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Staffing Up for the Holidays

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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 03:01:44 PM

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Sound of Tri-State is a family owned and operated electronics business founded in the early 1990s. Though originally started as a brick and mortar retail store, the company began its eBay journey in 1999 thanks to Joy Woodruf (above, right), a longtime employee of the company.


When Joy was hired in 1994, she had already sold personal items on the eBay platform. So when online sales at Sound of Tri-State started to pick up a few years later, owner Mehdi Narimanian (above, left) asked Joy to use her eBay experience and list their products. From that moment, their online presence grew.


With retail locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, Sound of Tri-State sells and installs car audio equipment. They have continued to evolve by adding new products, including car video and navigation, remote starters, window tinting, and more.


Like many of our eBay sellers, Sound of Tri-State gets very busy during the holidays. We checked in with Joy to find out how they’re approaching the 2016 shopping season and to learn more about how they handle the increased sales volume.


When it comes to your existing staff, how do you prepare them for the busy holiday season?


We are currently training our customer service reps on how to give stellar customer service, including teaching them how to properly handle returns and exchanges and how to give technical advice in our field of electronics. We are also cross training our brick and mortar staff to handle online customer questions, packing, shipping and generally understanding customer needs. We believe outstanding customer service is going to be the only way to set yourself apart in a global selling environment.


What are your tips for temporary holiday staffing?


For the holidays, we will hire extra staff from our local high schools and colleges. We do this in the form of an internship, which helps with students’ requirements for graduation and/or the degree they are pursuing. They keep busy during their time off from school and gain valuable work experience, and we get the temporary staff we need. It’s a win-win.


How are you marketing yourself this holiday season?


We are using various social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram to post engaging content highlighting our holiday specials and deals.


What are you doing this holiday season that’s different?


As we get closer to the holidays, we are increasing our charitable donations to various organizations and programs in our local community. We generally do this all year around, but are pushing for more of this kind of give-back business model this holiday season. Shoppers like to feel like they’re giving back, and we like to use the donations to help lift up our local community.


That’s a beautiful way to end the year, Joy. Thanks for sharing your story and experience with your eBay peers!


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