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eBay’s Fall Marketing Campaigns Will Help You Harvest Profits

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 02:52:07 PM

As we move into the biggest shopping season of the year, eBay sellers can anticipate something even more exciting than the return of pumpkin spice (at least, we hope so!)—a fall marketing campaign to give your bottom line a boost.


Let’s get you up to speed. Much like our vibrant Fill Your Cart With Color brand campaign and our eye-catching trailers for eBay Motors, eBay’s marketing plan will continue a year of advertising featured across a wide variety of entertainment, news, and social channels, as well as highlights on our website.


Read on to learn about the key areas we’re focusing on during the next few months, and see how we’re letting your buyers know eBay has the best fall finds.


Dialing in to Smartphone Season


You may have noticed that during the past few years, fall has become the time of year when major mobile brands release flagship smartphones and updates to their latest models. It’s a cultural and retail phenomenon, and in the next few months, we’ll see new mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, and more in the market.


With all of the buzz, that means sellers have a big opportunity to show shoppers their mobile selections—and that means we want to keep your items highlighted. We’re staying on top of smartphone season by letting buyers know eBay is the place to get the best price for the phone, and showing off the great deals you’re offering.


How we’re campaigning




If seasonal selling is your style and speed, we’ve got you covered in two categories that are big for fall.


Fall style is an integral part of anyone’s seasonal wardrobe, and we’re showcasing your offerings across the web.


  •  Who’s shopping. Buyers seeking must-have footwear, fall jackets, and seasonal accessories
  •  How we’re promoting. Shareable videos and fun industry pieces
  •  Key event. #MyFashionWeek celebrates the eBay fashion community and brings them to you
  •  What’s on eBay. Attention-grabbing banners on the Fashion homepage to inspire shoppers


eBay Motors


While car companies are starting to reveal their new models for next year, we’re making sure your selection of relevant parts and accessories is in the spotlight, too.



We Scream for Halloween


What would a marketing plan be without a focus on the holidays? The spookiest celebration of the year is creeping up and we’re dressing our site with ghoulishly festive messaging.


What we’re promoting

And more on the way!


All of these campaigns were designed with one thing in mind: to bring you buyers who are looking specifically for what you offer.

Ramp up your Q4 selling by prepping now, listing your in-demand items now, and planning your promotional strategies.


Contributed by: Audrey Gertz