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Updates to Features and Fees

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
‎08-30-2016 04:50 AM
‎08-30-2016 04:50 AM

To drive more effective use of listing formats, a pricing update affecting optional features will take effect later this year.

On October 1, the feature fee for reserve price will increase to the greater of $3 or 4% of the reserve price (minimum price that must be met for your item to sell), with a cap of $100, as shown below:

SR16.2_AB Post_Pricing Chart_500x160_v2
To minimize the impact of this update, follow these top tips:

  • Since a reserve price can discourage bidding, enter the lowest amount you’ll accept, and only use this optional feature when absolutely necessary.

  • Instead of using the reserve price option, consider using fixed price with a Best Offer option. This is beneficial if you know the market value of your item, but may be willing to accept a lower price.

  • Rather than using the reserve price option, consider increasing your starting price.

Visit our Help page for more information about using the reserve price option. As always, thank you for being a part of eBay.


The fee from the sale is too high for private sellers. We don't own a big company and with huge sales to get discount from you. We also have to use Pay Pal and they take 2% as well. 

The fees are so high now that people are looking for better places to sell there things I am trying to stay at home but if  you keep raising prices for selling I have no choice but to go to work come on already quit being so dang greedy.

Ive been on Ebay since 2001 and It seems that fees always go up when some new service or policy is implemented. If there's no new service or poicy in a particular year, fees will go up annually and the explanation forthe increase sounds awfully like an excuse, rafther than a such a good reason that  sellers are able to say, "Oh yes, that makes sense!" Don't get me wrong, Ebay offers a great service and is really the preferred place to sell your stuff. However, while your CEO and other upper management folks are making more money than most of us will  see in our lifetime, please give some thought to those who are working really hard to make ends meet;  trying to sell a few things to get some critically needed funds while some  EBay Executives  have "no worries." Between Ebay taking 10%, Pay Pal taking 2% and the lastest Postal increases, Itwould be really someting if Y'all took a little bit less......

I'm a seller with more than 2200 items listed and I pay $300.00 minimum for my store every month.  My average bill monthly is around $450 to $500 TO EBAY!  That's a mortage payment!!  But... they still want more.  Now they tell me "Get your product out front!"  Join a program that allows you to pay more percentage when an item sells... and we'll try to sell it!  Huh?  We probably need a guy like Mark Cuben to come along as say..."hmm... people are looking for a better alternative.  I've got an idea" 

Giving Ebay $5000+ a year hurts.  But it doen't hurt as much as having thousands of listings and selling nothing for days on end sometimes.  Yes they get a persentage of the sale, but they also get a flat $300 a month from me for having a store whether I sell anything or not!  Good deal huh?   Now they say "we can help you sell it faster and better if you pay more when it sells!"  How about just selling it because you're getting paid already to sell it!

i pay $800 to 1200 per month in selling fees a month to ebay, but i profit more than i pay them. by the way if your category fees are 10% and your paypal fees are actually 2.9% + .30 per transaction. u need to know your fees to all those commenting. becuase all those saying paypal is 2% are not correct. work on your title keywords, items specifics, make sure u are in the correct category, give item description that helps the customers make an informed decision more than your competitors, and for all means quit posting 10k listings that dont sell that require u to pay so much for a store subscriction .


basically u need to now your fees, optimize your listings, and not just throw thousands of listings up that arent selling. and by all means provide the best customer service u possibly can. answer your ebay messages quickly, ship in a day or same day if u can, fix any customer issue that may come accross. That is the most valueable thing to your customers. 

I have been selling on ebay since 2002. Those of you complaining about fees should do a little research on the fee history and be thankful for what you are paying now. If you don't want to pay $300.00 a month, don't! Find another venue and see how that goes for you. 

We have to pay to play. That is how it goes. I love being able to shop and sell for a living and still be home for my family. 

Do your research. Learn your fees and make it work for you. If you are going days without selling, reevaluate your titles and prices. Also, if you have 2200 listings make sure they aren't all on GTC. After a certain period of time, your items start getting bumped down in searches. Try ending half of them. Re-list by choosing sell similar and try doing some 30 day listings to get your items back at the top. This works for me. 

When I click on print shipping label it goes to the ups site.  Can we not use the usps anymore?

I am still upset because I sold an item last year it was over $800 plus shipping this was a brand new electronic item and the buyer said after he got it he said that it was used when the box was never open and so the buyer stop payment of his credit card and ebay did not do nothing so I lost my item plus $800 and all what ebay said I am very SORRY yes but they did not help me get my money not even my item, and yes I am still upset, and too I cancel one sell because the item that i sold it go broken and so now ebay got me as below sellers performens just for one thing that I was honest to the buyer, that stinks

When did USPS stop the $100 insurance on all Priotity mail packages and where/when was it that e-bay notified sellers of such action??? I just noticed that it was $50 when doing a recent e-bay shipping label. Perhaps it changed sometime ago but I just noticed it!!