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eBay Open 2017: Daily Wrap for Wednesday, July 26

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Our second day of eBay Open 2017 was a non-stop inspiration, education, and connection extravaganza! We had a full morning of General Sessions with keynote speakers from eBay leadership including CEO Devin Wenig and a thought-provoking afternoon of workshops designed to grow businesses and create seller success stories.


The Expo Hall was buzzing today, too—sellers got to network with each other based on their category type, Pop-Up Sessions covered the importance of diversity (and structured data!) in our marketplace, live demos and interactive experiences happened throughout the day, and more than 30 sponsors were represented on the exhibit floor.


General Sessions: Navigating the Future of Ecommerce


Today’s lineup of eBay keynote speakers was impressive, to say the least! And, the topics couldn’t be more exciting. The morning was all about the future of ecommerce, how it affects eBay, and what we’re doing to stay one step ahead.


CEO Devin Wenig talked about how technology can help us on the path to becoming the place where the world shops first. He presented his plan to evolve the business, so we can expand while remaining distinctive.


eBay CMO Suzy Deering explained how we’re driving velocity while keeping our uniqueness with thoughtful branding and a multi-channel marketing approach. The “Fill Your Cart With Color” campaign is turning buyers’ heads, and we’ve made sure the message is out there via billboards, television, radio, and more.



The Future Is Now, So We’re Innovating


Maybe the most exciting parts of the General Sessions were the announcements about our innovative new product developments. Sr. Vice President Hal Lawton introduced us to ShopBot, and Buyer Experience VP Mohan Patt demonstrated the upcoming functionality of eBay Image Search and Find It on eBay. These tech innovations will make shopping as simple as texting, bringing more buyers to you from anywhere on the web.


Missed the General Sessions this morning? No worries. You can watch our live-streamed broadcast right here.

We’re Coming to You Live from Open Studio


Every day during the event, we’re broadcasting panel conversations from inspiring sellers and interviews with eBay leadership live from the conference floor!


Today at Open Studio, Audrey Tracy sat down with John Henry, host of Open for Business podcast and SHINE Award Finalists Ciara Brown and Zach Goscminski to discuss young entrepreneurship. They offered tips on handling stress, leveraging a mentor, and reading books for self-improvement. You can watch the videos on our eBay for Business Facebook page, and stay tuned for more Open Studio discussions.


Workshops that Work for Sellers


Follow us as we live-tweet our way through a selection of our 16 informative workshops, all designed to sharpen your selling. There are three specific tracks you can follow (Smart, Easy, and Profitable Selling; Great Reach and Velocity; Strong Partnership), or pick-and-choose to meet your needs.  


Stay Tuned for More


Come back to the blog tomorrow for a recap of Thursday, July 27. It’s going to be an exciting day—we’re announcing the SHINE Award winners and partying with Barenaked Ladies on the Strip!


Sellers, did you capture any great quotes or snap any shareable selfies? Show us in the comments below or share on social with the hashtag #eBayOpen2017.


Was another great day, learning all sort of tips and tricks to expand our selling!

Great article.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Went to facebook page and listened to Devin Wenigs presentation. I have to say that this man is totally on top of the future of ecommerce. I hope that a multitude of sellers here in the community go to facebook and listen to this presentation. All of us need to know and understand the reasons and methods for the changes so that we all are prepared to reap the rewards and work on our stores and use the tools to continue to be successful. Completely enjoyed watching this video and Mr Wenigs excellent way of presenting himself and his company.

Not sure what YOU listened to, but he's absolutely NOT on top of ecommerce or anything else.


Its been 2 days so far (Tues, Wed) and NOT ONE concrete intiative has been layed out, not one road map has been given, not ONE idea presented on how to make eBay a player in the ecommerce market - which is Amazon vs Walmart.


Once again, TWICE listed the top 100 retailers (which include internet AND B&M stores) and eBay was not there. What does that tell you? What does it say when the industry IGNORES you?


Blah blah "structored data" ... all that could have been done AGES ago - if they had just licensed icecat or similar. All the pics, all the UPC codes - its all there - but eBay REFUSED to spend ONE DOLLAR to do it, now they are playing catch up by forcing their sellers to do the job THEY should have done.


Each and every part of eBay has issues and NOTHING SAID HERE will solve any of it.


The idea is NOT to favor ANY one type of seller - but to push them ALL. Hidding sellers, hidding listings, not running them 24/7/365 worldwide - THAT is a strategy. Telling small sellers who cant afford to be bullied into one of eBays brilliant plans that that you will create a mechanism to exclude them "if they dont agree" ISNT how you get ahead in ecommerce in 2017.


 eBay has 20,000 employees - what do they do all day long? eBay no longer has dedicated reps to call smaller sellers and work withe them, so besides calling them and explaining sponsored listings - what do they do?


Why is a Deal of the Day banner guy even there with 5000 negative feedbacks a year - is THAT what your company represents?


Until there are major improvements (and not changing the LOGO colors), eBay will continue to ONLY deliver %3 growth quarter after quarter.


Lets see eBay PROVE US ALL WRONG - show us a business plan that DOESNT rely on stealing funds from sellers - and Ill applaude eBay fromthe highest roof top.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

1). Top retailers and industry probably ignores Ebay because EBAY is their competition.

2) Top retailers and the industry is going to have to eventually match their prices to what Ebay sellers are doing, Hence, The wonderful Hal "Ebay Matched Price" WhooHoo Hal!

3) Mr Wenig has explicitly stated that he does not want EBAY to be Amazon or Walmart. 

4) EBAY has some issues and they are aware and working on fixing them. T

5) Sellers are given advise on how to appeal to more buyers like offer fast and free shipping, offer free ship back, etc because that's what everybody on the internet planet is offering and if ya don't do it-bye bye buyer. Also, if you refuse returns and give buyers a hassle filled experience, bye bye buyer.

6) Of the 20,000 Ebay employees, at least 200 or more have helped us immensely over the past 10 years.

7) The deal of the day guy that has 5,000 bad feedbacks probably sold half a million dollars or more in merchandise and when you sell that much you are going to get a greater percentage of negs. You know how that goes, the item smelled like fish when we got it--NEG.

8) I think Ebay is going to go way over 3% growth this year.

9) I believe they will prove us wrong. Even Mr Wenig said it--It could go this way or that way--let's see how it goes.  

1) they are ignored because  a) no one in the industry respects them b) in the online world they are small potatoes


2) industry players wont match ANYTHING on eBay as it isnt taken seriously. Its Amazon vs Walmart vs (maybe) Target. eBay invoices are NOT considered "proof of purchase"  for any of those companies.


3) Yet he copies each and every thing they do - which Mr Wenig do you believe?


4) eBay has yet to fix ONE issue. How about starting with something SIMPLE - like abiding by the rules they layed out. There are rules for returns (as well as everything else) all they need to do is FOLLOW THEM - is that so hard?


5) Baloney. A good portion of Amazon customers do NOT have PRIME and pay shipping. Yes free shipping is a great comeon - but in Amazons case - THEY pay for it - they the multibillion dollar company - not the guy in his basement. Its absurd to say that you can compare the 2 things since they arent even remotely the same. If eBay wants to do free shipping - let THEM pay for it. They only just wasted  a few million on eBay OPEN - they could have used that money instead.


6)  There are still too many employees - its called TOP HEAVY.  Besides, eBay isnt here to help YOU - you are the seller - they are there to take care of the BUYER. Your winning a case is a LOSS for them and the buyer - thats why they push so hard. The "SCALE" is broken - the judge has his finger on it. There IS no such thing as "Seller Protection", never was, never will be.


7) If you get 5000 negatives a year - you are doing something WRONG. Are you saying that 5000 buyers are all liars? True there are alot on eBay - but 5000 for just this one guy - just THIS yr alone?  What kind of seller wont fix the issue(s) after the first 100 or so negatives?  Is a seller thats "that bad" one that eBay wants? Is the FVFs more important then the service? Funny - thats not what eBay CLAIMS.


8) 2 quarters say NO, and if eBay doesnt fix its problem (and #1 is IMAGE) - it will continue. Do you think offering 60 day returns will make people amgically flock to eBay? How about a switch that hides free returns? Those are nice extras - but not reasons that people DONT buy on eBay.


9) There was NO concrete plan layed out - no road map to improve the volume (box moving) on eBay - its just that simple. Creating new stupid rules that hurt sellers even more will NOT make people flock to eBay and hand over their hard earned money. People need to believe that eBay is "rock solid" in its practices - but when you read the forums - you see - every other post is one where eBay went out of its way to HURT another of its "partners". Until those feelings are gone - there will be no change.