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Pinterest for Business Part 1: Setting Up for Success

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With millions of members worldwide, Pinterest has become a social media powerhouse that drives more traffic than Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn combined. When used properly, Pinterest is a powerful tool for many businesses. In fact, the average online order placed by a user visiting from Pinterest is $179, compared to $80 for Facebook users.


The key to Pinterest lies in its difference with other social media channels. Users mostly seek to stay connected to people when using sites like Facebook and Twitter. In contrast, Pinterest users actively seek inspiration—they look for things to plan, do, and, most importantly for us, buy.  Plus, Pinterest users happily engage with brands and tastemakers—as long as they’re being inspired.


How does Pinterest work?

When users find a compelling photo anywhere online (on a blog or an online shop, for example), they have the option to "Pin" it onto a virtual Pin Board that they’ve created. Thus, rather than engaging in "friendships" or "tweets," Pinterest users save and share pictures of items or ideas that spark their interest.


For example, I might Pin an image of a cake stand to my wedding-themed Pin Board. This will cause the image to appear in my followers’ Pinterest feeds. From there, my followers can Repin (think share or repost) the cake stand to their own boards—perhaps a baking- or party-themed Board—and the Pinned image will surface yet again to their own followers. In addition to Repinning, followers can also ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on Pins, however this activity is much less common on Pinterest and does not result in additional impressions.


How Pinterest can help your business on eBay

  • Increase traffic to your listings, for more potential sales
  • Inform merchandising and inventory decisions through built-in analytics
  • Give you a place to communicate the spirit of your brand easily by sharing inspirational images alongside your own products
  • Reach new audiences through Repins, as illustrated above


Getting started is easy!

Creating a new profile on Pinterest is fast, easy, and free. If you don’t already have an account, follow these steps to get on your way:

  1. Create a Pinterest business account for your business. If you already have a personal account, you can easily convert it to a business account.
  2. Invite your customers and friends to follow your account by linking through email, Facebook and other networks.
  3. Create Boards and start Pinning!

In our next installment of Pinterest for Business, I’ll share tips and best practices for using Pinterest successfully in your business. Stay tuned!


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I also have a pintereset account. But your article is very educating. Learnt alot. thanks