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FE Error - The item specific """"{2}"""" is required.

Doing a File Exchange upload using a bulk upload that uised to work. I verified I am using the desired leaf catgory for my eBay Motors parts category. But I get the following upload error. No idea what this means and the documentation is not specific on what this means. I will post one of my data records. I appreciate any tips on what is incoreect, what has changed, or what I am missing.


2    Add    Failure    """21917121|107|5000"""    """Warning - Condition is not applicable for this category. The condition value submitted has been dropped.||Error - The category is not  select another category.||Error - The item specific """"{2}"""" is required.|"""


Action(SiteID=eBayMotors|Country=US|Currency=USD|Version=403|CC=UTF-8),CustomLabel,Category,StoreCategory,Title,Subtitle,ConditionID,C:smileytongue:art Brand,C:Manufacturer Part Number,C:Warranty,PicURL,Description,Format,Duration,StartPrice,Quantity,PayPalAccepted,PayPalEmailAddress,ImmediatePayRequired,Location,DispatchTimeMax,ShippingService-1:smileysurprised:ption,ShippingService-1:Cost,ShippingService-1:AdditionalCost,ShippingService-1:smileytongue:riority,ShippingService-1:FreeShipping,GetItFast,ReturnsAcceptedOption

DATA RECORD: (tab delimited)

Add,BBP-H50-520CF,34284,1,Honda VT1300 CARBON FIBER TUXEDO TIE,,1000,BBP,BBP-H50-520CF,Yes,http://www.CycleSolutions.net/images/products/bbp/H50-520CF-lg.jpg,"

Honda VT1300 Stateline, Interstate, Sabre - Not Fury CARBON FIBER TUXEDO TIE

  A new look in Tank Dividers with Hopnel’s Carbon Fiber Tuxedo TiesTM. This new simulated leather has the look of Carbon Fiber with non-marring felt back to protect the tank. Comes with removable storage pouch accented with a splash of chrome. Optional map pocket attaches with Buddy Lock system. Made in the USA.
     H50-520CF     CARBON FIBER TUXEDO TIE     Tank Divider Removable Pouch     For Honda VT1300 Stateline, Interstate,     Sabre - Not Fury     Each 

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