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Inspiring Stories of eBay’s Dad-preneurs

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Motivation, courage, and love. This is what we heard from eBay dad-preneurs this Father’s Day.


We are thrilled by all the stories that dads shared with us. Here’s a snapshot for you to read and get inspired!


Matt Carr sells antiques on his eBay store Houlton Stamp and Coin. He lives with his wife and six-year-old daughter.

Dad Seller Matt Carr.jpg


Chris Koenig lives in Oklahoma with his wife and eight-year-old daughter. He sells vintage T-shirts on his eBay store Holy Idea Tees. 

Dad Seller Chris Koenig.jpg


Raed Shakhshir lives with his wife and two children in Amman, Jordan.  He sells used luxury watches on his eBay store Timepieces Jordan.

Da seller Raed Shakhshir.jpg


Mac Griffiths of eBay store MDG Sales says, “Being present and attentive are important aspects of being a better father, and eBay has certainly helped me with that. Chasing the almighty dollar might be the starting point of beginning your own business, but if it’s the endgame, I don’t believe there will be much satisfaction in it. Balancing time spent providing for family and time spent with family is ultimately a more rewarding endeavor.” 

Dad Seller Mac Griffiths.jpg


Dionne Cortes, eBay seller and father of two boys, sells musical instruments and high-end clothing on eBay. “I enjoy selling on eBay, because it allows me to set my own schedule,” he says. 

Dad Seller Dionne Cortes.jpg