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Our New Shipping Supplies Are Here to Impress

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 02:18:03 PM

Our Collection of shipping supplies.jpgeBay-branded tissue papers and stickers are ready for you to use

Whether it’s a birthday present, a thank-you gift, or an item you’ve sold, packing it right counts. Aesthetics matter, so it’s important to go the extra mile when preparing your items for shipment. For the receiver, there is nothing more exciting than unfolding layers of attractive tissue paper to find that special something.


We want your buyers to feel that anticipation every time they order from you. So, we’re giving you the tools you need to create an engaging unboxing experience – fresh, new, eBay-branded tissue paper and stickers!


Created to delight your buyers, these shipping supplies feature a simple yet refreshing design that will add a polished look to any order.


First things first. You can find these new supplies in the eBay shipping supplies store right away. Store subscribers: don’t forget to put your quarterly shipping supplies coupon to good use when ordering our new supplies.


And, you can get all this goodness for under $30! It’s only $18.99 for a pack of 240 tissue papers and $9.99 for a pack of 100 stickers.


Put your best foot forward

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” Steve Jobs

Presentation is a buyer’s first brush with your brand. Making a good first impression is key – what your customers see when they open their box stays with them forever.


An alluring first look will propel them to order more from you in the future, versus another seller offering a similar product. The 2016 e-commerce packaging preferences survey found that over 67% of buyers are likely to notice the custom packaging of the product.


Make your presentation share-worthy

Believe it or not, views for unboxing videos on YouTube have shot up by 57% since the last year.

In these videos, users literally open (ie. “unbox”) a product they ordered and share their feedback with viewers. Make sure you’re delivering an experience that has to be shared for all the right reasons.


eBay presents new stickers and tissues.jpgGo an extra mile to make your customers feel special with eBay-branded tissues and stickers

How to use tissue and stickers?

Here are some easy ways to use our new eBay-branded tissue and stickers:

  • Use the sticker in place of tape to hold the tissue paper around your item
  • Stick an eBay sticker on the outside of your shipping box – especially when you’re using a box without an eBay logo
  • Use the sticker on the closing fold of the box or envelope to add that extra layer of trust. Your buyer will feel confident about being the first to unseal their package.
  • Wrap items separately in tissue paper sealed with a sticker when packing multi-item orders
  • Fold clothing items like shirts, scarves, or skirts in tissue to ensure they won’t crease during shipping

Tissue paper and stickers.jpgCreate a professional feel as you pack with the new supplies

Order your shipping supplies now and get as creative as you can at packing your products. Tune in to our Facebook live session on Wednesday, April 5th at 12.30pm PT to know more about packing with eBay branded tissues and stickers. 


How about getting shipping boxes for book sellers ??

by aswegrow2 · Thrill-Seeker | Updated

What  about printed plastic bags  with the  caution on them and ebay logo.  I  think  plastic  bags are more protective than tissue wrap.  And  Thank you  Stickers from eBay  and line  for  seller name.   Bags in 4 sizes  6 X10, 10X 12, 14 X 16 and  20 X 24 inches.   This would be good.

by tim3467art · Adventurer

Why is their no shipping lables offered i need lables alot more the anything else on Ebay  shipping the $25 every 3 monthes they give use sellers would help out alot more if they had more then just tape boxes and envolopes


by tech125 · Adventurer

I would like to see the 8x5x4 size box for sale on ebay shipping supplies. These fit perfectly

inside a padded flat rate envelope from usps. This would quickly become your bestseller, thank you!


I would like to see shipping boxes 4 X 4 X 4. That is a size I use a lot of. Packing small items in this size box makes keeps shipping costs down and the item can be packed better to protect it from shifting around in a larger box.

by ebetsy · Rockstar

I love these! I've already used my client's quarterly discount coupon to buy both the stickers and the tissue paper, and I'll be buying them in larger quantities for our own store as well.


But I have to ask: When can we expect to see these available in the other 3 eBay colors? It would be wonderful to have the stickers and tissue paper available in both 4-color multipacks (e.g., 100 stickers total, 25 in each color) and in single-color packs (e.g., 100 sheets of tissue paper with eBay in blue).


Crossing my fingers that the additional 3 colors will be coming soon, please. Meanwhile, thank you very much for these!


Nice to have boxes and mailers and tissue and tape, but we need to SEND stuff, so where are the LABELS???


How about selling rolls of bubblewrap with ebay logo  ? 



by rockz1101 · Trailblazer

Most often I sell small items. I order cases of bubble padded poly mailers in the 6x6x4 size,

self adhesive strip, durable, moisture resistant and lightweight! 

The eBay printed shipping label fits perfectly on this size mailer.

Months ago I messaged eBay Shipping Supplies requesting the 6x6x4 size.

I received a kind reply, but I see still no offering.

Perhaps, this smaller size mailer isn't popular with sellers. 


I've used my quarterly coupon, only ONCE, All the remaining supply choices are of no use to me.  I ordered the 8x6 padded mailer. Very nice quality poly and eBay logo, love the double self adhesive strip ( possible reuse of the mailer for a return). I rarely use this size mailer, though. Some other supplier will get my dollars. 




How about getting shipping boxes for LP record sellers ?? 12 X 12 X 1


Why should your faithful sellers in this company have to pay for your brand being seen by customers in the mail or otherwise. I can get most of the items I need through USPS at no cost. Just food for thought. After all these years would be nice to give sellers a break.

by newkadia · Adventurer

You have 2 MILLION comic books listed on eBay.  How about a box that fits their size...


10 1/2" x 8" x 1" deep.

Beautifully done I love the look.Keep the professionalism up.Very well written article. Thank you

News Team
News Team

 Thanks all for the feedback! I'll make sure that the branded supplies team sees all the suggestions. 


@ebetsy - We did not print in the 4 eBay colors because the cost was prohibitive (1 color printing is much cheaper than 4). That said, what if we changed the color seasonally and rotated through all 4 eBay colors? 

by ebetsy · Rockstar | Updated



1-color printing was all I was hoping for, just availability of each color;  seasonal rotation would be wonderful, thanks for considering!


I would definitely stockpile a supply of tissue in each of the 4 colors, since we use multiple sheets  for wrapping our Converse sneakers.


Meanwhile, our green tissue and stickers have arrived, as have my client's, and now I can't wait to take our store off vacation and ramp it back up. They're top quality, and really add a touch of eBay class to any package. Client loves his, too! Thank you very much for these terrific new supplies.

@graywolfrunning We are going through the process of sizing up opportunities for vertical-specific shipping supplies. Thanks for the idea of boxes for books, this is something we will consider! 

@aswegrow2 Plastic bags (e.g. garment bags) have been on our list of consideration and may be a possibility - thanks for asking! We would also like to have eBay stickers where sellers can write a quick note; it's something we have explored but need to sort out some co-branding legal questions first Smiley Happy 

@tech125 Thanks for this suggestion. Would the 6x4x4 that we currently offer work for the purpose you mentioned? I will bring this up with leadership as we consider new supplies to launch.  

@packrat-lighterman I can see this being a useful size - 6x4x4 is our best-selling box, and I imagine an even smaller size could become a top-seller. Thanks for the suggestion.

@wildwoodbythesea I like this idea, and it's actually one we've considered! In the end, we found that since bubble wrap is so inexpensive as a material, it may be cost prohibitive to print the eBay logo on it. 

@rockz1101 Is the 6x4x4 box useful for your purposes? This month we also launched the 6x9 polymailer on ebay.com/supplies. 

@jgoebert2012 Vertical-specific shipping supplies are something we're currently evaluating. Happy to pass on your record box idea, as this wasn't something that was on our radar previously. 

@garagesale20040 Not sure if you're a Store subscriber or not, but if you are, you get a quarterly coupon for free eBay shipping supplies at ebay.com/subscriberdiscounts. That being said, the USPS supplies are a great option (and you can also get USPS and eBay co-branded boxes). 

@newkadia We're looking at opportunities for vertical-specific shipping supplies right now, so I'll add this to the list. Loving the enthusiasm and ideas on this thread! 

@nativeamericanturquoise Thank you for your comment, I'm glad the new supplies and blog post are helpful! 


PLEASE Get boxes appropriate for records, especially LPs.  I don't sell stuff for enough money to bother buying appripriate boxes, and I do not want to have to charge people for Priority when they can ship Media. 


How about  return address labels custom made for when we ship packages to customers.  They can be made with our names and  addresses and  have the ebay logo on the left.  It would complete the package of using the ebay tape and the ebay boxes. The normal size like when you mail a letter.


LOLSmiley Tongue


 I would like to see a 12"x10"x2" box for shipping coffee table size books. As it is now, I have to cut down the 12"x10"x8" box. It's a lot of extra work and wasteful.


I must admit I do love the new packaging. I love the tissue paper. Prior to using Ebay Tissue paper I just used the  basic standard. The Ebay Tissue paper is HUGE and it's good quality. I love it. 


BTW the Tape is wonderful as well. I love the Ebay Tape. It's very helpful. I like the Bubble Mailer Envelopes, and the other plastic envelopes. I aggree with the other Ebayer we could use some BUBBLE WRAP with Ebay on it.  I am sure people who recieve the items love it as well. 

by metalclm · Adventurer

The sizes of boxes are very very limited.  

The tape is so thin it very hard to work.  I would rather it cost more for better quality.

by tradrmom · Trailblazer

What day will new color boxes be released?so excited for them and thanks for the sample from attending eBay open! 


How about getting some boxes which the average seller might be able to use. I need flat boxes. Like, 8 x 4 x 2, 8 x 10 x 2, 15 x 10 x 2, etc. These huge boxes, I feel like I should just get them because I'm paying for them anyway, and just set them out with the rest of my recycleables. 

I FINALLY saw an E-Bay ad. I saw it on The Murder Channel (Investigation Discovery) during the commercial break during the program called 'I am homocide'.

I thought the commercial was well done. 

"When did shopping online get so beige?"<<paraphrased.

Thank you, E-Bay, for remembering to remind people that this selling platform is still around and still relevent.


by lastihear · Adventurer

 Hi, if you are going to add products that is great but don't take away products that you have been selling.


 Terrible service for the seller. You just keep getting rid of every box I can use. Only small boxes now. You just got rid of the one I use every single day the 18" X 14" X 12", and you already got rid of the 12" X 12" X 12", and wont carry the 14" X 14" X 14" as I've asked for over a year. So I guess I will be forced to buy stuff I can always get cheaper pretty much anywhere else, and will waste my $150 coupon on stuff I will have to just try and resell at another loss. Every box at Walmart is at least half of what you sell them at. The envelopes, and poly bags are the same about 1/4 of the cost anywhere else then yours. Please stop sticking it to the seller! 


Was really disappointed to see the limited eBay supplies now available. Makes me wonder if eBay is trying to do away with their shipping supplies.... Still happy with what IS available though. LP mailers would be fantastic!! There are a LOT of record sellers out there that would jump on this...

by ebcinmv · Enthusiast | Updated

Can you clarify whether this store is owned and operated by ebay? Many commenters seem to know/assume that it is, but I can't see any indication of whether or not that is the case. Seems like this could also be an ebay seller named ebayshippingsupplies.


Does eBay plan to discontinue eBay Branded Supplies?  The boxes are only available in 4 small sizes now.  With less and less each month,  I'm having trouble finding anything to spend my $25 coupon on.


Re the poly and padded envelopes: I don't like the Blue text graphic "Shop like nobody else. Because you are not like anyone else"  compared to the prior simple 4-color eBay logo graphic which looked very nice.  But if you have to  go single color due to cost I'd reduce the words and just use the "eBay" logo in single color. All those words look messy.