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eBay’s Marketing Will Help You Tap Into the $129 Billion Holiday

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The biggest selling season of the year is just around the corner—and in fact, eBay’s Holiday promotions have already begun. This year, online sales are predicted to be stronger than ever, and eBay wants to make sure sellers get a big piece of the pie.


Forrester market research predicts that US online holiday sales will reach $129 billion. As usual, targeted promotions will drive sales —impacting the decisions of 82% of US shoppers—and flexible return policies will go a long way towards creating long-term relationships.


To bring you more buyers, eBay is going big this holiday season with a fully integrated campaign designed to disrupt the conformity of holiday shopping, wake people up to beige holiday behaviors, and champion eBay as the way to infuse the season with color and individuality.


Here’s what you can expect.


Going Big, Going Early

“Why do we wait until the last minute to shop for the people that matter most to us?” That’s one of the questions we’ll be asking buyers as we kick off Holiday promotions on November 1. Our First Minute Shopping campaign runs through November 9, and encourages buyers to start shopping for the first person on their list right now.



The campaign includes TV, video, social media, and display ads, as well as First Minute Deals —huge, exclusive daily discounts on select items from top brands across a range of categories, including Home & Garden, Fashion, and Electronics. This new retail event, which includes discounts of 30-60%, will spark a conversation and motivate people to shop for the first person on their list first. 


Deal, Deals, and More Deals

eBay will continue to entice buyers with exclusive deals throughout the Holiday season. We’ll attract early buyers with Better than Black Friday deals November 13 to 17, price matching retailers’ Black Friday deals and showing buyers that eBay truly is the best place to shop first. We’ll run additional deals on Black Friday (11/24), Cyber Monday (11/27), Green Monday (12/11).


We’ll come out strong with our, “But did you check eBay?” messaging with digital video and radio ads that will disrupt shoppers’ usual beige behaviors of following the crowds and waiting in long lines. Instead, we’ll remind them that eBay is price matching throughout the season, even on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so they know they’re getting the best deals on eBay.  


Additionally, eBay is piloting a program to bundle merchandise with discounts in select categories. These are different from seller-created bundles—the buyer can create a bundle from multiple sellers. When the buyer purchases one item, they can purchase two associated items for a discount.


Finishing Strong Through Peak Holiday

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.34.40 PM.png

As the Holidays approach, eBay’s marketing will continue to entice consumers with exclusive deals and reinforce eBay as the place to shop first. We’ll use social media, and video, radio, display, and native content ads to push against shopping conformity and champion gifting individuality with eBay. In the final days before December 24, we’ll attract undecided last-minute shoppers with eBay’s unique personalized Gift Card. And, we’ll end strong by reminding consumers that eBay Guaranteed Delivery means their last-minute gift will arrive in time.


During each phase of Holiday promotions, the goal is the same: to bring you more buyers and make Holiday the most wonderful time of year for eBay sellers.


Get ready: Get tips on ruling Cyber Week, find out how you can capitalize on Green Monday, and read how to optimize your listings.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Just seen two Ebay commercials on TV tonite, two times on the same channel within 30 minutes or so. Great job. Thanks !!!

by lewis2090 · Adventurer

Also saw a tv ad and woke up to 5 sales this morning. Thank you.

The online merchants' festival!Best wishes for sellers and friends!


Absolutely LOVED last years Christmas commercials.......New, Unique and Everything in Between. That's EXACTLY what ebay is and THAT is what should be promoted!!!!


Well I guess sellers of vintage and antique, not to mention Canadian sellers (can't compete with guaranteed delivery) are left out in the cold again.


Thanks for nothing ebay.


BTW,  I hope you didn't spend much of my hard earned cash you took in fees to promote other people's stuff lol, especially with that retarded TV commercial!

Anything that helps bring people to my shop is a good thing. Definitly unique items there.

by lindyslucky · Guide

Don't understand. 

If the ads are all price matching & deals....

Our items are all listed at reasonable prices, razor thin profit margin.

Our unique items can't be "price matched"

that being said, we totally welcome advertising. 

Seems many customers need a reminder we are still here!!

And eager to sell.


How about Ebay do some marketing for sellers who list used vintage items? We are losing customers to other online forums and there's now a surplus of sellers listing the same things which didn't happen as much in the past. I haven't seen any mention of Ebay having vintage items in the "marketing effort." This is foolish because Ebay started out as an online forum selling vintage items and now the effort is to compete with Amazon and Walmart. Buyers can simply buy this stuff at their local megastore. The value of Ebay in the early days was the allure of finding vintage items but since Ebay now focuses on new items the customers buying vintage items look elsewhere. There's even the current trend of our customers resorting back to shopping for vintage items at their local flea market which is inconvenient and like looking for a needle in a haystack. The collectors of vintage items have been driven away due to Ebay's apathy towards the online vintage market. The "brilliant idea" of giving away 50 free listings per month without a direct marketing campaign for vintage items is counterproductive and results in very little revenue for Ebay and sellers like myself. It's common knowledge that Ebay put many small mom-and-pop stores out of business with "the conversion" of the business model and marketing efforts. Many sellers of vintage items have left Ebay and market their wares on other online platforms. Many sellers of vintage items don't consider Ebay a viable market to support a full time endeavor and simply post their 50 free listings per month and maybe something will sell. This phenomenon has created a surplus of sellers without enough customers to support viable commerce. Ebay...how about helping us out a bit? The more vintage items we sell the better the bottom line for Ebay. We need more customers in the business sector which helped elevate Ebay into the company it is today. I recently examined several years of my feedback and many customers either haven't bought anything in quite some time, from anyone, or they are no longer a registered user. Has this happened to anyone else selling used vintage items?        


Nothing to see here, please move along.  Don’t forget to leave more fees on your way out.


More people need to know and hear about EBay. 80% of packages I see from Amazon that go to family friends and co-workers. I mention eBay and they look at me like what is that?

I personally haven't seen anything about eBay on television in more than 5 years. The dentist my wife works far I see at least once a day there commercials


by nextestate · Adventurer

How about a holiday listing promotion? (like in the past 500/1000) More listings...maybe we can "tap" into some of that 129 Billion Holiday!

by evagift_us · Adventurer

Also saw a tv ad and woke up to 10 sales this morning. Thank you.