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Community Member
Posts: 153
Registered: ‎08-22-2003

Motorcycles, Bicycles Can Run Red Lights Under New Law

That's the title of an article posted by CBS Chicago.


I find it hard to believe that CBS would stoop to this sort of Yellow Journalism. (Then again, with CBS maybe it's not so hard to believe.)

I find it even harder to believe the number of people in the comment section who fell for this blatant lie and apparently didn't bother to read the article.

For those of you who don't click on links, the law allows bicycles and motorcycles to proceed through a red light if it doesn't change after a reasonable wait. This normally happens when bikes are stopped over a loop detector during times of very light or non-existant traffic. Minnesota has had a similar law for over 10 years with no ill effects.

As an ex-biker (40 years) I can attest that this a good law!

Community Member
Posts: 2,219
Registered: ‎12-26-2005

Re: Motorcycles, Bicycles Can Run Red Lights Under New Law

in reply to pahoo

A good law.

If you can see left and right and the lights refuse to change, where is the issue? Reading some of the comments, some idiots thinking that those nasty bikers are getting an advantage, no surprise there. The same fools would be pulling their hair out when the bike in front cannot move.

Now I am just wondering how this will be dealt with when the sensor under the road does not work, but the red light camera does.

Also envisaging the US paramilitary , sorry, Police, sitting there with a stop watch.

Community Member
Posts: 120
Registered: ‎06-02-2011

Re: Motorcycles, Bicycles Can Run Red Lights Under New Law

in reply to pahoo

yea...the cagers would hate it til they sat through several light changes behind the biker.

thats a good question..you know the camera will work. they dont care how long you sit there but they would definately act swiftly to give you a ticket.