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Starting Small, Going International: Meet Our Finalists

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Today, another three outstanding contenders for our eBay SHINE Awards! We’re sharing the inspirational stories of our Global Business finalists—small business owners who’ve built great success selling internationally on eBay.


eBay provides the perfect platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business and unparalleled access to millions of buyers in 190 markets across the globe. With resources like the Global Shipping Program making international selling easier than ever, it’s no wonder more than 97% of eBay sellers in the U.S. alone are tapping into that opportunity.


They may have started small, but these sellers dreamt big and worked hard to bring those dreams to life. With help from eBay, each one has turned their small business into an international success. We think that’s pretty inspiring. And we hope you will, too.


Jalmar Araujo | UserID: flexibrace

Jalmar Araujo knew he wanted to keep playing soccer, his favorite sport, after moving from Brazil to the United States. When he went to buy the ankle supports he needed, however, he couldn’t find them anywhere. So he ordered ten pairs from Brazil, kept two for himself, and sold the rest on eBay. Sixteen years later, Jalmar has turned that original $300 into a $2.5 million business, importing a vast array of support wear products and then selling them to eBay buyers around the world. Today, international sales make up more than 40% of Jalmar’s business.


Schad VanLeeuwen | UserID: speedaddictcycles

You could say Schad VanLeeuwen was born with motorcycling in his blood. His grandfather had been a national racing champion, and Schad grew up lending a hand in the family parts and accessories business. To help sell some of their old inventory, Schad began listing it on eBay. Soon, he’d started running his own company, Speed Addicts, out of his freshman dorm room in Santa Barbara, CA. Today, Speed Addicts boasts multiple offices, retail space in Los Angeles, and $2.4 million in annual gross revenue on eBay (more than a third of which is global sales!) Schad’s also racked up a 99.7% positive rating from more than 33,000 buyers in his eBay Store and prides himself on providing best-in-class service to customers across the globe.


Neha Gajwani | UserID: smack-tom

Recent college graduate Neha Gajwani was committed to starting her own business—she just wasn’t sure where or how. But, she says, “eBay was right there, offering a really easy way to get started.” Before long, she was sourcing electronics accessories overseas and selling them through her own site and on eBay. As her business began to grow, Neha opened offices in Miami, then India, and most recently in China. A true international success story, Neha has expanded both her business footprint and her customer base globally, with close to 25% of sales coming from international buyers, proving that marketplaces like eBay actually can make the world smaller.


If these finalist’s stories have inspired you to think more seriously about selling internationally on eBay, be sure to check out our Global Shipping Program page and find out how easy it can be.

Remember, you can learn more about all our category finalists—and vote up to once a day, per category, for your favorites—starting June 20 on our SHINE Awards page. All category winners are entirely decided by seller votes and will announced at our eBay OPEN seller event in Las Vegas on July 28.


Have you had a great experience selling overseas? Let us know in the comments below! And feel free to send this article to your eBay colleagues, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.