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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 04:41:13 PM

Seller_Caleb_FB.jpgThe best part of my job is connecting with sellers. Hearing their stories, checking out their businesses, learning about what makes them tick, and watching them win keeps me inspired every day.


And, it’s not just me. Every employee at eBay understands that this business does not work without our sellers. It’s one of the things that gives us great pride—knowing that anyone can start a business and grow it on eBay. We enable a marketplace, but it’s you, the small businesses, with your talent, passion, and fearless work ethic that bring this incredible marketplace to life. We’re pretty amazed by you, so it’s no surprise that we want to show you off to the world.


Earlier this year, we celebrated our incredible eBay small business community with the SHINE Awards. This month, along with FedEx, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday. On November 14, we are launching a dedicated landing page featuring a number of eBay small businesses. Here, buyers can shop our amazing selection for that perfect holiday gift, all while learning about our vibrant seller community. The campaign will peak with heavy marketing to buyers on Small Business Saturday, November 26, and will run through the end of December.


For some Small Business Saturday inspiration, check out our featured sellers! We think these entrepreneurs perfectly represent the ambition, courage, and grit required to run a successful small business.




As you write out your gift list this year, consider shopping from one of our featured sellers (link to featured sellers) or another small business owner on eBay. It feels good to be a part of the success of your fellow community members. I’m already making my list!





I was delighted to see a headline, showcasing "small business sellers", and I have to say the concept is great, however, as I read & watched these videos of your "highlighted small business selllers", I grew quite irritated and very disappointed. 

What I had anticipated seeing, was work-from-home small businesses, people who are dedicating entire portions of their homes, working full or even part-time jobs outside of eBay, just to keep things rolling along and growing. Basically, I expected to see sellers like me. The husband & wife team, working grueling hours on eBay, just trying to make that American Dream actually come true. I expected to see you highlight the fact that it's sellers like me, with nearly 10,000 positive feedback's, extraordinarily happy, repeat customers, doing everything in our power to retain our high-standards of customer satisfaction and, going out of our way to make a connection, a good, old fashioned one on one connection with as many customers as possible, to bring back that personalized shopping experience. 

What I DIDN'T expect to see, were sellers who are all comfortably set-up OUTSIDE of their home, running actual businesses and making $250,000.00 or more. "SMALL BUSINESS SELLERS" are the sellers like ME who dedicate 18+ hours a day to eBay, to the customers, taking photos of inventory, listing, researching the items, writing DETAILED descriptions, following the rules and running HONEST auctions. 

You've chosen a certain class of "small business seller" for your "showcase", and quite frankly, these sellers do not connect with the TRUE small business seller, and that was VERY disappointing, not to mention, VERY discouraging. 

eBay was BUILT on the idea that people like ME could make a go at obtaining that all too elusive American Dream. eBay GREW to extraordinary heights BECAUSE of the little seller like ME. eBay now enjoys exponential profits .... because of ... the little seller .... like ME. 

So, if your going to showcase "small business sellers", then do exactly that! 

Don't showcase sellers that are BIGGER than sellers like me, showcase the TRUE small business sellers, so we can have the same opportunities as them! 

After all, that IS what I am striving for. I've been struggling with severely decreased traffic, due motly in part because of all the MONSTER sized sellers with bottomless budgets and, not to mention, eBay's UNFAIR search results. 

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that someone in CHINA, selling .99 cent JUNK, with 50,000+ feedbacks and over 5,000 of them being NEGATIVE, over 5,000 of them being NEUTRAL, are getting the TOP spots in search results, over sellers like ME who have less than 10,000 feedbacks with NO negatives and NO neutrals, yet, our items show up LAST....under the HORRID foreign seller that TRULY DOESN'T CARE about their customers, takes A WEEK OR MORE to reply to a complaint, and even then, the replies are garbled at best, make no sense, and almost always are automated.... yet, sellers like me are the ones who are suffering. 

I've given 6 years to eBay and THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of dollars to eBay in the way of fees, subscriptions, etc... and here I am, for the last year, barely able to make ends meet... but yes please, please showcase what YOU believe to be the SMALL BUSINESS SELLER... while all the while, once again, the TRUE small business seller is PUSHED ASIDE....left to fend for themselves..... 

C'mon eBay .... showcase the TRUE small business seller, so that maybe, just maybe, some of us can have a chance to actually GROW, instead of contimplate closing up shop here Smiley Sad 

News Team
News Team

Hi @ericpatino20032011 - Thank you for your comments, I appreciate you sharing them with me. I also appreciate all your hard work selling on eBay. You are right, small sellers like you are an important part of eBay and we would not be where we are without sellers like you. 


In your comments, you make a distinction between sellers like yourself and the sellers we featured in this campaign. In our minds, both kinds of sellers are small businesses on eBay. Our belief is that we support businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors working from their homes to "larger" small businesses that may have warehouses, employees, etc.  All businesses are welcome on eBay (provided they meet our standards) and there is plenty of opportunity for any size seller on our platform.  


When we selected the sellers in this campaign, there were some practical reasons why we picked the sellers we did:

  • Their seller performance had to be in good standing
  • The had deep inventory, not just single-item listings
  • They had the ability to fulfill quickly in case they got a spike in sales
  • They sell items that are in demand for this holiday season.

I'm sharing this list to illustrate why all of eBay's small businesses were not featured in this campaign. The good news is we may be including more and more small businesses in our marketing moving forward, so you may have a chance to be featured. 


I'm sorry that you are feeling frustrated and I'd like to offer some help. We have a terrific customer service team you can reach via email at facebook@ebay.com. I'd encourage you to email them, have them review your store and account, and see if they have any advice for increasing your sales. 


Thank you for being a terrific seller and thanks for selling on eBay. ~Audrey



Hello, tracy is oliver i need to asking some questions.

I selling profetional Dj lighting with ebay but now I just tryng to sell varies stuff, like clothing pre-owned, comics and others tem etc. but I just stay in the 50 Item top free ebay.

Now what happen if I goin to listing more item in ebay? is continue free or I need to pay some fee?

if I listing different stuff in my ebay store and do my store better, do you thing I need to open the app domain 4 my store?

 If I listing different stuff example like now comics, woman's clothing and Dj stuff, that is no a  good Idea?

Mean the costumers don't take this seriously business store like (woman's clothing) or (dj lighting) or Comics etc. in the same ebay store?.

if you have better idea please tell me how do better please,

Thank you for you time and have a nice days.

by lorieannm · Adventurer

I have also been selling since 2008 and run a "small business" store. To be quite frank we are being squashed by the other "SMALL BUSINESS" as you featured. I have always been A+ with my customer service and ebay can read ALL my replies with customers (even todays) where I tried to help a gentlman inquire about an item I had for his niece, Rather than make a sale! I was honest and told him the Jersey would not fit and offered some help with sizes PLUS I told him to always ask other sellers. I still have hope with ebay but my passion is getting thinned out. I pay for store fees and other fees, the postage is high! I pay tons in postage! I shop for great deals, I picture my items (myself) I ALSO see others steal the pictures I take and use them forgetting to take my watermark off!!?? UUHHGGGG I dont even complain anymore because every time I do ebay never has taken my picture down ect. Create my own detailed listing ....which also gets taken.. to lazy people. I am sinking fast do to china! sorry but I CAN NOT Sell anything for .99 cents free shipping like they do??!!

Plus if anyone whispers a possible complaint about an item and you go look at their feedback you can tell they complain for FREE stuff...SOOOO I say here Kepp the item and I will refund you FREE of charge! DO YOU KNOW WHY??? Because the customer is ALWAYS right and most of all Ebay will allow that (1) negative feedback and that hurts! I am telling true stories and I will recharge my passion and continue with ebay. In the end I still stand behind the name BUT some things need to change.


by dx3group · Adventurer

I totaly agree with ericpatino20032011

 It seems ebay has lost sight of the scale of the sellers that made it work so well.
I wonder if the deteriorating situation for small sellers is a pre-determined attempt to move eBay
from individuals sell low ticket items to a new distribution chanel for big box stores?
Are they doing these thing to us intending to drive off sellers they nolonger need.? 
DJ @ Dx3
by carolegr41 · Adventurer

I started in 2000 and stopped in 2003 with a collectibles store.  As a small business I thought maybe I could do my own web site.  Took my time and through the years tried a few other web site builders but found them way to expensive and difficult to understand.  Lots of trouble just trying to make the store.  Asked friends and family through the years and tried some more web site builders.  Did finally get a web site up and a domain name but no buyers.  There was never a complete list of all that was necessary to run a small web site and more and more experiences pop- up.  So I came back to ebay and started again last year.  Had to start over as my store from 2003 was no longer here.  But with the help of starting small with most of the running expenses and start up taken care of by ebay. I was thankful to get started again.  Even if it is from the start all over.  Yes I now have a small store and do pay fees I know it takes time to build up.  Ebay makes it possible for me to do this.  The best part I am making sales again were on the other sites I tried, nothing just a lot of outgoing money.   I have seen a lot of improvement and growth in ebay from the past to now.  Growing a small business is hard and many do not make it.  I wish I had stayed on eBay instead of trying all the other websites.  I'm retired and run this store from my home.  My husband helps with acquiring product some of it he does try to keep lol.  Am hoping to get some more family members later to help with this as it grows.  There is a lot of work and not enough time.  That is just how it is in trying to run a business's.  At least it is possible here to get started, sell, and grow.  Yes there are fees with all the work done behind the scenes there has to be.  When I am to busy to run the store for awhile it is still there and I can do it when I have the time.  That is a great savings right there.  I find that eBay does try to help and work with you as you need it.  No matter what kind of business you try to run it takes time, effort, and money.  Can be frustrating at times the reward at the end is worth the struggle.

by carolegr41 · Adventurer

Oh yes I do remember reading on here and on different sites about the pictures being used and even seen a few of mine for advertising the products if you are going to ask or put your products up they have the right to use the photos.  Its in writing before you add the photos.


very good


When did eBay become so commercialized.  You are not featuring "small businesses."  You are featuring catalog order stores, based around the world, with full stores, looking for another outlet.  I am so dissapointed in eBay


I would agree that this article was basically a slap in the face to the true small business person on Ebay. It goes to show exactly how out of touch those in the drivers seat are with what made their company what it is. 


I love ebay but something has gone horribley wrong in recent years sellers need real reps and real sales I have 635,000 in inventory and I am hungry my items are high quality and very competitvely priced I offer free shipping when I can it is more than just the down turn in the economy 


Ebay needs to get back to its roots and repair fuctionality to the site buyers are frustrated sellers are starving 


I am not giving up on you please dont give up on us please make ebay great again <3


I was hopeful with new CEO my items cannot be found repeat buyers are asking where my store and items are ?

by cypria · Enthusiast

Dear Ms. Tracy,


I have to agree with ericpatino20032011 and most of the others here. I also have to say that Ebay does NOT listen: not to your sellers and not to your buyers. I have been with Ebay since 1999. You used to be very people oriented. Now you are just $$$ oriented and don't give enough credit to the very hard working small business people who do a very fine job for buyers. Rather, you give far too much credit and cover-ups for the foreign sellers whose stuff is generally garbage. Get over yourselves, Ebay. What makes you think that you should be the only game in town and give preferential treatment to those who do not work as hard as the people who have small US shops, scratch out a living and don't rely on foreign products that are both inferior and which also are either DOA unrefunded and/or so flawed that shopping Ebay is a waste of time and money? Your quality has diminished with your age. Get yourselvs back up to giving cedit where credit is due - back to the bad old days maybe - and NEVER think that you are too big to fail. You most definately are NOT!