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Your mom-preneur moment can get you an eBay-Swag Bag

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Share your mompreneur moment.jpgShare your mom-preneur moment with us and you stand a chance to get an eBay swag bag.

You watch over your business with the same passion as your kid’s scholastic achievements. A buyer’s appreciation mail thrills you as much as your child’s soccer match. Whether it’s shipping a sold item or making a school project with your child, you are fabulously meticulous at both.


You wrap all your worries in smiles; all frustrations in courage; small struggles in big victories and that’s what makes us so proud of mom-sellers like you.


We are sure each of you have your own crazy stories of going through this daily madness. It could be a story of achieving a tight deadline with a buyer. Or just managing to reach a PTA in time. It could be story of success or just a memorable anecdote. We want to hear it all. Crazier the better.


This Mother’s Day, just pour your heart out and share your Mom-preneur Moments with us. Our editorial team will review and selected entries stand a chance to get a Mother’s Day Swag Bag from eBay.


All you need to do is:

  1. Share your Mom-preneur moment with us in the comments section on this blog post.
  2. We will review and select three entries who will stand a chance to get an eBay-Swag Bag
  3. We will accept entries starting May 8, 2017 and close on May 12, 2017. Selected names will be announced on May 16, 2017.

This Mother’s Day, sit back comfortably, look back at all the memories and share your favorite mom-prenuer moment with us. Start now!


More Mom-preneur stories:

by midohioimports · Guide

Last fall I ran a truck load of my grandmother's estate from Ohio to my mom and my aunt on the coast in Washington state. It was the first time I didn't put my store on vacation and it was handled 100% by my 17 year old daughter...with some technical support from me. I was a little nervous. My phone kept pinging in the Uhaul...it was a couple months before Christmas and she was pretty busy, but she handled it like a champ! 

by mytix · Adventurer

Being a mom-preneur selling on Ebay means that I have to multi-task. I list items while supervising my kids do their homework.  My kids come with me to the post office when shipping packages. I try to make them part of my Ebay business. They know that mommy sells on Ebay to get money for “fun” things like vacations and baseball. They are so on-board my my sales that every time there is a sale and my phone makes that “Cha-ching” sound, they both in unison say  “cha-ching cha-ching mom”… I love it!!


I'm coming up on my 20th Anniversary on Ebay this week.  When I joined Ebay, I was pregnant with my first child.  By the time my second child was born, I had started to sell on Ebay, By the time my third child was born, I 'd left the corporate world to sell on Ebay full time.   Over the years, I've volunteered thousands of hours at my children's public schools and have had countless experiences with them that would not have been possible in my former career.  I've grown my Ebay business to where I've had to move it out of the house, and to where it could employ others, including my two teenagers.  I hope that by working in my business, I'll be able to instill in my children some of the values that I hold dear.  Blending motherhood and selling on Ebay is not something I ever anticipated, but it's worked for me.


Being a Mom-preneur & a GRAND MOM-PRENEUR has had many CrAzY moments in my eBay selling LIFE. The craziest moment that I do remember the most happened right after I decided to open my eBay store, I had several Baseball cards that I wanted to get listed & my girls wanted to HELP me out, so I gave each of them a "job" to do. They are 6 years apart in age & they both wanted to do my job, the other one's job & their "job", needless to say it was a total MESS. I had a goal set for myself to get so many items listed within a certain period of time & they were arguing over who would get to do this or that. I had to reach my goal so I had to compromise with the girls. I broke down the jobs into categories & decided that each girl could have a part in each category, that seemed to make them happy, but the craziest thing is that they didn't seem to want to fit me into ANY OF IT, they, on their own could get it done. So when they finally had most of the listings finished, I realized that each & every single one had the name Mickey Mantle in the Title of the listings. I'm not certain how they did that but I had to go in & figure it all out & correct EACH LISTING, because the buyer would believe that he/she were bidding on not ONLY the card that was actually listed but that the Mickey Mantle card was ALSO INCLUDED. THAT I believe has to be my craziest Mom-Preneur moment EVER on eBay. I did appreciate the "JOB" that the girls did though & they did get things sorted out all on their own. From then on out they decided that WE work best as a TEAM & I totally agree with that decision. 

by foxsprings · Adventurer

When my Son was little he would go with me to local public auctions & sales to find things to resell on Ebay. I would find them in the newspaper & read them aloud to him. Most of these auction listings ended with the phrase " & miscellaneous household goods". It was after about a year of this he finally asked me, "Mommy, who is Miss Alanias & why does she have so much junk?".  At first I was confused, but then it dawned on me. My Son is grown now, but we still talk about Miss Alanias. In fact, he says I have more junk then her now!

by bhjmom · Adventurer

I've been selling on eBay since the early 2000s, so my kids have grown up around it. Any time they've needed to earn extra money, they've sold on eBay. Now my oldest daughter, who is 17, is working in the business and learning how to use eBay to pay her way through college in another year! 


Always having an eBay business has provided so many wonderful opportunities for our family including vacations. I remember going on one vacation and never having to spend a dime in our checking account because the payments kept coming in on my eBay sales!


Teaching my kids how to creatively use eBay makes me feel secure in knowing that they will always be able to pay their own way in life!


I have been an ebay mom-preneur for two years, I started when my son was 4.  He is my business partner!! He helps purchase, sort items, and labels my packages for me.  It gives me one and one time with him but also shows him how we run our small business. He enjoys every aspect of our business and knows what are ultimate goal is - most recently a trip to Legoland! Ebay gives me and my family the flexibility to earn and contribute but most importantly being able to be with my little guy at the same time while building our business.

Rising Star

I just started selling on eBay again a couple months ago. I use to sell when my boys were just littles {2,4,7, and 10}. Back then being a Mom-preneur was a little overwhelming. One time I had a huge shipment to make and with 3 carseats, baseball and soccer equipment in the trunk,  it didn't leave alot of room for packages. As I was pulling out of the driveway one of the boys asked where his brother was, I said in his carseat. He was completely covered in packages that you couldnt even see he was there. Sometimes the struggle is real.  However, I love it and we all laugh about that moment.


  I have a child under 2 ( 14 months) and around his half birthday I was looking for a day care. I had an opportunity to go back to work but I don't have family to help me take care of him. I spent weeks visiting and interviewing with day cares but overall we didn't think the cost to even put him in part time was worth it for me to go back to work. In my area, day care was  $1200 a month. The cheapest one which was $800 was half an hour away. It just didn't make sense for me to spend so much money just to be away from him.  After day care fees I would only bring  $1200 back which doesn't include the time spent waking him up to go, and gas money, etc.


I decided to try eBay again with a different perspective and my sales are so much better now. After fees I'm able to bring $1000-$1500 to our household. It truly is hard work and my son does get side lined when I'm listing but I know he is there. He watches me take photos, and watches me sit at the desk listing, and on some days he is fine sitting in a cart while I thrift for inventory. Yet it's convenient for me to drop everything to spend time with him when I want to.


I started selling on eBay  in 1999. My children grew up around eBay and the eBay culture. Met wonderful sellers as well as buyers!

Both of my boys have sold on eBay ( under my supervision) when they wanted extra money. I went away to California several times and left the boys in charge of shipping and handling orders! They were wonderful.... the first time they did this ,one was 7  years old and  the other one 13 years old!


I am so proud that my boys have the amazing experience of learning how to do eBay and that eBay sales have provided them with wonderful opportunities from  games they wanted to buy to fundraisers to help the community!

by lilla-1 · Adventurer

Love this! Can't wait to read these stories! My mom-preneur moment(s)... my humble beginnings on eBay began casually 10 years ago selling my son's baby stuff. Now, at 13, he is well aware how I started my eBay business. When I give him a donation/thrift box and ask him to clean his room of the things he doesn't want, he rights EBAY on the box and puts it in my office. And usually follows up with a "Mom, let's be honest what you had planned." Lol! Love that kid!

by evry1nositswindy · Guide | Updated

I have been selling on eBay for 4 years this month.  My daughter has always been interested in what I am doing.  She has been to auctions with me and helps me carry in and clean up my treasures.  She made and decorated a "mail box" in the house for me to fill so she can take it out to our (jumbo!) mailbox.  She loves hearing the cha-ching!  Big money or little money--doesn't matter, because it was money I didn't have five minutes ago.  She also knows   that if she doesn't respect her toys and clothes, Mom will sell them on eBay!  I've done it before!   She will also get a gift she doesn't care for and tells me to sell it on eBay.  She has "picked" items at estate sales and she gets to keep her profit.  It's a valuable lesson in real world math.


I think it's the perfect job for a stay at home Mom.  I can work as much or as little as I want.  I have 100% feeback, I ship in 24 hours or less Monday through Saturday, I am a top-rated seller with a defect rate of less than half a per cent, and I have happy customers.  I make a healthy dinner every night, I take my child to and from school every day , and all the other things that Moms do.  My house isn't as clean or as organized as it used to be because of my inventory, but I am bringing in money for my family.  It's the perfect job for me.


I'm a mom of a very energetic 4 year old daughter and a 10 month old son.  Having a business and being a mom is definitely a hard task but it's fun.  I take my kids thrifting with me and my daughter has started asking for things to sell and also takes pictures with me it's great to see her getting into it.

<~~ I am not a Bio mom but I have to stop in and say KUDOS to all you mom's out there, I give you the biggest high five and wish you all the best.


I've been helping raise my godson for the last 2.5 years I started watching him when he was a week old. Never having any kids of my own I had no clue what I was going to do with a baby every day let alone how I was gonna work and watch a baby at the same time.


Seven days a week I had him for a year and a half, it has slowed down to 2-4 times a week every other week now. I just have to say it's the hardest job I have ever done! It was hard to work in my shop and take care of a baby who is now a toddler in his "terrible twos" potty training and mega tantrum phases. I have now said the words "time out" more than I ever thought I would say in my life. I have had to toss out inventory from him coloring on it, or chewing on it. But I would not trade those memories or time for the world!


Most baby and toddlers love toys, but my godson loves my pink bubble mailers, wearing my tape rolls as bracelets, playing in shipping boxes, and loves to run around with my tape measures. So every time he is here my shipping supplies is all over the place by the time he leaves. He loves to go sourcing with me his favorite spot is the hats and toys!

The days I have him now I am lucky to get more than 5 items listed he keeps me on my toes!


So I salute you all!  I will continue to support & applaud you all! Wishing you all much happiness and success! Happy Mothers day to you mom-preneur's!


I started selling on eBay in 1999. First, I started selling baby and kid clothes as they outgrew them. I then "branched out" to selling other items from around the house.  I realized that ebay was a way for me to contribute to our family income as a stay at home mom. It was like a light bulb went off! Today, I'm proud to say I am still selling on eBay with a full store and have paid for family vacations, braces and other things with my eBay income. I love what eBay has allowed me to do for my family.

I have been selling on EBAY for over 10 years.    At first it was for a little extra money.   I was always planning on going back to the work force someday.  When my youngest was in school full time last year.  It was time to go back.  My oldest was having a really tough time with Anxeity in Middle school.  We toughed it out for a year.  It became clear that I needed to pull him  from school.  I needed to home school him.  That meant that I needed to stay home.  Selling online is perfect for my family.  It is flexible.  I can work at anytime and is very flexible .  I also make more then I would make with a traditional job.   I also love what I do.  I am so grateful for EBAY and the EBAY community.  


Things I've learned by being a mom who sells on eBay. 

1. If you source a toy to sell you better hide it before your child sees it, or they will claim it. 
2.  If your child loses something the first words out of their mouth will be, "Mom did you sell X on eBay?
3.  The only time your child loves an item is after you sell it on eBay. 
4.  Your kid will always be the best-dressed kid on the playground. 
5.  You will listen in to every child's Christmas wish list so you know the hottest items. 
6.  Your crockpot will become a lifesaver on the days when you just need to list one more item. 
7.  You can and will list from your phone while waiting to pick up a child. 
8.  Your kids will become avid bargain shoppers because paying retail is no longer allowed. 
9.  Geography is taught every morning as you discuss where all of your packages are being shipped. 
10.  Always being available to your kids while being able to make a living is the greatest benefit.
by ijwsmommy · Adventurer

My now-teenage son surprised me with this "advertisement" one day when he was about 7 years old.  I was sitting at my desk writing up listings  while he sat nearby coloring. I noticed he kept stealing glances my way and giggling. He was so proud of himself when he finished! I treasure it, even more for the memory than the promotional work! To this day, it is proudly displayed in my eBay workshop.IMG_9524.JPG




I have being a mom-preneur for 2 years and counting! Ebay opened up a new set of doors for me that allowed me to have extra income and the opportunity to spent more time with my six year old son. Last year, I was diagnosed with early stage Cervical Cancer and my treatment options were very limited. Last December, just days before my 35th birthday I had a full Hysteroctomy (removal of all reproductive organs) which meant no more preagnacies. I'm Cancer free and extremely grateful to have another chance in life. Ebay has given me the opportunity to earn money to pay for all my medical bills and at the same time I get to spent more time with my son. We both go thirfting or should I say "treasure hunting" as my six year old calls it. It puts a smile on my face everytime I see my little guy get excited when he finds a toy and says "look Mom you can sell this on eBay". My son is my world and the reason why I start my day with a smile. The best part of having ebay in my life is I get to bring my son to work with me everyday! You can't beat that!!!!

by dix126 · Adventurer

One thing that has come out of selling thrifted items on ebay is that my kids have learned they can find the things they need and want but not pay an arm and a leg for them. From cars to small things, both of them have learned to pay attention to prices and search more than one place. And they've contributed cool items to our business when they are out looking for themselves.


Even our granddaughter who just turned 6 has the thrifing bug! It's fun to watch her pick and choose things that she thinks we need to sell on ebay...and sometimes she's spot on! And she knows a good toy when she sees one.


I really tried to narrow down a specific moment or story, but eBay is so ingrained in our daily life and routine - I couldn’t choose just one specific moment!


Four years ago, I became a mom and, for the first time, I stayed at home vs. working or attending school. While being a new mom has its perks and is an exciting new chapter in life, many don’t speak about how lonely and isolating it can also be. Although my daughter provided a sense of purpose, I found that sitting at home, not being financially independent, took an emotional toll.


I turned to eBay on a whim to fill emotional space. Though terrified at first, passion truly ignited inside me once business began to pick up. I began to wake up excited each day, looking forward to planning my business. I truly enjoy the challenge of keeping up with the fast-paced, ever-changing technological advancements and online purchasing trends. Being active in the online eBay community has allowed me to form genuine friendships with fellow eBay sellers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.


Ever since she was a newborn, my little one has accompanied me on sourcing trips. At home she loves to “help” me clean and measure items. 


20170508_175508.pngCleaning a vintage telephoneAt one point she got a new kid-proof camera; the first thing she wanted to do was “take photos for eBay with mommy”. 20170508_175531.png



Her all-time favorite “job”, however, is placing the packages into the USPS bin on our front porch for our mail carrier to pick up daily. She actually helps to earn the income that allows for her extracurricular activities like dance classes. As a bonus, I have time to list items while sitting in the lobby while she dances. Fun fact: The first word she could read and sound out? eBay!  Smiley Happy


I feel extremely blessed that, over the past few years, I have been able to stay at home raising my daughter while still being able to financially contribute to my family by doing something I genuinely enjoy -- shopping, finding items in my hometown and sending them out to people all over the world!20170508_175550.pngFell asleep in eBay office/inventory room after a hard day of work

by msguynn · Adventurer

I have been selling on eBay for 10 years. I now have a 12 year old 9 year old and a 3 year old. eBay has been a daily part of our lives for the past 3 years. When my youngest was 2 I asked him what he wanted to do the next day thinking he would want to go to the park and he said eBay. I went through the rest of the week with him and for everyday he said he wanted to do eBay, except one. That day he wanted to stay home and eat. He is my main partner since he is with me 24/7. One of the other regulars at the goodwill told me one day that it's so nice to watch him growing up through her thrifting trips. She met him when he was 3 days old. We actually went there for inventory on the way home from the hospital. My middle child bryonna tries to be apart of the process as much as she can after school and on the weekends. She will dress Mia the mannequin while I write descriptions and she already has her eBay store named picked out. I'd share it but I'd like it to be available when she starts. My oldest isn't to interested in it but he does love to shop other people's stores and claims I am a millionaire even though I am still working on getting there lolIMG_0069.JPG



by gingerbenmartin · Adventurer | Updated

I have been a seller for almost 6 years now. My biggest supporter/fan is my now 11 year old son. He can single handidly find and ship about 75% of my 3000 ish listings with very minimal assistant.  He loves to help!  4 years ago I was in a really bad horse accident and ended up about 300 miles from home in the hospital for 7 days. He seen my box of out going packaging and made sure they got out in the mornings mail for me. I also talked him through sold items until I was able to extend my ship time. For 4 months he followed me around while I was in a wheelchair collecting my items. And he loves to shop & find treasures! We have a special "eye wink" when we find a keeper! When he was younger he looked like he had a eye twitch! He would walk around twitching at everything! He also came up with a "Diane would love this!" when he finds a really interesting piece. As a mom of 3 I am always busy and its great to have a little red headed side kick that keeps you laughing! 

by awesarie · Adventurer

That photo will get taken, eventually.

I will get those meaurements added, soon.

Please don't hit mommys umbrella lights.

Don't undress the mannequin. 

Yes, you can help, put all the red shirts, there.

Please don't put your hand in my picture. Okay, say cheese! That will be a new photo, later.

Can you help me wipe this down? Two baby wipes turn into 30.


And then suddenly, it's bedtime. 

I'm tired but know that the to-do list continues, whether it be my own personal or for my business. But you know, that it's what best for the family. So in the spirit of motherhood, you do what you need to do.


Being a mom-prenuer means being creative. It's about choosing to do what you can in the moment and knowing your (and your child's) limitations. 

Some listings go for a while without ever leaving the drafts. 

Some photos didn't have the perfect lighting.

But it's a family affair. And we do what works. ❤️







Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

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I have been selling on Ebay for about two years now. I have worked on base for over twenty five years. My daughter was diagnosed with many mental disorders at thirteen the main one being schizophrenic. The medications used to treat it aren't cheap nor are doctors and traveling out of town to doctors every month. I started selling on Ebay two years ago in order to help with all the bills. In the beginning the main reason was money. After starting i realized how much I loved it. I love to go out sourcing and finding old items. And then researching them and learning about their history. I fell in love with talking to my customers. And finding out the reasons they purchased an item (such as they had it when they were a child,they bought to remember a deceased loved one,etc). Due to having a daughter with the problems she has I need to stay at home as much as possible which meant I didn't get to have friendships and much of a social life so selling gives me so much to do at home. I love Ebay and as long as it is here I will be a part of it.


Over the past 9 years I have had two children and become an effective ebay power selling mom! I started on eBay in 1999 but only really hit my stride after I grew tired sitting on top of piles of baby contraptions (think bumbos, baby carriers, wipe warmers etc etc!) and so much childrens clothing that they grew out of in a blink of an eye. 

I can credit eBay with helping me keep my home clutter-free. As new toys and clothing came in, I was able to sell the ones that no longer fit. I honed my selling skills by creating an efficient shipping process with sticky labels, a scale and eBay-branded envelopes.  I became an expert on still photography. I learned all of the closing times of my local post offices and pickup times of local mail boxes - and even tested which ones got the package to the seller faster! My kids are excited to drop off enveloped in the mailbox on the way to school. 

After getting a few packages out late (I offer 1-day handling) some of my craziest Mom-preneur moments have come racing to get to the post office before the last mail pickup. There have been more than a few times where I have sprinted across the parking lot, box in hand, as I reach the door just in time to make my shipping deadline. I consider it great cardio in addition to all of the other great benefits of selling on eBay! 


by ravensmuse · Adventurer

My eBay journey started almost 20 years ago, buying clothing as a teen and twenty something. I always had a knack for flipping things, and made a little money here and there flipping clothing, collectibles, and just about anything else I could get my hands on and make a few extra bucks.


When my husband and I moved cross country, we were newlyweds and took a leap of faith. We landed in central Kentucky and my full time eBay journey began.


From the outset, we knew we wanted kids, and knowing I wanted to be home with them, I knew I had to find a way to make the income I was used to (I was a personal assistant for a luxury realtor), but still be home all day. That's when eBay popped into my head.


As I said, eBay had always been great for a few extra bucks, why couldn't I do it full time?


So, packed with what I knew, I took $100 and went to Goodwill. I promised myself if I could sell those items, I would be able to do it, and I did. I turned my small investment into nearly $1000, and never looked back.


For five years I ran an incredibly successful eBay business selling designer and luxury clothing, shoes and accessories, with a few collectibles and other things tossed in the mix for good measure. My sales were incredible, I met amazing people and I experienced success like nothing I could have imagined. 


Then in 2014 we finally got pregnant with my daughter. What came after was a complicated pregnancy that led my eBay sales to slowly fall, and even more so when my daughter was born. 


We would come to find out that our daughter had her own sets of special needs that needed an incredible amount of our attention, and as such, eBay fell by the wayside.


Now in 2017, my daughter is doing well, I have been able to pick back up where I left off and my eBay store is getting full again. I know eBay will be there for me when I am ready to be back full time, and I know that we can make my business back into what it was before.


Things change, life changes, but eBay has always been there for me, and for that I am beyond grateful.

I could not ask for a better partner in my business to ride the waves of motherhood and still be there for me as business support and income.


A few months ago I became aware that my daughter and several other mom's from the school that my grandchildren attend were all selling on Ebay to pay for tuition for their children.  Each of these precious young mommy's have "full" plates, but are so committed to a classical and solid education for their children that they squeeze in time to thrift, list, and sell on Ebay.  So....this past December, I also began to sell on Ebay.  My husband and I decided to commit all of the Ebay money to an education fund for the grandchildren....it is a great motivator...and I have so enjoyed the process.  Thanks for this opportunity....by the way....I think all of those moms deserve a bag.  Karla Stafford

eBay is now a part of our family's life! We have been eBay members and periodic buyers for quite a while. Then due to loss of income, I started selling on eBay. My family has been extremely supportive with my oldest daughter (19) doing spreadsheets for me and my middle daughter (17) keeping me up on the trending things, to my youngest daughter (13) now looking for things to sell on eBay when we are out shopping!

eBay was a life saver in our time of financial need and has brought us together on a mutual goal that we all love to do! I share buyers feedback with them to let them know that their help is appreciated not only by me, but by our happy customers as well. When I told them we made it to Top Rated, it was like a cheer from an Ariana Grande performance! Thanks to my family, eBay and all of my customers. Happy Mother's Day Mom-Preneurs, I wish you great days of sales!

by pjmcgahey · Adventurer | Updated

With 5 states & 13 moves over for my husband's job the past 18 year of marriage, I've had several 9-5 jobs, but each time I had to walk away when an advancement opportunity presented itself for my husband and we moved, yet again. This often left me feeling ... "less". I didn't feel as if I was contributing enough (finacially) to my family when I was between jobs. And when I was in a 9-5 job, I felt like I wasn't contributing enough (in the home)! I was always stressed. Always ... "LESS"... I feel blessed that I was able to take the leap of faith and become a mom-preneur here on ebay. The flexiblity allows me to work the days/hours I want or need to work and contribute finacially to my family while still being able to be an active volunteer at my kids' schools, be availble when they have sick days, and take care of our household while my husband works his 9-5. ... No, it's not always a bed of roses. I mean... that's life for you! But, being a mom-preneur on ebay sure helps a lot! I AM NOT "LESS"!!... I am MOM! I am WIFE! I am BUSINESS OWNER! I AM A ROCKSTAR (at least in my own eyes!)! ... Happy ebaying everyone!!!

by artbrahamlincoln · Scout | Updated

Being a full time working mom, a pack rat, an amateur artist, and a dreamer of one day starting my own business, eBay has become a continuous source of Mom-preneur moments.  Last year we set a goal to clean out the closets, sell those items on eBay, and use that money to buy a swimming pool for our backyard.  We were successful in that goal!!!  This has been a great teaching moment for our child on patience, saving money, and realizing that every dollar counts. Another positive aspect of eBay as a Mom-preneur is that it has helped me fulfill a personal goal.  As a mother, I have put my dreams on hold to provide for my family and raise children.  But that dream of owning an art gallery is still there.  Through eBay, I am able to display and sell my artworks as I have time, which helps fulfill that personal goal on a smaller scale. Maybe one day my sales on eBay will sustain our financial needs, which would truly be a miracle and an achievement of my dreams.


I have 4 daughters living ar home still ages 6 to 18. I have been selling on eBay as a hobby for 15 years and recently decided to make it my full time job. My girls have been incredible! We love having mom and daughter "dates" while sourcing and my daughters will take picks and pack sales for shipping for me. I love teaching them entreprenuerial skills that they can use in the future.  It has truly turned into a family affair. Thank you eBay for such an amazing opportunity! 

by antiquemoo · Adventurer

My mom-preneur moment came when I got divorced eight years ago and had a daughter with chronic health issues. I had a degree but holding a full time 9-5 job as a single mother with a sick child was impossible. I started using my antique Appraiser background to source and sell things on eBay. I outgrew working from home and rented a retail building in my town and now fully support myself through eBay. I am with my daughter everyday. We are able to travel and spend time together and it is all due to my eBay business. I am grateful everyday for a job that allows me to be both breadwinner and bread baker without any mom guilt for working too much. Thank you eBay for the platform on which I made my dreams soar. 

by jetb2822 · Adventurer

My mom-preneur situation on ebay was born out of a need to replace the child support that was not coming through from my ex. One kid in college and the other finishing high school and I knew money was going to be tight and I needed to find another job. I didn't really want to work nights and weekends in retail after my daytime job, I thought that might just wear me out! I had always wanted to try selling on ebay and figured this would be a great time to try. I have been actively selling for almost a year now and am so happy that I took this leap of faith! I've been able to supplement my income without leaving my home Smiley Happy I've started out slowly and am working very hard to make my customers' experiences pleasant and easy. When I received my badge with the number 100 - oh! that was a great day!! I felt so honored and actually referred to it as my badge of honor with ebay. I love it when my customers take the time to provide positive feedback - I literally smile and call out "awww, you're so sweet!" when I read the comments. Thank you, ebay, for allowing me the opportunity to stretch my wings and take better care of my baby birds by being able to provide for them on my own!

by ymmap22 · Adventurer

Being a mom does not stop when your kids are grown and move away. I started doing ebay a few years ago. As I started selling I was taking care of my great niece and trying to be there for her. Then my sister and her son moved in with us So again I was taking care of another Child and my sister who is ten years younger so I always help raise her. My nephew started helping me while they were here. And I got my sister to open a ebay account ... During the summer I have great nieces and nephews  around there fun to have help look for treasures. This last year I had some surgery  and enlisted my husband to help. This last month my son graduated from College he also would help out by giving me items to sell from his house ...it helped him out during college years. This next year will be trying for me. I have my mother's items to try and sell she is in hospice and now I feel like her mother... This next year I am hoping to open up the next store and get another nephew to help me out. So being a mother comes in all shapes sizes and conditions. I love what I do and able to be there for my child and his wife, my sister and her boys, my great nieces and nephew. And also my husband and little doggy... I am living the life of ebay

by bulamaori · Adventurer

When my husband was accepted to med school the family moved to AZ to be with him. At the time my son was 3 and my daughter was 1. The very first night, after a 21 hour road trip with 2 young children, my son starts crying in the middle of the night. Turns out his beloved Dumbo plush was missing. My husband and I tear apart the moving boxes and my car and couldn't find him. None of us slept for 3 days until my neighbor from home called to say my son had left his stuffed elephant at her house and did I want her to mail it. OMG!!! Yes, she mailed it but it was this event that led me to sell on ebay. I would have paid $100+ to get a copy of that elephant so we could sleep and my son would be happy.

Later on that year I was garage saleing and a mom I was talking to told me she sold all of her girls clothes on ebay (this was in 2005). This got me thinking about Dumbo and I knew other moms must have gone through the same experience and there was probably money to be made while I stayed home with the kids.

When we moved back to Montana, I started garage saleing and picking up baby plush to sell on ebay. It was a great sucess, I was making other moms and their kids happy and making money for my own family in return. 

To this day one of my favorite things about my customers is when I recieve a letter telling me how grateful they were I was able to help them find their child's long lost lovey or a beloved stuffed animal left on an airplane.

I've been selling on ebay ever since and love my job even though my kids are grown. It's a great career for a stay at home mom because it allows you to be flexible for your kids.


by lindyslucky · Guide

After reading these stories of amazing moms, I realized, I had a story also.

I too, sacrificed a career to stay at home with my kids.

Two of my sons had learning problems, which took a lot of time and concentration for all. 

Ebay had always been around for us, we sold occasionally.

My youngest son was in college, thankfully doing well. 

It was the height of the recession when he came home his sophomore year. Try as he might, he could not find a job. College is expensive, and I had given up a professional income. There had to be a way to make money.

So, we thought about ebay. 

My son loved Legos as a child, and we indulged him with them.

We went to the attic and brought down bushels of Legos. We dumped them on the kitchen table and began to sort them. Hundreds maybe thousands of Legos.

As any Mom who has lived with a child who likes Legos, they come in many tiny pieces. Lots and lots of tiny pieces.

We concentrated on the "figures". Each figure has a head, possibly a hat or head covering, a body, legs, and other parts. Horses, weapons, money. My son loved the tiny money. 

We sorted and sorted. We came up with many groups of figures.

We were able to sell all of the sets  of matching figures.

One of the groups was little Ninjas. We sold them at auction to a buyer in Japan for a very nice price.

As any other Mom letting go of their children's once loved toys, I became emotional.

(son), I said, "don't you feel bad, selling your Lego Ninjas?"

"Mom" he said, "look at it this way, they are going home" 

I so loved that boy's sense of humor.

He made enough on ebay selling Legos that summer to go back to college.

He went on to get a law degree and an MBA.

He lives far away now, I miss him and his wit every day.

But, as I face A Mother's Day without him with me,I have to say, Thank you ebay, not just for the chance to make much needed money, but for the memories of sitting around the kitchen table, sorting  Legos, enjoying my son's company and working towards a shared purpose.

And yes, I have tears in my eyes, and there are still Legos here to sell.



by bournent · Trailblazer

He's 2.  I'm his grandma.  He's making me crazy.  I can't get any work done.  I'm barely able to list.

But, if it weren't for eBay, I'd never be able to be his day care.  I can't think of another business or company that offers the flexibility this one does.  I can't think of another company that works with its sellers like eBay does. I thank my lucky stars every day for this life.  He won't be 2 forever.  But, I'll always be his grandma.  And, he'll learn about this business and eBay soon enough.

What does  a mom-prenuer look like for me? Unlke the most I am workking a full-time job, chafeuring my 13 year old daughter around and doing eBay in between. I take lots of pics on the weekends, set up my drafts and import pictures while waiting in the car at the soccer field or staying up late at night and surviving on only a few hours of sleep But my love for selling, and working to make eBay my fulltime business, makes it all worth it. I love the whole process from beginning to end. I always thought a career was so important, until I had my daughter but since I have aspireg to be that stay-at-home mom, so that I can have the freedom to be there for my daughter when she needs me. 


I love being able to sell online on Ebay because it allows me to work around my family life. My kids are part of the reason I work so hard. I want to be able to provide for them and spend as much time as I can with them. 


I started selling on eBay as a side business so I could pay for my son to attend a dual language school. This was 4 years ago and since then I have grown my business into a full time venture and had a second child. 


When I went into labor,  I was laying in my hospital bed on my phone checking orders in between contractions.


I love being able to set an example for my kids showing them the possibilities of owning a business. 


Selling on eBay has really given me the luxury of being there for my kids. I love being able to take my kids to work with me. Although sometimes it can be a task trying to pack & ship out orders while carrying a baby on my hip. Then packing up so that I can make it to carpool/homework/soccer/dinner. 


Somehow I have managed to make it work. I can take my business as slow or as fast as I want. I love what I do. 





by elysbel-0 · Adventurer

I'm too late, but I am so grateful for Ebay for providing me the opportunity to keep my son close!  When he's sleeping I take pictures and I list items when I'm nursing him to sleep or when I myself am going  to sleep; when he's playing independently or with my husband.  Thankfully, he takes a 2.5 to 3 hour nap every day and is asleep for the night by 8!  I get to take him to fun and educational things like story time and toddler time at the library, our aquarium and children's museums where we have annual passes and local parks and splash pads.  This wouldn't be possible if I had a traditional job, which I would need if it weren't for Ebay.  Thank you, thank you, Ebay!  

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 Hello Mom-preneurs! Thank you so much for sharing your stories. We are truly inspired by each and everyone of you.  Entries to this activity are closed now and we will announce the selected mom-preneurs shortly.  

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Wow! I'm so excited. I have never won anything. Thank you ebay for reading part of my story and to all the other Mom's that are part of the ebay community.


Congrats to the winners! This was a fun contest and interesting to hear all the stories!