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Thanks for Sharing Your #HolidayHustle!

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The Holiday season can be a busy time of year—and even more so for eBay sellers. To celebrate all that you do during the Holiday season, we’ve been sharing illustrations that represent your Holiday hustle, and the funny moments, sacrifices, and rewards that come with being an eBay seller.


Every day from November 28 through December 11 on the eBay for Business Facebook and Twitter, we highlighted the different ways you hustle. We saluted your “seller uniform” of yoga pants, laughed about those not-so-helpful helpers (of both the two-legged and four-legged variety), and commiserated over those, um, “creative” meals you sometimes have to cobble together from leftovers when you’re too busy to cook.


We also sent some of the hardest hustlers among you some helpful gifts in the form of eBay shipping supplies, tape dispensers, and eBay gift cards.


Santa gave seller Theresa H. a $50 eBay gift card when she told us about her “seller uniform”: “The wonderful perk of working from home...shh😉 whatever I want, sometimes pajamas!

large.png Sellers Kim M. and Emily R. were gifted tabletop shipping tape dispensers so that the next time they “fight the tape,” they win. Seller Lisa S. received an eBay mug.


And, seller Deborah J. received a gift certificate to a local restaurant. “As a single mom with three kids, I’m trying really hard to build my eBay store,” she told us. We’re so glad Santa was able to help lighten her load just a little!


We hope these illustrations brought a smile on your face as your hustled your way through this Holiday season. We know the hustle is still going strong, and we’ll be here for you through it all.  You can check out the full list of Holiday hustles here, and, as always, stay tuned to the blog and the eBay for Business Facebook and Twitter for more selling tips and inspiration.


Happy hustling!

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