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Offer free shipping to entice buyers to spend more

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I was recently shopping on a large e-commerce retail site and I had $44 worth of items in my cart. As I was getting ready to check out, I noticed the “Free Shipping When You Spend $50 or More” banner. I figured shipping would be somewhere between  $6-10 anyway, so I decided I’d rather add a small item worth that much to my order—a pair of socks, a t-shirt from the clearance section—to qualify for free shipping, rather than fund the shipping cost. Where’s the fun in that? Plus I get a new pair of socks with pink elephants.

The big retailers know that shoppers often adopt that “why not?” attitude and will happily add items to their cart to get the free shipping. Now you can offer the same deal to your buyers.  With new features for eBay Stores subscribers, you can set up a free shipping offer in eBay’s Promotions Manager.  Here’s how:

Step 1: First, you will need to offer combined payment for buyers in order to set up Promotional Shipping Rules. If you already have this set up, skip to step 2.

Setting up combined payments: Under Site Preferences, select ”Show” near  “Shipping Preferences”, then select “Edit” near “Offer combined payments and shipping.” On the next screen, select “Edit.” Then click the box that reads “Allow buyers to send one combined payment for all items purchased” and choose the time period.

Now that you have combined payments set up, let’s set up your Promotional Shipping offers:

Step 2: From your my eBay page, hover over the account tab. Select “Site Preferences”. Click “Show” near the “Shipping Preferences” to expand options.  Then select the second “Edit” under “Shipping Preferences”.

This screen will appear. Select “Create” under “Promotional shipping rule (applies to all listings)”

Here you are presented with a few options. Select the conditions of your offer and press “Next”. Here in this example, we’ve selected the option for free shipping when a buyer spends $50 or more on one or more items. Be sure to read the tips to make the most of your promotion.

The next screen confirms and saves your promotion.

Promotional Shipping Rules take effect on all new listings. Anything that was previously listed will not have the rule.  Revise existing listings in the Bulk Edit feature to include them in your promotions:

Click on “My eBay”, click on active listings, Edit 1-500

Click the checkbox in the top left corner of the table to make sure all listings are selected.

Click the “Edit Fields” button and then select the “Shipping discounts (domestic)” option.

For the Promotional Shipping discount, select the “Add to all option” and then “Save and close”.

Click “Save and Close” then “Submit All.” Here’s how your offer will appear in your store:

Some tips for creating successful “free shipping” offers:

  • Set your minimum spend/order size threshold slightly above your average order value or average order size.
  • If you have set up a promotional shipping rule that provides conditional free shipping and your listings allow for combined shipping rules, eBay promotions will automatically promote all of those items on a new conditional free shipping offer page.
  •  When this setting is enabled, qualifying items will also have links enabled on key shopping pages to drive traffic to this offer page.