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Seeing Green: How Theresa Cox Found Success with Promoted Listings

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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 01:03:32 PM


Theresa Cox is mad about the color red.


But when she decided to downsize and sell her life on eBay, she said goodbye to her sizable red-shuttered home in Power Ranch, an amenity-rich, master-planned community outside of Phoenix, Arizona. And along with it went her treasured red kitchen, red-accented poolside oasis known affectionately as “Club Red,” and hundreds of red tchotchkes.


After thirty years working in finance and operations for higher education, Theresa was ready for a simpler life. So she used her more than nineteen years as a hobby seller on eBay to offload all of her non-essential red possessions and moved three hours north into her yet-to-be-finished investment property in Williams, Arizona.


Now, selling on eBay is a full-time job/labor of love. Theresa’s using her head for numbers to take her game to a whole new level. And, because of a chance encounter on Facebook, she’s seeing a whole lot more green. 


Back in June, Theresa tuned in for an episode of eBay for Business on Facebook Live (Wednesdays at 12:30pm PT) and heard Griff and Shefali talking about a new eBay advertising service called promoted listings.


What caught her attention was the fact that she only had to pay if an item sold and that it was easy to set up. In fact, she and Jason T. Smith of The Thrifting Board Facebook Group later timed how long it took to set up a promoted listing. The answer? All of two minutes.


That was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Theresa. And the results are impressive. Watch and learn from her experience:


How’s Theresa doing with promoted listings today? I checked in with her to see if she’s still using the service.

Theresa: You have a finance background, so I think your experience with promoted listings is especially compelling. Are you still going strong?


Yes, my return on investment (ROI) has even improved since we shot that video. I’ve sold 83 items, made $1,945 since June, and only paid $130 in ad fees. That’s an average of $1.57 per item and less than 7% of my sales.


Excellent. Are you doing anything differently now since you’ve had six months to play around with it?


Not really. I promote everything I have that qualifies—approximately 25% of my 4,000 listings. I figure it couldn’t hurt since I only pay if an item sells. Promoted listings is currently only available for multi-quantity items in certain categories, but I hear that’s changing…


I think you’re right! When we open promoted listings up to some single quantity items, will that change your promoted listings strategy?


No. I’ll probably do the same thing. I’ll just be advertising more of my 4,000 items. Why not get as much exposure as I can?


Makes sense. And, you know about the promoted listings credit for Store subscribers, right?


Yes! I have an Anchor store and I’ve used my $25 credit each quarter since June. I learned a thing or two about stretching dollars in my three-decade-long finance career.


Smart lady. I wish you continued success, but know you won’t need it. Green suits you.


Want to learn more about promoted listings? Theresa and Shefali will join us for a Facebook Chat on Tuesday, January 31 from 10am to 12pm PT.


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by grandpas · Adventurer

Please explain the promoted listings store credit for store owners, I was not aware of this. Thanks.

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Hi @grandpas! If you have an Anchor Store, you'll get a $25 credit on your invoice when you use the promoted listings service: http://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/stores/subscriptions.html#subscriber-discounts Hope that helps. ~Shana





by grandpas · Adventurer

Thanks, Shana.  I have a premium store. Have been an eBay seller since 1997. Thanks to Theresa's video and suggestions, I have been using Promotions for a few months and am quite impressed with the results.  Would have been super amaqzing if there were a credit involved.  But, you are sayiing it is only for Anchor Stores, correct?  No credit available for Premium Stores?  Have had my eBay Store since the month they introduced stores, many, many long years ago and do love it.


by *coins · Rockstar

Wow, she's even wearing here eBay Branded t-shirt for the photo Smiley Happy

by craftnee16 · Adventurer

Great story Thanks !


Good to see this.Smiley Happyheart


Great information! Thanks!

by wasgordon · Adventurer

Thanks for this video.  I'm going to give this a shot!  Exactly the information I was searching for!

by lau3boys · Adventurer

Wow, I would love to have ebay branded t-shirt as all.  Been selling since 1998 as well.  But I would love to learn how to Promotions. I'm still having trouble figuining out.  Any video with caption for me to look at it!  


Promoted listings are Garbage for booksellers. If you only have one of one book, Forget it, you cant promote. Also, this webinar for holiday sales is Garbage. My listings were turned off Nine days before christmas, 2016. Not one holiday sale. What a flipping Bummer.