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Spot an eBay Ad and Score Some eBay Swag!

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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 09:48:15 AM


 We’re super excited to announce the recent launch of a large-scale, multi-media advertising effort designed to showcase the eBay brand and drive more buyers to your stores! Maybe you’ve heard our eBay Fashion ads running nationally on iHeartRadio, or maybe you’ve seen our eBay Motors partnership with NASCAR on FOX or our Spring campaign with HGTV. Or, maybe you’ve spotted one of our 750 huge billboards (like the one above) in 32 major metro areas!



Why are we investing so much in advertising, you might ask? It’s not enough that shoppers know eBay exists in the marketplace. We want them to shop here first. So, we’re taking the country by storm in an effort to drive more shoppers your way.

You can join in on the fun, too!

Let’s make these ads go viral and show the world how excited we are as a community. If you happen to see a billboard, spot a TV ad during your favorite Fixer Upper episode, or catch an eBay mention during Nascar’s “Pit Box” segements, we want to hear about it. Here’s the plan:


  • In the comments below, tell us where you were and what you were doing when you saw the ad. Examples:
    1. I saw the HGTV ad while watching Flip or Flop.”
    2. “I saw a billboard while driving on Highway 101 in Santa Clara.”
    3. No, this blog post does not count grin
  • We’ll send you some eBay swag! We’ll message you privately to get your mailing details, and then we’ll ship you your goodie. It could be a water bottle, stickers, or other fun swag. Supplies are limited, so comment soon!

 Right now, you can see our billboards in New York City’s Times Square, subway stations in Boston, and bus shelters in Washington D.C., just to name a few. Here’s the complete list of cities we’ve covered with eBay billboards:


  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis St Paul
  • New Orleans
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh
  • Raleigh
  • Sacramento
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa
  • Washington D.C.

We are so excited about this effort. Let’s work together to stake our claim as the place where the world shops first!


UPDATE as of 4/5/17: Thanks to the awesome participation from community members, we're now "SOLD OUT" on swag. If you have already commented on the post and noy yet received your swag, please email Audrey at ebayforbusiness@ebay.com. Include your name, address, user ID and phone and we'll get your goodies in the mail this week. Many thanks! ~Audrey

by *coins · Rockstar

I saw one on TV, but can't remember the show or channel now! sob lol

Does it count?

by big-tex2 · Adventurer

I saw an eBay billboard on I35 in San Antonio.

News Team
News Team

Hi @*coins - YES, that counts!

Hi @big-tex2 - Love it!

Thanks for being the first commenters ! heart Could you both send me your mailing address (name, address, phone, I promise not to call) to ebayforbusiness@ebay.com? Thanks! ~Audrey


by ebetsy · Rockstar

I saw the eBay ad in Times Square — on Twitter! Does that count?


I heard the eBay fashion add while driving to see my dad in the nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio!! It caught my attention and I was impressed. Happy eBay is finally advertising big time!!


I saw it during Flip or Flop.


I saw an ebay ad on the college basketball game  but I can't remember the names of the team.  I also noticed an ebay motors ad on the Truck Race about a week ago.


Now mind you, I usually watch golf but my husband pointed them out to me while he was watching those programs.


I have seen advertising on the NCAA basketball stuff.   If it was golf I would remember the exact details.

Rising Star

Happy to have seen the HGTV  commercial a number of times. We watch HGTV every day!   I'm so glad to see eBay advertising again and I'm hoping that it'll boost all of our sales. 


Hey Audrey! I saw the billboard on 101 in Santa Clara too! I remember you said you took a selfie, and I will try to do the same next weekend!!! 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼👍🏻


Lorianne Bowers

by vencie1 · Thrill-Seeker

I heard the ebay fashion radio ad while driving my daughter to gymnastics- I was so excited to hear it!  Well done.






I was walking to Penn Station going home from my 'day job' when I came across this huge billboard. Was so excited that I texted the pic to my husband. Great job eBay!! 




I haven't seen it yet but I just love eBay ❤. Proud to be a part of something great!

Saw many ads on HGTV during Flip or Flop recently. Great job! 

by vals*stuff · Adventurer

I saw an eBay ad on Lucktastic this morning while doing my daily scratch cards.


I saw an ebay ad while watching a show on my computer. I don't remember if I was on youtube or AMC and I don't remember which ad I saw but I was happy as a seller to see it!


I saw an Ebay fashion ad while watching Hulu.

Community Team
Community Team

I saw this ad while driving on I-80 in Salt Lake City! I love eBay!!





I first saw the very first eBay Motor PitBox at Daytona Motor Speedway on Fox. 





It was so awesome I had to catch a pic.  YEAH EBAY!  Loving the adds!  eBay and the whole staff are awesome!  Keep up the great work.  


I saw a billboard going north on 77 to Cleveland. I did a double take. Pretty cool.

News Team
News Team

WOW! I'm so excited to see all these posts. And *THRILLED* to hear that you've seen the ads "out in the wild". Thanks for sharing.


If you have commented on the blog so far, please send me your mailing address (name, address, phone, I promise not to call) to ebayforbusiness@ebay.com? Thanks! ~Audrey

by writer1876 · Adventurer

I saw the HGTV ad last night while watching House Hunters!


Just saw an eBay commercial talking about creating your outdoor space while watching Flip or Flop on HGTV. 


During the NASCAR series race on Sunday. In the pregame show they had the backdrop with the eBay motors on it!  Loved it!!


Saw one at penn station in NYC 

by peak-here · Adventurer

I saw a billboard on 880 in SF Bay. So excited!

by keatchie76 · Adventurer

I saw ebay ads during last week's Nascar race. My brother cracked a joke about it, but I couldn't hear him as I was busy transferring money from my sales that day to my bank. 😎


We've seen the eBay spring commercial and the eBay motors commercial several times while watching Hulu television. Every time they come on we get excited. Thank you for doing all this advertising for our businesses.

by skerb · Adventurer

Saw a big billboard on rt 28 in Pittsburgh!!!

by mooretopia · Adventurer

Just seen the Ebay ad for garden decor on HGTV while watching Flip or Flop! 

by dccandy · Adventurer

I was on Wayzata Blvd (Highway 394) in Minnetonka, Minnesota for a hair appointment and seen an electronic billboard with an eBay ad today 3/16. 

by sendtheflood · Adventurer | Updated

I saw an eBay fashion ad on Hulu while I was watching The Bachelor. Lol. I was impressed. 


I saw a television ad last night (3/15) watching Fixer Upper, I think it was the latest episode though it was recorded so possibly not the day it first aired. 

by gotta-get-stuff · Guide

I saw it on one of the shows on HGTV, but don't remember which one because I wasn't actually watching the whole show lol.



I saw the ad on Fixer Upper

by jedirayn · Adventurer

I don't typically watch HGTV, but I tuned in just to find an eBay commercial.  Luckly, Flip or Flop was on and I saw the eBay ad for gardening.  Pretty cool stuff and I hope this attracts many new customers to eBay.

by paulasloft · Adventurer

awesome! i saw it too! on hgtv during flip or flop, cant get enough flip or flop...it was a great commercial, very clean and crisp looking for spring! so glad you are doing a mass campaign Smiley Happy

by dix126 · Adventurer | Updated

I saw the ebay online ads while watching NCIS New Orleans and NCIS on my tablet. Very nice ads.

by cebanak · Adventurer

I got to hear the eBay Fashion add twice here in the lowcountry on 97.3 Kiss FM (Iheartradio station) when I picked my daughter up from school Monday (about 3pm), actully it played twice back to back.


I saw an ad on hgtv and also heard several on i heart radio ! Way to go for getting the word out! Love it!

I saw an eBay ad on youtube the other day; first time seeing an eBay ad, and it looked great! But since it featured my own item, I was excited and impressed but assumed it must be some kind of neat trick... Wonderful to see it, anyway!


I saw the ad on HGTV and thought "wow they have a commercial on tv!". That's pretty cool.


I saw the spring and the fashion ads multiple times while watching shows on the CW app.


I saw the ebay ad while at home watching hulu!


I was very surprised (happily) to see several TV ads for ebay while watching "This Is Us" on the NBC app on my Roku.  The final show aired this week and I hadn't seen all the episodes so I was catching up.  I watched 4 episodes the other night and I saw at least 4 ads for ebay.  Not all the same one, either.  


I was tickled as I tried to figure out who I could contact to let them know ebay was advertising.  Instead I talked myself out of interuppting my work and just marveled at the commercials by myself.  (I considered hitting social media with a cutesy hashtag, or posting a pic on ig, taken of my tv screen.)  I have enough things to sidetrack me from my work!


I'll be on the lookout for more ebay advertising and I'm so happy that it's out there.  Would love to see a billboard!!


Chrissy Ortman




by pickinmama · Adventurer

Just heard an EBay fashion commercial on my local iheartradio station at work!

by anubis15 · Adventurer

saw a billboard while driving on I-80 in Salt Lake City, utah, nice job, advertising appreciated

by dani268311 · Adventurer

I saw an EBay fashion ad on the CW website while watching Vampire Diaries!

by roselus · Adventurer

So great to see this! I saw a billboard as I was driving on the 880 in San Jose.


I am 99.9% positive that I recently saw an eBay ad on the side of a Community Transit bus in the suburban Seattle area where I live!

by uncle.steven · Scout | Updated

Saw it a few times during the Flip or Flop Thursday marathon on HGTV.