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Sign Up Now for Free Seller Boot Camp Starting March 5

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Verified Blogger
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We’re a few weeks into 2018—have you stuck with your business resolutions? If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your sales and grow your business, eBay’s Seller Boot Camp can help.


This free four-week course starts March 5th. You’ll get deep insights into buyer expectations, learn about managing inventory, creating the perfect listing, and be empowered to get your 2018 off to a great start.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.13.19 AM.png

Why Boot Camp?


Have you ever joined a fitness boot camp before? You probably joined because you wanted to get in shape fast, and you wanted the camaraderie and inspiration that comes from a group learning experience. You probably expected that at times it was going to be hard, but that the end results would be worth it. You knew that it wasn’t a magic bullet and that simply showing up to class wasn’t enough to get results; you would need to put in the effort and to keep up the effort once the class was over.


Now, take that same mindset and apply it to getting your business in shape. This four-week class will teach you how to be a more successful seller. It’ll take some effort, but you’ll have the support of eBay and your fellow sellers along the way.


How It Works


  1. Sign up.
  2. Receive four weekly lessons and assignments direct to your inbox every Monday, starting March 5.
  3. Act on what you’ve learned.
  4. Discuss the lessons and results with your fellow Boot Camp sellers.


Every week, participants will be emailed a lesson and assignment that will help them take their business to the next level. Together, you’ll need to commit to about two hours per week to complete them. You can do them at any time, all at once, or broken up into smaller periods of time.


The lessons will be taught via video, blog posts, and Seller Center pages, which you can consume at a time that works for you. You’ll also be given assignments; you might be asked to think about your business strategy or dive deep into your business metrics and analyze your numbers.


These weekly assignments will help you activate what you’ve just learned in the lesson, and gain confidence in your selling expertise. Throughout the week, you can also bring your knowledge to the next level by chatting about all you’ve learned with your eBay community in a dedicated forum just for Boot Camp participants.  We’ll also be coaching you on our weekly video lessons, so we can answer your questions as you have them.


What You’ll Learn


Boot Camp is all about learning how to drive profits. We’ll focus on four key topics/areas (one per week).


  • March 5-11, Week 1: Driving a profitable business in 2018.
    • Get tips to understand your business metrics and financial health.


  • March 12-18, Week 2: Leverage eBay’s data insights.
    • How to use resources like Seller Hub and eBay’s sourcing and pricing guidance to make smart decisions.


  • March 19-25, Week 3: Creating the right buyer experience.
    • The changing landscape of ecommerce and buyer behavior (and what it means for sellers)
    • Best practices for returns and shipping


  • March 26-April 1, Week 4: Creating the Perfect Listing.
    • Best practices for titles, descriptions, data, and photos
    • How to boost visibility and bring in buyers

Ready to Get Started?


Sign up now and get a weekly lesson plan delivered to your inbox each Monday in March.

by barbbie111 · Adventurer

Unfortunately if it is anything like the webinars, it will just be some guy saying lower your prices on every screen even when that is not the subject of the webinar.

The business phone calls I use to receive were mainly people who never sold on ebay and ended every call saying oh, you are already doing that okay, no more advice and if I wasn't using that particular service they were trying to push, they had never heard the objections to it and had no idea how to respond.



I signed up but, it was a mistake. Please remove me from your list.  This forum will be another attempt to give the eBay Seller opportunity  to believe that he/she should be all pumped up over eBay's ludicrous rules and policies. Bootcamp can be a form of tearing someone down and building him/her back up again according to your beliefs.  No thanks. Boot Camp for the Sellers but, The Wild West for the Buyers.  I don't even open returns anymore. Just refund the buyer. And then throw boxes with $100.00 dresses in the garbage.  You will side with the buyer, so what's the point.  


by zzydny · Rockstar

I signed up.  And I'm going to keep an open mind in the hopes of learning something new that will help me to do better as a seller. 

by duggmills · Guide | Updated

Boot Camp in the military ( this "may" not  be a fair comparison)  is several weeks of rigorous one size fits all conditioning, indoctrination,  strict obedience and physically exhausting competition among recruits to the military way of life in preparations for assigned classes to learn how to best serve our country. 


I would be tempted to sign up for eBay's if it weren't for the two or so hours a week devoted to homework. I believe homework is important in our school systems. I question the value of this Boot Camp as I just don't think eBay is going to teach me anything about buying and selling aircraft parts.


It may be of value for many. I'd take the gas pipe before I'd ever sell clothing, jewelry, nick-knacks or purses. This isn't meant to offend any of  eBayers who do sell those items. We all have our areas of (supposed) expertise. 


I have a suspicion it's called Boot Camp because it may be closer to my description of the first few several weeks of military service. 


But then, how can I say that unless I sign on?


Thanks for infomation


March 26-April 1, Week 4: Creating the Perfect Listing. How fitting the boot camp ends on april fools day! April Fools, and you thought you could increase your sales!


I would have signed up but i don't see a week devoted to overcoming the throttling or silent sales limit that ebay imposes on certain seller accounts. 

This is merely another attempt by ebay to get sellers because they are loosing their sellers to amazon. Ebay charges too much and destroys sellers motivation and dreams. Why would ebay tell buyers that are watching an item that they (ebay) found it for them cheaper? BECAUSE EBAY DOES NOT PROTECT THEIR SELLERS, and ebay is a wholesale market. Further, ebay refunds peoples money and creates a deficet in your bank account when they automatically refund money to buyers that request a refund (even if you clearly mark no refunds in the listing) when they get "buyers remorse" or just want a refund. Buyers are protected beyond belief, so if you think "boot camp" will fixt ebays problems for sellers, THINK AGAIN!!!


I have been selling on ebay for years and do not be fooled by ebays brilliant attempt to get new sellers. Ebay DOES NOT protect sellers and is loosing their market to amazon simply for this reason. Ebay constantly tells buyers where they can buy it CHEAPER than you product thus making ebay a buyers market and a wholesale market, when in fact is nothing more than a import cheap market. Additionally, they refund buyers money when they get "buyers remorse" and do not support their sellers AT ALL!! They will make your personal bank account in the negative without notice, and refund things that should not be, and all the while you will try to contact them and its almost impossible since they hide the way to contact them and if you do figure out how to contact them, it will be someone that has such an accent that you cant understand them. Ebay started as a great forum but has out grown their real customer base that got them going in the first place........people want to sell some stuff and make a little extra on the side, SELLERS!!!


Learning can and should be a 2-way experience.  I hope we sellers can teach eBay what they need to learn.  If we don't, I fear for this company's future. Some smug know-it-all's within need to learn to respect and become humble; as the high-horse they ride today may just crumble into quicksand sooner than later because of their unrealistic policies. Pray folks, we need all the help we can get.    


i agree about their policies not protecting sellers.  It gets to me when some idiot googles the product and makes me a lowball offer only to get the product and claim it is "not as described" so they can waste my time and money for shipping and return shipping.  The worst part is that ebay tells you to report these buyers, but what do they do.......nothing.  i know they dont give me my money back that some scamming buyer wasted because they have nothing else to do with their life but lowball people and then return the item once they get it.  Theres good buyers on Ebay, don't get me wrong, but how many of these imbeciles do we have to deal with just to stay in business.

by calntom · Trailblazer

I certainly don't know everything. I am sure I can benefit from the training. 

by a_c_green · Rockstar | Updated

In reading that schedule above, it strikes me as being precisely backwards. I would expect to start at ground level with tips on how to create an effective listing that people will want to buy, and then build on that, learning about bulk listings and so on. That way, for example, you stand a chance of hooking the occasional seller, and give him some ideas about how he might be able to efficiently list more.


Then expand the picture to cover how to track your sales, reviews statistics, etc., and finally look at the big picture: how to plan for the remainder of 2018, upcoming selling seasons and that kind of thing. 


Instead, this schedule seems to put the big-picture generalities up front, without any kind of foundation that would help new sellers see how it's relevant to them and what they're planning to sell. Try reading that schedule from the bottom up instead, and see what you think.


Is there a quick course on how to list, sell and post pictures?

I signed up for the Bootcamp and haven't heard anything about it and it begins tomorrow. Has anyone else that signed up heard from eBay with any news on how to prepare for this Bootcamp?

by calntom · Trailblazer

I signed up and have not received any more communications concerning the event. 

After reading the entire post I gathered eBay will send an email tomorrow and we'll go from there?

If anyone has attended or completed one of these boot camps I would appreciate any positive comments or any preparations necessary I could use to get one step up on would be helpful. 

Thank you in advance.



"I signed up for the Bootcamp and haven't heard anything about it and it begins tomorrow. Has anyone else that signed up heard from eBay with any news on how to prepare for this Bootcamp?" Nope????

by calntom · Trailblazer

Sign up now and get a weekly lesson plan delivered to your inbox each Monday in March.

by zzydny · Rockstar


eBay has lots of information for new sellers; start here:  Selling Basics


Well, here I am, March 5 with no email in my mailbox from eBay.  Another eb disappointment experience.

by ncr16 · Adventurer

I signed up, got a "Thank you for signing up" email.

Classes were suppose to begin today, March 5th, and as of this afternoon I haven't heard anything else from ebay concerning their bootcamp.

Would like to know if anyone got in to the camp, obviously I didn't!

I was really looking forward to my email from eBay today and was disappointed that I received nothing at all not even a sorry we are not doing the boot camp etc....

I'm a seller for years but wanted to get a fresh new prospective of things since there are so many new things being implemented in the spring. Wanted to check it out, this is very deflating that no contact at all about this!




I see there is a highly rated online course on Udemy to learn how to sell on Poshmark... maybe I should check that out.


by mooovin · Adventurer

I am a relatively new seller and thought this would be perfect for me. I filled in the appropriate fields to register for these Boot Camp Webinars before the cut off of Feb 28th, and upon hitting the submit button was shown a page "Congratulation on registration, see you on March 5th" (or something to that effect). Today is March 5th. I received no notice of the webinar going live or even how to access it. Minutes passed after it was due to begin and I still received nothing. So I called eBay Concierge for help. He investigated it and said I wasn't registered for it. But I HAD registered for it! Even got a confirmation page saying so (wish I had taken a pic of it). Frustrating! How am I supposed to learn anything if you don't let me in, eBay?


Same as everyone one above. I signed up before the Feb. 28 deadline and have not recieved my email today, March 5th as I was promised. The day isn't over yet. Hopefully, the email will come soon. Good luck, everyone!


I signed up two different occasions and received an acknowledgement (not via email but just a screen notification within ebay).   The second time I did it because I hadn't received any kind of email regarding registration so I just wanted to make sure i was properly registered, received the screen notification within ebay that I was already signed up.  As of yet, I have not received any email notification, no lesson, no nothing.  Hmmm......what's the deal? 

Well I finally received my email at 3:00 pm this afternoon, I'm assuming eBay must have gotten a barrage of phone calls about the issue.

It's been taken care of and I'm ready to get started since I had a long day on the road with shopping essentials due to storm on Wednesday, doctor's appointment etc.... Looking forward to tomorrow and getting started to get a fresh new look and inspiration for my new some new ideas for my eBay store!

Thanks eBay for pulling it off and sending the email! 

Thank You, 

by tarekhade2 · Adventurer

I have nothing in my eamil inbox....Smiley Surprisedany help please ?




I signed up for this a while ago and got no information or conformation about it so I tried signing up again and it tells me I already did.  Today I try to find access to it, find a link and it tells me I missed my chance to sign up for it. Why Ebay? And theres no way to contact you guys other than calling?? I'm confused.

Rising Star

I signed up for this and never received an email.  Now it says it is too late to sign up.  Wth?


 I signed up for this a while ago. I recieved confirmatiom  but no link recived . How can I access to find the link.  

by wize.shop · Adventurer

I registered for the boots camp a few weeks ago after I receive the invitation, but I have yet to receive the 1st week lesson and it's now 03/09/18. I was looking forward to hopefully gaining more knowledge. Is the boot camp still happening?


I wonder if I could sell my used wares on Amazon?