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How to Take Advantage of Retail Moments on eBay

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If you’re an eBay for Business regular, you know that we're more committed than ever to the art and science of aggressive retailing and the promotion of retail moments.


If you're just getting started on eBay, you might be thinking retail what?


Either way, here's a quick refresher course: retail moments are selling opportunities that occur throughout the course of a calendar year. And, they generally fall into three categories:


  • Holiday retail moments: Comprised of time-honored, large-scale calendar holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • Seasonal retail moments: Generally marked by changes in season that bring about new buying behaviors; Think Spring Cleaning, End of Summer, and Back to School.
  • Cultural retail moments: Sporadic selling opportunities tied to a sweeping cultural phenomenon, like a new iPhone launch, a mega-sensation movie release, or a highly-anticipated new album.


Why should you care about retail moments?

The more you align your inventory and sales/marketing plans with eBay’s promotion of retail moments—and the larger retail industry—the more you can harness the power of our/their advertising dollars, and benefit from the increased demand.


What is eBay doing to promote retail moments?

eBay is pumping millions of advertising dollars into the promotion of retail moments throughout the year in the form of:


  • Email campaigns
  • Social media that links back to eBay listings
  • Coupons for special offers (targeting buyers)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Banner ads that drive traffic to eBay.com
  • Internet videos and digital radio campaigns
  • Innovative new ways to reach buyers at the moment they’re searching for products


How can you make the most of retail moments on eBay?




1. Think differently and plan ahead.


Start by mapping out your sales year as if it’s a sequence of retail moments vs. a big blank selling slate. Here’s a list of the retail moments that eBay will be promoting: New Year-New You, Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Back to School/College, Labor Day, World Series, Halloween, and Winter holidays.


2. Source and list items specific to retail moments.

Make sure you do this approximately one to three months in advance of the next big retail event. When available, eBay will also provide guidance on the most popular items for each retail moment. Also, make sure you include relevant, holiday-specific keywords in your titles and descriptions so that your items show up more readily in search.


3. Create retail moment-specific collections or Store categories.

Make it ridiculously easy for your buyers to find all of your merchandise related to a specific retail moment. You can do this by creating a collection, or if you have a Stores subscription, by creating a new Store category. This will also help browsers find things they didn’t even know they needed, which can obviously increase your overall order size.


4. Use promotions to convert the increased traffic we’re sending your way into more sales.

Buyers love promotions, even if it’s just free shipping. Consider tying special offers to each retail moment this year. Here’s an overview of the types of promotions that you can run with an eBay Stores subscriptions. Also, consider testing different types of offers for various retail moments.


5. Use social media to advertise your promotions.

If you create offers specific to retail moments, be sure to amplify them via your social media channels. For example, if you run a Valentine’s Day promotion, post a relevant product image, and highlight your offer in the copy: “Save 15% on All Valentine’s Day Related Items.” 


There’s a lot to be gained from aligning your sales and marketing strategies with big moments in the retail industry.  We’ll continue to drum up the demand with bigger and more comprehensive marketing campaigns, we just need you to serve up the right products. Deal?


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by *coins · Rockstar

I do think that listing the right items around the right holidays really matters. I had a Lego set I found in June and was going to list, but decided to wait until October to list, because somebody would pay more for it as a Christmas gift. Yup, sold for $40, $10 more than it was going for in June. Listing items at the right time really matters.


I'm trying to build my ebay business now.  Thanks for the info.

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Hearts for valentines, mommy related gifts for Mother's Day, outdoor gear for the summer, etc. Always BIG sales at Christmas here on Ebay. So many different items, so many ways to get great sales during these special moments.


Good to read this.

by hepbobkat · Adventurer

This is great advice. This year in particular, there are several reboots of classic films such as Scarface, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, and of course STAR WARS. The timing of these releases will dramatically effect your 'retail moments' regarding vintage collectibles and memorabilia from the original releases. Sometimes those 'retail moments' are brief, and sometimes they are ongoing. For instance, Christmas items do well year around though they may do best around the holiday itself. Thank you Shana for the ongoing advice and guidance!

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

You are right on the money, @hepbobkat! And, you are very welcome! ~Shana