here.


You shipped the package to a wrong address? There is not much you can do to correct that after the fact, as you have found out. You were correct in sending back their full payment and apologizing...but sounds like they were not going to forgive you for the mistake.


Buyers are allowed to leave feeback of their opinion of the transaction. Ebay does not remove it except under special circumstances, and this one does not qualify, since you actually made a mistake in shipping. Sorry.


If you think there will be a refund from someone when you make a shipping mistake; that will never happen. You must take responsibility for your mistakes because you are the business owner that sold the purse.


One negative feedback is not going to kill your seller account. Yes, it will hurt some, but most buyers will forgive one missed step for a seller. Just try to move on and stay positive. Stuff happens sometimes that is hurtful, but when you are dealing with the public and total strangers, sometimes they can be mean spirited and unforgiving.


Most all sellers on ebay have experienced this type of customer, or will eventually if they sell long enough. It used to just kill me trying to deal with people like this. Now I have found out how to keep everything impersonal in cases like this, and just realize it is a process that needs to be taken care of. We all make mistakes, but I believe that the truly good people wind up making the best sellers and will survive and thrive as ebay sellers as long as their heart is in the right place.


Good luck. Keep your head held high and remember to smile.

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Community Member
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎07-12-2008
in reply to theneodude3579
Okay, I understand how one can ship an item to a wrong address because I have done just that. How you ask?? By printing out two labels one after the other and then applying them to the wrong packages. Tried to save some time during an extremely busy time. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!!! Thank goodness I had some understanding customers but I went above and beyond what most would expect and sent the wronged people a couple of extra items that they had wanted while I waited for the original items to be returned and then sent those on as well. Did I lose a little money and inventory in the end, yes. But I gained something from my mistakes (integrity that my customers can rely on) and a very valuable lesson learned. Slow down!!!!!!!!!! I now print out only one label and then attach it to the package before I move on to the next one. Won't make that mistake again!!! In the end having happy customers is worth the little loss. Oh, and we won't even talk about the angry, hard to please people out there. We have all had them or will eventually. One in particular almost had me throwing in the towel but after a few days of cooling off I was back in the game again. The good, pleasant ones more than make up for the rotten apples. One more thing, I had my first negative feedback recently from a lady in England. She got all hot and bothered about me changing my ship fees to reflect the more expensive fees to ship to England. I clearly stated in my ad that if you are not from the US please wait for an invoice as the shipping fees will be higher. She didn't read that part I guess. Anyway she left me a very nasty feedback and then wrote me an email apologizing as she was paying for two things at check out and thought she paid too much. Didn't have anything to do with me but here I am with a bad feedback. Called eBay and asked that it be removed and was told they couldn't do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold for a few minutes and she was back (never did speak to a supervisor) and told me it was gone. Sure enough it was. Guess you have to stick to your guns a bit if you feel you are right. Another lesson learned. Good luck!
Community Member
Posts: 5,941
Registered: ‎01-15-2011
[ Edited ]
in reply to theneodude3579

Well now, her son really needed his new purse for his date!

The feedback does not rise to the occasion where it qualifies for removal. Your reply shows your unprofessionalism.

Once you knew the item was sent to the wrong address why did you wait to refund knowing they would never get the item.

Who did you think would refund you and why?

And I would just love to know how you managed to send a package to a wrong address.


The eBay employee may have told you that you did everything right, but from your post I don't see where you did anything right.


Kept that poor boy from his purse.

Sent their purchase somewhere else ( still want to know how that happened)

Did not make a timely refund.

And now you are complaining about getting a better feedback than I would have given you for breaking my son's heart - him wanting that purse so.


Did I mention I would love to know how you shipped to a wrong address?



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The opinion given here is my understanding of the policies I have read, and personal experiences on eBay. You paid nothing, feel free to value it based on that price if you wish.
Community Member
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎07-12-2011
in reply to theneodude3579

Were the "emails" through the ebay messaging system or to your personal email account? If they went to a personal account, file a criminal complant through your local police department, or if they will not act on it, call the FBI. It is a federal crime to make physical threats in emails or social media. 


As far as what the ebay reps told you, get used to it. All they do is tell you what you want to hear and that they will take care of the other party. Ebay will not tell you what they "WILL" do because they probably will not do anything. See if the buyer still has a ebay acount. 


Ebay really does not care. I have been a "member" since 2001 and have heard and seen it all. The ONLY thing that have gotten any better is them giving seller "free" listing to help keep MORE sellers from bailing on them. 

Community Member
Posts: 66
Registered: ‎10-21-2011
in reply to theneodude3579

I dont see anyone else asking, but: you said yousent it to the wrong address. Now, did THEY ask you to send it to a different address then listed? Do they accuse you sending it to the wrong address because you didnt chnage it to something they requested? If so, they are wrong not you. If you did in fact screw up the address, you wont be getting anything back.