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Three Big Ways We’re Drumming Up Business for Holiday

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You’re up to date with the eBay Holiday Checklist. You’ve sourced and listed for Holiday. You’ve stocked up on piles of shipping supplies. And, if you have an eBay Store, maybe you’ve even created some holiday promotions.


You’re kind of a holiday hero. Because of you, millions of people all over the world will find the perfect items to make this season special.


And, we’re here to help! We’ve been working behind the scenes to direct all of those seekers of perfection to eBay and to your items. Here’s how:


1. We’ve taken to the telly.



You’ve told us that you can’t get enough of eBay television commercials. So, we’re doubling down on TV spots this year. Shortly after Halloween, we debuted our national “The Gift They’re Waiting for Is Waiting on eBay” campaign. We know that happiness means different things to different people, so the campaign also includes a series of shorter videos catering to various types of buyers: Little Kids, Fashionistas, Teens, and Active Dads, to name a few.


2. We’re going deep into social.

 Three ways interior image 1 SOCIAL.jpg

This year, we’re testing some high-impact, interactive posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via third-party paid placements. Shoppers will see “swipe right” and question-oriented posts designed to help them narrow down gift ideas. And, if they’re using eBay ShopBot, they can even get personalized shopping advice. As you can see, we’ve gone beyond the traditional social media ads of yesteryear.


3. We’ve partnered with trend-setters.



Millions of consumers rely on HGTV for inspiration when it comes to decorating their homes. So, we teamed up with them to sponsor decorating content and even deliver an eBay sponsored gallery, complete with shoppable moments. When a browser enters the gallery, they can click on the colored circles to locate the corresponding item on eBay. Then – bam – they’re exploring pages and pages of items they didn’t even know eBay offered. Game changer.


Yes, we’ve been busy drumming up the business for you this holiday. And, did you notice that we’ve created a cohesive look and feel across all of our advertising vehicles? Whether a buyer comes in from a TV spot to the home page or from an interactive social media post to the Holiday gift hub, the creative works together for a unified experience, not just a transaction. This is what transforms casual shoppers into regular customers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Have you done any special advertising for holiday? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share this article with your eBay peers via email and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.




You know what I would like to see?


A young woman sitting at a table with her tablet... old pictures next to her of her grandmother and her mother at holiday tables showing gramma's cherished China and crystal. In the cabinet behind the young woman is that same set, somewhat diminished over time.


Show the tablet screen ... she's found the missing pieces on eBay. Finish the spot with her own holiday table set in its full glory.




Short spots ... a folder missing one baseball card ... a coin collection missing one coin ... a stamp collection missing one stamp .... an eBay screenshot ... a finished collection.


A mom watching her young child playing with a favorite toy. An eBay screenshot of mom's favorite childhood toy. That toy on mom's shelf.


A Christmas ornament falls off the tree and shatters ... flashback to a family trip with a 5 year old picking out the ornament ... that (now 25 year old) does something on his smartphone. An eBay package is delivered ... the ornament is back on the tree.


Dad and teenager out in the garage with a beat up car ... ebay screens of car parts ... the teenager starting up a fully restored classic vehicle.




Do you sense a theme here? We small to medium sellers of "pre-loved" vintage and antiques know that not everyone wants or needs fashion or the newest electronic doodad.


Bring back "the place to find IT". Please?


@penguins_dont_fly you are in marketing, I hope? And I don't mean the eBay kind.


Wonderful ideas.


Marketing? No LOL.


I am "in" eBay. A full-time seller of replacement china, glass and crystal ... with a smattering of flatware, decor and ... vintage Christmas ornaments.


All of the ideas up there are based on my own customer's stories and experiences of friends and family.


I have gotten emails from around the world, thanking me for having the "IT" that they were looking for. Wonderful stories have been shared with me about the original "IT" and what happened.


The buyers are out there ... we just need to remind them that we are here.

by tulus2u · Rising Star
Rising Star

I have visited a forum/community twice in thirteen years and have been shocked, amusted and disgusted that almost every seller speaking out is bashing eBay about everything they can think of in regard to their policies, fees and treatment that has no appreciation for seller. I have been amazed this as I appreciate eBay so much for so many reasons that I won't take the time to speak out about. However, it's a no brainer that ebay is the best ecommerce site in almost every way! And, they have and continue to add so many perks and protections to sellers that I can't imagine why any seller would have a single complaint. When I said I was amused by all the bashing, hateful comments with sellers threatening to leave, well they are still here! And, I for one am here to stay and continue to appreciate thie site, the opportunity and the continuous new growth and help that eBay continues to provide and that definitely includes the wonderful advertising that we as individuals would never be able to access. So, below is my actual commentSmiley LOL

This may not be the proper forum for this comment, suggestion, wish, but, I am putting it out there, here, regardless. I would love to see eBay add a blog for each seller's store like so many other platforms are doing. I would love to see eBay rise above the competition in the area of allowing the selling of ebooks! I think we all know the particular competition that I am referring to in this area particularly. Several years ago eBay did allow the selling of similar products such as recipes and other written products. In fact, I was selling a 35 page ebook just as a fun experiment because writing is my true passion, before we knew the word ebook as a part of our everyday life, and I was becoming very successful with it just about the time that eBay discontinued allowing the selling of such products.

In most areas, I believe, and love, that eBay is staying at the top of the game, but eBay itself and sellers are missing out on the opportunity to create a blog from their store or sell products such as ebooks. I myself have several ebooks in mind and in progress, but have no desire to sell on the particular competition mentioned, without mentioning, above so I continue to seek other platforms in spare time, but my real hope is that as eBay so often does, comes through with a new and innovative addition, a fabulous gift to eBay users sellers and buyers alike. The unmentioned competition and their sellers are making fortunes with these platforms and categories.

So, eBay. as you are usually ahead of all competition in most all areas of ecommerce, I think it's past time to catch up in the areas of the ability to blog, not only giving sellers a platform for their thoughts and creativity or messages and knowledge that they would love to share, it would add so many different key words and avenues and to bring even more traffic to their sites and to eBay period.

And, as for the category of selling ebooks, you, eBay, have really missed the boat on this one and I have been so amazed that this category and unlimited opportunity for all has not been created. So, those are my thougts, anyone else?

An abundance of gratitude to eBay for all they do for us!!

Have a a fabulous day and God Bless!

by Verified Blogger | Updated
Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Hi @penguins_dont_fly! I think your ideas are really cool, as well. However, buyers already know that we're the go-to place for finding unique, rare, or hard-to-find items. What we need them to understand is that they can find that and more. We're driving home the point that there's something for everyone. Everyone's idea of perfect is different, so we want all buyers to think of us when they're shopping for loved ones. Does that make sense? Many consumers still think of eBay as just an auction-house. But we're so much more. There's room for everyone on eBay and the more traffic we drive, the more we'll all benefit. Happy Black Friday! ~Shana

by | Updated



I beg to differ .... buyers are shopping OTHER "vintage" places instead of on eBay.


The little sellers like me who deal exclusively in that area are dying ... drowning under the weight of all of that other stuff listed by mega sellers.  We could really use a boost.


This is my season.  China and crystal to set the holiday table.  My eBay sales for November are down almost 70% from last year ... the buyers that are buying from me here are long-time members, mostly.  There are new buyers that don't know eBay at all ... THOSE are the ones that need to be shown the wonderful old stuff that eBay used to be the go-to place for.

by 870jewel · Adventurer

I also agree with penguins_dont_fly I think  ebay needs to remember what the beginning of this company was all about the medium sellers who sale a wide range of different items. I have also seen a drop in sales as well as several other sellers I know, and due to the fact I buy as well as sell and have been doing so for a very long time I see from both sides of ebay. I see no ebay advertising for used items I only see advertisements plastered all over my web pages regarding large companies who have new merchandise to sale on ebay or other sites. When I search for an item I have to weed through several pages of the exact same item listed from either China or Japan that take several weeks or months to ship at prices I can not compete with. If ebay does not feel the need to help boost the sales of everyday people who sale on ebay, eventually we will no longer be able to afford selling on ebay due to no sales and ebay will loose the very thing that made them what they are, the IT items. I can go to wal-mart.com and get new stuff from China all day long, you loose your IT and you become just another store online competeing with thousands of companies who have the exact same items. Younger people do not remember the ebay commercial for IT items and most do not realize you can purchased slightly used items for less. I have 2 young adult children and 2 teens and believe me they do not remember what ebay was originaly or the commericals. Why not advertise vintage/unique/ooak items with buy it now or Best Offer features as well as new items from larger sellers, advertise both styles of items and cover all of the ground not just part of it.  

by verycuteclothes · Pathfinder | Updated

Great advice but here is some advise for eBay. Give your 10-20 year sellers and store owners a break! We have been loyal & responsibile making eBay money for years now. yet never do you give out a gift certificate or monetary reward to show appreciation for your most loyal customers. I have been with you for almost 20 years without getting anything positive from you. Most business owners & My appreciation to employees and customers goes way beyond that!!!

eBays lack of personal attention, appreciation, & help is disappointing. The generic conversations when asking eBay for assistance are far from comforting. Wish you'd rethink how you treat sellers. Seller store subscription $59.99 a month w/o any specials is a real bummer. If you didnt reach the worlds population I would think seriously of leaving.