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Sales tax on items sold on Ebay?

The U.S. Senate is trying to pass a bill to tax interstate internet sales. I'm assuming if this passes the Senate and the House, on items for re-sale, I'm going to have to charge sales tax and file sales tax reports with each state where the items are shipped to. I'm assuming it's just going to be on retail sale items.  


However it's sliced, this could be a huge hassle reporting sales and remitting sales tax to each state where my customers are. 


Hopefully it doesn't pass, but maybe it's time to write our congresspeople and senators.

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Re: Sales tax on items sold on Ebay?

in reply to haight5208



I'm still trying to find out info.  Found a site for Houston Chron that basically says if you're auctioning a few things, you should be ok (not have to charge tax).  As imho it should be, I'm a rare seller - I'm disabled and have too many "bad" days to really deal ... though I do have some things I would like to auction to get them out of my space and a few dollars.


However, if I suddenly have to charge tax and fill out forms and such, it is definitely NOT worth my time and stress level.


So far, they're saying online sellers/retailers who sell a million or more a year will be hit with this.  I'm holding off on listing anything until I see that the "normal folk" putting a few auctions up aren't having to mess with this nonsense.  We're just trying to offer for the most part second-hand items that we already bought (and paid tax on many times).  The fees are quite enough.  Adding tax is the final straw for anyone who isn't running a store or is a drop ship seller here.

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