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How to Fully Capitalize on Green Monday

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Last Edited 02:03:30 PM

shoppingbags_600 (1).jpgCyber Week had its moment – and it was a BIG one. But don’t close up shop and set your Store on vacation mode just yet. Green Monday, historically one of our most lucrative sales days in December, is just around the corner.


What’s Green Monday?

Well, first let’s talk about what it’s not. Green Monday is not the day to plant trees in your backyard, set up an elaborate composting system, or tour a National Park (though we’re all for these efforts on any other day). Rather, it’s about banking some greenbacks. Yes, “green” refers to making money. Because, if it’s one of the biggest days in December for eBay, it should be for you, too!

When is Green Monday?
Historically, Green Monday is the second Monday in December. In 2017, it falls on December 11 – the day before the start of Hanukkah and two weeks before Christmas. So, it’s an ideal time to pull out all the selling stops and catch those last-minute shoppers.


How can I capitalize on Green Monday?

Time is of the essence – which means you’ll have to act fast. Green Monday is the last big holiday sales push, so use these tips to claim more of that Green Monday cash:

  1. Create a Green Monday promotion that includes merchandise from the Weekly Trending Items List. Tip: If you have some of these items listed on another site and they’re not selling, consider moving them over. This is going to be big.
  2. Highlight your Green Monday promotion on your Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter channels.
  3. Use promoted listings to get more visibility for your in-demand holiday items.
  4. Offer expedited shipping to give anxious shoppers peace of mind that their item(s) will arrive in time for Christmas or Hanukkah.


What’s eBay doing for Green Monday?

We’re drumming up business via email, investing in paid search and social campaigns, and running special deals. 


This is going to be BIG. Follow this plan to get your cut!


 Do you plan to capitalize on Green Monday? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share this article with your eBay peers via email and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

by dtra9129 · Rising Star
Rising Star



Shoot, Shana ... it's been Greem December ever since November 20th! We are having trouble keeping up. We've already exceeded Dec 2015 sales and our 30 day running sales are 150% from the previous year. 


We use several other techniques to boost sales in addition to the ones you mentioned. 

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Verified Blogger

@essexestateservices that's an EXCELLENT problem to have! Smiley Happy Keep up the great work!

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

How did it go, @dtra9129?

by trekkieblue · Scout

I am 53 and have NO clue on what Green Monday, I have never in my life herd anyone say anything about a Green Monday, LOL. Is this one of Ebay great idea that no one has herd of. I even ask about 100 people what is green Monday on one has a clue!!!!

by magnolia_dreams · Adventurer | Updated

Hey @trekkieblue - Green Monday was coined by eBay several years ago. However, it was so successful it now rivals Black Friday and other big retailers have jumped on the bandwagon. Do a Google search and see how many big department stores and online retailers now take advantage of this "retail moment." 

by trekkieblue · Scout

If it WAS so SUCCESSFUL and I have been on ebay for 10 YEARS selling and I every once see or heard of it. How then dose anyone else know about it???? Also if it was sooo big of a deal I also never see it on the TV as well.

by trekkieblue · Scout

Like I said, I have been on ebay for 10 year, I never even rememeber it. Or even seem sale go up. Maybe ebay has with 1 extra sell from each seller.

LOL, this iis soooo sad!!!!!!

by 77cathport · Adventurer

My calendar says second Monday in Dec. is the 11th but you are writing the 12th.   Please revise.  Thanks!