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Seller Playlist: 25 Upbeat Songs to Play While You Sell

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Verified Blogger

We recently asked our eBay for Business Facebook community what they listen to while listing and shipping their eBay items. While answers included television shows, news, and the sweet sound of silence, many sellers said they love to work to music—and it seems their musical tastes cover just about every genre.


Several sellers declared their love of oldies and classic rock, some said they prefer pop and hip-hop, and seller Reid L. proclaimed his affection for gangster rap, saying there’s “nothing like songs about fat stacks and Benjamins (money) to get me motivated.”

music blog.jpg

Our 2017 SHINE winners also shared their audio preferences. For Young Entrepreneur winner Ciara Brown of The Diamond Hanger, the selection varies with the mood in her shop. “We’ll listen to techno, rap, maybe a little R&B if we’re stressed,” she said. “We turn the music all the way up, especially when we’re listing items.” Rising Star winner Katy Zilverberg of A Boutique for Him also confessed to eclectic tastes. “I listen to my oldies playlist and hip-hop with Kendrick Lamar—it just depends on my mood.”


Woman-Owned Business winner Melissa Crook of Sticky Fingers Vinyl stays true to her roots. “We’re from the South,” she said. “We listen to a lot of modern country music.” And, 2017 Small Business of the Year Award winner Angie Cardona-Nelson of eWaste Direct said music is a must. “I like salsa, Spanish music, and pop music from the 80s and 90s. We don't work in my warehouse without music!”


If you’re looking for the perfect tunes to play while you list and ship, check out our Spotify seller playlist. From upbeat songs about working hard to inspirational numbers that speak to the entrepreneur within, these tracks will keep you jamming all day long.


1. Manic Monday - The Bangles

2. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

3. Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer



4. You Gotta Be - Des'ree

5. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

6. Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

7. Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer



8. Working for The Weekend - Loverboy

9. The Distance - Cake

10. Survivor - Destiny’s Child

11. Happy - Pharrell Williams



12. I’m Still Standing - Elton John

13. Can’t Buy Me Love - The Beatles

14. U Can’t Touch This - MC Hammer



15. She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer

16. If I Had $1000000 - Barenaked Ladies

17. Taking Care of Business - Bachman–Turner Overdrive

18. Firework - Katy Perry



19. Workin’ for a Livin’ - Huey Lewis

20. Fight Song - Rachel Platten

21. Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey

22. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor



23. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

24. Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

25. We Are the Champions  - Queen


What are your favorite songs to listen to while you sell? Download or listen to the whole playlist here and share your favorite hits in the comments.

by ebetsy · Rockstar | Updated

Interesting and eclectic playlist — I'm especially a fan of Matthew Wilder's "Break My Stride", which is one of the best one-hit-wonder dance club classics ever. But you left out some seminal titles:


  • Weird Al Yankovich — "The eBay Song" (for accompanying visuals, check out phoenixrose's eBay employee talent show rendition on YouTube; it is hilarious!)
  • Chumbawamba — "On eBay" (radio version from their album Un plus Tower of Babel mix from their iTunes exclusive Out of Site Remixes)
  • Vic 20 — "I Sold Your Heart on eBay"
  • Jen — "Getting Drunk, Shopping on eBay" (from her album Look at My Boots)
  • The Lancashire Hotpots — "eBay 'eck" (from their album Nevermind the Hotpots)
  • The Doyles — "Today I Put My Heart on eBay" (from their album 4 A.M.)
  • Ron Garner — "If I Didn't Have eBay (I Think I'd Die)" (sung by Ron and his wife, Emma, with an impassioned foreward by Ron)


and (drumroll please):


  • Jon Barker — "eBay Queen" (perhaps the funniest yet most poignant eBay song ever, inspired by his real-life experience with the eBay adventures of his wife, Lisa; from his album Songs to Strike a Chord)

All of the above except Ron Garner's eBay song can be found on iTunes, along with several more titles that I forebore to mention here (search iTunes for "ebay", and you'll see why). I bought Ron Garner's homemade CD from him on eBay Australia, and I also bought Chumbawamba's, Vic 20's and Jon Barker's eBay songs on CD  from sellers on ebay.com and Jon Barker's wife herself on ebay.co.uk before those songs were available on iTunes.


Happy listening!


Rising Star

Certainly number 25, but I'd kill myself if I had to listen to the rest of these.

by zzydny · Rockstar

Hmmmm.....none of those.  I tend to listen to a lot of international music--I like lyrics in languages that I don't understand because it doesn't distract me the way that English lyrics do. 


And I actually have a "theme song" for my eBay business that I listen to when things seem just impossible--but I'm gonna keep that a secret or it won't work anymore!

by lx-talon · Rockstar

It really depends on my mood. Usually it can be Classic Rock to Pop. Not a fan of Rap at all. 

1. Hotel California The Eagles

2. Takin' it to the streets The Doogie Brothers

3. Rocket Man Elton John

4. You Spin me round like a record Dead or Alive

5. Ace of Spades Motorhead

6. Desert Plains Judas Priest

7. Whip it Devon

8. Somebody put something in my drink Ramones

9. Paradise Sade

10. Venus Banarama




by annadryl · Guide

I heard "Walking on Sunshine" in the car the other day and realized it's still probably the most upbeat song ever. Wasn't that like 1985 or so? Nothing to do with ebay moods though...

by lindyslucky · Guide

If I tried to listen to some of these... Manic Monday?? I could not list a thing.

maybe when I'm taking or editing photos, i will listen to an audio book.

The rest of the time, describing, measuring.....Ebay requires concentration!!

No room for mistakes because I'm "Being Happy"!

by modelmax · Adventurer

I prefer "epic" music soundtracks by Hans Zimmer, Max Richter, Kerry Muzzy, Audiomachine and a few others like E.S. Posthumus, Rob Dugan and Mythos. Check them out.

by harleyglasses · Thrill-Seeker | Updated

Great picks eBetsey!

I added the original play list and added a few of yours!

Here is one of my favs

One Republic  Counting stars

by alleyjcat · Adventurer

Rock Around the Clock   Bill Haley and his Comets first pressing  1955s.  Saw him in person, I'm that old.. LOL   Small venue, he and the base player sat with us during the break.  Denver Colorado. . . just before he went to England and kinda became famous again (early 1960s)   Bill Haley and his Comets 1955 Rock Around the Clock

by dallassalesandco · Rising Star | Updated
Rising Star

70's and 80's big hits! The  best music of all times and the best music when working! heart

by woadieland · Guide | Updated

All-time favorite is the eBay song by Weird Al. 

then this: Cheryl Wheeler's Estate Sale


Brad Paisley's Easy Money >https://youtu.be/VlYO-DOZFqo  


And Every thing by Dixie Chicks