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How to Optimize Your eBay Listings for Mobile Buyers: Seven Tips

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Verified Blogger

About a year ago, we were in Vegas for the eBay Radio Party and Conference. A couple of us were checking out The Shops at Crystals in the Aria hotel. Not to shop (we wish), but to get some merchandising tips from the luxury retailers (Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Balenciaga, etc.).

But, we got distracted.

In front of us on the escalator was a fashionable 20-something (aka a Millennial) chatting with her friend and pointing to an eBay page on her smartphone. We can’t make this stuff up. Likely, this girl was browsing the swanky Las Vegas mall for fashion trend inspiration, but actually doing her shopping on eBay.

Do you get the gravity of this?

It shows us that merchandising is more critical than ever (i.e. if you’re selling a Donna Karan dress, but it’s wrinkled and covered with cat hair, that Millennial is going to pass it right by), but also that optimizing your listings for mobile is paramount. Proof: Right now more than 55% of all eBay transactions are touched by mobile, and in 2014 eBay generated $28 billion through mobile devices. This is just the beginning, people. And, it doesn’t just apply to high-end fashion.

So, how can you ensure that your listings are optimized for mobile? Start by acting (quickly) on these seven tips:

  1. Keep your descriptions short and sweet. Mobile buyers are reading your descriptions on a small screen, so keep it as short as possible without omitting any important details, such as flaws.
  2. Don’t include a bunch of extraneous HTML in your description. It won't render properly on a mobile device, and will only cause your shoppers to pinch and scroll. (And, nobody likes to pinch and scroll.)
  1. Use a simple layout and font. In other words, align your copy to the left side, use black, size 14 text on a white background, and use bullets or a basic list format for easy scanning. This is a good, basic example:

 This is the headline of your description, filled with important keywords.

  • This is where you comment on your item’s condition
  • This is where you point out any flaws
  • This is where you add more details and keywords
  • This is where you mention free shipping (if you offer it)
  • This is where you mention Best Offer (if you take them)
  1. Only upload pics to the photo gallery. Don't include them in the description area of your listing as most people won’t scroll that far, and the shots won’t render properly anyway. 
  1. Crop your photos tightly. Take your photos or edit them so that your item fills the frame. Use high resolution images that are 500 pixels wide or larger. Bigger is even better—uploading photos at 800-1600 pixels on the longest side will automatically enable the zoom feature so shoppers can easily see the fine details. Get more photo tips.
  1. Add product identifiers. Product identifiers help shoppers find you in search, and give you additional opportunities for on-site promotion, pricing recommendations, and more. This is so important that eBay began requiring them in these categories on June 29, 2016. 
  2. Use the eBay catalog. Some new branded items will give you an automatic listing description when you input the product identifiers. This will save you a ton of time and make listing easier.
Once you’ve made all of these changes, log out of your eBay account and search eBay to find your items. The goal is to see how your listings look “in the wild.” Then, you might want to make some additional tweaks based on what you see.

I know we have some mobile experts in our blogosphere. Chime in below and add to our best practices.

by jaweria87 · Explorer

Don’t include a bunch of extraneous HTML in your description.
HI regarding this above comment, this is wrong

as according to ebay new 2017 rules, they have restricted to designers to use specific things

even ebay is saying to design your items so it will look good on mobile as well.

they have develop a tool to check if your listing template is responsive or not

so you can easily design your listing with responsive template by someone 
and thats how your listing wont only look professional on mobile
it will actually help your buyers to know about all aspects in one go 

We are ebay store and listing template designers and have done thousands of stores yet

we can confirm that it really turns out in your business towards postivity.

by kysoaper59 · Adventurer

What about Ebay optimizing the stores themselves for mobile? Mine looks hideous on mobile and I see no way to change it.