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How a One-of-a-Kind Seller Doubled Sales With Promoted Listings

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Promoted listings are an easy way to get your items noticed on eBay. For a small fee set by the seller, an item’s visibility is boosted on average by 30%, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Promoted listings are also risk-free; the seller is only charged a fee if the item sells. Many sellers have seen success with promoted listings on multiple-quantity items, and now, the tool is available for single-quantity items, too.


We spoke with one seller who was an early adopter of using promoted listings on single-quantity items. Salvatore & Co. has been in business for over 25 years. With a brick-and-mortar retail shop in the heart of New York City, owner Michael Salvatore built a successful store on eBay as well, selling one-of-a-kind new and vintage jewelry at deep discounts.


Company Director of Ecommerce Anita Soto oversees the company’s eBay store. Since most of the company’s listings are single-quantity, Anita has had a lot of experience with single-quantity promoted listings in the short time they’ve been available. We spoke with her to get her take on using promoted listings on single quantity items—and the incredible success she’s had with the tool. Here’s what she had to say about using promoted listings to boost sales.

salvatoreandco.jpgThe Salvatore & Co. team in their retail store

How did you get started using promoted listings?

Promoted listings were recommended to me by someone at eBay, and the results have been phenomenal. In the beginning, we could only promote multiple-quantity items and we only had four multiple-quantity listings, so we put it on those four. One of those items was this very big, heavy bracelet and pin—it almost looked medieval or like it was from Game of Thrones—and it was $8,000, so it a much more limited number of buyers might be interested. It had been on the store for a year with no inquiries. Within a day of promoting the listing, we had an offer on it. That just gave us an instant feeling that this could work. We were like, “Wow, that’s interesting.”


You’re now using promoted listings for single-quantity items. What results have you seen?

eBay just recently added the option of promoted listings to single-quantity items, which has been very exciting, and now we’ve added it to all items. There has definitely been a change in the store with more inquiries. In Seller Hub, I can see the graph of how sales are going and I would say that sales have doubled since we’ve activated promoted listings. You can see visibly on the graph, it’s double the amount of activity, at least. It’s very exciting.


How do you decide what items to promote?

We only set it to 1% additional commission, so we add it to every listing. It’s a small amount so it’s a no-brainer. We only pay if the item sells, so there is nothing to lose.


That’s a great way to look at it. And it sounds like it’s working for you!

If we can move more items more quickly, then it’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to not put it on every listing. It’s so simple to add, it takes a minute and the campaign is set indefinitely. We’ve absolutely seen an increase in activity.


What would you say to someone who has never used promoted listings before?

Don’t think twice about it. You have everything to gain. It’s the tiniest amount of payment. People can be very lazy and they might only go a few pages deep with search. If you could be closer to the front pages, you’d be crazy not to take that opportunity. Promoted listings are one of the ways you can do that.


What other eBay tools do you use and what benefits have you seen from using them?

I’m completely obsessed with Seller Hub. It’s addictive; you get to know it, and it’s your friend. We have used Promotions Manager, which I also highly recommend. We did a diamond sale, and without a doubt, we got more sales. We’ll be running another sale soon.


The Global Shipping Program is also a no-brainer. It’s as easy as ticking one box. It’s so easy. Why not sell to the rest of the world as well? Most of our sales are in America, but we have regular customers from overseas, so why not get those sales? And eBay labels makes shipping easy. It takes a day to figure out what packaging you need, but then it saves so much time at the post office.


What other tips do you have to increase sales?

We fill up the entire line of the title. If you can fill up the entire line, there’s more chance someone can search for and find your item. We always optimize for mobile. And, we use Fotofuze. This is one of my favorite things. It makes it easy to add a white background to your image. We use a white photo box but sometimes the pictures still would end up varying shades gray. Fotofuze has really made a massive transformation to our site as it gives all of the pictures a matching white background.


What’s one thing you know now about selling on eBay that you wish you had known when you started?

I like to look at selling there’s always a better way. There are so many buttons and you can make so many changes or improvements. It’s like an oil painting with lots of brushstrokes you can tweak, so you can have quite a lot of fun with the system.


It sounds like you’re having fun and seeing great success! Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge with us.

by wolfbyte · Guide

Thank you, eBay, for allowing single-quantity items to now be part of Promoted Listings. I've sold unique antique and vintage items on eBay for many years. I've just set up my first two campaigns based on related items. Super fast and simple to do. Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Smiley Happy

I have never clicked on a Promoted Listing, and never will.  I absolutely hate All of the suggested items, more items like what you bought, other buyers all purchased, etc. etc.


If eBay hadn't destroyed their 'Search' functionality eight years ago, we all could find what we want more easily.


Many of us are not lazy, ill-informed, people in a rush using their phones to shop. 

Stop trying to be Amazon!


I think that this program is actually a little better then amazon's promoted listings program. Because Amazon makes you pay up front to promote, not with ebay. Good idea, you only pay when someone actually makes a purchase, not when they click on it.


Rising Star

I've always gone straight past the Promoted Listing button previously, thinking it maybe wasn't worth it for a small, private 'attic' seller like me, but now I've read this thread I'm definitely going to give it a try! Anything that might help me keep up momentum with my house declutter is likely to be a good thing in my book. 


The thing is, I am a private seller but I do try to bring a professional, customer-focused approach to my ebay hobby (can't help it - it stems from my working days really) . So, I think using the Promotions option will fit into that nicely. Smiley Happy 


Wish me luck!