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What You Can Expect at eBay Open 2017

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News Team
News Team



eBay Open, our biggest “sellerbration” of the year, is coming up July 25-28 in Las Vegas. I’ve been a part of the planning process, and let me tell you, this is going to be a spectacular event. From the venue to the workshops to the parties, you are in for a treat.


Here are some details about what you can expect from this amazing event, whether you're a returning participant or a first-time attendee.


First, let’s talk about what you’ll learn:

  • In the general sessions, you’ll hear from eBay leaders like CEO Devin Wenig and North American leader Hal Lawton about the future of eBay, where the company is headed, and how sellers are crucial to our collective success. You’ll also hear from folks leading important, company-wide initiatives like driving improvements to our shopping experience and customer service.
  • In the workshops, you’ll get in-depth information from eBay and seller experts about a wide range of topics like optimizing your inventory, understanding your business financials, taking killer product shots, and marketing to reach more eBay buyers, among many other topics.

All of this content is designed with one goal in mind: to help you sell more on eBay.


052417_BlogBody_620x400.jpgSenior Vice President Hal Lawton onstage during a 2016 general session.

Acting on feedback we heard from last year’s event, we’ve created more spaces and opportunities for spontaneous networking. We know that sellers love to learn from each other. In these networking areas, you’ll have a chance to connect with eBay staffers, experts, and executives, plus fellow sellers and industry experts.


Now, let’s talk about the fun! eBay knows how to throw a great party, and this year is no exception:


  • On Tuesday, July 25, we kick off the event with a Welcome Reception.
  • Wednesday and Thursday is all business with general sessions in the morning and workshops in the afternoon. These days are packed with activities, but we’ll keep you fueled up with breakfast, lunch, and snacks (all included in the price of registration).
  • Thursday night is the BIG PARTY! We’re pulling out all the stops to create an event you will not forget. We’ll take over the entire venue and a well-known band (details coming soon!) will get you in the party mood.


If you’ve never attended eBay Open, here are my top tips to make sure you make the most of the event:


  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes. Vegas in July is a scorcher. While you will be inside 99% of the time, be prepared for the desert heat when you go outside. Comfy shoes are a must—everything is big in Vegas, including the distance between your hotel room and the Open event. Beat the heat and stay at the same hotel, MGM Grand, where the conference is being held: eBay Open attendees get a special room rate.
  • Connect with other sellers before the event. I hang out in a Facebook group dedicated to this year’s event, and sellers are discussing all sorts of topics, from the best places to eat and the best shows to see to arranging travel and accommodations together. And, I hear some groups are planning their own parties and events before and after the official eBay events.
  • Get ready to mingle. Come prepared to make new connections, and bring business cards for post-event follow-up.
  • Take lots of notes. The general sessions and workshops will be chockablock with useful information to help you grow your business. I recommend you take notes during the sessions and spend a little time each evening reflecting on what you learned to develop an action plan for your business.
  • Share, share, share. Let’s get the official hashtag #eBayOpen2017 trending on social media. Share your top tips and party pics using the hashtag. Do you think we can beat these guys and break the internet?


That’s eBay Open in a nutshell. Excited? I am! If you have not yet registered for the event, hurry and do it now. See you in “Vegas, Baby”!

Community Team
Community Team

Can't wait, really looking forward to my first eBay Open!


So excited! Cannot afford to miss this one =) 


I'm so excited I  can't  wait to go! I need a break from all this listing 💁🏼 🖥 


Finally  get to meet our celebrity Audrey!!! Yay!!!




Can't wait to see how they top last year! #LVPinkPanther 

by Executive

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

I guess the same people that think that 30 or 60  or even 90 day returns is a GOOD thing, were the same people that planned out this event Vegas in July.


That in and of itself should tell you how serious eBay takes all this.


The "We are everything because of you" ... just floors me. Like seriously - Im not sure how to take it.


Is it patronizing? I mean really, the way eBay treats sellers BY NOW MEANS demonstrates that slogan. Auto relisting things (just because you chose to use the Quick Listing Tool), the appropriation of sellers pictures for use in the catalog (for the love of GOD just go license Icecat or itemdb.com already) and of course the daily VERO abuses and returns fraud - doesnt exactly match up. Hey, if thats how you treat sellers "when you're with them" lord help us "when you arent".


On the other hand .... With out the ill gotten FVFs on things like shipping, there WOULD be no you ... but eBay seems to forget that.


Me? I know what eBay will say .. 1 day handling time, priority or better FREE shipping and AT LEAST 30 day returns - and oh please opt in to the new Gaurantee Delivery Program .... and then MAYBE we wont hide your listings ....


There - saved you $500 - go give it to charity plz.


"ALEXA, please teach eBay about ecommerce!"


It looks like a party atmoshpere which is great if your goal is to spend one's profits on a good time in Vegas.  Last month, I was bombarded with calls from Ebay asking me if I would be attending this year's festivies.  


With all do respect, I learn more from the community than any past conversation with an Ebay Representative.  I doubt that will change should I decide to attend the convention which for newbies probably couldn't hurt. 


I'm not sure what useful information could be parlayed in a workshop that hasn't already been told or shared 10 different ways from Sunday. 


$199 is actually decent if one lives in Vegas considering what's offered to include breakfast, lunch &  food and drinks at Thursday’s party.  To lessen the outlays, having the convention during the week makes for affordable room rates and cheaply priced air fare.


However, I don't think $500 is going to cover one's expenses entirely.  That's probably the case for those attending who live in the tri-state area.  That's to say nothing ever goes as planned in Vegas, people end up spending more than what was initially budgeted. 


Take Wynn's awesome but over priced buffet at $75.00 a person and a one hour time limit to eat, it's one of the many ways to splurge while in Vegas.  



LMAO Vegas In July - in the 100+ degree weather!


I guess I shouldnt complain though - I over pay in Vegas every year when I attend CES !  (but at least its held in Jan when its snowing here in the northeast!)


But then again CES in FREE  (why charge your sellers !?) (eBay has BILLIONS sitting offshore, they can MORE then afford a million dollars for events like this ) .....

I had a great time last year and learned a lot. Enjoyed talking to eBay employees between presentations. I have been a seller since 2002, and felt like eBay Open was worth my time and money. Looking forward to eBay Open 2017; more learning, networking and being around like minded people!


 I for one I have to say that having this event in Las Vegas, in July seems like a poke in the eye. Also I feel that eBay executives  are gouging us in more ways than one, PayPal too! 

by lerchtoys · Adventurer | Updated by Moderator

WHAT A COMPLETE  WASTE OF MONEY!   Ebay is the WORSE company in the world!  They  only care about profit - AT THE EXPENSE OF SELLERS!  Start making real improvements to Ebay, instead of wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on a "party"!


You won't listen to us sellers via phone calls, emails or voices on this community, what could possibly make us believe you're going to listen to us at a giant convention?

by rainyaz · Adventurer

 Very much looking forward to my first time! What is the Tuesday program, we are arriving at around 6 p.m. is that too late?






I'm gonna spend $200-300 on airfare, stay at Bellagio or maybe the Mirage, come down to eBay open, and sit there while people who have never been in this business before joining eBay (at some tremendous salary) tell me that Im a dope 'cause I wont "get with the program" on 30-60 day returns!


I am "so sure" that they will meet me after the speeches and explain to me how "even  the VERO complaint against me last time - which is in EXACT OPPOSITION to US trade law (the US isnt part of the agreement AND the proof that it "is" was created by the company IN WIKIPEDIA)  are still right and Im wrong. OR maybe as you said - they will now AGREE with me and appologize for causing me pain, work and aggrivation .. hardly.







More fees.

by pugetparts · Adventurer

Any other sellers from eBay Motors going to this? Feel free to message me! Would be cool to be around sellers who speak car language!

News Team
News Team

Hi @rainyaz - On Tuesday, we're doing a Welcome Reception 4-6 pm, so you'll likely miss that. The real meaty content will start on Wednesday morning, so you should be fine. Thx! ~Audrey


Since eBay felt the need to take away half of my hard earned top rated discount, I won't be able to afford to attend. eBay, enjoy spending the extra savings/money stolen from your hard working minons.


Also I'm curious, who's going to be shipping all of the attende's products while they're gone for at least 3 business days? That's a sure way to lose top rated seller status.

As I attended last year, I found that eBay employees were extremely knowledgable about seller issues. Every eBay employee I spoke with (and there were many) actually sold on eBay, and many used their own accounts as examples during the presentations. As a 15 year seller (TRS) on eBay (I also sell on other platforms, but like eBay the best), I believe that it helps to be on top of changes and best practices. EBay Open is another tool in my arsenal that helps me be a more successful seller. Most companies and organizations put on yearly conferences. I am glad that eBay is holding the event, and will make it a priority to attend it each year. I will put my store on vacation, and enjoy a well deserved break! 


My first Ebay Open.  Looking forward to the general sessions and workshops.  I'm also looking forward to meeting my fellow coin sellers and buyers.  I'm hoping to learn more about making my ebay site better and throw'n some craps with my fellow ebayers!




Dave's Online Coin

I wouldnt be caught DEAD there ... HOWEVER ...


SInce there are so many people here who swear its the best thing since sliced bread (hmmm toast) .. can we PLEASE have a few examples of what was gained by going there that COULDNT have been gained by calling eBay's 1-800# and talking to them directly?


Did you get any false negatives removed?

Did eBay wipe your defects off your account?

Did eBay promise to show your listings 24/7/365 worldwide since you attended?

Did eBay promise you a few months of non VERO interaction?

Did eBay exempt you from 30 days return period?

Did eBay give you an exemption form fake SNADs?


So far, from all the eBay announcements, its just corporate mumbo jumbo, and no DEFINATES on what you get out of going. Its all "just sellers getting together and talking to eBay employees .." About what? The Yankees? NCAA Basketball? The womens golf tournament?


Go on - IMPRESS US - Please - either someone who is an eBay employee or even an eBay "cheerleader" .... please tell us what happened THERE that couldnt be accomplished either by calling eBay or waiting for he next "Seller Downdate"?


I have been an ebay seller for over 15 yrs.  My first ebay event was last yr.  To be fair, I live in Vegas, so I am used to the summer heat, but how else can they possibly put on a conference of this magnitude for only $249? So, let's just address that part first.  Thousands of misters if you choose outside activities, everything is air conditioned, and I swear you won't melt. I would attend regardless of where it is held because I saw great value in it last yr.


They feed you well, multiple times a day, lots of cocktail hours (for free), the party is beyond amazing which is also open bar and great food and a top notch live well known band, and that $249 barely covers the coffee provided for each attendee.  So those complaining have clearly never leanred how much a conference costs to put on. 

The classes: last year they were geared more to newer sellers, I will admit to not getting much out of them personally, but if you ARE a new seller, then they were quite helpful so I have heard.  This year, they heard our feedback and more advanced content classes have been promised. 

The one on one coaching and meeting with ebay executives, like Hal who really wanted to hear about your concerns and feedback was invaluable.

Yet, if you are hellbent on finding only fault with the platform and all it stands for, then nothing I can say will convince you otherwise.  

Is ebay perfect, God no, but nothing is.  I am in control of my own business.  I still have 100% feedback, rarely encounter the fake SNAD concern you mention, have no defects, no VERO concerns, no issues with a 60 day return policy and my business increases consistently year over year, and I have well over 25k transactions and 12k feedback.  I sell all one off items, mostly used and anyone can clearly see what my numbers are based on my ID, I am not hiding anything...

So, I am not a newbie, nor am I am low volume seller.  My margins are fantastic and I love making money within my own time frame.  So if all the things listed are major concerns for you then maybe you just aren't a very good seller or you need to make some changes to your business model.

Here is the BEST part about ebay open:  OTHER SELLERS.  What we do online is often a solitary business.  Our friends, family and often significant others don't always "get it", but you know who does?  Other ebayers!  Conventions are about networking and if you don't understand that concept of community then, honestly, maybe it isn't for you.  

I worked as a mortgage and banking professional for over a decade, mortgage conventions were only about networking...  

There is so much more poured into just a few days that I really cannot address it all, but honestly, I am not an ebay cheerleader.  Nobody at ebay knows who I am.  I cannot tell you the last time I have called or needed to call ebay.   I just love what I do and I am grateful to have this platform to do it.

Yes, it has changed dramatically over the last 15 yrs, but guess what? So has the rest of the world.  Roll with it, adapt and keep moving forward or you will get left behind.  If you are not able to do that, and just want to complain about how it is all so horrible and ebay ruined your business, then you don't have a business to begin with.  You have a hobby.  





by xoxmas · Trailblazer

help please help, got the email from ebay to sign up for workshops, however when I put my confirmation number in to be transfered, it transfers me to the registration page not the workshop page...endless loop ... can't get to the workshop sign up page


My first and can't wait.  


Very excited to be a part of this.  It's my first time and I can't wait to put my store on hold while I take some badly needed time off.