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Seven Ways to Save Time by Automating eBay Tasks

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“Time is money.” - Ben Franklin


As an eBay seller, time is one of your most valuable assets. If you’re not listing, you’re shipping. If you’re not sourcing, you’re answering customer emails. If you’re not charting a course for growth, you’re training a new employee. The list goes on and on. I guess that’s the life of an entrepreneur.


But, we found a way to lighten the load a bit. We evaluated all of the available eBay tools that enable you to automate manual tasks. Try one or all of these to save some of that time/money:


1. Select Good ‘Til Cancelled for fixed price listings. Good 'Til Cancelled listings renew automatically every thirty days. This frees you up from having to manually renew items that take a little more time to find the perfect buyer.


2. Instantly accept or decline Best Offers. If you use Best Offer, you don’t have to be at the ready to accept or decline an offer. You can simply set your price limits, and prospective buyers will get an automated email indicating whether their offer was accepted or declined.


3. Use the Out of Stock option to avoid oversells. If you sell multi-quantity items, use the Out of Stock option to hide your item(s) from search when you run out of inventory. This will save you the time (and hassle) associated with managing a stock-out situation.




4.  Hide your inventory when on vacation. If you have an eBay Store, you can use vacation settings to automatically hide your fixed price items from buyers when on holiday. This saves you from having to re-list items upon your return or selling something that you can’t ship right away.


5. Automatically post feedback. Those of you using Selling Manager Pro can automatically send positive feedback when an item has been marked as paid. No need to manually type “A++++ buyer” every time you sell something.


6. Use the Unpaid Item Assistant to instantly open and close cases. If a buyer fails to pay for an item, you don’t have to track them down via email. The Unpaid Item Assistant automatically files a case for you and will even close it when it’s been resolved.


7. Customize and automate some or all of your return requests. Returns can be time-consuming, but they don’t have to be. Just customize the rules in your return policy, and decide how much involvement you want to have with different types of return scenarios.


To get even more of your time back, you could consider using Hootsuite to schedule social media posts, Reply Manager to manage buyer email communications, and GoDaddy Online Bookeeping to keep track of your eBay-related finances. Soon, the problem will be figuring out what to do with all that extra time.


Are you already using some of these time-saving tools? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to share this article with your eBay peers via email and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

by *coins · Rockstar

This is a very helpful guide for large companies.

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Hi @*coins - I think small, hobby sellers can benefit from many of these tips, too. Smiley Happy

by *coins · Rockstar

@shana_champion, hmm...as a smaller seller, I probably would not be paying for some of these extra things.

For example, Selling Manager Pro - I have absolutely no need of this. This tools is designed for sellers with a large amount of inventory. I have eBay's new Seller Hub, and it lets me leave saved feedback comments, which is very easy.

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Hi @*coins - I love Seller Hub. Glad you're using it. I think you'd benefit from tips 1-3, 6 & 7. No extra charge or fees. 

by byruby195 · Adventurer

Liked all of your suggestions and am using all but two of them.  I am a small to mediumn seller and appericate the heads up on "vacation tip"  Thanks for your information and additional tips are always welcome.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Go Daddy Bookeeping is an awesome time saving efficient way to keep track of all your bookeeping needs. We highly recommend this service which is about $6.75 per month.

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Good stuff, @byruby195 and @vintagecraze50!


I have a Premium Store, consider myself a small to medium Seller. I use almost all of the tips.

The automated return is very useful. You can set the maximum price of the item being returned. I originally set it for $100, but lowered it to $50.

Love the batching Feedback, do 50 plus or minus at a time. 

Have a great year selling, Nancy


Automating the returns using Unpaid Item Assistant is helpful for "small" sellers too... I've done this and (knock on wood), I've had no issues with it not working properly. That way, I have more time for other things: giving feedback, sourcing, etc. Great tips!


Hi thabk u so much but im really confused last month i sold $1800 and this month till today nothing nothing indont know what im doing wrong


Im new in ebay maybe is the year start i dont know

by monjott · Scout

The only problem with automatically accepting or declining Best Offers is that it deprives the seller of the chance to make a counteroffer. I can see where it would be useful for sellers of multiple quantities, who just want to move commodity merchandise within certain parameters, but when it comes to selling our estate jewelry or made-in-USA Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, I've found that counteroffers often result in a satisfactory sale. I think that would be true many one-off items whose market value is not necessarily hard and fast.




You can se;ect auto accept certain price point,. without using the auto decline. That way, if a buyer makes an offer at or above your acceptable price, the sale will go through without your needing to get involved, but when a buyer submits a low offer, you can still counteroffer.

by 5588laura · Rising Star
Rising Star

I use all but one and time save wherever I can. What was a little hobby is now getting bigger and as I work full time it is vital for me to be time smart


I used to use Good Til Close but found I let too manythings relist that SHOULD have been evaluated.  It does not take long to relist, in my opinion.  There are also other reasons to have a more "hands on" approach.


Same with all the automated actions.  I'm small enough that I like to be in touch with customers.

by beadshine · Adventurer

Great information on managing time with automating tasks. The only one I choose to manually manage is best offers from buyers. No matter what the offer, it opens a line of communication. When you have  a chance to communicate with a buyer you begin a relationship.Now you have a chance to make the experience extra positive and create a possiblility of future friendship & sales.

by purrfree · Scout

We are small but use all but 2 of these. GTC we don't use because I like to tweak any listing that doesn't sell. Auto Feedback because I always tell the date it was shipped. Love GoDaddy bookkeeping. We also use KiTracking to see at a glance when items delivered. 

by aleramo58 · Pathfinder

how can I check my gift card balance when I threw it away after redeeming it???? Help please???


by *coins · Rockstar

Hi, @aleramo58.

You can check the balance at https://giftcards.ebay.com/balance.

Good luck!



I am not convinced that the GTC is a viable option as many people buy first and last days of an auction. If it is non ending it would always be on the last of the listings never to get to the front of the line. It would be ok for  unusual collectibles but jewelry where it is a similar item to thousands of items , it will never show up. Am i wrong! I've asked ebay before and they had no answer for me. 


I like the vacation tool however I don't use it because I take several kits with me that I can ship from a remote location. I have not found a way to allow that message to be added to the vacation message up front. Is there a way I am missing it? I unfortuneatly have to end all the items in my store until I return.


I use GTC but someone just made a valid point. Item is not seen until last day? Hmmm.

so now I think I'm cx all my GTC items. For I have 18 watchers now for awhile with no bites. Makes more sense too take the time to hit sell like similar and tweak it first b4 listing again! Thank you to whom ever left comment. For, I've often wander to no avail about that topic. Your amazing-Thabk you!

by tide_redux · Scout

 Although GTC never "ends" it does have a 30 day cycle where it begins as newly listed so it the same as if you listed it yourself every 30 days.  What is especially good is that when using GTC you don't lose those watchers as you do with a 30 day listing that ends and is relisted.

by kenmurray · Adventurer

Very helpful Snana,
I have an eBay srore called Gumby Gumby Australia.
I have an endless supply of Gumby Gumby capsules for sale.
How can i list them for sale so that i don't have to keep relisting all the time?


Helpful information. Biggest problem is auction items when on vacation. There has to be a solution! I lose my top seller status everytime I go on vacation!!!!!!

by *coins · Rockstar

@kenmurray, Just list them as good 'till canceled. They relist on their own.

by generous-listings · Adventurer | Updated

You can also automate eBay searching and buying tasks with this Automated eBay Search Tool.

by envyotb · Scout

So, if I'm understanding GTC correctly in theory as the end of the 30 days approaches, your item should move up in the listings as far as ending soonest, correct? Or does I really affect listing placement in some negative fashion? I've been wondering I there was a negative to it as I've seen an item retain 30 watchers through 3 relists yet never sell. Good topic here, I value reading tho discussion and everyone's input!


I am a new seller.  I just discovered Seller Hub. Awesome tool. Thanks

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Awesome, @michellew99! Welcome! ~Shana

by wasgordon · Adventurer

Ebay told me good till cancelled was only if you had multiple items on the same listing.  Maybe that's not the case, so I'll check it out.  thx for your helpful tips

by marisuper8 · Adventurer

I don't like GTC because the listings get buried under items ending earlier. With a store you get 250 free lisings a month and if you use some as 5 day and some as 10 day and list on different days of the week, you can mix and match about 65 listings so  your exposure to customers is much better in being at the top of a search rather than 3 pages back.  I had an almost 40% sales increase by moving out of GTC.   Sure you may lose some watchers at a relist, but they still show up on their watched items list as being relisted.