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This Is How Sellers Are Staying Perfectly Zen During the Holiday Hustle

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Stocksy_txpa6a5b4c4nQj100_Medium_1038718 (1).jpgIf you’ve followed along with our #holidayhustle countdown, you’ve probably been able to relate to the spot-on seller moments, like when the packing tape finally foils you, or when you only have enough time to put together a more interesting meal. (Those who are kinder might call your blend of leftovers “creative.”)


Clearly, our behind-the-scenes moments are the stuff of a good movie. That’s why we’ve also got to make sure we take time for self-care—the stress can easily begin to creep in. But if you're a selling expert, or even just a master of knowing when to chill out, you may have already found the best ways to stay super zen.


Here are 11 eBay sellers on how they conquer the holiday hustle with nourishment, expert scheduling, exercise, and a whole lot more.


Seller Jon S. of jonsmemorabiliamart64 prioritizes family time, makes sure to do a mail run, and definitely enjoys a cuppa joe.

“Keep a schedule—M-F. The weekends are for me and my wife to enjoy. During the week—coffee, good music, and my daily mail runs get me out of the house and let me enjoy fresh air and the world.”

Seller Felix H. doesn’t go too long without a taking a breather.

“I work throughout the entire day, but I take steady breaks and watch TV, play with my son, eat, step outside for fresh air, etc. The whole idea of selling on eBay is being your own boss. That title comes with privileges and I use them!” 

RW49_120817_PQ_FB_1200x628_1.jpgSeller Dawn N. works a little extra before the holidays so the festivities are extra relaxing.
“Listing in-demand and relevant items and working a few extra hours up until Thanksgiving. Then, having prepared my listings and stocked-up on shipping supplies ahead of time, I can enjoy my time off guilt-free. My working hours will consist of regular store maintenance, shipping items, and providing great customer service.”


Seller Greg W. of RadDad’s Tradin Post has mastered the subtle art of time management.

“To gain productivity and sanity, I have broken up packing into 3 times daily, so as not to have such a huge demand in the mornings. Also, 20 minutes of detail work with coffee to start the morning—details like message responses, items ending today, out or near out of stocks. By making these little windows of time, I find I have nearly a whole day to eBay, list, promote, upgrade listings, etc.”


Seller Barb W. of NW Lady and the Stamp and Holiday Keepsakes and Decor uses the power of organization to stay on top of not one, but TWO stores.

“I get organized before things get crazy busy. [I] store listed items where I can easily access them, stock up on supplies, clear out unnecessary crap (can I say that?) from my workspace so I have plenty of room to wrap and ship, and get all my holiday items listed well before Thanksgiving. Then, it is cruise control through the holidays—shipping, store maintenance and relisting.”RW49_120817_PQ_FB_1200x628_2.jpg

Seller Mimi S. uses her downtime to learn, do sun salutations, and have valuable conversations.

“I will list, watch videos, and read about selling more and thrifting. I will also go to yoga everyday, take 90-minute dog walks, and end the day with a libation, good conversation with my husband, and a healthy meal. Then I will go to sleep and dream about listing on eBay, whether I want to or not!”


Seller at Vintage Montage values the mid-day walk to get their thoughts in order.

“I usually take a slow walk in the middle of the day to organize my thoughts and fine-tune the work plan. In the evenings, I may do 20-minutes [of] yoga to relax the mind and the body.”


Seller David S. of Vermont Tractor Parts LLC changed his diet, pumps iron and uses his extra energy to learn from others and keep up with his kids.

“While I'm waiting for my daughter at hockey practice, I go to the gym and work out. I have changed my diet for the past 18 months and have lost over 50 lbs. I look for opportunities to talk with people, since this is where I learn the most. I spend as much time with my kids, going to their sporting events, scouts, and doing activities with them.”RW49_120817_PQ_FB_1200x628_4.jpgSeller Karen H. enjoys a cold one, practices healthy eating, and chills out with classic holiday flicks.

“I have a beer, cocktail or shot at the end of every long day. I also try to eat as healthy as possible. I watch classic movies and Hallmark Christmas during the home hours while I process, take pictures and list before heading [out] to look for more.”


Seller Christine B. of KoseligShop turns waiting time into valuable work time so she can spend more substantial moments with loved ones.

“I use those smaller pockets of time when I am out and about waiting for things (waiting rooms for appointments for me or my kids, waiting in the pick-up line at school, or in the parking lot for picking up kids from activities). I keep photos I have taken of inventory stored on my phone along with some notes for doing listings, so that I can do mobile listings in those pockets [of] time. I also use those smaller time-pockets to do marketing posts on social media. All those smaller pockets of time add up to hours a week. Then, I can take a few hours in a block of time for me and my family to spend time together, get to the gym for a workout, or do some self care to recharge.”


Seller Patti G. of Flyingpigjax904 makes sure a worthy soundtrack is on blast.

“I always have some good tunes playing in the background. I call it my Soundtrack of Success!”RW49_120817_PQ_FB_1200x628_5.jpg

What are your secrets for self-care during stressful times?