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Ready to Shine? Five Ways to Make Your Shine Entry Sparkle

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News Team
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Do you have a great eBay story? Maybe a tale of how you built a successful business from the ground up? Or a story about how eBay allowed you to make an income while you managed more important priorities like raising kids or caring for a loved one? Whatever your eBay story, we want to hear it!


Which is exactly why we started the eBay SHINE Awards: to celebrate, recognize and reward some of the amazing small businesses on eBay. We encourage every seller with a story to tell to apply. But what makes an entry that will catch our eye? Here are our top five tips for making your entry SHINE:


  1. Tell a story – Don’t simply answer the questions, tell your story! Make sure your submission tells the story of your business. How did you get started? What are some major milestones you’ve surpassed? Give us a sense of the evolution of your business and how you’ve grown by using eBay.


  1. Be specific – We love details! Be sure to share why you deserve to win and be named a finalist in the category or categories in which you are applying.


  1. Use numbers – One of the best ways to highlight your success is by including results that showcase your business. Whether it’s sales growth or employee headcount, any numbers you are comfortable providing will help bring your business to life.


  1. Be yourself – Use your submission to demonstrate your unique personality. Be yourself and have fun with it. Share what drives you and the passion behind your business.


  1. Proofread – Take your time working on your submission and ensure the content highlights the hard work you put into your business.


Check out this stand-out submission from last year from one of our finalists. Take a look and get inspired. Happy writing!


I’m a 31-year-old eBay small business owner living in Los Angeles, CA. I started my business out of my dorm room during my freshman year at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2003.


In the 60’s and early 70’s my grandfather was a national champion motorcycle racer. Upon retiring from racing he started a motorcycle parts and accessories distribution company. During my late teens I was made aware that his company had a problem moving some of their older inventory. My solution was listing these products on eBay. During my college years the business plan evolved. Soon I moved into current products and then upon graduation I decided to “go pro” and make this business my career.


Today, our annual gross revenue is over $2.4 million with just two full-time employees in addition to myself. The company has had steadily grown year over year since its inception, with eBay still our number one source of revenue. Our business’ HQ is a modest 2,000 sq ft warehouse office in Los Angeles, where we have multiple offices, retail space and a state of the art 360 photo studio.


I ran my eBay business as a business from the beginning. Although that is more commonplace now, in 2003 my customers were always surprised at my professionalism and customer support. Although our customer service line no longer rings to my personal cell phone, we still provide an excellent shopping experience to our customers around the world, evident by our 33,000+ feedback with a 99.7% positive rating. In addition to superior customer service, we add value to eBay with our extensive product knowledge. We put a huge amount of time and effort into creating listings that really stand out: Be it our in-house 360 product imaging or YouTube product reviews, we do our best to help educate the customer. From 2003 to 2016 we have gone from listing one by one, to 1000’s of products at a time.


We utilize a variety of eBay partners to keep the trains running on time and deliver the best customer experience possible. Listing and Order Management: Channel Advisor; Design: Frooition; Shipping: Shipworks; Inventory: SkuVault 360; Image Hosting: Imajize.


Simply put, eBay has allowed me the freedom to never seek a “real job.” Instead I’ve been able to design an amazing life and career that I’m passionate about. It started as a way to make few bucks, but pretty soon I was paying my way through school. Luckily I never had to use that accounting degree eBay helped me finance. It was a huge risk to not join the traditional workforce, but here I am almost 10 years later and I’ve never once regretted it...thanks to eBay.


Being an eBay small business owner has allowed me the freedom to travel the world, enjoy my favorite hobbies and be a part of an industry that is exciting and challenging. eBay has also allowed for my business to start giving back. Recently we’ve started using Kiva.org to make loans to riders in need. During my travels I realized that many of the world’s developing countries run on motorcycles. Kiva’s microfinancing platform allowed us to find and lend to small business owners in need of motorcycle repair or funds to start a motorcycle related business.


Now that you know what we're looking for, starting putting your story together and apply for the SHINE Awards. Don't wait, the submission period ends May 10. We're looking forward to reading your story. 


What is the ebay user name . I want to see what over 2 million in sales looks like. Why do you not list the  user name?

by monikbo0 · Enthusiast

ok dzięki

by violet*owl · Guide



If I'm not mistaken, that entry appears to belong to Schad VanLeeuwen (user name:  speedaddicts)




In 2010 after I was forced to downsize into a much smaller home as many others did after the 2008 crash.  With half the space I began going through my things and listing them on Ebay.  I have always worked in finance and never had much of an interest in home decor, Antiques, Porcelain, Glass, Art.  In 2010 I went through a complete life change.  Downsizing my home. Living alone for the first time, loss of my career, injury.   For the first time after leaving home at age 17, I was forced to rely on help for my parents.  Fortunately the supplied a small home for me to live in as I rebuilt my life. 

I started on Ebay selling a few personal items.  I had some unusual personal items that went fast then I noticed buyers interest in old Apothecary Jars which I was loaded with.   In my area there are many homes, farms, and plantations that have been in the same family for centuries many going up for auction daily.  Sadly the surrounding banks are laying in wait for a chance to buy up the town.  They auction off the items inside for what they can get as they are just interested in the property.  As I have studied now for over 6 years I have gotten a pretty good eye for the choice items.  Everytime I go out I come back with a few treasures. 

Starting a small Ebay store helped me in several ways.  I was able to make a little extra cash to rebuild.   It gave me a hobby and an interest in learning about history and art.    Appreciation for the artist and techniques and ways of old.  I learned the difference in the way things were crafted many years ago verses the cheap stuff they sell today.  I developed a newfound respect for the pride and craftmenship used when making just about everything in the earlier years. 

I became facinated in these things myself and started collecting many items for myself.  I have gifted my mother literally hundreds of things to fill her home with the past.  Got a hobby that I loved.   Now when I ship something that I know could never be replaced.   I not only package it well enough to be dropped from a 2 story house.  But I worry until it arrives safely.  Because I know it can't be replaced.  I am also pleased that my 29 year old son had developed an interest in the craft of the older items.   I'm teaching him how to pick things out and hoping he will get interested in an Ebay store one day. 

I do sell more current vintage items in my store for less money and I mention that in the listing.  I just prefer the older stuff myself. 

My store is small 300 plus items and I only sell approximatley 20 to 25 items a month.  Its not about quanity to me its quality.  I have the best customers.  repeat customers.  I love getting feedback.  However when I get a personal email letting me know how happy they are and how much  nicer the item was than they expected.  Thats what its all about.  I know that item is appreciated and will be cared for for future generations.  Once these items are gone thats it.  Its important we try to preserve the things from the past.  These stores try to duplicate some of these items.  BIG Difference.  I have really come to enjoy my little hobby.  Recycle. Peace Sheila