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eBay Open: Four Lessons from a Longtime Seller

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Last week, we shared news and information from eBay Open, the eBay seller event of the year. We told you about the inspiring and informative presentations, the lifelong friendships that were formed, and the actionable advice given by expert sellers. This is the second of two stories direct from sellers who attended eBay Open. Here, Victoria Eagan from LV Pink Panther explains what she’s taking home from the event.


Fill Your Cart With Color” is eBay’s new marketing campaign, and color—and the individuality and uniqueness it represents—was a main theme at the 2017 eBay Open “sellerbration.” From start to finish, the event was filled with the color and enthusiasm of both eBay employees and sellers. From the dozens of sessions, workshops, meetups, and networking events, here are the lessons I’m taking home with me.


My relationship with eBay is a two-way street.


The General Sessions were filled with information on where eBay is going as a company, and how it intends to support sellers and buyers to create the best experience for both. “Color” is what we as sellers bring to eBay. Without mutually beneficial relationships between sellers and buyers, and between sellers and eBay, this platform does not work. Throughout the week, it was so apparent that eBay recognizes how important sellers are, and is working to be a strong partner to sellers. It left me feeling reinvigorated about my business and ready to hit the ground running.


eBay is a true partner in my business.


I’ve been both a buyer and seller on eBay for more than 15 years, and I can attest to the challenges that have affected all of us. Attending eBay Open for the past two years has reinforced my love for my business. The eBay executives at Open treat me and my small business as though I actually have an effect on their bottom line. And, the personal conversations I have with them make me feel like a vital piece of a partnership with eBay.


eBay has given us the tools for success.


eBay has implemented some amazing changes that have improved buyer and seller experiences, and there’s so much more to come. The upcoming one-click eBay Image Search and Find It on eBay functions are game-changing technology for both buyers and sellers. The eBay Price Match Guarantee, eBay Guaranteed Delivery, and eBay Authenticate™ will make eBay once again the place people shop first. The eBay Seller Hub, which is always evolving, gives sellers detailed business information at our fingertips. As VP of Selling Experience Sunil Rajasekar said, eBay has given us a Ferrari; we just need to use it.


I have been using the eBay Seller Hub since the Beta launch, but after meeting with members of the Seller Experience team, I will be driving this “Ferrari” with a little more speed. I’m also looking forward to using the marketing tools more. I have been using Promoted Listings throughout the Beta testing with amazing success so far. I’m opted into the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program as well, and I’m excited to see how this affects my sales going forward. I’m a firm believer in using whatever seller tools eBay has provided to make my business more successful.


It’s all about the community.


The absolute best part of eBay Open cannot be put into words. It’s the feeling of networking with other like-minded sellers who share an enthusiasm for what we all do. Many eBay sellers work from home and what we do can make us feel isolated at times. We often do not have co-workers and daily chats in the break room. Meeting other sellers feels like I have found my “tribe.”


I have already started the process to create an active eBay Seller Meetup Group here in my hometown of Las Vegas. I already have 50 sellers interested and will be looking to grow this market quickly. I encourage all sellers to seek out an eBay Meetup Group in their area, and if there isn’t one, to start their own! We have so much to learn from one another.   


It doesn’t matter if you sell antiques or baseball caps or this year’s favorite item, the fidget spinner. There are true friendships formed and an amazing sense of community within the walls of eBay Open and these connections spill out into all corners of the globe as we part ways. As Sarah Brubacher said, “eBay is a place to buy, sell, and give—but also to belong.”


Thanks, Victoria, for sharing your takeaways with us! Missed eBay Open? You can watch videos from the presentations at www.eBayOpen2017.com.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Awesome post! 


I am disappointed to have missed the open! I could have used the boost🙌

I certainly have had my share of compliments and complaints about eBay over the years however, I believe that all platforms of online shopping will always need improvements. It's just like anything else that needs nurturing. I am hoping to find a support group in my small community and dive in. I have been using eBay as a means to supplement my income but, I would like to make it a primary source so that I can retire! I am currently selling items that I make as well as antiques, wholesale lots and as of recent, Items for friends and family. Although we are on the Top Sellers list. I really need more sales! I am reaching out ✌


It was such an awesome week! I was stoked to get to hang out with all of my friends from the seller community and to meet so many eBay peeps. Thanks for sharing, this is great. I'm already hyped up for next year!


Awesome post and so true!  eBay is giving us the tools to be successful if we take advantage of them. 


Love, love this post! Awesome stuff @lvpinkpanther , super excited to attend next year! 


Well done and perfectly captures this year's ebay Open!  Thank you for helping me remember all the benefits I received from this awesome event.

by lvpinkpanther · Thrill-Seeker | Updated

Thanks everyone! I hope my words can help convey just how amazing ebay open truly is. Be there next year!!!! 

Awesome sauce! ...and the icing on the ebaycupcakes is we all get to drive the ferrari!!!

by filmstarco · Enthusiast

Absolutely wonderful post! Super insightful and well worded...lovin' this, almost like being there. ALMOST! Smiley Happy

by bobbiefred · Adventurer

This is great Victoria!  It was my first eBay Open but definitely not my last!  I love having an eBay store even though I'm not a big time seller.  I was excited to hear what eBay has in mind for us sellers!  

Great story sharing.

Thank you!