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Meet the eBay SHINE Awards Family Business Finalists!

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We knew eBay sellers were a diverse, passionate, hard-working bunch, but to say we were blown away by their stories would be a huge understatement. We received thousands of nominations with funny, intelligent, heart warming, tear-jerking stories that truly illustrate the richness of the eBay community.


Narrowing the field wasn’t easy, and we looked at a number of criteria to determine the finalists: originality, clarity of expression, passion for using eBay, embodiment of eBay’s core seller values, and the degree to which eBay has contributed to the business’s success.


Small businesses make huge contributions to the economy, and the Shine Awards are eBay’s way of saying thank you. As Senior Vice President and Head of eBay North America Hal Lawton puts it, “This award is an opportunity to recognize some truly exceptional members of the eBay selling community who are building businesses and serving as an inspiration for other small businesses around the country.”


This week, we shared the stories of our finalists in all five categories (Woman-Owned Business, Growing Business, Global Business, Charitable Business, and Family Business). And, starting June 20, you can vote for your favorite and help select the Grand Prize Winner. 


Today, we focus on our finalists in the Family Business category. As all family business owners know, there is nothing quite like the feeling of working side-by-side as mother-daughter (or husband-wife, brother-sister, etc.). This “all in the family” spirit is at the heart of eBay’s core values, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate these amazing family-owned small businesses.


We hope you find the three finalists as inspiring as we do. So without further ado, here are the three eBay Shine Awards finalists in the Family Business category:


John Stack  |  User ID: acitydiscount

A City Discount started as a traditional brick and mortar restaurant supply company, and John joined the family business in 1977. He took over for his father in the early ‘90s, and as the 2000s drew near, fate intervened. Acitydiscount had purchased a large amount of used restaurant equipment, and just couldn’t get it sold locally. They decided to take plunge and set up shop on eBay and within a few years achieved Platinum Seller status. They even developed the first shipping calculator ever used on eBay.


Stephen Bright  | User ID:  golfchotzkies

When Stephen and Rachel’s son Cameron was born with cerebral palsy, they decided one of them would need to stay home to provide full-time care. Rachel decided to leave her job as a kindergarten teacher, and the family tried to make ends meet on Stephen’s salary alone. When they needed extra income, an eBay business was just the thing. They grew golfchotzkies one product at a time, and soon found themselves with a successful online business that provides the flexibility to give Cameron the care he needs.


William Wolsenholme  |  User ID: wwolst12

When William’s daughter convinced him to try selling antiques online, he immediately sold a $100 tin toy for $500. Needless to say he was hooked, and an online store was born. 17 years, three houses, and 10 employees later they’re the number one eBay store for Antiques & Collectibles. The store is full-time job for William, his wife, two daughters, and one son-in-law. Together with a handful of close friends they run a successful online business that provides a comfortable living for six families and allows them to work side-by-side every day.


As you can see, these sellers embody what is is to truly be a family business. Thanks for reading their stories,and don’t forget to vote for your favorite in each category after June 20!


Are you part of a family business selling on eBay? Please let us know in the comments below. And feel free to send this article to your eBay colleagues, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.