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How to combine two or more orders for shipping in one parcel

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Jim Griffith

If you have two or more orders from a single buyer and you can save either the buyer (or, if you offer free shipping, yourself) some money on shipping, consider combining the items into one shipment. It is easy to do using the eBay Bulk Shipping feature. Here's how you do it:
Go to My eBay > Selling > Sold (or Awaiting Shipping). 

Check the boxes for the two (or more) sales going to the same buyer.

Select two or more sold Items to combine.

From the Shipping Action drop-down box at the top of the section, select "Print Shipping Labels or Invoices".

Click the Shipping Actions button.

On the next page, select the option for "US Postage Service or UPS shipping label" (under "Purchase and print shipping labels").

Select "US Postage Service or UPS shipping label".

Whenever you select two or more sales for printing, you are automatically directed into the Bulk Shipping flow. If there are orders that are for the same buyer, you will see an alert on the first page of the Bulk Shipping section stating: "You have some orders from the same buyer that can be combined." Click the link for "Show order to combine."

Click "Show order to combine."

In the "Combine shipments" overlay window, check the boxes for each of the items going to the same buyer (if they aren't already checked). Click "Combine Shipments".

"Combine shipments" window.

Click "Close" in the next overlay window.

Click "Close".

You are now back on the Bulk Shipping main page, showing the two or more shipments combined into one order to ship. Select a shipping service and provide the weight of the parcel containing the two or more sales.

Enter a service and weight for the single parcel.

The two or more orders will now show as combined in your My eBay > Selling > Sold view with one tracking number!
Note: You may consider offering any savings realized on combining two or more orders into one shipment back to the buyer as a partial refund through PayPal, but do note that currently the only way to receive a partial credit on the final value fees for partial refunds is to contact eBay Customer Support directly. For those sellers who do not charge for shipping (that is, those that include the price of shipping in the item cost) there is nothing more you need to do, as any savings in shipping costs can benefit the seller with no consequences from the buyer (since the buyer has no idea what the seller paid for shipping when the item offers free shipping).

by wai562 · Adventurer

I've been using eBay labels and combining shipments for a number of years without any problems. Complete tracking uploads for combined shipments were always processed automatically. Recently, I've been experiencing problems with having the tracking info uploaded for all my sales under one combined shipment. For some reason, tracking uploads were incomplete, missing several items under the same order. I contacted eBay several times and they responded that they will look into the matter and notify me of a solution by email. They never did. Now, I have lost my Top Seller status because I did not meet the requirements for tracking uploads because my combined shipments were not properly uploaded in eBay's automated processes. Their solution was to ask me to discontinue combined shipping until my tracking uploads improves. This is a ridiculous response. Is anyone having the same experience as me?

by ldrickert · Adventurer

Still no FedEx!!

by wai562 · Adventurer

I later figured out how to combine the orders differently/manually by going to my sellers hub and printing the label from my orders waiting to be shipped. As I said, however, previously all my orders were automatically combined, while now I have to hassle taking these additional steps.

by re_tolley · Rising Star
Rising Star

Thank you so much for your help. Far better than what eBay can do. It took me one hour to get to this point. That ate up my listing time for the day.


Not being able to combine fedex or ups is a MAJOR oversite!! Heavy items are almost always cheaper with fedex and if combined they are over $100.00 you have no insurance!!


Good to read this.Smiley Happyheart


Thank You very much for this information, it's much appreciated!



Is this still the same method for 2017 ? Or any changes ?

Thank you.


This is outdated and useless; the Sold page no longer has any drop boxes or any way to combine orders together. **bleep** like this is why I didn't bother selling on EBay other than a few items here or there; EBay isn't worth doing business with due to how incompetently set up the site is.


hi grimlock,

That's odd, I was speaking with an Ebay rep on the phone not long ago,

and supposedly there is a way to combine purchases. There must be.


I tried to combine shipping label for the same customer. However, when I click combine shipments, it popped out "Confirm that the items selected should be combined into a single shipment and click Combine shipments.", but there is no Combine shipments to click, instead it shows in red "Can not combine selected shipment.". Same address, same buyer, even same item in quantity of two pay separetly. What can I do to combine shipment? If I just mark it as ship, will it affect my top rate seller plus status because there is no tracking number (I cannot enter the same tracking number twice due to the number already used for one transaction and it will not allow me to enter it to the same buyer).


This seems like a pain, I went to the page like the directions say.  Why can't I just take the 2 items and create the label on the same page as I would for a single item?


I don't see any options here for insurance or anything else before purchase.


I'm just going to create the label off a single item and just put the 2nd one in the same box.



What I'd do is get an Ebay Rep on the phone as soon as these problems come up - like you're sitting there at your computer and these issues are happening just stop what you're doing and get someone from Ebay on the phone to help you.


Good luck - I'm going to start listing in a day or two {under a different account} after being away from Ebay for many years. I really hope I don't experience these same shipping issues as we're talking about !!!!

by mamabr · Adventurer

How do I combine two items to a buyer when they have already paid I would just like to save them the extra shipping cost


by mam98031 · Rockstar



The initial announcement at the top of these comments would be hard to improve upon for instructions to you.  It has screen pics as well as written instructions.  You may want to take a peek.


I just combine my shipments and cut and paste the tracking numbers into the others that are combined. It isnt that much work really.