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Say Hello to Your eBay Sourcing Crystal Ball

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There’s no rest for the highly motivated eBay seller.


In a matter of weeks, the Super Bowl Party Planner and the Perfect Valentine’s Day Orchestrator will descend upon eBay in search of some very specific merchandise.


Like what? Generally, anything that lends itself to a blowout Super Bowl party or the best Valentine’s Day ever. But, some of you will want more details than that. So we’ve launched a new Sourcing guidance tool under the Growth tab in Seller Hub to help you feel just a little more confident about what to sell and when.


How does the Seller Hub Sourcing guidance tool work?

Instead of doing hours of comparative research when considering new merchandise for that next wave of retail moments, you can access rich eBay data to make more informed inventory decisions. It’s like having your very own sourcing crystal ball.

But, let’s get more specific. Say that you’re in the jewelry business on eBay. You might know that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest single sales days of the year for you. And, based on your experience in the business, you might have a pretty good idea as to what you should source and list. But, with the Sourcing guidance tool in Seller Hub and a few keystrokes, you can pull up a list of the top opportunities in the Earrings category, for example, by style, color, metal, gender, brand, and more.




What else can you learn from the Seller Hub Sourcing guidance tool?

You can also determine what buyers are paying in item categories. You can see when demand for your category dips and spikes using the seasonality graph. And you can pull up a ranking for top opportunities in each category using our sophisticated scoring system.


Basically, you can kiss hours of research goodbye when it comes to keeping your eBay Store loaded with in-demand items.


How can you use the Seller Hub Sourcing guidance tool feature today?

Start by familiarizing yourself with the tool. Run some queries. Take a look at the categories you sell in the most and see how they’re trending in the coming months. Then, if you plan on buying items in new categories, make sure they have a healthy opportunity score before making the purchase.


We’re really excited about this new tool. It’ll only get better in the coming months as we add new functionality. As always, your suggestions for improvement are welcome. Just use the "Comments?" link on the upper right side of the Seller Hub homepage. And, remember, Seller Hub is free. If you’re not opted in, you can activate your access right now.


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Has this been rolled out to Australia yet? I can't find it on my Seller Hub


How can I add my mobile number to my shipment address?


Why can't I get a simple Sales Performance metric anymore on the Seller Hub? At the beginning I got a nice sales comparison year over year, month over month graph. Several weeks ago that disappeared. Now All I get is "We’re currently unable to process performance data for your account because you’ve listed in too many subcategories in the past couple of years." massage and a lot of empty/wasted space on my Seller Hub page.

Sourcing info might be great for some, but performance results are very important for me.

Oh, and BTW, when I try to link on "Email Seller Hub Team" I'm just forwarded to the ebay home page.


BTW, good trending info but it is simply the sales volume for the category. Under recommendations all I get is "Uh-oh We don't have enough data to be able to give a recommendation." for the several categories I looked for. 


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Thank you eBay for doing this! This will help great when to list certain items and when not too! Totally forgot about the SuperBowl Party's and next Holiday Valentines! I would think also President's Day for Red,White,Blue decorations. Sincerely, Kelly 


Thanks, it's helpful !


Thanks.   Great help.  

by part2go · Scout

Excellent Tool, just browse your category see what is coming ahead and prepare your actions. WOW, I just saw that March and April are slow at my category I think that I will list more new items and use eBay's promotional.  

Defiantly, information is the key to success!

Keep that way eBay

by *coins · Rockstar

Great post! I love the Seller Hub and will keep using it Smiley Happy

by atheneris · Enthusiast

Is a high or low opportunity score better?


This is an interesting tool, but why aren't there ratings or graphs for ALL categories and sub-categories? For example, under "Art," I only saw "Paintings." There's much more to art than just paintings! 

by evagift_us · Adventurer

Thank you eBay for doing this!