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Seller Hub: How to Make the Post-Sale Process Easier with the Orders Tab

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 12:49:24 PM

Seller Hub, the free tool with all you need to help you run your business, keeps getting better. To keep you up-to-date on what’s new and help you get the most from Seller Hub, we’re taking a closer look at its latest features.

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First, we take a deep dive into the updated Orders tab.


Since Seller Hub debuted in 2015, it’s been the all-in-one destination to help sellers run their business and increase sales. It’s got pricing guidance, marketing tools, sales data and more, all designed to make work easier and more productive.


We know that your job doesn’t end once you make the sale. For everything that comes after, you’ve got the Orders tab, previously known as “Sold Items.”


You manage your orders there every day, staying current on which orders are awaiting payment or ready to fulfill, to take action on returns and cancellations, ship orders, and view your order history.


Now, the Orders tab has more features to make your post-sale process even smoother, including:


  • Ship by date – Delivering on your shipping promises is simpler now that you can view exactly when you need to hand off orders to your carrier.
  • Buyer’s checkout notes – You told us you don’t want to miss the notes buyers leave you when they check out, and we listened. The Orders tab now lets you see all those notes without ever having to click through your sales records.
  • Feedback – At a glance, see whether buyers have left you positive, neutral, or negative feedback, and see if you’ve left feedback for them. If you haven’t, you can write your feedback right there. (Premium and Anchor Stores subscribers, of course, can automate their feedback to save even more time).
  • Buyer’s name – No more clicking around to match a buyer’s name with their eBay username; find them together in the Orders tab.

Just think how the Order tab’s new features can affect your day-to-day business. Because you can quickly see the “Ship by date” for each order, you’ve got extra help in not missing deadlines. And because checkout notes are how your buyers often share important details about their order and how to ship it, the new “Buyer’s checkout notes” feature means you’re less likely to miss key info.


These changes were orchestrated because of the invaluable feedback our teams received from sellers like you. Hearing from you is what drives our improvements.


We’ve already heard great things from our sellers about the new Orders tab. Check out what these real sellers have to say about it.


"Love it! I love that I can see the ship by date, the available quantity, what was ordered and, oh my, the custom label! Things like this make me excited to be a part of eBay. Thanks, guys!"


"It makes everything so much easier! I love Seller Hub!"


"Looks very nice. Updated look is clean."


Most importantly, though, what do you think? Dive into the new Orders tab in Seller Hub, and let us know what you like and what features you’re looking for.


Still needs to be updated. There are a few issues that bugs me  every time I use it. First of all it's a respondong time. When you have 100-200 sales in a month and want to check them you keep them in Sold Category. When it comes to 70+ position the page starts glitching and responds in a 1 minute or so right after I clicked on Sold. It doesn't depend on the Internet Connection speed (already cheched from different places using different devices), neither it depends on PC/laptop/tablet performance. It just lives it's own life.


Yeah, I agree it's very convinient to see buyers names near their nicknames, but this thing doesn't work from time to time. I mean I only can see the buyer's nickname and a blank place near it instead of his real name.


The third thing is Archieved Cat. Why? When and why have you decided it'll be convenient for me to see all my archieved orders by months and not as a straight row/list of orders? You haven't even given me a chance to use my own settings for it.


These are only few things which make me annoyed. I guarantee you'll have tons of comments with other problems. I wish you hear the Sellers Opinion and make the right changes in the future.

by ebetsy · Rockstar | Updated

Love-love-LOVE the new Orders page — I've been a Seller Hub aficionado since Day 1 — but one thing about it just makes my teeth itch: the placement of "Contact buyer" right below "Report buyer" in the drop-down menu on the left. I get that you're grouping 2 buyer-related actions together, but:


1) I'm far more likely to want to contact a buyer than I am to report one.

2) I'm certainly going to try to contact the buyer BEFORE I report them, in the very rare instances where such a report is necessary.

3) Reporting is a negative action; contacting is positive.

4) Alphabetically, Contact comes before Report.

5) When I try to scroll down to "Contact buyer", half the time I land on "Report buyer" instead, which is very annoying.


Please, PLEASE move "Contact buyer" up above "Report buyer" where it belongs! Meanwhile, thanks for all that you are doing to continue making Seller Hub even better.


by ebetsy · Rockstar

One other minor quibble: The current placement of the Buyer Note at the top of the item container makes it look like it belongs to the item above it. Other notes appear at the bottom of the container. This is confusing. Put the notes together in one place, please. Personally, I prefer the notes to be at the bottom, underneath the other information.

by ebetsy · Rockstar

And (my last comment, I swear) one thing that is FABULOUS about the newly improved Orders tab but was left out of this article: The Orders tab now ALSO shows when items are DELIVERED! No more having to click through tracking numbers to see what's where. I like to message buyers if a package is delayed enroute, so I check on shipped items every day. Now I can do it with a single quick glance!


 I echo ebetsy's sentiments on the Orders tab. I find it to be one of the most useful tools in the Seller Hub. Not only does it show all the shipping details including the delivery date, it also shows refunds, and partial refunds at a glance. Thanks for providing us with the the Seller Hub with all of its great features, and continually working to make improvements where needed.

by tigerbskt · Adventurer

Can anyone help me out with this?


I loved being able to see the the buyer's note on the ORDERS page without having to go into the sales record. I also LOVED seeing the word 'delivered' above the action pull down for each order. HOWEVER, the beginning of Oct. I went to CLASSIC SITE to do a combined shipment by customer, and when I returned to SELLER HUB, I no longer see the 'delivered' status, and have to look at tracking to see if it arrived. ALSO, I no longer see the actual buyer note on the ORDER screen, but rather a message that buyer left a note - see item record for details'. What happened? What did I do wrong? I want this info back - it was very useful to me and saves soooo many keystrokes. HELP!!!

by tigerbskt · Adventurer

PS: In regards to my other message, I called support today to find out why I can no longer see 'DELIVERED' nor the buyers' actual notes. They said they could see what I see and don't know what happened but will pass on my concerns. I wish there was a way to contact someone that actually KNOWS how the system works that could tell me why these features have gone away - is it a setting I need to change or somehow did I come back to an older version of Seller Hub? CS rep was very sweet but had no clue how the system works which is frustrating. How can I get some tech support?