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Your Five-Step Labor Day Retail Moment Action Plan

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Labor Day: A last-ditch opportunity to drink beer and eat burgers in the backyard or the perfect occasion for an end-of-summer blowout sale?


How about both?


If you plan accordingly, you can have your Labor Day cake and eat it, too. But first, some facts about the opportunity:


Fact #1: The Labor Day retail moment is historically when big retailers run sales to liquidate summer merchandise and make room for fall inventory.


Fact #2: Shoppers have come to expect huge sales around the Labor Day holiday and will even postpone big ticket purchases in anticipation of this event.


Fact #3: To compete with the big retailers, you have to go big with Labor Day merchandising.


Given these truths, we put together a five-step plan of attack for the Labor Day moment designed to help you fully capitalize on the opportunity:


  1. Start planning now. Don’t wait for the last rays of summer sun to fade before you start creating your Labor Day sales strategy. Identify seasonal inventory to move now, as well as merchandise that historically sells well at the end of summer. Based on eBay data, that includes:

Grills and BBQ equipment

Outdoor entertaining essentials


Bedding and linens


  1. Make it easy for customers to find your Labor Day-related merchandise. If  you don’t have an eBay Stores subscription and/or don’t plan to create Labor Day promotions, make it simple for shoppers to find everything they need for their end-of-summer BBQ bashes. And don’t be shy about starting mid to late July, well in advance of September 5:

Tweak your listings. Add related keywords (Labor Day, BBQ, end of summer, etc.) to your listing titles so that they come up more readily in search. 

Put together a Labor Day collection. Assemble your Labor Day-related items into a collection (anything red, white and blue or patriotic) so that your shoppers can find everything they need (and more) on one page.

Add a Labor Day Store category. If you have an eBay Stores subscription, move or add all of your holiday-related items to the Labor Day category.


  1. Optimize your listings for mobile. Just imagine how many people will be lounging at the beach or chilling at a BBQ this summer. Turn those casual browsers into buyers with listings that are professional, photo rich and free of extraneous html or text.


  1. Create Labor Day promotions for seasonal and non-seasonal merchandise. If you have an eBay Stores subscription, get on the promotional bandwagon and create offers that help you compete with the big retailers:

Consider holding a Labor Day Sale event. Sale events enable you to offer a discount on broad categories of items, both Labor Day-related (all summer apparel) and non-seasonal (luxury watches). Example: Save up to 40% on all summer dresses or save 10% on Rolex watches.

Offer an order discount in honor of Labor Day. You can greatly increase your overall order size and encourage shoppers to browse your entire Store with an order discount promotion. Plus, when buyers combine items into one order, you save on consolidated shipping. Example: Save 15% when you spend $50.

Use codeless coupons. Because these deals are only visible to shoppers with your unique URL, codeless coupons are perfect for sending to existing customers via your email newsletter or for sharing in social. Example: Save an extra 10% on all BBQ equipment.


  1. Advertise your promotions and/or collections. Imagine that you have a brick and mortar shop in a conventional mall. You rent space, and the mall spends money to bring in the foot traffic. You’d create special signage, send emails, and run a social media campaign if you were having a big Labor Day sale, right? That’s what we suggest, as well:

Use your email newsletter to spread the word about your upcoming Labor Day activities.

Update your Store billboard with Labor Day, end-of-summer imagery or sale verbiage (like you’d see on Macys.com or Kohls.com).

Use social media to promote your special deals and Labor Day collections.


Now, back to that part about you chilling in the backyard. If you follow this five-step plan and get a head start on the Labor Day weekend retail moment, you’ll be in a very good position to relax with that burger and brewsky as the summer comes to a close. And you’ll potentially be a whole lot richer.


Have some Labor Day retail moment tips to share? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share this article with your eBay peers via email and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.