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Red Hot: Four Strategies to Sell Your Merchandise Faster

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 07:22:57 AM

What makes someone a top-performing seller? What makes their merchandise fly off the proverbial shelves? Hint: It’s not what, but how.


There are clear tactical steps you can take as a seller to make your merchandise move. You might already be doing some of these things. Let’s dig into the list below and get you set up to sell better and faster.


Boost Your Brand


Hand-painted signs. Quirky uniforms. A clever window display that makes you smile. Successful businesses know how to tell compelling visual stories. How you brand your eBay store—from your billboard image to that much-anticipated unboxing experience—can have an incredible impact on your bottom line.


Thankfully, you don’t need an entire marketing team to create a professional, memorable brand. You do, however, need to spend some time figuring out what you want your business to say about you. Here are few tips to get you started.

merch1.jpgBuild More Trust


It happens every day. A customer is poised to click “Add to Cart” when something catches her eye and makes her hesitate. Something doesn’t feel quite right. For sellers, this can be truly maddening—what triggered the change of heart?


A customer’s trust in your products can be rocked by a few factors. Here are three things you can do to establish trust and stop buyers from bouncing:


  • Offer same-day or one-day handling: When you commit to tighter turnaround times, you signal to the customer that their items are getting priority. Free shipping sweetens the deal even more. Listings appear higher in search results with the “free shipping” label prominently displayed.
  • Make your returns easy: Buyers want a sense of security when they shop from you. A 30-day return period is a good place to start. Based on your business, you might be able to extend this period, cover the costs of shipping, and offer expedited returns and refunds. All of these things help to build trust with the customer. Create a return policy that works for you.

merch2.jpgLift Your Listings


A thoughtfully created listing allows customers to spot your product quickly and easily. (It’s also a sign of trustworthiness.) Here are a few ways to shine a light on your listings:


  • Embrace structured data: Structured data tells eBay exactly where to put your items so they can be found easily by buyers. It refers to the nuggets of information associated with a product—identifiers such as UPC or ISBN numbers, or descriptive details such as brand, size, or color. Get the full scoop on how to use structured data.


  • Be seen: Use promoted listings, eBay’s built-in advertising service, to make your listings stand out by putting them in front of more buyers who are actively shopping. It’s easy to use (takes about 5 minutes to set up) and low-risk. You’ll only pay if your item sells. Learn more about using promoted listings to boost your visibility.
  • Be mobile-friendly: 55% of all eBay transactions happened on mobile devices in 2016. Keep your descriptions short and scannable (hello, bullets!) so people can shop with ease. Aim for a simple layout and only upload photos to the gallery where they will look their best.


Price It Right


You’ve got great products. You’ve optimized your listings. You’re ready to provide your future customers with the best possible service, but business is sluggish. What gives?


Take a moment to evaluate your pricing and make sure that it’s competitive. Check and see if your items are in demand. You might discover a reason to bump up your price or even a new idea for what to sell.


Remember, every product should be valued according to a few different factors—seller costs, market demand, and a bit of consumer psychology. What does your item currently sell for on eBay? What was its past median price? Read on for a full rundown on how to price your merchandise quickly and effectively.  


As sellers, there will always be forces outside of your control. We operate in a global marketplace, and buyers have a world of choice available at their fingertips. That said, never underestimate the power of a clear visual brand, optimized listings, and a competitive price to make your merchandise stand out.


TRS sellers already do most of the above, 30 day returns, same day/next day shipping, and when we pay 30 cents to list an Item, we expect it to be seen, Not hijacked into another fee by using promoted listings. All the "Tips" above only add to eBays gain and not the sellers, who pay the bills here. Some here are just tired of jumping through hoops to make gains only to have eBay take it away. What works for one never works for all, if it did we'd all be rich. eBay seems to be having trouble with their own business plan, but seems to know whats best for sellers here.


Structured data tells eBay exactly where to put your items so they can be found easily by buyers.


wrong, the structured data program does not work here. it is highly inaccurate. the ebay catalogue is messed up big time.  

by wolfbyte · Guide



"TRS sellers already do most of the above..."


Yes. Hardly any "Red Hot" info here unless you're new to selling. 


If you are selling used clothing, it is almost impossible to find most of the UPCs.  It seems as though eBay is pushing for sellers to only list NWT items, items without UPCs are discouraged.  We don't  have a ton of extra hours here to try and hunt for old UPCs for used items, however good the brands are. Smiley Sad

by annadryl · Guide

Not sure how getting good photos is easier than it's ever been. Good lighting and a solid backdrop? Check. Not a mention of get-all-angles-possible? Or anything beyond basic? But, thanks~

News Team
News Team

Hi @wolfbyte and @victorjunkman55- Thanks for the feedback and yes, you are right: most TRS sellers already do these behaviors. Would love to hear your thoughts on what kinds of tips you'd like to see on this blog or other content we should cover? Thanks!


@mynewfindstore: Don't waste your time looking for UPC for used clothing, it's not required. Check out the right-hand column on this page.   http://pages.ebay.com/sell/item_specifics/product_identifiers.html


Nice share!!


Thank you!