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The eBay Holiday “It” Items by Category: November and Beyond

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We just launched a new holiday TV ad. And, Cyber Week is right around the corner. So, now would be a good time to make sure you haven’t forgotten to list something you have on-hand.


To help, you can scan this new trending holiday items page detailing what’s currently selling well in eight major eBay categories.


Notice the new categories

We’re still seeing demand for many of the “it” items we reported on in September and October, but we’ve added dozens more. Also, based on historical market shifts, we added two new categories to our watch list for November and beyond: Parts & Accessories and Business & Industrial.


Think outside of the gift box

Who buys office equipment or tractor parts as gifts, you might ask? Probably no one. But, based on our data, there are two other types of buyers on eBay this time of year shopping for non-gift items:


  1. The business buyer: This type of shopper is looking for deals on business equipment to off-set their tax responsibility in the new year. We’re not just talking about computers and printers. Broaden your horizons to include anything that a farmer, construction company, or medical professional (just to name a few) might need.

  2. The savvy consumer: According to the National Retail Federation, 58% of consumers plan on taking advantage of holiday deals for non-gift items. This means that more than half of holiday shoppers will also be looking for deals on items that are in-demand year-round. Think kitchen appliances, car parts, automotive tools, home improvement items, and more.


As you can see, holiday buying is not limited to fuzzy slippers, jewelry, and cologne sets. So, check this trending holiday items page frequently and make sure you don’t have something in your stock that just needs to be listed. You never know what’s going to show up!



Are you surprised by some of the items that are currently trending for Holiday? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share this article with your eBay peers via email and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



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Verified Blogger

Thanks, @abeohu_0! Happy holidays!

by cligmob3 · Enthusiast

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