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The eBay SHINE Awards: Woman-Owned Business Finalists!

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When the entries started flooding in, we were amazed at the incredible stories in the Woman-Owned Business category. From a single mom selling motorcycle parts, to an artist who owns her own gallery, our female small business owners embody the diversity and can-do spirit that helps make eBay the vibrant community it is today.


Evaluating these entries, and ultimately choosing our finalists, was both difficult and inspiring. All of the entries featured passionate, hard-working eBay sellers whose stories were a pleasure to read—it was clear that narrowing down the entries would be no easy task. Even though we could only choose three, the do-it-yourself attitude all the entrants share is an inspiration to small business owners everywhere.


We judged each entry on the merits of passion, originality, and the degree to which eBay has contributed to their business’s success. Take a look at the stories behind our three finalists—we hope you find them as compelling as we do.  


Tanya Crew  |  User ID: motorcycle-works

As a single mom trying to finish college, Tanya started selling motorcycle accessories on eBay to make some extra spending money. Business was so good that she quickly faced a difficult decision—finish her degree or go full-time on eBay. She chose the latter, and business has been growing steadily ever since. Tanya and her son were able to move from a one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom house and buy their first brand new car. Now married and running the business with her husband, they were also able to put her son through college where he recently earned his bachelor’s degree. None of this would have been possible without a lot of hard work, and a little help from eBay.


Sophia Stevens  |  User ID: sweetpeaspice

Sophia wanted to start her own business but had no idea where to begin. So she started small, listing a few of her own products to see if they would sell. She slowly added more products and now has her own line of bulk spices, herbs, chilies, nuts, and dried fruits—available exclusively on eBay. Her customers include personal chefs, restaurants, holistic healers, caterers, and spas, and she loves building relationships with them. Sophia is an active member of the eBay community, regularly attending monthly meet-ups where she shares strategies and best-practices with other eBay retailers. Running an eBay business helps Sophia support her family and gives her the flexibility to be around for all of life’s important moments.


Eloise Holbrook  |  User ID: abstractelle

Eloise is a female artist and entrepreneur who is “living the American dream and owes it all to eBay!” She was a working artist with her own brick-and-mortar gallery but wasn’t getting the foot traffic she needed to make ends meet. So she changed her business plan, gave herself a crash-course in shipping, opened up an eBay store, and the rest is history. Her gallery used to get around 50 visitors a week, but her eBay store sees thousands per day. When one of her daughters was diagnosed with autism, Eloise needed to act as full-time caregiver without any loss of income. eBay made it possible for her to continue as a successful artist and entrepreneur, while providing emotional support for her daughter.


Keep your eye on the eBay for Business blog the rest of the week as we take a look at the finalists from our remaining categories. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in each category after June 20!


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