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Seller Spotlight: Inc. Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies

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Founded in 2009 by CEO Neha Gajwani, SmackTom sells electronics accessories, such as headphones and cell-phone cases. The company was included in this year’s Inc. 500 list, debuting at #125 overall and ranking #4 in the “Top-10 Fastest Growing Women-Led Companies.” Neha has seen the company grow from just over $100,000 in annual revenue to $3.1 million. She knew all along this was her dream, stating, “I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I always knew after watching them that becoming an entrepreneur myself is the path I would eventually take.”

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As an entrepreneur, Neha’s day is rarely what she planned it to be. It often involves working through problems, brainstorming and looking at projections. Neha also dedicates time in her day to planning and checking that her team is on track. She even leaves about 20% of her time for surprises since no one day is the same.

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We had a chance to catch up with Neha to discuss what she is doing to fuel her company’s success on eBay: 

What inspired you to open SmackTom?

“After college, I knew I didn’t want to join the family business, but wanted instead to carve my own path. I have been put in an incredibly fortunate position as my family breathes support and I would be silly not to create something exciting. With the support and encouragement from my family, I founded SmackTom on eBay.”

What made you decide to go into the electronics accessories space?

“I didn’t start SmackTom in order to sell products I personally cared about, but to sell products that the majority of consumers liked and wanted.”

What helped you become successful and grow your business on eBay?

“I work with an incredible group of people – people I am really proud to work with, and who challenge me daily. There are three guys in our office, Pritesh, Ravish, and Austin, who have been the foundation of this company and who have led the company to what it is today. Any success we have seen is because of them.”

What advice would you give sellers in search of inspiration?

“A very wise person once told me that you love something when you’re good at it. I recently started working out. Never used to like it, but now that I can do it and not look completely silly I love it. If you work hard, you’ll fall in love. If you’re already in love, work hard.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned about selling on eBay?

“Experimentation and flexibility. Being able to try new things – whether they work or not – and to learn from them and to have the ability to adapt or make improvements.”

What advice would you give small businesses looking to start selling on eBay?

“Be an active seller and take advantage of all the resources eBay has to offer. There is a lot of opportunity to customize your storefront and develop trust with your buyers, but it requires hard work and dedication to get a buyer to actually click buy. Continue to update and learn from your feedback to better understand what was missing or what you could do better in the future to ensure you have happy buyers.”

What is one of the best parts about selling on eBay?

“The ease and flexibility it gives – non-existent barrier to entry, access to global buyers, safe and trusted marketplace to do business.”

How are you planning for holiday?

“We plan customer service first for the holidays. We make adjustments and increase not only our inventory but also our staff to ensure we are fully prepared. It’s better to do a great job slower than to do an ok job faster.”

What is the one piece of advice that you would give other sellers on eBay?

“Think big and think professionally – you’ll succeed more if you can think bigger.”