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Bid History Changes including a***b userIDs

Hello...I'm Evan Liang with eBay's Buyer Experience team. My team and I focus on improving the experience members have when they place a bid or make a purchase. As Philipp mentioned, we're making a few important changes to the bid history page that we think will improve the overall bidding experience. You will begin to see these changes next week.

Making winning easier – bid right from the bid history page
We know from talking to Community members that many people spend a lot of time monitoring competitive auctions from the bid history page. Knowing how important this page is to bidders, my team has enhanced the user interface so you can now place a bid directly on the bid history page.

For our competitive bidders who use the bid history often, we think this change will simplify your experience and help you win that "must have" item.

Enhancing SMI -- adding transparency for items over $200
Last January, Rob Chesnut introduced an important Trust & Safety initiative called Safeguarding Member IDs (SMI). This project protects eBay's bidders on high-end items from fake Second Chance Offers and other malicious email. (Read Rob's announcement from January 8, 2007 for more details.)

While SMI has been very effective in protecting our marketplace from fraud, we also realize that it reduced transparency on the site, and, for some bidders, took away some of the magic of that makes eBay so unique.

As promised, my Buyer Experience group has teamed up with Trust & Safety and the Community over the past few months to look at ways to make the bid history more transparent without jeopardizing the safety that SMI has added. I'm pleased to let you know that this week, we'll be making the following adjustments to the User IDs displayed on bid history for items over $200:

Actual Feedback Score is back – We will be bringing back the bidder’s actual feedback score next to each member's respective User ID.
New User ID Masking - We are replacing the current aliases (Bidder 1, Bidder 2 and Bidder 3) with a masked ID that consists of two random characters from the member's User ID – for example a***b. For any given member, this masked ID will be consistent across all auctions over $200 for which they place bids. At the end of a listing, the winning bidder's User ID will be displayed on both the item and bid history page. Please note: Sellers will still be able to view the actual User IDs for bidders on their listings through the Bid History page.
Also, please understand that to protect our Community, eBay reserves the right to change this masking algorithm in the future, but will only do so if absolutely necessary and with advance notice. We expect to add more enhancements in the future, although our intent is to move cautiously so we can ensure we’re preserving safety.

For workshop information click here:

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback, and look forward to further improvements to your buyer experience.


Evan Liang
Buyer Experience
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Community Member
Posts: 61
Registered: ‎07-27-2006

Bid History Changes including a***b userIDs

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