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Join us in July for eBay Open 2017, the Sellerbration of the year!

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News Team
News Team
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Sellers, you are officially invited to eBay Open 2017, the biggest eBay seller event of the year. Please join us July 25-28 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for what be an incredible time—and a great opportunity to connect with fellow sellers, eBay experts and employees! Be sure to register now


Join in the fun

From the welcome reception, to the informative sessions and workshops, to one helluva party, this will be a gathering you won’t want to miss.




We want to inspire you

Hear first-hand where eBay is heading and learn how to take your business to the next level. eBay execs and industry experts will be on hand throughout the event to answer your toughest questions on all aspects of selling.


RW18_050417_Social_BlogBody_620x400_2.jpgVP Amit Menipaz gives a talk on structured data.

 Grow your sales, grow your business

  • Join workshops and other networking opportunities to mind-meld on the latest, greatest tips, tools and tricks from eBay and other seller experts.
  • Back by popular demand, our Customer Service experts will be on hand to review your listings and sales history
  • Talk with accomplished sellers and hear insider strategies on building and growing a successful business on eBay
  • And other exciting features to be announced over the coming months...


Connect with the eBay Community

 Party time! Come ready to sellerbrate! We’ll dine and dance to live music at Thursday’s party and raise a glass to all of you, our great eBay sellers.


RW18_050417_Social_BlogBody_620x400_3.jpgAt the 2016 eBay Open party, rocking out to The Fray.


Registration is just $249, and there’s a special room rate at the MGM Grand just for eBay sellers. Registration includes the Tuesday evening reception, breakfast and lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, plus food and drinks at Thursday’s party. It’s a small price to pay for a full agenda of learning and sharing that will help you take your eBay selling to a whole new level.

Space is limited, and the event will sell out fast—be sure to reserve your seat today

by *coins · Rockstar

Awesome, hope I can be there!

Community Team
Community Team

Looking forward to my first eBay open, and hopefully meeting some community members face-to-face as well as other eBay sellers, buyers, and employees!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@*coins hope to see you there, it's an event not to be missed!!

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

I really like that banner you used last year, 'we are everything because of You. What a great way to describe this marketplace with so many different , unique, hard to find, and devoted sellers all over the world bringing everything possible to buy in the world on Ebay. I would love to go to this but I have three dogs, and the whole put my store on vacation problem. I suppose I could rent a large SUV, pack all my ebay merchandise and sell on the road till I get there. LOL, but it could be done.

by cathy1224 · Adventurer

I am super excited to attend! My eBay life came to me when I lost an executive job in corporate America after 30 years. On a whim I decided to sell my fancy work wardrobe....and it took on a life of its own! I absolutely enjoy this immensely and eBay has provided a great second chapter in my life. I have really missed the "corporate" part of my life though...the comraderie and the travel. This fills that last empty space in my life! Thanks for doing this, and thanks for allowing smaller sellers like me attend. Can't wait!


I remember eBay On Location and the Old Ebay Live Forums.  They started out free, and every year have gone up in price.  You think the money eBay is making off of the sellers we could get a break somewhere, I guess not here!, $50 more than last year.

 Isn't just like eBay!


The last event that I went to was in New Orleans and then I thought they stopped eBay Live!  I just discovered this event but it is too late for me to go now.  Not enough leave saved up.  Looking forward to next year as I will be retired then and raring to go!  eBay Live was so much fun and so much to learn and met so many great sellers.

Have fun this year everyone, hope to join you next year!


As long as it in Vegas, We will not be attending.


The price of eBay Open has SKYROCKETED!! What happened to the $65 price?

And waiting til 30 days before to announce the venue and open room reservations? Are you deliberately trying to keep people from coming?!!!! Way to hike up the travel costs AND the event costs. Not cool at all. 

by eliteele · Adventurer

If anyone wants to attend this year ebay OPEN 2017 and want to save money on lodging, look me up or do a search on ebay "ebay OPEN 2017".  You will see some Wyndham rooms I have allocated for ebay OPEN 2017 attendees.  Comes with kitchen and bigger room than the MGM Grand. Save over $100.  Hurry!  I only have a few rooms left.


Three Wishes!

1. WISH I COULD BE THERE! ... 2. Wish You All A Good Time! ONE MORE WISH 3. I Wish We Were Doing One Of These In New Hampshire!

by robsomic · Adventurer

I just have one wish 

please give me a Ebay T-shirt 

I have  to be a ebay seller ,but No evidence

by shopsuzyqs · Adventurer

Looking forward to my first eBay Conference!  Can't wait to hear the speakers and hopefully learn selling tips from the pros!


is there a schedule for the 4 days?  I'd like to attend but not sure if |I can make it for the entire event and like to know what is going to happen on which day.  Thanks


If you are a husband and wife team do you have to pay $249.00 each to attend the conference?

by part2go · Scout

Does eBay have an official page for registration?

by *coins · Rockstar


Yes, you can register at the website at http://ebayopen2017.com/.


How much are the hotel rooms? I am trying to see if I can budget this and all I can find is that we get a discount but can not find the rice?


by danna · Trailblazer

Excited! My 1st eBay open! :-) 

by eliteele · Adventurer

Hi inspiredbyangels · Adventurer,


Did you book rooms for ebay open yet?  I have discounted rooms for you at the Wyndham Grand Dersert.  Contact me for details.  Thanks

We are so excited to attend and just announced as a finalist in the Charity Category.  Go Crossing the Jordan.  Check us out & vote!

by surplusyou · Adventurer


by orwellianantiques · Adventurer | Updated

Looks interesting!       


by eliteele · Adventurer

Attending ebay open 2017 in Vegas this month?  If you haven't book your hotel yet and want to save money on hotels, I can help.  Search for "ebay open 2017" on ebay site and look for Wyndham resort.  Thank you!

by catolica · Adventurer

Please get back to the East Coast in 2018.


I want to be there next year

Hopefully ebay will be able to make it happen

I am new to this game but I'm learning alot

It is a big change from a union carpenter to the selling online game

I've seen a lot in my life and been a lot of places but I love the people I meet 

and the fun I have finding and learning about all these things I knew nothing about

Alot has changed for me since 2007 and ebay has given me some hope that there is something out there

I sure hope I am there next year telling my success story

I Have more money then I have Invested in this gamble


by selecttech · Adventurer

Large or small sellers, selling 10k units a month or 10 units a month, it doesnt matter.


Its a great experience filled with networking, seminars, vendors that can really help your business, and one hell of a party at the end. 


The networking sesions of sellers in your category and your region (northeast) was invaluable. I made great connections gained insight and gave insight. Great overall experience 


See you all next year eBay Open 2018 


hicc...... could not be there Smiley Sad so sad

by motorcove · Adventurer

Took me a while to find but the eBay Open 2018 dates are July 24 - 26 (Tuesday - Thursday) Looking forward!


Not possible.  We will be in the middle of moving.