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Keeping Calm This Holiday

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RC Superstore is a family owned and operated hobby store and mail-order company started in 2002 by father and son team Caleb and Kim DeVries. The store carries radio-controlled cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and other hobby products.  


It all started with a passion – Caleb and his father have been remote control airplane hobbyists and enthusiasts since Caleb was a young boy. It was through this hobby that they found eBay and began using the platform as both buyers and casual sellers.


At a hobbyist air show for remote control planes in 2002, they made a contact who turned them on to selling more of their products. This prompted the opening of their eBay store.


In the beginning, the venture was more of a hobby than a job. Caleb was just a teenager and had started the gig to help save money to purchase his own car. Throughout college, Caleb continued to help his father run the online side of the business, but after graduation, he decided to go work a corporate finance job. In 2014, he decided to join his father full-time.


Together, they've been successfully running the business ever since.


Caleb and Kim sell remote control drones, a hot item among holiday shoppers. We sat down with Caleb to get some actionable tips on how to stay cool and collected during the busy holiday season.


What is the one thing you wished someone had told you about selling on eBay during the holidays?


Simple preparation can make processing orders during the rush much easier.  Do everything you can do prior to an order being placed so that once the order is in, you just drop it in the box and send it. This can range from making a bunch of boxes ahead of time to breaking out case-packed items into their individual boxes.


What do you do to stay sane during the holiday selling season?


As a seller, you always have the power to slow things down if needed by just pulling items down for a day or two if you are overwhelmed. We typically don't do this – rather, we go to processing orders 7 days per week. Family members often come in to help on the weekends. We get lunch for everyone and take a few minutes to sit down and relax. These times have been some of the most enjoyable moments during a hectic holiday season.


What advice would you give sellers who are selling during the holiday season for the first time?


Prepare ahead of time. If you're doing auctions, schedule them in advance. If you're doing limited-time sales, schedule them with Promotions Manager or Markdown Manager.


What eBay tools do you use most often and why? What results have you seen from using them?


The main tools we use are Markdown Manager and Seller Hub. Markdown Manager makes it easy to schedule specials for limited timeframes, rather than adjusting the prices manually at the start and end points. We are in Seller Hub multiple times per day. It helps us know instantly how many orders are waiting to ship. We can also monitor orders to make sure everything ships within the time promised to the customer.


Excellent advice, Caleb! Also, you and your dad make staying focused and working hard look like fun. That’s when you know you’ve reached a new level of success. Keep it up!