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Pinterest for Business Part 2: Tips for Using Pinterest Successfully

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Now that you’ve read Pinterest for Business Part 1: Setting Up for Success, be sure to follow these best practices to get the most out of your Pins:


  • Know your audience. The most successful businesses using Pinterest have a deep understanding of their brand, and know how the Pins they share will resonate with their audience. Before you start Pinning, take a moment to envision your brand message and the reaction you’d like to get from your followers (hint: it should be delight, not dollar signs).
  • Create a variety of Boards. It is better to have many different Boards with specific categories than a few cluttered Boards that do not communicate a clear message. Popular themes include DIY, Gardening, Home Décor, Food, and Fashion, but the possibilities are endless.   
  • Decide what to Pin. Pins should be compelling and well thought out; never post just for the sake of it. If you choose to Pin products, make sure they are photographed beautifully and Pinned directly from your eBay Store to ensure that the images link back to your listings. Be careful not to share too many product images, or your followers will flee. Instead, tell a visual story: for example, Pin a few images of breathtaking landscapes alongside a Pin featuring a camping product you sell.
  • Add a custom caption. Creating a new description that is both engaging and fun increases the chance that viewers will click the image and navigate to the original website.
  • Pin regularly. Aim to post between 5-20 new Pins each week, at evenly-spaced intervals. This keeps the Board active with the search engine, making it more visible.
  • Don’t forget to Pin in the evening. Since most users browse Pinterest in the afternoon and evening, Pinning during these peak times will increase the likelihood of your followers seeing your Pins. Data shows that the hours between 2-4 pm and 8-11 pm are the best times to Pin.
  • Share images that stand out. The most important aspect of a Pin is the image associated with it. Share high-quality images that grab the viewer’s attention. Stick to a minimum of 600 pixels wide.
  • Aim for Repins. Since more people will see your Pin each time it’s Repinned, it’s wise to share images that will attract the most Repins. Data shows that taller images are more likely to be Repinned. There’s also evidence that images with faces or a lot of red are less likely to be Repinned, while Pins with multiple bold colors or a lot of blue are more likely to be Repinned. Of course, these are rules of thumb – always follow what resonates with your followers over trends in data.

In the next and final installment of my Pinterest for Business series, I’ll share ten common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when using Pinterest. Until then, happy Pinning!