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eBay Giving Works—What It Is, How It Works, and How You Can Benefit

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We know you’re probably buried in bubble wrap right now, with the madness of the season upon us. But, this is also the time of year when many of us reflect on those who are less fortunate—and if we can—on helping others.

Lest this sound like a one-sided exchange, helping those with less can actually pay off in many ways—ranging from a warm-fuzzy feeling that you’re doing your part to help people (or animals) in need, to the more concrete and tangible benefit of the cold-hard-cash-related tax deduction. And, if you can benefit from both, all the better, right?

So…let’s get acquainted with eBay’s charitable platform, as well as how it can benefit you.

What Is eBay Giving Works?

eBay Giving Works was designed to make it easy for eBay users (buyers and sellers) to support important causes—in the U.S. and abroad. Today, it enables sellers to donate a portion of their sales—and buyers to shop—while also supporting their favorite charities. This also gives nonprofits an opportunity to engage new supporters and broaden the support for their cause.

And, we should mention, thanks to eBay buyers and sellers (and celebrities), this is a crazy successful program. In 2013, $85,000,000 was raised for nonprofits through eBay Giving Works, and over $521,000,000 has been raised since it started in 2003. That’s such an impressive statistic. Needless to say, we’re very proud of this effort and our participating eBay users who made it happen. B-r-a-v-o.

How Does eBay Giving Works…Work?

The process is simple: you’ll see the eBay Giving Works section when you go through the listing process. All you have to do is choose your cause (from more than 24,000 charities) and donation percentage (10-100%). Charitable listings include the nonprofit name, logo and mission of the benefiting cause, so that it’s crystal clear to both buyers and sellers how the donated funds will be used.

Next, when your items sells, your donation will be automatically collected through eBay’s nonprofit partner, PayPal Giving Fund, and you’ll automatically receive a tax receipt. PayPal Giving Fund then passes along 100% of your donation to the benefiting charity—and you’re done.

What about the benefits? The list is pretty impressive, and might be the best part of the whole program. Here you go:

Five Ways You Can Benefit from eBay Giving Works

Here’s a quick list to help you see why participating can really pay off—year-round:

  1. All of Your Charitable Contributions Are Tax Deductible

Everything that you contribute via eBay Giving Works is 100% tax-deductible. Not only that, your sellers can claim the donation amount as a tax deduction, as well. This gives you a great competitive advantage over similar listings, and can be an extremely effective unique selling proposition (USP) for your listing.

  1. You Get a Portion of Your Seller Fees Back

eBay Giving Works will credit back a portion of the two main seller fees—the Insertion and Final Value Fees—in the amount equal to the percentage that you selected to donate. For example, if you designate 20% for charity, you’ll also receive a 20% credit on your Insertion and Final Value Fees. 

  1. eBay Giving Works Listings Have a 30% Higher Chance of Selling

People feel good about making a purchase that has the added benefit of a tax deduction, and that helps others in need. So, by giving a portion to charity, which results in a deduction for you, you’re actually elevating the exposure of your charity, and your item, increasing the chances that it will sell. Plus, charity listings command 2-6% higher prices than non-charity listings. Essentially, people are willing to spend a little bit more for a good cause. I think that makes this a win-win-win-win-win?

  1. It’s an Easy Way to Support Your Favorite Causes

You don’t have to write out a separate check for all of the charities that you support. Just designate the percentage you’d like to donate as part of the listing process. You’ll automatically get a receipt for tax purposes too, which majorly simplifies bookkeeping.

  1. You Can Make a Bigger Impact

It’s great to help your favorite charities in the form of a monetary donation, but even better if you can also be a “cause marketer,” or help elevate awareness of your charity’s mission. When you choose to donate a portion of your final sale amount, your listing includes a logo for the charity, as well as an informational paragraph at the bottom of your seller page. This way you can help people understand why they should care about the lesser-known charities like Nor-Cal Boxer Rescue, PeaceJam Foundation, and Accion International, for example.

Are you ready to give back…and benefit a lot in the process? If so, here’s a step-by-step guide.

And, for kicks, if you want to see how the glitterati are donating via eBay Giving Works, check out the Celebrity page.

Happy giving.