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How I Try to Delight Buyers with Packaging

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Verified Blogger

I love it when I buy something at a fancy store and they wrap it up with tissue paper. It’s a small touch, but it makes me feel just a little bit special and adds to the overall experience. And, it’s that experience that I try to replicate when I sell items on eBay.

Disclaimer: I sell mostly women’s clothing and accessories, so I’m pretty sure that my buyers appreciate this extra effort as well. I’m not saying that my tips apply to auto parts and hunting gear, but hey, you never know. The point is…I want my buyers to be excited when they open my packages—like “Christmas-excited.”

Also, one of my favorite eBay mantras is “Don't ship anything you would be disappointed to get in the mail.” I take it a step further. My personal spin on that statement is: “I want you to be delighted when you open packages from me.”

So, here’s what I do (I don’t claim to be an expert, this is just what works for me):

First, I wrap and “prettify” my item. No one wants to receive a wrinkled up “Maxi dress,” jammed into a small box. To avoid that, I wrap my items in 2-3 layers of tissue paper and then use Washi tape to seal the folds and add a little splash of color (OK, I’m a little obsessed with this stuff). 

In place of tape, you could also use ribbon, fabric or even a custom Zazzle.com label with your company logo. Yes, this is a little bit of shameless self-promotion but it could also help elevate your business in the eyes of your buyers. In my opinion, the more professional you appear, the more likely that your buyer will return to score another item.

And, around the holidays, there are even more festive ways to make your packages stand out—without a whole lot of effort. Here's a little “Pinspiration” to get you going.

Next, I place my item into a large bubble wrap envelope. I always keep a large selection of envelope sizes on hand. Little tip: Bubblefast is a great place to stock up on your   shipping supplies. Because…the last thing I want to do is prepare to delight a buyer, only to find out that I don’t have the right supplies on hand. Not cool.

Once I pick the right size envelope (one that allows my dress to lay flat without too many folds) I slip it into the package. I always think about how my item will look when my buyer pulls it out of the envelope. Will it look elegant and sophisticated or like a wadded up dishrag? This is an important moment for them so I want to make it a good one.

Then, I print my packing slip, add a heartfelt “Thank you!” with a big marker and slip that into the envelope. I don’t like to add anything more. I feel like my customer just wants to get to the goods, so I personally avoid anything that might annoy them.

The last thing I do is print my shipping label, cut it to fit the package and tape it on. Also, since I offer free shipping on all of my items, I like to select the option to display the postage cost on the label. I want my buyer to know how much it cost me to ship their item. Somehow, I think this adds value and enhances their overall satisfaction. I don’t have any stats to back that up, it’s just a feeling that I have.

That’s it. I don’t make this a complex, time-consuming operation. I just pay a little extra attention to the details so that I enhance the experience for my buyer. I aim to delight.

To help you improve the experiences for your buyers, eBay for Business has created a professionally designed holiday shipping tag. Feel free to add this to all of your shipments for a little extra somethin’-somethin’ this season. Download the Holiday tag and have fun with it. Happy holiday selling!

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I do try to delight my customers with happy packaging. I wrap each handbag (or misc item) in white tissue, tie with white tulle, place a custom sticker (thank you for your purchase) on each bundle. Just to add to the happy,  I include a handwritten note & I place another custom "thanks & smiles" sticker on the shipping lablel. I get alot of mentions about it in my feedback Smiley Happy
Smiley Happy